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UL President & CEO to Keynote TMA's 2021 Annual Meeting

-UL president and CEO Jennifer F. Scanlon will provide the opening keynote for The Monitoring Association's (TMA) 2021 Annual Meeting, which is set for Oct. 9-13, 2021, at Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

On Oct. 11 at 10:15AM/HST, Scanlon will present her session, Collaboration-Our Force Multiplier for Forging a Profitable Future, where she will address the megatrends that are reshaping the alarm and monitoring industry.

"UL has long been a trusted partner of TMA," remarked TMA President Don Young. "Working in close collaboration with one another for many decades, our organizations have worked to develop key guidelines and standards for the monitoring industry. Likewise, we have jointly addressed critical issues facing providers of monitoring and life safety equipment and services. Most recently, we worked hand-in-hand to address the needs and challenges of monitoring centers at the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic. I am very pleased and honored to have Ms. Scanlon as our 2021 keynote speaker." Read more here

The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

America's Gun Violence Epidemic
Op-ed on Soaring US Gun Violence: America Must Face the Problem

The US already had more guns than people when sales began rising a few years ago. It is now set for its highest number of gun killings in 20 years

As Covid cases surge once more in the US, another public health crisis is pummelling the country too. Last year, gun killings soared by around 4,000, to almost 20,000 in total - the worst single-year increase on record. So far, 2021 looks even worse. In the first five months alone, more than 8,100 people died. America is set for the deadliest toll in nearly two decades.

Alarmingly, there is also a surge in gun purchases. The US already had more guns than people when sales began rising a few years ago. But last year saw a 64% jump compared with the previous year, to an estimated 20m guns. Around a fifth of buyers were first-time owners. The pandemic sparked a rush to purchase firearms, and some bought because so many others were doing so. The backlash against Black Lives Matter protests may have played a part. Black Americans saw the highest increase in gun ownership and, reportedly, Asian Americans also bought more guns, as hate crimes have risen. Sales have continued to grow this year, with manufacturers struggling to produce enough ammunition.

Research so far does not suggest a direct correlation between the rises in gun sales and violence. Experts point instead to economic desperation, isolation and the loss of social structure with the closure of schools and community organisations by the pandemic, and the disruption to prevention initiatives - such as the work of violence interruptors, who help to mediate when conflict develops. But the increase in ownership is nonetheless disturbing, and one study - not yet peer-reviewed - suggests that states with lower levels of violent crime pre-Covid saw a stronger connection between additional gun purchases and more gun violence.

The amount of weaponry in the US potentially destabilises its neighbours. The Mexican government is taking gunmakers to court in Boston, arguing that lax controls add to the flow of illegal arms across the border. About 70% of the weapons seized in Mexico came from its northern neighbour.

With gun violence costing America an estimated $280bn a year, a much bigger investment in prevention is both necessary and affordable. Other items on the administration's list - such as bans on assault weapons and improved background checks - require congressional action that is unlikely. The National Rifle Association maintains significant political clout despite its disarray. Legislative progress, however limited, could soon be unwound. In the face of such developments, and the fast-rising human toll, never have concerted efforts to tackle gun violence been more necessary. theguardian.com

Gunshot Detection Technology Facing More Blowback
City's watchdog finds ShotSpotter rarely leads to evidence of gun crimes, investigatory stops

The MacArthur Justice Center said the report "reaffirms the truth" that ShotSpotter is "wholly unreliable and fundamentally dangerous to the communities of color on Chicago's South and West sides where it is employed."

The city's top watchdog issued a scathing report Tuesday that found ShotSpotter technology used by the Chicago Police Department rarely leads to investigatory stops or evidence of gun crimes and can change the way officers interact with areas they're charged with patrolling.

The report from the city's Office of the Inspector General analyzed 50,176 ShotSpotter notifications from last January through May. Just 9.1% indicated evidence of a gun-related offense was found. Only 2.1% of the alerts were linked directly to investigative stops, although other stops were detailed in reports that referenced the technology but didn't correlate with a specific ShotSpotter notification.

Deborah Witzburg, the city's deputy inspector general for public safety, said the report shows using ShotSpotter technology comes with "significant costs" far beyond the now-extended contract's multi-million-dollar price tag.

Community concerns about using ShotSpotter technology are just one added cost. So are the "really tragic outcomes" that can result when police officers are sent to respond to ShotSpotter alerts "without a lot of information about what they might find when they get there," Witzburg said.

As the acoustic gunshot detection system has come under heavy fire amid recent studies and reports challenging its efficacy and accuracy, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Supt. David Brown have continued to publicly support using the technology.

In a statement, ShotSpotter denied the report is an indictment of the technology's accuracy, which it claimed "has been independently audited at 97% based on feedback from more than 120 customers. Nor does the OIG propose that ShotSpotter alerts are not indicative of actual gunfire whether or not physical evidence is recovered." chicago.suntimes.com

Store Closes Up Shop Due to Increasing Violence
Springfield business owner abruptly closes store due to violence, safety concerns
A Springfield business owner says she is closing up shop rather than continuing to put her staff and customers at risk. The "In And Out-let" is near Kearney and Fulbright, just a few dozen feet away from where a man was shot and killed at a gas station last Friday.

"That was it, that was too close of a call. I don't want that to happen to anyone who shops here, who works here. We have been threatened, we've been assaulted, and it's just not worth it," said the store owner Donna Stewart.

Stewart says she had been considering closing the store in recent weeks due to increasing criminal activity. She says the deadly shooting was the last straw.

"We had a friend working in the back and reported to us that someone was frantically trying to get in the back door, saying, 'I hear you in there, I know you're in there, open the door right now, open the door,' and he said he had been shot. We're not sure if it was the victim or the shooter at the back door," said Stewart.

Six days later, Stewart posted on her store Facebook page notifying customers that the In And Out-let will be closing that same evening. Over the past year, the owner tells OzarksFirst she and staff have dealt with shoplifting, threats, and assault. Customers agree, saying they have witnessed some of the shoplifting from the store.

Despite a booming business, Stewart says that the profit is not worth her employee's and customer's safety. ozarksfirst.com

Nat'l Police Foundation Publishes Paper on Neighborhood-Driven Policing Model
"Neighborhood-Driven Policing Revisited": New Paper Available
August 24, 2021-The National Police Foundation is pleased to announce a new essay series, Innovations in Policing (IIP), intended to stimulate new ideas and approaches to policing and safety and to encourage further discussion on how policing may become more effective as a result. IIP seeks to generate greater dialogue within the profession about innovative concepts or approaches that may depart from traditional methods and invites conversation from a variety of perspectives.

"Neighborhood-Driven Policing Revisited" involved conducting an analysis of research and seeks to describe an updated vision of how NDP might better-meet the needs and expectations of both police and residents in contemporary communities. The authors offer this revisitation of NDP as a starting point for more imaginative conversations about how we should rethink basic assumptions about police staffing, police deployment, the skills of policing, and the nature of police-communication roles and relationships. Furthermore, the paper encourages ways to think about the position and role that police and residents occupy in their relationship with each other as they seek to enhance shared goals, namely community safety and resident well-being.

To view the paper, please visit here

"We're in the corner store! Stealing sh*t!"
Charleston Rioter Who Livestreamed Looting & Firing Gun Sentenced to 24 Months in Federal Prison
Orlando Shalrocko King, 32, of North Charleston, was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to unlawful travel to incite destructive riots in downtown Charleston on May 30, 2020, as well as a possession of a firearm by a prohibited felon.

Information presented to the court established that, during a large riot following the death of George Floyd, numerous suspects including King forced entry into the College Market store in downtown Charleston. The looters stole approximately $80,000 in store merchandise and shattered the store windows.

King filmed, narrated, and livestreamed the looting on his Facebook page. At one point of the video, King yelled, "We're in the corner store! Stealing sh*t!" In another part of the video, King announced that he was searching the store for Angry Orchard. The video showed that, after stealing a 6-pack of Angry Orchard hard cider, King left the store and stated, "We just broke into the corner store and I got my Angry Orchard, ya'll know I love my sh*t."

King is the fourth of six defendants to be sentenced on federal charges stemming from participation of actions including arson, inciting riots, and other civil disorder in Columbia and Charleston on May 30 and 31, 2020. justice.gov

Philadelphia City Council Continues to Grapple with Rising Gun Violence

Families of Milwaukee shooting victims left angry, in disbelief over city's violence

COVID Update

363.9M Vaccinations Given

US: 38.9M Cases - 648.1K Dead - 30.6M Recovered
Worldwide: 214.1M Cases - 4.4M Dead - 191.6M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 304   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 354
*Red indicates change in total deaths

40+ Major Companies Enact Vaccine Mandates
All the major companies requiring vaccines for at least some workers
With the highly contagious Delta variant sweeping across the country-and only about half of Americans fully vaccinated-a big wrench has been tossed into many companies' fall plans to return to the office.

Here's a running list of the major U.S. corporations that have made moves to get their staff vaccinated:

Ascension Health
Bank of America
Capital One
Cardinal Health
Centene Corporation
Cisco Systems

Delta Airlines
Ford Motor
Frontier Airlines
Hawaii Airlines
Jefferies Financial Group
Johnson & Johnson
Morgan Stanley

Northwestern Mutual
Saks Fifth Avenue
Tyson Foods
Uber Technologies
Union Square Hospitality Group
United Airlines
Walt Disney
The Washington Post

'Keep Your Guard Up' & Get Vaccinated
CDC studies show waning COVID vaccine efficacy as delta variant sweeps US
Immunity to COVID-19 from vaccines might be declining over time as the highly contagious delta variant surges across the country, according to new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A study released Tuesday showed vaccine effectiveness decreased among health care workers who were fully vaccinated since the time that the delta variant became widespread, which could be due to waning effectiveness of the vaccine over time, the higher transmissibility of the delta variant or other factors, experts said.

A second study found about a quarter of COVID-19 cases between May and July in Los Angeles were breakthrough cases, but that hospitalizations were significantly lower for those who had been vaccinated. Unvaccinated people were more than 29 times more likely to be hospitalized than vaccinated people, and about five times more likely to be infected.

The studies show the importance of being fully vaccinated, because the benefit of being vaccinated when it comes to hospitalization did not decline even with the recent wave, Dr. Eric Topol, a professor of molecular medicine and vice president for research at the Scripps Research Institute, told USA TODAY. yahoo.com

"Do Not Take Medicine for Animals"
Oklahoma stores sold out of horse deworming drug despite FDA warning about consumption
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning people not to take horse deworming medication to treat COVID-19. It turns out the medicine, Ivermectin, is flying off store shelves in Oklahoma, despite the warning.

Dr. Clark told KFOR Oklahomans are using the drug to treat or prevent COVID-19. Dr. Clarke said the drug, which has not been studied on humans, treats or prevents parasites in animals. However, Clarke said there are two versions of Ivermectin.

"There's a human-grade, but it's for parasite infections," said Clarke. "20 years ago was the last time that I've used Ivermectin on a human."

KFOR contacted 12 Tractor Supply stores around Oklahoma, and they all said Ivermectin was sold out. "Ivermectin is gone within hours of shipment," one store said.

"I mean, we even have 'Please don't eat' signs up," another told KFOR. "We haven't received a shipment in two weeks," said a supply store. "I think it's because people are consuming it." kfor.com

50% of Workers Say Delta has Increased Concerned About Contracting COVID-19
Forty-four percent of working Americans say that the rise of the COVID-19 delta variant impacts their willingness to return to the workplace. Most workers say the variant means they will take extra precautions at work (61 percent) and in their personal life (64 percent). Employees indicate that they would feel more comfortable in their workplace (64 percent) than going to a restaurant (36 percent) during the ongoing pandemic.

Conducted by Ipsos from August 8-11, 2021, this national survey includes 1010 employees across the U.S. This poll follows similar research conducted from April 7-9, 2021, Feb 5-9, 2021, and from December 4-8, 2020.

Employees are split on actions employer should take before returning to in-person work, according to the research.

Employees are evenly split (50/50) as to whether employers should mandate vaccines before workers return to the workplace.

Employees are slightly more supportive (58 percent) of employers asking about worker vaccination status.

Workers are split as to whether employers should provide proof of vaccination, with 52 percent supporting a documentation requirement.

60 percent of workers support employers offering incentives to vaccinated employees.

Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) support employers instituting precautions for unvaccinated employees.

Employees are increasingly supportive of punitive actions for unvaccinated employees, the polling reveals.

More than half (63 percent) of workers say non-vaccinated employees should not be given special allowances to work from home, up from 55 percent in April.

Close to half of workers (51 percent) say non-vaccinated employees should not be allowed to travel for work, up from 44 percent in April.

Nearly half of workers (44 percent) say non-vaccinated employees should not be permitted to work in-person with customers, up from 39 percent in April.

Many workers (40 percent) say non-vaccinated employees should be not allowed to work in-person with co-workers, up from 35 percent in April.

About three-fourths of workers (76 percent) say non-vaccinated employees should be able to stay with their employer, down from 83 percent in April.

There is broad support for employer COVID-19 testing and safety protocols according to the survey. prnewswire.com

100,000 Missing Workers Due to COVID
Philly's economy is 'a rolling uncertainty' as delta leads firms to delay openings
Firms, in the Philadelphia region and across the country, are pushing back return-to-office dates this month as the delta variant digs in and infections surge. Economists also have trimmed national growth forecasts.

The back-to-the-office delay is the latest choppiness in Philadelphia's pandemic recovery. The city has suffered 40% of the region's COVID-19 job losses with a 9.4% unemployment rate in June, significantly higher than its pre-pandemic levels. Roughly a third of city employees have returned to their offices.

The Center City District estimates there are 100,000 missing employees in Center City, a number that could occupy the cubicles and offices of 22 Comcast Centers. These folks are still working remotely, based on cellphone usage, pedestrian-watching cameras, federal jobs data and building owner surveys.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 infections are spiking again, on the rise in Philadelphia, Bucks and 49 other Pennsylvania counties, according to government data. (Montgomery, Delaware and Chester Counties are unclear.) Among the three states, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, Delaware had the highest rate of infection over a seven-day average at 33 per 100,000 people, compared to 24 for Philadelphia and 22 for New Jersey.

Firms are looking at reopening delays of two weeks, or longer even as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration formally approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, and more people line up to get vaccinated. inquirer.com

Vast Majority, 69% Want Back In the Office
It's 'Back to That Isolation Bubble' for Workers Pining for the Office
As coronavirus cases rise and companies keep workplaces closed, frustrated employees can't wait to return to their cubicles.

While workers who want to stay at home forever have been especially vocal about their demands, a silent majority of Americans do want to get back to the office, at least for a few days a week. But as the latest coronavirus surge has led employers to delay return-to-office plans, that larger group is growing increasingly glum.

In a national survey of more than 950 workers, 31 percent said they would prefer to work from home full time. 45 percent said they wanted to be in a workplace or an office full time. The remaining 24 percent said they wanted to split time between work and home. nytimes.com

Florida is the Nation's Hot Spot for Delta COVID
Florida is the only state where more people are dying of COVID now than ever before. What went wrong?
A few months ago, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Republican of Florida, declared his hands-off approach to COVID-19 "a tremendous success." Politico announced that he had "won the pandemic."

But then came the hypercontagious Delta variant, which continues to hit Florida harder than anywhere else in the country. A few days ago, however, Florida's daily death rate cleared 200 for the first time, and today it stands at 228 - an all-time high.

Since last spring, Florida and California - two of America's biggest and most influential states - have been locked in a pitched battle over which kind of pandemic response makes the most sense: less or more.

"What's different in Florida is that, relative to the vaccination rate (~50%), the relaxation of distancing and masking was disproportionately high. Leaders expressed disdain for masks and mask mandates. The total number of people unvaccinated is high. And hospitals got overwhelmed."

Florida did roughly twice as badly as California last summer in terms of COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths. This summer, however, Florida is doing roughly four times worse in terms of cases and hospitalizations - and nearly six times worse in terms of deaths.

Precautions are probably playing a big part as well - and here too the difference between California and Florida couldn't be more pronounced.

Meanwhile, another 10-site study showed "reductions in hospitalization growth rates following mask mandate implementation," and a separate series of cross-sectional surveys in the U.S. "suggested that a 10 percent increase in self-reported mask wearing tripled the likelihood of stopping community transmission."

The good news is that cases finally appear to be peaking in Florida; the state's seven-day average has fallen by nearly 30 percent over the last week (though testing is down too).

In the meantime, 228 people are dying of COVID in Florida each day - more than three times the number dying each day in California, a state that's almost twice as populous. yahoo.com

Oregon Gov: State's in Crisis Not Yet Seen in Pandemic
Oregon enacts outdoor mask mandate

Boston Mandates Face Coverings Indoors Effective August 27, 2021

COVID cases are rising again in Maryland. With Delta Surging & Nearing Initial Spring 2020 Wave #'s

More Michigan businesses requiring proof of COVID vaccination

Johnson & Johnson booster shot prompts large increase in immune response

China's Strict Zero-COVID Policy Shuts Down Shipping Terminal After 1 Reported Case

China slams U.S. intelligence report on origins of coronavirus pandemic

Pentagon officially orders all active service members be vaccinated

Baltimore County executive reinstates COVID emergency order after rise in cases

Shop Workers Facing Increased Abuse and Assaults - Scotland Responds
New law to protect Scottish shop workers now in force
A new law that has come into effect this week means that verbal or physical attacks against anyone working in a retail store in Scotland will be regarded as a specific offence.

The news follows a campaign by the Federation of Independent Retailers for a change in the law to protect shop workers.

Following a recent decision by the Scottish Government to support a Bill introduced by Labour MSP Daniel Johnson, the Protection of Workers (Retail and Age-restricted Goods and Services) (Scotland) Act 2021 will ensure the seriousness of offending is highlighted through a specific offence and allow for tougher sentences for offenders.

"The Scottish Government and I recognise the important role that retail workers play within our local communities and indeed the Scottish economy. In normal times, they make a significant contribution, but during this coronavirus outbreak that contribution has only been more emphasised as they are helping communities all across Scotland get through these challenging times." theretailbulletin.com

Two Eastern Shore Men Indicted for Stealing More Than $900,000 from a Retailer, Shore Appliance, Where One of Them Worked as Bookkeeper
Baltimore, Maryland - A federal grand jury has returned an indictment charging Stephen L. Franklin, age 53, of Salisbury, Maryland, and Duane G. Larmore, age 46, of Salisbury, Maryland, for federal conspiracy, wire fraud, and identity theft charges in connection with the theft of at least $900,000 from Shore Appliance, where Larmore worked.

From mid-September 2016 through about March 2020, Franklin and Larmore conspired to steal at least $900,000 from a Salisbury, Maryland company, Shore Appliance Connection owned and operated by Owner #1 and Owner #2, that sold household appliances as well as mattresses and bedding. Larmore was an employee at Shore Appliance whose duties included maintaining the books and records for the company. Franklin was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Accurate Optical, headquartered in Salisbury, which had locations on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, as well as being the CEO and part owner of East Coast Optometric, with locations in South Carolina.

Specifically, the indictment alleges that the defendants stole in excess of $900,000 from Shore Appliance to use for their own purposes, including to make investments and to pay business expenses for Accurate Optical and East Coast Optometric. The indictment alleges that no investment paid any return to the co-schemers.

To conceal how much money had been removed from Shore Appliance and to obtain cash, the defendants allegedly used the identities of the owners to enter into factoring contracts. Factoring is a means by which businesses, like Shore Appliance, can obtain cash quickly by leveraging accounts receivable.

If convicted, the defendants each face a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison for a wire fraud conspiracy and for each of seven counts of wire fraud; and a mandatory sentence of two years in federal prison, consecutive to any other sentence imposed, for each of two counts of identity theft. justice.gov

Kohl's Responds to Amazon Department Store News
Kohl's CEO says rumored Amazon department stores won't ruin its relationship with the e-commerce giant

Kohl's Chief Executive Michelle Gass said there is plenty of room for the retailer and Amazon to operate brick-and-mortar stores.

Kohl's Chief Executive Michelle Gass said there is plenty of room for the retailer and for Amazon to operate brick-and-mortar stores, despite the two already working together through Kohl's locations.

"Retail is vast, and there's a lot of market to be had," Gass told CNBC's Courtney Reagan Tuesday afternoon, during a CNBC Evolve livestream event. "We always have to be raising the bar."

Gass' comments come after a report in The Wall Street Journal said that Amazon is planning to open large locations that resemble department stores, marking the e-commerce giant's latest experiment with brick-and-mortar retail. The stores are expected to resemble the size of a TJ Maxx and hold both apparel and tech products, the paper said. When asked by CNBC at the time of the report, Amazon declined to comment.

Shares of Target, Walmart and Best Buy fell on the news, as investors worried a roughly 30,000-square-foot Amazon department store would go head-to-head with these big-box retailers in strip malls.

Kohl's stores are largely in these types of shopping centers, too. But the department store chain has a unique relationship with Amazon. Kohl's accepts Amazon returns at its nearly 1,200 locations. According to Gass, that relationship would not change if Amazon pursues this venture. cnbc.com

The retailer rush to restock is accelerating as competition for holiday sales looks likely to develop into a battle over inventory
The broader retail sector, which has struggled to bring in goods amid production slowdowns and continuing supply-chain bottlenecks. It's actually getting worse.

What Retailers Are Saying and Doing About the Cargo Bottlenecks Worldwide

ODP, Office Depot, to Separate ODP into Two Independent Publicly Traded Companies - Consumer - B2B

Michaels to Hire Over 20,000 Employees for the Holiday Season

Walmart partners with Wendy's for in-store locations

Walmart to build 3 food warehouses in Canada

Quarterly Results
Nordstrom Q2 digital sales up 30%, Nordstrom net sales up 127%, Rack net sales up 61%, total net sales up 101%

Citi Trends Q2 comp's up 25.6%, total sales up 29.8%

Dick's Sporting Goods Q2 comp's up 19.2%, ecommerce sales down 28%, net sales up 20.7%

Advanced Auto Q2 comp's up 5.8%, net sales up 5.9%

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Director of Risk Management job posted for Goodwill of South Mississippi in Gulfport, MS
The Director of Risk Management contributes ideas and implements programs and procedures that directly impact all safety, loss, and risk issues. Major responsibilities are to identify, evaluate, control, and minimize exposure to loss of or damage to physical assets, fidelity losses, and losses resulting from team member injury and liability claims. In addition, this position is accountable for proactively addressing issues related to theft, fraud, ethics and operational accountability. indeed.com

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Join us on August 26th as we take a close look at recent issues impacting asset protection professionals and risk managers. We'll also discuss how some grocers are adopting artificial intelligence and digital food safety technologies.

Key takeaways:

Artificial intelligence outsmarts baby formula shelf-sweepers
Digital food safety and refrigeration compliance
Future outlook for digital adoption and connected technologies in food retail

Presenting are technology leaders Brian Daly, specializing in digital food safety and Milton Navarro who manages deployments of artificial intelligence solutions in food retail environments at Sensormatic Solutions.





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FBI Warning
FBI Issues Advisory on 'OnePercent' Ransomware Group

The threat actor has been targeting US companies in dual extortion attacks since fall of last year.

A ransomware operator calling itself
the OnePercent group has been attacking US companies since at least November 2020 using the Cobalt Strike post-exploit toolkit and remote PowerShell commands to move laterally on compromised networks.

In an advisory this week,
the FBI described the group as using phishing emails with a malicious zip-file attachment as an initial infector vector. The file has typically included a Microsoft Word or Excel document with malicious macros that infect systems with IcedID, a known banking Trojan. The Trojan (which some vendors refer to as BokBok) then downloads additional malware, including Cobalt Strike, on the compromised system.

As has become common with ransomware operators these days,
the OnePercent group's attacks have involved double-extortion attempts. The group not only encrypts data but also exfiltrates it and uses the threat of public exposure of the data as additional leverage to try and extract money from victims. Among the tools and infrastructure that the FBI listed the group as using in its campaign are AWS S3 storage buckets, PowerShell, Cobalt Strike, Mimikatz, SharpSploit, and SharpKatz. Many of these are dual-use tools that can be used for legitimate as well as malicious purposes.

The OnePercent group's modus operandi has involved
leaving a note on compromised systems informing victims that their data has been both encrypted and stolen. The note instructs the victim organization to contact the threat group via the Tor communication channel to arrange for the ransom payment. If the victim doesn't respond in a week, the attackers switch to contacting them persistently via phone using spoofed numbers and demanding to speak with the company's ransom negotiator.

If a victim doesn't respond to the phone calls, the threat actor sends an email from a ProtonMail email address threatening to publicly release the victim's stolen data, the FBI said. darkreading.com

Microsoft 365 Malware Up 199%
Why you need to make Microsoft 365 a 24/7 security priority

It's easy to take advantage of the Microsoft 365 service, but are you taking the steps to properly secure all the data your company is storing inside of it?

For security teams, the threat landscape has changed with the rise of work from home triggered by the pandemic.
PowerShell threats grew 208%, Microsoft 365 (M365) malware increased by 199%, while malware targeting mobile devices rose 118% between the third and fourth quarters of 2020. COVID-19 related malware and threats increased by 114%.

A large portion of the cloud attacks in Q4 targeted Microsoft 365 accounts. The attacks could be classified as either distributed login attacks on hundreds or thousands of Office 365 accounts via compromised consumer devices, or targeted attacks on a small number of potentially high-value accounts.

Despite the wide range of applications and features in the Microsoft 365 platform,
the primary communication and collaboration tool for most users - and the core of Microsoft 365's functionality - continues to be email. By any measure, email is arguably the most challenging application to deploy, manage and secure. At the same time, Microsoft adds new features and security options at a mind-bending pace.

Click here for a summary of hot tips, including many new ones from Microsoft that you need to be sure to consider. helpnetsecurity.com

How to Make Your Next Cybersecurity Compliance Audit a Breeze
Cybersecurity specialists have developed robust tools to help organizations develop a solid foundation for compliance frameworks.

Cybersecurity best practices from the Center for Internet Security (CIS) provide prioritized and prescriptive guidance for a strong cybersecurity foundation. Also, they support your organization's efforts toward compliance with the aforementioned alphabet soup.

When developing your cybersecurity compliance plan, consider these elements to ensure a solid foundation:

Prioritize your approach. Focus on foundational actions that will help your organization actualize maximum cybersecurity benefits while moving toward compliance goals.

Keep accurate records. How will you know when compliance has been achieved? Ensure your organization is on the right path by documenting efforts and measuring compliance activities. Automated tooling can help your organization manage this at scale.

Trusted, no-cost resources from CIS. CIS offers multiple resources to help organizations get started with a compliance plan that also improves cyber defenses. csoonline.com

Remote Work & Cybersecurity
How the pandemic delivered the future of corporate cybersecurity faster
The rise of "distributed work"-
people working from everywhere, at all hours of the day-has been a normal part of corporate culture for at least the last decade. But the rush to set up remote workplaces over the last sixteen months has distributed work in a way unlike anything we saw before the pandemic began. As a result, the way many companies function will never be the same.

And that could be a very good thing-at least when it comes to cybersecurity.

Regardless of how remote their workforce is,
businesses need to evolve to keep up with threat actors who continually ratchet up their attacks both in terms of sophistication and ruthlessness. Securing the modern office will require a fresh approach. That approach must be as flexible as many workers have proven to be, yet it must also be comprehensive enough to secure both a company's assets and preserve a sense of workplace cohesion, no matter from where or when employees log on. helpnetsecurity.com

Back-to-Basics: Properly Configured Firewalls
As small and medium businesses begin to re-open following the pandemic, it's important to do so securely in order to protect customer's payment card data. Too often, data breaches happen as a result of vulnerabilities that are entirely preventable. The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has developed a set of payment protection resources for small businesses. In this 8-part back-to-basics series, we highlight payment security basics for protecting against payment data theft. blog.pcisecuritystandards.org

Business Management Firms Have the Least Secure Web Apps






As E-Commerce Booms, So Does Fraud
Anti-fraud niche in payments thrives as e-commerce climbs
When the digital identity verification company Socure launched operations in 2012, online gambling was still illegal, cryptocurrency networks didn't exist and buy-now-pay-later was still something you did in a store with a credit card. Now,
Socure has some 500 clients in sectors as varied as government and healthcare, all focused on securing payments and other transactions, CEO Johnny Ayers said.

"When we did our research in the very early days of starting the company, everybody we interviewed said 'There is so much headroom for you guys,'" Ayers said during an interview, noting Socure
signed up 217 customers in the second quarter of 2021.

The headroom may be a bit more crowded these days, filled with companies trying to verify identities and secure all sorts of payments, from paychecks to unemployment benefits. Services such as telehealth and payroll are undergoing a rapid digitization and that is increasing the number of industries seeking secure payments, Ayers said.

Additionally, new business sectors have emerged, such as cryptocurrency and online gaming, and
the number of use cases for high-level identity assurance is growing rapidly, he said. Even social media platforms have to take measures against identity fraud now.

Many companies are trying to enable faster money transfers and tout the availability of funds as a selling proposition, but this is creating risks that must be addressed by technology, Ayers said.

"E-commerce volume increasing from $600 billion to $800 billion means there's a lot larger surface area of risky transactions," he said. And
as that surface area has increased, the numbers for fraud losses are increasing on financial services, e-commerce and many other areas, he explained.

COVID-19 pandemic forced a growth spurt in online payments, as many traditional transactions pivoted to the digital space. The digital payments market is expected to more than double in the next five years, from $5.4 trillion to $11.3 trillion by 2026. With sums like that in play, fraud can only be expected to grow apace. The credit agency Transunion reported suspected fraud online more than doubled in the first four months of 2021 compared to the last four of 2020. paymentsdive.com

E-Commerce Fraud Hitting Retailers More Frequently
The impact of eCommerce fraud on retailers and shoppers

There's a stark disconnect between retailers and shoppers on the matter of eCommerce fraud, Riskified reveals.

The research, which comprised 4,000 consumers and 400 retailers across the US, UK, France and Germany, highlights
how widespread online retail fraud is, the extent of its enduring financial impact and how it's perceived in the eyes of shoppers versus retailers.

Increase in fraud attempts since the pandemic began

In the US, 82% of retailers said that they have seen an increase in fraud attempts since the pandemic began, with
promo abuse having the biggest negative impact (46%) on revenues followed by account takeovers (43%).

The impact of fraud on retailers' bottom lines is severe, with
26% of global retailers saying that fraud is significantly damaging their profitability. Worse still, 34% of global retailers said they had lost between 5% and 10% of their eCommerce revenue to fraud in 2020.

A confidence gap between retailers and consumers globally was also unearthed, with
55% of all retailers stating that they were confident in their ability to prevent eCommerce related fraud, despite only 34% of consumers trusting in retailers' ability to prevent said fraud.

In the US specifically,
33% of online consumers said their concerns over online shopping continue to grow and 45% of consumers believe that retailers will find it even harder to prevent fraud over the next year. helpnetsecurity.com

The Future of Online Shopping Is 'Buy Now, Pay Later'




4 Fraudsters Hit Stores With Stolen Cards for $100,000 in New Jersey
Former Essex County Postal Employee Admits Stealing Credit Cards from Mail in Access Device Fraud Scheme
Kyle Williams, 36, of Vauxhall, New Jersey, pleaded guilty admitted stealing credit cards sent through the mail as part of a conspiracy to commit access device fraud.

Williams was employed by the USPS. From July 2019 to August 2020, Williams stole from the mail credit cards issued by financial institutions outside of New Jersey and provided those credit cards to his conspirators, who fraudulently activated them and
used them to make and attempt to make purchases without the cardholders' authorization, including buying gift cards and electronics. The investigation to date has revealed that the victims have incurred over approximately $100,000 in intended and actual losses from fraudulent purchases made using their stolen credit cards.

Williams was charged with Jarid Brooks, 27, Justin Brooks, 21, and Kyjuan Hutchins, 22, also of Vauxhall, in October 2020. Jarid Brooks and Justin Brooks were charged in an indictment with conspiracy to receive stolen mail, commit bank fraud, The conspiracy charge is punishable by a maximum potential penalty of 90 months in prison in prison and a maximum fine of up to $250,000. Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 12, 2022. justice.gov

Hitting Baltimore Area Retailers With Stolen or Fraudulent Credit Cards
Two Nigerian Nationals Plead Guilty in Federal Court for $565,000 Bank & Mail Fraud Conspiracy & Related Charges
One Defendant was a USPS Letter Carrier Who Allegedly Stole Mail Which was Used to Perpetrate the Fraud; Defendants Stole $565,000 from Maryland Businesses and Identities

Baltimore, Maryland - Two Nigerian nationals, Johnson B. Ogunlana, age 25, of Edgewood, Maryland, and Samson A. Oguntuyi, age 29, of Atlanta, Georgia, pleaded guilty on the eve of trial to federal charges related to schemes to defraud financial institutions, retail establishments and other business victims, often using the stolen personal information of individual victims.

Ogunlana and Oguntuyi acknowledged that between July 25, 2016 and February 5, 2019, they conspired together and with others to steal bank checks and credit and debit cards from the mail, open fraudulent business banking accounts using the names of victim businesses and the stolen identities of victim postal customers to negotiate the stolen checks by depositing them into the fraudulent bank accounts, and then conduct transactions with stolen payment cards and with money derived from the stolen checks.

For example, Ogunlana intercepted and stole mail pieces containing credit cards addressed to individual victims and sent photos of the stolen mail pieces and credit cards through a messaging application to Oguntuyi and other conspirators. Oguntuyi then used the victims' personal identifying information ("PII") to activate the stolen credit cards and to obtain new credit cards the victims never requested or applied for. Once the stolen credit cards were activated, members of the conspiracy used the credit cards to make retail purchases.

As detailed in their plea agreements, at least $565,000 was stolen from two victim businesses and at least eight postal customers were victims of identity theft.

Ogunlana and Oguntuyi each face a maximum sentence of 30 years in federal prison for conspiracy to commit bank fraud and mail fraud. Oguntuyi also faces a maximum of 30 years for bank fraud. Ogunlana faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison for access device fraud and a maximum of five years in federal prison for theft of mail by a postal employee. Both defendants face a mandatory sentence of two years, consecutive to any other sentence imposed, for aggravated identity theft. justice.gov

Petaluma, CA: Ulta theft suspects crash in getaway car with $10K worth of merch
Police arrested several suspects accused of stealing $10,000 worth of merchandise from Ulta Beauty before a crash that led to their capture. The Petaluma Police Department said the store on Kenilworth Drive was robbed on Monday evening, with five suspects fleeing - and almost getting away with it. Police said they were following the suspected car and tried conducting a traffic stop, but the driver "rapidly accelerated" and police eventually lost sight of the car, abandoning the pursuit. Shortly after, police said they came across a three-vehicle-collision on Lakeville Highway and South McDowell Boulevard which included the suspected car. According to police, two of the suspects fled from the scene, while officers took three remaining suspects into custody. The two escaped suspects were found nearby, police said. Police said they found thousands of dollars worth of Ulta merch inside the suspect vehicle. The five suspects are charged with commercial burglary, conspiracy and obstructing an officer. Police are investigating whether these suspects are connected to prior thefts from Ulta stores.

Fort Myers, FL: More than $2,300 in merchandise stolen from Target
Fort Myers police have a couple in their bullseye as suspects in a Target store theft in southwest Florida. Shortly before 8:30 p.m. June 29 the woman, wearing a blue shirt with a blue jean jacket and long braids, entered the Target at 9350 Dynasty Drive in Fort Myers accompanied by the man wearing bluepants and a blue long-sleeved shirt.

Harris County, TX: Man stole $1,700 worth of merchandise from Lowe's Home Improvement store
A man was arrested and charged with theft after constable deputies said the man stole $1,700 worth of merchandise from a Harris County Lowe's location. On Thursday, deputies with Harris County Constable Precinct 4 were dispatched to a Lowe's Home Improvement Store located in the 20200 block of the North Freeway in reference to reports of theft. When deputies arrived, a store employee told them that he observed a man conceal merchandise and proceeded to walk out of the business with no intent to purchase them, according to a release from Harris County Constable Precinct 4. Constable Deputies detained the suspect and identified him as Mark Mulkey, 57. Deputies determined Mulkey was in possession of over $1,700 worth of stolen merchandise, which was then returned to the business. Further investigation revealed that Mulkey had several open warrants and prior theft convictions.

Two Men Plead Guilty to Aggravated Identity Theft
BOISE - Atilla Ferenc Orban, 37, and Hakim Slaft Hannaoui, 33, pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft.

According to court records, Orban and Hannaoui admitted that they conspired to commit access device fraud. As part of the scheme, Orban and Hannaoui attached electronic devices known as "skimmers" to ATMs.Orban and Hannaoui retrieved the information captured by the skimmers and used equipment to encode the fraudulently obtained payment card information onto the magnetic strips of physical cards. They then used the
re-encoded cards to unlawfully acquire money and other goods.

Both men face a mandatory term of
two years in federal prison, a maximum fine of $250,000, and up to one year of supervised release. justice.gov

Lead Defendant in Synthetic Identity Fraud Ring Pleads Guilty to Bank Fraud
RALEIGH, N.C. Defendant Michael Griffin, operating from his business location in Raleigh and home in Knightdale, accepted fees from clients for alleged credit repair services.

Various other defendants, many of whom were family members, conspired with Griffin to defraud Synchrony Bank,
a Lowe's credit card provider, by opening credit accounts in the name of fraudulent identities, cashing out the accounts through prepaid card purchases, and then defaulting on the credit accounts.

More than
ten other defendants also named in the Second Superseding Indictment already pled guilty to related charges earlier this year. At sentencing, Griffin faces a statutory maximum penalty of up to 30 years in prison. justice.gov

Oklahoma City, OK: Police seeking female suspect and get-a -way driver in Lowe's theft

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Shootings & Deaths

Harris County, TX: Security Guard shoots, kills man during altercation outside Walgreens store; man's little girl was in the store shopping at the time
A security guard shot and killed a man during an altercation outside a Walgreens store in east Harris County late Tuesday, deputies said. Harris County Sheriff's deputies said they responded to the scene around 8 p.m. in the 300 block of Uvalde Road. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said a security guard got into a fight with a man and shot him. HCSO later stated the man, identified as Michael Luna, was in the parking lot waiting for his young daughter as she shopped inside the store. Luna and the guard exchanged words, leading to a physical altercation. The guard told deputies he was attacked, and that's when he shot Luna multiple times. The investigation is ongoing. Deputies are reviewing surveillance video from the store. khou.com

Memphis, TN: Shooting at gas station kills Security Guard
A security officer was shot in the head overnight at a Memphis gas station, according to Memphis Police. Police said that two security officers at an Exxon on Millbranch Rd. were trying to get 56-year-old Darryle Tate to leave the property when things turned physical. During the fight, one of the security guards tried to pull his taser on Tate, police said. That's when Tate pulled out a handgun and shot the security officer in the head, according to a police affidavit. That security officer was rushed to Regional One Hospital in critical condition. Police arrested Tate at the gas station. Tate is charged with one count of attempted second-degree murder and one count of employing a firearm with intent to commit a felony. wreg.com

Memphis, TN: One dead after shooting at Valero gas station
One person is dead after a shooting Tuesday night on Winchester near Lamar. Officers responded to a gas station in the 4100 block of Winchester at 7:20. One male victim was found shot and pronounced dead on the scene, police said. There was no suspect information available. wreg.com

Burlington County, NJ: 14-year-old fatally shot while fueling up vehicle
A 14-year-old boy was fatally shot Saturday while getting gas at a local service station, authorities say. Jesse "Nuk" Everett was the driver of a vehicle at the Phillips 66 station when the shooting occurred just before 3 p.m. at Beverly-Rancocas Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, said the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office. "The incident is not considered to be a random confrontation," the prosecutor's office said in a statement. "The investigation revealed that the victim pulled up to the pumps in a vehicle that earlier had been reported to police as stolen," the prosecutor's office said in a statement. burlingtoncountytimes.com

Waterloo, IA: C-Store Shooting victim collapses, dies in the street
Police are investigating a fatal shooting that broke out near a Waterloo convenience store as heavy storms passed through the area Tuesday afternoon. Details weren't available, but witnesses reported someone shooting in front of Kwik Stop 3, 1104 Washington St., with a person running into the Highway 218 median and collapsing and a vehicle leaving the scene. Multiple squad cars from Waterloo police and the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office responded, as did Waterloo Fire Rescue paramedics. Officers found a deceased man with a gunshot wound in the median. wcfcourier.com

Romulus MI: Man shot dead in party store parking lot; multiple people sought
Romulus police are investigating a shooting that left a 28-year-old Detroit man dead in the parking lot at a party store. According to police, Chrevon Rayman Lawrence was shot multiple times and died at the scene. Police are searching for several men in connection with the fatal shooting that took place at 11:03 p.m. at Top Shelf Party Store, 27427 Eureka Road, Monday evening. thenewsherald.com

Memphis, TN: One found shot in Walmart parking lot on Elvis Presley Blvd
Police say one man was shot Tuesday night in the parking lot of a Walmart on Elvis Presley Boulevard. The victim was found inside his vehicle with a gunshot wound, MPD said at 9:30. He was taken to Regional One in critical condition.  wreg.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Columbus, OH: Police seeking suspect in armed robbery of south Columbus Walgreens
Police are searching for a suspect they said robbed a south Columbus pharmacy with a knife late last week. According to Columbus Police, the suspect entered the Walgreens store on the 3400 block of South High Street at approximately 8:01 p.m. Friday. The suspect approached the register and handed the clerk an item and a $5 bill. When the clerk opened the register, the suspect allegedly pulled out a brass knuckle knife, pointing it at the clerk. The clerk backed up and the suspect then took money from the register, police said. nbc4i.com

ATM Fraud Duo Sentenced To 48 Months In Prison For Conspiracy, Bank Fraud, And Aggravated Identity Theft
TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA - Isaleb Anofils, 32, of Vero Beach, Florida, and Donyell Garland, 32, of Tallahassee, Florida, were each sentenced on Friday and last month, respectively, to 48 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud, multiple counts of bank fraud, and aggravated identity theft.

The defendants used a combination of a cell phone spoofing app and various Internet websites to obtain personally identifiable information of victims. Anofils and Garland then used that information to conduct 285 fraudulent ATM transactions at Tallahassee-area financial institutions. In total, Anofils and Garland stole or attempted to steal over $151,000 from 47 different banking customers. justice.gov

Walmart Associate Activates $123,775 in Gift Cards Without Paying - Pleads Guilty in Fed Court
WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA - Kenneth Werkau, of Clarington, Ohio, has admitted to a wire fraud charge. Faces up to
20 years of incarceration and a fine of up to $250,000.

Werkau, 63, pleaded guilty today to one count of "Wire Fraud." Werkau was employed as an associate at Walmart in Moundsville. Beginning in September 2019 and ending in January 2020, Werkau stole $123,775 in gift cards and activating them without paying for them. justice.gov

Bellevue, WA: Armed robbers disguised as delivery drivers zip-tie local pharmacy employees

Arlington, VA: Two employees injured during Armed Robbery of local Pharmacy

Irondequoit, NY: Man sentenced to 21 years in prison for robbing AT&T store

Middleburg, PA: CVS Pharmacy Armed Robber Sentenced Up to 20 Years in State Prison

Jefferson City, MO: Man pleads guilty to Walgreens Armed Robbery

Storm Lake, IA: GameStop employee arrested for embezzling of $6,500



Rochester, NY: CBP Officers Seize Counterfeit Designer Watches Worth Over $2 Million
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at the Rochester Airport Port of Entry seized designer watches worth more than $2 million due to trademark infringement. In July, CBP officers inspected a shipment invoiced as "Used Quartz Wristwatches". After a thorough examination of the merchandise, the watches were determined to be counterfeit. On August 15, the watches were seized for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) violations. These items had a total Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) value of approximately $2.8 million dollars. "Our officers continue to do an amazing job targeting shipments and identifying these violations," said Rochester Port Director, Ronald Menz. "CBP plays a vital role in protecting consumers and businesses from imported fraudulent items." cbp.gov




Bicycle - Schwenksville, PA - Burglary
C-Store - Santa Cruz, CA - Burglary
C-Store - Ponca City, PA - Robbery
CVS - Chesterfield County, VA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Indianapolis, IN - Robbery
Dollar General - Orangeburg, SC - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Memphis, TN -Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Fremont, CA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Jefferson County, MO - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Milwaukee, WI - Robbery
Hardware - Oklahoma City, OK - Robbery
Jewelry - Lewisville, TX - Robbery
Pharmacy - Bellevue, WA - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy - Arlington, VA - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy - Falls Township, PA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant- Fremont, CA - Armed Robbery (Burger King)
Restaurant - Killeen, TX - Robbery (McDonald's)
Walgreens - Columbus, OH - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Brenham, TX - Burglary
Walmart - Puyallup, WA - Burglary
7-Eleven - Fremont, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 17 robberies
• 4 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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None to report.

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Senior AP Operations Manager, Supply Chain
Albany, OR - posted July 14
As a Senior Assets Protection Operations Manager (SAPOM), you'll manage a multi-level team comprised of both exempt AP leaders and non-exempt AP Security Specialists responsible for the execution of Assets Protection routines and initiatives to support secure environments and protect Target's profitability...


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