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Brian Sawyer named Security Operation Center Director for Cherokee Federal
Brian started his career in the U.S. Army and attained the rank of Sergeant before leaving to become a police officer in Southern California. After leaving public service, Brian entered the close protection field protecting top celebrities in Hollywood for 15 years before moving on to the commercial security industry and wireless loss prevention as a director. Brian was recently appointed to Security Operations Center Director in a Federal contract for Cherokee Federal. Congratulations, Brian!

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Welcome to ISC West 2021!
ISC West Kicks Off Today Through July 21

ISC West is back after a break last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the show welcomes the security and public safety industry to accelerate market recovery and re-define the roadmap ahead.

This year's show is the place to access and discover the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies, along with gaining crucial knowledge that will help you do your job better.

With ISC West, you will have the opportunity to network and connect with thousands of security and public safety professionals, learn from the dynamic SIA Education@ISC program, plus explore the latest technologies in access control and visitor management, video surveillance, alarms and monitoring, emergency response and public safety, while discovering emerging solutions in IT/IoT security, smart home solutions, drones and robotics, and more!

The combination of products, networking opportunities, events, and educational programming all in one place truly makes ISC West the industry's most comprehensive and converged event in the U.S.

Don't forget to download the ISC West Mobile App to create your personalized show experience at www.iscwestmobile.com.   digitaledition.sdmmag.com

Violence, Crime & Protests

Big City Shootings Continue Over the Weekend
Shooting near Nationals Park puts renewed focus on another weekend of gun violence in US
A series of shootings over the weekend in
Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and other American cities underscored the ongoing rise in shootings and gun violence in the US this year.

The shooting near Nationals Park in DC was the most prominent of the incidents, as the audible gunshots sent fans and players scrambling for safety in the middle of a Washington Nationals baseball game.

Other shootings injured children, including a 1-year-old wounded on Saturday night in Philadelphia. They further a
trend of heightened gun violence that emerged after Covid-19 lockdowns were lifted.

Here's a look at some of the weekend's shooting incidents spread across the US.

Chicago - At least 53 people were shot in 41 separate shootings in Chicago from Friday evening to Sunday evening, the police department's incident reports show. Of the 53, six have died, the reports show.

Philadelphia - Two people were injured, including a 1-year-old boy, in a shooting in West Philadelphia on Saturday night around 8 p.m., according to Philadelphia Police Department spokesperson Officer Miguel Torres.

Washington, DC - Three people were injured in a shooting Saturday night outside Nationals Park in Washington, DC, sending baseball fans and players scrambling during a game, police said.

Portland, Oregon - One woman has died and six other people were wounded in a shooting in downtown Portland, Oregon, early Saturday, according to the Portland Police Bureau.

Sacramento - Two people were killed and four others injured in a shooting in Sacramento on Friday night, according to a news release from the Sacramento Police Department. cnn.com

Homicides Surge in Big Cities During Pandemic

Cities with the Highest Increase in Homicide Rates During Covid
The homicide rate is increasing rapidly in the U.S., so much so that President Joe Biden has made tackling the problem one of his newest priorities. Alarmingly,
homicide rates have risen by an average of 33% in 50 of the most populated U.S. cities between Q2 2019 and Q2 2021, and are still rising.

In order to determine which cities have the biggest homicide problems, WalletHub compared
50 of the largest U.S. cities based on per capita homicides in Q2 2021, as well as per capita homicides in Q2 2021 vs. Q2 2020 and Q2 2019.

Cities with the Highest Increase in Homicide Rates During Covid

ORC Exploding Coast to Coast
Exclusive: Long Island A Hot Spot Of 'Organized, Brazen' High-End Shoplifting
We are seeing a significant spike in shoplifting across the nation, and here at home. They are not petty crimes. Experts say they are highly organized, and retailers are losing millions of dollars in high-end goods.

On Long Island, one beauty chain store has been hit more than two dozen times in recent months. As CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff exclusively reports, shoplifting out of control - baskets filled with thousands of dollars in perfumes - walked out of Long Island stores.

Ulta Beauty stores in Suffolk County have been hit more than 25 times this year - one of them twice in a day.

"I'd say it's organized, its brazen, and it's a trend nationally, and certainly a trend out here," said Suffolk County Police Chief of Detectives Mathew Lewis.

Experts say this isn't like food swiped to feed a family - it's organized retail crime. Ben Dugan, the president of the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail, says nationwide theft is up 30% since COVID hit.

"What we are talking about are professional thieves who steal high dollar product and product in bulk for resale on unregulated ecommerce," Dugan said. And he says Long Island is a hot spot.

"The largest organized retail crime criminal organizations are in the New York City metropolitan area and more specifically, Long Island," he said. Dugan says stolen goods have been tracked from Long Island across the internet.

Similar crimes are making waves nationwide. Brazen thieves fled two West Coast Neiman Marcus stores with arms filled with high-end handbags. Thirteen Walgreens are closing in San Francisco.

Experts blame a perfect storm: More demand online for products, masks making it harder to identify suspects, and bail reform.

"It's not a violent crime, so it's subject to release at the precinct. There is very little ramifications for these people," Lewis said. newyork.cbslocal.com

New ORC Bill in California
Bill Authorizing Funding to Combat ORC Heads to the Governor's Desk
Today, Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer's (D-South Los Angeles) legislation on organized retail theft passed out of the Legislature with unanimous, bipartisan support in both the Assembly and Senate.

Assembly Bill (AB) 331, sponsored by the California Retailers Association (CRA), re-enacts the crime of organized retail theft and the operation of the California Highway Patrol property crimes task force until January 1, 2026.

"When the Legislature passed our organized retail theft bill in 2018, we crafted it to ensure we targeted sophisticated crime rings that took advantage of loopholes in state law as opposed to theft for personal use simply because someone was hungry," said Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer. "Since then, while we have taken great strides in recovering millions of dollars and busting large operations through the collaboration with law enforcement and the CHP property crimes task force, organized retail crime continues to be a pervasive problem throughout the state."

"Organized retail crime hurts not only stores but our communities," said Rachel Michelin, President of the California Retailers Association. "ORC can result in store shutdowns or reductions in hours, meaning less public access to grocery, pharmacy, and other essentials. It can threaten the safety of store employees and our customers. Criminal enterprises have been known to use proceeds from ORC for other illegal activities like human trafficking and drug-running. Local law enforcement and our stores need assistance and resources to shut down these criminal networks. We appreciate Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer's leadership in continuing the work of the Organized Retail Crime Task Force."  eastcountytoday.net

Glimmer of Good News in NYC
Subway crime rate drops closer to pre-COVID levels after police surge
Subway ridership increased in June while crime dropped in the system, according new data released ahead of this week's MTA board and committing meetings.
A total of 111 major felonies occurred on the subways in June - down from 168 the previous month, according to NYPD data to be shown to board members on Monday.

Adjusted for ridership,
crime dropped from 2.87 felonies per million riders in May to 1.77 felonies per million riders in June - the closest its come to pre-pandemic levels since March 2020. Subway crime rates soared amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 compared to 2019, when NYPD recorded a comparatively scant 1.47 felonies million riders. nypost.com

Activists believe race is impacting the way Portland, community responds to gun violence

COVID Update

337.7M Vaccinations Given

US: 34.9M Cases - 624.7K Dead - 29.3M Recovered
Worldwide: 191.3M Cases - 4.1M Dead - 174.2M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 284   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 318
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Two more security officers die from Covid19
The deaths of private security personnel during the Covid-19 pandemic, including many who were actively working with the public. In a recent release of information from the
City of Philadelphia, two more individuals, both males, one in their 40's and one in their 70's have been identified as security officers who died from the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have also located others who were classified as employees of the security industry who died from Covid19 but there was almost no other information listed. privateofficerbreakingnews.blogspot.com

Delta Variant Fueling Outbreaks - Cases Up 70%
CDC director warns of 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' as cases rise
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky warned of rising cases on Friday, stating that
COVID-19 is "becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated" and that vaccinated people are protected against severe disease.

The highly transmissible
delta variant is fueling expanding outbreaks, but they are centered in parts of the country with lower vaccination rates.

"This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated," Walensky said during a White House press briefing. "We are seeing
outbreaks of cases in parts of the country that have low vaccination coverage, because unvaccinated people are at risk."

The country is averaging about
26,000 cases per day, nearly a 70 percent increase from the previous seven-day average, Walensky said. Hospitalizations are also up to about 2,790 per day, a 36 percent increase from the prior week, and deaths are up 26 percent, to 211 per day.

almost all of the hospitalizations and deaths are among unvaccinated people. Walensky said 97 percent of people entering the hospital with COVID-19 are unvaccinated. thehill.com

Politics Hurting Vaccination Effort
Vaccine hesitancy morphs into hostility, as opposition to shots hardens
What began as
"vaccine hesitancy" has morphed into outright vaccine hostility, as conservatives increasingly attack the White House's coronavirus message, mischaracterize its vaccination campaign and, more and more, vow to skip the shots altogether.

The notion that the vaccine drive is pointless or harmful - or perhaps even a government plot - is increasingly an article of faith among supporters of former president Donald Trump, on a par with assertions that the last election was stolen and the assault on the U.S. Capitol was overblown.

In a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll,
29 percent of Americans said they were unlikely to get vaccinated, including 20 percent who said they definitely would not. That represented an increase from three months earlier, when 24 percent said they were unlikely to get a shot.

trend is unsettling public health experts, particularly as the outbreak worsens again. Confirmed U.S. coronavirus cases have more than doubled in the past week, with deaths rising 28 percent. Medical experts say those deaths are almost entirely among unvaccinated Americans. washingtonpost.com

More OSHA COVID Changes
OSHA Changes Focus of COVID NEP
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently made substantial changes to its National Emphasis Program (NEP) for COVID-19 that the agency kicked off earlier this year, including
the removal of some industries from the list of targets for intensified inspection activities.

Of course, with such major changes comes a new name for the program, which from now on will no longer be called an NEP but instead is now designated as an
updated Interim Enforcement Response Plan, or IERP.

Employers should keep in mind that both the original NEP and the new IERP apply only in those states subject to federal OSHA enforcement and
do not apply in states with their own occupational safety and health agencies.

Among the changes included in the IERP issued on July 7, the revised directive shrinks the number of targeted industries whose workers are identified as being most at risk for COVID-19 exposure. Those who are covered by the program still includes healthcare and some non-healthcare industry segments considered higher risk, such as meat and poultry processing, and warehousing.

The revised NEP also removes an appendix to the agency's March directive that contained a list of secondary target industries, which apparently will no longer be subject to the enforcement initiative. ehstoday.com

Mask Mandates Make a Comeback in LA
Returning to mask mandates unpopular in Los Angeles
The rapid spread of the delta variant across the U.S. in the past month has prompted fresh questions over whether reimposing indoor mask mandates will be necessary.

Los Angeles County health officials on Thursday responded to an uptick in cases by reimposing an indoor mask mandate on everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

The move by the nation's most populous county marked an escalation, as it came just two weeks after officials recommended masks as a precautionary measure. The county had lifted its previous mask requirement only about a month ago.

Public health experts largely agreed that L.A.'s decision to reimpose an indoor mask mandate was a wise decision but said it wouldn't make much difference without wider implementation. thehill.com

COVID & Hybrid Work is Driving 'Meeting Burnout'
The Pain of the Never-Ending Work Check-In

Meeting burnout got worse in the pandemic; hybrid schedules could make things even messier

We were already on the road to meeting burnout before the pandemic. A shift from hierarchical organizations to de-layered, matrixed ones means more bosses and teams to coordinate with. Increasingly global business means invites for times when we'd normally be in bed.

Working from home and living through a crisis seems to have made it worse. In an April survey from meeting scheduling tool Doodle, 69% of 1,000 full-time remote workers said their meetings had increased since the pandemic started, with 56% reporting that their swamped calendars were hurting their job performance.

Constant check-ins have become some bosses' version of micromanaging, a way to keep tabs on workers they don't trust. Coordination that used to happen by swiveling your chair or walking across the hall now requires extra formality and time for everyone still spread out across home offices. Plus, there's the sense that empathetic leaders should stay in touch during moments of transition, whether that's as the world was shutting down last year or as we head back to headquarters now. wsj.com

UK's 'Freedom Day'
England lifts Covid-19 restrictions on daily life even as variant cases spike
The British government on Monday lifted pandemic restrictions on daily life in England, scrapping all social distancing in a step slammed by scientists and opposition parties as a dangerous leap into the unknown.

From midnight (2300 GMT Sunday), nightclubs were able to reopen and other indoor venues allowed to run at full capacity, while legal mandates covering the wearing of masks and working from home were scrapped.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson-who is self-isolating after his health minister was infected-urged the public to remain prudent and for any laggards to join the two-thirds of UK adults who are now fully vaccinated.

He defended the reopening-dubbed "freedom day" by some media-despite scientists' grave misgivings after daily infection rates in Britain topped 50,000, behind only Indonesia and Brazil. france24.com

L.A. County coronavirus spike hits alarming levels, with 10,000 infected in a week, as Delta variant spreads

When and how will we know if we need Covid-19 booster shots?

Canada surpasses the U.S. vaccination rate, after lagging for months

In France, angry protests, rising infections and record vaccinations


Surprise - Your Face is Already Being Scanned
From Macy's to Ace Hardware, facial recognition is already everywhere

Facial recognition is popping up at our favorite stores, but customers are largely unaware.

Some of the US's most popular stores -
including Macy's and Ace Hardware - are using facial recognition on their customers, largely without their knowledge.

Now the digital rights nonprofit Fight for the Future has helped launch
a nationwide campaign to document which of the country's biggest retailers are deploying facial recognition. Launched on Wednesday, the campaign, which has the support of more than 35 human rights groups, aims to draw attention to retail stores using facial-scanning algorithms to boost their profits, intensify security systems, and even track their employees.

The campaign comes as a clear reminder that
the reach of facial recognition goes far beyond law enforcement and into the private, commercial storefronts we regularly visit. Experts warn that facial recognition in these spaces is particularly concerning because the technology is largely unregulated and undisclosed, meaning both customers and employees may be unaware this software is surveilling and collecting data about them.

While you may not have heard of it before, stores using facial recognition isn't a new practice. Last year, Reuters reported that
the drug chain Rite Aid had deployed facial recognition in at least 200 stores over nearly a decade (before the company suddenly committed to ditching the software). In fact, facial recognition is just one of several technologies store chains are deploying to enhance their security systems, or to otherwise surveil customers. Some retailers, for instance, have used apps and in-store wifi to track users while they move around physical stores and later target them with online ads.

Several popular stores, including
Lowe's, the grocery chain Albertsons, and Macy's, are already using facial recognition, according to Fight for the Future's database. How exactly these retailers are using facial recognition can be unclear, since companies typically aren't upfront about it.

Stores are embracing facial recognition tech because,
they claim, it can help them prevent theft. But experts warn this technology raises alarms. Customers rarely know that this technology is in use, leaving them without the opportunity to say no or remove themselves from a store's facial recognition-based watch list. At the same time, facial recognition algorithms can be inaccurate, and come with built-in racial and gender biases. vox.com

Safety Leadership
Seeing Your Way to Becoming a Transformational Safety Leader

Leadership requires keen observation and a willingness to act, but leaders are not confined to management job titles.

You are demonstrating situational awareness. You observed an abnormal situation, or a deviation, and became immediately aware of the danger, or the risk. You are paying attention to the environment around you.

You are being self-reflective. You're asking questions about yourself: How can I be most effective in sharing what I am seeing? How can I engage the team for solutions to what I see? How can I set an example that others will follow in their own behaviors?

You're being thoughtful and supportive. You're showing that you genuinely care. By seeing a hazard and alerting others to it, you are supporting their safety.

You're being fair. You are not placing blame or making judgments. You know no one is perfect. We're all human, and sometimes we forget to follow a safety precaution or assume someone else will take action.

You're slowing down. You're taking the time to let others know about a hazard you've identified. Time is a precious commodity at all levels of an organization. Supervisors and frontline operators are pressed to get products out the door and to customers, but by taking the time to report safety hazards, you're showing that safety is more important than quotas and deadlines.

You're taking initiative. You're taking action when you could simply remain silent and let the moment pass. Leaders are action oriented, not passive onlookers.

You're communicating by speaking up with clarity, accuracy and precision. Effective leaders make good use of critical thinking skills to describe what you see and make informed decisions. ehstoday.com

'Self-Checkout Supercenter'
Walmart is testing an all-self-checkout Supercenter in Plano

Some Walmart shoppers said they worry that jobs are being eliminated but admit that they no longer see lines at checkout.

Walmart is testing
an all-self-checkout Supercenter in Plano at one of its biggest local stores and one where growing families can easily pile high a grocery cart. It's calling the process "hosted checkout" because employees are standing by to help if customers need it.

Kroger has been testing all-self-checkout at a small urban store on Cedar Springs in Dallas, but the sight of no cashier lanes in a store as big as Walmart's Plano Supercenter stocked with more than 120,000 items and surrounded by suburban rooftops is daunting.

Target, Kroger and Costco stores have all adopted the evolved self-checkout process with assistance but still offer the option to go through a regular cashier-staffed, conveyor-belted line.

Some Walmart shoppers said they're on the fence about the all self-checkout store and are
worried that jobs are being eliminated. But they've noticed that it's faster. dallasnews.com

Retail's New 'Roaring Twenties'
With Retail Sales Up, Analysts Point To Pent-Up Demand
Business at the Chicago Gold Coast boutique Space 519 is so good,
the owner calls it the new "Roaring Twenties." Like many retailers, the retail owner was conservative planning for the year and so were suppliers, he noted. Now that consumers are shopping, demand is way up.

Retail spending is one indication of a country-wide spending trend amongst Americans who can afford to shop. Case in point:
retail sales were up .6% in June, according to the latest report released by the Census Bureau. Monthly sales totaled $621.3 billion, up 18% above June 2020. Sales from April to June tracked a 31.5% increase from the same period last year.

According to the report,
top-performing categories in June included clothing and clothing accessories stores, up 47.1% from June 2020 and food services and drinking places up 40.2% from last year. In contrast, furniture and home furnishing stores dropped 3.6%, motor vehicle and auto parts declined 2% and building material and garden equipment dipped 1.6%.

Analysts point
this surge in retail spending to pent-up demand. The economy may still be in transition, but analysts say the report is evidence that things are moving in a healthy direction. forbes.com

NRF: Back-to-School Spending to Hit All-Time High
2021 Brings Back-to-Class Shopping to Record Levels
Consumers plan to spend record amounts for both school and college supplies as families and students plan to return to in-person classrooms this fall, according to the annual survey released today by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

Families with children in elementary through high school plan to spend an average of $848.90 on school items, which is $59 more than last year. Total back-to-school spending is
expected to reach a record $37.1 billion, up from $33.9 billion last year and an all-time high in the survey's history. College students and their families plan to spend an average of $1,200.32 on college or university items, an increase of $141 over last year. Over half ($80) of this increase is due to increased spending on electronics and dorm furnishings. Total back-to-college spending is expected to reach a record $71 billion, up from $67.7 billion in 2020. nrf.com

Target opens its second Denver small box store

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Senior Director, Global Security job posted for eBay in San Jose, CA
The Senior Director of Global Security will be responsible for and coordinate physical security efforts across the company. The incumbent will be responsible for managing a comprehensive and proactive global security that employs a risk-based approach for the protection of employees, assets, and operations. This role will be responsible for securing eBay's offices and operations globally, using security technology and access control systems; the identification and remediation of threats and security issues relevant to the company; and the protection of senior executives and individuals traveling on business. jobs.ebayinc.com

Director of Investigations, Operations, & Global Security job posted for JCPenney
in Plano, TX
The Director of Investigations, Operations, & Global Security will lead various teams to drive results that will increase company profitability, maintain a safe work environment, and provide guidance for all security protocols both domestic and international. Monitor the execution of projects and initiatives by reviewing progress reports and work in progress; handling and rectifying initiatives that are not on track; leveraging internal and external networks to assist in project completion; and coordinating project and initiative communications within the division. jobs.jcp.com

Last week's #1 article --

Big City ORC Surge Pushing Stores to Close
Coordinated crime sprees forcing retailers to close stores, limit hours

California raised threshold for felony from $450 to $950 in stolen goods

Coordinated crime sprees in major cities in California, New York and elsewhere are forcing retailers to close stores and limit operating hours, as packs of shoplifters regularly make off with hundreds of dollars-worth in merchandise to be resold online, at street markets or returned for gift cards.

Amid a crime wave sweeping San Francisco,
five Target store locations are reducing operating hours, closing at 6 p.m. instead of the usual 10 p.m., as managers seek to secure merchandise and employee safety, Forbes reported. Organized gangs brazenly steal branded items even with security present, as California raised the threshold for a felony charge from $450 to $950 in stolen goods.

San Francisco Police Chief William Scott told NBC Nightly News
thieves calculate the worth of shoplifted goods to fall below the felony threshold, meaning officers cannot take action for misdemeanor theft and stores must be willing to hire security guards to make a private persons arrest.

For more than a month,
Target has been experiencing "a significant and alarming" rise in theft and security incidents at San Francisco stores, a Target spokesman told Fox News. He cited similar decisions to reduce hours made by retailers in the Bay Area including H&M, Gap, Marshalls and Walgreens. foxnews.com

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Custom printing available on the AM & RF Labels or on the Overlay/Seal itself

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'Rewards Not Ransoms'
US Offering $10 Million Reward for Cyberthreat Information

State Department, DHS Focus on Ransomware Threats to Critical Infrastructure

The U.S. Department of State is now offering rewards of up to $10 million for information about cyberthreats to the nation's critical infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department have unveiled a website called StopRansomware, which is described as a central hub for consolidating ransomware-fighting resources from all federal government agencies.

Seeking Information

The reward money for cyberthreats information is being administered through the State Department's Rewards for Justice program, which is overseen by the Diplomatic Security Service bureau.
The money will be awarded "for information leading to the identification or location of any person who, while acting at the direction or under the control of a foreign government, participates in malicious cyber activities against U.S. critical infrastructure in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act," according to the State Department.

The Rewards for Justice program was created in the 1980s to help gather information that could be used to help counter terrorism threats. Now,
the program is being expanded to offer cash rewards for information about attackers who target or attempt to target critical infrastructure.

More Work to Do

Although offering rewards could prove helpful in tracking down cyberthreats, the government should find ways to
further expand the project, says Phil Reitinger, the president and CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance.

But the new rewards program could lead to government officials becoming
overwhelmed with tips as well as misinformation about ransomware and other attacks, says Austin Berglas, who formerly was an assistant special agent in charge of cyber investigations at the FBI's New York office.

"The difficulty is the number of resources that will be necessary to
separate the 'signal' from the 'noise' and identify the legitimate tips," Berglas says. govinfosecurity.com

Biden Administration Points the Finger at China
Microsoft Exchange email hack was caused by China, US says
The Biden administration on Monday blamed China for a
hack of Microsoft Exchange email server software that compromised tens of thousands of computers around the world earlier this year.

The administration and allied nations also disclosed a broad range of other cyberthreats from Beijing, including ransomware attacks from government-affiliated hackers that have targeted companies with demands for millions of dollars. C
hina's Ministry of State Security has been using criminal contract hackers, who have engaged in cyber extortion schemes and theft for their own profit, according to a senior administration official. That official briefed reporters about the investigation on the condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department on Monday announced charges against four Chinese nationals who prosecutors said were working with the Ministry of State Security in a hacking campaign that
targeted dozens of computer systems, including companies, universities and government entities.

The announcements highlighted the ongoing cyberthreat posed by Chinese government hackers even as the administration has been consumed with trying to curb ransomware attacks from Russia-based syndicates that have targeted critical infrastructure, including a massive fuel pipeline. Even though the finger-pointing was not accompanied by any sanctions of Beijing, a senior administration official who disclosed the actions to reporters said that
the U.S. has confronted senior Chinese officials and that the White House regards the multination public shaming as sending an important message.

That hackers affiliated with the Ministry of State Security carried out a ransomware attack was surprising and concerning to the U.S. government, the senior administration official said. But the attack, in which an unidentified American company received a high-dollar ransom demand, also gave U.S. officials new insight into what the official said was "
the kind of aggressive behavior that we're seeing coming out of China." apnews.com

500,000 Unfilled Cybersecurity Positions
Did the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap Distract Us From the Leak?

Cyber games can play a critical role in re-engaging our workforce and addressing the employee retention crisis.

What if our nation invested in its human cybersecurity workforce as much as we have innovative tools? Many would answer, "We have!" And they would be partially correct; we have invested to recruit new talent, relentlessly pursuing early career cyber pros, through college programs, school partnerships, or just readjusting our salary and benefits packages yet again. We've been trying to fill the gap with a variety of programs.

Undoubtedly, we
must address the 500,000 unfilled positions as nearly two-thirds of cyber pros report staff shortages at their own organizations. But as we've poured more and more resources into filling the gap, have we missed a significant leak in our current workforce funnel?

Our cyber community has fixated on the workforce gap at the top of the funnel for over a decade - and clearly the deficit is apt to continue as our digital lives expand. But there is another story lost in the shadow of this looming problem:
There are several leaks and missing development paths in our workforce funnel.

Cyber's Overlooked Retention Problem
The sizable workforce gap is hiding
cybersecurity's industrywide problem of employee retention, development, and engagement. The constant need for fresh talent isn't just due to the growing space we're in; in fact, the gap is in experienced roles, not junior levels. Our colleagues are leaving their jobs in droves.

Under normal circumstances, jobs in cybersecurity are inherently stressful; then the pandemic kicked things up another notch.
In cybersecurity, the effect of stress and risk of burnout has been described as "reaching epidemic levels and has increased exponentially during the COVID-19 crisis." According to a recent Ponemon survey, 75% of respondents agreed that the high-pressure environment in SOCs and the workload are causing analysts to burn out quickly, and average tenure in an organization is just two years.

Focus on Talent Development, Engagement Planning
The reason why our people feel under-developed is pretty well documented:
"Continuous cyber-training is lacking, in part, because there seems to be no time to learn while chronically fighting the next conflagration." Prioritizing employee development is a challenge we need to meet head-on. beta.darkreading.com

'China-Based Threat Actor'
Targeted Attack Activity Heightens Need for Orgs. to Patch New SolarWinds Flaw

A China-based threat actor -- previously observed targeting US defense industrial base organizations and software companies -- is exploiting the bug in SolarWinds' Serv-U software, Microsoft says.

Organizations that have not yet patched against a critical remote code execution vulnerability disclosed this week in SolarWinds' Serv-U file transfer technology for Windows might want to do so quickly.

Microsoft, which informed SolarWinds about the flaw, reported on Tuesday that it had observed
a likely China-based threat actor using a zero-day exploit in limited and targeted attacks against the vulnerability (CVE-2021-35211).

Microsoft is presently tracking the attacker as DEV-0322,
a group operating out of China that it previously has observed targeting organizations in the US software industry and defense industrial base sector. The group has used commercial VPN technologies and compromised consumer routers in previous attack activity, the company said.

"We strongly urge all customers to update their instances of Serv-U to the latest available version," Microsoft wrote in a blog post yesterday. beta.darkreading.com

Researchers Create New Approach to Detect Brand Impersonation


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Launch Delays & Internal Tensions at Amazon
Amazon's Prime Air drone delivery team has had higher turnover than the rest of the company

Amazon's Prime Air drone delivery team saw 20% turnover last year, higher than other parts of the company.

The team in charge of Amazon's Prime Air drone delivery program saw higher attrition than the rest of the company last year, in part due to delays in the official launch that's now pushed back to 2022, Insider has learned.

That's according to Prime Air VP David Carbon, who was asked about the team's high attrition rate during an internal staff meeting in March, according to a transcript of the meeting obtained by Insider. Carbon said the turnover rate was 20% last year, a higher figure than Amazon Robotics' 16%, and higher than the 14% rate seen across the broader retail operations unit. Turnover is a growing concern at Amazon with employees having to deal with a rigorous performance review system and the company facing an
unusually high number of executives leaving the company in the past year.

"20% is not a great number," Carbon said at the meeting. "We're hoping to bring ours down. Obviously, we can't sustain 20% - it's just gonna kill our folks."

Carbon's response came during the meeting's Q&A session, which quickly
turned sour as he started addressing contentious questions submitted by employees, as Insider previously reported. Other questions he answered include the cultural difference between longtime Amazon employees and the newly hired Boeing "expats," the lack of transparency among some teams, and the repeated launch delays.

The tension at the meeting is the latest sign of
upheaval at Prime Air, Amazon's most ambitious shipping program that's designed to deliver packages using fully electric drones. Since its first unveiling in 2013, Prime Air has dealt with years of internal conflict and regulatory issues, and it's still unclear when exactly the drone delivery service will become commercially viable, as Insider previously reported. businessinsider.com

Did Amazon Improperly Influence the Pentagon?
G.O.P. Lawmakers Question Amazon's Connections on Pentagon Contract
Previously unreleased emails show that Pentagon officials in 2017 and 2018 lavished praise on several of the tech executives whose companies expressed interest in the original contract, especially Amazon, while concerns about the company's access appear to have been glossed over, according to the emails, other documents and interviews.

Two Republican lawmakers who have pushed to rein in the dominance of Amazon and other tech companies in consumer markets are seizing on the emails as evidence that Amazon unfairly used its influence in competing for taxpayer-funded contracts.

Representative Ken Buck of Colorado and Senator Mike Lee of Utah called for Amazon to testify under oath about "whether it tried to improperly influence the largest federal contract in history," the $10 billion project called the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, or JEDI, which would move the Pentagon's computer networks into the cloud. Amazon did not respond to requests for comment. nytimes.com

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DOJ Update: Pittsburgh Man Sentenced in Mystery Shopper Fraud Scheme
A resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been sentenced in federal court to 4 years of probation and ordered to pay $28,461 in restitution on his conviction for fraud conspiracy, Acting United States Attorney Stephen R. Kaufman announced today. United States District Judge Mark R. Hornak imposed the sentence on Robert Shon Jackson, 45, of Pittsburgh, PA 15221, as the sole defendant.

Previously, in connection with Jackson's guilty plea, the court was advised that that from around June 2013 to around October 31, 2013, Jackson participated in a
Nigerian "mystery shopper" fraud scheme in which victims were falsely led to believe that they were being employed to anonymously evaluate products and services. After being recruited by the fraudsters, the victims unwittingly received counterfeit U.S. Postal Service money orders and checks, which they believed were provided to fund their evaluation purchases. The victims were told to deposit the instruments, keep a small portion of the funds for themselves, and wire the remainder to another individual who they believed was another mystery shopper, but was in actuality a co-conspirator. The counterfeit instruments were later returned to the bank, and the victims were charged for the funds they had deposited and additional fees.

The court was further advised that
Jackson was mailed bulk shipments of counterfeit USPS money orders sent from overseas, approximately 1,820 money orders in total, valued at approximately $1,787,771.40, along with counterfeit checks. Jackson also received mailing labels with the names and addresses of victims to whom he was to send the counterfeit instruments. Jackson would mail counterfeit money orders and checks to the victims along with "mystery shopper" instructions directing them to check their email accounts for additional instructions. The victims would be emailed instructions to wire funds to Jackson, his wife, and other accomplices. Jackson used false return names and addresses on the mailings of counterfeit instruments. Jackson would then receive funds from the victims by wire, then himself wire a portion of the proceeds to co-conspirators in Nigeria. Jackson kept a portion of the funds as his payment. The losses associated with Jackson's offense totaled $28,461. Assistant United States Attorney David Lew prosecuted this case on behalf of the government. justice.gov

Wayne, NJ: Repeat Offender Took $86,000 In Drugs, More In Back-To-Back Wayne Pharmacy Smash-Grabs
A career criminal who was jailed following a Clifton police car crash during a pursuit stole more than $86,000 worth of drugs, scratch-off lottery tickets and a delivery vehicle from a Wayne pharmacy, authorities said. Joseph Holman, 41, of Passaic broke into the Plains Pharmacy at the Valley Ridge Shopping Center twice in less than 24 hours in late May, Detective Capt. Dan Daly said. The first time, he took $14,200 worth of scratch-off tickets after shattering the glass front door shortly before 4:30 a.m., Daly said. The following day, Wayne Police Officer David Beltran found the front door smashed again and held open by a folding table. No one was inside, Daly said. Backups later found lottery ticket boxes strewn along a fence behind Our Lady of the Valley Church, he said. They also found a bicycle and fingerprints at the scene. A pharmacy manager told police several containers of drugs, assorted other products, cash registers, more lottery scratch-offs and the store's delivery vehicle were taken. Total loss: $72,000 worth. Detectives zeroed in on Holman, also known as Harry L. Gray, Daly said.

Muncy, PA: Two men accused of allegedly stealing more than $5,000 of electronics items from Target
Two men have been charged with stealing more than $5,000 of electronics department merchandise from the Muncy Township Target store over a one-year period. Court records allege that Javonte T. Harris, 23, of Rochester, N.Y., and Carlos J. Marquez Rosado, 32, of Westfield, Pa., conspired to steal video game equipment, cell phones, watches, hard drives, and other electronics department items from the store in Lycoming County between Aug. 19, 2020, and July 11, 2021. Both men were apprehended at the store on July 11 when they were caught in the act of attempting to remove theft protection from several items as Harris placed them in the front of his pants, according to the arrest affidavit written by Trooper Brett Harvey of Pennsylvania State Police at Montoursville.

York County, PA: Maryland man stole nearly $9,000 in merchandise from two York County AT&T stores

Lombard, IL: Theft of $8,000 puppy caught on camera at Illinois mall

Ripley, WV : Two men accused of stealing nearly $1,800 in merchandise from Walmart

Fairview Township, PA: Woman arrested for theft of $613 in merchandise from Dollar General

DOJ Update: Remaining Defendants Sentenced to Federal Prison for Felony Lane Gang-Type Criminal Activity in Baton Rouge and Across Louisiana

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Shootings & Deaths

Los Angeles, CA: Rite Aid employee at Grassel Park shot dead while confronting a shoplifter
As authorities continue to search for his murderer, a rally was held on Sunday night in memory of Miguel Penarosa. Investigators say the 36-year-old confronted the two suspects on Thursday as they tried to escape without paying two cases of beer. A short struggle broke out, and one of the suspects pulled out his pistol and shot him deadly. "They should have been safe there. They should have someone there. There was no one there to protect the employees. My brother gave his life with a $ 20 beer. "A woman told Eyewitness News. californianewstimes.com

Los Angeles, CA: LAPD releases surveillance photos of suspects in deadly robbery
Los Angeles police on Saturday released surveillance photos of two men wanted in the shooting death of a 36-year-old Rite Aid employee in Glassell Park who was killed while confronting a shoplifter. Officers responded at 8:51 p.m. Thursday to 4044 Eagle Rock Blvd. and found a man suffering from gunshot wounds, according to Officer William Cooper of the Los Angeles Police Department. Investigators said the two suspects entered the Rite Aid and walked directly to the beer display and took a case of beer each. Miguel Penaloza, an employee, confronted the suspects as they attempted to flee without paying. A brief struggle occurred and one of the suspects pulled out a handgun and shot Penaloza. The suspects, both 18 to 20 years-old, fled through the parking lot in an unknown direction.

Layne, LA: Man dead after being shot at a King City Grocery Store
One man is dead following a shooting just before midnight in Rayne, KATC-TV reported. Police were called to the King City Grocery Store on West Jeff Davis Avenue, where they found Jonathan Dixon, 22, dead from an apparent gunshot wound. Officers are currently investigating the homicide and multiple arrests are expected.

Little Rock, AR: Man charged with capital murder in Little Rock liquor store shooting

Memphis, TN: Man shot several times and robbed at local convenience store, police searching for suspects


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Roseville, CA: Armed Robbers points gun at the head of Walmart Electronics Associate
Authorities are investigating an armed robbery that happened at a Walmart in Roseville, police said on Sunday. A search for 3 men police say went inside the Walmart on Pleasant Grove Blvd. put a gun at an employee's head inside and stole electronics. No one was hurt. Police have no current suspects in custody and are continuing the investigation.

Doral, FL: Miami International Mall evacuated after man sprays bear repellent in store, steals candles
Miami International Mall was evacuated after a thief sprayed bear repellent inside a store, police said. Doral Police and and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue units responded to the shopping center along Northwest 107th Avenue in Doral, at around 4 p.m., Saturday. Investigators said the subject walked into Bath and Body Works, randomly sprayed the chemical irritant in the air, took five small candles and fled.
Witnesses told police the man got into a yellow cab.

Pasco, WA: Tri-Cities police seeks suspect linked to two burglaries, Walmart theft

St Louis, MO: Man sentenced to 13 years for Armed Robbery of Cash America Pawn

Montgomery, AL: Three Sentenced to 24-36 months for Firearms store Burglary

Skokie, IL: Walmart Evacuated Due To Toilet Paper Display Fire



Erlanger, KY: Shipments of counterfeit AirPods seized by border control
valued at $1.3M
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers have intercepted five shipments of counterfeit Apple AirPods at their facility in Erlanger, which, had they been real, would have had a manufacturer's suggested retail price of over $1.3 million. CBP officers inspected five shipments of headsets from China and found what appeared to be 5,000 fake Apple AirPods and 1,372 fake Apple AirPods Pro. They referred all shipment information, including photographs, to CBP import specialists at the Centers of Excellence and Expertise, or CEE, to verify the authenticity of the merchandise and to confirm possible trademark violations. The CEE determined all the AirPods were in violation of CBP trademark and copyright codes, and the shipment was seized. kentuckytoday.com




AT&T - York County, PA - Armed Robbery
Auto - Pasadena, CA - Burglary
Beauty - Detroit, MI - Burglary
C-Store - New York, NY - Burglary
C-Store - Honolulu, HI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Huntington, WV - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Wilkes County, NC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Lafayette, CO - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Zapata, TX - Burglary
Gas Station - Huntington, WV - Robbery
Gas Station - Memphis, TN - Burglary
Gas Station - Sand Springs, OK - Robbery
Grocery - Camden County, NJ - Robbery
Jewelry - Troy, MI - Robbery
Jewelry - Escondido, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Visalia, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Auburn, WA - Robbery
Jewelry - Madison, WI - Robbery
Jewelry - Chicago, IL - Burglary
Jewelry - Lombard, IL - Robbery
Liquor - Claremont, CA - Burglary
Liquor - San Diego, CA - Burglary
Music - Orem, UT - Burglary
Pet - Lombard, IL - Robbery
Pharmacy - Washington County, FL - Burglary
Restaurant - Corpus Christi, TX - Burglary
Thrift - Galesburg, IL - Burglary
Tobacco - Newton, NH - Burglary
Walmart - Roseville, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Portage, IN - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Dale City, VA - Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 18 robberies
• 13 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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