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Sha Kusuman named Director of Asset Protection
for Christian Dior Couture

Before joining Christian Dior Couture as the Director of Asset Protection, Sha spent seven years with Barneys New York. At Barneys, he held various roles: Senior Director, Loss Prevention & Operations (nearly 5 years), Regional Director, Loss Prevention East Coast (1 year), Manager of Loss Prevention (1 year) and External Investigations Manager (1 year). Earlier in his career, he served as an LP Manager for Nordstrom. Congratulations, Sha!

Eric Burgess named Director of Loss Prevention for Vincente's Supermarkets
Before being named Director of Loss Prevention for Vincente's Supermarkets, Eric spent five years with BJ's Wholesale Club as a Regional Asset Control Manager. Prior to that, he spent more than a year and a half as Assistant Store Manager for Toys R Us. Earlier in his career, he served as Assistant Store Manager for BJ's Wholesale Club. Congratulations, Eric!

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ADT Year in Review: What Was New in 2020

In case you missed it, here are some of ADT Commercial's
biggest announcements published in the D&D Daily this year:

● Dec: ADT Commercial Acquires CLS Technology Inc.
● Nov: ADT Commercial Acquires Deterrent Technologies, Inc.
● Feb: ADT Commercial Purchases Alliant Integrators, Inc.

● Sep: ADT Invests in Percepta Labs, "Ethical AI" Security Technology Startup
● June: ADT Partners with Dollar Tree Inc. to Deliver Industry-Leading Solutions to Retail Locations Nationwide
● May: ADT Delivers Safety and Peace of Mind to Instacart Shoppers With ADT Mobile Solution

Giving Back
● June: ADT Commercial donates meals to healthcare workers across the U.S.
● May: ADT Contributes $1 Million to Assist Over 100 Nonprofits Across America Hit Hard by Coronavirus
● Mar: ADT Provides Update on Safety of Our Customers and Employees During the COVID-19 Health Crisis

Recognizing the People
● Oct: ADT Names Derrick Dicoi Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer
● July: ADT Commercial Announces New Appointments to Enterprise Security Risk Group

LPNN Top Videos
● June: Sponsor of #1 All-Time Most-Watched 'LP Leader' Episode
● May: #2 All-Time Most-Watched Vendor Episode

Two ADT Execs Among This Year's Winners
Security Systems News welcomes "40 under 40" Class of 2020
Security Systems News is excited to bring you this year's "40 under 40" class of 2020, made up of a diverse and talented group of young professionals representing the next generation of leaders in security.

This year's "40 under 40" class is an incredible mix of security consultants (13 winners) - added for the first time in 2019 - system integrators, security dealers and monitoring professionals (17 winners), and end users (10 winners). This year's class also includes 13 women, up from only 7 last year, which not only reflects the increase in the number and quality of nominations we received for women this year, but also reflects the changing culture and dynamic within our industry.

Another interesting trend is the continued increase in security professionals with cybersecurity and IT know-how - to go with their physical and electronic security chops - changing the face, both literally and figuratively, of security as we know it. Many in this year's class are helping to guide their companies during these challenging times, while leveraging new technologies and best practices, and striving to grow professionally.

Here are the SSN "40 under 40" Class of 2020 winners.

Protests & Violence

Unrest the New Norm?
Whitepaper urges your enterprise to rethink corporate response to social unrest

A new whitepaper from global risk consultancy Control Risks addresses how businesses should rethink their global corporate response to social unrest.

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified and accelerated the threat posed by unrest to businesses - not only in the US, but globally. While the reasons for unrest may not have changed, the environments in which organizations now operate are different and so the expectations of stakeholders are likely to change.

In the report, Rethinking your global corporate response to social unrest, Jacqueline Day, Sorana Parvulescu, and Charles Hecker explain why it's time to embrace a longer-term view and mindset that acknowledges unrest as the "new norm." The whitepaper shares five key issues every company should consider when approaching risk arising from social unrest as well as five actions every company should take to prepare for such activity.

The five considerations include: objectively assess your risk management programs and longer-term security needed; evaluating crisis management team membership and bandwidth; defining your organization's social and community engagement agenda; refocusing the enterprise's government relations program and approach to political risk management; and challenging previous thinking on duty of care as well as revisiting associated policies. securitymagazine.com

Chicago: Six Months After Looting and Property Damage, City Eyes Next Chapter
This month, WTTW News is checking in on neighborhoods across Chicago where civil unrest occurred this summer, including some instances of looting and property damage. So far, they've reported on the South Chicago neighborhood on the city's Southeast Side, along with Englewood on the city's South Side. Businesses in both areas experienced civil unrest and looting in late May and early June. wttw.com

NYC shootings on pace to hit a 14-year high, NYPD commissioner says
The city has seen 1,433 shooting incidents and 1,756 gun-violence victims as of Monday - nearly double last year's numbers over the same time, according to NYPD data. "We had nine shootings yesterday," Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said. "Last year that would have been a full week."

Shea touted the department's uptick in gun arrests over the last three months, which were up by 25 percent year-to-date, but said the elimination of bail in most cases means police make little headway.

"We have made staggering numbers of gun arrests, taking guns off the streets from felons . . . but when you look, three days later, four days later, those individuals are back on the street committing more gun violence," Shea said. nypost.com

Minneapolis to shift $8M from police budget amid defund the police movement
The Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a budget early Thursday that will shift about $8 million from the police department toward violence prevention and other services - but will keep the mayor's targeted staffing levels for sworn officers intact. Mayor Jacob Frey, who'd threatened to veto the entire budget if the council went ahead with its plan to cap police staffing, said the vote was a defining moment for the city, which has experienced soaring crime rates amid calls to defund the police since the May 25 death of George Floyd.

The City Council had initially proposed to cut the city's authorized police force to 750 officers, down from the current 888, beginning in 2022. But members backtracked on that plan late Wednesday after the mayor called it "irresponsible." The council voted 7-6 to remove language that lowered the cap. cbsnews.com

Portland protesters have armed guards, stockpiled weapons at occupied zone
The Portland police chief said Wednesday that he remained "greatly concerned" about an area occupied by demonstrators attempting to block the eviction of a Black and Indigenous family, explaining that individuals have stockpiled weapons, assigned armed guards and spray-painted threats to kill police officers at the so-called Red House on Mississipi Avenue. foxnews.com

Seattle police who fired pepper spray, blast balls on BLM protesters
violated order, judge says

Washington DC: Street closures downtown planned Saturday for pro-Trump rallies

New Mexico eliminated cash bail - but now one county
locks up more people without bond before trial

Oakland formed a task force to help defund the police.
Now some members want the city to reconsider


COVID Update

US: Over 15.8M Cases - 297K Dead - 9.2M Recovered
Worldwide: Over 69.5M Cases - 1.5M Dead - 48.2M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 225   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 163
*Red indicates change in total deaths

How a third wave of COVID-19 engulfed the US

America faces outbreaks of coronavirus in most communities as waves of disease strike places blasted by earlier surges and those previously spared. The spring surge was centered on New Orleans and urban areas in the Northeast. The summer surge primarily rocked Sun Belt states such as Texas, Arizona and Florida. Now, nearly every corner of America is getting hit with extraordinary case counts. usatoday.com

On this big day for vaccine development in the U.S.,
daily deaths from Covid-19 just exceeded the deaths from 9/11

The United States should be celebrating a day of great hope today, as a Covid-19 vaccine could get authorized for emergency use very soon.

Instead, it's a day of devastating loss. The
daily death toll from Covid-19 reached a record high of 3,124 Wednesday, according to Johns Hopkins University. That's more deaths than those suffered in the 9/11 attacks. And experts say the death toll will get worse.

A new composite forecast from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention projects a total of
332,000 to 362,000 Covid-19 deaths by January 2. That forecast combines modeling from 40 independent research groups.

hospitalizations also reached a new record high of 106,688 on Wednesday, according to the COVID Tracking Project. And more than 221,000 new infections were reported in just one day -- inevitably leading to even more hospitalizations and deaths. cnn.com

Stealing to Survive:
More Americans are shoplifting food as aid runs out during the pandemic

Retailers, police departments and loss prevention researchers are reporting an uptick in theft of necessities like food and hygiene products

Early in the pandemic, Joo Park noticed a worrisome shift at the market he manages near downtown Washington: At least once a day, he'd spot someone slipping a package of meat, a bag of rice or other food into a shirt or under a jacket. Diapers, shampoo and laundry detergent began disappearing in bigger numbers, too.

Since then, he said, thefts have more than doubled at Capitol Supermarket - even though he now stations more employees at the entrance, asks shoppers to leave backpacks up front and displays high-theft items like hand sanitizer and baking yeast in more conspicuous areas. Park doesn't usually call the police, choosing instead to bar offenders from coming back.

"It's become much harder during the pandemic," he said. "People will say, 'I was just hungry.' And then what do you do?"

The coronavirus recession has been a relentless churn of high unemployment and economic uncertainty. The government stimulus that kept millions of Americans from falling into poverty earlier in the pandemic is long gone, and new aid is still a dot on the horizon after months of congressional inaction. Hunger is chronic, at levels not seen in decades. The result is a
growing subset of Americans who are stealing food to survive.

Shoplifting is up markedly since the pandemic began in the spring and at higher levels than in past economic downturns, according to interviews with more than a dozen retailers, security experts and police departments across the country. But what's distinctive about this trend, experts say, is what's being taken - more staples like bread, pasta and baby formula.

Though shoplifting tends to spike during national crises - it jumped 16 percent after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and 34 percent after the 2008 recession, according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, which tracks data from U.S. courts - the current trend line is skewing even higher, according to
Read Hayes, a criminologist at the University of Florida and the director of the Loss Prevention Research Council.

Hayes has been tracking theft since the coronavirus began sweeping across the United States in March, and has phone calls with the leaders of 60 major retail chains every other week to help them prevent losses. Most reports of retail theft have been anecdotal, he said, and even 10 months into the pandemic, it's too early to know the full scope. washingtonpost.com

Outdoor dining isn't quite "outdoors" anymore

Restaurants are getting creative with their winter setups.
But some changes might make dining out riskier.

To the surprise of many restaurant patrons and public health experts, outdoor dining has begun to migrate indoors. Or, as one Twitter user put it, it's become "indoor dining on the sidewalk."

Pandemic restrictions on restaurants vary by jurisdiction or state, with some enacting bans or requiring reduced capacity on indoor dining. Many restaurants, therefore, heavily invested in outdoor dining setups when stay-at-home orders were lifted or lightened. That drew in customers - at least until temperatures began to drop.

In parts of the country with colder winters, restaurants have drummed up temporary solutions to persuade guests to dine out for as long as possible, before snow-induced winter hibernation sets in. Many establishments have been tasked with figuring out how to make outdoor dining appear invitingly cozy, with little to no federal or state regulations on how streetery setups should look.

Outdoor restaurants have exchanged their bright Campari umbrellas for space heaters and heat lamps, canopy tents with vinyl flaps, and plastic bubble igloos decked out with string lights. Some have even hired workers to construct semi-enclosed wooden huts, which serve as restaurant-adjacent sunrooms with more dining space. Most of these creative architectural creations are intended to keep customers warm in the winter. It might not, though, keep them safe - or as safe as outdoor dining could be with uninterrupted airflow and plenty of space between patrons. vox.com

Few NYC shops have applied for 'Open Storefronts' program
It is not an uncommon sight to find a table stacked with discount books for sale outside of a bookstore in Manhattan. As the U.S. continues into the next phase of the novel coronavirus pandemic, New York City has been hoping to motivate other types of retailers to take on that method of outdoor selling in order to give customers a safer way to shop and stores a way to keep their doors open. The Open Storefronts program outlines criteria for NYC businesses to set up shop and conduct business on the sidewalk. The program has been available since early October and ends on December 31. However, only 563 of the 40,000 eligible NYC businesses have applied to take part. retailwire.com

CVS ready to send 10K staffers to immunize seniors in nursing homes
CVS Chief Executive Larry Merlo said the company is ready to administer "vaccines into the arms of some of our most vulnerable populations" within 24 to 48 hours upon receiving its share of Covid-19 vaccines. He said the company has 10,000 health care professionals ready to administer the shots in nursing homes and assisted living centers. The government struck a deal in October with CVS and Walgreens to administer the coronavirus vaccinations at long-term care facilities across the country. cnbc.com

Canada Approves Pfizer Vaccine and Could Start Shots Next Week

Uber wants drivers and delivery workers to get priority access to COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 patient infected indoors after 5 minutes, 20 feet away: study

COVID Tracker Rebekah Jones Raises $200K+ on GoFundMe After Armed Raid on Her Florida Home

Tech Giants in the Crosshairs - Could Amazon Be Next?
Facebook should be broken up, FTC and states allege in twin lawsuits

The social network is under pressure to spin off Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook's purchases of photo service Instagram and messaging app WhatsApp have helped fuel the social media giant's massive growth. They've also prompted concerns from federal and state authorities about Facebook's dominance in social networking.

The uneasiness with Facebook's power bubbled over on Wednesday as the Federal Trade Commission and 48 attorneys general filed separate lawsuits in federal court accusing Facebook of illegally stifling its competition by snapping up its rivals.

The lawsuits are the latest sign that lawmakers and regulators are ratcheting up their scrutiny of the power that tech giants wield. In October, the Justice Department filed a landmark lawsuit against Google for allegedly holding monopolies in both search and search advertising. cnet.com

Pandemic Closures Devastate Restaurant Industry's Middle Class
In sheer economic terms, few workers have stood more directly in the path of the pandemic than the roughly 10 million people employed by restaurants at the start of the year. The industry shed close to half those jobs in March and April, and was still down almost 1.5 million as of October.

The winter will likely bring another round of pain: In recent weeks, reservations have dropped substantially in cold-weather states like Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania, according to data from OpenTable.

In good times, new restaurants open weekly, and workers with sought-after skills or high-end experience often enjoy plenty of job options. But a wave of closures has hit pricier restaurants harder than fast food and other down-market establishments, which have an easier time shifting to takeout, and those workers have become increasingly desperate. nytimes.com

U.S. Jobless Claims Jump to Three-Month High Amid New Shutdowns
Applications for U.S. unemployment benefits surged last week, topping estimates with the highest level since September, suggesting that widening business shutdowns to curb the pandemic are spurring fresh job losses. Initial jobless claims in regular state programs rose by 137,000 to 853,000 in the week ended Dec. 5, Labor Department data showed Thursday. On an unadjusted basis, the figure increased by almost 229,000. The prior week included Thanksgiving, and data tend to be volatile around holidays. bloomberg.com

Ho, ho - oh, no!
Values of troubled Manhattan retail properties sink 53%

New York City, like much of the globe, has been doing a lot more huddling than hustling lately. Tourism is expected to drop 66% for the full year, as the pandemic sets alarming new records. And lawmakers in Washington have yet to produce another pandemic aid package for struggling workers, businesses and cities, despite months of rancor. All that is pretty cheerless for Manhattan retail properties, which after nine months of COVID-19 restrictions that pummeled business also could now face losing further ground this crucial holiday shopping season to e-commerce. marketwatch.com

Starbucks plans to open about 22,000 stores in the next ten years

Designer Brands mulls the closure of as many as 80 stores

Eerie photos of abandoned malls and retail stores around the world

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and will resume publication next Thursday

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Loss Prevention Leader Bruce Williamson Passes Away
after Battle with Cancer

Sadly, on December 8, 2020 the loss prevention industry lost Bruce Williamson, a long-time LP professional and friend to many, to pancreatic cancer after a two-year battle with the disease. He passed away peacefully with his wife Susan and daughter Amanda by his side in New Jersey.

With a long career in retail loss prevention that spanned decades, starting with Bonwit Teller as the security director in their 59th Street store, to Lord & Taylor, to Bloomingdale's where he rose to the operating vice president of loss prevention and audit, and finally to Metro One LPSG as the VP of logistics operations since 2002.

Read more here






The unprecedented challenges retail and restaurants are facing require a serious relook at IT networking and security infrastructure. Join us for a webinar to understand how retailers and restaurants can tackle these challenges while dealing with the constraints imposed by legacy infrastructure and budget cuts.

Listen to our experts, Steve Womer, VP Customer & Solutions Engineering, Interface Security Systems, and Courtney Radke, Retail CISO, Fortinet, share their practical insights.

Here is what you will learn from this webinar on January 20, 2021 at 1 pm CT:

• What are the key drivers of change that retail and restaurant chains should watch for

• How to design and deploy secure networks that optimize BOPUS, contactless stores and fulfillment centers

• How to protect against advanced cyber threats at the branch, the data center, and in the cloud

• How to scale your network infrastructure to support video analytics/business intelligence

• How to plan for new technologies like SASE and 5G








3rd-Party Vendor Hack @ DSW
Vendor ransomware attack disrupts DSW's inventory management

DSW's e-commerce site lost access to store inventories when a software vendor suffered a ransomware attack during the last two weeks of Q3, Roger Rawlins, CEO of the retailer's parent company Designer Brands, said on a Wednesday earnings call. Rawlins did not name the software vendor that suffered the ransomware attack.

"We effectively lost a portion of our digital sales capabilities for two weeks during our crucial September selling season," Rawlins said. The roughly 13 million units in stores were not visible to customers on the DSW website when the vendor was forced to temporarily shut down.

The shutdown brought DSW's available visible assortment from 13 million units to roughly 1.3 million - disrupting the chain's ability to balance inventory between stores and warehouses. DSW has been shipping e-commerce orders from stores throughout the pandemic. retaildive.com

Payment Processing Giant TSYS: Ransomware Incident "Immaterial" to Company
Payment card processing giant TSYS suffered a ransomware attack earlier this month. Since then reams of data stolen from the company have been posted online, with the attackers promising to publish more in the coming days. But the company says the malware did not jeopardize card data, and that the incident was limited to administrative areas of its business.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ga., Total System Services Inc. (TSYS) is the third-largest third-party payment processor for financial institutions in North America, and a major processor in Europe. krebsonsecurity.com

IP cameras & RFID asset tracker vulnerability
Amnesia:33 vulnerabilities impact millions of smart and industrial devices

AdvertisementSecurity researchers have disclosed 33 security flaws in four open-source TCP/IP libraries currently used inside the firmware of products from more than 150 vendors.

Forescout researchers estimate that millions of consumer and industrial-grade devices are currently impacted by the security flaws they discovered, and which they named Amnesia:33.

Impacted systems include anything you can think of, including smartphones, gaming consoles, sensors, system-on-a-chip (SOC) boards, HVAC systems, printers, routers, switches, IP cameras, self-checkout kiosks, RFID asset trackers, badge readers, uninterruptible power supplies, and all sorts of industrial equipment. zdnet.com

Report Details COVID-19 Impact on Security Threat Landscape
WatchGuard® Technologies, a global leader in network security and intelligence, advanced endpoint protection, multi-factor authentication and secure Wi-Fi, today announced the release of its Internet Security Report for Q3 2020. Top findings from the research reveal how COVID-19 has impacted the security threat landscape, with evidence that attackers continue to target corporate networks despite the shift to remote work, and a rise in pandemic-related malicious domains and phishing campaigns.

"As the impact of COVID-19 continues to unfold, our threat intelligence provides key insight into how attackers are adjusting their tactics," said Corey Nachreiner, chief technology officer at WatchGuard. "While there's no such thing as 'the new normal' when it comes to security, businesses can be sure that increasing protection for both the endpoint and the network will be a priority in 2021 and beyond. It will also be important to establish a layered approach to information security, with services that can mitigate evasive and encrypted attacks, sophisticated phishing campaigns and more."

Key findings from the Q3 2020 report include:

● Network attacks and unique detections both hit two-year highs
● COVID-19 scams grow in prevalence
Businesses click on hundreds of phishing attacks and bad links

Read more here: globenewswire.com

A Vexing Target for Security
Six steps to control a rogue drone incident

Small, unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), commonly referred to as drones, are ubiquitous, diverse, and increasingly cheaper and faster to market. Their small size, relative durability and vast range of capabilities make them a vexing target for security services, because dealing with sUAS detection means making split-second decisions between what could be a hobbyist's gadget or a weaponized aerial vehicle carrying a dangerous payload. The drone surveillance challenge lies in proper drone detection and intelligent mitigation, which can only be achieved via a thorough understanding of the rogue drone event lifecycle.

So, how does the lifecycle of a rogue drone incident play out? Teach your security personnel six possible steps, all of which fall under two broader stages: detection, then mitigation. securitymagazine.com

Police Drones Are Starting to Think for Themselves
In one Southern California city, flying drones with artificial intelligence are aiding investigations while presenting new civil rights questions.




More States Consider Legalization
Legalizing Cannabis: Which State is Next?
In the 2020 election, we have seen many states legalize recreational adult-use of marijuana.
New Jersey, Vermont, Arizona, Montana and South Dakota all voted to pass legalization of cannabis. Legalizing in these recent states was a huge step forward in the cannabis industry. Make's one wonder, "who's next?"

New Jersey neighboring states, like
New York and Pennsylvania, are going to start pushing for their own legalization. They don't want their potential customers being drawn to New Jersey. Other states like Connecticut, Maryland, and New Mexico are all next up to bat as well.

What is the future for legalizing cannabis?

Marijuana Business Daily projects the November 3rd election opened the door for marijuana cultivators. Specifically in states like New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland and New Mexico. They could generate
more than $2.5 billion combined in the first year and $6.3 billion by the end of 2024. sapphirerisk.com

House passes bill decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level
The Democratic-controlled House on Friday approved a bill to decriminalize and tax marijuana at the federal level, reversing what supporters call a failed policy of criminalizing pot use and taking steps to address racial disparities in enforcement of federal drug laws.

Opponents, mostly Republicans, called the bill a hollow political gesture and mocked Democrats for bringing it up at a time when thousands of Americans are dying from the coronavirus pandemic.

Supporters say the pot bill would help end the decades-long "war on drugs" by removing marijuana, or cannabis, from the list of federally controlled substances while allowing states to set their own rules on pot. The bill also would use money from a new excise tax on marijuana to address the needs of groups and communities harmed by the so-called drug war and provide for the expungement of federal marijuana convictions and arrests. kron4.com

Despite Cannabis Win, Legality Still Unlikely For Now

Two In Three Americans Approve Of House Vote To Decriminalize Marijuana

350% Cannabis Sales Spike on 'Green Wednesday'

Cannabis Sales In The U.S. Soar On 'Green Wednesday'
Lovingly dubbed "Green Wednesday" by the cannabis industry, the day before Thanksgiving reflects adult consumer's desire to have a little weed on deck for family gatherings. The name, a play on the larger retail shopping days Black Friday and Cyber Monday, originated sometime in 2016-2017 in legal marketplaces looking to incentivize cannabis consumers. While some companies offer up BOGO or discounted deals on certain products, many don't need to. The demand is just so high.

Even with all the safety restrictions in place, cannabis companies across the country are reporting
substantial Green Wednesday spikes in sales- upwards of 350%.

In the U.S., sales on Green Wednesday are second in line to 4/20 for the highest cannabis sales of the entire year. 2020 was no exception to this trend. Data from thousands of companies across the country shows
Green Wednesday brought consumers in droves. forbes.com

The future of the international cannabis market




Cracking Down on Fake Goods
Amazon and YETI sue third-party sellers, alleging they sold counterfeit tumblers
Amazon and YETI are accusing third-party sellers of hawking counterfeit goods on the platform as the retail giant attempts to crack down on dupes on the platform, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday.

In March,
US Customs and Border Protection seized a shipment of cup lids, branded with the YETI logo, under the suspicion that the shipment contained counterfeit products, the court filing said. When US Customs sent 500 of the lids to YETI to be checked, the company found that the goods were counterfeit, according to the court documents. The shipment from China listed a seller called "The Cyber Bargain Portal" as the recipient, the court documents said. Another account, doing business as "Gadsden Flags USA," was also registered to the same address and purported to sell YETI brand tumblers on Amazon, the suit alleged.

The case is part of
a larger effort by Amazon to crack down on counterfeit products on its platform. In November, Amazon sued two influencers, alleging that they sold fake luxury products like Gucci wallets and disguised their Amazon listing to fool the platform's knockoff detectors. The retail giant also launched a Counterfeit Crimes Unit in June, and spent $500 million fighting fraud and abuse, including counterfeit, according to the company.

The new investment in combating fraudulent goods follows
complaints from sellers like Birkenstock, which pulled its sandals from Amazon in 2016 after scores of fake shoes were sold on the site, CNBC reported. businessinsider.com

Fraud Risk is 'Off the Charts'
Online shopping scams target record number of holiday shoppers buying gifts on the internet
Consumer experts estimate
online shopping is up at least 30% this year, and will continue to grow through the New Year. That means there are more opportunities for you to become a victim of a holiday hack, and 2020 may be the perfect storm for holiday scams.

"You got the pandemic going on. You've got this work from home, then you've also got this huge gain in online shopping," said security expert John Gunn with OneSpan. "And when you combine these three together,
the risk levels for consumers are off the charts."

There are scammers actually
faking the legitimate retailers look, images and emails and sending them to unsuspecting shoppers. In reality, they are phishing attempts to get your personal and account information.

To avoid them, hover over the email name and see if the address looks suspiciously long or unusual and ask yourself if the offer too good to be true. Second, be careful where you store all of your account information like credit card numbers and shipping addresses. Cyber criminals are targeting store accounts for the shopping season. abc7chicago.com

Online shopping scams are on the rise, how you can protect your money







Fort Myers, FL: Photos of man who stole $250k in jewelry from antique shop
A man hid inside of an antique store in Fort Myers and waited for it to close before he stole $250,000 in jewelry. The unidentified man hid behind a couch on Monday in Gannon's Antiques and Art Center. After the store closed, Crime Stoppers said the man walked toward a glass case containing the jewelry, stole the valuables and forced his way out of the business. Crime Stoppers released new surveillance photos of the man on Wednesday, Dec. 9. Store owner Dean Gannon said the suspect shopped at his store two days before the burglary and made a purchase. Gannon said based on surveillance video, the suspect left in a dark-colored SUV. nbc-2.com

York, PA: Verizon employee helped in $28,000 store robbery;
2 additional suspects charged
Two more people have been charged in a 2019 Verizon store robbery investigators say was an inside job that allowed the perpetrators to take almost $28,000 in merchandise. William Russell Loughlin and Noah Pablo Zayas, are wanted by Newberry Township Police, on allegations of robbery and racketeering, according to charging documents. Loughlin, 33, of California, and Zayas, 25, of New York, have not been arraigned in York County. Zayas has been at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center in Maryland since March on unrelated charges involving another Verizon store robbery, according to police.

Both face felonies including corrupt organization, conspiracy to commit burglary, conspiracy to commit theft by unlawful taking of immovable property and organized retail theft worth $20,000 or more. Last year Newberry Township Police arrested Destiny Elaine Altland, 23, a Verizon employee who reported the robbery. Altland, of Codorus Township, also faces some of the same charges as Loughlin and Zayas, in addition to misdemeanors of false reports and tampering with evidence. She is free on $50,000 bail and has a status hearing Thursday morning. Police were sent Sept. 1, 2019, about 10:10 a.m. to a Verizon Wireless, 108 Newberry Parkway, in Newberry Township for a report of an armed robbery, according to charging documents. Charging documents say Altland told police "she observed two males with masks" enter the store and steal 40 electronic devices including iPhones and Samsung phones worth $27,795. yorkdispatch.com

Racine, WI: Man accused of stealing over $10,000 of Apple products from Target
An Illinois man is charged with felony retail theft greater than $10,000 for allegedly stealing Apple products from a Target store in Racine. The accused is 28-year-old Richard Hemphill. According to the criminal complaint, officers responded to the Target store on Durand Avenue in Racine on Oct. 5 to investigate a retail theft. The store manager stated "employees discovered a secured display case containing Apple products had been cleared out except for two Apple watches that were left behind."

Elyria, OH: Two men steal from Walmart twice in same day; 1 arrested
A man was arrested and another is at-large for allegedly stealing from the same Walmart, in Elyria, twice in one day on Dec. 6. Gregory D. Jones was charged for theft, a fifth-degree felony, and criminal trespassing, a fourth-degree misdemeanor. At 7 a.m., loss prevention witnessed Jones, and an unknown man walk in, put
$1,794 worth of Roombas, in a shopping cart and left without paying. At 2:45 p.m., the duo returned to the Walmart and were wearing the same clothes from the earlier theft. This time, the men turned their attention to the jewelry department where they took watches and concealed them, the report said. As they walked, Walmart staff apprehended Jones, but his accomplice fled to the Fusion with the watches he stole, according to the report. The total amount of stolen merchandise is valued at $1,806.88. When officers arrived, the manager showed paperwork that verified Jones had been trespassed from Walmart for a March 3 misdemeanor theft he committed earlier in the year, the report said. morningjournal.com

Houston, TX: HPD connects sledgehammer robbery crew to at least 20 crimes
Houston police need your help in identifying four suspects possibly responsible for more than 20 robberies across the city. HPD's Robbery Division released video from a Nov. 8 incident where four male suspects entered a pawn shop on Richmond Avenue. Video shows three of the suspects exit a white four-door sedan and walk toward the business. Two of the men walked inside while the third stayed by the door. One suspect used a sledgehammer to smash a display case while the other suspect filled a sack with the items from inside. The suspects drove off, according to police. Police said they have reason to believe the same suspects are responsible for over 20 similar cases in the area.

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Shootings & Deaths

San Jose, CA: Fatal shooting at San Jose 7-Eleven store, ongoing investigation no known motive
The San Jose Police Department said a man was shot and killed around 1 a.m. on Wednesday at a 7-Eleven. The shooting happened in the 4200 block of Senter Rd. Police said the victim died at the scene. There is no information on the suspect at this time. This was the city's 43rd homicide of the year. ron4.com

Update : Lubbock, TX: GoFundMe account established for Lubbock Walmart shooting victim
A GoFundMe account has been established for the family of a Muleshoe man who was killed inside a Lubbock Walmart store. Roel (Roy) Munoz was shopping at a Walmart on Friday, December 4 when he was killed. Munoz worked for Southwest Food Enterprises and oversaw the school cafeterias in Muleshoe, Sudan and Morton. The goal is to raise $10,000 to assist with funeral services. According to an arrest warrant and police reports obtained by EverythingLubbock.com, Munoz was shot by Kaleb Anthony Vasquez, 20, in the hardware area. The arrest warrant listed no apparent reason behind the fatal shooting. Vasquez ran out of the store following the shooting and was followed by a Walmart employee. The employee told police they witnessed Vasquez drop the gun inside a sewer. Lubbock Police said a few hours later, Vasquez attempted to carjack a vehicle outside a convenience store.

Queens, NY: Homeless Man Indicted for Murder in Shooting Death of Deli Worker in Ozone Park Store in October


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Union City, GA: Customer allegedly stabs teenage Dunkin' Donuts worker over sold out donut flavor
A teen worker at a Dunkin' Donuts in suburban Atlanta was stabbed by an irate customer over the weekend after the store sold out of a particular donut flavor. The incident, which was partially captured on video, occurred Saturday around 6 p.m. at a location in Union City, GA. cbs46.com

Wilbarger, County, TX: Thirsty burglar's soda break puts him in can for 5 years
The pause in his burglary work may have refreshed the thief, but the soda he drank also sends him to prison for five years. Patrick Cole Mitchell, 35, of Vernon, was sentenced by 46th District Judge Dan Mike Bird after he pleaded guilty. The case of the burglar's soda can was opened in 2018 when a burglary was reported at a Foard County Ranch. A deputy noticed an open soda can left out on a counter, and swabbed it for DNA. The DNA was placed in a data-base, and for weeks it appeared the case had fizzled out. Then a match came back to Mitchell, who by this time was in a cooler in Mississippi on another charge. District Attorney Staley Heatly was bubbling with praise for Deputy Perry Shaw who noticed the soda can and wondered if it had been opened by the burglar.

Nashville, TN: Burglar charged after spending night in Dollar Tree and doing $1,000 of damage to the rest room

Brooklyn, NY: FDNY: EMS crew robbed at gunpoint after responding to fake 911 call, radios and equipment stolen




Adult - Montgomery, AL - Armed Robbery
Antique - Fort Myers, FL - Burglary
C-Store - Las Vegas, NV - Robbery
C-Store - Montgomery, AL - Robbery
Dollar Tree - Nashville, TN - Burglary
Gas Station - - Nashville, TN - Robbery
Gas Station - Smyrna, TN - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Dallas County, AL - Burglary
Guns - Kansas City, MO - Burglary
Hair Salon - Sparks, NV - Burglary
Hardware - Park Rapids, MN - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Burlington, VT - Robbery
Jewelry - Albany, NY - Robbery
Jewelry - Concord, NC - Robbery
Jewelry - Hayward, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Indianapolis, IN - Robbery
Jewelry - Columbus, OH - Robbery
Restaurant - Nashville, TN - Burglary
Restaurant - Madisonville, KY - Burglary (Taco Bell)
7-Eleven - Chicago, IL - Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 13 robberies
• 7 burglary
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Joyce Louis promoted to Divisional Senior Manager ll, Environmental Health & Safety for Walmart eCommerce

Heather Rawlings named Asset Protection Coordinator for
Wegmans Food Markets

Kevin Goldsmith named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Amazon

Shane Hovis named Safety & Loss Prevention Manager for Chewy

Jessie Brodniak named Asset Protection Investigator for Victoria's Secret/PINK

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Regional Manager LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance
IL, WI, MN, IA, ND, SD, NE, OK, MO & KS - posted Dec. 9
The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory. Investigate and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets

Asset & Profit Protection Investigations Analyst
San Francisco, CA - posted Sept. 24
You should have strong analytical skills, be a quick learner, and drive to innovate with both technology and processes. They will be personable, open to learning, collaborating with others, and apt to saying "yes" or "I'll find a way", rather than "no" or "that's impossible"...

Customer Success Specialists
Multiple Locations - posted Oct. 9
The role of the Customer Success Specialist is to engage, empower, and excite our community. As a Customer Success Specialist, your primary responsibility is to ensure both retailers and law enforcement, who make up our community, have great experiences and achieve real crime reduction outcomes from using our platform.
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Sales Representatives
NuTech National - posted Oct. 13
NuTech National, an established and rapidly growing 40+ year electronic security company is expanding our National Sales Team. Seeking motivated, driven and successful sales reps to expand our national retail and governmental vertical markets. Top pay, benefits and signing bonus available. Please apply to melissa@nutechnational.com

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The most prevailing comment made by corporate America when they come to market looking for a new senior Loss Prevention executive is bring me someone who has a total business acumen and understands the entire business. Take note to this common theme as it sends a very clear message that you've got to be a retail executive first that happens to be a subject matter expert in Loss Prevention. And as we continue to evolve technologically the demands are greater that you understand the financial, merchandising, supply chain, and operations side of the business and know how to integrate the various shrinkage reduction components within all of them. Being able to communicate all of that in a series of meetings is truly the key and then being able to do it day in and day out is the objective.

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