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SpartanNash Welcomes Rona Caswell as VP, Internal Audit

Caswell will oversee compliance with company financial standards, manage enterprise risk-management plans

SpartanNash today announced Rona Caswell has joined the Company as Vice President, Internal Audit. Caswell will drive the success of the annual internal audit plan, oversee compliance with Company financial standards and lead enterprise risk-management plans. She will report jointly to Chief Financial Officer Jason Monaco and the SpartanNash Board of Directors Audit Committee.

Prior to joining SpartanNash, Caswell served as the VP, Global Internal Audit at Perrigo Company, LLC, a role she held since 2014. She also held assurance roles at BDO USA, LLP and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Caswell earned her bachelor's degree in accounting from Michigan State University and is a certified public accountant. Read more here

Bryan Lee, MBA, CFE, CFI named Senior Loss Prevention
Manager for Amazon

Before joining Amazon as a Senior Loss Prevention Manager, Bryan spent more than three years with Domino's as Group Manager - Safety, Security & Loss Prevention. Prior to that, he spent more than three years as a Regional Asset Protection Manager for Weis Markets. Earlier in his career, he held loss prevention roles with Sherwin Williams and JCPenney. Congratulations, Bryan!

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The Road to Recovery Spring 2021 Symposium

Join global executives, Wednesday, May 26th, and Thursday, May 27th, for The Road to Recovery Spring 2021 Symposium. This 2-day event will focus on the best practices and strategic recommendations to keep people safe, restore operations, and help organizations manage their reputations and communications to foster consumer safety and trust.

President Bill Clinton would be kicking off the symposium followed by executive C-level panels on May 26 and May 27. We'll be hosting roundtables specifically for security and IT professionals to discuss tackling the information security challenges and cyber threats of the pandemic.

Other Speakers Include:

This event is free of charge and one you will not want to miss! Space is limited, so register today to reserve your spot.  Click here to register

Protests & Violence

Gun injuries put over a half-million people in hospitals from 2000 to 2016,
study finds

First-of-its-kind database provides state-level estimates of gun hospitalizations
over time

Tens of thousands of people are admitted to hospitals for gun injuries every year, according to a first-of-its-kind database that underscores how the societal costs of gun violence extend well beyond mortality.

Developed by researchers at the Rand Corp., a California-based think tank, the study found roughly 550,000 people were admitted for gunshot wounds from 2000 to 2016, representing billions of dollars in health-care costs annually, as well as untold pain and suffering.

The data comes as narrow Democratic control of Congress and the White House has ushered in hopes among advocates for new policies intended to curb gun violence in the United States. A spate of high-profile mass shootings in 2021 has ratcheted up pressure on lawmakers to act.

Much of the research on gun control deals with homicide and suicide data because state and federal governments typically keep detailed records of how and when people die. But injuries also exact a considerable economic and public health toll: Gun-related hospital visits account for an estimated $2.8 billion in health-care spending annually, as well as billions more when lost work and wages are factored in.

A 2017 study found that the average gunshot patient incurred hospital costs of more than $95,000.

Shootings never stopped during the pandemic: 2020 was the deadliest gun violence year in decades

Precise numbers for those hospitalizations, however, have previously been unavailable. There's no comprehensive national database of gunshot injuries, for instance. And as the Rand researchers found, the quality of hospitalization data varies widely from state to state. Editor's Note: The exact same thing we run into in compiling our crime reports.

The Rand data include estimates of gun-related hospitalizations for all 50 states from 2000 through 2016. The people behind the database hope their work will allow other researchers to better understand how state-level policies influence gun violence.

At the state level, gun injuries roughly track the better-known homicide data. Louisiana leads the nation with an average of 24 gun hospitalizations for every 100,000 people each year. At the bottom of the list is Hawaii, with less than one-tenth the injury rate of Louisiana.

At the state level, gun ownership rates aren't closely correlated with gun hospitalizations. There's a well-known relationship between gun ownership and suicide, for instance. But that relationship doesn't apparently extend to gun injuries. Morral said that injuries, however, are closely correlated with rates of violent crime overall. And that suggests another driver: poverty.

People living in poor households "had more than double the rate of violent victimization" than those in high-income areas. washingtonpost.com

New Guidance from the CDC
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
Division of Violence Prevention

New VetoViolence Resources to Help Start & Enhance Your Work
CDC Tools Support a Public Health Approach to Violence Prevention
Three new resources on CDC's VetoViolence website help guide your journey of stopping violence before it starts - beginning with the fundamentals, leading into capacity assessment, and culminating in building an evaluation plan.

Help Us Spread the Word - Learn More

VetoViolence Resources for Violence Prevention
Violence Prevention in Practice
A Framework for Program Evaluation

Give back NY judges' power to require bail for clear threats to public safety
At least Bronx Judge Louis Nock tried: He set bail for the accused serial synagogue vandal at $20,000 on the theory that smashing glass counts as a violent felony and so allows for remand even under New York's noxious "no bail" law. But a different judge cut suspect Jordan Burnette loose under supervised release just hours later.

By conventional thinking, none of the 42 counts allowed for bail to be required for the perp, not even the several hate-crime offenses.

Notably, Nock recently lamented, "My hands are tied" by "the new bail rules" as he released without bail a man charged with attacking an undercover Asian cop.

And Bronx Assistant District Attorney Theresa Gottlieb agreed that "given the number of attacks, we probably would have asked for substantial bail before January of 2020." But, she went on, "The Legislature did not include hate crimes in its revision of bail reform and, under the law as it exists today, this is not eligible."

This, for the accused culprit in an 11-day terror spree. Yes, terror: The shattering of synagogue doors and windows is a blatant echo of Kristallnacht ("Night of Broken Glass"), when mobs of Nazis attacked German Jews' houses of worship, stores and homes, setting many ablaze - the prelude to the Holocaust. nypost.com

13th Straight Day of Demonstrations in NC
Elizabeth City, NC: More arrests Monday night as protests continue over
Andrew Brown Jr.'s death
On the day that Andrew Brown Jr. was laid to rest in Elizabeth City, at least four more people were arrested during evening protests. Monday marked the 13th day demonstrators were out on the streets seeking justice following the shooting death of Brown by Pasquotank County deputies attempting to serve an arrest warrant.

Around 8:30 p.m. four people walked out the Pasquotank County Courthouse after being arrested and charged with impeding traffic. One of those arrested was Kirk Rivers, the brother of the President of the Pasquotank County Chapter of the NAACP. Kirk says, "The four of us were all arrested together because we believe in the justice for Andrew Brown."

The protesters say they will continue to be out every day at 5:00 o'clock to protest. witn.com

In Colombia, 19 Are Killed in Pandemic-Related Protests
At least 19 people were killed and hundreds more injured during days of protests across Colombia, in which tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to demonstrate against a tax overhaul meant to fill a pandemic-related fiscal hole. nytimes.com

COVID Update

247M Vaccinations Given

US: 33.2M Cases - 591.5K Dead - 25.9M Recovered
Worldwide: 154.2M Cases - 3.2M Dead - 131.6M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 279   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 297
*Red indicates change in total deaths


CVS Says Covid-19 Vaccinations Slow as U.S. Rollout Runs Into Hesitancy
CVS says demand for shots down about 30% after administering more than 17 million doses in the U.S. The pharmacy chain has administered more than 17 million shots, which are now available at more than 8,300 U.S. locations. Like rivals, CVS has begun offering same-day appointments for injections in a bid to improve uptake. wsj.com

Workers are slowly returning to offices: Dallas takes the lead, while San Francisco and NY trail behind
The number of employee office visits in 10 large cities reached 26.1% of the pre-pandemic level the week ending April 21, according to Kastle Systems, the largest provider of technology that tracks such data through swipes of keycards and other devices. While Dallas and other Texas metro areas have solidly topped that average, cities such as San Francisco and New York have lagged. usatoday.com

OSHA increasingly issuing COVID-related citations

OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) Coming
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) has changed its mind and has decided to issue Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) that employers will be expected to adhere to regarding COVID-19 in the workplace. It is estimated that the ETS will be published no later than June.

OSHA is already increasingly issuing COVID-related citations under the General Duty Clause of the OSH Act to require employers to mandate, e.g., masking and social distancing."

OSHA also chose to recently unleash a National Emphasis Program regarding stepped-up enforcement efforts nationwide, initially targeting the hospital and healthcare industry. ehstoday.com

Which Health & Safety Attributes Most Important to Consumers
3rd Study- 2,000 Americans Surveyed - 25 Brands in 4 Key Industries

Whole Foods Best at Implementing COVID-19 Safety Measures
Whole Foods Market was a big winner in Ipsos' Health and Safety Best Brand Awards, presented by global research firm Ipsos based on the results of the latest "Consumer Health & Safety Index," an in-store benchmarking study that assesses how retailers are operating more than a year into the pandemic.

"The brands receiving Ipsos' Health & Safety Awards are being recognized for their responsiveness, diligence and excellence in creating safe in-store experiences for both customers and employees," said Shohini Banerjee, SVP, U.S. channel performance at New York-based Ipsos.

The Mystery Shoppers visited almost 3,500 individual locations and evaluated each brand's compliance with key health-and-safety measures. These included areas such as social distancing, mask compliance, cleaning and hand sanitizer availability. Top-performing brands were given awards for their overall performance, with awards also bestowed by category to highlight the individual nature of the marketplace in which these brands compete.

In the grocery category, Whole Foods and Food Lion led the pack, with Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods holding on to its No. 1 spot from previous Ipsos studies and also earning the Best in Industry designation. Salisbury, North Carolina-based Food Lion was No. 3 in the grocery industry but was recognized as a Best in Category winner for the presence of sanitizers at strategic points in its stores, including at entrances, checkouts and in restrooms.

Among big-box retailers, while Richfield, Minnesota-based electronics store chain Best Buy kept its spot as the top performer in the big-box industry, winning the Best in Industry, Minneapolis-based Target demonstrated improvement in its focus on health and safety, coming in second in the big-box industry and winning the Best in Category award for cleanliness. Issaquah, Washington-based Costco, which has consistently demonstrated strong performance across several waves of the Ipsos' index, came in third, and also received the Best in Category award for restrooms and barriers to enforce distancing.

As well as garnering Industry and Category awards, Whole Foods, Best Buy, Target and Costco received Best Overall Brand awards. These brands demonstrated strong performance through the end-to-end customer journey, setting them apart from the rest of the 24 participating brands in the Index.

Each brand included in the third wave of "Ipsos' Consumer Health & Safety Index" received scores for their compliance to each of the health-and-safety policies observed by mystery shoppers. progressivegrocer.com

Almost half of U.S. workers suffering from mental health issues due to COVID
Published Today in ehstoday.com

Employees Need Help with Mental Health
"The stigma of mental illness, therapy and mental health at work can keep many employees from using resources," said Dr. George James, a licensed marriage and family therapist and member of the CNBC Financial Wellness Council. "So it has to be driven, encouraged and supported from the top down."

And that's where EHS professionals can step in. Unfortunately, they have a strong case to make in creating a workplace program since almost half of the American workers are suffering from mental health issues due to COVID-19, according to a report, 2020 Behavioral Health Impact Update.

This number is up significantly, 46% compared to 39% prior to COVID-19. However, 39% is still a large part of the workforce that is dealing with these issues, and most are probably dealing with it alone.

Across the country, mental health associations have been vocal about the need to address this issue. In December 2020, the CEOs of 14 mental health advocacy organizations and professional organizations formed a coalition to engage with all levels of government-federal, state and local-to recognize, but more importantly address the issues.

"Just as the public health care system was unprepared for a pandemic, an unprecedented mental health crisis afflicting half of all Americans has overwhelmed the mental health care system. Since the onset of the pandemic, prevalence of depression symptoms have jumped three-fold, overdose deaths have increased in 40 states and the CDC reports that 25% of young adults struggle with suicidal ideation," the group said in a release. To address this they created a plan, A Unified Vision for Transforming Mental Health and Substance Use Care · Well Being Trust.

The CDC, in a document entitled Mental Health in the Workplace, points to the workplace as being an effective place to address the issues due to its inherent structure. ehstoday.com

From Hot Spot to Hope
New York Region to Accelerate Reopening, Raising Hopes and Anxiety

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are pushing ahead with May 19 reopening plans, and the subway will return to 24-hour service.

New York and its neighbors New Jersey and Connecticut announced on Monday that they were lifting almost all their pandemic restrictions, paving the way for a return to fuller offices and restaurants, a more vibrant nightlife and a richer array of cultural and religious gatherings for the first time in a year.

The relaxation of rules starting May 19 is a testament to the fact that coronavirus cases are down and vaccination rates are rising, offering a chance to jump-start the recovery in a region that became a center of the global pandemic last spring.

New York will also bring back 24-hour service to the subway on May 17, after a year of overnight closures, a move critical for night-shift workers and a symbolic boost to a city that takes pride in a transit system that had, until the pandemic, never closed for extended periods. nytimes.com

DeSantis declares COVID 'state of emergency' over in Florida,
overrides local restrictions
Declaring Florida's COVID-19 emergency over, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed an executive order invalidating all remaining local emergency COVID orders and signed a bill into law that bars businesses, schools and government entities across Florida from asking anyone to provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination. yahoo.com

McKinsey and Company
Speaking out on purpose
Like it or not, as a company leader, you play an important part in helping your employees find their purpose and live it.

Our insights

Why it matters. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many employees to reevaluate both their personal and work lives. Many now expect their jobs to provide purpose. If a company can't meet that goal, employees will seek out one that will. Getting purpose right can create well-being both for individual employees and your company.

What employees want. Purpose comes from forces outside work, as well as from daily work itself. But mandating purpose will backfire. Instead, CEOs need to see themselves as employee influencers rather than controllers. It's time to start closing the gap between the experiences of upper-level management and frontline employees when it comes to opportunities to truly live purpose at work.

Find Your Purpose

Over Last Five Years Over 300 Inspections & $9.3M in Proposed Penalties
Dollar Tree Faces $265,000 in Penalties for Repeat Safety Violations
In the past five years, the discount retailer has been inspected more than 300 times that have resulted in more than $9.3 million in proposed penalties.

Dollar Tree store workers across the country continue to face the same hazardous working conditions at the national discount chain as they have for many years. Since 2016, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has inspected company locations more than 300 times.

Following an October 2020 inspection at a Dollar Tree store in Beverly Hills, Florida, OSHA determined that the company exposed workers to fire, entrapment and struck-by hazards, blocked exit routes, and improperly stacked boxes and other materials that might fall and injure workers. OSHA proposed $265,265 in penalties.

Since 2018, inspections at Dollar Tree Stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee have resulted in proposed penalties of more than $1.3 million. Nationwide, Dollar Tree inspections in the past five years have resulted in proposed penalties of more than $9.3 million.

"Dollar Tree Stores have a history of not taking the safety of its workers and customers seriously," said OSHA Area Director Danelle Jindra in Tampa, Florida. "Until appropriate precautions are taken to protect their employees from these well-known and frequent hazards, OSHA will continue to hold them accountable."

The company has 15 business days from receipt of its citations and penalties to comply, request an informal conference with OSHA's area director, or contest the findings before the independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission. ehstoday.com

Compliance Officers Play Growing Role in Corporate Sustainability Efforts
Dell, Western Union and other companies are showcasing the work of their compliance departments to attract ESG-focused investors

Companies looking to show investors their commitment to sustainability are relying more on the work of their chief compliance officers.

The role played by compliance in ensuring that employees act ethically has a natural place in corporate efforts to attract sustainability-minded investors, these companies say.

Some compliance executives also have been tapped to help manage social or environmental goals that go well beyond their role's traditional remit, as companies look to put muscle behind the pledges they make on such issues and address legal risks that can be involved.

"A compliance officer is viewed as a leader in ethics, in good corporate practices," said Taylor Pullins, a former sustainability director for Houston-based oil-and-gas producer Noble Energy Inc. "Right there, they have a role in disclosing internally to employees and to the market about why they are a responsible corporation."

With many companies now setting broader environmental, social and governance goals, compliance officers have taken on a bigger role. Corporate governance experts expect that involvement to continue, in part due to the legal risks associated with such commitments.

Some compliance officers and corporate governance experts think there is room for compliance to take on an even greater role in ESG as the function's responsibility for managing nonfinancial risks of all kinds grows. wsj.com

'The therapist at CVS will see you now'
CVS HealthHUBs To Pilot Behavioral Health Services In 34 Locations
CVS Health is preparing to launch a behavioral health pilot program in 34 HealthHUB locations in four states. The pilot launched at 17 HealthHUB locations in three states: Florida (six locations), Pennsylvania (four locations); and Texas (seven locations). By July 2021, 17 more pilot locations are slated to open with six in New Jersey, one in Florida, three in Pennsylvania, and seven in Texas.

For the pilot the HealthHUBs, which provide consumers with care concierge services for chronic disease management and other primary and preventive care services, are working with the CVS MinuteClinic service, which provides direct medical services. Mental health counseling services are provided by a MinuteClinic® licensed therapist within a CVS® HealthHUB™ location. The social workers provide adults ages 18 and older with behavioral assessments, referrals, on-the-spot counseling, and personalized care plans.

CVS Health is a different kind of health care company. It is a diversified health services company with nearly 300,000 employees united around a common purpose of helping people on their path to better health. In an increasingly connected and digital world, it meets people wherever they are and changing health care to meet their needs. Built on a foundation of unmatched community presence, the CVS Health diversified model engages one in three Americans each year. From its innovative new health care management services at HealthHUB locations, to transformative programs that help manage chronic conditions, CVS Health seeks to make health care more accessible, more affordable, and simply better.

Among other retailers, Walmart operates about 20 Walmart Health in-store clinics that charge $45 for 45-minute counseling sessions. According to therapist directory GoodTherapy.org. CVS charges $59 for a telehealth session. retailwire.com  openminds.com

Quarterly Results

Under Armour Q1 DTC up 54%, E-commerce sales up 69%, North America revenue up 32%, International sales up 58%, Wholesales up 35%, total revenue up 35%

Travel Centers of America (TA) Q1 fuel sales up 11.2%, nonfuel sales up 5.4%

CVS Q1 Retail/LTC Segment comp's total store up 0.4%, Pharmacy up 4.1%, Front Store down -11.4%, Prescription volume up 1%, total revenue up 2.3%,
CVS Q1 Pharmacy Services revenue up 3.8%, Consolidated total revenue up 3.5%

Publix Q1 comp's up 2.4%, sales up 3.9%

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Divisional Asset Protection Director job posted for Lowe's in Mooresville, NC
The primary purpose of this role is to maximize profitability of the company by protecting the people and assets for their division of responsibility. The DAPD is directly responsible for Safety, Shrink, Expenses and Liability and provides direct leadership to field personnel in the Asset Protection, Safety & Hazmat Department within their respective division. The Division Director will have responsibility for ensuring that stores within their division are implementing and executing safety programs in order to create safe store environments for customers and employees. sjobs.brassring.com

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Macy's workers win commission pay battle against mobile app purchases

Macy's cannot offer the use of its Scan and Pay app for purchases from departments where employees make commissions, and must pay back commissions on such purchases, a labor relations arbitrator has ruled, according to a document of the decision.

The determination applies to three collective bargaining agreements between Macy's and employees at stores in Boston and other New England cities, according to the ruling, a copy of which was provided by the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.

But it also should have implications for the department store's 125,000 employees and other retail workers, the UFCW said in a press release. Macy's didn't immediately return a request for comment.

In September 2018 (shortly after the payment app was introduced), the union filed a grievance that Macy's failure to award commissions from purchases made through the app "is a violation of the three collective bargaining agreements, as is the company's failure to notify and work with the union on changes in job functions and commission pay practices/procedures," according to the filing from the arbitrator, Tammy Brynie.

"Today's victory for Macy's workers sends a powerful message to CEOs across the industry that companies cannot use mobile apps to force a backdoor pay cut on workers," Perrone said. paymentsdive.com

SecOp's Getting Better at Self-Detecting & Dwell Times Decreasing
Attackers' Dwell Time Plummets as Ransomware Hits Continue

Faster Detection Is Good News, But More Speed Still Needed, Mandiant Reports

"Dwell time," which refers to how long hackers hang out in an organization's network before being discovered, has historically been a key metric for expressing whether hack-attack victims are getting better at detecting intruders.

The longer attackers can spend in an organization's network, the more chance they have to jump to systems, crack passwords, find and exfiltrate valuable data and maybe leave crypto-locking malware on systems.

The good news is that the average dwell time continues to decline, according to FireEye's Mandiant incident response group. The bad news is that it declined, in part, due to ransomware attackers often quickly revealing themselves when corporate networks become crypto-locked and inaccessible.

For cases Mandiant investigated from October 2019 through September 2020 - "59% of the security incidents ... were initially detected by the organizations themselves - an improvement of 12% from the prior year," the company says in its M-Trends 2021 report.

Ransomware was involved in 25% of those cases - up from 14% in the prior 12 months - and "of these ransomware intrusions, 78% had dwell times of 30 days or fewer compared to 44% of non-ransomware intrusions," it says. At the other end of the spectrum, 11% of all breaches lasted more than 700 days, compared to just 1% of cases involving ransomware.

"Organizations are getting better and better at detecting threat actors in their environment"


Prime Target for Cyber Criminals
Researchers Explore Active Directory Attack Vectors

Incident responders who investigate attacks targeting Active Directory discuss methods used to gain entry, elevate privileges, and control target systems.

Active Directory is a massive and complex attack surface that has long been a prime target for criminals seeking valuable privileges and data. Incident responders find the service is involved in the bulk of attacks they investigate, underscoring major security challenges for defenders.

Active Directory has been around since Windows 2000 but has become a priority for both attackers and defenders in recent years, he says.

"There have been other technologies which have come out, but most of the organizations we work with still use Active Directory for their primary identity," Khanna explains. "And of late, identity has become more important as we go into the cloud, as we move into new services."

AdvertisementIn their incident response investigations, Khanna and Muthiah see attackers conduct privilege escalation to move laterally, persist in target environments, and blend in. Backdoors and misconfigurations on Active Directory systems provide attackers with long-term privileges. Some use Active Directory to deploy ransomware across domainwide systems, Muthiah adds.

"So it's not just to reach the crown jewels to extract the data alone; the attackers are also using Active Directory as a living-off-the-land technique in order to push binaries across domainwide systems," he says.

When it comes to attack methods, intruders often have several options. Some gain access via social engineering or phishing; some exploit vulnerabilities or misconfigurations to access Active Directory. In one technique Khanna has observed, the attacker can adjust the registry configuration so the password for an Active Directory system account doesn't change every 30 days. If the password doesn't change, and the attacker has stolen the account's password hash, that person can access the machine with a tactic commonly known as a silver ticket attack, he says. darkreading.com

To Safeguard Today's Networks, Security Must be Everywhere
A unified, self-healing security ecosystem that spans across devices, users, and applications can minimize gaps and provide timely and coordinated preventions across the entire attack lifecycle.

Today's networks, and the people and things that access them, are more distributed than ever. The ongoing explosion of network edges that spanned data centers, wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN), OT networks, and cloud access security brokers (CASB) now also include LTE, off-net resources, and the new home office. And many of these resources are now accessed through the public internet.

From a security perspective, however, the net result of this massive expansion and distribution of users and resources is that the network perimeter across the entire infrastructure has splintered. networkcomputing.com

Apple fixes four zero-days under attack




NLRB to hold hearing on alleged 'objectionable conduct' in Amazon union vote
The National Labor Relations Board will review evidence during a May 7 hearing regarding allegations of "objectionable conduct" during the recent union election at an Amazon facility in Bessemer, Alabama, according to an April 26 order issued by NLRB Acting Regional Director Lisa Y. Henderson.

Amazon prevailed in the closely watched contest ending April 9, when 1,798 out of 5,867 eligible voters casted votes against union representation at the facility compared to 738 votes in favor of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. But the union filed objections April 16 alleging that Amazon said in a March email to employees that it would conduct layoffs due to the union and that agents of the company "threatened" employees that it would close the facility if the union were voted in, among other claims.

Evidence submitted by the union "could be grounds for overturning the election if introduced at a hearing," Henderson wrote, but the acting regional director also halted two of the union's objections because they are related to a pending unfair labor practice charge against Amazon. Per the order, Amazon "denies engaging in any objectionable conduct." Amazon did not immediately respond to an HR Dive request for comment.

The outcome of the May 7 hearing could be significant for the labor and employment world, given the high-profile nature of the Amazon election in context of the broader push for unionization by U.S. worker advocates. hrdive.com

How Amazon escapes liability for the riskiest products on its site

Who's at fault when something you buy on Amazon goes bad?

Court decided Amazon was so involved in the purchasing process that the company meets the definition of a "seller" of products under state law, and so could be held liable for defective third-party products on its platform. (Amazon has also claimed protections under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects online platforms from user actions, but has had less success with the defense.)

If Amazon is held liable for every mishap caused by products on its third-party Marketplace, the result could be a serious hit to Amazon's bottom line. Already, the company has said it may spend billions of dollars to stop the spread of dangerous goods. Amazon is currently seeking a review of the Oberdorf decision, and the decision has meanwhile been vacated, as cases in multiple states have been put on hold while the situation shakes out.

"If you look at the body of law defining what a seller is, and look at Amazon in comparison," he says, "[it's] hard to see why the corner deli is deemed to be a seller for all the stuff in the store there, and the amount of control they have for safety and the like is much less than what Amazon has." theverge.com

Has Online Retail's Biggest Bully Returned?
Outraged customers of Eyeglassesdepot sound like the victims of a man who's already spent years in prison for terrorizing consumers.

Vitaly Borker, a 6-foot-5 immigrant from Ukraine who goes by the multiple names of Stanley and Becky was arrested in 2017, buyers from another site, OpticsFast, complained that when they tried to return their counterfeit glasses, they endured grueling harassment from someone identified as Becky S. and would serve three and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to fraud and sending threatening communications as the operator of DecorMyEyes.

Once released, he went straight back to work, running OpticsFast, prosecutors said. In 2017, he was arrested and imprisoned again, this time pleading guilty to mail and wire fraud.

An array of online clues strongly suggests that Mr. Borker, who was released from prison in November 2020, Federal Bureau of Prisons records show, is behind Eyeglassesdepot. None of Eyeglassesdepot's customers said they were threatened, but at least three were doxxed - that is to say, their names, addresses and credit card information were posted online - by an Eyeglassesdepot representative underneath their complaints about the site. nytimes.com

With new leadership in place, GameStop invests in its e-commerce future







Knoxville, TN: More than $50,000 in sports cards stolen from memorabilia shop
 A suspected thief made off with tens-of-thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a Fountain City memorabilia shop. The owner of Eddie's Sports Treasures, Eddie Barkley, says a man broke through his front door and stole more than $50,000 in unopened boxes of sports cards during the weekend. "It's my most hottest, valuable types of cards today. In the next couple weeks there will be something else that's high end like that. But as of right now, that was my cream of the crop, so to speak." The basketball, football and baseball cards were some of Barkley's most valuable ones. "I've got probably 200 different items on the shelves and he took all the most expensive ones and he did it within two minutes," Barkley said. "One of the boxes that he took, it retails for $3,500. And I had eight of those taken." Barkley says he's desperate to find out who's behind the alleged crime. He's also turned over surveillance video to the Knoxville Police Department. wate.com

Albuquerque, NM: Local man charged in Home Depot Armed Robbery
A warrant is out for the arrest of a man accused of pulling a gun on a Home Depot employee last week. This isn't the only robbery Eric Gulmace is accused of. According to an arrest warrant, Gulmace was seen on surveillance video pointing a gun at an employee at the Los Lunas Home Depot. He left with two large evaporative coolers worth nearly $2,000. Police say they later connected Gulmace to nine other robberies. They say in all of these robberies, he used the same spray-painted black Nissan truck. Police issued an arrest warrant for the robbery at the Home Depot. He faces multiple charges, including robbery with a deadly weapon. krqe.com

Northbrook, IL: Theft reported at Louis Vuitton in Northbrook
An employee of Louis Vuitton, 1500 block of Lake Cook Road, reported at 2:28 p.m. April 29 that while conducting a product inventory, numerous items were found missing. A check of security video located a man and two women, in their 20s, removing various items from display areas then leaving the store without paying for the items. patch.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Update: Alabaster, AL: Jury finds Michael Powell guilty in Chevron murder, recommends Death Penalty
An Alabaster man has been found guilty of capital murder after a jury returned the verdict on Wednesday, April 28. Michael Anthony Powell, 48, was arrested and charged with capital murder and robbery on Nov. 4, 2016 after shooting and killing Chevron convenience store clerk Tracy Algar during a robbery. During the hearing, the State of Alabama presented evidence of Powell's prior violent felonies, which included second degree assault and two counts of third degree robbery. shelbycountyreporter.com

Phoenix, AZ: Surveillance video shows Manager shot by Bystander during Shoplift
Phoenix police have released surveillance video of an incident involving two shoplifters who escaped from an Ace Hardware after a bystander shot at them, but missed, hitting a store manager. It happened around 9 a.m. on Jan. 30 at the Howard's Ace Hardware. Surveillance video shows two men backing into a parking spot in front of the store and then walking in separately. They're in the store for a little more than 10 minutes. From the cameras inside, you can see the men walking out side-by-side, carrying buckets full of items. They glance at each other and then make a break for it.

By this point, employees were catching on to what was happening and were trying to stop it. The video shows a manager in a white shirt running outside of the store. The two shoplifters are running towards their car, and one tries to get into the passenger side door when a woman, who is off camera, shoots at them. The bullet ends up hitting the manager in his leg. "Even though she's trying to do a citizen's arrest or be a good person and helping here, under our law, you still had to use reasonable judgement, you can't just fire a weapon," said attorney Benjamin Taylor, who is not affiliated with this case.

Nya Reyes, 46, was booked on charges of aggravated assault and discharging a firearm within city limits. The owner of Howard's Ace says that the manager still has not been able to return to work. He says the bullet shattered his knee and right now he's going to physical therapy to hopefully one day be able to walk again. At the time Reyes was arrested, the shoplifters were still at large.  azfamily.com

Update: Alexandria, LA: Eddie Ray Jackson sentenced for 2017 murder in convenience store parking lot

Update: Los Angeles, CA: Suspect in the 2018 Silver Lake Trader Joe's shooting found competent to stand trial; A pre-trial hearing for Gene Evin Atkins was set for July 22


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Houston, TX: 2 men rob customer at gunpoint in Burger King's drive-thru; search for suspects underway
The Houston Police Department is asking for the public's help in identifying the suspects responsible for robbing a customer in a Burger King's drive-thru. Police said on Sunday, April 18, 2021, at 3:30 a.m., the victim had just pulled up to a drive-thru at a restaurant in the 9000 block of Clinton. The victim told officers two unidentified men suddenly appeared and one of them pointed a handgun at him and demanding that he get out of his vehicle. The victim told investigators that he put his hands up into the air and then exited the vehicle, at which time both of the suspects got in and sped off on Clinton. Following a high speed chase by Police, the suspect bailed out of the vehicle. Officers said they were not able to locate the suspects after setting a perimeter at the location. click2houston.com

Edgewater, NJ: Hudson County Ex-Con With 42 Arrests Tasered After Fighting, Spitting On Police
A Hudson County ex-con with a rap sheet more than three decades long was Tasered after he kicked, elbowed and spit on Edgewater police officers who were trying to arrest him for a multi-store shoplifting spree, authorities said. Gregory Calvo, 50, of Union City had just stolen hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from the Marshalls, Old Navy and TJ Maxx stores at Edgewater Commons when two officers found him in the Acme Supermarket on Saturday, Police Chief Donald Martin said.

"I'm not going to be arrested today," Calvo announced as he "got into a fighting stance," the chief said Calvo is all-too familiar to police. Since 1989, he's been convicted more than 20 times -- and served both state prison and county jail time - for offenses that include robbery, theft, burglary, drug dealing, domestic violence, aggravated assault and aggravated assault on a police officer in Bergen, Hudson, Passaic and Morris counties, records show. Calvo was serving one of those sentences in the Hudson County Jail when authorities said he threatened to shoot a food service worker in the head. He refused to go quietly for what became his 42nd arrest on Saturday.  dailyvoice.com

Port Charlotte, FL: Former restaurant employee hid, broke into safe after closing
A Punta Gorda man was arrested April 30 after deputies said he hid in the back of a Port Charlotte restaurant and stole money after closing. Leroy McDaniel, 32, is facing charges of burglary and grand theft after investigators said he hid in Cody's Roadhouse in the Port Charlotte Town Center before committing the heist on March 8, according to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. McDaniel made off with $1917.14 in cash and an unknown amount of payroll cards, deputies said. After an investigation, McDaniel was connected to the crime by a fingerprint left behind on burglary tools at the scene of the crime. nbc-2.com

Mount Vernon, NY Police Officers buy shoplifting homeless man socks
instead of arresting him
The officers were called to a Dollar Tree Store in Mount Vernon for a shoplifting report. What they found was a homeless man badly in need of socks. Instead of arresting him, Officer Cartwright bought him $15-worth of socks. "See what you get when you're honest. Listen, I know how important it is to have a nice pair of socks when you're out running around and you have nothing else going on, and listen, we'll get you taken care of," the officer said. Officer Velez also advised the man that he can always get assistance at police headquarters. abc7ny.com

Wilmington, NC: Lumberton Man Sentenced to 20 Years for Hobbs Act Robberies, Carjacking, and Kidnapping; Armed Robbery of 3 Dollar General's, 2 C-Stores and a Family Dollar

Brooklyn, NY: Woman attacks Brooklyn deli clerk, confronts cops with weapon and demands to be Tased

Baltimore, MD: Shoplifter pulls knife on employee at Walmart in Nottingham

Indianapolis, IN: Rise in Armed Robberies reported since lockdown level has eased

Oakland, CA: Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong Addresses Spike In Violent Crime

Cedar Grove, NJ: Multi-Agency Probe Ties Quartet To 84 Home Burglaries In Eight NJ Counties, Rockland



Coalition of Law Enforcement and Citizens Strongly Opposes Nancy Skinner's
"Petty Theft" Bill
We, as a coalition of citizens and law enforcement, urge our legislators and fellow citizens to reject Senate Bill 82 (D-Skinner), which will make all robberies (theft by force or fear) into misdemeanor "petty theft" unless the robber uses a weapon or inflicts great bodily injury (GBI). Under this Bill, a robber may overpower a victim with violence and, as long as the victim suffers only "moderate injury," no felony robbery will result. By removing the felony consequence, this Bill will encourage thieves to commit robberies, and discounts the physical injury, emotional trauma and financial toll inflicted on victims.

This proposed law is deeply flawed and based on bad analysis. This Bill would, for example, allow a robber to ambush a lone woman in a parking lot or even using an ATM, threaten her, punch her in the face and wrestle away her purse-and then be charged with a petty theft misdemeanor as long as he inflicts only "moderate" injury. The author claims this change reflects laws in New York, Oregon, Illinois, and Texas. However, none of those states allow their citizens to be injured to accomplish a theft and then give the thief a misdemeanor.
Making robbery a misdemeanor will increase the number of robberies, particularly by those currently committing petty thefts to support an addiction to drugs. Misdemeanors do not deter habitual or career thieves, who will regularly steal from merchants while being careful not to exceed $950 in value to avoid a felony. Career thieves have testified to this:

"[Defendant] testified that stealing from stores is 'what [he] do[es] for a living,' so he is ... careful not to exceed the $950 felony threshold and 'never touch[es] anybody, because [then] it's a robbery.'" People v. Grant (2020) 57 Cal.App.5th 323. eastcountytoday.net



AT&T Covington, GA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Orangeburg, SC - Robbery
C-Store - Frenchtown Township, MI- Armed Robbery
C-Store - Quay County, NM - Armed Robbery
CVS - Berkeley, CA - Armed Robbery
Cellphone - Pasco, WA - Armed Robbery
Clothing - Sioux Falls, SD - Robbery
Collectables - Knoxville, TN - Burglary
Collectables - Jerseyville, IL - Burglary
Family Dollar - Greenville, NC - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Bridgewater, CT - Burglary
Grocery - Marianna, FL - Robbery
Grocery - Callahan, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Sacramento, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Watauga, TX - Robbery
Jewelry - Maplewood, MN - Burglary
Liquor - Baltimore, MD - Robbery
Metro PCS - Bellmead, TX - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery (Burger King)
Restaurant - White Center, WA - Burglary
Walmart - Baltimore, MD - Armed Robbery
Thrift - Englewood, CO - Burglary


Daily Totals:
• 16 robberies
• 6 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Rite Aid is pleased to announce that Melanie Dickson has joined the company as a Regional Asset Protection Leader, supporting Pittsburgh.

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Division Asset Protection - Herald Square & NYC
Brooklyn, NY - posted April 14
As Senior Director, Asset Protection you will serve as subject matter expert in the following areas: shortage, fraud, investigations, legal compliance, and training. Create and implement AP strategies in partnership with VP, Asset Protection. Manage, direct, & deploy District Managers of Investigations (DMIs) to support districts & stores...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Chicago South / Illinois Central - posted April 27
The District Loss Prevention Manager develops and executes Loss Prevention vision and strategies for 15-45 selling locations. The DLPM is responsible for driving results through achievement of goals related to inventory shortage, budget lines, cash variance and operational compliance...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Phoenix, Dallas, Denver and Houston - posted April 22
Victra is the leading exclusive, premium retailer for Verizon with a mission of connecting technology to life in the most trusting and profitable way. As the Regional Asset Protection Manager, you will be very logical, efficient, orderly, and organized in always safeguarding our company assets from losses due to theft or fraud...

Area Loss Prevention Manager
Sacramento, CA - posted April 20
Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence...

Corporate Security Manager
Calabasas, CA - posted April 6
The Corporate Security Manager will, among other things, (a) be responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment for our employees, vendors, and visitors, (b) develop, manage, execute and continuously improve corporate security processes and protocols, and (c) lead a team of security specialists at our corporate offices...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Roanoke or Richmond, VA - posted March 16
To provide support for loss prevention and safety for restaurants in assigned regions and protect the assets of the company by leveraging partnerships at all levels of the company and utilizing existing Asset Protection and Restaurant Operating systems and processes...

Regional LP & Safety Manager
Denver, CO
- posted Feb. 9
The Regional Loss Prevention & Safety Manager implements Risk Management and Loss Prevention objectives within assigned region. The position will provide assistance and training to the field operations teams to address specific Risk Management and Loss Prevention issues within an assigned span of control.  Read job description here

Manager of Asset Protection & Safety Operations
Rockaway, NJ
- posted Feb. 4
The Manager of Asset Protection & Safety Operations is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage and safety compliance for Party City Holdings, by successfully managing Asset Protection (AP) Safety programs and reporting...


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