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Mike Liles promoted to AVP LP - Division 2 (East Coast)
for Ross Stores

Mike has been with Ross Stores for a decade, starting with the company in 2011 as a Senior ALPM. Before his promotion to AVP LP - Division 2 (East Coast), he served as Sr. Loss Prevention Director for more than a year. Prior to that, he spent more than five years as a Regional Loss Prevention Director. Earlier in his career, he held LP/AP roles with both Dick's Sporting Goods and Target. Congratulations, Mike!

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Protos Security Announces Rebrand, Affirming Client Commitment

April 13, 2021 - Norwalk, CT - Security Services Holdings, LLC (dba Protos Security), the leading tech enabled security services company in North America, has completed a major rebrand to reflect the organization's continued expansion as well as its service first culture. Protos has undergone rebranding before, but this marks the most significant shift since the company's founding.

"The new logo and branding better represent Protos' placement as a service first industry disrupter with technology at the core of everything we do," said Nathaniel Shaw, Protos Security CEO. "The new branding also accentuates the evolution of our company as we've been experiencing a period of enhanced growth."

Alyssa Wilson, Protos Security Vice President of Marketing added, "This rebranding includes a reimagined logo, redesigned website, detailed brand personality, new design elements and a fresh color palette. Each of these components will help to modernize our brand while also increasing our flexibility to integrate additional brands into our expanding portfolio."  Read more here

NRF Retail Converge: depth of a workshop, breadth of a conference

The National Retail Federation's (NRF) new virtual event - NRF Retail Converge - will take place on June 21-25. Designed with cross-functional teams in mind, it will cover disciplines across all major facets of retail, including marketing, digital and data analytics, supply chain, cybersecurity technology and more.

The event features speakers from organizations such as Walmart, CVS Health, Qurate + Zulilly, Crate & Barrel, and Amazon; innovators such as Spotify, Stitch Fix, thredUP and Wayfair; and start-ups including Guesst, ByReveal, Nimbly and Recurate. technologyrecord.com

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Exclusive Study on Murders - Robberies - Burglary - Larceny

Murder & Homicide

Top 12 Cities - Murder Increase From 2019 to 2020

-Spokane, WA: 216.6%
-Milwaukee: 95%
-Louisville: 92.2%
-New Orleans: 63%
-Omaha: 60.8%
-Atlanta: 62%
-Portland, OR: 60%
-Boston: 50%
-New York City: 46.7%
-Seattle: 44%
-Cleveland: 43.9
-Salt Lake: 34.5%


Robberies dropped in 68% of cities included in survey (16 of 27)

-Baltimore: -31.4%
-Pittsburgh: -28
-Dallas: -25.3
-San Diego: -17.3
-Atlanta: -15%
-Omaha: -10%


Burglary rate dropped in 64% of cities in our survey

-Detroit: -35%
-St Louis: -31%
-Atlanta: -29%
-Pittsburgh: -28%
-Phoenix: -28%
-Baltimore: -26%
Increase of Burglaries reported

-New York City: 43%
-Seattle: 35%
-Portland: 29%
-Denver: 32%
-Philadelphia: 12%


Drop in 19 of 26 Cities surveyed

-Detroit: -23%
-San Diego: -23%
-Pittsburgh: -22%
-San Antonio: -21%
-Phoenix: -18%
-New York City: -18%

Increase of Larceny reported

-Baltimore: 23%
-Boston: 23%
-Salt Lake: 21%
-St Louis: 7%


Protests, Looting & Violence


More Arrests & Looting as Protests Continue For 2nd Night
Police & demonstrators clash in another night of unrest following shooting of a Minnesota man during a traffic stop
Furious over the fatal shooting of a Black man by a police officer during a traffic stop, demonstrators gathered Monday night to protest outside the police department of a Minneapolis suburb for a second night in a row.

The familiar refrain, "No Justice No Peace," was heard among the crowd in Brooklyn Center, alongside the din of conflict.

Police fired tear gas and stun guns to disperse the Monday night demonstrators defying a curfew while protesters threw "bottles, fireworks, bricks and other projectiles at public safety officials," according to a tweet from Operation Safety Net. The operation is a joint effort of local agencies to ensure public safety during the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer facing charges in the death of George Floyd, being held some 10 miles away.

"Go home or you will be arrested. Curfew violation is a misdemeanor," OSN tweeted. In addition to dispersing the demonstrators, authorities responded to multiple reports of break-ins and looting.

About 40 arrests were made, Col. Matt Langer of the Minnesota State Patrol said during news conference early Tuesday. cnn.com  startribune.com

'An Accidental Discharge'
Police chief says officer meant to use Taser, not gun, in deadly traffic stop
Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon described Sunday's shooting death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright as "an accidental discharge." The shooting sparked protests and unrest in an area already on edge because of the trial of the first of four police officers charged in George Floyd's death.

Authorities earlier Monday released body camera footage that showed the officer shouting at Wright as police tried to arrest him. "I'll Tase you! I'll Tase you! Taser! Taser! Taser!" she can be heard saying. She draws her weapon after the man breaks free from police outside his car and gets back behind the wheel.

After firing a single shot from her handgun, the car speeds away and the officer is heard saying, "Holy (expletive)! I shot him."

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott called the shooting "deeply tragic" and said the officer should be fired. apnews.com

Video: Brooklyn Center police release body cam footage of fatal shooting

WARNING: This video has graphic content.

Biden calls for peaceful protests after police shooting of Daunte Wright
President Biden on Monday called for calm in the aftermath of a fatal police shooting of a Black man in a Minneapolis suburb shortly after the police chief there said he believed the officer involved mistakenly used a gun instead of a Taser.

But in the meantime, I want to make it clear again: There is absolutely no justification, none, for looting. No justification for violence; peaceful protest is understandable," Biden added. thehill.com

   Curfew lifted in Minn. metro counties following shooting death of Daunte Wright

   Daunte Wright protesters march across Manhattan Bridge in NYC

   Brooklyn Center fires city manager, gives mayor control of the police department

   Officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright is a 26-year veteran

   Gov. Walz calls on lawmakers to institute police reform


Magnificent Mile Looting Concerns
Chicago police and city prepare for threat of looting, unrest

There are growing concerns of civil unrest on the streets of Chicago.

Sources tell FOX 32 News that police are monitoring social media threats to loot businesses along the Mag Mile. If you live in Chicago, you may have gotten alerts Monday from the city's Office of Emergency Management regarding preparations for possible unrest.

The city says that police have no "actionable intelligence," but are monitoring events nationwide in regards to a shooting in Minnesota on Sunday where a 20-year-old Black man was killed by police.

The preparations also come less than 24 hours after a Nordstrom store on Michigan Avenue was broken into.

"If there's one lesson that we learned from the looting last year in May and August, once it starts it's like a snowball down a hill and it's almost impossible to stop," said downtown 2nd ward Alderman Brian Hopkins.

He says the key is prevention.

"The police are training for it, they are going over tactical plans and tonight deploying assets into downtown area," Hopkins said.

FOX 32's cameras spotted salt trucks near the Mag Mile, used to block traffic if needed, and businesses were starting to board up. Crews were busy putting up plywood at the Nordstrom Rack near Rush and Chicago. fox32chicago.com

Preparing for a Verdict in the Chauvin Trial

Minneapolis Mayor Hires 7 Community Patrol Groups & Pays $1M Funding Should Verdict Illicit Violent Response
The mayor's office said its goal is to empower community groups to work with police, not apart from them. Last Friday On April 8th it announced a partnership with seven community patrol groups that will receive "roughly $1 million" in funding to cover large swaths of the city should the Chauvin trial verdict illicit a violent response. (Ortega's group is small in comparison with the seven organizations and is not included in the project). Mayor Jacob Frey said he hopes the groups can supplement law enforcement efforts to quell riots.

Their successes may inspire other American communities that are seeking alternatives to traditional policing. On the other hand, their failures could empower those fighting for the status quo or for more-moderate change.

"What I hear from residents is that the police don't care. And they don't show respect. And they're limited in what they provide," Ortega said. "If you're dealing with a mental health issue, or a domestic issue, they can't really do much but take people to jail. That's all they're trained for. I want to see a public-safety system that is controlled and driven by the community."

"There has been quite a bit of trust broken between our police and the communities they serve, and this helps to create another line of communication that is very much needed," Frey said. "Many of these organizations have really strong contacts and ties on the ground with individuals that could cause crime or violence. We want to make sure we have contacts with friends and family members of these individuals so we can stop the violence before it starts." startribune.com

The rise of domestic extremism in America

Data shows a surge in homegrown attacks not seen in a quarter-century

Domestic terrorism incidents have soared to new highs in the United States, driven chiefly by white-supremacist, anti-Muslim and anti-government extremists on the far right, according to a Washington Post analysis of data compiled by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The surge reflects a growing threat from homegrown terrorism not seen in a quarter-century, with right-wing extremist attacks and plots greatly eclipsing those from the far left and causing more deaths, the analysis shows.

The number of all domestic terrorism incidents in the data peaked in 2020.

Since 2015, right-wing extremists have been involved in 267 plots or attacks and 91 fatalities, the data shows. At the same time, attacks and plots ascribed to far-left views accounted for 66 incidents leading to 19 deaths.

More than a quarter of right-wing incidents and just under half of the deaths in those incidents were caused by people who showed support for white supremacy or claimed to belong to groups espousing that ideology, the analysis shows.

The CSIS a nonpartisan Washington-based nonprofit that specializes in national security issues, database is one of the best public sources of information about domestic terrorism incidents, which the group's analysts define as attacks or plots involving a deliberate use or threat of violence to achieve political goals, create a broad psychological impact or change government policy. That definition excludes many violent events, including incidents during nationwide unrest last year, because CSIS analysts could not determine whether attackers had a political or ideological motive. washingtonpost.com

CSIS / Center for Strategic & International Studies

Chauvin trial: State expected to wrap up witness testimony on Tuesday

COVID Update

190M Vaccinations Given

US: 32M Cases - 576.3K Dead - 24.5M Recovered
Worldwide: 137.3M Cases - 2.9M Dead - 110.5M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 279   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 282
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Spotting Emergency Variant Hotspots Before Becoming Fourth Surge
As variants surge, efforts in a patchwork of surveillance have ramped up
to detect them
The nation dramatically stepped up its surveillance for coronavirus variants in recent weeks, but experts say there's much further to go if the Washington region - and the rest of the country - wants to stay ahead of new and potentially dangerous versions of the virus.

Conducting the genetic sequencing to detect for variants is far more expensive, time-consuming and sophisticated than testing whether people have contracted the coronavirus, leading to a patchwork system with some states aggressively seeking out variants and others lagging behind.

Nationwide, sequencing volume has tripled since early February, but the country had been so far behind in its efforts that CDC and public health experts say nearly all states still need far more sequencing to create an accurate picture of variants already circulating.

The uneven information about variants circulating in the country comes as states race to vaccinate residents ahead of a potential fourth surge in cases fueled by more contagious and potentially more deadly variants. Public health experts and epidemiologists hope the nation's growing system can quickly spot emerging variants before they gain a dangerous foothold. washingtonpost.com

7,000 Stores - 49 States - 25M Shots Per Month
Walgreens Expands Covid-19 Vaccines To 49 States
Walgreens has expanded its Covid-19 vaccination efforts to more than 7,000 stores in 49 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

The expansion announced Monday comes as the Biden administration ramps up the number of doses sent to states while increasing the availability of doses sent directly to U.S. retail pharmacies including CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart and others. These retail pharmacies are key to President Biden's directive to have a vaccination site within five miles of 90% of Americans homes by April 19.

Walgreens, which has said it has the capacity to administer up to 20-25 million Covid-19 shots a month, has already administered more than 11 million Covid-19 doses. The increasing supply of vaccines from makers Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson is the reason CVS and other drugstores and retailers with pharmacies are able to offer vaccinations.

"With the initiative to vaccinate residents and staff in long-term care facilities nearly complete, close to 60,000 immunizers are now administering vaccinations at more than 7,000 Walgreens stores and through off-site clinics," Walgreens said Monday in a statement updating its progress.  forbes.com

Delaying 2nd Doses?
How to Double the Vaccination Pace

More experts think the U.S. should start delaying second vaccine shots.

Both cases and hospitalizations have risen in recent days, and deaths have stopped declining. In response, a growing number of medical experts are calling on the Biden administration or governors to change policy and prioritize first doses.

In a USA Today op-ed, Emanuel, Govind Persad and Dr. William Parker argue that spreading out the first and second shots would be both more equitable and more efficient. It's more equitable because working-class, Black and Latino communities all have lower vaccination rates, which means that first shots disproportionately now go to the less privileged and second shots go to the more privileged. It's more efficient because a delay in second shots would allow the country to double the number of people who receive a first shot in coming weeks.

Doing so could prevent other states from experiencing the current misery in Michigan, where a severe outbreak fueled by the B.1.1.7 variant has overwhelmed hospitals. In much of the South and the West, the variant is not yet as widespread. nytimes.com

Vaccine Effort Hits Speed Bump
CDC & FDA recommend US pause of Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine
over blood clot concerns
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Food and Drug Administration are recommending that the United States pause the use of Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine over six reported US cases of a "rare and severe" type of blood clot.

The six reported cases were among more than 6.8 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine administered in the United States. All six cases occurred among women ages of 18 and 48, and symptoms occurred 6 to 13 days after vaccination, according to a joint statement on Tuesday from Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC and Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

"CDC will convene a meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) on Wednesday to further review these cases and assess their potential significance," the statement said. "FDA will review that analysis as it also investigates these cases. Until that process is complete, we are recommending a pause in the use of this vaccine out of an abundance of caution. cnn.com

Majority of Small Business Owners Want Employees to get COVID-19 Vaccine
A majority of small business owners (64%) say it is very important that their employees get vaccinated-and 80% intend to get vaccinated themselves.

A recent survey of more than 3,300 small business owners shows strong support for ensuring employees get vaccinated.

And employees are taking notice, as 80% of respondents say employees are turning to them with questions. Eighty percent of small employers also report having informal conversations about vaccines and 56% have had formal conversations, including staff meetings and one-on-ones with employees. A majority (55%) of employers say they would use free or low-cost resources to provide guidance and information about COVID-19 vaccines. ehstoday.com

California - One of the Lowest Case Rates in America
Are herd immunity and the California coronavirus variant preventing
a West Coast spring surge?
California had one of the lowest average daily coronavirus case rates in the nation over the most recent seven-day period, while Michigan's case rate - the worst in the nation - was 12 times higher than California's, placing growing strain on hospitals there. latimes.com

   U.K. Strain Is More Contagious but Not as Severe, Study Finds

CEOs vs. Employees on Post-COVID Work Environment
Employees Balk at End to Remote Work: 'Going Back to the Office Is Stupid"
As the pace of COVID-19 vaccinations accelerates and states loosen restrictions, employers have slowly begun calling their employees back to the workplace, with the pace expected to pick up sharply over the next few months.

But what might have been a hopeful sign that life is returning to normalcy has instead become a source of friction as some workers push back. They are fearful of getting infected, worried about how to care for kids still learning remotely and resisting going back to the 9-to-5 in-office grind after tasting the flexibility of working from home.

How these conflicts play out could define the shape of the employment landscape not just in the near term but for years to come, experts say, as employers and workers begin negotiating the terms of re-engagement. For now, they are oceans apart: While 83 percent of CEOs want employees to return in person, only 10 percent of employees want to come back full time, according to a study by the Best Practice Institute. newsweek.com

Corporate Bellwether for Remote Work?
JPMorgan Plans To Have About 25,000 Of Its Employees Work From Home
JPMorgan Chase, a well-respected top-tier investment bank and financial institution, plans to have thousands of employees working permanently from home. Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan's highly regarded chief executive, said 10% of its 255,000 U.S.-based employees may work from home full time, and others could continue to work remotely for some of the time, according to a letter to shareholders released last Wednesday. JPMorgan, due to its prestige and status, serves as a corporate bellwether for the decisions it makes.  forbes.com

   Governor Whitmer says remote work will be extended another six months

   Salesforce pushes remote-work option to end of year


The Most At-Risk Retailers
Who is still at risk after last year's retail tribulations?

Party City, Nordstrom, Macy's, GameStop and others still have weak scores on measures of financial health, according to RapidRatings data.

While some retailers thrived, the pandemic brought financial strains if not outright turmoil to many companies. In 2020, Retail Dive tracked 30 major retailers that filed for bankruptcy.

Others, meanwhile, are searching for their footing in a retail environment undergoing continual change. The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine has given both Americans in general and retailers reason for hope. Even so, foot traffic and sales to many discretionary retailers remain below 2019 levels.

That has made previously healthy businesses seem more wobbly than they did in 2019, and heavily indebted or weaker operators are even more vulnerable.

To track companies that are still in weak financial positions after last year's struggles, RapidRatings compiled a list for Retail Dive of 10 publicly traded companies with low scores in the firm's Financial Health Ratings. Those are a measure of short-term resiliency and default risk based on liquidity, leverage, earnings and other metrics. retaildive.com

Store Appearance Has Become an Afterthought

Crumpled clothes and bare shelves: As retailers like Walmart, Macy's woo customers back, some have to clean up shop
Retailers adapted stores and workforces as more sales moved online during the pandemic. Portions of sales floors became staging areas for curbside pickup. Employees got trained to pack online orders, as well as help with customers in stores.

For some retailers, that has turned a store's appearance into an afterthought. Bare spots on shelves and unkempt displays at Walmart prompted a research firm to downgrade its stock earlier this year. Macy's, the storied department store that now must fend off internet savvy rivals, has also faced ridicule for its poor presentation.

The coming months may be especially crucial for retailers as they try to woo shoppers back to stores, where sales tend to be more profitable. Consumers have money they've stashed away after saving on commuting costs, eating out and traveling. Some have stimulus checks waiting to be spent. These shoppers may hit the mall to buy merchandise that has been off their radar for months: dresses, blazers, heels, swimsuits and make-up.

Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData Retail, said it's time for retailers to clean up their act - or risk losing customers. He snaps photos on shopping trips to better understand companies' strategies and execution, which he then sends to his clients and posts across social media. He is quick to point out where retailers fall short: shabby signage, sloppy apparel or puzzling choices, such as setting up a large umbrella display at a store in Arizona, a state known for few rainy days. cnbc.com

Looks Like They're Backkkkkkk At The A's

Mall Traffic at 50 Top Tier Malls Shows Breakthrough Visits Surging 86% in March
But while this number is indeed impressive, it is also a very limited indicator as much of these same malls were already closed by mid-month in 2020, thus challenging the effectiveness of the metric to show what is really happening in context.

However, 2021 numbers can also be compared to 'normal' 2019 levels, and from this perspective too there was a clear and marked step forward. Comparing March 2021 visits to the same malls in March 2019 shows the visit gap down to just 23.9%, the lowest since the pandemic began. This was buoyed heavily by a 43.6% jump in visits between February and March further indicating that the 'return' to malls is in fact in full swing. And even accounting for the weather challenges in February and the fewer overall days, there was still a 25.7% jump in visits in March when compared to January, which had been a high point for the sector until then. placer.ai

Times Square crowds show NYC returning to life
As The Post's Steve Cuozzo reports, 134,659 people are walking through the "bow tie" on an average day now, up from 33,659 last April - all as measured by the Times Square Alliance. It's not the near-impassable mob of normal times, 355,302, but it's up a healthy amount from the 105,000 daily average visitor tally The Post reported in February, and Broadway's only starting to reopen.

Weekend numbers are better still: 151,605 visitors daily on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, four times the level of April 2020. nypost.com

The Same Story Across the Pond
Shoppers surge back to high streets as Covid lockdown eases in England
Shoppers have surged back onto high streets across England and Wales as fashion stores, toy shops, hairdressers and other nonessential retailers reopened their doors for the first time in more than three months.

The number of people in shopping destinations by 3pm on Monday was more than double the level of the previous Monday and only just over a quarter lower than 2019 levels, according to analysts at Springboard. theguardian.com

Costco reopens food court as McDonald's closes locations at Walmart

Domino's to begin autonomous pizza deliveries in Houston

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Register Now: New Webinar from Agilence & Progressive Grocer
How Grocers Can Win The Loss Prevention War


The disruption food retailers experienced during the pandemic touched all areas of operations, including loss prevention and asset protection. New challenges emerged and existing ones intensified thanks to the growth of e-commerce, increased organized retail crime and rapid adoption of frictionless store experiences such as self checkout. However, retailers are fighting back with new approaches and new tools to win the loss prevention war. Join Progressive Grocer and industry leaders in the space as we share insights and explore:

The current state of LP/AP, top threats and methods of deterrence to bolster the bottom line.
How the rise of e-commerce and usage of third party delivery services are impacting shrink.
The surge of self-checkout and best practices to thwart theft.
New technologies, tools and techniques to reduce loss.






Johnson Controls & Microsoft birth 'digital twin' for building management

Industrial companies have long struggled to put together the computational horsepower and modeling techniques required to derive meaningful insights from sensor data, giving rise to the so-called digital twin. Johnson Controls is building one such virtual version of physical assets, using Microsoft Azure cloud software to improve how buildings are designed, constructed, and managed.

The platform, called OpenBlue Digital Twin, reimagines machines and other physical objects as software that enables companies to create digital versions - called twins - of physical buildings and systems and visualize them.

OpenBlue leverages machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as edge computing technologies, to analyze large datasets and predict patterns and trends, says Mike Ellis, chief digital and customer officer of the $22 billion provider of building management systems. cio.com

RH-ISAC Announces New eCommerce Campaign for Retail, Hospitality, and Travel Sector

Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, PerimeterX, SecurityScorecard, Tala Security, and The Media Trust join forces with the RH-ISAC to address eCommerce concerns within retail, hospitality, and travel industry

WASHINGTON, D.C. - April 13, 2021 - The Retail & Hospitality ISAC today announced a sector-wide eCommerce campaign in partnership with leading eCommerce security organizations to increase digital efficiency, security, and compliance within the retail, hospitality, and travel sector.

The digital sales environment is of critical and increasing importance to the retail, hospitality, and travel industry. To support RH-ISAC Member's interests in reaching their pinnacle in the security, efficiency, and customer privacy of their digital retail environment, the RH-ISAC, Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), PerimeterX, SecurityScorecard, Tala Security, and The Media Trust are partnering together in a spring eCommerce campaign called eComm Pinnacle.

"eCommerce matters to RH-ISAC Members, and the dependence of our sector on eCommerce will only increase during 2021" explained Carlos Kizzee, executive vice president of intelligence operations and legal affairs at RH-ISAC. "Over 89% of our Core Members have an eCommerce presence, so we are thrilled to work with our Associate Members and top organizations within eCommerce security in this effort to increase awareness and adoption of the top issues and controls impacting digital efficiency, security, and compliance."

The RH-ISAC eComm Pinnacle effort will enable participating organizations to identify, discuss, raise awareness of, and individually evaluate and score their activities on top issues and controls that can most successfully secure and enhance eCommerce retailers in light of the increasingly complex digital threats that they are facing today and the advanced and ever evolving tactics that will continue to target the industry.

For more information about each of the sessions in this series, keep an eye on https://www.rhisac.org/events/ to register to attend the sessions as they are scheduled. For additional information on the eComm Pinnacle series, please reach out to support@rhisac.org.

Read more here

Finding the Remote Weak Spots
Fraudsters Flooding Collaboration Tools With Malware
The increasing reliance on collaboration tools such as Slack and Discord to support those working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic has opened up new ways for fraudsters and cybercriminals to bypass security tools and deliver malware, Cisco Talos reports.

Cybercriminals are using these collaboration tools not only to deliver malware but also to retrieve information about specific components and networks and to establish command-and-control channels that can be used to exfiltrate data, Cisco Talos says in its new report.

These channels can be used to deliver malware, including Thanatos, that can set the stage for a ransomware attack. But in most cases, cybercriminals are deploying remote access Trojans, including AgentTesla, Formbook and Lokibot, according to the research report. govinfosecurity.com

Hackers Chasing the Money
Payments industry faces potential 'destructive attacks,'
Biden cybersecurity official warns
A new Biden administration cybersecurity official told the American Transaction Processors Coalition that ransomware and infrastructure attacks are the biggest threats.

When it comes to safeguarding the U.S. payments system, the Biden administration is keenly focused on ransomware and infrastructure threats, a top cybersecurity official from the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told an industry trade group yesterday.

Not surprisingly, financial services companies are often the targets of cybercrime. Overall, cybercrime damages are expected to reach $6 trillion this year, according to ISACA, a trade group previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. paymentsdive.com

Biden Administration Doesn't Show Cybersecurity Priority in Budget Proposal
America's cyber-defenses get a 'modest' bump in new Biden budget plan
A $1.5 trillion budget request sent Friday by the White House to Congress included a $110 million increase Advertisementfor the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Security's cybersecurity division. The proposal would restore 2020 funding levels to an agency that played a key role in ensuring the elections were protected from foreign intervention.

Congressional cybersecurity leaders say President Biden's proposal is a good start, but they want more than the $2.1 billion earmarked for protecting Americans from hacking.

"CISA needs sustained, robust funding to carry out its mission and nimbly respond to evolving threats. Without question, it should be a $5 billion agency in the coming years," Katko said.

The requests asks for more than a billion dollars for government IT modernization and enhancements and just over $900 million for the National Institute of Standards and Technology to go toward research on cybersecurity and other technology priorities. The request establishes a new directorate for technology development in emerging areas crucial for U.S. technological leadership, including advanced communications technologies and cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity leaders in Congress criticized the infrastructure plan for leaving out funding specifically earmarked for cybersecurity. washingtonpost.com

Biden's cybersecurity nominees draw praise from lawmakers, industry
President Biden yesterday announced his nominees for two top cybersecurity posts: Chris Inglis as the first-ever Senate-confirmed White House cyber director; and Jen Easterly as director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. washingtonpost.com

6 tips for receiving and responding to third-party security disclosures




LA Sheriff Leads Gang on Robbery & Cons Responding LAPD Officers
Ex-L.A. Sheriff's Deputy Gets 7 Yrs Fed. Prison - Leading $2M Armed Robbery of Marijuana Warehouse
A former Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy was sentenced today to 84 months in federal prison for orchestrating and leading a $2 million armed robbery - staged as a legitimate law enforcement search - at a downtown Los Angeles warehouse where more than half a ton of marijuana and over $600,000 in cash was stolen.

Marc Antrim, 43, of South El Monte, who formerly was assigned to the LASD station in Temple City, U.S. District Judge Phillips, said, The heist, which "sounded like a movie script."

During the early morning hours of October 29, 2018, Antrim and his co-conspirators dressed as armed LASD deputies and approached the warehouse in an LASD Ford Explorer. Antrim flashed his LASD badge and a fake search warrant to the security guards to gain entry to the warehouse.

When Los Angeles Police Department officers legitimately responded to a call for service at the warehouse during the robbery, Antrim falsely told the LAPD officers that he was an LASD narcotics deputy conducting a legitimate search. To facilitate the sham, Antrim handed his phone to one of the LAPD officers so that the police officer could speak to someone on the phone claiming to be Antrim's LASD sergeant. The individual on the phone was not Antrim's sergeant, and Antrim did not have a legitimate search warrant for the warehouse.

After LAPD officers left the warehouse, other co-conspirators arrived and the robbery continued, allowing the fake law enforcement crew to steal even more marijuana and two large safes containing over half a million dollars in cash.

At the time of the robbery, Antrim was a patrol deputy assigned to the Temple City station, but he was not on duty. Prosecutors have secured six convictions in this case for the co-conspirators who took part in the raid alongside Antrim. Getting sentences ranging from 2 yrs to 6 years. justice.gov

Coverage from LA Times: Former sheriff's deputy sentenced to seven years in prison for leading fake drug raid


Big Box Cannabis Stores Coming?
The Evolving Cannabis Retail Environment

The industry is a long way from the big box future of national brands dominating retail

Imagine a future where purchasing any cannabis product you desire is as easy as pushing a cart down the aisles of Walmart. A future of unlimited choices where you can buy products online if you would rather not visit the physical store. Imagine cannabis brands selling directly to their customers. Imagine an Amazon of cannabis with a consistently reliable supply of your favorite brands and products.

Sounds too good to be true, right? And that is precisely the point. The fantasy described above may be a long-sought dream of cannabis industry pioneers past and present, but it is a world away from becoming a reality.

In today's cannabis retail environment, small and local rule the day, although larger multi-location retailers are gaining ground. If previous industries like pharmacies, booksellers and movie theaters are any indication, there will likely be a gradual trend toward consolidation in our immediate future. Think back 20 or 25 years ago when there were thousands of independent pharmacies, bookstores and movie houses across the country. Slowly, regional companies began to consolidate. Eventually, coast-to-coast brands dominated their categories on a national scale. But will there ever be a CVS, Barnes & Noble or UnitedTheatres of national cannabis retailing?

The answer is: Maybe. But first, we have to figure out how we get from where we are today to where the visionaries would like to take us. The challenge, of course, is multifaceted. First and foremost, the federal designation of cannabis as a Schedule I drug poses a serious barrier. But for the purposes of this discussion, we can ignore the obvious roadblocks federal prohibition and current state regulations impose. Instead, let us focus on the business requirements within our grasp and how they can be obtained. cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

7th State Since November to Legalize Pot

New Mexico governor signs bill to legalize recreational pot
New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed legislation Monday legalizing recreational marijuana use within months and kicking off sales next year, making it the seventh state since November to put an end to pot prohibition.

On Monday, she also touched on concerns about the harm inflicted on racial and ethnic minorities by drug criminalization and tough policing, noting that the new law could free about 100 from prison and expunge criminal records for thousands of residents.

The signed bill gives the governor a strong hand in oversight of recreational marijuana through her appointed superintendent of the Regulation and Licensing Department.

Agency Superintendent Linda Trujillo said people age 21 and over will be allowed start growing marijuana at home and possess up to 2 ounces (56 grams) of cannabis outside their homes starting on June 29.

Recreational cannabis sales start next year by April 1 at state-licensed dispensaries. apnews.com

Legal marijuana movement builds as more states change laws




The Pandemic Shift to Online Shopping
Mastercard report reveals massive pandemic-driven shift to ecommerce
Mastercard's Recovery Insights report highlighted the scale of the pandemic-driven digital shift in 2020-as well as what to expect going forward.

Here are the big takeaways:

Global consumers increased online spending by $900 billion in 2020. This translates to ecommerce making up $1 for every $5 spent on retail in 2020, compared with $1 for every $7 in 2019. The surge in ecommerce spending was driven by pandemic-induced lockdown measures and brick-and-mortar store closures. Mastercard expects that 20%-30% of global ecommerce growth experienced during the pandemic will be permanent.

The online grocery sector experienced one of the biggest growth spurts. Currently, 9% of grocery shopping takes place online-up from 7% before the pandemic. Moving forward, Mastercard estimates that more consumers will shift to online grocery shopping, with 10% of grocery sales taking place online post-pandemic. Mastercard also expects that between 70% and 80% of the pandemic's online grocery spike will be permanent.

Digital payments grew rapidly and will probably continue their ascent. Before the pandemic, the share of cash use as a portion of all sales declined roughly 2.5% per year. After pandemic restrictions took effect, noncash payments jumped an additional 2.5 percentage points beyond the trend-accelerating the shift from cash to digital payments by a full year.

Going forward, ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retail might hold equal weight in creating a shopping experience that consumers desire. The shift to online shopping might be permanent for some consumers: 81% of consumers who have used a new digital shopping method during the pandemic intend to continue using it.businessinsider.com

Amazon Failing to Give Employees Breaks?

Amazon Sued By Former Employee For Not Scheduling 30-Minute Lunch Breaks
Amazon has been sued for failing to provide mandatory 30-minute meal lunch breaks for employees. The lawsuit claims that the fulfilment centres of the e-commerce giant in California failed to provide enough lunch breaks to employees. The lawsuit has been filed by a former employee.

Lovenia Scott alleged that the company did not schedule a 30-minute lunch break for each five-hour work period. Lovenia used to work at a warehouse in Vacaville, California. Even when the workers get their breaks, they were supposed to carry their walkie-talkies with them.

Moreover, the lawsuit alleged that employees were instructed to take meal breaks 'if and when they could get it.' Scott alleged that there was so much work assigned to employees because of serious staffing issues. Because of the work pressure, it was very unlikely that workers would be able to complete the assigned work on time and take a lunch break.

Scott also said that several workers saw their breaks shortened to 10-minute. The lawsuit also claimed that the company did not compensate works for using their cell phone for completing official tasks. Scott, who worked at the Vacaville warehouse for over two years, said that the company even failed to pay her final wages on time. dailyheraldbusiness.com

Kohl's opens sixth e-commerce fulfillment center

Amid pandemic, e-commerce pumps pallet prices up




Hernando County, FL: Pair charged in Ulta Beauty thefts in Brookville
A pair of Temple Terrace men are facing felony theft charges for allegedly stealing cologne and perfume bottles from an Ulta Beauty Store in Brooksville last month. According to Hernando County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer (PIO) Michael Terry, the two men who were wearing masks, walked into the Ulta Store in Brooksville on May 2 and allegedly began taking several bottles of cologne and perfume off the store's shelves. Afterward, the men got into a dark-colored vehicle and fled, he said.

Using images from the store's security cameras, HCSO deputies issued an alert bulletin for the suspected thieves. The Clearwater Police Department subsequently helped identify the suspects as Caribe King, Jr. and Surgeo Hollis. In addition, the vehicle used in the alleged thefts was registered to Hall's brother, Terry said. Detectives subsequently contacted Hollis' probation officer who positively identified him from the bulletin. On April 7, HCSO detectives obtained warrants for both King and Hollis. The following day, acting on the Hernando County warrants, personnel from the Temple Terrace Police Department located King and Hollis and arrested them on a Grand Theft charge. Meanwhile, separate investigations into thefts at Ulta Beauty Stores on Jan. 29 and April 7 are underway, Terry said. hernandosun.com

Redwood City, CA: Thieves take $15K in merchandise from liquor store
The owner of a Bay Area liquor store needs help identifying two thieves who robbed his store last week. Owner of Main St. Liquor "George" told KRON4 his store was the latest target of burglary on April 9. He said an estimate of $15,000 of merchandise was stolen, including lottery tickets and cash from the register. Surveillance video shows the two thieves smash the window of the liquor store.  kron4.com

Berks County, PA: Nighttime burglars steal $8,500 in lawn care equipment
from local Hardware store
Burglars stole chainsaws, gas-powered trimmers, a pressure washer and other power equipment worth a combined $8,500 from a Mertztown equipment business, state police reported Monday. The break-in occurred shortly before 1:30 a.m. Friday at Bowers Sales & Rentals, 365 Fleetwood Road, Maxatawny Township. Troopers responded to a burglar alarm at that time and found the front window of the business had been broken. Stolen were five gas-powered Stihl chainsaws, a Husqvarna pressure washer, eight Stihl string trimmers and three Stihl leaf blowers/vacuums. yahoo.com

Denton, TX: Woman pepper-sprayed Academy employee during $1,000 theft
An Academy Sports and Outdoors staffer wants to press charges for assault after reporting a woman pepper-sprayed her as she left the store with about $1,000 in stolen apparel, according to a police report. The Denton Police Department is investigating the robbery on W. University Drive after they were dispatched to the sporting goods store around 9:08 p.m. Sunday. An employee said she was beginning to close the security gate at the automatic doors when a man and a woman began exiting the store with a cart full of merchandise they didn't pay for. According to the report, she said she didn't try to stop them as they exited. She told police the woman then said "no" before pepper-spraying the staffer. The management is pursuing charges for theft, and an estimated 30 Nike and Under Armour apparel items, worth $1,000, were taken, according to the report. The employee wants to press charges for the assault. dentonrc.com

Dougherty County, GA: Duo arrested after allegedly selling stolen items at flea market
Dougherty County officials say a concerned citizen phoned in a tip about two people selling items out of the back of a van. William Fox of Sumner, Georgia and Logan Avera, after a short chase, were both taken into custody. Avera was already wanted by the Dougherty County Police Department on charges of conspiracy to commit a felony, burglary in the second degree, and criminal gang activity. Fox was under investigation for those charges as well and has since been booked on those charges. wfxl.com

Virginia Beach, VA: Police trying to find women wanted for stealing hundreds in merchandise around Hampton Roads
Police in Virginia Beach are trying to identify three women who they say have been spotted shoplifting from stores around Hampton Roads. In one case, police say they say stole hundreds of dollars' worth of clothes. According to police, the women went to the Kohl's on Virginia Beach Blvd. on March 22 and tried to walk out with more than $1,000 worth of merchandise. They were stopped on the way out but were not detained since the store got its items back. wtkr.com

Lincoln, CA: Police Arrest Pair Suspected Of Shoplifting $500 of Tools From Home Depot; 1 suspect has warrant for Robbery

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Shootings & Deaths

Tolleson, AZ: Police say 18-year-old shot co-worker in Fry's warehouse parking lot, ran him over twice
Police say an employee dispute in the parking lot of a Fry's Food Store warehouse in Tolleson ended in a deadly shooting. It happened Sunday evening.  Police say 18-year-old Camron Granado shot his co-worker, 30-year-old Quenton Gammage, several times, ran him over twice, then sped away in his car. A witness said he had been walking with Granado and Gammage through the parking lot when Granado "suddenly pulled out a firearm with a red laser and shot three rounds" at Gammage, according to the police report.

The report says that Granado then jumped into a black car, backed up over the victim, then put the car into drive and ran him over a second time. Police say Granado then drove away. Several witnesses say they tried to jump on the hood of Granado's car and stop him, but they say he "ignored them" and drove off, according to the police report. Gammage was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition but was later pronounced dead. Police say several hours later, Granado came to the Tolleson police station with his family and turned himself in. He was taken into custody and booked on one count of first-degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. azfamily.com

Flint, MI: Police Chief details Officer-involved shooting of suspected Gas Station Armed Robber
Flint's police chief had some tense moments early Friday while he listened to radio traffic from a traffic stop that devolved into a shootout involving his officers. On Monday, Police Chief Terence Green detailed what led up to the incident that left the suspect injured and two patrol cars with gunshot damage. The 24-year-old suspect, Shaqur Brewer, faced a Genesee County judge for arraignment Monday on 18 felony charges, including two counts of assault with intent to murder, illegal possession of a firearm, felonious assault, malicious destruction of police property and resisting arrest.

Green said the one officer who fired at Brewer likely saved his partner's life. The incident started with an attempted robbery of the Sunoco gas station on Grand Traverse in Flint. Green said the clerk called 911 after the suspect attempted to rob the convenience store with an assault rifle. Responding police officers checked security footage to get a description, which allegedly matched Brewer and his car. When the officers found him, Green said they tried to pull him over but Brewer sped away. Green said Brewer stopped and got out of his car at Garland Street where he started shooting at the officers as they got out of their patrol cars. Both patrol cars sustained damage from flying bullets. "The officer that was trapped in the vehicle, as she described it, her backup officer saved her life," Green said. "Look at the video surveillance camera -- in-car surveillance camera, that's true. She's lucky to be alive." abc12.com

Columbus, OH: Both suspects in first Polaris shooting arrested in Georgia
by U.S. Marshals
Two Columbus-area men suspected of exchanging gunfire on March 3 inside the Polaris Fashion Place have been arrested by U.S. Marshals in Georgia. Anthony Deshawn Truss Jr., 21, and Levon Sommerville, 25, were both taken into custody this month in Georgia cities within 40 miles of each other. The U.S. Marshals Service announced the men's arrest 40 days after the shooting at the Delaware County mall.

Truss, of Reynoldsburg, was arrested on April 7 in Covington, Georgia while Sommerville, of Columbus' Northeast Side, was arrested Monday in Tucker, Georgia, according to the U.S. Marshals Service. Columbus police had issued warrants for both men's arrest on a charge of felonious assault after they identified the men as the two suspects who shot at each other inside on the first floor of the mall. dispatch.com

Update: Oklahoma City, OK: Woman Identifies Teen Suspect After Being Critically Injured In Shooting At Penn Square Mall


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Update: Chicago, IL: Police release images of suspects in Nordstrom burglary
on Mag Mile
Chicago police have released surveillance images of the people suspected in the burglary at the Michigan Avenue Nordstrom store. The burglary occurred at about 1:38 a.m. as police said three to four people entered the store after breaking the glass on the front door with a rock or a brick. Police said Kendrick Adams, 27, of Chicago, was taken into custody near the scene. He has been charged with burglary. Anyone who recognizes any of the other suspects is asked to call police. abc7chicago.com

El Paso, TX: Armored transport worker accused of keeping 29 bags of cash,
buying cars for family
An El Paso man collected 29 bags of money totaling $809,153 while falsifying financial documents between businesses and banks, according to a police affidavit. Ramon Tejada, 32, worked for Miracle Delivery Armored Services moving large sums of money between businesses and financial institutions. During his workday, Tejada would keep sealed bags of cash while altering deposit documents and total manifests, changing how much currency he actually handled, according to police documents. Tejada was arrested earlier this week after his employer complained to law enforcement upon discovering his alleged actions. He allegedly purchased five new 2021 vehicles and gave them to family members between December 2020 and February 2021. A review of the documents show Tejada's father purchased two vehicles totaling $105,246 in cash, the document says. Tehada was booked for suspicion of theft over $300,000. 8newsnow.com

Atlanta, GA: C-store may have to close due to constant burglaries - the owner can't afford another

Lubbock, TX: Police warn of distraction thieves operating in West Texas

Las Vegas, NV: Camera pens and other spy gadgets prove popular




Adult - Grover Beach, CA - Burglary
Auto Parts - Brooklyn Center, MN - Burglary
Beauty - Brooklyn Center, MN - Burglary
C-Store - Madisonville, KY- Burglary
CVS - Johnson City, TN - Robbery
Clothing - Brooklyn Center, MN - Burglary
Clothing Brooklyn Center, MN - Burglary
Family Dollar - Brooklyn Center, MN - Burglary
Gas Station - Lee County, FL - Robbery
Gas Station - St Petersburg, MI - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Flint, MI - Armed Robbery/Shooting
Grocery - Albany, GA - Burglary
Grocery - Estacada, OR - Burglary
Hardware - Berks County, PA - Burglary
Liquor - Redwood City, CA - Burglary
Jewelry - Allen, TX - Robbery
Jewelry - Austin, TX - Robbery
Jewelry - Charleston, WV - Robbery
Jewelry - Tucson, AZ - Robbery
Metro PCS - Forest Park, IL - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Queens, NY - Burglary
Sporting - Denton, TX - Robbery
TJ Maxx- Brooklyn Center, MN - Burglary
Walmart - Brooklyn Center, MN - Burglary
7-Eleven - Culver City, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 11 robberies
• 14 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 0 killed

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None to report.

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Corporate Security Manager
Calabasas, CA - posted April 6
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Regional Asset Protection Manager
Roanoke or Richmond, VA - posted March 16
To provide support for loss prevention and safety for restaurants in assigned regions and protect the assets of the company by leveraging partnerships at all levels of the company and utilizing existing Asset Protection and Restaurant Operating systems and processes...

Sr. Manager, Retail Asset Protection
Baltimore, MD - posted Feb. 23
The Senior Manager, Retail Asset Protection is responsible for implementing strategies and training to ensure the effective execution of Protect Retail initiatives. This position will be responsible for leading a team that executes core programs and strategies relating to safety and security, theft and fraud mitigation and operational excellence in retail stores...

Regional LP & Safety Manager
Denver, CO
- posted Feb. 9
The Regional Loss Prevention & Safety Manager implements Risk Management and Loss Prevention objectives within assigned region. The position will provide assistance and training to the field operations teams to address specific Risk Management and Loss Prevention issues within an assigned span of control.  Read job description here

Manager of Asset Protection & Safety Operations
Rockaway, NJ
- posted Feb. 4
The Manager of Asset Protection & Safety Operations is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage and safety compliance for Party City Holdings, by successfully managing Asset Protection (AP) Safety programs and reporting...


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