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April's Moving Ups

38 New Senior LP's - 24 Promotions - 14 Appointments

Agilence named Corey Adams Solutions Engineer
Albertsons Companies promoted Doug Kuripla to Senior Director AP Programs and Infrastructure
Albertsons Companies named Gianna Davis Asset Protection Director of National Investigations
Albertsons Companies promoted Darcy Layman to Asset Protection Director, Intermountain Division
Albertsons Companies promoted Emma Gomez to Manager of Asset Protection Programs
Amazon promoted Andrew Beckett to Director, AMZL Loss Prevention, Americas Region
Amazon promoted Aaron Burtner to Senior Manager, AMER Loss Prevention Programs
Amazon promoted Michael Kingrey to Sr. Program Mgr, Safety & DOT Compliance NA Middle Mile Ops
Bealls, Inc. promoted Justin MacIntyre, CFI, LPC to Manager of Corporate Investigations
Casey's General Stores names Paul Suarez Chief Information Security Officer
CVS Health promoted Ben Dugan CFI to Director of Organized Retail Crime
CVS Health promoted Kevin Moring to Director of Asset Protection Retail Operations
CVS Health promoted Carla Dacosta to Director of Asset Protection Analytics
CVS Health promoted Terrence Mullen LPC to Senior Manager, Organized Retail Crime
CVS Health promoted Jose "Joey" Varela LPC to Senior Manager, Organized Retail Crime
CVS Health promoted David Halliwell to Regional Asset Protection Manager
Domino's names James Ferrens, CPP, PSP Team Leader - Physical Security
Five Below named Andrew Burchett Senior Manager, AP - Supply Chain
Gap Inc. promoted Chris Nelson to Senior Vice President / Head of AP
Gap Inc. named Jen Thomason Vice President / Head of  Old Navy AP Center of Excellence
Gap Inc. promoted Jerett Sauer to Sr. Dir. / Head of  Digital, Data, & Analytics Center of Excellence
Gap Inc. promoted Ken Poudrier to Sr Dir. / Head of AP Operations Center of Excellence
Gap Inc. promoted Melissa Diaz to Director AP Operations
Gap Inc. promoted Jacob Myers to Director AP Operations-Programs and Safeness
Gap Inc. promoted Brit Hehn to Director, Old Navy AP Operations
Hanwha Techwin America Appoints Mr. C.H. (Choong Hoon) Ha as New President
Intellicheck names Bruce Ackerman as Senior Vice President of Sales
Intellicheck names David Andrews as Vice President of Marketing
LeachGarner named Paul Finkelstein Director of Security Operations
Luxottica promoted Eddie Sosa, LPC promoted to Regional Manager of Investigations for North America
Macy's named Gary Novello Jr, LPC, CFI Director, Fraud Strategy and Analytics
Old Navy promoted Brooke (Anderson) Murota, MBA to Sr. Manager Asset Protection Operations
Rite Aid named Hector Pearson Senior Director of Asset Protection
Ross Stores promoted Mike Liles to AVP LP - Division 2 (East Coast)
Ross Stores promoted Robert Grant to Senior Area Loss Prevention Manager
Spencer's promoted Tony Raab to Associate Director of Loss Prevention
Target named Frederick D. Hassel, Jr. Assets Protection Operations Manager
Vector Security® Networks Hires Allan Watters, LPC as Head of Innovation, Retail Solutions

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Tyco Kantech strengthens intrusion support, mobile and cybersecurity applications in latest version of EntraPass software

Johnson Controls, the global leader in smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, and architect of the OpenBlue digital connected platforms, has released the newest version of the Tyco Kantech EntraPass security management software. EntraPass version 8.30 features additional support for Tyco DSC PowerSeries intrusion alarm panels, including a fully functional virtual keypad, enhanced support for EntraPass web macOS functionality, cybersecurity updates and other optimizations for a more streamlined user experience.

For a more seamless combination of access control and intrusion, additional support for the Tyco DSC PowerSeries alarm panel family includes a fully functional virtual keypad, with the same functions, navigations and emergency keys as the physical DSC intrusion alarm panels. This enables system operators to perform intrusion functions remotely from an EntraPass workstation, such as the arming/disarming of intrusion panels or acknowledging/cancelling alarms without needing to be physically present at the keypad's location. Read more here 

ADT sues Ring for trademark infringement

For decades, ADT's Famous Blue Octagon-an iconic trademark recognizable virtually anywhere in the United States-has been a symbol of ADT's dedication to its customers. ADT's more than 6 million customers proudly display ADT's Famous Blue Octagon to let others know that ADT is always there to help protect and connect what matters most to them. 

Read more about the lawsuit


Protests & Violence

Grocery workers, already reeling from the pandemic, face new trauma
from store shootings
Recent attacks in Colorado and New York have added a new layer of vulnerability for millions of supermarket employees: "I don't feel safe"

The Boulder attack and other deadly grocery store shootings, including one last month in Long Island, underscore a new layer of vulnerability for millions of grocery workers, many already overwhelmed after taking on bigger workloads, longer hours and heightened health risks in the year-plus of the pandemic.

The prolonged stress, public health experts say, can lead to depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease and other conditions. Now they're dealing with one more stressor, said Bethany Brand, a psychology professor at Towson University in Maryland who specializes in trauma.

"Statistically the odds of any one grocery worker being killed at work are extremely small, but that is not how our brains work," she said. "The impact of these events is real with heightened levels of stress and anxiety for many employees."

Even workers not directly affected by the shootings say they are struggling to sleep and are fearful of going to work, as they confront an ever-present threat of gun violence in the workplace. Last Wednesday, less than a month after the Boulder shootings, a gunman opened fire in a Stop & Shop in Long Island, killing one manager and two employees.

And while workplaces around the country have added active shooter drills and discussed lockdown scenarios with employees, mental health experts say they have been slower to address the trauma that such events can leave behind. Some workers may be scared to return to work or find that violent events in the news can be re-traumatizing.  washingtonpost.com

Debate Over Police Body Cam Footage

As Body Cams Become Common, a Debate Over When to Release Footage

The question of timing has become an unsettled new frontier of policymaking as the use of police body cameras is more the rule rather than the exception.

Ma'Khia Bryant had been dead only a few hours when the authorities in Columbus, Ohio, released body camera footage from the police officer who had shot and killed her. Andrew Brown Jr. was killed by sheriff's deputies in Elizabeth City, N.C., nearly two weeks ago, and it could be many more weeks - or even months - before video of his death is publicly shown.

As body-worn cameras have become more commonplace, and public pressure on officials to take police accountability more seriously has mounted, so too have demands to quickly release the footage of violent or fatal encounters between law enforcement officers and citizens. A video can mean the difference between drawing attention or dying in obscurity.

But it is not always that easy. While more police chiefs and mayors have recently made ad hoc decisions to quickly release videos of high-profile incidents, activists and lawmakers in some states are pushing for faster public access. That has made the question of timing an important and unsettled new frontier of policymaking as the use of body cameras among law enforcement in the United States becomes the rule rather than the exception.

As of 2018, at least 23 states and the District of Columbia had passed laws related to the public disclosure of body-worn camera footage, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, and many states are considering measures this year. Few states consider body-worn camera footage exempt from public records requests, although most states have passed various exemptions associated with the disclosure - from who is allowed to view the video to the time frame in which it must be released. nytimes.com

New Police Tactics for Protests After 'Excessive Use of Force'
Columbus police may not use tear gas, rubber bullets on peaceful protesters after running 'amok', judge rules
A federal judge on Friday ordered police in Columbus, Ohio, to stop using force against nonviolent protesters in the city as part of a preliminary injunction that denounced tactics of officers who the judge said ran "amok" against demonstrators following George Floyd's death last summer in Minneapolis.

In an 88-page opinion, Judge Algenon L. Marbley of the Southern District of Ohio described the physical violence, tear gas and pepper spray used by Columbus police as "the sad tale of officers, clothed with the awesome power of the state, run amok."

Marbley said that authorities often used force "random and indiscriminately" against peaceful protesters in Columbus without provocation.

Marbley's ruling favored 26 plaintiffs who sued the city after taking part in the demonstrations last summer, alleging that officers responded to protesters who posed no threat of violence with excessive use of force. The lawsuit, which was filed last July, alleged that officers used pepper spray and tear gas and assaulted protesters with a sound cannon, batons, and rubber and wooden bullets. washingtonpost.com

Letting the Rioters in the Front Door
GOP lawmaker charged with 'knowingly' letting rioters breach the Oregon Capitol
As far-right demonstrators gathered outside the Oregon Capitol in December in the hope of ending coronavirus restrictions, state Rep. Mike Nearman (R) appeared to deliberately allow entry to two men trying to breach the building as he was leaving.

Without hesitation, two rioters on Dec. 21 rushed inside the state Capitol in Salem, Ore., held doors open and signaled for others to come in before police arrived to cut off the security breach, according to surveillance video obtained by the Oregonian and Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Nearman, 57, now faces criminal charges for his role in allegedly allowing the rioters to breach the Oregon Capitol, Marion County District Attorney Paige E. Clarkson announced Friday. The GOP lawmaker has been charged with misdemeanor counts of first-degree official misconduct and second-degree criminal trespass, according to court documents. washingtonpost.com

Long-Lasting Health Impacts of Teargas

Hundreds report health issues after being teargassed during Portland protests
More than a thousand people reported lasting health effects after being exposed to teargas during protests in Portland, Oregon, last summer, according to a newly published scientific study.

Nearly 900 people reported abnormal menstrual cycles, including intense cramping and increased bleeding, that began or persisted days after their initial exposure to the teargas. Hundreds of others complained of other negative health impacts, including severe headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and mental health concerns.

The new research, based on an online survey of more than 2,200 people, challenges claims that the health consequences of being teargassed are minor and temporary, said Dr Britta Torgrimson-Ojerio, a researcher at Kaiser Permanente Northwest and the lead author of the study. yahoo.com

COVID Update

246M Vaccinations Given

US: 33.1M Cases - 591K Dead - 25.8M Recovered
Worldwide: 153.5M Cases - 3.2M Dead - 130.9M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 279   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 297
*Red indicates change in total deaths

5 Law Enforcement Officers Died From COVID-19 in April
119 Law Enforcement Officers Died in Line of Duty in 2021 So Far
- Up 20% over 2020
YTD COVID-19 has been linked to 63 law enforcement deaths in 2021

Virus Spreading Too Quickly + Not Enough Americans Getting Shots

Reaching 'Herd Immunity' Is Unlikely in the U.S., Experts Now Believe

Widely circulating coronavirus variants and persistent hesitancy about vaccines will keep the goal out of reach. The virus is here to stay, but vaccinating the most vulnerable may be enough to restore normalcy.

Now, more than half of adults in the United States have been inoculated with at least one dose of a vaccine. But daily vaccination rates are slipping, and there is widespread consensus among scientists and public health experts that the herd immunity threshold is not attainable - at least not in the foreseeable future, and perhaps not ever.

They are coming to the conclusion that rather than making a long-promised exit, the virus will most likely become a manageable threat that will continue to circulate in the United States for years to come, still causing hospitalizations and deaths but in much smaller numbers.

How much smaller is uncertain and depends in part on how much of the nation, and the world, becomes vaccinated and how the coronavirus evolves. It is already clear, however, that the virus is changing too quickly, new variants are spreading too easily and vaccination is proceeding too slowly for herd immunity to be within reach anytime soon. nytimes.com

Global Virus Cases Reach New Peak, Driven by India and South America
Worldwide, the number of new coronavirus cases has shot upward since the beginning of March, more than doubling in two months. For the past two weeks, new global cases have exceeded their previous high point in early January. The average daily rate of new cases has now been above 800,000 for more than a week.

The increase in cases is largely being driven by the uncontrolled outbreak in India, where new cases have risen sharply for the past month and show no signs of abating. India now accounts for more than 40 percent of the world's new cases.

After briefly discussing the state of the virus in Brazil, which has begun to see a decline in deaths from its worst days earlier this month, Dr. Tedros added: "The pandemic has taught us that no country can ever let down its guard." nytimes.com

California coronavirus cases keep 'falling like a rock' despite surges in Oregon, Washington
Even as Oregon and Washington face new COVID-19 surges, there is growing optimism that California remains in recovery mode as coronavirus cases continued to fall dramatically along with related deaths.

California has continued to do better than any other state, with the lowest per capita coronavirus case rate in the nation over the last week. Texas has double California's rate; New York, quadruple; and Florida has nearly six times California's case rate. Michigan still has the nation's highest rate, 299 cases per 100,000 residents - 10 times California's rate of 29 cases per 100,000 residents.

"In California, we've done much better," UC San Francisco epidemiologist Dr. George Rutherford said. "We're truly No. 1 here again: So we have a 37% decline in cases overall, and a 5% decline in hospitalizations, and almost a 50% drop, over the last two weeks, in terms of mortality."

The coronavirus positivity rate "has fallen like a rock," he said last week, hovering around 1%. latimes.com

They Want You Back at the Office
How to coax corporate America to return to work? First, get rid of the dead plants.

The people who profit off corporate America's use of offices are trying to coax corporate America back to the office.

Having refined their sales pitches to play up air filtration systems, flexible lease terms and swing space - "as you think about who's going to be coming back in, or if you'll need that large boardroom," as Ms. Fair put it - brokers are back in their own workplaces in force, acknowledging that some things have changed while also seeking to prove to their clients, and themselves, that the office will soon return to something close to what it was.

For now, the brokers are doing all they can: taking showings to Zoom; sweetening deals and offering leases with more wiggle room; embracing the idea of a more flexible workplace while betting that won't backfire; and marketing the office as a place to which people want to return - if not for a full business week.

"Are offices going to be essential? They seem to be essential," said Bruce Mosler, chairman of global brokerage at Cushman & Wakefield. "I'm optimistic the office is going to be the hub of the universe but, let's face it, we've learned technology is going to play a bigger role. People are going to work a little differently."

Most lease renewals over the last year were for shorter periods of time, according to data from Cushman & Wakefield, as businesses opted to defer big decisions.

The market has only grown more crowded, as the amount of space companies are seeking to shed keeps climbing. According to CoStar's data, a record 24 million square feet of office space is available for sublease in Manhattan - a 56 percent rise from the start of 2020, and a figure far outstripping the 16 million square feet on offer at the height of the Great Recession. In some suburban markets like Dallas and Houston, too, that number has risen, according to CoStar.

87,000 NYC Workers Returned to Work Today nytimes.com

One of the hottest topics in the medical field right now
COVID's Mental Health Impact - In every major news outlet

Inside the mental health shadow pandemic caused by COVID-19
The virus has taken the lives of more than half a million people nationwide - but COVID's psychological side effects are leaving more than just a trail of dead bodies. Many who survived the virus just couldn't handle the new normal of quarantines, lockdowns, record unemployment, the fear of the unknown, the loneliness, the anxiety, the isolation, the sense of dread ... the worry of "will this ever end?"

This is the mental health Shadow Pandemic that accompanied the viral one.

Even before COVID, the state of the nation's mental health wasn't so hot. In 2019, there was a record number of suicides (over 47,000) and overdoses (over 70,000), as well as record rates of depression and anxiety as many young people struggled to hang on.

So COVID was like gasoline poured on an already raging fire - depression rates have since tripled, and for the 12-month period ending last June, fatal overdoses have increased by almost 20 percent to an all-time-record high of 81,000.

As for suicides, we don't yet have an accurate tally because the American system for tracking them is slow and the final numbers may take up to two years to fully tabulate. But research data indicate a record 1 in 4 people under 30 seriously contemplated taking their own lives during COVID.

Our pandemic-necessitated reliance on screens is partly to blame for all this. Research has shown that more screen time leads to more depression - and more depression leads to more screen time.

So can we conclude that our "new" depression is lifestyle driven? It would seem so.

Now, as vaccines finally enable us to emerge from the pandemic, we must start battling this Shadow Pandemic as well. Schools should be offering in-person learning wherever possible. We should all get outside more, be more physically active, occasionally shut off our ever-present screens, and begin to safely connect in-person with those closest to us. As Morgan Freeman said in "The Shawshank Redemption," we need to "get busy living or get busy dying." nypost.com

Pandemic Shift to Remote Work is Hurting NYC Stores
'We're Suffering': How Remote Work Is Killing Manhattan's Storefronts

Landlords cut small retailers a break on rent during the pandemic, but stores are still struggling because too few office workers and tourists have returned.

A big shift toward working from home is endangering hundreds of locally owned Manhattan storefronts that have been hanging on, waiting for life to return to the desolate streets of Midtown and the Financial District.

The fate of these stores, and by extension the country's two largest business hubs, will hinge in large part on how long landlords will keep offering the rent breaks that have kept many retailers afloat. Landlords themselves are under growing financial pressure as office vacancies soar and commuters and visitors stay away.

At risk is Manhattan's unique retail culture - the jewelers, barber shops, event spaces and bars - that has long brought vibrancy and familiarity to the street-level canyons of its skyscraper-filled office districts.

"Right now, we're suffering," said Gili Vaturi, who operates Torino Jewelers on Lexington Avenue. She said her sales are still so weak that she is not covering all of her costs even with a much-reduced rent deal with her landlord, GFP Real Estate, which owns dozens of Manhattan properties and has a large minority stake in the landmark Flatiron Building.

Even as the national economy snaps back, the mostly empty office buildings in Manhattan mean many storefronts have not yet seen a rebound. The stores are a crucial contributor to New York's economy and employment. While the city is home to some of the largest companies in the world, small businesses employed about 900,000 people and made up 98 percent of all businesses before the pandemic. nytimes.com

Positivity Rate Continues to Decline in NY
New lows seen in New York's COVID-19 infection rate
New York's COVID-19 positivity rate continues to slide, hitting numbers not seen since November, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday. Of the 232,942 tests reported Friday, 3,725 - or 1.6 percent - came back positive, the lowest since Nov. 3, Cuomo said.

When measured on a seven-day average, the statewide positivity rate Friday was 1.89 percent, the lowest since Nov. 6. It was 1.83 percent in New York City, down from 2.42 percent one week earlier. nypost.com

Oregon Places 15 Counties Under Its Strictest Lockdown Restrictions

TSA extends mask requirement for planes, other public transportation in U.S. until September


European Union (EU) 'Serious & Organized Crime Threat Assessment,'
the EU SOCTA 2021

"Virtually all criminal activities now feature a online component &
many crimes have fully migrated online."

Published Every 4 Years - Equivalent to the U.S. FBI's Annual Crime Index

COVID's Impact - Online & Offline Fraud - Violence Increasing - All Crime has Online Component

Europol publishes its Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2021
Europol publishes the European Union (EU) Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment, the EU SOCTA 2021. The SOCTA, published by Europol every four years, presents a detailed analysis of the threat of serious and organised crime facing the EU. The SOCTA is a forward-looking assessment that identifies shifts in the serious and organized crime landscape.

The SOCTA 2021 details the operations of criminal networks in the EU and how their criminal activities and business practices threaten to undermine our societies, economy and institutions, and slowly erode the rule of law. The report provides unprecedented insights into Europe's criminal underworld based on the analysis of thousands of cases and pieces of intelligence provided to Europol.

The SOCTA reveals a concerning expansion and evolution of serious and organised crime in the EU. The document warns of the potential long-term implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and how these may create ideal conditions for crime to thrive in the future.

As the EU is facing the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most significant crises since the end of World War II, criminals seek to exploit this extraordinary situation targeting citizens, businesses, and public institutions alike.

Key findings of the SOCTA 2021:

● Serious and organized crime has never posed as high a threat to the EU and its citizens as it does today.

● The COVID-19 pandemic and the potential economic and social fallout expected to follow threaten to create ideal conditions for organized crime to spread and take hold in the EU and beyond

● The trafficking and exploitation of human beings, migrant smuggling, online and offline frauds and property crime pose significant threats to EU citizens.

Around 60 % of the criminal networks active in the EU use violence as part of their criminal businesses.

More than 80 % of the criminal networks use legal business structures

● The use of violence by criminals involved in serious and organised crime in the EU appears to have increased in terms of the frequency of use and its severity. The threat from violent incidents has been augmented by the frequent use of firearms or explosives in public spaces.

● Criminals are digital natives. Virtually all criminal activities now feature some online component and many crimes have fully migrated online. Criminals exploit encrypted communications to network among each other, use social media and instant messaging services to reach a larger audience to advertise illegal goods, or spread disinformation.

Organized Property Crime: Fencing and Organized burglaries and thefts -- Continue Reading

April the busiest month for senior movement in years
April's 38 Senior Leadership Announcements & 3 Retail AP Teams Re-Shuffled
We'll have some exact figures for you tomorrow.
But this is certainly an indication that retail senior leadership is starting their engines for the industry's re-opening and showing their priority on Asset Protection. Especially given the atmosphere of increased violence, dwindling police response and apprehensions, and long lasting COVID restrictions. Just my thoughts.

VP IT Operations Getting Kickbacks From 9 Vendors in Elaborate Scheme

Former Netflix Executive Convicted Of Receiving Bribes And Kickbacks From Companies Contracting With Netflix

Federal Jury Finds Former Netflix Vice President Guilty of Fraud for Obtaining Pay-To-Play Bribes and Kickbacks from Tech Startups Seeking to Sell to Netflix

SAN JOSE - A federal jury convicted Michael Kail, 49, the former Vice President of IT Operations at Netflix, of wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering. The verdict follows a two-week and a half week trial.

Kail was indicted May 1, 2018, of nineteen counts of wire fraud, three counts of mail fraud, and seven counts of money laundering, in violation of mail fraud, wire fraud, honest services fraud, and money laundering. The indictment also sought forfeiture of Kail's Los Gatos residential property. The jury returned a verdict of guilty on 28 of the 29 counts.

Kail, of Los Gatos, was employed at Netflix as the Vice President in charge of IT Operations from 2011 until July 2014. The evidence demonstrated that Kail accepted bribes in 'kickbacks' from nine tech companies providing products or services to Netflix. In exchange, Kail approved millions of dollars in contracts for goods and services to be provided to Netflix. Kail ultimately received over $500,000 and stock options from these outside companies. He used his kickback payments to pay personal expenses and to buy a home in Los Gatos, California in the name of a family trust.

To facilitate kickback payments, the evidence at trial showed that Kail created and controlled a limited liability corporation called Unix Mercenary, LLC. Established on February 7, 2012, Unix Mercenary had no employees and no business location. Kail was the sole signatory to its bank accounts.

Two days before Unix Mercenary was registered, Kail signed a Sales Representative Agreement to receive cash payments from Netenrich, Inc. amounting to 12% of the billings from Netenrich, Inc. to Netflix for its contract providing staffing and IT services to Netflix. Later in 2012, Kail began to receive 15% of all billing payments that VistaraIT, LLC, a wholly owned company of Netenrich, received from Netflix. From 2012 to 2014, Netenrich, Inc. paid Unix Mercenary approximately $269,986, and VistaraIT, LLC paid Unix Mercenary approximately $177,863. The payments stopped in mid-2014, when Kail left Netflix.

Kail faces a maximum sentence of twenty years in prison and a fine of $250,000, or twice his gross gain or twice the gross loss to Netflix, whichever is greater, for each count of a wire or mail fraud conviction, and ten years in prison and a fine of $250,000 for each count of a money laundering conviction. Sentencing to occur in approx. three months.

Evidence at trial showed that several more companies paid kickbacks to Kail.

Platfora, Inc. - a data analytics software program.
Sumo Logic, Inc.
Netskope, Inc
Maginatics, Inc.
ElasticBox, Inc.
Numerify, Inc.

Are you doing business with any of these providers?

EU, UK, Canadian Privacy Officials Talk Views & Progress on Facial Rec. Usage
Nuance and focus the watchwords on facial recognition for more privacy officials
Policy debates over facial recognition are still wide-eyed and emotional, but a recent conference keynote shows that some government officials are just confident enough to decide which areas not to focus on.

That is a significant step in the evolution of AI regulation. While in developed economies a pro-regulation consensus is building, one that includes top executives of Microsoft, IBM and Amazon, efforts uniformly remain unfocused and reactive.

The missing component required for public acceptance of facial recognition is trust, and, to date, government missteps and vacillation have engendered little of it. Any sure-footedness is encouraging.

Three privacy officials, from the European Union, the UK and Canada, discussed their agencies' facial recognition priorities on a panel during the International Association of Privacy Professionals' annual summit this month.

After highlighting two black eyes for the facial recognition industry - the ongoing Clearview AI saga and the equally brazen case of commercial biometric spying in Canada - participants turned to policy. biometricupdate.com

Editor's Note: Great position piece that shows the progress and evolution of facial recognition acceptance.

How far into the future? Probably not as far off as you think.
"Do you take crypto?" - 'How long before we can all pay with cryptocurrency?'

A change in payment, e-commerce, retail and financial industry is emerging, and it is going to be momentous.

Bitcoin's valuation recently hit $60,000 for the first time, adding a bigger spotlight to the rapidly growing crypto space. Companies, banks, corporate treasuries and anyone involved in the financial industry are now looking into the viability of cryptocurrency as an everyday payment method.

The interest in crypto is growing rapidly from private investors and the financial industry simultaneously, there are a few hurdles which need to be jumped first before this becomes a mainstream method of payment.

For example, the concept of regulated cryptocurrencies ('stablecoins'), increase in accessibility from payment providers such as PayPal and Square, as well as changes in ecommerce are driving cryptocurrencies to the forefront.

"Banks, financial infrastructure, payment business, corporate treasuries, institutional and retail investors, are already enthusiastically embracing the possibilities of crypto."

Digitalisation and automation of our currency is an unstoppable force, and while there needs to be big strides made in regulation and application, it's only a matter of time before we're paying for goods in retail with our crypto wallets. chargedretail.co.uk

UK: Aldi files trademark for checkout-free store format after filing
Shop & Go trademark
Discount grocer Aldi is looking into a range of possible new technology investments after trademarking 'Shop & Go' with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), including a possible new cashierless store or self-scanning handsets for customers.

Aldi is exploring its own cashierless store format, in the same vein as Amazon Fresh, which opened its first UK store in west London in March.

Exact details of the trademark are thin, and the patent could also relate to possible new in-store scanning devices for customers, in the mould of Sainsbury's SmartShop or Asda Scan & Go, or even the development of a customer facing app.

The firm had sought companies developing "sensor-based item monitoring in stores" with "real or near-real time" stock level monitoring, as well as shelf or basket sensors or "use of handheld devices or robots". retailgazette.co.uk

Companies 'Caught Flat-Footed'
What a difference a couple of weeks makes

From Apple to Domino's Pizza, U.S. Companies Scramble to Meet Surge in Demand
Labor shortages, raw materials not in stock, supply chain not up to speed yet.

But problems are acute for some individual businesses and even entire industries. Executives from gadget giant Apple to mattress seller Tempur Sealy International said last week that supply-chain issues could curb their growth in the short term. Others have responded by raising prices on everything from diapers to air conditioners.

The Covid-19 outbreak paralyzed both supply and demand last spring. This spring, vaccinations and government stimulus have created imbalances in many sectors.

"The very sudden stop to the economy, and then the very quick restart, has created a lot of havoc-a lot of businesses have gotten caught flat-footed."

Domino's Pizza Inc. and other chains are struggling to find enough workers. Darden Restaurants Inc., which operates Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse and other chains, is raising wages to attract restaurant workers. Amazon.com Inc. said last week it will dole out raises to more than 500,000 workers this spring instead of next fall as competition for workers picks up.

"The demand for labor has rebounded faster than the supply," "That does not mean that this is a structural issue. I think that supply does respond-it just takes a bit longer." wsj.com

Driver Shortage Could Lead to Gas Shortages This Summer
The COVID-19 pandemic pushed many tanker truck drivers out of the business, and new hires haven't yet made up the difference.

Kroger to test 5 lb. grocery delivery by drone at their Ralph's division in CA

Urban Outfitters to open 34 stores in 2021

Casey's to hire 5,000 new team members during "Hire For Good' event May 13

New Research Shows Only 48% of Fuel Merchants Meet EMV Deadline

Quarterly Results
Carter's Q1 comp's U.S. Retail up 27%, Wholesale up 12%, Inter. up 19%, U.S. eCommerce net sales up 38%, net sales up 20.3%

Last week's #1 article --

Starbucks employees' ultimatum: We won't work if there are police present
Employees at a Minnesota Starbucks refused to open the store if a police officer was directing traffic in the parking lot, so the company shut down the busy drive-through window.

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Pandemic Impacting IT Security
Lack of visibility into IT assets impacting security priorities

Axonius released a report which reveals the extremes to which the pandemic escalated lack of visibility into IT assets and how that is impacting security priorities.

According to the study conducted by ESG, organizations report widening visibility gaps in their cloud infrastructure (79%, which was a 10% increase over 2020), end-user devices (75%), and IoT device initiatives (75%), leading to increased risk and security incidents.

Around nine out of 10 respondents report that automating IT asset visibility could materially improve a variety of security operations.

"Collectively, these assets represent an attack surface that organizations must protect against an ever-expanding threat landscape used by adversaries to compromise infrastructure and carry out malicious activities," said Dave Gruber, ESG senior analyst.

"When IT and security teams lack visibility into any part of their attack surface, they lose the ability to meet security and operational objectives, putting the business at risk. In some cases, organizations were reporting 3.3 times more incidents caused by lack of visibility into IT assets."

The report explores the impact that the pandemic has had on IT complexity and security, and explains the challenges that lie ahead. It also reveals how automating asset management can close visibility gaps caused by the rapid shift to remote work, IoT adoption, and accelerated digital transformation. helpnetsecurity.com

Top Emerging Cyber Risks
Cybersecurity control failures listed as top emerging risk
Cybersecurity control failures was listed as the top emerging risk in 1Q21 in a global poll of 165 senior executives across function and geography, according to Gartner.
Despite a myriad of risks resulting from the pandemic, such as the new work environment and environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns, cybersecurity risk was singled out with notable consistency across all geographic regions and most industries, cited by 67% of respondents. The next highest cited risk, "the new working model" was cited by 43% of respondents.

"Many organizations were forced to implement quick fixes to serious operational gaps as a result of their initial pandemic responses," said Matt Shinkman, VP with the Gartner Risk and Audit Practice.

"Nowhere has that been more apparent than in cybersecurity policies that have prioritized on-premises security over secure remote work access. Executives responsible for these areas are realizing that the time to enact more sustainable and robust policies is now."

Internal risks related to a company's operational and cultural capacities continued to be most pressing to the executives polled and made up the top five emerging risks selected in 1Q21, despite no reprieve from external risks including navigating an uneven global vaccine rollout, added ESG regulatory requirements and looming potential changes to the corporate tax environment. helpnetsecurity.com

Dark web hitman identified through crypto-analysis
The hitman, hired through an internet assassination website hosted on the TOR network, was payed about €10 000 worth in Bitcoins to kill the ex-girlfriend of the suspect.

Europol carried out an urgent, complex crypto-analysis to enable the tracing and identification of the provider from which the suspect purchased the cryptocurrencies. The Italian police then reached out to the identified Italian crypto service provider, who confirmed the information uncovered during the investigation and provided the authorities with further details about the suspect. The timely investigation prevented any harm to be perpetrated against the potential victim.

Europol's European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) and the Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce (J-CAT) hosted at Europol supported this investigation with operational analysis and expertise. europa.eu

DDoS attackers stick to their target even if they are unsuccessful




A Book Review: Grace from the Rubble

Taking a break this week from an interviewing tip to recommend a book, Grace from the Rubble by Jeanne Bishop. This book strikes me for a few different reasons, including its applicability to interviewing. First, the author Jeanne Bishop has an incredibly heartbreaking story of her own experience, a family member of hers was victim to a homicide and she describes her ability to cope with this emotional event. I had the opportunity to meet Jeanne at a press conference for Brendan Dassey as we petitioned for clemency a couple of years ago in Wisconsin. At this press conference Jeanne spoke to her experience of losing a loved one to a violent crime; how the family of a victim needs closure and how the criminal justice system facilitates this progress. In her book, Grace from the Rubble, Jeanne revisits the Oklahoma City bombing through the perspective of two very unique positions; the father of one of the victims and the father of Timothy McVeigh, the one responsible for the bombing.

Read more here






California appeals court finds Amazon responsible for third party sellers' products
The court rejected Amazon's stance that it's only an intermediary between buyers and sellers

An appeals court in California has ruled that Amazon can be held liable for products sold through its marketplace by a third-party seller, the Los Angeles Times reported. It's the second major case in California where an appeals court has rejected Amazon's long-held position that it is merely an intermediary between buyers and its third-party sellers. Amazon collectively refers to these sellers as its "Amazon Marketplace" even though it's not a separate or distinct part of Amazon's website. Third-party sellers' products typically appear in Amazon listings, with a small line of text to indicate that Amazon itself is not the actual seller.

At issue was the case of a woman who suffered burn injuries after a hoverboard she purchased on Amazon in 2015 via a third party merchant caught on fire. Amazon argued that it was merely the platform connecting customers with sellers, but the appeals court found there was a "direct link in the vertical chain of distribution under California's strict liability doctrine."

Last August, the California Fourth District Court of Appeals reversed a 2019 trial court ruling, reinstating claims from a woman who says she suffered third-degree burns when a defective laptop battery she bought from a third-party seller on Amazon caught fire.  theverge.com

E-commerce fraud to surpass $20B in 2021, an 18% jump over last year,
report finds
E-commerce retailers are at risk of losing over $20 billion in 2021 due to online fraudulent activities, a Juniper research report found. This loss would represent an 18% increase, compared to $17.5 billion recorded last year.

Identity theft, chargeback fraud, 'silent' fraud, account takeovers and 'pharming' are major fraud threats for online shoppers and merchants. China is expected to be the largest e-commerce fraud market in the world, accounting for over 40% of e-commerce fraud losses globally by 2025, at over $12 billion.

Automated behavioral analytics leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and clear messaging around security checks will be essential to conserve user experience and save customers from fraud, the report stated. Using digital interfaces for know-your-customer (KYC) assessments and security checks will also be essential in preventing online payments fraud. paymentsdive.com

Developers struggle to meet demand for e-commerce storage space







Rochester man pleads guilty in $12.5M pawn shop scheme that
recruited opioid addicts
Between 2015 and 2019, the owner and employees at Rochester Pawn & Gold sold more than $12 million in stolen items purchased from shoplifters, many of whom were addicted to opioids, federal officials claimed. The individuals were recruited to steal the items, officials said, adding that this type of fraud helped fuel the local opioid epidemic. In 2018 and 2019, 13 people who sold items to the pawn shop overdosed within five days. Three of the overdoses were fatal.

Eric Finnefrock, 29, of Rochester, one of three men accused in the scheme, pleaded guilty on April 28 to one count of conspiracy to transport stolen goods in interstate commerce. Charges against store owner Thomas Nary and employee Ralph Swain are still pending. The plea agreement calls for a sentence between 57 and 60 months (five years) in federal prison, but U.S. District Judge Elizabeth A. Wolford isn't beholden to the agreement and can sentence Finnefrock to more or less time.

Finnefrock, who worked at Rochester Pawn & Gold, between January 2015 and November 2019, "knowingly and willingly" participated in the scheme to defraud, the plea agreement states. They "agreed and conspired to purchase, sell, and transport stolen goods across state lines and in interstate commerce," the plea agreement states. Finnefrock and others bought items from people who shoplifted from stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Wegmans, and Walmart. The shop paid a fraction of the true retail value for the new in-box merchandise.

The items were then listed on eBay and Amazon using accounts controlled by Nary, advertised as new, and priced below retail value. Between January 2015 and November 2019, Nary, Swain, and Finnefrock sold and shipped $12,513,452 worth of stolen items to buyers across the country. Rochester Pawn & Gold, as well as Royal Pawn & Gold on Dewey Avenue in Greece, were each raided by law enforcement officials in November 2019 after a multi-jurisdictional long-term investigation started by Rochester Police. Business owner Devin Tribunella, 37, and employee Wade Shadder, 23, were each arrested after the Royal Pawn raid. Shadders pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transport stolen goods in interstate commerce last December and will be sentenced June 22. Records show Tribunella is negotiating a plea agreement. democratandchronicle.com

Two-Decade Long Criminal Enterprise Ended with 10 Yr Fed Prison - No Parole
Houston Man Sentenced to Over Ten Years in Federal Prison for Massive Credit Card Fraud Scheme
EDWARD TOLIVER, age 47, a New Orleans native who had been living in Houston, Texas, to 124 months in federal prison for his role in a massive credit card fraud scheme,

According to the court records, TOLIVER previously pleaded guilty to a credit card fraud charge, as well as aggravated identity theft. This was his third federal conviction for credit card fraud, and he began the conduct for this conviction while he was still on probation from his previous conviction.

TOLIVER admitted that shortly after finishing a prison term in 2012, TOLIVER rented office space in an office park in Houston. He outfitted the space with equipment used to make fraudulent credit cards. Over the next several years, TOLIVER and his co-defendant, Maurice Durio, who also operated a card manufacturing plant in the same office park, obtained hundreds of thousands of stolen credit card numbers from a variety of sources, including a computer hacker TOLIVER had met in prison and by purchasing them on the dark web.

TOLIVER and Durio and several co-conspirators created tens of thousands of fraudulent access devices. TOLIVER and Durio distributed thousands of fraudulent access devices to numerous individuals who then used them to fraudulently obtain things of value, including merchandise and gift cards.

In July 2014, a federal search warrant was executed at the Houston office park and agents seized 80,000 cards and a list of 300,000 additional card numbers. The scheme used various methods to monetize the fraudulent credit card production. First, TOLIVER and Durio would simply sell cards. Second, TOLIVER and Durio would provide cards and get kick backs for some of the cash from selling stolen merchandise online. Third, TOLIVER and Durio would provide cards and the person getting the cards would buy gifts cards, some of which were kicked back.

Mr.Toliver's nearly two decade long criminal enterprise," came to an end. justice.gov

The Villages, FL: Serial shoplifter nabbed in thefts at Best Buy, Sam's Club and Target
A serial shoplifter has been nabbed in thefts at Best Buy, Sam's Club and Target. Dwight Scott Southerland, 36, of Summerfield, is being held on $10,000 bond at the Lake County Jail following his arrest this past week. Several warrants for his arrest had been issued in Lake County. He is charged with thefts at: Best Buy in Lady Lake on Feb. 22 where he removed a humidifier from a box and replaced it with electronics taken from the store. The theft was not noticed until the following day. Sam's Club on Feb. 28 where he allegedly stole a Hewlett-Packard computer valued at $1,398 by placing it in a Lazy Boy recliner box and wheeling it out of the store on a flatbed cart. He was caught on video surveillance. Target at Rolling Acres Plaza in The Villages on Feb. 28 where he took four Ring doorbells and placed them in a mop bucket box and then went through the checkout aisle and paid for the mop bucket. The value of the doorbells was $899.96. villages-news.com

U.S. Virgin Islands: Texas woman charged with stealing thousands in jewelry, stopped at Airport
A woman who stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from a Cruz Bay store was arrested Friday as she was about to board her flight home to Texas, according to V.I. Police. Jennifer A. Northcutt, 54, of Richardson, Texas, was charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property. Northcutt's arrest came after employees at Vibe Collection jewelry store on St. John noticed that several pieces of jewelry were missing Thursday, according to police. Employees watched store surveillance video that showed Northcutt "collecting various pieces of jewelry, valued in the thousands of dollars," Derima said. Northcutt was filmed leaving the store without paying, Derima said, and the store notified police as soon as they discovered the theft. Employees also posted screenshots of the video to social media and encouraged other businesses to be on the lookout. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers detained Northcutt at King Airport on St. Thomas "as she attempted to leave the territory," Derima said. "In a statement, she admitted to larceny and being in possession of the stolen items." virginislandsdailynews.com

Covington County, MS: Almost $11,000 of stolen Dollar General merchandise found in Mississippi
Law enforcement officials in a Mississippi county say they found around $11,000 worth of stolen Dollar General merchandise hidden in a shed and truck at someone's home. Covington County Sheriff Darrell Perkins told WLBT-TV his deputies were working with an investigator hired by Dollar General after a string of recent thefts. According to WLBT, Perkins said Dollar General officials believed a delivery driver was taking merchandise out of trucks and keeping it. Their investigation led them to a home in the northeast part of the county. A storage shed and truck contained nearly $11,000 in merchandise. Arrests are pending. wreg.com

Menomonee Falls, WI: Suspect steals nearly $2K in Kohl's merchandise

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Shootings & Deaths

Nashville, TN: MNPD release portions of body camera video from deadly officer-involved shooting near Goodwill
Don Aaron, with Metro Police, released a media briefing including portions of body camera footage produced by MNPD on Sunday morning. The incident happened around 7:30 p.m. in the woods behind the South Nashville Goodwill store on Nolensville Pike. Officers went to that location earlier in the day after 23-year-old Jacob Griffin's mother called 911 around 2:30 p.m. to inform them her son was homeless, armed and dangerous. Griffin's mother can be heard on the dispatch call stating that her son was schizophrenic and sent her text messages threatening to kill her and other people. She told the dispatch operator she felt this needed to be addressed. She then told communications personnel the wooded area her son was residing in on Nolensville Pike.

Griffin's mother informed dispatch operators her son had a gun and sent her photos of a full magazine of bullets that morning. She said, "He is armed and I personally would consider him dangerous but he has never actually been violent. I really don't want the police to kill him... but I really don't want him to kill anyone else either," said Griffin. Griffin then told the dispatch operator her son used to work at the Goodwill store and over the course of the last few months... he reportedly threatened the store manager of the Goodwill. Griffin also stated her son had threatened to enter the store with a weapon and kill everyone he could find. Griffin clarified her son had not mentioned killing people in Goodwill on Saturday but had mentioned "mass murder today" in texts to her. Griffin said her son was fired from the Goodwill and claimed her son was "very angry" at them.

South Precinct Officers found Griffin at his campsite in the wooded area around 3:30 p.m. He told officers he had a gun but refused to surrender it. One of the officers deployed a taser which was ineffective. Aaron said around 4:10 p.m., police department negotiators and SWAT were requested to the scene. Around 5:15 p.m., Mobile Crisis staff from the Mental Health Co-Op arrived and signed emergency committal papers for Griffin. SWAT officers are equipped with body-worn cameras . In the video, officers can be heard pleading with Griffin to put the weapon down and Griffin told officers to repeatedly 'get off his property'. Officers then told Griffin if he wanted them to leave he had to come out and talk to their counselor. Aaron said the posture of negotiations changed at 7:20 p.m. when Griffin fired a shot from his pistol. Officers then informed Jacob that he should not pick up the gun again and asked him to walk to them. Metro police said at about 7:30 p.m. officers put a plan into action to take Griffin into custody using distraction devices, direct-impact hard foam rounds and a police K-9 Team. Don Aaron said in the midst of trying to put this plan into action, Griffin fired another shot from his gun. A SWAT officer and 15-year police department veteran then fired at Griffin. wkrn.com

Ardmore, OK: Employee at Oklahoma marijuana dispensary shoots, kills armed robbery suspect
Authorities in southern Oklahoma are investigating a shooting at a marijuana dispensary. Around 8 p.m. on Friday, emergency crews were called to a shooting at the Highest Choice dispensary in Ardmore. Officials tell KXII that a suspect walked into the dispensary, pulled out a gun and attempted to rob the store. At some point, an employee, who was also armed, shot and killed the suspect. kfor.com

North Providence, RI: Man Charged With Murder In Stabbing Cumberland Farms
A man arrested in connection with Saturday's stabbing homicide at a Cumberland Farms store at 2064 Smith Street has been charged with murder. Christopher Carbajal, 27, was apprehended by the North Providence Police shortly after Brian Cervini, 61, was fatally stabbed inside the store. Police and fire personnel responded to the scene at around 4 p.m. Witnesses trailed the fleeing suspect to the area and directed police to the man's whereabouts. Carbajal was subdued with a Taser and arrested following a brief struggle, police said. patch.com

Los Angeles, CA: Two People Dead Following Triple Shooting in Mid-City
Two men were dead Monday morning and a woman recovering with what police are saying are non-life-threatening injuries following a shooting in Mid-City. The shooting happened in a strip mall near the intersection of Washington Blvd. and Crenshaw Blvd. LAPD says two men died at the scene and a third victim was taken to the hospital and she is expected to survive. It was not immediately clear if all three victims were related or part of the same group, and whether the shooting was random or targeted. Police did not release the identity of the victims. nbclosangeles.com

Delta, BC, Canada: Police identify Scottsdale Centre Mall shooting victim
Delta police have released the identity of the victim of a targeted shooting in North Delta's Scottsdale Centre mall area Saturday afternoon. DPD say the victim is 29-year-old Bikramdeep Randhawa of Surrey. Randhawa was not known to police. DPD say Randhawa was a provincial Corrections Officer. "We're looking at all possible aspects as to why this crime was committed," said Insp. Guy Leeson. "We will examine every potential motive thoroughly. Whether it was a case of mistaken identity, a matter related to his personal life or if there is a possibility the shooting was related to the victim's occupation." Leeson said that based on the behavior on May 1 of the suspects, the incident is considered to be targeted, however, the motive for the shooting is not known. "Our thoughts are with the victim's family and friends, as they now start to deal with their loss," added Leeson. alaskahighwaynews.ca

Jacksonville, FL: Woman arrested after crash, shots fired at Sam's Club
Police arrested a woman after a Friday night incident that began with a crash on Beach Boulevard followed by shots fired at a nearby Sam's Club. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, a woman involved in a crash on Beach at Anniston Road at about 9:30 p.m. pulled out a gun and pointed it at the others involved but did not fire. Investigators said the woman then walked away from the crash and went to a nearby Sam's Club where she pulled a gun on several people at a food truck but did not pull the trigger. The store was closed but police said the woman fired shots through the front glass door of the store and entered. She walked around for a few minutes and shot multiple rounds before leaving through a side door. Officers arrested the woman before taking her to a hospital. Officers said she had injuries on her legs, likely from the broken glass. No one else was hurt. news4jax.com

Charlotte, NC: 2 hospitalized following a gunfight inside Carolina Place Mall
Two people were hospitalized, one initially with life-threatening injuries, after a gunfight at Carolina Place mall in Pineville on Saturday afternoon, authorities said. Paramedics drove the person who was shot to a hospital just before 5:30 p.m., Medic said on Twitter. Both victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries, according to Medic.  sportsgrindentertainment.com

Baton Rouge, LA: Robbery might have been motive for Walmart parking lot shooting
Police responded to a Sunday afternoon shooting in a Walmart parking lot that injured one. The incident occurred around 3:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the Highland Road store. The victim, a 27-year-old man, was taken to a local hospital with a gunshot injury. Police say he is expected to survive .Investigators believe that robbery might have been a motive in the incident. wbrz.com

Ashwaubenon, WI: Gunman, 2 others dead following shooting at restaurant located in Oneida Casino complex; shooter in custody

Houston, TX: HPD investigating deadly Customer shooting outside convenience store

Hawthorne, CA: Shooting leaves man dead in front of strip mall

Suffolk, VA: Police say 17 year old accused in homicide at Wawa being tried as an adult


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Tuscaloosa, AL: Police disarm woman with gun, another uses baby as a shield prior to arrest at Walmart

Security guard punched, cut with knife at Love's truck stop

Trenton, NJ: Mercer County Man Sentenced to 125 Months in Prison for Armed Robbery Spree of Businesses in Trenton

Harrisburg, PA: Maryland Man Sentenced To Seven Years' Imprisonment For Armed Pharmacy Robbery


Europol Bust

Operation PITBUUL Takes Down Major Transnational Organized Crime Gang
30 arrested in the Netherlands & Poland after 5.4 million counterfeit cigarettes seized
An international law enforcement operation involving the Netherlands, Poland and Europol has resulted in the arrest of 30 members of a prolific organised crime gang flooding Europe with millions of counterfeit cigarettes.

A total of 94 tonnes of tobacco and 5,4 million counterfeit cigarettes have been removed from circulation as a result of this international sweep. This gang is also believed to be involved in violent robberies.

This operation was carried out in the framework of the European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats (EMPACT).

Two illegal factories were dismantled in the Dutch cities of Schaijk and Heerlen with a production capacity of over 1 million cigarettes per day, which equates to a tax loss of over €243 000 per day per factory. A total of 21 Polish and Ukrainian workers were arrested on site and 5,4 million counterfeit cigarettes were seized, alongside 40 tonnes of raw tobacco and 800 kilos of hookah tobacco.

A second action day was carried out in Poland last week to arrest the criminal masterminds running this gang. On this occasion, Polish law enforcement raided a dozen of addresses across the country. As a result, 9 individuals were arrested and 54 tonnes of tobacco were seized, alongside machinery used for the production of cigarettes. Officers also seized firearms and weapons, alongside clothing resembling police uniforms, radio communication devices and signal jammers. According to initial estimates, the loss to the Polish budget is estimated in excess of €11 million (52 000 000 PLN).

The investigation is still ongoing to try to find potential links to other European countries. europol.europa.eu

Editor's Note: This is the second organized crime group busted of major cigarette producers/distributors in last twelve months. Obviously manufacturing and distributing counterfeit cigarettes is a relatively easy method to generate cash flow while funding other activities and for law enforcement it's the quickest way to apprehend and dismantle the gang . Which explains the weapons, police uniforms and radio equipment and supports the belief that they're involved in violent robberies.


Two Romanian Men Get 10 Months Each Federal Prison for
Placing Card Skimmers on ATMs
Information at sentencing showed that bank employees and law enforcement officers found credit card skimmers and pinhole cameras on three ATMs in Dubuque, Iowa, on June 17, 2020. While the skimmers were in place, 183 people used the three ATMs.

Stefan Daniel Busoi, age 30, and Razvan Marian Diculescu, age 29, both from Romania, received the prison terms after November 2, 2020 guilty pleas to possession of device-making equipment. They must also serve a three-year term of supervised release after the prison term. There is no parole in the federal system. justice.gov



AT&T - South Bend, IN - Burglary
Adult - Crisp County, GA - Burglary
C-Store - Huguenot, NY - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Columbus, OH - Armed Robbery/Shooting
C-Store - Suffolk, VA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Whiteland, IN - Armed Robbery
CVS - Westbrook, ME - Robbery
Jewelry - San Francisco, CA - Burglary
Jewelry - Tukwila, WA - Robbery
Jewelry - Orlando, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Mansfield, TX - Robbery
Jewelry - Phoenix, AZ - Burglary
Jewelry - Dallas, TX - Robbery
Jewelry - Lexington, KY - Robbery
Jewelry - Phoenix, AZ - Robbery
Jewelry - Glendale, AZ - Robbery
Jewelry - Culver City, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - San Jose, Ca - Robbery
Liquor - Modesto, CA - Armed Robbery
Marijuana - Ardmore, OK - Robbery (Suspect Shot & Killed)
Restaurant - Westbrookville, NY - Robbery
Sam's Club - Jacksonville, FL - Burglary/Shooting
7-Eleven - Polk County, FL- Burglary


Daily Totals:
• 17 robberies
• 6 burglaries
• 3 shootings
• 1 killed

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As Senior Director, Asset Protection you will serve as subject matter expert in the following areas: shortage, fraud, investigations, legal compliance, and training. Create and implement AP strategies in partnership with VP, Asset Protection. Manage, direct, & deploy District Managers of Investigations (DMIs) to support districts & stores...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Chicago South / Illinois Central - posted April 27
The District Loss Prevention Manager develops and executes Loss Prevention vision and strategies for 15-45 selling locations. The DLPM is responsible for driving results through achievement of goals related to inventory shortage, budget lines, cash variance and operational compliance...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Phoenix, Dallas, Denver and Houston - posted April 22
Victra is the leading exclusive, premium retailer for Verizon with a mission of connecting technology to life in the most trusting and profitable way. As the Regional Asset Protection Manager, you will be very logical, efficient, orderly, and organized in always safeguarding our company assets from losses due to theft or fraud...

Area Loss Prevention Manager
Sacramento, CA - posted April 20
Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence...

Corporate Security Manager
Calabasas, CA - posted April 6
The Corporate Security Manager will, among other things, (a) be responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment for our employees, vendors, and visitors, (b) develop, manage, execute and continuously improve corporate security processes and protocols, and (c) lead a team of security specialists at our corporate offices...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Roanoke or Richmond, VA - posted March 16
To provide support for loss prevention and safety for restaurants in assigned regions and protect the assets of the company by leveraging partnerships at all levels of the company and utilizing existing Asset Protection and Restaurant Operating systems and processes...

Regional LP & Safety Manager
Denver, CO
- posted Feb. 9
The Regional Loss Prevention & Safety Manager implements Risk Management and Loss Prevention objectives within assigned region. The position will provide assistance and training to the field operations teams to address specific Risk Management and Loss Prevention issues within an assigned span of control.  Read job description here

Manager of Asset Protection & Safety Operations
Rockaway, NJ
- posted Feb. 4
The Manager of Asset Protection & Safety Operations is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage and safety compliance for Party City Holdings, by successfully managing Asset Protection (AP) Safety programs and reporting...


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