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Violence & Protests
'Wall of Moms' - Feds Deployed to Chicago - NYPD Takes Back City Hall

Fed's Deploying More Resources
Federal Agents Deploy to Chicago as Big-City Mayors Decry Involvement

Surge of resources coincides with DHS confrontations with demonstrators in Portland

The Trump administration plans to send federal law enforcement to Chicago as part of an effort to crack down on gun crime, as leaders in several Democratic-controlled cities worried about the presence of federal agents on their streets following confrontations with demonstrators in Portland, Ore.

Law-enforcement officials familiar with the plan said more than 100 federal agents will focus on illegal gun sales, arrests of fugitives and bringing federal gun prosecutions in the city that has seen 385 murders this year as of mid-July, a 48% increase from the same time last year.

But its timing coincides with President Trump's threats to deploy federal agents to Chicago and other cities run by Democrats and experiencing civil unrest.

Mr. Trump said he would be taking similar action in Detroit, Philadelphia and other cities where he has clashed with Democratic leaders on a number of policy issues.

Earlier this month, the Justice Department sent more than 200 agents to help officials in Kansas City, Mo., fight violence after that city clocked more than 100 homicides so far this year. Leaders in that city, whose mayor, Quinton Lucas, is a Democrat, have welcomed the additional manpower, saying it didn't constitute a takeover of the city.

The department has launched similar efforts on a comparable scale before, including in Chicago, sending hundreds of agents to focus on gun crime. Last year, for example, it sent agents to seven cities experiencing rising violence, including Albuquerque, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City and Milwaukee.

Officials said they choose cities with crime rates higher than the national average, not whether their leaders are political adversaries of the president.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she got assurances from the federal government that agents would be focused on efforts to help the city with its pressing need to deal with gun violence, not with protesters. After responding with a pointed letter to the president Monday, Lightfoot softened her tone a bit, appearing cautiously ready to welcome the agents after getting clarification on their role.

"We welcome actual partnership, but we do not welcome dictatorship," Mayor Lightfoot said. "We do not welcome authoritarianism." wsj.com abc7chicago.com

Portland's 'Wall of Moms' faces off with federal officers at tense protests

Moms forming groups in other big U.S. cities in anticipation of further federal troop deployments

A thick wall of tear gas crept closer to the wall of moms in yellow shirts chanting, "Don't shoot your mother," as they faced off with federal agents during another night of nonstop protests.

In front of the federal courthouse, federal agents in tactical gear used batons late Tuesday to push back the moms in bike helmets. Dozens were tear-gassed. Some were hit with less-lethal bullets fired into the crowd.

The fledgling collective, formed less than a week ago, has dubbed itself the Wall of Moms - and new chapters have already formed in cities around the country from St. Louis to New York, Chicago to Philadelphia and even in the nation's capital. The groups have organized in anticipation of a national deployment of federal law enforcement personnel to Democratic-led cities - a nascent plan President Trump announced he was putting into action earlier this week.

Trump has defended his administration's use of force in Portland, where officers from various federal agencies have clashed nightly with protesters, made arrests and pulled demonstrators in for questioning in unmarked cars. The president called the protests in Portland, a liberal Pacific Northwest city, "worse than Afghanistan." washingtonpost.com

Federal officials say agents in Portland are legally targeting 'violent criminals'
The Trump administration pushed back Tuesday against allegations that unidentified federal agents have been roaming the streets here in unmarked cars and illegally detaining peaceful protesters.

"We are not patrolling the streets of Portland, as has been falsely reported multiple times in the last few days," Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, told reporters.

Rather, he said, the agents were operating within the law and targeting "violent criminals" intent on destroying federal property that local officials refused to protect. He said 43 people had been arrested since July 4 but did not specify the charges against them. latimes.com

NYPD Cops With Riot Shields Clear Out City Hall Protest Encampment Overnight
Nearly a month after protesters started camping out outside New York City Hall to call for defunding of the police department, uniformed officers with riot shields moved in to clear out tents and people early Wednesday in a planned operation. Seven people were arrested during the encampment clearing, which happened some time before 4 a.m., an NYPD spokesperson said. The area is expected to be on lockdown for "several weeks" while graffiti and such is cleaned up.

Organizers called the encampment "Occupy City Hall," a nod to the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement a few blocks away in Zuccotti Park, and they have been out on the grassy area outside City Hall since June 24. They said they would be there until Mayor Bill de Blasio committed to slash at least $1 billion from the NYPD's $6 billion budget and redistribute the funds to other social services like education, healthcare and homeless services before the budget's deadline on June 30.

Weeks after the $88.1 billion city budget passed with some cuts to police funding, the protesters remained because they say the cuts didn't meet their demands. nbcnewyork.com

Responses to Minnesota's police reforms range from lukewarm to 'slap in the face'
The bill, passed early Tuesday as a compromise product of a divided state Legislature, includes restrictions on chokeholds and neck restraints, training reform, and a prohibition on warrior-style training for officers.

Minnesota's historic police reforms drew varied reactions Tuesday, from mild enthusiasm to disgust, with a common refrain: The state still has a long way to go.

It enhances data collection around deadly force encounters, requires officers to intervene and creates a new state unit to investigate such cases. The bill boosts funding for crisis intervention training, creates a panel of expert arbitrators to handle police misconduct cases and establishes incentives for officers to live in the communities they police. startribune.com

LAPD promised to curb violence on protesters for two decades, but has yet to deliver
After Los Angeles police officers stormed through a protest in MacArthur Park in 2007, beating protesters and journalists with batons and shooting them with tactical weapons, the department issued an unusual mea culpa as part of a report filled with reforms. Numerous instances of officers using similar weapons and force during protests over the police killing of George Floyd have sparked new criticism, as well as questions about why earlier efforts at reform did not seem to take. Protesters contend that the latest offenses were not simply the actions of rogue officers, but of top officials who had been put on notice that the tactics they deployed were unacceptable. latimes.com

U.S. Homeland Security confirms three units sent paramilitary officers to Portland

Like in Portland, federal agents were in Seattle

Seattle police release bodycam footage of protesters throwing projectiles at them

'Mass exodus' of Seattle officers, as city council considers 50% budget cut

Oakland, CA: Mayor Casts Deciding 'No' Vote On Police Defunding, Breaking Late Night Deadlock

COVID Update

US: Over 4M Cases - 145K Dead - 1.9M Recovered
Worldwide: Over 15.1M Cases - 621K Dead - 9.1M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 154+   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 65
*Red indicates change in total deaths

OSHA COVID Safety Observation Audits
3 Walmart Stores - 1 Home Depot - 1 Winco Foods among Nevada businesses penalized in OSHA COVID-19 compliance report

The Division of Industrial Relations (DIR) released their latest report of businesses that have been cited and fined by Nevada OSHA for not meeting state COVID-19 health and safety requirements.

The report further detailed that citations and penalties were issued to businesses when one or more violations to guidelines and directives were found in initial and follow up visits.

Businesses were notified of noncompliance on first visits. After officials observed "ongoing noncompliance" during follow up visits, formal investigations were opened.

DIR also revealed in the report that state OSHA officials conducted follow up visits to 192 businesses, and of these, 93% were found to be noncompliant.

Businesses were also warned if there was continued noncompliance, they faced being shut down until they could meet and establish operating procedures that are in line with the state safety requirements.

Read Full Report

Mayor Warns of 2nd Shut-Down
L.A. may become the biggest U.S. city with a second stay-home order

Now, L.A. may soon have the dubious distinction of being the biggest U.S. city to receive a second stay-at-home order, amid a surge of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations that so far shows few signs of slowing.

On Sunday, Mayor Garcetti said a decision will probably come in the next week or two as officials determine whether restrictions imposed in late June and July - such as closing bars, indoor restaurant dining and shopping malls - slowed the rapid community spread of COVID-19.

Some health experts said the situation makes another stay-at-home order for Los Angeles County a real possibility if the conditions don't improve soon.

Few, if any, big cities in the U.S. have reimposed a second stay at home order after reopening. But Leicester, England - which is known for its garment industry - was forced to do so after a severe outbreak among heavily nonwhite areas of the city, according to the medical journal Lancet.

More than 4,100 people in the county have died. Among California's most populated counties, L.A. County has one of the worst per-capita rates of coronavirus-related deaths in the last two weeks, reporting 6 deaths per 100,000 residents. latimes.com

NY Gov Cuomo Threatens Roll-Back on Partiers at Outdoor Bars & Restaurants
"It has to stop," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday of the crowds partying outdoors at bars and restaurants sans masks and flagrantly violating social-distancing rules, and if it doesn't, well, "we're going to have to roll back the reopening plan and close all bars and restaurants." nypost.com

Labor Department Issues More Coronavirus-Related Workplace Guidance
On July 20, the DOL added new questions and answers to pandemic-related issues under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). shrm.org

List of Mask Requirements
Dollar Tree & Family Dollar - Voluntary Mask Policies

Gov to Mandate Masks in Minnesota indoors and in stores

America's Back Door
Chinese CCTV's Saturate U.S. Market - What to do?

Gov't Bans Tik Tok From All Devices

With the administration drawing the line on Chinese manufacturers and saying they've been spying on us for years, how does that translate to the security industry as a whole?

Does even the possibility of them having back doors in systems throughout North America even bother the retailers, at least at the store level. After all, watching American Tom and Jane shop with the kids for hours time and time again has got to be as boring to them as it is for most investigators watching the monitors. And what's at stake?

Now in the corporate board room, or executives' offices, is obviously a little more concerning. Especially if its the pharmaceutical industry, financial industry, defense industry, to name just a few.

It's really a question for the cybersecurity executives and how they feel about the enterprise risk management program and how far reaching and how deep is the risk. Obviously a question that has to be top of mind now. Regardless of your beliefs, this now becomes a major enterprise risk management question that has to be answered given the warning.

As one must admit, it does make sense that back doors would be manufactured in the process of thousands of cameras being installed in your adversary's businesses. It's not like we haven't heard of it being done before. And we did invite them in. Just a thought -Gus Downing

19 Organized Crime Gangs Busted in Massive $32M Food Fraud
Europol Takes 320 Tons of Counterfeit & Dangerous Food & Beverages

Off the Market
This year's operation OPSON led to the dismantling of 19 organized crime groups involved in food fraud and the arrests of 406 suspects.

More than 26 000 checks were performed. As a result, about 12 000 tonnes of illegal and potentially harmful products worth about 28 million euros ($32M U.S.) were seized. With more than 5 000 tonnes seized, animal food was the most seized product, followed by alcoholic beverages (more than 2 000 tonnes), cereals, grains and derived products, coffee and tea and condiments. Large amounts of saffron were seized: 90kg in Spain and 7kg in Belgium with an estimated value of more than 306 000 euros. The US authorities seized 147kg of raw apricot kernel seeds sold as a cure for cancer.

Counterfeit and substandard food and beverages can be found on the shelves in shops around the world. The increasing online sale of such potentially dangerous products poses a significant threat to public health. Operation OPSON was created to combat organized crime involved in this area. This year's operational activities have found a new disturbing trend to address: the infiltration of low-quality products into the supply chain, a development possibly linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Europol and INTERPOL coordinated operation OPSON 2020 which targeted trafficking of counterfeit and substandard food and beverages. The ninth operation of its kind, it ran from December 2019 to June 2020 and involved law enforcement authorities from 83* countries. europa.eu

Retail Carnage Deepens as Pandemic's Impact Exceeds Forecasts
Two dozen public and large private retailers in the U.S. have filed for bankruptcy this year, according to BankruptcyData.com. The total for all of 2019 was 20 retailers.
"Most of the businesses filing for bankruptcy were deemed nonessential retailers, so they were shut," said Matthew Katz, managing partner at SSA & Co., an advisory firm. "While the pandemic may have accelerated these filings, these businesses were likely on this path anyhow."

"You're going to see, as time goes on, how the dominoes fall," said Michael Appel of Appel Associates LLC. "The big question for any retailer is if they close tomorrow, would anyone care?"

Retailers will likely decide to close as many as 25,000 U.S. stores in 2020, which would be a record, and more than double the 9,832 stores that closed last year, according to global market-research firm Coresight Research. So far this year, major U.S. chains have announced more than 5,400 permanent closures.

With little or no customer traffic, some retailers have conserved cash by holding back on months of rent payments. As of July 15, about 69% of tenants had paid their rent for the month, down from 88% paying March rent by the middle of that month.

For the "walking wounded," Covid-19 may have been the final blow, said Datex Chief Executive Mark Sigal. "But critically, it very well might still be for many more," he said. wsj.com

Retailers ask senators to support Healthy Workplace Tax Credit
The National Retail Federation today urged the Senate to approve legislation introduced in the chamber this week that would create a new tax credit intended to ease the cost of steps taken to make stores and other workplaces safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

The measure is similar to legislation introduced in the House last week by Representative Tom Rice, R-S.C., and NRF has asked that the tax credit be included in a comprehensive coronavirus relief bill currently being drafted by House and Senate leadership. Some mid-size retailers have told NRF the cost of safety measures can be as high as $1 million a week, with face masks alone costing $30,000 a day for a 30,000-employee retailer. nrf.com

It's a Ghost Town
NYC is now the worst place to do business, retailers say

The problem, sources say, is Manhattan, which used to be teeming with tourists and commuters - who have largely stayed away since the coronavirus pandemic hit in March. Wealthy Manhattanites also have more resources and flexibility to escape, indefinitely, to greener pastures, like the Hamptons, experts say.

The city's ghost-town vibe has Shake Shack, which runs 162 restaurants in 20 states, reporting that its Big Apple stores will "take a longer period of time to fully recover than other parts of the country."

Foot traffic at Lids Manhattan stores has been down 85 percent from a year ago - compared with a 20 percent average decline at Lids' 900 other stores that have reopened across the country, said Berger, a partner of Ames Watson. Customer traffic at Lids stores in neighboring New Jersey and Pennsylvania, meanwhile, has actually increased 30 percent from a year ago, Berger added. And they all reopened at the same time. nypost.com

Best Buy hikes minimum wage to $15,
sales up 15% since reopening & online sales up 185%
The retailer so far has brought back about half of the 51,000 employees who were furloughed.

Ulta Beauty Cuts Back From 70 New Stores to 30 in 2020

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Director of Loss Prevention and HSE - Operational Excellence N.A. job posted for Circle K in Columbus, IN
This position is targeted to lead a team of subject matter experts involving controlling shrink, processes related to controls, cash handling, store procedures, store supplies economics and sourcing and supporting HSE initiatives from Global HSE Team. While this is the short list of areas of responsibility the scope will likely expand well beyond just these areas as the company grows. This is a position focused on development and growth beyond Director. linkedin.com


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Auror for ORCAs
A free initiative to combat ORC.

Retail Crime Intelligence Platform creators Auror, are announcing that they are making available a version of their platform that Organized Retail Crime Associations (ORCAs) and their ORC Investigators can use for free.

Through discussions with ORCA leaders around the country there is a clear funding gap, technical limitations, and security concerns that are holding ORCAs back from being their most effective. By partnering to provide industry-leading technology with enterprise-grade security to ORCAs, Auror can help the associations and investigators continue to build cross-industry relationships and reduce the impact of ORC on the retail industry and our communities.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO Tom Batterbury says "there is great alignment with our mission at Auror to empower a connected community to combat retail crime. ORCAs play an important role and this is our way of giving back to the industry and reducing retail crime."

During the recent Global Retail Crime Summit, Ret. General Stanley McCrystal talked about "it takes a network to beat a network". There is no question that retail criminals are leveraging their network against all retailers, and this is a great opportunity to address retail crime as an industry in a safe and secure way.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email orca@auror.co for more information.






They're Still Out There
The State of Hacktivism in 2020

Activism via hacking might not be as noisy as it once was, but it hasn't been silenced yet.

Hacktivism is alive and well, if a bit weird, in 2020, says Gabriella Coleman, a cultural anthropologist specializing in hacker culture at McGill University.

At the end of June, Twitter banned the account of the hacker collective Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets) and
blocked links to "BlueLeaks," the group's data trove of 270 GB of data containing internal records from more than 200 police departments.

The hacktivist collective Anonymous also returned to prominence as its members took actions to support Black Lives Matter protesters, including getting legions of Korean pop music superfans to participate in social media disruptions.

"BlueLeaks shows that there's still a lot of interest in activist hacking," Coleman says. "In the context of the English-speaking world,
DDoSecrets is the hinge between the Wikileaks and Anonymous era and the contemporary movement. They created a platform to keep leaking alive. If it wasn't for them it would be much dimmer. It's still dim because it's such a high-risk behavior."

One thing that might temper planned hacktivist actions could be
"the hammer of the state" in the form of aggressive law enforcement, says Coleman, author of "Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous."

Despite the threat of jail time in US federal prison, hacktivists are more willing than ever to risk their freedom for their causes, says Ken Pfeil, a longtime security expert and chief security architect at Tech Democracy, who is moderating an online panel on hacktivism on July 24.

"People who don't have the money to influence a company will take other steps. If a hacktivist can take over someone's Twitter account and tie it to Facebook or LinkedIn, the believability takes off from there," he says. "From a disinformation perspective, you can spread severe reputational damage." darkreading.com

COVID-19 pandemic sparks 72% ransomware growth,
mobile vulnerabilities grow 50%
Skybox® Security published the mid-year update to its 2020 Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report. The report analyzes the vulnerabilities, exploits and threats in play over the first half of a year dominated by the chaos surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The report, compiled by Skybox® Research Lab, aims to help organizations align their security strategy with the reality of the current threat landscape.

Key findings from the report include:

- 20,000+ new vulnerability reports predicted for 2020, shattering previous records
- 50 percent increase in mobile vulnerabilities highlights dangers of blurring line between corporate and personal networks
- Ransomware thrives during COVID-19 pandemic, with new samples increasing by 72 percent

To read the full mid-year update to the 2020 Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report, click here. securitymagazine.com

Deepfakes Doubling in 7 Months
Protecting Your Company & Employees Against Deepfakes

The rise of synthetic media and deepfakes is forcing us towards an important and unsettling realization: our historical belief that video and audio are reliable records of reality is no longer tenable.

Our research revealed that the deepfake phenomenon is growing rapidly online, with the number of deepfake videos almost doubling over the last seven months to 14,678. This increase is supported by the growing commodification of tools and services that lower the barrier for non-experts to create deepfakes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we observed a significant contribution to the creation and use of synthetic media tools from web users in China and South Korea, despite the totality of our sources coming from the English-speaking Internet.
Another key trend we identified is the prominence of non-consensual deepfake pornography, which accounted for 96% of the total deepfake videos online.

Deeptrace takes the approach championed by WITNESS Program Director Samuel Gregory:
Don't panic. Prepare.

"When it comes to securing business processes, you've got to identify the avenues where risks are most apparent," Ajder said. "Maybe that is your telecom infrastructure in the company, maybe it's the kind of video conferencing software you use."

Consider using semantic passwords for conversations, or a secret question you ask or answer at the start of a call.

If you have a voice authentication service or biometric security features, ask those providers whether their tools are up to date.

Educate your employees. Explain deepfake attacks might become more frequent and there is no magic formula for detecting them.

"Interrogate your security infrastructure," Ajder said. "Understand where weak spots may be, prepare and see where technological solutions can fit into that infrastructure to secure at critical points."

"The social answer is we all build an immune system," he said. "We start asking ourselves questions: Who is the person presenting this image to me? Where did it come from? What is evident, what is actually authentic? Having that general demeanor of asking these questions certainly helps."

The MIT Media Labs' Groh said people can defend themselves against deepfakes using their own intuition and intellect. deeptracelabs.com mit.edu

Microsoft 365 Updated with New Security, Risk, Compliance Tools
Updates built for remote employees include an endpoint data loss prevention platform, insider risk management, and double key encryption.

Today's announcements include the public preview of Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Double Key Encryption, new Insider Risk Management capabilities, and communication compliance tools in Microsoft Teams. All are meant to help businesses better protect their data. darkreading.com




Canada COVID Update

Anti-Mask Protests Sweep Across Canada
Demonstrators rally against mandates despite high public support for masks
Rallies decrying mandatory mask policies were held in several Canadian cities on Sunday, with protesters calling for "freedom of choice" despite concerns of a resurgence of COVID-19 cases in several provinces.

Protesters gathered in cities including Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Ottawa in support of the "March to Unmask" movement, arguing that wearing masks in public spaces should be voluntary and not mandated by the government.

Rally organizers say they're concerned about policies based on fear, citing mixed messaging about the effectiveness of masks in preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus, and noting that people should have the right to choose how to protect themselves from the disease.

The poll found 67 per cent of Canadians support mandatory masking for all indoor public spaces, compared to 58 per cent just two weeks prior. Only 27 per cent were against the measure and six per cent were not sure. ctvnews.ca

  Quebec's new mask rule met with co-operation, and a few noisy protests

  Calgary to make masks mandatory in indoor public spaces as of Aug. 1

  Don't use fake exemption cards to get out of wearing a mask, feds warn Canadians

Pandemic Accelerating Need for Rapid Change in Canadian Retail: Study
The huge impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the retail sector will spur rapid change, driving a radical rethink of the customer journey, particularly looking at the rising influence of urban Generation Z consumers, according to the latest PwC Canada's 2020 Consumer Insights Survey.

The report said retailers will need to focus on several key shifts in setting out their long-term strategies. Retailers will need to pay attention to Gen Z, who's shopping habits will shape buying behaviour. They are 25 percent more likely to shop online, and those that go into a store to shop will do so if they can justify the trip.

Also, 40 percent look at a shopping trip as a source of fun and are more likely to want additional services. As more organizations settle into new ways of working, including remote working over the longer term, e-commerce is expected to increase and retailers will need to put more effort into their online and in store experiences, said the PwC report. retail-insider.com

Canada's coronavirus performance 'far better' than the US, says Trudeau
Confirmed 1st cases within a week of each other, but U.S. has 2x as many deaths

Report: More Americans look at moving to Canada as coronavirus surges

'I just don't trust them.' Some Canadian truckers refuse to enter US due to COVID-19

Canada cases spike as the economy continues to reopen

Retail Bouncing Back?

Retail sales on pace to recover after 18.7 per cent surge in May, says StatCan
Retail sales are on pace to recover from the COVID-19 shutdowns after surging nearly 19 per cent in May with even larger gains expected in June, says Statistics Canada.

The agency says retail sales increased to $41.8 billion in May after steep declines in the previous two months, still leaving them 20 per cent below levels in February, before physical distancing measures were implemented to fight COVID-19.

Economists on average had expected an increase in May of 20 per cent, according to financial markets data firm Refinitiv. yahoo.com

Walmart Announces Massive Multi-Billion Dollar Investment in Canadian Operations
Walmart Canada is making a $3.5 billion Investment to significantly expand its omni capacity, create "smarter stores" with new technology, build two new state-of-the-art distribution centres, and renovate 150 stores over the next three years. The company said the multi-billion dollar investment over the next five years is aimed at significant growth and making the online and in-store shopping experience simpler, faster and more convenient for Walmart's customers. retail-insider.com

Canada Marijuana Dispensary Count Tops 1,000 For the First Time

Toronto clothing retailer Mendocino to close stores, file under Insolvency Act


Hamilton, ON: 19-year-old Peel man dead after 'melee' in strip mall parking lot
Hamilton police say a 19-year-old man from the Peel region was stabbed to death during an early morning "melee" between dozens of men in a plaza on the escarpment. Det.-Sgt. Peter Thom with Hamilton Police Service told media two groups met in the parking lot of a strip mall at roughly 1.a.m. on Sunday. The plaza includes a Big Bee Food Mart.

The groups, mainly made up of young men, met to discuss an ongoing conflict. "The individuals from the Peel region showed up in two vehicles and at that time they were swarmed by about 20 or 30 from the Hamilton group," Thom explained. "There were weapons used - knives, sticks, pipes and the mention of a Taser even being used as well." cbc.ca

Coaldale, AB: Over $100,000 in stolen property seized from Coaldale storage unit
They claim to have found more than $100,000 worth of stolen property including items that have been taken from break and enters or through fraudulent use of credit cards obtained using identity theft. The items seized include two cargo trailers, 15 welders, a $9,000 wicker patio set, various power tools, air compressors, a snowblower, ladders, new light fixtures, RV accessories, and generators. lethbridgenewsnow.com

In Case You Missed It: Mask Dispute Turns Deadly
Minden, Ontario, Canada: Ontario Providence Police shoot man dead hours after mask dispute at Valu-Mart leads to alleged assault

(Update) Police arrest woman, seek man after shooting death at Scarborough Town Centre mall

Ottawa: Security guard threatened with mace in robbery, police allege

Ontario teen dresses up as granny to buy booze at LCBO

Halifax, NS: Two men arrested for stealing grocery cart filled with energy drinks, chocolate bars

Robberies & Burglaries

C-Store - Halifax, NS - Robbery
C-Store - Thunder Bay, ON - Armed Robbery
Undisclosed Store - Ottawa, ON - Armed Robbery

How are we doing? We need your input & suggestions. Send to lpnews@d-ddaily.net

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Credit Card Laundering - A $500B Crime
Processors Turning a Blind Eye?

Fake Businesses Are Fooling Real Banks Into Processing Online Drug Purchases
Fraudsters are setting up fake online businesses to process payments for drugs, illegal goods and even prostitution. Middlemen are aiding them-sometimes accidentally, sometimes not.

One website advertised dog products. Another advertised flowers; another, home decorations. All of them were really fronts to process payments for marijuana or designer drugs, prosecutors said.

The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission have recently brought a string of criminal and civil cases accusing individuals and companies of using legitimate-looking websites to deceive financial firms into processing unsavory purchases. Such schemes are often called
credit-card laundering or transaction laundering.

$500 billion of money laundering with credit, debit, prepaid and other cards occurs online each year world-wide, according to EverCompliant, which sells anti-money-laundering tools and software. Typically, the merchants or card issuers take the loss when cards are used fraudulently.

Fighting credit-card laundering is a challenge. Visa and Mastercard track the level of disputed transactions merchants receive and can fine processors or make them terminate accounts where disputes are too numerous. But both networks have found situations where the merchants resurfaced under different names, according to people familiar with the matter.

Also, Visa and Mastercard generally require businesses with
annual card sales of about $1 million or more to submit additional paperwork to verify their businesses. But merchants can sign up with multiple processors to bring their annual volume below the $1 million threshold.

Payments companies can be less inclined to turn off a suspicious company if it is generating lots of transactions, said Adam Wandt, a researcher for the Center for Cybercrime Studies at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

First Data Corp., one of the largest U.S. payment processors, agreed in May to pay $40.2 million to settle FTC charges that for years it ignored red flags when it processed consumer payments for deceptive get-rich-quick schemes and debt-relief scams. First Data, now owned by Fiserv Inc., said in a statement that it remains committed to ensuring its business partners and merchants operate with integrity. The company didn't admit or deny wrongdoing. wsj.com

Yahoo Mail users can buy 'Groceries from Walmart' right from inbox







Saratoga Springs, UT 2 California men arrested under suspicion of Felony Money Laundering; complex International Gift Card fraud ring
Officers with the Saratoga Springs Police Department took two California men into custody Wednesday evening after the pair were allegedly involved in an "intricate and complex" fraud ring, according to the probable cause statement filed in support of the arrest. Detectives were contacted by loss prevention officers from the Saratoga Springs Walmart location on Monday. Authorities were told the employees had witnessed at least one man - later identified as 24-year-old Yong Sun of Temple City, California - enter the store to purchase several gift cards.

Loss prevention employees also told police another man, 31-year-old Lin Lu of Santa Rosa, California, also matched the description of a suspicious man who had been reported at a Walmart location in South Jordan just a few days prior. During the transactions, loss prevention employees at South Jordan reported the two men were using gift card codes off their cellphones to purchase additional gift cards. the store manager confronted the two men before they fled from the store. Amid the confusion, the two men left all of their newly purchased gift cards at the Walmart location.

Police located the black Jeep and obtained a search warrant.
During a search of the vehicle, officials found between 1,500 and 2,000 individual gift cards valued between $10 to $50. The rings, officials report, are commonly based in China or India and involved various types of scams, on computers and by phone calls, where the victims are blackmailed or fraudulently pressured into purchasing gift cards and giving the cards' information to people like Sun and Lu. Then those people launder the gift card money or use it to purchase other gift cards, making it more difficult to trace where the money came from, where it goes or who is committing the fraud. heraldextra.com

Polk County, FL: Woman tries to steal 65-inch television from Florida Walmart; still managed to steal other electronics
Does a 65-inch television actually fit in a shopping cart? No, not really. That was the question and answer that a sheriff's office in Central Florida posed to their audience after they said two women attempted to steal an oversized television. The Polk County Sheriff's Office said the shoplifters entered a Walmart in Mulberry, Florida, on Sunday afternoon and began placing electronics in their shopping cart, including the large television. One of the women left the store first, then the other woman pushed the cart with the television and exited the store without paying for the items, deputies say. Authorities said security confronted the woman about her receipt, but she did not have one. The sheriff's office said the woman who left the store first then grabbed all of the stolen electronics out of the cart, except the 65-inch television, and put them in their car. Store security was able to keep them from stealing the television. Both women then fled the store, and now investigators are trying to identify the shoplifters. wptv.com

Burley, ID: Grocery store employee charged with $10,000 grand theft in Rug Doctor rental scheme
AdvertisementA former Stokes Fresh Food Market employee was charged with grand theft after store officials said she stole nearly $10,000 using a scheme to fictitiously rent out the store's carpet cleaners and pocketing the return fees. Sarah S. Gonzales, 26, is charged with felony counts of burglary and grand theft. Cassia County Sheriff deputies were called to the store on July 14 to investigate a complaint by store officials against Gonzales, alleging she fictitiously rented out Rug Doctor carpet cleaners from the store and pocketed the $20 return fee usually given to a customer when they return the machine.

A store official said she was renting out 14 machines a day when the store only owned two and said Gonzales would take the till upstairs away from cameras to count the money. Gonzales told officers it was the only method she used to steal money from the store. She told officers another employee showed her how to steal from the store when she first started the job. magicvalley.com

Eugene, OR: Car hit employees as theft suspects fled Coastal Farm and Home Supply store

North Palm Beach, FL: Man busted with 17 bottles of Body Wash and 10 deodorants; total value of over $200

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Shootings & Deaths

Helena-West Helena, AR: Man shot, killed after argument at convenience store
Police said officers were called to the scene at the Ladino Market, just before 8 p.m. The store clerk told police the victim, 78-year-old Samuel Chatman, was arguing with another man, 57-year-old Curtis Holder, inside the store. Police said Holder then pulled out a handgun and started firing shots at Chatman. fox16.com

Memphis, TN: Two men arrested for Attempted Murder in 4th of July weekend C-Store shooting

Breaux Bridge, LA: Woman arrested for Attempted 1st Degree Murder in Lafayette convenience store shooting


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Milwaukee, WI: Police investigating a Walmart associate attacked
by Suspected Thief
The Milwaukee Police Department is asking the public's help in identifying a woman who stole merchandise from a store and then attacked a store employee who attempted to stop her. According to police, the crime occurred Friday around 12:34 a.m. along the 2900 block of N. Oakland Avenue. . Video shows the suspect viewing items along a cosmetics aisle and placing some of them in a grey basket. After exiting the store with the stolen items in the basket, police said the suspect was confronted by an employee. "The suspect used force against the employee and fled with the stolen property," police said.  patch.com

Lawton, OK: CVS Shoplifter pulls a gun and threatens to kill bystander
A 25-year-old Lawton man is in jail after he was accused of pointing a gun at witnesses after getting caught shoplifting in a drug store, as well as threatening to shoot a police officer. Nick Landell Inmon made his initial appearance Tuesday in Comanche County District Court, where he received a felony charge of feloniously pointing a firearm as well as misdemeanor counts of threatening to perform an act of violence and trespassing after being forbidden, records indicate. The felony is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Inmon was arrested following the incident around 7:30 p.m. July 17, inside CVS Drug Store on Cache Road. According to the probable cause affidavit, a witness said a man had begun a disturbance, threatened to kill his (witness') wife and pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. swoknews.com

St Petersburg, FL: Postal Worker accused of stealing Mail, Passport Applications
The U.S. Attorney's Office says she opened first-class mail and photographed personal identifying and bank account information then forwarded the photographs to co-conspirators for use in a bank fraud scheme. tbreporter.com

Berkeley, CA: Police arrest 3 people after Armed Robbery at Dollar Tree

York County, SC: Suspect arrested, set to face charges in 5 Armed Robberies of fast food restaurants

Hewlett, NY: Men Refusing To Wear Masks At Long Island 7-Eleven Are Wanted For Assault, Robbery

Hong Kong, China: Police hunt 3 armed suspects after latest daylight smash-and-grab jewelry store robbery


Credit Card Fraud

Burlington, NC: Man accused of $30,000 credit card fraud; stolen from former employer

Franklin Park, IL: Stolen identity used to charge over $2800 at Home Depot





C-Store - Ithaca, NY - Armed Robbery
CVS - Lawton, OK - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Bethel, NC - Armed Robbery
Dollar Tree - Berkeley, CA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Ross Township, PA - Burglary
Gas Station - Naugatuck, CT - Burglary
Home Depot - Robbery -Lewes, DE
Jewelry - Portland, OR - Burglary
Jewelry - Portland, OR - Burglary
Jewelry - Niagara, NY - Robbery
Marijuana - Denver, CO - Burglary
Pawn - Huntsville, TX - Burglary
Pharmacy - Rio Rancho, NM - Robbery
Pharmacy - Morristown, TN - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Palos Heights, IL - Armed Robbery (McDonald's)
Restaurant - Manhattan, KS - Armed Robbery (McDonald's)


Daily Totals:
• 10 robberies
• 6 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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None to report.

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