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David Rozhon, LPC promoted to Regional Security Program Manager for Amazon Web Services

David has been with Amazon since 2017, starting with the company as Environmental, Health & Safety Manager - Robotics. Before his promotion to Regional Security Program Manager, he served as Senior Security Program Manager and held multiple EHS roles with Amazon. Earlier in his career, he held multiple LP/AP and safety roles with Sears and Kmart. Congratulations, David!

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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Recent Shootings Trigger Mall Security Response

Mall Stepping Up Police Presence, Adding Gun-Sniffing Security Dog
Columbia, SC: You'll now be seeing canine security at Columbiana Centre Mall following mass shooting

The mall is a private property where firearms and illegal weapons are prohibited.

As things try to return to normalcy after a shooting that happened at the Columbiana Centre Mall over Easter weekend, the mall has new changes in store for its shoppers and businesses. Gunfire erupted around 2 p.m. Saturday inside the mall. A total of 15 people were injured, according to police: 9 from gunfire, 6 from injuries caused by people running from the incident.

In a statement received by News19 from Brookfield Properties, the company that manages the mall, the company state it's taking steps to make sure that guests and tenants feel comfortable moving forward.

They say there is now an increased police presence at the mall as it has partnered with Columbia Police Department during and after the unfortunate events, operators say. They also say they're adding in an new specially trained security dog, Carlos.

"Additionally, we are adding a specially trained, firearm-detecting German Shepard to our security team," the mall said in the statement. "The dog's name is Carlos and he will patrol the shopping center with a security officer starting this week. We look forward to sharing more about Carlos and his handler in coming weeks."

The Columbiana Centre also emphasizes that the mall is private property and firearms and illegal weapons are strictly prohibited. "There is nothing more important than being a safe place for our entire community," they wrote. wltx.com

Criminal Justice System Contributing to Retail Violence?
State rep, security expert weigh in on mall shooting
The criminal justice system is failing us. That's what a state lawmaker is saying after a man charged in the weekend shooting at Columbiana Centre Mall was given a $25,000 bond. The incident resulted in a much different atmosphere on mall grounds Monday. The shooting that left more than a dozen injured Saturday led to many stores being boarded up and not open.

One of the suspects in the shooting, 22-year-old Jewayne Price, who was initially arrested and charged over the weekend and granted a $25,000 bond, is facing additional charges including attempted murder.

In 2018, Price was charged as an accessory in the shooting death of Lower Richland High School basketball player 17-year-old Amon Rice. Johnson says he plans to work with the NRA to limit the access convicted felons have to weapons and to pass laws to ensure repeat offenders receive sentences that match their crimes.

Bryan Gibson, who owns Gibson Security Agency in Columbia and patrols businesses in the mall area, says his team will be beefing up manpower and their work with Columbia police to restore peace of mind for shoppers.

"The main thing is being aware and having situational awareness to help catch people that come in to cause harm," said Gibson. wach.com

Houston, TX: Galleria to increase security after 2 shootings within a month

Repeat Offenders Fueling NYC's Crime Explosion
NYPD brass say repeat offenders big factor in 44% crime rate spike

More than 500 suspects have been arrested three times this year on robbery, burglary or shoplifting charges, police said

Repeat offenders are a big factor in a 44% crime rate surge in the first three months of 2022, NYPD officials said Wednesday. More than 500 suspects have been arrested three times this year on robbery, burglary or shoplifting charges, police said.

Among those repeat offenders are 91 people who have been arrested three or more times for burglary, said NYPD Chief of Crime Control Strategies Michael Lipetri. Another 64 suspects have been arrested at least three times this year in robberies, and 379 people have been arrested three times this year for shoplifting, police data show.

Many law enforcement officials have complained about what they see as lenient bail laws that put too many criminal suspects on the streets instead of in jail as their cases make their way through the courts.

The Neighborhood Safety Unit is arresting many repeat offenders, the NYPD says. Of the 135 arrests by the units since their deployment March 14, some 20% involve people with pending felony cases and 28% are of suspects with previous felony convictions. So far, the units have made 25 arrests for gun possession, police said.

Police have also renewed their focus on broken windows policing, which includes more enforcement of quality-of-life infractions, in hope of preventing the sense of disorder in which police believe violent crime flourishes.

The 44% increase in the overall crime rate so far this year is driven by by a 48% jump in robberies and a 81% spike in stolen vehicles, police say. Murders, however, are down 9%, with 96 so far in 2022 compared to 105 at this time in 2021. police1.com

Drugs & Alcohol: The Real Driver of Crime?
Drugs Are Fueling Urban Crime. Will Democrats Pay Attention?
A nationwide surge in crime has emerged as one of Democrats' greatest political vulnerabilities heading into this year's midterm elections. They are scrambling to respond, abandoning calls to " defund the police" and pledging to push for public safety and amend controversial bail-reform laws.

But most Democrats show no signs of addressing one of the most robustly documented, and worsening, contributors to crime: drugs and alcohol. No attempt to reduce crime can succeed without addressing the substantial effect of the use of both on a wide range of socially harmful behavior.

Evidence linking changes in policing or the easing of bail rules to the recent spike in urban crime is inconclusive. But the connection of drugs and alcohol to crimes from murder to shoplifting is unambiguous and backed by decades of research. Yet lawmakers keep moving to ease, not restrict, drug and alcohol use, even as those rates skyrocketed during the pandemic.

Numerous jurisdictions have decriminalized drugs, widened access to alcohol via to-go sales of mixed drinks, lowered alcohol taxes and shifted drug-treatment strategies away from an emphasis on sobriety.

Crime rates have risen disproportionately in some places where drug laws were changed. In Seattle, where a progressive city attorney effectively decriminalized most minor drug crimes beginning in 2010, rates of both violent and property crime rose steadily over the past decade even as crime mostly fell during the same period elsewhere in the U.S.

Various classes of property and violent crime also rose in San Francisco and Los Angeles. San Francisco experienced one of the nation's steepest rises in burglaries - close to 50% - in 2020.

More generally, a large body of research documents the connection between drug and alcohol use and crime. A 2004 U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics survey of state and federal prisoners found that half of violent offenders and close to two-thirds of those convicted of property crimes had used drugs in the month before their offense. washingtonpost.com

'Broken Windows' Policing Making a Come Back
Midtown BIDs band together to advocate for crime prevention
Leaders from seven Midtown business-improvement districts have formed a coalition to support Gov. Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams in their tough-on-crime approach and push concrete policies that address quality-of-life concerns in Manhattan.

The seven BIDs-the East Midtown Partnership, the Fifth Avenue Association, the Garment District Alliance, the Grand Central Partnership, the Hudson Yards Hell's Kitchen Alliance, the Madison Avenue BID and the Times Square Alliance-formed the coalition to lobby Hochul and Albany Democrats during state budget negotiations. crainsnewyork.com

Baltimore officials unanimously finalize $3.5M settlement with 68 business owners related to Freddie Gray unrest, despite concerns

LA's crime surge migrates to wealthy, whiter zip codes


COVID Update

570.4M Vaccinations Given

US: 82.4M Cases - 1M Dead - 80.3M Recovered
Worldwide: 507.1M Cases - 6.2M Dead - 459.3M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 354   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 759
*Red indicates change in total deaths

The New COVID Epicenter: New England States
Even as Covid cases rise nationally, Vermont's rate remains highest in the nation
Until a few weeks ago, Vermont was one of a handful of states reporting a rise in Covid-19 cases from the BA.2 variant, while the rest of the nation experienced a lengthy decline from the Omicron variant's peak in January. That is no longer the case. Vermont's case rate is still the highest in the nation, according to The New York Times, but cases are now rising nationwide - by 43% in the past two weeks.

Nationwide hospitalizations for the disease have not changed much in recent weeks. But in New England, the epicenter of the BA.2 surge, the number of Covid patients has increased 31% in two weeks. New York and New Jersey's Covid hospitalizations are also rising. vtdigger.org

Lowe's Pandemic Response
How Lowe's retooled its logistics network to meet pandemic demand

Leveraging coastal holding facilities and shifting to a market delivery model are two pillars in the company's strategy, said Don Frieson, EVP of supply chain.

A combination of COVID-19-related impacts like more remote work and traditional benefits like an aging housing stock have helped boost home improvement demand since the pandemic began. This has benefited Lowe's sales, but it has also placed increased pressure on the retailer's supply chain in an era of choppier inventory flow, reduced product availability and pricier logistics.

To keep Lowe's supply chain humming during upstream snags and increased e-commerce demand, the company expanded its logistics facility footprint and launched its transition to a more efficient home delivery approach, among other measures. Cost of sales increased from fiscal year 2020 to 2021, but so did the company's gross margin.

Lowe's supply chain includes a mix of regional and flatbed distribution centers to help it move a bevy of imports to stores and customers. But since the pandemic began, the company has also been adding facilities with specialized functions beyond what these centers can do.

In fiscal year 2021, the company added six cross-dock delivery terminals to fulfill last mile deliveries and four bulk distribution centers to handle large products like appliances. Lowe's is also using what's known as coastal holding facilities to carry imported products upstream, allowing the retailer to secure the products from vendors earlier and deliver them to distribution centers and stores when needed. retaildive.com

Mounting Backlash Over Post-COVID Return to Work
With Inflation, Workers Are Facing Return-to-Office Sticker Shock

The cost of a daily routine - travel, coffee, food - is far pricier than it was when offices shut down two years ago.

Employers' plans to return to the office, already strained by concerns about the spread of the coronavirus and the demands of an emboldened work force, are now colliding with the pressures of inflation. The cost of a daily routine - travel, coffee, food - is far pricier than it was when offices shut down two years ago. Consumer prices were 8.5 percent higher last month than they were a year earlier, the fastest 12-month inflation rate since 1981. While office occupancy has crept up to its highest level since March 2020, above 40 percent, some workers have experienced R.T.O. sticker shock.

"It's a perfect storm," said Becky Frankiewicz, U.S. president of ManpowerGroup, a global staffing agency with more than 4,500 offices. "We're ready to get back to work, and now can you afford to get back to work?"

The talent shortage has boosted pay, but not enough to keep pace with inflation; wages grew 5.6 percent in the last year. Some employers said they were planning to give raises, recognizing that their workers could easily be poached. But for those companies asking their staff to give up the flexibility of remote work, the pressure to raise wages has grown. nytimes.com

Another COVID Legal Battle
The U.S. Justice Department appeals to reinstate transportation mask mandate
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday that it had asked the Justice Department to appeal a federal court ruling striking down its requirement for masking on planes, trains, buses and other modes of transportation, after concluding that "an order requiring masking in the indoor transportation corridor remains necessary for the public health."

The announcement came a day after the Biden administration said it intended to appeal the ruling from a Florida judge - but only if the C.D.C. decided that the mask mandate was still necessary.

The Department of Justice also announced, through its spokesman on Twitter, that it had filed a notice of appeal. But the announcements do not change the status of the mask mandate, which has been lifted by the Transportation Security Administration and cannot legally be enforced unless the administration wins a stay of the lower court order, or wins the appeal. nytimes.com

Lifted Mask Mandate Doubles Daily Office Populations in LA County

"That seemed to be the impetus for people to say, 'Let's go.'"

Levels of office populations vary among types of businesses, categories of buildings and even the size of companies, with large employers more likely to be back at the office than small ones. But there is one constant: Most people still aren't going to the office daily because their companies are concocting schedules that allow them to work remotely some of the time. latimes.com

New York Gov. Hochul warns of 'rising tide' of Covid cases as subvariants drive spike

Welcome to the choose-your-own-adventure phase of the pandemic


Nike's 'Sweeping Gender-Discrimination Lawsuit' Continues
Nike unseals internal memos and human-resource documents as it gears up to defend itself against allegations of gender discrimination

Nike last week unsealed its motion against class certification in a gender-discrimination lawsuit.

Nike last week unsealed its motion against class certification in a sweeping gender-discrimination lawsuit filed in 2018. The sportswear company also unsealed roughly 1,000 pages of supporting documents, including human-resources presentations, internal memos, snippets of deposition testimony, and PowerPoint presentations about changes to its compensation practices.

The records give the fullest picture yet of Nike's internal response to allegations of widespread gender discrimination and sexual harassment that erupted in 2018. But key records in the lawsuit, including roughly 100 exhibits filed by the female employees suing Nike, remain sealed.

Broadly, Nike's lawyers argued in the motion against class certification that the employees hadn't satisfied the legal requirements because they hadn't "provided evidence of a company policy or practice that uniformly applies to - and equally harmed - the entire putative class." They also argued that plaintiffs provided only "limited anecdotes" of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Motions for class certification are a critical point for such lawsuits. The 14 plaintiffs want the judge to certify a class of 5,200 female Nike employees, which would significantly escalate the stakes in the case.

Nike's lawyers last week noted that discovery in the lawsuit, which was filed in August 2018, had grown to thousands of pages of documents, nearly 1 million personnel records for more than 13,400 current and former employees, and 30 depositions of Nike employees and other witnesses.

Supporting documents that Nike made public last week show some of Nike's efforts to address problems, including changes to its compensation system, a revised code of conduct, and a rebranded complaint hotline. The documents show the company's also posting more open jobs in order to increase hiring transparency. businessinsider.com

First Amazon, Now Apple - Retail's Union Effort Heats Up
Apple store workers in Atlanta file for the company's first union election

Seventy percent of workers at an Apple store in Atlanta want to join the CWA

An Apple retail store in Atlanta has filed for a union election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The workers at the Cumberland Mall store, which includes salespeople, technicians, creatives, and operations specialists, would be represented by the Communications Workers of America (CWA). More than 70 percent of the group of about 100 eligible workers signed the union authorization cards, according to a news release - the minimum required is 30 percent.

If a majority of the workers vote to unionize, the store would be the first unionized Apple store in the US. Their petition now goes for formal review by the NLRB.

A report from The Verge late last year detailed the difficulties many hourly Apple employees face, including low wages and a high-stress workplace. In February, the company increased benefits for its full- and part-time retail workers. The Atlanta workers said, while they provide critical sales and services to the company, Apple doesn't provide cost-of-living raises or access to equitable stock options.

Workers at other Apple stores are also involved in union drives, but not all are working with the CWA. Retail Apple workers at the Grand Central Terminal store in New York City announced they were collecting signatures to form a union after voting in February to affiliate with Workers United. That's the same group working with Starbucks stores across the country on unionization efforts. Known as Fruit Stand Workers United, the Grand Central workers are demanding a $30-per-hour minimum wage and other improvements to their reimbursement and benefits. theverge.com

Restaurant Chain Tracks Food Ingredients with RFID
Chipotle Mexican Grill has launched a pilot that monitors the flow of RFID-tagged containers of ingredients destined for its Chicago-area restaurants, in order to improve visibility, operational efficiency and food safety.

Supply Chain Visibility
Reducing Labor and Increasing Food Safety

Chipotle Mexican Grill is piloting a radio frequency identification solution intended to help the company trace ingredients that move through its distribution center and to approximately 200 Chicago-area restaurants. By attaching UHF RFID tags to cases of ingredients, and by reading those tags via handheld readers as they are received, the restaurant is able to capture and manage data regarding supplies, as well as ensure food safety and operational efficiency at each site.

Chipotle is one of the first large restaurant companies to test RFID technology to improve traceability and food safety. rfidjournal.com

'Amazon One' Biometric Palm Readers at Checkouts
Amazon One palm-scan checkout rolls out to Whole Foods in Austin
Amazon just implemented its biometric palm reader at a Whole Foods location in a new market, making it look more like Amazon sees palm reading in Whole Foods' future nationwide.

Last year the technology drew the attention of privacy advocates as well as lawmakers. At the time, Senators Amy Klobuchar, Bill Cassidy and Jon Ossoff sent a letter to Amazon CEO Andy Jassy expressing concern about the biometric data Amazon is amassing on customers and how it might be used for advertising and tracking.

Such concerns have not stopped Amazon from continuing its rollout, though. The company originally piloted the technology in 2019 at its New York City Office, and the Amazon One website now shows 40 locations nationwide - including Whole Foods, Amazon Go and other stores - where a customer can utilize the technology to pay.

Enthusiasm for automated shopping driven by biometric technology has, on the other hand, been mixed. Facial recognition at retail in particular has rubbed some the wrong way. Last year, a consortium of more than 35 civil rights organizations launched a campaign called Fight for the Future to oppose the use of the technology at retail. Amazon One retailwire.com

Five Starbucks stores in Virginia vote to unionize - now at 26 stores

Self-Checkout Becomes Shoppers Chief Demand

Wawa to Double Retail Footprint

Lululemon aims to double revenue by 2026; launching two-tier monthly memberships

Quarterly Results

Carvana Q1 sales up 56%

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McDonald's CISO On The Staffing Challenge
Cyber Chiefs Try New Tricks to Attract Talent

Removing degree requirements & abandoning traditional hiring profiles

Organizations such as the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or ISC2, say the demand for cybersecurity workers is far outstripping the available workforce.

The nonprofit training organization estimates in its latest annual workforce study that around 2.72 million more cybersecurity workers are needed globally.

While that figure is down from 3.12 million in the previous year's study, hiring remains a slog, especially for companies looking to expand their cyber teams during a period of heightened threats from hackers.

Shaun Marion, chief information security officer at fast-food chain McDonald's Corp. , is in the midst of bringing many contracted cybersecurity roles in-house, especially those at the entry level, he said. Mr. Marion also plans to hire another 30 to 40 cyber professionals this year.

The shift will help improve prospects for people who want to build cyber careers at McDonald's, Mr. Marion said. "Once I get people here, I can expose them to all the opportunities they have," he said. "It's not hard to retain. But getting them in is hard."

At McDonald's, Mr. Marion says the help desk can feed the general roles in the cybersecurity group because technicians there know how to handle ambiguity and solve problems in real time. Serious online gamers make good staff for the security operations center, he said, where the ability to work odd hours, cooperate and think quickly are required.

"I search for attitude and aptitude and lay security training on top of that," he said.

The idea of considering candidates with nontraditional backgrounds is gaining traction for external hires, as well as existing employees. For Mr. Marion, looking only for college graduates is "myopic." Not only don't the numbers support that route, but requiring a degree eliminates good candidates, he said.

"College is not for everybody, and not everyone has access to college because they lack the financial wherewithal or community support," Mr. Marion said, which often excludes people who could help round out the gender and ethnic diversity he seeks in his staff.

Some senior roles need a degree, such as in cyber and privacy risk assessment. But many positions don't, he said.

"The point is, you won't get all your talent from college," he said. "Even if you could, I don't know that I'd want to." wsj.com

600K Unfilled Cybersecurity Jobs

Cyber Career Exchange launches to fill the workforce gap in Cybersecurity
The national network of cyber communities, CyberUSA, has partnered with Superus Careers in launching the Cyber Career Exchange platform, aimed at supporting national, regional, and state level communities to fill a growing gap in cybersecurity jobs. Cybersecurity talent gaps exist across the country with nearly 600,000 unfilled positions, according to CyberSeek, a data analysis and aggregation project supported by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE). Closing these gaps requires detailed knowledge of the cybersecurity workforce.

The Cyber Career Exchange is a specialized recruiting platform focused specifically on cybersecurity. The specialized methodology provides a system for employers to find potential employees based on job skills and education; job seekers and employers to certify job skills and education; for the upkeep and maintenance of career related skills for candidates; a methodology for finding & developing candidates; and (future development) partnership workflow for associations, schools or other organizations to deploy the 'Cyber Career Exchange'.

"I am proud of our advancements over the past 6 years in connecting cyber communities across the country. Starting with seven statewide cyber communities and growing thirty states to date has provided tremendous value in shaping the cybersecurity landscape at both the state and federal levels," said CyberUSA's Co-founder David Powell, "With growing threats and talent shortage more has to be done. The most immediate solutions to filling the open cyber jobs is to provide a system, hosted within trusted communities across the US, designed specifically to help employers and candidates easily find one another. The Cyber Career Exchange accomplishes that goal and more." prnewswire.com

Glimmer of Good News: Companies Detecting Cyberattacks Quicker

More Than Half of Initial Infections in Cyberattacks Come Via Exploits, Supply Chain Compromises
The length of time attackers remained undetected on a victim's network decreased for the fourth year in a row, sinking to 21 days in 2021, down from 24 days in 2020, according to a new report on incident response (IR) investigations conducted by Mandiant.

AdvertisementMandiant in its IR cases found that companies have tuned their detection capabilities to find the most dangerous attacks quickly, with ransomware detected within five days on average; non-ransomware attacks remained active for 36 days in 2021, down from 45 days in 2020. But the quicker detection of ransomware attacks may not necessarily be positive, instead being due to the activation of the payload, says Steven Stone, senior director of adversary operations for Mandiant.

In general, however, the improvement is driven by faster detection of non-ransomware threats because more companies are working with third-party cybersecurity firms, and government agencies and security firms often notify victims of attacks, leading to faster detection, he says.

"We think the combination of factors like these contributes to what we already see as year-over-year improvements in these regions," Stone says. "Ultimately, initial threat vectors come down to attacker choices and the availability of different vulnerabilities. Overall, we see some attack groups use different methods concurrently, likely showing a preference per target efforts."

Companies have improved their detection times dramatically over the past decade, reducing the time to detect attackers by nearly a factor of 20, from 418 days in 2011 to 21 days in 2021, according to the Mandiant M-Trends 2022 report.

Overall, two methods of initial compromise - exploiting vulnerabilities and attacks through the supply chain - accounted for 54% of all attacks with an identified initial infection vector in 2021, up from less than a 30% share of attacks in 2020, according to Mandiant. The changing tactics underscore that companies need to keep informed of attackers' techniques, Jurgen Kutscher, executive vice president for service delivery at Mandiant, said in a statement announcing the report. darkreading.com

LinkedIn Now Accounting for Half of all Phishing Attempts Worldwide
Social Networks Most Likely to be Imitated by Criminal Groups
Check Point Research issues its Q1 Brand Phishing Report, highlighting the brands that hackers most often imitate to lure people into giving up their personal data.

Brand Phishing Report for Q1 2022 highlights the brands which were most frequently imitated by criminals in their attempts to steal individuals' personal information or payment credentials during January, February and March 2022.

Social media networks have now overtaken shipping, retail and technology as the category most likely to be targeted by criminal groups. So far this year, LinkedIn has been related to more than half (52%) of all phishing-related attacks globally, marking the first time the social media network has reached the top of rankings. It represents a dramatic 44% uplift from the previous quarter, when LinkedIn was in fifth position and related to only 8% of phishing attempts. LinkedIn has now overtaken DHL as the most targeted brand, which has now fallen to second position and accounted for 14% of all phishing attempts during the quarter.

Top phishing brands in Q1 2022

Below are the top brands ranked by their overall appearance in brand phishing attempts:

1. LinkedIn (relating to 52% of all phishing attacks globally)
2. DHL (14%)
3. Google (7%)
4. Microsoft (6%)
5. FedEx (6%)
6. WhatsApp (4%)
7. Amazon (2%)
8. Maersk (1%)
9. AliExpress (0.8%)
10. Apple (0.8%)

Biden's options if Russia hacks U.S. infrastructure
President Biden would have to choose carefully in responding to a Russian cyberattack on the U.S. to avoid escalating the conflict.

Microsoft Launches Purview Platform to Govern, Protect, and Manage Sensitive Data




Nationwide Spike in Violent Pot Store Robberies
Rash of marijuana store robberies highlights need for safeguards
A spike in sometimes violent robberies at marijuana retail outlets across the United States is putting the industry on edge and causing business owners to revamp security to safeguard their stores and employees.

Security experts contacted by MJBizDaily recommended a variety of steps, ranging from good lighting and video systems to time-locked safes and payment apps. Employees, meanwhile, are advised to stay calm and even help robbers - open doors, for example, and avoid any interference - to get them out of the building ASAP.

Denver regulators - in response to a growing number of "smash-and-grab" attempts - now require medical and recreational stores to have at least one safe for marijuana products and cash that is secured to the building.

If there's not enough space to do that, retail operators must take other steps, such as hiring security guards to patrol the facility during nonbusiness hours.

Physical premises

Good lighting - both exterior and interior - is key to discouraging would-be robbers.

"Bad guys aren't excited about lighting - bad things happen in the dark," said Mark Stinde, senior vice president of operations for The Integritus Group, a Boston-based firm that provides loss prevention consulting services to the cannabis industry.

If a shop has windows, which is preferred, they shouldn't be blocked with signage, plants or foliage that obstruct the view to the outside so that law enforcement officials can see if there's an event occurring. At the same time, it's crucial to have a video system with good storage capabilities and, if possible, one that provides license-plate recognition, according to experts.

In addition, remote monitoring features are a good idea because they can trigger an alarm and alert a third party of a robbery in progress, which then can be reported to law enforcement. Retailers also should establish a secure vestibule entry to the shop that's controlled by an electronic system that prevents the door into the sales room from unlocking or opening until a customer is vetted.

Cash and vaults - Armed security and weapons - Employee training: mjbizdaily.com

   RELATED: Pot shop robberies, deaths fuel calls for US banking bill

Cannabis Security Regulations
Do States Have Security Regulations for Cannabis Laboratories?
Cultivators and dispensaries have different but important security needs; thus, regulators mandate requirements of facilities to ensure that the businesses do not fall victim to theft and diversion. Common regulations involve commercial video, alarm, and access control systems. These requirements are the minimum for businesses, and businesses can choose to do more than the regulators require.

How about laboratories though? Cannabis laboratories, also known as safety compliance facilities or testing labs, perform chemical analyses on products to determine qualities like THC content or pesticide percentage. Laboratories do not handle the amount of cannabis which other license types do.

Cannabis laboratories typically receive (or select themselves) small samples from cultivators or processors in amounts of 1-10 grams per batch. Obviously for cultivators and processors, testing is an expense; therefore, the fewer tests and samples required, the better. For regulators though, any vulnerability to theft or diversion could impact the state program and its goals. Excessive security mandates may discourage business activity though, so how is this conflict resolved?

AdvertisementNon-Exhaustive Survey of State Requirements

Most states have general security requirements that apply to all licensees, including laboratories. States like California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ohio, and several other markets do not distinguish the security requirements for laboratories beyond the minimum practices for everyone. For example, in California, a laboratory would be required to keep video for 90 days like everyone else does now.

Best Practices for Cannabis Laboratory Security

While the risks of burglary seem lower than that of dispensaries or cultivators, not all is in the clear - readers of our industry news know that most theft is internal. Labs should still keep products in safes or secure cabinetry overnight. Also, cameras are the best method to monitor unsafe behaviors, e.g. leaving equipment unattended or not wearing gloves. sapphirerisk.com

NJ's Legal Weed Market Rollout
What to know as N.J. prepares to roll out regulated weed market
The regulated adult use cannabis market is set to begin sales on Thursday, when the first approved dispensaries will begin to take customers.

It comes nearly 16 months after New Jerseyans overwhelmingly voted to legalize marijuana in the 2020 general election, and after the state missed its own deadline for retail sales to begin on Feb. 22.

Last week, New Jersey's Cannabis Regulatory Commission, or CRC, approved seven alternative treatment centers (the state's term for medical marijuana facilities) to begin sales to adults 21 and older.

​​The commission is tasked with establishing and enforcing regulations governing the licensing, testing, cultivation, selling, and purchasing of cannabis in New Jersey. whyy.org

A 'Wild West' of Marijuana Shops Grows in Toronto
Permitted to operate during the pandemic, even during lockdowns, Toronto's marijuana shops have flourished and changed the character of an iconic neighborhood.
Delta 9 to Open Thirty-fifth Cannabis Retail Store







Amazon Workplace Safety Issues Getting Worse
Working at Amazon Is Hazardous to Your Health

A new report shows just how dangerous it is to work at Amazon. Injury rates last year at Amazon warehouses were 20 percent higher than the already alarmingly high 2020 rate - and more than twice that of non-Amazon warehouses.

Amazon's workplace safety issues are getting worse, though you wouldn't know it judging by the statements made by those at the top of the multibillion-dollar corporation.

"Our injury rates are sometimes misunderstood," wrote Amazon CEO Andy Jassy in a recent letter to shareholders. Asserting that the company's incident rates are "a little higher" than the warehouse industry average, Jassy states that the company nonetheless has room for improvement, and is "dissecting every process path" to lower the rates.

It's a bold obfuscation. Contra Jassy's assertions, Amazon's well-established problem of grinding down its ever-expanding workforce has only gotten more dire, even as the company claims that it seeks to become "Earth's Safest Place to Work."

The numbers Jassy uses in his letter are misleading. He writes that Amazon's warehouse workers are injured at a rate of 6.4 per 100 workers, compared to the industry average of 5.5 per 100 workers. But those are the numbers from 2020 rather than 2021. Last year's numbers are worse: according to a recent report from the union coalition Strategic Organizing Center (SOC), the total injury rate among Amazon workers in 2021 was 7.9 per 100 workers, a sharp increase from 2020.

Further, comparing Amazon's rate to the industry average fails to account for the fact that Amazon employs around one-third of all warehouse workers in the United States; much better to compare Amazon's rate to that of all non-Amazon warehouses. The SOC report does so, finding the serious injury rate at Amazon is more than twice as high as that of its counterparts.

As Business Insider notes, these numbers reflect a 20 percent increase from the previous year, which itself was unconscionably high (for more on that, check out Will Evans's groundbreaking reporting on the subject). When asked by Business Insider why Jassy did not use the latest numbers, Amazon did not respond.

It's obvious why Amazon would seek to minimize its workplace safety problems: public scrutiny of the company's working conditions only continues to increase, and with workers now having a foot in the door after unionizing JFK8, an enormous fulfillment center in Staten Island which serves the company's crucial New York market, criticism will only get louder. jacobinmag.com

Amazon to Conduct & Publish Racial Disparity Audit of Hourly US Employees
Following shareholder pressure around the company's hiring practices, Amazon.com has retained former Attorney General Loretta Lynch to conduct a racial equity study. Amazon said in a filing last week that the audit would "evaluate any disparate racial impacts" of its policies on its U.S. hourly employees. mytotalretail.com

Amazon Prime Day 2022: What we know so far

Takeaway in talks with potential buyers for Grubhub, says CEO Groen







Manteca, CA: 3 women arrested at Target with $4,000 worth of stolen goods
Three women from the Sacramento area were arrested at the Manteca Target store last week and found to be in possession of more than $4,000 worth of stolen merchandise. Mia Whitted, 19, Charlene Valdez, 18, and a 17-year-old juvenile were arrested after they were spotted by loss prevention officers at the Manteca Target store who were tipped off from the company's Lodi location. The employees were able to identify the trio as being responsible for the theft of more than $2,500 worth of baby formula just three days prior - prompting them to contact Manteca Police for assistance.

While Manteca Police Detective Dave Brown and Officer Adam Ragsdale were in route, loss pretention reportedly saw the women filling a cart with additional baby formula - which has been in short supply globally thanks to supply chain issues - that had been placed in large totes. The women reportedly refused to stop when attempting to exit the store with the cart full of merchandise that hadn't been paid for just before Brown and Ragsdale arrived on scene and detained the women without incident.

After a brief investigation the women were found to be in possession of $2,400 worth of merchandise stolen from the Manteca Target, $1,200 worth of merchandise stolen from the Lodi Target, and more than $600 worth of merchandise from the Elk Grove Walmart. All three were arrested and charged with organized retail theft, grand theft, and conspiracy - all felonies. mantecabulletin.com

Cincinnati, OH: Multiple people stole a 'substantial' amount of merchandise from Louis Vuitton in Kenwood
Multiple people stole from the Louis Vuitton store at Kenwood Towne Centre Wednesday afternoon. The Hamilton County Dispatch received reports of an organized theft from the luxury retailer around 3 p.m. Witnesses said about eight to ten people ran into the store, grabbed a substantial amount of merchandise and ran back out. No injuries were reported, according to dispatch. Witnesses told officials the suspected thieves left in a dark, gray SUV and in a gold sedan. They were last seen headed northbound on I-71.  cincinnati.com

Reno, NV: Police looking for $20,000 credit card fraud suspects
The Reno Police Department is asking for the community's help identifying two people suspected of credit card fraud. Investigators tell KOLO 8 News Now that a man and woman seen on surveillance video at various locations in Reno committed about $20,000 in fraud over the past six months. The alleged crimes occurred at Walmart locations on Kietzke Lane, Damonte Ranch Pkwy. and Pyramid Highway, as well as Scheel's in Sparks, Best Buy in Reno, and at various gas stations. kolotv.com

Man admits stealing 30 iPhones from Walmart valued at $20,000
A man who was convicted of driving a stolen pickup and living in a stolen travel trailer admitted to taking 30 iPhones worth around $20,000 from the Topsy Walmart. Joseph Patrick Eckert, 27, admitted to felony burglary of a business and grand larceny on Monday. Under a plea agreement, prosecutors would recommend the two five-year sentences be served at the same time, but consecutive to sentences Eckert received in Washoe County. According to court documents, Eckert entered the Walmart at 10:40 p.m. on March 31, 2021, and walked back into the stockroom. Security footage showed him filling a cardboard box with the iPhone 12s, which had been delivered an hour before. He then walked out of the store carrying the box. Security learned of the theft during an audit and called deputies the next day. He will remain in custody until his May 23 sentencing. recordcourier.com

Update: Couple accused of stealing over $250k from Greeley Ace Hardware found guilty of theft, not guilty of tax evasion
A jury found the married couple on trial for stealing more than $250,000 from their Greeley employer guilty of all theft charges but not guilty of tax evasion Wednesday afternoon. Kristi Chairez, 35, and her husband Adam, 48, concluded their eight-day trial with the jury's verdict finding both guilty of theft and not guilty of tax evasion. The case dates back to 2019 when Chris and Bill Ruth, former Offen Ace Hardware owners, reported the couple for allegedly stealing $250,000 from the store. For 14 years, Kristi worked as an employee at Ace Hardware, going from a clerk to store manager over the years. When the Ruths retired in 2013, they trained Kristi to take over the store. The tight-knit relationship that formed between the Ruths and the Chairezes came to a halt when the owners found their store bank account was overdrawn significantly in April 2019. Bank statements showed unauthorized transactions not relating to Ace Hardware. greeleytribune.com

Waikiki, HI: Serial offender charged after allegedly stealing from Saks Fifth Avenue in Waikiki

Alachua County, FL: Woman with 11 felony theft convictions arrested for shoplifting at Newberry Dollar General

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Shootings & Deaths

Richardson, TX: Mom shoots, kills child's grandma at Starbucks during custody visit
A woman shot and killed her child's grandmother at a Texas Starbucks during a custody visit on Tuesday, according to police. The Richardson Police Department said Tranisa Octavin Trana Watts, 23, is charged with capital murder for the death of Kentoria Nicole Edwards, 52. Officers responded to reports of a shooting at the Starbucks, about 15 miles north of Dallas, just after 7 a.m. Tuesday. Police said upon arriving at the scene, officers saw Watts trying to flee the location with a child, but they were able to apprehend her. Other officers immediately began CPR on Edwards. She was taken to the hospital where she died. Richardson police said Edwards was the grandmother of Watt's child and had full custody of the child. Investigation revealed that Watts requested to see her child, and Edwards agreed they could meet up at Starbucks for a visit. According to police, during the visit, Watts pulled out a gun and shot Edwards multiple times and then attempted to leave with the child. Police said the child was unharmed. kwqc.com

Groves, TX: Police issue murder warrant for McDonald's shooting
Police have issued a warrant in connection with deadly shooting at a Groves McDonald's last week. The Groves Police Department is seeking help to find 20-year-old Darionte Everfield, of Port Arthur, for the alleged killing of 19-year-old Alfonso Solomon, according to a news release posted on the department's social media page. A murder warrant has been issued for Everfield's arrest following the Thursday night shooting, according to the release. Groves and Port Arthur police received a call shortly before 11 p.m. for a shooting at the McDonald's at 4500 Twin City Hwy. Officers found Solomon with multiple gunshot wounds, the release said. He was taken to a local hospital where he later died, police said. beaumontenterprise.com

Las Vegas, NV: In-N-Out Security Guard detains Las Vegas murder suspect
A man accused of stabbing and killing another man after an altercation on a bus reportedly told an In-N-Out Burger security guard that his alleged victim "[expletive] deserved it," according to police documents. On Thursday, police arrested Emanuel Beccles, 31, on charges of open murder and violating his probation. Nexstar's KLAS obtained video of the incident, showing the In-N-Out security guard ordering the suspect to the ground. Beccles was riding a bus with another man Thursday night when they got into an argument, officials with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department said. Beccles and the man got into a physical altercation after getting off the bus near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Beccles stabbed the victim with a 10-inch knife, according to police.

At the same time, the security officer working at an In-N-Out across the street witnessed the stabbing, ran out, confronted the suspect and detained him, officials said. Police identified the victim as Jeff Durroh. According to police documents, the security guard said he had stepped out for a smoke break when he saw Beccles and Durroh fighting on the sidewalk. The security guard threatened to tase Beccles if he did not drop his knife, police said. The guard then ordered the suspect to get on the ground, putting him in handcuffs until police arrived. While on the ground, Beccles allegedly told the security guard, "He [expletive] deserved it. He antagonized me on the bus," the documents said. fox2now.com

Update: Seattle, WA: Teen suspect in cannabis store stickups and Bellevue Rare Coins robbery charged with 1st Degree Murder
Montrell Hatfield,16, pleads not guilty to a charge of 1st Degree Murder in a Tacoma court to the shooting death of Jordan Brown at the World of Weed cannabis dispensary in that city in March. He is being held on $3 million bail. Another teen, Marshon Jones, 15, was previously arrested and has been accused of being an accomplice in that crime and series of other South King County robberies. Hatfield will be transported to Tacoma and booked for Murder 1st Degree in the homicide of 29-year-old Jordan Brown on March 19th at the World of Weed store in Tacoma. westsideseattle.com

Durham, NC: Man assaulting store clerk shot 5 times by police
A man caught assaulting a Durham store clerk was shot six times by police officers, according to a death investigation report. The report on Jan. 12 said Charles Piquet, 51, entered a Circle K in the early morning hours, broke a bottle of wine, and began to cut his neck claiming he was going to commit suicide. Police then said 31-year-old Camara Turner, the gas station's clerk, called 911 to report the attempted suicide. The death report said Piquet locked the front door to the store and began to assault Turner with the glass he'd used on himself. When officers arrived, the officer witnessed the assault and fired their guns through the glass windows to get into the store. A warrant stated officers gave Piquet commands before shooting him. Once shot, both officers began rendering aid to Turner and Piquet.  cbs17.com

Wentzville, MO: Police shoot man outside AutoZone
Wentzville police shot a man who threatened self-harm outside of an automotive store Wednesday evening, according to authorities. The shooting happened around 5:30 p.m. on West Pearce Boulevard, outside of an AutoZone. When officers arrived at the scene, they said they found a man inside a car threatening himself with a gun. Police said the 53-year-old man did not comply with officers telling him to drop his weapon. "Shots were fired. They were not exchanged. Our officers were the ones that discharged their weapons," Wentzville Police Sgt. Jacob Schmidt told FOX 2. Police later said the man was a person of interest in a kidnapping at gunpoint in Lincoln County. During the incident in Wentzville, the man was shot in the arm. He was transported to Mercy Hospital and is expected to be okay. His name has not been released. fox2now.com

Augusta, GA: No one injured in East Boundary convenience store shooting


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Tucson, AZ: Man arrested after Best Buy Armed Robbery
A man was arrested on Tuesday, April 19 after he allegedly robbed a Tucson store earlier this month. Joshua Hardin, 33, was taken into custody by Tucson police. Authorities say he robbed the Best Buy in the 6000 block of East Broadway Boulevard at knifepoint on April 13. Hardin was booked into the Pima County jail, where he remained Wednesday, with bond set at $50,000 cash. kold.com

Terre Haute, IN: One arrested for armed robbery after allegedly pulling knife on CVS worker

Caddo County, OK: Man wanted for Armed Robbery of Pizza Hut; netted $87

Houston, TX: Beauty supply store recovering from multiple robberies

Wichita Falls, TX: DNA leads to arrest of Houston man for alleged ATM theft

Oregon City, OR: Suspect wanted after breaking into Honey Baked Ham store

Las Vegas, NV: Man Sentenced To Over Seven Years In Prison For Armed Robberies Of Cell Phone Stores

Rochester, NY: Convicted Felon Pleads Guilty To Robbery Spree Across Orleans And Monroe Counties

Madison, WI: Man Sentenced to 11 Years for Armed Robbery of Lake Delton Store



St Louis, MO: Suspicious fire causes collapse at St. Louis Family Dollar
A fire caused a partial collapse at a Family Dollar store in St. Louis Wednesday afternoon. St. Louis Fire Department labeled the fire "suspicious." No one was injured. STLFD's Bomb and Arson Squad are investigating the fire. Firefighters said the amount of inventory inside and throughout the building made the fire difficult to put out. The fire was reported at 4:05 p.m. The building partially collapsed during the fire. Fire crews were outside the building when the collapse happened. The fire was a second alarm blaze. ksdk.com



C-Store - Fulton County, NY - Robbery
C-Store - Floyd County, GA - Burglary
C-Store - Eau Claire, WI - Robbery
CVS - Terre Haute, IN - Armed Robbery
Clothing - Madera, CA - Robbery
Dollar General - Baton Rouge, LA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Fort Wayne, IN - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Fort Wayne, IN - Armed Robbery
Hardware - Carbon County, UT - Burglary
Jewelry - Crestview Hills, KY - Robbery
Jewelry - Lakeland, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Houston TX - Robbery
Jewelry - Kokomo, IN - Robbery
Jewelry - Mansfield TX - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Wrentham, MA - Robbery
Louis Vuitton - Cincinnati, OH - Robbery
Restaurant - Quincy, IL - Armed Robbery (McDonalds)
Restaurant - Anadarko, OK - Armed Robbery (Pizza Hut)
Restaurant - Oregon City, OR - Burglary
Saks 5th Ave - Waikiki, HI - Robbery
Target - Manteca, CA - Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 18 robberies
• 3 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Regional Loss Prevention Auditor
Portland, OR - posted April 20
The Regional Loss Prevention Auditor (RLPA) is responsible for conducting operational audits and facilitating training meetings. The RLPA position is considered entry-level into Loss Prevention for DTiQ Technologies, Inc...

Business Manager
Dallas/Fort Worth Area, TX - posted April 6
Sapphire Risk Advisory Group is seeking a Business Manager to work in the company's Dallas-area office in a W2 position and will closely partner with other members of the team to manage projects and communicate with contractors, vendors, and clients...

Security Investigator 2
Harrisburg, PA - posted March 31
Responsible for performing investigations of alleged criminal or other activity that has or may have a negative impact on the Company. This includes employee or non-employee criminal activity as it relates to the Company as well as activity that violates company policy...

Wegmans AP & Security Job Openings in NY
Multiple Locations
- posted March 29

Asset Protection Coordinator (West Seneca, NY) 
Asset Protection Coordinator (Liverpool, NY)
Corporate Security Officer - EMT (Rochester, NY)

Assoc. Manager. Asset Protection
Plano, TX - posted March 10
This role's primary focus will be to serve as the lead for Executive Protection, Major Events Security, and assist with Travel Security programs worldwide. In addition, this position will play a primary role in executing safety, security, and loss prevention programs and policies for all corporate-owned locations...

Area Loss Prevention Manager
Virginia & Maryland - posted March 9
Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence...

Loss Prevention Security Investigator
San Bernardino, CA - posted March 8
Protecting of Company property against theft. Detection, apprehension, detention and/or arrest of shoplifters. Internal investigations and investigations of crimes against the Company. Detect and apprehend shoplifters. Conduct internal theft, ORC and Corporate investigations. Prepare thorough and concise investigative reports...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Sugar Land, TX - posted March 7
The position will be responsible for: -Internal theft investigations -External theft investigations -Major cash shortage investigations -Fraudulent transaction investigations -Missing inventory investigations -Reviewing stores for physical security improvements -Liaison with local Police Depts. and make court appearances...

Corporate Risk Manager
New Orleans, LA, Memphis, TN, or Jackson, MS - March 9
Summary of Role and Responsibilities: A proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries, whether to our employees, third parties, or customer's valuables. They include but are not limited to cash in transit, auto losses, or injuries...

Loss Prevention Supervisor
West Jefferson, OH - posted March 7
Provides leadership to the LP staff which includes but not limited to performance development, direction on daily duties, and meeting department goals. Supervises Loss Prevention programs and process in the Distribution Center (DC) and partners with DC Management team to ensure physical security, product, equipment and employees meet LP requirements...

Retail Asset Protection Associate
Medford, MA; Brockton, MA; Waterbury, CT;
East Springfield, MA
- posted March 7
The Asset Protection Greeter role is responsible for greeting all customers as they enter the store, ensuring that customers see the Company's commitment to provide a safe and secure shopping environment, as well as deterring theft, shoplifting, or other dishonest activities...

Loss Prevention Specialists (Store Detective)
Boston, MA - posted March 7
Detect and respond to external theft and fraud by working undercover within the store(s) you are assigned to. Working as a team with store management and associates in combating loss in the store(s). Developing and analyzing external theft trends, utilizing information in company reports and information gathered from store management and associates... 

Asset Protection Lead
Brooklyn, NY - posted February 25
You are charged with identification and mitigation of external theft and fraud trends within a specific market and group of stores. This role will conduct investigations focusing on Habitual Offenders, high impact external theft/fraud incidents through the use of company technology (CCTV, Incident Reporting, Data Analysis)...

Regional Asset Protection & Safety Manager
Chicago, IL - posted February 23
Responsible for ensuring application of EHS, occupational safety, and loss prevention programs and policies at the store, region, and cross-regional levels. Works to ensure education, communication, and understanding of safety and loss prevention policies, including how safety and asset protection contributes to profitability and business success...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Indiana - posted February 22
This role is to lead the Asset Protection business partner model for the two regions of retail stores and serves as a strategic partner to regional operations leadership. The role is responsible for leading a team of market and store asset protection personnel responsible for ensuring the safety of people, the security of assets, compliance with internal and regulatory standards and the prevention of shrink...

Loss Prevention & Safety Business Partner
Sparks, NV - posted February 18
The Loss Prevention and Safety Business Partner (LPSBP) is responsible for effectively delivering on operational objectives and KPI performance across Assets Protection, Associate Safety, Physical Security, and Investigations, in an assigned DC of responsibility, in partnership with the facility leadership and home office team...


Loss Prevention Manager
Moonachie, NJ - posted February 16
The Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for supporting the day-to-day operations of our retail locations. This role is responsible for the implementation and coordination of all Loss Prevention best practices. This includes training for store teams to ensure understanding and compliance of physical security, inventory and loss control...

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