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Ben Thomas promoted to Director of Loss Prevention/Security
for H-E-B

Ben has been with H-E-B for more than six years, starting with the company in 2015 as Area Loss Prevention Manager, a position he held for more than four years. Before his promotion to Director of Loss Prevention/Security, he spent more than two years as Senior Area Loss Prevention Manager for the company. Prior to joining H-E-B, he spent more than two years with Old Navy as Multi Market District LP Manager and Territory ORC/External Investigations Manager. Earlier in his career, he held LP roles with Macy's, TJX Companies, Walmart and Kmart. Congratulations, Ben!

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March Networks Mobile Order Pickup Solution

Using artificial intelligence and cloud technology, the solution alerts operators in real-time to customers arriving for curbside pickup.

March Networks introduces a mobile order pickup solution for retailers and quick-service restaurants that alerts operators in real-time to customers arriving for curbside pickup. The solution uses a highly accurate, artificial intelligence-powered analytic available in March Networks' ME6 Series IP Cameras to detect vehicles arriving for pickup.

When paired with March Networks' Searchlight for Retail software, the solution also allows businesses to capture data analytics on curbside deliveries. Retailers can now easily access Searchlight data on their smartphone or tablet with the company's Command Mobile Plus app. Using the app, retailers can see point-of-sale transaction data paired with surveillance video, investigate security alerts, and review thumbnail images from each of their cameras. csnews.com

The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Top 2 ORC States Introduce ORC Laws

Florida's War on ORC
Florida AG Announces Legislative Efforts To Tackle Organized Retail Theft
Attorney General Ashley Moody is hoping to make it a lot harder for organized retail theft rings to operate in the state. She joined local leaders in Hialeah Tuesday to
push for new laws that will help prosecutors mount charges against criminals involved in such crimes.

"What it does is it adds another way for a prosecutor on multi-jurisdictional prosecution to go after folks. So, instead of just using a dollar amount which is sometimes very difficult
if you're hitting multiple stores in multiple jurisdictions within a short amount of time, we can prosecute that as organized retail theft," State Attorney General Ashley Moody said.

The move comes one month after Moody launched a statewide task force of police agencies, prosecutors and business representatives targeting organized retail theft.

Moody said in December the task force will focus on organized criminal schemes that can result in major losses by helping to spot trends, identify suspects and take down massive, organized retail theft rings.

The interactive database, called Florida Organized Retail Crime Exchange (FORCE), creates a space for shareable, searchable information on thousands of incidents of theft statewide.

"So, you can put the pieces of the puzzle together and you realize one theft wasn't one theft that one theft was one of a hundred thefts," Scott Shalley, Florida Retail Federation said.

Shalley also expressed that
organized crime rings are getting more violent, and often lure minors to commit crimes. That's why he thinks the laws must change. The new proposal underway could make penalties stiffer, but that's not a guarantee.

"With mounting charges is
there going to be mounting penalties, and so that's one of the things that we will hash out," Alex Rizo, 110th District (R) said.

Leaders hope the bill will make it out of committee and for it to be introduced
within the first two weeks of the new session. miami.cbslocal.com

   RELATED: AG Moody Partners with Legislators to Target Organized Retail Theft

New Retail Theft Legislation in California
Rudy Salas cracks down on retail theft with new reform bill
On Tuesday, assemblymember Rudy Salas introduced a reform bill aimed at addressing rising retail thefts in California.

In a news release, Salas
blamed the rise in the smash and grab robberies sweeping the state on the passage on Proposition 47, passed in 2014, which reduced the crime of thefts to misdemeanors when the value of the stolen goods was less than $950.

Salas' amendment, AB 1603,
reduces the threshold amount for petty theft from $950 to $400.

"Enough is enough, we need to fight back against the criminals who are stealing from our communities," Salas said. "We have seen the unintended consequences of
Prop 47's weakening of our theft laws and I believe California voters are ready to make their voices heard on this issue again."

California voters would need to vote on AB 1603 in order for it to pass. kget.com

Rampant Theft Hitting New York, New Jersey & Connecticut
Theft of $6,500 in medication from South Windsor CVS exemplifies organized retail crime
Charges that South Windsor police filed Monday against a New York City man illustrate the type of
high-value, shelf-clearing theft that Connecticut cops and store owners say has become rampant.

Police arrested Trent Dance, 19, of Brooklyn, on charges that included organized retail theft, third-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit both crimes. Trent and his partners are suspects in similar crimes in other
Connecticut towns and in New York and New Jersey, South Windsor police spokesman Sgt. Mark Cleverdon said.

Authorities say the merchandise in such cases
often is offered for sale online, typically through major platforms such as Amazon and eBay. CVS alone has lost hundreds of millions of dollars to organized theft rings.

In mid-December, Attorney General William Tong and Gov. Ned Lamont announced formation of a task force focused on curbing the supply and demand for loot from such crimes.
The illicit marketplace drains about $170 million in state sales taxes each year, Tong said at a press conference at a West Hartford CVS pharmacy. He called on online market platforms and retailers to work with the task force.

Online sales of
stolen goods have skyrocketed since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, authorities said. CVS executive Tom Moriarty said the company's losses have been climbing. Fueling the trend is the ease with which criminals sell items online, Moriarty and others said. courant.com

Manhattan's 'progressive' new DA Alvin Bragg just gave a green light for anarchy
Old: If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

New: If you can't do the time, Alvin Bragg will be there for you.

That much just became clear, as the newly minted Manhattan DA issued marching orders to his hundreds of assistants and support staff.

"Let's do our very best to keep people out of jail, kids. And let's really, really not sweat the small stuff."

Specifically, Bragg says his office "will not seek a carceral sentence" for anything short of murder or deadly assault ("carceral" being progressive double-speak for prison). Also, he says minor crime won't be prosecuted at all.

In other words, jail is to be reserved for ax murderers and their ilk; armed robbers and heavyweight drug dealers are to be minimally inconvenienced - and just forget about the quality-of-life law enforcement that was the beating heart of the Giuliani-era rescue of New York City decades ago.

And Mayor Eric Adams can just forget about his oft-promised crackdown on the city's dangerously rising crime rates - because
there is no point in picking up criminals if you have no place to put them. nypost.com

CA's $31B Surplus - Fund ORC Task Force
California Republicans Outline Budget Priorities & Include ORC
California lawmakers returned to the state capitol this week for a new legislative session. This year they are met with a $31-billion budget surplus, so lawmakers will debate how to spend the new revenue over the coming weeks and months.

Today, the Assembly Republican Caucus sent a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom listing the GOP priorities.

The Republican priorities are detailed below:

Fully funding public safety by expanding the California Highway Patrol's Organized Retail Theft Program and bringing accountability back to the criminal justice system. mymotherlode.com

New York Bail Reform Law Under Pressure From Both Parties

New Nassau County, NY, Exec Bruce Blakeman calls for repeal of bail reform
New Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said Tuesday he'll turning up the heat on state lawmakers to ax a controversial law that eliminated cash bail for certain crimes. nypost.com

Suozzi presses 2022 rival Gov. Hochul, fellow Democrats on bail reform
Frequently invoking Mayor Eric Adams, gubernatorial primary challenger Rep. Tom Suozzi said he's willing to wage war with fellow Democrats in a bid to tighten the controversial state law that eliminated cash bail for many criminal defendants. nypost.com
California Legislation And Regulation To Watch In 2022
Attorneys expect California's regulatory agencies to crack down on data privacy violations and crimes against retailers in 2022


COVID Update

512.6M Vaccinations Given

US: 58M Cases - 851.4K Dead - 41.9M Recovered
Worldwide: 295.7M Cases - 5.4M Dead - 256.2M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 336   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 581
*Red indicates change in total deaths

NRF Chief Economist Says Omicron Could Contribute to Uncertainty and Inflation But is Unlikely to Bring Shutdowns
WASHINGTON - The COVID-19 omicron variant will bring uncertainty to the economy in 2022 and could contribute to inflation, but is unlikely to cause widespread shutdowns or slowdowns, National Retail Federation Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz said today.

"Even with the experience of the past two years, there is no model that can predict how the economy responds to a pandemic," Kleinhenz said. "What we have learned is that each successive variant has slowed down the economy but that the degree of slowdown has been less."

"While omicron is highly transmissible, its effects can be relatively mild for those who are fully vaccinated and broad-based lockdowns are not expected," Kleinhenz said. "Little is certain about omicron's impact on consumer demand, but people who stay at home because of the variant are more likely to spend their money on retail goods rather than services like dining out or in-person entertainment. That would put further pressure on inflation since supply chains are already overloaded across the globe." nrf.com

Omicron's Silver Lining - Less Severe?
In Omicron Hot Spots, Hospitals Fill Up, but I.C.U.s May Not
Covid hospitalizations are surging, but a smaller proportion of cases is severe compared with previous waves. With staff shortages, some hospitals are still in crisis.

In Omicron hot spots from New York to Florida to Texas, a smaller proportion of those patients are landing in intensive care units or requiring mechanical ventilation, doctors said. And many - roughly 50 to 65 percent of admissions in some New York hospitals - show up at the hospital for other ailments and then test positive for the virus.

"We are seeing an increase in the number of hospitalizations," said Dr. Rahul Sharma, emergency physician in chief for NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell hospital. But the severity of the disease looks different from previous waves, he said. "We're not sending as many patients to the I.C.U., we're not intubating as many patients, and actually, most of our patients that are coming to the emergency department that do test positive are actually being discharged."

Hospitals, facing staff shortages, are under enormous strain. In New York City, hospitalizations have exceeded the peak of last winter's surge.

The number of I.C.U. patients is a lagging indicator, likely to rise in the coming weeks, experts said. What's more, some states are still struggling under the crush of hospitalizations from Delta. nytimes.com

Back with a Vengeance
As coronavirus cases explode in California, next few weeks are 'absolutely critical'
The state reported a massive backlog of 237,084 new cases Tuesday, a total that includes four days' worth of data. This pushed the statewide seven-day average of newly announced infections to 50,267, easily eclipsing the sky-high case counts seen during last winter's deadly COVID-19 wave, according to data compiled by The Times.

However, it's already apparent that California is experiencing a record-smashing surge.

Already, a deluge of new coronavirus-positive people has hit California's hospitals. The number of patients has more than doubled over the past two weeks, reaching 7,405 Monday. latimes.com

COVID Surge + Staffing Shortage
Macy's reportedly cuts store hours amid COVID surge, staffing problems
Macy's has temporarily shortened the hours its stores are open for business in January - but not by that much.

The country's largest department store has adjusted the operating hours of its stores from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. for the remainder of January, with the store hours remaining unchanged Friday through Sunday, reported CNBC. Depending on the location, some Macy's stores would open at 10 a.m. and close at 9 p.m.

Macy's did not comment on whether it was seeing an increase in employees testing positive for COVID-19.

"We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the CDC and jurisdictional guidelines as well as keep enhanced safety and wellness procedures in place," a Macy's spokeswoman said in an emailed statement to CNBC.

The company operates 516 Macy's locations and 33 Bloomingdale's stores. chainstoreage.com

The U.S. 1st Biggest Show Impacted By COVID Big Time
How does it impact NRF Big Show?

CES Closing 1 Day Early
The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® today announced that CES® 2022 will be closing one day early, and the in-person event will take place in Las Vegas on Jan. 5-7, 2022. The step was taken as an additional safety measure to the current health protocols that have been put in place for CES. cta.tech

CES panels removed from schedule after wave of cancellations
Electronics show streams some of the action online, but not all of it, as brands adjust to a virtual conference

The CES schedule is a bit lighter, with much of the action being moved to online video streams and brands' websites rather than in-person in Las Vegas, and some of the discussions have been removed entirely after many prominent attendees pulled out of the show at the last minute.

On Tuesday, a slate of programs at CES were absent from the schedule. A number of media outlets also canceled plans to attend the event in Las Vegas.

Officials from CTA, the Consumer Technology Association, which runs CES, declined to comment on how the schedule has changed in recent weeks. The electronics show has been affected by the recent resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic, which prompted companies to cancel attendance at the last minute. Last month, Meta, Google, Twitter, Amazon, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Lenovo, Microsoft and others pulled out of attending in person. CES is still happening just with a reduced crowd in Las Vegas and with some alterations to the schedule. Companies that had planned activities around CES moved programs online, creating a slew of alternative tracks to catch up with content around the event. adage.com

'No Vax, No Service' Rules & Enforcement
Cook County health officials amend new COVID vaccine mandate, allowing some exemptions
Cook County amended its vaccination mitigation order Tuesday,
allowing some to be exempt from the new rule that took effect Monday. The amendment allows those 18 and younger to be exempt from vaccination for most athletic, recreation and fitness activities, according to tweet from the health department.

The vaccination rule originally followed a similar order implemented in Chicago, which
mandates proof of vaccination for most indoor establishments, including restaurants, bars, gyms, as well as sports and entertainment venues.

You can show proof of vaccination with a physical card, a picture of your card, or through the state's new Smart Health Card pass on your phone. The rules also don't apply to those inside venues for less than 10 minutes, like those picking up takeout. They also do not apply for houses of worship.

However, the mandate still applies to anyone five and older in Chicago. City officials say
Chicago restaurants and businesses could face a costly fine for not properly posting or enforcing the new vaccine-only policy, or keeping a log of vaccinated employees.

The new proof of vaccination rule has raised some concerns for local businesses who are
working out how to enforce it and avoid friction with customers. abc7chicago.com

Another CDC Update
CDC updates Covid isolation recommendations with guidance on testing
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidance on the recommended Covid-19 isolation period Tuesday, telling people that if they have access to a Covid-19 test and want to take it,
the best approach is to use a rapid test toward the end of their five-day isolation period.

The agency has faced pressure over the past week from outside medical experts to include a testing component in its new shortened isolation period.

The updated recommendations do not advise a test for isolated people, but they offer guidance on how those people should respond to a test result if they choose to take one. If the test is positive, isolated people are advised to continue their isolation until 10 days after their symptoms started. If the test is negative, isolated people can end their isolation but are advised to wear a mask around other people until day 10.

The recommendations advise people who are isolating to
avoid places where they can't wear a mask, such as restaurants and gyms, and to avoid eating around others until day 10. cnn.com

No Omicron Lockdown in Britain
Britain can 'ride out' the Omicron wave without a strict lockdown, PM says
Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain on Tuesday said that despite the record surge in coronavirus cases, the limited restrictions currently in place in England were the right approach and would be maintained.

"We have a chance to ride out this Omicron wave without shutting down our country once again," Mr. Johnson said at an evening news conference, adding, "
We can keep our schools and businesses open, and we can find a way to live with this virus."

The prime minister said he would urge the cabinet to carry on with the current coronavirus contingency measures, called "Plan B," which were introduced in early December as the Omicron wave took hold. They include
masking mandates, guidance to work from home and the use of vaccine passports, but they fall short of the stricter lockdown measures some opposition lawmakers and scientists had called for. nytimes.com

COVID & Flu 'Twindemic'
The world has avoided a 'twindemic,' but as flu cases rise alongside covid, experts fear that could change
Efforts to track flu cases face obstacles, as flu tests are not ubiquitous and the illness can be confused with others, including covid-19. But many health-care systems track hospitalizations for flu-like symptoms.

The United States, experts warn,
could soon be facing its first "twindemic" season. Last winter, flu cases in the United States hit record lows as the coronavirus surged. This year, flu cases are rising alongside the highly contagious omicron variant that's already overwhelmed hospitals. Europe's flu season is also just starting - and likewise expected to be worse this year. washingtonpost.com

Pandemic-related absences cost employers nearly $1B per week
In the last 22 months, workers' pandemic-related absences have cost employers more than $78.4 billion - nearly $1 billion each week.

California, Texas and New York exhibited the highest lost work time. Among metropolitan areas, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago incurred the largest lost-work-time-cost burden. hrdive.com

National Grocers Association Sends Biden Letter Urging Grocery Exemption Under OSHA Vaccine Mandate

Over 300 Baltimore PD & 200 Dallas PD Quarantined & 1,000 LA PD & First Responders Test Positive

NY COVID hospitalizations top 10K for first time since early days of pandemic

UK: 100,000 key workers to take daily Covid test in bid to curb virus spread

UK: Grocers explore options as Omicron surge sees staff absences double



CSO Orchestrates Hack Cover-Up & Hacker Payment - Federal Indictment
Former Uber Chief Security Officer To Face Wire Fraud Charges

Superseding Indictment Against Joseph Sullivan Adds Three Counts of Wire Fraud To Previously Filed Felony Obstruction And Misprision Charges

SAN FRANCISCO - A federal grand jury handed down a superseding indictment today adding wire fraud to the list of charges pending against Joseph Sullivan for his role in the
alleged attempted cover-up of the 2016 hack of Uber Technologies Incorporated. The 2016 hack implicated approximately 57 million user and driver records-Sullivan already was charged with obstruction of justice and misprision of a felony in connection with the alleged attempted cover-up of the incident.

Sullivan, 52, of Palo Alto, Calif., was serving as Uber's Chief Security Officer when
hackers revealed to him that they had accessed and downloaded an Uber database containing personally identifying information, or PII, including approximately 600,000 driver's license numbers associated with certain Uber drivers. The superseding indictment describes how Sullivan allegedly orchestrated the disbursement of a six-figure payment to two hackers in exchange for their silence about the hack. The superseding indictment further alleges that Sullivan took deliberate steps to prevent persons whose PII was stolen from discovering that the hack had occurred and took steps to conceal, deflect, and mislead the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about the data breach.

The newly filed allegations of wire fraud center around Sullivan's attempt to defraud Uber's drivers by failing to disclose the 2016 breach.

"If Mr. Sullivan had immediately reported the breach-instead of misleading the government by withholding information-the FBI could have been better able to assist Uber; also, the data breach of at least one additional large tech company may have been prevented," said FBI Special Agent in Charge Fair. "This case should serve as an example to corporations and company executives that working with the FBI is crucial when dealing with the aftermath of a breach; such communication is a best practice in preventing the loss of data and private information." justice.gov

Risk Scoring Return Customers
Dick's Sporting Goods Says Class Suit Must Be Arbitrated
Dicks has urged a Penn. federal judge to send to arbitration proposed class action claims against the company and other retailers over their use of an agency that assigned "risk scores" to customers who return products, sayijng the key plaintiffs agreed to arbitrate any dispute.

Susan Guevara - the only individual in the group of five plaintiffs with allegations specifically against Dick's - previously agreed to arbitrate any claims against the company on an individual basis. securityreit.com

Where CFO's Go So Should LP/AP
CFOs can expect board and audit committee focus on ESG, tech issues
Issues gaining steam in 2021 will be front and center in 2022, putting CFOs in the spotlight as organization leaders try to stay ahead of trends, say governance specialists.

Corporate boards are going to be tested in 2022, particularly on ESG, experts are predicting. That means CFOs can expect to be asked to step up on measuring their organization's performance on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria and other matters.

"Boards are at a pivotal moment," KPMG's Board Leadership Center says in a forecast. "Demand for action on ESG performance, including climate risk, economic and supply chain challenges, a fast-changing regulatory landscape and other factors impacting the global risk environment will continue to challenge even those boards at the top of their game."

The organization says boards will be called upon to be more tech savvy, particularly in regard to cybersecurity. Aligned with this, data governance will be key, from compliance with industry-specific privacy laws to how a company processes, stores, collects and uses personal data.

That means issues around data ethics will take center stage. CFOs can expect some tension as organization leaders look at how to use customer data in ways that are legally permissible and meet customer expectations.

Boards will also be forced to be more proactive on the diversity of their members in skills, experience, thinking, gender, race and ethnicity as business model disruption and technology concerns become more prevalent. cfodive.com

How to mitigate retail shrink using visual AI

How AI helps

AI gives retail security leaders the ability to observe all checkout events as they unfold. For instance, AI can monitor live transactions, store video clips, identify un- or improperly scanned items and flag when there's an inconsistency between what the camera sees and what the self-service machine processes. The technology is sophisticated enough now that it knows what it's seeing - high-quality solutions can distinguish a pair of shoes from sunglasses or an avocado from a banana, giving retailers more eyes on what occurs in their physical locations.

Beyond checkout lanes and self-service stations, the technology can improve visibility into curbside pickups, buy-online, pickup-in-store counters and other ecommerce-oriented channels that people are using more frequently today. In this way, computer vision is helpful for tracking product movements within newer-age shopping models that are only gaining momentum.

For those struggling to minimize shrink and efficiently manage inventory, computer vision technology is the answer. AI solutions, designed specifically for retail, perpetuate inventory accuracy, streamline operations and enable companies to deliver better overall shopping experiences. They increase visibility across the board, augmenting human workforces with the information they need to avoid inventory headaches and make better decisions in real time. securitymagazine.com

Four more Starbucks stores have filed for unionization over the past two weeks
Starbucks stores in Seattle; Knoxville, Tenn.; Chicago; and Broomfield, Colo. filed for unionization between Dec. 20 and Jan. 3 with the NLRB.

Retailers added fewer seasonal jobs in 2021: report

The Container Store acquires Closet Works for $21.5M

Fanatics acquires Topps' trading cards

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Director of Asset Protection job posted for The Albertsons Companies in Englewood, CO
Provide positive/proactive leadership, and instruction in the area of Security/Loss Prevention. Promote workable, realistic Loss Prevention programs that foster a safe shopping and working environment for our customers and associates as well as protecting company assets. This will be accomplished while preventing crime and loss to the company trough policies and procedures, use of technology, strategies, and training programs within the scope of Albertson's companies core values, while working closely with Operations and Division level associates. recruiting.adp.com

Security & LP Director job posted for Tamarack Marketplace in Beckley, WV
Uphold, design, implement, monitor loss prevention and security policies, procedures, practices, and programs. Comply with federal, state, and local legal regulations; and exercise independent judgment while carrying out overall responsibilities; and provide strategic direction and leadership for security team. Develops and maintains a best practice training program for security officers. indeed.com

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Cybersecurity Event Delayed Due to COVID Surge
RSA Conference moved to June due to Covid-19 concerns

Event was scheduled to take place next month in San Francisco

The RSA Conference on Monday announced that it has decided to
delay the annual cybersecurity event until June 6-9, 2022. Previously scheduled for February 7-10, 2022, the physical event will still be held at The Moscone Center in San Francisco.

In a statement, the RSA Conference said the decision to push back the event was determined after careful consideration and ongoing dialogue with event stakeholders. securityinfowatch.com

Ransomware Groups Keep Blaming Affiliates for Awkward Hits

AvosLocker Kicks 'Free' Decryptor to Unnamed Police Department in United States

The AvosLocker gang last month apologized and issued a free decryptor to a victim, after realizing it was a U.S. police department, the security researcher who goes by @pancak3lullz reported Wednesday.

The identity of the police department, as well as how attackers breached its network or what data they may have stolen, remains unclear.

AdvertisementA representative from AvosLocker told Bleeping Computer that while the gang tries to avoid attacking government entities or healthcare, it has no prohibition on attacking any specific type of target. It further claimed "that sometimes an affiliate will lock a network without having us review it first."

Affiliate-Based Excuses

"we blame our affiliate" excuse trotted out by AvosLocker has been previously wielded by others, including the DarkSide group. It memorably blamed an affiliate for having gone off-piste and hit Colonial Pipeline in May, claiming the affiliate had been acting without authorization. But affiliates are in effect business partners, or contractors, who get vetted by a ransomware operation and then conduct attacks in its name.

Demise of DarkSide

Is there any accountability for ransomware groups failing to avoid disruptions that affect the security or health of a nation? DarkSide's attempt to pass the buck arguably failed, given that the attack provoked a furious response from the White House, including - we now know - the government tasking military hackers to target ransomware groups' infrastructure.

Scrambling for cover as the Biden administration publicly called for a crackdown, DarkSide in May announced it would cease working with affiliates, and appeared to go dark. But shortly thereafter, security researchers reported that it had simply rebranded as the BlackMatter group, welcoming affiliates back into the fold

Far from going into hiding, from July through September, BlackMatter was responsible for 7% of all known ransomware attacks, according to threat intelligence firm Intel 471.

So while some ransomware operators will attempt to deflect the blame for awkward attacks, or promise they've retired,
it seems these extortionists will say anything in pursuit of their illicit profits. databreachtoday.com

The Human Factor of Cybersecurity
A framework to vet security processes for human execution

Make sure you take human interaction and communication into account when developing your security processes. Here's a simple framework that can help.

Humans are
simultaneously the biggest source of strength and the perennial weak point in any security program. The leadership of security includes things like awareness campaigns, advising and training in the wake of incidents, and doing user experience reviews on things like phishing tools to reduce the threat to the company.

For all of that, sometimes the tools and processes that we surround our teams and our organization with can be difficult to operate. The same security engineers and architects who often drive fantastic threat reduction may struggle to effectively adopt the end-user perspective as the products and technical flows or integrations are realized. Often, i
t is not until something triggers a security review in the business that these fracturing points surface.

Vet processes for human execution

We realized as a team that even as our business's next generation of alignment and support for global teams, and our customers lie in machine learning or artificial intelligence, the business is still operated by people. We had missed the human communication/experience audit to ensure that the humans could reliably participate in review.

Six Sigma to the rescue?

Six Sigma tools are often perceived as overbuilt for security teams operating in a lean oriented environment, yet the lessons and specific tools from six sigma disciplines can offer a guide to improving broken processes. In our case, we realized that a building a review tool -- like a SIPOC diagram -- could be adapted to help look at individual processes. The benefit is that building such a diagram not only validates that the process is likely to work, the documentation created also provides a common reference for how to run parts of the security team that interact with outside organizations.

Building consistency doesn't have to be hard

Building consistency and quality does not have to be hard or expensive. However,
today's leader has to ensure that the security interlock with the people executing the business is as clear as possible. Sometimes that means reaching outside the security discipline to tools which will enhance the risk management outcomes. csoonline.com

Spotting Malicious Activity
6 ways hackers hide their tracks

From trusted pentesting tools to LOLBINs, attackers abuse trusted platforms and protocols to evade security controls.

CISOs have an array of ever-improving tools to help spot and stop malicious activity: network monitoring tools, virus scanners, software composition analysis (SCA) tools, digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) solutions, and more.

But of course,
cybersecurity is an ongoing battle between attack and defense, and the attackers continue to pose novel challenges.

Older techniques, such as steganography-the art of hiding information including malicious payloads in otherwise benign files, such as images-are evolving, leading to new possibilities. For example, recently a researcher demonstrated even Twitter wasn't immune to steganography, and images on the platform could be abused to pack ZIP archives of up to 3MB within them.

Here are six tactics cybercriminals are using to cover their tracks today:

Abusing trusted platforms that won't raise alarms
Upstream attacks that capitalize on a brand value, reputation or popularity
Funnelling cryptocurrency payments via hard-to-trace methods
Using common channels and protocols
Using signed binaries to run obfuscated malware
Coding malware in uncommon programming languages

Google Buys Siemplify to Get Ahead in Cloud Security



COVID Update

"Absolutely Terrible News"
Ontario Lockdown to Push More Businesses Into Bankruptcy
The announcement Monday of the return to various lockdown measures in Ontario in response to the growing spread of the Omicron variant will push many small businesses to close their doors in the province as they won't be able to endure another loss of revenue during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Dan Kelly, President and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, said this is "absolutely terrible news for so many Ontario small business owners."

"We can't keep doing this. Two weeks to flatten the curve for the health care system is quickly turning into two years for small businesses affected by lockdowns and other restrictions," he said.

The newest measures include:

Retail settings, including shopping malls, permitted at 50 per cent capacity. For shopping malls physical distancing will be required in lineups, loitering will not be permitted and food courts will be required to close;

Closing indoor dining at restaurants, bars and other food or drink establishments. Outdoor dining with restrictions, takeout, drive through and delivery is permitted;

Personal care services permitted at 50 per cent capacity and other restrictions. Saunas, steam rooms, and oxygen bars closed;

Closing museums, galleries, zoos, science centres, landmarks, historic sites, botanical gardens and similar attractions, amusement parks and waterparks, tour and guide services and fairs, rural exhibitions, and festivals; and

Closing indoor sport and recreational fitness facilities including gyms, except for athletes training for the Olympics and Paralympics and select professional and elite amateur sport leagues.

"Restrictions of any kind when businesses need to start making up for months and months of lost revenues will be the tipping point for many small firms. It is not lost on business owners that each time the Ontario government has closed businesses, they have gone well beyond the promised lockdown period. CFIB calls on the government to immediately reintroduce provincial grant support for all businesses affected in any way by today's announcement and provide an immediate pathway to reopening." retail-insider.com

Non-Essential Store Shutdown
Quebec begins retail store closures amid new COVID-19 wave
Quebec proceeded with the first of three planned closures of non-essential retail stores Sunday as the provincial government tried to curb a new wave of COVID-19 driven by the highly infectious Omicron variant.

Hospitals and health-care resources in Quebec and Canada's remote northern communities are also being stretched as case numbers explode.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced last week that the bulk of the province's stores would be closed for the next three Sundays, with the exception of pharmacies, convenience stores and gas stations.

Charles Milliard, president of the Quebec Federation of Chambers of Commerce, urged the government to lift the measures as soon as possible.

"The last thing businesses need during these difficult times is additional restrictions" Milliard said in a statement. "We must leave the choice to businesses to open or close at the time that makes the most sense for them, their employees and their customers."

The closures came as Quebec reported 15,845 new COVID-19 cases, as well as 13 additional deaths linked to the virus. npr.org

Welcome News for Ontario Retailers
Retail group applauds Ontario decision to cut COVID-19 isolation period

Provinces counter rise in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations with new measures

A list of the new COVID-19 measures that will take effect on Wednesday in Ontario

Canadian army rolls in Quebec to hasten COVID-19 vaccination

Canadian Police Shootings
Number of Canadian police shootings in 2021 remains too high, experts say
Despite growing calls for changes in policing, the number of officer shootings in Canada remains too high, say criminology experts. On-duty police officers fired at 64 people in Canada between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30. Exactly half were killed. Seven were uninjured.

"I am deeply concerned by the unrelenting nature of this problem. There is nothing inevitable or natural about this problem," said Temitope Oriola, a criminology professor at the University of Alberta and a former special adviser to the province in a review of its Police Act.

The Canadian Press tracked each shooting using information from police, independent investigative units and independent reporting. The resulting snapshot shows little has changed since 2020, when global movements called for more police accountability and transparency.

This year, the number of police shootings has so far matched the total from 2020, when 60 people were shot and 36 of those were killed. That year, five shootings were in December and the youngest was a one-year-old boy killed in Ontario.

There have been at least three deadly shootings this month, which have not been included in The Canadian Press tally. In 2021, young men continued to make up the vast majority of people shot by police.

There was also a disproportionate number of people of colour. Race could be identified in 17 shootings. More than 50 per cent involved Indigenous people and 17 per cent were Black.

Oriola said policing requires a level of force and, in some situations, it can be legitimate. Police shootings remain uncommon in Canada when compared with other countries, including the United States, he said, but the number is still troubling. globalnews.ca

Retail's Uncertain Future in Canada
Canadian Retail Sales on Shaky Ground: Strappagiel
Total Canadian location-based retail sales were up 5.2% for the 3 months ending October 2021, according to the latest data release from Statistics Canada. This is close to the long term average after the wild swings caused by the COVID pandemic. On the other hand, gasoline prices are holding up retail sales. Without gas stations, retail sales for the period gained only 3.0%.

The 3 month trend (orange line in the chart below) has weakened for the last few months, while the underlying 12 month trend (green line) has leveled off and is starting to decline. And that's not all. There's a big fly in the ointment that goes by the name of Omicron. Its impact is not reflected in the numbers yet.

Retail sales gains in the Food & Drug sector have been weakening all year. For the 3 months ending October, sales were up a mere 0.01%, which means falling behind inflation and population growth. The underlying 12 month trend has also been steadily slipping and is likely to decline even further before the year is done.

Sales at supermarkets & other grocery stores were actually down 0.9% year-over-year for the 3 months ending October. Specialty food stores had a 3.5% retail sales gain, somewhat better but still modest by historical standards. Perhaps food store sales will improve somewhat as Omicron keeps people home.

Health & personal care stores had been holding up the Food & Drug sector earlier in the year, but that's now changing. Their sales were up just 0.2% for the 3 months ending October.

After a sharp rebound in Q2, retail sales growth in the Store Merchandise sector has steadily dwindled. Nevertheless, sales were up 6.8% year-over-year for the 3 months ending October, which is still ahead of pre-pandemic performance. The underlying 12 month trend however is now also tapering off from record highs earlier in the year and is likely to slow further. retail-insider.com

(Update) Winnipeg, MB: Arrest made in shooting death of man outside Winnipeg convenience store
A 21-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a fatal shooting three months ago outside of a Winnipeg convenience store. Police had identified Dawson Kenliegh McKay as a suspect about a month after the Sept. 26 shooting and issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for second-degree murder.

On Wednesday, police said in a news release that officers found McKay trying to hide in an apartment complex in the Alpine Place neighbourhood in south Winnipeg just before midnight on Boxing Day. Joshua Jordan Paul Pashe, 26, was shot outside of a 7-Eleven on Salter Street, near Flora Avenue, in the North End area. He was rushed to hospital in critical condition and later died.

Police do not believe McKay and Pashe knew each other when they became involved in an argument moments before the shooting. cbc.ca

'The Level of Violence ... During These Robberies is Disturbing'
Calgary, AB: Police lay 137 charges against 4 teens accused of physically assaulting victims in 'take-over' style robberies
Calgary police have laid 137 charges against four 16-year-old boys who investigators believe are responsible for a string of "violent, take-over style robberies" in the city. Over a two-week period in November and December, police were called to eight robberies at pharmacies, convenience stores and vape shops for incidents involving handguns and violence.

Once inside each store, the robbers rushed behind counters and threatened employees with weapons before demanding cash, nicotine products and pharmaceutical drugs. In most cases, staff members reported being punched, kicked and pistol whipped.

"The level of violence victims are experiencing during these robberies is disturbing and has had traumatic effects," said Staff Sgt. Kathy Graham with Calgary police. "Watching footage of these robberies and assaults is shocking and our investigators have been working tirelessly to apprehend and charge those responsible." cbc.ca

$200,000 Theft
Ontario police investigating alleged butter theft

Ontario Provincial Police say two truckloads of butter with a retail value of approximately $200,000 were stolen over the holidays

Ontario police are investigating the alleged theft of two truckloads of butter worth an estimated $200,000. The Ontario Provincial Police say the trucks were reported
stolen from a trucking facility in Trenton, Ont., on Dec. 26.

The force's Quinte West detachment alleges that four suspects broke into the facility on Christmas Day and used the trucks to steal two trailers that each contained approximately 20,000 kilograms of butter. Police say the transport trucks and trailers were found in Toronto on Dec. 27 without their contents, including the butter believed to have "
a combined retail value of about $200,000." canadiangrocer.com

C-Store Robbery Crew Busted
Edmonton, AB: Suspects arrested in convenience store robbery spree

Halifax police investigate theft of firearms from Canadian Tire over the holidays

Toronto police seek 3 armed suspects following downtown jewelry heist

Foursome wanted in $1,500 Regent clothing heist: Winnipeg police

Calgary cannabis store robbed on Boxing Day morning

Suspect uses knife in Mississauga store robbery

Three wanted in Ajax cellphone store robbery on the day before Christmas Eve

RCMP arrest man believed to be behind Yarmouth grocery store robbery

RCMP searching for man following armed robbery at gas station in Bible Hill, N.S.

Peterborough man arrested for robbery, theft of donation box money

New Brunswick RCMP investigate armed robbery at Moncton convenience store

Police in N.L. arrest a man and a woman for recent robberies in province

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Amazon & Google Take on Congress
Amazon and Google deploy their armies to thwart antitrust bills
Amazon and Google are mobilizing a powerful force to counter Congress' increasing appetite for corporate trust-busting - the throngs of business owners and ordinary users who have made the tech giants a part of their daily lives.

An Illinois-based luggage vendor and local chambers of commerce in states like Texas are among thousands of tech allies warning lawmakers against passing bipartisan antitrust bills aimed at the online industry's biggest players. Trade groups backed by the giants, meanwhile, are spreading the message that the bills could mean the end of services popular with tens of millions of Americans, such as Amazon Prime and Google Docs.

The campaign, carried out by petitions, email blasts and Zoom calls, seeks to reverse the usual David-vs.-Goliath portrayal of Washington's antitrust debates - pushing the narrative that two of the world's wealthiest corporations are on the sides of the underdogs.

The antitrust bills' supporters accuse the tech giants of spreading baseless fears and stoking small businesses' anxieties to blunt the growing anti-monopoly momentum in Congress. But the effort shows that the companies' networks of data centers, warehouses, business partnerships and legions of users have given Amazon and Google a huge number of potential allies in their showdown with Washington.

Supporters say the bill, S. 2992 (117), is meant to protect small vendors like Rae, pointing to a litany of complaints about dominant platform providers such as Amazon and Apple. But Rae argued that by denting Amazon's business model, the bill would harm her own economic lifeline.

Two members of Congress, who requested anonymity to speak about a divisive topic, said they have been inundated with calls and emails from entrepreneurs who heard Amazon's warnings that the legislation might force it to shut down its platform for sellers. The companies have also told lawmakers whose districts are home to Amazon warehouses and Google data centers that the legislation could lessen their voters' job opportunities, according to two congressional aides, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak candidly. politico.com

Online Shopping in 2022
Shopping will be way less annoying this year. These are the 3 big changes you'll see

Farewell, abandoned online shopping carts.

Technology companies are solving these problems as we speak. And many of these improvements are ready to roll out in 2022. Here are three ways that shopping will be more fun and less time-consuming this year.


Imagine ordering a new pair of AirPods by texting Apple, or chatting about new book releases with your local bookstore, then making a purchase via text. In China, Singapore, and other parts of the world, it's increasingly common to shop using messaging apps, but in the U.S., it hasn't taken off yet. That's about to change.


One of the most annoying parts about shopping online is that you need to constantly have your credit card handy. Shopify solved this problem by saving your payment information across all brands on its platform, while Amazon is famous for its one-click ordering system. But imagine if you could do that with any e-commerce site.


This has spurred many tech companies, including Grabandgo, Caper, and Zippin, to develop cashierless technologies that will allow other retailers to compete by making checkouts faster and easier. fastcompany.com

Future Retail Wants Amazon Arbitration Ruled Illegal







Chicago Retail Theft Group Faces Charges in Multiple States
Indiana State Police received information of a vehicle entering Indiana from Michigan that had been involved in several thefts. Troopers located the suspect vehicle parked in front of Sally Beauty Supply in Michigan City, Indiana. The suspects exited the store with two shopping baskets of unpaid merchandise and quickly fled the parking lot in their vehicle. A brief chase pursued, ending with the subjects crashing their vehicle and being taken into custody. After shoplifting thousands of dollars of merchandise from Sally Beauty, Bed Bath & Beyond, and ULTA Beauty stores, the subjects face multiple charges in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. The two subjects are suspects in a multi-state theft ring being investigated by the Downers Grove Police Department.

Thanks to Jerry Biggs, Major Investigations & Asset Recovery at Sally Beauty, for submitting this story.

Phoenix Man Charged with 9 Counts of Organized Retail Theft
A two-month investigation led by Goodyear, AZ police span across multiple cities. Manuel Rocha Estrada - brazenly entered multiple Sally Beauty stores throughout Maricopa County and exited in minutes with a trash bag full of unpaid merchandise. Estrada claimed to be a barber by trade and shoplifted to supplement his income.

Thanks to Jerry Biggs, Major Investigations & Asset Recovery at Sally Beauty, for submitting this story.

Lower Allen Township, PA: Police arrest Florida man on credit card fraud at bike shops; similar scams in Maryland and Portland, OR
Police served an arrest warrant on a 34-year-old Florida man wanted in connection to credit card fraud at several Pennsylvania bike shops last year. The man allegedly used a fake ID with the same name used in similar cases at bike shops Portland, Oregon, last year, and may also be tied to a similar case in Maryland. The owner of the shop told police a white male tried to use a credit card on his phone to purchase items totaling $3,635.95, using a California driver's license with the name "David Ward" on it. After two attempts to use a card on his cell phone, the suspect manually entered a credit card number into the credit card machine and that transaction was completed, the retailer told police. According to police the van also contained "three cell phones, numerous credit cards with multiple names, an HP laptop computer, an MSR X6 credit card skimmer found in backpack in cargo area, a fake ID for David Ward, and other misc items." bicycleretailer.com

Chicago, IL: Police investigating Tuesday morning retail robberies in Gold Coast, on Mag Mile
Police are investigating after two Near North Side retail break-ins and robberies Tuesday morning. At around 5:30 a.m., CPD responded to Moose Knuckle, a store located near Rush and Walton. Police said an unknown number of suspects pried their way through the front door. They grabbed a significant amount of high-end merchandise before police could arrive. wgntv.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Fayetteville, NC: Man shot to death inside local clothing store
A man was shot to death inside a Fayetteville clothing store on Tuesday afternoon. The shooting happened just after 3 p.m. at Southern City Swag Boutique in the 4000 block of Yadkin Road. Fayetteville police said the man's identity was being withheld pending next of kin notification. Police did not release any information on a possible gunman or motive in the shooting. wral.com

Oklahoma City, OK: Police Investigate Shooting Death of man outside Dollar General
A man is dead following a shooting in northeast Oklahoma City, police said. Now, officers are looking for any possible suspects. Investigators told News 9 there was an argument outside of a Dollar General near Spencer Jones Road and Post Road. "We had a confrontation at the store there which led to one person being shot and then the suspects fleeing," said Oklahoma City police Master Sgt. Gary Knight. Police said 28-year-old Donnell Smith was shot. Someone drove him to Midwest City Hospital, where he died. It's still unclear what led up to the argument outside the Dollar General and exactly how many people were involved.

Chino Valley, AZ: Police shoot, kill armed suspect after attacks, robbery at Family Dollar
Chino Valley Police shot and killed an armed man who threatened police after robbing the Family Dollar store in Paulden late Tuesday morning, Jan. 4, causing the closure of lengthy swaths of North Highway 89, the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office (YCSO) reported.

York, PA: Alleged robber shot dead at restaurant
A person was shot to death Tuesday evening during what police say was an attempted robbery at a York City restaurant. York City Police responded about 7 p.m. Tuesday to a shooting at the Asian Best restaurant, 15 N Penn St., according to York County 911. Police tell reporters they believe the restaurant owner fatally shot a person during an attempted robbery. The man allegedly broke in armed with a gun after the restaurant had closed and demanded money from the register, CBS21 reports. He threatened the owner's wife and son before the owner came out of the back of the restaurant and shot him, according to CBS21.

Charlotte, NC: Update: 15-year-old charged in man's shooting death at strip mall
A 15-year-old has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of a 46-year-old man that happened on Dec. 14 along South Tryon Street at Clanton Road, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said on Tuesday. "I heard about four or five shots, then I ran behind that red car," shopper Sandra Jones told Channel 9 in December. "And when I looked up, there was two or three guys running that way." Chopper 9 Skyzoom flew over the scene and could see dozens of officers at a shopping center. The man who was shot, 46-year-old Richard Marshall Jr., died at the scene, CMPD said.

Humble, TX: Father fatally shot carrying daughter's birthday cake into Chuck E. Cheese
The wife of a Texas father says he was gunned down in the parking lot of a Chuck E. Cheese while celebrating his daughter's sixth birthday. Calogero Duenes, 24, and his family had just arrived to celebrate his daughter's sixth birthday Friday at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Humble, Texas, according to Duenes' wife, Amber Uresti. Reports indicate Duenes was walking outside of the business when he got into an argument with another man. Nearby officers say they heard gunshots, and when they arrived on scene, they found Duenes suffering from multiple bullet wounds. He was taken to the hospital, where he later died. Uresti says her husband was shot while holding his daughter's birthday cake.

Dollar Tree Robbery suspect in critical condition after NYPD police-involved shooting
The NYPD says one person is in critical condition after being involved in a police-involved shooting in Brooklyn Tuesday night. Police say officers responded to a report of a suspect wanted for a past crime at the Dollar General located at 2120 Rockaway Parkway in Canarsie at around 4:45 p.m. Officers encountered the man in the vestibule of the store and he began to struggle with officers, according to police. During the struggle, police say the man pulled out a gun and shot at the officers twice. Officers returned fire and struck the suspect in the neck. The 45-year-old man was transported to Brookdale Hospital, where he is listed as stable but in critical condition. The two officers, who weren't struck by the fired bullets, were transported to a hospital for evaluation.

Minneapolis, MN: Charges filed against 4 teens involved in robbery, shooting at Minneapolis C-store

Philadelphia, PA: Lyft driver shoots 2 carjacking suspects

Virginia Beach, VA: Man sentenced to 40 years after pleading guilty to 2018 robbery at VB 7-Eleven that ended in officer-involved shooting


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

White Plains, NY: Smash-and-grab at Louis Vuitton in Westchester Mall
Could the disturbing national trend of smash-and-grab robberies be coming to Westchester? White Plains police are investigating a break-in at the Westchester Mall. A photo shows the smashed up window to the Louis Vuitton store. Police say they are working with the store to determine what was taken. No arrests have been made yet. bronx.news12.com

Guitar Center Replaces Instruments Stolen in Santa Monica Music Center Robbery
Guitar Center has replaced the instruments stolen in the robbery of Santa Monica Music Center, the family store co-owned by Santa Monica City Councilmember Lana Negrete. Santa Monica Music Center has been robbed twice in 2021, most recently on November 23, and three times over the course of the pandemic. The instruments that were stolen and damaged during that robbery were to be used by Councilmember Negrete's non-profit after-school program called Outreach Through The Arts. OTTA provides music lessons and instruments to underserved youth, so even if they can't afford their own instruments, they can still learn to play and be on the road to achieving their musical dreams. OTTA is the recipient of a Guitar Center Music Foundation grant and on December 2 they provided the program with the guitars that were lost during the break-in. Guitar Center immediately wanted to help once they heard about the robbery.

Denver, CO: Report reveals pipeline of stolen Colorado bikes ending up in Mexico

St Louis, MO: Man pleads guilty to robbing St. Louis phone stores


Cargo Theft

Oklahoma City, OK: Nearly 600 Amazon packages found dumped near Oklahoma City
If you're missing your Amazon delivery, it might be among those found dumped in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office said it found nearly 600 Amazon packages dumped in a rural area of Oklahoma City. Some boxes had been opened and items were stolen. The sheriff's office said the packages were supposed to be delivered by Christmas. They had left an Amazon warehouse and were en route to the U.S. Postal Service for delivery but never made it. The sheriff's office said it reached out to Amazon. They, along with the Postal Service, are investigating the incident.




Boost - Manitowoc, WI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Louisville, KY - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Hannibal, MO - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Merced, CA - Armed Robbery
Cellphone - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
Clothing - Chicago, IL - Burglary
Dollar General - Brooklyn, NY - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Louisville, KY - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Saunemin, IL - Robbery
Dollar Tree - Brooklyn, NY - Armed Robbery/Shooting
Family Dollar - Chino Valley, AZ - Armed Robbery (Susp killed)
Hotel - Tallahassee, FL - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Denver, CO - Robbery
Jewelry - Roseville, MI - Robbery
Laundromat - Louisville, KY - Armed Robbery
Liquor - Mandeville, LA - Burglary
Louis Vuitton - White Plains, NY - Burglary
Pawn - Danville, VA - Burglary
Restaurant - York, PA - Armed Robbery (susp killed)


Daily Totals:
• 15 robberies
• 4 burglaries
• 3 shootings
• 2 killed

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Ivan Chavarria named Asset Protection Lead for Rite Aid

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Asset Protection Associate
Charlotte, NC - posted January 4
The Asset Protection Associate (APA) is responsible for the detection, apprehension, or deterrence of customer and associate activity that could result in a loss to Ralph Lauren. APAs are also responsible for ensuring a safe environment for all customers, associates, and vendors. APAs promote and monitor compliance to Polo Ralph Lauren policies and procedures related to theft prevention, safety, and inventory control. The APA is also required to promote awareness and conduct training...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Detroit, MI - posted January 4
Support store and delivery center management in the areas of Workplace safety and Loss Prevention (LP). Assist store and delivery centers in compliance with Safety / LP policies and procedures. Serve as main point of contact as the Safety / LP subject matter expert for stores and delivery centers in the assigned Region. Collaborate with other support staff as needed...

Region Asset Protection Manager-South Florida Region (Bi-lingual Required)
Doral, FL - posted December 21
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Corporate Safety & Security Leader
San Francisco, CA - posted December 15
RH is seeking a Corporate Safety & Security Leader. The role will lead a team of Safety & Security Associates on our Corporate Campus in Corte Madera, CA. The Leader acts as the key point of contact for safety and security incidents including identifying, investigating, mitigating, and managing risks...


Regional Loss Prevention and Safety Specialist
New York, NY - posted November 29
You will act as a coach, trainer, mentor, and enforcer to support the risk management program at Legends. Responsibilities can include, but are not limited to: Identify, develop, and implement improved loss prevention and safety measurements with risk management team; Conduct internal audits that have a focus on loss prevention, personal safety, and food safety, and help the team to effectively execute against company standards and requirements

Safety Director (Retail Background Preferred)
Jacksonville, FL - posted November 3
This role is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing purpose-directed occupational safety and health programs designed to minimize the frequency and severity of customer and associate accidents, while complying with applicable regulatory requirements. This leader is the subject matter expert on all safety matters

Director, Loss Prevention & Safety
Goleta, CA - posted September 24
The Director of Loss Prevention & Environmental, Health and Safety plans, organizes, implements, and directs HERBL's programs, procedures, and practices to ensure the safety and security of company employees and property...

Corporate Risk Manager
Hayward/LA, CA - posted October 5
Summary of Role and Responsibilities: A proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries, whether to our employees, third parties, or customer's valuables. They include but are not limited to cash in transit, auto losses, or injuries...

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