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NRF Announces Retail's Big Show Will Return to NYC in 2022

NRF 2022: Retail's Big Show will be back in New York City as the world's largest in-person retail conference and expo.

For more than a century, NRF has been the eyes and ears of the retail industry. No matter what the world has thrown at us, NRF has been there to unite, guide and provide critical insights to leaders, movers and makers of all kinds. As the leading voice for retail, NRF is the only organization able to bring the whole retail community together.

WHEN: January 16-18, 2022
WHERE: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
WHY ATTEND: Join nearly 30,000 retailers, vendors and industry experts and access 700+ exhibitors, 100+ sessions, 60+ product demos and more. This is an opportunity for retailers to learn from the best and the brightest to accelerate their business.

WHO: Featured speakers include:

Corie Barry, CEO, Best Buy Inc.
Mike George, President and CEO, Qurate Retail Inc.
Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO, IBM
Patrice Louvet, President and CEO, Ralph Lauren
Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO and Co-Founder, Klarna
Sumit Singh, CEO, Chewy
Jennifer Steinmann, Global ESG Marketplace Leader, Deloitte
Steven Williams, CEO, PepsiCo Foods North America

HOW TO REGISTER: Complimentary registration is now open to editorial members of the news media. For more information, visit the NRF Big Show media registration page.

To ensure a healthy and safe event, NRF requires that each attendee provide valid proof of vaccination during on-site check-in, registration, or as otherwise directed by NRF. Valid proof of being fully vaccinated must be shown including the individual's full name and vaccination date(s). A copy or photograph of the original Vaccination Record Card is acceptable. NRF will assess other possible options for providing and transmitting valid proof of vaccination and will provide more details in future weeks. Please see our COVID-19 Event Policy.

Learn more at nrfbigshow.nrf.com.

Using Data to Keep Up with Increasingly Empowered Consumers and Associated Loss

October 12, 2021 - 1:00pm EST

Loss Prevention teams maximize profits by minimizing preventable loss and correcting potential problems before they can impact the business' bottom line. Once we identify an issue, we can help develop new strategies, approaches, or recommend changes to existing policies and procedures to reduce the potential for loss without negatively impacting the customer experience. But our ability to accomplish this is only as good as the information we have.

The future of the Loss Prevention and Asset Protection industry will be shaped by more technology and data. Combining traditional POS sales data with promotion, eCommerce, labor, inventory, loyalty, and more will unlock new and creative ways to reduce loss and maximize profitability across the business.

This webinar will cover:
The top data integrations LP professionals want
How to draw correlations between data sets
Adding value to cross-functional areas of the business
Improving the quality and breadth of your analytics and reports
And more...


The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Kroger Joins Buy Safe America Coalition
Kroger joins effort to protect businesses, consumers from ORC

Kroger Co. has joined the Buy Safe America Coalition in an effort to help combat organized crime.

The coalition is
a diverse group of retailers, consumer groups, manufacturers and law enforcement who support efforts to combat organized retail crime and protect consumers and communities from the sale of counterfeit and stolen goods.

Organized retail crime has plagued the country in recent years, and the losses from these large-scale thefts are costing American businesses billions of dollars annually. The stolen goods are frequently sold on e-commerce platforms where there is minimal verification of seller identities.

Store employees have also been put at as
organized retail crime rings become increasingly violent and brazen. The surges have spurred businesses to take swift action to protect both employees and customers.

Kroger has been at the forefront of efforts to stop organized retail crime, and has
a designated crime unit dedicated to preventing these sprees. Kroger has initiated over 2,000 ORC cases, and trains hundreds of thousands of its associates to better understand and recognize instances of organized retail crime.

"As retailers nationwide continue to battle organized retail crime,
Kroger looks forward to partnering with the Buy Safe America Coalition to put an end to this public safety risk," said Mark Stinde, Kroger's VP of asset protection. "We are proud to support the coalition's efforts to pass the INFORM Consumers Act, which will bring much-needed accountability to online marketplaces filled with goods stolen from store shelves."

Other members of the
Buy Safe America Coalition, including The Home Depot, Rite Aid, Walgreens, 3M, HP and GSK.

Visit BuySafeAmerica.org for more information about the growing threat of stolen and counterfeit goods and solutions to better protect consumers and businesses. chainstoreage.com

Walmart Launches Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice Reform Fund
Walmart Invests $3.3 Million in Criminal Justice Reform, Violence Prevention

Bentonville, Ark.-based retailer will fund the creation and expansion of four interconnected, reform-focused networks

Walmart on Thursday announced that its Walmart.org Center for Racial Equity, established in 2020, is funding the launch and expansion of four networks that seek to advance criminal justice reform and prevent violence in communities.

The four networks have received a total of $3.3 million in seed money so far from Walmart and the Walmart Foundation, Walmart.org Center for Racial Equity director Marvin Carr noted in a blog post on Walmart's website. Once fully up and running, the efforts and findings of each will inform the work of the others, Carr wrote.

For example, the work of the new People's Commissions on Criminal Justice Reform, which will launch in 14 cities, will support work on the ground of the new Prison Fellowship Opportunity Youth Network, which will look to create positive experiences for children who have an incarcerated parent.

"Some might wonder why a retailer wants to change the narrative on criminal justice," Carr said. "But the answer is clear: Walmart is fundamentally a people business. When people-potential community leaders, talent or customers-are lost to the criminal justice system, it hurts the whole community. Walmart is only as strong as the communities where it operates, and our business leaders recognize that."

The four networks receiving money to kickstart or expand their operations are the aforementioned People's Commissions and the youth network as well as the new Criminal Justice Reform Prevention Research Network and the National Offices of Violence Prevention Network. winsightgrocerybusiness.com

LA's Armed Robbery & Violence Wave
A wave of armed robberies along Melrose Avenue highlights bigger problem

"The wonderful shopping district is crumbling," one store owner said.

The thefts were the latest in a string of brazen armed holdups and other crimes in the Melrose and Fairfax shopping areas in recent months. Although Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore accurately reported to the Police Commission this week that overall in the city "robberies are essentially flat" compared with last year, beneath those numbers is a disturbing trend of rising robberies involving guns.

In the first eight months of 2021, 1,218 robberies involving guns were recorded across the city, an 18% increase over the same period last year.

In the LAPD divisions that patrol the popular shopping district along Melrose Avenue and the surrounding neighborhood, the increase has been more dramatic. Armed robberies involving guns have jumped by more than half in Wilshire Division, and Hollywood Division has recorded a 78% rise.

"You've heard of Taco Tuesdays. Well, robberies Tuesday has become the norm in the Melrose district," said Peter Nichols, who helps run Melrose Action, a community group. "We have a violent crime or two or three in the district every week. The common language is lawlessness. ... I have never seen so much chatter about being in fear."

The amount of bloodshed has climbed too. Through Wednesday, 22 people have been shot in Wilshire Division's patrol area - up from 14 during the same period in 2020. There were five homicides in the division through the middle of September in 2020 and 13 this year.

Overall in the city, crime is down 1.4% this year, but violent crime is up 6% and homicides have increased 21%.

Dom DeLuca, owner of Brooklyn Projects, a skateboard shop on Melrose, said his sales in September are down more than a quarter. He attributed the drop to the increase in crime.

DeLuca was critical of Mayor Eric Garcetti, Dist. Atty. George Gascón and Councilman Paul Koretz for what he said were their insufficient steps to address the crisis. Robbers, DeLuca said, feel a sense of impunity because they don't believe they'll get caught.

"The mayor of L.A. needs to come down here to see the great city he talks about, the wonderful shopping district, is crumbling," he said. latimes.com

Pandemic & Police Brutality & Racism Driving U.S. Homicide Epidemic
On the front lines of the U.S. homicide epidemic: Milwaukee faces historic violence

Milwaukee is in the grip of the worst violence in its modern history.

There were 189 killings here last year, a 93% increase from 2019 and the most ever recorded.

The jump reflects a nationwide trend. In one study, researchers from the nonprofit Council on Criminal Justice looked at 34 cities and found that 29 had more homicides last year than in 2019. The overall rise was 30%, though in most places killings remained below their peaks in the 1990s.

Among the 19 cities with more than half a million people - including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago - none saw a bigger surge than Milwaukee. With 127 killings through the first half of September, the city is nearly on pace to match last year's record.

The uniformity of the nationwide rise has launched multiple theories about what is driving it. Nearly all center on the pandemic - which has caused enormous hardships - and the mass movement against police brutality and racism, which changed policing and the relationship between law enforcement and communities where violence has long been concentrated.

Did a society on edge, with schools closed, social programs shut down and people cramped up at home, simply become more violent? Were more people carrying guns? Did police retreat in a way that emboldened criminals? Experts say it could take years to unravel those questions, but the toll of the fallen has struck hard in neighborhoods across the country. latimes.com

Half of the nation's largest police departments have banned or limited neck restraints since June

62% now explicitly prohibit both carotid holds and chokeholds

At least 32 of the nation's 65 largest police departments have banned or strengthened restrictions on the use of neck restraints since the Memorial Day death of George Floyd.

A Post survey of the 65 largest U.S. police departments found that 46 prohibit chokeholds in their use-of-force policies, while 44 prohibit carotid holds in those policies. These formal rules list the tactics and techniques officers may or may not use on suspects in various scenarios and can be critical tools in holding officers accountable.

The survey examined the policies of the largest U.S. police departments by population served. Together, these departments serve almost 64 million Americans - about 20 percent of the nation's population.

In addition to strengthened restrictions on neck restraints, police departments have begun to reconsider officers' duty to intervene following Floyd's killing. Since then, at least seven of the nation's 65 largest departments have started requiring officers to intervene if a colleague is using excessive force.

In all, 48 of the 65 departments have a "duty to intervene" provision in their use-of-force policies.

"There are 18,000 police departments, and each of them is setting their own policies," said Anthony Chapa, executive director of the Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association. "There is no national police like there are in other countries where policies can be put in place and they are required everywhere." washingtonpost.com

Parking Lot Killing Prompts Lawsuit Against Guard & Security Company
Wrongful death alleged in Portland security guard shooting

Freddy Nelson Jr. was killed May 29 after a Cornerstone Security Group guard shot through his windshield.

Freddy Nelson Jr. was shot and killed in his car by an armed security guard in at the Delta Park Center in North Portland in May of this year. Now, his family - represented by Freddy Nelson's adult son, Kiono Nelson - is pursuing legal action.

Kiono Nelson and his lawyer, Tom D'Amore, said the family is working on filing a wrongful death claim against the shooter, Logan Gimbel; the security company, Cornerstone Security Group; and TMT Development, who hired Cornerstone.

According to D'Amore and information he got from witnesses, Gimbel approached Freddy Nelson's truck for unclear reasons on May 29 in the Lowe's parking lot at the Delta Park Center. Gimbel, an armed security guard, told Nelson to put his hands behind his back. Instead, D'Amore said, Nelson and his wife, Kari Nelson, got in his truck. Then, Gimbel reached inside a back window and pepper-sprayed the couple.

After that, Gimbel moved to the front of the vehicle and shot through the windshield four times, D'Amore said, killing Freddy Nelson.

D'Amore said the family is directing the lawsuit at Cornerstone, TMT Development and Gimbel because of how and why the shooting happened. It's "clear negligence," he said, but maybe even beyond it, too.

D'Amore said this case also fits into the national conversation about gun control and trends of excessive force - particularly deadly force. pamplinmedia.com

Minneapolis's Deadliest Year in a Generation
The men and women wounded in seven separate shootings spanning less than 30 hours between midnight Saturday and 3 a.m. Sunday are the latest victims of gun violence in one of the city's deadliest years in a generation.

At a news conference Sunday, Minneapolis police spokesman Officer Garrett Parten said the rising crime is concerning but can't be addressed by police alone. "Seven incidents, 11 people shot - that's unacceptable. And it's not normal. We don't see that every weekend." startribune.com

Chicago shootings: 56 shot, 9 fatally, in weekend violence; 5 killed over span of 4 hours in Chicago weekend shootings: police

Baltimore, MD: Eight men, one woman injured in shootings over the weekend

Oakland, CA: Surging Gun Violence Leaves Oakland Neighborhood Living On The Edge


COVID Update

385.5M Vaccinations Given

US: 42.9M Cases - 691.8K Dead - 32.5M Recovered
Worldwide: 229.3M Cases - 4.7M Dead - 206M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 315   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 410
*Red indicates change in total deaths

COVID-19 Deaths Up 22%
Average daily COVID deaths in U.S. hit a mark not seen since March 1
The average U.S. daily death toll from Covid-19 over the last seven days surpassed 2,000 this weekend, the first time since March 1 that deaths have been so high, according to a New York Times database.

Texas and Florida, two of the hardest-hit states in the country, account for more than 30 percent of those deaths: Florida, where 56 percent of the population is vaccinated, averages about 353 deaths a day, and Texas, where 50 percent of the population is vaccinated, averages about 286 deaths a day. In the United States as a whole, 54 percent of all people are vaccinated.

Hot spots continue to speckle the map of the country, many of them in line with low vaccination rates but others in areas where vaccinations are among the highest. nytimes.com

"Twindemic" Warning Showing Up Across the Nation
Experts warn of brutal flu 'twindemic'
Medical experts warn the approaching flu season could be particularly severe, renewing fears of a potential "twindemic," with COVID-19 still spreading.

In preparation, health officials are urging the public to get vaccinated against the flu as soon as possible. After a profoundly mild flu season last year, this one might be rough. seattletimes.com

In-Store Violence

Century Old Mantra + Pandemic = Aggressive Consumers
And is fueled by the overall increase in violence

Customer is always right mantra has led to associate abuse

Gives shoppers a license to abuse workers

The pandemic has revealed just how much customers believe they should always get their way.

18 months into the pandemic, it's clear that not only is that mantra indelibly baked into the American shopping experience, it's also dangerous. It's created a sense of entitlement among shoppers that has led to agression and even violence toward retail workers.

"We've gone past the point where the retailer was in charge to a point in society where the customer is in charge," And that ethos has pervaded consumer culture, creating a world where many believe getting anything you want, when you want it, should be the norm, not the exception.

Violence against retail workers has spiked during the pandemic

The pandemic has revealed just how much power has been ceded to American consumers - or, perhaps more accurately, how much power consumers believe they should have.

When the coronavirus struck last March, retail workers across the country were charged with enforcing government or store policies around masks. At the time that they were afraid to ask shoppers to don a mask upon entry out of concern for their own safety. Customers who didn't get their way, workers feared, would get violent.

Reports of workers being attacked or customers becoming chaotic or aggressive have become commonplace over the last 18 months - in fact, 80% of workers said in a poll earlier this year that they've experienced hostile behavior from customers who didn't want to follow safety protocols, and 39% said they were leaving their jobs because of it.

Last month, employees at a Los Angeles McDonald's held a rally outside the restaurant to protest to what they described as a pattern of violence at the hands of customers. And Gap recently teamed up with competitors like H&M, American Eagle, and Ralph Lauren on a campaign to encourage shoppers to show support for workers who are being harassed by other customers.

But those measures won't be enough to curb bad behavior from customers who believe they have the right to do as they please in stores and restaurants.

"We have to be careful about how much gas we put in the tank and what kind of license we give customers to do business with us," "I think that retailers are going to be a lot more careful about portraying themselves as wide-open opportunities for customers." businessinsider.com

Security Guards: The New Vaccine Enforcers
Private Security Now Vaccination Proof Enforcers
In many cases, it's been a battle. A never-ending argument between those trying to enforce the rules and those who don't want to follow the rules. For security, it's been catch twenty-two. Do I enforce the rules and risk getting into a physical altercation or do I just soft-peddle it and back down when someone doesn't want to listen or obey the rules?

But now, those duties have been increased further, to a more personal level and one that will put security officers face to face and toe to toe with even more non-compliant, disruptive, and disorderly combatants. Amid fears over the delta coronavirus variant, and as many states see a new spike in infections, more restaurants and bars have been requiring customers to show proof that they are vaccinated against COVID-19. Many customers have refused, become disruptive, and even assaulted staff.

In New York, the "Key to NYC Pass" vaccine mandate is in effect, restaurant staff is now required to ask customers 12-years-of-age and older for proof of vaccination if they want to dine in. California businesses have also started asking unvaccinated customers to show proof of a negative coronavirus test before entering.

To increase compliance and to keep the peace, more security officers have been hired to help with enforcing the Covid era policies and to eject those who don't want to follow the program.

With this new security officer duty, there's sure to be more assaults or even deaths of security enforcers and more than likely, more security officers will be arrested for excessive force. Not to mention, the business side of this equation. Some insurance premiums will be increasing, there will be more liability and risks for security companies. Overall, it's going to cost everyone involved. privateofficerbreakingnews.blogspot.com

10,000+ COVID Cases, 27 Deaths Among TSA Workers
Over 10,000 TSA workers have had COVID-19 & 27 have died
The Transportation Security Administration has officially recorded more than 10,000 cases of COVID-19 among its employees since the beginning of the pandemic. The TSA recorded its 10,000th case during the first week of September, a representative for the agency said.

As of Friday, total confirmed cases of COVID-19 among employees had risen to 10,243. Of those total cases, the TSA recorded 27 deaths, not counting two deaths among screening contractors.

Most of the remaining workers who had been infected - 9,728 employees - had already recovered, according to the TSA. Still, 515 employees were said to be suffering from active COVID-19 infections as of Friday.

Per the TSA's current policy, employees with active infections are placed on paid administrative leave while they recover.

In addition to providing its overall tally of COVID-19 infections, the TSA has listed every U.S. airport where an infected employee was stationed, and whether they worked in a screening or non-screening capacity. The agency also included the date of each airport's most recent case. privateofficerbreakingnews.blogspot.com

Apple's New Employee Vaccine Policy
Apple's new COVID-19 policy requires vaccinations to skip 'frequent' testing

It's unclear if vaccinations will be mandatory for all employees

Starting next month, Apple will "infrequently" test employees who come into its offices and stores for COVID-19, if they're vaccinated. Unvaccinated employees will have to get frequent testing. Apple CEO Tim Cook and senior vice president of retail and people Deirdre O'Brien announced the new policy during an all-hands meeting today, according to an audio recording obtained by The Verge.

The company's updated guidelines appear to line up with the OSHA standards that will be established as a result of the Biden administration's push to increase vaccination rates. Those standards say companies of 100 people or more must require either immunization or weekly testing.

Apple recently pushed back the date when it expects employees to return to its office in response to a surge of cases and the Delta variant. An internal email in August specified that the mandatory return is delayed until at least January 2022, and employees can expect a one-month notice ahead of time before it goes into effect. theverge.com

COVID Boosting Barnes & Noble?
The pandemic has sparked a book craze - and Barnes & Noble is cashing in
Thanks to the pandemic, a surprising number of consumers are once again devouring books - in print - and Barnes & Noble is cashing in.

The 125-year-old chain, taken private two years ago for $683 million by billionaire Paul Singer's hedge fund Elliott Management, has reported double-digit sales growth in books this year so far compared to 2019, before the coronavirus outbreak. nypost.com

Restarting Tourism Dollars - Lets Hope
White House to revoke covid-19 travel ban on visitors from 33 countries
Foreign nationals flying to the United States will be required to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus and test negative when the policy takes effect in early November. washingtonpost.com

Former Retail Location Turned into Vax Center
Ohio County COVID-19 Vaccinaton Clinic To Remain at Former Michaels Store

California reports lowest COVID-19 case rate in the country

N.J.'s least vaxxed counties are seeing 60% more COVID cases than most vaxxed


Time to Fight Back
How Wireless Providers Should Leverage a Federal Indictment to Stop Cellphone Traffickers
A Texas federal grand jury recently returned an indictment charging 101 individuals in a transnational cellphone trafficking conspiracy responsible for stealing more than 70,000 devices worth nearly $100 million from wireless service providers and their customers.

Telecom providers, however, can maximize the results of their own efforts to stem the flow of illegally obtained phones by piggybacking on the recent indictment. See Indictment Below in ORC

Telecom providers can reap the benefits of the government's investigation and asset seizure.

Providers should also consider offering to testify at trial and sentencing, and submit victim impact statements.

In addition to participating as a victim in the criminal case, telecom providers can take advantage of the information obtained by the government and file civil lawsuits against the named unindicted aggregators, and capitalize on the moment to take action against traffickers nationwide.

Quick self-help action by telecom providers, immediately after an indictment, is extremely valuable. Shutting down aggregators is crucial to making lasting reductions in handset losses and reducing armed robberies at retail stores. jdsupra.com

American Dream's Luxury Wing Opens With Five Stores, Lots Of Barricaded Storefronts
The Avenue opened September 17 with four stores in addition to Saks: Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, Johnny Was, and Mulberry, and a fine-dining restaurant, Carpaccio.

The owners of American Dream decided not to wait for their luxury wing to reach a critical mass of stores before holding the grand opening. After all, shoppers, and Saks, have already been waiting a long time for the wing to open.

When they opened the Nickelodeon amusement park, ice rink, and the Big Snow indoor ski slope in late 2019, Triple Five was under pressure to answer skeptics who doubted whether the mall would ever open.

Other stores, including Tiffany, Saint Laurent, Jonathan Adler, Anne Fontaine, and Zadig & Voltaire, and a champagne bar, are expected to open over the coming month, a Dream spokesperson said. Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster is scheduled to open next year. forbes.com

An Inside Look at Workplace Racial Affinity Groups
As many employers struggle to achieve racial equity in the workplace, a new approach has emerged that can help create a more equitable and inclusive culture.

Racial affinity groups, or racial caucuses, provide separate spaces for people who share a racial identity to gather, share experiences and explore how racism may manifest in their organizations, say diversity experts. Employers can use the recommendations that emerge from these groups to take corrective action, address racial inequities and advance the company's diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) goals. shrm.org

CVS to add 25,000 as stores struggle with long lines, frustrated customers

Ocado Retail loses nearly $50 million in revenue to warehouse fire

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Director Asset Protection Operations Execution job posted for Walgreens in Nashville, TN
The Director, Asset Protection Operations & Execution (APD) is responsible for the development and execution of the asset protection plan, Asset Protection talent and resources, as well as resource and expense budgets. Develops and executes on all Asset Protection strategies and resources to ensure safety, security, profitability, and resiliency. Partners with organizational leadership to determine necessary asset protection programs, activities, and resources to support and execute on corporate strategy at an appropriate level. jobs.walgreens.com

Senior Manager, Global Fulfillment Asset Protection job posted for lululemon in Columbus, OH
Based in one of lululemon's North America Distribution Centers reporting to the Director, Global Security & Resilience, the Senior Manager, Global Fulfillment Asset Protection will take primary responsibility for the protection of tangible and intangible assets across the Global Fulfillment network. This person will work closely with Global Fulfillment leadership, cross functionally across key departments, and the global Asset Protection team to drive effective strategy that helps the organization protect people, places, and product. careers.lululemon.com

Last week's #1 article --

Kroger Calls Out ORC Gangs
Crime Rings, Big Packs and 'Mind-Boggling' Reviews as Kroger Navigates Q2

Retailer joining peers to combat organized theft

A sustained trend toward consumers eating at home, along with increased flexibility in providing them with varied ways to shop, is brightening the sales outlook for Kroger Co., while rising costs, and issues including an uptick in organized retail crime, is putting additional pressures on the bottom line.

CEO Rodney McMullen said supply chain and shrink together were responsible for about half of an 80-basis decrease in profits as a percent of sales during the quarter. And while he said he believed supply chain woes were transitory in nature, shrink was "heavily driven by organized crime, or at least it appears so," and suggested that could be a longer-term issue throughout retail that it would look to address through legislative means and with the support of industry trade groups.

The remark was notable in that Kroger has rarely called out organized crime as a meaningful source of shrink before, although the issue is gaining attention in the larger retail industry. winsightgrocerybusiness.com

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The Fight Against Ransomware
U.S. to Target Crypto Ransomware Payments With Sanctions

Biden administration hopes to disrupt digital finance infrastructure that facilitates ransomware cyberattacks, a threat traced to Russia

Hit them where it hurts: The government hopes to choke off access to cryptocurrency in certain situations in a bid to limit the potential payoff from ransomware, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Treasury Department plans to impose the sanctions as soon as next week, the people said, and will issue fresh guidance to businesses on the risks associated with facilitating ransomware payments, including fines and other penalties. Later this year, expected new anti-money-laundering and terror-finance rules will seek to limit the use of cryptocurrency as a payment mechanism in ransomware attacks and other illicit activities. wsj.com

Consumer-Focused Labeling Program for IoT Devices
IoT 'Nutrition' Labels Aim to Put Security on Display

NIST has laid the groundwork for an easy-to-understand way to communicate to consumers the security of software and connected devices.

An all-out effort to
develop a consumer-focused security labeling program will likely initially focus on Internet of Things (IoT) devices and could include many technology products used by small businesses as well.

The "Workshop on Cybersecurity Labeling Programs for Consumers: Internet of Things (IoT) Devices and Software," held this week by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is the government agency's
latest step in creating a consumer labeling program to communicate the security capabilities of applications and connected devices, an effort mandated by the Biden administration's Executive Order on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity, issued in May 2021. The initiative includes government agencies, private industry, and academic experts, with the groups rushing to create requirements and institute pilot programs because the first deadline - the identification of the criteria and components of such a label - must be completed by February 2022.

The goal is to improve the security of products by giving consumers and small businesses the information they need to make security a factor in their purchasing decisions, says Warren Merkel, leader of the standards services group in the Standards Coordination Office at NIST.

"The overall opinion seems to be the magical, 'If it is done right, it is a good thing,'" he says. "I do think there is appropriate concern about what the requirements are and ... that we are not adding a bunch of requirements that differ from what is being done globally.
There is not a strong feeling that this is a bad idea, but I think everyone thinks this needs to be done in a way that is attainable." darkreading.com

Few Organizations are Actually Preparing for a Ransomware Attack
Although executives of organizations report that ransomware is their number one security concern, and 87 percent of them expect an increase in cyber-attacks against their organizations over the next year,
only one-third of them said they had conducted a tabletop exercise to prepare for a ransomware attack.

According to a survey of 50 executives, Deloitte found that although ransomware and cyber-attacks remain a top concern for executives,
54 percent of the executives surveyed stated that the organization had an incident response plan, but not specifically for a ransomware attack. Further, only one-third had actually conducted an internal simulation of a ransomware attack in order to prepare for such an eventuality.

Now is the time to
schedule your tabletop exercise to test your Incident Response Plan and your team. jdsupra.com

How Enterprises Can Tackle Misinformation in the Workplace
As the line between our personal and professional lives remains blurry, leaders need to arm their people with the tools and understanding they need to
identify and combat misinformation.

Pervasive, Seductive Falsehoods at Work

Misinformation that we pick up in our "off hours," through social media or unreliable news sources, for instance, can cross the threshold from our personal to our working lives very easily.
Rumors, for one, can destabilize share prices, but misinformation can also tear down morale or inspire vigilantism.

This became especially apparent when a pharmacist and avowed "conspiracy theorist" sabotaged more than 500 doses of the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine, rendering them unusable.

In the end, it doesn't matter if people are misinformed individually in their personal lives or collectively within their specific roles at work. If they are influenced by misinformation, they cannot help but carry their misinformed views into everything they do --
including the decisions they make on behalf of their employer.

For corporate leaders to get ahead of misinformation,
they must treat it as seriously as other complex and corrosive workplace issues, like sexual harassment or racial discrimination. They must start with their most important asset -- their people. They need to build processes, taking programmatic approaches to stop the spread of falsehoods internally, and ensure that their people never lose trust in the facts that their business needs to run. And they need to base those processes in technology that ensures that a single source of truth in the organization that is uniformly recognized and understood. The following are details on three ways to tackle misinformation: informationweek.com

What businesses need to know about data decay


Register Now for the 2021 RH-ISAC Summit - September 28-29

Hey LP/AP senior: If your retailer is a member you might want to consider attending yourself or sending one of your team members who works with cybersecurity on investigations or e-commerce fraud.

Especially now with the increased ransomware attacks and data beaches and the corresponding increased attention from law enforcement. Cross pollinating and building those relationships could pay off long term. 
Register here






1 Million Amazon Job Seekers
Amazon Career Day Sees Over 1M Job Applicants
More than one million people from more than 170 countries applied for jobs at Amazon during its virtual Career Day 2021, the Seattle-based retail behemoth said on Friday (Sept. 17).

The event featured more than
2,000 Amazon recruiters doling out career advice to people through more than 30,000 individual coaching sessions, including advice on starting, transitioning and growing their careers at Amazon or elsewhere.

"We know a lot of people are looking for work right now, and many more are hoping to change their careers," said Beth Galetti, Amazon's senior vice president of people experience and technology, in the company announcement. "We are paying close attention to this and we feel uniquely positioned to help - not only because of the
tens of thousands of jobs that we have open, but also for the opportunity we offer people to build a meaningful career. We think Amazon is a great place to work for those who crave the freedom to invent, the chance to make a big impact and an inclusive workplace to do so."

More than 220,000 job seekers logged onto the Career Day 2021 site and got advice from, among others, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, top Wall Street executive Carla Harris and New York Times best-selling author David Epstein.

Amazon has seen
more than 500,000 people apply for jobs in corporate, tech and hourly roles in the U.S. since announcing Career Day 2021 on Sept. 1, with software development, IT, support engineers and operations management among the most popular for job seekers. pymnts.com

Amazon faces Teamsters union drive at 9 Canadian sites
The Teamsters Union has launched campaigns to organize employees in at least nine Canadian facilities of Amazon, according to Reuters interviews with union officials.

The influential union took the first step earlier this week to organize employees at one of Amazon's Canadian facilities, and the interviews reveal it is widening such efforts across the country, where the e-commerce company employs about 25,000 workers and plans to add 15,000 more.

The campaigns could be seen as a bet by the Teamsters that early success unionizing employees in a more labor-friendly market such as Canada will inspire similar results south of the border, where Amazon has so far fended off unionization attempts. nypost.com

Amazon opens 1-million-square-foot warehouse in Jessup







DOJ: 101 Indicted in Transnational Cell Phone Trafficking Conspiracy

"Operation Cash Out" Uncovers Illicit Sales of Over 70,000 Stolen Cellular Devices Valued at Nearly $100 Million

SHERMAN, Texas - A federal grand jury in Sherman has returned a seven-count superseding indictment charging 101 individuals in a cell phone trafficking conspiracy in the Eastern District of Texas, announced Acting U.S. Attorney Nicholas J. Ganjei on August 26th.

According to the superseding indictment, members of a multi-layered criminal organization stole personal electronics, including cell phones, tablets, laptops, and smart watches, within the North Texas area and then exported those items overseas for resale. As detailed in the superseding indictment, the defendants' organization included runners, suppliers, device traffickers, and exporters. The defendants are alleged to have stolen electronics by armed robberies as well as through various fraud schemes.

The superseding indictment alleges that in late October 2020, a series of armed takeover-style robberies began to take place at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon retail cell phone stores in the Dallas area. According to the superseding indictment, a total of 23 armed takeover robberies were committed or attempted at various retail cellular phone stores located in Dallas, Corinth, Balch Springs, Seagoville, Greenville, Colleyville, Flower Mound, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Houston, Fort Worth, and Garland. The estimated loss associated with those robberies exceeds $500,000.

In December 2020, four members of the robbery crew were arrested following the armed robbery of an AT&T cell phone store in Fort Worth. Investigation revealed that these individuals were connected to a cell phone business in Dallas known as Global One Wireless. The owners of Global One Wireless - Plano brothers Abdul Basit Bhangda, 30, and Arsalan Bhangda, a/k/a Adam, 36 - allegedly acted through a parent corporation, RJ Telecom, to sell stolen products abroad by shipping the merchandise to foreign import companies located in the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong.

According to the superseding indictment, the conspirators also utilized compromised store employees to activate phones using fake identities or fraudulently adding lines to legitimate customer accounts. Other schemes allegedly involved the use of fake identity information as well as legitimate customer information to swap SIM cards, enabling the defendants to verify banking information through text messages and withdraw funds from customer accounts.

The superseding indictment alleges that nearly $100 million of products were sold to foreign importers. The investigation has revealed that approximately 20,000 products were acquired by identity theft. The overall estimated losses exceed $42 million.

To date, 73 individuals have been arrested. Law enforcement officials have also seized more than $6 million in assets, including cash, bank accounts, real estate, and stolen goods recovered from a warehouse. The superseding indictment seeks the forfeiture of all property and funds derived from or traceable to the charged conduct. justice.gov

Colorado Man Imprisoned For Selling $3.5M Of Stolen Goods Online
A 36-year-old Aurora man was sentenced Thursday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore to 66 months in federal prison following a decade-long operation to sell stolen goods via online marketplaces. Saurabh Chawla pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy, interstate transportation of stolen goods and tax evasion. According to court documents, Chawla purchased stolen goods valued at $3.5 million between 2009 and 2019 with the help of three primary co-conspirators: James Bender, Kristy Stock and Joseph Kukta.

In a press release, federal prosecutors said Bender controlled and operated multiple online eBay and Amazon accounts, including "HiddenGemFurniture" ("HGF"), "EddiesAffordableGear" ("EAG") and  "AffordableGoodies4You" ("AG"). The 36-year-old Baltimore resident offered use of his accounts in exchange for a cut of the Chawla's sales. With Bender's help, Chawla offered and sold a large amount of stolen goods and merchandise for sale through HGF, other eBay stores, and other online marketplaces. At one point, Chawla had 400 active listings for goods and products on eBay.

Stock, according to prosecutors, was a New Mexico public school employee responsible for overseeing a program to provide Apple iPods intended to benefit underprivileged Native American children in New Mexico. The 46-year-old Stock stole more than 3,000 iPods purchased by the school district, valued at more than $1 million, and sold them to Chawla. Stock admitted that she received more than $800,000 in illegal proceeds from selling the stolen iPods. denver.cbslocal.com

West Valley UT: Man arrested for organized retail crime, caught with over $80,000 in stolen goods
A man has been arrested for conducting an organized retail crime scheme and was found with more than $80,000 worth of stolen retail goods. The Utah Attorney General Office's Economic Crimes Unit, C.A.S.E (Crimes Against Statewide Economy) has identified the suspect as 45-year-old Oscar Martinez. Martinez reportedly asked people struggling with drug addiction to steal the merchandise on his behalf, then paid them a fraction of what he would make by reselling them.

Officials say Martinez asked people who were struggling with drug addiction to steal the merchandise on his behalf, then paid them a fraction of what he would make by reselling them. The pilfered goods were typically from big-box retailers around town. Martinez has been conducting this scheme for over a year, authorities say. The Attorney General's Office says organized retail theft has been plaguing retailers nationwide, with an estimated loss of millions of dollars in stolen merchandise every month.

Cabarrus County, NC: Home in Harrisburg housed more than $250K in stolen merchandise from major retailers
Deputies say a home in Cabarrus County was housing more than $250,000 worth of stolen merchandise from major retail stores. Officials executed a search warrant on Valhalla Drive in Harrisburg on Thursday, Sept. 16 around 6:30 p.m. The search warrant was in regard to a large-scale retail theft ring that was operating out of the residence on Valhalla Drive. As a result of this search warrant, deputies say a large amount of stolen goods were discovered inside of the residence of which a value of recovered items has yet to be determined but it is believed to be in excess of $250,000. Victims of this retail theft ring include Home Depot, Lowe's, Target, Kroger's and many other large retailers. Many of these retailers have participated in this investigation. Due to this being an ongoing criminal investigation, deputies say names of those involved in this theft ring are being withheld pending the conclusion of the investigation but several arrests have already been made.

Cleveland, OH: Thieves steal more than $3,000 in merchandise from gas station

Cleveland, OH: Suspects accused of stealing $307 in DVDs from Walmart

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Shootings & Deaths

Pittsburg, PA: One woman dead, another in critical condition outside 7-Eleven
One woman was fatally shot and another injured following a shooting at a 7-Eleven store in Pittsburg. Pittsburg officers responded shortly before 6:30 a.m. Sunday to a call regarding a shooting outside the 7-Eleven store on Century Boulevard. As officers arrived, they found a car parked in front of the business with two women inside, both suffering from gunshot wounds. Officers performed life-saving efforts until paramedics and firefighters arrived. One of the women was transported to an area hospital for further medical treatment and is listed in critical condition. The other woman was pronounced dead at the scene. mercurynews.com

Tulare County, CA: 50-year-old store employee shot and killed in robbery
Tulare County, California (KFSN)-Tulare County lawmakers are investigating a robbery who died on Sunday morning and killed a clerk. The incident took place along Gosen Highway 99 around 5 am. Detectives say the victim, Visalia's 50-year-old Richard Harris, was shot during a robbery and later died of his injury.

Raleigh, NC: Man charged with murder after assault inside convenience store
Police are investigating an assault inside a Raleigh convenience store that left a man dead. Javan Cannon, 51, was seriously injured in the assault, which took place at the MH New Mart on Garner Road just after 11 p.m. on Saturday night. He later died as a result of his injuries. Timothy Earl Bryant, 51, was charged with murder in connection to Cannon's death. He remained at the Wake County Detention Center.

Merced County, CA: Deputies investigating after man killed at Hilmar restaurant
The Merced County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a man was killed at a Hilmer restaurant on Sunday. Lawmakers say they responded to the shooting at the Hot Rod Diner on Landor Avenue around 7 pm. When they arrived, they found the victim and declared him dead on the scene. The death of a man is currently being investigated as a murder case.

Norcross, GA: Family and friends mourn outside Gwinnett County hookah lounge in wake of triple shooting; one man killed
Family and friends gathered outside of Eleven Hookah Lounge off Britt Road in Norcross after Gwinnett County Police confirmed that their loved one had been shot and killed in front of the club.

DNA leads to arrest in 1974 murder of 22-year-old 7-Eleven clerk
A 69-year-old Las Vegas man was arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing of a 22-year-old convenience store clerk almost 50 years ago, police said on Thursday.Carlin Edward Cornett was arrested at his home, accused of killing 22-year-old Christy Ellen Bryant in 1974, according to National City Police. On July 31, 1974, Bryant was working a solo shift at a 7-Eleven location in National City, near San Diego, when she was stabbed to death, police said in a news release. She had originally moved to San Diego in 1971 when she was working as a member of the United States Marine Corps, police told FOX 5. She began working at 7-Eleven after retiring from the armed services due to injuries she sustained in a car accident.

The case went cold after law enforcement failed to develop any solid leads, City News Service reported. However, officials did collect blood samples from the suspect at the scene of the crime, keeping the case in circulation for decades even though DNA analysis wasn't in use at the time of the murder. The blood was first submitted to the San Diego Sheriff's Crime Laboratory for further analysis in 2008 and was searched regularly with no hits, FOX 5 reported. For years afterward, familial DNA searches were performed on the sample, still not yielding any results.

Finally, in 2013, National City Police joined forces with the San Diego County District Attorney's office. That partnership, along with advances in forensic technology, finally led investigators to identify Cornett as a suspect, City News Service reported. After his arrest, Cornett was booked into the Las Vegas Detention Center by Las Vegas police and the FBI. He will now be extradited to San Diego to face murder charges, Lt. Derek Aydelotte told City News Service. Bryant is survived by her father and two sisters, FOX 5 reported. fox5sandiego.com

St Louis, MO: Argument leads to shooting inside a popular Restaurant, sent customers scrambling for safety


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Merced, CA: Arrest Made for a Strong-Arm Robbery from the Kohl's Store in the Merced Mall
Merced Police officers arrested Eduardo Rodriguez (29) was for strong-arm robbery. At 1:30 P.M., Officer Laguna investigated a theft from Kohl's at the Merced Mall.
A loss prevention officer tried to stop Rodriguez and recover property before exiting the store. Rodriguez threatened to stab the victim and left with the merchandise. Officer Laguna located Rodriguez in the nearby area. Rodriguez was detained and identified by the victim. Rodriguez was in possession of Kohl's merchandise that still had the sales tags attached. Rodriguez was arrested and booked into custody at the Merced County Jail. goldrushcam.com

Daly City, CA: Smash-and-Grab Suspects Arrested In Brazen Serramonte Center Jewelry Store Robbery
Four smash-and-grab suspects have been arrested in connection with a brazen robbery at a Serramonte Center shopping mall jewelry shop that was recorded on cell phone video, authorities said. Daly City police said officers responding to the Wednesday evening robbery saw a Lexus vehicle speeding away from the area and pursued it as it went into southbound Interstate Highway 280. The incident took about 20 seconds, no injuries were reported. 

Fairfax County, VA: Suspect arrested in series of robberies at 7-Eleven in Oakton
Authorities have served warrants against a 32-year-old man in connection with four recent robberies of the 7-Eleven convenience store at 9511 Blake Lane in Oakton, Fairfax County police announced Sept. 14. Detectives from the Robbery Squad of the department's Major Crimes Bureau have been investigating robberies at the business that occurred July 15, Aug. 22, Aug. 29 and Sept. 6. In each case, the suspect entered the store, assaulted an employee and stole merchandise and cash from the register, police said.

New Zealand: Almost 1000 firearms, $5m seized in police crackdown on organized crime, gangs
Police are extending a six-month operation aimed at cracking down on gangs and organised crime after seizing almost 1000 firearms, nearly $5 million in cash and arresting 800 people. Operation Tauwhiro launched in February as a national programme under Police Commissioner Andrew Coster, who has today announced the operation will run for a further six months. He has a strong message to gangs: "If they use violence in our communities they will receive our full attention. "The operation is also reducing harm by removing firearms from criminals and preventing them from getting firearms in the first place."

New York: Handcuffed Rikers inmate steals bus full of prisoners, crashes it in latest disturbing incident



Manchester Township, PA: $15K reward offered for info on FedEx/Target warehouse arson
Authorities are offering a cash reward for information on person or persons responsible for setting multiple fires at a Pennsylvania warehouse, causing millions of dollars worth of damage. On September 10, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in partnership with Manchester Township police announced a cash reward of up to $15,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for setting fires at the Target/FedEx facility located at 325 South Salem Church Road in West Manchester Township, Pennsylvania. The fires have been reported at the multi-million square foot facility since June 2020, causing millions of dollars worth of damage to the building. cdllife.com

75 dogs killed after fire breaks out at Georgetown pet resort
A tragic fire at a Texas pet-boarding facility has left 75 dogs dead. The blaze at the Ponderosa Pet Resort, in the city of Georgetown, occurred late Saturday night, according to a press conference given the next day by Georgetown Fire Chief John Sullivan. By the time fire crews arrived, about four and a half minutes after receiving the 911 calls, the smoke had made it impossible for any rescues, he said. "It was a quick response," Sullivan said. "Unfortunately, they were met with conditions that are our worst possible scenario and that was heavy smoke and fire involvement." 




C-Store - Raleigh, NC - Armed Robbery/Clerk killed
C-Store - Tulare County, CA - Armed Robbery/Clerk killed
C-Store - Passaic County, NJ - Robbery
C-Store - Newark, NJ - Burglary
C-Store - Bellingham, WA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Laredo, TX - Robbery
Dollar General - Jonesville, SC - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Cleveland, OH - Burglary
Guns - Malheur County, OR - Burglary
Jewelry - Flemington, NJ - Burglary
Jewelry - Daly City, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Chino Hill, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Lynnwood, WA - Burglary
Jewelry - Evergreen, IL - Robbery
Jewelry - Brooklyn, NY - Robbery
Jewelry - Charleston, WV - Burglary
Jewelry - Puyallup, WA - Burglary
Jewelry - Jersey City, NJ - Robbery
Jewelry - Tukwila, WA - Robbery
Jewelry - Albuquerque, NM - Robbery
Kohl's - Merced, CA - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - Warner Robins, GA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Bronx, NY - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Portland, OR - Burglary
7-Eleven - San Diego, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Plainfield, CT - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Staten Island, NY - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Oakton, VA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 20 robberies
• 8 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 2 killed

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Darren Zelaya named District Asset Protection Manager for Burlington

Parker Elgin promoted to Manager III, Loss Prevention Manager for Amazon

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Asset Protection Lead
Hudson Valley, NY - posted September 13
Responsible for protecting the assets of the company and ensuring a safe environment for our employees and customers. Utilizes the tools and resources available to initiate and follow through on internal investigations. Work closely with store management to increase LP awareness

District Loss Prevention Manager
Macedonia, OH - posted September 9
The District Loss Prevention Manager develops and implements the Loss Prevention program for their market. The DLPM is responsible for driving results through achievement of goals related to inventory shortage, budget lines, cash variance and operational compliance...

District Asset Protection Manager
Burlington, MA - posted September 1
The District Asset Protection Manager is responsible for mitigating safety and security related risks for the organization through the implementation of programs, procedures, policies and training. This role promotes a safe store environment while addressing and minimizing loss caused by shrink, theft and fraud in assigned stores, across multiple locations...

LP Manager - Distribution Center (Temporary)
Carteret, NJ - posted August 20
As we commence relocating our operations to our brand new facility in Piscataway, NJ you will be assigned to the Carteret location to insure company Loss Prevention and Operational compliance are met. You will work with the Piscataway Loss Prevention Manager as well as the Director of Loss Prevention and Distribution Management in maintaining a safe and secure facility as operations are transferred...

Asset Protection Associate
Charlotte, NC - posted August 10
The Asset Protection Associate (APA) is responsible for the detection, apprehension, or deterrence of customer and associate activity that could result in a loss to Ralph Lauren. APAs are also responsible for ensuring a safe environment for all customers, associates, and vendors...

Corporate Security Manager
Calabasas, CA - posted August 13
The Corporate Security Manager will, among other things, (a) be responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment for our employees, vendors, and visitors, (b) develop, manage, execute and continuously improve corporate security processes and protocols, and (c) lead a team of security specialists at our corporate offices...

Area Loss Prevention Manager
Pittsburgh, PA and/or Cleveland, OH - posted July 30
Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence.

Regional Manager LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance
Indianapolis, IN - posted July 21
The Central Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory and the company's Distribution Centers. Investigate and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets...

Senior AP Operations Manager, Supply Chain
Albany, OR - posted July 14
As a Senior Assets Protection Operations Manager (SAPOM), you'll manage a multi-level team comprised of both exempt AP leaders and non-exempt AP Security Specialists responsible for the execution of Assets Protection routines and initiatives to support secure environments and protect Target's profitability...


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