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Former Michaels IT Head Joins Interface as Executive Vice President

Interface appoints Bud Homeyer as EVP - Enterprise Solutions to help multi-location enterprises with digital transformation

Earth City, MO - Interface Security Systems, a leading managed service provider delivering business security, managed network, UCaaS and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises, today announced that it has appointed Bud Homeyer as Executive Vice President - Enterprise Solutions.

Having worked as an IT and security leader for leading consumer-facing brands like Michaels, Brinker, and Bank of America, Homeyer has a proven track record of solving complex enterprise-wide challenges to drive growth, productivity, and profitability.

In his new position, Homeyer will be responsible for creating innovative solutions for multi-location, consumer-facing enterprises that improve operations and ensure customer satisfaction. He will spearhead Interface's efforts to help customers embrace new technologies while minimizing risks. Read more here


Frank Dara promoted to Investigations and Intelligence Manager North America for Nike

Frank has been with Nike for eight years, starting with the company in 2013 as District Loss Prevention Manager, a position he held for six years. Before his promotion to Investigations and Intelligence Manager North America, he served for two years as a Global Investigator. Earlier in his career, he held LP, investigative and ORC roles with TJX Companies, Target and Sam's Club. Congratulations, Frank!

See All the Executives 'Moving Up' Here   |   Submit Your New Corporate Hires/Promotions or New Position



7-Eleven National Night Out Events

Two Great National Night Out Events - Jackson Heights Queens and Centereach, NY

The 115th NYPD with 300 people from the community and 6th Pct Suffolk County PD were in full force with representation from Law Enforcement Leadership and Community Affairs Officers. 7-Eleven Operation Teams, Merchandising and Asset Protection were there to support to the community by giving out Operation Chill Coupons, Hot Dogs, Coloring Pages, Snacks and Cookies. It was an exciting day for these two successful events with great interaction from 7-Eleven, Law Enforcement, and the Local Communities.

Thanks to Christopher Verdi, Zone AP Specialist at 7-Eleven, for sharing this article and pictures



Violence, Crime & Protests

The Progressive Movement Takes a Hit
'Defund Police' Rally Cry Taking a Nose Dive Politically - Big Time

With Pelosi even criticizing one of her own for her comments after spending over $75k of her own security detail

The progressives may be quieting down some come this election cycle. As Biden, Pelosi, and the vast majority of Dems have all taken a stance of not supporting the defunding police movement.

Seems like getting re-elected is more important than supporting a position that more and more voters are absolutely against given the violent crime surge. And it will be a major point in this election cycle. And it should be. Just a thought. - Gus Downing

VIPER Task Force Arrests 484 Violent Felons in 3 Weeks in Buffalo & Rochester
U.S. Attorney Announces Results Of VIPER Task Force Through July 30, 2021
Cumulative results of the Federal Violence Prevention and Elimination Response (VIPER) Task Force, a 60-day surge aimed at removing violent gun offenders from the streets of Rochester and Buffalo to enhance public safety and reduce violent crime. For the slightly over three-week period between July 7 and July 30, 2021, the following results were achieved in Rochester, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls through VIPER:

District Wide
Firearm Related Arrests - 125
Narcotics Related Arrests - 217
Violent Felony Arrests - 142
Firearms Seized - 68

Firearm Related Arrests - 69
Narcotics Related Arrests - 41
Violent Felony Arrests - 86
Firearms Seized - 51

Buffalo/Niagara Falls
Firearm Related Arrests - 56
Narcotics Related Arrests - 176
Violent Felony Arrests - 56
Firearms Seized - 17

NYC Released No-Bail Bank Robber - Robs Two More Day After Release

Prince George's residents grapple with 'senseless' shootings after summer violence

Another Bloody Weekend in America

Chicago Gun Violence: 10 Dead, Including CPD Officer, and at Least 63 Wounded in Weekend Shootings
Officials say that 10 people, including a Chicago police officer, have been killed and at least 63 others have been hurt in weekend shootings across the city so far this weekend. At approximately 9:08 p.m. Saturday in the 6300 block of South Bell, two Chicago police officers were conducting a traffic stop when shots were fired, striking both officers. One of the officers, identified as a 29-year-old woman, was later pronounced dead at a Chicago hospital, according to police. Another officer was struck multiple times, and was listed in critical condition. Two suspects have been apprehended, but a third remains at-large. One of the suspects was shot during the incident, and was taken to Christ Hospital in stable condition. nbcchicago.com

Three killed in separate shootings in D.C. amid spate of weekend gun violence

New Orleans, LA: 6 victims, 1 dead after three shootings Sunday evening

11 People Shot in NYC on another weekend marked by gun violence

DOJ/FBI Still Hunting Rioters From 2020

Former Erie Resident Pleads to Throwing Explosive Devices at Police During May 30, 2020 Riots

Rochester Man Pleads Guilty to Arson of Minneapolis Pawn Shop

Man Gets Year and a Half in Federal Prison for Illegally Possessing Loaded Gun During Looting in Downtown Chicago

COVID Update

351.4M Vaccinations Given

US: 36.5M Cases - 633.1K Dead - 29.8M Recovered
Worldwide: 203.6M Cases - 4.3M Dead - 182.9M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 285   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 332
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Coronavirus Briefing: Highly Vaccinated States Keep Worst Outcomes in Check
Every highly vaccinated state has below average Covid-19 hospitalizations, while deaths are rising more in places with weaker vaccination rates, a Wall Street Journal analysis showed.

In the first big test of Covid- 19 vaccines during a Covid-19 surge, places with higher vaccination rates are dodging the worst outcomes so far, while cases and hospitalizations surge in less-vaccinated areas.

There are more tests yet to come, including when cold weather forces people in the well-vaccinated Northeast back indoors. But as the highly contagious Delta strain tears through the country, the trends thus far suggest vaccines can turn Covid-19 into a less dangerous, more manageable disease.

A Wall Street Journal analysis shows sharp geographic divides in vaccination and hospitalization levels, with every state that has an above-average vaccine rate showing below-average hospitalizations, including in well-vaccinated New England. In the South, meanwhile, fewer people are vaccinated on average and hospitalization rates are climbing faster.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says fully vaccinated people are much less likely to be hospitalized or die than people with similar risk factors who aren't vaccinated. Vaccines also reduce the risk of fully vaccinated people getting infected or transmitting the virus, the agency says, though somewhat less so against Delta than previous variants. wsj.com

U.S. is averaging more than 100,000 new cases a day
Infections and hospitalizations are increasing rapidly as the Delta variant spreads. For the first time since February, the United States is averaging more than 100,000 new cases a day.

Louisiana is leading the nation in an explosion of new cases. nytimes.com

Elderly & Weak Immune Systems May Need Boosters
Fauci says COVID-19 booster shots likely for some groups
Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday that it's likely that the elderly, along with others with compromised immune systems, will need to get booster shots to protect them against COVID-19.

"There's no doubt that over time, you're going to have an attenuation of protection," Fauci said on NBC News' "Meet the Press."

Fauci said that the booster shots will begin to be administered to vulnerable groups "as soon as the data gets to us."

His comments come as the Food and Drug Administration is reportedly gearing up to approve boosters for those with weakened immune systems in the next week or two. nypost.com

Everybody's Worried About Delta

Impacting Everything
From Corp. America to Retailers to Executives to Workers & Parents

Retailers Update Masking Policies as Cases Surge
Target, Home Depot, other retailers update mask guidelines
More retailers are
revising their mask requirements in the wake of the updated recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Target said that, effective Aug. 3, it will require face coverings for its team members and "strongly recommend" the same for all shoppers in areas with substantial or high risk of transmission, as defined by the CDC. Target, similar to most retailers, had dropped its mask mandate.

In a similar move,
The Home Depot will require all employees, contractors and vendors to wear a mask while indoors at all U.S. Home Depot stores, distribution centers, office locations and customers' homes or businesses, regardless of vaccination status. The home improvement retailer said it will also ask its customers to wear masks while in its stores and continue to offer masks to those who don't have one.

Kroger Co. is "strongly encouraging" all employees and customers, regardless of vaccination status, to return to wearing masks while inside stores.

In this new round of masking guidelines, only one major retailer has made masks mandatory for its customers as well as its employees:

In announcing its updated masking guidelines, Target added that it will continue to encourage its employees and shoppers to get the COVID-19 vaccine by offering vaccine appointments at nearly all CVS at Target locations. The retailer is also providing paid time and free Lyft rides to team members when they get their vaccines. chainstoreage.com

The Great Vaccine Dilemma for Retailers & Other Businesses
Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates Split Corporate America

With Delta cases rising, Tyson and Walmart are insisting employees get the shot; others are sticking with persuasion and cash incentives

Both strategies come with risks for employers, their workers and their customers, and both could shape the course of the pandemic.

More than a third of American adults have not gotten vaccinated, according to the latest U.S. data. Firms using a lighter touch risk workplace outbreaks. Those mandating shots risk losing workers in a tight job market.

Each CEO cites myriad reasons for their vaccine strategy, though many also point to new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines relating to how vaccinated people transmit the Delta variant.

Some companies want to reassure the public it is still safe to shop in their stores or visit their theme parks. Others want to prevent worker illnesses or absences from crippling their operations again. Still others want to end remote work and get staff back into offices. Union rules for a number of companies are complicating matters further. wsj.com

Companies Thought They Had Plans for Fall. Now They Are Scrapping Them

The fast-spreading Delta variant has managers revamping schedules, with bosses delaying office reopenings and canceling events

Up until a few weeks ago, corporate leaders felt confident about what to expect this fall.

Offices would reopen after Labor Day. Business travel would resume more broadly. Long-delayed work gatherings, conventions and off-site meetings would finally take place.

The pandemic has, once again, upended many of those plans.

The swift, startling resurgence of Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations across the U.S. is
causing corporate leaders to rip up playbooks for the next few months.

No longer is a September return a target for many companies. A range of other prominent companies now predict it will be 2022 until most workers return. wsj.com

Shopping - Schools - Traveling - Mounting Uncertainty
Delta's Throwing a Wrench at Everything

Delta Variant Clouds Back-to-School Shopping Plans
Retailers predict record spending even as parents navigate concerns about rising Covid-19 cases and product shortages.

Concerns over the Delta variant and supply-chain issues that have made it hard to find items like backpacks are upending back-to-school shopping plans for families, prompting some to curtail spending.

The uncertainty comes just as retailers are gearing up for what has been expected to be record back-to-school shopping.

"People are
questioning whether students will actually go back to school and parents are crossing their fingers hoping it really will happen."

Not just
retailers are facing mounting uncertainty from the summer rise in U.S. coronavirus cases. Companies are delaying plans to bring workers back to the office, organizers canceled the New York International Auto Show, and New York City will impose vaccine requirements for indoor dining. Last week, Frontier Airlines said its bookings had started to slow more than they typically would at this time of year, a change it attributed to the Delta variant. wsj.com

Return to Work? Not With Child Care Still in Limbo, Some Parents Say.
The rise of the Delta variant and the uncertainty over schools and child care are keeping these parents from applying for jobs.

Especially as the Delta variant spreads, many parents of young children - those under 12 who cannot yet be vaccinated - say they're unable to return to workplaces or apply for new jobs as long as there is uncertainty about when their children can safely return to full-time school or child care.

Companies have been struggling to hire and retain workers for other reasons, too, and many parents have had no choice but to work. (In a recent Census Bureau survey, 5 percent of parents said their children were not currently attending child care for pandemic-related reasons.) But for the group of parents who still have children at home - they're disproportionately Black and Latino, and some have medically vulnerable family members - it's a significant challenge.

Fall is looking increasingly uncertain. Some workplaces have paused reopening plans because of Delta, and parents worry schools may follow. nytimes.com

Conventiongoers' Health & Safety Concerns Growing
Business Travel Resumes, Hesitantly
Convention centers are reopening. Hotels and airlines report an uptick in bookings. But the rise in virus cases has tempered forecasts for a major recovery.

Business travel has started again, but in fits and starts. But the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus is throwing a new wrench into businesses' plans, and the question is whether the spike in cases will be brief or more long-lived.

Even the experts who were most optimistic about the prospects for business travel a month or so ago have begun to temper their forecasts. The quick change was captured by a survey of 1,200 American travelers that Destination Analysts, a market research firm conducted from July 21 to 23. Among business travelers, it found, nearly
25 percent expected the "coronavirus situation" to worsen in the next month.

Conventiongoers' personal health concerns also rose, while their confidence in their ability to travel safely fell. nytimes.com

Heads Up Travelers - Updated Info:
Mask Up For All 25 Top Summer Destinations

Where should you wear a mask when traveling? What the CDC says about 14 top U.S. cities.
New recommendations last month from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention call for everyone, vaccinated or not, to wear a mask in public indoor spaces in areas with substantial or high transmission of covid-19.

As it turns out, that applies to more than 85 percent of U.S. counties - including many of the places travelers are heading this summer.

Of the
top 25 destinations this summer for flight bookings on the Hopper app, most had high transmission and just five had substantial transmission category as of Aug. 6, according to CDC data. Officials recommend masking indoors for all 25, a list that contains popular cities across the country that are seeing cases rise rapidly as the delta variant spreads.

The CDC's covid data tracking site has county-specific breakdowns that include vaccination rates, coronavirus case numbers, hospitalizations, deaths and the level of community transmission. nytimes.com

OSHA Inspecting High-Risk Industries - No Complaint Needed
Federal Covid-19 Workplace Safety Inspections on Rise in South
Federal inspections targeting workplace Covid-19 hazards have increased in many southern states in recent months, while declining in the Northeast and Midwest, reversing a pattern from earlier in the pandemic.

In most southern states, including Texas and Louisiana, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
conducted more inspections from May 1 through July 13 than during the same period a year ago, according to a Bloomberg Law review of the most recent enforcement data the agency would provide.

Top 2021 OSHA Target: Inspections in Texas registered a 171% boost-57 from May through mid-July this year compared with 21 during that time in 2020.

Inspections are increasing in states with low vaccination rates at a time when the highly contagious delta variant is fueling a rise in Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations. But OSHA said its new emphasis program targeting Covid-19 high-hazard workplaces is driving up inspections.

Unlike last year, when OSHA often needed a worker complaint or fatality report to begin an inspection, the nationwide enforcement initiative has enabled OSHA to launch an inspection if it believes the business is in a high-risk industry. bloomberglaw.com

Employers React to Workers Who Refuse Vaccination as COVID-19 Cases Rise
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has weighed in with guidance that answers some workplace vaccination questions. For example, the agency said that
federal anti-discrimination laws don't prohibit employers from requiring all employees who physically enter the workplace to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Employers that encourage or require vaccinations, however, must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other workplace laws, according to the EEOC.

"An employee with a religious objection or a disability may need to be excused from the mandate or otherwise accommodated," noted John Lomax, an attorney with Snell & Wilmer in Phoenix. "Additionally, if an objecting employee is a union-represented employee, the employer may need to bargain and reach an agreement with the union before mandating vaccines."

vaccination mandate should be job-related and consistent with business necessity. Under the ADA, an employer can have a workplace policy that includes "a requirement that an individual shall not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of individuals in the workplace." shrm.org

That Guy Hiding in the Corner
Ask him for his vaccination card & Let's see if he's one of those...

They Don't Want the Shot. They Don't Want Colleagues to Know.
40 percent of Americans over the age of 18 remain unvaccinated, and could return to their offices with policies in place that make that status clear.

A growing number of companies are mandating vaccines as a condition of employment, leaving unvaccinated workers at risk of being fired. CNN, which has required full vaccinations for all employees working in its offices and in the field, said on Thursday that it had fired three people who went into the office unvaccinated. Many others are adopting less sweeping - but perhaps more conspicuous - approaches, including mask mandates for unvaccinated workers or the requirement that they work remotely.

For employers, keeping workers safe while being equitable is one of the thorniest workplace challenges of the pandemic to date. In addition to potential legal ramifications if any of their policies are viewed as discriminatory, many companies are concerned that implementing separate protocols for unvaccinated workers could lead some of them to quit amid an already tight labor market. As of Aug. 5, roughly 39 percent of Americans ages 18 and over were not fully vaccinated, representing a large pool of people who could be in close contact with others at their jobs.

Tension between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated has simmered since the shots became more widely available in the spring. But with the virus's resurgence has come mounting frustration among vaccinated Americans toward the unvaccinated, making
some unvaccinated workers especially circumspect about revealing themselves.

That is partly why some unvaccinated employees are so troubled by workplace policies that clearly distinguish them, though it seemed
unlikely the protocols would change their minds about getting the shot. nytimes.com

Workers Quitting in Record Numbers - Even Their Dream Jobs Seem Less Attractive
Pandemic triggers 'great resignation' as employees reassess work/life balance
The pandemic has led to millions of Americans losing their jobs, but a large number also are choosing to leave voluntarily.
In April, nearly 4 million people, or 2.8% of the workforce, resigned. That's the highest one-month "quit rate" in decades.

The growing national
"great resignation," as the trend was recently described by Prof. Anthony Klotz of Texas A&M University, is due partly to pent-up desires to quit that were put on hold last year. But it may also be emerging from employee epiphanies during the long lockdown about their workload, feeling undervalued or a re-evaluation of what they want from their lives.

The resignations are reaching all the way to the top of the professional heap. Even those with enviable dream jobs are now seeing their work - and themselves - through a very different lens. startribune.com

Walmart to Require Workers to Wear Masks in High-Risk Counties

Walmart said corporate staff as well as management-level employees must be vaccinated against Covid-19 by Oct. 4

Nike Pop-Up Stores Manager Gets Fed Prison For Embezzlement
Former Nike Marketing Manager Gets 31 Months Fed Prison & $1.6M in Restitution - in Scheme to Defraud Company
Errol Andam, 47, formerly of Beaverton, Oregon, was sentenced to 31 months in federal prison and 3 years of supervised release. Andam was also ordered to pay more than $1.6 million in restitution. The Internal Revenue Service had already seized $212,838 in criminally-derived proceeds from Andam, and those were forfeited as well.

From 2001 until his termination in 2018, Andam was employed by Nike and worked as a manager in the company's North American Retail Brand Marketing division wherein he managed the design, build-out, and operation of "pop-up" retail venues, temporary Nike shops situated near and tailored to sports competitions and other special events around the U.S.

In the summer of 2016, Andam recruited a childhood friend to establish a company to design and build the pop-up venues as an independent contractor for Nike. Andam used his authority as a manager at Nike to ensure that his friend's company was consistently awarded the contracts for these jobs. Though he had no formal role in his friend's company, Andam assumed control of much of the company's financial operations, managing financial accounts and issuing invoices to Nike.

To conceal his role in the scheme, Andam used an alter ego, "Frank Little," to invoice Nike and manage the contract company's account with Square, Inc. and formed a shell company to funnel proceeds diverted from Nike and his friend's company. Beginning in September 2016, Andam caused credit-card sales at various pop-up venues around the U.S. to be run through card readers associated with a Square account owned by his friend's company. From September 2016 through December 2018, Andam diverted and embezzled nearly $1.5 million in Nike proceeds for his own use.

On February 4, 2021, Andam was charged by criminal information with wire fraud, money laundering, and making false statements on a loan application. On April 12, 2021, he pleaded guilty to all three charges. justice.gov

Wexner's Ties to Epstein Just Keeps Stinging
L Brands Agrees to New Policies Tied to Sexual Harassment Claims
The owner of Victoria's Secret will release current and former employees from certain nondisclosure agreements as part of a settlement of a shareholder lawsuit. and take steps to to promote diversity, equity and inclusion as part of a settlement with shareholders announced on Friday.

Each brand will spend $45 million each in the next five years to fund its new policies. Other changes include the establishment of a diversity, equity, & inclusion council and an overhaul of internal policies and training for sexual harassment and discrimination. The company will also exempt claims of sexual harassment, gender discrimination and related retaliation from mandatory arbitration.

The settlement followed allegations from shareholders, including the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund, that officers and directors of L Brands breached their fiduciary duties by fostering a culture of misogyny at the company, including around models, and by maintaining ties with Jeffrey Epstein, the sex criminal who was close to Leslie H. Wexner, the former chief executive of L Brands.

"There was a clear pattern at L Brands of a board that allowed key executives to use their power to promote a culture of fear, discrimination, and harassment," Ellen F. Rosenblum, Oregon's attorney general, said in a statement.

The brand has come under scrutiny since Mr. Wexner's close ties to Mr. Epstein came to light in 2019 and a Times investigation showed that Mr. Wexner and his former chief marketing officer, Ed Razek, presided over an entrenched culture of misogyny, bullying and harassment. nytimes.com

Zoom reaches $85 mln settlement over user privacy, 'Zoombombing'
Zoom Video Communications Inc (ZM.O) agreed to pay $85 million and bolster its security practices to settle a lawsuit claiming it violated users' privacy rights by sharing personal data with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, and letting hackers disrupt Zoom meetings in a practice called Zoombombing.

Subscribers in the proposed class action would be eligible for 15% refunds on their core subscriptions or $25, whichever is larger, while others could receive up to $15.

Zoom agreed to security measures including alerting users when meeting hosts or other participants use third-party apps in meetings, and to provide specialized training to employees on privacy and data handling. reuters.com

Talk about Spinning Investors - The CFO's Have Got That Down
Reporting Quarterly Results - Comparing Numbers to 2019
They're calling it the 'Two year Stack' - Comparing 2021 Comps & Nets to 2019's
Trying to get the reader/investor to skip over last year's numbers and see the brighter side of things.

Now that's good old legitimized American spin. Hey and it works quite frankly. Some aren't even providing this years comp's or last year's. With one even saying it's not a fair comparison.

Hey, just reporting on what we're seeing. - Gus Downing

The 'Fight for $15' Rally Disappeared
Retailers are bracing for a holiday worker shortage - & shoppers should be, too
Sign-on bonuses are being offered by 44% of retailers on Snagajob, which says it's the largest platform for hourly work and counts almost all the top 50 U.S. retailers as clients.

Wages were up in the second quarter at the fastest annual rate in 13 years. Turnover rates have spiked, and voluntary quits are at an all-time high, leaving every employer trying to retain its workers, Stevenson said.

As the holiday season approaches, Stevenson said there are almost 70% more job vacancies than pre-pandemic levels and 10% fewer people looking for work. "That's the greatest gap in recorded history," he said.

The current holiday hiring environment is unprecedented, said Craig Rowley, senior client partner in Korn Ferry's Dallas office.

More than half (51%) of retailers surveyed in July said they were having moderate trouble hiring store employees, and 36% said they're facing significant challenges, he said.

"Customers will see less service and notice more stocking of shelves happening during the day instead of at night, because it's easier to get people to work 9-to-5," he said.

Many frontline workers are experiencing psychological burnout, and they're worried about their own safety, higher costs for child care and lingering concerns for at-risk family members. dallasnews.com

NRF Releases Hot 25 Retailers List

Walmart dangles $1K bonuses for warehouse workers to skip summer breaks

CVS Health hikes Minimum to $15 an hour

Quarterly Results
Costco July comp sales up 13.8%, U.S. comp's up 13.1%, Canada comp's up 16.5%, Int. comp's up 14.4%, net sales up 16.6%

Ralph Lauren Q1 NA retail comp's up 176%, NA sales up 301%, Europe comp's up 98%, Europe sales up 194%, Asia comp's up 43%, Asia sales up 68%

Bloomin' Brands Q2 combined comp's up 84.6%, Outback comp's up 65.8%, total sales up 86.2%

The Container Store Group Q1 TCS net sales up 64.1%, Elfa net sales up 34.8%, consolidated net sales up 61.7%

Boot Barn Q1 comp's up 52.3%, e-commerce comp's up 55.8%, total net sales up 64.9%

Rocky Brands Q2 retail sales up 36.8%, wholesale sales up 195%, net sales up 134.2%

Lumber Liquidators Flooring Q2 comp's up 31.3%, net sales up 30.9%

CDW Q2 Corporate net sales up 27.3%, Small Business net sales up 59.8%, Public net sales up 2.9%, total net sales up 17.9%

Travel Centers of America Q2 retail up 23.7%, fuel sales up 22.6%

Rent-A-Center Q2 store comp's up 16.6%, total revenue up 21.6%

Jack in the Box Q3 comp's up 10.2%, sales up 10.6%

CVS Health Q2 Pharmacy segment sales up 9.8%, Retail/LTC comp's up 12.3%, pharmacy comp's up 12.4%, front store comp's up 12%, sales up 14.2p%, total revenue up 11.1%

Publix Q2 comp's up 2.3%, sales up 3.9%

Restaurant Brands International Q2 TH comp's up 27.6% sales up 33%, BK comps up 18.2% sales up 37.9%, PLK comps down 0.3% sales up 10.5%, total sales up 31.9%

Ingles Q3 no comp provided, net sales up 7.4%

ODP (Office Depot) Q2 Retail sales flat, Business Services up 12%, total sales up 6%

Wayfair Q2 net sales down 10.4%

*Comp's not provided in most cases. And we don't report 2 yr stacks numbers.

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

VP-Risk Management job posted for YRC Worldwide in Overland Park, KS
Direct the development, implementation, and administration of the Risk Management program to provide maximum protection of the company's assets at the most economical rates. Determine all casual risks of loss to which the organization's assets are exposed and analyze such risk to determine whether they can be eliminated or minimized. Develop risk minimization programs. yrc.taleo.net

Senior Dir. of Governance & Compliance job posted for Jack Henry & Associates
You will be responsible for the leadership, innovation, governance, and management necessary to identify, evaluate, mitigate, and monitor the company's posture for resiliency, regulatory compliance, and internal controls. Jack Henry & Associates, an S&P 500 company with more than $1.5 billion in annual revenue and 6,500 employees, serves more than 9,000 customers nationwide as a leading provider of technology solutions and payment processing services. We are looking to hire an experienced Senior Director of Governance and Compliance,
reporting directly to the Chief Risk Officer (CRO). indeed.com

Dir AP Operations Execution job posted for Walgreens in Charlotte, NC
The Director, Asset Protection Operations & Execution (APD) is responsible for the development and execution of the asset protection plan, Asset Protection talent and resources, as well as resource and expense budgets. Develops and executes on all Asset Protection strategies and resources to ensure safety, security, profitability, and resiliency. Partners with organizational leadership to determine necessary asset protection programs, activities, and resources to support and execute on corporate strategy at an appropriate level. jobs.walgreens.com

LP Director job posted for The Company, Retail Gas Stations in Upland, CA
The Loss Prevention Director develops, plans, directs, and implements an effective strategy and programs for the protection, safeguarding and security of employees, intellectual property, integrity, reputation, and physical assets of the company. Responsible for setting and championing the Loss Prevention strategy for the enterprise, including retail convenience stores, and the corporate offices. monster.com

Sr. Manager Supply Chain Asset Protection job posted for The Home Depot in Atlanta, GA
The Sr Manager Asset Protection is responsible for ensuring that Asset Protection programs are fully implemented and are being executed per expectations within assigned distribution centers. Key responsibilities include analyzing and managing safety programs, shrink performance, partnering with field Senior Directors of Operations and General Managers, monitoring shrink indicators and theft and fraud investigations. careers.homedepot.com

AP Manager - Retail Cannabis job posted for Sweet Flower in Culver City, CA
The Loss Prevention Manager works under the direction of the Vice President of Operations and creates and implements company programs relating to shortage control, and theft resolution. Assists in the training of store associates in the areas of physical security, shrink and safety awareness, cash handling, merchandise protection standards, receiving processes, alarm standards, and alarm response protocols. Owns all facets of the Loss Prevention Program nationally. indeed.com

Last week's #1 article (from week of July 26-30) --

America's Depleted Police Forces
Police staffing shortages a nationwide epidemic
Baltimore, a city referred to as the most murderous big city in the nation, there is a vacancy rate of police patrol positions of about 26%. It's one snapshot of a trend occurring at police departments nationwide.

This has become a major concern in
cities like San Jose, Calif., Newark, N.J. and Charlotte, N.C., where the drop in officers per 10,000 residents has decreased by more than 30% in the last two decades.

Other challenges for recruiting new officers include
videos of police abusing their power, that are sometimes selectively edited but sometimes accurate. They almost always go viral, which has had a lasting impact on the perception of police from outsiders and of the willingness of potential new officers to apply. wjla.com

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Gotta Love This One
CyberCops program: ROTC students as future cybersecurity gatekeepers
The fall 2021 CyberCops program - funded by $250,000 grant from the U.S. Navy's Office of Naval Research and sponsored by the University of Houston with cooperation of the University of Houston-Downtown and Texas Southern University - will introduce the critical field of cybersecurity to students recruited from the three participating universities' ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) programs.

"Because these are ROTC students, the expectation is they will enter into a D.O.D. agency. But there are a lot of opportunities in the private sector, too, for people coming out with cybersecurity backgrounds."

In the CyberCops program, students will study how to protect data, networks and computers as they also learn another critical lesson: always stay a step ahead. helpnetsecurity.com

AWS Protects Exterior - You Protect Interior
AWS S3 can be a security risk for your business
As the use of AWS' Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) increased, so have the content types that are stored and shared on it. AWS S3 buckets are now exposed via additional channels and APIs, which create new security blind spots that hackers are waiting to exploit.

It is a known fact that AWS takes no responsibility for what their customers put into their managed databases and how they use it. AWS takes responsibility for the security of the cloud. It's up to each company to choose and implement the most efficient threat detection tools to ensure their data is properly secured in the cloud. helpnetsecurity.com

The following diagram presents this Shared Responsibility concept:

CSO's Blueprint for Success
The first 90 days of a Chief Security Officer

Here, CSOs provide advice on how to start off on the right foot.

While every new CSO faces unique challenges based on the organization's mission and its security posture, the focus remains the same for every new CSO: ensure that their organization's security function adds value and gives it a competitive advantage. Your first 90 days as a CSO lay the ground foundation for this focus, and ultimately, determine your success in the new position.

Security: What are the critical focuses for a CSO during the first 90 days?

Lee: For a new CSO who has just promoted into the role, transitioned from government, or who is entering the role from another non-security field, the first 90 days can be daunting; it's easy to lose focus. Of course, you must assess the capabilities of the security organization you now lead, take an inventory of its security-related capabilities, and establish an understanding of how the security organization interacts with the larger corporate enterprise. You mustn't lose focus on the nature of the executive leadership role - your team will be watching you from the day you arrive to see what impact you will have on their professional lives.

Sawyer: As a new CSO, encourage and advocate teamwork, collaboration, and open communication from day one. Communicate to all staff that you indeed have an open door policy for all staff. Within the first 90 minutes, commit to diversity, equity, a just culture, and a policy of 'zero incidents' - not 'zero tolerance.' As a new CSO, you must also advocate for a policy of comprehensive threat reporting from the outset. It's critical to establish the best practice that all threats are reported without exception, to help maintain a safe and therapeutic work environment.

Lyons: During the first 90 days, focus on understanding the organization's business need, role expectations with management, senior stakeholders and your new staff. It's important to start developing meaning relationships with new staff and conduct an assessment on their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Collecting team members inventory skills by talking to team members, holding one-on-one meetings and observing performance can help ensure employees' goals are aligned with organizational and security goals. It is also critical to meet with your business partners, stakeholders, the C-suite, especially General Counsel, and all leaders within the organization.

Antoine: Within the first 90 days, spend time understanding the organization, what type of industry it operates in, and learn its organizational structure. When you take the time to learn the organization and its culture, you'll have a better chance of surviving it. You also have to check in with your coaching structure because you need to establish priorities, to include a clear understanding around the organization's priorities and opportunities for improvement. Next step is to create an actionable blueprint on how to achieve goals effectively.  securitymagazine.com

Average Cost to Buy Access to a Compromised Company: $1,000
The flourishing market for initial access to companies' networks highlights how cybercriminal groups continue to specialize in particular stages of the attack-chain pipeline.

The average price of access to a compromised company's network is only $1,000, with credentials for virtual private networks (VPNs) and remote desktop protocol (RDP) servers the most common types of access sold, according to a new report that analyzes the results of a year-long survey of underground forums.

Access to large firms cost more and skewed the mean offering price to $5,400, threat intelligence firm KELA states in its report. Among the most expensive offers: access to an Australian firm with a half-billion dollars in revenue for 12 bitcoin (about $460,000) and access to a Mexican government agency for $100,000, the report says.

Initial access brokers (IABs) give attackers the ability to skip the first three stages of the cyber-kill chain. Rather than having to do reconnaissance to look for vulnerabilities, weaponize an attack against a particular security issue, and deliver that attack, cybercriminals can just purchase access to a company and exploit the network.

Of the companies claimed to have been compromised by IABs, nearly 28% were in the United States, the leading country globally. darkreading.com

All Access Pass: Five Trends with Initial Access Brokers

Convicted Bronx BEC Fraudster Who Fled To Ghana Prior To Serving 4 yr Sentence Extradited To U.S.
TOUREY AHMED RUFAI, who was previously sentenced to four years in prison and fled to the Republic of Ghana ("Ghana") prior to surrendering to serve his sentence, was arrested in Ghana on April 14, 2021, and extradited to the United States earlier today to serve his sentence. RUFAI's sentenced for participation in a fraud scheme based in Ghana involving the theft of over $10 million through business email compromises and romance scams that targeted over 100 American businesses and elderly victims from at least 2014 through 2018.

Between 2014 and 2018, RUFAI, a Ghanaian national who was residing in the Bronx, New York, was a member of a criminal enterprise (the "Enterprise") based in Ghana that was involved in defrauding more than 100 American businesses and individuals of more than $10 million through business email compromises and romance scams. justice.gov

Organizer of fraud and identity theft schemes pleads guilty to 10 federal counts
Columbus, Ohio man and citizen of Ghana plead guilty to to a range of federal crimes, including fraud conspiracy, aggravated identity theft, money laundering, false claims to United States citizenship and firearms violations.

BEC Fraudster

Nana Yaw Addo, 56, a citizen of Ghana, admitted his guilt to 10 separate counts today. He admitted to stealing an individual's identity in order to create a fraudulent business and accompanying bank account, laundering the proceeds of "man in the middle" email scams, organizing the theft of lines of credit at furniture stores, printing and encoding fake credit cards, and illegally purchasing and possessing a firearm. Addo then laundered the proceeds of business email compromise scams through his American bank accounts. In total, the intended loss from Addo's fraud was between half a million and $1.5 million. justice.gov

The cybersecurity jobs crisis is getting worse, and companies are making basic mistakes with hiring
A global study of cybersecurity professionals by Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and industry analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) warns that this lack of investment, combined with the challenge of additional workloads, is resulting in a skills shortage that's leading to unfilled jobs and high burnout among information security staff.

According to the study, which surveyed over 500 cybersecurity professionals, 57% say a shortage of cybersecurity skills has impacted the organisation they work for, while just over 10% report a significant impact. zdnet.com

The Importance of Properly Scoping Cloud Environments
PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) recently released a joint industry threat bulletin highlighting the importance of properly scoping cloud environments. In this blog, the PCI SSC and CSA share guidance and best practices for properly scoping cloud environments. blog.pcisecuritystandards.org

Senior Job Posting
VP Information Security job for Curaleaf in Las Vegas, NV






Tech Industry's Big Problem - Insider Abuse
Leaked Document Says Google Fired Dozens of Employees for Data Misuse
Google fired dozens of employees between 2018 and 2020 for abusing their access to the company's tools or data, with some workers potentially facing allegations of accessing Google user or employee data, according to an internal Google document obtained by Motherboard.

The document provides concrete figures on an often delicate part of a tech giant's operations: investigations into how the company's own employees leverage their positions to steal, leak, or abuse data they may have access to. Insider abuse is a problem across the tech industry.

The document says that Google terminated 36 employees in 2020 for security-related issues. Eighty-six percent of all security-related allegations against employees included mishandling of confidential information, such as the transfer of internal-only information to outside parties.

Ten percent of all allegations in 2020 concerned misuse of systems, which can include accessing user or employee data in violation of Google's own policies, helping others to access that data, or modifying or deleting user or employee data, according to the document. In 2019, that figure was 13 percent of all security allegations.

Google terminated 26 people in 2019 and 18 in 2018 related to security incidents, the person who provided the document told Motherboard. vice.com

See You in the New Year
Amazon Delays Return to Office to 2022 Amid Renewed Covid-19 Surge
The company adds to the wave of businesses adjusting their return-to-work plans as the highly transmissible Delta variant of the virus drives a surge in coronavirus cases.

Amazon said Thursday that it was pushing its return to offices to at least Jan. 3, 2022. The online retail giant previously had targeted early September for regular office work to resume. The decision affects office workers both in the U.S. and other countries.

Amazon hasn't mandated that its staff be vaccinated to return to the office. The company said it is requiring employees who aren't vaccinated to wear masks in its offices.

The e-commerce giant is among a number of tech companies that have said they would no longer expect employees to be in the office full-time even after the pandemic wanes. The company said in June that it would offer hybrid work for eligible employees, with a baseline of three days a week spent in the office and flexibility to work remotely the other two days. Some employees also can work as many as four weeks a year fully remotely from a domestic location. wsj.com

Amazon Hit With Record EU Privacy Fine
Penalty of $887 million is a sign that bloc's privacy regulators are taking a more aggressive stance on enforcement

Amazon has been fined 746 million euros, equivalent to $887 million, by a European Union privacy regulator for violations related to its advertising, by far the largest-ever fine under the EU's data-protection law.

Issued two weeks ago by Luxembourg's privacy regulator, the CNPD, and accompanied by an order to revise certain business practices that Amazon didn't specify.

Amazon said the regulator's decision was without merit and that it would appeal in court. wsj.com

Alibaba Group Announces June Quarter 2021 Results
Alibaba Ecosystem reached 1.18 billion global consumers, an increase of 45 million from the March quarter, which includes 912 million consumers in China.

Revenue was RMB205,740 million (US$31,865 million), an increase of 34% year-over-year.

In the June 2021 quarter, our cloud computing revenue grew 29% year-over-year to RMB16,051 million (US$2,486 million), primarily driven by robust growth in revenue from customers in the Internet, financial services and retail industries. businesswire.com

Alibaba Fires Manager Accused of Sexual Assault in China's Latest Workplace Harassment Case
An allegation of sexual assault against a manager at Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. has sparked a firestorm of public criticism, prompting Chief Executive Daniel Zhang to intervene in a situation that has stirred questions about sexual harassment in Chinese workplaces.

Two other employees resign, according to CEO's memo, after woman's allegations were shared across Chinese social media. wsj.com

Amazon Lottery Offers Vaccinated Workers Cars, $500,000 Cash





"Operation American Steal": 'Grab & Go' Gang Member Gets 18 Months Prison
Hartford Woman Sentenced to Federal Prison for Role n Northeast "Grab and Go" Theft Scheme
PAIGE JAMES, also known as "Ishaya James," 28, of Hartford, was sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release, for participating in an extensive commercial larceny spree.

This case stems from "Operation American Steal," a long-term multi-agency investigation into numerous "grab and go" thefts from various retail fashion stores in Connecticut and nearby states. A "grab-and-go" scheme is a type of theft where one or more perpetrators enter a retail store, grab as many items of clothing or other goods as they can carry, leave the store without paying for the merchandise, and depart in a waiting getaway vehicle.

James was part of a network of individuals who in 2019 and 2020 committed more than 50 grab and go thefts from Polo Ralph Lauren, T.J. Maxx, Balenciaga, Burberry, Macy's, Marshalls, Dick's Sporting Goods, Tommy Hilfiger and other stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. They then transported the stolen merchandise to Connecticut and sold the items on the internet or the street.

James participated in at least 28 thefts resulting in losses of more than $90,000. Restitution will be determined after additional court proceedings. James has been detained since her arrest. justice.gov

ORC Gang Member Pleads Guilty

Boston: West Roxbury Woman Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud
Tamara Khatuntseva, 64, pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court in Boston in connection with a scheme involving inferior merchandise refunds.

In December 2018, law enforcement initiated an investigation into multiple individuals who were suspected of engaging in activities to defraud runway stores across Massachusetts. From December 2018 through approximately August 2020, Khatuntseva engaged in a scheme to defraud a store through refunds of inferior merchandise including high end and expensive jewelry, clothing, purses, handbags, luggage and shoes. Specifically, Khatuntseva admitted to returning merchandise purportedly purchased from the store, but that was actually not purchased from the store and was of inferior quality, for a full refund and then selling the legitimate merchandise on the internet.

The charge of wire fraud provides a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, three years of supervised release, a fine of $250,000, forfeiture and restitution. justice.gov

ORC Cops at Nordstrom?
Walnut Creek, CA: Police At Nordstrom Approved By Walnut Creek City Council
A similar move to combat Organized Retail Theft in the form of grab and run crimes was eliminated at the Apple store by police officers. The Walnut Creek City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved an agreement between its Police Department and Nordstrom, allowing for a uniformed officer to be present at the Broadway Plaza store, with Nordstrom reimbursing the city for the officer's overtime. A series of "grab and run" thefts in the area, including at Nordstrom, by "organized retail crime groups" prompted the move. The plaza's Apple store struck a similar agreement with the city, after seeing similar robberies. Police have said the officer's presence eliminated Apple's problem. The council officially approved $231,514 for the move, which will last for a year and be repaid by Nordstrom in quarterly payments. Officers will volunteer for the assignment and be paid overtime. patch.com

Chino Hills, CA: Man arrested may be responsible for more than $60,000 in stolen merchandise from Lowe's and Home Depot stores
A 30-year-old Anaheim man suspected of stealing more than $30,000 in merchandise from Lowe's Hardware stores in Chino Hills, La Habra and Anaheim was arrested July 27, according to the Chino Hills Police Department. Huy Nguyen is being held on $75,000 bail at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga on suspicion of burglary, grand theft and petty theft of retail merchandise, San Bernardino County jail records show. Chino Hills police were called by loss prevention officers at Lowe's about the same man committing a series of thefts, Sgt. Randy Naquin said. "Information was provided for numerous thefts in Chino Hills, La Habra and Anaheim," the sergeant said. "Detectives conducted an investigation in collaboration with the La Habra and Anaheim police departments." Their investigation revealed the suspect may be responsible for more than $60,000 in stolen merchandise from Lowe's and Home Depot stores. Chino Hills police arrested Mr. Nguyen at 9 p.m. at his home in the 1600 block of Inez Way in Anaheim. championnewspapers.com

Ocala, FL: Multi-county theft ring busted with 4 arrests in Lowe's parking lot
Officials from several law enforcement agencies took four men into custody on Friday and broke up what they called a theft ring. Ocala Police Department officials said the auto burglary ring has been ongoing for a couple of months. The four people were detained by authorities from the Hillsborough, Osceola and Marion County Sheriff's Offices, along with officers from the OPD. They were arrested in the parking lot of Lowe's off State Road 200 (3535 SW 36th Ave.) shortly after 9 a.m. Police officials said they've been watching the group, which travels in two minivans. Group members were waiting on an unsuspecting victim to park their vehicle and go into the store. As soon as that happened, the group got out and attempted to break into the vehicle. Authorities were there to nab them. According to law enforcement officials, the group follows people to banks and watches them withdraw cash. They then follow the person and wait until they park. Once the victim exited his or her vehicle, the group breaks into the vehicle and steals the money. ocala.com

Suspected serial con artist with local ties arrested again; pretended to be a Walmart manager
A suspected serial con artist was recently arrested after she once again pretended to be a Walmart manager in order to steal cash. Jamie Brown, 38, is accused of pretending to be a Beltline Walmart manager on July 24 and convincing a new employee to hand her cash. Alabama's Mobile Police said that Brown told the new employee she was doing a money drop and needed all the large bills in the employee's drawer. Police said that Brown walked out of the store after she was given the cash. She was arrested two days later.

This is not the first time allegations of this nature have come against Brown, who is from Thibodaux. She currently has a warrant out of Scott County, Mississippi for grand larceny. In 2018, Hammond Police put out a be on the lookout for a woman pretending to be a manager at a Walmart there. Police said she cleaned out a cashier after asking for the cash to make a deposit and then drove away with the money.

In 2019, St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office detectives said Brown performed the same con locally at the Boutte Walmart. A month later in St. Mary Parish, investigators said Brown stole $3,000 through a scam at a store there. At the time of the felony theft investigation in St. Charles Parish, St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne said Brown approached a cashier on Oct. 20, 2019 and identified herself as a store manager. "Brown then instructed the cashier to perform a till drop, which is a common procedure," Champagne said. "The cashier then relinquished a large sum of money to Brown before Brown fled the store." Brown has turned herself in to St. Charles Parish authorities in 2019 and was arrested accordingly. heraldguide.com

Ocala Man Convicted Of Wire Fraud In Relation To Resale Of Wireless Communications Plans
A federal jury in Gainesville has convicted Justin Lewis, 38, of Ocala, Florida of six counts of wire fraud.

Between September 2015, and February 2018, Lewis engaged in a scheme to defraud a wireless carrier by obtaining unlimited cellular data lines through fraudulent means and reselling them to the public for a 1500% mark-up. During most of this time-period, unlimited plans were not widely available to the public. When his actions were discovered, Lewis made false representations to the carrier, created new companies in other people's names, and submitted altered documentation to conceal his activities. Finally, he used a technique to manipulate the carrier's customer website portal to obtain unlimited data for free through accounts he had opened in other people's names. Lewis faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison for the wire fraud offenses. justice.gov

NJ Fraud Gang Member Pleads Guilty Along With His 5 Other Gang Members
Essex County Man Admits Unlawfully Possessing Firearm & Conspiring to Defraud Banks of Over $250,000 Using Stolen Credit Cards and Blank Checks
Tamir Duval, 22, of Newark, pleaded guilty to one count of illegal possession of a firearm, and to an information charging him with conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

The credit cards and blank checks were stolen from various New Jersey-based postal facilities and never reached their intended recipients. Duval and his conspirators use the credit cards and checks to make unauthorized purchases at various retail stores and withdraw cash from automated teller machines (ATMs) in New Jersey and elsewhere.

Five of Duval's conspirators - Nasheed Jackson, Alexander Varice, Dashawn Duncan, Allen Varice, and Qshaun Brown-Guinyard - previously pleaded guilty to their roles in the scheme and have been sentenced or are awaiting sentencing. He faces 30 years for fraud charges and 10 years for the weapon charge. justice.gov

Cleveland, OH: Fleeing Kohl's shoplifter arrested for $2,600 felony theft and crashing into a bystander's vehicle

Gainesville, FL: Virginia man arrested in Gainesville for repeatedly stealing over $1000 of sunglasses and reselling them

Menomonee Falls, WI: Suspect sought in $850 felony retail theft from Home Depot

Warren, OH: Howland Police investigating string of Home Depot thefts

Waupun, WI: police identify 1 of 3 suspects in coordinated hardware theft

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Shootings & Deaths

Memphis, TN: Man shot to death in parking lot of east Memphis Kroger, police charge 54-year-old Security Guard
According to the Memphis Police Department, 54-year-old Gregory Livingston has been charged with second degree murder. Memphis Police say a man is dead after a shooting in the parking lot of an east Memphis Kroger. Officers were called to the scene sometime before 8:00 p.m. Saturday to the Kroger Fuel Center in the 6600 block of Poplar Avenue. They found one man dead at the scene. Investigators have not yet said what led to the shooting. No suspect information has been released.  Investigators said the security guard shot the man after getting into an argument over how loud the victim was playing his music in his car. localmemphis.com

Dallas, TX: 7-Eleven Clerk Charged With Murder For Shooting Thieves
Texas 7-11 Clerk Delon Johnson tried to stop a pair of thieves and now he's facing murder charges. Police say 23-year-old Delon Johnson shot two thieves who were attempting to steal beer from the Dallas store. One of the men died. Johnson told police two men stole beer from the convenience store and he followed them into the parking lot. When he demanded they return the items, they refused. Johnson then shot them and called 9-1-1. Officers found one man shot in a vehicle about a mile away from the store. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. The second man is still at large. Texas police arrested Johnson and charged him with murder. wfaa.com

Atlanta, GA: Police investigate deadly shooting at Buckhead restaurant, lounge
Police are investigating a late-night shooting in Buckhead that left one man dead. Police said the shooting occurred near Hide, a restaurant and lounge on Roswell Road in Atlanta. Police said a man with a gunshot wound was rushed to a local hospital. He died of his injuries, police said. Police responded at around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night to the establishment at 3186 Roswell Road. Police have not made any arrests in the case.  fox5atlanta.com

Hemet, CA: Man fatally shot by Security Guard after attack near restaurant
A 30-year-old man was shot and killed by a security guard in Hemet near a fast food restaurant Friday night, Aug. 6. The 43-year-old security guard tried to speak with a man behind the restaurant, who the guard believed had just relieved himself at a tree in view of drive-thru customers, Hemet police Lt. Nate Miller said. Instead, the man rushed the security guard and attacked him, Miller said. The guard then shot the man, who died at the scene.

Police responded about 11:45 p.m. to the parking lot of the restaurant in the 2000 block of East Florida Avenue, Miller said. The security guard admitted shooting the man and was treated for cuts and contusions suffered during the confrontation, Miller said. He was not in custody as of 9 a.m. Saturday. Police were interviewing the guard and witnesses as well as reviewing surveillance video from the area, Miller said.  dailybulletin.com

Fresno, CA: River Park Security Guards uninjured after theft suspects shoot at them, police investigating
A theft at the River Park Old Navy store ended in a shooting nearby. Fresno police said security guards tracked down the suspect vehicle and that's when shots rang out. It happened around 5:30 Friday evening. Fresno police say security was following up on the theft at Old Navy when they tracked down the suspect vehicle, a silver Honda CR-V, on Abby St. "The occupants of that vehicle fired several rounds at the security guards that were in their vehicle," said Lt. Paul Cervantes with the Fresno Police Dept. The security guards were not injured, but their vehicle was hit.

Fresno Police were called and officers rushed to the scene. "Fortunately for us, the security system at the River Park shopping center is very good. We were able to obtain video surveillance footage that yielded a license plate," said Lt. Cervantes. Undercover officers surrounded the home until a woman who matched the description of one of the suspects left in the suspect vehicle. Officers pulled her over at a nearby Walmart and detained her as they continued their investigation. Back at the house, officers called out two men who were inside and detained them as well. Police believe one of those men is the second suspect who was involved in the theft and shooting. abc30.com

Macon, GA: Man charged with firing shot at Macon's Shoppes at River Crossing
A Macon man faces a charge of aggravated assault after reportedly firing a shot into the ground at Macon's Shoppes at River Crossing. According to a news release, it happened just before 4 p.m. Saturday in the parking lot near the H&M store. Witnesses told deputies that 26-year-old Terrence Harris got into an argument with his girlfriend. Investigators say Harris fired a shot into the ground as she tried to leave. Deputies searched for Harris, with help from Georgia State Patrol troopers. and found him about an hour later across Riverside Drive, near the Mattress Firm. No one was hurt. Harris was arrested and taken to the Bibb County jail where he was charged with aggravated assault and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers. No bond has been set. The shot and the law-enforcement response startled both shoppers and business people on a busy Saturday afternoon. H&M and other stores nearby were briefly locked down as officers searched for the shooter, and the nearby Hobby Lobby was evacuated. A state patrol helicopter also flew overhead as officers searched for the shooter. 13wmaz.com

Harris County, TX: Innocent bystander shot outside NW Harris County Kroger
Gunfire from a nearby domestic dispute wounded an innocent driver overnight outside a northwest Harris County grocery store. It happened around midnight at a Kroger in the 9100 block of West Sam Houston Tollway. The victim was inside a vehicle in the parking lot when someone fired a gun during a fight nearby, authorities said. The bullet pierced the man's vehicle, critically injuring him. abc13.com

Dover, DE: Suspect sought in Royal Farms shooting
Dover police have a victim, but no suspect yet after a Sunday-morning shooting in a convenience store. Two men were fighting in the Royal Farms store at 295 South DuPont Highway around 2 a.m. when when a shot rang out and everyone left. While officers were at Royal Farms investigating the incident, the shooting victim arrived at Bayhealth Kent General Hospital in a private car--he'd been wounded in the right hip. The victim told police the suspect randomly confronted him in the store, but there's no description or surveillance photo of the suspect. wdel.com

Lower Nazareth, PA: 1 Dead, 1 Injured After Shooting In Parking Lot Of Target Store
One person is dead following a shoot-out between two cars in a Target parking lot in Lower Nazareth, a suburb outside Philadelphia.  pittsburgh.cbslocal.com

Louisville, KY: Woman charged with murder after man killed in Wilder Park neighborhood C-Store shooting

St. Martinville, LA: 19-year-old shot and killed during Friday argument at convenience store

Norfolk, VA: Local business owners react after 4 men injured, 1 critical, following overnight shooting on Granby St.


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Large Scale Crime Happens Throughout the Entire Retail Supply Chain
Your retailer could have been selling his fish

Alaskan Fisherman Mislabeled $13.5M in Fish Gets 6 Months Fed Prison,
$1M Fine, 126 Days Halfway House, & 80 Hours Community Service

James Aaron Stevens, 47, an experienced commercial fisherman, owner and operator of F/V Alaskan Star and F/V Southern Seas, falsely reported where he harvested 903,208 pounds of individual fishing quota (IFQ) halibut and sablefish. Taken together, the halibut and sablefish that Stevens falsely reported had an approximate dock value of $4,522,210 and market value of $13,566,630. Stevens sold the falsely labeled fish caught during these trips, which were, or were intended to be, transported in interstate and foreign commerce. Stevens committed this offense over the course of 26 fishing trips spanning four IFQ fishing seasons (2014-2017).

"Fishing is at the heart of Alaska and we must all strive to protect this important resource. Criminals who violate the Lacy Act for their own personal gain harm both the resource itself and those who either depend on it for their livelihood or their subsistence lifestyle," said Acting U.S. Attorney Bryan Wilson. justice.gov

Greenbelt, MD: Ex-Security Supervisor Pleads Guilty to Bank Fraud Scheme Using the Stolen ID Information of Coworkers & Job Applicants From His Company
Ricardo Carter II, age 37, of Camp Springs, Maryland, pleaded guilty yesterday to federal charges of bank fraud and aggravated identity theft, in connection with a check kiting and credit scheme using the stolen identity information of coworkers and job applicants to open fraudulent bank and credit accounts, causing more than $119,000 in losses to victim financial institutions.

The guilty plea was announced by Acting United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Jonathan F. Lenzner and Special Agent in Charge Bo Keane of the United States Secret Service - Baltimore Field Office.

According to his guilty plea agreement, from January 2015 to December 2017, Carter used stolen names, date of births, and social security numbers to open fraudulent bank accounts at financial institutions in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. He then used the fraudulently opened accounts to execute fraud schemes. justice.gov

Security guard charged in dog attack outside of New Jersey restaurant
A security guard whose dog bit a man outside a New Jersey restaurant has been charged with aggravated assault, prosecutors said. Steven T. Rudy, 33, was charged Wednesday in the July 29 incident at Adelphia Restaurant in Deptford, where he was working as a private security guard during an encounter with Khalif Hunter, 26, the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office said. A 15-second clip posted on Facebook shows a portion of the heated confrontation between Rudy and Hunter, who starts yelling at security staffers surrounding him after getting up from a curb. nypost.com

Newark, NJ: Man Who Broke NJ Mall Security Guard's Nose During Shoplifting Incident Sought By Police

Montgomery, AL: Convicted Felon Sentenced For Illegally Possessing A Firearm During A Geneva Pawn Shop Burglary

Florence, SC: Woman 'hamburglar' wanted for cracking safe at SC Burger King while wearing uniform

Missoula, MT: Butte man admits Armed Robberies of three businesses

Newark, NJ: Essex County Man Sentenced to 110 Months in Prison for Participating in Armed Robbery Spree

Boulder, CO: Former owner of Boulder liquor store takes plea deal in $100K embezzlement case

Martinsburg, WV: Illinois women indicted on counterfeit charges, facing 5 years and $250,000 fine

Wenatchee, WA: Prolific burglar sentenced to more than 18 years in Wenatchee Valley firearm thefts

Charlotte, NC: Catawba County Man Is Sentenced To 13 ½ Years For Robbing Two Hickory Area Businesses At Gunpoint




Adult - Baton Rouge, LA - Robbery
Beauty -El Paso, TX - Burglary
C-Store - Kennewick, WA - Robbery
CVS - Kansas City, MO - Armed Robbery
Clothing - Fresno, CA- Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Kershaw County, SC- Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Lehigh Acres, FL - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Pine Forest, FL - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Jefferson City, MO - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Columbus, OH - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Leesburg, FL - Robbery
Gas Station - Coral Springs, FL - Robbery
Gas Station - Philadelphia, PA - Robbery
Gas Station - Philadelphia, PA - Robbery
Guns - Eau Claire, WI - Burglary
Hardware - Rutland, VT - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Orland Park, IL - Robbery
Jewelry - Las Cruces, NM - Robbery
Jewelry - Puyallup, WA - Burglary
Jewelry - Rapid City, SD - Robbery
Jewelry - Auburn, WA - Burglary
Jewelry - Brandon, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Indianapolis, IN - Robbery
Jewelry - Sanford, NC - Robbery
Jewelry - Dublin, OH - Robbery
Jewelry - Ontario , CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Muncie, IN - Robbery
Liquor - Theodosia, MO - Burglary
Nike - Ventura County, CA - Robbery
Pawn - Decatur, IL - Burglary
Pharmacy - Fort White, FL - Robbery
Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA - Robbery
Restaurant Florence, SC - Burglary (Burger King)
Restaurant - Beekman, NY - Burglary
Restaurant - Mokena, IL - Armed Robbery (Burger King)
7-Eleven - Denver, CO - Robbery
7-Eleven - Calvert County, MD - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Suffolk County, NY - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Chesterfield County, VA - Robbery
7-Eleven - Bridgeton, NJ - Robbery
7-Eleven - San Diego, CA - Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 33 robberies
• 8 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Chad Lovan named Asset Protection & Safety Manager for Lowe's Companies, Inc.

Pierre Simon, CFI named Executive Team Leader Asset Protection
for Target

Justina Reading, CFE, CFI named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for SPARC Group LLC

Deb Brown, LPC, ACA named Loss Prevention Specialist for Amazon

Shawn Decker named People Resource Business Partner for Optiv

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Area Loss Prevention Manager
Pittsburgh, PA and/or Cleveland, OH - posted July 30
Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence.

District Loss Prevention Manager
Chicago South / Illinois Central - posted July 28
The District Loss Prevention Manager develops and implements the Loss Prevention program for 6 -15 selling locations. The DLPM is responsible for driving results through achievement of goals related to inventory shortage, budget lines, cash variance and operational compliance...

Regional Manager LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance
Indianapolis, IN - posted July 21
The Central Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory and the company's Distribution Centers. Investigate and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets...

Senior AP Operations Manager, Supply Chain
Albany, OR - posted July 14
As a Senior Assets Protection Operations Manager (SAPOM), you'll manage a multi-level team comprised of both exempt AP leaders and non-exempt AP Security Specialists responsible for the execution of Assets Protection routines and initiatives to support secure environments and protect Target's profitability...

Field Loss Prevention Manager
Chicago, IL - posted July 9
Manages and coordinates Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations. Conducts investigations in conjunction with Human resources involving Workplace violence and Ethics...

Asset Protection Coordinator
Rochester, NH - posted June 17
Preventing and deterring theft and limiting the loss of company assets in the stores through best-in-class service, healthy business partnerships, profit analysis, and investigations. Oversee and complete Asset Protection Department responsibilities including but not limited to internal theft investigations, external theft investigations, and physical security...

Asset Protection Coordinator
York, ME - posted June 17
Preventing and deterring theft and limiting the loss of company assets in the stores through best-in-class service, healthy business partnerships, profit analysis, and investigations. Oversee and complete Asset Protection Department responsibilities including but not limited to internal theft investigations, external theft investigations, and physical security...


Asset Protection Coordinator
Dover, NH - posted June 17
Preventing and deterring theft and limiting the loss of company assets in the stores through best-in-class service, healthy business partnerships, profit analysis, and investigations. Oversee and complete Asset Protection Department responsibilities including but not limited to internal theft investigations, external theft investigations, and physical security...


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