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Jeff Robinson, CFI named Director, LP and Safety for Total Wine & More
Before being named Director, Loss Prevention and Safety for Total Wine & More, Jeff spent more than a year with Rite Aid as Regional Asset Protection Leader. Prior to that, he served as Regional LP Manager for Pacific Sunwear / Eddie Bauer Stores for more than two years. Earlier in his career, he spent 20 years with Gap Inc. as Director LP / Senior Regional LP Manager. Congratulations, Jeff!

Justin MacIntyre, CFI, LPC promoted to Manager - Live Observation Control Center (LOCC) for Bealls Inc.

Justin has been with Bealls for more than seven years, starting with the company in 2015 as a District Loss Prevention Manager. Before his promotion to Manager - Live Observation Control Center (LOCC), he served as Manager of Corporate Investigations - Loss Prevention for the company. Earlier in his career, he spent nearly 12 years in multiple LP roles with Von Maur. Congratulations, Justin!

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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

America Grapples with Violence & Crime Explosion

Homeland Security Department Warns of More Mass Casualty Violence
DHS bulletin warns of 'heightened threat environment,' violent months ahead

Homeland Security warns of individuals using high-profile events to justify violence against ideological opponents, public gatherings, schools and more

The Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin Tuesday warning of a "heightened threat environment" over the next several months as they monitor both risks of domestic terrorism and foreign adversaries looking to sow discord within the U.S. to promote acts of violence.

"The United States remains in a heightened threat environment, as noted in the previous Bulletin, and several recent attacks have highlighted the dynamic and complex nature of the threat environment," DHS said in a new bulletin from the National Terrorism Advisory System.

"In the coming months, we expect the threat environment to become more dynamic as several high-profile events could be exploited to justify acts of violence against a range of possible targets," DHS said.

The bulletin listed potential targets to include "public gatherings, faith-based institutions, schools, racial and religious minorities, government facilities and personnel, U.S. critical infrastructure, the media, and perceived ideological opponents."

The department stressed that "foreign adversaries-including terrorist organizations and nation state adversaries-also remain intent on exploiting the threat environment to promote or inspire violence, sow discord, or undermine U.S. democratic institutions."

"We continue to assess that the primary threat of mass casualty violence in the United States stems from lone offenders and small groups motivated by a range of ideological beliefs and/or personal grievances," the bulletin said.

DHS pointed to several recent high-profile events including the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, where the suspect in the grocery store attack allegedly claimed that he was motivated by racist, anti-Black, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. The department said it is monitoring onling forums following the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, that have been encouraging copycat attacks. foxnews.com

Will 2022 Be the Worst Year on Record for Mass Shootings?
US mass shootings are on pace to match last year -- the worst ever, Gun Violence Archive data show
The United States is on pace to match or surpass its worst year on record for the number of mass shootings, according to data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit that tracks gun violence incidents across the country.

There have been at least 246 mass shootings through June 5 this year. That's the same number the country saw through June 5 in 2021 -- the worst year on record since the Gun Violence Archive began tracking mass shootings in 2014. There were a total of 692 mass shootings in 2021.

That 246 number also means there have been more mass shootings than days so far in 2022 -- a trend that's recurred each year since 2020 -- underscoring the growing prevalence of gun violence in American life.

Last weekend, shootings permeated graduation parties, a nightclub and a strip mall, among other places where people were gathered, claiming more than a dozen lives and leaving more than 70 injured in at least 13 mass shootings.

The weekend's violence followed back-to-back massacres in recent weeks, including those at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket; an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas; a medical facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma; and a Taiwanese church in Orange County, California.

The pace of mass shootings in 2022 is part of the three-year uptick that began in 2020. Between 2019 and 2020, the total number of mass shootings all year jumped from 417 to 610. The number jumped again in 2021 to 692. The Gun Violence Archive, like CNN, defines a mass shooting as one in which at least four people are shot, excluding the shooter. cnn.com

Gun Violence Slamming the Security Industry
62 Firearm Incidents, 5 Security Officers Murdered in 5 Days

Guns and gun violence have become an everyday part of the private security business of protecting life and property.

This past week, five private security officers were murdered, two with their own firearms. Darrell Holderman, 78, a Marine veteran, was overpowered and his firearm taken by an inmate that he was guarding. The inmate shot and killed Holderman before committing suicide. Robert Scott Meeks, 59, a seasoned veteran of the security service, was also disarmed and killed by a shoplifter at a large discount liquor warehouse in Nashville on June 2nd.

And two other security officers who were off-duty were gunned down in cold blood, including a TSA officer. Both victims were targeted, ambushed, and murdered in what police in New York and New Jersey are now calling a "hit".

There were at least 62 other incidents in just five days that involved firearms and security officers. In those incidents, security officers used lethal force 36 times, killing at least two people and injuring at least 13 others. Eight of those shootings occurred at nightclubs and bars.

While news headlines continue to reflect the increased national violence, rise in murders, and violent crimes that have stormed their way into big cities and small towns, they've left out the part about the toll that it's taking on the lives of those who go to work every day to be the difference.

The protectors, public and private, that are critically injured and killed daily, all because of the uniform that they wear and the job that they do, are forgotten. privateofficerbreakingnews.blogspot.com

NYC Mayor Blasts Prosecutors & Judges for Letting Loose Violent Criminals
Adams calls NYC's criminal justice system 'laughingstock of our entire country'
Mayor Eric Adams lashed out at prosecutors and judges Monday for cutting loose suspected shooters to unleash more gunfire on the Big Apple's streets - saying the "bad guys no longer take them seriously."

The clearly frustrated mayor also fumed that soft-on-crime policies were turning the city's criminal justice system into "a laughingstock of our entire country."

During a news conference with NYPD officials in Brooklyn, Adams praised cops for being "laser-focused on the shooters" and making arrests but demanded that "the other team must do their part."

"The courts have to prosecute. Judges have to make sure they stay in," he said. "Everyone has to do their part. If not, they go out and come back."

Adams, a former NYPD captain, added, "And you know what's interesting? You do a profile, the picture that's emerging after the shooting, after the arrest, after being let go - You know what they do? They go do another shooting." nypost.com

   More than 75% of New Yorkers worry they will be victims of next violent crime

   Criminal organizations target Okaloosa County retailers

San Francisco's DA Recalled: Warning Sign to Progressive DAs Nationwide?

San Francisco voters oust DA Chesa Boudin over 'soft-on-crime' policies
Voters in SF topple the city's progressive district attorney, Chesa Boudin

Progressive DA's experiment in criminal justice reform comes to an end after San Francisco voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of a recall

Voters in San Francisco on Tuesday put an end to one of the country's most pioneering experiments in criminal justice reform, ousting a district attorney who eliminated cash bail, vowed to hold police accountable and worked to reduce the number of people sent to prison.

Fed-up San Francisco voters rejected DA Chesa Boudin's 'soft-on-crime policies' following surges in shameless shoplifting, car break-ins and rampant, open-air drug dealing. Early returns showed 60 percent of voters in the city approving of the recall.

Ultimately the election was a contest between progressive Democrats who saw Mr. Boudin as a key leader of a national movement to address mass incarceration and a backlash by more politically moderate San Franciscans - a coalition of Democrats, independents and Republicans - who grew agitated by persistent property crimes and open drug use during the pandemic. The backlash won.

Mr. Boudin's replacement will be chosen by Mayor London Breed, who has made public safety a cornerstone of her tenure, including her unusual move in December to declare a state of emergency in the city's Tenderloin neighborhood, the center of the city's illicit drug trade.

The city has been facing persistent property crimes, especially car break-ins and burglaries, but data from the police department showed that many other types of crime, including homicides, have been stable or declined during the pandemic. Both sides of the recall campaign traded barbs over the accuracy of the statistics, especially when many crimes go unreported.

A clear analysis of Mr. Boudin's two-and-a-half-year tenure was also made difficult by the fact that it occurred during the pandemic, when a near total shutdown of the city influenced criminal behavior much more than the policies of a district attorney. nytimes.com wsj.com nypost.com

Warning Sign for Other 'Soft on Crime' DAs & Politicians?
California voters send a stark message to Democrats on crime and homelessness

The recall of San Francisco's DA was a blow to the criminal justice reform movement - and a warning sign to similar prosecutors & politicians

Voters in two of the most liberal cities in America sent a clear message to the Democratic Party on Tuesday: they want their leaders to refocus on the most basic functions of government by ensuring their safety, protecting their quality of life and restoring order.

For months now, voters in San Francisco and Los Angeles have voiced their concerns that daily life in their cities appears to be spiraling out of control. Residents in San Francisco have been contending with a rise in burglaries and car thefts, as well an alarming spate of hate crimes directed against Asian Americans. Los Angeles residents have witnessed a sharp increase in violent crime, while city leaders have been grappling with homelessness.

On Tuesday, San Francisco voters registered their disquiet by recalling District Attorney Chesa Boudin amid concern that he was advancing progressive policies as a national criminal justice reform advocate at the cost of their safety. It was a move that signaled just how far the political pendulum has swung since the 2020 election cycle when many Democratic voters cited police accountability and criminal justice overhauls among their top concerns -- a debate that reached a crescendo following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

On the same night, voters in the overwhelmingly progressive city of Los Angeles signaled their unease with Democrats' handling of crime and homelessness by elevating billionaire shopping mall magnate Rick Caruso, a former Republican who became a Democrat earlier this year, into a runoff race to replace term-limited Mayor Eric Garcetti. cnn.com

String of Defeats for Progressive Reformers
Timeline: The Tough Year Continues for Criminals Justice Reformers

Nov. 2, 2021: Minneapolis votes down "defund the police"
Nov. 2, 2021: Seattle elects Republican DA over progressive police abolitionist
Nov. 2, 2021: NYC elects former beat cop over progressive for mayor
Nov. 2, 2021: Buffalo mayor defeats 'criminal apologist' progressive challenger
June 7, 2022: San Francisco recalls progressive DA Chesa Boudin

   In Case You Missed It: Will LA's Progressive DA Be Recalled Next?

   San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin just got recalled. What happens now?

   Click here to see the Daily's overnight 'News Alert' about this key DA race


COVID Update

589.6M Vaccinations Given

US: 86.7M Cases - 1M Dead - 82.7M Recovered
Worldwide: 536.7M Cases - 6.3M Dead - 507.8M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 358   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 779
*Red indicates change in total deaths

COVID Pushed Shoppers Online - Inflation Brings Them Back In-Store
Shoppers Increasingly Returning to Stores, Seeking Out Deals Amid High Inflation
As the pandemic has begun loosening its grip on the country and inflationary prices continue to steadily climb, consumers are making changes to the way they shop for groceries. A new report from business intelligence company Morning Consult found key demographics that usually drive grocery e-commerce sales are instead choosing to shop in-store because of those contradictory forces.

Data from Morning Consult shows that among consumers from high-income households, weekly online grocery ordering was at 29% in October 2021, but fell to 18% by April 2022. Numbers similarly fell for Millennials, urbanites and parents with children under the age of 18.

Morning Consult food and beverage analyst Emily Moquin believes that while many consumers feel safer in grocery stores as the pandemic ebbs, a shift in schedules due to fewer coronavirus concerns is also causing a difference in the frequency of in-store grocery runs.

Additionally, Moquin said consumers are looking to save on delivery and service fees associated with online grocery shopping, and often find it easier to compare prices and save money while shopping in person. Supply chain issues and out-of-stocks are also making it easier for customers to make snap meal or substitution decisions at the physical store. progressivegrocer.com

A Sign of Things to Come for the U.S.?
Washington Hospitals Again Strained by COVID-19 Spread

Washington hospital officials are warning that facilities are heading toward another COVID-19 case peak amid high spread in the community.

Hospital officials in Washington are warning that facilities are heading toward another COVID-19 case peak amid high spread in the community. Washington State Hospital Association CEO Cassie Sauer on Monday said at the end of last week, almost 600 people with COVID-19 were in hospitals across the state with about 20-25 patients a day on ventilators, The News Tribune reported.

Dr. David Carlson, executive vice president Provider Enterprise and chief physician officer for MultiCare, which has hospitals and clinics around the state, said his health system was running at about 120% of normal capacity, faced not just with COVID-19 cases but "pent-up demand" for care that went unaddressed in the pandemic's early days. usnews.com

Fall COVID Wave Could Upend Latest Return to Office Plans
This summer will decide remote work's fate. A White House-predicted COVID wave this fall could render it moot
With U.S. COVID cases potentially plateauing-and with more employees saying in a recent Pew survey that they're working from home because they want to, rather than having coronavirus concerns-some employers are demanding they return. For some companies, it hasn't gone so well. For others, the fallout-or lack thereof-remains to be seen.

Remote work appears to be the way of the future for many, if not most, companies for which it's possible. But such employers will have to contend with the reality that a perk for some causes resentment for others. Something has to give, and maybe it will this summer. Then again, a White House-predicted fall and winter wave of COVID could render the whole discussion moot. yahoo.com

California's latest COVID-19 surge may be slowing, early data suggest


Retail Layoffs & Downsizing Coming?
With Unstable Economy, Hiring Freezes and Layoffs Could Be Looming

HR teams encouraged to create downsizing strategy-just in case

A steady trickle of headlines announcing hiring slowdowns, freezes and layoffs at familiar and successful companies such as Netflix, Walmart, Meta, Wayfair and Microsoft could be the early signs of job cuts later this year or into next.

Troubling economic data and trends led by inflation, rising interest rates and reduced consumer retail spending has executives eyeing moves to preserve cash flow and minimize expenses.

The U.S. workforce has been through this before, as recently as 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic led to unprecedented job layoffs and significant workforce distress.

"Organizations should always be prepared for layoffs," said Phyllis Hartman, SHRM-SCP, president of PGHR Consulting in Pittsburgh. "It is difficult to predict the need for this action. That being said, layoffs should be a last resort to save money, as there are lots of negative impacts-morale issues, impact on survivors, loss of trust, etc.-no matter how well the layoffs are carried out."

CHROs and HR departments should be able to scale back very quickly based on their most recent experiences in the pandemic, according to Stacey Berk, founder and managing consultant for Expand HR Consulting in Rockville, Md. shrm.org

Retailers Could Face a 'Nightmare' Summer
Target Inventory Warning Portends Retail Bloodbath

This summer could be a promotional boon for shoppers but a nightmare for retailers

Target's inventory problem is turning out even worse than it expected just a short time ago. Its latest warning could portend a promotional bloodbath among retailers this summer.

The retailer on Tuesday lowered its operating-margin guidance for its second quarter to 2%, less than half the margin it telegraphed three weeks ago. The company said it is taking actions to "right-size" its inventory, which will involve more discounts and canceling orders.

While Target is known for strong merchandising, there are two reasons the inventory problem was especially bad for the retailer. One is that the largest retailers had the means to spend heavily to get more goods last year, when there were widespread concerns about shortages. Companies including Walmart, Costco and Target all paid for their own chartered ships to stock shelves up ahead of last year's holiday season. This could have made them more susceptible to accidental pileups of the wrong items.

Target's inventory warning indicates that other retailers could be undergoing the same kind of margin reckoning as they gauge the right sales mix. Other retailers with much higher inventory levels included Walmart and Kohl's. Margins could take a worse hit than expected at companies such as online furniture seller Wayfair, electronics retailer Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond.

It's going to be a summer full of discounts for consumers and a stressful, sweaty season of planning for retailers. wsj.com

Beyond the Retail Distribution Center
Retail is doing away with the supply chain of yesterday

New fulfillment models are reinventing retail operations to keep up with customer demand.

The retail supply chain of yesterday can no longer serve the customer of today on its own. Big, centrally located distribution centers (DCs) were built to ship products at set intervals to stores, and stores were where customers shopped. But today we are in an environment with a higher prevalence of e-commerce shopping (30 percent higher penetration than pre-COVID-19), higher customer expectations when it comes to delivery speed, and higher availability of excess space within stores-which combined create an opportunity to evaluate new fulfillment models that move beyond the DC-centric model of the past. Today's customer requires greater agility and greater speed than ever before, beyond what central DCs are currently set up to deliver on their own.

In response to these trends, retailers are thinking outside the (big) box to reimagine their "slow-twitch" supply chains, building for "fast-twitch" models that can serve customers directly and rapidly. This has led to the emergence of three horizons of change in retail-fulfillment operations: within the store, around the store, and in the neighborhood.

Retailers are using their existing assets to build operations that better serve the omnichannel customer. Major players such as Target, Walmart, and Best Buy are using their less productive and excess store space as a competitive advantage to fulfill e-commerce orders from stores. Using stores as fulfillment centers allows retailers to ship from locations closer to customers, which in turn drives down delivery times and cost. mckinsey.com

Retail's Union Push Continues
Trader Joe's Workers File for Election to Create Company's First Union

The workers, at a store in western Massachusetts, cited health and safety concerns and cuts to benefits at the grocery chain.

In a sign that service industry workers continue to have a strong interest in unionizing after successful votes at Starbucks, REI and Amazon, employees at a Trader Joe's in western Massachusetts have filed for a union election. If they win, they will create the only union at Trader Joe's, which has more than 500 locations and 50,000 employees nationwide.

The filing with the National Labor Relations Board late Tuesday seeks an election involving about 85 employees who would form an independent union, Trader Joe's United, rather than affiliate with an established labor organization. That echoes the independent union created by Amazon workers on Staten Island and the worker-led organizing at Starbucks. nytimes.com

Wawa plans to open first store in Nashville amid expansion
Wawa plans to open its first store in Nashville, TN, by 2025. The convenience store retailer, which is based in Pennsylvania, is expanding its store network from the Florida Panhandle, to southern Alabama and North Carolina.

Four Ann Arbor Starbucks stores vote to unionize

Belk department store adding shop within a shop to boost sales

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The Coevolution Revolution

CIS listens and understands clients' needs for labor savings, ease of use, return on investment, sustainability, training, customer service, and, most of all, stronger security measures. CIS products coevolve with those needs. This is how we developed our line of alarming recoiling tethers that are in stores world wide.

It started in 2012 with a conversation about a simple recoiler or "pullbox" to secure handbags to fixtures, attached with a brass padlock. The senior vice president of loss prevention for a major specialty retailer asked Peter Morello, president of CIS Security Solutions, "What good does it do me if they can just cut the cord and steal the handbag?" Thinking, Morello said, "What if we can make it alarm?" Morello had already invented the Annunciator to protect cash drawers, multicolored validation ribbons, and Scratch and Secure Ink to protect receipts. From that conversation, the first alarming recoiling tether was born.

Solving Retailers' Needs

2013 - Gen2, the first alarming recoiling tether. It would alarm if the cable was cut. Items were still secured with a small brass padlock.

2015 - Redesigned, the streamlined Gen3 "Mousetrap" alarming tether was created with a special magnetic lock and a separate IR remote. The "Mousetrap" was a huge success because it was smaller and needed to be deactivated with an IR remote.

2016 - Gen4 was introduced. Again, with considerable input from that same specialty retailer, CIS added a smart lock that could communicate with the PCB, causing it to alarm if the lock was released with an unauthorized detacher. To go with this new feature, CIS created the all-in-one handheld decoder with IR control and included magnet. Gen4 was made with a replaceable battery, but it involved seven screws, which meant labor cost, so the company created an exchange program and replaced the batteries themselves, as a "go green" initiative.

2017 - Gen4 was made stronger because of an increase in grab-and-run thefts. At the request from another client, CIS redesigned the tether again to increase the pull strength to 120 pounds.

2018 - The new Gen5 was launched with the new pull strength and now with both separate alarm top and tether base that allowed for sustainability through replaceable components and batteries. You only replace the alarm top or the tether base if damaged, or change the battery with just one screw, saving millions in replacing devices and labor costs for retailers and helping reduce impact on landfills.

2019 - Worldwide civil unrest and economic insecurity led to brazen theft. Retailers were searching for a way to increase security for their high-end products and searching for a way to keep the brazen flash mobs from stripping their stores. Some called on CIS to create a solution.

2020 - This year saw the COVID-19 pandemic begin as well as civil more unrest, which brought with it personal protective equipment, laws changed to higher shoplifting thresholds, protests, riots, looting, and store closures. Gen6 was created to deter and slow down the thieves. Gen6 has a bigger recoiler with a 49-strand flexible cable and a thick poly sleeve, making it hard to cut and visually deterring. It had all the benefits of the Gen5's sustainability and ease of use but made it harder to steal items. Gen6 was created from necessity.

2021 - Gen6 has Smart offshoots: Smart Padlock and Smart Release. These ends allow retailers to deactivate and release the merchandise with one push of a button on the decoder. These components are innovative, time saving, labor saving, money saving, and sustainable.

2022 - Now testing Gen6 SR and Gen6 SP in stores with great success!

What Are Your Needs?

Email info@cisssinc.com or call 772-287-7999.





Retailers Need to Rethink Cybersecurity
Tips for retailers on how to secure next-gen shopping experiences
Retailers continue to adopt a digital-first approach to customer experience, both in-store and online. According to a recent survey by DemandScience and Comcast Business, over the next 12 months, retail IT executives will prioritize upgrades in digital customer experience (CX), network and cybersecurity solutions, expanded use of analytics-backed decision-making, and increased investments in AI.

To meet the customer demands of a digital-first business model, retailers need to address their critical digital infrastructure and rethink network design and cybersecurity.

Retail-specific vulnerabilities

Retailers have always been attractive targets for cyber attackers and data thieves. But now, cybersecurity threats have become an even bigger concern with 24% of all cyberattacks targeted at retailers, more than any other industry. For retail security teams, the network perimeter continues to transform as data and applications move to the cloud, more devices and merchandise are connected in-store, and users are working from outside headquarters and branch locations.

With the expanding range of possible entry points, payment care industry (PCI) compliance -always a top-line security priority - can be more challenging to manage. Retail security is further complicated by the broader threat surface due to digital POS systems, eCommerce platforms, digital supply chains with third-party partners, and digital loyalty programs.

Enabling new customer experiences through SD-WAN and SASE

The SASE framework, short for "secure access service edge," is a convergence of network and security services. It merges security with SD-WAN to create a single, unified cloud service with far-reaching benefits. Retailers can leverage the SASE framework to develop overarching network strategies and address the new types of cyber risks within omnichannel models.

Security-as-a-service to manage complex security

For retailers, the complexity of managing today's network security is amplified as the number of locations increases. Bringing on a partner can help manage the necessities. bizjournals.com

Retail Cyber Risk Trends
Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Highlight Risk Trends for Retail & Consumer Markets
Within retail and consumer markets, familiarity seems to breed comfort rather than contempt, as respondents stated that labor and employment and commercial disputes comprise the majority of disputes they face, but generally pose the least concern.

Conversely, they identified cybersecurity and data protection as the most concerning for them relative to the number of disputes they actually are facing. In absolute terms, respondents cited class actions and regulatory disputes and investigation to be the most concerning. They also noted that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are on the rise.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Digging into the data, we see that the reason for the focus on cybersecurity and data privacy is not only the worry over financial exposure from disputes, but also the potential for brand damage and loss of data - whether customer and related data or intellectual property associated with their products and services (i.e. the "secret sauce").

Respondents also cited the added element of cyber risk across jurisdictions given the differing regulatory landscapes in the global marketplace. In response, we found that a majority of respondents are taking the following steps to mitigate risk:

Training employees, especially as to phishing and social engineering
Incorporating tools to regulate, restrict and monitor access
Reviewing, auditing and horizon scanning
Imposing standards on outside vendors, including review, audit and certification requirements and requiring vendors to upgrade security when needed

We expect a continued increase in risk for the retail and consumer markets sectors. More states and countries are following the California and EU approaches to regulating the collection of personal information, posing difficult multi-jurisdictional compliance challenges. retailtouchpoints.com

RSA Conference Update
Communication Is Key to CISO Success

A panel of CISOs at the RSA Conference outlined what a successful first 90-day plan looks like, and it boiled down to effective communication and listening.

A trio of high-powered CISOs talked about the first 90 days in their roles, and whether the aim was getting board of directors' buy-in or building rank-and-file credibility, they all said how they communicated was what mattered the most.

AdvertisementThe RSAC panel included Allison Miller, Reddit's CISO and VP of Trust; Olivia Rose, Amplitude's CISO and VP of IT; and Caleb Sima, CISO for Robin Hood. Chenxi Wang, founder of the Rain Capital venture capital fund, moderated the discussion.

Practically, Sima opened up by explaining how during his first few days with Robin Hood he gathered simple data points he labeled "top challenges" and "things that scare me." But Rose interjected that in many instances blunt statements like that could end up offending and alienating critical engineering and IT teams right out of the gate, which can make a CISO's job much harder.

Regardless of the approach, both of them, as well as Miller, spent time early in their positions trying to sell a security program to internal teams often not in line with their strategies. Miller and Rose said legal and compliance became their most natural partners inside the business.

"You've got to have allies," Rose said. There's often friction with engineering, infrastructure, IT, product, customer service, and others, but the legal and compliance teams have a clearer vision of the consequences of a security incident and can be invaluable in communicating them to the wider enterprise. darkreading.com

Texas: Cyberattack Epicenter?
As national cybersecurity threats grow, why Texas could be a target
In the digital age, cybersecurity threats have become a common tool used among political adversaries, especially amid conflicts between Russia and the United States. But among the various forms of cybersecurity threats, there's been a rising focus on the energy sector - and Texas could be a key target for foreign interference, security experts say.

"I think Texas is absolutely a target," said Morgan Wright, chief security advisor for SentinelOne. "Just recently in Germany....there was a type of malware called AcidRain which Sentinel Labs had found out it attacks specifically the routers and modems that supplied connectivity to 5,800 wind turbines. They attack the energy grid, they attack the power grid."

And while foreign interference into Texas' energy infrastructure has not yet been detected, it is an issue whose prevalence has already impacted the United States' energy system. In late March, the United States' Department of Justice announced four Russian government employees had been charged for targeting the global energy sector between 2012 and 2018.

"In total, these hacking campaigns targeted thousands of computers, at hundreds of companies and organizations, in approximately 135 countries," the DOJ notice read in part. kxan.com

How the C-Suite Puts Shoulders Into Zero Trust in 2022
77% of tech execs say they'll increase spending in zero-trust architecture in the coming year.

Cloud computing security: Five things you are probably doing wrong



Canadian Retailers Recognized
RCC's 2022 Excellence in Retailing Awards - Winners Announced

Winning first place for a second year in a row was Longo's, for Health, Safety and Wellness, and Canadian Tire Corporation, for Pop-Up Experience and Design.

Over the last year, retailers across Canada have continued to demonstrate remarkable leadership and have implemented important innovation. Fifteen of those retailers took home top accolades tonight at the 2022 Excellence in Retailing Awards Gala (ERA), a highlight of Retail Council of Canada's (RCC) STORE 2022 conference in Toronto.

The Excellence in Retailing Awards program is recognized as the pinnacle of achievement and industry recognition across all retail disciplines and categories. Competition for the coveted ERA trophies was especially fierce this year with ties for first place being seen in an unprecedented four categories: In-Store Experience & Design, Omni Channel, Philanthropic Leadership and, Retail Marketing. Winning first place for a second year in a row was Longo's, for Health, Safety and Wellness, and Canadian Tire Corporation, for Pop-Up Experience and Design.

Diane J. Brisebois, President and CEO of Retail Council of Canada said: "I join the industry in saluting the recipients of this year's prestigious Awards of Distinction, Paul Wood of Giant Tiger and Shashi Behl of Joydrop. They have both made game-changing contributions and leave a lasting, positive imprint on their employees, customers, peers, and the communities they serve. Retail in Canada is better because of them and their vision, passion, and business acumen."

To view the complete list of this year's fifteen Excellence in Retailing Awards Winners, visit retailaward.ca/winners.

COVID Update

Canadian Retail's COVID Evolution
Retail Changed Substantially Over the Course of the Pandemic and Future Predictions: Eric Morris of Google Canada
Over the last few years, the Canadian retail landscape changed forever, says Eric Morris, Managing Director of Google's Retail practice in Canada, leading sales, operations, research, strategy and analytics.

E-commerce surged during lockdowns and peak COVID periods and while the pandemic has subsided e-commerce is well above historical rates in Canada, said Morris.

"It's 14 per cent of all retail sales. That's double where we were just a few years ago," he said. "That shift towards e-commerce has been very durable.

"Canada's e-commerce moment is now. We said that in 2020 and that was true through 2022. E-commerce and retail in Canada has changed forever. Related to that, the broader digital transformation isn't just an e-commerce story only."

Morris was one of the guest speakers at the recent RCC STORE Conference put on by the Retail Council of Canada. He said a large number of people are coming online to research products in stores whether they buy it online or in-store. That's a transformation from where the industry was a few years ago. retail-insider.com

Post-Lockdown Boom
Canadian Apparel Sales Forecasted to See Strong Growth Over Next Several Years: Trendex Report
Canadian apparel sales rebounded in 2021 and are forecast to continue to grow in the coming years, according to a new report by Trendex North America, a marketing research and consulting firm.

Sales in that retail category plunged by 23.6 per cent in 2020 as a result of the pandemic but came back with a year-over-year gain of 16.2 per cent last year. Trendex is forecasting annual gains of 14.8 per cent this year, 5.0 per cent in 2023, 2.9 per cent in 2024, 1.5 per cent in 2025 and 1.8 per cent in 2026.

Randy Harris, president and owner of Trendex North America, said that beginning in March 2021 the Canadian market returned to "normalcy as consumer demand began to increase and stores were opened." retail-insider.com

Montreal Retail Leasing Seeing Improved Activity as Pandemic Slowdowns Ease

Canada's Response to U.S. Mass Shootings
Invoking Uvalde, Trudeau out to freeze handgun sales

"We need only look south of the border to know that if we do not take action, firmly and rapidly, it gets worse," the prime minister said as he introduced new measures.

The Canadian government is hoping for speedy passage of new firearm-control measures meant to fight rising gun violence in Canada, in the wake of last week's school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday announced a national freeze on handgun sales. "It will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in Canada," Trudeau said during a late afternoon press conference, surrounded by Cabinet ministers, Liberal MPs and gun control advocates. "In other words, we're capping the market for handguns."

The Liberal government also aims to yank firearms licenses from perpetrators of domestic violence or criminal harassment, and a press release promised a "red flag" law that would allow judges to force gun owners "considered a danger to themselves or others" to surrender their firearms.

The government will also mandate that long-gun magazines be altered to carry no more than five rounds.

"We need only look south of the border to know that if we do not take action, firmly and rapidly, it gets worse and worse and more difficult to counter," Trudeau said when asked if the legislation goes too far. politico.com

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Innovation & Tech Key for Canadian Retailers
Smaller Retailers Must Invest in Innovation Now Before Costs Rise Further
One of Canada's biggest banks is encouraging small and medium businesses to invest in innovation and technology before interest rates rise even higher. "Taking a proactive approach to investing in your own business - now rather than later - will ensure it's more resilient, as you adapt to a higher cost future and capitalize on changing consumer behaviour," said Jason Charlebois, Scotiabank's Senior Vice President of Small Business Banking.

"Innovation and technology has emerged as key themes for businesses that have been successful coming through the last several years of the pandemic and COVID-19. Those businesses that were able to pivot and adapt to introducing new channels for sales and generating revenue, mostly through online and/or curbside pickup, leveraging e-commerce platforms and other ways to digitize the way they send and receive money, were businesses that were more successful coming through the pandemic."

Scotiabank's most recent Path to Impact report found that businesses that invested in their digital capabilities were better positioned to withstand economic challenges.

Scotiabank's latest small business trend report, SMEs: The Shortage Economy indicates that business owners now expect supply chain disruptions to continue to worsen for at least the next six months, exacerbated by geopolitical events such as the war in Ukraine. retail-insider.com

Baby Formula Crisis Hits Canada
Hoarding, panic buying concerns lead some B.C. stores to temporarily limit baby formula sales
To reduce the chances of panic buying, a number of B.C. retailers say they are putting limits on how much baby formula shoppers can purchase in a trip. The limits come as the U.S. grapples with a severe, ongoing formula shortage brought about by a recall by the country's largest producer.

Greg Wilson with the Retail Council of Canada says most stores in B.C. are reporting that their stocks of most types of formula are in good shape and the purchase limits are simply precautionary. cbc.ca

Canadian Retail Sales Flat in March
Statistics Canada says retail sales virtually unchanged in March

Do Canadian employees feel psychologically safe? (Survey)
More than one-third of racialized and Indigenous workers feel undermined on the job

Inside IKEA's first cashless downtown store at Yonge and Gerrard

Majority of Canadians Now Embrace Using Self-Checkouts at Grocery Stores

French Luxury Swimwear Brand Opens 1st Canadian Storefront in Montreal

Toronto, ON: Police ID man, 54, shot and killed inside restaurant
Investigators have named a 54-year-old man shot and killed inside a Toronto restaurant early on Sunday morning. At about 3:47 a.m., police were called to Caribbean Love Restaurant and Bar at 1602 Eglinton Avenue West for reports of a shooting. Investigators said there was a gathering inside the restaurant, where at least two men became involved in an altercation. One person drew a firearm and fired multiple shots at the other man, seriously injuring him. He was rushed to hospital where he was later pronounced dead. toronto.ctvnews.ca

Thieves net more than $100,000 in Whitby jewelry store smash-and-grab
Rings, watches, and necklaces valued at more than $100,000 were stolen from a Whitby jewelry store as part of a smash-and-grab robbery last month. The robbery happened at around 2 a.m. on Sunday May 22, at Mccullough Jewellers Ltd. On Brock Street south of Dundas Street. According to Durham police, an unknown number of suspects smashed the store's windows to gain entry to the shop. Once inside, they reportedly stole a large quantity of jewelry valued at more than $100,000. Investigators do not have photos or descriptions of the suspects at this time. toronto.ctvnews.ca

Stouffville, ON: 'Everyone was shaken': Armed robbery leads to jewelry store adding security
On May 11, four masked men two carrying guns charged through the front door around 3:30 p.m. With loud and abusive language, they ordered the owner, two employees and two customers to lie flat on the floor while they smashed and grabbed contents within showcases, using hammers and gun butts, a part of which was left behind. David said his main concern was for the safety of staff and patrons. This will be permanently maintained through the installation of a controlled entrance system, which Barthau says will allow would-be shoppers to come in, one at a time, through a buzzer procedure. thestar.com

36 robberies, half with guns, in the last 30 days in Mississauga and Brampton
Mississauga and Brampton residents are reminded to secure their homes as robberies involving guns become more prevalent in the region. Peel Regional Police report 36 robberies in the roughly month-long period between April 27 and May 26. Out of those 36, half of the incidents involved a gun. The other half are reported as involving a different type of offensive weapon. insauga.com

Mercedes SUV crashes into Milton store with customers and employees inside

Niagara Police identify but still hunting for Toronto man tied to comic store robbery

Reported armed robbery inside Mapleview mall in Burlington under investigation

Two charged with store robberies in Kitchener and Waterloo

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Billions of Counterfeits Blocked by Amazon
Amazon reports blocking 4 billion counterfeit listings in 2021

Amazon stopped 10 billion bad listings and removed 2 million phony products in 2020, the company said

Amazon released its second annual report Wednesday, detailing that the online retailer in 2021 blocked 4 billion counterfeit listings from being posted and scrubbed more than 3 million phony products from its site.

In 2020, Amazon stopped 10 billion bad listings and removed 2 million phony products. The company also reported a decline in complaints of intellectual property infringement in 2021, and the number of active brands on the site increased.

The report stated that Amazon blocked more than 2.5 million attempts to create fake accounts on its e-commerce site, a 58% decline from 2020. The company attributes the drop-off to its vetting process and other efforts to discourage bad actors.

Counterfeit sellers have hurt online retailers like Amazon for years, and the company has ramped up efforts to combat the problem in recent years as it endures scrutiny from brands and lawmakers advocating for anti-counterfeit laws.

Amazon supports the INFORM Act, a House online retail bill that would require online stores to gather contact and financial information from high-volume sellers and reveal some of the information to buyers.

Amazon had previously opposed a Senate version of the bill, which would mandate that online retailers collect information from a larger group of third-party merchants. foxbusiness.com

Apple Pay introduces buy now, pay later option
Apple today announced a major update to Apple Pay called Apple Pay Later, which will allow users to split the cost of an Apple Pay purchase into four equal payments over six weeks without interest or late fees. The new financial product - which was rumored ahead of its debut at Apple's 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) - marks Apple's move into the enormous and growing buy now, pay later (BNPL) industry.

Powered by the Mastercard network, Apple Pay Later is available everywhere Apple Pay is available in the U.S., both in apps and on the web - it requires no extra work from the developer or merchant side. Upcoming payments can be made, tracked and managed through the Apple Wallet app on iOS.

Accompanying the launch of Apple Pay Later is Apple Pay Order Tracking, which enables merchants to deliver receipt and order tracking to Wallet. It's integrated with Shopify, according to Apple, and - like Apply Pay Later - needs no additional integration. techcrunch.com

New York bill targets Amazon's use of productivity quotas
New York lawmakers have passed a bill targeting the use of warehouse productivity quotas







Washington, DC: DC shoplifters caught on video snatching laundry detergent at store near Capitol
Shoplifters were caught on video brazenly robbing a grocery store, just one mile from the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. In the video, at least three people in the Giant Food grocery store on H Street NE are seen stealing as much laundry detergent as they can carry, filing up garbage bags and a shopping cart, before walking further into the store. The theft happened around 1 p.m., a witness told Fox News. foxnews.com

Thieves target Sam Jidd Luxury Motors for fifth time in Des Plaines; owner says he's leaving Chicago area
One of the Chicago area's most elite car dealerships was targeted by thieves overnight Monday into Tuesday. As CBS 2's Chris Tye reported Tuesday, the crew got away with three luxury vehicles - and something that might be more even more valuable. The owner of Sam Jidd Luxury Motors, at 1505 S. Mt. Prospect Rd. in Des Plaines, said this was the fifth time in a little more than a year that thieves have struck. The owner says lax laws and policing are only inviting copycat crimes. "It's going to be a nightmare this week," said owner Sam Jidd. "I don't know what's going to happen." At the moment of impact just before sunrise Tuesday, an app on Jidd's phone alerted him something was wrong. He watched in real time as thieves raced through his business. The thieves were in and out in two minutes. After the glass on a front door was shattered, one thief made his way to the back corner - where they disengaged a secure box protecting 130 key fobs. Surveillance video shows the thieves testing the fobs to find corresponding cars. Accomplices out back begin testing cars there - selecting three valued at nearly $400,000. The thieves then left. The final piece of surveillance video shows the start of a police chase that ends when police say it reached a high rate of speed - and had to stop. cbsnews.com

Fayette County, GA: Store owner says thief stole about $40,000 in hair
A business owner says it was an extreme invasion of privacy when a thief broke into her store and stole more than $40,000 worth of hair. "Don't steal from people because karma is amazing," business owner Latasha Harris said. It was a wake-up call from police that no business owner wants to get. Surveillance video shows the man who stole from the Hair Xchange on Highway 85 in Fayette County. Latasha Harris is a wholesale hair supplier who has been in the hair business for nearly two decades. She says nothing like this has happened before. fox5atlanta.com

Fontana, CA: Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Customer Packages Found At Fontana Home Of OnTrac Delivery Driver
An OnTrac delivery driver faces charges of grand theft for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. Deputies responded to a home in the 9700 block of Calabash Avenue in Fontana on Friday to check into a report of theft, where they spoke to 61-year-old Juan Cardenas, authorities said. Cardenas, an employee with OnTrac, was suspected of stealing packages in the course of his work. At the home, deputies discovered several thousand dollars worth of stolen merchandise. Some packages were unopened, while others were still in their shipping boxes with customer addresses on them. The stolen merchandise ranged from electronics like TVs and a robot vacuum, to small kitchen appliances like a stand mixer, an electric cooker, and cookware; to luggage, tools, clothes, and toys. cbsnews.com

Chicago, IL: $100,000 In Rare Cards, Including Michael Jordan And Mickey Mantle Rookies, Stolen After Thief Cuts Out Lincoln Square Store's Bricks

Derby, VT: Police looking for man that stole from Shaw's twice, totaling $1000

Plymouth Township, PA: Police seeking information on suspect in $350 theft from Ulta

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Shootings & Deaths

Berlin, Germany: Driver plows into pedestrians in Berlin shopping area, killing at least 1, injuring 8
A man drove a car into pedestrians in a popular Berlin shopping district on Wednesday, killing at at least one person and injuring at least eight others, rescue services said. The man drove into people on a street corner at around 10:30 a.m. before getting the car back on the road and then crashing into a shop window around a block further on, police spokesman Thilo Cablitz said. Five people sustained life-threatening injuries and another three were seriously injured, fire service spokesman Adrian Wenzel told n-tv television. Police said more than a dozen people were injured. The driver was apparently detained by passers-by before being arrested swiftly by a police officer who was near the scene, Cablitz said. He said police are trying to determine whether he deliberately drove into pedestrians or whether it was an accident, possibly caused by a medical emergency. Police later tweeted that the driver was a 29-year-old German-Armenian who lives in Berlin. They didn't give further details, and it wasn't immediately clear what if anything he had told them in questioning.  pennlive.com

Update: Butler County, OH: Bail reduced for man in fatal Walmart shooting
A judge has reduced the $5 million bail set for a man accused of shooting a customer to death in an Ohio Walmart store following an attempted theft, and a hearing has been scheduled on the defendant's bid to use an insanity defense. Anthony Freeman Brown, 32, of Hamilton had his bail reduced to $900,000 during a Friday afternoon arraignment in Butler County, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported. Brown is also seeking to change his plea to not guilty by reason of insanity, and a July 26 date has been set to hear that motion. Police said a man tried to steal items from the Fairfield Township store's electronics department shortly before 8 p.m. on May 26. Police said two shoppers tried to stop him. The suspect pulled a gun and fired, killing one customer and seriously wounding an employee. Adam Lee Black, 35, died at the scene of the shooting on May 26, according to the Butler County Coroner's Office. The injured person has been released from the hospital, law enforcement officials said. Tracked to a Middletown hotel, Brown was arrested after jumping from a first-floor window, dropping a handgun, police said. news-herald.com

Phoenix, AZ: Walmart shooting: 1 woman shot near Metrocenter in north Phoenix, 2 men detained by police
Phoenix Police officials say a woman has been taken to the hospital following a shooting at a north Phoenix Walmart on the afternoon of June 7. The Walmart is reportedly located in the area of Metrocenter, a mall that has been closed since 2020. Satellite image from Google Maps show the Walmart is not physically connected to the defunct mall, but adjacent to it. According to Sgt. Vince Cole, the incident involved two adult males who were in an altercation. "One of those males stepped out and fired rounds back into the Walmart at who he was having the altercation with," said Sgt. Cole. The bullet, according to Sgt. Cole, managed to hit an innocent adult woman. A witness named Rosa Moreno said she was standing next to the victim when she was shot. She said an employee came running over, and put her Walmart vest on the victim's back to apply pressure to the wound. The victim, according to police, was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Meanwhile, the two men involved have been detained. fox10phoenix.com

Atlanta, GA: Police say person shooting at car misses, hitting busy Sephora store
Gunfire interrupted a busy Tuesday afternoon of shopping in Buckhead. Someone shot at a car, just off Peachtree Road and the bullet shattered a window at a nearby business. The shooting happened outside the Sephora makeup store near Peachtree and Mathieson Drive. "We were conducting roll call at the Zone 2 precinct in the parking lot. We heard some shots fired," Maj. Ailen Mitchell with the Atlanta Police Department said. "We were able to locate the male. He came from behind one of the houses," Mitchell said. They're not sure if this incident sprang from road rage. All they're saying is witnesses described the two in some sort of escalating argument that ended in gunfire. wsbtv.com

Clay County, FL: Shooting reported at an Oakleaf Wawa Monday afternoon
An incident report says that police responded to a shooting at a Wawa convenience store on Old Middleburg Road South in Oakleaf Monday, an incident report by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says. The report says that a man was running to the back of a gas station while an "unknown suspect" was pointing in direction. In the process of the shooting, the building and two vehicles were struck by rounds. Charges "related to the incident" are listed as murder in the second-degree (not premeditated), two counts of "shooting/throwing deadly missiles into dwelling, public/private building/vehicle occupied, person listed as victim," and a car crash, "leaving scene without giving information more than $50 damage." JSO has not released the identity of any suspects.  firstcoastnews.com

Raleigh, NC: Customer shot during robbery attempt at gas station


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Matthews, NC: Police looking for man accused of robbing several local GameStops
Police in Matthews are asking for help find a man accused of stealing from multiple GameStops across the Charlotte area. Investigators say the suspected man is responsible for going into several of the stores with a gun and robbing them. The locations include GameStops in Charlotte, Rock Hill, Indian Trail and most recently, the location on Matthews Township Parkway on Sunday. Authorities across the Charlotte area are working together to try and catch the suspect before he strikes again. wsoctv.com

Phoenix, AZ: Suspect arrested in brutal attack of Cricket Wireless employee during robbery
Police say the man caught on video brutally attacking a Cricket Wireless employee before getting away with phones and cash from a store in Phoenix has been arrested. The incident happened just after 5 p.m. on June 4 at a Cricket Wireless store near 43rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road. "When [officers] got there, they found a woman bleeding with a laceration to her face," Sgt. Philip Krynsky said in a statement. The 22-year-old victim told police a man walked into the store and began punching and kicking her. After the attack, the man went to the back of the store and stole several items and cash. The victim was able to get away from the man and run to the business next door to call for help. After police released the surveillance video, they received multiple tips and were able to identify the suspect. Three days later, he was found and arrested. fox10phoenix.com

Portland, OR: Person suspected of committing over 30 robberies throughout Portland metro area

Vancouver, WA: C-Store employee uses bug spray to fend off 'serial robber' linked to 30+ other crimes

Monroe, MI: Suspects in 15 bank robberies in Michigan, 4 other states arrested in Ohio

Miami, FL: 2 Miami men used GPS device to steal luxury vehicle in Florida Keys

Johnson City, TN: Man sentenced to 15 years for CVS pharmacy robbery



Auto - Greenwich, CT - Burglary
Auto - Chicago, IL - Burglary
Beauty - Fayette County, GA - Burglary
C-Store - Vancouver, WA - Robbery
C-Store - Jacksonville, FL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Valparaiso, IN - Robbery
C-Store - New York, NY - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Morristown, NJ - Burglary
Cellphone - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
Clothing - Takoma Park, MD - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Noxubee County, MS - Armed Robbery
GameStop - Matthews, NC - Armed Robbery
GameStop - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Macon, GA - Burglary
Gas Station - Indianapolis, IN - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Raleigh, NC - Armed Robbery / Customer wounded
Jewelry - Middletown, NY - Robbery
Jewelry -Poughkeepsie, NY - Robbery
Jewelry -Brooklyn, NY - Robbery
Jewelry -Houston, TX - Robbery
Jewelry -El Paso, TX - Robbery
Jewelry -Memphis, TN - Robbery
Pharmacy - Syosset, NY - Burglary
Liquor - Syosset, NY - Burglary
Restaurant - Morgantown, WV - Armed Robbery (Jimmy John's)
Restaurant - Webb City, MO - Armed Robbery (Subway)
Restaurant - Syosset, NY - Burglary


Daily Totals:
• 19 robberies
• 8 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 0 killed

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Diana Dindial Guzman named Loss Prevention Manager - North America
for Lovisa Pty Ltd

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VP, Asset Protection & Retail Operations
Washington, D.C. - posted April 29
The candidate will oversee the development of innovative strategies, programs and solution which help retailers mitigate loss and reduce total retail risk; Direct oversight of the NRF Loss Prevention Council and Retail Operations Council...

National Account Sales Executive
Remote Opportunity - posted May 31
Interface is seeking a talented National Account Sales Executive to join our diverse, highly motivated sales team.  This individual will propose, advance the sales process, close and support the sale of our managed Access Control, Intrusion & Interactive Alarm monitoring portfolio, IP video products, and industry leading Business Intelligence solutions with a focus on the large, multi-site U.S. businesses and targeted verticals...

Physical Security Operations Center Leader
Columbia, MD - posted June 8
The primary purpose of this role is to partner, lead and manage a Central Station/Physical Security Operations Center driving operational execution and enhancements to ensure effectiveness and a positive customer experience. This individual is also responsible for leading a team of operators providing professional and accurate responses...

Senior Manager, Asset Protection
Orlando, FL - posted May 13
You will lead and manage NA processes and programs to protect company assets, people and brand. Our mission for this role is to provide an operational focus on workplace and physical security programs, profit protection and investigations. You will report to the Consumer Products, Games and Publishing Executive Director, Global AP and Safety...

Region Asset Protection Manager-Southwest Florida
Fort Myers, FL - posted May 12
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Loss Prevention Specialists (Store Detective)
Albany, NY; Hyannis, MA; Burlington, VT; Hartford, CT
- posted May 6
Detect and respond to external theft and fraud by working undercover within the store(s) you are assigned to. Working as a team with store management and associates in combating loss in the store(s). Developing and analyzing external theft trends, utilizing information in company reports and information gathered from store management and associates...

Retail Asset Protection Associate
Medford, MA; Brockton, MA; East Springfield, MA - posted May 6
The Asset Protection Greeter role is responsible for greeting all customers as they enter the store, ensuring that customers see the Company's commitment to provide a safe and secure shopping environment, as well as deterring theft, shoplifting, or other dishonest activities...

Loss Prevention Supply Chain Manager
Fresno, CA - posted April 25
The Loss Prevention Manager, Supply Chain (LPMSC) drives shrink improvement and profit protection activities for an assigned distribution center (DC), its in-bound and outbound shipping networks and its third party pooling centers...

Asset Protection Lead (Regional), Atlanta/Carolinas
Atlanta/Charlotte - posted April 22
Responsible for the protection of company assets and mitigation of risk. Effectively communicates, trains, implements, and monitors all aspects of Asset Protection programs in assigned markets. These programs include Tier Shrink Reduction Strategy, training and awareness, store audits, investigative initiatives, profit protection, health and safety and budgetary compliance...

Regional LP Manager
Pacific Northwest - posted April 22
Minimize losses to the business, improve profitability and provide dedicated support to the field and all field personnel, focusing on external theft, internal theft, systems and administrating training and P&P compliance, stocktaking processing and analysis...

Regional Loss Prevention Auditor
Multiple Locations - posted April 20
The Regional Loss Prevention Auditor (RLPA) is responsible for conducting operational audits and facilitating training meetings in our clients' locations. The audit examines operational controls, loss prevention best practices, and customer service-related opportunities.

Business Manager
Dallas/Fort Worth Area, TX - posted April 6
Sapphire Risk Advisory Group is seeking a Business Manager to work in the company's Dallas-area office in a W2 position and will closely partner with other members of the team to manage projects and communicate with contractors, vendors, and clients...

Loss Prevention Security Investigator
San Bernardino, CA - posted March 8
Protecting of Company property against theft. Detection, apprehension, detention and/or arrest of shoplifters. Internal investigations and investigations of crimes against the Company. Detect and apprehend shoplifters. Conduct internal theft, ORC and Corporate investigations. Prepare thorough and concise investigative reports...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Sugar Land, TX - posted March 7
The position will be responsible for: -Internal theft investigations -External theft investigations -Major cash shortage investigations -Fraudulent transaction investigations -Missing inventory investigations -Reviewing stores for physical security improvements -Liaison with local Police Depts. and make court appearances...


Loss Prevention Supervisor
West Jefferson, OH - posted March 7
Provides leadership to the LP staff which includes but not limited to performance development, direction on daily duties, and meeting department goals. Supervises Loss Prevention programs and process in the Distribution Center (DC) and partners with DC Management team to ensure physical security, product, equipment and employees meet LP requirements...

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