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Meet Auror's Regional Director for the UK

Earlier this year, Auror shared an interview with its Regional Director for the United Kingdom, Mark Gleeson. Check out the excerpt below, and visit Auror's website to read the full conversation.

What excites you about Retail Crime Intelligence for the UK market?

I'm extremely excited to leverage Auror's experience with both retailers and law enforcement globally, and adapt that to the UK market. You only need to look at today's UK papers to see that Organized Retail Crime and aggression is on the rise. With a market-leading platform, I'm excited to partner with retailers and police to tackle those challenges head on. We've got case study upon case study of Auror genuinely helping the lives of frontline retail staff, making it easier to report crimes and critically, making them safer in their roles. From my previous experience, I understand the power of building a credible intelligence network in order to make informed decisions in harmful environments. If you can stop these actions happening at source, using data and analytics, then it's powerful and extremely motivating for all involved. It takes a network to defeat a network.

Can you summarize your career journey before Auror?

I've got a real blend of military and commercial experience. I spent my former years as an RAF Regiment officer, specializing in advising foreign militaries, security forces, and government departments. This included operations in Afghanistan and West Africa, commanding various team structures, often working with police and intelligence specialists. My commercial experience has been focused around consulting to large multinationals, whether that be conducting major transformation programmes, advising on post M&A Integration & Separation projects, or as the Chief of Staff to the NHS CEO on Project Nightingale. We built a hospital from scratch in nine days; it was quite the challenge! Most recently I've been working for a technology company as the Global Partnership Director.

Read the full article here






Dustin Diamond named Sr. Program Manager, Global Investigations, Data Centers for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Before joining Amazon Web Services as Sr. Program Manager, Global Investigations, Data Centers, Dustin spent nearly three years with Amazon in multiple roles, including: Sr Program Manager/Smartsheet Admin, LP, Physical Retail and Sr Program Manager/Smartsheet Admin, LP, Specialty Retail Stores. Earlier in his career, he spent 15 years with Nordstrom in multiple LP leadership roles. Congratulations, Dustin!

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It's 'Auror Week' on the D&D Daily!

Check out today's 'Vendor Spotlight' from Auror directly beneath the 'Top News' column to learn how Auror is helping address safety concerns in retail communities.

Nedap to partner with PUMA North America for RFID Roll Out

Groenlo, the Netherlands, 18 October 2022: Nedap, the global leader in RFID solutions, has been selected by PUMA North America to roll-out Nedap's iD Cloud inventory visibility platform.

Following the success of Nedap's three-store pre-rollout, 135 of PUMA stores in North America are now being equipped with Nedap's iD Cloud, allowing fast and regular stock counts, efficient replenishment, smart refill suggestions and data-driven loss prevention. The store solution also enables stores to always have the right products available and, as such, to provide best-in-class omnichannel customer experiences. And with better stock visibility, PUMA NA can offer services such as Ship-From-Store and Click & Collect (BOPIS) more efficiently.

Read more here

The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Smash & Grab Surge: The Causes & Solutions
Streetwear Store Robbery Highlights Main Street's 'Smash-and-Grab' Problem

Stolen goods aren't the only expenses typically incurred when a "smash-and-grab" takes place. Often, retailers sustain property damage that requires significant repair.

Retailers Blame Bail Reform, Felony Thresholds for ORC Surge

The nationwide "smash-and-grab" retail crime spree comes amid criticism that the offense still carries low risk for would-be offenders. Retailers are largely in favor of increasing penalties for theft, and reducing felony thresholds: 70.8 percent of retailers reported increases in organized retail crime (ORC) in areas where felony thresholds have increased, according to the 2022 National Retail Security Survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF).

More than half (54.6 percent) reported that initiatives to reduce or eliminate cash bail have been associated with a substantial increase in repeat offenses, while 15.2 percent reported a moderate increase. And while 30.3 percent reported that there had been no change in repeat offenses, no retailers said there was a decrease.

Lawmakers introduce Combatting Organized Retail Crime Act

On Friday, U.S. House Representatives Ken Buck (R-Col.), Dina Titus (D-Nev.), Susie Lee (D-Nev.) and Ted Budd (R-NC), introduced the bipartisan Combatting Organized Retail Crime Act that would create a federal organized retail crime task force. This legislation specifically targets "smash-and-grab" robberies as well as intricate retail theft schemes like the $20 million crime ring that authorities busted in Texas earlier this year.

The House measure serves as a companion to another bill with the same name. Both versions of the act would establish a central center to combat ORC, which would facilitate information sharing between agencies. Additionally, federal judges could order criminal forfeiture after ORC convictions.

The Combatting Organized Retail Crime Act is often associated with another bill that was introduced to Congress in 2021 but has gotten increased attention amid the retail crime wave, the INFORM Consumers Act. sourcingjournal.com

Grocery Store Safety & Violence Concerns
Food safety extends into retail security

An important but often overlooked aspect of retail grocery food safety is security.

Making sure that people walking the aisles don't tamper with product - and catching them when they do and making sure they never do it again - is crucial to assuring loyal customers that their grocery store is a safe place to shop and one where maintaining the integrity of the products they buy is paramount.

Theft is also an increasing problem in grocery, and fresh foods are one of the top targets, Herzog said.

"Grocery stores are one of the first places people steal from, and it's definitely growing with the economy the way it is right now," he said. "Many people can't afford to buy what they used to be able to. Shoplifting is worse."

In-store communication

For grocery, that often means protecting baby formula and other items that are locked in cases, said Stewart McClintic, the company's CEO. Customers hit a call button located next to the cases, which sends a signal out to all employees who have a two-way radio, expediting the transfer of those products to shoppers' carts or baskets.

Two-way radios are a more contemporary solution to problems that used to be solved using a loudspeaker broadcast to everyone in the store, McClintic said. When a food safety or other problem arises, it's also much quicker to communicate by two-way radio and helps ensure that the right person for the job gets alerted.

Safeway and Kroger have been among Hq98's retail customers. "A lot of the bigger chains are starting to implement them," he said. Unfortunately, much of that is due to increases in active shooter scenarios in stores. supermarketperimeter.com

'Alarming Rates' of Theft Hitting NYC Drug Stores
NYC drugstores experiencing shoplifting crisis
A higher number of New York City shoplifters are picking pharmacies, according to the NYPD, who say many of your neighborhood drug stores are choosing to close their doors. Police also point to the city's bail reform policies as only making the situation worse.

Over the last six months, Tarasenko said he has watched shoplifting in his store get worse. He has responded by putting more staff on the floor and confronting the thieves.

FOX 5 NY asked him what he thinks is behind the rise in petty theft. "People can come in and they just don't care," Tarasenko said. "They just come, they get arrested, and they're let out. I think that's the same old story you're hearing day in and day out."

New York City police officials agree. At a news conference last week, Chief Michael Lipetri said shoplifting in the city is at its highest levels, with complaints up by nearly 18,000. "Pharmacies that continue to get preyed on across the city," Lipetri said. "And guess what? Continue to get closed at alarming rates."

Rite Aid recently closed a location in Hell's Kitchen after more than $200,000 in product was stolen over two months. CVS has warned that about 10% of its stores will close nationwide.

City policy is perpetuating the problem. And pharmacies like his remain the preeminent target among shoplifters. "It used to be years ago they would spend a few days in jail or go through the system," Tarasenko said. "Now, they just let them out."

In September, Rite Aid reported $5 million in losses in just three months due to shoplifting and said its store may start locking every product behind shelf-cases. fox5ny.com

Rising Crime & Disorder Has Businesses Fleeing Urban Centers
To Stop Urban Crime and Disorder, Leaders Must Restore Law & Order

Will companies stick to their expressed commitment to social responsibility? Or will they follow Hobbes and retreat from the rising crime and disorder of urban America?

Chicago has the dubious distinction of being at the center of this great experiment, with 802 people shot to death in 2021, according to the University of Chicago Crime Lab, up from 774 in 2020, and violence and disorder rampant. Fear is clearly winning.

The jump in violent crime is taking place against the background of increasing civic disorder. When it comes to general disorder, the test case is not Chicago but San Francisco. Theft from convenience stores has been a fact of life in the city for years along with homelessness and open drug use. A 2014 ballot initiative to raise the felony penalty threshold for thefts to $950 hasn't helped.

In addition to driving some big corporate headquarters out of city centers, the Hobbesian imperative is directly and indirectly having two other marked effects on urban life.

First, stores are closing their operations in the most crime-infested areas. Starbucks is shuttering branches over worries about violence and drug use, a reversal of its earlier commitment to welcome everyone and anyone, regardless of their behavior or willingness to buy coffee. Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens are closing dozens of stores over worries about crime and disorder.

Second, companies are having to take distressing measures to train their employees to deal with the reality of violent crime. Stores that remain in downtowns are increasing the number of security guards they employ while also reducing their opening hours.

The tragedy of the flight of American business from core cities is that policy makers have a tried-and-tested solution to the problem. This is Hobbes-ism plus: Accept the truth of Hobbes' insight that the basic duty of the state is to preserve law and order but add that it can only succeed in doing this if it addresses broader social problems of homelessness and drug addiction. washingtonpost.com

What's Driving Annual Shoplifting & Shrink Surge?
The Supply Side: Retail fraud, theft losses continue to rise

The effects of COVID continue to reveal unforeseen impacts across the retail industry, with theft and shrink ballooning to nearly $100 billion problem for the industry

Crime experts say shoplifting and inventory shrink continues to increase annually mainly because of too few authorized loss prevention personnel to apprehend shoplifters and no dollar-value prosecution thresholds for either internal or external incidents. With fewer people watching, fraud continues to rise, with 69% of survey respondents citing higher in-store fraud and 61.1% indicating e-commerce fraud during the past year. Also, 53.9% said omnichannel fraud incidents were also higher in 2021 relative to 2020.

Cargo theft of products en route from a distribution center to a store increased, according to 47.4% of respondents. About 42% said they had cargo stolen at stores, and about one-third cited cargo being stolen en route from manufacturers to distribution centers, at the distribution center or third-party warehousing and partners.

More retailers are considering using radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking in supply chains, artificial intelligence at the point of sale with self-checkout video analytics, license plate recognition, and self-service locking cases or lockers for high-risk items like electronic games. About 40% of retailers in the survey said they used RFID technology in their loss prevention strategy.

While numerous technologies are available to help retailers with loss prevention, the number of those actually using them to their full extent remains low. Only 14% said they use AI-based perimeter surveillance or face recognition technology. With more severe threats, just 7% said they have the technology to detect gunshots on the premises, and no retailer is yet using drones for surveillance or tracking purposes. talkbusiness.net

Store Owners Take Matters into Own Hands Amid Retail Violence Surge
(Update) Orlando store owner's message to criminals: 'There's a really good chance you're gonna get shot'

'If you come to the Magic Mall and you want to commit a crime, there's a really good chance you're gonna get shot,' store owner says

Two of four suspects in an attempted "smash and grab" at an Orlando shopping mall jewelry store were shot and killed. Police say they swarmed the Magic Mall just before noon Friday. A jewelry booth inside was robbed. At least one of the suspects was armed, FOX 35 reports.

"The store owner shot at the suspects," police said in an email to the TV station.

Store owners at Orlando's Magic Mall said the incident is why many of them are armed: "There's a lot of concealed license carriers here. So if you come to the Magic Mall and you want to commit a crime, there's a really good chance you're gonna get shot," one said.

"Normally we're good, but we have to take care of ourselves," another said. foxbusiness.com

Neighborhoods pledge to take back NYC streets from gun violence

Lawmaker wants postal service police patrols to stop robberies of mail employees



COVID Update

627.8M Vaccinations Given

US: 98.8M Cases - 1M Dead - 96.2M Recovered
Worldwide: 630.4M Cases - 6.5M Dead - 609.6M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 362   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 811

NYC's Post-COVID Retail Recovery
New York's Madison Avenue Retail Recovers to Pre-Covid Levels

More stores are snapping up spots even as landlords still struggle to get higher rents.

More stores are filling vacancies on Manhattan's Madison Avenue, a sign that the key shopping corridor is starting to bounce back after the pandemic.

Retail tenants have been snapping up spots on Madison Avenue, pushing the available space down to roughly 18% in the third quarter, the lowest since 2018, according to a report by Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. Hermes and Versace are among the retailers that have recently opened new stores or expanded in that area on Madison Avenue, ranging from 57th to 72nd streets. bloomberg.com

CA's COVID State of Emergency Coming to an End
California's Covid State Of Emergency Will End In February, Almost 3 Years After It Was Instituted, Announces Newsom
California Governor Gavin Newsom announced this afternoon that the state's long-running, Covid-related State of Emergency will end on February 28, 2023. That's basically three years after it began on March 4, 2020.

"This timeline gives the health care system needed flexibility to handle any potential surge that may occur after the holidays in January and February," Newsom said in a statement, "in addition to providing state and local partners the time needed to prepare for this phaseout and set themselves up for success afterwards."

Hospitalizations and deaths and cases are way down from the highs seen during the summer surge and last winter. But the announcement comes as federal and local health officials have signaled some concern about another surge this winter. The federal government just extended its state of emergency in response to the pandemic through January 11, 2023. deadline.com

New COVID Variants Spreading like Wildfire
Biden Covid officials scramble to plan for Omicron subvariant threat

New strains seem to evade treatments used for vulnerable patients - and could complicate the latest White House messaging strategy on Covid.

Top Biden health officials are increasingly concerned about the rise of new Covid variants in the U.S. that appear to evade existing treatments used to protect immunocompromised people from severe illness, according to three senior administration officials.

The variants - known as BQ1 and BQ1.1 - have spread swiftly throughout the U.S. over the past few weeks, and now account for more than 11 percent of all cases nationwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly double the proportion they represented a week earlier. politico.com

A swarm of sneaky omicron variants could cause a COVID-19 surge this fall

Moderna CEO: Not everyone will need an annual COVID booster



$9.6M in Fines, 182 Inspections Since 2017
Dollar General faces new penalties for store safety issues

Regulators said Dollar General is facing another $1.68M in fines after government safety inspectors found violations at four of the chain's stores in Alabama, Florida & Georgia

Dollar General is facing another $1.68 million in fines after government safety inspectors found violations at four of the chain's stores in Alabama, Florida and Georgia, the federal regulators announced Monday.

During inspections in April 2022, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration found dirty and disorderly storage areas and materials stacked unsafely at locations in Mobile and Grove Hill, Alabama; Tampa, Florida; and Dewy Rose, Georgia. OSHA said those conditions put workers at risk of slipping, tripping and getting struck by falling objects.

The company was also cited for fire hazards, including failing to keep exit routes and electrical panels clear and unobstructed, and neglecting to mount and label fire extinguishers.

The announcement came two months after OSHA announced $1.3 million in proposed penalties for similar violations at three of Dollar General stores in Georgia. OSHA said Dollar General has faced more than $9.6 million in initial penalties after 182 inspections since 2017.

"We will use our full enforcement powers to hold Dollar General accountable for its ongoing pattern of behavior until they show that they take worker safety seriously," said Assistant Secretary for Occupational Safety and Health Doug Parker in a statement.

Dollar General, based in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, has 15 business days to comply or contest the penalties. abcnews.go.com

RFID & Facial Recognition - Transforming Retail for the Better
How Sensors, RFID Tags and Facial Recognition are Transforming Retail

Sensors, RFID tags and facial recognition can monitor product movement, track location and reduce instances of fraud.

Various components of IoT including sensors, RFID tags and facial recognition can help transform retail stores to provide a seamless shopping experience to individuals and help boost sales.

1. Sensors Are Monitoring Customers

Smart sensors can be deployed to detect the arrival of new customers. An automated shopping cart can deploy itself to assist customers in their shopping. The cart will automatically follow customers without them having to push it manually. Additionally, the shopping cart can return to a programmed location once the customer has exited the store.

2. RFID Tags Are Increasing Operational Efficiency

RFID tags can be placed on items that can be scanned automatically to calculate the number of products purchased. For instance, RFID readers can be mounted on shopping carts so that when an individual puts an item in the cart, it can automatically scan the product details such as the name and cost of the item. It can then show the information to the individual on a digital screen placed on the cart. Thus, customers can keep a tab on their shopping in real-time.

3. Facial Recognition is Taking The Retail Experience to the Next Level

Facial recognition can be used to identify individuals. A database can be created for individuals to study their purchase patterns. The data can be used to simplify the shopping experience when the individual visits the next time. Additionally, facial recognition technology can help reduce instances of fraud with the help of the available data. For instance, if an individual has stolen a customer's credit card or mobile device and uses it for shopping purposes, facial recognition can help identify the mismatch of information in such cases in real-time and alert the concerned authorities and block such transactions. bbntimes.com

Worldwide Wave of Retail Employee Unrest & Unionization
New Crack in Apple's Armor as Dozens Strike at Its Stores in Australia

The uprising will be of keen interest in the U.S., where a second Apple store voted to unionize last week.

Dozens of Apple workers in Australia walked off the job on Tuesday after negotiations over pay and working conditions stalled, the latest crack in the armor of the tech giant as it contends with a burgeoning unionization movement in the United States and Europe.

The action itself is small. About 150 retail workers, out of the company's nearly 4,000 Australian employees, voted to strike for an hour. Then, starting on Wednesday, they will refuse to do a variety of work, including installing screen protectors, repairing AirPods and handling deliveries.

But the strike is symbolically significant. After years of labor harmony, Apple retail workers in the United States have overcome resistance from the company to mobilize in a pandemic-era wave of employee unrest, part of a broader flourishing of labor organizing at retailers, restaurants and tech companies. nytimes.com

Retail Union Efforts are a 'National Phenomenon'
Apple Union Win Shows Labor Gains in Organizing-Resistant South
Organized labor's decisive victory at an Apple Inc. Store in Oklahoma City is causing unions to rethink their long-held belief that workers in Republican-dominated Southern states can't be won over.

That assumption-which has guided union organizers for the better part of a century-was called into question Oct. 14 when workers at the Oklahoma store overwhelmingly voted to join the Communications Workers of America, the second of about 270 Apple retail locations in the US to unionize.

Union organizers and labor scholars said the blowout victory was significant not only because it was the second Apple store, but also because of where the store is located. It's not in New York, California, or even suburban Baltimore, where the first Apple store unionized in June. It's in Oklahoma, where Republicans hold every congressional seat and the share of workers belonging to unions sits well below the national average at 5.6%.

"It really shows a national phenomenon," said Rep. Andy Levin, a Michigan Democrat and former union organizer. "What do people in Oklahoma City really have to do with people in suburban Baltimore? It's as different a part of the country as you could imagine." news.bloomberglaw.com

Amazon Style Opens Midwest Location in Ohio
Amazon's app-based in-store shopping experience for men and women's clothing and accessories opened its second location, this time in the Midwest at the Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Millennials, Gen Z to spend the most on Halloween, study says

TJX strategically placed to navigate a recession, JPMorgan says

In Case You Missed it

Returnless Refunds: 4 Risks & How to Mitigate Them

By: Michele Marvin, Vice President of Marketing, Appriss Retail

Download Order Claims: A Growing Source of Ecommerce Fraud.


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Addressing safety concerns in retail communities

Improving the safety of team members and customers is increasingly important as global trends indicate a rise in retail violence. Auror has addressed this topic directly several times this year and highlighted what's working for their global retail partners.

What's happening with retail violence and ORC?

Violence and abuse against retail workers tripled in 2020 and 2021, according to the latest BRC Crime Survey Report.

Along with that rise in retail violence, there were concerns about police response and investigations of these incidents. The survey reports 60% of respondents consider police response to incidents as "poor" or "very poor," with only 4% of these events resulting in prosecution.

As we've previously covered, the surge in aggression and violence in stores has been caused by multiple factors - including pandemic-related and macro-economic pressures. From changes in legislation to an evolving retail environment and rise in ORC, these challenges are culminating into serious threats to frontline team members and customers.

With more than 30,000 retail stores using Auror's Retail Crime Intelligence Platform and almost two million incidents reported each year, Auror has the most comprehensive insights into who is causing these issues. ORC and repeat offenders are 4x more likely to be aggressive when committing retail crime. In fact, they account for almost half of all aggressive behaviors seen across retail! Aggressive tactics are being used as a weapon to avoid apprehension by these professional offenders.

Despite these market shifts, global data from Auror's platform now shows a decline in threatening behavior, serious events, and events involving repeat people.

Read the full article here.

Why solving ORC matters

Ram raids, smash-and-grabs, robberies at gunpoint - any retailer in the world right now can attest to the increase in these crimes and the damage they do to their businesses.

ORC (Organized Retail Crime) is a billion-dollar problem that hurts people, damages profits, and demoralizes communities. It feeds into the web of other types of illegal activities, helping fund serious crimes all over the world.

So what is needed to address the problem? There is no silver bullet for solving ORC. It's a complex problem that requires action from several key players.

1. Strengthen laws around online marketplaces
2. More collaboration and information sharing
3. Continued support from organizational leadership
4. Keep improving relationships with prosecutors and law enforcement
5. Invest in the right tools

ORC is much more than just your average shoplifting incident.

In recent years, we have understood its total impact with more clarity than ever more. ORC incidents are increasingly violent and aggressive, sometimes leading to bloodshed. It's not confined to the retail sector and undoubtedly helps to fund many types of serious crimes that impact society at large.

It's clear that more urgency is needed to address ORC and the responsibility for that can't continue to fall on AP/LP and retail store teams alone anymore. Law enforcement, prosecutors, policymakers, and company leadership all have important roles to play.

Visit Auror's website to read the full story on why solving ORC matters.






October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Weekly Topic: Business Email Compromise

How Criminals Carry Out BEC Scams

Spoof an email account or website. Slight variations on legitimate addresses (john.kelly@examplecompany.com vs. john.kelley@examplecompany.com) fool victims into thinking fake accounts are authentic.

Send spearphishing emails. These messages look like they're from a trusted sender to trick victims into revealing confidential information. That information lets criminals access company accounts, calendars, and data that gives them the details they need to carry out the BEC schemes.

Use malware. Malicious software can infiltrate company networks and gain access to legitimate email threads about billing and invoices. That information is used to time requests or send messages so accountants or financial officers don't question payment requests. Malware also lets criminals gain undetected access to a victim's data, including passwords and financial account information.

Learn more here about BEC here

Biden Admin. Planning to 'Go Further' with Cybersecurity Regulations
White House cyber director defends 'tough' national cybersecurity strategy
ahead of release
National Cyber Director Chris Inglis is expected to release the Biden administration's first comprehensive national cybersecurity strategy in the coming days, a document that many expect will meet industry pushback as it could expand the government's role in protecting the nation's digital infrastructure.

The Biden administration issued its national security strategy last Wednesday, clearing the way for the imminent release of Inglis's document. The strategy will be the first since the Trump administration released its national cybersecurity strategy in 2018.

Early reports suggest that the strategy is far more demanding of industry than previous efforts, with one source telling CyberScoop in July that Inglis plans to "more forcefully use government power in the cyber arena."

"If tough means that we have to be serious about what we want cyberspace to do for us and to then be willing to make investments to achieve that and if the government is then willing to put its money where its mouth is by specifying in its own architectures what the non-discretionary attributes are and making investments to deliver those ... then it's time for us to be tough," he said. "Because at the end of the day, something like market forces only takes us so far."

Inglis said the strategy was drafted with the idea that cybersecurity regulation needs to go a "bit further, as we have for cars." He said the strategy is meant to convey an "affirmative intentionality."

It will be important for the strategy to include "explicit tasking to achieve objectives," said Mark Montgomery, who is senior director of the Center on Cyber and Technology Innovation at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and who previously served as executive director of the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission. Montgomery said it also will be vital for the strategy to include an implementation plan.

In his conference remarks, Inglis said that while tough, the strategy also reflects his desire to ratchet up regulation with "the lightest possible touch." cyberscoop.com

Talent Shortage in the Cybersecurity Industry
Cybersecurity's Hiring Spree Requires a Recruiting Rethink

Just 65 cybersecurity professionals are in the workforce for every 100 available jobs, new study shows.

Widely reported shortages of trained cybersecurity professionals are driving the industry to try to come up with some with creative recruiting and training solutions.

AdvertisementThe result is demand for job openings requiring some previous cybersecurity experience over the past year grew 2.4 times faster the the rate of the rest of the economy, while only 65 cybersecurity professionals are in the workforce for every 100 available jobs, according to newly released research.

Besides staffing up the security operations, employers are increasingly searching for potential hires with cybersecurity skill sets across other specialized areas of business including auditor, software developer, cloud architect, and tech support engineer, CyberSeek found.

Cybersecurity Experience Expectations Unrealistic

In many cases, those demands for cybersecurity experience are unnecessary, Timothy Morris, chief security adviser with Tanium, tells Dark Reading.

"Degrees are not required for most cybersecurity jobs," Morris explains. "Provide on-the-job training with tuition assistance for degrees. Building great, world-class cybersecurity teams requires a skill diversity. I've had success with folks that have varied backgrounds (teachers, retailers, mechanics) seeking a new career."

Cybercriminals Capitalizing on Cost of Living Pressures
Economic uncertainty is increasing cybersecurity risks
Cybercriminals are always seeking to make their attacks, scams and campaigns as effective as possible. This includes harnessing whatever is dominating the news agenda and is on their victims' mind.

Economic uncertainty and cybersecurity risks

The current economic uncertainty and cost of living pressures that many consumers are facing around the world is one example. The stress, fear and concern the public is feeling is unfortunately a perfect scenario for cybercriminals to take advantage.

Case in point: during just a two-week period, 1,567 phishing email campaigns relating to energy rebate scams were reported via Action Fraud's Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS). Also: Friends and Family fraud - a term given to campaigns where fraudsters impersonate family members to trick relatives to send money to pay bills - has increased by 58% in recent months, according to data from TSB.

Risks from inside the business

While these scams can primarily target individuals, the organizations they work for can also be put at risk. Extreme pressure (or coercion) increases the chances of individuals becoming an insider threat risk - stealing data, funds or other sensitive information from their employers. Not to mention the threat from fraudsters posing as leaders or managers with bogus requests to transfer money. Everything could be the vector for a potential incident - disgruntled former employees, unused accounts with full admin privileges, misconfigured cloud storage leaving data exposed, and so on. helpnetsecurity.com

3 mistakes organizations make when trying to manage data securely

Phishing is the top cybersecurity threat targeting car dealerships







It's time to update your phone

The shiny new features are not the only reason to update your phone's OS. Phone updates very often contain important security fixes that help keep you protected against nefarious actors and malware. So next time that annoying notification pops up asking you to update, it is best to click "Install Now" instead of "Later".




$48 Billion in E-Commerce Fraud
Alternative payment methods are creating new fraud risks

eCommerce fraud to merchants to exceed $48 billion / eCommerce merchants must step up their fraud prevention strategies

A Juniper Research study found that the total cost of eCommerce fraud to merchants will exceed $48 billion globally in 2023, from just over $41 billion in 2022. It predicted that this growth will be accelerated by increasing use of alternative payment methods, such as digital wallets and BNPL (Buy-Now-Pay-Later), which are creating new fraud risks.

The report recommended that fraud prevention vendors focus on building platforms providing AI‑powered risk-based scoring, which can be payment method agnostic, to best suit changing market conditions.

Online payment fraud includes losses across sales of digital goods, physical goods, money transfer transactions and banking, as well as purchases like airline ticketing. Fraudster attacks can include phishing, business email compromises and socially engineered fraud.

North America tops league table for eCommerce fraud

The research identified North America as having the largest fraudulent transaction value of any regional market, accounting for over 42% of global fraud by value in 2023, despite representing less than 7% of banked individuals globally. The research cited the vast volume of data breaches and the broad availability of stolen credit card information as key risk factors in this market.

Research author Nick Maynard explained: "To combat this fraud, eCommerce merchants must implement simple steps such as address verification, combined with risk-based scoring on transactions, which will allow merchants to best mitigate the massive fraud threats present."

BNPL fraud: A major risk

Additionally, the research found that the potential of fraud with BNPL is a major risk going forward. Given the delayed nature of BNPL payments, fraudsters can make several illegitimate payments using stolen card details before the fraudulent activity is identified, creating significant risk.

In turn, the research recommended that BNPL vendors conduct robust identity verification at the point of onboarding to mitigate these risks. helpnetsecurity.com

More Amazon Union Victories Coming?
Amazon faces off with upstart union in fight for a second warehouse
The startup union that clinched a historic labor victory at Amazon earlier this year is slated to face the company yet again, aiming to rack up more wins that could force the reluctant retail behemoth to the negotiating table.

This time, the Amazon Labor Union and the nation's second-largest private employer are facing off in the town of Schodack, near Albany, New York. Workers at the warehouse there, which employs roughly 800 people according to Amazon, will finish voting in a union election on Monday. The votes will be tallied Tuesday by the National Labor Relations Board.

"There are also a lot of odds against us, but I think there's definitely a huge possibility we might win," said Sarah Chaudhry, an 18-year-old who's been organizing workers since joining the company two months ago. "I can't jinx it." pbs.org

TikTok's latest venture appears to be e-commerce fulfillment

2022 Holiday Shopping Trends You Need To Know







Miami, FL: Over A Dozen People Busted In Million Dollar Car Theft Ring In Florida
Miami-Dade police have arrested more than a dozen people who are believed to be connected with a Florida car theft ring. The grand theft arrests come after months of investigating. Miami-Dade Det. Luis Sierra said they began receiving call from the Sea Port Operations detectives about cars being shipped out of the state. "It's been a very organized group of criminals that have been renting out cars and getting cars by other means and re-vinning them. and in fact trying to re-sell them to dealerships throughout the state and throughout the country," Sierra said. "It's been several cars, a bit over $1 million in automobile sales." Fake titles allowed the crew to sell the stolen cars to AutoNation Ford in Miami, AutoNation Chevy in Coral Gables, and a Doral Carmax. motorious.com

Kansas City, MO: Dozens of firearms stolen after burglars hit 3 gun stores
Burglars have hit three Kansas City-area gun stores, stealing about 50 firearms. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms spokesman John Ham said agents believe the three incidents are related due to the similar smash-and-grab way the burglaries were done. At about 3:30 a.m. Monday, burglars crashed the back of a pickup truck into Cory's Northland Gun in Northmoor. The entire incident was captured on surveillance video. Once they gained entrance into the store, the burglars smashed a glass display case and stole a part of an AR-15 with a serial number on it. "They're going to need about $500 worth of parts to go with that to make it do anything," said Don Pind, Cory's gunsmith. The part the burglars stole from Cory's is worth about $60. But the damage they caused is expected to be more than $10,000. kmbc.com

Gainesville, FL: Man arrested for stealing Lego sets from Walmart
Branford resident Richard Fredrick Torrey, III, 35, was arrested Sunday after attempting to steal Lego sets from Walmart. At 3:59 p.m. Torrey entered Walmart with re-usable shopping bags going to the Lego section of Walmart in Butler Plaza. Torrey filled the shopping bags with 26 Lego sets with a value of $1,001 and walked past cash registers. A Walmart loss prevention employee called Gainesville Police to report Torrey exiting the store. Police managed to stop and arrest Torrey as he attempted to leave. After Torrey's arrest, he admitted to taking the Lego sets, but denied the intention to steal the sets. mycbs4.com

Northbrook, IL: Trio Fill Tote Bag With Stolen Fragrances
The staff at a store in the 900 block of Willow Road reported at 6:21 p.m. Oct. 8, that three women entered the store and walked over to the fragrances section. The staff heard the theft alarms activate when the three broke into the fragrances display. The three women concealed the items into their tote bags and started walking towards the exit. One of the subjects stopped and handed the tote bag back to the staff prior to running out, but the other subjects fled with the stolen items. patch.com

Ontario, CN: Police look to level with thief who stole tool from Home Depot
A suspect stole a laser level from a Richmond Hill store and fled from security, according to Crime Stoppers of York Region's crime of the week. A suspect stole a laser level from a Home Depot in Markham last month and fled the scene despite efforts to arrest him by store security. On Sept. 14, video surveillance shows a man in the store at 50 Red Maple Rd. at about 8:45 p.m., according to Crime Stoppers of York Region's crime of the week. Police said a suspect removed a Dewalt laser level from the shelf and put it in a black bag, then left the store without paying. newmarkettoday.ca

Knoxville, TN: East Tennessee Valley Crime Stoppers asked for the public's help in identifying several theft suspects
Three people are accused of stealing around $1,000 worth of merchandise from Nike Unite in Turkey Creek. East Tennessee Valley Crime Stoppers asked for the public's help in identifying one more suspect after tips led found the other two accused. wvlt.tv

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Shootings & Deaths

Chicago, IL: Liquor store employee fatally shot in the chest during attempted robbery
A 66-year-old man working at a food and liquor store Monday night when he was fatally shot during an attempted robbery in West Ridge. At about 9:50 p.m., an offender, armed with a handgun, entered the J&K Food and Liquor Store in the 6300 block of North Western and demanded money. The offender then shot the worker in the chest. The victim fired back, but the offender was not struck. The victim was transported to an area hospital, where he died from his injuries. The victim was identified by the Cook County Medical Examiner's office as Salim Khamo. According to police, no proceeds were taken in this attempted robbery. The offender rode a bicycle to the scene, and fled on foot. No one is in custody. fox32chicago.com

Minneapolis, MN: Security Guard shot and killed inside Uptown Minneapolis Bar
A security guard was fatally shot inside a Uptown Minneapolis business late Sunday night. The family of the victim, who they identified as 23-year-old Gabriel "Dino" Mendoza, says he was working security at Fire House Uptown off of Lagoon and Fremont avenues when he was shot while trying to protect others. Police said it happened at about 11:45 p.m. Officers found Mendoza in the back of the business with a life-threatening gunshot wound. He died before medics arrived. The shooting is under investigation. There have been no arrests as of Monday evening. This is the 71st homicide in Minneapolis this year. cbsnews.com

Alexandria, LA: Update: Man sentenced to life for 2017 murder at C-Store
Timothy Teasley was sentenced to life in prison Monday for the murder of a convenience store clerk in Alexandria on Valentine's Day 2017. Teasley, 30, was convicted Sept. 30 in the second-degree murder of 27-year-old Thaer Zidan at the Chi-Town Gas & Grocery on Third Street. The Rapides Parish jury also convicted him of attempted second-degree murder for shooting at another employee. That employee was not wounded. Ninth Judicial District Court Judge Chris Hazel also sentenced Teasley to 40 years on the attempted murder conviction. It will be served concurrently with his life term. thetowntalk.com

Seattle, WA: Employee shot during alleged robbery in South Seattle, police search for suspect
The hours-long search continues for a shooting suspect after an attempted robbery in broad daylight in South Seattle. Police were called out to Rainier Avenue South near South Genessee Street on Monday. Police said a man tried robbing a store and at one point shot an employee in the chest before taking off just before noon. Police have yet to name the business where it happened but officers were in and out of a gallery all afternoon while other officers kept looking for their suspect. komonews.com

El Paso, TX: Alleged Walmart shoplifter shot in September by EPPD charged
The man shot by El Paso Police (EPPD) after allegedly lunging at him with a knife after reportedly shoplifting from a Neighborhood Walmart in Northeast El Paso in September is now behind bars. Jonathan Aguilar Kurzenberger, 22, is charged with Aggravated Robbery and Aggravated Assault on a Peace officer. As KTSM reported, around 4:40 p.m. on Friday, September 9, an off-duty Texas Tech Police Officer working security at the Neighborhood Walmart in the 4700 block of Hondo Pass followed a man suspected of shoplifting from the store. The officer stopped the suspect, later identified as Kurzenberger until he brought out a knife and allegedly threatened her with it. The officer called for assistance, and a responded EPPD officer located Kurzenberger behind the White Sands Federal Credit Union on Hondo Pass, where he allegedly attacked the officer. The responding officer responded by firing at least one round at him. ktsm.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

DOJ: Washington, DC: Pharmacist Convicted for Health Care Fraud and Black-Market Prescription Drug Diversion Scheme
According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, Irina Sadovsky, 53, of Calabasas, the owner and pharmacist-in-charge of Five Star RX doing business as Five Star Pharmacy (Five Star Pharmacy) and Ultimate Pharmacy Inc. (Ultimate Pharmacy), engaged in a health care fraud and black market prescription drug diversion conspiracy that began in or around September 2016, and continued through in or around April 2017. Sadovsky submitted claims to Medicaid of California (Medi-Cal) and Medicare for prescription drugs that were never dispensed to beneficiaries but rather were provided to co-conspirators to sell on the black market.  justice.gov

Guilderland, NY: Loaded handgun recovered, juvenile arrested at Crossgates Mall Saturday
At approximately 8:34pm Saturday, while patrolling in the area of Crossgates Mall, members of the Guilderland Police Department approached a juvenile while outside of the mall who was acting suspiciously and appeared to have a weapon. Police say that upon further investigation, it was determined that the 17 year old juvenile had in their possession one defaced and loaded 9MM Taurus semi-automatic handgun.  cbs6albany.com

Queens, NY: 3 stabbed, one pummeled with bat in wild brawl outside 7-Eleven
Two rival groups wielded baseball bats and knives during a dispute outside a Queens 7-Eleven - a wild brawl that left three stabbed and one of them pummeled in a chilling caught-on-camera attack, police said Monday. The groups showed up outside the 7-Eleven on 14th Ave. near 127th St. in College Point around 2:15 a.m. Oct. 9 with weapons in hand, cops said. A fight broke out and three 22-year-old men were stabbed in the torso and face, police said. One man was seen on surveillance footage being hit repeatedly with a bat and kicked as he lay on the sidewalk outside the store, video shows. Stunned people outside the 7-Eleven watched as about four attackers pummeled the man, eventually leaving him on the sidewalk motionless. The three injured victims took themselves to Elmhurst Hospital for treatment. Police are still searching for the other men. news.yahoo.com

Taylorsville, NC: Pickup truck plows into the side of Walmart
A truck plowed through the side wall of a Walmart in North Carolina on Sunday, fire officials said. According to the Central Alexander Fire Department, crews responded to the scene around 9 a.m. after a Ford F-150 crashed into a cement wall. The front half of the truck broke through the outer wall of the store and came to a stop inside the Walmart, while the back half remained outside of the building. The driver of the vehicle was removed from the truck after a short period and was turned over to EMS for medical care. Crews worked to remove the pickup from the building by cutting away the cement blocks and shoring the building to maintain structural integrity. wagmtv.com

Los Angeles, CA: Loomis Armored car guard wounded during Bank of America robbery in Harbor City area

Chicago / Hyde Park, IL: Jewel-Osco shoplifters pull gun on manager who confronted them

New York Gov. Hochul announces new steps to combat catalytic converter thefts

Detroit, MI: Investigation into Ohio-based car theft ring leads to Detroit-area arrests; targeting Dodge Chargers and Challengers

France: Europol breaks up criminal ring that hacked keyless systems to steal cars; 31 arrested



Auto - Tolland, CT - Burglary
C-Store - Corpus Christi, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Oshkosh, WI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Lynchburg, VA - Armed Robbery
Collectables - Seattle, WA - Armed Robbery / Emp wounded
Clothing - Atmore, AL - Armed Robbery
Dollar - Amarillo, TX - Armed Robbery
Dollar - Greensboro, NC - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Richmond, VA - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Scottsdale, AZ - Robbery
Guns - Kansas City, MO - Burglary
Jewelry - Asheboro, NC - Robbery
Jewelry - Escondido, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Montclair, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Springfield, MO - Robbery
Jewelry - Sacramento, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Irvine, CA - Robbery
Liquor - Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery/ Clerk Killed
Pharmacy - North Smithfield, RI - Robbery
Restaurant - Redmond, WA - Burglary/ Five Guys
Restaurant - Decatur, IL- Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Tulsa, OK - Burglary
Sports - Capital Heights, MD - Burglary
Tobacco - Crest Hill, IL - Robbery
Vape - Lagrange, GA - Robbery
Walgreens - Crest Hill, IL - Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 22 robberies
• 5 burglaries
• 2 shootings
• 1 killed

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Area Asset Protection Manager - New Jersey North
North New Jersey - posted October 11
In this role, you will embody Do The Right Thing by protecting People, Assets, and Brands. You will work in an energized, fast paced environment focused on creating a safe environment for our employees, teams, and customers; this is critical to driving our Brand Power, Enduring Customer Relationships, and exuding our commitment to Team and Values...

Division Loss Prevention and Safety Manager
Orlando, FL / Tampa, FL / Atlanta, GA - posted September 28
We're currently seeking a Division Loss Prevention and Safety Manager to join our Headquarters team! In this role you will oversee and champion initiatives and company programs, processes and controls that build a culture around continuous improvement in loss prevention safety, and security...

Field Loss Prevention Manager
Seattle, WA - posted September 27
The Field Loss Prevention Manager (FLPM) coordinates Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations. FLPM's are depended on to be an expert in auditing, investigating, and training...

Fraud Analyst
Baltimore, MD - posted September 20
The Digital Fraud Analyst plays a critical role in identifying and deterring card not present fraud. This role is responsible for decisioning on online orders placed on Under Armour's Mexico E-Commerce platform (UA.mx), and to protect the business from fraud and unauthorized transactions...

Asset Protection Coordinator
Multiple locations - Central New Jersey - posted September 12
In this role, you will embody Do The Right Thing by protecting People, Assets, and Brands. You will work in an energized, fast paced environment focused on creating a safe environment for our employees, teams, and customers; this is critical to driving our Brand Power, Enduring Customer Relationships, and exuding our commitment to Team and Values...

Regional Asset Protection Director
Blue Bell, PA - posted August 31
The principle purpose of the Regional AP and Safety Director is to provide leadership and oversight of the development, administration and maintenance of Lowe's loss prevention, safety and operations programs. This includes directing the day-to-day functions of the District AP and Safety Manager and working closely with Regional, District and Store leaders to establish and achieve safety, shrink, training, and operational objectives...

Sr. Manager, Brand & Asset Protection - West
Pacific Northwest or California - posted August 29
As the Senior Manager of Brand and Asset Protection for North America, you will part of an innovative Asset Protection team, whose mission is to prevent, identify and mitigate risks to our business. You will support with the creation of foundational asset protection programming and will lead its delivery to our North American store base...

Region AP Manager (Florida - Treasure Coast Market)
Jacksonville, FL - posted June 17
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Corporate Risk Manager
Seattle, WA / Tacoma, WA / Portland, OR - posted June 14
Summary of Role and Responsibilities: A proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries, whether to our employees, third parties, or customer's valuables. They include but are not limited to cash in transit, auto losses, or injuries....

Physical Security Operations Center Leader
Columbia, MD - posted June 8
The primary purpose of this role is to partner, lead and manage a Central Station/Physical Security Operations Center driving operational execution and enhancements to ensure effectiveness and a positive customer experience. This individual is also responsible for leading a team of operators providing professional and accurate responses...

Loss Prevention Specialists (Store Detective)
Albany, NY; Hyannis, MA; Burlington, VT; Hartford, CT
- posted May 6
Detect and respond to external theft and fraud by working undercover within the store(s) you are assigned to. Working as a team with store management and associates in combating loss in the store(s). Developing and analyzing external theft trends, utilizing information in company reports and information gathered from store management and associates...

Retail Asset Protection Associate
Medford, MA; Brockton, MA; East Springfield, MA - posted May 6
The Asset Protection Greeter role is responsible for greeting all customers as they enter the store, ensuring that customers see the Company's commitment to provide a safe and secure shopping environment, as well as deterring theft, shoplifting, or other dishonest activities...


Regional Loss Prevention Auditor
Multiple Locations - posted April 20
The Regional Loss Prevention Auditor (RLPA) is responsible for conducting operational audits and facilitating training meetings in our clients' locations. The audit examines operational controls, loss prevention best practices, and customer service-related opportunities.

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