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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Op-Ed Takes Aim at California's Prop 47
Theft wave & organized smash & grab shoplifting show CA law needs change
If any California proposition of the last half-century is an obvious candidate for a major rewrite, it is the 2014 Proposition 47, which made it a small-time offense to steal anything worth less than $950, unless you have a history of violent crimes.

For sure, it is under threat. Lawmakers have introduced measures to cancel most of Prop. 47 or increase penalties for some crimes it covers. Many police say this law is a major factor in the wave of shoplifting that has plagued cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles and closed many stores. They also blame it for so-called "smash-and-grab" heists - involving up to 80 people - during Thanksgiving week.

It's true that a variety of police and media studies have shown crimes like larceny are up about 9% since the new value limits - up from the prior $250 petty theft limit - were raised eight years ago. At the same time, because some felonies suddenly became misdemeanors, police and prosecutors started simply arresting, booking and releasing defendants when a crime involved less value than $950.

This went without much fanfare until the smash-and-grab crimes highlighted the weaknesses of Prop. 47. Plus, private security contractors report a dramatic upswing in orders for burglar alarm systems since Thanksgiving. That trend actually began shortly after the nationally televised, organized burglaries and robberies in downtown Santa Monica last May, when police didn't bother intervening while people plundered shops, some of which later closed.

Security patrols in wealthy areas like Malibu and Bel Air also report higher demand. At the same time, custom car modifiers report an upswing in demand for bulletproof vehicles. Other reports add that stocks of fake Rolex and Omega watches like those often sold by street vendors in cities like Shanghai and Buenos Aires are being snapped up, owners of genuine high-end products hesitating to wear actual bling in public.

Newsom responds to all this by saying "We want real accountability, we want people prosecuted and we want people to feel safe. But others question if that's possible while Prop. 47 remains intact. That initiative easily withstood the threat of changes from Prop. 20 in the last general election. But criminals may have changed public thinking, at least somewhat. That makes Prop. 47 ripe for at least some legislative changes. desertsun.com

Curbing Crime in New York City
New York Times Op-Ed: The Right Way to Stop Rising Crime in New York

New York remains among the safest large cities in America, despite rising crime.

The causes of crime are complex, and New York's rise in shootings mirrors a national trend. Homicides during the pandemic, for instance, have been on the rise in cities run by Republicans and Democrats, cities that liberalized their anti-crime policies and those that did not. So far, opponents of New York's criminal justice reforms have not yet made the case that reforms directly fueled a rise in crime, and in the meantime, the new Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, has made clear he remains committed to prosecuting serious crime.

Lasting solutions to what ails New York City will go beyond the police and prosecutors. They will require buy-in from leaders across the state, as well as public money to pay for them. New York needs more supportive housing and services for people confronting mental illness and addiction, rather than allowing these vulnerable individuals to languish in subway stations.

The city needs a Police Department laser focused on fighting violence while still respecting the civil liberties of residents in the city it is entrusted to protect. That work likely includes more funding for community anti-violence groups that have been credited with preventing gun crimes over the past decade. This would be made easier if Washington could enact common-sense gun laws to end the so-called iron pipeline that sends guns from less restrictive states in the South and Midwest to cities like New York.

The right solutions aren't quick, easy or conducive to political touchdowns. But they will make New York a safer, healthier and more humane place to live, work and visit. With new leadership at City Hall, in Albany and at the Manhattan district attorney's office, New York has an opportunity to get this right. A weary city is waiting. nytimes.com

'Massive Release of Violent Criminals' in Oregon
Oregon's progressive governor's clemency push comes amid violent crime spike

In Portland, Oregon's largest city, police statistics show 85 homicides in 2021, up from 57 in 2020

With violent crime on the rise in big cities around the country, Oregon's progressive governor is pioneering the power of executive clemency, prompting an outcry from prosecutors in her state charged with putting dangerous criminals behind bars.

"This is the massive release of violent criminals through a process, which violates the legal requirements of law," said Kevin Mannix, the president of Common Sense for Oregon and the lawyer whose firm is bringing a lawsuit against Gov. Kate Brown on behalf of two district attorneys and the families of three murder victims.

In Portland, Oregon's largest city, police statistics show 85 homicides in 2021, up from 57 in 2020. There were 36 in 2019 - and 26 the year before that. Mannix and the plaintiffs have taken issue with the nearly 1,000 convicts who Brown has allowed to leave prison early after March 2020.

"Recidivism, or repeat conviction rate, for violent criminals is at least 40%," Mannix told Fox News Digital Tuesday. "Sure, we try to rehabilitate people. We try to change their lives, and we should keep trying. But the prediction I would make is that 40% of these violent criminals are going to commit another violent crime."

On an individual basis, Mannix said, the governor has the right and the power to grant clemency. But there are policies on how to do so that he alleges she is flouting.

"[The petitioners] seek Mandamus to order suspension of illegal sentence reductions which are being carried out under the Governor's asserted clemency power, but which violate the clemency requirements of the Oregon Constitution and Oregon laws," the filing reads. foxnews.com

Biden Points the Finger at 'Defund the Police' Movement
White House blames 'underfunding of police departments' for violent crime spike

Democratic cities across America pledged to slash police funding after 2020 uprisings

White House press secretary Jen Psaki blamed the "underfunding" of some police forces for the spike in crime gripping America. During the White House press briefing on Monday, Psaki was asked by Fox News' Peter Doocy on what the Biden administration believes is fueling the crime surge that has stunned Americans.

Psaki pointed to "gun violence" as a "huge reason" for the uptick in crime as well as the "underfunding of some police departments and their need for additional resources."

The press secretary said that President Biden has "advocated" for additional resources for police "consistently" throughout his multi-decade political career and is something the White House knows "we need to take action on."

"And it is absolutely true that he will not be satisfied or complacent when officers are being gunned down or when Americans have to worry about whether they can safely ride the subway or bus," Psaki said, again pointing to Biden's pushing of police funding in his political career. "That should not be a political issue."

Several police departments across America saw their funding slashed as the far-left "defund the police" movement gained steam, after the 2020 murder of George Floyd. foxnews.com

Crime Surge is Upending Criminal Justice Reform Debate
Biden looks to navigate a 'moment of reckoning for Democrats' on crime
Last year, cities from Portland, Ore., to Philadelphia recorded more murders than they have in decades. New York, the nation's most populous city, saw 488 murders, a 10-year high. The city's new Democratic mayor, former police officer Eric Adams, was elected last year in a landslide after running as a tough-on-crime pragmatist with little patience for progressive rhetoric - or ideas.

The White House is plainly aware that there is a growing demand for a more sweeping acknowledgment of high crime. If addressing the issue is potentially risky, refraining from such a confrontation could only enforce voters' perceptions that Biden is too concerned with fulfilling progressives' wishes to listen to their concerns.

Voters are also starting to tire of criminal justice policies that they say foster disorder and make them feel unsafe. In San Francisco, 80,000 people endorsed moving forward with a recall of Boudin, the embattled district attorney - 30,000 more than was required for the recall petition to be certified.

"There's a proper way to execute reform," said San Francisco prosecutor Brooke Jenkins, who has since joined the effort to recall Boudin. "It is not simply to open the jail and let everyone out. It is not simply to refuse to prosecute crime."

Progressives say that media outlets amplify reports of crime. CNN media critic Brian Stelter recently denounced Fox News reporting that, in his view, rendered American cities "apocalyptic hellscapes" governed by socialists. news.yahoo.com

New Crime Package Zeroes in on Retail Theft
'We need help'; how a retail crime bill plans to help businesses facing robbery
In recent years, robberies are happening more in the Albuquerque area, which is why she hopes a crime package gets passed this legislative session.

"They need to crack down on these criminals. It's terrible. We work so hard day and night. All of us business owners and small business owners are what really keep the economy going. And we need help. We need help," Velarde said.

"We're trying to help those local business owners keep their doors open. And so when they suffer a loss, such as this lady, it is very costly to their business," said Rep. Bill Rehm, a member of the New Mexico Legislature. He said his crime package includes a plan to fight retail crime.

"Criminals know that if they steal under $500, it's a misdemeanor. So they go to one store, they steal under $500, they go to the next store, do the same thing and then they collect all these items and then start selling them," Rehm said.

Rehm said rather than take each charge individually, his bill would charge someone based on the total amount stolen, something Velarde thinks is needed at this point.

"Help us pass those laws. Get those criminals locked up. Take care of us," Velarde said. koat.com

Shoplifting Spiking In New York Amid Concerns About Organized Retail Crime
There's been a spike in shoplifting in New York City. The NYPD says it hasn't seen levels like this since 1995, and elsewhere around the country, organized retail crime is ramping up.


COVID Update

536.3M Vaccinations Given

US: 73.4M Cases - 894.8K Dead - 45.1M Recovered
Worldwide: 359.8M Cases - 5.6M Dead - 284.9M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 344   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 622
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Covid-19 in the U.S. by State and Territory

Nationwide Cases Finally Declining
U.S. Coronavirus Cases Decrease, But Many States Have Yet to Peak

While nationwide cases are declining, the U.S. is still well above any previous peak the country has seen.

National coronavirus cases are trending in the right direction, according to the Biden administration's top doctors, but many states are still seeing increases in infections as the omicron variant's wave remains far from over.

The U.S. was averaging 716,000 daily new cases on Friday, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control. That's a drop from the previous high of nearly 800,000 cases reported on average each day in mid-January.

She noted "steep declines" in cases in areas that first saw omicron surges, like New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut. But more than 20 states are seeing increasing case rates, including Alabama, North Dakota, Arizona and Hawaii, according to data compiled by USAFacts. usnews.com

New York Mask Mandate Struck Down - Then Reinstated
NY Mask Mandate Back in Effect After Judge Grants Stay During State's Appeal
An appeals judge restored New York's mask mandate Tuesday, a day after a judge in a lower court ruled that Gov. Kathy Hochul's administration lacked the constitutional authority to order people to wear face coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After hearing brief arguments, Appellate Division Justice Robert Miller granted the state's request to keep the masking rule in place while the governor's administration pursues an appeal. He offered no opinion on the mandate's legality.

The state had initially instituted a mask mandate in April 2020 that ended in June 2021 for vaccinated individuals; Hochul announced in mid-December that it would go back into effect for at least a month. Earlier this month, the state health department said the mandate would be in place until Feb 1.

The order required masks in schools, health care facilities, homeless shelters, jails, public transportation, and in any indoor public area where vaccination wasn't required for entry. nbcnewyork.com

Business Vaccine Mandate Officially Dead
Biden administration to withdraw Covid-19 vaccination and testing regulation aimed at large businesses
The Biden administration is withdrawing its Covid-19 vaccination and testing regulation aimed at large businesses, following the Supreme Court's decision to block the rule earlier this month.

The US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration said Tuesday it will be withdrawing the vaccination and testing emergency temporary standard for businesses with 100 or more employees, according to a statement on the agency's website.

"Although OSHA is withdrawing the vaccination and testing ETS as an enforceable emergency temporary standard, the agency is not withdrawing the ETS as a proposed rule. The agency is prioritizing its resources to focus on finalizing a permanent COVID-19 Healthcare Standard," the statement read.

The withdrawal of the emergency temporary standard "does not affect the ETS's continuing status as a proposed rule," a US Department of Labor spokesperson told CNN in a statement.

The decision comes less than two weeks after the Supreme Court blocked the rule, dealing a major blow to President Joe Biden's attempts to use the power of the federal government to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. OSHA's regulation required businesses with 100 or more employees to ensure their workers are fully vaccinated or undergo regular testing and wear face coverings at work. cnn.com

Business Groups Oppose New COVID Sick Leave Proposal in Calif.
Calif. workers could get up 2 weeks paid time off if they get sick from COVID

The state had a similar law in place last year, but it expired in September as the spread of the virus slowed significantly.

California workers would get up to two weeks of paid time off if they get sick from the coronavirus while businesses would get up to $6 billion in tax cuts and other assistance under a proposal endorsed Tuesday by Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state's top legislative leaders.

California had a similar law in place last year, but it expired in September as the spread of the virus slowed significantly. But since then, a more contagious version of the virus has spread quickly through California and the rest of the world. Labor unions - major donors to Democratic politicians in California - have pressured state officials to bring the paid sick leave law back.

Business groups have opposed the extra sick leave as many industries are already struggling to retain workers during the pandemic. Last year, businesses could get a federal tax credit to offset some of the costs. But that tax credit is not available this year.

The proposal would only apply to companies with at least 26 workers. If it becomes law, it would expire in September, as business groups have pushed for any sick leave law to be limited in duration. abc7.com

COVID's Long-Term Impact on Work
Workers Care More About Flexible Hours Than Remote Work

New survey of more than 10,000 knowledge workers found 95% want to set their own hours

Workers, flush with power as employers raise wages and scramble to fill open jobs, say they care even more about flexible schedules than whether or not they go into an office.

Ninety-five percent of people surveyed want flexible hours, compared with 78% of workers who want location flexibility, according to a new report from Future Forum, a consortium focused on reimagining the future of work led by Slack Technologies Inc.

The new data, collected in November 2021 from a survey of more than 10,000 knowledge workers, offers a snapshot into just how popular hybrid arrangements have become in the second year of the pandemic, how virtually all workers prize schedule flexibility above all and the growing concerns that many bosses have about how to keep promotions and pay fair when some employees are in the office while others stay home.

The survey also found that 72% of workers who weren't happy with their level of flexibility-whether time or location-are likely to seek out a new opportunity in the next year.

Focusing on how many hours people are working is outdated, she said: "It really needs to be a shift from presenteeism and activity tracking to actually understanding the results that people are driving and the value that they're creating." wsj.com

Retail's Free Mask Rollout Continues
Kroger and Meijer offering N95 masks at no charge in Michigan stores
Kroger and Meijer stores in Michigan are offering N95 masks at no charge to customers beginning Tuesday while supplies last. Both retailers are an access point for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to distribute masks. All Kroger and Meijer stores with a pharmacy are offering up to three masks at no charge to customers.

At Meijer, masks will be located on a table near the greeter station at the grocery entrance. The greeter will organize them in stacks of three for each customer to take. Meijer has about 3 million N95 masks on hand to give away.

At Kroger, look for a branded display or ask a store associate for help finding the complimentary masks. He did not say how many masks Kroger stores have available to distribute in Michigan. abc12.com

NYC's Omicron Surge Fading Fast
New York state has seen an 86% decrease in COVID cases since its Jan. 7 peak, when more than 90,000 cases were reported.

Germany: Lawmakers debate introducing COVID vaccine mandate


2022: A Year of More Challenges for Security Industry
Challenges for the guarding industry

The continued pandemic, labor shortages, a shift in the hybrid and remote workforce, and other factors have led to an increased threat landscape, hiring challenges and changing roles of security officers.

Increasing commercial activity across a variety of economic sectors and difficulties in hiring new personnel have created a set of challenges for guarding companies and their clients as the pandemic continues and the calendar turns to 2022.

Many enterprises continue to have all or large portions of their workforce remote, which has changed the threat landscape and reimagined the job of security officers in many ways. Enterprise security leaders and guarding companies are also leveraging people and technology differently than before the pandemic.

Workplaces mirror their communities, which means those businesses and locations face the same social and political issues, says David Komendat, Vice President and Chief Security Officer for The Boeing Co. Security organizations must work closely with human resources, safety, legal and communications to address these issues effectively and reduce the risk of disruption, he says.

Drexel University in Philadelphia has been working to keep doors and security locking systems up to date while also integrating and updating its more than 700 cameras mounted at facilities, with plans to roll out body-worn cameras in the coming months for officers themselves, says Eileen Behr, Vice President of Public Safety and Chief of Police at Drexel University. "Even though we're campus police, we're part of police reform," she says. As such, her on-campus department has required "additional training for officers in de-escalation and crisis intervention techniques."

Securitas has made a multimillion-dollar investment in digital transformation to enhance transparency and data-driven insights, as well as to accelerate innovations in areas like solar-powered devices and remote reception, says Greg Anderson, Securitas President and CEO, North American Guarding. The company has evolved the role of officers to meet the needs of organizations that moved to remote or hybrid operations, he says.

GardaWorld subsidiary BEST Crowd Management, previously known as Whelan Event Services, spent a year trying to figure out how to reopen venues and convention centers with protocols and procedures to keep employees and guests safe, says Jeff Spoerndle, Vice President at BEST. That reopening happened quickly in the early spring, requiring enforcement of mask mandates and managing line queues to keep social distancing in concourse areas. "As more people got vaccinated, it became more normal," he says, adding that the next step has been managing vaccine mandates. securitymagazine.com

Retail's Cashier-less Future?
The future of retail is all about self-service & technology

Self-checkout, self-service, autonomous stores, DIY: The retail world is prepping for a future with fewer human workers and more technology involved in selling us stuff.

Why it matters: While 72% of retail sales are still expected to take place in brick-and-mortar stores in 2024, merchants are busy installing interactive signage, smart price tags, and remote checkout systems that point to a very different customer experience.

Trends like "buy online, pick up in store" (BOPIS) and "buy online, return in store" (BORIS) are being joined by ROPIS (reserve online, pick up in store). Cashier-less checkout is going mainstream - both because stores like Amazon Go have the technology to do it and because finding workers is so difficult.

How it works: Companies like Zliide are coming up with tech that keeps people coming to stores, but lets them buy stuff without taking it to a register. You can check out on the spot through Apple Pay - no salesperson needed - and get a digital receipt.

Driving the news: Judging from a stroll through the National Retail Federation's big annual trade show in New York City last week, the role of salespeople in retail stores will evolve and wane - possibly to the frustration of shoppers, who may want more in-person help.

As smart tags on merchandise make cashiers obsolete, retailers will be tempted to staff stores more thinly. QR codes on in-store signage will direct people to promotions and other information that'll also help them shop without assistance. axios.com

NRF Retail Returns Report
Retail Returns Increased to $761B in 2021 as a Result of Overall Sales Growth
Retailers expect more than $761 billion in merchandise sold last year to be returned by consumers, according to a report released today by the National Retail Federation and Appriss Retail. This accounts for an average of 16.6 percent of total U.S. retail sales, which soared to $4.583 trillion in 2021.

The 2021 total rate of returns (16.6 percent) is up from 10.6 percent during 2020, but online returns in 2021 are in line with recent years at an average of 20.8 percent. According to NRF, online sales accounted for $1.050 trillion of total U.S. retail sales last year. Approximately $218 billion of online purchases were returned, with $23.2 billion (10.6 percent) deemed fraudulent.

According to the survey, for every $1 billion in sales, the average retailer incurs $166 million in merchandise returns. It also found that for every $100 in returned merchandise accepted, retailers lose $10.30 to return fraud. The categories with the highest return rates were similar to 2020 metrics: auto parts (19.4 percent), apparel (12.2 percent) and home improvement and housewares (tied at 11.5 percent). The most common types of payment used during the original purchase that led to a return were credit cards (22.78 percent), cash (12.69 percent) and debit cards (7.04 percent).

"Retailers must rethink returns as a key part of their business strategy," said Steve Prebble, CEO of Appriss Retail. "Retail is dealing with an influx of returned items. Now is the time to stop thinking of returns as a cost of doing business and begin to view them as a time to truly engage with your consumers." nrf.com

Victoria's Secret will sell stake in China business for $45M

Neiman Marcus names supply chain chief to oversee $90M investment

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Retail & Fashion Businesses Face Growing Risk of Cyberattacks
Are Fashion Businesses Ready to Deal with Cybersecurity Attacks?
When it comes to fashion businesses, it is important to stress that security issues such as data breaches, ransomware and denial of service attacks don't just affect major retailers but are a problem for all sizes of stores and ecommerce websites. According to available data taken from the British Retail Consortium's Retail Crime Survey, 80% of retailers reported an increase in cyber attacks in the previous year.

Data is the most valuable asset for fashion

Connected data processes are at the heart of every modern fashion and retail business. From digitally controlled manufacturing processes and machinery that fall under the umbrella of the Internet of Things (IoT) to sophisticated sales data and granular customer profiling insights, it is the interplay between accurate demand predictions and just-in-time supply that directs business activity and drives commercial success.

In short, the sheer data volumes generated and used to determine: marketing, retail strategy, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, inventory management, retail activity and customer relationship management means that the fashion industry is more vulnerable to cyber attacks than ever before.

AdvertisementWhat is the way forward?

While there is a general recognition of the importance of cybersecurity, it has not been established that fashion houses and retailers are doing everything they can to tackle the realities of the new level of cyber risk. A key indicator is the treatment of IT security budgets. Have they been increased to deal with the current security landscape, the rising number of online customers and the volume of transactions that are being processed?

Working together with cybersecurity experts and harnessing their specialist skills and experience is an obvious step in the right direction to stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals in the context of a continually evolving risk landscape. Indeed, one of the most effective ways to guard against a possible data breach is to simulate an attack.

Staying one step ahead

For fashion businesses and retailers looking to leverage the latest digital technology including IoT and AI, this means a constant audit of the precious data they hold while considering how many new threats could be opening up for that data to be compromised.

Fashion brands and retail businesses who wish to take advantage of increasingly sophisticated and powerful digital tools and technology to drive competitiveness now and in the future must realize that treasuring and protecting their data has to be at the heart of the entire operation. whichplm.com

Consumer Data at Risk?
Security fears over antitrust legislation raise looming questions about a federal privacy law

A bill designed to break up America's largest tech companies could come with an inadvertent side effect, its critics are arguing: weakening Americans' privacy and data security.

Detractors of the "American Innovation and Choice Online Act," including Apple and Google, are campaigning against the legislation, contending that it would limit how companies are able to protect users' privacy and security. "These bills may compel us to share the sensitive data you store with us with unknown companies in ways that could compromise your privacy," Google's president of global affairs Kent Walker wrote in a blog post Tuesday.

Allowing users to download apps straight from the internet means "millions of Americans will likely suffer malware attacks on their phones that would otherwise have been stopped," Apple's senior director of government affairs Timothy Powderly wrote in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The critiques are just a small part of the storm of opposition big tech is bringing against legislation that would fundamentally change the shape of the technology industry in the United States. But they could be enough to sow significant doubt in the bill's fast-track to becoming law. The concerns were a frequent refrain in a markup of the bill Thursday, which the Judiciary panel approved by a 16-6 vote.

Third-party experts say while some of the critiques are hard to prove, they aren't unfounded.

In a May report from the nonprofit Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law, a focus group of 25 experts from across civil society, academia, industry, and the government warned against government policies that could inadvertently damage mobile security. (Two of the participants worked for Apple.)

Critics have also questioned provisions in the bill that would penalize companies for making it harder for competitors to share and receive consumer data. The requirement could potentially leave data in the hands of third parties with lower security standards or even foreign adversaries, imposing risk on consumers. cyberscoop.com

5 Cyber Fraud Threats for 2022
Buy now, pay later fraud, romance and cryptocurrency schemes top the list of threats this year
Experian released its annual forecast, which reveals five fraud threats for the new year. With consumers continuing to take a digital-first approach to everything from shopping, dating and investing, fraudsters are finding new and innovative ways to commit fraud.

Buy now, pay never

The Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) space has grown massively recently. In fact, the number of BNPL users in the US has grown by more than 300 percent per year since 2018, reaching 45 million active users in 2021 who are spending more than $20.8 billion. Without the right identity verification and fraud mitigation tools in place, fraudsters will take advantage of some BNPL companies and consumers in 2022.

Beware of cryptocurrency scams

In 2022, fraudsters will set up cryptocurrency accounts to extract, store and funnel stolen funds, such as the billions of stimulus dollars that were swindled by fraudsters.

Double the trouble for ransomware attacks

In the first six months of 2021, there was $590 million in ransomware-related activity, which exceeds the value of $416 million reported for the entirety of 2020 according to the U.S. Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Ransomware will be a significant fraud threat for companies in 2022 as fraudsters will look to not only ask for a hefty ransom to gain back control, but criminals will also steal data from the hacked company.

Dating App Fraud - Digital elder abuse will rise helpnetsecurity.com

Top 15 cybersecurity predictions for 2022



RCC's Retail Loss Prevention Forum
Protecting People, Property and Assets

Tuesday, April 12, 2022, 1:00pm - 4:00pm ET - Virtual Format

The Retail Loss Prevention Forum is a must-attend event for retail loss prevention executives, team leaders and junior professionals. Law enforcement, industry suppliers, and experts who work closely with retailers will benefit from attending and participating in collaborative conversations.

The event is Canada's annual gathering of loss prevention, law enforcement and security professionals. Attend and participate in critical conversations about organized retail crime, the rise in violence, changing in-store technologies, risk management, as well as leadership and career development.


America's Retail Crime Surge Moves North

U.S. ORC Epidemic Makes Canadian News Media

A 'Perfect Storm' for Criminal Activity
US-Style Smash-and-Grab Retail Crime Expected for Canada

By Sean Tarry, Retail Insider

For loss prevention professionals, the new retail landscape and expanding ecosystem changes their jobs substantially, presenting them with a host of new challenges and threats to consider and address. Not least of these potential threats, according to industry expert and President of retail consultancy Bottom Line Matters, Stephen O'Keefe, are incidents of smash-and-grab style attacks against retail locations similar to those that are occurring with frequency in California. And, they are incidents that he warns will inevitably occur north of the border as a result of a 'perfect storm' for criminals operating across the country.

"There are a few factors that have been contributing for some time toward the creation of a scenario that's ideal for the type of criminal activity that they're currently experiencing on the West Coast of the United States," he asserts. "Reductions to law enforcement budgets and the number of active police officers in provinces and cities across the country has been a growing issue over the course of the past decade or so. It's a serious problem on its own for a number of different reasons. ... The result is a scenario which presents criminals with very little risk and plenty of potential reward, and retailers everywhere with a serious dilemma."

Copycats in Canada?

O'Keefe also points to unfortunate economic conditions that have been brought about by the pandemic as another layer of influence adding to the complexities of the 'perfect storm', rendering certain areas of the country more susceptible to crime. South of the border, San Francisco is an example of one such place that's been blighted by smash-and-grab crimes against retail locations. It's an alarming situation, and one that O'Keefe believes should serve as a warning of sorts to retailers operating in Canada.

"Circumstances in San Francisco, and now other parts of California, have gone from bad to worse," he says. "It's concerning for everyone involved. ... These crimes are catching the attention of quite a few retailers in Canada. They're starting to ask whether or not these types of crimes will migrate north of the border. And the short answer is: yes, they absolutely will, unless the threat is dealt with appropriately by retailers and law enforcement."

Developing appropriate response

It's a situation that O'Keefe explains has been made that much more difficult to accurately understand and address as a result of a lack of reporting on the part of retailers. In both the United States and Canada, he says, industry players often refrain from doing so to law enforcement because retail crime, incidents of shoplifting in particular, do not receive adequate attention from the legal system. Non-reporting lends to the creation of inaccurate data that skews perception and undermines the seriousness of the crimes being committed. And, with the smash-and-grab trend sweeping across the United States, O'Keefe says that there are considerable concerns mounting here at home with respect to the ways in which the threat of these types of crimes can be properly dealt with.

The power of loss prevention management systems | Read full article here

Related Canadian Crime Coverage

Study: More violent crime in poor Vancouver neighbourhoods, theft in wealthier ones

Uptick in robberies concerns Waterloo regional police chief

Murders of GTA men highlight Mexico's bloody history with Canadian organized crime

COVID Update

Canada's Retail Vaccine Mandates
Walmart, Costco and other big box stores in Canada begin enforcing vaccine mandates, and some shoppers aren't buying it

Some Canadian retailers are now requiring proof of vaccination due to local regulations, resulting in some critics calling to boycott Walmart in response

Local regulations in the Canadian province of Quebec taking effect this week mandate that big box stores like Walmart, IKEA and Costco require customers over the age of 13 to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 before entering.

But some customers took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the new guidelines, leading the hashtag #BoycottWalmart to trend on Tuesday. And they were supported by some American shoppers also protesting vaccine mandates.

Another sticking point for critics: viral photos of plexiglass dividers at some Walmarts in Quebec, which some falsely suggested were meant to isolate unvaccinated people trying to enter the store. Walmart has debunked those accusations, however, explaining in tweets that the dividers are for store employees to check vaccine passports.

On the flip side, many on Twitter supported the guidelines and the intent to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect workers and customers from the virus that has infected more than 355.5 million people globally, and killed more than 5.61 million.

But it goes to show that the U.S. is certainly not the only place where vaccine mandates have become a contentious issue. marketwatch.com

COVID Wave Worsening Labor & Product Shortages
Grocery store closures loom amid labour, product shortages

Grocery stores are struggling with rising labour and product shortages that could threaten Canada's food security, experts say.

Employee absenteeism due to workers calling in sick and COVID-19 protocols has hit about 30 per cent at some stores and is continuing to rise, Gary Sands, senior vice-president of public policy with the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers, said Tuesday.

Without access to rapid testing in many provinces, he said workers are repeatedly forced to isolate for a week or more after an exposure to COVID-19. If the situation worsens, some grocery stores won't be able to stay open - threatening food security in rural and remote areas that rely on a sole independent grocer, Sands said.

"If we have to keep sending people home, at a certain point stores are not going to be able to operate," he said. "We're very frustrated with the lack of rapid test kits for grocers."

Health Canada has made some rapid test kits available directly to companies in critical sectors, including the food industry, with 200 or more employees. But many independent grocery stores don't meet that threshold, putting those kits out of reach, Sands said.

Yet many grocers cannot obtain rapid tests through provinces either, he said. Meanwhile, stores are also experiencing a shortage of goods stemming from supply chain issues, including a shortage of truckers, packaging and processing delays and the Canadian winter. ctvnews.ca

Business Call for Delay to Vaccine Mandate
Delay vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers, business groups urge Trudeau

'What we are asking for is that they delay implementation at a time when supply chains are under severe pressure and that they use that time to encourage and facilitate vaccinations'

Business leaders are urging Ottawa to ease vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers to relieve the congested supply chain with the United States. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended Monday the mandate as a necessary step to keep supply chains open, arguing that COVID-19 itself is the biggest risk to Canada's economy.

But in separate statements the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition both urged him to back down.

Perrin Beatty, the president of the Chamber, said the government hasn't produced statistics that show that truckers are a major source of COVID-19 infections in Canada.

"What we are asking for is that they delay implementation at a time when supply chains are under severe pressure and that they use that time to encourage and facilitate vaccinations."

The Canadian Manufacturing Coalition, which represents over 30 manufacturing trade associations, called for a full reversal of the vaccine mandate after meeting Friday with Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne. nationalpost.com

Vaccine Mandate Impact
Fruit and veggie outages in Canada get worse with trucker shortages
Canadian border agents began refusing entry to unvaccinated American truckers just days ago, and it's already causing chaos -- particularly in fruit and vegetable markets. A mandate starting Jan. 15 requires truck drivers crossing into Canada to be vaccinated. However, only about half of American truck drivers have gotten their shots. Meanwhile, as much as 90 per cent of Canada's fruits and vegetables comes from the U.S. during winter, and grocery stores are already having trouble getting some shipments, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers.

"We're seeing shortages," said Gary Sands, senior vice president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers. "We're hearing from members they're going into some stores where there's no oranges or bananas.'"

The mandate is adding to Canada's supply chain turmoil that was already abundant due to recent storms as well as the pandemic. Shipping snarls and logistical headwinds have been blamed for rising inflation across the globe. Prices for consumers will likely rise as freight costs soar. Sending one truckload of fresh produce from California or Arizona to Canada is now US$9,500, up from an average of US$7,000, according to North American Produce Buyers. That works out to an additional cost of 12 Canadian cents per head of lettuce, according to the company. bnnbloomberg.ca

Canadian Retail Sales Drop 2.1% in December
Canada Dec retail sales seen down as COVID restrictions bite
Canadian retail sales most likely fell by 2.1% in December as authorities imposed restrictions to fight the Omicron variant of the coronavirus and retailers faced challenges, Statistics Canada predicted on Friday.

Statscan also said retail sales rose 0.7% in November, which was less than the 1.2% gain forecast by analysts. The flash estimate for December was based on responses from 50.6% of companies surveyed. The average response rate is 90.0%.

Statscan also said some shoppers decided to pull forward their purchases to November to avoid shortages caused by endemic supply chain issues. Andrew Grantham, senior economist at CIBC Capital Markets, said the December dip was a little larger than he had expected.

Stephen Brown, senior Canada economist at Capital Economics, said the December decrease in sales was likely to be more than 2.1%, given the rapid spread of Omicron that month. reuters.com

Canada's Epstein - Peter Nygard Trial Update
Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard denied bail, will be detained in Toronto
Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard will remain behind bars in Toronto as he awaits trial on sexual assault charges after an Ontario court rejected his bid to be released on bail. Nygard, who appeared remotely from the Toronto South Detention Centre, sat still as Ontario Justice of the Peace John Scarfe read his ruling Wednesday.

Nygard, 80, is charged with six counts of sexual assault and three counts of forcible confinement, which police have said relate to alleged incidents in the late 1980s and mid-2000s. He has denied all the allegations.

Authorities in the U.S. accuse Nygard of using his influence in the fashion industry to lure women and girls with the promise of modelling and other financial opportunities. A Manitoba judge denied him bail in February of last year as he underwent an extradition hearing, citing concerns that he would contact witnesses if released. globalnews.ca  theguardian.com

Canada's legalization of cannabis is a success story, despite a shaky first act
There have been growing pains, but early evidence shows that initial concerns about legalization haven't materialized and the main aims of the legislation are well on their way to being achieved

International Brands Continued to Enter Canadian Market by Opening Stores Over the Past 12 Months with More to Come

Maison Kitsuné Enters Canadian Market With Vancouver Store and Café

$750K Jewelry Heist
Mississauga, ON: Police seek 2 suspects after $750,000 in jewelry, gold stolen store
Police are seeking to identify two suspects after a jewelry store was broken into in Mississauga. In a press release issued Monday, Peel Regional Police said on Dec. 13, 2021, just after 11:30 p.m., two suspects broke into a jewelry store in the Dundas Street East and Highway 427 area.

Police said the suspects gained access through the roof. Once inside, officers said the suspects used power tools to break through a concrete cinder block wall and gain access to a safe. According to police, the suspects stole approximately $750,000 worth of jewelry and gold.

Officers said one of the suspects has a "very distinct gait" and was last seen fleeing the scene in a silver Dodge Journey with a second suspect. globalnews.ca

Toronto, ON: Police looking for 5 suspects after merchandise worth $150K stolen from downtown store
Toronto police have released security camera images of suspects who allegedly stole merchandise worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from a downtown store earlier this month. On Jan. 10, officers were called to a break-and-enter in a retail store near Yonge Street and Queen Street West around 1:45 a.m.

Police said five suspects broke into the store and ransacked the place. They fled the area hauling goods worth approximately $150,000, police said. No specific descriptions of the suspects were released other than they were all wearing dark clothing. toronto.ctvnews.ca

'A huge disappointment': $10K worth of meat stolen from local butcher shop
A local south Edmonton meat store had thousands of dollars worth of wild game stolen early Sunday morning. Surveillance video provided to CTV News by Real Deal Meats shows two thieves using an angle grinder and hammer to pry their way into one of the butcher shop's locked outdoor meat coolers.

Alicia Boisvert, co-owner, said the cooler was filled with $10,000 worth of wild game brought by hunters for processing, including elk and deer cuts. "Either it's somebody who owes money, or it's somebody who knows how to cut meat," Alicia said, adding that most of the product was whole carcasses or large cuts of elk, deer, and beef. edmonton.ctvnews.ca

Guns, $4M of drugs reportedly seized by Toronto police in Project Tundra investigation
Two Toronto residents, Whitby resident facing more than 50 drug and firearms charges

Vancouver, BC: Attempted theft stymied at Gucci shop in downtown

Police issue Canada-wide warrant for federal offender; armed robbery & theft

RNC respond to armed robbery at St. John's service station

Police search for two suspects following armed robbery at Dartmouth variety store

Ottawa police searching for Sandy Hill robbery suspect

Bell Island RCMP investigates armed robbery

RCMP looking to identify individual following fraudulent purchases

Autographed Willie Nelson and Kid Rock guitars stolen from Winnipeg store

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2nd Amazon Union Vote Could Succeed
Alabama Amazon warehouse workers tilting pro-union, labor reps say
The Amazon warehouse in Alabama where workers voted down a union last year now has so many more new employees that labor reps say they're more confident of sealing a contract this year.

Nearly half of the 6,143 workers at the Bessemer, Alabama, facility are new to the company since the infamous vote there in April that dashed any hopes of a union contract.

The vote last year was later challenged by the National Labor Relations Board, which said that Amazon interfered with the process by intimidating its workers.

The NLRB ordered a new vote and the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union said during a Monday evening press conference that it has a better chance of securing a contract this time.

It's not immediately clear why new employees would be more likely to vote for the union, but reps said on the call Monday that people at the facility were wearing T-shirts promoting the union and were "invigorated," according to the Bloomberg report.

Last year's vote resulted in 1,798 Amazon workers at the facility voting against a contract and just 738 voting in favor of the union, which had previously predicted overwhelming support for its drive.

Ballots for the new vote are due March 28. Workers at the at the facility are wearing the T-shirts and also are going to employees' homes to discuss the drive, several workers said during the conference.

"The loss was a blessing," said one worker, Kristina Bell, according to Bloomberg. "It made us motivated to win even more." nypost.com

Amazon Warehouse Harassment
Amazon worker records alleged sexual harassment she encounters in every shift
An Amazon packer has alleged that she is routinely sexually harassed by male colleagues at the warehouse where she works.

The video showed her packing boxes with captions of comments she received. The captions included, "What's your snap [Snapchat]?", "Let's chill on break" and "Ayye what's your name?"

She also refers to a man as a "thirsty water spider" as he comes up to her and asks for her number. The TikTok video received over 105,000 views and over 10,000 likes by Monday. However, on Tuesday it was deleted.

Users on the social media platform responded to the clip with sexist comments including blaming her clothes for the harassment she allegedly faces. independent.co.uk

FedEx and Microsoft announce new cross-platform logistics solution for e-commerce







Washington, DC: Three Local Glasses Stores Hit by Smash-and-Grab Robberies
Police in Virginia And Washington D.C. are trying to solve some brazen smash and grab robberies. Thieves appear to be targeting local eye glass stores. We told you about one of these cases earlier this months. It happens in broad daylight during business hours. They're targeting small optical store stealing high-end frames. Thieves hit on Jan 11th in Arlington, Jan 20th in Alexandria and again yesterday in Friendship Heights. The Arlington store estimated the loss at 40 frames, nearly $17,000 in merchandise.  nbcwashington.com

Lexington, KY: Thieves steal $7,000 worth of jewelry from Pandora store in Fayette Mall
That's how Lexington Police describe this week's Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week. The thief ripped off the Pandora jewelry store inside Fayette Mall for nearly $7,000. And, he wasn't alone. Lexington Police said the two likely came in to shop for jewelry but found it easier to steal. "The gentleman saw and kind of did a double-take when he saw the charms sitting out," said Detective Anthony Delimpo. A crime of opportunity police said when a store employee stopped mid-task to help another customer. Police said the video shows the thief didn't just go in once for a handful of Pandora charms, but several times. "He looks around then takes some, looks around again and takes some more," said Delimpo. "Looks around again and takes an additional amount. About 100 charms were taken so it was definitely a crime of opportunity and I think they are local or live in the general area of central Kentucky."  foxlexington.com

Allen Park, MI: Shoplifting incident turns into Armed Robbery at Home Depot
One of two men stealing merchandise from an Allen Park store pulled a gun on an employee, turning a shoplifting incident into an armed robbery. At 8:52 p.m. Jan. 21, two police officers were sent to Home Depot, 3163 Fairlane Drive, to respond to a retail fraud report. A loss prevention employee told police that two people were involved in the thefts. The employee said he observed the first suspect place six Tide Pod boxes and two Ryobi weed wackers onto a cart. The thief started to exit the store without paying for the items, which had a total value of about $475. As the loss prevention employee began to approach the man, he removed a black handgun from the left side of his hip, pulled it out and said "Stay back." The thief then left the store, along with the man wearing the leather jacket and jeans. The two men placed the stolen property into a black Ford Mustang and fled. Officers searched the area, but were unable to find the vehicle. thenewsherald.com

Davis, CA: 2 women arrested months after stealing thousands from Davis CVS stores
The Davis Police Department said 22-year-old Diamon Russell of Suisun City and 21-year-old Destiny Gates of Davis were arrested. Both face organized retail theft, grand theft and conspiracy charges, and Gates is also facing an additional illegal possession of ammunition charge. The burglaries happened Nov. 28, the first being at the CVS Pharmacy at 1550 East Covell Blvd., police said. Four suspects entered the store and went to the personal care products section where they filled up duffel bags and a plastic 50 gallon-size bag with items from the shelves. The total amount stolen was about $2,000. About 20 minutes later, those same four suspects again stole from a CVS, this one at the 1471 West Covell Blvd. location, police said. The manager confronted them as they were trying to flee the store with about $5,000 worth of products. It wouldn't be until months later when detectives identified two of the four thieves. Police said Russell was arrested Jan. 19 at her Suisun City home. Gates was arrested the next day at her Davis apartment. Inside, a large amount of beauty products, cosmetics and other items commonly stolen during retail thefts were found, along with illegally possessed ammunition. There's no information on if the other two suspects were also found. After a months-long investigation, two people were arrested in connection with stealing from two Davis CVS stores, officials said Tuesday. kcra.com

Australia: Brazen smash-and-grab caught on camera at Gepps Cross motorbike store
Police are hunting a gang of motorbike thieves who carried out a brazen smash-and-grab at Gepps Cross. It is the second time in two months the business has been targeted. The owners have released dramatic security video of the suspects to help track them down. theglobalherald.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Atlanta, GA: Man shot, killed in front of East Point grocery store
A man was shot to death on a busy road in East Point on Monday afternoon, but police have not identified a suspect. Officers responded to the 3000 block of Washington Road about a shooting just before 5 p.m., East Point police spokesman Capt. Allyn Glover confirmed in an email to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. At the scene, police found a man lying in the road with multiple gunshot wounds. His death was confirmed when emergency medical personnel arrived. The suspect, who remains unidentified, fled the area and has not been found by police, Glover said. No further information, including the victim's name or other identifying details, has been released. ajc.com

Memphis, TN: Fatal overnight gas station shooting on Lamar Avenue
A deadly shooting struck out at a gas station in the airport area overnight Tuesday. Officers responded to the incident on the 3400 block of Lamar at Marathon Gas Station around 2:30 a.m. In a surveillance video, a group of men stood outside the gas station with another man sitting in a SUV beside them. A black car then drove up and immediately started firing at the men before driving off. The man outside of the SUV collapsed to the ground while the vehicle beside him slowly began to pull forward near a gas pump. A man then got out of the SUV and ran into the store for help. According to witnesses, that man was also injured. One man died during the shooting. wreg.com

Baltimore, MD: Restaurant manager, delivery worker slain in 2 shootings
The general manager of a restaurant in Baltimore's Little Italy was killed in Fells Point early Monday and a woman delivering food was fatally shot hours later in northeast Baltimore during a robbery, police said. Chesley Patterson, 44, was shot around midnight in the 1700 block of Eastern Avenue and pronounced dead at a hospital, police said. Patterson was the general manager of La Scala restaurant in Little Italy, less than half a mile from where he was killed, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Officers responded to another shooting on the 3900 block of White Avenue about two hours later and Cheryl McCormack, 51, of Nottingham was pronounced dead at the scene by medics, police said. McCormack was killed during "a robbery gone bad," police said. McCormack's husband, Jim, said his wife and another man were working for delivery service DoorDash when they had car trouble and stopped. McCormack said the man working with his wife told him two men tried to rob them, and when Cheryl McCormack said no, one of the men shot her. sfgate.com

Pittsburgh, PA: Man Charged In Shots Fired Outside Waterworks Walmart
A man is facing charges after police said an argument inside the Waterworks Walmart led to shots fired in the parking lot last month. Multiple charges were filed against John Hayden from Knoxville including aggravated assault and child endangerment. He was holding a child when he got into an argument with a group of people at Walmart on Dec. 14, police said. The argument spilled outside, and police said Hayden admitted to firing his gun multiple times while two children were in the backseat of his car. The gunfire led to a SWAT callout right at the height of the holiday shopping season. No one was hurt, but a vehicle was hit. A man sitting inside the car told police he had to dive into the passenger seat. Authorities confirmed the man's car was shot four times and say it was "a miracle" no one was hurt. pittsburgh.cbslocal.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Broken Arrow, OK: $300 in stolen Legos lead police to explosive in vehicle; Broken Arrow couple arrested
A couple from Broken Arrow are in custody after police there found an explosive device Monday. Mariah Davis, 20, and Zane Bennett, 19, were arrested and booked into jail about 6 p.m. Monday. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Tulsa Police Department were investigating what turned out to be a bomb in a vehicle near Kenosha (71st) Street and the Creek Turnpike in east Broken Arrow. An officer had stopped the vehicle because it was suspected of involvement in a shoplifting incident, according to Broken Arrow Police Department spokesman Christopher Walker. A Walmart loss-prevention employee had told officers a woman, later identified by police as Davis, had stolen three Lego sets worth $289.94, according to a probable cause affidavit. The officer stopped the vehicle and saw the Lego sets in the backseat along with what appeared to be an explosive device, the affidavit states.

The bomb was described by officers as "four red 'Boom Sticks' with green fuses tied together. There was one bottle rocket in the middle the green fuses were tied to." Bennett, who reportedly had been dropped off in the area, told officers he was there to pick up his car. According to the affidavit, he admitted to building the explosive device using fireworks and leaving it in the vehicle his girlfriend was driving. "He stated he was going to blow things up but did not intend to hurt anyone," according to the arresting officer. tulsaworld.com

Pittsburgh, PA: Woman Charged In Global Credit Card Fraud Scheme
A woman from Westmoreland County is accused of perpetrating credit card fraud that spanned the globe. The story starts in Leechburg after a call from police in El Paso, Texas. "We were contacted from West Texas that a victim down there had been located and a fraud had been perpetrated against them using credit cards up here in Allegheny Township," Allegheny Township Police Chief Duane Fisher said. Investigators say the victim was taken for seven separate $1,000 cash advances, all withdrawn from a bank in Leechburg. Bank security cameras and other paperwork allegedly showed 32-year-old Julia Marie Williams using the card and taking the money.

Where did Williams get the card? "She was in communication with a male in Ghana over a dating site for several years," Fisher said. The crime, first centered in Texas and Westmoreland County, also now involved the West African nation of Ghana and Williams' supposed online love interest and alleged mastermind, Daniel Asante. "She received some credit cards in the mail. And although the paperwork was in her name, the credit cards were in other people's names," Fisher said. Police went to Williams' home and found the following things. "There were over 50 items of evidence taken. Different forms, documents, credit cards in other people's names, and instruments to commit these frauds," Fisher said.

When questioned, Williams told police she knew what she did wasn't right but did it anyway. She also admitted that she never actually met Asante. "Based on what we know so far, there was never a personal meeting," Fisher said. "There was communication via cell phone, text messaging, apps, those types of things." The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office is now handling the investigation. Investigators are looking into whether there may be more victims. pittsburgh.cbslocal.com

San Bruno, CA: 2 Jewelry Stores in Same Peninsula Mall Targeted by Smash-and-Grab Thieves

Fresno, CA: Police searching for suspect in connection to three 7-Eleven robberies

Newark, DE: Embattled Delaware State Rep. Brady named as suspect in 2 shoplifting incidents

Las Vegas, NV: Police clear 'suspicious device' found at North Las Vegas distribution center




Auto - Commerce, GA - Burglary
C-Store - New Castle County, DE - Robbery
C-Store - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery
CVS - Petaluma, CA - Robbery
Check Cash - Opelousas, LA - Armed Robbery
Clothing - Santa Fe, NM - Burglary
Eyewear - Friendship, VA - Robbery
Game Stop - Opelousas, LA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Memphis, TN - Armed Robbery
Home Depot - Allen Park, MI - Armed Robbery
Hotel - Santa F, NM - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Albuquerque, NM - Burglary
Jewelry - Valley Stream, NY - Robbery
Jewelry - Lexington, KY - Robbery
Liquor - Dearborn Heights, MI - Armed Robbery
Liquor - Santa Fe, NM - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Lexington, KY - Burglary
Restaurant - Lexington, KY - Burglary
Restaurant - Memphis, TN - Armed Robbery (Sonic)
Restaurant - Frederick, MD - Burglary
Restaurant - Milwaukee, WI - Burglary
7-Eleven - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Reno, NV - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Glen Burnie, MD - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 17 robberies
• 7 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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None to report.

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Region Asset Protection Manager-South Florida Region (Bi-lingual Required)
Doral, FL - posted December 21
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

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San Francisco, CA - posted December 15
RH is seeking a Corporate Safety & Security Leader. The role will lead a team of Safety & Security Associates on our Corporate Campus in Corte Madera, CA. The Leader acts as the key point of contact for safety and security incidents including identifying, investigating, mitigating, and managing risks...


Regional Loss Prevention and Safety Specialist
New York, NY - posted November 29
You will act as a coach, trainer, mentor, and enforcer to support the risk management program at Legends. Responsibilities can include, but are not limited to: Identify, develop, and implement improved loss prevention and safety measurements with risk management team; Conduct internal audits that have a focus on loss prevention, personal safety, and food safety, and help the team to effectively execute against company standards and requirements

Safety Director (Retail Background Preferred)
Jacksonville, FL - posted November 3
This role is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing purpose-directed occupational safety and health programs designed to minimize the frequency and severity of customer and associate accidents, while complying with applicable regulatory requirements. This leader is the subject matter expert on all safety matters

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The Director of Loss Prevention & Environmental, Health and Safety plans, organizes, implements, and directs HERBL's programs, procedures, and practices to ensure the safety and security of company employees and property...

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