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Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) Announces Dave Thompson, CFI as President

With sights set on the future, international training organization, Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) is excited to announce Dave Thompson, CFI as President. "Dave has made a significant impact on our business in a relatively short period of time. He has been instrumental in our success through this pandemic and his proven leadership skills make him ideal to fill this role, building on our current and future successes," said Shane Sturman, CFI, CPP. Sturman who has been at the helm of WZ for the past decade as President & CEO, will continue to oversee WZ as the organization's CEO providing consistency to the leadership team and guidance to Thompson in his new role. 

Read Dave's full announcement in today's Vendor Spotlight column below

Mark McClain named Director Retail Asset Protection for
Bass Pro Shops

Before joining Bass Pro Shops this month, Mark spent 20 years with Walmart, most recently as the company's Director of Security (Insider Trust). With Walmart, he also served as Director of Global Investigations, Director of Asset Protection Investigations, Investigations Coordinator, and District Loss Prevention Supervisor. Earlier in his career, he spent eight years as a Detective with Panama City Police Department. Congratulations, Mark!

See All the Executives 'Moving Up' Here   |   Submit Your New Corporate Hires/Promotions or New Position






Prosegur Security Launches New Portable Video Surveillance Solution
for Buildings and Parking Lots

HERNDON, Va. (March 18, 2021) - Prosegur Security, a global leader in security technology, has launched a new rapid-deployment portable video surveillance solution dubbed Watchtower Flex. Combining four HD surveillance cameras, advanced video analytics, a loudspeaker, strobe lights and wireless connectivity in one all-inclusive unit, the new solution can be installed in under an hour, and can help protect interiors and exteriors of buildings, as well as parking lots, storage yards and other properties.

"Watchtower Flex is an advanced building protection solution applicable to all sectors including retail," said Tony D'Onofrio, CEO of Prosegur's global retail business unit. "Specifically, to retail, commerce is increasingly moving to parking lots with curbside and buy-on-line-pick-in-store (BOPIS) options. Consumers gave these services four out of five stars during the holidays and they are here to stay. Additionally, as reported in D&D Daily, of the 523 fatalities in retail in 2020, 48%, the largest category is in parking lots. Watchtower Flex protects both perimeters deterring crime and keeps an eye on parking lots." prosegur.us

Protests & Violence

Racially Motivated Extremists, Militias Pose Most Lethal Domestic Threat,
Report Finds

Expansive domestic terror threat described in report is expected to influence White House policy making

Domestic violent extremists pose a heightened security threat in 2021, U.S. intelligence agencies said in a report released Wednesday, adding that more violence is likely due to conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 election, the Covid-19 pandemic and the January breach of the U.S. Capitol.

White supremacists and militia extremists pose the most lethal threat among domestic extremists, the report said, echoing findings from academic studies and testimony last year by Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray and Department of Homeland Security officials.

The new report, prepared by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said individuals or small cells are more likely to undertake violent acts than are organized extremist groups.

"[Domestic Violent Extremist] attackers often radicalize independently by consuming violent extremist material online and mobilize without direction from a violent extremist organization, making detection and disruption difficult," it said.

The four-page report released on Wednesday is an unclassified summary of a longer classified document that, an ODNI official said, was distributed to the White House and Congress.

The report found that racially motivated violent extremists and "militia violent extremists" pose the most lethal threats. Racially motivated extremists are the "most likely to conduct mass-casualty attacks against civilians," ODNI said. Militia extremists are more likely to target law enforcement and government officials and buildings, it said. wsj.com

Minneapolis police vow to restore safety at George Floyd Square

FBI will help monitor troubled Chicago at 38th

The Minneapolis police chief vowed Wednesday to restore safety in and around the closed-off intersection where protesters gather to memorialize George Floyd's death.

Police Chief Medaria Arradondo gave no timeline for the changes, though he said federal agents will help fight crime and monitor the area at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, which has fallen under increased gun violence.

But violence disturbing the once-peaceful memorial has frustrated residents and business owners inside the square and surrounding it.

Arradondo said at a news conference that law enforcement will put an end to the criminal activity there. Arradondo said the best remedy is to reopen the intersection, but he did not specify when that would happen. startribune.com

Miami Beach adding extra police as city 'under siege' by spring breakers,
mayor says
Miami Beach police are cracking down on rowdy spring breakers after days of out-of-control parties in the seaside city that have included violence and drunken debauchery.

Mayor Dan Gelber said tens of thousands of visitors have overrun the Miami Beach Entertainment District - and the city will step up police enforcement to curtail the behavior, according to WTVJ.

The city reportedly is bringing in officers from nearby Miami to help manage the situation.

"If you have 50 or 100,000 people coming there and just half of 1 percent are rowdy or drunk or high to the point where they need to be controlled, it becomes a situation which is truly chaotic and unmanageable," Gelber reportedly said in a virtual city commission meeting Wednesday.

About 150 partiers were arrested over the weekend, and a man was shot and killed on Monday, according to the South Florida NBC affiliate.

"It has felt at times like this city is under a level of siege simply from the volume of people that are coming," Gelber said, according to the station.

The mayor ripped the reckless revelers, telling USA Today they "seem to have forgotten that there's a pandemic."

Gelber claimed the city is flooded with visitors ignoring safety protocols, and worried that the maskless mayhem could lead to a spike in infections, just after they plateaued. nypost.com

COVID Update

113M Vaccinations Given

US: 30.3M Cases - 550.7K Dead - 22.4M Recovered
Worldwide: 122M Cases - 2.7M Dead - 98.3M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 279   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 269
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Mask Mandate is Most Polarizing Issue

H-E-B Increased Security at Many Locations
Texas Grocer H-E-B Is Caught in the Middle of Mask Divide
When Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he would lift the statewide Covid-19 mask mandate, he left businesses in charge of setting and enforcing their own policies. H-E-B, a beloved Texas grocer and a stalwart during past crises in the state, waffled.

The company, which had experienced a string of altercations in its aisles over mask policy, initially said it would urge customers to wear masks, but require them of employees. A few days later, after some shoppers and workers criticized the grocer, the chain clarified its stance. It would leave up signs and keep making announcements stating that masks are required, and offer them to maskless shoppers. H-E-B also said it would continue its policy of not escalating situations in which a customer refuses to wear a mask.

The shift in H-E-B's message reflects the balancing act that many businesses in Texas now face after the state put them in charge of setting and enforcing mask policy. Since the mandate was lifted on March 10, some H-E-B employees and customers say they have noticed more maskless customers shopping the aisles.

After the chain's initial statement that it would urge customers to wear masks, H-E-B President Scott McClelland told the Houston Chronicle that the governor's move stripped stores of the "backstop" that the threat of a fine provided, which he said could lead to more people entering stores without masks. Mr. McClelland said he had to weigh the physical well-being of customers and employees, given the frequent disputes over masks in stores even when state mask rules were in effect.

"Of all the issues we have dealt with over the course of the last year, masks are the most polarizing," Mr. McClelland told the Chronicle. "In part, because they were used as a political weapon and in part because, frankly, people don't like wearing masks."

H-E-B said it expects shoppers to continue wearing masks in its stores and that it has increased security at many of its locations. "The ending of mask ordinances puts real pressure on retailers to enforce an emotional policy for many and we will not ask our Partners to put themselves in harm's way," the company said in a written statement.

Several H-E-B employees said they have noticed an uptick in the number of people not wearing masks since Mr. Abbott's announcement.

An H-E-B employee said he wished H-E-B would take a stronger stance in favor of masks, though he said he understood it would be difficult to implement. "They don't want chaos and fighting at their stores," he said. "I don't think it's an easy choice, by any means...but it's the right thing."

"I don't like people telling me what to do," said a male customer. "Let me make that decision."

Some of the biggest retail, theater, hotel and restaurant chains said they planned to continue requiring masks in Texas, Mississippi and other states that lifted restrictions. wsj.com

Attorneys anticipate EEOC vaccine incentive guidance 'soon'

The lack of federal guidance has resulted in a "gray area" for employers

Long before the first shots were administered, however, management-side labor and employment attorneys spoke about the potential need for employers to encourage vaccination and educate their workforces about the process. One particular area of interest is incentivization, particularly in the context of "health-contingent" wellness programs, according to attorneys who authored a February Epstein Becker Green blog post.

Most recently, EEOC sought to propose regs that would permit employers to implement a "de minimis" financial incentive for wellness program participation without violating the ADA. EEOC proposed the new regs in January but the incoming Biden administration froze the regs and withdrew them, per an EEOC statement.

To that end, employers who do offer incentives "should do their best to insulate themselves from potential claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VII," Dwyer said, "for example, by providing those who are disabled or have sincerely held religious beliefs that prevent vaccination with access to incentives through alternative means, such as taking part in vaccine education." hrdive.com

Pew Research: 69% Say They Will Get Vaccinated - Up From 60% in Nov.
COVID: Can Vaccinations Be Mandated? Law Needs Clarification
So far, the studies on the COVID-19 vaccines in use have been positive. They truly are effective at protecting the recipients from disease, and those who do get infected generally have much milder cases. They also appear to reduce the chances that vaccinated people will pass the virus along to someone else. The vaccines themselves have been safe with manageable, short-term side effects.

But if the vaccination number doesn't continue to improve, the population won't reach herd immunity. Worse, the level of contagion will remain high enough for new mutations to become established.

Businesses, schools, universities and other employers have more immediate reasons to push for employees and the adults they serve to be vaccinated: so that people can return to normal activity safely. Museums, malls, amusement parks, movie houses and stadiums might want to ensure that visitors are immunized to prevent business-deflating superspreader events.

But before society determines who, if anyone, must be vaccinated, we have to know whether such a mandate would even be legal. Continue Reading

This is a developing area of law

Does Workers' Comp Cover an Employee's Reaction to a COVID-19 Vaccine?
Employers that mandate or encourage employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine will likely partner with a health care provider or other authorized entity to administer the vaccine, but they may still be concerned about potential workers' compensation liability if an employee has an adverse reaction.

Employers that provide COVID-19 vaccines onsite through a third party have less risk of workers' compensation liability than employers that mandate vaccines. But this is a developing area of the law, and there are certain scenarios where workers' compensation for adverse reactions is possible.

If an employer arranges for a third party to administer a COVID-19 vaccine, vaccines are voluntary and an employee has an adverse reaction, workers' compensation probably will not cover any health care costs the employee incurs in seeking treatment, said Crystal McElrath, an attorney with Swift Currie in Atlanta.

However, Sonya Rosenberg, an attorney with Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg in Chicago, said employers may be liable in these cases.

If the vaccine benefits the employer and is administered in the course of work and the shot caused the adverse reaction, the injury arguably is work-related. "Indeed, certain states' workers' compensation statutes expressly state that injuries arising from vaccines administered as part of a government-sanctioned vaccination program are covered by workers' compensation," she said. shrm.org

39 States Status: 18 States Plateau - 21 States Cases Rising 10% to 25%

Experts urge caution as 15 states see uptick in COVID-19 infections
Even with the race to vaccinate as many Americans as possible accelerating, some experts are warning that if Americans don't also follow proper safety and mitigation measures the U.S. could see a COVID-19 resurgence.

Although the country's national daily case average continues to fall -- about 32.5% over the last month -- nearly a third of all states have seen their average number of cases rise at least 10%.
Those 15 states are: Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon and West Virginia, according to an ABC News analysis of state data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Several states (6) -- Delaware, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon and West Virginia -- have seen their case averages increase by at least 25% in the last week.

There also are 18 states -- Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and Wyoming -- that are experiencing a plateau, not a decline, in daily case averages.

Metropolitan areas, in particular, continue to struggle with high case rates. For weeks, New York City has led the nation in cases per 100,000 residents, and last week.

The combination of rapid reopening, increasing mobility and spread of new COVID variants is likely driving the upward trend in cases in many parts of the country," said Dr. John Brownstein, chief innovation officer at Boston Children's Hospital and an ABC News contributor. "While we should feel optimistic with the vaccine rollout, the new surge, even if short-lived, will likely result in avoidable hospitalizations and deaths." yahoo.com

What's LP's Reopening Plan?
Back to the Workplace: How to Plan Your Reopening
Employers need a plan to bring people back to the workplace, while still supporting employees who continue to work from home. Here are some steps to follow to create your own back-to-the-workplace plan. shrm.org

Editor's Note: From an LP perspective, you've got hundreds if not thousands returning that haven't been seen or verified in over a year. With turnover, new hires, associates in progressive counseling, IP hardware-programs-software floating in and out. New office layouts with protective shields, masks distribution, hand sanitizer, conference room guidelines and a host of other measures that require monitoring and reporting. Some of which, if not many, may be delegated to the onsite security staff. Just some thoughts -Gus Downing

All of a Sudden We're All Back Together - Warning
This tech leader predicts drama when employees return to the office
Managers should expect arguments, conflict, and irrational behavior as offices reopen, says DoThings cofounder Matt Casey.

After months of being isolated in remote working arrangements, a return to the office could be a welcome change. But the honeymoon might be over quickly as employees adjust to the traditional nine-to-five workweek and loss of flexibility. In fact, managers should expect arguments, conflict, and irrational behavior, says Matt Casey, cofounder of the management software company DoThings and author of The Management Delusion: What if we're doing it all wrong?

Fatigue is one factor, but so is dealing with a variety of personalities. "People have spent a year not having to talk to coworkers all day," adds Casey. "All of sudden, they'll be forced back into situations dealing with others with whom they may have previously clashed."

Our coping mechanisms for getting along with people we find irritating are out of practice. When we're around people every day, we build up a tolerance and have ways to overlook things that irritate us, says Casey. fastcompany.com

McKinsey and Company
COVID-19: Implications for business
COVID-19: Briefing note #46, March 17, 2021

Our latest perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak, the twin threats to lives and livelihoods, and how organizations can prepare for the next normal.

In 2020, consumer goods and retail were shaken. What will it take to return to stirring performance?

In retail, our research with the Retail Industry Leaders Association finds that success in a post-COVID-19 world will require hastened progress on four long-standing imperatives and three new strategies that will be increasingly critical in coming years. Consider one of the older yet still fundamental challenges: the shift to omnichannel, led by digital shopping. Our survey reveals that 65 percent of retailers base decisions about their store network on brick-and-mortar performance, without considering how changes might affect omnichannel. In a world where consumers pick their retailers based on digital offerings, that's a recipe for irrelevance. mckinsey.com

3,795 Documented Attacks - Tensions Will be High for Most Asians
Asian Americans have been verbally and physically attacked, shunned during pandemic, study shows
The report by Stop AAPI Hate documents 3,795 racially motivated attacks against Asian Americans from March to February, noting that the number is likely a fraction of the attacks that occurred, because many were not reported to the group.

On Tuesday, eight people, including six Asian women, were shot to death at massage parlors in the Atlanta area. Authorities said Wednesday that the attacks "did not appear to be" motivated by race.

Most of the 3,795 incidents occurred at businesses or on public streets. More than two-thirds of the attacks in the study were reported by women. About 68% of the anti-Asian attacks documented in the study were verbal harassment, 21% were shunning and 11% were physical assaults. latimes.com

Jeffrey Epstein Ripple Effect
Leslie Wexner to Leave Board of L Brands

Longtime leader of Victoria's Secret and his wife won't stand for re-election after business struggles and controversy over Jeffrey Epstein connection

Leslie Wexner, the longtime leader of L Brands is leaving the company's board, after struggles at his retail empire and controversy over his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein prompted him to retire as chief executive last year.

Mr. Wexner, 83 years old, and his wife Abigail Wexner won't stand for re-election to the L Brands board in May, the Victoria's Secret parent said. He served as CEO from 1963 until early 2020. The couple are among the company's largest shareholders.

Mr. Epstein, who was indicted in 2019 on federal sex-trafficking charges stemming from an alleged scheme to exploit underage girls, was Mr. Wexner's money manager for more than two decades. The relationship extended into the billionaire's retail companies, charities and personal life, The Wall Street Journal reported. Mr. Epstein died in 2019 awaiting trial.

Mr. Wexner said he wasn't aware of his former money manager's alleged criminal behavior and that Mr. Epstein had misappropriated some of his fortune. "I have searched my soul...reflected...and regretted that my path ever crossed his," he wrote in a 2019 memo to employees. wsj.com

Canada's Epstein - Peter Nygard Still Awaiting His Fate
Only One Retail Magnate Left With Epstein Connections - Nygard in Canada
Sitting in jail awaiting a bail hearing for sex trafficking and other charges. With the Judge concerned about flight risk, Mr. Nygard may end up sitting in jail until his trial.

Nygard had built his own retail empire over forty years with stores, clothing lines, and with a fashion house in New York which the FBI was able to raid last year and find evidence.

Biden Changing EEOC Direction
Employers paid $439M to resolve EEOC discrimination claims in 2020
Retaliation claims constituted more than half of all charges filed with the agency last year, while disability-related claims and race-related claims accounted for approximately 36% and 33% of all charges, respectively.

In total, EEOC received 67,448 charges and resolved 70,804. 2020 marked the third straight fiscal year in which the agency both received and resolved fewer charges than it had the previous fiscal year. EEOC said in the statement that it reduced its inventory of pending charges by 3.7%.

Like other federal agencies, EEOC contended with the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on its enforcement activities, which led to some shuffling of agency procedures. For example, in March 2020, EEOC temporarily suspended issuing charge closure documents.

Under Biden, the EEOC is likely to pursue pay data collection in addition to other forms of data collection, formally concluding pilot programs initiated under the Trump administration that aimed to make changes to the EEOC's conciliation and mediation processes, tackling issues such as systemic racism, and the EEOC may focus on cases that are nationwide in scope. hrdive.com

'Buy Anywhere - Get Anywhere - From Anyone'
BOPIS: The Retail Revolution Changing the Way We Ship
In the new, never-normal world of retail fulfillment, the traditional binary model of product flow from the manufacturer to the distribution center to the store has been replaced by the "buy anywhere, get anywhere, from anyone" paradigm. While the pandemic accelerated the migration, the fundamental shift in consumer buying patterns was apparent long before "social distancing" became a household phrase.

The boom of the "buy online, pick up in store" (BOPIS) and closely associated "buy online, pick up at curbside" (BOPAC) models is not about to disappear. In 2020 BOPIS truly became a lifeline for retailers struggling to maintain relationships with customers who were suddenly wary to walk into stores. However, BOPIS is neither new nor novel. The buzz word five years ago was omnichannel; BOPIS is really a facet of this. That said, the speed at which surging e-commerce changed the game caught even seasoned professionals off-guard.

A BOPIS strategy fortifies a shipper's brand equity by consistently satisfying the retailer's replenishment needs. Retailers add a layer of customer convenience and gain additional sales from online shoppers who may buy more items once they arrive at the store. Last-mile delivery costs, which today account for up to 20% of a product's total shipping charges, are reduced because the customer is going to the product, not the other way around. An optimal experience, both in-store and online, builds brand loyalty and strengthens the bonds between shippers, retailers and the shared customers you serve.

When BOPIS Goes Wrong - When BOPIS Goes Right

The devil is in the execution. Delivering an elevated client experience relies on mastery of the many variables comprising a successful BOPIS program. Many moving parts must be considered. supplychainbrain.com

60% of Shoppers Had Bad Experience With BOPIS
Without RFID, Retailers Struggle to Deliver
While retailers are still evaluating their holiday 2020 performance, early research suggests that those companies that did not invest in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to manage their inventory struggled to carry out ship-from-store or offer curbside or in-store pickup consistently. Research from a survey of more than 2,000 consumers across the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg reveals that more than six in 10 shoppers report having had a "mixed or generally bad experience" when they used retailers' "buy online, pickup in store" (BOPIS) services.

The study was conducted for GreyOrange, a global software provider that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize fulfillment operations. The survey showed that buyers shifted a majority of their 2020 purchases to online platforms due to COVID-19 conditions, but more than half plan to resume pre-pandemic buying patterns when possible. The primary reason: a mixed or generally bad experience with BOPIS, as well as challenges with returning items (see GreyOrange Research Reveals Key Retail Buying Decisions for Consumers in US, Europe).

Some retailers are hiding as much as 80 percent of their inventory because their IT systems show only two or three items in stock, and they lack confidence that those goods are actually in the store, according to research carried out by the Auburn University RFID Lab. rfidjournal.com

Forbes Contributor Walter Loeb:
Retail's Yoda

How RFID Helps Retail Companies Save Money
I recently read that a number of companies have adopted RFID as a way to control inventories. Leaders include Target, Macy's, Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, Nike, Adidas, Footlocker, Lululemon, Levi's, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Victoria's Secret. That is quite an array of stellar companies, and one has to ask why others have not adopted it.

Forbes Gets RFID

The world has been vastly changed by the pandemic, and companies have never relied more on RFID to survive than they do now. Don't take my word for it, though. Take Loeb's: "In these stressful times caused by COVID-19, such inventory control is most important. Merchandise on the shelf should be accounted for so that a customer's order can be filled. In times when extremely tight expense management is a high priority and leaner inventories are the rule of the day, every pierce of merchandise counts."

The implementation of an RFID solution can improve overall merchandise management, while accurate inventory tracking reduces losses, saves companies money, and can boost revenues. What matters most, Loeb writes, is that adopting RFID "can ensure more profitable performance since there is a more accurate accounting of the merchandise, wherever it is stored." With Forbes on board, maybe other mainstream news organizations will finally give the technology the credit it's due. forbes.com rfidjournal.com

The mafia trial of the century is going largely unnoticed on 'Zoom' in Italy
The Silent Trial of the Century

In southern Italy, a historical event is going unnoticed. That's partly by design.

With 400 counts against 335 defendants, it's one of the largest criminal prosecutions in recent history. And there is shockingly little news coverage (partly by design)

In Lamezia Terme, an industrial city in Southern Italy overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, the first so-called "maxi trial" of the 'Ndrangheta, the Calabrian criminal organization, began on Jan. 13.

Expected to last at least two years, the trial is known as "Rinascita-Scott," or "Rebirth Scott." Nicola Gratteri, the prosecutor driving the case, explained that its name refers to a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent who spent eight years in Italy fighting against narco-'ndranghetist organizations and died upon returning to the United States in a car accident. The trial is dedicated to his commitment. It's been called the trial of the century in some Italian newspapers, but curiously, no television news stations are reporting on it, it never ends up on the newspapers' front pages, and it's not even creating political controversy. Continue Reading

Everywhere You Look, the Global Supply Chain Is a Mess

Winter storms and crammed ports in the U.S. add to disruptions of production and supplies during the pandemic

Supply chain woes mounted world-wide for makers of everything from cars and clothing to home siding and medical needle containers, as the extreme Texas weather and port backlogs compounded problems for manufacturers already beset by pandemic disruptions.

The disruptions underscore how several forces are coming together to squeeze the world's supply chains, from the pandemic-driven rise in consumer demand for tech goods to a backlog of imports at clogged California ports to U.S. factory outages caused by weather woes. They are creating cost increases and delays for numerous industries, company executives and analysts say, affecting profit margins and the prices that companies and consumers ultimately pay for many goods.

"It's not like the supply side will be unable to adapt to these things. It will-the market will clear. It just may take some time."  wsj.com

Five Below plans 170 to 180 New Stores in 2021

Quarterly Results
Williams-Sonoma Q4 comp's up 25.7%, e-commerce comp's up 47.9%, FY 2020 comp brand sales up 17%
   Williams Sonoma comp's up 26.2%, FY 2020 comp's up 23.8%
   Pottery Barn comp's up 25.7%, FY 2020 comp's up 15.2%
   Pottery Barn Kids and Teen comp's up 25.7%, FY 2020 comp's up 16.6%
   West Elm cop's up 25.2%, FY 2020 comp's up 15.2%

Petco Q4 comp's up 17%, net sales up 16.5%, F 2020 comp's up 11%, net sales up 11%

Five Below Q4 comp's up 13.8%, net sales up 25%, FY 2020 comp's down 5.5%, net sales up 6.2%

Dollar General Q4 comp's up 12.7%, net sales up 17.6%, FY 2020 comp's up 16.3%, net sales up 21.6%

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WZ Focused on the Future:
Dave Thompson, CFI announced as President

Aurora, IL - (March 18, 2021)
- With sights set on the future, international training organization, Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) is excited to announce Dave Thompson, CFI as President. "Dave has made a significant impact on our business in a relatively short period of time. He has been instrumental in our success through this pandemic and his proven leadership skills make him ideal to fill this role, building on our current and future successes," said Shane Sturman, CFI, CPP. Sturman who has been at the helm of WZ for the past decade as President & CEO, will continue to oversee WZ as the organization's CEO providing consistency to the leadership team and guidance to Thompson in his new role.

"I am humbled and excited about the opportunity to build upon the legacy founded by Doug Wicklander and Dave Zulawski. This position comes with great responsibility and accountability, and I embrace that challenge. I am committed to serving our clients, our team, and the industry at large while expanding WZ's position as a thoughtleader, collaborator, and agent of change," said Dave Thompson. "There has never been a more important time in the field of investigative interviewing to embrace academic research and practitioner experience to provide the best possible solutions. WZ will be a pro-active collaborator and leader of reform with the goal of providing investigators with the most current, research-based, practical tools to resolve cases."

Thompson joined the WZ team in 2014 and has been an integral part of the organization's growth and evolution. Some of his major contributions include the development of collaborative relationships with the academic community, advocacy on behalf of wrongful conviction cases, and the creation of new content, innovative training programs, and client-based solutions.

The announcement of Thompson's leadership aligns directly with the strategic vision for WZ shared by Senior Partners, Shane Sturman and Wayne Hoover. A vision that is diverse, impactful, and full of deliverables for investigators across the globe. The proven success of WZ's virtual training has driven a commitment to leveraging technology in the development of innovative training solutions for clients both domestically and internationally. From an advocacy perspective, the company plans to continue to partner with academia and other experts in the field increasing the standards and guidelines that dictate best practices in conducting interviews and interrogations.

About Wicklander - Zulawski & Associates, Inc.
Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates (WZ) is an international training firm and a world leader in non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques. WZ holds firm in its commitment to offer best-in-class training and support for anyone who desires to use the truth to their advantage. The organization facilitates over 500 programs annually to clients in human resources, executive management, compliance, law enforcement and government agencies.






Cyberattacks on U.S. Public Skyrocket 69% - Record-Breaking Cyber Crime
Hackers gone wild. The FBI's 2020 Internet Crime Report reflects what we have felt as the Covid-19 pandemic crests past the one-year mark. That is, cyberattacks the U.S. public reported to the agency last year surged in number and value.

791,790 - Number of complaints, up 69% compared with 2019. It is a record. Some highlights (lowlights?): wsj.com

- COVID-19 complaints: 28,500
- Phishing scams: 241,342
- Identity theft: 43,330
- Business email compromise: 19,369
- Tech-support fraud: 15,421
- Ransomware incidents: 2,474

$4.1 billion

Reported losses from cybersecurity incidents, up 20% from last year

Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) schemes continued to be the costliest: 19,369 complaints with an adjusted loss of approximately $1.8billion.

IC3 has continued to strengthen its relationships with industry and others in the law enforcement community to reduce financial losses resulting from BEC scams. Through the Recovery Asset Team, IC3 worked with its partners to successfully freeze approximately $380 million of the $462 million in reported losses in 2020, representing a success rate of nearly 82%. In addition,IC3has a Recovery and Investigative Development Team which assists financial and law enforcement investigators in dismantling organizations that move and transfer funds obtained illicitly. ic3.gov

Deep Fakes Warning - The Increased Use May Be Coming
The Era of Retail Biometric AI Crime Has Begun
A recent and shocking example of this trend is the use of video deepfakes by a Pennsylvania mother to discredit her daughter's rivals on a high school cheerleading squad. According to a New York Times story, anonymous messages sent to the girls, their parents and the owners of the gym where they practiced "contained doctored images and videos that attempted to incriminate the teenagers with fake depictions showing some of them nude, drinking alcohol or vaping. Two weeks ago, the mother of one of their squad rivals was arrested and charged with using deepfake technology "to add likenesses of the girls to incriminating images."

AdvertisementAccording to a 2020 study from University College London, fake audio or video content was ranked by experts as the most troubling use of artificial intelligence in terms of its potential applications for terrorism and crime. The study's authors say "fake content would be difficult to detect and stop, and that it could have a variety of aims - from discrediting a public figure to extracting funds by impersonating a couple's son or daughter in a video call. Such content, they said, may lead to a widespread distrust of audio and visual evidence, which itself would be a societal harm." They note that digital crimes can be easily shared, repeated and even sold, which would allow the tools to be marketed "and for the crime to be provided as a service," therefore outsourcing the most technically difficult aspects of the crime.

We have seen a proliferation and democratization of hacking tools, and the hackers sell access to their most profitable tech. There is no reason to expect such services would not be built around voice and data artificial intelligence.

As the technology to digitally manipulate voices and faces becomes more readily accessible, easier to use, and better at fooling listeners and viewers, we will see more crimes committed using it. We will need to learn to question digital proof more often and to train ourselves not to believe our own ears and eyes. jdsupra.com

Work-From-Home Fear & Uncertainty
Threat actors thriving on the fear and uncertainty of remote workforces
The pandemic's work-from-home reality resulted in an unprecedented change for organizations as they fought to defend exponentially greater attack surfaces from cybercriminals armed with powerful cloud-based tools, cloud storage and endless targets. As working environments evolved, so did the methods of threat actors and other motivated perpetrators, as detailed in the SonicWall report.

Threat actors eyeing remote workforces

The report highlights how COVID-19 provided threat actors with ample opportunity for more powerful, aggressive and numerous attacks, thriving on the fear and uncertainty of remote and mobile workforces navigating corporate networks from home.

Major findings

Retail, healthcare and government face mounting ransomware volume: Industry-specific ransomware data reflects the impact cybercriminals had on retail (365%), healthcare (123%) and government (21%) sectors over the course of the pandemic.

Ransomware reaches new heights with increasingly targeted attacks: A 62% increase in ransomware globally, and 158% spike in North America, points to cybercriminals using more sophisticated tactics and more dangerous variants, like Ryuk, to earn an easy payday.

More 'never-before-seen' malware variants identified: 268,362 'never-before-seen' malware variants were discovered in 2020, a 74% year-over-year increase.

Malicious Office files surpass last year's preferred PDFs
IoT malware increases as pandemic creates potential network of disruption
Intrusion attempts up as attack patterns change
Ryuk ransomware rises from obscurity, sees astronomical increase  helpnetsecurity.com

Just Released! Mobile Device Security: Bring Your Own Device
Now Available! Draft NIST SP 1800-22 Mobile Device Security: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
We are excited to announce that the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released the NIST Cybersecurity Practice Guide Special Publication (SP) 1800-22 Mobile Device Security: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) today.

Interested in corporate-owned devices? Check out SP 1800-21 Mobile Device Security: Corporate-Owned Personally-Enabled (COPE).

NICE Framework Competencies: Draft NISTIR 8355 Available for Comment




Beijing Taking Control of Alibaba

Beijing Clamping Down on Alibaba's Jack Ma & Taking Away Control of His Empire
After Ma Publicly Criticizes Beijing & Mr. Xi Last October

Ma Disappeared for 3 months after the public comments - Suddenly reappears after another CEO was publicly executed for embezzling $200M - Xi Jinping personally Yanked Ant IPO  (Ant CEO reassigned) - Beijing tells Alibaba shed your media assets
China's government has asked Alibaba Group to dispose of its media assets, as officials grow more concerned about the technology giant's sway over public opinion in the country, according to people familiar with the matter.

Alibaba, founded by billionaire Jack Ma, has through the years assembled a formidable portfolio of media assets that span print, broadcast, digital, social media and advertising. Notable holdings include stakes in the Twitter -like Weibo platform and several popular Chinese digital and print news outlets, as well as the South China Morning Post, a leading English-language newspaper in Hong Kong. Several holdings are in U.S.-listed companies.

Alibaba's media presence is seen as posing serious challenges to the Chinese Communist Party and its own powerful propaganda apparatus, the people said.

Late last year, Chinese leader Xi Jinping personally scuttled plans by Ant Group Co.-Alibaba's financial-technology affiliate-to launch what would have been the world's largest initial public offering, amid growing unease in Beijing over Ant's complex ownership structure and worries that Ant was adding risk to the financial system. Mr. Xi was also angry at Mr. Ma for criticizing his efforts to strengthen financial oversight.

Antitrust regulators are also preparing to levy a record fine, in excess of $975 million, over what they call anticompetitive practices on Alibaba's e-commerce platforms, the Journal previously reported, citing people with knowledge of the matter. In addition, Alibaba would be required to end a practice in which, regulators believe, it forbade merchants on its site from also selling goods on rival platforms. wsj.com

China Lays Plans to Tame Tech Giant Alibaba
Under founder Jack Ma, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. had regulators and local officials in its corner as it grew into a Chinese version of Amazon.com Inc. Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent crackdown on the empire of China's best-known entrepreneur has put an end to that. Since late last year, Alibaba has been in Beijing's crosshairs, along with its financial affiliate Ant Group Co.

Alibaba, though, appears destined for softer treatment. Officials familiar with Beijing's thinking said regulators don't want to crush a technology powerhouse popular with both Chinese households and global investors-as long as it disassociates itself from its flashy and outspoken founder and aligns itself more closely with the Communist Party.

The crackdown comes as China's leaders refashion their relationship with the country's internet giants, whose troves of data, deep coffers and reach across all aspects of Chinese life have increasingly made them a national-security concern. Mr. Xi personally scrapped Ant's initial public offering, The Wall Street Journal has reported, furious at Mr. Ma for criticizing his effort to limit financial risk in an October speech, and angered by the outsize payouts well-connected people stood to gain from the listing. wsj.com

Online Momentum to Continue Forward
PayPal Sees No Letup for Online Shopping Even With Reopenings

PayPal Holdings Inc. said there's been no slowdown in online shopping even as cities around the world begin to reopen.

"Even as people get vaccines and start to go out, their business will forever be changed," Chief Executive Officer Dan Schulman said in an interview with Bloomberg News reporters and editors Monday. "I don't think there's any going back to what was."

PayPal has grown immensely during the pandemic, adding 5.3 million new merchants to its platform as consumers were forced to shelter in place and businesses shut their doors. Its stock has soared 127% in the past year, outpacing rivals and giving the San Jose, California-based company a market capitalization of $293 billion -- bigger than Citigroup Inc. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. combined. bloomberg.com

Alarming number of consumers impacted by ID theft, app fraud & account takeover




Charlotte, NC: Over 400 arrests made thanks to CMPD's crime task force
In January of 2019, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department launched the Organized Retail Crime Task Force, or The Unit, which aims to disrupt and reduce the number of groups committing organized retail theft. Police said The Unit is comprised of 13 detectives across 10 divisions who are responsible for investigating retail theft crimes committed by chronic offenders that have resulted in violence or a high-value loss.

According to police, throughout the course of last year, the Unit has been responsible for investigating nearly 600 cases and has made close to 400 arrests, clearing 66% of the cases, so far. Police have shared a video that depicts several suspects who targeted a local cosmetic store and were able to steal $21,000 in merchandise in just three minutes. Detectives are looking for information about these suspects, and encourage anyone with information to leave it anonymously with Crime Stoppers. wcnc.com

Charlotte, NC: Ulta Beauty store robbed by several thieves, $21,000 in products stolen
A Ulta Beauty store in Charlotte, NC was ransacked by several criminals in a brutal and savage strong armed robbery. New video depicts several suspects targeting the Ulta Beauty store on Rea Road. The suspects snatched several products that totaled $21,000 in merchandise within just 3 minutes. Multiple men's colognes and women's perfumes were taken during the heist. The suspects placed the many items in bags and vacated the store. No arrests have been made in the crime. newsmaven.io

Sydney, Australia: Police charge three men with stealing retail goods worth up to $90,000 in Sydney metro area
Police have charged three men with multiple stealing and fraud offences following an investigation into the retail theft across the Sydney metropolitan area. In December 2020, detectives attached to Sutherland Shire Police Area Command commenced an investigation into retail thefts and fraud offences from a retail store on Taren Point Road at Caringbah. The investigation was linked to multiple offences in the Sydney City, Cumberland and Penrith Police Area Command. It is estimated the value of the property allegedly stolen is in the range of $60,000 to $90,000.  miragenews.com

Bladen County, NC: Multi-state theft ring sold stolen power tools out of Bladen County store
Law enforcement officials say a multi-state theft ring sold stolen power tools and other equipment out of a store in Bladen County. According to a news release from the Bladen County Sheriff's Office, detectives conducted a months-long investigation into an organization that was stealing power tools and other hand tools from Lowe's Home Improvement and Home Depot stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. The group would then sell the stolen merchandise through a store in Bladenboro known as Michael's Treasures, located at 114 West Railroad Street, as well as through various online auction locations. On Wednesday, officers with the Bladen County Sheriff's Office, the Bladenboro Police Department, the Sampson County Sheriff's Office, and Home Depot and Lowe's loss prevention executed a search warrant at the Bladenboro store, and homes in Bladenboro and Harrells. Officers seized multiple items believed to have been stolen from Home Depot and Lowes and sold at the store. wect.com

Bloomington, MN: Pursuit of $500 Kohl's theft suspects ends in north Minneapolis
A 44-year-old Robbinsdale woman was determined to avoid arrest after it was reported that her passenger stole more than $500 in merchandise from the Bloomington Kohl's store, leading police officers on a pursuit that ended on the north side of Minneapolis (14 miles away). hometownsource.com

Abilene, TX: Police arrest 3 for shoplifting at Walmart; female a 'fugitive from justice'

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Shootings & Deaths

Update: Oconomowoc, WI: 2 dead in shooting at Wisconsin Grocery Distribution Center; victims, suspect identified
A worker at a supermarket distribution center near Milwaukee shot and killed two co-workers late Tuesday night and is believed to have died by suicide following a police chase and crash. Update 12:04 a.m. March 18: The two men killed inside Roundy's Supermarkets Distribution Center in Oconomowoc were Kevin Kloth, 50, of Germantown, and Kevin W. Schneider, 39, of West Allis, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. According to a union official, the two men had worked at the center for at least 20 years. The distribution center, which is roughly the size of 30 football fields, will be closed as the police investigation continues. About 1,000 people are employed at the warehouse. Police have identified the alleged shooter as Fraron Cornelius, 41, and said he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the newspaper reported. fox23.com

Detroit, MI: Gas station clerk, 19, to stand trial for murder of man allegedly breaking into coin game
A 19-year-old gas station clerk will stand trial for the fatal shooting of a man who was allegedly using a hammer to break into a coin-pusher game at the Detroit store, Mohamed Hizam is charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and two counts of felony firearm related to the incident on Oct. 12, 2020, A trial date has not been set. Joshua Lewis, 30, was allegedly using a hammer to break into a coin-pusher game when he was shot once in the chest with a rifle at an eastside Detroit gas station. Hizam was behind a glass partition when the victim was shot. Hizam called 911 and was arrested at the scene. mlive.com

Portland, OR: One shot and killed inside WinCo Foods; armed carjacking in the parking lot shortly after the shooting
One person was shot and killed at a WinCo Foods grocery store in Northeast Portland Wednesday night, according to police. At 9:56 p.m., Portland police officers responded to a call about a shooting at the WinCo on Northeast 122nd Avenue. They found one person dead inside the store. Shortly after the shooting, someone stole a person's car at gunpoint in the store parking lot, police said. The victim was not hurt. Detectives have not released any suspect information. They are still trying to determine whether the shooting and carjacking are related.  kgw.com

Surrey, Canada: Man who shot Transit Police Officer and store customer gets 18 years


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Bismarck, ND: Woman accused of stealing from Menards and flashing gun at employees
A Bismarck woman was arrested by police after they said she stole from Menards and threatened to kill employees. Bismarck police say 36-year-old Hannah Schreiber was stealing items around the store by hiding them in a large bag. When she tried to leave the store, officers say Schreiber pulled a gun and threaten to shoot employees who were trying to stop her. Officers say she also assaulted employees by kicking and pushing them. Bismarck police stopped Schreiber as she was driving north on State Street where she admitted to the thefts. Schreiber is charged with robbery, terrorizing, and simple assault. kfyrtv.com

Atlanta, GA: Police say U-Haul truck drove through businesses during Clothing store Smash & Grab
Authorities say a U-Haul drove through a Midtown smoothie and juice shop in order to rob the clothing store next door. The Atlanta Police Department is investigating a smash-and-grab robbery at 969 Marietta Street on Wednesday. Police said at 5:25 a.m., officers responded to a robbery and located a U-Haul truck inside an adjoined smoothie shop, Arden's Garden, and a high-end clothing store. "This is the third time they've come through our store to get to the store next door. It's very devastating to have to deal with. It's hurtful to the employees," said Victor Gaffney, the Chief Operating Officer of Arden's Garden. Investigators said a witness saw four men leave the truck and flee in a white, four-door Nissan Altima. The owner of the clothing store said at least $30,000 in clothes were stolen. fox5atlanta.com

Aurora overtakes Colorado Springs as 2nd most violent city in Colorado

Fresno, CA: Suspects wanted after hitting CVS store staff with a metal pipe during a robbery

Lynchburg, VA: Papa John's robbery lands Amherst County man 8 years in prison

Pittsburgh, PA: Beaver County Man Charged in Two Area Robberies

Woodland, CA: Police Catch Suspected Shoplifters In Stalled Getaway Car


Cargo Theft

How a freight broker foiled a cargo theft - Long-Haul Crime Log
At first the freight broker thought it was a mistake. The $60,000 load of oversized tires was supposed to go from Los Angeles to Alaska. Instead, the trucker was taking them to Miami. But after reviewing his paperwork, she realized he'd been duped as an unknowing accessory to a cross-country cargo theft attempt.

But first, she had to convince the driver. "It's the first time in my life where a driver truly thought I was lying," recalled Grace Sharkey, a former freight broker who now works as a reporter at FreightWaves. "He thought I was intercepting it."

FreightWaves' true-crime podcast Long-Haul Crime Log tells the story of how Sharkey and her colleagues foiled the cargo theft - and how the criminals attempted to pull it off through a double-brokering scheme.

"An intelligent double-broker was looking for a specific type of product to steal - and almost pulled it off," Sharkey said.  freightwaves.com




Boost - Murfreesboro, TN - Burglary
C-Store - Omaha, NE - Burglary
C-Store - Cranberry Township, PA - Robbery
CVS - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
Clothing - Atlanta, GA - Burglary
Cricket - Inkster, MI - Armed Robbery
Cricket - San Antonio, TX - Burglary
Dollar General - East Conemaugh Borough, PA - Burglary
Hardware - Bismarck, ND - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Indianapolis, IN - Robbery
Jewelry - Dearborn, MI - Robbery
Laundry - San Francisco, CA - Robbery
Liquor - Mt Vernon, IL - Burglary
7-Eleven - Honolulu, HI - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Polk County, FL - Robbery
7-Eleven - Bay City, Mi - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Rochelle Park, NJ - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 11 robberies
• 6 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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None to report.

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Chicago, IL - posted March 1
Our Distribution Center Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure distribution centers through identification and resolution of loss and risk opportunities.
Our Distribution Center Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide optimal service to their portfolio of distribution centers and stores...

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Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence...

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The Senior Manager, Retail Asset Protection is responsible for implementing strategies and training to ensure the effective execution of Protect Retail initiatives. This position will be responsible for leading a team that executes core programs and strategies relating to safety and security, theft and fraud mitigation and operational excellence in retail stores...

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- posted Feb. 9
The Regional Loss Prevention & Safety Manager implements Risk Management and Loss Prevention objectives within assigned region. The position will provide assistance and training to the field operations teams to address specific Risk Management and Loss Prevention issues within an assigned span of control.  Read job description here

Manager of Asset Protection & Safety Operations
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- posted Feb. 4
The Manager of Asset Protection & Safety Operations is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage and safety compliance for Party City Holdings, by successfully managing Asset Protection (AP) Safety programs and reporting...


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Rosemead, CA
The Executive Director, AP is responsible for the company's AP function, protecting the company's integrity, people, processes, and assets from harm and loss. This position serves as the subject matter expert on a broad range of security standards and disciplines.  pandarg.referrals.selectminds.com

Senior Director, Loss Prevention
Calabasas, CA
The Senior Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for setting and championing the Loss Prevention strategy for the enterprise, including retail stores, distribution centers, corporate offices and quality assurance labs.  sjobs.brassring.com

Director, Asset Protection Solutions
Deerfield, IL
Responsible for developing and implementing department strategies and integrating efforts with division and company strategies, emphasizing product availability, inventory productivity, and cost productivity.  jobs.walgreens.com


Senior Manager, Asset Protection
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The Sr Manager Asset Protection is responsible for ensuring that Asset Protection programs are fully implemented and are being executed per expectations within assigned distribution centers.  careers.homedepot.com


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