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Retailers Call to Action
Leading Retailers Launch Coalition to Protect Consumers Online

Buy Safe America Coalition Will Lead Efforts to Crack Down on Organized Retail Crime on Dominant Online Marketplaces

Washington, DC - Today, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) launched the Buy Safe America Coalition, a diverse group of associations who support efforts at all levels of government to combat organized retail crime (ORC) and protect consumers and communities from the sale of counterfeit and stolen goods.

Organized retail crime refers to criminal networks that steal merchandise in mass quantities from storefronts and sell those goods online. Retailers have long reported costly problems with ORC, and the
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently warned that dominant online marketplaces, including Amazon and Facebook, are facilitating the trafficking of pirated and counterfeit goods. Amid the pandemic, leading retailers say these networks are becoming even more aggressive.

Last month, Congress made progress on this issue when
Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) introduced the Integrity, Notification, and Fairness in Online Retail Marketplaces for Consumers (INFORM) Act. The Senate version was introduced in March by Sens. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the INFORM Consumers Act would mandate online marketplaces collect and verify the identity of high-volume third-party sellers by obtaining their government ID, tax ID, bank account information and contact information. The INFORM Act is supported by responsible retailers, consumer groups, manufacturers, intellectual property advocates and law enforcement officials.

The Buy Safe Coalition will work to advance the
INFORM Consumers Act in Congress and modernize consumer protections laws at all levels of government. Members of the Buy Safe America Coalition include The Toy Association, American Apparel and Footwear Association, Gemini Shippers, Halloween Costume Association, ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers, Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association, Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Trade Association, Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade, Consumer Healthcare Products Association, TIC Council, Fashion Accessories Shippers Association, Communications Cable & Connectivity Association, and RILA.

BuySafeAmerica.org for more information about the growing problem of stolen and counterfeit goods and solutions to better protect consumers and businesses.

The Buy Safe America Coalition represents a diverse group of responsible retailers, consumer groups, manufacturers, intellectual property advocates and law enforcement officials who support efforts at all levels of government to protect consumers and communities from the sale of counterfeit and stolen goods.

Legislative Update: No further action has been taken in either the House or the Senate.

Click here to see the D&D Daily's INFORM Consumers Act toolkit and how you can help get it on Donald Trump's desk.


Protests & Violence

ORC Looting?
Feds Determining if Chicago Looting Was Organized; Possible Conspiracy Charges

New Chicago looting video released as feds investigate hundreds of digital leads

For law enforcement in Chicago the resurgence of looting this week has created an all-hands-on-deck situation, with the FBI tonight zeroing in on on several aspects of apparently organized attacks. FBI officials in Chicago tell the I-Team they have received "several hundred" leads from the public since creating a dedicated digital media tip line on Monday following the overnight looting.

FBI-Chicago officials tell the I-Team they are working with local law enforcement to "identify actors instigating and conducting violent criminal activity." Experts say the aim is to put names with faces and determine if it was all part of an overarching plan by a street gang or other organized crime group, that could result in a federal conspiracy case.

Federal authorities have jurisdiction with the possible addition of conspiracy charges or suspicion of moving stolen goods across state lines. The feds also have jurisdiction over the ATM attacks Monday as they did with similar crimes during the Chicago riots in late May and early June. abc7chicago.com

  See more footage posted by Chicago PD here.

42 felony charges approved in Chicago looting incident, prosecutors say
The charges included 1 attempted murder charge, 28 burglary/looting charges, 5 aggravated battery/resisting an officer charges, 1 theft charge, 1 criminal damage to property charge and 6 gun possession charges. usatoday.com

In Lori Lightfoot's Chicago, Bridges Have Become Barricades
Mayor Lori Lightfoot has repeatedly ordered Chicago's river bridges raised to keep people out of downtown. She said the move was to protect businesses and residents. But it is also a symbol of the city's divisions. propublica.org

Chicago: Police to flood downtown with 1K officers this weekend;
Mayor Lightfoot releases plan to protect businesses, neighborhoods

Namesake of 'Operation LeGend'
Kansas City police arrest alleged killer of 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro

The Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department announced on Thursday the arrest of a suspect in the murder case of 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro, whose tragic killing in late June inspired the namesake for the Justice Department's "Operation Legend" law enforcement initiative.

Police charged 22-year-old Ryson Ellis with second-degree murder, unlawful use of a weapon and two counts of armed criminal action, saying in a press release that Ellis fired shots into the apartment where Taliferro was sleeping on the night of June 29.

Since its launch in Kansas City, the DOJ has expanded Operation LeGend to multiple other cities, including St. Louis, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee and Memphis, Tennessee. The effort involves the deployment of agents from the FBI, ATF, Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Marshals to assist in investigating violent crimes in cities that have experienced recent surges. But it has been met with considerable skepticism, at least initially, from local leaders who believe Trump and Barr are working to target cities led primarily by Democrats with aggressive and visible federal responses like have been seen in Seattle and Portland. abcnews.com

Operation Legend Expanded to Indianapolis
The Operation was first launched on July 8 in Kansas City, MO., and expanded on July 22, 2020, to Chicago and Albuquerque, to Cleveland, Detroit, and Milwaukee on July 29, 2020, and to St. Louis and Memphis on August 6, 2020.

Indianapolis is experiencing a significant increase in violent crime, with homicides currently up more than 51% and non-fatal shootings up more than 34%.

In Indianapolis, the Department of Justice will supplement state and local law enforcement agencies by dedicating 40 federal investigators to Operation Legend for 45 days. The Department of Homeland Security will also make 17 agents available. These investigators will complement the work already underway by existing joint federal, state and local task forces focused on combating violent gangs, gun crime, and drug trafficking organizations. justice.gov

FBI: $160K+ seized from Milwaukee gang, part of Operation Legend

Mayors Worry Trump's Operation Legend Is More About Politics Than Law Enforcement

Oregon State Police leaving Portland over lack of prosecutions
Oregon State Police on Thursday said they were withdrawing protection from Portland's federal courthouse over frustration at a prosecutor's decision not to indict many people arrested in protests there.

The police force is angry at Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt's decision not to prosecute many people arrested during weeks of protests at the courthouse. Schmidt on Tuesday said he would only press charges against protesters arrested for assault, theft or property damage in Portland protests that began in late May after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Schmidt signaled he would be dropping lesser charges such as rioting and disorderly conduct. reuters.com

Austin, TX: City Council votes to cut police dept. budget by 1/3, reinvest money in social services

At Least 13 Cities Are Defunding Their Police Departments

The real cost of the police, and why the NYPD's actual price tag is $10 billion a year


COVID Update

US: Over 5.4M Cases - 170K Dead - 2.8M Recovered
Worldwide: Over 21.1M Cases - 758K Dead - 14M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 183   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 80
*Red indicates change in total deaths

CDC warns US faces 'worst fall' ever if Americans ignore COVID-19 guidelines
A top CDC official has warned that the US must brace for the "worst fall" ever in the history of public health disasters if Americans don't follow coronavirus guidelines.

"For your country right now and for the war that we're in against COVID, I'm asking you to do four simple things: wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands and be smart about crowds," Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told WebMD.

If people fail to follow those tips, next season could be "the worst fall, from a public health perspective, we've ever had," he said. nypost.com

McKinsey & Company Survey
How US companies & people are adjusting to the pandemic

A nationwide survey measures views on mental-health impacts, safety measures, and new working models.

Faced with the persistent threat of COVID-19, companies and people in the United States must make tough decisions about when to return to workplaces and resume normal activities. To help address the issues they face, McKinsey conducted a nationwide survey and interview program in partnership with Business Roundtable. Scroll down to view findings with respect to four topics: the mental-health impact of the crisis, the factors that people say would make them feel safer returning to normal activities, the safety measures employers are implementing, and the need for new working arrangements if schools partially reopen. mckinsey.com

COVID Impact - Resurgence Slowed it Down

July Retail Sales Up 1.2% Following June's 8.4% Boom
Here's where people were spending in July, compared with a month earlier:

Electronics stores: +22.9%
Gas stations: +6.2%
Clothing and accessories stores: +5.7%
Restaurants and bars: +5%
Online retailers: +0.7%
Grocery stores: +0.4%
Department stores: +0.1%
Big-box stores: -0.2%
Home improvement and gardening stores: -2.9%
Sports, music and other hobby stores: -5% npr.com

COVID: The Single Biggest Disruptive Event of the Past Decade
COVID-19 five times more disruptive to supply chains than cyberattacks

6/10 businesses target geographic diversification of supply chains to build resilience

If they can't move it you don't get it. According to the Supply Chain Resilience Report 2020 from 3D Hubs, cybersecurity issues have affected less than 10 percent of firms over the past 10 years, compared to 60 percent that have suffered directly as a result of COVID-19 disruption.

In 2020,
the pandemic has emerged as the most potent threat to economic growth, more than trade sanctions, natural disasters and cyberattacks combined. Over 96 percent of global companies are now planning to take measures to boost the resilience of their manufacturing supply chains (retail's providers). However, more than half (52 percent) admit they are yet to embark on that journey. As businesses develop long term strategies, over 59 percent of companies say geographic diversification of their supply chains is the most effective way of building resilience.

For more information, please visit 3dhubs.com/get/supply-chain-resilience-report/

COVID Driving C-Store Industry Rapid Changes & Tech
Circle K is opening what's believed to be the world's first convenience store retrofitted with AI technology for autonomous checkout in Tempe, Arizona, the company announced this morning.

The chain is partnering with San Francisco-based Standard to equip the location with 80 to 100 ceiling cameras that record which products customers who sign in with the app take off the shelves.

"If you don't want to, you don't have to interact with anyone. You could just walk in, grab what you want, and walk out. That resonated very much with social distancing and a low-touch environment."

Mergers, drive-throughs, and delivery

Circle K isn't the only convenience chain making changes. Last week, 7-Eleven's parent company announced it was buying Speedway for $21 billion. The week before that, Wawa revealed plans for its first-ever freestanding drive-through, which will be built in suburban Philadelphia. In April, DoorDash started delivering from more than 1,800 convenience stores across the country, such as 7-Eleven, Wawa, Casey's General Store, and Circle K, and last week, it launched DashMart in a number of cities. fastcompany.com


World Mask Week Aims to Inspire Global Movement to
Wear Face Coverings in Public


It's Not About the Money Any More
This is the thing employees want most from their employers

It's All About the Culture & Values

For the modern workforce, relationships, environment, and structure are no less important than the work itself. Increasingly, employees are
more interested in a clear alignment and understanding of a company's culture and values than they are in benefits like flexible working, training, access to tech, and even bigger paychecks.

It's likely that experiential considerations
will only get more important with employers recalibrating to make staff feel comfortable, safe, secure, and supported as we all prepare to emerge into a dramatically changed post-pandemic environment.

According to further data, what CEOs think a new generation of talent wants (practical perks like flexible hours) deviates from what Glassdoor reported millennials are actually most concerned with (the wider sense of connection and purpose that underpins employee experience and engagement). It's also becoming increasingly clear that millennial and Gen Z employees want a work experience that's not only emotionally intelligent on an interpersonal level, but
one that prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices in the big picture.

Even pre-COVID, stats on millennial expectations at work were actually generally in line with multigenerational data in LinkedIn's Global Talent Trends report. fastcompany.com

Retail Equation Class Action Update
Multiple Retailers Sued Under CCPA for Sharing Data Used to
Identify Fraudulent Returns
Earlier this year,
The Retail Equation and Sephora were hit with a class action lawsuit in which the plaintiff claimed Sephora improperly shared consumer data with The Retail Equation without consumers' knowledge or consent to generate risk scores that allegedly were "used as a pretext to advise Sephora that attempted product returns and exchanges are fraudulent and abusive."

On August 3, 2020,
the plaintiff, now joined by others, amended her complaint to cast an even wider net. The amended complaint now asserts claims against 12 additional retailers based on their alleged use of The Retail Equation's services to identify fraudulent returns. As against the retailer defendants, the plaintiffs assert claims for invasion of privacy, violations of California's unfair competition law, unjust enrichment, and, most notable, violations of the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA").

The CCPA's private right of action is limited to situations where personal information is "subject to unauthorized access and exfiltration, theft, or disclosure as a result of the business's violation of the duty to implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices." The plaintiffs' claims, however, concern the voluntary transfer of data to a third-party service provider. Contrary to a data breach,
a voluntary transfer arguably does not involve any alleged violation of duty.

This same theory has been asserted against Zoom based on its alleged sharing of data with Facebook. Zoom's response to the complaint in that action, is due Sept. 14th. natlawreview.com

New Shared Services Model Coming?
New Retail Group Emerging - Sparc Group
Simon Property Group & Authentic Brands keeps expanding. Gobbling up retailers mostly in malls.

They now own Lucky Brands, Aeropostale, Forever 21,Nautica, and potentially Brooks Brothers and possibly if Simon and Brookfield win the bid for JC Penney. chainstoreage.com

Editor's Note: We're going to be hearing a lot about this group in the coming years. Do we dare think shared services from the support groups outside of merchandising? Including a new LP and IT Security group. Which would mean a new corporate LP structure with pyramid head and supporting services and staff. Keep your eye out on this one. It's coming.

And remember most of these services in the original businesses had been stream lined down and probably suffering budget cuts. This could be a growth vehicle next year. As they look to drive profit they'll inevitably look to shared services and shrink. With the obvious security issues already at play they'll have to address the basics relatively quickly. Similar to Vans and even the Ahold shared services business support group model.

And I don't think they're done. We're talking fire side sales of some great specialty retailers already sitting in Simon's properties.

Limited's Leslie Wexner subpoenaed in connection with Jeffrey Epstein disputes

Justice in Mexico releases 2020 Organized Crime and Violence in Mexico Report

Coresight Research
Week 33 - US & UK Store Tracker
6,650 2020 YTD Closures
3,305 2020 YTD Openings

Senior Job Posted Again:

Director of Loss Prevention job posted for 10 Spot/MadRag in North Bergen, NJ
Manager will report directly to VP of Stores. indeed.com

Quarterly Results
SpartanNash Q2 comp's up 17.1%, net sales up 9.4%

Fossil Q2 sales down 48%

Dillard's Q2 no comp store number, total retail sales down 35%

Good Times Restaurants Q3 comp's down 36.7%, total sales down 17.3%

Tapestry Q4 by brand; Coach net sales down 53%, Kate Spade net sales down 50.6%, Stuart Weitzman net sales down 61%, net sales down 52.6%

Tapestry Full Yr. be brand; Coach net sales down 17.3%, Kate Spade net sales down 19%, Stuart Weitzman net sales down 36%, net sales down 17.7%

Canada's Indigo Books & Music Q1 retail sales down 73.8%, digital sales up 214%, total sales down 29.8%


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Mitigating Bot Attacks and Reducing User Friction: Modern Security Can Produce Win-Win Situations
Traditional cybersecurity thinking believed that additional user friction was an inevitable byproduct of security measures. The thinking was that security required users to suffer through additional steps to add security layers; longer passwords that they would need to update more frequently for example. In some cases this is still true, but lower (or zero) friction security measures that use biometric information, that recognize known devices, or that allow for other nontraditional authentication measures can provide the user with the best of both worlds in the form of added ease of legitimate user access and greater difficulty for illegitimate access.

There is another side to this as well. Security measures that are effective in stopping bots or malicious actors may also impede legitimate customers. Every consumer-facing website experiences friction and about 10% of attempted logins failed enough times to require the user to reset a password. Of those 10%, more than half were legitimate returning customers who just could not remember their passwords. These users were about half as likely to continue as those users who were able to log in without issue. rhisac.org

Cloud Misconfigurations Pose Security Challenges
Cloud misconfigurations are no laughing matter. In its "2020 Cloud Misconfigurations Report," DivvyCloud revealed that 196 separate data breaches involving cloud misconfigurations had cost companies a combined total of approximately $5 trillion between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2019.

The problem is that those costs could be even higher; as reported by ZDNet, 99% of IaaS issues go unreported. Organizations could therefore be leaking data from their cloud environments without their knowledge.

Cloud Security Concerns Underscored by Lack of Technical Controls
Respondents to Tripwire's survey revealed that they're specifically worried about their employers' cloud security. Indeed, 37% of participants indicated that risk management capabilities in the cloud were at least somewhat worse in the cloud than in other parts of the organization's infrastructure. It therefore follows that many IT professionals were concerned about the impact that some digital threats could have on their employers' cloud-based assets. Case in point, a majority (93%) of individuals expressed their worry that human error could cause their employers to accidentally expose their data hosted in the cloud. tripwire.com

Cybergang Busted
3 Cybercrime Gang Members Charged in $10M BEC Money Laundering
From March 2018 to January 2020, OKORO, ENEH, and ELENDU conspired to launder the proceeds of at least seven business email compromise schemes in which corporate, organizational, and individual victims were fraudulently induced to send over $10M to bank accounts controlled by members of the conspiracy. justice.gov

Slipping in Back Door the Old Way

Business Email Compromise Attacks Involving MFA Bypass Increase
Multifactor authentication (MFA) is widely regarded as a strong measure for protecting against account takeover attacks. But as with almost any security control, adversaries have devised several ways to bypass it.

Researchers from Abnormal Security this week reported observing a recent increase in attacks where
threat actors used legacy apps with old email protocols, such as IMAP, SMTP, and POP, to access and take over business email accounts protected with MFA.

In these attacks, a threat actor who might have obtained the username and password to an MFA-protected email account - via a paste site, for instance - would access the account by signing in from
a legacy app that does not enforce MFA. One example is an email client like MailBird, which allows Gmail to be set up via IMAP, says Erin Ludert, data scientist at Abnormal Security.

"Enterprises that allow access from legacy applications are vulnerable to business email compromise [BEC] due to lack of MFA controls" on older email clients, she says. darkreading.com

U.S. seizes $2 million from more than 300 cryptocurrency accounts used by terror groups




Major Blow to Amazon - Product Liability Lawsuits
California court rules Amazon can be liable for defective goods sold
on its marketplace
A California appeals court ruled Thursday that
Amazon can be held liable in the state for faulty products sold on its website.

On Thursday, the California Fourth District Court of Appeals ruled that Amazon can be held liable for damages caused by a defective replacement laptop battery that caught fire and gave a woman third-degree burns.

"Consumers across the nation will feel the impact of this," said Jeremy Robinson, an attorney for Bolger.

In Bolger's case, the court ruled that Amazon placed itself in "the chain of distribution" of the faulty laptop battery.

The court said Amazon also can't be shielded from liability through Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a law from the 1990s that protects online platforms from
being held responsible for content their users post on their sites. cnbc.com

Editor's Note: Could this be the back door for ORC? If they can be held responsible for liability for the consumer, then why not the liability for the retailer?

SHOP SAFE Act Gets Press
Shop Smart, Shop Savvy, SHOP SAFE
To combat this growing trend of phony goods, a new bipartisan bill (H.R. 6058) was presented to the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this year - titled "Stopping Harmful Offers on Platforms by Screening Against Fakes in E-Commerce" or the SHOP SAFE Act.

Although only introduced, and still pending a vote in the House of Representatives, if passed, the SHOP SAFE Act would amend the Trademark Act of 1946 to hold e-commerce platforms liable for contributory trademark infringement by allowing the listing and sale of imitation goods, unless they can show that they have taken certain mandatory steps to prevent counterfeiters.

By creating established best practices to vet and monitor sellers and actively eliminate counterfeit postings, and providing an avenue for accountability for illegal conduct, which to date has been almost impossible to achieve. jdsupra.com

Online COVID Boom - 6M New Customers
Wayfair Q2 Sales Surge 83.7%, $4.3B
Wayfair gained 5 million new customers in Q2, which is more than the last four quarters combined. Also within the quarter, it re-engaged more than 1M "lapsed" customers, who had not made a purchase from Wayfair in the last 12 months. marketwatch.com

Kroger to launch digital marketplace this fall

Pandemic Rapidly Accelerating E-Commerce In Mexico







El Dorado, AR: Nearly $3K in goods stolen from Dollar General
An El Dorado man was arrested Wednesday in connection with a burglary that occurred Tuesday at the Dollar General on N. West Ave. Lorenzo D. Glover, 19, was arrested on charges of commercial burglary and theft of property, both felonies, Wednesday. According to a police report from the Union County Sheriff's Office, a keyholder for the store contacted the UCSO after arriving for their shift and finding a glass door broken and tobacco products missing from behind the counter. eldoradonews.com

Mount Carmel Township, PA: CVS Pharmacist charged with $4,000 theft of drugs over 3 month period
John Allen Fetterman, 30, has been charged with stealing more than $4,000 worth of drugs over a three-month period while he was employed as a pharmacist at CVS Pharmacy along Locust Gap Highway.

Matthews, NC: Police arrest 3 men during $2,400 theft investigation at Home Depot
The Matthews Police Department arrested three Wingate men in connection to $2,400 worth of stolen merchandise from the Home Depot on Matthews Township Parkway. Police responded to the scene of the theft at 12:49 p.m. Aug. 11. The store's loss prevention officer identified the men as the suspects responsible for the theft. Justin Tyrone Fernandez, 33, and Christopher Gutierrez Romo, 41, were arrested on felony larceny charges.
Fernandez also had 18 outstanding arrest warrants, including five for misdemeanor larceny and four for felony larceny. Police also arrested Aaron Anthony Price, 19, on charges of felony aid and abet. unioncountyweekly.com

Spring, TX: Career Criminal out on Bond after Shoplifting from The Home Depot
The suspect was identified as 53 year old Steven Silver. Silver was found to be in possession of over $200 worth of merchandise. Silver has an extensive criminal record.
He was arrested over 21 times in Harris County alone with charges ranging from theft, drugs, and burglary. springhappenings.com

Madison, WI: Woman arrested on suspicion of stealing nearly $4K worth of clothing from JCPenney

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Shootings & Deaths

Louisville, KY: Accused 2018 Jeffersontown Kroger shooter Gregory Bush ruled competent to stand trial
A Jefferson County Circuit Court judge has ruled Gregory Bush is competent to stand trial in the case of the 2018 Louisville Kroger shooting. Bush has pleaded not guilty to two charges of murder, two counts of wanton endangerment and one count of attempted murder after being accused of fatally shooting Maurice Stallard and Vickie Lee Jones at the Jeffersontown grocery store on Oct. 24, 2018. courier-journal.com

(Update) Miami, FL: Police catch shoplifter wanted in Hialeah crime that left 2 girls injured from shooting; Security guard, mother charged previously for July 28 incident
Police have arrested the man involved in the shoplifting at a Hialeah supermarket that led to a security guard shooting at a getaway car, two young girls being injured, and a mother charged with child neglect, theft and making false reports to police. Hialeah Police said Steadman Amaya stole $200 worth of lobster tails from the Rey Chave Distributor in Hialeah on Tuesday, July 28. Amaya, a convicted felon, has been on the run ever since. During the day of the theft, Amaya jumped into a Toyota Corolla that was parked outside of the store and the car sped away from scene. That's when 50-year-old Leonard Morales, who was working as a security guard at the distributor, fired his gun at the car. Two children inside were injured - a 6-year-old girl was shot in the knee and her 8-year-old sister suffered a cut in her thigh after the window shattered. The shooting was caught on surveillance video outside of the store.

Laplace, LA: Argument between employees at Sonic leads to shooting at dumpster
An argument between two workers at the Sonic Drive-In in Laplace led to a shooting near the restaurant's dumpster Wednesday night. The 26-year-old victim was airlifted to a New Orleans hospital and is listed as stable. According to the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff's Office, Kamonte Robinson and the victim got into an argument earlier in their shift.

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Boston, MA: Worcester Man Charged with Transporting Stolen Electronics Across State Lines
Christian Diaz, 31, was indicted yesterday, on one count of interstate transportation of stolen goods. Diaz will be arraigned in federal court at a later date. According to the indictment, from Aug. 11, 2015 until Sept. 30, 2015, Diaz transported stolen laptops in interstate commerce. The charging statute provides for a sentence of up to 10 years in prison, three years of supervised release, a fine of up to $250,000 and restitution. justice.gov

Sydney, AU: Police charge 23 people during Shoplifting Operation in Sydney CBD
Police have charged 23 people following a shoplifting operation in Sydney's CBD this week.
Operation 'Runaway', comprising of officers from Sydney City Proactive Crime Team and the Street Policing Team, alongside Loss Prevention Officers (LPOs), was conducted on Wednesday targeting shoplifting offences at major retail stores. During the operation, police arrested 23 people who were subsequently charged with various shoplifting, break, enter and steal, trespass, assault and weapons offences. miragenews.com

Victoria, BC, CN: Daytime theft attempt leaves Hardware store employee with Potentially Life-Altering Injuries
Staff at the Oak Bay Home Hardware said Wednesday that one employee was in hospital after a shoplifting attempt involving two people at approximately 3:30 p.m. Witnesses told police the man, who was a store employee, had tried to intervene when the suspect attempted to steal items from the store, according to a VicPD statement. The suspect fled the scene before police arrived. A second victim was also assaulted during the struggle but did not require immediate medical attention.

Hornell, NY: Hornell PD, city thank Wegmans, Strobels Supply for support of K9 program
Tuesday was a good day for a very good girl, the Hornell Police Department's K9 dog, Snitch. The yellow lab, along with handler Seth Blanchard, a Hornell police officer, Police Chief TJ Murray and Mayor John Buckley stopped by Wegmans at the Hornell Plaza and Strobels Supply on Shawmut Drive to say thanks for their support of the PD's K9 program. Wegmans contributed $5,000 - $2,500 from the store and $2,500 from the company's Corporate Asset Protection department.

Wichita, KS: WPD arrest 3 teens accused of Burglaries at Academy, Dick's and Cabela's

Grand Rapids, MI: 3 arrested for area store burglaries: Boost, Smoke Shop and several Auto Dealerships

Chicago, IL Man charged with burglary of merchandise from the Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field

Philadelphia, PA: Cash-Advance Business Owner Indicted and Detained on Weapons Charges

Counterfeit: Crossville, TN: Police bust 6 in mobile counterfeit bill ring; $3,000 recovered



Academy - Wichita, KS - Burglary
Boost - Grand Rapids, MI - Burglary
C-Store - White Hall, AR - Robbery
Cabela's - Wichita, KS - Burglary
Clothing - Arlington, VA - Robbery (Superdry)
Clothing - Chicago, IL - Burglary (Pink)
Dick's Sporting Goods - Wichita, KS - Burglary
Dick's Sporting Goods - Wichita, KS - Burglary
Dollar General - El Dorado, AR - Burglary
Gas Station - Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Traverse City, MI - Armed Robbery
Guns - Blue Springs, MO - Burglary
Hardware - Lake City, FL - Burglary
Jewelry - Kennesaw, GA - Robbery
Jewelry - Woodbridge, VA - Robbery
Jewelry - Prince William County, VA - Robbery
Pharmacy - Gallatin, TN - Armed Robbery
Sunglass Hut -Chicago, IL - Burglary
Tobacco - Grand Rapids, MI - Burglary
Walmart - Madison, WI - Burglary


Daily Totals:
• 9 robberies
• 12 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


Weekly Totals:
• 63 robberies
• 39 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

Click to enlarge map



None to report.

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Division Safety and Loss Prevention Manager
Houston, TX - posted July 28
Under the guidance of the Directors of Loss Prevention (LP) and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), the Loss Prevention & Safety Manager is responsible for overseeing and championing initiatives and company programs, processes and controls that builds a culture around continuous improvement in safety/environment incidents, loss prevention, and security outcomes...

Director of Asset Protection
Madison, WI - posted August 11
The Director of Asset Protection develops long- and short-term business strategies (3-5 years) and oversees implementation of safety and security initiatives across the organization. This role manages Goodwill's Corporate Compliance Plan to assure that there are policies, procedures, audits, prevention strategies, training and reporting systems in place...

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One can never over prepare for an interview or a phone conversation. Actually, the biggest mistake executives make in the job search process is that they don't prepare enough for each individual interaction with a prospective future employer. Preparation is the path to success and increases an executive's performance exponentially. It includes five basic areas; the employer's company, the employer's main competitor, your career in relation to the specific position, the individuals you're interviewing with, and executives who have direct knowledge of the company and the executives.

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