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July's Moving Ups

31 New Senior LP's - 22 Promotions - 9 Appointments

Belk promoted Pamela Velose to Vice President of Asset Protection/Safety & Operations Process
Books A Million and 2nd and Charles promoted Joey Lawrence, CFI to Senior Corporate LP Manager
Carvana named Bret Graddy Senior Manager Field Asset Protection
Casey's General Stores named Larry Carroll Vice President, Asset Protection
Dollar Tree named Leo Anguiano, LPC VP of Asset Protection
Domino's named Matthew Toso Director of Safety & Security/Loss Prevention
FaceFirst promoted Dwayne Letcher Healy to Vice President - Strategic Partnerships
FaceFirst promoted Dyan Clancy to Vice President of Sales
Festival Foods promoted Jackie Johnson, LPC to Asset and Profit Protection Director
Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana promoted Randall Thomas, LPC to Director of LP & Safety
Macy's promoted Joe Kinsey to National Director - Organized Retail Crime - Investigations
Macy's promoted Gary Kinsey, CFI to Senior Investigations Manager
Macy's promoted Bryan Frohn to Manager, Asset Protection Operations, External/ORC & Investigations
Macy's promoted Laura Papa to Senior Manager, Life Safety
MAPCO Express named Melissa Mitchell, CFI, LPC Director of Asset Protection
Nordstrom promoted Andrew Marrero to Program Manager - LP Systems & Infrastructure
Paradies Lagardère promoted Chris Rathgeb to Vice President of AP & Safety Risk Management
Parker's named Ryan Dzwigalski, CFI, LPC Director of Loss Prevention
Party City promoted Ehab Zahran, CFI to Senior Director Enterprise Asset Protection and Safety
Pep Boys promoted George Burns to Assistant Vice President of Loss Prevention & Safety
PetSmart promoted Meredith Plaxco, LPC to Vice President, Loss Prevention and Safety
PetSmart promoted Melanie Millaway, CFI to Director, Investigations and Security
Protos Security Hires Nathaniel Shaw as Chief Executive Officer
RILA promoted Lisa LaBruno, Esq. to Senior EVP of Retail Operations & Innovation
Ross Stores promoted Courtney Meek to Director of LP Operations
Ross Stores promoted Tunde Adekunle to Director of Investigations
Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th promoted Patrick McEvoy to DVP, Asset Protection
Salesforce named Keith White Global Chief Security & Safety Officer
T-Mobile promoted Lekiya Manzo, CFI to Director, Asset Protection
T-Mobile named Michael Noss Sr. Manager - Corporate Investigations
Walmart promoted Chris Sacramone, LPC to Asset Protection Operations Lead

See All the Executives 'Moving Up' Here   |   Submit Your New Corporate Hires/Promotions or New Position



'Retail America - the Opioid Epidemic's Silent Victim.'

Let's Pass INFORM Act

The D&D Daily's Call to Action Program Starts Monday
Let's Get INFORM Passed & On Trump's Desk

This is Your Bill - Your Opportunity - Your Obligation

With the INFORM Act currently being considered in both Houses the retail industry has a unique opportunity to almost eradicate the biggest legalized fencing operation in history. As in many regards Amazon marketplace along with other market places represents the largest fencing operation in the world.

All of which are fueling and enabling the nations opioid epidemic. As 'Retail America is the Opioid Epidemic's Silent Victim.'

With virtually every law enforcement officer involved in the ORC effort will testify to the fact, that ORC in their respective areas is almost solely driven by the opioid epidemic crushing this nation and spiking now during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to recent reports.

And our industry, which carry's the torch in this fight, has an obligation right now to get involved, get your retail executive leadership involved and communicate support for the two bills at each step during its journey through the congressional processes. As it won't be easy and there will be opposition i assure you.

As the last time we were in a similar fight in Congress, which was being driven by Joe LaRocca when he was VP LP at the NRF, we got very close to being enacted. The issue then was, which we found out a few years after the loss, that the National Flea Market Association immediately built a lobbying effort to specifically counter the bill that would have required their vendors to prove purchase of goods.

This lobbying effort, totally non-existent prior to the bill, had an impact. The degree to which is unknown even today. However just take a look at their current lobbying team and you'll see a strong effort.

And Amazon has a significant lobbying arm very well established and already in the game. So we need every retailer in America sending letters, emails, and calling their elected officials. Remember this is your bill. It's your opportunity to make an impact on over a $30 billion problem and in the process save some lives and make a difference.

Next week you'll have the details, contact info, and supporting evidence as we build a tool box for you to use. In the meantime, if anyone has suggestions, input, and wants to lend their time or data please email us and let's go win this battle. Thanks. -Gus Downing

Will Anything Really Change?

Bezos Admits To Serious Issues For Retail Brands In Antitrust Inquiry.
What Will Change?
In 2017 I purchased a Macbook Air laptop from Amazon. Nearly a year later, a university campus police officer contacted my company, asserting that the laptop was stolen property and needed to be returned to the campus. After a frustrating initial experience with Amazon customer service I was eventually directed to their executive relations team who reviewed the police documentation carefully and promptly refunded me.

I had unwittingly purchased stolen goods from Amazon.

The fact that Amazon occasionally sells stolen goods was one of the many topics brought before Jeff Bezos today at the House Antitrust Subcommittee hearing. Bezos had satisfying answers to some questions, and admitted he didn't know about some fairly critical issues. Here's a summary of the key issues identified for brands selling on (or to) Amazon, and what the company is likely to do about them.

1. Amazon has used seller data to launch competing private-label products

Unfortunately, this is not clear that the inquiry will really change much.

2. Counterfeit goods are a known issue. Who should bear the cost of resolving it?

It was posed to Bezos that Amazon makes money from sales of counterfeit goods on its site. He responded that this is true "Only in the short term. I would rather lose a sale than lose a customer."

Is it fair for Amazon to stick this responsibility with brands, when it has arguably facilitated the ugly situation many brands are in?

3. Amazon is the 'only game in town' for many small businesses

4. Un-checked seller identities can lead to sales of stolen goods and counterfeits

Connected with the concern around stolen goods is how rigorously Amazon verifies seller identity. This was not information that Bezos could comment on. This month, Amazon announced they would publish seller contact information on its site. (something I have personally pushed for) But this is only as good as how accurate we know the information to be. Sellers can easily setup a fake address, but if Amazon needs to verify it (through mailout, phone call, desk research, etc), everyone can have more confidence that bad actors will be initially deterred and eventually caught.

What Amazon will do now

Bezos committed to following up on several topics related to regaining brand trust, including:

- If Amazon requires a phone number from sellers, and how does Amazon actually verify name, address, and phone number of sellers.
- Providing the outcomes of the internal investigation into non-public aggregate sales data being used to develop Amazon private label brands.

- Investigate the claim from Popsockets that Amazon only took care of counterfeiters after committing $2M in ad spend on Amazon.

In Bezos' opening testimony, he said that trust from consumers is critical to the success of the Amazon, and that the company is committed to "making principled decisions even when they are unpopular". I would consider all of the items above worthy of having more ethical principles applied to them. Is that comment purely lip-service, or something that Bezos believes in? As it stands, Amazon has a lot of homework to do to regain the trust of retail brands and sellers.

Editor's Note: Bezos, according to his own words, only committed to answering the concerns/questions and working with law enforcement (in yesterday's article). When pressed by another representative, however, it was unclear as to what he actually was committing to. See yesterday's Daily for that full story and the actual video segment or watch here.

Report from ECR Retail Loss Group and Genetec:
Academic-Led Report Calls for Retailers to Adopt
More Strategic Use of Video Analytics

ECR Retail Loss Group reports retailers should rethink their near $2B annual spend on video as an integrated business tool rather than just a security blanket

Report recommends creation of video tech 'Tsar' to ensure overarching strategy and better organization-wide adoption

A new ECR report, authored by Professor Emeritus Adrian Beck of the University of Leicester, calls for retailers to leverage video analytics more strategically, to control costs, improve operations and increase profitability. Commissioned by the ECR Retail Loss Group and supported by an independent research grant from Genetec Inc. ("Genetec"), a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, the report offers practical advice for retailers on extracting maximum value from their video surveillance systems.

The report, 'Reviewing the use of video technologies in retail' is drawn from in-depth interviews and site visits with representatives from 22 retailers based in the US and Europe. These include some of the largest retailers in the world, with collective sales of over $1 trillion - equivalent to approximately 12% of the total US and European retail market.

The report summarizes the ways in which video systems in general, and video analytics in particular, are being deployed across retail businesses, including their use by legal teams for health and safety compliance, and monitoring slip, trip, and fall incidents. It also covers business intelligence applications - such as improving customer service through better staff response times and product availability; generating heat maps and customer dwell times; people counting and queue monitoring; delivery alerts; and improving pick accuracy. Given the need to extract value from across the organization, a key recommendation of the research is the appointment of a video 'Tsar' with overall responsibility for the strategic oversight of video systems deployed across the business.

Adrian Beck, Professor Emeritus at the University of Leicester and author of the report commented: "While video technologies have been used in some form or other in retailing for over 40 years, the research found few examples of retailers where its role, purpose, and capability to contribute to business success was clearly articulated. Video analytics is a technology with a broad-ranging and rapidly evolving capability, but what seems clear from this research is the need for explicit leadership, greater application across retail functions, improved integration of video technologies with existing systems, and better alignment of video system design with organizational objectives."

"Video has over the years become an even more indispensable tool for the whole business, not just the security team," said Scott Draher, VP Asset Protection and Safety at Lowes. "This landmark report provides an essential guide to asset protection and loss prevention leaders on how to proactively manage video, and the data it creates. It not only promotes ways of applying critical thinking to the use of video analytics, but most importantly clears the path on ways they can start to shape a company-wide approach that enshrines video as more than just a tool for security, but an asset for the whole company."

Click here to download the report.

COVID Update

US: Over 4.6M Cases - 155K Dead - 2.2M Recovered
Worldwide: Over 17.5M Cases - 678K Dead - 11M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 154+   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 71
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Kroger Ranks #9 Overall in Axios Harris Poll
Kroger Ranked Top Performer in 2 Measures in Axios Harris Poll 100

"Best on COVID" & "Best on racial equality"

"The dual crises of COVID-19 and racial injustice have only accelerated Kroger's long-standing commitment to supporting our associates, customers and communities," said Keith Dailey, Kroger's group vice president of corporate affairs and chief communications and sustainability officer. "Kroger's inclusion in the top 10 for the first time on the Axios Harris Poll 100 is a testament to our associates rising to meet the moment by living our purpose, and to our leaders for their commitment to deepening ESG integration in our business." prnewswire.com

The Axios Harris Poll 100 is based on a survey of 34,026 Americans in a nationally representative sample. The two-step process starts fresh each year by surveying the public's top-of-mind awareness of companies that either excel or falter in society. These 100 "most visible companies" are then ranked by a second group of Americans across the seven key dimensions of reputation to arrive at the ranking. In 2020, the survey was conducted twice - before and after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
See the Poll

3. Amazon
4. Publix
6. Wegmans
7. Costco
9. Kroger
10. UPS

Lowe's COVID-19 Response
3 ways Lowe's protects shoppers, employees and products

The retailer took a proactive approach before the pandemic hit the U.S.

In late June, NRF hosted a webinar, "Pandemic Playbook: Protecting your shoppers, employees and products during the pandemic." The event, previewing some of the topics to be discussed during NRF PROTECT ALL ACCESS in September, featured Scott Draher, vice president of asset protection and safety at Lowe's Companies, and Hitha Herzog, chief research officer at H Squared Research LLC.

The conversation between Draher and Herzog delved into Lowe's nimble response to the COVID-19 pandemic as the Lowe's team shifted from running a normal retail business to being deemed "essential" - a designation imbued with new priorities and challenges. Draher and his team leveraged the company's long-standing culture of safety to quickly put new procedures in place; familiar processes were revamped with the security of employees and customers at the forefront of every decision.

Draher outlined the proactive approach adopted by the Mooresville, N.C., retail chain weeks prior to the pandemic. "A crisis support team began exploring actions we could take before COVID took root in the U.S.," he said. "That group was augmented by a cros nrf.coms-functional task force including safety, supply chain, merchandising and facilities that met twice a day to create a plan, implement needed changes and provide guidance and support." nrf.com

  Lowe's commits another $100M to employee bonuses as Covid-19 cases climb

Stop turning retail workers into mask police, union leader says

'Security guards, not retail workers, should be responsible for enforcing mask rules'

As more major U.S. retailers require their customers to wear masks, a growing number of store employees are being confronted by unruly and sometimes violent customers who refuse to comply. Now, the head of the largest union representing retail workers said businesses have unfairly burdened their employees with enforcing mask-wearing policies, to the detriment of workers and customers alike.

Employers bear the responsibility to provide a safe workplace, said
Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, who called for companies to hire security staffers to enforce a store's mask policies or task members of management with the role.

"Employees should not be expected to put their safety and their life on the line for the employer. That's an unreasonable expectation," Appelbaum told The Washington Post on Thursday.

Appelbaum said some stores appear more worried about inconveniencing customers than about public health and called the lax enforcement coupled with the burden on workers "outrageous."

"I think retailers make the mistake that they are going to alienate customers by telling them they have to wear a mask and that it's bad for business," he said. "Not creating a safe environment is worse for business." washingtonpost.com

Workplaces Failing to Protect Workers
First Wave of Covid-19 Lawsuits Filed Against Companies Over Worker Deaths

Walmart, Safeway, Tyson among companies sued for negligence, wrongful deaths

Employers across the country are being sued by the families of workers who contend their loved ones contracted lethal cases of Covid-19 on the job, a new legal front that shows the risks of reopening workplaces.
Walmart Inc., Safeway Inc., Tyson Foods Inc. and some health-care facilities have been sued for gross negligence or wrongful death since the coronavirus pandemic began unfolding in March.
Employees' loved ones contend the companies failed to protect workers from the deadly virus and should compensate their family members as a result. Workers who survived the virus also are suing to have medical bills, future earnings and other damages paid out.

In responding to the lawsuits, employers have said they took steps to combat the virus, including screening workers for signs of illness, requiring they wear masks, sanitizing workspaces and limiting the number of customers inside stores. Some point out that it is impossible to know where or how their workers contracted Covid-19, particularly as it spreads more widely across the country. wsj.com

White House willing to cut a stimulus deal without 'liability shield'
The White House is willing to cut a deal with Democrats that leaves out Senate Republican legislation aimed at protecting employers, hospitals and schools from coronavirus-related lawsuits, according to two people with knowledge of internal White House planning. The White House wants and is pushing for the "liability shield" as a top priority but would be willing to sign off on a deal that lacks the legal protections, those people said. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) controls the Senate floor and could shoot down any deal that leaves out what he has said is a necessary component of any stimulus package. washingtonpost.com

Homeland Security Officers Reportedly Told They Are Not Liable For 'Incidentally' Gassing Journalists

Walmart and The Post Covid-19 Future of Retail RFID

By Tony D'Onofrio, Global Retail Influencer

Welcome to 2020, a surreal year that actually had a strong start for both RFID and the retail industry. In January, a stock market analyst announced that Walmart was launching an apparel RFID item-level tagging program later in the year.

In the first two months of this year, the USA retail industry grew +6.2%, and except for department stores, all sectors had strong positive growth. Grocery, convenience, mass merchandisers / warehouse clubs, and restaurants registered 5%+ growth. Even laggard apparel grew 3.8%.

Then COVID-19 arrived with its substantial headwinds especially for those retailers classified as non-essential. Through June 2020, in the two sectors that near term are most important to RFID --department stores & specialty soft goods-- retail sales are down -19.5% and -39.3% respectively. According to the IHL Group, both of these sectors will not recover to 2019 levels until 2023 at best.

How did we end 2019 in RFID adoption? What's the impact of COVID-19? What is the future of retail RFID in a post pandemic world?  Read more here

The Secret to Managing the Walmart Supply Chain,
One of the Most Effective Supply Chains in the World

Holding $32 billion in inventory, Walmart's supply chain is often touted as one of the most effective in the world and a major contributor to the organization's operational success. Though Amazon is now the world's largest retailer, Walmart remains a significant challenger in second place and has been known to outmaneuver Amazon in terms of supply-chain strategy.

Walmart's mission is to help people save money and live better. In practical terms, this means seeking out more efficient supply chain strategies so savings can be passed along to the customer.

Data Sharing - Bargaining Power - Warehousing Efficiency - Technology - What's Next for Walmart? | Read more here: thomasnet.com

Sandy Springs, GA: Appeals Court Upholds City's Controversial Ordinance Fining Security Companies for False Alarms
The U.S. Court of Appeals' Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta has upheld an ordinance in Sandy Springs, Ga., that allows the city to levy fines on alarm companies for false alarms at properties they service. The ongoing legal battle dates back to March 2018 when Georgia Electronic Life Safety & System Association joined Safecom Security Solutions and Acom Security Co. in suing the city. The legal challenge, organized by the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), claimed the true purpose of the ordinance is simply to generate revenue and that the law has no reasonable relationship to any legitimate governmental interest.

Sandy Springs has a population of approximately 107,000 and is located 16 miles north of Atlanta. The latest iteration of city's controversial alarm verification ordinance went into effect in June 2019. Since then, alarm companies have been required to verify home and business intrusion alarms by using audio, video or in-person verification before notifying 911. Police are not responding to any incidents without verification of a crime, and alarm companies are paying steep fines for false alarms triggered within the city limits. securitysales.com

Iowa Law Shields Alarm Dealers From False Alarm Fines
The Iowa governor recently signed statewide legislation that prohibits fines from being imposed on alarm companies for false alarms caused by their customers. The law, part of a larger appropriations bill, was hailed as a victory for installing security contractors by the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), which credited Per Mar Security for its efforts in getting the legislation enacted.

"We can't emphasize enough how important this legislation is for the dealers in Iowa, and across the United States. It's a major positive step for our entire industry," SIAC wrote in a recent blog announcing the legislation, which took effect June 30. securitysales.com

TJX Agrees to $341.5M Class Action Settlement With Asst. Store Managers
The parent companies of T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods have agreed to pay $31.5 million to settle class action claims brought by assistant store managers under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and New York labor law alleging they were improperly classified as exempt and denied overtime (Roberts, et al. v. The TJX Companies, Inc., et al., No. 1:13-cv-13142 (D. Mass. July 7, 2020)).

Attorneys for the plaintiffs called the recovery "a truly excellent result," saying that it is the "second largest wage and hour settlement in the First Circuit in terms of total dollars." The 1,900 current and former assistant store managers will receive a settlement payment based on the number of weeks, among other factors, they worked for the defendants in Marshalls, HomeGoods and combination stores, according to court documents. hrdive.com

Lowe's boosts pandemic assistance to nearly $600M - bonus to support frontline associates

Nordstrom is laying off workers and cutting hours and wages for those who remain

Nike Cuts 500 at HQ

Dunkin' may close 800 stores

California Pizza Kitchen files for Chapter 11

Designer Brands cuts about 380 corporate jobs, 700 store roles

Women's apparel retailer Coldwater Creek shuts down

Luxury Market Takes Huge Hit in Q2; Down 42.2%

Quarterly Results
LVMH Q2 revenue down 38%
Kering Q2 sales down 43.7%
Hermes Q2 sales down 42%
Moncler H1 sales down 29%
Ferragamo Q2 sales down 60%
Under Armor Q2 revenue down 41%

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Fredric Klein, former LP Leader, Passes Away at Age 79

Fredric Klein, age 79 of North Falmouth, MA passed away at Mass General Hospital on Tuesday July 28th after emergency surgery and a valiant fight. Born in Nashua, NH, Fred was a proud graduate of the University of New Hampshire where he met the love of his life, Carolyn.

Fred was a Captain in the United States Air Force in the Office of Special Investigations and worked in Loss Prevention for Big V Supermarkets and Star Market. Fred went on to become Vice President of Loss Prevention at Staples when he was called on by the founder to head their loss prevention department in the early stages of the company. He was a volunteer, a friend, a cousin, a husband, a father, and a grandfather.

Click here to read Fred's full obituary.






PPS Launches Innovative LP App

Swansboro, NC - Product Protection Specialists (PPS), an innovative leader in retail security, is announcing the launch of LP Now, the first-of-its-kind mobile app specifically for Loss Prevention and Asset Protection professionals. The LP Now app allows users to quickly order their product protection supplies using PPS's patented Scan&Protect technology. Simply by scanning a product's UPC, LP/AP professionals gain instant visibility to the precise protection device they need for that particular product. The app also allows users to instantly engage PPS to customize a product protection solution for any high-theft items not yet protected.

"Our technology team has been working relentlessly to finally provide Loss Prevention and Asset Protection professionals the tool they need to be more efficient in the field," said Chris Cox, Chief Executive Officer of PPS. "With the LP Now app downloaded on their mobile devices, field personnel can quickly replenish their stores with protection devices immediately before continuing with their store visit."

In addition to the time-saving benefits of LP Now, users can also stay updated on security-related news with a simple click of the app's LP NEWS button.

"It is essential to the retail industry that their stores and support staff have the proper tools to help them succeed in this post-pandemic landscape. The LP Now app is yet another example of how our laser-focused team prides itself on being the leading provider of innovative protection solutions to meet the everyday challenges LP/AP professionals face," said Cox.

PPS continues to stand ready to meet the needs of retailers and restaurants as we face our new challenges together.

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inc.app.lpnow

Apple iTunes: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lp-now/id1513691286

About PPS - PPS, a veteran-owned and operated company, is committed to providing both consultative services and physical loss prevention technologies to support customer needs. We take pride in our ability to offer effective solutions that address a wide range of loss prevention measures, from multi-purpose to individual custom applications. Our flexibility and experience allow us to dedicate the resources needed to offer a solution that works best for you, particularly where no solution has yet been found. We are focused on enabling retailers to keep more of what matters, thus creating a better shopping experience for your customers, and increasing your overall profitability.





Citizens Are Increasingly Worried About How Companies Use Their Data
With data privacy important to almost every American, more than two-thirds of those surveyed say they don't trust companies to ethically sell their data.

Americans are increasingly concerned with how companies are using their data, with nine out of every 10 citizens wanting the government to take on a greater role in the protection of their information, according to a representative survey conducted by professional services firm KPMG.

The survey of 1,000 respondents in the United States found that nearly every American (97%) considers data privacy to be an important issue, with 87% labeling digital privacy as a human right. Yet more than two-thirds of respondents do not trust companies to ethically sell their information, and more than half do not even trust companies to use their information in an ethical way. darkreading.com

No More Ransom: how 4M victims of ransomware have fought back against hackers

While the world is in the grip of a coronavirus outbreak, another virus is quietly wreaking havoc. Although this virus has been around for years, its cases have been rising alarmingly in the past few months and has brought critical activities such as hospitals and governments to a standstill. This virus is ransomware, but a free scheme called No More Ransom is helping victims fight back without paying the hackers.

Celebrating its fourth anniversary this month, the No More Ransom decryption tool repository has registered since its launch over 4.2 million visitors from 188 countries and has stopped an estimated $ 632 million in ransom demands from ending up in criminals' pockets.

Powered by the contributions of its 163 partners, the portal has added 28 tools in the past year and can now decrypt 140 different types of ransomware infections. The portal is available in 36 languages.

You can consult all the key figures in our dedicated infographic.

How No More Ransom works

No More Ransom is the first public-private partnership of its kind helping victims of ransomware recover their encrypted data without having to pay the ransom amount to cybercriminals.

To do this, simply go to the website nomoreransom.org and follow the Crypto Sheriff steps to help identify the ransomware strain affecting the device. If a solution is available, a link will be provided to download for free the decryption tool. europa.eu


NIST: General Access Control Guidance for Cloud Systems
NIST has published Special Publication (SP) 800-210, General Access Control Guidance for Cloud Systems, which presents an initial step toward understanding security challenges in cloud systems by analyzing the access control (AC) considerations in all three cloud service delivery models. nist.gov

REGISTER TODAY: CISA to Host Third Annual National Cybersecurity Summit

Virtual event will be a series of webinars kicking off Sept. 16

This year, CISA will be doing things a bit differently. The National Cybersecurity Summit will be moving to a virtual format. We are excited to continue the legacy by providing meaningful opportunities to discuss cybersecurity, this time in a virtual environment.

CISA's Third Annual National Cybersecurity Summit will be held as a series of two-hour webinars every Wednesday for four weeks, beginning September 16 and ending October 7. Each week will have a different theme and the presentations will highlight topics relevant to CISA's mission and include keynote speeches and remarks from leadership from across the government and private sector.

This year's themes are:

Sept 16: Key Cyber Insights
Sept 23: Leading the Digital Transformation
Sept 30: Diversity in Cybersecurity
Oct 7: Defending our Democracy

You can now register for the event here. For more information, click here.







Amazon's Q2 sales up 40% to 88.9 billion

Net profit doubled from the year-ago period to a record $5.2 billion.

Amazon is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amazon's paid unit, or products sold on its site, grew 57%, online sales jumped 49%. Amazon Web Services up 29%. Amazon's overseas up 38% to $22.7B. Amazon to spend $2B on COVID-related initiatives this quarter, on top of $4B it spent last quarter. businessinsider.com

With Online Sales Up 30%, Fraudsters Are Taking Advantage
Forter, a company specializing in online fraud detection, has seen a 300% to 500% increase in fraud over the past few months.

As the growth of online and curbside pick-up has grown exponentially since the coronavirus store closures, the volumes of both legitimate users and fraudsters have also increased significantly. Retailers are challenged with creating systemic processes for acquiring the maximum number of new honest customers but insuring that dishonest customers are prevented from engaging in fraudulent activity.

Additionally, as more customers turn to online purchasing, new accounts are being opened. The decline rate for new accounts is 40-50% on average but within those declines are some legitimately desirable customers, so for retailers even a shift of 5% in approvals of valid customers can make a significant difference in terms of customer experience, increased revenue and loyalty.

Curbside pick-up has created an ideal environment for fraud activity

Forter, which processes over $200 billion in online commerce transactions globally, states that as curbside pick-up and contactless delivery increases, an ideal environment is created for fraudsters to take advantage of untracked curbside pick-ups and of packages left at customer residences due to the pandemic-driven discomfort with signing for deliveries. Even some of the "friendly fraud" has increased where customers complain they did not receive a package and then are being reimbursed for items they actually did receive.

Michael Reitblat, Forter's CEO, said, "The challenges with curbside pick-up as compared to shipping items to a customer's residence are: 1) no shipping address, 2) retailers are not able to stop a fraud shipment once it is processed, and 3) there are loopholes allowing customers to potentially pick up goods multiple times." As retail stores closed due to coronavirus and many stores quickly reacted by creating curbside pick-up, the infrastructure to help prevent fraud lagged behind.

According to the Forter Special COVID 19 Fraud Report, with increased consumer traffic, fraudsters look to exploit vulnerable touch points in the shopper journey where fraud prevention measures are not as robust. forbes.com

Walmart's Flipkart to offer 90-minute deliveries in India







Bowie County, TX: Lowe's store robbery case heads for grand jury
AdvertisementThe cases of two men accused of stealing from a local home improvement store in late May and running from police in early June are headed to a Bowie County grand jury. Thomas Earl King Jr., 23, and Martell Devon Johnson, 26, allegedly sped away from Lowe's in Texarkana, Texas, after being confronted May 28 by store employees over some tool and battery kits, according to a probable cause affidavit. King allegedly walked out of the store without paying and showed employees a gun in his waistband before getting in the car.

On June 4, investigators were contacted by staff at Tri-State Pawn Shop in Texarkana. King had allegedly been in the pawn shop attempting to sell tool kits, which were still in their original packaging. The same day, Texarkana, Ark., police attempted to pull the Nissan over but the driver, allegedly Johnson, fled. Texarkana, Texas, police attempted a traffic stop. The car sped away and a pursuit ensued. If indicted for aggravated robbery, the men face five to 99 years or life in prison if convicted. texarkanagazette.com

Rocky Mount, VA: Man charged for stealing $6,000 worth of merchandise from Exchange Milling Company
The Franklin County Sheriff's Office says they have arrested one man in connection to a breaking and entering at the Exchange Milling Company on June 13. According to the sheriff's office, surveillance footage showed a white male entering the store that evening and stealing over $6,000 worth of merchandise. wset.com

Mayfield Heights, OH: Shoplifter tells officers they will have to shoot him
When officers stopped a Walmart shoplifter July 16 near Circle K, he was uncooperative and said he was going to take their guns and they would have to shoot him. He had stolen two backpacks and filled them with Red Bull, earbuds, clothing and food, valued at a total of $590. The Cleveland man, 51, was eventually identified and charged with theft and failure to identify. newsbreak.com

Norton, OH: Update: Woman, 65, sentenced for stealing from Ohio store, using Pit Bulls to attack employee
65-year-old woman has been sentenced in connection with a store robbery and assault on an employee using pit bulls. Linda Snow was sentenced in court on Thursday, according to the Summit County Prosecutor's Office. She previously pleaded guilty to felonious assault. The aggravated robbery charge against her was dropped.

She is expected to spend the next four to six years in prison. On Aug. 16, Snow and her daughter, Jennifer Clark, 38, stole a cart full of food from a market in Akron, Ohio. When an employee tried to confront them in the parking lot, Snow opened the doors of her vehicle and let out three pit bulls. Two of the dogs attacked the employee, who suffered serious injuries. Snow, Clark and Clark's 11-year-old son then drove away with the dogs. myfox8.com

San Diego Organized Retail Crime Alliance Releases July Newsletter
In SDORCA's latest newsletter, see tips for the "new normal," how to identify suspects in an era of mask-wearing, information about upcoming (virtual) meetings, and much more. Read more here

Two Californian's Get 33 months each for Passing Counterfeiting $100's at Retailers in Idaho

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Shootings & Deaths

Antioch, CA: Update: Police Find 20 Firearms In Case Of Man Suspected Of Fatally Shooting Ex-Girlfriend outside 7-Eleven
After arresting a man on suspicion of killing the mother of his child in a convenience store parking lot in Antioch, police found 20 firearms, including several assault rifles, when they searched a related address in Oakland, Antioch Police said Wednesday. Police said Ramello Darryl Randle, 25, fired multiple rounds from a semi-automatic pistol into a car parked at a 7-Eleven on Buchanan Road in Antioch early Monday, killing his estranged girlfriend, Jonaye Bridges, 24, and wounding a 27-year-old man in the car. patch.com

Thornton, CO: Woman stabbed to death in Chili's restaurant parking lot, suspect is in custody
A man and a woman were stabbed Thursday in a restaurant parking lot, and the woman has died, police said. The stabbing happened outside a Chili's, 16507 Washington St., police said. The male victim has been taken to a hospital. A suspect, a man, is in custody. An investigation is ongoing, and police said there's no continuing threat to the public. denver.cbslocal.com

Canada: Montreal: Police investigation: Shoplifting Suspect jumps off 14th floor balcony & dies
Quebec's independent police watchdog is investigating after a 29-year-old man died during a Montreal police (SPVM) intervention. The Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes (BEI) says multiple SPVM constables arrested the man for shoplifting at around 2:30 p.m on July 30, After the arrest, the man was reportedly accompanied to his home to provide identification to police. Police told the BEI the man said his ID was in a bag on his 14th-floor apartment balcony. After stepping onto the balcony to retrieve his ID, police say he "(threw) himself into the void." The BEI says the man's death was pronounced on the scene. The investigation will focus on verifying whether the information provided by the SPVM is correct. globalnews.ca

Cincinnati, OH: 2 arguing inside Family Dollar led to shooting by Employee
An argument in a Northside store ended with a clerk shooting a man. Police said the shooting happened at the Family Dollar off of Colerain Avenue on Thursday. Police said that two people were arguing in the store and the argument escalated to a point that caused a store clerk to pull out a gun. Someone else came to intervene in the fight and eventually got shot in the arm by the clerk, police said. Authorities are looking for the clerk who took off after the gunshots. wlwt.com

Berkeley, CA: CVS Shoplifting Incident, Officer-involved shooting under investigation
Police were at the scene of a shoplifting incident where a police officer fired a weapon after suspects drove their car at her Thursday night, authorities said. Around 9:20 p.m., police responded to reports of the incident outside of a CVS Pharmacy in the 1400 block of Shattuck Avenue. When the officer arrived, she encountered a blue four-door suv with three suspects inside driving toward her, and she fired her weapon at least twice at the vehicle in self-defense. The vehicle fled the scene, and there were no preliminary reports of other injuries. cityofberkeley.info

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Doña Ana County, NM: Mountains of police evidence found in foreclosed home of former DASO Deputy
Bags of evidence, firearms, ammunition and case files were allegedly found by a cleaning crew in the foreclosed home of a former Doña Ana County sheriff deputy in late May. Authorities report several bags of evidence in reference to specific cases had never been entered into the Doña Ana County Sheriff's Office evidence station. On Thursday, that former deputy - Vincent L. Lopez, 54 - was arrested. lcsun-news.com

Las Vegas, NV: Police searching for robbery suspects who used pepper spray on employees

Brunswick County, NC: Two arrested in connection to 2019 robbery at Piggly Wiggly

Canada: Halifax police search for suspect in gas station robbery



C-Store - Granville, MA - Burglary
C-Store - Cherokee County, MO - Robbery
C-Store - Collinsville, VA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Columbia, SC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Morristown, VT - Robbery
C-Store - Wayne County, IN - Armed Robbery
CVS - Berkeley, CA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Edinburg, TX - Robbery
Gas Station - Edinburg, TX - Robbery
Guns - Will County, IL - Burglary
Gas Station - Columbia, SC - Burglary
T-Mobile - Spokane, WA - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Millbrae, CA - Robbery
Walgreens - San Mateo County, CA - Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 11 robberies
• 3 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


Weekly Totals:
• 63 robberies
• 26 burglaries
• 4 shootings
• 5 killed

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Division Safety and Loss Prevention Manager
Houston, TX
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Under the guidance of the Directors of Loss Prevention (LP) and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), the Loss Prevention & Safety Manager is responsible for overseeing and championing initiatives and company programs, processes and controls that builds a culture around continuous improvement in safety/environment incidents, loss prevention, and security outcomes...

Vice President, Loss Prevention
Commerce, CA - posted July 29
The Vice President of Loss Prevention will develop, implement and manage the loss prevention strategy for the Company. This role will have accountability to improve company profitability through the effective management of asset protection, safety, compliance programs, and community programs...

Director of Asset Protection
Quincy, MA - posted July 28
The primary purpose of this position is to provide protection of company assets by organizing the investigation and distribution of information. The AP Director is responsible to ensure Brand needs are met through staffing and development of their respective AP team...

Director of Asset Protection & Safety
Atlanta, GA - posted July 27
The Asset Protection & Safety Director is responsible for the protection of assets and the reduction of loss in the retail and dining divisions. This shared services position oversees the hiring, training and development of a team of Market Managers...


Director of Loss Prevention
North Bergen, NJ - posted July 29
Key responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: Analyzing information, determination of exception data to drive investigation, communication and coordination of information to field teams and other partners...

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