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ISC West Day 2

ISC West Continues Through July 21

ISC West is officially open and Day 2 of the event promises to deliver the exhibitors, brands and technologies you need to do your job. Read today's Show Daily for information on keynotes, special events, educational sessions, and the latest trends and technologies affecting physical and information security professionals.

The combination of products, networking opportunities, events, and educational programming all in one place truly makes ISC West the industry's most comprehensive and converged event in the U.S.

Don't forget to download the ISC West Mobile App to create your personalized show experience at www.iscwestmobile.com.   digitaledition.sdmmag.com

March Networks' New Cost-Competitive VA Series IP Cameras Feature Crystal-Clear 2MP and 4MP Resolution with Built-In Video Analytics

OTTAWA, ON, July 19, 2021 -- March Networks®, a global video surveillance and video-based business intelligence leader, is pleased to introduce its new VA Series IP Cameras, a comprehensive line of 2MP and 4MP cameras featuring advanced encoding technology and built-in video analytics.

The VA Series cameras deliver a range of features for indoor and outdoor applications at a cost-effective price point. Incorporating the latest imaging sensor technology for improved color reproduction, the cameras deliver sharp, detailed video in the most challenging lighting conditions. Their Ambarella™ chipsets make them fully compliant with the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and power the cameras' video analytics including tripwire, abandoned object, loitering detection, intrusion detection and object removal. Analytics are included at no extra cost, allowing organizations to quickly identify threats and find relevant video faster. Read more here

March Networks' New Linux-Based VMS Scales to Support 3,000
IP Cameras on a Single Server

OTTAWA, ON, July 19, 2021 -- March Networks®, a global video surveillance and video-based business intelligence leader, is pleased to announce a new highly scalable Linux version of its video management software (VMS) that can support up to 3,000 cameras on a single server.

The latest release of March Networks Command™ Recording Software offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability for customers. In addition to Windows systems, the software now works with Linux-based Operating Systems (OS), offering an unprecedented ability to support up to 3,000 IP channels on one server. March Networks has achieved this scale by leveraging Docker™ container technology, an open source platform that can speed the delivery of cloud-based applications, centralized video storage and cloud recording - all elements of the March Networks VMS roadmap.
Read more here

Violence, Crime & Protests

Business Insider Op-Ed on Rising Crime
The 'crime surge' is both overhyped and underappreciated

Partisans on both sides are pushing misleading narratives about crime rates.

You've probably heard that
violent crime is up in the past year. President Joe Biden even hosted a "crime summit" this week, which included local leaders, law enforcement officials, and even the likely next mayor of New York Eric Adams (himself a former NYPD captain).

Biden also released a crime-related memo this week, strongly urging local leaders to use federal COVID emergency funding to hire more cops.

And yet, you may have also heard
a contra-take from progressives: the current "crime wave" is nothing but a right-wing narrative, built on cherry-picked numbers and a lack of year-to-year context.

There is some truth, and mistruth, to both statements.

It's a fool's errand to try to
take such a complicated issue and boil it down to a single narrative, but the short explanation is that homicides and shootings are up in most US cities, while other crime is largely down in those same cities.

violent crime rates remain a fraction of what they were in the early '90s. But that doesn't mean the spike in shootings in major cities doesn't have a profoundly negative impact on the people who live in those areas.

In an era when everything is viewed through hyper-partisan tunnel vision, we need to find a way to
talk about crime and policing without sensationalizing it or swatting away genuine concerns about violent crime as fake news.

simply isn't enough available data to ascribe the increase in homicides to one thing. And that means partisans, unsurprisingly, will see what they want to see.

Peter Moskos, a former police officer and a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice told me that
the right is indeed "paranoid and stoking crime fears, that's nothing new." But Moskos is concerned the left is "ignoring" genuine concerns about the rise in violent crimes in certain areas, putting them on "the wrong side" of this issue. businessinsider.com

Minneapolis Robberies Spiking Amid Uptown Crime Surge
Uptown in flux: Residents and businesses express concerns about safety
Residents and business owners rattled by a wave of
vandalism, stunt driving and gunfire in Uptown Minneapolis hope they can begin reclaiming a sense of peace now that crews have cleared a makeshift memorial garden that some saw as a magnet for criminal activity. "It's kinda like liberation day in Uptown," said Mike Radel, 50, who lives in the neighborhood.

The unrest in one of the metro area's most popular dining and shopping corridors
began after federal authorities shot and killed Winston Smith, a Black man, in a parking ramp last month during an arrest on a weapons violation. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has said that Smith fired a firearm from inside the car; a friend in the car has said she never saw a gun. The protests intensified after a drunk, unlicensed motorist plowed into cars blocking an Uptown street, killing protester Deona M. Knajdek, 31.

Activists created a memorial garden honoring Smith and Knajdek, But owners of the property cleared the garden last week, citing continued violent acts, dumpster fires and makeshift street barriers blocking access to Uptown residents and businesses.

30 protesters converged again on the area Friday night, chanting "all these cops have got to go," according to video posted on Facebook.

The surge in Uptown crime and vandalism that has come with some of the protests is testing those who are inclined to side with activists. "We're totally all about the Black Lives Matter movement," said Elga Tinger, who moved to the area with her husband in 2015, "but what they're doing over there is not really about that - they're just being destructive."

Incidents of violent crime in the neighborhood that includes most of Uptown's bars and clubs rose to 67 incidents from 49 at this point last year;
most of that increase is from a rise in robberies, according to Minneapolis crime statistics. Overall, other categories of crime have remained mostly steady. startribune.com startribune.com

Violent Crime Impact: Residents Want to Leave Atlanta & Form New City
Buckhead City CEO blames Atlanta mayor for rising crime rates
Bill White, the man
pushing for the wealthy Atlanta enclave of Buckhead to form its own city, told a House panel on Monday that rising crime rates and lack of arrests and prosecution have made residents feel like they are "living in a war zone."

"Criminals feel emboldened to come," he said. "
They know if they get arrested, they will be out the next day." White, the CEO of the Buckhead City Committee, placed the blame on outgoing Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

He also took aim at Todd Coyt, assistant chief for the Atlanta Police Department, telling lawmakers Coyt
misrepresented the city's crime rate.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who spoke in front of committee members Monday morning, said he planned to ask the General Assembly to take up crime during a special legislative session this fall. Kemp also faulted "local elected leadership in our Capitol" for
creating an "anti-police, soft on crime environment" during his four-minute speech.

In 2020, Atlanta authorities investigated
157 homicides, the most the city had seen in more than two decades. This year, as of June, homicides had increased by 60%, while shootings rose 40%, compared to the same time period in 2020.

In Buckhead, the numbers are much higher.
Homicides have increased by 133%, while shootings have gone up 164%. The numbers have terrified residents, threatened property values, and prompted a push for Buckhead to form its own city. washingtonexaminer.com

Shoplifted Items Sold at Flea Markets in San Francisco
Where is SF's boosted merchandise being fenced?
While videos of thieves ransacking stores like Neiman Marcus in San Francisco have recently gone viral, it's everyday items like laundry detergent that have become the plunder of choice for most criminal syndicates in the Bay Area.

Networks of organized thieves are increasingly going after these smaller ticket items - leaving retailers like Walgreens, CVS and Target taking increasing losses, even if reported shoplifting cases overall are decreasing, authorities said.

KTVU recently visited a flea market in Oakland where law enforcement officials said many shoplifted items are resold. T
able after table were filled with toothpaste, deodorant, detergent, razors and other packaged everyday items.

We purchased toothpaste, bodywash, detergent and a razor for $17. All four items would have cost more than $40 in the store.
None of the sellers was accused of peddling stolen items, but a Gillette razor had a sticker saying it was intended for sale at a Safeway in Orinda. An employee at the store told KTVU the razor was likely shoplifted.

Resale markets like the one at the Oakland flea market offer a window into the complexity of the Bay Area's retail theft rackets. Once thieves swipe the merchandise,
it usually exchanges hands several times and is then fenced on the street or online.

According to the California Retailers Association,
organized retail crime makes of about 85% of losses and most are everyday items. Laundry detergent makes up 21% of all boosted merchandise. Razors make up 20%. Other popular targets: deodorant (15%), allergy medicine (13%) and infant formula (13%). ktvu.com

Has Violent Crime Hit a Plateau?
What's Really Happening With Crime Rates in DC Right Now?
There's no doubt there's been a surge in gun violence locally during the pandemic.
Homicides rose 19 percent in DC in 2020, compared to 2019. And assaults with a dangerous weapon increased 3 percent.

This hasn't just happened in DC. Across the country, local leaders have been struggling to handle the increase in gun violence that their cities have seen during the pandemic.

To read recent metro-news coverage (and the narrative about a coming messaging war in Washington around crime and defunding the police) is to see
an uptick in statements and stories about an uptick in crime. But a look at data from MPD shows that while crime is up in DC compared to pre-pandemic times, it is so far on par with last year at this time.

Homicides in DC are at the
same level now as they were at this point in 2020, with 103 recorded so far this year and 104 last year. Violent crime overall is down 2 percent compared to last year. Arson and burglary have seen significant drops, while sex abuse and theft each declined 8 percent.

In other words, it's hardly good news that we're still essentially at pandemic-level-high homicides. But contrary to current conventional wisdom,
violent crime is not spiraling higher and higher compared to last year either. washingtonian.com

Mass Looting Hits Shoprite Stores in Africa
Over 200 Shoprite group stores looted in last week's unrest

Including 69 Shoprite, 44 Usave, six Checkers, one Checkers Hyper, 54 LiquorShop outlets and 35 furniture stores.

Shoprite Holdings - Africa's largest food retailer - revealed in a Sens statement on Tuesday that
just over 200 of the group's stores in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and Gauteng were affected by the looting and vandalism in the two provinces last week.

Of the group's 1,189 supermarkets trading under the
Shoprite, Usave, Checkers and Checkers Hyper banners in SA, Shoprite said 119 stores (69 Shoprite, 44 Usave and six Checkers, including one Checkers Hyper) have been severely impacted as a result of looting and/or fire damage.

Commenting following the looting and damage,
Shoprite Group CEO Pieter Engelbrecht said: "Our sincere thanks go out to our colleagues in particular to our regional teams in the affected areas. Their efforts, together with world class execution by our loss prevention, supply chain and fleet management teams were unsurpassed." moneyweb.co.za

Crime in University of Minnesota area reaches highest level in at least a decade

COVID Update

338.2M Vaccinations Given

US: 35M Cases - 624.9K Dead - 29.4M Recovered
Worldwide: 191.8M Cases - 4.1M Dead - 174.6M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 285   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 318
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Infection Rates Surging Toward Pandemic Peaks
Unvaccinated Americans & Delta Variant Driving Covid-19 Hospitalizations

Some hospitals in regions where vaccination rates are lower prepare for surges rivaling pandemic peaks

The vast majority of patients driving up Covid-19 hospitalizations in parts of the U.S. are unvaccinated, according to hospitals,
some of which are reactivating surge plans used in the peak of the pandemic.

As the highly contagious Delta variant spreads nationwide, some hospital and public-health officials said they are preparing for
hospitalizations to potentially reach new pandemic peaks where fewer people are vaccinated.

AdventHealth, which manages 41 hospitals across seven largely Midwestern and Southern states, said about
97% of roughly 12,700 Covid-19 patients treated this year were unvaccinated or partially vaccinated. The data excludes some AdventHealth hospitals managed under joint ventures.

Of the fully vaccinated Covid-19 patients who have been or are in AdventHealth hospitals, many have weakened immune systems due to cancer or other conditions, said Jeffrey Kuhlman, chief quality and safety officer for AdventHealth. wsj.com

Retail Response to Surging COVID Cases
Is it time for retailers to reinstate pandemic protocols?
Retailers have
relaxed many protective measures put in place during the most severe months of the pandemic. Many stores no longer require shoppers or associates to wear masks and social distancing measures have become a thing of the past at many locations. Many chains, which had instituted senior hours to protect the most vulnerable members of society against the spread of COVID-19, have cut back or dropped programs as state health authorities relaxed rules with the rollout of vaccinations.

majority of new COVID-19 cases have been tied to the unvaccinated but so-called breakthrough cases, where vaccinated individuals have gotten the virus, are also a concern. The CDC reports that of the more than 159 million Americans vaccinated by July 12, about 5,200 were hospitalized, the majority of them 65 years of age or older (4,109).

What should retailers be doing to protect associates and customers as COVID-19 cases resume, particularly in areas where locals are refusing to get vaccinated or wear masks?
Should stores that have suspended so-called "hero wages" bring them back in light of the growing threat? retailwire.com

New 'Pingdemic' Closing Stores in UK & Causing Massive Staff Shortages
COVID-19 Track-and-Trace 'Pingdemic' Closes Stores in UK
UK supermarket, Iceland has revealed that over
1000 of its staff have been told to self-isolate after being pinged by the NHS track-and-trace app for coming into close contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19.

Iceland says it has become the
first UK supermarket to be forced to close stores because of the so called 'pingdemic' staff shortage crisis.

According to the BBC, Iceland's chief executive Richard Walker said around four per cent of the company's 30,000-strong workforce was now absent, leaving the frozen food giant
with no choice but to close a number of stores and reduce opening hours in others. "The concern is that as this thing rises exponentially as we've just been hearing. It could get a lot worse a lot quicker," he told the BBC.

It comes after Marks & Spencer's chief executive and other major UK supermarkets warned over the weekend that the
current spike in staff self-isolating could soon lead to food shortages and more store closures. The number of people being told to self-isolate has hit record levels, topping 500,000 last week.

To avoid "
crippling staff shortages", the Confederation of British Industry has called for new rules to be put in place preventing those who are double jabbed from being forced to self-isolate. chargeretail.co.uk

First Report on Retail HQ's Post-Pandemic Changes
UK Retailers Back to the office - how retail HQs have been reshaped by the pandemic
With workers expected to work in offices more after July 19 - though by no means five days a week - retailers have transformed their headquarters to be more effective and attractive in the world of hybrid work.

Retailers have been focusing on how best to reconfigure space and create an environment conducive to productive work - perhaps a place to be visited less but one, nevertheless, that fulfils vital functions such as person-to-person contact.

So what sort of head office will staff be returning to? Likely a place where there will be fewer people at any one time, but designed or overhauled to facilitate collaborative working and - perhaps more surprisingly - individual work. retail-week.com

National Institute of Justice Research Brief:
How the Criminal Justice System's COVID-19 Response has Provided Valuable Lessons for Broader Reform Looking to the Future

The Priority Criminal Justice Needs Initiative

To better understand the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has created within the criminal justice system and how
the various sectors of the system have adapted to those challenges, the Priority Criminal Justice Needs Initiative conducted a series of panel workshops with representatives of different sectors within the system. Panels focused on law enforcement, the court system, institutional corrections, community corrections, victim services providers, and community organizations. This brief presents key lessons learned and recommendations offered by panel workshop participants. rand.org

As More Americans Travel, There's More Chaos in the Skies
Unruly airplane passengers are straining the system for keeping peace in the sky

The system for keeping the peace in America's skies is creaking under the pressure of what airlines and regulators say is an unprecedented proliferation of misbehavior.

The Federal Aviation Administration has received
more than 3,400 reports of "unruly" passengers this year. But despite launching a "zero-tolerance" enforcement policy in January - amid a rise in conflicts often tied to mask requirements in the air - the agency said that as of mid-July it had "completely closed" just seven cases.

A review of federal cases by The Washington Post points to
alcohol, drug use and mental illness as key factors in outbursts that have terrified passengers and crew members, sometimes leaving them hospitalized. The tools for dealing with those problems in the air are more limited than on land.

Court records describe
ad hoc policing teams made up of passengers recruited by flight attendants to help subdue rampaging fellow fliers using plastic handcuffs and seat belt straps. The records detail several instances of passengers trying to pry open doors on planes, leading to scenes of panic and violence. washingtonpost.com

Unvaccinated Americans say COVID vaccines are riskier than the virus, even as Delta surges among them

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis calls COVID-19 upswing seasonal, expects August drop

Retail Facial Recognition in the News

The use of facial recognition surges in retail stores

Face-recognition tech is coming to a store near you, if it's not there already, and that's sparking a new wave of opposition.

Why it matters: The systems can scan or store facial images of both shoppers and workers. Their use accelerated during the pandemic as retailers looked for ways to prevent fraud, track foot traffic with fewer employees, and offer contactless payments at a time when consumers were wary of interacting with others.

Driving the news: More than three dozen advocacy groups launched a campaign late last week to pressure retailers to stop using facial recognition technologies, or to pledge not to use them.

Where it stands: Stores including Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot and Target have said they won't use facial recognition technologies, per the advocacy groups' running list of retailers.

How it works: Facial recognition tools are primarily used by retailers for security reasons - chiefly, to prevent shoplifting - and they usually don't link images to personally identifiable information, says Brenda Leong, Senior Counsel and Director for Artificial Intelligence and Ethics at the Future of Privacy Foundation.

What's happening: In China, Alibaba and JD have opened futuristic grocery stores where automated carts follow you around, wrist trackers scan your selections and payments are made by facial recognition systems, per Wired.

The other side: Just because a camera is used in a store doesn't mean it's identifying or storing specific faces. And companies argue the systems can improve shoppers' in-store experiences in other ways.

What to watch: Some industries, including retail, are experimenting with biometric technologies that can interpret facial expressions, detect sweat on a person's skin or identify an elevated heart rate. axios.com

Can facial recognition outlast its bad press?
More than 35 civil rights groups have joined forces on a campaign to end the use of facial recognition by retailers amid heightened concerns over privacy and racial justice, calling out retailers that are purportedly using the technology.

Fight for the Future, an advocacy group, created a scorecard detailing the use or non-use of facial recognition across 29 major chains:

Will not use: Eight retailers - Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot, Target, Costco, CVS, Dollar Tree and Verizon - made commitments to Fight for the Future refrain from the use of facial recognition.

May use: 15 retailers - including Best Buy, Kohl's, Starbucks, Walgreens and Kohl's - were rated as potential users because they either failed to respond to requests or implied in public documents they could use facial recognition in the future.

Are using: Six - Ace Hardware, Albertsons, Apple, H.E.B. Macy's and Lowe's - were listed as using facial recognition in their stores. The determination of usage was based on arrests and lawsuits tied to the technology. After the report came out, Apple and Lowe's both stated that they do not use facial recognition in stores.

Facial recognition concerns have heightened with the civil rights protests that followed George Floyd's murder in police custody last year. There have been
calls for significant legislation to ban or severely restrict the use of the technology. retailwire.com

The 4 retail stores you probably shop at that use facial-recognition technology

Too Many Zoom Meetings?
'Core Hours' Keep Some Remote Workers Productive and Sane

Slack, Dropbox and other businesses try limiting the time that employees have to be 'on' to preserve life-work balance

As a new era of remote and in-office work begins, some companies are trying to bring definition to daily schedules-by
making some hours off-limits for meetings.

The tactic, called "core hours," sets times-say, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. or 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.-when bosses require employees to be online and available for Zoom meetings, project collaboration and other exchanges. Any other time is a meeting-free zone.

By having certain hours, or days, when everyone is "on," the idea goes,
employees have more freedom and flexibility to do solo work the rest of the time.

The approach-practiced by some employers over the decades as an effort to keep working parents from being boxed out of early morning or late afternoon meetings-was
adopted by some bosses during the pandemic as a way to keep remote collaboration from bleeding into all hours of the day. Now, as businesses reopen offices or implement longer-term work-from-home strategies, some companies say they are making core hours standard practice. wsj.com

600 Factory Workers Go on Strike
Frito-Lay factory workers in Kansas are striking, citing 80-hour workweeks and lack of wage increases
Around 600 of the plant's about 750 workers voted to rejected a proposed contract and stopped working on July 5, The Wichita Eagle reported. Workers cite long hours and lack of raises as reasons for rejecting the contract.

Monk Drapeaux-Stewart, a box drop technician, told activist nonprofit organization Labor Notes that his
wages have only increased by 77 cents in his 12 years on the job. Recent contracts have included one-time bonuses while leaving wages stagnant for most workers, Labor Notes reported.

Beyond wages, workers also say they are being made to work unreasonable over time, sometimes over 80 hours per week. Federal overtime law is determined by the
Fair Labor Standards Act, which doesn't place any limits on how many hours workers 16 or over can work in a week. businessinsider.com

Walmart Applicant Says Criminal Check System Discriminates
Brooklyn woman hit Walmart with a proposed class action in New Jersey federal court on Monday alleging it
unlawfully discriminates against applicants with criminal backgrounds through broad screenings. (Subscription required) law360.com

Ross Stores to Open 60 New Locations in 2021 - Currently has 1,896 in 40 States

In downtown Burlington, customers are back but job applicants are few

Walmart's medical group has filed to operate in 37 states as it gears up to deliver care online across the country

Companies hide rising costs by shrinking the size of everyday products

Quarterly Results
Tractor Supply Q2 comp's up 10.5%, sales up 13.2%

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Company Safeness - Unifying Cybersecurity & Physical Security Intelligence
Physical threats increase where intelligence failures occur

Physical threats increase as employees return to the office
As COVID-19 vaccinations continue, companies embrace hybrid work, employees return to the office and the U.S. opens up, violence and physical threats to businesses are occurring at an unsettling, record-high pace, according to the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence.

The study showcases the collective perspectives of physical security directors, physical security decision-makers, chief security officers, chief information officers, chief technology officers, chief information security officers and IT leaders at American companies on how physical security challenges and opportunities are unfolding in 2021 as the country emerges from the pandemic.

"Pent up economic and political frustrations marked January 6 by the Capitol riot are being unleashed after months of limited in-person interactions, mass shootings have skyrocketed and companies are experiencing an increase in physical threats as compared to the beginning of 2021," said Fred Burton, Executive Director of the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence. "And yet, as our study found,
even as physical threats increasingly originate in the cyber world, CEOs are reluctant to believe their companies could be targets."

Burton continued: "As the crippling of critical supply chains and infrastructure by cybercriminals earlier this year demonstrated, to keep all aspects of their business safe, with great urgency, companies must fund, integrate and
unify cybersecurity and physical security intelligence, assessment, mitigation and operations across the enterprise."

Bringing together all threat data and intelligence in an always-on, technology-driven approach to security is the most effective way to advance business continuity in today's increasingly hyper-connected, hyper-violent environment." helpnetsecurity.com

Banning Ransomware Payments?
Recent Attacks Lead to Renewed Calls for Banning Ransom Payments

While attackers in protected jurisdictions continue to get massive sums for continuing to breach organizations, the ransomware threat will only continue to grow.

Some security experts are urging the government to go further and, despite the difficulties in enforcing such a law,
make it illegal to pay ransoms to ransomware groups. Mike Hamilton, founder and chief information security officer at Critical Insight, a cybersecurity service provider, says that recent events have hardened his opinion and increased his support for such an option.

"I think that without public policy to (a) create a financial backstop as a reinsurer and (b)
prohibit extortion payments for ransomware, we will continue to have our behinds handed to us," he says. "We have to create a situation where the gangs cannot monetize victims in the United States. They are a business, and we have to let them know that we're no longer their ideal victim profile."

The idea is not new. In 2019, following ransomware attacks on town administration and local services in Texas, the US Conference of Mayors - which represents the top elected officials of every US town of more than 30,000 citizens -
pledged to not pay ransoms to cybercriminals. In early 2020, the US Treasury Department weighed in, underscoring that companies that pay ransomware to sanctioned groups or organizations are violating the law.

And some security firms have pointed out that companies that pay ransoms are funding the next round of attacks. The switch to
defunding the ransomware groups would not come without pain, Critical Insight's Hamilton says.

"In order for a change like this to work, the federal government would necessarily need to provide financial support to rebuild networks and help victims get back to operational capacity," he says. "Unfortunately,
this means some will lose data." beta.darkreading.com

The Mystery Behind REvil's Shutdown
What's Next Step for REvil Ransomware Victims?

If Backups Unavailable, Victims Should Retain Encrypted Files in Case Decryptor Released

Some ransomware gangs that have shut down operations have offered decryption keys to their victims. But when the REvil, aka Sodinokibi, ransomware gang disappeared from online on Tuesday, no such offer was made. In fact,
it's not clear whether REvil shut down on its own or was forced down by government action.

victims that lack adequate data backups are in a precarious situation.

"Unless REvil chooses to release their master keys or the keys were seized by law enforcement,
it's quite likely that some victims will permanently lose access to their data," says Brett Callow, a threat analyst with the security firm Emsisoft. "Unless they had working backups, the victims have no way of recovering."

That's why many experts are advising victims who cannot rely on backups to save encrypted data in case a decryptor becomes available at some point.

REvil went offline at about 1 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, leaving security experts wondering why. Possible causes are law enforcement action, an internal struggle within the gang or a technical issue.

Tom Robinson, CEO of the blockchain analysis firm Elliptic, notes there has been no activity on any of REvil's known bitcoin wallets since Tuesday, indicating that
victims likely cannot pay a ransom to receive a decryptor key.

REvil, which appears to be based in or near Russia,
has been tied to several recent high-profile ransomware attacks, including the July 2 attack against software firm Kaseya, which targeted its on-premises Virtual System Administrator, leading to ransomware attacks on about 60 of its managed service provider customers and up to 1,500 of their clients. It was also tied to the June attack against the meat processing company JBS. govinfosecurity.com

Managing Security of Information Exchanges: NIST Publishes SP 800-47 Rev. 1
NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-47, Revision 1,
Managing the Security of Information Exchanges, provides guidance on identifying information exchanges; considerations for protecting exchanged information before, during, and after the exchange commensurate with risk; and sample templates of the agreements needed to manage the protection of the exchanged information.

Rather than focus on any particular type of technology-based connection or information access, this publication has been updated to define the scope of information exchange, describe the benefits of securely managing information exchange, identify types of information exchanges, discuss potential security risks associated with information exchange, and detail a four-phase methodology to securely manage information exchange between systems and organizations. This document also recommends steps for each phase of the methodology with an emphasis on the security measures necessary to protect the shared data. content.govdelivery.com

Return to work meets hybrid office: The 6 looming questions


Register Now for the 2021 RH-ISAC Summit - September 28-29

Hey LP/AP senior: If your retailer is a member you might want to consider attending yourself or sending one of your team members who works with cybersecurity on investigations or e-commerce fraud.

Especially now with the increased ransomware attacks and data beaches and the corresponding increased attention from law enforcement. Cross pollinating and building those relationships could pay off long term. 
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Amazon Accused of Bullying
Apple accepted Amazon's request to boot an app that spots fake reviews from the App Store

Apple on Friday removed the app Fakespot from its App Store at Amazon's request.

Amazon got Apple to remove an app called Fakespot from the App Store on Friday, as reported by the Verge and CNBC.
Fakespot is an app that flags when product reviews on shopping apps like Amazon's are likely to be fake or bot-generated.

According to the Verge,
Amazon filed a complaint with Apple on June 8 saying that Fakespot displays Amazon's website inside its app, which breaks Apple's rules. The rules in question state that apps displaying third-party content must have permission from that third party.

Amazon also said Fakespot misleads customers and created a security risk with the way it put code into Amazon's website to display its ratings.

"The app in question provides customers with
misleading information about our sellers and their products, harms our sellers' businesses, and creates potential security risks. We appreciate Apple's review of this app against its Appstore guidelines," an Amazon spokesperson told the Verge.

Fakespot's CEO Saoud Khalifah
denied the app has any security vulnerabilities, in an interview with the Verge. He added: "Amazon is willing to bully little companies like ours that showcase the cracks in their company." He said Fakespot had 150,000 downloads when Apple removed it. businessinsider.com

Supply Chain Turmoil
Three ways online retailers can overcome supply chain turmoil
The pandemic recovery is finally in full swing. But
the huge increase in online shopping over the past 18 months coupled with ongoing supply chain disruptions across multiple industries means that many businesses aren't yet in full control of their destiny.

Revisit your supplier onboarding strategy
Being able to
quickly onboard new suppliers, along with their product catalog is a major key to success in a supply chain challenged world. Having multiple sources also allows you to shop around and ensure you are getting the best deal.

Substitute and replacement prompts
Business leaders are also online shoppers, and they can relate to the experience of browsing for a product online, finding the perfect item, only to learn that it's not in stock. Aim to do more than simply deliver bad news to frustrated consumers and hope for the best.
Implement a solution that will automatically flag similar products to the one that's not available so that the shopper is offered a viable alternative.

Automatic inventory transfer processes
Instead of showing customers a map of stores that can't help them, essentially your out of stock item the customer's problem to deal with, savvy online retailers are building automatic in-store transfer processes that arrange for an item to be shipped to a nearby store.  ceoworld.biz

Same-Day Delivery: Bezos and Crew Land After Short Flight to Space

How Small Brands Can Compete In The Amazon Age Of E-Commerce







Nashville, TN: Federal Jury Convicts Nashville Man In Music City Pawn Robbery
A Nashville man was convicted Friday of federal crimes relating to his role in the robbery of Music City Pawn in June 2018, announced Acting U.S. Attorney Mary Jane Stewart for the Middle District of Tennessee. Herbert Marsh, 31, was convicted on six counts, including conspiracy, robbery, theft, possession of stolen firearms, being a convicted felon in possession of firearms and witness tampering. The jury acquitted Marsh of brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence.

Two others, also charged in the robbery, James Horton, 27, and Hakeem Mannie, 32, previously pleaded guilty to the charges. Mannie was sentenced in January 2019 to 176 months in prison and Horton is awaiting sentencing.

On June 26, 2018, the trio robbed Music City Pawn on Nolensville Pike, taking 11 firearms and nearly $8,000 in cash. Two employees were then ordered to the ground and bound with cable and one employee was dragged to the rear of the store and ordered to open the safe. After taking the firearms and cash, the assailants fled the store in a U-Haul van. Marsh faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced later this year. justice.gov

Walmart Money Center Employee Cashing Fraudulent Tax Return Checks
Alabama and Georgia Women Plead Guilty to Involvement in $4 Million Stolen Identity Refund Fraud Ring
Lashelia Alexander worked for Walmart's money center located in Columbus. In January 2014, Alexander was approached about cashing fraudulent tax refund checks that were issued in the names of third parties. In return for cashing the checks, Alexander would receive payment. Alexander cashed more than $100,000 in fraudulently obtained third-party refund checks issued based on false tax returns that were filed by Hoskins and Pyatt. justice.gov

Las Vegas, NV: Ross Dress for Less thief busted for multiple thefts valued at nearly $1400
20-year-old man earned the nickname "Happy Feet" from detectives investigating thefts from a Ross Dress for Less on Charleston Boulevard near Fremont Street. Gregory Poe is charged with five counts of burglary after nearly $1,400 worth of clothing was stolen from the store at 1720 E. Charleston in five separate incidents. Poe, described as a transient in a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrest report, is accused of stealing clothing valued at $1,379.22. Detectives called him "Happy Feet" because he would enter the store and then leave without any attempt to purchase items. The suspect "ignored the employee stationed at the front door" and committed the thefts on consecutive days. In one instance, employees said he appeared to be under the influence. According to information provided by the loss prevention officer, 21 items items valued at $314.79, 12 items valued at $254.88, Unspecified number of items valued at $364.75, Unspecified number of items valued at $199.90, Unspecified number of items valued at $171.90. Most of the items were shirts, pants and shoes.

Chicago, IL: Woman charged with 3 retail thefts in 3 weeks
A Chicago woman who was on electronic monitoring for three different retail thefts in under one month was arrested again in southwest suburban Orland Park, police said. Rashieda Saunders, 29, has been charged with two felony counts of retail theft, according to Orland Park police. Police said she and two other women allegedly stole over $9,000 of merchandise from Macy's, located at 1 Orland Square Drive. Police opened an investigation in early June after authorities said the three women allegedly also stole around $5,000 of merchandise from the Orland Mall store on May 23 and around $4,000 worth of items on June 3.

According to police, the three women filled up two garbage bags of clothing on both dates before fleeing the store. Saunders was initially arrested on May 12 for allegedly committing a similar retail theft at a Dick's Sporting Goods, police said. She was placed on electronic monitoring when she allegedly committed the second and third retail thefts.

White Township, PA: Thief uses $900 of Fraudulent Gift Cards at Walmart
Pennsylvania State police say that the unknown thief went into the White Township Walmart last Wednesday, July 14th and went to the register at 9:05 PM with two gift cards.
The thief showed the cashier a fake sticker on the back of the card that said "press the cash button if the card does not work." The cashier pressed the button, making the machine think that it received a cash payment for the card. The suspect did two transactions in this manner, racking up a total of $900 in gift cards, along with stealing merchandise from the store. wccsradio.com

Sedalia, MO: Woman charged with Felony Burglary for multiple Walmart thefts
Pia Carter was arrested earlier this month in connection with reported thefts in Pettis County. According to the Sedalia Police Department, on Thursday, July 8, police officers and detectives executed a search warrant on a residence.
This search warrant was obtained as part of an investigation into ongoing thefts which had been occurring at Walmart since May 2021. During the execution of the search warrant, evidence was obtained that, coupled with the investigation, led to 53-year-old Carter's arrest. Court documents say Carter is charged with a Class B Felony for First-Degree Burglary and a Class D Felony for Stealing of $750 or More. kmmo.com

San Carlos, CA: Deputies recover $1,775 of merchandise from CVS Shoplifter
Deputies arrested a 22-year-old Oakland man Sunday night after a report of a shoplifting incident at a San Carlos pharmacy. Deputies from the San Carlos Bureau of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office responded to a 9:18 p.m. report that a man had left without paying for merchandise from the CVS Pharmacy on San Carlos Avenue. Deputies located the suspect, Jesus Moreno-Garcia, as he was leaving the parking lot of the store. After detaining him, deputies found about $1,775 in merchandise, as well as drugs and drug paraphernalia. 

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Shootings & Deaths

Gainesville, FL: One killed, 4 others shot in C-Store drive-by shooting
One person was killed and four others were injured in a drive-by shooting Sunday night in northeast Gainesville. According to a press release from the Gainesville Police Department sent out just after midnight, the shooting happened around 10 p.m. outside the 8th Avenue Food Store. The release said a vehicle was travelling south on Northeast 17th Street when multiple shots were fired from it into a crowd of people around the store, hitting five.  gainesville.com

Walnut Creek, CA: Gunfire outside Walnut Creek lounge leaves 25-year-old man dead, 4 others injured
Investigators are searching for the suspects in connection with a shooting over the weekend in Walnut Creek that left one man dead and three others injured. The violence broke out at the Spoontonic Lounge. Several ambulances rushed victims from the scene early Sunday morning. Walnut Creek police say around 1:30 a.m. someone opened fire, hitting four people.

Houston, TX: Argument between 2 convenience store customers ends in deadly shooting
An argument at the N&T Food Store on Yale Street near the North Loop on Monday ended with one customer shooting another customer to death. "It happened so fast, you know?" said Tonja George, who saw the argument that eventually turned violent. The shooting victim and the accused shooter have not been identified, but we do know someone lost their life over what witnesses say was something small. The suspect has been detained.

Update: Columbia, SC: Teens charged in man's murder outside Two Notch Road vape shop
Police have made two arrests in the shooting death of a man killed outside a vape shop on Two Notch Road in Columbia. The shooting happened June 29 in the parking lot of Sam's Tobacco and Vape. Monday, officers said a 16-year-old turned himself in to police. He's been charged with murder. Investigators believe the teen was arguing with the victim inside the store just before the deadly shooting. The Columbia Police Department has not identified the 16-year-old suspect, who also faces felony gun charges. Another suspect, who is 19, is accused of witnessing the shooting and not calling police, as well as helping the 16-year-old flee the scene. Kamron Woods, 19, is charged with accessory after the fact of murder. Police said there is surveillance video of the shooting, but it has not been made public.

Dunwoody, GA: Man arrested after Shooting at Loss Prevention officer outside Perimeter Mall
A suspected shoplifter has been arrested after police said he shot at a loss prevention officer outside of Perimeter Mall on Monday afternoon. The man was taken into custody about a half-hour after the incident, which happened around 12:45 p.m. outside of the Macy's store, Dunwoody police said. The loss prevention officer said the man was suspected of shoplifting from the Sunglass Hut kiosk inside Macy's, police spokesman Sgt. Robert Parsons told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
The loss prevention officer followed the man out of the store, but the suspect started shooting and ran away, police said. No one was injured during the incident, Parsons said. The man was located in a business park along Perimeter Center West, Parsons said. The firearm used in the incident was also located, Dunwoody police said. 11alive.com

Jamaica, Queens, NY: Police search for man who allegedly shot teen outside Queens 99-cent store
Police said they're searching for the man seen on video firing a gun at a 16-year-old on a Queens sidewalk Sunday afternoon, striking the teen in the leg. It happened at Merrick Boulevard near 111th Avenue in Jamaica Sunday at about 2:20 p.m., police said. The unidentified man approached the teenager with a gun before shooting him in the right leg. pix11.com

Oconee County, GA: Four months after C-Store employee's death, Deputies continue to search for the 'cold-blooded killer'

Richmond County, GA: Pair Jailed for Shooting in Failed Gas Station Robbery Attempt


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Seattle, WA: Detectives seek ID of couple wanted after Safeway Loss Prevention officer violently attacked
Seattle Police are asking for the public's help to identify two robbery suspects. On 06/26/2021, the woman with the blond hair entered the Safeway at 2201 E Madison St and placed several items into her empty baby stroller. She then left the store without making any attempt to pay for the merchandise concealed in the stroller.

She was followed outside by a Loss Prevention officer and asked about the stolen items. Detectives say that's when the guy in the tank top approached and said, "anyone wants to take my s***, I'll f****** shoot you," and showed a handgun he had concealed inside of his waistband. A fight ensued with the Loss Prevention officer and when it broke up, the two suspects walked away northbound. I'll post video on the comments section. He returned to the store 15 minutes later wearing a black hoodie and asked to speak with the loss prevention officer who he fought with. He was unable to make contact with him so he left. q13fox.com

Riverside County, CA: Teen Suspect Arrest In Burglary Spree In Southwest RivCo
A teenager suspected of breaking into more than three dozen businesses, mostly in southwest Riverside County, was being held Monday in Murrieta Juvenile Hall. The youth, whose identity was not disclosed, was arrested Friday on suspicion of committing multiple commercial burglaries. According to Riverside County sheriff's Sgt. Sean Liebrand, the break- ins began July 2 and continued into late last week. Liebrand said
hair salons, taco shops, pizza parlors and other establishments were targeted by the juvenile and two cohorts, whose identities have not been confirmed. The crew are suspected of burglaries in Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Temecula and Wildomar. "All (of the businesses) had their front windows shattered as a point of entry into the locations," the sergeant said. "Deputies were able to obtain security surveillance videos from multiple locations, showing the suspects illegally entering the businesses and targeting the cash registers." patch.com




Bike - Santa Monica, CA - Burglary
C-Store -Muskogee, OK - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Tulsa, OK - Robbery
C-Store - Houghton, MI - Burglary
Collectables - Kearny Mesa, CA - Robbery
Department- Dunwoody, GA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Augusta, GA - Armed Robbery
Handbags - Manalapan, NJ - Burglary
Jewelry - Grand Junction, CO - Burglary
Jewelry - Nashville, TN - Robbery
Jewelry - Las Vegas, NV - Burglary
Jewelry - Everett, WA - Robbery
Jewelry - Oklahoma City, OK - Robbery
Jewelry - Dublin, OH - Robbery
Jewelry - Buford, GA - Robbery
Jewelry - Boise, ID - Robbery
Jewelry - West Covina, CA - Burglary
Jewelry - Garden City, NY - Robbery
Jewelry - Tukwila, WA - Robbery
Pharmacy - Mississauga, NY - Armed Robber
Restaurant - Nashville, TN - Armed Robbery (McDonald's)
Walmart - Roseville, GA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 16 robberies
• 6 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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