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Matthew Toso named Director of Safety & Security/Loss Prevention for Domino's

Matt is the new Director of Loss Prevention for one of Domino's largest franchisees. He comes to the company with a tremendous amount of law enforcement experience and the Domino's corporate team, led by National Director, Safety and Loss Prevention Van Carney, is working closely with him to share their loss prevention program. Congratulations, Matthew!

Randall Thomas, LPC promoted to Director of Loss Prevention and Safety for Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana

Randall has been with Goodwill for 10 years, starting with the company in 2010 as a Regional Loss Prevention Manager. He has held various roles at Goodwill including Corporate Investigator and Regional Loss Prevention/Safety Manager. He has over 25 years experience in the industry previously working for JC Penney, May Department Stores, Lowes and Radio Shack. Congratulations, Randall!

Jackie Johnson, LPC promoted to Asset and Profit Protection Director for Festival Foods

Jackie has been with Festival Foods for more than seven years, starting with the company in 2013 as a Loss Prevention Data Analyst, a position she held for four years. Prior to her promotion to Asset and Profit Protection Director, she spent more than three years as Assistant Director Asset Protection. Congratulations, Jackie!

Laura Papa promoted to Senior Manager, Life Safety for Macy's

Over the course of her career, Laura has spent roughly a decade with Macy's, starting in 2011 as an Executive Sales Manager with the company. Before her latest promotion to Senior Manager, Life Safety, she served as Asset Protection Manager - Physical Security & Technology. Earlier, she served as Assistant Operations Manager for the company. Congratulations, Laura!

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ADT Commercial Presents:
Are You Ready? Best Practices to consider when re-opening your business

As many businesses look toward reopening in the new normal created by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are so many factors, solutions and policy considerations to keep in mind. Are you ready? Next Thursday, we're hosting a live webinar to answer all of your top-of-mind questions.

Join ADT Commercial for this webinar and our panel of experts will help you start building a strategic checklist for reopening to keep your employees, visitors and patrons safe. Learn from a real-life example, as our panel speaks with a key security and resilience leader at GoDaddy on practices they've implemented during these times of crisis.

Join us on Thursday, July 16th @ 12:00 pm ET to learn more. Register Here

Suggested Merges: the Future of Linking Retail Criminal Activity

By Tom Batterbury, Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Auror, the Retail Crime Intelligence Platform working with retailers across the world.

As an industry, efforts to connect criminal activity remain largely manual, time-consuming, reactive, and ineffective. As one ORC investigator called it "it's based on individual investigators to link, it's not systemized".

We know that offenders enjoy the anonymity of retail crime. According to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention (NASP), chronic offenders say they are arrested just once in every 100 times they steal. As an industry, we need to address this otherwise there is very little perceived risk associated with shoplifting. By pairing high quality source data with emerging technologies such as AI and Machine Learning the ability to systematically remove offender anonymity is within reach.

Click here to read the full article which covers:
● Four building blocks to the industry effectively linking retail criminal activity
● Why offenders enjoy anonymity
● How AI and Machine Learning is being used to suggest links to retail criminal activity


2020 National Retail Security Survey

Shrink Up 17.3% - Crime Internally Up 73% & Externally Up 35.3%
2020 National Retail Security Survey finds shrink at an all-time high

WASHINGTON, July 14, 2020 - Theft, fraud and losses from other retail "shrink" totaled $61.7 billion in 2019, up from $50.6 billion the year before as industry security executives reported increases in the number of shoplifting, organized retail crime and employee theft incidents, according to the annual National Retail Security Survey released today by the National Retail Federation.

"Between an increase in incidents and new ways to steal, shrink is at an all-time high," NRF Vice President for Research Development and Industry Analysis Mark Mathews said. "Loss prevention experts are facing unprecedented challenges from individual shoplifters to organized gangs to highly skilled cybercriminals. Retailers are responding with both traditional methods and the latest technology, but this is an ongoing challenge that can only be won with the support of lawmakers and law enforcement."

According to the report, shrink averaged 1.62 percent of sales during 2019, up from 1.38 percent in 2018 after hovering around 1.4 percent over the past few years. The number of cases was up, with an average 560 employee theft apprehensions per retailer surveyed (up from 323 last year) and 689 shoplifting/ORC apprehensions (up from 509).

While 49 percent of those surveyed said the largest increase in fraud occurred in stores, 26 percent said it happened online and 19 percent cited multichannel sales, including those where the purchase is made online but the merchandise is picked up in-store.

Of challenges that have grown in priority for LP teams over the past five years, 61 percent cited ORC, 59 percent ecommerce and cybercrimes, 58 percent internal theft and 54 percent return fraud.  nrf.com

Click here to download the 2020 National Retail Security Survey

COVID Update

US: Over 3.5M Cases - 138K Dead - 1.5M Recovered
Worldwide: Over 13.3M Cases - 576K Dead - 7.7M Recovered

Fallen Officers From the COVID-19 Pandemic: 53 | NYPD Deaths: 45
Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 154

UK's a Step Ahead of U.S.

UK Police To Enforce Mask Rule, Not Shopworkers!
Prime Minister Takes Charge - But More Guidance is Needed?

UK Mandates Face Coverings in Shops
Wearing a face covering in shops and supermarkets will be mandatory in England from 24 July, the government is to confirm today (14 July). Many European nations, including Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece, already require masks to be worn in enclosed spaces.

Health secretary Matt Hancock is expected to confirm later that government guidance will be updated to make the wearing of face coverings in stores compulsory. The new rule does not apply to retail staff, children under 11, and those with certain disabilities.

"The prime minister has been clear that people should be wearing face coverings in shops and we will make this mandatory from 24 July."

The rule will be enforced by the police, and anyone disregarding the rule will be at risk of a fine of up to £100 ($125), which will be reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days.

In response, Association of Convenience Stores chief executive James Lowman said: We are pleased that the legal responsibility for enforcing this policy will rest with the police rather than shopworkers, but in reality it will be retailers and their colleagues trying to communicate and explain this to people with different views and approaches to complying with this policy.

"We have produced a poster for retailers and guidance for people working in shops, and we will work with the government, local enforcement and members to implement this successfully."

Retail trade union Usdaw has welcomed the news, but warns that it can only be effective alongside existing social distancing and hygiene procedures. Usdaw calls on the government to publish detailed guidance and safety procedures that are agreed with the union and retail employers. courthousenews.com/uk talkingretail.com

Will Walmart require shoppers to wear masks nationwide?
CEO says mandate is 'something on our minds'
The retail giant's CEO Doug McMillon didn't rule out the idea Monday during an interview on the Bloomberg's online television show, "Leadership Live with David Rubenstein."

"We don't currently, as we're doing this interview, mandate that in our other stores but that's obviously something that's on our minds," McMillon said. usatoday.com

Apple Testing Employees @Home
Apple asks retail staff to work remotely as stores shut again

The Cupertino, California-based technology giant is pushing retail staff to work remotely as the virus forces the company to shut some of its stores again, according to a video message sent to employees. It is also shipping Covid-19 test kits to employees' homes, and told staff in a memo that a full return to U.S. offices won't occur before the end of the year.

"If your store is closed, please sign up for Retail at Home, please talk to your manager, because we really need to make sure that we shift our teams to greet our customers remotely in this time," O'Brien told staff in the video. "We may need to be working remotely for some period of time."

Of Apple's 271 U.S. retail locations, more than 90 have had to close again due to Covid-19 spikes. The company has also shut some stores again in the U.K. and Australia. For locations that remain open, the company is requiring face masks for customers and employees as well as temperature checks upon entry. "The way we have been managing the protocols has been really effective," O'Brien said in the recent video. detroitnews.com

Malls Shut Down in California
California Governor Shuts Down Businesses - COVID Continues to Spread

Effective immediately, California closes some indoor business operations statewide and additional indoor operations in counties on Monitoring List for 3 consecutive days.

Statewide indoor closures include restaurants, bars and breweries, wineries & tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos and museums, and cardrooms. County indoor closures include fitness centers, places of worship, indoor protests, offices for non-critical infrastructure sectors, personal care services, hair salons and barbershops, and malls. County closures apply to counties that have been on the County Monitoring List for 3 consecutive days. Learn more. covid19.ca.gov

Houston Mayor Facing a 'Lockdown'
Texas Hospitals Are 'Bulging' From COVID Increase - Fox News Report this morning

The Army has sent over 500 medical personnel to assist throughout the state. And hospitals are rotating patients and staff to be able to flew to the changing patterns and problems.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, both Democrats, said this weekend that a stay-at-home order is needed for America's fourth largest city to cope with the surge of covid-19 cases.

The call comes after a week in which Texas continued to break records for confirmed covid-19 cases and deaths linked to the disease. State health officials reported 8,196 new cases Sunday, another 80 deaths and a total of 10,410 people hospitalized because of the virus. triblive.com

Protests - BLM - Gun Violence

U.S. Arming Up Continues
June Gun Checks Up 136% - Highest #Ever

Pandemic and racial equality protests lead to big increase in gun sales

Buyers and gun store owners cite the coronavirus pandemic, George Floyd's killing and efforts to defund the police.

Gun sales began rising to unusual highs in March, as coronavirus cases began surging in the U.S. and government-ordered lockdowns led to the highest unemployment levels since the Great Depression. The Federal Bureau of Investigation processed 7.8 million background checks for gun purchases from March to June, according to National Shooting Sports Foundation, a firearms industry trade group.

Background checks for guns in Georgia tripled last month versus last year, according to NSSF data, and have more than doubled in Oklahoma, New York, Illinois and Minnesota.

All state governments allowed gun stores to operate after the Trump administration said they should be considered essential businesses. wsj.com

NYC Gun Violence Continues Into Weekday
At least 17 people shot in NYC on Monday as gun violence continues to soar

"Those numbers would be high for a Friday or Saturday, but for a Monday they are astronomical," said one high-ranking Brooklyn cop. No borough was spared from the gunplay, but Brooklyn saw the most violence with 10 shooting incidents and a total of 12 victims, sources said. nypost.com

Soho High-End Retailer - 'NYPD Failed to Stop Looting'
NYC store owner suing Gov. Cuomo over looting damage,

says cops were told to 'stand down'
A New York City, Soho, store owner is suing Gov. Andrew Cuomo, accusing state and city leaders of failing to send in law enforcement to respond to the rioting that happened during recent protests, according to the attorney handling the case.

"My law firm believes [that] through depositions, through discovery we're going to be able to find that the city or state had intelligence in regards to these criminals that looted these stores and didn't do anything about it," he added.

He added that he believes more businesses will join as plaintiffs to make it a class-action lawsuit, seeking more than $100 million in damages. foxnews.com

Blocking Ads on BLM Content
Target, MTV Blocked Ads From News Mentioning 'George Floyd' and 'Protests'

Terms related to protests were on 'blocklists' companies use to avoid ad placements in sensitive content

AdvertisementLast month Target Corp. told a leading online news publisher not to run its ads in stories related to the Black Lives Matter movement. Articles mentioning police-brutality victims such as "Breonna Taylor" and "George Floyd" were off limits, as were those with the word "protests."

Target and other advertisers that compiled similar "blocklists" say they were respecting the sensitivity of the issue and wanted to avoid the appearance of exploiting tragedies. News publishers say such moves effectively punish media companies for covering important issues, since they earn less money from content where ad-blocking is prevalent.

Before this year, many brands already were sidestepping articles with words like "shooting," "bomb," "immigration" or even "Trump," hoping to avoid associations with controversial topics. The ad blocking went to a new level in 2020-first, as the terms "Covid-19" and "coronavirus" made it onto many blocklists, and more recently with the addition of terms related to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Lives Matter coverage was Vice's most popular news in June, yet commanded ad prices 57% lower than news about other topics because so many brands are actively avoiding placing ads in those articles, he said. wsj.com

Pentagon's New Non-Lethal SPECTER Is A Game Changer For Crowd Control

Amazon Dash Cart
Amazon Unveils Shopping Cart That Knows What You're Buying
The cart, which Amazon unveiled on Tuesday, uses cameras, sensors and a scale to automatically detect what shoppers drop in. It keeps a tally and then charges their Amazon account when they leave the store. No cashier is needed.

It's the latest attempt by Amazon to shake up the supermarket industry and offer a solution to long checkout lines. The online shopping giant opened a cashier-less supermarket in Seattle that uses cameras and sensors in the ceiling to track what shoppers grab and charge them as they leave. Amazon.com Inc. also has roughly 25 cashier-less convenience stores with similar technology.

The cart, called Amazon Dash Cart, will first show up at a new Los Angeles supermarket Amazon is opening later this year. The store will have cashiers, but Amazon said it wanted to give shoppers a way to bypass any lines. In the future, it could be used at Amazon's Whole Foods grocery chain or other stores, if Amazon sells the technology, but there are no plans for either right now.

Several startups are already making similar smart shopping carts that are being tested in stores, but many require scanning groceries before dropping them in. nytimes.com

It May be a Boom Market For Security
Security Industry Expected to Fare Well Post-COVID-19
Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis, Post-Pandemic Growth Opportunity in the Global Security Industry, finds that the security industry has tremendous investment opportunities despite the economic slowdown witnessed due to COVID-19. Under an aspirational recovery scenario, the
global security industry is likely to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3 percent, garnering revenue of $140.6 billion by 2025 from $109.3 billion in 2019. The conservative forecast scenario predicts that the industry will generate $131.01 billion between 2019 and 2025, at a CAGR of 3.1 percent.

In the pre-COVID-19 forecast, the industry was estimated to increase at a CAGR of 7.1 percent, generating revenue of $164.97 billion over the forecast period.

"COVID-19 will cause a brief slowdown in the security market after almost a decade of uninhibited progress," said Danielle VanZandt, aerospace, defense and security industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "Additionally, while some security sectors may find themselves experiencing a slower recovery than others, much of the industry will witness a
shift to more service-based solution offerings after years of hesitance by customers to adopt these solutions."

The following trends are forecast to generate growth opportunities in this sector:

Digitalization priorities: Remote/cloud-connected access to security systems and monitoring tools will witness a drastic rise in demand as manned guarding will become extremely limited due to stay-at-home orders issued by state or federal governments, and likely not recover once those orders expire.

Emphasis on contactless technologies: In the post-pandemic period, contactless technologies such as biometrics, remote access and authentication, and multi-use analytics solutions will attract investments.

Plug-and-play surveillance: Customer willingness to deploy plug-and-play surveillance equipment over permanent system additions due to cost-effectiveness will offer vendors repeat business opportunities.

Sensors-to-action: Vendors must prioritize the development/enhancement of data analytics and sensor networks' capabilities to provide increased value to customers without having to purchase new solutions or equipment. sdmmag.com

The Top 10 Most Valuable Global Brands of 2020
Amazon maintained its position as the world's most valuable brand, according to the 2020 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking compiled by Kantar and WPP. The online giant's brand value jumped 32% this year to $415.9 billion and accounts for a third of the Top 100's total growth.

Apple held on to the second spot as its brand value rose 14% to $352 billion. Microsoft came in third, at $326.5 billion, followed by Google, at $323.6 billion, and Visa, at $186.8 billion. (The top 10 brands are listed at end of article.)

The retail sector gave a strong performance, growing the fastest (21%) in brand value driven by the major e-commerce players. Workout apparel retailer, whose brand value rose 40% to $9.7 billion, was one of the fastest risers as it expands its focus to include work-appropriate clothing and online fitness classes for people at home. chainstoreage.com

FDA Releases New Era of Smarter Food Safety
Welcome to the New Era of Smarter Food Safety

To keep pace with this evolution, FDA is taking a new approach to food safety, leveraging technology and other tools to create a safer and more digital, traceable food system.

On July 13, 2020, FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn announced the New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint, introduced by Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response Frank Yiannas. Watch the video.

Smarter food safety is about more than just technology. It's also about simpler, more effective, and modern approaches and processes. It's about leadership, creativity, and culture.

Our ultimate goal is to bend the curve of foodborne illness in this country by reducing the number of illnesses.

New Era Blueprint

This blueprint outlines the approach FDA will take over the next decade to usher in the New Era of Smarter Food Safety. fda.gov

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Security Director job posted for Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits in St. Louis, MO
The Security Director (SD) will provide a secure environment by developing physical and technical security programs. The SD will implement security programs and procedures to protect company personnel, property and reputation. The SD will ensure that security procedures are properly executed by employees. The SD will conduct internal and external investigations to resolve theft, workplace violence and misconduct at company facilities. The SD will be the primary administrator of physical security components such as alarms, video assessment, access control and guard force management.  jobs.southernglazers.com


UK: G4S plans more than 1,100 job cuts at cash-handling business

New York & Co. Owner Files for Bankruptcy Protection - Plans to Liquidate most if not all 378 Stores

REI Lays Off 5% of retail staff - 400 jobs

Swatch Cuts 6.5% of Staff, Closes 260 Stores of its 1,800

Quarterly Results
Swatch Group sales down 46.1% first half

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How is Data Empowering Retailer Recovery?

Shopping and mobility data is becoming increasingly more valuable to retailers after reopening.

Find out how store operations, facilities and risk officers are leveraging global traffic insights and real-time data as they rebound and reengage with consumers.

You'll learn:

  • How consumer shopping trends are providing insight into the timeline of a retail recovery

  • Best practices on managing occupancy with accuracy

  • How shopping behavior has evolved post-lockdown in the U.S. and globally

Join us and find out how data is empowering retailers to make a comeback while maintaining compliance with social distancing guidelines.

Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, July 15 @ 1-2pm EDT

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Cybercrime - A Top National Security Risk & Key Priority

New Task Force - Merging Cyber & Financial Crimes - CFTF
Secret Service announces the creation of the 'Cyber Fraud Task Force'

In March 2020, in recognition of the growing convergence of cyber and traditional financial crimes, the U.S. Secret Service began the process of merging its Electronic Crimes Task Forces (ECTFs) and Financial Crimes Task Forces (FCTFs) into a single unified network, what is now known as the Cyber Fraud Task Force (CFTF). This consolidation was the culmination of more than two years of planning, multiple pilot programs, and input from key partners and stakeholders. Today, the Secret Service has operationalized CFTFs in 42 domestic offices and in 2 international locations, London and Rome. In the coming years, the Secret Service plans to further extend the network CFTFs through it's over 160 offices across the country and around the globe.

Building a Task Force for the Future

The rationale for the CFTF consolidation was simple. The investigations of cyber and traditional financial crimes have historically required a distinct and divergent set of expertise, equipment, and institutional partners. Cybercrime investigators needed to be able to analyze a computer network, trace IP addresses, and work collaboratively with Internet service providers; while traditional financial crimes investigators needed to be able to identify counterfeit U.S. currency, track fraudulent wire transfers, and partner with financial institutions.

However, in recent years, the line between cyber and financial crimes has steadily blurred, to the point today where the two - cyber and financial crimes - cannot be effectively disentangled. Online payments and banking are now globally pervasive, credit card numbers and personal information are illegally sold on the Internet and darkweb, and cryptocurrencies have become one of the primary means by which criminals launder their illicit profits. No longer can investigators effectively pursue a financial or cybercrime investigation without understanding both the financial and Internet sectors, as well as the technologies and institutions that power each industry.

Accordingly, through the creation of the CFTFs, the Secret Service aims to improve the coordination, sharing of expertise and resources, and dissemination of best practices for all its core investigations of financially-motivated cybercrime. The CFTFs will leverage the combined resources and expertise of both the ECTFs and FCTFs to collaboratively investigative the range of cyber-enabled financial crimes, from business email compromise (BECs) scams to ransomware attacks, from data breaches to the sale of stolen credit cards and personal information on the Internet.

A Critical National Security Challenge for the Nation

The White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) estimates that malicious cyber activity cost the U.S. economy between $57 billion and $109 billion in 2016 alone. The fight against cybercrime is a top national security risk and a key U.S. government priority. The U.S. Secret Service, through our CFTFs, stands ready to lead the collective effort in this important fight. secretservice.gov

92% of top websites provide attackers with access to customer data
Tala Security's Global Data at Risk - 2020 State of the Web Report indicates that sensitive data like PII and credit card information has never been more at risk - and security effectiveness is declining, as the vast majority of global brands fail to implement controls to prevent data leakage and theft.

Tala Security has released its Global Data at Risk - 2020 State of the Web Report. The study, which analyzed the security posture of the Alexa top 1000 websites, reveals a troubling lack of security controls required to prevent data theft and loss through client-side attacks like Magecart, formjacking, cross-site scripting, and credit card skimming. These attacks exploit vulnerable JavaScript integrations running on 99 percent of the world's top websites.

Benchmarked against a similar study in 2019, this year's report indicates that security effectiveness against JavaScript vulnerabilities is declining, despite high-profile attacks and repeated industry warnings over the past 18 months, including the largest GDPR fine to date. securitymagazine.com

Over 1,300 phishing kits for sale on hacker forum
A member of a hacker forum is looking to make over $30,000 from selling a huge collection of more than 1,300 phishing kits.
The malicious trove is part of the seller's collection and covers top-rated websites, banks, and financial organizations.

At $25 per phishing kit, the seller is looking to make at least $32,500 if they manage to sell the entire cache. They could make more if there are multiple buyers.

Looking at the targets they're impersonating, the list covers high-value services: PayPal, Dropbox, Amazon, OneDrive, Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, Spotify, Netflix, Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, First Bank, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn.

At $25 apiece, the price is far from being steep, which may indicate that the kits are not of the best quality. In 2019, phishing kits sold on average for $304, the lowest price being $20, and the most expensive ones having a price tag of $880, according to a report from Group-IB in mid-April. bleepingcomputer.com

G Suite is just as Susceptible as any other
G Suite a Key Target: Keep Your Data Protected

Security issues using cloud-based office applications are compounded as more employees work from home, thus driving the need for enhanced data protection.

Despite being a product of Google, G Suite is still just as susceptible to data loss as any other cloud storage provider. This article will help you understand the vulnerabilities within the G Suite offering and explain the importance of properly backing up and protecting your data to prevent catastrophic leaks and loss. networkcomputing.com

Russian Hacker Feud - Slinging Mud in the Big Leagues
A hacker is selling details of 142 million MGM hotel guests on the dark web

According to the ad, the hacker is selling the details of 142,479,937 MGM hotel guests for a price just over $2,900. The hacker claims to have obtained the hotel's data after they breached DataViper, a data leak monitoring service operated by Night Lion Security.

Vinny Troia, founder of Night Lion Security, told ZDNet in a phone call that his company never owned a copy of the full MGM database and that the hackers are merely trying to ruin his company's reputation.

Posts on Russian-speaking hacking forums promoted the 2019 MGM data breach as containing details on more than 200 million hotel guests. zdnet.com




Video messaging, a great way to stay connected

As opposed to sending a text message or email, try sending a video message. You can send a video via your smartphone or using a program like Loom https://www.loom.com/. Video is more likely to get a reaction than text. Personalized videos show you put thought in the message. Video is a great way to stay connected. Next time you need to send a message, try sending a video!




Epidemic of Undelivered Merchandise?
Complaints about online shopping surge during pandemic;
masks top list of undelivered goods
As consumers hunkered down at home during the pandemic and did more shopping from their easy chairs, a dark side emerged: a growing number of unsatisfied customers.

During April and May, more people reported problems with online shopping than any other months on record, according to newly released data from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Roughly half of those complaints to the FTC involved shoppers never getting the items they ordered.

Face masks were by far the most common item reported as undelivered. Other common items not received included sanitizer, toilet paper, thermometers and gloves.

"With COVID-19, scammers quickly launched opportunistic websites," the FTC said. "People reported online shops claiming to sell the things they desperately needed but could not get."

In April, the agency received a record of roughly 15,500 complaints about online shopping and another nearly 19,000 complaints in May. During that period, some 18,000 complaints were related to items that were never delivered. post-gazette.com

Amazon leads in online grocery shopper satisfaction
Amazon leads in customer satisfaction among online grocery shoppers, while traditional supermarkets have seen the biggest gain in online shopping use versus a year ago, according to the 2020 U.S. Online & In-Store Grocery Shopping Study from Retail Feedback Group (RFG).

On a scale of 1 to 5, Amazon scored 4.47 in online grocery customer satisfaction, putting the e-tail giant just ahead of Walmart at 4.38, reported RFG, which polled 2,000 grocery shoppers (split evenly between online and in-store visitors) in late April to early May. supermarketnews.com

Will Boomers and Gen X keep shopping online post-pandemic?




Comparing the 2020 NRSS to the D&D Daily's Recent Findings
Rising Concern Over ORC is the Common Theme

By Gordon Smith, Crime & ORC Editor

The National Retail Federation's 2020 National Retail Security Survey, sponsored by Appriss Retail, was released on Tuesday, showing shrink at an all-time high at $61.7 billion in 2019.

One particular area of the survey that tracks closely the D&D Daily's reporting is the rising concern over ORC. According to our 2019 ORC Report, ORC cases are up 33% over five years and the average dollar amount has doubled since 2016.

So it's no surprise that the 2020 NRSS found that more than 60% of respondents say organized retail crime has become somewhat or much more of a priority for their organization over the past 5 years. Results from the Daily's recent ORC/COVID-19 survey show similar concerns, with 94% of respondents saying ORC suspects are becoming more aggressive and 91% predicting an increase in ORC activity.

These concerns will likely grow over the next year as the pandemic adds new fears about rising ORC activity in stores.

Click here to download the 2020 National Retail Security Survey

Culver City, CA: Suspects Wanted For Theft At Westfield Culver City Mall
Police Monday circulated surveillance footage of five suspects accused of stealing merchandise from a store at the Westfield Culver City mall. The robbery occurred on June 29 at the Metro Fusion store. Four of them stole merchandise totaling over $1,000, police said. patch.com

Aspen, CO: Police investigating $1,800 purse theft at Louis Vuitton
Aspen police are searching for a man who allegedly stole a handbag from Louis Vuitton on Sunday afternoon. As shown in video surveillance footage taken in the store, a man wearing a hat and a mask walked through the front door - despite signs instructing customers to wait for an employee escort - and subsequently left the same way he came, but picked up an $1,800 handbag on his way out. aspendailynews.com

UK: Crawley, England; Man wanted by police following theft of $75,000 worth of merchandise from Toy store
The items are reported to have been stolen from Smyths, at Acorn Retail Park, in Betts Way, on several occasions between March and June. One suspect - a 27-year-old man from Crawley - voluntarily attended a police interview in connection with the investigation. A further two suspects - a 31-year-old man from Crawley and a 25-year-old man of no fixed address - have been arrested on suspicion of burglary. All three suspects have been released under investigation, pending further enquiries. A fourth suspect remains outstanding. spiritfm.net

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Shootings & Deaths

Alameda, CA: Circle K store clerk arrested in deadly shooting of alleged thief
An Alameda store clerk was arrested on suspicion of murder for allegedly shooting a suspected thief without legal cause, police said Monday. It happened at a Circle K store at Webster Street and Buena Vista Avenue at about 11:45 p.m. Saturday. "The customer went behind the counter and started to remove items," said Alameda police Lt. Ryan DeRespini. In response, police say the clerk pulled out a semiautomatic pistol and shot him in the head. "And that point it appeared to be simply an attempt to steal merchandise from the store," DeRespini said. "At that point, he was accosted by the store clerk and almost immediately shot and killed where he was." ktvu.com

Delta Township, MI: Michigan man killed after stabbing C-Store customer during mask argument, pulling knife on deputy
Fatal shooting in outside C-Store after fight over wearing mask. Michigan man who stabbed another customer at a dairy store during an argument over wearing a mask was later shot and killed when he pulled his knife on a deputy, Michigan State Police say. The incident happened around 6:45 a.m. Tuesday at the Quality Dairy store in Dimondale, according to authorities. A 43-year-old Grand Ledge man who wasn't wearing a mask got into an argument with a 77-year-old Lansing man the mask issue, police said. The Grand Ledge man pulled out a knife and stabbed the Lansing man before fleeing the store, according to MSP. An Eaton County deputy saw the Grand Ledge man about 30 minutes later in Delta Township and initiated a traffic stop, officials said. The man got out of his car with a knife and attacked the deputy, police said. The deputy feared for her life and shot the man, according to authorities. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died during surgery, medical officials said. Deputies said the 77-year-old man is stable at a hospital. The deputy is a 23-year veteran of the Eaton County Sheriff's Office, police said. lansingstatejournal.com

Charleston County, SC: Deputies investigating man's shooting death in Walgreens parking lot
A man was fatally shot Sunday night in the parking lot of a Walgreens near West Ashley. Deputies were called shortly after 9 p.m. for a report of a person who'd been shot, said Capt. Roger Antonio, of CCSO. They found the victim unresponsive on the ground near a vehicle. postandcourier.com

Jacksonville, FL: Man shot multiple times in restaurant parking lot on Gate Parkway
An active search is underway for the person who shot a man on Gate Parkway late Monday night near the IKEA store, just off the East Beltway. A man was found shot multiple time in the parking lot of the Melting Pot restaurant. They say the shooting appears to have taken place outside. He was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police say another car was hit by bullets. wokv.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Porter, OK: Man accused of intentionally setting fire inside Dollar General store while customers shopped
A man was arrested after a fire was intentionally set inside of a Dollar General store in Wagoner County back in March. According to the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office, on March 28, a fire was intentionally set inside the Dollar General store in Porter. The store was open for business and there were several customers inside the store at the time. An investigation was conducted and officials accuse Daniel Moon, Dollar General store employee, of intentionally setting the fire. Moon was arrested at his home in Muskogee on July 8 for the charges of first-degree arson and endangering human life during arson. kfor.com

Baltimore County, MD: Four Jewish teens assaulted, robbed outside Towson Town Center in bias-related incident, police say

Hermantown, MN: Walmart Shoplifter and Get-a-way driver arrested following Stolen Vehicle Pursuit

Joplin, MO: Woman draws 10 years in prison for Walmart parking lot robbery

Los Angeles, CA: Greater-Alarm Fire Rips Through Downtown LA Strip Mall, Arson Suspect Detained





C-Store - Alameda, CA - Robbery/Suspect killed
C-Store - Springfield, MO- Armed Robbery
C-Store - Honolulu, HI - Burglary
C-Store - San Antonio, TX - Robbery
C-Store - Douglas County, OR - Robbery
C-Store - Sioux Falls, SD - Robbery
C-Store - Ocala, FL - Robbery
C-Store - Ashtabula, OH - Robbery
Handbag - Aspen, CO - Robbery
Hardware - Saxton, PA - Robbery
Liquor - Milford, CT - Burglary
Mall - Culver City, CA - Robbery
Pawn - Salt Lake City, UT - Armed Robbery
Thrift - Valparaiso, IN - Burglary


Daily Totals:
• 11 robberies
• 3 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 1 killed

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Jim Mullen, MBA named Regional Vice President of Operations
for Stop & Shop

Jennifer Welch promoted to Regional Director of Asset Protection for Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th

Paul Nájera named District Loss Prevention Manager for
Burlington Stores

Kenny Hayes named District Asset Protection Manager for
Burlington Stores

Clint Orndorff promoted to Market ORC Manager for Lowe's Companies

Andy Spears, LPC named Multi-Unit Asset Protection Manager for
The Home Depot

Alec Haines named Asset Protection & Risk Management Business Analyst for Weis Markets

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