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Van Carney named Director of Safety & Security for MSK Management, franchisee for Domino's Pizza

Van has been a leader in the Loss Prevention Industry for decades. Before being named Director of Safety & Security for MSK Management, Van spent more than 25 years with Domino's as National Director of Safety & Loss Prevention. In the role, he established and met annual objectives for the Safety, Security and Loss Prevention department and oversaw a team of 15 field and corporate staff. His responsibilities covered its world headquarters and over 15,000 stores worldwide. Congratulations, Van!

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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Criminals Taking Advantage of Supply Chain Crisis
Thieves are targeting containers carrying electronics and household goods as the supply-chain crisis drags on

Supply chain disruptions and delays are giving thieves opportunities to steal from containers.

Thieves are targeting containers holding electronics and household goods as ports in the US struggle to clear backlogs of cargo, leading to delays in the supply chain.

"The more that the supply chain in general is backed up, the more cargo you're going to have sitting. And that creates a bigger opportunity for thefts," Scott Cornell, Travelers crime and theft specialist, told CBS MoneyWatch.

NBC4 News reported that there are thousands of boxes strewn along railroad tracks in Los Angeles. They appeared to have fallen or been thrown from cargo containers hauled by Union Pacific trains, the news outlet reported.

Union Pacific transports goods from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, where there are massive backlogs of cargo. The train operator told Insider it's aware of the thefts and is working with local law enforcement to address the issue. A port spokesman told NBC4 News that all cargo containers at the port are safe.

Thieves are targeting electronics and household goods, according to CargoNet, which tracks supply chain thefts. California topped the list of states most targeted by thieves, followed by Texas and Florida.

About $45 million in cargo thefts were reported from January to September this year, according to data from CargoNet. In 2020, almost $68 million worth of goods were stolen, and the figure was $49 million in 2019. CargoNet said it expects theft to remain elevated into the final quarter of this year. yahoo.com

Robberies Up 15.8% - Overall Crime Up 11.2% in NYC
Violent crime continues to spike in NYC
While the NYPD touts a drop in shootings and murders, newly released crime statistics show continuing growth in other violent crimes including felony assaults and robberies. Grand larceny cases also continue to rise.

The overall crime rate in New York City was up 11.2% in October compared to a year ago. The number of robberies jumped 15.8% (1,450 v. 1,252) and felonious assaults increased by 13.8% (2,123 v. 1,865) year-over-year.

Grand Larceny and auto thefts were also up sharply in October compared to the same period last year. Auto thefts are up almost 15% for the year versus 2020. Gun arrests have jumped 13.9% this year compared to this point in 2020. There were 382 gun arrests in the city in October.

Burglaries saw a 13.7% decrease in October 2021. There were 1,241 last month compared to 1,427 in October 2020.

"The men and women of the NYPD have never wavered in their commitment to the collective public safety of all New Yorkers - as demonstrated by this ongoing, downward trend in violence," Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said in a news release.

"While their devotion to service is commendable, effective crime fighting is predicated upon a collaborative effort from all aspects of the criminal justice landscape - as well as society as a whole. Additionally, our brave officers' work must be reinforced by meaningful consequences that send a consequential message to those who find themselves on the path toward criminality." fox5ny.com

Baltimore's Increase in Homicides, Robberies & Thefts
Baltimore City Mayor Under Fire Over Surge in ATM Thefts, Crime Bleeding
into County
On the heels of Baltimore City's latest ATM theft, where a pharmacy was damaged near the city-county line, Mayor Brandon Scott's policies are coming under fire by elected leaders in neighboring jurisdictions.

As homicides and robberies - like brazen ATM thefts - tick up in Charm City, Mayor Scott said the crime itself isn't bleeding into Baltimore County like some may think and the jurisdictions work together to solve crimes.

Mayor Scott said the work isn't done when it comes to reducing more violent crime, committing himself to the work to ensure people feel safe living in Baltimore.

"We have a long way to go, but this is not an overnight thing," Scott said when asked if he can handle the crime in Baltimore. "We're going to work hard 24/7, 365 to make sure we're making people in Baltimore safe."

Councilman David Marks responded to questioning, putting some blame on leadership in Baltimore City. He said he "thinks the city's crime rate has negatively impacted Baltimore County," adding that he disagrees with many of the policies implemented by City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

"I don't agree with sending a message of permissiveness," Marks said. "You can be tough on crime, but also supportive of those services that minimize the likelihood of crime. These aren't mutually exclusive goals." foxbaltimore.com

Retail Crime 'Ambassadors'
Ambassadors on patrol in Burlington to help keep holiday shoppers safe
Burlington's downtown district will have a couple of extra sets of eyes and ears this holiday season to help keep shoppers safe. Starting Nov. 3, you might see security guards or downtown safety ambassadors walking in pairs five days a week. They are there to help shoppers and employees feel safe.

"They can kind of provide any need on the street," said Kelly Devine of the Burlington Business Association.

Devine helped coordinate the ambassadors. They work for Green Mountain Concert Services and will walk in pairs from Wednesday to Sunday from 2 p.m. until midnight. Devine says it's to help businesses and employees who say they don't feel secure downtown after work because there are fewer police officers on duty.

"The behavior on the street has changed and we want to make sure that everybody who come downtown feels safe, so we felt the best thing to do is to put a couple extra friendly faces on the street to be that response," Devine said.

"They are trained to de-escalate in case there are any conflicts on the street. They also serve as eyes and ears on the street so they can call Howard Center outreach team if they think there's a mental health crisis occurring or they can call the Burlington Police Department if they observe anything criminal," said Kara Alnasrawi, the Burlington economic recovery director.

De-escalation training for the downtown safety ambassadors, along with any downtown retail or restaurant people, is happening at the Howard Center this weekend. wcax.com

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan 're-funds the police' with $150 million initiative

Enhanced security to patrol Uptown Dallas amid shooting surge

Crime in Germany falls 15% in 15 years


COVID Update

426.7M Vaccinations Given

US: 47.1M Cases - 772.3K Dead - 37.1M Recovered
Worldwide: 249.4M Cases - 5M Dead - 225.9M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 322   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 517
*Red indicates change in total deaths

COVID Cases, Deaths & Hospitalizations Continue to Fall

New COVID Epicenter
WHO says Europe is back at the epicenter of Covid pandemic, despite vaccines
Top officials at the World Health Organization said Thursday that Europe has seen a more than 50 percent jump in coronavirus cases in the last month, making it the epicenter of the pandemic despite an ample supply of vaccines.

"There may be plenty of vaccine available, but uptake of vaccine has not been equal," WHO emergencies chief Dr. Michael Ryan said during a press briefing on Thursday.

He called for European authorities to "close the gap" in vaccinations. However, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said countries that have immunized more than 40 percent of their populations should stop and instead donate their doses to developing countries that have yet to offer their citizens a first dose.

Earlier on Thursday, the director of WHO's 53-country Europe region, Dr. Hans Kluge, said the rising Covid-19 case counts are of "grave concern." nbcnews.com

NRF & RILA Respond to Biden's Vaccine Mandate
Several big business groups aren't happy with Biden's Covid vaccine mandate

Business groups expressed a range of concerns about the White House's new mandate for U.S. companies to require their employees to be fully vaccinated, or face regular testing, by Jan. 4.

The mandate, which applies to businesses with 100 or more workers, requires U.S. companies to ensure their employees have gotten vaccinated, or face regular testing, by Jan. 4.

OSHA will also conduct on-site workplace compliance inspections, with penalties for violating the rules ranging from $13,653 up to $136,532.

The National Retail Federation and the Retail Industry Leaders Association, which requested a 90-day implementation period during meetings with White House officials last month, said the mandate would burden their members during the busy holiday shopping season.

"Since the president's announcement of the vaccine mandate for private industry, the seven-day average number of cases in the United States has plummeted by more than half," said David French, NRF's senior vice president for government relations.

"Nevertheless, the Biden administration has chosen to declare an 'emergency' and impose burdensome new requirements on retailers during the crucial holiday shopping season," French said.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association called the implementation period "insufficient" and said the potential fines for noncompliance are "unnecessary and unhelpful," warning that "it pits government against private employers instead of working with them to create a safe working environment." cnbc.com

The Corporate Leader on Vaccine Mandates
How Tyson Foods Got 60,500 Workers to Get the Coronavirus Vaccine Quickly

The meatpacking giant, which was criticized for failing to do enough to protect its workers from Covid-19 last year, has become a leader on corporate mandates.

Tyson's announcement that it would require vaccinations across its corporate offices, packing houses and poultry plants, many of which are situated in the South and Midwest where resistance to the vaccines is high, was arguably the boldest mandate in the corporate world.

But it was also bad for business when Tyson had to shut facilities because of virus outbreaks. Since announcing the policy, roughly 60,500 employees have received the vaccine, and more than 96 percent of its work force is vaccinated.

Tyson's experience shows how vaccine mandates in the workplace can be persuasive. It comes as many employers await the start of Biden administration rules that will require vaccines - or weekly testing - at companies with 100 or more workers.

Tyson's aggressive push on vaccines also marks a significant turn for a company that had been criticized early in the pandemic for failing to adequately protect workers in its plants. Its low-wage workers typically stand elbow-to-elbow to do the work of cutting, deboning and packing meat, making them particularly vulnerable to the airborne virus. nytimes.com

Giving Unvaxxed Workers More time to Apply for Exemptions
De Blasio strikes deal with NYC unions over COVID-19 vaccine mandate
Mayor Bill de Blasio has struck a deal with four city unions - including the largest in the Big Apple and sanitation workers - to allow more time for unvaccinated workers to apply for exemptions from his COVID-19 vaccine mandate, city officials announced.

Notably absent from the deal are the unions that represent the FDNY and EMS workers, which have vehemently opposed de Blasio's executive order requiring city employees to get the jab or go out on unpaid leave.

The deal - announced Thursday afternoon and signed by the DC 37, Teamsters Local 237, Uniformed Sanitationmen's Association Local 831 and SEIU Local 300 - allows workers to apply for a special accommodation from the vaccine for religious or medical reasons until the end-of-day Friday.

Those employees will be allowed to work with pay while those applications are pending. But if they are denied, they will be placed on unpaid leave if they choose to appeal, the city officials said.

The deal is similar to how the NYPD, whose unions actively pushed their vaccine-hesitant members to apply for an exemption before the deadline, handled the mandate. nypost.com

New Sheriff In Town
NYC mayor-elect wants to 'revisit' vaccine mandate
New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams says he wants to "revisit" the city's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city workers, which has drawn resistance from some unions.

"We need to revisit how we're going to address the vaccine mandates," Adams said on MSNBC on Wednesday.

While saying he did not want to "Monday morning quarterback" current Mayor Bill de Blasio, who put the mandate for city workers into effect, Adams said, "what I'm going to encourage him to do is to sit down with the unions."

"We can work this out," Adams added. "This is a very difficult moment, but there's an opportunity to sit down with the unions. I communicated with some of the union leaders yesterday and they are open to sit down, and this is a good opportunity to do so and I'm going to encourage him to make that happen."

De Blasio has defended the mandate, saying that it has helped raise the vaccination rate among city workers, after voluntary measures reached their limits. thehill.com

Preparing for the Vaccine Mandate
Webinar: OSHA's COVID-19 Vaccine/Testing Mandate: Are You Ready?

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 | 2:00 p.m. ET

In arguably the most far-reaching move of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Biden administration just announced that federal workplace safety officials will soon issue a rule that will require all employers with 100 or more employees to either ensure their workers are vaccinated or require unvaccinated employees to produce a weekly negative test result before coming to work.

As you would expect, there are many moving parts with such a significant development, and employers are bound to have questions. When will this new rule take effect? Will it apply to remote workers? Who pays for the tests? And what kind of tests are we talking about?

This timely webinar will address these and many other questions. Attendees will come away with a five-step action plan you can put into place immediately. Register here

Phasing Out In-Store Mask Requirements
Apple will start phasing out mask requirements for US retail store customers

The changes could start rolling out to stores beginning Friday

Apple is reportedly planning to begin ending mask requirements for customers at some of its US retail stores as early as Friday (via Bloomberg). The company told employees about the change in an internal memo on Thursday, Bloomberg reported, saying the decision was based on a decline in coronavirus cases and a rise in vaccination rates. theverge.com

Ohio attorney general, sheriffs sue Biden administration over COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Pfizer Says Covid-19 Pill Is 89% Effective in Preliminary Assessment


McDonald's CEO Text Controversy Sparks Anger & Protests
Text from McDonald's CEO appears to blame parents for fatal shootings
of Chicago children
Protests erupted at McDonald's headquarters in Chicago this week after a text exchange between the fast food giant's chief executive and Mayor Lori Lightfoot seemed to blame the parents of two children who were recently shot to death in the city.

Lightfoot had visited McDonald's headquarters and met with CEO Chris Kempczinski in April, the day after the fatal shooting of 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams, who died in a hail of bullets fired into her family's car that was in a McDonald's drive-thru lane. The child's death came as the city was still mourning and outraged over the fatal shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo by a police officer.

In a text exchange recently made public, Kempczinski wrote to Lightfoot: "With both, the parents failed those kids, which I know is something you can't say. Even harder to fix," according to ABC Chicago station WLS-TV.

The comment sparked immediate backlash and accusations of racism and victim blaming.

Images shared to social media by the labor advocacy group Fight for 15 Chicago, which helped organize a protest on Wednesday, showed crowds of protestors descending on McDonald's headquarters. Many of those marching were children.

"As the leader of the largest fast food corporation, Mr. Kempczinski has a responsibility to do much better for Black and Brown communities than add on to racist stereotypes," Fight for 15 Chicago said in a Tweet.

Kempczinksi lamented the "senseless surge in gun violence that is affecting so many children," adding that, "it is also clear to me that everyone has a role to play." abcnews.go.com

'Honoring Leadership in Safety Management'
America's Safest Companies of 2021

EHS Today's annual profile of the companies that demonstrate excellence in safety leadership.

Safety has always been a top-of-mind consideration for EHS professionals, but as the COVID-19 pandemic continues on with no immediate end in sight, it's become more important than ever for companies to establish procedures that ensure the health and safety of its workers both on-site and at home. As you'll see, the winners of this year's America's Safest Companies awards excel at keeping their employees and communities safe by emphasizing that safety has to be an ingrained part of a company's culture, at every touch point an employee might encounter.

The winning companies for 2021 are:

CJ Drilling
Fastenal Company
KHS&S Contractors
Middough Inc.
RMF Nooter
Rosendin Electric
SBM Management LP
Yonkers Contracting Company

America's Safest Companies was founded in 2002 by EHS Today. To date, more than 250 companies have been recognized with this annual award. We hope these profiles-in-safety inspire you, and we invite you to consider applying for the ASC award in 2022. ehstoday.com

Trucker Shortage Complicates Retail Supply Chain
Where Are All the Truck Drivers? Shortage Adds to Delivery Delays
Trucks haul more than 70% of domestic cargo shipments. Yet many fleets say they can't hire enough drivers to meet booming consumer demand as the U.S. economy emerges from the pandemic. The freight backup has intensified longstanding strains in the industry over hours, pay, working conditions and retention.

The surge of goods has created logjams at loading docks and port terminals, gobbling up scarce trucking capacity and making drivers' jobs even harder. Factories and warehouses are also short of staff to load and receive goods. Meanwhile, the broader labor shortage has left openings for other blue-collar jobs that compete with trucking, including in local delivery operations, construction and manufacturing.

The shortfalls are pushing up transportation costs and delaying deliveries for retailers and manufacturers already coping with disruptions ahead of the holiday peak.

The American Trucking Associations, one of the largest trade bodies, estimates the industry is some 80,000 drivers short of the workers needed to keep goods moving freely this year-up from an estimated shortage of 61,500 drivers before the pandemic. New trucks, trailers and other equipment are in short supply, further limiting the movement of cargo. wsj.com

Retail's 'Nightmare Before Christmas'
Retailers dream of a glitzy Christmas, even as supply chain snarls loom
From Neiman Marcus to Macy's and Home Depot, several major retailers told Reuters that they expect to see shoppers pulling out all the stops at gatherings after Covid-19 kept them socially distanced last year.

"After being limited by Covid-19 restrictions, people want to travel, spend more time out enjoying outdoor activities, express themselves and above all live and share experiences," Remo Ruffini, Moncler's chairman and CEO, said.

Many consumers are entering the holiday season with more disposable income, having saved up during lockdown and as economic rebound puts money in their hands. The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit record highs this week, while London's FTSE 100 index marked its highest close in 20 months.

Yet retailers are up against a supply chain crisis that has left them scrambling to stock enough sparkling wine, tinsel, scented candles and partywear, among other things. In addition, the new AY.4.2 "Delta Plus" coronavirus variant looms, after causing some concern in the United Kingdom. investing.com

The Healing Labor Market
U.S. economy added 531,000 jobs in October as hiring swelled again
The U.S. economy added 531,000 jobs in October, offering a clearer portrait of an economy that was slowed briefly by the coronavirus's delta variant in the late summer but is emerging with new momentum in the final months of 2021.

The unemployment rate dropped too, to 4.6 percent from 4.8 percent. It is still up from its pre-pandemic low of 3.5 percent in February 2020 but down significantly from January of this year, when it was at 6.3 percent.

The new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics also showed that a late-summer labor market slump wasn't as bad as earlier thought. BLS officials revised upwards their August and September payroll reports to show that hiring had not slowed as dramatically as they initially thought.

And there are fresh signs that women reentered the workforce in large numbers in October. This came after worrying signs from September when it appeared that problems reopening schools and child care centers would wreak major havoc on millions of households. Some 251,000 women over 20 re-entered the labor force in October, and 138,000 took jobs. washingtonpost.com

LPF Announces LPC & LPQ Professionals for October
The Loss Prevention Foundation would like to recognize and congratulate the following individuals who successfully completed all of the requirements set forth by the board of directors to be LPQualified (LPQ) and/or LPCertified (LPC). View Full List Here

Prices, Not Shortages, Are the Real Issue
Supply Chain May Not Be Impacting Consumers As Badly As Expected

Mattel nearshores manufacturing to bypass port bottlenecks during peak

Big Lots offers incentives to store employees to work on Thanksgiving

Allied Universal Acquires The Millard Group To Expand Its Janitorial Services Division

LP & AP Jobs Market

Asset Protection Manager job posted for Macy's Philadelphia, PA
As an Asset Protection Manager II you will be responsible for one of our highest shortage locations with an elevated scope of responsibility that may include executive direct reports and increased staff levels, higher Sales Volume or significant Shortage risk. You will be the subject matter expert on Asset Protection and Shortage Reduction Strategies within your location. Read more here

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DoorDash Partners with ADT to Help Protect its
Community of Millions of Dashers

DoorDash's SafeDash Provides Dashers In-App Safety Tools for Help
On Demand, Powered by ADT

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 3, 2021
- ADT, the most trusted name in security, today announced a partnership with DoorDash, the nation's leading last-mile logistics platform, to provide the Safe by ADT mobile safety solution to its community of millions of Dashers. Safe by ADT will power DoorDash's new in-app safety toolkit called SafeDashTM, allowing Dashers to quickly and easily request professional help by voice or text and receive emergency services to their location anytime they feel unsafe.

"Our commitment to safety is central to what our teams at DoorDash work towards every day," said Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean, Vice-President of Communications and Policy at DoorDash. "We've heard from Dashers across the country who tell us that safety is a top consideration when choosing which platforms they work with. That's why over the years, we've worked hard on new products, policies, and partnerships that reflect what we hear from Dashers. SafeDash was born out of feedback from Dashers, and our hope is that with access to resources like these from ADT, we're giving Dashers yet another resource to feel safe and secure on the road."

With SafeDash, Dashers can quickly and discreetly access ADT agent support two ways directly through the Dasher app.

Safety Reassurance Call: In the event that a Dasher feels unsafe in a situation, they can quickly and easily connect with an ADT agent through the Dasher app. ADT will call the Dasher and remain on the phone until they feel safe. If the incident escalates, and the Dasher is unresponsive for a period of time, ADT will contact 911 to request emergency response to the Dasher's last known location, based on GPS from their smartphone.

Emergency Assistance Button: If a Dasher is ever in need of emergency services, they can easily swipe a button within the Dasher app for assistance. ADT will then contact 911 on the Dasher's behalf, discreetly remaining in contact with the Dasher by text message. ADT will be able to pass along critical information such as the Dasher's location, which will be shared directly with emergency responders. This also enables a Dasher to get help from 911 silently, providing additional information to ADT without needing to speak on the phone. Information on the incident can then be shared with DoorDash to provide support and follow-up to the involved Dasher.

"The seamless integration of our Safe by ADT platform into DoorDash's Dasher app demonstrates how security and safety can be easily customized to a business' unique needs," said Leah Page, Vice President of Mobile Security and Strategic Partnerships at ADT. "This is another example of how our mobile safety technology can provide businesses like DoorDash with added safety for their communities, backed by the most trusted name in security."

SafeDash is first launching to Dashers in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, with roll out to 100 percent of U.S. Dashers planned by the end of the year.

For more information about SafeDash, visit the DoorDash Newsroom.






DOJ Cybercrime Crackdown
Top DOJ official predicting more arrests in crackdown on ransomware, cybercrime
Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said the U.S. should expect to see a crackdown on ransomware attacks and cyber crime as the Department of Justice (DOJ) ramps up its efforts in the area.

Monaco told The Associated Press during an interview this week that the U.S. is going to see an increase in arrests of individuals and seizures of ransom payments linked to cyber crimes that have affected the country.

"In the days and the weeks to come, you're going to see more arrests, more seizures, and you're going to see more operations like we did last week," Monaco said, referring to the extradition of an alleged Russian cyber criminal actor who was hiding in South Korea to face charges in the U.S.

She said the message the Justice Department is trying to spread is that "if you come for us, we're gonna come for you." Monaco's comments come after U.S. companies were targeted by crippling ransomware attacks in recent months.

Asked about the frequency of ransomware attacks originating from Russia, Monaco said Justice Department officials "have not seen a material change in the landscape, only time will tell as to what Russia may do on this front."

"But we're going to continue to do our work. We are not going to stop, we're going to continue to press forward to hold accountable those who seek to go after our industries, to hold our data hostage and threaten national security, economic security, personal security," she added. thehill.com

$10M Bounty for Ransomware Gang Information
State Dept. offers $10M reward for help identifying DarkSide ringleaders
The State Department on Thursday announced a $10 million bounty for information on the location of leaders of the DarkSide ransomware gang, and $5 million for information that leads to the arrest or conviction of any affiliates of the group.
DarkSide in May hacked fuel provider Colonial Pipeline, forcing the company to shut down its operations, resulting in panic-buying at gas stations in some areas of the U.S. ahead of Memorial Day weekend. The Justice Department retrieved $2.3 million of the nearly $5 million ransom payment Colonial Pipeline made to the Russian-speaking hackers.

"In offering this reward, the United States demonstrates its commitment to protecting ransomware victims around the world from exploitation by cybercriminals," State Department spokesperson Ned Price said in a statement. "The United States looks to nations who harbor ransomware criminals that are willing to bring justice for those victim businesses and organizations affected by ransomware."

DarkSide, which is believed to be located out of Russia, has been largely dormant in recent months.

Multiple research firms believe that BlackMatter, a group behind recent attacks on the agriculture industry, may have links to DarkSide. That could potentially put the group's affiliate in the crosshairs of the new bounty. However, BlackMatter on Nov. 4 claimed to be shutting down under pressure from law enforcement.

The Treasury Department in July launched a reward program for information on ransomware actors engaged in attacks against U.S. critical infrastructure as part of a larger push by the Biden administration to take on cyber threats. It's unclear if the program has led to any payouts so far. cyberscoop.com

New CISA Directive
CISA Issues New Directive for Patching Known Exploited Vulnerabilities

The goal is to reduce civilian federal agency exposure to attacks that threat actors are actively using in campaigns, agency says.

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued a new directive that will now require federal agencies to patch known exploited vulnerabilities within specific time frames.

CISA has published a catalog listing approximately 290 vulnerabilities going back to 2017 that threat actors are currently actively exploiting in attacks against federal entities and other organizations. The catalog sets hard deadlines - some as soon as Nov. 17 - within which federal agencies are required to patch them.

CISA will update the catalog on a continuing basis with information on new vulnerabilities that attackers might be exploiting and that also present certain specified minimum levels of risk to federal agencies.

The new directive reflects the high level of concern within government and the private sector over attacks like the supply chain assaults involving SolarWinds and Kaseya and campaigns that exploited vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange, Pulse VPN, and other VPN products over the past year. The attacks affected a wide number of organizations and often involved vulnerabilities that organizations should have known about and patched against long ago. darkreading.com

Two-Step Malware Scan
Researchers Scan the Web to Uncover Malware Infections

Dozens of companies and universities regularly scan the Internet to gather data on connected devices, but some firms are looking deeper to uncover the extent of detectable malware infections.

Attackers scan the Internet for vulnerable servers and software. Security firms and universities often scan for open ports and misconfigurations. One security firm is now scanning to detect malware compromises.

In a presentation today at the Toronto-based SecTor security conference, Marc-Etienne Léveillé, senior malware researcher for ESET, outlined how the company created its own scanning capability to aid in its research of infected systems. Through its analysis of the Kolabos malware late last year, ESET figured out a two-step scan that could detect an infected system and was able to notify affected companies, he said.

While Internet scanning systems are common, Léveillé argued that being able to survey the entire Internet gives a company both context on current threats and the ability to dive into specific attacks. darkreading.com

White House preps order to clarify top cyber roles in federal government

A ransomware reality check for CISOs







Amazon's Effort to 'Water Down' the INFORM Consumers Act
'Watered down' counterfeit crackdown wins support from Amazon, other sites
E-commerce companies including Amazon are
rallying around bipartisan legislation aimed at cracking down on counterfeits sold online, marking a shift after months of sparring between lawmakers and the tech industry.

But the platforms are
endorsing a more modest proposal while resisting efforts seen as more threatening that could open them up to greater legal liability or make complying with new rules more challenging.

Amazon, Etsy and eBay in recent weeks have all come out in favor of the House version of the Inform Consumers Act, legislation that would require digital marketplaces to verify details about third-party vendors they work with and disclose some of this information to consumers.

Unspoken in those announcements is the fact that
the companies have not endorsed the Senate version of the bill, which would require platforms to verify information about a larger pool of vendors - thus making it more difficult for companies to comply with the measure. The original Senate version also did not expressly preempt state laws, which the industry has pushed for.

Several of the companies, meanwhile, are
pushing back against another bill known as the Shop Safe Act that could open digital marketplaces up to lawsuits over the sale of counterfeit goods on their sites if they don't meet a set of "best practices" to combat them. Companies have argued the proposal could have unintended consequences for e-commerce, while its backers have argued it is a crucial step to hold platforms accountable for counterfeit sales.

But the months-long lobbying campaign targeting the bills hasn't gone unnoticed. Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin, D-Ill., who introduced the Senate version of the bill, on Tuesday
rebuffed what he called efforts by Amazon to dilute the legislation further.

Sen. Christopher Coons, D-Del., co-sponsor of the Senate version of the Shop Safe Act, said that "
Shop Safe and Inform are both part of the solution" and that the bills "complement each other." seattletimes.com

Amazon Takes On Union Efforts
Amazon ramping up its campaign amid push for unions

Amazon has ordered mandatory meetings to explain consequences of unions

Earlier this year, Amazon.com Inc handily defeated a historic union drive at a warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama. But with the prospect of another vote looming, the online retailer is leaving nothing to chance.

Over the past few weeks, Amazon has ramped up its campaign at the warehouse, forcing thousands of employees to attend meetings, posting signs critical of labor groups in bathrooms, and flying in staff from the West Coast, according to interviews and documents seen by Reuters.

It is an indication that Amazon is sticking to its aggressive playbook. In August, a U.S. National Labor Relations Board hearing officer said the company's conduct around the previous vote interfered with the Bessemer union election. An NLRB regional director's decision on whether to order a new vote is forthcoming. Amazon has denied wrongdoing and said it wanted employees' voices to be heard.

Still, the moves to discourage unionization ahead of any second election, previously unreported, show how Amazon is fighting representation at its U.S. worksites.

An uptick in labor activity since workers in April rejected joining the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), including organizing drives in New York and Canada, has pushed Amazon to react.

Other prominent unions like the International Brotherhood of Teamsters are also vowing to organize Amazon. The risk: unions could alter how Amazon manages its vast, finely tuned operation and drive up costs at a time when a labor shortage is taking a toll on its profit. foxbusiness.com

Kroger delivers subscription plan to compete with Amazon Prime and Walmart+

Illinois Online Sales Tax Law Hits as Online Shopping Surges







Update: Aspen, CO: Aspen Skico insurer sues Johnson couple for $5.2 million over ski-selling scam
Lawsuit seeks reimbursement from 'employee dishonesty' coverage National Union Insurance paid out
An insurance company is suing to collect just over $5.2 million from a couple criminally convicted of selling 13,000 pairs of skis belonging to Aspen Skiing Co. National Union Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh's civil complaint, which was filed against Derek and Kerri Johnson on Wednesday in Denver federal court, said the pair should be held responsible for the seven-figure sum the carrier paid to Henry Crown and Co. and its subsidiary Skico. Skico and its parent company were reimbursed for their financial losses stemming from the scam under their "employee dishonesty" coverage with National Union Insurance. The Johnsons' 12-year-long racket triggered the coverage payment. "National Union issued a policy of insurance to Crown in which National Union agreed to insure Crown and Aspen for losses sustained due to employee dishonesty," the suit said.

Reached Thursday, Kerri Johnson declined comment. Derek Johnson, who once ran Skico's retail division, currently is serving a six-year prison sentence that Pitkin County District Judge Chris Seldin handed him in January 2020. Though their criminal cases have been adjudicated - in February 2020, Kerri Johnson was sentenced to 90 days in jail and five years of probation for her guilty plea to one count of felony theft - the civil court is the latest venue for the continued fallout from the scam that lasted from 2006 through November 2018.

It was during that time period that the Johnson couple, National Union's lawsuit says, "engaged in a scheme whereby they misappropriated thousands of skis, snowboards and other related equipment from Aspen and resold them online for personal profit. Mr. Johnson, in his capacity as Managing Director for Aspen (Skico), was able to carry out the theft by purposefully purchasing more inventory than actually was needed by Aspen, so that any inventory misappropriated by the Defendants was more likely to go unnoticed by Aspen. Given his position as Managing Director and his control of Aspen's ski and snowboard inventory, Mr. Johnson was able to conceal the theft from Aspen during the course of the scheme." aspentimes.com

Miami, FL: No Bond For Two Accused Pricey Sneakers Thieves
Two of the three men accused of stealing expensive shoes from an Allapattah luxury designer sneaker store have gone before a judge. Benjamin Whitfield, 55, Rudolph Lightbourne, 38, and Marquis Melton, 25, were arrested as they tried to escape with $50,000 worth of high-end sneakers and clothing from Token Miami, according to police. The store carries exclusive clothing and sneakers that are difficult to find in retail stores or online. Surveillance video from the business shows several men breaching a fence and then taking off with the merchandise.

According to Miami police, when officers arrived on the scene the suspects were trying to escape. Officers detained the men and retrieved the stolen merchandise. The trio has been charged with burglary with damages over $1,000. Whitefield, who is currently out on probation, was ordered to stay away from Token Miami. He'll appear before a judge again on Friday for a bond review because of his probation status.
Lightbourne, who is currently out on felony bond, was also ordered to stay away from the store. Bond was set at $15,000 for all three counts, but the judge ordered that he be held since this latest arrest may have violated his prior release. miami.cbslocal.com

Chicago, IL: Man Steals $5,400 of Cigarettes While on Bail for Stealing Cigarettes
Chicago police have arrested Kendrick Archibald for allegedly stealing over $5,400 in cigarettes while he was already on bail for stealing over $1,400 in cigarettes. Police charged the 33-year-old man on Wednesday with three counts of felony retail theft. On October 14, police said, Archibald and a male accomplice, Lance Harris, also 33, stole over $5,400 worth of cigarettes from two Walgreens drug store locations. At the time of the theft, Archibald was already on bail, charged with stealing $1,467 worth of cigarettes from Walgreens on June 26, police said. A customer captured the incident on his cell phone's video camera. The video shows two men behind the counter of the drugstore, clearing out the cigarettes from the shelves into black trash bags. Archibald was out on $2,000 bail in the June 26 theft and was wearing an electronic monitor at the time of the October 14 incident, according to Chicago news outlet CWB. newsweek.com

Nassau County, NY: Man Attacked Police After Shoplifting In Front Of Them
A Queens man was arrested Wednesday morning after he tried to shoplift from a store in front of police officers, and then attacked the officers when they attempted to arrest him, police said. According to police, officers were called to the Burlington Coat Factor, located at 345 Rockaway Turnpike in North Lawrence, at 9:10 a.m. for a theft. While the officers were taking a report about the theft, police say Yance Folk, 49, of 255 Street, Rosedale, walked past them with two duffel bags filled with store merchandise and left the store without paying.

The officers approached Folk, and police say he began to run out the door into the parking lot and refused to listen to the officers' orders. After a brief chase, police say the officers were able to catch Folk, who became combative. He punched one officer in the face, police said, and continued to try to punch and kick the officers. Police say the officers used a stun gun on Folk to subdue him, and then placed him under arrest. One officer suffered an injury to his face and finger. He was taken to a hospital for treatment. Folk is charged with second-degree assault, petty larceny and resisting arrest. He is scheduled to be arraigned later today in First District Court in Hempstead. patch.com

Stafford County, VA: Man charged after stealing $2,700 worth of laptops from Best Buy

Ontario, Canada: Man attempted to flee with over $40,000 in unpaid merchandise from Midland jewelry store

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Shootings & Deaths

Las Vegas, NV: LVMPD Arrest Man Sought in Deadly C-Store Gunfire
Police in Las Vegas said they arrested a man sought after opening fire as he entered a convenience store early Thursday, killing one person in a vehicle outside and targeting at least one person inside. Lt. Ray Spencer told reporters about 5 p.m. the man surrendered after a standoff with officers. Authorities acted on a tip about his location and surrounded a home a little after noon in a residential neighborhood not far from the store southwest of the Las Vegas Strip, Spencer said. Spencer didn't immediately provide the man's name, but characterized him as a violent criminal. He said he will be booked into the Clark County Detention Center on suspicion of murder and multiple other felony charges.

Lt. Spencer had issued a public plea hours earlier for help finding the man, characterizing the shooting as "a completely random incident." The man who was killed was hit by gunfire fired through a car door, police said. He was not immediately identified. The gunman also fired several shots into an unoccupied vehicle at the store, and earlier robbed another person at gunpoint, police said in a statement. A male customer who police said was targeted inside the store wasn't injured and fled out a rear door with other customers. Spencer said one employee hid inside a cooler until the shooting ended. The gunman took items from the store and left the area on foot. kolotv.com

Update: Boise, ID: Police reported on encounters with Mall Shooter, found 'very racist' videos online
Members of the Boise Police Department encountered the Boise mall shooter downtown multiple times while the man was armed, according to reports obtained by The Idaho Statesman. Police reports show that officers observed Jacob Bergquist - the man authorities say killed two people and injured several others after opening fire inside the Boise Towne Square on Oct. 25 - in several locations while carrying a gun.

On April 27, an officer said he saw Bergquist in downtown Boise in a manner that caused him concern. BPD Officer Christopher Zimmer was assigned to a bicycle unit when he made eye contact with Bergquist, according to police reports. Zimmer wrote that Bergquist saw him and then waited for a period of time to cross a street without the pedestrian walk symbol active. "The jaywalking violation in front of me made me suspicious the male was trying to elicit contact in order to have a confrontation with me," Zimmer wrote. The officer did not talk to Bergquist, but indicated that he took a photo of him walking away. Zimmer wrote that Bergquist had a handgun on his left hip and two magazines in the small of his back. Bergquist was wearing a tank top advertising his YouTube page, Guns N Rodents.

Zimmer said he later reviewed the YouTube page, which now has been taken down, and found that Bergquist talked about being a convicted felon and about gun laws in Idaho. Zimmer also noted that Bergquist's videos showed he was "very racist" and strongly disliked immigrants from Central America. "Bergquist's video content gave me the impression the rodent name in his channel is in regards to immigrants to the United States," Zimmer wrote in his report. Zimmer wrote that he notified other officers working downtown about Bergquist.
Two people, 26-year-old Jo Acker and 49-year-old Roberto Padilla Arguelles, were shot and killed during the Boise mall shooting. At least five other people, including a police officer, were injured. Bergquist, who fired 18 rounds inside the mall, ran outside and continued firing, including exchanging gunfire with police. Bergquist died at a Boise hospital the following day. bakersfield.com

Mount Pleasant, NC: Pawn shop store owner shot during Armed Robbery
A chaotic scene unfolded in Mount Pleasant this morning when a pawn shop store owner was shot during an armed robbery. The Mount Pleasant Sporting Goods and Pawn Store is just off West Franklin Street, right next to a Shell gas station. According to the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office, there have been attempted thefts at the store before and a previous robbery. "It's a small town," said Pleasant Memories Sweets & Treats Manager Wester Frye. "This usually doesn't happen- so it's a big thing I guess." Crime scene tape still surrounds Mount Pleasant Sporting Goods and Pawn Store. The condition of the store owner is unknown at this time. fox46.com

Update: Fall River, MA: Nelson Coelho Charged With Killing Fall River Convenience Store Owner

Raleigh, NC: Man sentenced to 15 years for 2020 Pizza Hut delivery man armed robbery, shooting


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Ocala, FL: Walmart employee arrested after stealing from store more than 20 times

Chicago, IL: At Least 19 Armed Robberies Reported in Wicker Park, Other NW Side Neighborhoods, Police Say

Dallas, TX: Three suspects in Rowlett Home Depot Robbery arrested following chase

Baltimore, MD: Smash and Grab: Suspects Use Van As Battering Ram, Plow Through Walgreens In Latest ATM Theft

AT&T Employee attacked by 2 Armed Thieves attempting to flee with merchandise

Appomattox County, VA: Man sentenced to 8 years for Dollar General armed robbery

New Haven, CT: Wanted By FBI: Man, 23, Charged In Alleged CT Robbery Spree


Cargo Theft

San Francisco, CA: A Truck Full of NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards Was Robbed
Between being affected by supply chain delays, global microchip shortages and increased interest in cryptocurrency mining, demand for graphics cards has skyrocketed, with secondary market prices soaring. Unfortunately, in light of this, some have resorted to crime, and now a truckload of NVIDIA graphics cards has been stolen.

The news broke on EVGA's own forum, where product manager Jacob Freeman revealed that at the end of October, a shipment of its GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards had been stolen during a truck delivery run from San Francisco to the company's Southern California distribution center. While no specific number has been provided as to how many GPUs were actually stolen, Freeman did point out that due to increased demand for the cards, each of them had an estimated retail value of anywhere between $330 USD to $1,960 USD. hypebeast.com




AT&T - Visalia, CA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - St Petersburg, FL - Burglary
C-Store - Portland, OR - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Williamsport, PA - Burglary
C-Store - Richmond, VA - Robbery
CVS - St Cloud, MN - Armed Robbery
CVS - Newburyport, MA - Robbery
Dollar General - Nashville, TN - Robbery
Electronics - Beaver Dam, AK - Robbery
Gas Station - St Louis, MO - Robbery
Home Depot - Rowlett, TX - Robbery
Jewelry - Jersey City, NJ - Robbery
Pawn - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery/Shooting
Pharmacy - Bethesda, MD - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Portland OR - Robbery
Restaurant - Green Bay, WI - Burglary
Restaurant - Norwalk, CT - Armed Robbery (Starbucks)
Restaurant - Clearwater, FL - Armed Robbery (Subway)
Walgreens - Baltimore, MD - Burglary
Walgreens - Baltimore, MD - Burglary


Daily Totals:
• 15 robberies
• 5 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 0 killed


Weekly Totals:
• 79 robberies
• 33 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 0 killed

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This role will conduct investigations focusing on Habitual Offenders, high impact external theft/fraud incidents through the use of company technology (CCTV, Incident Reporting, Data Analysis). This role directly teaches and trains Store Leaders and Brand Associates in the safe practices of effectively handling external theft events...

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The Environmental Health, and Safety Manager will implement policies to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Inspects the facility to identify safety, health, and environmental risks. Develops and implements inspection policies and procedures, and a schedule of routine inspections. Prepares and schedules training to cover emergency procedures, workplace safety, and other relevant topics. Read more here

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Staples is focused on our customer and our community. As a Field Loss Prevention Manager for Staples, you will manage and coordinate Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations.

Asset Protection Lead
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