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Dan Nesselroth, CFI, PCI named Director of LP & Safety for Herbl Solutions

Before being named Director of LP and Safety for Herbl Solutions, Dan spent more than seven years with Sony Electronics as Senior Investigator, Corporate Security and Corporate Investigator. Prior to that, he served as an Account Manager for LP Innovations and an LP Department Manager for Lowe's. Earlier in his career, he held LP roles with Legoland California Resort, Stein Mart and Sport Chalet. Congratulations, Dan!

Securitas Electronic Security appoints Carlose Estes to Senior Director of Monitoring Operations
Through this role, Estes will oversee SES Alarm Monitoring Operations throughout its robust network of monitoring centers serving North America. Estes brings over 25 years of experience in electronic security and alarm monitoring operations to the SES team. Formerly, he was responsible for Johnson Controls International (JCI's) field service dispatch and alarm monitoring center operations. Estes will leverage his experience and expertise to lead best practices across the SES Alarm Monitoring network. securitysystemsnews.com

Carolyn D promoted to ORC Investigations Manager for
Ulta Beauty

Before her promotion to ORC Investigations Manager for Ulta Beauty, Carolyn served as Area Loss Prevention Manager for the company. Before that, she spent six years with Microsoft as Regional Loss Prevention Manager and over a year with Macy's as Loss Prevention Manager. Earlier in her career, she held LP roles with Kohl's, Aeropostale, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Congratulations, Carolyn!

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Retail Predictions 2022:
The End of Business as Usual

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Not that long ago we were speaking about the "retail apocalypse" - the end of physical stores and retail moving entirely online. The pandemic that followed became a 5 to 10 year accelerator of digital transformation trends that were already underway in all industries including retail.

Fast forward to 2022, what will the new year bring to the retail industry? What are the key trends the pandemic has accelerated? From store operations to loss preventions what will be most important in 2022? What were the key lessons learned from the just completed holiday season? What is the post pandemic future of the retail industry?

Join our panel for this lively data infused discussion of the recent past and how it is setting up the future of retail starting in 2022.


Security's Women in Security Call for Nomination

Nominate a female security professional who is leading the way!

Security magazine aims to celebrate diversity and inclusion in the security industry. With our annual Women in Security feature, Security aims to spotlight female security executives and professionals that are at the forefront of the industry, leading the way in security and acting as mentors and true examples of leaders. We are looking for female enterprise security professionals that have demonstrated a positive influence on their peers, their departments, their organizations and/or the security industry as a whole.

Nominations will be considered based on the overall positive impact that their work has had on their organizations, the public, and the security industry as whole. We will consider executives, professionals, professors and other thought leaders in both physical and cybersecurity.

Recipients will be honored in the July 2022 eMagazine of Security magazine as well as online. Nominations are due March 4, 2022.

Submit your nomination!

The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

52% Decrease in Law Enforcement Deaths - 30 Year-to-Date
30 Deaths in Jan: 15 COVID-Related - 5 Gunfire - 9 Auto-Related - 1 Accident
In January,
30 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty. The cause breakdown (January 2022 only) is: 15 COVID-related, 5 gunfire, 9 auto-related, and 1 accidental. This means that the year-to-date total for line of duty deaths is at 30, a 52% decrease from the same time last year.

The Officer Down Memorial Page extends our deepest condolences to the families, friends, and agencies who lost a loved one to a line of duty death this past month. We encourage our supporters to read the memorials of each of the officers who died in the line of duty.  odmp.org

Manhattan DA's New Retail Crime Alliance to Tackle Shoplifting Surge
Retailers Team Up With Manhattan DA to Help Tackle Rising Retail Crime
Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is teaming up with small businesses in the borough to tackle the rise of shoplifting and commercial robberies that have been plaguing retailers for months.

His solution: launching the new "Manhattan Small Business Alliance," which comprises of local business owners, Business Improvement District (BID) directors, members of law enforcement, and social service providers.

According to Bragg, the group will meet regularly to analyze and review data, draft recommendations, and develop solutions. The alliance will also host a series of focus groups with different types of small businesses, and businesses in specific neighborhoods to ensure that a diversity of perspectives inform the Alliance's recommendations. Members of the D.A.'s Office, as well as Chauncey Parker, NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Community Partnerships, will serve as a law enforcement representatives on the Alliance.

The group will first meet this month and expects to finalize its recommendations in May.

"Our borough's small businesses are what make Manhattan so special, and I look forward to collaborating closely with our vibrant small business community to develop real solutions to the long-standing public safety issues they face," Bragg said in a statement. "We're going to rely on data to target our efforts and we will listen to the voices of small business owners from every corner of Manhattan."

Shoplifting and commercial robberies have plagued Manhattan businesses for many years. Manhattan business leaders welcomed D.A. Bragg's commitment to partnering with them to face these challenges head-on.

Ken Giddon, owner of Union Square-based retailer Rothmans Men's Clothing has been named co-chair of the alliance. "We will listen to the wide range of perspectives on our committee, and ultimately come up with a plan to reduce shoplifting and commercial robberies in the borough," Giddon said in a statement. footwearnews.com

NYC: 39% Spike in Major Crime in January
Shootings soar in Jan. as most major crimes in NYC return to pre-COVID levels
Crime, including car thefts and shootings, soared in the Big Apple in January, according to NYPD data released Thursday - the same day President Biden visited the city in response to the rise in violence.

The first month of 2022 recorded a 38.5 percent increase in nearly all major crime categories - rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and car thefts - in a return to pre-pandemic levels, the statistics show.

There were 100 shootings in January, a jump from the year prior when 76 were logged. Those figures show a marked increase from 2020 and 2019 when there were 67 and 52 acts of gunplay, respectively.

Overall, major crime was up in January compared to the prior few years. The majority of the increase can be attributed to car thefts, but an uptick in felony assaults and grand larceny also added to the total tally.

Murder was the only category to trend down from January versus the same month last year - 28 compared to 33, according to the data.

Car thefts, another COVID-era crime trend, saw the largest increase last month from prior years.

Over the first few weeks of 2022, New York City saw 1,187 reports of grand larceny auto, according to the data. That is about double 2021 and 2020, when 620 and 578, respectively, were logged, and nearly triple that same month in 2019. nypost.com

'Criminals Aren't Victims'
(Update) Florida AG Ashley Moody wants tougher penalties for retail thieves

'We won't blame victims for the crimes perpetrated against them.'

Florida's Attorney General is making the case for a bill that would crack down on organized retail theft rings. Ashley Moody appeared on the Fox Business Network Wednesday where she made the case the legislation would prevent issues she has seen elsewhere.

"In Florida, we are committed to ensuring that this lawlessness and this rampant organized crime does not take root and spread further," Moody said. "If you go into one of these states or cities where you have a liberal executive, a Mayor and a liberal prosecutor, the crime there - the property crime - is just astounding."

"When these things happen, you'll see the executives, they'll blame the victims," Moody continued. "In Florida, that won't fly. Criminals are not victims, and we won't blame victims for the crimes perpetrated against them."

Moody's clear approval of the legislation comes as it's moving in the Senate as SB 1534. The bill, sponsored by Bradenton Republican Sen. Jim Boyd, would increase penalties for people who steal multiple items from multiple stores in a short period of time. The second of three committees of reference approved the bill this week.

There is a House companion (HB 1511) carried by Newberry Republican Rep. Chuck Clemons. It thus far is stalled, with two committees of reference ahead.

The bill would impose third-degree felony charges on those who committed five or more thefts or who stole at least 10 items from two different locations within 30 days. Theft of 20 or more items would allow for second-degree felony charges. Businesses would have 30 days to total up the costs of the stolen items.  floridapolitics.com

Georgia's 'Inform Consumers Act'
ORC bill moves forward in Georgia to protect online shoppers from fake goods
Georgia Senators have teamed up to create a bill to prevent stolen and counterfeit goods from being sold online. The plan could save shoppers millions. Senator John Albers, Roswell, is sponsoring SB 332, which would make sure the items being sold on the internet are legitimate and authentic.

"Organized retail crime is happening all over our state and all over our nation, where bad actors are going and stealing on a large scale and then selling those products online. Last year, it cost consumers 69 billion dollars throughout our nation and we're trying to curb that by making sure we're not facilitating the process of crime through online marketplaces," said Albers.

Albers has named the bill, the "Inform Consumers Act." With bipartisan support, including from Macon Senator John Kennedy, it's making its rounds through the general assembly. SB 332 was passed by the senate on the tenth day of the session.

"eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, are all platforms being used and then 100 more. However, it's more than just that. Sometimes they're breaking into distribution facilities, and here's a really scary part of this," said Albers. "Sometimes they steal things like baby formula. And if that's not stored in a proper place and it's been in extreme heat, and then it's sold as new, we could bring great harm to children."

How it works is simple: anyone consistently selling products online will be required to provide information on who they are and where they got their items from. If they say they purchased everything from someone else, they'll need to show bank statements, proving they legally got it from a legitimate source.

Albers says the consequences for online theft end up falling on the consumer. When a business is robbed, they make their money back by raising prices. The "Inform Consumers Act" is currently on its way to the House. If passed, it could be a brand new law that saves Middle Georgia money. wgxa.tv

Retail Theft Crackdown in Wisconsin
Journal Times editorial: Retail theft crackdown should get approval
Here's a proposal that shouldn't be vetoed - a measure to toughen penalties for coordinated shoplifting. Its chief sponsor is state Sen. Duey Stroebel, a Republican from Saukville.

Under Stroebel's proposal, the severity of penalties for committing thefts as a group would be determined by the total value of all the stolen items. Under current law, penalties vary from a misdemeanor to a felony depending on the value of the stolen property.

Aggregating the value of the stolen property makes it far more likely that felony penalties would come into play. We're good with that.

We watched in horror this last Christmas season when thieves descended on California stores ranging from Nordstrom and Louis Vuitton to Home Depot smashing displays and grabbing clothes, handbags and jackets and then fleeing to waiting cars. One mob - clearly coordinated by cellphone - numbered 30 people who raided several San Francisco stores and another in nearby Walnut Creek at a Nordstrom's reportedly involved 80 people.

California, not surprisingly, has moved to re-establish the crime of organized retail theft. Wisconsin should follow suit.

Stroebel said last week the state needs to send a strong message that organized theft rings will be punished. We agree. Stroebel's bill would apply to coordinated groups of five thieves or more. That may be too high, but the Legislature can work that out. journaltimes.com

Violent Crime Public Emergency
City of Little Rock declares violent crime a public health emergency amid surge in shootings
The City of Little Rock, Arkansas, has declared violent crime a public emergency amid a surge in shootings in recent weeks. The city's board of directors approved the resolution for the declaration after it was introduced during a meeting Tuesday by Mayor Frank Scott, Jr.

The resolution "demands the attention of policymakers" and includes provisions to fund community partners via grants and other funding, hire more mental health workers and add additional officers to the Little Rock Police Department's street crimes unit, documents obtained by ABC News show.

Firearm violence "poses a serious threat to the health and quality of life of all residents of the City of Little Rock, Arkansas," the resolution states.

During the meeting, several board members voiced their concerns about escalating gun violence in the city, ABC Little Rock affiliate KATV reported. At least 10 people were injured in multiple shootings over the weekend, according to police.

Crime rates in the city have been exacerbated by the pandemic, said city director Capi Peck. yahoo.com

'Defund police movement is dead in New York City'
Rep. Ritchie Torres declares 'Defund the police' dead in NYC
The "Defund the police" movement that garnered support from some Democrats in the aftermath of the 2020 police killing of George Floyd is "dead" in New York City, Bronx Congressman Ritchie Torres declared Thursday.

Torres, a first-term Democrat, made the proclamation after MSNBC's Jose Diaz-Balart asked whether he agreed with Mayor Eric Adams' stance against cutting police budgets.

"The defund police movement is dead in New York City - and good riddance," Torres said. "And any elected official who's advocating for the abolition and/or even the defunding of police is out of touch with reality and should not be taken seriously."

Torres told Diaz-Balart that he also supported the mayor's call to action to Congress and President Biden to prevent guns from coming into New York from other states.

Adams earlier told MSNBC that "defund" does not work and is "the wrong bumper sticker." Biden echoed that message Thursday during an appearance at NYPD headquarters.

"The answer is not to defund the police. It is to give you the tools and training, the funding to be partners, to be protectors and [the] community needs you," the president said. "It's time to fund community policing to protect and serve the community." nypost.com

Biden turns his focus to gun crime as Democrats try to shed 'defund the police' label


COVID Update

541.4M Vaccinations Given

US: 77.1M Cases - 920.8K Dead - 47.3M Recovered
Worldwide: 389.1M Cases - 5.7M Dead - 308.3M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 344   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 630
*Red indicates change in total deaths

COVID Cases Drop 50% - Deaths Up 35%
US COVID-19 cases continue steep decline
Cases of COVID-19 continue to drop significantly across the country, as the most recent surge caused by the Omicron variant is declining at a rapid pace.

The United States reported 330,128 new COVID-19 cases yesterday, and 3,546 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 tracker. The 7-day average of new daily cases is 385,425, with 2,658 daily deaths, according to the New York Times tracker.

New daily cases have decreased by almost 50% in the last 2 weeks, but the average daily death rate - which lags by 4 to 6 weeks behind case rates - has increased by 35%. An analysis of new federal data shows 100,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 since Thanksgiving.

It will take several weeks for hospitalizations and deaths to follow case count trends; The HHS Protect Public Data Hub shows 122,627 inpatient beds in use for COVID-19. Hospitalization rates are down 16% in the last 14 days. cidrap.umn.edu

Even as new omicron subvariant spreads, speck of light may be emerging for Maryland at end of pandemic tunnel
Another version of the coronavirus is spreading around the globe and causing high rates of COVID-19 infections, along with angst - but also a small measure of optimism.

BA.2, as it's known, is a subvariant and closely related to the omicron variant that spread rapidly around the world after its discovery in November. Some studies suggest BA.2's even more transmissible and just as dangerous.

It's already been found in at least half of the United States, with Maryland reporting five cases so far in random sampling.

But here's the not-so-negative part: Early research also suggests vaccines are protecting people from severe cases stemming from this and other new omicron subvariants. And because so many people have their shots and boosters, or already were infected with the original omicron variant, there may be enough community immunity to give the weary public a springtime pandemic break.

Moss and other Hopkins and state experts emphasized this week that the pandemic is not over, even though cases and hospitalizations are dropping quickly from their mid-January peaks. Deaths lag behind infections and are rising still. baltimoresun.com

2 More TSA Officers Die From Coronavirus
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced the sad loss of Dual Function Transportation Security Officer (TSO) Ira Lerman. He worked at Boston Logan International Airport and passed away on January 24 following a COVID-19 infection. Lerman joined TSA in 2008 as a TSO at Boston Logan after an extensive career in finance in the Boston area. A native of Plymouth, Mass., he was well-known and appreciated for his dedication to the TSA mission.

The following day, TSO Robert Jasinski passed away following a COVID-19 infection. He worked at Philadelphia International Airport, joining in 2006, and served as one of TSA's dedicated baggage officers. Jasinski also served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

This is the 37th TSA officer to die from the Coronavirus. Homeland Security Today joins TSA in offering our heartfelt condolences to officer Lerman's and officer Jasinski's family, friends and colleagues. privateofficerbreakingnews.blogspot.com

Using AI to Secure the Post-Pandemic Workplace
How AI technology is redefining workplace surveillance in a post-COVID world
Surveillance is no longer only a watchful eye, but a predictive one as well. Its new definition not only includes using technology to keep bad actors out, but also to let the right staff in and enhance customer experiences. Under this expanded definition, surveillance technology has far-ranging positive applications across business and retail sectors that will create safer and more enjoyable environments that benefit everyone - not just those behind the camera.

Protecting and enhancing the post-pandemic workplace environment

With new AI-based surveillance tools like facial recognition, businesses can go beyond security to provide their employees with an enhanced workplace experience.

With 98% of IT leaders concerned about security challenges related to a hybrid workforce, AI-based surveillance can help better manage staggered and irregular work schedules by seamlessly identifying which employees are supposed to be in specific areas at certain times. This tiered access control can be taken a step further, as an operator can link facial recognition security software to systems that control automated doors or pair it with baseline authentication solutions for an added layer of protection.

By the same token, these AI surveillance tools can also be used to directly benefit the workers they observe. Now, a video management system (VMS) can be trained to identify VIPs, authorized personnel, and guests of the company, creating a frictionless entry experience for those security would wish to treat with utmost care.

Where masks are still required, facial recognition technology (FRT) can create safer workspaces by identifying employees who are not wearing their masks correctly and alerting them to fix their face coverings. Through this observation, AI tools can aggregate data on how many employees are wearing masks upon first sign in, which can help operators make better decisions about company health protocols.

Finding new opportunities to keep the right customers in

Surveillance technologies, such as security cameras and property management systems, are usually reserved to track shoplifters and threats to customers in the retail industry. However, with the explosion of online shopping over the past two years, and with 90% of US shoppers saying they'd likely return to a store if their in-store experience is positive and unique, retailers are looking to technology to create the best on-site experiences. helpnetsecurity.com

The Pandemic's Permanent Impact on Retail
Will Covid Forever Change Retail Shopper Behavior? Analytics Has The Answer
Covid-19 is shaking up decades of shopper behavior and creating a generational business opportunity for retailers to anticipate its effects. Locations are available now that haven't been realistic for 50 years. Buying patterns, store footprints and more are transformed.

Companies can get started by assessing the information they currently have available. You can also pursue third-party or publicly available data. Once you've determined what data is available, look for an analytics vendor that provides real-time interaction and data visualization of large-scale and high-volume joined datasets from these different sources, with minimal coding required. Your team will want to pull information at the speed of curiosity, whether you're planning staffing for the week or how much inventory to purchase for the next season.

Decisions can no longer be based on five-year averages in this tumultuous environment. Quickly and thoroughly analyzed with the latest tools, current data is critical to good decision-making. Retailers may be facing the competitive equivalent of an end-of-year sale - but with smart analytics at hand, they can be first to the checkout with the bargains. forbes.com

Meijer is the first to give customers free at-home COVID-19 PCR tests
Meijer has announced that its retail pharmacy will be the first to offer free, at-home COVID-19 PCR tests to customers. In partnership with a testing company called eTrueNorth, Meijer will be providing home PCR tests for pickup at the store. Customers will first have to register for a test online and, after filling out an assessment, will receive a voucher which can be redeemed for a test at a Meijer location. Customers conduct the nasal swab test at home and return the completed test kit to a Meijer pharmacy location, where it is then sent off for analysis. Results are available between 48 and 72 hours after dropping off the test.

The free at-home COVID-19 tests recently provided by the U.S. Federal Government in conjunction with the U.S. Postal Service are at-home antigen rapid tests. Other options for free COVID-19 testing at pharmacies appear to stop short of offering free at-home testing. Walgreens, for instance, offers three types of free drive-thru testing online. retailwire.com

Covid Scotland: Shops experience first footfall rise since pandemic first struck


Finally - The #1 Retail Publication for the 'C' Level on ORC
The Dark Side of Online Marketplaces
February 4, 2022 Organized retail crime has become a $70 billion business and continues to plague retailers. What's the backstory? There is a proliferation of thieves who use online marketplaces to fence stolen goods. Tune into Robin Lewis and Shelley E. Kohan, TRR's chief strategist, as they pull back the curtain on organized crime and discuss the only viable solution. therobinreport.com

Macy's Facial Recognition Lawsuits
Despite some dismissals, Macy's still facing privacy lawsuits for use of facial recognition database
A federal judge ruled Macy's might be able to avoid some allegations of violating privacy rights in New York and California, but its use of Clearview AI facial recognition technology could make it liable under Illinois' biometric privacy law.

U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman issued an opinion Jan. 27 regarding a consolidated class action involving allegations Clearview "covertly scraped billions of photographs of facial images from the internet and then used artificial intelligence algorithms to scan the face geometry of each individual depicted in the photographs to harvest the individuals' unique biometric identifiers and corresponding biometric information," Coleman wrote.

The larger consolidated legal action involves multiple allegations against Clearview and its founder Hoan Ton-That, and executive Richard Schwartz, both New York residents. Macy's is a defendant because it allegedly bought access to Clearview's database in order to cross-reference its own surveillance footage. The plaintiffs allege Macy's accessed the database more than 6,000 times, uploading images to search for matches, situating it similarly to other database users in the proposed class of Clearview clients.

The judge sided with plaintiffs regarding their allegations under Illinois' Biometrics Information Privacy Act and other claims involving proposed subclasses for California and New York plaintiffs: "The basis of plaintiffs' BIPA claim," Coleman wrote, is that "Macy's actively purchased access to obtain plaintiffs' biometrics without complying with BIPA's notice and consent requirements."

Coleman ruled the plaintiffs plausibly alleged a BIPA violation because their complaint reasonably allows an inference the facial data was a core component of Macy's loss prevention strategy and that it "generated profits by reducing the number of stolen goods." That connection between the use of personal information and the retailers' larger business model proved essential to the surviving claims.

In agreeing to dismiss part of the California complaint, Coleman said Macy's successfully argued facial imagery doesn't constitute property as the Unfair Competition Law defines. She also agreed the allegations don't "involve the protection of fair competition in commercial markets" and dismissed that claim without prejudice.

However, Coleman said a California common law right to privacy claim survived because it plausibly alleged Macy's used images "without authorization for commercial gain." cookcountyrecord.com

UK Supermarket cameras to guess age of alcohol buyers

Major supermarket chains have begun testing an automated age-verification system, to avoid the wait for staff at self-checkouts when buying alcohol.

Asda, Co-op and Morrisons are installing the system in some shops. The same technology is already used in Aldi's checkout-free shop in London.

If customers consent, the camera will guess their age, using algorithms trained on a database of anonymous faces.

If it decides they are under 25, they will need to show ID to a member of staff.  bbc.com

2022's Retail Outlook
2021's New Normal vs. 2019's Old Normal in retail
Datex's 2021 Year End Report looked at the "new normal" of 2021 as compared to the "old normal" of pre-COVID in 2019. Because 2020 was such an outlier, we decided to use 2019 data to properly gauge the recovery. What does the data tell us about the outlook for 2022 and beyond? Three key trends stand out.

1. The New Normal is starting to look like the Old Normal. The overall health of retail improved quarter by quarter over the course of 2021 as evidenced by rent collection trends that improved quarter by quarter. Retail tenants overall finished the year paying 91% of their rents, just a shade below 2019. National chains outperformed 2019 numbers, paying 96% of their rent in 2021. The White House this week reported that 75% of American adults have been vaccinated; 77 million Americans have contracted the disease and developed antibodies. Society is adapting to a virus that is now endemic and the recovery should continue into 2022.

2. Increasing rents indicate leasing activity is high. We saw rental rates increase 3.88% in 2021, outpacing rental rates gains in 2019 by 7.99%, with the top-performing categories outpacing these numbers, suggesting that tenants and landlords alike are reading the tea leaves and like what they see.

3. Not all retail categories were uniformly impacted by COVID-19. The onslaught of COVID-19 was akin to the impact of a tornado, where some categories were largely untouched, and others were roundly destroyed. More fundamentally, because the pandemic changed consumer behavior over a prolonged period of time, it's reasonable to ask if these will be permanent. chainstoreage.com

Nearly 500K Jobs Added Overall - But Retail Shifts Drop
America adds 467,000 positions in January
U.S. payrolls grew sharply by 467,000 in January, and the jobless rate rose to 4%, the Labor Department said Friday, as the economy weathered the Omicron wave and staffing shortages. The January jobs report reveals the impact of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 on U.S. employment last month.

The total number of shifts worked by people at U.S. businesses decreased 5.1% in January, according to the payroll-services company Ultimate Kronos Group. The decline in workforce activity is the largest since the pandemic began. The surging Omicron wave hit the retail, hospitality and food-service sectors hardest. Shift volume in those industries declined about 7% in January from December.

Many economists are projecting the labor market will bounce back later this year, as the virus subsides. Workers who were sick will be able to return to their jobs, and employers eager to hire will have fewer disruptions to confront, they say. Plus, there are numerous signs the labor market remains tight, from elevated job openings and worker turnover to low numbers of unemployment claims. wsj.com

Private Security Company Giveaway
Enter This Contest to Own a Patrol Service Business
Private Officer International and Regional Security Group have partnered to give away not one, but two private security companies and you could be the new lucky owners!! NO BULL!

This will not be the run-of-the-mill competition and the challenge is going to be both exciting and straightforward! Five Candidates will be selected to participate in the challenge.

All challenges will be done locally, where you live. No travel is necessary. There will be a series of challenges and tasks that must be completed by each contestant. There will be no eliminations during the contest until the final two winners are chosen.

The two finalists will receive: Business Mentorship; Exclusive Security Company Operations Training; Protected Operations Territory; No Franchise Fees; Operational Seed Money.

Here's all that you have to do to enter the contest: 1. Send an email to helpdesk@privateofficer.com explaining, in detail, who you are including your family life, work-life, what you like to do for fun, and any secret talents that you'd like to share. Also, you must articulate why you want to own one of our security companies. 2. Include a detailed resume. privateofficer.org

LPF Announces LPC & LPQ Professionals for January
The Loss Prevention Foundation would like to recognize and congratulate the following individuals who successfully completed all of the requirements set forth by the board of directors to be LPQualified (LPQ) and/or LPCertified (LPC). View Full List Here

Kohl's adopts "poison pill", says buyout offers undervalue it
Kohl's Corp on Friday adopted a shareholder rights plans to protect itself from hostile takeovers, days after receiving buyout offers that the retailer said undervalued it.

Mass. AG office fines Family Dollar $1.5M for 3,900 violations - violating Massachusetts meal break laws

Consumer demand rises and Triangle's retail foot traffic picks back up

Quarterly Results
Amazon Q4 net sales up 9%, FY 2021 net sales up 22%

Ingles Markets Q1 comp's up 10%, net sales up 16.9%

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Vice President, Loss Prevention & Safety job posted for Total Wine & More in Bethesda, MD
We are looking for a Vice President of Loss Prevention & Safety at our headquarters in Bethesda, MD. You will provide the vision and leadership for all enterprise-wide policies to reduce losses in support of the 5-year strategy and Annual Operating Plan. You will oversee the development and implementation of our Loss Prevention and Safety operation. You will work with senior executives, Regional Vice Presidents, and others to execute corporate strategies, achieve profitable sales, and conform to all laws and regulations. You will report to the Chief Stores Officer. jobs.jobvite.com

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New DHS Cyber Safety Review Board
Biden Administration Forms Cybersecurity Review Board to Probe Failures

The new panel is loosely modeled on the National Transportation Safety Board and will look into the recently discovered Log4j internet bug

The Biden administration has formed a panel of senior administration officials and private-sector experts to investigate major national cybersecurity failures, and it will probe as its first case the recently discovered Log4j internet bug, officials said.

The new Cyber Safety Review Board is tasked with examining significant cybersecurity events that affect government, business and critical infrastructure. It will publish reports on security findings and recommendations, officials said. Details of the board will be announced Thursday.

The board, officials have said, is modeled loosely on the National Transportation Safety Board, which investigates and issues public reports on airplane crashes, train derailments and other transportation accidents. The new panel's authority derives from an executive order that President Biden signed in May to improve federal cybersecurity defenses.

The cyber board isn't an independent agency like the transportation board and will instead reside within the Department of Homeland Security. It will have 15 members-three times as many as the full complement of the transportation board-from government and the public sector who don't need to be confirmed by the Senate. It lacks subpoena power, unlike the transportation board.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in an interview that the cyber board was intended to draw solutions to future problems from past cybersecurity crises, rather than casting blame where shortcomings are identified.

Mr. Silvers said the board expects to finish by May its probe of the vulnerabilities related to the open-source software logging tool called Log4j. It is a free piece of code that logs activity in computer networks and applications, and officials have warned that it is likely one of the gravest cybersecurity vulnerabilities on record. wsj.com

Microsoft's New 'Security, Compliance, Identity & Management' Organization
Former Amazon exec inherits Microsoft's complex cybersecurity legacy in quest to solve 'one of the greatest challenges of our time'
Charlie Bell is known to love big engineering challenges. He appears to have found the perfect job, because it would be hard to imagine one bigger than this.

The former Amazon Web Services executive, whose departure for Microsoft last fall was the subject of weeks of negotiations between the Seattle-area tech giants, is now almost four months into his role as a Microsoft executive vice president, leading a new Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management organization.

Bringing together existing groups from across the company, the new organization numbers 10,000 people including existing and open positions, representing more than 5% of the tech giant's nearly 200,000 employees.

Its primary focus will be developing and delivering security products and services, not the core security of the company's individual products, which is the purview of security groups inside product teams.

But people inside and outside Microsoft hope Bell can spark meaningful change for the company and cybersecurity writ large, as a respected leader coming in with fresh eyes and a mandate from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

"The next big challenge for our company and our industry is securing digital technology platforms, devices, and clouds in our customers' heterogenous environments," wrote Nadella in an internal memo announcing Bell's position. "This is a bold ambition we are going after and is what attracted Charlie to Microsoft."

In a LinkedIn post about his new job, Bell wrote that he was inspired to join Microsoft to "take on one of the greatest challenges of our time," trying to take the world from "digital medievalism" to "digital civilization."

Microsoft, he wrote, is "the only company in a position to deliver this." geekwire.com

Cyber Threats to Watch for in 2022
How organizations are arming themselves to combat threats
Reblaze announced the results of a Global Surveyz survey of 300 security professionals, to better understand how organizations are approaching web security as we enter a new year. The research focused on the greatest threats organizations faced in 2021, and their strategies for 2022.

Last year's greatest threats, and the strategies for 2022

AdvertisementThe most common attack of 2021 was DDoS: DDoS was the most common attack in 2021, with 50% of respondents reporting DDoS attempts. For most regions, SQL injection was next at 38%, and ransomware was the third most common attack at 29%. However, in the US there is a more severe ransomware problem, and 40% of the US respondents were targeted by ransomware attacks in 2021.

Cloud-based security is growing: Companies have embraced cloud-based security technologies with 64% of respondents reporting they now use a native WAF from their cloud provider, while third-party WAFs and Unified Solutions are also popular, at 41% and 24% respectively. This reliance is growing, as 59% of respondents plan to adopt more cloud security solutions in 2022.

Non-traditional security technologies are becoming important: Seventy-two percent of companies consider it very important to secure the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities - most of which are longstanding issues within web security. However, companies are also seeking other new types of defenses. Ninety-nine percent of respondents consider Adaptive Protection to be important, followed by API security at 98%.

Most companies have inadequate defenses against hostile bots: While 50% of respondents have no idea about the percentage of hostile bots in their traffic, the other half think they know, but tend to radically underestimate the number, at an average of 6.2%. In reality, the percentage of hostile bots across web traffic is closer to 26%.

The fastest-growing security technologies are bot solutions and unified solutions: With so many companies unable to accurately ascertain the composition of incoming traffic, it's no surprise that the security technology with the highest expected growth rate is dedicated bot solutions. helpnetsecurity.com

Hackers stole more than $320M in cryptocurrency from DeFi platform Wormhole
The attack is the largest against the cryptocurrency industry so far in 2022 and one of the top hacks of the industry to date.

Microsoft: Multifactor Adoption Remains Low







The New Frontier of E-Commerce
Consumers are really switching to making purchases via Instagram and TikTok
The pandemic accelerated the shift to omnichannel purchasing-the tendency for consumers to purchase items through Instagram, TikTok, or a brand's website, on top of visiting a traditional brick-and-mortar shop.

That was the takeaway from Fortune's Reimagining Customer Experience virtual summit on Monday with top executives from brands such as Stitch Fix, Build-A-Bear, and Signet Jewelry. Most brands were already aware this was coming down the pike, but hadn't fully embraced until every American consumer was suddenly trapped at home with fewer opportunities to spend money in person.

"Our research tells us 90% of sales start on a mobile phone," said Fran Horowitz, CEO of Abercrombie. But here's the catch. Shoppers aren't just typing "Abercrombie" into a search bar and aiming to shop from a brand they know and trust.

Instead, buyers are catching wind of fashion trends on social media, then clicking through an influencer's or friend's page to purchase.

"Social commerce and social selling is the future," Horowitz added. "That's where this consumer is headed, and you have to make sure you're on these channels. The consumer believes their customer more than they believe the brand anymore."

Other companies saw unexpected growth from consumers looking to make connections with loved ones from afar. Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John said that was the case for a company that has long considered itself a mall-based, experiential retailer but saw triple-digit growth in 2020 as it leaned into online offerings. Build-A-Bear launched a 3D bear builder, which is an animated experience in which you can build a stuffed animal from your phone, and the company soon learned its shopper demographic was changing.

"Now 20% of our sales are online," John said. And as Build-A-Bear celebrates 25 years, she said the company realized that 40% of their total sales are from teens, tweens, and adults rather than adults buying on behalf of children, which had been the norm. fortune.com

They've Had Enough of Darkened Windows & Traffic Disruption
European City's Freezing New Dark Stores
The city of Rotterdam is to put a one-year freeze on the introduction of any more "dark stores" - small distribution centres in the city used as hubs for on-demand grocery services like Getir, Gorillas, Flink, Zapp and others.

The move follows a similar decision by Amsterdam last week as city residents push back against nuisances caused by the services that promise delivery in 10 minutes or less. These have mushroomed in major cities around Europe since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. reuters.com

The 'Dark' Stores In Retail's Future: Prepare To Be Ghosted

Best Buy chooses Amazon's AWS for cloud services







Concord, CA: Mailman impersonator sentenced for $250,000 ID theft scheme that netted him boat, fancy clothes, cars
A Concord resident received 5½ years in federal prison after pleading guilty to a multi-year identity theft scheme that cost victims more than $250,000. Jason Blackard, 38, was sentenced Wednesday afternoon by U.S. District Judge Maxine Chesney. He pleaded guilty in October to "committing a series of frauds and theft" from January 2019 to Feburary 2021. The ill-gotten gains were spent on clothes, hardware from Home Depot, a $58,000 sportscar, a Mercedes-Benz and a speedboat, prosecutors say. Blackard's attorney, assistant federal public defender Elizabeth Falk, wrote in a sentencing memo that Blackard was working to right his wrongs, and quoted a sergeant at Santa Rita Jail who praised Blackard's work ethic in a jail work program. "By pleading guilty to his conduct over that entire period of time, Mr. Blackard is fully coming to grips with his lifestyle and well recognizes he has caused enormous harm to individuals and businesses alike," Falk wrote, later adding, "In his own words, he was a menace to society, and he wanted to close out all those cases with guilty pleas and 'make things right.' mercurynews.com

Man stole $11,000 worth of merchandise from Riverhead Home Depot
A Riverhead man is facing grand larceny charges in connection with the alleged theft of $11,000 worth of assorted merchandise from Home Depot on Route 58 last fall. Police said Charles Lamb, 45, removed merchandise from the store without paying five times between Sept. 3 and Dec. 11. The merchandise consisted mostly of "high-end faucets and surveillance system cameras," police said in a press release this evening. After a lengthy investigation, Riverhead detectives were able to identify the suspect involved and link him to the thefts, police said. Lamb surrendered to police this afternoon, according to the police report. He was charged with five counts of Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree, a Class E felony. Lamb was processed, arraigned in Riverhead Justice Court and remanded to the Suffolk County Correctional Facility, police said. riverheadlocal.com

Fairfax County, VA: Group smashed displays and stole eyeglasses in McLean, adding to area spree
It happened again. Fairfax County police say the Village Eye Center at 1471 Chain Bridge Road in McLean was the victim of a smash-and-grab theft early last night (Tuesday). A group of four men armed with hammers entered the shop around 5:41 p.m. and began to bust open the display cases to steal eyeglass frames, Fairfax County Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Ian Yost said. He said he did not have any information on how much the thieves stole. They fled in a white SUV. He said at this point, the incident will be categorized as a larceny since the bandits did not directly confront the store employees. This is at least the fourth eyeglass smash-and-grab heist in the past few weeks. The others were in Arlington, Alexandria, and Montgomery. Yost says this was the first he's aware of in Fairfax County. tysonsreporter.com

Update: Surveillance Footage Captures Maryland LensCrafters Robbery
Surveillance video footage captured a robbery of a LensCrafters store in Bethesda and now police are looking for the suspects, officials say. Three men entered the store located in the 7100 block of Arlington Rd., after one of the suspects smashed through a glass door on Dec. 1, 2021, according to Montgomery County Police. The suspects removed merchandise from the shelves, placed them inside a plastic bag and fled the scene on foot. dailyvoice.com

American Canyon, CA: Father and son arrested after fuel theft of hundreds of gallons of diesel; multiply credit cards associated with ID theft

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Shootings & Deaths

Chicago, Tinley Park, IL: Unsolved Crime: Lane Bryant murders remain unsolved, but 2 new detectives assigned to case
Wednesday marks 14 years since five women were shot to death inside a Tinley Park Lane Bryant store. The case remains unsolved, but two new detectives are now working the case and trying to finally bring closure. A TJ Maxx store now sits at the site of what in 2008 was Lane Bryant in Tinley Park. On February 2, 2008, a man posing as a delivery worker killed five women there and left a sixth for dead.

Rhoda McFarland was the store manager at Lane Bryant. It was she who opened the store just minutes before the shooter walked in, herded the six woman to a back room, tied them up and shot them execution-style. "I can't believe it's been 14 years," said Maurice Hamilton, McFarland's brother. "It kind of zoomed by, but the experience is still there." McFarland, made the 911 call that alerted police to what was going on. The first officer arrived within two minutes, but it was already too late. "We still get one or two tips a month, sometimes more. It all depends. That's we've never put it down. There's always been someone assigned to it," said Deputy Chief Larry Rafferty, Tinley Park Police Department. Seventy-five hundred leads have come in over the years. Working with the sole survivor, police were able to develop a composite of what they think the shooter looks like. And two new detectives were recently assigned to take a fresh look at the case.

"We're hoping they develop something," Rafferty said. "We hope something was missed and if not maybe today we'll get a tip that will help us out and get us going." It is that same hope that keeps the victims families going, even after all this time. "I have faith on someone doing the right thing someday," Hamilton said. "It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow." Investigators do believe someone is out there that knows something -- someone who maybe didn't feel comfortable talking back then, but who will someday come forward. A 100,000 reward is still being offered for any information that leads to an arrest. abc7chicago.com

Chicago, IL: Woman Killed In Crossfire Between Armed Man, Security Guard Outside Liquor Store In Bronzeville
A woman was killed and a security guard was wounded Tuesday afternoon in a shootout outside a liquor store in Bronzeville - only about a block from Chicago Public Safety Headquarters. The shooting happened outside Wood's Food & Liquor, on Indiana Avenue. Chicago Police headquarters is located about one city block west and across the street. Witnesses described it as a wild shootout in the middle of the street. Stevie McDuffey was coming out of a McDonald's when he said he saw the security guard shooting wildly down 35th Street. "He could have hit anybody," McDuffey said. "That security guard, he was there laying there on the ground as they're shooting down the block. He reloaded his gun and constantly kept shooting. He was just shooting down that way - I don't know at what."

Police said at 4:12 p.m., a 34-year-old man was on the sidewalk when he got into a quarrel with another man. The second man then took out a gun and shot the first man, striking him in the right leg. The victim - a security guard at the liquor store - took out his own gun and began firing shots at the gunman. "I did not understand how he did that," McDuffey said. "That was ridiculous." During the exchange of gunfire, a 55-year-old woman who was walking on the sidewalk was shot in the chest. She tried to run into a Chase Bank two blocks east at 35th Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, and she was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead. "It was real reckless," McDuffey told CBS 2's Charlie De Mar Tuesday. "It was real reckless, how he lay there on that gun and reloaded his gun and kept on shooting." chicago.cbslocal.com

New York, NY: Mother of slain NYC Burger King cashier begs Biden to help fix city's crime crisis
The shattered mother of a 19-year-old woman killed during a gunpoint robbery at a New York City Burger King last month urged President Biden to help crack down on crime on the eve of his visit to the embattled city. "I want to tell the president that this is what happened to my daughter and this should not happen to any other child," Kristie Nieves, 36, told Fox News Digital through a Spanish interpreter at her civil attorney Sanford Rubenstein's office. "We need to get the guns off the streets so no one goes through this." Nieves' daughter, Kristal Bayron-Nieves, was shot in the stomach Jan. 9 for $100 by a homeless former employee while working a late night shift at the fast-food chain. The anguished mother's lawyer said that he had been told that, that Burger King location hired staffers from the same homeless shelter where the alleged shooter lived. "I'm contemplating filing a lawsuit not only against Burger King but also against the manufacturer of the gun that killed this beautiful girl," Rubenstein said. foxnews.com

Waco, TX: Man charged with murder after chasing, stabbing woman at gas station
51-year-old man is being charged with murder after a 61-year-old woman died in the hospital after being stabbed, the Waco Police Department announced Wednesday. Police say Byron Bryant of Waco was originally charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on Jan. 31 after the woman, identified as Minerva Rosas, was stabbed at the QuikTrip. Around 7:40 p.m. that day, Waco officers were called to the gas station because of a stabbing that was happening while they got the call, police said. Police were told a man was stabbing a woman and chased her into the gas station, police added. While police were headed to the QuikTrip, another person stepped in to defend the woman and reportedly shot the man, later identified as Bryant, police said. Both Bryant and Rosas were transported to the hospital. Bryant was released and taken into police custody while Rosas remained in critical condition, police said. Back at the QuikTrip, the person who stepped in stayed on the scene and cooperated with police. That person was questioned, then wasn't charged with a crime, police said. Rosas later died in the hospital from her injuries, police said Wednesday. Her death marks the fourth murder in the city this year. kcentv.com

Macon, GA: Employee shot during Armed Robbery at Waffle House
Two men robbed a Macon Waffle House and shot an employee early Friday morning. According to the Bibb County Sheriff's Office, it happened around 1:30 a.m. at the Waffle House located at 3907 Arkwright Road. They say two young men went into the restaurant through the back door with guns wearing masks. They began firing shots as they entered, hitting Waffle House employee 20-year-old Yo-el Gray in the stomach. One of the men then fired another shot at a female employee and demanded the money from the register. After taking an undisclosed amount of money, both men ran out the back door of the restaurant. Gray was taken to the hospital for treatment. He is in stable condition, according to the release. No one else was injured during this incident. 13wmaz.com

Philadelphia, PA: Police investigating shooting of Rite Aid Loss Prevention officer
On February 1st, 2022, at approximately 8:50 pm the complainant, a loss prevention officer for the Rite Aid located at 1528 N. Broad Street, was shot in the foot by an unknown male offender after a verbal dispute inside of the Rite Aid. The male offender arrived with an unknown black female and were operating a gold or silver SUV. shorenewsnetwork.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Orange County, CA: Chilling Video Shows Irvine Restaurant Robbery by Former Employee
A multi-agency investigation led to the arrest of two masked suspects accused of holding up a restaurant at gunpoint, in a chilling robbery that was captured on camera. Irvine police released chilling video Thursday while announcing the arrests and sharing mugshots of the suspects accused of being behind the robbery. The robbery took place Jan. 19 at 11 a.m. at "All That Barbecue" in Irvine, police said. The video shows the pair storm through the back door with loaded handguns, as they grab an employee by the arm and usher all employees to a bathroom. Police said while one suspect took the employees wallets and cellphones, the other tried to get money from the restaurant safe and cash register.

Allan Hoang, 28, and Alanmichael Babauta, 25, were arrested in connection with the robbery Jan. 20, police said. "Barbauta and Hoang were arrested for robbery, kidnapping, burglary, false imprisonment and conspiracy. They are suspected of committing similar crimes throughout Orange County," police said in a news release. Hoang, who police said used to be an employee at the BBQ spot in 2017, was found with a silver semi-automatic handgun similar to the one used in the robbery, and also allegedly had some of the employees' stolen items with him.  nbclosangeles.com

Hialeah, FL: Man confesses to trying to break into Target to steal flowers for his mother
A man was arrested Wednesday morning in Hialeah on accusations that he tried to break into a Target store. The incident happened at the Target at 1750 W. 37th St. According to the suspect's arrest report, an officer responding to the burglary in progress spotted Alejandro Gonzalez, 42, riding his bike in front of the store and stopped him at the intersection of West 18th Avenue and 35th Street. Police said Gonzalez told the officer, "I was thinking about robbing some flowers for my mom, but then I saw you guys and said, 'F*** this s***.'" According to the police report, Gonzalez used a short handle hammer to break through the first set of double doors and was trying to pry open the second pair of double doors at the store's entrance before fleeing the scene. Police said the store manager and a witness identified Gonzalez as the person who was trying to break into the store. He was also captured red-handed on surveillance video, authorities said. local10.com

Winston-Salem man arrested for multiple armed robberies of local businesses
The Winston-Salem Police Department has arrested a suspect for a series of armed robberies that targeted local businesses. According to a news release, officers arrested 31-year-old Nathaniel O'Neal Allen in relation to the incidents. Authorities said that the robberies were of multiple Family Dollar and Dollar General locations across Forsyth County, Greensboro, Concord and Charlotte. Four of the armed robberies that occurred in Winston-Salem took place between November and January. Officials said that Allen was arrested on Feb. 1 without incident and is currently being held in Forsyth County Detention Center on a $150,000 bond. wxii12.com

Hagerstown, MD: Man charged in Armed Robbery that put Sheetz employees in fear for their lives

Luzerne County, PA: 16-year-old Walmart employee arrested for nearly $10K in gift card fraud

Hopkinsville, KY Tractor Supply employee charged with theft of over $5,000 in cash

California Man Sentenced to Federal Prison for Passing Counterfeit Currency
Savannah, GA: Police arrest man suspected of several burglaries, aggravated assault

Flint, MI: Meat store owner sent to prison, ordered to repay $4.4 million for SNAP fraud



US Customs Seize $8.7m of Fake Jewelry from China
Four large shipments of fake jewelry, worth $8.7m if genuine, have been seized entering the US from China. Customs officials in Indianapolis and Cincinnati intercepted a total of almost 16,700 items bearing protected trademarks of Bvlgari, Cartier, Coach, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Rolex, Tiffany, Tori Burch, Versace, Chanel, Dior, Pandora, Prada, and Tiffany. They were all destined for private residences in Laredo, Texas; Omaha, Nebraska and White Plains, New York State. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) say the shipments arrived between 24 December and 5 January. The items were tested and deemed to be counterfeit by its Centers of Excellence and Expertise. "As consumers increasingly purchase from online or third-party vendors, our officers are at the frontline to guard against defrauders expecting to make money selling fake merchandise," said LaFonda D. Sutton-Burke, director of Chicago field operations. idexonline.com

$500,000 worth of fake merchandise found at Tulare home
A woman is behind bars after possessing about $500,000 worth of designer bags and other goods. Tulare County detectives received information from Homeland Security about a large shipment on the way to the Valley from the Philippines. Detectives identified the receiver of the products as a home in Tulare. When Detectives served a warrant at the home, they found 41-year-old Maria Teresa Avina Lopez. In her home, she had more than 700 counterfeit purses, 600 pieces of clothes and two large totes full of fake jewelry. Lopez was arrested for possession of counterfeit goods. abc30.com




C-Store - Clear Lake, IA - Burglary
C-Store - Bartlesville, OK - Burglary
C-Store - Ankeny, IA - Robbery
C-Store - Lexington, KY - Armed Robbery
CVS - San Luis Obispo, CA - Robbery
CVS - Atlanta, GA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Detroit, MI - Armed Robbery
Eyewear - Fairfax, VA - Burglary
Gas Station - Lindale, TX - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Marion County, FL - Armed Robbery
Guns - Hailey, ID - Burglary
Jewelry - Dallas, TX - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Durham, NC - Robbery
Jewelry - Trumbull, CT - Robbery
Jewelry - Aurora, CO - Robbery
Jewelry - Thornton, CO - Robbery
Jewelry - Tacoma, WA - Robbery
Jewelry - Puyallup, WA - Robbery
Jewelry - Albuquerque, NM - Robbery
Restaurant - Macon, GA - Armed Robbery/Shooting (Waffle House)
Restaurant - Atlanta, GA - Armed Robbery (Coffee House)
Restaurant - Hanover Township, PA - Burglary (Taco Bell)
Restaurant - Irving, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Suffolk County, NY - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 19 robberies
• 5 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 0 killed


Weekly Totals:
• 77 robberies
• 32 burglaries
• 4 shootings
• 0 killed

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None to report.

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Asset Protection Specialist
Portland, OR - posted January 26
The Asset Protection Specialist is responsible for protecting the assets and teammates of Under Armour at the Portland office. Essential Duties & Responsibilities - Development and implementation of policies and procedures focused on maximizing physical security, access control, safety, emergency response, investigations, and minimizing theft and fraud...

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Denver, CO - posted January 21
As the District Asset Protection Manager you will lead administration of Asset Protection programs and training for an assigned district in order to drive sales, profits, and a customer service culture; Oversees AP Programs by providing leadership and guidance to Asset Protection teams and General Managers on methods to successfully execute programs in stores...

Regional Manager, Asset Protection
Northern PA/NY/NJ- posted January 18
The primary purpose of this position is to supervise and coordinate the efforts of District Asset Protection Managers within their region to achieve maximum shrink prevention, safety awareness and the protection of company assets. This position is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of Asset Protection policies and procedures...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Central US Remote (Dallas, Chicago, or Houston)
- posted January 6
The successful candidate will be responsible for the management of the Asset Protection function in their assigned area. Guide the implementation and training of Asset Protection programs, enforcement of policies and procedures, auditing, investigations and directing of shrink reduction efforts...

Asset Protection Associate
Charlotte, NC - posted January 4
The Asset Protection Associate (APA) is responsible for the detection, apprehension, or deterrence of customer and associate activity that could result in a loss to Ralph Lauren. APAs are also responsible for ensuring a safe environment for all customers, associates, and vendors. APAs promote and monitor compliance to Polo Ralph Lauren policies and procedures related to theft prevention, safety, and inventory control. The APA is also required to promote awareness and conduct training...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Detroit, MI - posted January 4
Support store and delivery center management in the areas of Workplace safety and Loss Prevention (LP). Assist store and delivery centers in compliance with Safety / LP policies and procedures. Serve as main point of contact as the Safety / LP subject matter expert for stores and delivery centers in the assigned Region. Collaborate with other support staff as needed...

Region Asset Protection Manager-South Florida Region (Bi-lingual Required)
Doral, FL - posted December 21
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Corporate Safety & Security Leader
San Francisco, CA - posted December 15
RH is seeking a Corporate Safety & Security Leader. The role will lead a team of Safety & Security Associates on our Corporate Campus in Corte Madera, CA. The Leader acts as the key point of contact for safety and security incidents including identifying, investigating, mitigating, and managing risks...


Regional Loss Prevention and Safety Specialist
New York, NY - posted November 29
You will act as a coach, trainer, mentor, and enforcer to support the risk management program at Legends. Responsibilities can include, but are not limited to: Identify, develop, and implement improved loss prevention and safety measurements with risk management team; Conduct internal audits that have a focus on loss prevention, personal safety, and food safety, and help the team to effectively execute against company standards and requirements

Safety Director (Retail Background Preferred)
Jacksonville, FL - posted November 3
This role is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing purpose-directed occupational safety and health programs designed to minimize the frequency and severity of customer and associate accidents, while complying with applicable regulatory requirements. This leader is the subject matter expert on all safety matters

Director, Loss Prevention & Safety
Goleta, CA - posted September 24
The Director of Loss Prevention & Environmental, Health and Safety plans, organizes, implements, and directs HERBL's programs, procedures, and practices to ensure the safety and security of company employees and property...

Corporate Risk Manager
Fort Myers, Miami, Tampa FL - posted October 5
Summary of Role and Responsibilities: A proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries, whether to our employees, third parties, or customer's valuables. They include but are not limited to cash in transit, auto losses, or injuries...

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