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The D&D Daily's Exclusive 2020
5th Annual Holiday Week Retail Crime Report
Dec. 23rd to Dec. 31st

Burglaries Up 246% Since 2019 - Robberies Stay Flat
Holiday Shootings & Deaths Continue to Decline

2016-2020 Holiday Retail Violence - By the Numbers

-157 robberies
-37 burglaries
-25 shootings
-13 killed
-137 robberies
-29 burglaries
-8 shootings
-4 killed
-125 robberies
-34 burglaries
-7 shootings
-6 killed

-125 robberies
-13 burglaries
-8 shootings
-6 killed

-127 robberies
-45 burglaries

-5 shootings
-2 killed

From Dec. 23 though Dec. 31, burglaries skyrocketed by more than double, setting a new record level, from 13 incidents in 2019 to 45 incidents in 2020.

While robberies stayed consistent with the past several years, shootings and deaths declined somewhat.

Of the two reported deaths over the holiday week, one was a suspect killed by police and the other was a suspect killed by an employee. There were 5 total shootings, 3 assaults on employees, 1 assault on security, 2 suspects shot, 1 manager/clerk shot, and 1 manager stabbed.

Since 2016...

-Robbery incidents down 19%
-Burglary incidents up 22%
-Shootings down 80%
-Deaths down 85%

Since 2019...

-Robbery incidents up 2%
-Burglary incidents up 246%
-Shootings down 38%
-Deaths down 67%

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robberies & burglaries over the 2020 holiday week


Editor's Note: Awareness is a key element of loss prevention, and what and how we train our associates has an impact. Over the years, we have seen an increase from our law enforcement partners kicking off holiday crime prevention efforts, increasing patrols in retail areas, parking lots and malls, working hand in hand with retail loss prevention professionals. Each year, our vendors supply us new technology: cameras, safes, EAS, GPS, locks, alarms and guards to add to our tool kits to support our mission.

With all that additional support, no matter what kind of retailer you are, it still comes down to increasing associate awareness within your four walls. Taking the time to teach a classroom full of new associates or spending two minutes with a cashier, passing on your knowledge of loss prevention and safety is YOUR job. Continuing to educate yourself through certification programs, seminars, conferences and keeping up with the 'DAILY' news is YOUR responsibility. Awareness training is not as cut and dry as shrink results or as fancy as a big ORC bust. It can't be analyzed on a graph, but when it comes down to the protection and safety of your fellow employees, it is immeasurable.

Obviously Everyone’s Efforts Are Making a Difference
Let’s Keep Them All Safe Out There

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Methodology: We at the Daily have been reporting separate data for holiday week incidents for the past five years. Even though many uncontrolled variables go into these numbers, we maintain the same standard for 'reported incidents'

The Daily collects this retail store specific information from public news media sources throughout the United States and reports it daily in our Retail Crime column. We do not survey any retailers or third parties nor collect information from any retail executive. All of this information is available through public news media outlets. We do not claim nor does it represent all such incidents or deaths that may occur in retail locations or retail corporate facilities as many may not be reported in the news media depending on a number of variables outside of our control. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information reported in the various news media outlets. We do not name any retailer, retail executive, suspect, or victim.

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