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MTI Announces Executive Promotions Designed to
Accelerate Global Growth

Hillsboro, OR - MTI (Mobile Tech, Inc.), a global leader in asset protection, smart locks, tablet solutions, and global services, today announced the promotions of several key leaders to drive the company's next phase of growth as well as diversify its senior leadership team.

One key to MTI's success over the years has been the company's ability to combine a vision for the future of technology with execution that creates compelling products and services that delight our customers. Five people who embody that combination of vision and execution were recently promoted, including:

Jill Cochran joined MTI in 2013, and was promoted to Associate Vice President, Sales Operations for North America, Latin America, APAC, and EMEA. She leads a team responsible for driving customer-facing, real-time interactions that improve MTI's profitability and elevate customer satisfaction.

Rod Horner, Associate Vice President, Sourcing, Integration and Test. Rod has extensive global product manufacturing expertise, and now leads MTI's sourcing, product integration, and test teams. His team manages 28 outsourcing and manufacturing supplier partners in five countries.

Shannon Litten, Associate Vice President, Customer Solutions. Litten joined MTI in 2005 and has served in several management roles including director of global client services and senior director of enterprise solutions. Shannon has been instrumental in leading digital transformation initiatives at MTI and is now taking the helm of the customer solutions organization, as MTI further expands its software and solutions offerings.

Scot Maurath, Senior Director, Customer Experience. Scot has been tapped to lead the Training and Marketing teams, driving world-class experiences with our customers, partners, and employees. His team leverages best-in-class training approaches, disruptive marketing strategies and campaigns to raise brand awareness, increase brand value, and drive employee satisfaction.

Brian Thorpe, Vice President, Global Services. Thorpe joined MTI in 2015 with deep expertise in field service leadership. He has led a variety of key initiates within MTI, including establishing the company's contact center in Ireland. His team of field technicians currently service more than 25,000 retail locations in 91 countries.

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Sensormatic Solutions by Johnson Controls releases spring
2021 U.S. Consumer Sentiment Survey

Survey results highlight an increase in consumer confidence when it comes to shopping in-store

Sensormatic Solutions is helping retailers solve complex challenges related to consumer confidence, health and safety using technology

NEUHAUSEN, Switzerland - Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, today announced that Sensormatic Solutions, its leading global retail solutions portfolio, released the results of its spring 2021 U.S. Consumer Sentiment Survey.

The survey revealed a shift towards restored confidence among consumers to shop in-store one year into the COVID-19 pandemic. Half of consumers are neutral (28%) or unconcerned (22%) about shopping in-store. While a third (34%) are still concerned, only 16% said they were currently very concerned. Comparatively, in Sensormatic Solutions' April 2020 survey, 79% of respondents were concerned (20%), moderately concerned (30%) or very concerned (29%) about shopping in-store.

"Shopping used to be many things to many people: a casual in-and-out, a chance for discovery, or just part of a daily routine," said Kim Melvin, global leader of marketing, Sensormatic Solutions. "However, due to COVID-19, health and safety naturally became a top priority for shoppers. To aid in restoring consumer confidence as stores either stayed open or reopened, retailers found ways to provide a safer and more comfortable environment. This included offering alternate fulfillment options, implementing technology that monitors store occupancy for social distancing compliance, and incorporating self-checkout and contactless payment options."

In fact, when the survey respondents were asked what technologies would make them feel more comfortable shopping in-store, results showed that consumers preferred social distancing monitoring (53%), self-checkout (53%) and mask detection (47%) Read more here

Violence & Protests

500 Police Officers Died in Line of Duty Since January 2020
'LEDR' Team expands to offer suicide prevention to police officers and offer support to families
It is National Police Week, a time to honor officers and their sacrifices, especially those who've died in the line of duty serving and protecting others.

Since January of 2020, nearly 500 officers have died in the line of duty across the country, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page. Nearly 230 more officers have died by suicide, according to the non-profit website B.L.U.E. Help.

A group of volunteer officers responds to help those families in Wisconsin after a death, but they want to focus more attention on mental health and preventing suicide amid a difficult time to be in law enforcement.

"This last year and a half has been one of the toughest. For me, 30-some years, it's been the hardest year," says Appleton Police Chief Todd Thomas.

He's watched his own officers, and so many other friends in law enforcement, continue their dedication to policing, despite an incredibly tense atmosphere toward law enforcement. He's seen it take its toll.

"It was a culmination of COVID and the protests and an election year. It all came together, and our officers felt it, but our families felt it," says Thomas. "Our families suffered a lot in the last year and a half, so we want to make sure we have resources for them, too."

Thomas and Green Bay Police Captain Ben Allen are two members of a 15-person statewide team of volunteers who make up the Law Enforcement Death Response (LEDR) Team. wsaw.com

Push for Return of 'Broken Windows' Theory of Active Response in NYC
Enough! NYC voters must make voices heard after Times Square shooting
Unless New York has completely lost its mind, the shooting in Times Square that wounded three innocent bystanders, including a 4-year-old girl, will galvanize the mayoral race.

After all, remnants of the "defund the police" movement are still pressuring the mayor, city council and prosecutors to further handcuff cops and coddle criminals. If they succeed, the city would be doomed to further crime and decline. We can't let that happen. The rapid increase in violence and gunfire over the last two years has left no safe hiding place in the five boroughs.

For a snapshot of the cancerous mayhem, consider the opening of an official NYPD summary of April crime.

"Overall index crime in New York City rose 30.4% compared with April 2020, driven by a 66% increase in grand larceny (2,659 v. 1,601) and a 35.6% increase in felony assault (1,630 v. 1,202)," the report says. "Robbery saw a 28.6% increase compared to April 2020 (885 v. 688), and shooting incidents increased to 149 v. 56 in April 2020 (+166.1%)."

Coming on top of the pandemic, the crime wave is adding to the belief the city is ungovernable and unlivable. It doesn't have to be that way. Not if enough people seize the moment to demand common sense policy changes. This must be the time when public safety once again becomes the top priority of city and state government.

Although having more cops made a modest dent, it wasn't until after the election of Rudy Giuliani in 1993 that the NYPD adopted the "broken windows" theory of active response. Over the next four years, double-digit drops in the murder rate were common and by the end of 1997, annual homicides had declined to about 750, a 30 year-low. nypost.com

$221,000 Law Enforcement Price Tag
Police presence costs Elizabeth City a hefty bill since Andrew Brown Jr. death
Protesters have marched in Elizabeth City all but one night since Brown's death. The city remains under a state of emergency, though a midnight curfew has been lifted.

Protests have remained peaceful but have consistently blocked or slowed traffic. Extra police patrols have been needed to maintain safety and redirect traffic, said Elizabeth City City Manager Montre Freeman.

Freeman added that overtime, lodging, and food expense for law enforcement costs $221,000 since Brown's death.

Under the emergency order, signed by Elizabeth City Mayor Bettie Parker, the city received assistance for outside law enforcement agencies, particularly to assist in maintaining an established curfew which last over a week.

In expectation of continued protests, he is coordinating with police and fire to redirect traffic and ensure emergency calls do not go unanswered. However, protesters are still required to sign permits, a move seen as controversial by many in the community.

Freeman said there are 77 police officers in Elizabeth City, and several officers had worked at least 14 consecutive days. 13newsnow.com

Vaccine Passport Protests
Hundreds in Orange County protest COVID vaccine passports:
'You're not going to brand us'
On the same day that Orange County recorded some of its most positive coronavirus statistics to date - nearing the least restrictive yellow tier in the state's reopening blueprint - hundreds of protesters gathered to blast the Board of Supervisors for a proposal to create "vaccine passports," or digital records that document COVID-19 vaccination status.

The public backlash began in April after the county announced plans to launch a pilot program for credentialing. Almost immediately, a vocal group of opponents expressed concern that the digital records would be used to "track" people and reveal private healthcare information. Opponents also said it would allow the county to favor residents who chose to get vaccinated.

County officials have repeatedly said the claims are not true.

The county on Tuesday moved within striking distance of the state's most lenient tier of economic reopenings, posting its first of a required two weeks of qualifying data needed to advance. Orange County has been in the orange, or moderate tier, since March 29. latimes.com

Police Struggle to Control Demonstrators in NYC
Protesters clash outside Israeli Consulate in Manhattan
Throngs of chanting, flag-waving Palestinian and Israeli supporters angrily clashed outside the Israeli Consulate in Manhattan on Tuesday evening, several hours after Hamas launched a barrage of rockets at Tel Aviv.

Some of the protesters spilled out of barricaded pens and into the roadway around the building on Second Avenue between East 42nd and 43rd streets as NYPD cops appeared to struggle to keep control at times, according to video.

The confrontation came after Hamas launched its missile attack on the Israeli city, which has an anti-rocket defense system that intercepted at least some of the airborne weapons. nypost.com

Death Penalty & Hate Crimes Charges for Atlanta Mass Shooter
Fulton County DA will seek death penalty against Atlanta spa shooting suspect
Robert Aaron Long, the suspect in the shootings that left eight people dead at three Atlanta-area Asian spas, has been indicted on murder charges, with prosecutors seeking the death penalty for hate crimes targeting the sex and race of the victims.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis filed notice with the Fulton Superior Court on Tuesday that she plans to seek the death penalty and enhanced hate crimes charges against Long in the first test of a hate crime law passed by the Georgia Legislature last year.

Stop AAPI Hate, a national coalition against anti-Asian racism, said in a statement that while AAPI hate persists women continue to report incidents at a disproportionate rate "in no small part due to the combination of racism and misogyny Asian American women experience." cnn.com

NYC's criminal-justice system is utterly failing

1 arrested in protests over police appreciation dinner in Bellevue

France vows tougher punishment for those who attack police

COVID Update

263M Vaccinations Given

US: 33.5M Cases - 596.9K Dead - 26.5M Recovered
Worldwide: 160.4M Cases - 3.3M Dead - 138.2M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 279   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 298
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Has the U.S. Already Reached Herd Immunity?
Column: Stop fretting about 'herd immunity' - we're close, if not already there
The latest example involves the prospects of reaching "herd immunity" - that is, a level of vaccinations and natural recoveries that will render the virus no longer a threat to public health.

A number of recent reports cast doubt on whether that goal is reachable. A New York Times article conjectured that herd immunity is "not attainable - at least not in the foreseeable future, and perhaps not ever."

The article placed the blame partially on "vaccine hesitancy" leaving too many Americans unimmunized. The harvest was a surge of Twitter-based obloquy directed at Americans who turn down a COVID-19 vaccine.

Yet respected immunologists say the concept of herd immunity is widely misunderstood - and in fact the conditions for its attainment in the U.S. may be close or already have been reached.

That's because the level of vaccination in much of the country already has been sufficient to drive the levels of infection steadily lower and foster a consistent reduction in new cases.

Indeed, the daily average of new cases per capita, compiled by the Washington Post, has fallen over the last seven days in all but five states. In two of the five, Wyoming and Maine, the figure rose by only 1% and in a third, New Mexico, it was flat. latimes.com

California's COVID Success Continues
There's growing confidence that the worst of COVID-19 is behind California
California's battle against coronavirus has progressed so rapidly in the last few months that many experts are optimistic the state has experienced the worst of the pandemic and that another disastrous wave is unlikely as vaccinations increase and case rates keep plunging.

If those forecasts hold fast, California will enter the summer in a better place than many thought. State officials hope to have the economy largely reopened by June 15. And while coronavirus variants caused concerns earlier this year, officials and experts say they have generally been less aggressive than feared and vaccines seem to be offering protection against the various variants.

"I am optimistic," said Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, medical epidemiologist and infectious diseases expert at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. "I think that we are going in the right direction - we will never have a surge like we had during the viral tsunami of the post-holiday season, just because now we have so many people vaccinated, and so many people have got natural immunity from having had the disease." latimes.com

OSHA Fines More Businesses After Employee Complaints
Stores & restaurants among 51 Michigan businesses fined for COVID violations
Michigan has fined another batch of workplaces for violating COVID-19 protocols, many of which were spurred by employee complaints.

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited 51 workplaces, per the latest update to its online dashboard. So far, 280 workplaces have been hit with a citation or fine. Of the 280 citations, 27 are under appeal. No workplace that has appealed its violation has won its case, yet.

Businesses on the list include Buddy's Pizza, a pair of marijuana retailers, Ollie's Bargain Outlet, Joann Fabrics and a Speedway gas station.

If employers fix the problems and agree not to appeal, they only have to pay 50% of the fine. Workplaces have 15 working days to appeal the MIOSHA citations. mlive.com

Orange County, Calif. could leap into yellow tier, with widest reopenings, as soon as next week

LP & AP's Historical Reporting Structure

Where does LP & AP report into at your organization?
In NRF Stores Rankings of Top 100 Retailers the
Top 50 Listed
In 2007 - 46%, the Vast Majority of LP - AP Functions Reported into
The Operations Side & 24% to the Financial Side

In conducting a very detailed formal survey for one of the Big Four consulting firms back in 2007, we found that 46%, or 23 of the Top 50 retailers, as published by Stores Magazine, reported into the retailers operations group. The exact titles in the functions they reported to vary from COO to Sr.VP, EVP and so on. With the 50 reporting to:

COO or Operations: 23 or 46%
*CFO or Financial group: 12 or 24%

Legal: 5 or 8%
CEO directly: 4 or 8%
HR group: 4 or 8%
Global Logistics/Fulfillment/Operations: 1 or 2%
1 declined to participate

Included in Financial Group
Risk Mgt.: 2 or 4%
Internal Audit: 2 or 4%
Chief Compliance Officer: 1 or 2%

In NRF Stores Rankings of Top 100 Retailers the Bottom 50 Listed
In 2007 - 38% of LP - AP Functions Reported into to the Financial Side
& 36% reported into the Operations Side

CFO or Financial group: 19 - 38%
COO or Operations: 18 - 36%
CEO directly: 5 - 10%
EVP Admin.: 2 - 4%
3 declined to participate
1 Whole Foods Outsourced LP at the time
*1 Had dual reporting into CEO/COO 2

Included in Financial Group
Risk Mgt.: 1 - 2%

Findings: The smaller volume the higher LP-AP was elevated with Finance wanting more control over the dollars. Or is it the larger organizations just have to spread out direct reports?

Another factor that's always played into this Top 50 Operational emphasis is the sheer size of the organizations and the 'Operators' ability to quickly implement change across the entire organization virtually overnight with the field operators running the stores. Therefore giving LP the ability to proactively react to any risk and implement change almost in real-time through the 'Operator.'

Where does LP & AP report into at your organization?
In NRF Stores Rankings of Top 100 Retailers
In 2007 - 41% of AP Functions Reported into
The Operations Side & 31% to the Financial Side

COO or Operations: 41 - 41%
CFO or Financial group: 31 - 31%
CEO directly: 9 - 9%

Legal: 5 - 5%
HR group: 4 - 4%
EVP Admin. 2 - 2%
Global Logistics/Fulfillment/Operations: 1 - 1%
4 declined to participate 4%
1 Whole Foods Outsourced LP at the time
*1 Had dual reporting into CEO/COO 2 - 2%

Included in Financial Group
Risk Mgt.: 3 - 3%
Internal Audit: 2 - 2%
Chief Compliance Officer: 1 - 1%

* Of special note is that this report is available to NRF AP council members and senior level LP-AP executives - free of charge. As it does not have any PPI information of individuals and is dated 2007 and there are certain conditions that must be agreed to. The D&D Daily reserves the right to refuse any or all requests for any reason. -Gus Downing

Next Week - the Results of the Daily Informal Survey
If anyone would like to participate, please click here

3 Retailers Pay out $15.75M For Off-Clock Security Bag Checks
Nike settles unpaid security bag check claims for $8.25M
Nike has agreed to pay $8.25 million to settle a class action lawsuit by workers alleging they should have been paid for time spent in security checks (Rodriquez, et al. v. Nike, No. 5:14-CV-1508 (N.D. Calif., April 23, 2021)).

The class includes 16,658 current and former non-exempt retail store employees who worked in California for the athletic shoe retailer from Feb. 25, 2010, to Nov. 15, 2019.

Walgreens ($4.5M), Apple, and Dick's Sporting Goods ($3M), have now paid out for security bag checks over the last few years. hrdive.com

'Just Walk Out' is Growing
San Diego High-Rise Community to Have 'Just Walk Out' Act Alike Tech
Checkout-free retail solutions provider Accel Robotics is launching its automated Valet Market store with Last Step Delivery within Brookfield's luxury high-rise community, Vantage Pointe, in San Diego's East Village.

Shoppers at the 1,500-square-foot Valet Market will simply download the app and use their phone to check into the store. Once inside, shoppers can select desired items and walk out without having to wait in line to check out. Advanced technologies, including computer vision, shelf-level sensors and patented camera-based artificial intelligence, automatically track products as shoppers remove them from the shelves. When exiting the store, a receipt will be delivered promptly to the shopper's mobile device, eliminating the wasted time and hassle of traditional or self-checkout.

This cashier-less walkout retail concept has proved a success for Amazon Go shoppers. A survey released earlier in the year from Mount Pleasant, S.C.-based Piplsay found that 54% of Amazon Go shoppers rated their experience in those stores as "excellent," with 35% rating the experience as "good," 7% as "not very good" and 4% as "bad." progressivegrocer.com

Editor's Note: This technology is just about to explode on the scene across the country. And ultimately it'll lead to in-store security jobs - probably fueling the majority of growth for the guarding industry.

Is Amazon Go Winning Fans Among Shoppers?
New survey report from consumer insight provider Piplsay found that 54% of Amazon Go shoppers rate their experience in those store as "excellent," with 35% rating the experience as "good," 7% as "not very good" and 4% as "bad." 30,166 online responses from U.S. individuals aged 18 years and older.

59% of Americans think Amazon Go will be a threat to big-box stores like Walmart and Kroger.

● 54% of Americans believe Amazon Go-like stores will be a success despite online retail's entrenchment.

● 54% of men will be excited to have Amazon Go or similar tech-enabled stores near them as compared to 46% of women.

● About 35% of Millennials and Gen Xers think Amazon Go-type stores will be a success as compared to 30% of Gen Zers.

● 65% of Millennials and 60% of Gen Xers think
Amazon Go will be a threat to top brick-and-mortar retailers like Walmart and Kroger. progressivegrocer.com

Mall Euphoria?
Simon CEO says Americans are experiencing 'euphoria' as they return to malls
Simon Property Group CEO David Simon offered answers to analysts yesterday that were one part optimistic and another cautious on the prospects for the company's malls this year.

Mr. Simon, speaking on his company's first quarter earnings call, described a shopping atmosphere in which consumers are experiencing "some level of euphoria" as they return to malls to shop.

He did not fully jump on the optimist bandwagon, however, pointing out that consumers are returning in significant numbers in some locations but not in others. He specifically called out activity at Simon properties in California and New York that he is hoping to see pick up as the pandemic comes under further control and as international tourists return to the U.S. to shop.

Mr. Simon contrasted Florida to California, where the economy opened later. DisneyLand in California has only recently reopened and the state, as a whole, has about a "nine month lag" to make up. Simon's properties, including enclosed and open air facilities, he said, are a "real presence" for the company in California that he expects will begin to deliver "benefits" as the year progresses. retailwire.com

CVS, Rite Aid up the ante in same-day delivery

Chipotle rolls out job path to a 6-figure salary in less than 4 years

Subway is hiring 40,000 workers in May as it tries to return to prepandemic hours

Consumer prices jumped in April, climbing faster than economists had expected

Quarterly Results

MedMen Q3 sales up 3.8%

Ahold Delhaize Q1 U.S. comp's up 1.7%, U.S. digital up 188.3%, Group net sales at Ahold up 0.3%

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Sr. Dir. of Retail Loss Prevention job posted for Bed Bath & Beyond in Union, NJ
In cooperation with the Corporate LP team, the Sr Director of Retail Loss Prevention is responsible for setting and championing the Loss Prevention strategy for the retail stores. This role leads a diverse team of remote field Profit Protection Managers to ensure implementation and execution of the strategies that mitigate risk, reduce loss, and safeguard our associates, customers and assets. bbby.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com

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Ransom Payments & Business Inter. = 43% of Total Claims Last Three Years

Cyber Insurers Push Back on Ransom Claims
As Ransomware Proliferates, Insuring for It Becomes Costly and Questioned
With ransomware hackers seeking out companies with cyber insurance, insurers are pulling back and jacking up premiums as attacks show no sign of abating.

The number of ransomware attacks in the U.S. rose more than 300% during 2020, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said last week. One reason, say cybersecurity specialists who track ransomware threats, is that companies are too quick to pay the ransoms, relying on insurance policies for reimbursement.

Cyber insurers are raising prices and limiting coverage after a series of high-profile attacks and mounting claims from ransomware, amid concerns that insurance payouts are actually encouraging the hacking.

"The insurance company pays the ransom, the criminals make more money, so they make more ransomware, which leads to more insurance, which leads to more payment, and so we get into this vicious cycle," said Marty Edwards, vice president of operational technology security at cybersecurity company Tenable Inc.

Insurers say they aren't the ones making the decision to pay a ransom-that responsibility lies with the client, and insurers are contractually obligated to comply.

DarkSide, for example, believed to be behind the hack last week on Colonial Pipeline Co., run a franchise business, licensing their ransomware to hacker entrepreneurs and providing them with support and training, said Matt Durrin, incident response technical lead for LMG Security, a forensic investigation firm.

Insurers are beginning to change their approach to cyber policies in response to the rise in claims and scrutiny of ransom payments.

Average pricing for cyber policies increased 5% to 10% from 2019 to 2020, a March report from professional services firm Aon PLC said, noting that even that hike wouldn't be enough to cover the frequency and severity of losses. Aon didn't respond to a request for comment.

In an April 15 note, Fitch Ratings Inc. expressed concern on the long-term effects cyberattacks would have on property and casualty insurers who issue cyber coverage. The direct loss ratio for stand-alone cyber coverage reached 73% in 2020 from 47% in 2019, analysts said, the highest level recorded since cyber data has been included in financial reporting.

Illustrating the pressure that heightened ransom demands put on insurers, data from Chubb Group Holdings Inc.'s Cyber Index shows that costs involving ransom payments and business interruption accounted for 43.5% of total claims over the past three full years. wsj.com

What Comes After Outdoor EMV?
As more retailers become EMV-compliant at the pump, point-to-point encryption comes into focus.

The April 2021 deadline for implementing EMV at the pump is now in the rearview mirror. Ahead of the final deadline, which was extended from October 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the c-store industry substantially grew its ability to offer outdoor EMV acceptance. Now, retailers now must turn their focus to implementing another technology at the dispensers to further reduce risk of credit card acceptance.
C-store and fuel retailers now look to be prime targets for cyber-attacks focused on extracting sensitive payment card data, as shown by a recent spate of attacks in the vertical.

Despite common misconception, enabling outdoor EMV acceptance doesn't prevent an operator from becoming the next retailer on the news because of a wide-scale credit card breach. While a strong mechanism for preventing counterfeit fraud, EMV solutions do not secure underlying payment card data itself - and cyber criminals are well aware of this critical vulnerability.

Similar to EMV enablement, retailers are unfortunately behind in implementing solutions to secure payment card data. Most retailers in other verticals have implemented one or both of two separate but linked cryptography-based technologies used to protect card data:

Point-to-point encryption (P2PE): In some implementations referred to as end-to-end encryption (E2EE), P2PE encrypts payment card data within the payment terminal, ensuring data is protected until it is decrypted at a secure point above-site (oftentimes at a retailer's payment provider). P2PE protects card data during payment processing.

Tokenization: Tokenization complements P2PE solutions by replacing payment card data with less valuable tokens, which can then be stored and used for future payment processing. Tokenization protects card data following payment processing.  cstoredecisions.com

Russian Ransomware Group Suspected in Massive Pipeline Attack
Researchers track down five affiliates of DarkSide ransomware service

Customers of the RaaS can deploy malware as they see fit and dictate the content of leaks.

Researchers have provided the details of an investigation into cyberattacker activity linked to DarkSide ransomware.

On Tuesday, FireEye researchers documented five separate clusters of activity suspected of being connected to DarkSide, the Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) network responsible for the Colonial Pipeline security incident.

Colonial Pipeline, one of the largest fuel pipeline operators and delivery companies in the United States, suffered a ransomware outbreak last week which has resulted in pipeline closures and fuel shortages. The firm is yet to restore all of its systems and the case -- as it involves a critical infrastructure (CI) asset -- is deemed serious enough to involve the FBI.

DarkSide's core team has attempted to distance itself from the attack by claiming to be "apolitical" and a group simply in it for the money. However, the incident has prompted the interest of not only law enforcement, but security researchers tracking RaaS services.

So far, FireEye has tracked five threat actors who are either current or past DarkSide RaaS affiliates. zdnet.com  nbcnews.com

Adobe Issues Patch for Acrobat Zero-Day




Fake Reviews on Amazon
How Amazon sellers are allegedly drumming up fake reviews, according to
a leaked database

A newly unearthed fake review scheme is renewing questions about the veracity of reviews on the Amazon marketplace.

Late last week, the security research group Safety Detectives reported that it had found a database that contained records of conversations between Amazon sellers and their customers. Included in that data, according to Safety Detectives, are exchanges that show how Amazon sellers arranged for customers to leave positive reviews of their products. If a customer left a five-star rating, the sellers offered to refund them in full for their purchase. In most cases, they offered the reimbursements through PayPal, not Amazon, so that Amazon moderators wouldn't be able to pick up on the collusion. Safety Detectives said it found evidence of at least 200,000 reviews that are the result of a refund scheme.

In a response to a request for comment, Amazon said that "we have long-standing policies to protect the integrity of our store, including product authenticity, genuine reviews, and products meeting the expectations of our customers." But the report is thrusting the question of fake reviews on Amazon - an issue that Amazon has wrestled with over the past several years - back into the spotlight.

"This is something we've known about for many years," Saoud Khalifah, CEO of the fake review analytics firm Fakespot, told Modern Retail. Plenty of groups across Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram, along with public Twitter hashtags, are openly devoted to these types of paid review schemes. What is rare, he said, is to see the details in action - for instance, Safety Detectives outlined how sellers would give their reviewers advice on how to make the reviews seem authentic, such as by requesting that the review contain "30+ words."

"Now we have concrete evidence that this is happening, but the evidence was there before the leak," Khalifah said. modernretail.co

New Rule for E-Commerce Warehouses
E-Commerce Mega-Warehouses, a Smog Source, Face New Pollution Rule

A plan aimed at the nation's largest cluster of warehouses is designed to spur electrification of pollution-spewing diesel trucks and could set a template for restrictions elsewhere.

Southern California is home to the nation's largest concentration of warehouses - a hub of thousands of mammoth structures, served by belching diesel trucks, that help feed America's booming appetite for online shopping and also contribute to the worst air pollution in the country.

On Friday, hundreds of residents flocked to an online hearing to support a landmark rule that would force the warehouses to clean up their emissions. The new rule, affecting about 3,000 of the largest warehouses in the area used by Amazon and other retailers, requires operators to slash emissions from the trucks that serve the site or take other measures to improve air quality.

"I'm just tired of living with warehouses, trucks - driving down the Sierra, having trucks pull up, having to put down your windows," said Daniel Reyes, a resident and member of a group that has long sought changes like these. "I'm tired of seeing warehouses next to schools. I'm over it, man."

The rule, which was adopted late Friday by the South Coast Air Quality Management District's 13-member board in a 9-4 vote, sets a precedent for regulating the exploding e-commerce industry, which has grown even more during the pandemic and has led to a spectacular increase in warehouse construction.

Vast warehouse hubs have sprung up across the country, including in the Lehigh Valley in eastern Pennsylvania, as have sprawling installations in New Jersey, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago.

The changes could also help spur a more rapid electrification of freight trucks, a significant step toward reducing emissions from transportation, the country's biggest source of planet-warming greenhouse gases. The emissions are a major contributor to smog-causing nitrogen oxides and diesel particulate matter pollution, which are linked to health problems including respiratory conditions. nytimes.com

Amazon plans new supply chain facility in Louisiana







Fresno, CA: Data shows approximately same amount of reported crime at three Fresno shopping malls
Several recent high-profile incidents at Fashion Fair Mall have sent shoppers running out as Fresno Police rushed in. But how bad is crime there? We at ABC30 are taking action together and digging into the data. We looked at the data since the start of the year. It shows Fashion Fair, Manchester Mall, and The Marketplace at River Park have all averaged about the same amount of crimes reported per day.

"When you really take the numbers and you look at it as a whole, I think what you see is that the malls are generally comparable in terms of those numbers," said Fresno Police Department Lieutenant Rob Beckwith. Since the start of the year, Manchester Mall has averaged 8.4 calls for service per day into Fresno PD. Fashion Fair has averaged 6.7 calls per day. River Park has averaged 5.1 calls per day.

When it comes to actual crimes reported, Fashion Fair is averaging a little more than one crime per day since January 1. Manchester Mall and River Park are averaging just under one crime per day. Fashion Fair Mall had the most theft and shoplifting, followed by River Park, then Manchester. Fashion Fair Mall also had the most weapons offenses since the start of the year with 9, compared to Manchester which had 5 and River Park which had 4. abc30.com

Murfreesboro, TN: Suspect sought after $55k worth of items stolen
Murfreesboro Police tweeted this video of the suspect, who can be seen dropping sunglasses into a bag before leaving the store. Detectives need assistance in identifying the individual who stole about $55,000 worth of high-end sunglasses and other items on May 8, 9, 10. Police hope the video, which shows a high-definition close-up of the suspect's face, will help them make an arrest. wsmv.com

Dickinson, ND: Running from Runnings: 3 arrested for shoplifting, fleeing store
The Dickinson Police Department arrested three individuals Monday afternoon and are being charged with a variety of sanctions for allegedly shoplifting thousands of dollars of merchandise from Running's Farm and Fleet and fleeing the scene. thedickinsonpress.com

Shreveport, LA: Caddo Parish Deputies seek 3 in $7,500 Walmart Theft
Caddo deputies are asking for your help to find these two suspected thieves. This man and woman are accused of swiping items from Walmart in north Shreveport. The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office reports more than $7500 dollars worth of merchandise was stolen from Walmart on Northport Boulevard on April 24. 710keel.com

Honolulu, HI: Police return over $20,000 worth of stolen merchandise to Kaimuki business

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Shootings & Deaths

Update: Wichita, KS: Charges filed in Shooting Death of C-Store Security Guard
A Wichita man has been charged with second degree murder for the shooting death of a security guard at a downtown area convenience store. 41-year-old Laroy West made an appearance Tuesday in Sedgwick County District Court. In addition to the second degree murder charge, he is also charged with four counts of aggravated assault and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. His bond was set at $250,000 and his next court date will be May 20th. West is charged in the shooting death of 39-year-old Will Robinson during a disturbance on May 5th at a Quik Trip store at Broadway and Murdock. Police said Robinson had escorted West out of the store after a disturbance, and the two men got into another disturbance across the street. Police arrested West the next day, and Robinson died in a hospital two days after the shooting. kfdi.com

Polk County, FL: Deputies investigate deadly shooting at Walmart parking lot
One person is dead, and another was taken into custody following a shooting in Auburndale. The shooting occurred at a Walmart store on U.S. Highway 92 around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. Polk County investigators said a victim with gunshot wounds was taken to a nearby hospital where he passed away. Authorities said they spotted the suspect's vehicle nearby from the scene and was pulled over. One person is in custody. Neither the suspect nor the victim was identified. The events leading up to the shooting remain under investigation. fox13news.com

Tampa, FL: Dunkin Donuts customer who used racial slur dies after being punched by employee
A Dunkin Donuts employee in Tampa is charged with the death of a customer after he allegedly punched the man for using a racial slur, causing the victim to fall and hit his head. Tampa police said the victim, a 77-year-old man, went through the drive-thru at the Dunkin Donuts location at 410 South 50 Street on May 5. The unidentified man became upset about the lack of service, and was asked by staff members to leave without being served. Instead, police said the victim parked his car and went inside the restaurant to argue with 27-year-old employee Corey Pujols. Investigators said the victim called Pujols a racial slur and repeated the phrase after Pujols challenged him to do so. That's when police said Pujols punched the victim in the jaw, knocking the man out and causing him to fall and hit his head on the floor. fox13news.com

San Luis Obispo, CA: SLOPD identifies detectives shot during officer-involved shooting on Monday
San Luis Obispo City officials have identified the officer killed in a shooting on Monday as Detective Luca Benedetti, 37, a 12-year law enforcement veteran. The Pad Climbing gym announced on Facebook Tuesday that the suspect in Monday's shooting, Edward Zamora Giron, was a former employee and that he was suspected of breaking into the gym early Monday morning.

The second officer who was shot and injured was identified as Detective Steve Orozco. He was reportedly treated and released from Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center on Monday evening. He is expected to make a full recovery. At about 5 p.m. on Monday, police say Benedetti and Orozco were among six officers serving a search warrant at an apartment on Camellia Court when the suspect began shooting at officers and officers returned fire. The suspect, identified as Edward Zamora Giron, 37, was later found dead inside the apartment of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police say he had also been struck when the officers returned fire.

At about 5 p.m. on Monday, police say Benedetti and Orozco were among six officers serving a search warrant at an apartment on Camellia Court when the suspect began shooting at officers and officers returned fire. The suspect, identified as Edward Zamora Giron, 37, was later found dead inside the apartment of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police say he had also been struck when the officers returned fire. Police say the search warrant was for possible stolen property related to a series of late-night commercial burglaries over the past week. ksby.com

Little Rock, AR: McDonald's worker shoots customer after dispute over change
An argument over payment at an Arkansas McDonald's early Tuesday left one man recovering from a gunshot wound, police say. The customer placed an order in the drive-thru, according to police, and walked into the Little Rock restaurant around 3:30 a.m. after he said he didn't get change back after paying, KARK reported.
A worker and the customer got into an argument before another worker escorted the customer outside, according to THV. The customer told police he and the worker started fighting before the worker pulled out a gun and shot him in his right index finger, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported. When police arrived, they found a bullet hole in the front window of the restaurant as well as a shell casing, THV reported.
The customer was taken to a hospital where he was treated for his injuries, according to KARK. The restaurant's manager told police the worker had been sent home "because he shot someone," the Democrat Gazette reported. No arrests have been made, according to KARK. The incident is under investigation. yahoo.com

Phoenix, AZ: Man accused of shooting 2 people in month-long string of armed robberies
The Phoenix Police Department says it has arrested a 29-year-old man connected to a series of armed robberies, including two in which victims were shot. Trey Waters, 29, faces various charges, including a count of attempted murder, five counts of aggravated assault, and three counts of armed robbery. Sgt. Ann Justus said he was armed when officers took him into custody. All three of the armed robberies happened in the past month - the first the morning of April 12, the second the afternoon of April 25, and the most recent on the morning May 9. azfamily.com

Lompoc, CA: 2 people shot after altercation at 7-Eleven store
Two people sustained nonlife-threatening gunshot wounds Monday night following an altercation at the 7-Eleven store on North H Street in Lompoc. A group of people and single individual inside the 7-Eleven got into a conflict that continued into the parking lot, where the individual produced a firearm and shot at the group, striking two, according to Lompoc Police Sgt. Bryan Dillard. santamariatimes.com

DeKalb County, GA: Woman killed following pressure cooker explosion at Chinese restaurant

North Lauderdale, FL: Man shot dead outside C-store just moments after being dropped off

Bakersfield, CA: Man admitted to shooting other man after being pepper-sprayed outside C- Store


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Fresno, CA: Security guard attacked trying to stop theft at Fresno Nordstrom Rack
A store security guard was attacked and two suspects escaped after the Nordstrom Rack employee attempted to stop a robbery at the Fresno store, according to police. The incident took place Tuesday outside the store at 7883 N. Blackstone in Fresno. Officers say a heavy-set black female stole items from the store and was then confronted by store security. A black male who was inside a vehicle got out and attacked the security guard. Both suspects left the scene in what police say was a beat-up blue compact vehicle. yourcentralvalley.com

Arlington, VA: Man Accused of Assaulting Sushi Restaurant Owner After Trying to Skip $70 Bill in Virginia; used racial slurs against her and her son

Ghent, NY: Gun Store Burglar sentenced to 9 years



Indianapolis, IN: Package with 330 fake championship sports rings are intercepted
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in Indianapolis seized a shipment last week containing hundreds of counterfeit championship sports rings. The shipment, which had 330 fake rings, was destined for a store in Texas. The parcel was flagged for inspection due to irregularities in the shipment and routing information, officials said. The counterfeit rings were for a mix of MLB, NBA, NFL and college football teams: Los Angeles Lakers (117), Dallas Cowboys (73), Pittsburg Steelers (53), New England Patriots (17), Dallas Mavericks (9), Chicago Bulls (10), Kansas City Chiefs (9), Chicago Bears (10), Philadelphia Eagles (3), St. Louis Cardinals (10), NY Yankees (9), and Texas A&M (10). The rings were sent to an import specialist for evaluation. The specialist determined the rings were packaged poorly and had a plastic feel. Had the rings been real, they would have reportedly been worth $495,000. fox59.com

Editor's Note: No Cleveland Browns rings found.



AT&T - Staten Island, NY - Armed Robbery
Auto - Lexington, KY - Burglary
C-Store - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Easton, MA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - St Louis, MO - Burglary
C-Store - Newport Center, VT - Burglary
Gym - San Louis Obispo, CA - Burglary
Pharmacy - East Hills, NY - Burglary
Restaurant - Helena, MT - Burglary (Slim Chicken)
Restaurant - St Paul, MN - Burglary
Restaurant - Niles, IL - Robbery (Little Caesars)
T-Mobile - Boiling Springs, SC - Robbery
Tobacco - Lexington, KY - Burglary
Walgreens - Newark, NJ - Robbery
7-Eleven - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 7 robberies
• 8 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Division Asset Protection - Herald Square & NYC
Brooklyn, NY - posted April 14
As Senior Director, Asset Protection you will serve as subject matter expert in the following areas: shortage, fraud, investigations, legal compliance, and training. Create and implement AP strategies in partnership with VP, Asset Protection. Manage, direct, & deploy District Managers of Investigations (DMIs) to support districts & stores...

LP Auditor & Fraud Detection Analyst
Greater Boston, MA - posted May 11
As a Loss Prevention Auditor and Fraud Detection Analyst for Staples, you will conduct LP operational field audits remote, virtual and in person, within a base of 60 retail stores to ensure compliance to operational standards to drive operational excellence and preserve profitability...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Chicago South / Illinois Central - posted April 27
The District Loss Prevention Manager develops and executes Loss Prevention vision and strategies for 15-45 selling locations. The DLPM is responsible for driving results through achievement of goals related to inventory shortage, budget lines, cash variance and operational compliance...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Phoenix, Dallas, Denver and Houston - posted April 22
Victra is the leading exclusive, premium retailer for Verizon with a mission of connecting technology to life in the most trusting and profitable way. As the Regional Asset Protection Manager, you will be very logical, efficient, orderly, and organized in always safeguarding our company assets from losses due to theft or fraud...

Area Loss Prevention Manager
Pittsburgh, PA - posted May 11
Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence...

Area Loss Prevention Manager
Sacramento, CA - posted April 20
Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence...


Corporate Security Manager
Calabasas, CA - posted April 6
The Corporate Security Manager will, among other things, (a) be responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment for our employees, vendors, and visitors, (b) develop, manage, execute and continuously improve corporate security processes and protocols, and (c) lead a team of security specialists at our corporate offices...


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