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Toymakers, retailers and The Toy Association join the Buy Safe America Coalition in stance against counterfeits

The Toy Association and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association have been joined by Elf on the Shelf, Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty and a growing number of toy manufacturers in joining the Buy Safe America Coalition, a group of retailer, consumer groups, and manufacturers taking a stance against the sale of counterfeit goods.

The Coalition has been established in support of the fight against organised retail crime and the efforts to protect consumers and communities from the sale of counterfeit and stolen goods.

In the most recent update, a swathe of toymakers have joined the cause, including the likes of Magformers and The Queen's Treasures - a designer and manufacturer of premium quality doll clothes and accessories - to demonstrate the dangers posed by knockoff and counterfeit toys and children's products that fail to meet safety standards.

In addition to rallying against the numbers of these products sold via online marketplaces, toymakers from across the US are gathering virtually with Capitol Hill lawmakers this week to share their stories and demonstrate the real impact unsafe counterfeit toys are having on their businesses and communities. toynews-online.biz

Published 8-14-20: RILA: Leading Retailers Launch Coalition to Protect Consumers Online

Published 8-31-20: ICSC, RILA and other industry groups seek online seller transparency

Click here to see the D&D Daily's INFORM Consumers Act toolkit and how you can help get it on Donald Trump's desk.

Walgreens Robbery Murder Victim's Family Demands Answers on Security
- See today's top 'Retail Crime' column story below


COVID Update

US: Over 6.8M Cases - 201K Dead - 4.1M Recovered
Worldwide: Over 30.1M Cases - 946K Dead - 21.8M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 189   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 110
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Lowest Rates Since It Started
Californians are testing positive for COVID-19 at the lowest rate on record

As the Golden State faces a triple threat of respiratory risks - destructive wildfires, toxic air quality and a deadly pandemic - there is a faint glimmer of hope.

Over the last seven days, just 3.5% of COVID-19 tests in California came back positive, the
lowest rate since the state began reporting the data in late March. A month ago, the positive test rate was nearly twice as high.

The number of new confirmed cases has fallen to the
lowest level since mid-June, according to a Times analysis of state data. Hospitalizations for COVID-19 have fallen to the lowest levels since the start of April, with 2,869 patients in hospital beds Saturday. latimes.com

California is turning the corner on the coronavirus. Will it last?
After months of bleak figures and forecasts, California now appears to be riding a wave of success beating back the coronavirus as officials express cautious optimism about what is next for the state.

LA Property Crime Down 9.3% - Believe It Or Not
Fake Property Crime News

LAPD Chief points to pandemic as driving factor in increased gun violence, killings
Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said Tuesday that the COVID-19 pandemic has helped drive gun violence and increase killings in the city this year, including by spurring economic despair and interpersonal dramas while undercutting efforts to interrupt cycles of retaliation.

"What we're sensing is a lot of stress, a lot of communities that are on edge, a certain amount of depression," Moore said during a morning meeting of the civilian Police Commission.

He also said that pandemic-related rules barring visitors from local hospitals have prevented trained violence intervention workers from visiting the bedsides of surviving shooting victims - eliminating the opportunity to provide resources and emotional support, address their anger and help prevent retaliatory violence on the streets.

As of Sept. 5,
homicides were up 13.7% compared with the same time last year, while the number of shooting victims was up 8.2%, according to the latest city data. Incidents in which shots were fired, including those in which no one was struck, were up 11.9%. (Three violent crime numbers - now hold that thought and keep reading).

The increases come despite a 5.6% drop in violent crime overall (imagine that: two diametrically opposed numbers), and a 9.3% decrease in property crime despite a 35% increase in vehicle thefts. latimes.com

Editor's Note: The decrease in property crime is a direct result of police not responding, not filing, and not prosecuting suspects for retail theft. Time after time across California, and especially in the Bay area, we've heard policemen actually tell retailers why should we even go through with this when the prosecutor isn't even going to take the case. We've actually heard one in the Tenderloin district up in the Bay, tell the known serial thief to move along and refuse to stop him after being asked to by an organized retail theft investigator with me on the other end of the phone.

So these decreases in property theft across the country that we saw yesterday in the FBI Mid-Year Crime Index are
not realistic and they do not reflect the actual criminal activity around the country. Terribly frustrating to see it as a journalist whose job it is to report and track this activity every day. Gus Downing

Accelerated Digital Transformation Will Continue After COVID
Most Organizations Plan to Make COVID-19 Changes Permanent

After the pandemic, comp
anies will continue to invest in improving IT infrastructure and security as well as automate tasks to reduce errors and improve network resiliency.

A clear majority - 83% - of C-level executives say the many operational shifts made during the pandemic will remain in place even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Michael O'Malley, global vice president of marketing and strategy at Radware, says during the pandemic companies had to focus on making the network resilient, adjust to the remote contactless economy (home food shopping, restaurant deliveries), and future-proof their organizations for any disruptions in the years ahead.

"All of these activities will continue after the pandemic," O'Malley says. "The survey showed that the pandemic was a big shock to the system and
it accelerated many trends. Companies will also be focusing on IT capacity such as product development and spending on IT security."

The research points heavily to companies across vertical sectors focusing on resiliency - the ability to keep the business going, the network up, human errors down, and grow the business during the pandemic. darkreading.com

Could Take Years to Get Back to Full Occupancy
America's Offices Sit Half-Empty Six Months Into the Covid-19 Pandemic

U.S. stores and factories are getting back to normal occupancy, but offices are lagging

Retail stores logging more unlocks than any other sector

Data from Brivo shows that "unlocks" at offices - in late August were down 51% from the end of February. By comparison, visits to manufacturing and warehouse locations remained down by a third.

Some cities, like
New York and San Francisco, have been more conservative about reopening across the board, with offices, retail, and manufacturing and warehouses all still well below 50% of their pre-pandemic activity. In Miami, which is dependent on tourism, employee visits to retail stores were at 92% of their pre-pandemic occupancy during the last week in August; in San Francisco, they were at 43%.

While more offices are reopening this fall, many businesses expect workers will work remotely at least part-time for the foreseeable future, suggesting that
it could be years before offices return to pre-Covid-19 occupancy levels. wsj.com

COVID-19 Workplace Safety Training Rules and Recommendations
Sixteen states now require employers to provide COVID-19 workplace safety training to employees. Even in states where training is not explicitly required, employers should consider providing COVID-19 workplace safety training to all employees that is consistent with guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Employers that provide up-to-date training can demonstrate their concern for employee safety and minimize the risk of government enforcement actions, workers' compensation liability and employee litigation.

Each of the 16 states that require training has distinct content mandates. Clear Law Insitute has written white papers detailing the training requirements in the states that mandate COVID-19 training.
You can view the white paper for each state at this page. shrm.org

CDC director says COVID vaccine won't be widely available until mid-2021
The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told lawmakers on Wednesday that he doesn't expect a potential COVID-19 vaccine to be available for most Americans until the middle of next year, even as the government unveiled plans to begin distributing a vaccine as soon as possible.

Redfield told lawmakers. "If you're asking me when is it going to be generally available to the American public so we can begin to take advantage of vaccine to get back to our regular life, I think we're probably looking at late second quarter, third quarter 2021." cbsnews.com

NJ Gov. Murphy signs bill extending workers comp to essential workers who got coronavirus
A bill signed by Gov. Phil Murphy on Monday will make it easier for essential workers in New Jersey who contract the coronavirus to
qualify for workers' compensation.

The new law,
retroactive to March 9, removes a requirement that essential workers who came down with the coronavirus to prove they did so on the job.

Business groups decried the legislation, saying it would further burden businesses that already are struggling to weather the pandemic and economic crises. msn.com

Mask Flash Mob - "We're Not Gonna Take It" in Ft. Lauderdale Target Store
'Maskless Flash Mob' Marches Through Target Shouting 'Take Off That Mask'

A group of anti-mask demonstrators marched through a Florida Target to Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It," encouraging others to remove their masks.

The group reportedly marched through a Target in Ft. Lauderdale on Tuesday, encouraging shoppers around them to take off their masks as well:

The man who organized the event, said,
"Alright. We're tired of shopping with masks on." While holding up his phone, "We're Not Gonna Take It" began to play in the background. y94.com thehill.com
NYC City Council Enacts COVID-19 Surcharge for Restaurants

Marketing 1st - Cashier-Free Experience
Amazon Fresh Advertises Amazon Dash Cart

Actually attracting customers with it at their grand opening.

Using it as a no hassle experience for the consumer. Unless they want to use their traditional shopping carts for a regular checkout.

The cashier-free system, which uses a combination of computer vision and sensor fusion to identify items being purchased, is activated when shoppers open the Fresh QR code in the Amazon app. They then exit through the Dash Cart lane to complete their purchase.

Mindful of current times, the Amazon Fresh location has instituted the same safety protocols as those used in Whole Foods during the pandemic. The store will require customers to wear face masks to enter the store and will provide free, disposable coverings for those who want one. The store is limiting shoppers to 50 percent of capacity to help ensure social distancing. retailwire.com

Remnants of Hurricane Sally soaking inland Southeast (with forecast video)

Widespread flash flooding likely from Georgia to the Carolinas

The worst of Hurricane Sally is over for the Gulf Coast as cleanup continues. Sally made landfall early Wednesday morning near Gulf Shores, Alabama, with sustained winds of 105 mph. The wind, plus prolonged torrential rainfall, forced closures on the Interstate 10 corridor. Various agencies had to rescue people from the flood waters.

As of early Thursday morning, I-10 is in better shape, with the Florida and Alabama departments of transportation reporting no closures. However, some secondary routes may still be shut down, and the Pensacola Bay Bridge remains closed due to damage sustained during the storm.

Sally is now a tropical depression, centered 50 miles southeast of Montgomery, Alabama, as of 5 a.m. EDT Thursday. While its effects inland across the Southeast won't be as devastating as along the Gulf Coast, Sally will produce very heavy rainfall and potentially widespread flash flooding from Georgia to the Carolinas. Some river flooding is also possible. Drivers may run into roadblocks and closures. freightwaves.com

California wildfires raise questions on worker safety, leave
Employers in California must keep in mind labor codes and regulations around leave and worker safety and may need to make adjustments as wildfires affect working conditions across the state, the state's Department of Industrial Relations said Sept. 3.

"Requiring a worker to perform services in an area that is under a mandatory evacuation order may be in violation," the DIR wrote, warning employers not to retaliate against employees unable to work due to such an order. If an employee is laid off, discharged or otherwise retaliated against for a refusal, DIR said "employees shall have a right of action for wages for the time the employee is without work as a result of the layoff or discharge."

The COVID-19 pandemic may present additional complications for wildfire response. Some employees may have already used up sick leave or paid leave. hrdive.com

CDC Resource: Stay Safe From Tornadoes & Flooding
Natural Disasters, Severe Weather, and COVID-19

Hottest Trend in Retail Growth
The Micro Fulfillment Center Push

H-E-B joins the ranks by
installing automated micro-fulfillment centers (MFC), joining one of the hottest trends in food retail. H-E-B will deploy equipment and software from Swisslog to support the retailer's curbside pickup and delivery business.

Generally, MFCs are ideally meant to serve the e-commerce needs of a neighborhood, or another small segment of a particular area. They typically take up no more than 100,000 square feet, according to Mitch Hayes, vice president of e-commerce and retail for Swisslog Americas. An MFC is "designed to hold maybe 24-48 hours worth of inventory," Hayes said "and is designed to eliminate the last mile (of delivery). It's taking that massive distribution center and localizing the inventory." retailleader.com

500 US companies file for bankruptcy and more expected

Body Armor Sales to the General Public Up 600%

TSC Opens it's 1,900th store


Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Senior Jobs: 4th Quarter Push Listings
Every year we see a Spring and Q4 push. With this year being the softest push we've seen since 2008/09. That said we'll be reposting a few merely to highlight them and hopefully remind some of those on the market. A more detailed analysis coming next week.

Director Asset Protection Investigations for Luxottica - Mason, OH
Works with Asset Protection leaders, Internal Audit, IT Security, Finance, Brand Managers, and Operational Retail brands to ensure investigations and business intelligence is compliant, and effectively managed through asset protection, risk assessment, and training. Responsible for the development, training, execution, and management of investigation programs and tactical strategies focused on fraud and/or loss directed against company assets and/or other misconduct involving integrity. luxottica.com

Director of Loss Prevention job posted for Natural Grocers - Lakewood, CO
The Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for protecting the assets of the stores and the company through the Corporate Loss Prevention Programs including design and implementation of inventory and asset recovery programs including internal and external theft reduction programs. careers-naturalgrocers.icims.com

Director of Loss Prevention job posted for Ingles - Black Mountain, NC
Ensures all loss prevention & security programs are properly implemented in stores to minimize loss & to ensure the safety & wellbeing of customers & associates. Initiate appropriate strategies to successfully close internal investigations in a timely manner utilizing all company resources. Supervise regional investigators & conduct routine reviews & audits of reports & cases completed by investigators. recruiting.adp.com

Director, Asset Management for CHEP - Alpharetta, GA

Directory of Security, High Rise for United Protective Services - Dallas, TX

Manager, Physical Security Programs & Technology for Grainger - Lake Forest, IL

Safety and Security Manager for Maggie's Farm Marijuana - Pueblo, CO

Senior LP Job Postings Removed from Website:
 Dir. AP & Safety - CKE Restaurants - Franklin, TN
 Sr. Dir. Safety & LP - Floor & Decor - Atlanta, GA
 Asset Protection Director - Goodwill Industries of Dallas - Dallas, TX
 Associate Dir. Safety & LP - HelloFresh - Grand Prairie, TX
 Dir. AP - Stop & Shop - Quincy, MA
 Dir. of LP - Surf Style Retail Management - Hollywood, FL
 Corporate Manager of Security Operations - Carvana - Phoenix, AZ
 Sr. Manager, AP - The Home Depot - Atlanta, GA

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Will the holidays be Ho Ho or Ho Hum?

Pandemic shopping patterns and traffic trends offer retailers a glimpse into the holiday season. On September 23rd at 1pm EDT we're unveiling exclusive insights to help retailers gear up for the holidays.

Our team of traffic and mobility data experts examine the shift in shopping behaviors, consumer sentiment, and offer guidance into what retailers can expect this holiday season.

Register for the one webinar you don't want to miss: "Shopping traffic insights for the holidays"

You'll discover:

  • Summer and back-to-school shopping patterns offering insights to holiday shopping behaviors

  • Retail segments showing signs of recovery and what can we expect on Black Friday

  • What's going on behind the mask? What do customers really care about?






Security Magazine's Annual "Most Influential People in Security" List
This year's list of 22 represented the broader security industry with only two worth mentioning that have a retail intersect and subsequent possible retail impact that warrants your attention for possible networking and or benchmarking and possible investigative needs.

William Woods, Senior Director of Security Intelligence for McAfee and leads their Security Fusion Centers. Prior to joining McAfee Woods had a 22 year career as a Special Agent in the FBI.

Jinyu (Gene) Sun, Corporate Vice President, Information Security - Chief Information Security Officer Fed Ex Corporation. Appointed in January 2018, Gene Sun is responsible for security digital assets and ensuring business continuity for the $69 billion global transportation and logistics company. Sun is a member of the Googlr CISO Advisory Board, a board member of the Open Networking User Group (ONUG).

  See the full list here

$650,000 NY State Fine Paid
Dunkin' Agrees to Repay Customers Cheated in Data Breach

Dunkin' Brands settles New York data-breach case. The company agreed to reimburse customers whose loyalty cards were abused after a data breach between 2015 and 2018.

New York Attorney General Letitia James sued Dunkin' Brands in 2019, accusing the company of failing to notify 20,000 customers that their accounts had been compromised. The company also agreed to pay $650,000 in penalties and costs to the state. Dunkin' Brands said it already had put in place the security measures spelled out in the settlement, such as resetting customer passwords. wsj.com

Report: The cybersecurity impact of COVID-19
Cybersecurity company Cynet has released a report detailing changes in cyberattacks they've observed across North America and Europe since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report shares the cyberattack volume change observed across industry sectors, the increased use of spear phishing as an initial attack vector, and the approaches being used to distribute malware in spear phishing attacks.

Cybercriminals are pulling out their entire arsenal of new attack methods to best ensure attack success. In fact, Cynet found that new attacks jumped to roughly 35% of all attacks.

Another interesting observation in the report is a 250% spike in clients requesting expert assistance from their detection and response team. helpnetsecurity.com

Tracking global cybercrime activity and the impact on the digital economy

A LexisNexis Risk Solutions report tracks global cybercrime activity from January 2020 through June 2020. The period has seen strong transaction volume growth compared to 2019 but an overall decline in global attack volume. This is likely linked to growth in genuine customer activity due to changing consumer habits.

The period has seen strong transaction volume growth compared to 2019 but an overall decline in global attack volume. This is likely linked to growth in genuine customer activity due to changing consumer habits.

The report analyzes data from more than 22.5 billion transactions processed, a 37% growth year over year. Mobile device transactions also continue to rise, with 66% of all transactions coming from mobile devices in the first half of 2020, up from 20% in early 2015.

There's also an uptick in transactions from new devices and new digital identities. This is attributed to many new-to-digital consumers moving online to procure goods and services that were no longer available in person or harder to access via a physical store, during the pandemic. helpnetsecurity.com

Read full Report: The LexisNexis Risk Solutions Cybercrime Report Reveals New Opportunities and Risks for the U.S. and Canada in Digital Channels During Global Pandemic

Why People Click on Malicious Emails
The Phish Scale: NIST's New Tool Helps IT Staff
See Why Users Click on Fraudulent Emails

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a new tool called the Phish Scale that could help organizations better train their employees to avoid a particularly dangerous form of cyberattack known as phishing.

By 2021, global cybercrime damages will cost $6 trillion annually, up from $3 trillion in 2015, according to estimates from the 2020 Official Annual Cybercrime Report by Cybersecurity Ventures.

"The Phish Scale is intended to help provide a deeper understanding of whether a particular phishing email is harder or easier for a particular target audience to detect," said NIST researcher Michelle Steves. The tool can help explain why click rates are high or low.

The Phish Scale uses a rating system that is based on the message content in a phishing email. This can consist of cues that should tip users off about the legitimacy of the email and the premise of the scenario for the target audience, meaning whichever tactics the email uses would be effective for that audience.

The significance of the Phish Scale is to give CISOs a better understanding of their click-rate data instead of relying on the numbers alone.

By using the Phish Scale to analyze click rates and collecting feedback from users on why they clicked on certain phishing emails, CISOs can better understand their phishing training programs, especially if they are optimized for the intended target audience. nist.gov

NCCoE's Latest Practice Guide Can Help Make the Internet of Things Safer
The National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) is pleased to announce publication of final draft practice guide NIST Special Publication 1800-15, Securing Small-Business and Home Internet of Things (IoT) Devices: Mitigating Network-Based Attacks Using Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD)

The public comment period is open now through October 16, 2020.




Time to fight back against illegal state and local cannabis laws?
This reality is that this industry is not so different than many other highly regulated trades. Federal illegality is the obvious difference, but there's no well-established or even well-articulated reason that the nominal federal prohibition on cannabis would strip the industry of its constitutional rights.

But there's another reason, beyond the academics of whether and when the Constitution applies, that regulators have been so bold when it comes to cannabis.
The industry, until recently, hasn't really fought back and constitutional rights only matter when they're enforced. Regulators, perhaps not illogically, have regulated state-legal cannabis markets however they wish, Constitutional concerns aside, because no one has meaningfully challenged these laws. Recently, that has changed.

Sticking with the example of residency requirements, cannabis operators are fighting back in a big way. This year lawsuits have been filed against the State of Maine, the City of Portland, Maine, the State of Oklahoma, and the State of Washington, all challenging one type of residency requirement or another. (Disclaimer here: I have been involved as a lawyer for plaintiffs in three of these lawsuits against Maine, Portland and Oklahoma.) The lawsuit against the State of Maine ended quickly after Maine decided that, rather than litigating, it would stop enforcing the state's two-year residency requirement for its adult use market. This was on the advice of the state's Attorney General that the residency requirement was "subject to significant constitutional challenges and is not likely to withstand such challenges." cannabisbusinessexecutive.com
Maximizing Cannabis Shelf-Life
How to preserve cannabis products in different forms
To summarize: dry, temperate storage will help
maximize the shelf-life of perishable products, while oils and topicals are typically fine so long as you keep the lid on. "Edibles are perishable, so check for an expiry date," says Angelina. "Depending on the type of edible, if stored properly and unopened, edibles can last 4-12 months."

Dried flower is a little more complicated than edibles. Too much humidity can cause mould, and even proper storage can adversely affect the chemical makeup of the flower if it sits too long.

To prevent cannabis from being reached by children, keep products in their child-proof packaging or in a locked container. The high shelf of the medicine cabinet is usually ok for most small children, but somewhere out of sight is ideal for those able to reach high places.

Ultimately, keeping your cannabis products stored, and away from children, isn't an insurmountable challenge. It just requires a little knowledge and some common sense. sapphirerisk.com

College students taking a COVID gap semester are turning to cannabis jobs
Cannabis is one of the only industries that has reported a sales boom during the COVID-driven economic downturn. Hempstaff's James Yagielo credits the industry's sustained success in unpredictable times for the uptick in college-aged applicants his company has seen. leafly.com

Moderate Democrats push leadership to pull marijuana legislation that would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level

Over-the-counter medicinal cannabis plan not what it seems, experts warn






66%+ Avoiding In-Store Shopping this Christmas - 'Ba-Hum-Store'
Poll: Most Americans will do holiday shopping from home

More than two-thirds of U.S. shoppers will try to make the season bright amid a pandemic without heading to stores

Do you plan to buy holiday gifts in reindeer pajama bottoms from the comfort of your couch? You'll be joined by throngs of other shoppers who also plan to forego shopping in person, a new poll shows.

The new CreditCards.com survey found that more than two out of three (71%) holiday shoppers plan to do most of their seasonal shopping online this year, up from just over half (51%) last year. (See survey methodology)

Consumers cite a variety of reasons for doing their holiday buying online, from convenience to
avoiding human contact in the midst of a pandemic to finding better deals.

"Holiday shopping is going to look very different this year." creditcards.com

'A Shock to the System'
Amazon's Explosive E-Commerce Growth Could Accelerate Further
Amazon's e-commerce sales are skyrocketing, but they are
still being held back by fulfillment constraints. As the company ramps up capacity, it's likely to report a further acceleration in e-commerce growth. Here's why.

Amazon's e-commerce business continued to hum along in 2019, growing about 15%.
Growth picked up in the latter half thanks to the company's investments upgrading the free shipping that comes with Amazon Prime from two-day delivery to one day. As Prime members noticed that they could receive more of their orders the very next day, they naturally ordered more items more frequently. fool.com

Retail, Marketing Video Views, Time Watched Up Triple Digits In Q2

FedEx Posts Strong Quarterly Earnings, Fueled by E-Commerce Surge







Chesapeake, VA: Attorney charged with using pawn shop he owned to buy, sell stolen goods
A Chesapeake attorney faces federal charges he used a pawn shop he owned in Portsmouth to buy shoplifted goods and then resell them for a profit online, according to recently unsealed court documents. Morris Andrew Bander was indicted last week on one count of conspiracy. He was arrested Tuesday and released on a bond. The charge is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. In addition to his legal practice, Bander also owned Portsmouth Pawn, a shop on County Street that shut down last year. The closing came shortly before the store's manager and assistant manager were arrested and charged with similar crimes. pilotonline.com

Ross Township, PA: Officer hurt when fleeing Repeat Offender/ Shoplifter crashes car into tree and house
A Ross police officer suffered an ankle injury Wednesday afternoon after he tried to stop a woman accused of stealing multiple eyeglass frames from a store from fleeing in her car. Shortly after receiving a report of a retail theft from the America's Best eyeglasses store, the patrol officer spotted the car near the shopping center driven by a woman and tried to pull the car over, according Detective Brian Kohlhepp. Kohlhepp said Eisenberg has multiple of outstanding warrants from other police agencies. In addition to those warrants, she faces theft charges as well as charges related to fleeing from the officer and the injury he sustained. According to court records, Eisenberg has been arrested 17 times since 2009 for retail theft and related charges. In 2018, she was one of two people charged with stealing $2,700 in items from a store in the Pittsburgh Mills mall in Fraser. triblive.com

Northbrook, IL: 10 Thieves Rush Into Northbrook Court Neiman Marcus And Steal Purses, Loss Prevention Agent Punched
About 10 people ran into the Neiman Marcus store at the Northbrook Court mall on late Tuesday and stole purses, police said. At 5:40 p.m., witnesses said the suspects entered the store and were gone with an unknown number of purses in less than a minute, Northbrook police said. They fled east on Lake Cook Road in two dark-colored sport-utility vehicles, police said. Someone punched a loss prevention agent during the incident, but no injuries were reported, police said. The suspects were believed to be between the ages of 16 and 20 and were wearing hoodies and masks, police said. No weapons were reported. cbslocal.com

Chemung, NY: Town clerk charged with theft from Athens Township Walmart
The town clerk for the Town of Chemung faces charges in Bradford County for alleged theft of items from Walmart in Athens Township. The Athens Township Police Department charged Natasha Conklin, 34, of Chemung, with retail theft, a felony, and receiving stolen property, a misdemeanor. Conklin allegedly stole more than $1,300 worth of merchandise from the Pennsylvania Walmart 23 times since January, according to township police. stargazette.com

Waterford, CT: Man stole $600 in goods from Lowe's, tried to return it for refund

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Shootings & Deaths

Update: Chicago, IL: Family Of Olga Maria Calderon Demands Answers In Murder Of Walgreens Clerk; Accused Killer Recently Was Removed From Electronic Monitoring
The family of Olga Maria Calderon, a Walgreens clerk stabbed to death in Wicker Park last week, wants to know why the store had removed security despite previous robberies, and why Cook County prosecutors allowed the teen now charged with her murder to be removed from electronic monitoring on a previous burglary case.

Sommario said the law firm has learned the same Walgreens where Calderon worked was robbed in February, and hired a security guard, but that security was removed in March. He also said the young man now charged with killing Calderon on Sept. 6 robbed the same Walgreens just days earlier, but the store did not rehire a security guard, or notify employees who weren't working at the time of the earlier holdup.

"Why did Walgreens not rehire security after this event? Why were other employees not notified? Why was there no security training or actions taken to equip the employees to deal with incidents such as this? And who made these disastrous decisions at Walgreens?" he said.

In a statement Wednesday afternoon, a Walgreens spokeswoman said the company continually evaluates security measures at all of its locations, and "additional security measures" were put in place at the Wicker Park store when it reopened after Calderon's murder. However, the company has not answered questions about why there was no security guard at the store the day Calderon was killed. cbslocal.com

Adrian, MI: 85-year-old dead after stabbing at Meijer in Adrian, where CPL holder intervened
An 85-year-old man has died after being stabbed multiple times at a Meijer Wednesday in Adrian, Mich. Adrian police say the stabbing happened around 12:30 p.m. at the Meijer in Adrian, which is about 75 miles southwest of Detroit. Adrian Police Chief Vincent Emrick said a woman armed with a handgun ordered the suspect, a 29-year-old Adrian man, to the floor and held him until officers arrived. When police got to the store the suspect was arrested. Police say the 85-year-old man had been stabbed multiple times in the head and heck and was pronounced dead at the scene. A knife believed used in the stabbing was found on a store shelf. wtol.com

Pasadena, CA: Man, 19, Charged in Stabbing Death in Pasadena CVS Parking Lot

Update: Miami, FL: Plea Made To Help To Find Gunman Who Shot, Killed Pastor Outside NW Dade Flea Market

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Bronx, NY: Shoplifter stabs security guard with scissors at Bronx Marshalls
A man trying to steal clothing from a Bronx Marshalls stabbed a Store Security Guard in the arm when confronted on Saturday, Sept, 5. Cops are looking for a man accused of stabbing a security guard when confronted for shoplifting in a Bronx department store. According to police, it was around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 5 when the unidentified man entered a Marshalls store in a shopping plaza on West 225th Street, just off Broadway. The man took $110 worth of clothing from store shelves and put them into his backpack, the NYPD said. Police said a store security guard confronted the man when he tried to leave without paying for the items. The shoplifter pulled out a pair of scissors and stabbed the 25-year-old security guard in the arm before feeling through the front doors, authorities said. He was last seen on foot heading toward Broadway. The victim sustained a minor puncture wound but refused medical attention. pix11.com

Menasha, WI: An off-duty police officer was in the right place at the right time
A Menasha police officer got into a scuffle with an unruly customer at a local pawn shop -- a customer who was armed with an ax. Customers came to the officer's aid. Employees got him to put the ax down before the first officer arrived. Nicole Mischler of Fast-N-Easy Pawn said, "Because he was swearing and stuff, being belligerent, we asked him to leave. He refused to leave, so then we called the cops and he finally did leave and then he came back." The 25-year-old Fox Crossing man returned to the store on Appleton Rd. with a full-size ax. "He made he way into the store to try and de-escalate the situation. He was talking with the man for a couple of minutes, and at one point the man started walking towards the ax and became more agitated," Nick Oleszak of the Menasha Police Department described. In the video, you can see the officer position himself between the man and the ax, which was leaning up against the counter, but as he did that the man attacked. That's when off-duty Fox Valley Metro Officer Caleb Lyons jumped in. wbay.com

San Antonio, TX: Convenience store torched in suspicious fire, damage estimates at $700K

Pittsburgh, PA: Five, including three brothers, charged federally with attempted burglaries of firearm dealers

Charlotte, NC: Shootout in Charlotte neighborhood wounds 3: Victim found wounded in Family Dollar parking lot

Norman, OK: Armed Employee shoots suspect during attempted robbery at Norman pharmacy

Yakima, WA: Yakima has a juvenile gang violence problem; here's what YPD is doing to fix it

Fenton, MI: Break-In At Tractor Supply In Fenton Leads To Police Chase

Florence, AL: Wanted on multiple warrants: Convenience store standoff ends in arrest


Cargo Theft

Alberta, Canada: Robbers steal seven hot tubs through trucking scam
Police in Canada believe a sophisticated network of criminals is targeting transport trucks across the country, after seven hot tubs and C$230,000 (US$175,000) worth of beef were stolen in a brazen daylight robbery. The heist began when a semi-truck arrived at the loading docks of Blue Falls Manufacturing, a hot tubs company in the town of Thorsby, Alberta, on 2 September. The driver presented transport papers and told employees he was with the Quebec-based company Transport Pascal Charland. Seven hot tubs - valued at more than C$150,000 - were loaded into the vehicle. It was only after he disappeared that employees realized they had just been robbed. Just a few days earlier, a semi-truck had pulled off a similar trick, picking up hundreds of pounds of beef from a meatpacking plant in the city of Brooks, four and a half hours from Thorsby. theguardian.com



C-Store - Batavia, NY - Burglary
C-Store - Beaumont, TX- Robbery
Car Wash - Fort Morgan, AL - Burglary
Family Dollar - Lake Ronkonkoma, NY - Burglary
Gas Station - Navarro County, TX - Robbery
Gas Station Memphis, TN - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Bloomsburg, PA - Robbery
Guns - Memphis, TN - Burglary
• Jewelry - Macon, GA - Robbery
• Jewelry - La Crosse, WI - Robbery
• Jewelry - Newark, CA- Robbery
• Jewelry - Hayward, CA - Robbery
Marijuana - Dillingham, AK - Burglary
Neiman Marcus - Northbrook, IL - Robbery
Pharmacy - Norman, OK - Robbery
Restaurant - Batavia, NY - Burglary
Restaurant - Hanover, MD - Armed Robbery
Tractor Supply - Fenton, MI - Burglary
7-Eleven - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Santa Barbara County, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 13 robberies
• 7 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


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Edmundo Velazquez CFI, MA promoted to Regional Director of Enterprise Risk for Aritzia

Nadia Arciero named Regional Loss Prevention Manager
for Canadian Tire

Michael Ebert named Area Loss Prevention Manager for Nordstrom

Lisa Kilgore promoted to Area Asset Protection Leader for Big Lots Stores

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Area Loss Prevention Manager
Pittsburgh, PA - posted September 10
Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence...

Manager of District Loss Prevention
Seattle, WA - posted August 28
Will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results. District Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific operations district and for collaborating with Store Operations and Human Resources in an effort to prevent company loss...


District Loss Prevention Manager
Fort Wayne, IN - posted August 24
The District Loss Prevention Manager ensures shrinkage control and improves safety in the stores through proper investigation and training. This position is responsible to provide feedback, guidance and protection for our Team Leaders and Associates. This role has oversight and responsibility for approximately 16 to 20 store locations...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist
Santa Monica, CA - posted August 6
The Senior Asset Protections Specialist contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...


Asset Protection, Retail Safety and Security Specialist
Bellevue, WA - posted August 6
This job contributes to REI's success by ensuring the security and safety of your store team and members by providing a presence on REI property and at events. Activities include but are not limited to: fostering partnerships with staff and taking action to address shrink and security...

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