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Long John Silver's Implements "Network of the Future" with Interface

Long John Silver's implements Interface's Restaurant-in-a-Box model across 430 restaurants

Long John Silver's, the largest quick-service seafood restaurant chain in the United States, has chosen Interface Security Systems, a leading managed service provider delivering business security, managed network, UCaaS and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises, to enhance network connectivity across 430 of its restaurants. To build this "network of the future," Long John Silver's implemented Interface's fully managed, restaurant-in-a-box solution that includes prefabricated network equipment ready for SD-WAN expansion, wireless WAN backup and VoIP connectivity.

In order to continue offering consistent and satisfactory customer service, the IT team at Long John Silver's needed a reliable, high-speed network for their restaurants. Accompanied by a robust backup network, the system supports additional services like guest Wi-Fi, mobile devices and tablets for their staff.

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CIS Security Solutions Presents at the LPRC Product Protection Summit

July 16, 2021 | 1:45 p.m. ET

Join the LPRC's Product Protection Working Group as we host four one-hour "shark-tank" style sessions where select solution providers will showcase innovative solutions for protecting the most problematic products in retail.

Among those presenting at the summit will be CIS Security Solutions. The solution provider will be presenting on their new Gen 6 alarming tether. The NEW Gen6 HD (with attached HD lock) and the NEW Gen6 SP (with Smart Padlock Tag) alarming tethers allow you to switch the entire alarm component or just the battery without removing the tether from the merchandise or the fixture. Learn more about it here.

Click here to register for LPRC Product Protection Summit


In Case You Missed It

CLEAR Takes on Amazon: Law Enforcement Group Urges Amazon to Join Industry Efforts to Stop Stolen Goods Sold Online

Amazon Falsely Boasts Of Collaboration With Law Enforcement As It Opposes Legislation That Would Stop Flow of Illicit Merchandise

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - The Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR), a non-profit, non-partisan national association comprised of law enforcement and retail loss prevention professionals, today issued the following statement in response to Amazon's deceptive claims about the INFORM Consumers Act.

"Retailers and law enforcement officials work hand in hand to combat the organized criminal rings that target local businesses. To date, that same level of commitment has not been made by Amazon despite the flood of stolen goods that are fenced by criminal networks on their marketplace," said Ben Dugan, Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail President. "Despite the obvious need for greater transparency on e-commerce platforms to identify fraudulent sellers and criminal elements, Amazon has chosen to ignore the problem, and fight legislative efforts that make it harder for criminal networks to operate in the shadows of the Internet."

In a blog post published on Amazon's website last month, the company made several false assertions about the INFORM Consumers Act, namely its impact on third-party sellers. Throughout the post, Amazon offered bolstering resources for law enforcement officials as a potential alternative to the marketplace transparency. However, in order for law enforcement to track criminal activity lurking online, we need to remove the anonymity that allows criminal networks to hide behind fake businesses information and changing screennames. Amazon's record of cooperating with law enforcement is also dubious at best, as was illustrated in a recent $50 million organized crime operation last year.

Read full press release here

Please help CLEAR in completing the following survey: Organized Retail Crime in 2021


Violence, Crime & Protests

Big City ORC Surge Pushing Stores to Close
Coordinated crime sprees forcing retailers to close stores, limit hours

California raised threshold for felony from $450 to $950 in stolen goods

Coordinated crime sprees in major cities in California, New York and elsewhere are forcing retailers to close stores and limit operating hours, as packs of shoplifters regularly make off with hundreds of dollars-worth in merchandise to be resold online, at street markets or returned for gift cards.

Amid a crime wave sweeping San Francisco,
five Target store locations are reducing operating hours, closing at 6 p.m. instead of the usual 10 p.m., as managers seek to secure merchandise and employee safety, Forbes reported. Organized gangs brazenly steal branded items even with security present, as California raised the threshold for a felony charge from $450 to $950 in stolen goods.

San Francisco Police Chief William Scott told NBC Nightly News
thieves calculate the worth of shoplifted goods to fall below the felony threshold, meaning officers cannot take action for misdemeanor theft and stores must be willing to hire security guards to make a private persons arrest.

For more than a month,
Target has been experiencing "a significant and alarming" rise in theft and security incidents at San Francisco stores, a Target spokesman told Fox News. He cited similar decisions to reduce hours made by retailers in the Bay Area including H&M, Gap, Marshalls and Walgreens.

Walgreens has closed 17 locations in San Francisco over the last five years citing this sort of theft, the San Francisco Chronicle reported in May. Jason Cunningham, regional vice president for pharmacy and retail operations in California and Hawaii, said at a hearing at the time that theft in Walgreens stores in San Francisco is four times the average of stores elsewhere in the country.

Retailers reported a 60% increase in dollars lost since 2015 due to reduced staffing and lower morale during the coronavirus pandemic, new "hands off" store policies and lower penalties. Even low-cost items remain locked on the shelves in the Bay Area, and customers must ask for assistance to access everyday items, such as toothpaste, hair products and a six-pack of beer. foxnews.com

Biden's National Crime Strategy Takes Shape
Biden calls for hiring more police, cracking down on illegal guns to combat crime
President Biden on Monday convened
a group of federal law enforcement and community leaders at the White House to discuss his administration's comprehensive strategy to reduce gun crimes, saying there is "no one-size-fits-all approach" to combating gun violence and doubling down on the need to hire more police officers and crack down on illegal firearms.

The president, on Monday, hosted a number of administration officials, including Attorney General Merrick Garland, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, White House counsel Dana Remus and domestic policy adviser Susan Rice, as well as mayors from Washington, D.C., and San Jose, California, and police chiefs from Memphis, Chicago, Wilmington, N.C., and Newark, N.J.

"There is no one-size-fits-all approach," the president said. "We know there are some things that work, and the first of those that work is
stemming the flow of firearms used to commit violent crimes."

The president said that includes "
cracking down on holding rogue gun dealers accountable for violating the federal law. That includes the Justice Department creating five new strike forces to crack down on illegal gun trafficking in the corridor, supplying weapons to cities of New York, to the Bay Area."

"Our strategy provides, including
funding for law enforcement through the American Rescue Plan for states, cities, and to be able to hire police and pay them overtime in order to advance community policing," the president said, adding that the administration's plan also will "invest in community violence intervention."

"What we want to do, is when we know we utilize trusted community members, and encourage more community policing, we can intervene before the violence erupts," he explained, saying that has been "the consensus in our experience and
community violence prevention programs have shown to reduce crime in some cities by 60%." foxnews.com

Largest Police Exodus in History?
Chicago gang members outnumber cops 10 to 1 as crime spike reaches fever pitch

Police retirements on track to be the largest exit in department history as citywide bloodshed explodes

Amid nationwide calls to defund police departments and a rise in crime in major cities, the number of Chicago cops that have retired this year has already
surpassed all of the retirements in 2018 and are on track to be the highest number in the department's history.

The figures come from the police pension board, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times. It shows that between January and June, some 363 officers called it quits, and another 56 were expected to retire this month.

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera, citing Superintendent David Brown and Mayor Lori Lightfoot', wrote that the city's roughly
117,000 gang members outnumber the city's 13,000 police officers by roughly 10 to 1.

Police leaders nationwide have said they are
struggling with the increase in shootings and homicides. They're grappling with retirements and fewer staff and a difficulty in recruiting officers to help push back.

Federal statistics show significant increases in murder nationwide, though spikes in crime are common in the summer months. The federal government has been trying to step up its efforts, launching strike forces in
Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., to help address illegal gun trafficking. foxnews.com

San Francisco's Progressive DA Defends Crime Record
S.F. DA Boudin talks recall at first in-person event since pandemic shutdown
San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin took aim Thursday at recall campaigns targeting him and other progressive leaders, saying they're not about removing bad actors from office but instead about changing the outcome of elections.

The event was an opportunity for
San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin to talk about crime and criminal justice, his accomplishments and his thoughts about the campaign drive to remove him from office.

compared the recall movement with the "Big Lie" spread by former President Donald Trump, in which Trump and his supporters falsely claimed that his election was stolen. Boudin also delved into what is perhaps the most persistent perception of his leadership: that crime in the city is up and that Boudin himself is to blame.

Citing police statistics,
Boudin said overall crime was actually down by approximately 20% in 2020 - a trend he attributed not to his office's policies, but a pandemic that threw the world into disarray.

While this included most types of violent crimes,
certain categories of property crimes like commercial and home burglaries rose, Boudin acknowledged. These types of crimes are personal, he said, and paired with San Francisco's social crises exacerbated by the pandemic, can make residents feel unsafe.

Boudin said his recall campaigns have been fueled by a few wealthy and powerful people "who didn't like the outcome of this election."

"It's been 18 months - I've been able to go to my office for two of them," he said. "And
they want to recall me now, when crime rates have fallen by 20%?" sfchronicle.com

D.C. Police Union criticizes city leaders over crime surge, cop shortage

Edisto Island Man who Livestreamed with Handgun before Violent Charleston Riots Sentenced to 24 Months in Federal Prison

COVID Update

334.6M Vaccinations Given

US: 34.7M Cases - 623K Dead - 29.2M Recovered
Worldwide: 188.2M Cases - 4M Dead - 172.1M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 281   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 316
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Fauci says it's too soon to say if Americans may need COVID-19 vaccine booster
The government's top infectious diseases expert said Sunday that
"it is entirely conceivable, maybe likely" that Americans will need a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in the coming months, but it is too soon for the government to recommend another shot.

"Right now, given the data and the information we have, we do not need to give people a third shot," he said. "That doesn't mean we stop there. ... There are studies being done now ongoing as we speak about looking at the feasibility about if and when we should be boosting people." latimes.com

NRF: A closer look at navigating the return to the office

Retail Gets Real 227: PwC's Sushil Ahuja and Elizabeth Yates on accommodating and adjusting to the new office dynamic

Many people had to learn how to work from home over the last year and a half. Now, with the CDC changing guidelines and the majority of the population being vaccinated, many employers feel it is time to return to the office. In this week's episode, PwC's Elizabeth Yates and Sushil Ahuja go in depth on the "new normal," and how employers can adjust and accommodate to make their employees more comfortable.

Retail Gets Real - 32:21 Podcast

Statistically speaking, women are more likely to leave the workforce for childcare. To prevent that number from rising, Yates said changes need to be made. "What we're going to have is a generational gap in women who are either not going to be getting promoted because they're not in the workforce or they've chosen to slow down," she said.

"That's going to have a long-term impact as far as women getting into more senior leadership roles, being more at the executive level. We already know that we've already been behind for such a long period of time."

Ahuja elaborated on the importance of a hybrid work strategy. Now that most of the world knows how to work from home and has been doing it successfully for the past 18 months, companies can use that strength to benefit employees.

It's been proven that employees can complete the same amount of work at home, so they don't have to be in the office to validate their work. "We have to start measuring performance on impact rather than facetime," Ahuja said.

Tune into this episode to learn more about how returning to the office is going to change, and how employers are adapting to the new normal. nrf.com

McKinsey and Company
Top Ten Newsletter | Second Quarter 2021
Most popular with McKinsey.com readers

#2 What employees are saying about the future of remote work

Employees want more certainty about postpandemic working arrangements-even if you don't yet know what to tell them.

As organizations look to the postpandemic future, many are planning a hybrid virtual model that combines remote work with time in the office. This sensible decision follows solid productivity increases during the pandemic.

But while productivity may have gone up, many employees report feeling anxious and burned out. Unless leaders address the sources of employee anxiety, pandemic-style productivity gains may prove unsustainable in the future. That's because anxiety is known to reduce job satisfaction, negatively affect interpersonal relationships with colleagues, and decrease work performance.

Our survey results make the source of anxiety clear: employees feel they've yet to hear enough about their employers' plans for post-COVID-19 working arrangements. Organizations may have announced a general intent to embrace hybrid virtual work going forward, but too few of them, employees say, have shared detailed guidelines, policies, expectations, and approaches. And the lack of remote-relevant specifics is leaving employees anxious.

As organizational leaders chart the path toward the post-pandemic world, they need to communicate more frequently with their employees-even if their plans have yet to solidify fully. Organizations that have articulated more specific policies and approaches for the future workplace have seen employee well-being and productivity rise.

The following charts examine our survey findings and shed light on what employees want from the future of work.

Communications - Employee well-being & productivity - Post-pandemic Vision - Feeling anxious - Burned out - Flexible working model - Hopes & fears mckinsey.com

Why Your Return to the Office Requires Two Workplace Safety Policies

With both vaccinated and unvaccinated workers, you can't afford to trust the honor system

Shortly after the CDC updated its guidelines on May 13, noting that
vaccinated individuals no longer needed to wear facemasks indoors, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) updated its Covid-19 guidance. On June 26, OSHA updated guidance in compliance with the CDC to help employers protect workers who are still not vaccinated, with a special emphasis on industries with prolonged close-contacts such as meat processing, manufacturing, seafood, and grocery and high-volume retail. The guidance includes protocols for social distancing, mask wearing, and other health procedures meant to keep both parties safe.

Considering that just
52 percent of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, chances are some of your employees have yet to get a jab. That means if you're planning a return to the office, you'll also need to create two separate workplace health policies.

These policies will be different from business to business, depending on the level of community spread in a given location and the level of contact employees have with the public. But acting is a must, says David Barron, labor and employment attorney at Cozen O'Connor. Failing to address a stratified workplace--or even just relying on the honor system--could lead to legal trouble, a loss of morale, turnover, and employees falling sick. inc.com

In troubling spike, L.A. County sees 3,000 new coronavirus cases in three days
Los Angeles County has recorded more than 3,000 new coronavirus cases in three days, part of a
troubling rise in cases as viral transmission increases among unvaccinated people.

The numbers underscore growing concerns about how the highly contagious Delta variant is spreading among unvaccinated people. Officials have said those who have received vaccinations have an excellent chance of being protected.

Data from Britain cited last week by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government's top infectious-diseases expert, say that the two-dose course of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is 96% effective in preventing hospitalization from COVID-19, 88% effective in preventing symptomatic infection and 79% effective in preventing lab-confirmed infection. Experts believe the Moderna vaccine - because it's based on the same technology as Pfizer's - is similarly effective.

Officials said that it's unvaccinated younger residents who are transmitting the virus the most. Of the new cases reported Saturday, 70% of them were in adults ages 18 to 49.

Average daily coronavirus cases across California are also increasing. By Saturday night, California was reporting an average of more than 2,000 new cases a day over the last week, a figure that hasn't been seen since April. Statewide hospitalizations climbed to 1,414 as of Saturday, a number that hasn't been seen since mid-May.

"Our current hospitalization trends & increasing Delta variant ...
infecting our remaining unvaccinated are concerning," California state epidemiologist Dr. Erica Pan said in a tweet.

L.A. County continues to
recommend that even fully vaccinated people wear masks in indoor public spaces amid some concerns that a very small number of vaccinated people may be able to transmit the virus to other people.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also estimates that the Delta variant, which is believed to be twice as transmissible as conventional coronavirus strains, now makes up 51.7% of cases nationally. latimes.com

Australian Police Operation Targets Shoppers
Outrage as police are spotted 'checking Kmart customers' shopping bags to make sure they're buying essential items during Sydney's lockdown

Under lockdown rules residents can only leave their house for essential reasons

Police were reportedly spotted
checking customers' bags outside a Kmart store in locked-down south-west Sydney to make sure they're only buying essential items, but cops say this wasn't the reason for their visit.

A local Facebook page shared a photo of officers standing at the entrance of the department store in Casula on Friday afternoon and urged residents to remain home. The picture shows
two police officers wearing masks stationed next to the store's security gates.

A worker at the store told Daily Mail Australia police had been there on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning speaking to shoppers and checking bags. However,
NSW Police denied the officers were checking bags, insisting they were 'on the scene for other reasons'.

Checking shopping bags is not part of the COVID police operation,' a spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia. dailymail.co.uk

Hy-Vee Adds Chief Medical Officer Role to Its Executive Team

CEO of Philly Produce Market Charged with Stealing $7.8M From Employer
United Check Cashing Mgr. Cashed His Checks

Currency Exchange Mgr. Gets 1 Yr - Filing False Transaction Reports Defrauding Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market
Thomas Del Borrello, 42, of Sewell, NJ, was sentenced to one year in prison, two years of supervised release, and was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine. Failing to file CTRs for cash transactions in excess of $10,000. Del Borrello was a supervisor at United Check Cashing on South Broad Street in Philadelphia

Del Borrello regularly cashed checks for
Caesar DiCrecchio, who has pleaded guilty to defrauding the Market while serving as its President and CEO. As part of his guilty plea, DiCrecchio admitted regularly causing groups of checks to be delivered to, and cashed at, United Check Cashing. These checks were each made out for less than $10,000, but when cashed as a group generated in excess of $10,000 in United States currency. For these cash transactions in excess of $10,000, regulations require the currency exchange to file a CTR, recording the identity of the person who presented the transaction. Del Borrello caused the filing of false CTRs which hid DiCrecchio's identity, or caused United Check Cashing to fail to file a CTR altogether. On some occasions, DiCrecchio directed Del Borrello to convert the proceeds of the checks into separate money orders which were used to pay the $14,167 monthly rent for DiCrecchio's Stone Harbor house. Del Borrello's corrupt actions permitted DiCrecchio to remain undetected while he perpetrated the $7.8 million fraud on the Market. justice.gov

The Shift from Indoor Mall to Outdoor Shopping Center
U.S. retailers shun indoor malls, shift to open-air centers
New real estate industry data for June reveals that
vacancy rates in the United States' indoor malls could surpass those in suburban shopping centers and strip malls.

The figures from property consultancy Jones Lang LaSalle come on top of
a series of bankruptcies and takeovers, which has seen even sector leader Simon Property Group hand back control of some buildings to creditors or take over broken retail operations for their debts.

The JLL data predicts that
U.S. indoor mall vacancy rates will peak at just under 9% this year compared to 7.8% for outdoor shopping centers and 7% for "power centers", industry code for open-air centers anchored by big box retailers like Best Buy or Target.

Experts say that
a deeper change is underway, with property owners focusing investment on open air locations and smaller stores in cheaper locations where shoppers can feel more at ease in the post-COVID world. news.yahoo.com

Concerns Over Rising Consumer Prices
The rapid rise in U.S. consumer prices most likely continued in June
A key measure of inflation most likely rose rapidly for a third month in June, economists expect, a gain that could keep concerns over rising prices front and center at the White House and Federal Reserve. Policymakers do expect inflation will fade as the economy gets through
a volatile and unprecedented pandemic-reopening period, but how quickly that will happen is unclear. nytimes.com

Worker Shortage Boiling Over
Folsom Taqueria Posts Sign Blaming Government Assistance For Slow Service

Nordstrom acquires stake in four fashion brands

Americans are moving back to cities as pandemic panic subsides

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Long John Silver's Implements "Network of the Future"
with Interface

Long John Silver's implements Interface's Restaurant-in-a-Box model
across 430 restaurants

-- Long John Silver's, the largest quick-service seafood restaurant chain in the United States, has chosen Interface Security Systems, a leading managed service provider delivering business security, managed network, UCaaS and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises, to enhance network connectivity across 430 of its restaurants. To build this "network of the future," Long John Silver's implemented Interface's fully managed, restaurant-in-a-box solution that includes prefabricated network equipment ready for SD-WAN expansion, wireless WAN backup and VoIP connectivity.

In order to continue offering consistent and satisfactory customer service, the IT team at Long John Silver's needed a reliable, high-speed network for their restaurants. Accompanied by a robust backup network, the system supports additional services like guest Wi-Fi, mobile devices and tablets for their staff.

After a rigorous evaluation of managed services vendors, Long John Silver's chose to partner with Interface.

"Interface's solution stood out as the most innovative and cost-effective option on the market," says Brad Gardone, vice president of information technology services at Long John Silver's.

"The company's "restaurant-in-box" model came with preconfigured network cabinets and accessories outfitted specifically for Long John Silver's, allowing for installation to occur with no disruption to restaurant operations. No other service provider offered us this model."

Interface helped Long John Silver's completely replace the legacy switches and myriad connectivity solutions with a secure, scalable LAN and WAN with LTE failover, 24X7 remote monitoring, along with a business VoIP voice connectivity.

Long John Silver's was able to go live across 430 restaurants in a matter of a few months. With the new solution in place, restaurant staff was able to focus solely on the customer experience, rather than dealing with connectivity issues or outages. Not to mention, revenue leakages due to offline credit card transactions came down drastically and operational reports are now generated in real time, giving management better visibility on restaurant performance.

When the pandemic hit and Long John Silver's customers shifted their preferences to online ordering, the revamped network and VoIP solution bundle allowed the seafood chain to pivot to an online-order-first model.

"During the pandemic, about 90 percent of the business shifted to online/drive-through. While dine-ins will steadily make a comeback in the future, we are proud of what we accomplished with help from Interface," says Gardone. "We now have a top-of-the-line network and voice solution that's robust, scalable, secure and will become the foundation for everything we plan to build in the coming years."

The partnership between Long John Silver's and Interface is just picking up steam. In addition to offering an expanded voice communication system to support remote teams and work from home employees, Interface will continue to play a key role in Long John Silver's mission to maintain top-tier security and drive growth.

Click here for a more detailed case study.





Retailer Discloses Data Breach

Fashion retailer Guess discloses data breach after ransomware attack
American fashion brand and retailer
Guess is notifying affected customers of a data breach following a February ransomware attack that led to data theft.

"A cybersecurity forensic firm was engaged to assist with the investigation and identified unauthorized access to Guess' systems between February 2, 2021 and February 23, 2021," the company said in breach notification letters mailed to impacted customers.

"On May 26, 2021, the investigation determined that personal information related to certain individuals may have been accessed or acquired by an unauthorized actor."

Guess directly operates 1,041 retail stores in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and its distributors and partners another 539 additional stores worldwide as of May 2021. The stores part of Guess' retail network currently operate in roughly 100 countries around the world.

The fashion retailer identified the addresses of all impacted individuals after completing a full review of the documents stored on breached systems on June 3, 2021.

Guess began mailing breach notification letters to affected customers on June 9,
offering complimentary identity theft protection services and one year of free credit monitoring through Experian to all impacted individuals. bleepingcomputer.com

'Potential Ransomware Pandemic'
Ransomware: We need a new strategy to tackle 'exponential' growth,
says Interpol

Interpol pushes for same approach to fighting terrorism and mafia.

The International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol, has
called for collaboration between police and industry to prevent a "potential ransomware pandemic".

Ransomware, though not the most costly cybercrime - that title goes to business email compromise, according to the FBI 2020 figures for victim payments - has
hit a nerve with world leaders and law enforcement agencies due to a spate of disruptive, high-stakes ransomware attacks in recent months, including on US critical infrastructure.

"Ransomware has become
too large of a threat for any entity or sector to address alone; the magnitude of this challenge urgently demands united global action," said Interpol secretary general Jürgen Stock.

Interpol said more collaboration against ransomware was made in the face of its
"exponential growth" in the wider cybercrime ecosystem, with criminals shifting their business model towards providing ransomware as a service.

An attack in June shutdown major eastern seaboard fuel distribution network Colonial Pipeline for days. Another attack that month on global meatpacker JBS USA netted its attackers $11 million, and this month's ransomware supply chain attack on tech firm Kaseya affected the firm's managed service provider customers and over 1,000 of their customers, including Coop, the fourth largest supermarket chain in Sweden. zdnet.com

79% Say Businesses Should Not Pay Ransomware Demands
Organizations increasingly reluctant to pay ransomware demands

Organizations hit by ransomware should not pay the ransom according to 79 percent of respondents

Although 20 percent of respondents believe that they should pay ransomware demands, respondents also think that tougher penalties should be given to criminals who steal company data and extort organizations, with 69 percent demanding prison sentences. Just seven percent of respondents believe that a large fine or community work would be an adequate penalty; however, 16 percent admit that the attackers will probably never be caught.

Increasing ransomware demands impacting businesses

What's clear is that ransomware is a significantly growing cost to business. This follows recent high-profile attacks that led to Colonial Pipeline in the U.S. paying over $4 million in Bitcoin to cybercriminals and Travelex paying $2.3 million to regain control after hackers shut down its financial transaction networks. Such is the severity of the situation that six out of ten respondents think that ransomware attacks should be treated the same as terrorist attacks.

As the number of ransomware attacks against critical infrastructure organizations including transportation, healthcare and energy increase, responsibility for their protection should fall firmly at the feet of the government, say 55 percent of poll respondents. 23 percent point to organizations to be more accountable, while 12 percent believe it rests with the cybersecurity industry as a whole. helpnetsecurity.com

92% of Security Officials Confident in Cyber Defenses
Cybersecurity posture confidence high, yet incidents are increasing too
IronNet Cybersecurity released a report assessing timely topics such as the estimated cost per enterprise of the SolarWinds cyberattack, executive-level engagement in attack responses, and the effect of information sharing on an organization's overall security posture.

Sapio surveyed 473 IT security decision makers in the technology, public services, financial, and utilities sectors across the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore.

Organizations report high level of cybersecurity posture confidence

The report revealed a complex relationship between the reported level of confidence organizations have in their cybersecurity posture and their ongoing attack volume and impact: that is, despite rising confidence, incidents are increasing, too.

While 92 percent of respondents express confidence in their current security technology stack, adversaries are still evading traditional defensive technologies. Nearly half of respondents cited a rise in cyber incidents in the past 12 months, in part due to the increasing sophistication of attacks; and the SolarWinds attack cost, on average, 11 percent of affected respondents' annual revenue. helpnetsecurity.com

CISA: Kaseya Provides Security Updates for VSA On-Premises Software Vulnerabilities
Kaseya has released VSA version 9.5.7a for their VSA On-Premises software. This version addresses vulnerabilities that enabled the ransomware attacks on Kaseya's customers.

CISA strongly urges Kaseya customers closely follow the instructions detailed in the Kaseya security notice and contact Kaseya should they require implementation assistance. Note: the Kaseya security notice includes Startup Runbooks and Hardening and Best Practice Guides for both VSA On-Premises and VSA SaaS. cisa.gov

AI and Cybersecurity: Making Sense of the Confusion


Register Now for the 2021 RH-ISAC Summit - September 28-29

Hey LP/AP senior: If your retailer is a member you might want to consider attending yourself or sending one of your team members who works with cybersecurity on investigations or e-commerce fraud.

Especially now with the increased ransomware attacks and data beaches and the corresponding increased attention from law enforcement. Cross pollinating and building those relationships could pay off long term. 
Register here






How to Keep Summer Heat from Destroying Your Tech

Depending on where you live, summer heat can be detrimental to your tech devices - sometimes in just one incident. To protect your tech, keep your devices at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and try not to leave your devices in a hot car. If your tech starts to exhibit signs of overheating, make sure they have proper ventilation and let your devices cool back down to room temp before turning them back on.




Counterfeit Sales Are a Global Problem
Dealing With The Sale Of Counterfeits On The Internet

The sale of counterfeit goods is a significant worldwide issue.

After initial studies carried out by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Develop (OECD), the OECD and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) updated these studies in 2016. OECD/EUIPO estimated that the
trade in pirated products accounted for as much as 2.5% of the value of international trade, or $461 billion, in 2013. In addition, these products frequently present health and safety issues.

Much of this counterfeiting activity takes place on the Internet since
counterfeiters can conceal their identity while taking advantage of the flexible nature of the Internet. To deal with these issues, a brand owner must ensure that steps have been taken to protect relevant intellectual property, monitor the marketplace, and enforce their rights. The amount of Internet traffic generated by specific sites should be an important factor in deciding what steps should be taken.

Relevant employees should be trained and engaged in monitoring infringement. They should understand what activities are actionable and compile records of infringement including screenshots.

Amazon has launched a Brand Registry service that
gives rights owners advanced tools to protect their brands. The tools include text-and image-based search capabilities and automated protections. To take advantage of the service, the owners of registered trademarks need to register their marks directly with Amazon. eBay and Alibaba offer somewhat similar programs. In addition, Google has a policy that allows for the removal of web pages selling counterfeit goods from Google search results. To initiate the removal process, brand owners or their authorized agents must submit a complaint. mondaq.com

2nd Amazon Outage Since June
Amazon restores service after global outage
Amazon.com Inc said its online stores had returned to normal services after
a global outage disrupted shopping on its country sites.

According to outage monitoring website Downdetector, services were disrupted for nearly two hours and at the peak of the disruption, more than
38,000 user reports indicated issues with Amazon's online stores. They occurred on Sunday evening in the United States and Monday morning for much of the rest of the world.

"Some customers may have temporarily experienced issues while shopping. We have resolved the issue, and everything is now running smoothly," an Amazon spokesperson said.

The spokesperson
declined to comment on the reason for the outage.

It was the
second broad disruption since late June when users experienced a brief outage on Amazon platforms including Alexa and Prime Video before services were restored. yahoo.com

Amazon granted approval to use radar to monitor sleep







Murfreesboro, TN: Shoplifting Incidents Continue to Increase in Murfreesboro and Throughout Middle Tennessee
Shoplifting continues to grow as our community grows. Murfreesboro Police Lt. Clayton Williams stated. Rutherford County stores are not the only ones being hit by these shoplifting bandits, they are targeting stores all over Middle Tennessee. That was MPD Public Information Officer Larry Flowers. He went on to tell WGNS that confronting shoplifters puts the lives of store employees in danger. Flowers highlighted an $11,000 shoplifting case that ended with an arrest due to lost carkeys on June 26, 2021...The arrest was made at the Stones River Town Centre (previously known as the Stones River Mall) on Old Fort Parkway. wgnsradio.com

Charleston, SC: Northwoods mall shoplifting suspect sparks high-speed chase
The North Charleston Police Department has arrested a man they say attempted to shoplift from an area mall and subsequently began a car chase with police that exceeded 110 mph. Jail records show Jermaine Lindsay, 48, has been charged with failure to stop for blue lights, shoplifting $2,000 or less and driving under suspension. The NCPD says their officers were first dispatched to the Belk's department store at the Northwoods Mall after receiving a shoplifting report just before 1 p.m. Sunday. Once on the interstate, NCPD says Lindsay took them on a chase that exceeded 110 mph. NCPD finally made an arrest when they say Lindsey got out of the car and tried to flee through the back of a church. He was found at a Sunoco on Rivers Avenue by the same officer who originally initiated the chase. Police say the stolen merchandise was found on the floorboard of the Nissan Altima and Lindsey was transported to Al Cannon Detention Center.

Hilo, HI: Man accused of stealing more than $26K worth of tools
A 40-year-old Hilo man who was on court-supervised release without monetary bail for auto theft is back behind bars after allegedly stealing more than $26,000 worth of power tools from HPM Building Supply in Hilo,
capping what police describe as a "month-long crime spree." Nathan Kalani Niihau is charged with burglary, two each of counts of first-degree theft and first-degree property damage, plus auto theft and resisting an order to stop. westhawaiitoday.com

Orleans, CA: Man arrested for stealing $350 of merchandise
A man is in the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for stealing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from a business in Orleans. On Saturday, 42 year old Pimnunihus Cenname walked into a business on the 200 Block of Big Rock Road and told the owner he was responding to an emergency. He then walked out with $350 dollars of merchandise.

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Shootings & Deaths

Baltimore, MD: 2 officers injured and suspect dead in shooting outside Security Square Mall
Two law enforcement officers were shot and a suspect is dead following a shooting in the parking lot of a Baltimore shopping mall Tuesday morning, authorities said. The officers have non-life-threatening injuries, according to a tweet from the Baltimore Police Department. The two are Warrant Apprehension Task Force officers, the police department said. The shooting happened outside the Security Square Mall and the suspect involved in the shooting is dead, authorities said. The law enforcement officers who were shot belong to the Baltimore Police Department, according to tweets from the department and the Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3. the-sun.com

Waco, TX: Police ID victim, expect capital murder charges in deadly restaurant robbery
Waco police have identified the victim who was fatally shot Saturday morning during a robbery at a Waco restaurant as 57-year-old Nemer Ali Alsayyed Ahman Othman. Othman's death is now being investigated as a capital murder, according to a Waco Police Department press release issued Monday. Othman was an employee at Mr. Greek Grocery and Grill. Police responded to the incident at 6:20 a.m. Saturday and found Othman already dead in the front parking lot of the restaurant following a reported robbery. Another employee, Reem Jamaleddine, said Othman was working the night shift, from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., when he was killed. He had worked for the store for about a month before the shooting, but had been employed there in the past.

Sandy, UT: AT&T thief grabbed Police Officer's gun and fired shot
A man who police say was able to grab a Sandy officer's gun while fighting with him and fire a round into the ground was eventually subdued and arrested Thursday thanks to help from a citizen. Brandon Keith Thompson, 41, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of disarming a police officer, interfering with an arrest, failing to stop at the command of law enforcement, shoplifting and removing a security device.

The incident happened at an AT&T store, 11316 S. State.
An alarm in the store was set off when Thompson allegedly removed a security device from an Apple Watch, according to a police affidavit. While employees questioned Thompson, they discovered a second Apple Watch was also missing. Police say the watch was found in a drawer next to where Thompson was standing.

As a Sandy police officer arrived at the scene to question Thompson, Thompson ran out the door to the parking lot, the affidavit states. He tripped while running, allowing time for an officer to catch up with him and grab him.
While Thompson was struggling with the officer, a witness observed Thompson grab the officer's gun, "pull the firearm partially out of (the officer's) holster and place his finger on the trigger," the affidavit states. One shot was fired through the holster into the ground. "There was damage to the holster and the asphalt where the bullet struck," according to the affidavit. The witness then grabbed Thompson's hand using both of his hands, and pushed the gun back into the officer's holster.

The witness was able to pry Thompson's hand off of the firearm and officers continued to wrestle with Thompson further taking him into custody," the affidavit says. Draper police are assisting Sandy in the investigation. Thompson has already been charged with felony crimes in three other cases in 2021. ksl.com

Update: Hopewell, VA: Suspect in convenience store murder turns himself in to police


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Surfside Beach, SC: 18-year-old demands pills, threatens violence
during CVS robbery
Police Chief Ken Hofmann said the woman went to the CVS, gave a note at the pharmacy demanding all the oxycodone they had and then threatened violence if they didn't do what she asked. The woman left with four bottles of prescription drugs, according to Hofmann. He added that the employees followed the woman out and confronted her in the parking, and that led to a scuffle. The suspect left behind some of the drugs and her ID. Sara Marie Dreischer was taken into custody and booked into J. Reuben Long Detention Center. She's charged with strong-armed robbery and theft of prescription drugs, according to Hofmann. wmbfnews.com

Stamford, CT: Two teens charged in daytime assault, robbery at Stamford Town Center; gun found
Two teens were arrested on charges of beating and robbing a 14-year-old boy during a daytime assault in a public seating area of the Stamford Town Center, according to police. The victim was sitting in the area inside the Stamford mall around 5:30 p.m. Friday when the assault occurred, Capt. Richard Conklin said Monday. Multiple eyewitnesses told police that the teenager was attacked by two young men, who punched and kicked him in the head multiple times before robbing him, Conklin said. During the attack, one of the teenagers dropped a handgun from what appeared to be a fanny pack, Conklin said. The gun was then recovered by one of the teens, at which point the pair fled the area, he said.

Dallas, TX: Police Looking For Tattooed Robbery Suspect Who Held Famous Footwear Employee At Gunpoint

San Bernardino, CA: Man is arrested for allegedly committing six burglaries




AT&T - Sandy, UT - Robbery/Shot Fired
Auto Parts - Evansville, IN - Burglary
Auto Parts - Paulding County, GA - Burglary
C-Store - Bossier City, LA - Robbery
C-Store - Eau Claire, WI - Burglary
C-Store - La Porte, TX - Burglary
CVS - Surfside Beach, SC - Robbery
CVS - Norristown, PA - Robbery
Dollar General - Alton, IL - Burglary
Furniture - Okolona, MS - Burglary
Grocery - Warr Acres, OK - Robbery
Hardware - Hilo, HI - Burglary
Jewelry - Dawsonville, GA - Robbery
Jewelry - Trumbull, CT - Robbery
Jewelry - Tacoma, WA - Robbery
Mall - Stamford, CT - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Bossier City, LA - Robbery
Restaurant - Waco, TX - Armed Robbery / Employee killed
Shoe - Dallas, TX - Armed Robbery
Vape - Madison County, AL - Burglary
7-Eleven - Dover, DE - Robbery
7-Eleven - Toledo, OH - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 14 robberies
• 8 burglaries
• 2 shootings
• 1 killed

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