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Matt Dorgan named Asset Protection Operations Senior Analyst for Dollar General

Before joining Dollar General as Asset Protection Operations Senior Analyst, Matt spent nearly three years with Allied Universal as Enterprise Accounts Project Manager. Prior to that, he held roles with Safe Environment Business Solutions Inc. Earlier in his career, he served as Investigations Manager for Five Below and held AP/LP roles with Turkey Hill and Sears. He also spent nearly five years as a Police Officer with the City of Key West Florida. Congratulations, Matt!

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Are You Going to the NRF Big Show in NYC?

Take the D&D Daily's survey about your plans to attend (or not attend) the NRF Big Show in NYC

The NRF Big Show kicks off from Jan. 16-18 in New York City. For research purposes, the D&D Daily is conducting a survey about whether COVID-19, particularly the Omicron surge, has impacted industry executives' plans to attend.

Take the 30-second survey here


The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

CNN Continues Coverage of Nationwide ORC Epidemic
Shoplifting is surging across America with dangerous and costly consequences
Retailers have always been vulnerable to shoplifting. But the emergence of coordinated and organized robberies at high-value stores, even during shopping hours, has the industry on edge.

Chris Lowe an expert on retail crime and research scientist at the Loss Prevention Research Council, said retailers are very worried about the escalation in these organized group-led "smash-and-grab" robberies in multiple cities around the country.

"The anatomy of these attacks show
they are more aggressive, dangerous and happening more frequently," said Lowe. "When I talk to retail loss prevention veterans, the best comparison they come up with is what crime was like in New York in the 1970s. But even then, it was more street robberies and not like retail theft as brazen as this."

As stores boost security measures to keep employees and shoppers safe, retailers have to contend with another consequence of organized theft: Its high cost to stores.

The surge in store-related theft is costly in other ways, too.
Employee retention takes a hit when retail crimes spike.

"Think about retailers that are staffed predominantly by women, like cosmetics stores and high-end fashion," said Lowe. "Criminals target these stores because these are high-dollar items and they anticipate little pushback from the staff. But the fear makes it difficult to keep employees."

Best Buy's CEO Corie Barry said in November that the retailer has seen a jump in theft at its stores by gangs of thieves. Some of these incidents have involved weapons such as a gun or crowbar, she said.

"This is traumatizing for our associates and is unacceptable," Barry said during a call with analysts in November. "We are doing everything we can to try to create [an] as safe as possible environment."

Pandemic impact

Although organized shoplifting sprees were on the rise even before the pandemic, Lowe said that post-Covid lifestyle adjustments have made it easier for offenders to get away with the crime. cnn.com

Walgreens Shrink Rate Surges
Walgreens executives say the drugstore chain is losing 50% more money due to loss and theft

Walgreens has lost 50% more income to theft and damaged items in the last two years.

Roz Brewer, the chief executive of Walgreens Boots Alliance, said the company has a shrink rate, or the loss of inventory attributed to theft, fraud, and damage, at about 3.25%.
The shrink rate had been a little over 2% 10 years ago, she added.

Brewer said the last two years have led to a
40% to 50% increase in shrink, due in large part to organized crime.

"This is not petty theft," Brewer said on a January 6 call with investors. "It's not somebody who can't afford to eat tomorrow. These are
gangs that actually go in and empty our stores of beauty products. And it's a real issue."

Walgreens reported a net earnings from continuing operations of $2 billion in the 12 months ending August 31. With a shrink rate of 3.25%, the company's could have
lost $65 million from its net earnings last year because of theft.

US retailers lost an estimated 1.62% of revenues to shrinkage in 2020, totalling an record $61.7 billion, according to the National Retail Federation.

Retailers said the growth of
third-party e-commerce stores exacerbated retail crime. Two retail spokespeople told Insider's Áine Cain anonymous online merchants can make it easier for thieves to market their loot without drawing suspicion.

Twenty retailers, including Target, Best Buy, and Kroger, have asked Congress to pass legislation to curb illegal business activity by anonymous vendors online. markets.businessinsider.com

Proposition 47 Under Fire From Both Sides
Prop. 47 targeted by Dem, GOP lawmakers

A Democratic bill would reverse a key aspect of Prop 47 by reducing the felony threshold for petty theft and shoplifting, while a GOP one would overturn Prop. 47 altogether.

Little did California voters know, when they approved a 2014 ballot measure that
reduced penalties for certain theft offenses, that their decision would still be making headlines in 2022.

On Tuesday, Democratic Assemblymember Rudy Salas of Bakersfield introduced a bill that, if passed by state lawmakers and a majority of voters, would reverse a key aspect of Prop. 47 by
moving the felony threshold for petty theft and shoplifting from $950 back to $400.

Salas: "Enough is enough, we need to fight back against the criminals who are stealing from our communities. We have seen the unintended consequences of
Prop. 47's weakening of our theft laws and I believe California voters are ready to make their voices heard on this issue again."

Salas' statement sharply contrasts with those from prominent Democrats including Gov. Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta, who have
repeatedly emphasized that Prop. 47 has nothing to do with California's surge in smash-and-grab robberies. But it could help Salas, who's running for the U.S. House of Representatives seat currently held by Republican David Valadao, court GOP voters - many of whom blame Prop. 47 for the uptick in organized retail crime.

Indeed, a few hours after Salas unveiled his bill,
a group of Republican state lawmakers - including Assemblymembers Kevin Kiley of Rocklin, James Gallagher of Yuba City and James Patterson of Fresno - introduced a proposal to repeal Prop. 47 altogether. calmatters.org

   RELATED: California bill would reverse Prop 47 to crack down on rising retail theft

6,000 Murder Suspects & 84,000 Fugitives Arrested
U.S. Marshals Arrest More Than 6,000 Murder Suspects in 2021, Over 84,000 Fugitives Apprehended
The U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) released its 2021 statistics in a Department of Justice press release, published Monday, 3 January. From October 2020 through September 2021, USMS arrested more than
84,000 fugitives, including more than 10,000 sex offenders, 6,000 gang members, and 6,000 homicide suspects.

USMS has a varied mission. It provides law enforcement and protection for federal courts and judicial systems, apprehends and extradites federal fugitives, transports and houses prisoners, investigates cases involving missing children, enforces sex offender compliance laws, operates the federal witness protection program, and manages the sale of criminal assets seized as part of federal law enforcement.

Compared to the previous year, USMS arrested nearly 7,000 more fugitives-an 8.7 percent increase. However, in FY 2020, the marshals were able to clear four cases from their 15 Most Wanted list.

"The outstanding work this year by the U.S. Marshals Service exemplifies that the Department of Justice has no higher priority than keeping our communities safe," said Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco. "At a
time of unprecedented challenges posed by a global pandemic, the U.S. Marshals continue to deliver on their mission, tracking down and arresting more than 84,000 fugitives. The Department of Justice, through our law enforcement components like the U.S. Marshals Service, will continue to prioritize our efforts to reduce violent crime and keep our neighborhoods safe." asisonline.org justice.gov


COVID Update

519.3M Vaccinations Given

US: 61.2M Cases - 859.3K Dead - 42.2M Recovered
Worldwide: 308.1M Cases - 5.5M Dead - 259.6M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 338   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 596
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Covid-19 Cases Reach Records in U.S.

Omicron is extending its reach across the country, pushing up hospitalizations as well as new infections

The seven-day average for new cases reached about 663,700 by Friday evening, according to Johns Hopkins University. Hospitalizations have been surging and are nearing record-high levels, federal data show.

The seven-day case average on Friday jumped more than 61,000 from the prior day, for example, because it no longer includes a depressed number from New Year's Eve. Los Angeles County alone reported 43,000 new cases on Friday, the latest in a string of daily records.

In hard-hit New York City there are signs the pace of the case surge may at least be easing. wsj.com

Omicron and the Week America Is Calling In Sick

An estimated 5 million Americans could be stuck at home because of Covid-19, leaving many businesses short-handed

The first full week of 2022 was supposed to signal a return to work after the winter holidays. Instead,
America called in sick. Employers have been hit by a global wave of Covid-19 illnesses and people missing work because they or their family or co-workers have been exposed to the fast-spreading Omicron variant. School closings and child-care issues are also keeping some workers at home

The recent surge in employee absences is the latest strain on public and private sectors already worn down by the pandemic, supply chain snarls, labor shortages and rising prices. Many employees are reporting mild symptoms as a result of Covid-19, employers say, but must still miss multiple days of work, leaving employers to grapple daily with the question of who will be in and who can't make it.

The fresh disruption to the global labor market at the start of the third pandemic year is both familiar and foreign. In the U.S., the seven-day average of daily cases reported surpassed 500,000 for the first time since the 2020 pandemic declaration. Omicron infections are resulting in fewer hospitalizations than earlier variants but
the volume of people testing positive or exposed is taking its toll on workplaces-which are already stretched by the tight U.S. labor market.

More than five million Americans could be stuck at home isolating over the coming days, according to Andrew Hunter, senior U.S. economist at Capital Economics. Though the economic effects of the latest Covid-19 surge could be temporary, he wrote in a report Wednesday it could "deal a significant hit to the economy over the next month or two." wsj.com

COVID Testing Site Security
Milwaukee police, security at COVID testing sites after altercation
The Milwaukee Police Department and security companies are
providing COVID-19 test site security after reports of some altercations and line cutting. "Be kind" is the simple two-word plea from the Milwaukee Health Department amid high demand for testing.

But not everyone is keeping others in mind at the busy testing sites. The Milwaukee Health Department said people have tried to cut in line and even caused altercations with staff and others waiting for a test.

The health department is
heightening security, with police on scene at community testing sites.

"I know there have been some
threats of violence, so again, we have stepped up our security, and the Milwaukee Police Department has been tremendous partners assisting at all three sites," said Johnson.

If someone cuts in line or causes an altercation, they'll be asked to go to the end of the line or leave. Before the holiday season, pharmacy workers tested about 200 people per day. Now, the average is at roughly 2,500 - and some people in line are losing their patience.

"With the long lines,
we've had a lot of disruption from people that are impatient, trying to cut the line, and that has led us to hire a private security company," Kaloti said.

Security guards manage the traffic and additional staff members are just a few ways the pharmacy is handling the demand. Employees are working longer hours, and the pharmacy is now open 24/7 to help with wait times during the day. fox6now.com

COVID Staffing Shortage Crushes Restaurants
Lattes go missing, drive-thrus slow as Omicron hits U.S. restaurants
Starbucks customers arriving to claim their mobile drink orders have found cafes shut, and delivery drivers are waiting longer to pick up some
McDonald's Big Macs. Service at U.S. restaurants has slowed as Omicron, the latest COVID-19 variant, sickens workers and scares off others, leaving many businesses without enough staff.

Starbucks Corp customers complained on Twitter last week about temporary closures and reduced hours at locations around the country, including in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, California, New Jersey, Florida and New York.

In Knoxville, Tennessee, one
DoorDash Inc driver said he has been waiting up to 30 minutes in drive-thru lines at fast-food chains since early December. He said chains including McDonald's Corp, Yum Brands Inc's Taco Bell, and Chick-fil-A began putting up signs last month warning of longer wait times for customers and drivers picking up mobile orders because of labor shortages.

Starbucks spokesman Reggie Borges said some of its roughly 9,000 U.S. cafes have
adjusted hours and operating levels throughout the pandemic. Some locations, including all 20 in Buffalo, New York, are carry out only, he said.

McDonald's said in a statement it was monitoring the impact of COVID-19 variants closely and was continuing to serve customers with approximately 99% of its U.S. restaurants open throughout the pandemic. A Chick-fil-A spokesperson said the chicken chain is
experiencing business challenges due to Omicron, but 99% of their restaurants are still open. reuters.com

COVID Regulatory Update
Cal/OSHA Extends and Changes COVID ETS

Employers must exclude employees who had contact with a positive individual.

Employers in California are now subject to an extension to April 14 of the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS), which also has been subject to a number of
changes employers need to be aware of.

The California standards possess significance that r
eaches far beyond the state's borders because so many American businesses are either based there or have employees located in the state. Attorneys urge affected employers to re-examine their workplace COVID-19 safety policies and revise their policies as required by the readopted ETS, to ensure compliance.

The facemask guidance remains mostly the same as in the original rule, but
cloth face coverings must now pass the "light test." To qualify as a face covering a cloth face covering may not let light pass through it when held up to a light source, note attorneys Sean Paisan and Sierra Vierra of the Jackson Lewis law firm. In addition, both vaccinated and unvaccinated employees now must wear face coverings during screening.

Employers must still exclude employees who test positive for COVID-19 until return-to-work requirements are met. Also excluded are employees who had close contact with a positive individual unless they are fully vaccinated and asymptomatic. These employees can remain in the workplace, but they now must wear a face covering and practice social distancing for 14 days. ehstoday.com

Biden, in Shift, Prepares Americans to See Covid-19 as Part of Life

Before Omicron surge, president said in July the nation was 'closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus'

The recalibration of Mr. Biden's message comes as the country braces for another round of disruptions wrought by the pandemic. A growing number of schools temporarily have returned to virtual instruction and many businesses are strained by staffing shortages, in both cases due to infections triggered by the highly transmissible Omicron variant. Thursday marked the 12th straight day of more than 1,000 flight cancellations, and many states warned that ongoing testing shortages will make it harder to return people to work and school. wsj.com

Pace of Daily Infections Nearly Doubled in Past Week - Surpassing 2 Million Cases a Day

New York reports over 90,000 COVID cases to break another state record
More than half, or 47,591, of the positive cases were detected in New York City, where the Omicron surge has hit hard.

Staffs of MD hospitals, stressed & sickened with COVID, know 'cavalry' isn't coming
Governor sends in National Guard

New York COVID hospitalization numbers are rising fastest among kids

Jury Trials Halted Almost Nationwide due to Omicron

Walmart cuts paid leave in half for employees who have COVID-19



Trade Show News

Reputational Conundrum

Western Hemisphere's Biggest Toy Trade Show - Biggest Retailers Pull Out
Toy Fair loses major retailers over Omicron fears - but still slated for Javits Center
The Western Hemisphere's biggest trade show for toys is the latest victim of the Omicron virus, with some of the
biggest retail buyers - including Walmart, Target and Amazon - pulling out of the in-person event, On the Money has learned.

They join Hasbro, Jazwares and MGA Entertainment among others in ditching plans to attend the fair, still set to take place at
the Javits Center in Manhattan from Feb. 19-22. Others, including Tonka Truck maker Basic Fun, are on the fence about attending, sources say.

"It's a fluid situation," said one toymaker, Albert Maslaton, chief operating officer of Brooklyn Lollipops, who's booked to attend, but said he'd rather not go - and is trying to get his money back.

The show was canceled in 2021 for the first time in 117 years, but this year's show is set to go on - and organizer The Toy Association pointed out that
biggies Lego and Mattel are still attending.

"There is still a strong core," TIA spokeswoman, Adrienne Appell told On the Money. "It is fluid, but more driven by rumor mill." Amazon, she added, is registered to attend. But industry insiders tell On the Money Amazon reps have told them they will not be there. nypost.com

CES 2022 may be down over 50% from 2020's 170,000 in-person attendees
Tech notes from Day 1 of CES 2022

In-person conference returns to Las Vegas with a multitude of groundbreaking technologies

CES 2022 may be down over 50% from 2020's 170,000 in-person attendees, but the
Consumer Technology Association (CTA) partnered with CLEAR and created an efficient badge pickup, ID and vaccination verification process. Nevada has also been struggling to keep up with Covid-19 testing demand, up from 100 collections per day to 1,500 per day post-New-Year's, but the CTA indeed achieved a milestone: Every in-person CES 2022 attendee is receiving an Abbott Labs BinaxNOW Covid-19 Antigen Double Self-Test Kit, authorized by FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

The aisles are wider and there are fewer of the larger exhibitors, but there was no shortage of leap-forward technology leveraging artificial intelligence, using new robotics platforms and helping to identify potential threats.
Health and safety solutions were also in abundance, adding to Covid-19 mitigation strategies with new autonomous vacuums and small office and bus air circulation systems claiming to kill the virus. securityinfowatch.com

Bottom Line - Be Responsible - Get Vaccinated & Wear Your Mask
What a bumpy CES means for brands and live events in 2022
A rocky CES has become a warning sign for the live events circuit, indicating that
not everyone is ready for a return to in-person conferences.

Still, that doesn't mean brands should abandon appearances in 2022; they just need to plan better.

Brands that had pulled out of attending CES in Las Vegas, like LG Electronics, still have plans to send people to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando in February.

The omicron wave of COVID-19 forced many companies to pull staff from attending CES. Major electronics companies, including LG, Lenovo, Panasonic, Google and Microsoft, withdrew at the last minute, leaving open spaces in typically packed convention center halls. Usually about 170,000 people show up to CES, which last year had to host an online-only show because of the pandemic. Consumer Technology Association organizers anticipated a far smaller headcount this year. Official numbers will be released after the show, but by all accounts lines in Las Vegas were shorter, hotel lobbies less packed, and shuttles easier to board.

Despite the troubles, CES was also a harbinger of how events could carry on, with attendees walking around fully masked and vaccinated, and organizers handing out personal COVID-19 testing kits. Even if only tens of thousands, and not hundreds, made it to Las Vegas, that would still make CES one of the larger in-person trade shows since the start of the pandemic

These events can happen in a responsible way, and CES was the same," said Roxy Fata, chief operating officer of Infinite Objects, an NFT electronics display maker. "People were masked. They were very diligent with protocols. It was very organized." adage.com

Fashion Industry Reputational Conundrum - Global Perspective
Should Brands Cancel Fashion Shows?

Omicron has thrown a wrench in Fashion Month, leaving brands to weigh their options for handling an increasingly familiar conundrum.

Once again, fashion month is here, with menswear and haute couture shows scheduled to kick off next week and continue throughout January. And, once again, the new season has coincided with a surge in coronavirus infections across Europe and the US, leaving the industry to grapple with whether it's safe enough, or worth it, to carry on.

Governments in Italy and France have given the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana in Milan and the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM) in Paris the
green light to go ahead with in-person shows, providing they comply with national coronavirus regulations, such as reduced guest capacity, social distancing, mask-wearing and requirements for up-to-date vaccine passports for attendees. The British Fashion Council (BFC) announced in December it would not stage men's fashion week in January due to Covid-19 uncertainties, but the body is still planning for in-person events for the women's shows in February, as is the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in New York.

In practice,
it's being left up to individual brands to make the call on whether to go ahead with fashion week plans or not.

Some brands have already made the decision to cancel, move or scale down fashion week plans. Ann Demeulemeester, which was due to stage an event during menswear trade show Pitti Uomo in Florence next week, has postponed the show until June. Giorgio Armani pulled two menswear shows and its couture show from the January line-up in Milan and Paris. Brunello Cucinelli decided to shelve its Pitti Uomo plans, while still going ahead with a planned presentation during men's fashion week in Milan. Meanwhile, the charity fashion dinner hosted by the FHCM and Sidaction that traditionally closes Haute Couture Week in January has been postponed to July.

Should more follow their lead?

The decision raises a financial and reputational conundrum. Shows can be valuable, but they are costly, and right now brands need to decide whether they are comfortable with the risks posed by rising infection rates. businessoffashion.com


Multitasking Robots - In-Store Data Acquisition Platforms
Cleaning Robots Just Got Smarter
Brain Corp, an AI and robotics tech firm, has created a new data capture accessory that can be added to autonomous floor scrubbers from Tennant Company. The accessory-equipped robots are rolling out (literally and figuratively) early this year.

By fitting Tennant's robotic scrubbers with Brain Corp.'s Inventory Scan, retailers can simultaneously clean their stores and collect details on their inventory. They can use reports generated from the system to leverage insights for
greater pricing accuracy, planogram compliance and other data-based efforts. With this two-for-one technology, grocers can accomplish floor cleaning and data-gathering tasks in one fell swoop, a bonus in the current climate of labor shortages, ongoing virus surges and price sensitivities.

CEO Eugene Izhikevich: "We are actively
taking BrainOS-powered robots from primarily task-oriented machines to in-store data acquisition platforms. This delivers critical insights and adds significant ROI for retailers." progressivegrocer.com

Hyundai Buys Boston Dynamics - Robotics Provider
Hyundai Mobility - Becoming Global Robotic Solutions Provider
Called the Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED), Hyundai has brought a high-tech robotic, locomotive platform that can maneuver around and over obstacles in all sorts of environments with a top speed of 18 mph, similar to an electric scooter. At 26 inches in length and 23 inches wide, with four-wheel independent suspension and 'Eccentric Wheel' drive, the 100-pound MobED maintains stability even if it's on an incline or uneven roads.

Hyundai has created a platform of PnD (Plug & Drive) robotics under
the new concept "Mobility of Things" (MOT), which aims to provide mobility to any element, like surveillance and occupancy sensors or Covid-19 cleaning devices in public spaces. other markets requiring extraordinary safety measures. Just as Ghost Robotics originated from University of Pennsylvania's Pennovation Lab, Boston Dynamics, founded in 1992, came out of the MIT Leg Lab. In July. Hyundai Motor Group acquired controlling interest in Boston Dynamics valued at $1.1 billion, clearly signaling its intention to become a global robotic solutions provider.

In July, we reported on Ghost Robotics incredibly agile "Q-UGV Dog," at ISC West 2021, that currently is being used at nuclear waste disposal sites and in other markets requiring extraordinary safety measures. Just as Ghost Robotics originated from University of Pennsylvania's Pennovation Lab, Boston Dynamics, founded in 1992, came out of the MIT Leg Lab. In July. Hyundai Motor Group acquired controlling interest in Boston Dynamics valued at $1.1 billion,
clearly signaling its intention to become a global robotic solutions provider. securityinfowatch.com

Business Continuity Concerns Long Term
Study Forecasts Greater Hurricane Risk in Northeastern U.S.

New research indicates that storms once limited mostly to tropical regions will affect broader swath of the globe

But a new study suggests that as the planet warms, the storms will become more common in mid-latitude regions-between 30 and 60 degrees latitude in both hemispheres-that include New York City and Boston as well as Beijing, Tokyo and other large cities in eastern Asia and Australia.

An expanding hurricane range means more people as well as homes and businesses may be at risk in coastal areas, said Jim Kossin, a former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientist who wasn't involved in the new research.

Last year, New York City Emergency Management updated the city's coastal-storm plan. Boston is expanding efforts to prepare for a potentially wet and stormy future.

"With hurricanes, we don't know how and when, but we already know where our low-lying areas are," she said. "We know enough to act." wsj.com

One-third of workers would take a pay cut to never dress for work again. Here's how retailers are responding
After two years of living through the pandemic-spending long periods working in sweatpants from the comfort of the couch-the way we dress appears to have changed significantly, perhaps even permanently. Brands, retailers, and analysts have found that consumers are ditching suits, silk blouses, and other formal workwear, opting instead for clothes that look professional but feel like the loungewear they've grown accustomed to wearing. fastcompany.com

Friday Jan 14th U.S. Census Bureau Publishes Retail Sales Data for Dec.

Bosch Wins CES 2022 Innovation Award With New eBike - For Your Mobile Security Guard To Enhance Facility Security

Macy's to close six namesake stores, one Bloomingdale's outlets in Q1

Bed Bath & Beyond is closing 34 stores in 2022. Here's a map of locations

Ground beef sold at Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons recalled for possible E. coli contamination

Quarterly Results

Costco December comp's up 14.5%, net sales up 16.2%

Walgreens Q1 U.S. retail comp's up 10.6%, Boots UK retail up 16.3%, sales up 7.8%

Bed Bath & Beyond Q3 comp's down 7%, net sales down 28%

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Director of Security job posted for Securitas Security Services in Cambridge, MA
The Director of Security serves as the key point of contact for the Client and provides strategic direction and operational leadership for the assigned account. The position oversees all global security services and related operations provided, including client service, problem resolution, service enhancement and expansion, new business development, operational effectiveness, and account development. indeed.com

Director, Global Security job posted for APL Logistics in Scottsdale, AZ
Reporting directly to the Sr. Director, Risk Management, the Director, Global Security, will manage all Business Protection and Security functions worldwide. This position will create a consolidated global function by assessing any current gaps, proposing, expanding, developing, and then implementing solutions. The Director, Global Security will develop and expand the strategy and roadmaps for all aspects of the company's security needs and will lead and drive the operational tradeoff decisions required to continually re-calibrate Global Security , focusing on the highest priorities. apll.taleo.net

Safety & Asset Protection Manager job posted for Star Furniture in Houston, TX
Implement best practices and preventative measures to reduce accidents and ensure a safe workplace for all associates and guests. Sustain healthy store operations by employing loss prevention and safety programs including fraud mitigation. Develop effective partnerships with managers and store associates to help curtail loss from accidents, crimes, and other reasons. Improve leadership and performance in partnership with Corporate Projects Manager, while participating in proactive activities such as training staff and discussing loss prevention, fraud, and safety awareness. jobs.jobvite.com

Last week's #1 article --

Retailer Rolls Out Armed Security Teams
Hy-Vee unveils armed 'retail security team' amid theft surge

The Hy-Vee security team has experience in law enforcement and will be "equipped to protect the safety" of customers.

Customers at the Midwest grocery chain Hy-Vee will soon
encounter armed security guards while shopping at stores in light of the recent surge in retail thefts. The Iowa-based retailer unveiled plans Wednesday for the launch of a retail security team to operate at stores across eight states.

While the chain has not said if a specific incident prompted the initiative,
Hy-Vee Vice President of Security Jamie Sipes suggested in an interview that a recent uptick in retail thefts nationwide was a factor.

Hy-Vee said the
security officers, many of whom have backgrounds in law enforcement, will be trained in de-escalation techniques and "equipped to protect the safety" of customers and employees.

The chain released footage depicting the retail security officials
dressed in uniform and equipped with badges, guns and tasers. nypost.com

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"NY State AG Post: AG James Alerts 17 Companies to "Credential Stuffing"
Cyberattacks Impacting More Than 1.1 Million Consumers"

New York OAG notifies 17 companies of security breaches
The New York Office of the Attorney General (OAG) notified
17 well-known online retailers, restaurant chains and food delivery services that have been the victims of credential stuffing attacks.

The investigation revealed that more than 1.1 million online accounts were compromised in cyberattacks. Attorney General James released a "Business Guide for Credential Stuffing Attacks" that details the attacks - which involve repeated, automated attempts to access online accounts using usernames and passwords stolen from other online services - and how businesses can protect themselves.

Over several months, the OAG monitored several online communities dedicated to credential stuffing. The OAG found thousands of posts that contained customer login credentials that attackers had tested in a credential stuffing attack and confirmed could be used to access customer accounts at websites or on apps. The OAG compiled credentials to compromised accounts at 17 well-known online retailers, restaurant chains and food delivery services from these posts. In all, the OAG collected credentials for more than 1.1 million customer accounts, all of which appeared to have been compromised in credential stuffing attacks.

Following the discovery of the attacks, the OAG alerted the relevant companies so that passwords could be reset and consumers could be notified. The OAG also worked with the companies to determine how attackers had circumvented existing safeguards and provided recommendations for strengthening their data security programs to secure customer accounts in the future. Over the course of the OAG's investigation, nearly all companies implemented or made plans to implement additional safeguards. securitymagazine.com

Cryptocurrency-Based Crime Hit a Record $14 Billion in 2021

Although the amount of crypto collected through criminal activity went up significantly in 2021, it represents a smaller percentage of overall crypto transaction volume

The dollar amount collected through cryptocurrency-based crime hit a record high in 2021, as the volume of cryptocurrency transactions overall grew into tens of trillions of dollars, according to blockchain data platform Chainalysis Inc.

However, the volume of illicit activities remains a small share of the total cryptocurrency transactions volume, according to a preview of Chainalysis's 2022 Crypto Crime Report to be published in February.

The volume of cryptocurrency transactions grew to $15.8 trillion in 2021, up 567% from 2020, in a sign that the trading of digital assets is becoming increasingly mainstream. Illicit transactions totaled $14 billion in 2021, up 79% from $7.8 billion the previous year. But illicit transactions only made up 0.15% of cryptocurrency transaction volume in 2021.

While risks remain for potential cryptocurrency investors, Ross Delston, a Washington, D.C., lawyer who advises clients on anti-money-laundering issues, said he doesn't expect the

level of interest to ebb anytime soon.

"What's so interesting about cryptocurrency is we usually associate it with illicit transactions; there is so much news about anything that goes wrong with crypto," he said. "As Chainalysis points out in the report, it's relatively a small fraction of transactions that are criminal in nature."

In its report, Chainalysis warns that its tracked volume of illicit activity is likely to rise later as the company identifies more bad actors and incorporates data gained from that into its historical analysis. The company added that with the exception of 2019, which was notable for the PlusToken cryptocurrency scam, bad actors have made up a smaller component of overall cryptocurrency transaction volume over the past few years.

Chainalysis also warns that the rise of DeFi, or decentralized finance-an umbrella term for financial services offered on public blockchains-is a particularly menacing threat to the sector.

Out of the total of about $3.2 billion in cryptocurrency stolen in 2021, 72% was stolen from DeFi protocols, according to Chainalysis.

DeFi also was an increasingly popular way of money laundering, according to Chainalysis. The use of DeFi as a way to launder money increased 1,964% between 2020 and 2021, according to the company. wsj.com

AdvertisementCES Show - New AI Shield

AI shield

Cyberattack growth and differentiation are the "new normal" for today's IoT devices in safety, security and sustainability solutions. AI, but more specifically Machine Learning through Deep Neural Networks (DNN) for cyber threat behavior and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for image recognition are helping under-resourced Certified Information Systems Security Officers (CISSO) stay ahead of threats. DNNs and CNNs provide rapid recognition to cut through the noise of daily alerts, drastically reducing cyberattack response times. For Bosch, AI shield is a breakthrough security product featuring these tools as real-time protection through vulnerability analysis and behavioral learning about the actual attacks taking place, supplementing "off-the-shelf" cyber libraries and playbooks.

The SaaS (software as a service) tool and user interface allow developers to scale, protecting intellectual property (IP), brands, investments, and ultimately, trust in digitalization, part of Bosch's evolving AI Code of Ethics. securityinfowatch.com

Eight resolutions to help navigate the new hybrid office model

UK: NHS Warns of Attackers Targeting Log4j Flaws in VMware Horizon







SDNY Class Action Challenges Amazon's Criminal Background Screening Practices
A woman who applied for an unspecified job with Amazon sued the company on Monday for violation of her rights under the New York State Human Rights Law, arguing that Amazon.com Inc. employment to qualified applicants. Specifically, the lawsuit says that the
company applies an overbroad and discriminatory blanket refusal to hire many applicants with criminal convictions.

The complaint explains that the plaintiff applied for a job in 2017 after having received a conviction for Welfare Fraud in the 5th Degree, a misdemeanor, in 2015. The plaintiff reportedly paid the amount due in restitution and never served jail time.

Yet, the filing says that Amazon
denied the plaintiff employment without inquiring into the circumstances of the conviction and without analyzing the statutorily-required factors. The analysis reportedly helps an employer determine whether "the individual poses an unreasonable risk or was convicted of a crime that is directly related to the ability to perform the job sought."

As a result, the plaintiff alleges that the denial was improper, and part of a larger practice of disregarding the law. The suit
seeks to certify a class of any people who were denied or terminated from Amazon in New York state based in whole or in part on their prior criminal convictions within the last three years.

The filing requests injunctive and declaratory relief requiring Amazon to change its practices. It also requests back pay and compensatory damages, an award of nominal and/or exemplary damages, punitive damages, and attorneys' fees and costs.The plaintiff and putative class are represented by Watkins Law. lawstreetmedia.com

Shopping Online for COVID Tests
Is that COVID-19 test you found online a fake?

Florida's Attorney General warns consumers to watch out for COVID-19 testing scams

Is that COVID-19 test you ordered online real? Or what about the pop-up testing site that promises no long lines near your house? What about the caller who claims they can come to your house without a wait and easily give you an at-home test?

Florida's attorney general is warning Floridians that there are cons taking place as the increase in people seeking ways to get tested for COVID-19 surges due to the rise in the omicron variant.

There are recent reports in Florida and nationwide of potential fake COVID-19 testing sites, imposter health care workers at legitimate sites and at-home testing scams.

"With the recent rise in the number of people seeking COVID-19 tests comes an increased risk that scammers will try to take advantage of the demand. Please take precautions to protect your personal information when seeking a test-whether at a legitimate site or when purchasing an at-home test," Attorney General Ashley Moody said.

The Food and Drug Administration has a listing of COVID-19 related warning letters to companies who have been ordered to stop selling certain at-home test kits, such as the Easy Rapid Now COVID-19 Nasal Swab Antigen Test (Collodial Gold). That warning letter was sent to a company in Delray Beach in December of 2021.

Hallandale Beach Police previously received reports of people knocking on doors offering tests and kits and posted a warning on Twitter. local10.com

Senior Job Posting
Director, E-Commerce Fraud job posted for GameStop in Grapevine, TX
The Director, E-Commerce Fraud is responsible for leading and executing the e-commerce fraud strategy for the organization. This role will work cross functionally with multiple departments to align the fraud prevention strategy with company objectives. The principal business outcome for this position is to help guide the organization's order verification/fraud mitigation strategy and enhance online fraud prevention, including minimizing losses related to chargeback fines, theft, and other significant losses. careers.gamestop.com

4 trends that will define e-commerce in 2022

FDA authorizes at-home COVID-19 tests from Amazon, Roche, Siemens







Update: Woman stole nearly $1 million from Walmart stores in 24 states, feds say
The nearly $1 million in checks that a woman and a man cashed at more than 300 Walmart stores in 24 states looked like legitimate bank checks, federal prosecutors said, but they were counterfeits. The pair spent the money - more than $850,000 - on prepaid debit cards, including from other retailers, and on gift cards, Walmart shopping cards and other merchandise, according to court documents. Cyianna Ashley Woods, a 38-year-old from Atlanta, hoodwinked Walmarts for seven years with co-conspirator Andre Marquese White, a 35-year-old from Norcross, Georgia, according to court documents. The retailer eventually caught onto the scheme, which the pair pulled off from 2013 to 2019, prosecutors said.

In U.S. District Court in Charlotte Thursday, Judge Kenneth Bell sentenced Woods to five years in prison on wire fraud and money laundering charges, according to a news release Friday by U.S Attorney Dena King's office. Bell also ordered Woods to serve three years of supervised release and pay $923,915 in restitution, according to the release. The judge previously sentenced White to three years and 10 months in prison and three years of supervised release, records show. The pair previously pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering charges. "This criminal duo engaged in an extensive scheme that defrauded Walmart of hundreds of thousands of dollars," King said in a statement Friday. "This type of financial crime impacts not only affected retailers but also consumers, in the form of higher prices for goods and services." The sentencings should warn "others thinking they can get away with schemes like this" that federal agents, police and businesses "are watching," said Ronnie Martinez, special agent in charge of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations in the Carolinas. denvergazette.com

Simi Valley, CA: Two arrested for theft of Over-the counter Meds valued at nearly $20,000
On January 7, 2022, at 9:40 PM, Simi Valley Police Officers responded to a local business in the 1100 block of E. Los Angeles Ave for a theft investigation. An employee witnessed two subjects stealing over-the-counter medications. The employee provided the subjects' descriptions as well as the description of their vehicle. A short time later, an officer spotted the vehicle driving East on the 118 Freeway. The vehicle was stopped and three subjects were arrested: Gary Jackson (23 years old from Los Angeles), Brenden Hardson (21 years old from Los Angeles), and Kyleigh Caliz (18 years old from Los Angeles).
Numerous items of stolen property from multiple stores were discovered in the vehicle. Approximately $18K to $20K worth of stolen property was recovered. The subjects were booked at Ventura County Main Jail for Organized Retail Theft and Conspiracy. local.nixle.com

3 charged with felonies after burglary at Ulta Beauty store in Palm Desert
Three Coachella Valley residents have been charged with several felonies for burglaries at Ulta Beauty stores in the area, including one at the Palm Desert location on Tuesday. Deputies from the Palm Desert Sheriff's Station responded to the 72-300 block of Highway 111, which is located at the intersection of Highway 111 and Fred Waring Drive, in Palm Desert regarding a report of grand theft from "a retail location" at 7:19 p.m. on Tuesday. The charging document for the three residents identifies the retail location as the Ulta Beauty located in the Desert Crossing Shopping Center.

San Jose, CA: Group of 8 to 10 Smashes showcases at local jeweler

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Shootings & Deaths

NYC, NY: Teen gunned down while working her shift at NYC Burger King
A teen who had just started working at a Manhattan Burger King - and already wanted off the late shift because she was so scared - was fatally shot in the stomach over $100 early Sunday, cops and kin said. The armed robber entered the restaurant at 116th Street and Lexington Avenue in East Harlem around 1 a.m. and pistol-whipped a male customer before punching a female manager in the face, police said. Tragic cashier Kristal Bayron-Nieves, 19, gave the robber cash from the drawer, an eyewitness said, according to her mother. The criminal then turned to leave but whipped around again and shot Bayron-Nieves in the torso, the witness said. The killer got away with just $100, the victim's family said. nypost.com

Los Angeles, CA: Taco Bell employee shot dead by customer attempting to pay with counterfeit money
A Taco Bell employee was shot and killed late Saturday night after someone opened fire in the drive-thru lane of the fast-food chain in the Green Meadows neighborhood of South Los Angeles, authorities said. The incident unfolded around 11 p.m., when a male suspect drove up to the drive-thru window at the Taco Bell on the 9900 block of Avalon Boulevard and attempted to purchase food with counterfeit money, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson said. An employee working the drive-thru window reportedly argued with the suspect and refused to accept the fake money, police said. That's when the suspect opened fire at the drive-thru, shooting the employee in the torso, according to LAPD. The victim, only described as a 41-year-old Hispanic man, died at the scene, officials said. His identity was not immediately released. Police are searching for at least one suspect who reportedly fled in a black sedan following the shooting.

Keansburg, NJ: Man Fatally Shot, Police Officer Injured In Incident At Keansburg Pharmacy
Authorities say a robbery suspect was killed and an officer was hurt after a confrontation at a New Jersey pharmacy Thursday. It happened around 3:45 p.m. Thursday at a Keansburg strip mall on Main Street near Lawrence Avenue. As CBS2's Cory James reports, news travels fast in the small borough, and what happened at the pharmacy made its rounds. "Immediately, as soon as it happened," one man said. The man did not want to be identified, but he and a woman said the person who was shot and killed was a close friend. Family and close friends say he had struggles with mental illness and addiction. "He wasn't using. He seemed happy," one friend said. According to authorities, their friend was suspected of a robbery at Keansburg Pharmacy. The Attorney General's office says 911 calls were made around 3:20 p.m. Investigators say when police responded, an officer was stabbed and multiple officers fired their guns, killing the suspect.

Rialto, CA: Police fatally shoot knife-wielding man at Gas Station
Rialto police shot and killed a man they said was armed with a knife and charged at officers outside of a gas station Sunday, Jan. 9, authorities said. At about 1:10 p.m., officers responded to multiple calls about a man armed with a knife whose hands were covered in blood in the 100 block of East Valley Boulevard, police said in a news release. Responding officers found the suspect at the entrance of the gas station, still armed with the knife, police said. The suspect entered and exited the store before charging at the officers with the knife, prompting officers to open fire and strike the suspect multiple times, police said. Officers rendered medical aid to the suspect, however, he died from his injuries at the scene, authorities said.

North Charleston, SC: Man shot dead outside gas station
A man was shot to death in the early morning of Jan. 8 outside a gas station on Dorchester Road. North Charleston police responded for a possible shooting at approximately 4:30 a.m. at Cheap Way gas station, according to police spokesman Harve Jacobs.

Doral, FL: Shots fired in parking garage of CityPlace Doral, police say; no reported injuries


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Walgreens Bomb Scare
Tulsa, OK: Police Safely Detonate Pipe Bomb Found At Bartlesville Walgreens, ATF Investigating
The Tulsa Police Department has detonated a pipe bomb that was found at the Bartlesville Walgreens. According to Bartlesville Police Captain Jay Hastings, officers received a call about a device just after 3 p.m. and when officers arrived they found the device south of the drug store near the drive-thru. The Tulsa Police Bomb Squad arrived around 5:15 to assist with the investigation and determined that the device was a pipe bomb. The bomb squad detonated the bomb just after 5:30 p.m. Captain Hastings said that there are no suspects at this time. The Walgreens has been reopened for business. newson6.com

Third gang member sentenced to prison for series of 33 truck stop ATM robberies, related assault
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - A third Houston-area gang member was ordered to federal prison Wednesday for his role in a string of ATM robberies at truck stops in Texas and Louisiana and for a related assault of a good Samaritan who tried to intervene in one of the robberies.

The investigation was conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in Corpus Christi with assistance from sheriff's offices in Live Oak, Angelina, Brazoria, Wharton, Medina and Cass Counties in Texas; and police departments in Angleton, Cleveland, Seguin and Lufkin, Texas, as well as Vinton, Louisiana.

Christopher Bernard Brown, 39, was sentenced Jan. 5 in the Southern District of Texas on two counts of interference with commerce by threats or violence and ordered to serve 90 months in federal prison to be immediately followed by three years of supervised release. He must also pay restitution. Brown pleaded guilty to the charges Sept. 30, 2021.

Previously sentenced for their roles in the robberies and related assault were Wesley Jerome Davis, 28, and Kevin Wilson, 33, who both pleaded guilty July 29, 2021. Wilson was sentenced to 90 months in prison, while Davis was ordered to serve 60 months in prison. Thomas Alec Buckley, 26, has also been convicted for his role in the robberies and assault, but has yet to be sentenced.

At the sentencing hearing, the court heard of
approximately 33 related truck stop robberies that occurred between May 29-Sept. 2019 that were part of the multi-district and interstate Hobbs Act conspiracy. The court also heard of the numerous employees and customers who were traumatized as a result of Brown's and the others' actions. During the robberies, they threatened or used physical force towards customers or employees to steal or attempt to steal ATMs and the currency inside the ATM from at least nine Love's Travel Stops throughout Texas and Louisiana. Brown typically served as a scout or lookout while Davis, Wilson, Buckley or others wore masks and gloves and placed straps or chains around the ATMs. Then, a vehicle connected to the chains would accelerate to dislodge the bolted-down machines. Co-conspirators would lift the dislodged ATMs into the waiting vehicle and quickly drive away. ice.gov

St. Charles County, MO: Female employee stole nearly $34,000 from hardwood supplier

Baltimore, MD: Police Investigating A Smash And Grab ATM Theft In Federal Hill

San Bernadino, CA: 5 charged with smash-and-grab robberies in Upland, Chino Hills

Marietta, GA: Man sentenced to string of armed robberies gets 35 years

Columbus, OH: Man sentenced to more than 18 years in prison for robbing auto parts stores at gunpoint

Atlanta, GA: Three men convicted for string of six armed robberies

Howard County, MD: Police charge Laurel man in 4 commercial robberies



Fire breaks out at Herald Square Macy's flagship store
One person was injured when a fire broke out at Macy's flagship store in Manhattan on Saturday night. Firefighters responded to the main entrance of the department store on West 34th Street in Herald Square around 7:20 p.m. The blaze was under control less than an hour later, according to the FDNY. One person in the store suffered a minor injury and was taken to Lenox Hill HealthPlex, officials said. The fire broke out on the main floor of the store. It wasn't clear how it started, the fire department said.

Minneapolis, MN: Brooklyn Park man gets two years for St. Paul store fire in unrest after George Floyd killing




C-Store - Spring Hill, TN - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Owensboro, KY - Robbery
Collectables - Wichita, KS - Burglary
Electronics - Memphis, TN - Burglary
Family Dollar - Columbus, OH - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Howard County, MD - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - San Jose, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Tulare, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Houston, TX - Robbery
Jewelry - Las Vegas, NV - Robbery
Jewelry - Lawrenceville, GA - Robbery
Jewelry - Cabazon, CA - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Paramus, NJ - Robbery
Jewelry - Joliet, IL - Robbery
Jewelry - Temecula, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Henderson, NV - Robbery
Jewelry - Westminster, CO - Robbery
Jewelry - Uniontown, PA - Robbery
Motel - Centre County, PA - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy - Keansburg, NJ - Armed Robbery / Suspect killed
Restaurant - Baltimore, MD - Burglary
Restaurant - NYC, NY - Armed Robbery / Cashier killed
Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA - Armed Robbery / Cashier killed
Restaurant - Dallas, TX - Armed Robbery
Tobacco - Hanover Township, PA - Burglary
Walgreens - Hoover, AL - Robbery
Walgreens - East Ridge, TN - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Salt Lake City, UT - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Fairfax County, VA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 27 robberies
• 4 burglaries
• 3 shootings
• 3 killed

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None to report.

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Director, Loss Prevention & Safety
Goleta, CA - posted September 24
The Director of Loss Prevention & Environmental, Health and Safety plans, organizes, implements, and directs HERBL's programs, procedures, and practices to ensure the safety and security of company employees and property...

Corporate Risk Manager
Hayward/LA, CA - posted October 5
Summary of Role and Responsibilities: A proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries, whether to our employees, third parties, or customer's valuables. They include but are not limited to cash in transit, auto losses, or injuries...

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