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Justin Henkenberns, LPC, CFI promoted to Director, Asset & Profit Protection for RH

Justin has been with RH for more than four years. Before his promotion to Director, Asset & Profit Protection, he served as Sr. Leader, Asset & Profit Protection with the company for more than four years. Prior to that, he spent five years with Sears as National Manager of Asset & Profit Protection Learning & Development (2 years) and Director of Loss Prevention (3 years). Earlier in his career, he held LP positions with PETCO and Sears. Congratulations, Justin!

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ADT Commercial donates meals to healthcare workers across the U.S.
Boca Raton, Fla. - ADT Commercial, a premier provider of commercial security, fire, life safety and risk consulting services, announced today it is donating meals to healthcare workers at five major hospitals across the U.S. to express gratitude for those caregivers who have been on the frontlines in the nation's fight against the COVID-19 global pandemic.

ADT Commercial's donation follows ADT's recent announcement to provide $1 million to support over 120 non-profits hit hard by COVID-19 across America. To date, at least 90 organizations, ranging from food banks to first responder agencies, have been assisted.

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Retail Violence

Dollar General a 'Prime Target' for Armed Robbers
Dollar General is cheap, popular and spreading across America - but police are calling it a robbery magnet

Low-cost model putting workers at risk?

Former executives, store employees, law enforcement officials and retail security experts told CNN Business that while the company's low-cost, no-frills model might be embraced by Wall Street, it is putting its workers at risk.

Dollar General stores, which process a high number of cash transactions, are a prime target for armed robberies, they said. Some of the former company officials and current and former employees spoke on the condition of anonymity either to discuss internal conversations or for fear that speaking out would impact their jobs.

"Every night I was just waiting for there to be a phone call that said, 'Hey we've lost somebody," Brian Flannery, who oversaw security at around 2,000 Dollar General stores in the northeast as a divisional loss prevention director from 2011 to 2015, said. "It wasn't a matter there [of] if you were going to have a bad robbery. It was a matter of when."

At least six Dollar General employees have died during robberies since 2016, according to a review of news and police reports. And while the FBI doesn't specifically track robberies at dollar stores as it does those which occur at convenience stores and gas stations - other robbery targets - police have warned company managers that its stores are vulnerable.

The company said its safety and security measures take federal and state laws, retail industry standards and law enforcement recommendations into account and its measures are "designed to prevent, deter and if necessary, respond to criminal activity in our stores." cnn.com

London: Rising violence against store workers during pandemic


Coronavirus Tracker: June 26

US: Over 2.5M Cases - 127K Dead - 1M Recovered
Worldwide: Over 9.7M Cases - 493K Dead - 5.2M Recovered

Fallen Officers From the COVID-19 Pandemic: 49 | NYPD Deaths: 45
Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 150


Reopen Hurdles Continue
TX Shutting Back Down? - Closures Announced - Store Traffic Impact

"It's going to be difficult now to get this under control"
Wed. - Largest Single-Day Increase of New COVID Cases Since Pandemic Began

Scott Gottlieb, the former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner, warned that states like Texas, Florida and Arizona all have a relatively short period of time to act, and recommended that they close bars to limit the spread of the disease and also take steps to ensure they have enough hospital capacity.

Some states with spiking COVID-19 cases are losing control of their outbreaks, warn public health experts who say the states must take strong actions now to slow the virus's spread.

The U.S. on Wednesday recorded the largest single-day increase of new COVID cases since the pandemic began, with more than 39,000 new infections yesterday, surpassing the April 24 peak, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 2.4 million. The tally was led by Florida, Texas, California and Arizona.

Cases, hospitalizations and the percentage of positive tests, which are signs of growing outbreaks, are also increasing in Mississippi, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina and Nevada. Cases are also increasing in Alabama, Arkansas, California and Utah, but the percentage of tests coming back positive are not increasing significantly or there are fewer COVID-19 hospitalizations, Jha said. thehill.com

Nationwide: Daily coronavirus cases hit new high in the U.S. as states mandate masks and new restrictions. The nation may be opening up, but COVID-19 is on the rise. There were 38,459 new cases of the virus reported nationwide on Thursday, a number that surpassed a record set the prior day of 38,115.
Los Angeles Times

California: New alarms are raised as California coronavirus hospitalizations jump 32% in two weeks. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced this new high was double the two-week increase of 16% that he had reported on Monday. Los Angeles Times

'We Need to Reverse the Opening Up'
States backtrack on reopening as cases surge

Arizona late Thursday joined Texas in putting the brakes on its reopening plans amid a sharp surge in coronavirus infections, as cases are now rising across 29 states. The governor of Arkansas also said there will be 'no further opening.'

"Pausing reopening is not enough. We have got to try to 'put the horse back in the barn', as it were ... we need to start to reverse the opening up," Ashish Jha, director of Harvard University's Global Health Institute, told ABC on Friday morning. theguardian.com  usnews.com

Gov. Greg Abbott orders Texas bars to close again and restaurants to reduce to 50% occupancy as coronavirus spreads
Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday took his most drastic action yet to respond to the post-reopening coronavirus surge in Texas, shutting bars back down and scaling back restaurant capacity to 50%. He also shut down river-rafting trips and banned outdoor gatherings of over 100 people unless local officials approve.

"At this time, it is clear that the rise in cases is largely driven by certain types of activities, including Texans congregating in bars," Abbott said in a news release. "The actions in this executive order are essential to our mission to swiftly contain this virus and protect public health."

Bars must close at noon Friday, and the reduction in restaurant capacity takes effect Monday. Before Abbott's announcement Friday, bars were able to operate at 50% capacity and restaurants at 75% capacity. texastribune.com

Store Re-Closures Continue as Cases Surge
Apple Closing 80% of Florida Stores, Several In Houston

Apple is reclosing 14 of its 18 stores in Florida due to a surge of coronavirus cases in the state. Florida reported more than 5,000 new coronavirus cases for the second day in a row Thursday after adding a record 5,508 new cases Wednesday. Florida health officials also reported 201 new hospitalizations and 46 new deaths Thursday.

The status of Apple stores is a good indicator of how well an area is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic since their locations are usually in important shopping centers. It is similar to the "Waffle House Index" for natural disasters, an informal metric used by FEMA to judge how bad a storm will be based on whether Waffle Houses in the area are closed.

Apple also re-closed seven stores in the Houston area Wednesday after a similar surge of coronavirus cases there. foxbusiness.com

Microsoft is permanently closing all physical retail stores

Remaining urban hub flagships will be turned into "Microsoft Experience Centers"

While Microsoft has tried to put a positive spin on the closures by calling the move a "new approach to retail," in reality it's indicative of the current state-of-play across the whole retail sector due to the global pandemic. Social distancing measures and retail store closures have led to a sizeable uptick in online purchases, so businesses that previously relied on brick-and-mortar sales have had to adapt. A number of big-name retailers such as JC Penney have also filed for bankruptcy. venturebeat.com

In-Store Shopping in U.S., Canada at Almost Half of 2019 Levels
Foot traffic at North American retailers has risen for nine straight weeks as growing numbers of stores restart operations. Consumers' return accelerated in the week ended June 19, though
visits are still down about 52% compared to the year prior, according to location-data provider Prodco Analytics.

The decline of shopping traffic began near the start of the year as the virus's spread was confirmed. In March, major retailers temporarily shut nearly 50,000 stores over 10 days in the U.S. alone. As the pandemic worsened in April, store traffic plummeted nearly 98%.

With widespread store closures and shifts in consumer behavior expected through the rest of the year, some stores may never be revived.
As many as 25,000 could permanently close this year in the U.S., which would far surpass the record 9,800 closures from 2019, according to a report from retail and tech data firm Coresight Research. bloomberg.com

Calls grow for Disney World to delay reopening as coronavirus cases spike


The Employee Impact

OSHA Does Not Back Employee Work Refusals in All Circumstances

Fear of COVID-19 is not enough to refuse work

Since March 2020, workers have expressed elevated concerns about their exposure to COVID-19. As states lift restrictions on construction work, employers should note that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) limits workers' ability to refuse work.

AdvertisementUnder the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act), an employee's right to refuse to perform a task is protected only if all of the following conditions are met:

The employee has asked the employer to eliminate the danger, and the employer failed to do so.

The employee refused to work in "good faith." This means the employee must genuinely believe there is a real danger of death or serious injury.

A reasonable person would agree that there is a real danger of death or serious injury.

There is not enough time, due to the urgency of the hazard, to get it corrected through regular enforcement channels, such as requesting an OSHA inspection.

In addition, workers cannot walk off a job site or refuse to work because of a generalized fear of COVID-19. They must have a genuine and reasonable fear of a real danger, not just of a generalized pandemic, but of the specific conditions in their workplace. While employees have a right to report hazards to OSHA without retaliation for doing so, OSHA requires employees to give employers a chance to address hazards. natlawreview.com

CVS Health offers COVID-19 test for employers

CVS Health is expanding its COVID-19 testing services with the launch of a solution designed to help workers and students return to normal.

The drugstore retailer is releasing Return Ready, a comprehensive, customizable COVID-19 testing solution for employers and universities. The solution is designed to help return employees to worksites and students, faculty and staff to campuses, and integrates COVID-19 testing for ongoing business continuity.

Leveraging flexible technology options for on-site testing and/or drive-thru testing at CVS Pharmacy locations, organizations can design a customized testing strategy. At the core of the end-to-end solution is a customized COVID-19 testing strategy, guided by clinical consultation, that allows organizations to choose who, how, where, and when to test employees or students. chainstoreage.com

Faking COVID-19 Illness Can Have Serious Consequences
Employees who fake coronavirus-related illnesses to get out of work - though doing so may be rare - could lose their jobs and face criminal penalties. Additionally, businesses may have to take costly steps to clean the worksite and trace employee contacts after an employee reports that he or she has tested positive for the virus. Employers should take each claim seriously and also have procedures in place to identify false claims.

"Employers should remain empathetic, sympathetic and reassuring given the continued spread of coronavirus," said Mark Keenan, an attorney with Barnes & Thornburg in Atlanta. "However, employers must also be vigilant about potential fraudulent reports." shrm.org

Walmart associates receive cash bonus totaling $8 million in SC, nearly 14 million in NC

Getting your associates ready to reopen stores

How to Get Staff to Comply with New COVID-19 Office Policies

Business Travel Won't Be Taking Off Soon Amid Coronavirus

Police Reform - Protests - Crime
DOJ - FBI Continues Arrests

Minneapolis city council approves measure to abolish police force
The Minneapolis city council on Friday unanimously approved a measure to abolish the city's police department - a radical proposal amid nationwide efforts by activists to defund local law enforcement bodies.

The 12-0 vote will not automatically dismantle the department, but is a first step in a long legislative process that will ultimately need popular support by city residents in a November election.

The vote to abolish the police force Friday will require amending the city's charter. A draft amendment that was posted online suggests replacing the force with a "Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention." The suggested department would consist of peace officers and ensure public safety through "a holistic, public health-oriented approach."

There's a number of additional steps before the November ballot and the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, does not support the proposal and has power to veto the measure. nypost.com

What to Do If an Employee Is Arrested During a Protest
As protests continue around the country over racial injustice, employers may be unsure about what to do if workers are arrested. What if employees don't show up for work? Can employers enforce or relax their attendance policies, support employees who participate in protests, or monitor off-duty conduct?

Here's what employment attorneys had to say: Employers should apply their attendance policies consistently, understand the differences between an arrest and a conviction, and review state and local laws on political expression and off-duty conduct.

Companies may want to choose not to discipline employees who miss work due to being arrested for participating in protests. Lance Witcher, an attorney with Ogletree Deakins in St. Louis, said employers should "recognize in this environment that the optics of taking action against an employee arrested for protesting are poor."

But be careful. Meagan Garland, an attorney with Duane Morris in San Diego, said employers that decide to relax or deviate from their policies should be careful about appearing to support some political positions and not others. shrm.org

Unarmed Response to Non-Violent Shoplifting Calls

L.A. Metro board pushes police reform, seeks to shift funds to homeless outreach

The proposal would cut funding from police and aims to start the reform of policing on buses and trains, including no longer sending armed officers to respond to nonviolent crimes. latimes.com

Three Men Indicted For Setting Fire To Police Vehicle During Protest In Las Vegas

House Passes Police Reform Bill That Faces Slim Chances In Senate


Facial Recognition in the News

7-Eleven & Facial Recognition - Successful in 2 Countries
7-Eleven Launches Facial Recognition Cameras In All Stores Across Australia

Pretty much every store in the country will have some sort of surveillance system to protect themselves against theft and other issues, but it's hoped this new technology will help even more.

People have started noticing signs popping up at their local 7-Eleven and been mildly concerned about the facial recognition software.

The sign reads: "Site is under constant video surveillance. By entering the store you consent to facial recognition cameras capturing and storing your image."

However in response to some shoppers concerns about their rights, the company has hit back against any worries, saying that the facial recognition software will only be used for one specific purpose.

A spokesperson has told 7News: "The use of facial recognition within the Rate It tablet is to ensure that the feedback is accurate and valid, and given customer feedback is so important to us we don't want the system being 'gamed'.

"The technology is not used for any other purpose. If a customer doesn't use the feedback tablet, their image won't be recorded.

"The camera is only activated upon commencement of an interaction and is dormant at all other times.

"The data captured by the tablet is a biometric blurring and only an encrypted algorithmic representation of the image is recorded."

The Asian arm of the company rolled out a similar technology two years ago to 11,000 stores.

However, the facial recognition software is being used there to identify loyalty members, analyse in-store traffic, monitor product levels, suggest products to customers. It even has the ability to measure the emotions of customers as they walk around. ladbible.com

Boston Just Banned Its Government From Using Facial Recognition Technology

The Latest Global Economic and Retail Forecasts as We Re-Open Globally

By Tony D'Onofrio, Global Retail Influencer

Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown phase, I have been following very closely the global economic and retail trends in anticipation of the reopening phases which are now underway in many parts of the world. Good signs from key markets such as USA which saw the biggest historical increase in retail sales in May.

The threat of multiple other waves of COVID-19 is still present, but key lessons have already emerged to guide countries during the reopening phase. Continuing to do well are most of the essential retailers, e.g. food and drug stores. Their growth spike will slow as more of the retail industry reopens. Best positioned are those essential retailers that had fully scaled services such as Buy-on-Line-Pick-Up-in-Store (BOPIS) prior to the pandemic lockdown. Read More Here

VIDEO: Tony D'Onofrio talks about the state of facial recognition


Senior Job: Director of Security and Safety, Support Operations for Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO.
The primary objective of this role is to provide leadership in proactively protecting the organization's assets (people, property, brand and proprietary information.) This position is responsible for assigned corporate security, protection of assets, and safety initiatives and programs for the Bass Pro Group enterprise.

Works closely with the Chief Security Officer, the security-safety leadership team.

North America's premier outdoor and conservation company. In 2017 Bass Pro Shops joined forces with Cabela's. Bass Pro Shops also operates White River Marine Group, and Big Cedar Lodge. myworkdayjobs.com

Loss Prevention Research Council Releases Riot & Looting
Resource Page for Retailers

The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) has released a resource page with pertinent links, files, and more to aid retailers during the nation's civil unrest. In addition, the LPRC research team will answer questions and provide additional research and literature for those who inquire through the page's contact form.

Resources include:
Crowd-related crime information
Crowd management strategies
Federal links
Public relations guide

The LPRC gathered 40 participants from over 20 retail chains on a call to share intelligence and discuss effective security strategies and tactics in the wake of the social unrest that led to the recent riots and looting incidents. The full report, which compiles the intelligence and strategies discussed, can be accessed on the new LPRC resource page. Click here to view the LPRC resource page

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ADT Commercial donates meals to healthcare
workers across the U.S.

ADT Commercial is delivering 5,000 meals to five major hospitals in
Chicagoland, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston and Tampa as thanks to
frontline employees in the nation's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

Click to enlarge pics and see names

Boca Raton, Fla. - ADT Commercial, a premier provider of commercial security, fire, life safety and risk consulting services, announced today it is donating meals to healthcare workers at five major hospitals across the U.S. to express gratitude for those caregivers who have been on the frontlines in the nation's fight against the COVID-19 global pandemic.

ADT Commercial's donation follows ADT's recent announcement to provide $1 million to support over 120 non-profits hit hard by COVID-19 across America. To date, at least 90 organizations, ranging from food banks to first responder agencies, have been assisted.

"We're immensely appreciative of the healthcare workforce that have been on the frontlines and so instrumental in our nation's ongoing fight against COVID-19, and who have continued to care for and support the recovery of those who have fallen ill. This donation represents a small token of our gratitude to them in this time of crisis," said Dan Bresingham, Executive Vice President, ADT Commercial. "As a leading security provider for some of the top healthcare facilities in the country, and through our broader ADT organization, a premier residential security provider for many of our healthcare heroes in their homes, our core mission is always to preserve the wellbeing of our community of doctors, nurses and caregivers in the places they work and live every day."

Hospitals receiving donations include Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, Ill.; Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in Philadelphia, Penn.; Seattle Children's Hospital in Seattle, Wash.; Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Mass.; and Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Fla. Each hospital will receive an on-site delivery of 1,000 meals to distribute to frontline employees. Given the immediate need, ADT Commercial plans to make all donations in the month of June and is partnering with local small businesses and restaurants whenever possible to prepare the meals.

For more information about ADT Commercial, please visit adtcommercial.com.






UAE: Dubai Police arrest 12 int'l cybercriminals in Operation 'Fox Hunt 2'
The Dubai Police recently busted an international cybercriminals network involved in money-laundering, cyber fraud, hacking, criminal impersonating, scamming individuals, banking fraud and identity theft and arrested its kingpin Raymond Igbalode Abbas, also known as "Hushpuppi." The special operation dubbed "Fox Hunt 2," which took down the suspects for committing crimes outside the UAE, also saw the arrest of Olalekan Jacob Ponle aka "Woodberry" along with ten other African cybercriminals. tradearabia.com

10 Cyberattacks on the Rise During the Pandemic

Cybercrime and cyber espionage have skyrocketed during COVID-19 lockdowns.
Are your work-from-home employees aware of these security traps?

Large swaths of the global economy have shut down during the global COVID-19 pandemic, but cybercriminals haven't been taking any time off. On the contrary, cyberattacks actually spiked during the first half of 2020 with attackers finding new ways to exploit the conditions brought on by widespread lockdowns.

Given these realities, most security experts recommend that enterprise IT teams increase their vigilance and training related to cybersecurity during the pandemic. These 10 types of cyberattacks have been on the rise since February and that cybersecurity personnel should be watching for:

1. Donation Scams
2. Mobile Apps
4. Phishing
5. Spear-Phishing
6. Vishing
7. Ransomware
8. Malicious Resumes
9. Malicious COVID-19 Websites
10. Nation-State-Backed Hacking


Another Record-Breaking DDoS Attack Signals Shift in Criminal Methods
Malicious botnet sources explode in new attacks that push boundaries in terms of volume and duration.

AdvertisementThe past month has seen a spate of record-breaking and intensely long distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks leveled at hosting providers and enterprises, suggesting a shift in tooling and botnet sourcing among the most advanced professional threat actors.

The latest attack was revealed by researchers at Akamai, who today reported another high-water mark. On June 21 its team mitigated the largest-ever packet-per-second DDoS attack that they'd ever recorded on their platform, one that was double the volume of the previous packets-per-second peak

Great Analogy for DDoS Attack Types

"One way to think about the difference in DDoS attack types is to imagine a grocery store checkout. A high-bandwidth attack, measured in bps, is like a thousand people showing up in line, each one with a full cart ready to check out," explains Tom Emmons in a blog post today. "However, a PPS-based attack is more like a million people showing up, each to buy a pack of gum. In both cases, the final result is a service or network that cannot handle the traffic thrown at it."

The truth is that criminals have been turning up the heat with higher and higher volumes of both varieties of attack lately. darkreading.com

Social Engineering & Phishing Grabs $200M
Hacker Group Stole $200 Million From Cryptocurrency Exchanges

'CryptoCore' Group Used Spear-Phishing Emails to Lure Victims

The CryptoCore gang has used spear-phishing emails and social engineering techniques to target employees and executives at cryptocurrency exchanges, mainly in the U.S. and Japan, according to the ClearSky analysis. govinfosecurity.com

Russian cybercriminal gets 9 years for $20M online fraud website




Why Amazon's Covid-19 response has been criticized more than Chinese rivals Alibaba and JD.com

Amazon has had Covid-19 related deaths, protests, and law suits. Its closest equivalents in China, Alibaba and JD.com, have had none of those.

While these sprawling e-commerce giants are all very different, they've all had to respond to the same virus. China's e-commerce giants rushed in safety measures, but Amazon has been accused of having a slower response with some dubbing its warehouses as "breeding grounds of coronavirus."

Both Alibaba and JD.com told CNBC they have recorded zero warehouse worker deaths as a result of the virus, whereas Amazon has had at least eight.

Jeff Bezos's Seattle-headquartered company has created a Covid-19 blog where it posts daily updates on how it is responding to the crisis. It's a lengthy read, suggesting Amazon is taking plenty of steps to protect workers, customers, and the business itself.

But questions are still being asked and far fewer are being asked about Alibaba and JD.com's response. cnbc.com

Piling on Facebook Boycott
Verizon joins in on Facebook ad boycott

A Facebook ad boycott gathered more steam on Thursday, when telecom giant Verizon said it would pull ads in July over criticisms of the social media giant's failure to monitor hate speech.

The "Stop the Hate for Profit" campaign had already convinced Unilever-owned ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's to join the campaign, as well as clothing brands The North Face and Patagonia, and REI.

The company's other prominent advertisers include PepsiCo and BMW. A BMW spokesman told Ad Age that it was not participating in the boycott, while PepsiCo declined to comment.

"We are taking this action to protest the platform's irresponsible propagation of hate speech, racism and misleading voter information," it said.

eMarketer recently lowered its projection for Facebook's ad spending in 2020 to $31.4 billion. That's down from previous forecasts of $36.25 billion, but still a 4.9 percent gain. nypost.com

£16 million lost to eCommerce fraud during lockdown
Research shows that
16,352 people in the UK fell victim to online shopping fraud, with young people most at risk, posing a threat to trust in ecommerce as 76 percent see shopping online as risky.

Not only do companies need to do more to ensure their online commerce offerings are secure, they must educate their customers to help protect them against being defrauded by tricksters to maintain trust in their online brands.

The UK's national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime has disclosed new figures which showed
£16 million has been lost to eCommerce fraud during the Covid-19 lockdowns. scmagazineuk.com

Coronavirus drives e-commerce as 5M new shoppers age 45+ buy online

TJX Says It Doesn't Need More E-Commerce. Why It's Wrong







Assistant Manager at Fresno County Retail Store Arrested for $100,000 in Credit Card Fraud
AdvertisementOn March 12, a federal grand jury brought a five-count indictment against an assistant manager of a Fresno-area retail store, charging her with bank fraud and use of unauthorized credit cards.

Alena Nicole George, 42, obtained the personally identifiable information (PII) of individuals with names similar to her own name, and obtained credit cards in those individuals' names. For one such credit card, George made at least $100,000 in fraudulent purchases and cash advances. She was arrested yesterday, and is scheduled to be arraigned on today.

If convicted, George faces a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine for bank fraud, and a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. justice.gov

Fresno Man Sentenced for Credit Card Fraud and Possession of Stolen Mail
Justin Deger, 28, a Fresno man, gets one year and one day in prison for credit card fraud and possession of stolen mail. From Dec. 5, 2018, through March 28, 2019, Justin Deger, 28, broke into mail boxes at various Fresno area residences and stole over 2,000 pieces of mail, including checks and 26 credit cards. He subsequently activated some of those credit cards and made unauthorized purchases and cash withdrawals at retailers and casinos totaling thousands of dollars. Deger was also ordered to pay full restitution to the victims and forfeit the proceeds of his crimes. justice.gov

Trussville, AL: Police asking for help identifying women suspected in theft at Ulta Beauty
The Trussville Police Department released a surveillance video of two women suspected in a theft at Ulta Beauty. Detectives are asking for help identifying the pair. According to a police report, the women went into the store on Friday, June 19, around 12:52 p.m. The report stated that they both had large purses and went around the store taking assorted merchandise and putting it into the purses. Police said the video showed the two women walking out of the store without paying for any of the items. trussvilletribune.com

Normal, IL: Police asking public to identify nine suspects involved in Target looting
Normal Police are asking for the public's help in identifying nine suspects involved in looting Target on May 31. In a Facebook post, NPD says that the individuals have charges ranging from Criminal Trespass, Burglary, Looting, Mob Action, and or Aggravated Battery. Some of the merchandise stolen included television sets, various clothing items, and most of the department's tech section was damaged. Bloomington Police have arrested 13 adults and three juveniles in connection with the looting. wjbc.com

Artesia, NM: Woman pleads guilty to using Kool-Aid packet to help shoplift from Walmart

Show Low, AZ: Two people arrested after allegedly stealing $800 in goods from Walmart; numerous warrants

Cortlandville, NY: 3 of 5 charged with Shoplifting incidents at Lowes and Kinney Drugs

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Shootings & Deaths

St Cloud, MN: Man suspected in Crossroads Center Mall assault dies by apparent suicide after police chase
St. Cloud Police were called to the Crossroads Center after three men were allegedly involved in stealing an item from a store and assaulting an employee on Wednesday. Officers responded to call just after 11:30 a.m. when the suspects fled the area after punching an employee who tried to a take picture of the alleged thief. Just before 12 p.m. a Stearns County Deputy detained a man matching the suspect in Waite Park. Officers learned that the man had a felony warrant for a felon in possession of a firearm violation. Officers lost sight of the man after he fled on foot during the attempt to arrest him. A perimeter was set up and a K9 was used to track the suspect. When officers approached the shed, they heard a gunshot come from inside. Officers found the lone suspect with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. From the store surveillance video, the man in question is the man that had assaulted the store employee. sctimes.com

Augusta, GA: Victim identified in overnight fatal shooting at Augusta shopping center
The victim was discovered by Richmond County Sheriff's Office deputies responding at about 1:45 a.m. to a report of gunshots at 1347 Augusta West Parkway. Deputies said they found a victim with what appeared to be two gunshot wounds to the back. The victim was taken to Augusta University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 4:28 a.m.  wrdw.com

Reidsville, NC: Police arrest man in Reidsville C-Store homicide
Local police have charged one man with first degree homicide and are searching for a second in connection with the shooting death of Zacorey Johnson at Pan Mart convenience store here. Johnson, 36, of Reidsville, who was shot shortly after midnight Wednesday, died at a local hospital on Thursday, according to authorities. greensboro.com

Update: Nashville, TN: Man who claimed self-defense in fatal gas station shooting charged with homicide
A man who claimed self-defense in a fatal shooting at a Nashville gas station this month is now charged with criminal homicide. Azon Smith, 24, stands accused of killing Justin Sturgis, 34, on June 5 in the parking lot of an Exxon gas station on South Gallatin Pike. According to police, the initial investigation showed the men were arguing inside the store because Sturgis didn't like the way Smith looked at him. Police said Sturgis made verbal threats toward Smith and his girlfriend, who works at the gas station, before displaying a gun. After the shooting, Smith told police he shot Sturgis in self defense in the parking lot. tennessean.com

Detroit, MI: Police investigating shooting near Family Dollar on Detroit's west side
Police are investigating after shots a 27-year-old man was shot near the intersection of Seven Mile and Greenfield roads. According to authorities, police were already in the area when they heard gunshots and ran outside to find the gunman chasing the victim. The victim was rushed to a hospital and is in temporary serious condition. Police are still looking for the suspect who fled on foot. The investigation is ongoing. clickondetroit.com

Norfolk, VA: Two people shot at MacArthur Center Mall parking deck
Norfolk Police say two people were shot Thursday afternoon in one of the parking garages at MacArthur Center. The shooting reportedly happened around 4 p.m. Two males have been taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. One shopper said she didn't see the shooting, but police did not let her use an elevator in the North garage.  13newsnow.com

York, SC: Lowe's customer assaulted, shot at, suspects caught after car, foot chase
Two men face charges of shooting at and attacking a store customer Wednesday in York before leading police on a chase, officials said. Joseph Allen, 37, and Earl T Erickson, 32, were taken into custody around 7 p.m. Wednesday after the chase ended near Sharon, according to York Police Department Chief Andy Robinson. Erickson is charged with attempted murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime, according to police and jail records.. Allen is charged with shoplifting, records show. Additional warrants against both remain pending, officials said. Police were called to the Lowe's in York when a customer near the garden center was assaulted as two suspects tried to leave the store with stolen items, according to a police report. One of the suspects fired a shot at the victim who had been beaten, police said. The victim was not wounded by the gunshot, police said. heraldonline.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Update: Boston, MA: Police Release 50+ Photos Of Suspects Involved In Neiman Marcus Burglary
Boston Police are looking to identify dozens of people allegedly involved in a burglary at Neiman Marcus during the riots in the city on Sunday, May 31. Police said the front door to the store on Huntington Ave was smashed and people entered illegally. "The first floor was cleared out of merchandise and about half of the second floor," Boston Police said. wcvb.com

Miami Township, OH: Police seek ID of suspects in Dayton Mall fight that put victim in ICU
The Miami Twp. Police are looking for help identifying two suspects after a fight at the Dayton Mall June 18 put a female in the ICU. The fight took place outside of entrance four, Ross Dress for Less Entrance, around 12:27 p.m.  daytondailynews.com

Madison, WI: Police make arrest in May 30 looting of Goodman's Jewelers

Cincinnati, OH: Damage to Cincinnati businesses during unrest estimated at more than $275,000


Cargo Theft

Memphis, TN: Warning issued after spike in cargo theft in Memphis
SensiGuard recently issued a warning to truckers following an uptick in pilferage cargo thefts in southeastern Memphis. The company says that cargo thieves have been targeting a variety of types of goods in the overnight hours while truckers wait to enter a facility. "These pilferages have been relatively large scale, typically involving multiple pallets of merchandise rather than a few cases or boxes," SensiGuard warned. cdllife.com





C-Store - Burleson County, TX - Burglary
C- Store - Burleson County, TX - Burglary
C-Store - Myrtle Beach, SC - Armed Robbery/Shots Fired
C-Store - The Villages, FL - Robbery
C-Store - The Villages, FL - Robbery
Dollar General - South Euclid, OH - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Fayetteville GA, - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Jasper County, SC - Armed Robbery
Fireworks - Goshen, IN - Burglary
Hardware - Portland, OR - Burglary
Liquor - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
Lowe's - York, SC - Armed Robbery
Marijuana - West Palm Beach, FL - Burglary
Restaurant - Chino Hills, CA - Robbery
Restaurant - Johnstown, PA - Armed Robbery (Taco Bell)
Restaurant - Moreno Valley, CA - Armed Robbery (Carl Jr.)
Rite Aid - Glen Burnie - Armed Robbery
Tobacco - Greenwood, IN - Robbery
7-Eleven - Austin, TX - Armed Robbery
7- Eleven - Austin, TX - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 15 robberies
• 5 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 0 killed


Weekly Totals:
• 62 robberies
• 40 burglaries
• 4 shootings
• 2 killed

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