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Christian Latson, LPC, LPQ joins the Loss Prevention Foundation as an Operations Specialist

Christian Latson, LPC, LPQ, is an enthusiastic Loss Prevention professional with nearly a decade of experience working in Big Box, Pharmacy, and Specialty retail. As a 2018 Vector Security LPC Scholarship recipient, Christian found a home in the Loss Prevention Foundation long before joining the team as an Operations Specialist. With tireless energy, Christian's passion is to foster the industry's future as a champion for education, networking, and collaboration. Christian is inspired daily by his wife and their two sons, two dogs, and five chickens.

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NRF's Newest Virtual Event

Introducing NRF Retail Converge - June 21-25

NRF's new virtual event offers the depth of a workshop within the breadth of a conference

NRF's newest virtual event, NRF Retail Converge, is coming your way this June, and it's unlike any event NRF has hosted before. Designed with cross-functional teams in mind, the event will focus on disciplines across all major facets of retail, from marketing, digital and data analytics to supply chain, cybersecurity technology and more.

This holistic educational approach means attendees can go broad across the industry as well as deep into their field, whether that's diving into topics that directly impact the day-to-day, understanding insights about working with other departments in an organization, or gaining broader leadership strategies.

The event features speakers from some of the industry's most dominant organizations like Walmart, CVS Health, Qurate + Zulilly, Crate & Barrel, and Amazon; innovators such as Spotify, Stitch Fix, thredUP and Wayfair; and agile startups including Guesst, ByReveal, Nimbly and Recurate, which represent retail's "next normal" across multiple retail disciplines. nrf.com

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Supermarket Massacre Rocks Boulder
10 Killed, Including Officer - Suspect Charged - Mass Shootings on the Rise?

Boulder, CA: 10 dead, including police officer Eric Talley, in supermarket shooting; suspect in custody
A shooting at a Colorado King Soopers killed 10 people Monday, including a police officer who was the first to respond to the scene, authorities said. The slain officer has been identified by police as 51-year-old Eric Talley. He had been a member of the Boulder Police Department since 2010.

A law enforcement source told ABC News that officers initially responded to a report of someone being shot in the parking lot of the supermarket and, when they arrived at the scene, a suspect carrying a long gun opened fire on them. Talley was the first officer to arrive on scene, where he was fatally shot.

A suspect was wounded during the confrontation with police and taken into custody, according to Boulder Police Department Commander Kerry Yamaguchi, who did not immediately reveal the individual's name or a motive for the deadly shooting.

The suspect was transported to an area hospital to be treated for injuries. There are no additional suspects at this time, Yamaguchi said. The suspect has been charged with 10 counts of murder.

Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold fought back tears at a Monday evening press conference, during which he praised Talley for his "heroic action" in responding to the incident after the police department received 911 calls of shots fired and of a "possible person with a patrol rifle."

"Our hearts ... go out to the victims of this horrific incident," Herold said. "Officer Talley responded to the scene, was first on the scene, and he was fatally shot." abcnews.go.com

   10 victims in Boulder grocery-store attack identified

   Witnesses recount moments of terror inside & outside the store

Supermarkets a 'Dangerous Place for Employees'
Grocery store workers dealt with 'worst of the worst' even before
the Boulder shooting
The shooting at a grocery store in Boulder, Colo., that left 10 people dead came after a year in which the pandemic made supermarkets a dangerous place for employees, who risked falling ill with the coronavirus and often had to confront combative customers who refused to wear masks.

"They've experienced the worst of the worst," said Kim Cordova, who represents more than 25,000 grocery and other workers in Colorado and Wyoming - including those at the King Sooper store that was attacked - as the president of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7.

At least 853 grocery store employees in Colorado have had the virus during the pandemic, according to outbreak data from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The state does not list any infections at the store that was the site of the shooting, but Ms. Cordova said that all grocery store employees had risked their safety when they came to work and were confronted by hostile shoppers.

"They've seen horrible behavior by customers - spitting on them, slapping them, refusing to wear masks - but they were the first to be heroes," Ms. Cordova said. nytimes.com

Reopening = More Mass Shootings?
First Atlanta, then Boulder: Two mass shootings in a week.
The deadly shooting in Boulder, Colo. on Monday, where 10 people were killed, including a police officer, was the second mass shooting in the United States in less than a week.

On Tuesday, a gunman shot and killed eight people - six of them women of Asian descent - at three spas in the Atlanta-area of Georgia.

Until that shooting in Atlanta, it had been a year since there had been a large-scale shooting in a public place. In 2018, the year that a gunman killed 17 people and injured 17 others at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., there were 10 mass shootings where four or more people were killed in a public setting. The following year, when a gunman targeting Latinos in El Paso, Texas, killed 22 people, there were nine.

But before the shootings in Atlanta last week, there had been no such killings since March 2020, according to the Violence Project.

Other types of gun violence did increase significantly in 2020, according to Gun Violence Archive. There were more than 600 shootings in which four or more people were shot by one person compared with 417 in 2019. Many of those shootings involved gang violence, fights and domestic incidents, where the perpetrator knew the victims, Professor Peterson said.

The early research suggests that widespread unemployment, financial stress, a rise in drug and alcohol addiction, and a lack of access to community resources caused by the pandemic contributed to the increase in shootings in 2020. nytimes.com

   Judge recently blocked Boulder from enforcing assault-weapon ban

   Pressure builds on Biden to act on guns in wake of Colorado mass shooting

100+ Mass Shootings So Far in 2021


Protests & Violence

'New Wave' of Hate Crimes?
As Protesters Rally Against Anti-Asian Hate, N.Y.C. Records 5 Attacks
On Saturday morning, a 66-year-old man of Asian descent was punched in the face on the Lower East Side. Then on Sunday came three more attacks, the police said. The authorities said they were investigating at least four of the attacks as possible hate crimes, including one that left a man in critical condition.

The attacks around New York City over the weekend, coming as hundreds of marchers gathered in multiple protests to call for an end to such assaults, were yet more examples of violence directed at Asian-Americans amid a new wave of xenophobia that emerged during the pandemic.

The assaults underscored the feelings of fear and vulnerability that had taken hold in the Asian-American community, even before a shooting in the Atlanta area last week left eight people dead, including six women of Asian descent.

The police said they were investigating at least five different attacks that took place between Friday and Sunday, and three people have been arrested in connection with three of them.

But much is still not known about the victims or the attackers, at least two of whom appeared to be behaving erratically before the incidents. nytimes.com

Local leaders question whether race is playing role in increase of Miami Beach police activity during spring break
Some local Black leaders are critical of the City of Miami Beach because of how severe the crackdown has been on spring breakers. They believe it has to do with the race of many of the visitors.

Miami-Dade NAACP President Daniella Pierre argues the city's amped up police presence and aggressive enforcement of curfew with little notice to visitors sends an unwelcoming message and only adds to tensions.

"They're met with heavy police presence, right they're met with street closures. They're met with closed parking lots," Pierre said. "What are you targeting, is it crime, or is it a culture?" local10.com

Tensions Between Police, Protesters Heat Up Across the Pond

As Europe's Lockdowns Drag On, Police and Protesters Clash More
In Bristol, an English college town where the pubs are usually packed with students, there were fiery clashes between the police and protesters. In Kassel, a German city known for its ambitious contemporary art festival, the police unleashed pepper spray and water cannons on anti-lockdown marchers.

A year after European leaders ordered people into their homes to curb a deadly pandemic, thousands are pouring into streets and squares. Often, they are met by batons and shields, raising questions about the tactics and role of the police in societies where personal liberties have already given way to public health concerns.

From Spain and Denmark to Austria and Romania, frustrated people are lashing out at the restrictions on their daily lives. With much of Europe facing a third wave of coronavirus infections that could keep these stifling lockdowns in place weeks or even months longer, analysts warn that tensions on the streets are likely to escalate. nytimes.com

Dismissal of Black juror in Chauvin trial prompts discussion on bias in courtrooms


COVID Update

127M Vaccinations Given

US: 30.5M Cases - 555.9K Dead - 22.8M Recovered
Worldwide: 124.4M Cases - 2.7M Dead - 100.3M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 279   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 269
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Cases Up in 27 States
Covid cases rise across more than half of the U.S. as country races to vaccinate
New cases of Covid-19 are once again on the rise across more than half of the United States as officials race to vaccinate additional people before highly contagious variants become prevalent in the country.

As of Sunday, the seven-day average of new cases rose by 5% or more in 27 states, according to a CNBC analysis of data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Across the U.S., the nation logged an average of 54,308 new cases per day over the past week - a 1% rise from the prior week after months of rapidly declining case numbers, according to the data.

Even as the U.S. picks up the pace of vaccinations, giving about 2.5 million shots every day, some health officials have warned the country remains in a precarious spot. The lifting of restrictions in many states and the spread of more contagious variants in the U.S. threaten to undo the nation's progress, which has seen cases, hospitalizations and deaths all fall dramatically since the peak earlier this year. cnbc.com

Vaccines Hit the Dark Web

Covid-19 vaccines & counterfeit vaccine cards are for sale on the dark web
Counterfeit vaccine cards and what are being billed as Covid-19 vaccines are now for sale on the dark web, according to a report released Tuesday.

Security researchers at cybersecurity firm Check Point Software said they've discovered listings for Covid-19 vaccines from various brands, such as AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, for up to $1,000 a dose, as well as at least 20 vaccine certificates for $200 each.

A Check Point spokesperson told CNN Business it's uncertain if the vaccines are real, but said "they appear to be legitimate" from pictures of packaging and medical certificates. Advertisements for vaccines on the dark web are up 300% in the past three months, according to the report.

Meanwhile, vaccine certificates - or proof of vaccination cards - are created and printed to order; the buyer provides the name and dates they want on the certificate and the vendor replies with what Check Point said resembles an authentic card.

The counterfeit products are being marketed to people who need to board planes, cross borders, start a new job or other activities that may require someone to give proof of vaccination. cnn.com

Literally First Report of "Tourists are finally returning to NYC"
After a year-long COVID-19 lockdown turned the city into a virtual ghost town, a steady stream of visitors is once again checking into hotels, gaping up at skyscrapers and asking New Yorkers which way Fifth Avenue is, hospitality industry insiders said.

Hotel occupancy in the Big Apple hit 47 percent for the week of Mar. 7 to Mar. 13 - the highest weekly average for Gotham since late June, according to STR, a data firm that tracks the hospitality industry.

Last Saturday night, that figure jumped to 61.5 percent, a significant rise from the January figures of 38 percent, but still well under pre-pandemic figures of 87 percent, STR said.

More pedestrians have also started to flood into Times Square, according to Tom Harris, the acting president and chief operating officer at the Times Square Alliance.

"Over the last week we've noticed an uptick," said Harris.

"I feel comfortable, safe. Everybody uses a mask, takes care of each other," said Fernandez, who was visiting the city with his family for the first time. nypost.com

   CDC: Possible Side Effects After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine

   Best Buy rolls out nationwide COVID-19 testing program for employees

   Texas Roadhouse Founder Dies After Struggle With 'Post-COVID' Symptoms

As America Reopens, Europe Locks Down

Lockdown in France
French Retail Shutdown To Have "Disastrous Consequences,"
Fashion Trade Group Warns
Fashion stores in eight regions, home to major cities including Paris, Lille, and Nice, will remain closed for at least a month during the country's third shutdown for businesses deemed "non-essential." In a statement Monday, the womenswear trade association Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin said the fashion sector had been "abandoned" by the government, and warned economy minister Bruno Le Maire that without additional support many fashion businesses would not be able to bounce back.

The French lockdown announced Thursday concerns roughly one-third of the country's population and is aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus as rollout of the vaccine fails to keep up with new cases and hospitalisations.

French fashion sales fell by 15 percent last year, the trade group said. Several of the country's high street brands, including Naf Naf, Camaieu and André, filed for bankruptcy during the year. businessoffashion.com

German Chancellor Warns of 'New Pandemic'
Germany imposes Easter lockdown to curb new surge
After talks with regional leaders, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany was now in a "very serious" situation. Restrictions will be even tougher from 1-5 April, when most shops will be shut and gatherings will be limited.

Meanwhile, France's president wants vaccinations "morning, noon and night". Emmanuel Macron was responding to an increase in intensive care cases and warnings of an "explosion" in hospital admissions.

"Essentially, we have a new virus," Chancellor Merkel said after marathon talks with the leaders of Germany's 16 states. The highly contagious UK (Kent) variant of coronavirus had become dominant in Germany, she explained, plunging the country into "a new pandemic". bbc.com

   Germany: NRW doubles down on shopping restrictions after court ruling

   The UK city that never came out of lockdown

Return-to-Work Challenges Persist

Companies Wrestle With Hybrid Work Plans - Awkward Meetings
& Midweek Crowding

Mix of office & remote work brings new hurdles, from determining number of days employees spend in-person to how to conduct meetings; Mondays & Fridays problem

Big U.S. companies are discovering that "hybrid" work comes with plenty of complications.

As employers firm up plans to bring white-collar workers back into offices while still allowing them to do some work at home, many are encountering obstacles. Companies are grappling with what new schedules employees should follow, where people should sit in redesigned offices and how best to prevent employees at home from feeling left out of impromptu office discussions or being passed over for opportunities, say chief executives, board directors and others.

The insurer Prudential Financial which expects most of its roughly 42,000 employees to work in the office half the time starting after Labor Day, wants to make certain not all staffers choose to stay home Mondays and Fridays and then work in the office midweek. At the travel company Expedia Group executives are trying to figure out how to have in-person meetings that don't disadvantage those who aren't in the room. Other employers, including the software company Twilio predict that the new era of work could lead to shuffling between teams, with staffers gravitating to bosses who embrace their preferred styles of working.

Hybrid work "is going to redefine expectations, rules, permissions." Continue Reading

Executives vs. Employees
Employers foresee conflict budding between executives and employees over "return-to-work policies"
On Friday, the staffing company LaSalle Network published a release regarding the first installment of its Office Re-Entry Index. The index details obstacles related to bringing employees back on site, sentiments regarding vaccination mandates, potential internal conflict due to workplace policies and more.

For companies that have not yet started to bring employees back to the office, the majority said the top obstacle they predicted encountering was "managing" fears surrounding commuting, and other anticipated concerns included "cultural re-onboarding of staff" such as "helping employees reacclimate to the office environment," according to the report.

About one-third of respondents (34%) who had not yet started to bring employees back to the office anticipated "conflicts to arise" between the staff and company executives related to "return-to-work policies" with the top predicted conflict being employees wanting to continue to telecommute. techrepublic.com

   Ford Motor Touts Newly Redesigned Hybrid In-Office And Remote Model

IKEA Spying on Employees?
Ikea trial begins in France over illegal 'spying system' imposed on staff
IKEA'S French operation was in court today as former executives, store managers and police officers face trial for an illegal spying operation that collected private information on staff and customers.

Prosecutors acting on complaints from the Force Ouvriere trade union say Ikea set up a "spying system" across France, gathering information on current and prospective employees.

Former director of risk management Jean-Francois Paris has acknowledged spending €530-630,000 annually (£450-540,000) on private eyes to investigate staff between 2009 and 2012, when the scandal broke.

Mr Paris is in court alongside former chief executives Jean-Louis Baillot and Stefan Vanoverbeke, former chief financial officer Dariusz Rychert and managers of certain stores.

Four police officers are accused of working with surveillance company Eirpace boss Jean-Pierre Foures to provide information on people illegally. Trade unions say that Ikea France paid for access to police files.

The charges include illegal gathering of personal information, receiving illegally gathered personal information and violating professional confidentiality. morningstaronline.co.uk

Commission to reimagine police in Washington DC grapples with effort to defund
A commission created to help the District reinvent policing is preparing a final report that could propose sweeping changes, including taking officers out of schools, curtailing traffic enforcement and shrinking the department's size and budget.

Some members of the Police Reform Commission want the D.C. Council to consider cutting the police department's $500 million budget in half over the next three to five years, while reducing the number of officers through attrition. But others said pushing for specific dollar cuts might detract from the effort to reshape policing in a city struggling to curtail violent crime and regain the trust of residents in troubled neighborhoods. The group is expected to vote on final language and recommendations for its report at its final meeting Monday.

The word "defund" - a catchphrase from activists that has been interpreted widely, from eliminating law enforcement altogether to shifting some police responsibilities to other agencies - was not used by the panel, which couched it in softer terms such as "divestment" and "decenter."

"Divestment means realigning [the police] budget to match the work that they're doing, taking dollars away from policing and reallocating them into a broader public safety approach," said commission member Samantha Davis, the founder of Black Swann Academy, a nonprofit that empowers Black youths through civic engagement.

Acting police chief Robert J. Contee III, who faces a confirmation hearing March 25, said in an interview this month that he would like a force 4,000 strong. He noted new challenges and responsibilities posed by the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and future threats of domestic terrorism. Contee has been holding his own town halls to gauge changes residents want in policing.

At a March 16 meeting of the Police Reform Commission, member Robert S. Bennett, a former federal prosecutor and prominent defense attorney, said he would not agree to recommending police cut their budget or the number of officers. He suggested he might write a dissenting opinion if outvoted.

"Violent crime is going up, and this commission wants to reduce the number of police officers," Bennett said. "That makes no sense to me." washingtonpost.com

3,000 New Stores Coming?
Dollar General ramps up expansion of Popshelf concept
Dollar General plans to accelerate the rollout of its new suburban-focused concept Popshelf. The dollar retailer plans to open up to 50 Popshelf stores by the end of the year, exceeding past targets of 30 stores, Chief Operating Officer Jeff Owen told analysts Thursday. In addition, Dollar General aims to add the Popshelf concept as a store-within-a-store to 25 existing locations in 2021, Owen added, according to a Seeking Alpha transcript. In all, Dollar General estimates it could add up to 3,000 additional Popshelf stores in the continental U.S. retaildive.com

Relief for Shops & Restaurants
Airport Retail Shops Pin Hopes on Bump in Travel
Travelers are starting to fly again, offering some relief to beleaguered airport shops and restaurants after the pandemic brought most travel to a standstill.

Duty-free outlets and other airport stores have been a rare success story in the slumping bricks-and-mortar world in recent years. Airport retail enjoys a captive audience. Travelers often have time on their hands and can be susceptible to buying a souvenir or luxury product on a whim, or as last-minute presents. The shops are especially popular with Chinese tourists.

But the sharp decline in air travel last year pounded these operations, and airports around the world have reported that annual revenues shank by more than half last year. U.S. airport shops and restaurants stand to lose $3.4 billion from July 2020 to the end of 2021, according to estimates from the Airport Restaurant & Retail Association. That's more than three years of profits. wsj.com

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In collaboration with Retail Week and Retail Trust, we recently undertook a survey of 500 retail workers. We discovered that 75% felt that their roles had become more complex since the pandemic, with 56% citing new customer and personal safety compliance measures as the main areas of added complexity.

Paper-based legacy systems such as check lists reduce the effectiveness of auditing processes. This makes real-time visibility of task execution almost impossible and means effective analysis of trends is often non-existent with reports simply filed away never to be found again. Retailers need a combined solution of simple reporting and data capture through mobile digital auditing and checklist technology to ensure compliance in their stores.

Join this webinar to learn how to:

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Cyber Crooks Impersonating Company Execs

Phishers' perfect targets: Employees getting back to the office
Phishers have been exploiting people's fear and curiosity regarding breakthroughs and general news related to the COVID-19 pandemic from the very start, and will continue to do it for as long it affects out private and working lives.

Cybercriminals continually exploit public interest in COVID-19 relief, vaccines, and variant news, spoofing the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), World Health Organization (WHO), and other agencies and businesses.

Phishers targeting employees

According to Inky researchers, employees who have slowly been returning to work in offices and other company premises can expect cyber crooks to impersonate their colleagues and their company's leadership.

Judging by previously detected campaigns, the attackers will be hitting employees with emails made to look like they are coming from the HR or some other department, or from the CEO.

Lures will likely include:

Surveys that employees must take regarding their willingness to receive the Covid-19 vaccine (or other related inquiry)

New internal precautionary measures to "support health and safety"

Information about changes in rules and new security roles within the company

Requirements to review and complete new policy sections and guidelines

The emails will contain design elements related to the company (logos, etc.). Links will point to credential harvesting or malware-serving sites on a hijacked domain, and will look like they point to legitimate tools (e.g., Google, Basecamp, SharePoint, etc.). Phishers will try to create a sense of urgency, obligation, and even threaten employees with sanctions to get them to follow the links.  helpnetsecurity.com

'Double-Extortion Campaign'
Acer Reportedly Hit With $50M Ransomware Attack

Reports say a ransomware gang has given Acer until March 28 to pay, or it will double the ransom amount.

The REvil/Sodinokibi ransomware group has reportedly targeted computer manufacturer Acer with a $50 million ransomware attack - and its ransom demand may grow, investigators say.

News of the double-extortion ransomware campaign surfaced late last week, when attackers claimed on their data leak website to have breached Acer, Bleeping Computer reported. At the time, attackers published some reportedly stolen files as evidence of a successful intrusion. The documents included bank balances, financial spreadsheets, and financial communications.

Further investigation by LeMagIT and SearchSecurity revealed a ransom demand of $50 million. The former reports that attackers offered Acer a 20% discount on their initial ransom demand if it was paid by March 17, and the company reportedly offered $10 million. As of March 22, the attackers have given Acer a new payment deadline of March 28 or they'll double the demand. darkreading.com

Warning for Google Chrome Users

Researchers Discover Two Dozen Malicious Chrome Extensions

Extensions are being used to serve up unwanted adds, steal data, and divert users to malicious sites, Cato Networks says.

Researchers at Cato Networks have discovered two dozen malicious Google Chrome browser extensions and 40 associated malicious domains that are being used to introduce adware on victim systems, steal credentials, or quietly redirect victims to malware distribution sites.

AdvertisementThe security vendor discovered the extensions on networks belonging to hundreds of its customers and found that they were not being flagged as malicious by endpoint protection tools and threat intelligence systems.

Etay Maor, senior director of security strategy at Cato Networks, says such extensions can pose risks for enterprise organizations. "Security researchers have found extensions performing malicious activity that ranged from stealing usernames and passwords to stealing financial data," he says. The theft of personal and corporate data is a real threat for organizations, and there have already been multiple instances of extensions doing so, he notes.

While malicious extensions are an issue with all browsers, it's especially significant with Chrome because of how widely used the browser is, Maor says. It's hard to say what proportion of the overall Chrome extensions currently available are malicious. It's important to note that just a relatively small number of malicious extensions are needed to infect millions of Internet users, he says. darkreading.com

Cybercriminals exchange tips on avoiding arrest, jail in underground forums

IT admin with axe to grind sent to prison for wiping Microsoft user accounts




Quickly Reopen a Closed Browser Tab

We all have experienced the aggravation of accidentally hitting the "x" on the wrong browser tab and it closing. Instead of going through your browser's history to reopen the tab, remember these keystrokes for quick retrieval.

If you use a PC, hit Ctrl+Shift+T or Command+Shift+T if you use a Mac. This will automatically reopen the tab you just closed, and save you the headache of looking for it in your browser history.




Illegal Amazon Interrogations?
Amazon threatened warehouse workers organizing amid COVID-19 pandemic,
says US labor board complaint

The investigation found that Amazon managers may have violated US labor law
on four accounts

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) found merit to the claim that Amazon threatened and retaliated against workers protesting the company's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an NLRB complaint obtained by Motherboard. The case, which centers on a warehouse in Queens, New York, was settled before it went to trial.

The NLRB investigation found that warehouse managers may have violated US labor law on four accounts, Motherboard reports. During the pandemic, they allegedly instructed employees not to organize without first notifying them, interrogated workers about the walkout, and threatened to discipline those who spoke to colleagues about the protests.

The complaint reportedly said that Amazon illegally interrogated and disciplined Jonathan Bailey, one of the lead walkout organizers. He coordinated a protest after a colleague tested positive for COVID-19 - the first time this had happened at an Amazon facility in the United States.

The day after the walkout, a regional manager interrogated Bailey for an hour and a half, telling him his behavior might constitute harassment, Motherboard reports. He also demanded Bailey alert him in advance of any future protests. A week later, Bailey was written up for harassment.

"Amazon did its best to keep everybody working while simultaneously crushing our effort to fight back," Bailey told Motherboard. theverge.com  cnet.com

Shipping Boom for FedEx - Including Vaccines
FedEx profits nearly triple amid online shopping spike
FedEx's profit nearly tripled in its third quarter, the company announced, reporting net income of $892 million for the three months ending Feb. 28. Delivery companies like FedEx have benefitted from increased demand for online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Memphis, Tennessee-based company has also been delivering coronavirus vaccines across the U.S., an effort that CEO Frederick Smith called, "the most important work in the history of FedEx."

We expect demand for our unmatched e-commerce and international express solutions to remain very high for the foreseeable future," Smith said. axios.com

Amazon workers strike in Italy over pandemic-driven delivery demands




Siblings Plead Guilty to Offenses Involving the Sale of $4 Million in Stolen MacBooks
Patricia Castaneda, 37, of San Carlos, pleaded guilty today to federal program theft, and in a separate case, her brother Eric Castaneda, 36, of Redwood City, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transport stolen property interstate.

Patricia Castaneda worked in the School of Humanities and Sciences at a private university in Stanford. In her position, Patricia Castaneda's duties included ordering Apple MacBooks for university faculty and staff. In 2009 or 2010, Patricia Castaneda began stealing MacBooks she ordered and selling them for cash. Initially, Patricia Castaneda sold the MacBooks she stole to an individual she met on Craigslist. In February 2016, Patricia Castaneda began giving the stolen MacBooks to Eric Castaneda to sell to an individual in Folsom who, in turn, resold and shipped the MacBooks to buyers outside California.

In total, the cost to the university of MacBooks that Patricia Castaneda stole was over $4 million. That amount includes the cost to the university of approximately 800 stolen MacBooks Eric Castaneda sold to the individual in Folsom, which was approximately $2.3 million.

The University would have an arrangement with one of the major wholesalers/retailers who manage university merchandise outlets/stores. Patricia Castaneda faces a maximum statutory penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Eric Castaneda faces a maximum statutory penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. justice.gov

From Russia With Love - "In Fraud We Trust"
Dark Web Escrow Operators Get 10 Yrs Fed Prison

Foreign Nationals Sentenced for Roles in Transnational Cybercrime Enterprise Impacting all 50 States & Caused More than $568M in Loses
Two foreign nationals - one Russian, the other North Macedonian national - were sentenced today for their role in the Infraud Organization, a transnational cybercrime enterprise engaged in the mass acquisition and sale of fraud-related goods and services, including stolen identities, compromised credit card data, computer malware, and other contraband.

Sergey Medvedev, aka "Stells," "segmed," and "serjbear," 33, of Russia, pleaded guilty in the District of Nevada to one count of racketeering conspiracy in June 2020 and was sentenced today to 10 years in prison. According to court documents, Medvedev was a co-founder of Infraud along with Syvatoslav Bondarenko of Ukraine. From November 2010 until Infraud was taken down by law enforcement in February 2018, Medvedev was an active participant in the Infraud online forum, operating an "escrow" service to facilitate illegal transactions among Infraud members. For several years, Medvedev served as Infraud's administrator, handling day-to-day management, deciding membership, and meting out discipline to those who violated the enterprise's rules.

Marko Leopard, aka "Leopardmk," 31, of North Macedonia, pleaded guilty in the District of Nevada to one count of racketeering conspiracy in November 2019 and was sentenced today to five years in prison.

Infraud facilitated the sale of contraband by its members, including counterfeit documents, stolen bank account and credit account information, and stolen personal identifying information. Members and associates of Infraud operated throughout the world and the United States, to include Las Vegas. The enterprise, which boasted over 10,000 members at its peak and operated for more than seven years under the slogan "In Fraud We Trust," is among the largest ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

Infraud was responsible for the sale and/or purchase of over 4 million compromised credit and debit card numbers. The actual loss associated with Infraud was in excess of $568 million USD. justice.gov

Wichita Falls, TX: Man sentenced for role in Walmart theft ring
One of six people accused in a shoplifting ring at Walmart has pleaded guilty and was sentenced for engaging in organized criminal activity. Davon Blue was sentenced to two years in prison, suspended to five years probation. Blue must pay a $750 fine as well as $4,734 in restitution. According to authorities, the gang was stealing computers, electronics and many more items from Walmart on Lawrence Road in Wichita Falls. Police said in February 2020, six suspect operated a theft ring at Walmart, and each thief was assigned a different role in the thefts. Investigators said Blue chose the items to steal for the others and pushed the shopping cart out of the store. Another drove the getaway car, and others pawned the items. texomashomepage.com

Placer County, CA: One arrested for Target theft in Auburn; second suspect still outstanding
Placer County Sheriff's deputies responded to a report of grand theft at Target in the 2700 block of Bell Road at 8:45 p.m. after two suspects were observed loading electronics into laundry baskets and attempting to exit the store through an emergency exit by Target Loss Prevention officers. According to the Sheriff's Office, the Loss Prevention officers detained one suspect identified as Kodi Trewartha, 24, who attempted to steal $3,000 worth of Fitbits and massage guns.

The Sheriff's Office confirmed Trewartha was a suspect in nine other Target thefts throughout the region. The second suspect left the scene on foot with a JBL Party Box 100 speaker, three Theragun Mini muscle massage guns, a bed sheet set and a black laundry tote, totaling more than $950. Deputies didn't locate the second suspect but found the empty speaker box and security cable locks from the merchandise in a nearby parking lot, the Sheriff's Office reported. Trewartha was charged with grand theft and conspiracy. According to Angela Musallam, public information officer for the Placer County Sheriff's Office, Trewartha was released from custody March 16. Musallam also confirmed Monday the second suspect is still outstanding.  goldcountrymedia.com

Scranton, PA: Suspect in Rite Aid robbery stole over $1000 in hair care products

San Antonio, TX: Police seeking Armed suspect in Target theft

Bossier City, LA: BCPD seeking man linked to Ulta theft

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Shootings & Deaths

Cleveland, OH: Two arrested in restaurant shooting that killed man and woman
Cleveland Police have reportedly arrested two suspects in a restaurant shooting incident that killed two Monday morning. Just before 4 a.m., police arrived at My Friends Restaurant on the 116th block of Detroit Avenue following reports of multiple people shot. Inside the restaurant, police said they found a 21-year-old woman on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds and a 27-year-old man who was shot in the neck. Both were transported to MetroHealth Medical Center and both died from their injuries, police said. Two male suspects in their 20s were also shot during the incident, police said. Preliminary reports show that two different groups of people were eating at the 24-hour diner when a verbal exchange took place. Police said they believe that at one point both arrested suspects took out guns and began shooting at the victims and each other. fox8.com

Augusta, GA: Police Identify suspect in Waffle House parking lot killing
One person is dead after a shooting Monday morning at a Waffle House in Augusta, according to the Richmond County Coroner's Office. The Richmond County Sheriff's Office said the report came in shortly before 2 a.m. at 1629 Gordon Highway. The shooting victim was found unresponsive in the parking lot, according to deputies. Coroner Mark Bowen said the victim was shot at least once and was taken to Augusta University Medical Center, but was pronounced dead just after 2:30 a.m. Monday. The victim was identified as 32 year old Nicklaus Wilson, of Augusta. wrdw.com

New Paltz, CT: Altercation led to shooting inside Restaurant
One person was shot after gunfire erupted at a popular Mexican restaurant in Ulster County this weekend. Police say a 59-year-old man was injured at the Orale Mexico Restaurant on Old Route 299 around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday. They say the shooting escalated from an altercation beginning inside the restaurant. The victim was taken to a hospital with injuries that are not life-threatening. connecticut.news12.com

Chicago, IL: 11-Year-Old Ny-Andra Dyer Dies, 3 Weeks After Being Caught In Crossfire At West Pullman Gas Station

Florence, SC: 2 found dead at Motel could be linked to 22 Armed Robberies in NC, SC, and Georgia; CVS, Aldi, Food Lion and more

Hamilton Township, NJ: Officer Shoots Suspect During Undercover Federal Investigation Outside Convenience Store


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Pittsburgh, PA: Man tackled 12-year-old, stabbed him in the neck
at downtown McDonald's
Police said a 12-year-old boy was stabbed at a McDonalds' restaurant in Downtown Pittsburgh just after 2 p.m. Saturday. Investigators said it happened at the store on Liberty Avenue. Charles Edward Turner, 51, of Pittsburgh was arrested and charged with attempted homicide, four counts of aggravated assault, two counts of simple assault and resisting arrest. He is being held at the Allegheny County Jail. Police said a family of four was standing in line when a man tackled the child from behind and stabbed the boy in the neck. Family members immediately tried to get Turner off the child and struggled to restrain him. As one family member helped the injured boy another continued to hold Turner down, who pushed back biting him and causing him to bleed.

After the incident, Turner was found outside pacing back-and-forth and yelling racial slurs, before going back into the restaurant. The criminal complaint says family members tried to question Turner, who told them "he only wanted to finish his coffee and then leave the restaurant." He became combative with police, punching and kicking officers during his arrest. During the investigation police recovered a box cutter at the scene. wpxi.com

Palmer Township, PA: Man told no mask, no entry pulls knife on Boscov's Loss Prevention
Authorities allege a Monroe County man threatened a security guard with a pocketknife after being asked to don a mask inside a Northampton County mall. Palmer Township police charged Averi J. Albanese with simple assault, weapons possession and harassment in connection with the incident Saturday at Boscov's in the Palmer Park Mall. Albanese walked into Boscov's just before 7 p.m. without wearing a mask, contrary to store policy, according to the criminal complaint against him. A store security officer approached Albanese, informed him of the store policy and asked him to put on a mask. That prompted Albanese to argue with the victim and allegedly spit on his neck. When the security officer ordered Albanese out of the store, the 18-year-old refused and pulled out a pocketknife, inviting the victim to go outside with him, according to court records. The victim took Albanese's invitation to step outside as a threat. The security officer followed Albanese outside and identified him to police as the man who drew a knife against him. Palmer Township police said they witnessed the incident on surveillance video. wfmz.com

Rochester, MN: Man breaks into Grocery store to steal $1,200 worth of Girl Scout Cookies
An Oronoco man is accused of stealing more than $1,200 worth of Girl Scout cookies. Joel Whittaker made his first court appearance on Monday. Police in Rochester said they got a grocery store alarm call late Saturday night. When they arrived, they say they found Whittaker driving away with 23 cases of cookies stuffed in the backseat and truck. kttc.com

Virginia Beach, VA: Suspect in 2018 Armed Robbery at 7-Eleven pleads guilty to multiple charges

Albuquerque, NM: Family-owned business continues to be target of thief

New York, NY: Men on Motorcycle targeting Electric Bikes in Manhattan, 5 stolen

Indian Head, MD: Man Sentenced to 18 years in Connection with 2020 Pharmacy Robberies

UK: Marlborough, England: Thieves drilled a huge hole through a wall at Edinburgh Woolen Mill to burglarize WH Smiths



Chicago, IL: Counterfeit Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel Items Worth $635K Seized at O'Hare
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at Chicago O'Hare's International mail branch intercepted a package that contained 445 counterfeit designer products last week. CBP said the shipment was coming from Thailand and, had the items been real, the manufacturer's suggested retail price for these products would have been $635,600. CBP officers examined the delivery to determine the admissibility of the shipments, and discovered the box contained counterfeit designer items. sourcingjournal.com




C-Store - Topeka, KS - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Shaler Township, PA - Robbery
Cellphone - Wetumpka, AK - Burglary
Cleaners - Framingham, MA - Burglary
Clothing - Albuquerque, NM - Burglary
Dollar - Laurel County, KY - Robbery
Gas Station - Eureka, CA - Robbery
Grocery - Brooklyn, NY - Burglary
Grocery - Rochester, MN - Burglary
Jewelry - Albany, NY - Robbery
Jewelry - Woodbridge, NY - Robbery
Jewelry - Des Moines, IA - Burglary
Jewelry - Charlotte, NC- Robbery
Liquor - Framingham, MA - Burglary
Rite Aid - Scranton, PA - Robbery
Sears - Brockton, MA - Burglary
T-Mobile - Chicago, IL - Burglary
Target - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 9 robberies
• 9 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Kamone Burey named Store Loss Prevention Investigator for SEPHORA

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Regional Asset Protection Manager
Multiple Locations - posted March 16
To provide support for loss prevention and safety for restaurants in assigned regions and protect the assets of the company by leveraging partnerships at all levels of the company and utilizing existing Asset Protection and Restaurant Operating systems and processes...

ALPM - Supply Chain
Chicago, IL - posted March 1
Our Distribution Center Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure distribution centers through identification and resolution of loss and risk opportunities.
Our Distribution Center Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide optimal service to their portfolio of distribution centers and stores...

RLPM - Supply Chain
Chicago or Moreno Valley, CA or Dillion, SC - posted March 1
Our Distribution Center Regional Loss Prevention Manager leads teams to ensure safe and secure distribution centers through the optimization of talent, while ensuring a high level of support and customer focus. Our Distribution Center Regional Loss Prevention Manager develops and executes strategy, exercises judgement and makes good decisions...

ALPM - Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA - posted March 1
Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence...

Sr. Manager, Retail Asset Protection
Baltimore, MD - posted Feb. 23
The Senior Manager, Retail Asset Protection is responsible for implementing strategies and training to ensure the effective execution of Protect Retail initiatives. This position will be responsible for leading a team that executes core programs and strategies relating to safety and security, theft and fraud mitigation and operational excellence in retail stores...

Regional Manager LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance
IL, WI, MN, IA, ND, SD, NE, OK, MO & KS - posted Feb. 12
The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory. Investigate and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets

Regional LP & Safety Manager
Denver, CO
- posted Feb. 9
The Regional Loss Prevention & Safety Manager implements Risk Management and Loss Prevention objectives within assigned region. The position will provide assistance and training to the field operations teams to address specific Risk Management and Loss Prevention issues within an assigned span of control.  Read job description here

Manager of Asset Protection & Safety Operations
Rockaway, NJ
- posted Feb. 4
The Manager of Asset Protection & Safety Operations is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage and safety compliance for Party City Holdings, by successfully managing Asset Protection (AP) Safety programs and reporting...


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Vice President, Loss Prevention
San Francisco, CA
The Vice President of Loss Prevention reports to the Company's General Counsel and is responsible for leading the organization's global asset protection and security efforts. You will collaborate effectively across the Company.  linkedin.com

Executive Director, Asset Protection
Rosemead, CA
The Executive Director, AP is responsible for the company's AP function, protecting the company's integrity, people, processes, and assets from harm and loss. This position serves as the subject matter expert on a broad range of security standards and disciplines.  pandarg.referrals.selectminds.com

Senior Director, Loss Prevention
Calabasas, CA
The Senior Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for setting and championing the Loss Prevention strategy for the enterprise, including retail stores, distribution centers, corporate offices and quality assurance labs.  sjobs.brassring.com

Director, Asset Protection Solutions
Deerfield, IL
Responsible for developing and implementing department strategies and integrating efforts with division and company strategies, emphasizing product availability, inventory productivity, and cost productivity.  jobs.walgreens.com


Senior Manager, Asset Protection
Atlanta, GA
The Sr Manager Asset Protection is responsible for ensuring that Asset Protection programs are fully implemented and are being executed per expectations within assigned distribution centers.  careers.homedepot.com


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