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Axis Communications Signed Video Wins New Product of the Year Award

Security Today Recognizes Axis Video Authentication as Top Video Surveillance-Advanced Imaging Technology for 2022

Axis Communications was recently awarded the Security Today 2022 New Product of the Year Award in the Video Surveillance Advanced Imaging Technology category for its Signed Video-an open-source video authentication and verification framework that ensures integrity of surveillance video from the point of capture. The 2022 New Product of the Year Award recognized Axis for its outstanding product development and dedication to improving security.

Read more in the Vendor Spotlight column below

Leading Nationwide Juice and Plant-Based Snacks Store, Pressed, Teams up with Interface to Accelerate Digital Transformation and Growth

Interface deploys suite of managed services at 100+ Pressed stores to revamp IT infrastructure, improve security, and gain operational insights, while reducing store operations costs by 50%

St. Louis, MO (October 5, 2022) - Interface Systems, a leading managed service provider delivering business security, managed network, UCaaS, and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises, today announced that Pressed, a leading cold-pressed juice and plant-based treats brand, has deployed Interface's managed services in over 100 stores nationwide, resulting in a 50% reduction in fixed costs in all stores after consolidating multiple services.

Pressed chose to implement Interface's suite of managed IT services to improve network reliability, increase security, and build a system to gather multi-dimensional store performance data to enhance customer experience.  Read more here

Snapshots from LPRC IMPACT in Gainesville, FL

More than 450 attendees turned out at LPRC IMPACT 2022

LPRC podcast crew Tony D'Onofrio, Read Hayes &
Tom Meehan, recorded an episode at IMPACT

LP/AP leaders pose for a photo at LPRC IMPACT

LPRC saw record attendance of 450+ at this year's event

Getting ready for LPRC IMPACT's Swamp Event!

Click here to learn more about LPRC IMPACT

The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Model for the Nation to Battle ORC?
Manteca has seen a 50% drop in retail crime losses in two years

CA's Only City with Detective Dedicated to ORC
Manteca Reduces Odds for Retail Theft Rings

Only California city with police detective dedicated to organized retail crime creating reputation for Manteca

Manteca is sending a message to organized retail crime rings. You run a greater risk of getting caught, prosecuted, and sent to prison than in most other jurisdictions in California if you ply your trade in Manteca.

And it has all to do with rank-and-file officers looking for more effective ways to fight crime then Manteca Police Chief Mike Aguilar dedicating a full-time detective to organized retail crime (ORC).

And while there are regional task forces in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, San Diego and soon in Sacramento to combat the growing rise of organized retail crime, no other city in California besides Manteca has a full-time dedicated detective to such criminal activity.

According to Manteca Police ORC Detective Dave Brown, Ulta representatives said their Manteca store was on their list of locations they were considering closing due to the store theft rate until Manteca was able to step up and effectively target organized retail crime.

Brown shared with the Manteca Rotary during their weekly meeting Thursday at Mt. Mike's Pizza that the department's organized retail crime effort was one of the reasons Boot Barn cited for opening a store in Manteca.

Brown said the department is planning to add a second detective if funding is available next year. "There is enough work easily for two to three officers," Brown said.

By having a dedicated detective that can be contacted directly by store loss prevention officers and who also networks with nearby departments, Manteca has been able to position itself to be at the locations of retail theft crimes either in advance or within minutes.

Brown noted Manteca has been able to secure a 50 percent reduction in retail crime losses in the last two years. They also were able to arrest or identify 202 suspects in 2020 and 187 suspects in 2021. mantecabulletin.com

Major Societal Changes Fueling the Shoplifting Surge
Should We Tolerate Shoplifting?

Implications of adolescent rationalizations regarding stealing.

It seems to me that recent changes in our society may be contributing to an increase in shoplifting. The influence of parents on their teens may have decreased as more parents are working outside of the home or as there are more single parent households. As a result, parents do not have as much time to teach moral behavior to their children.

As our society has chosen to devote its law enforcement resources to more serious crimes, the disincentive for shoplifting has become minimal.

If we continue our current course, will shoplifting continue to increase until it reaches a level at which even more brick-and-mortar retailers will be unable to survive? Are we moving towards an even greater reliance on internet retailers? Will our relationships as members of this society become even more frayed because of theft?

Changing Course

Thus, I think that if we want to change the course of shoplifting, we might consider reinstituting a significant penalty for petty theft, or have stores employ more staff who will be on the lookout for shoplifters, which may help curb the behavior of the some of the shoplifters.

Of course, there would be a significant amount of social and monetary costs to adoption of either of these approaches. Some retailers may decide against significant shoplifting mitigation because the costs associated with such an effort would exceed the anticipated monetary loss from on-going shoplifting.


Dealing more deliberately with petty theft does not address many of the societal issues that have led to its increased prevalence. I believe that difficult fundamental changes in society are required to address these underlying issues. For example, perhaps we need to expand our social safety nets so that people do not shoplift because they have insufficient food at home. psychologytoday.com

ORC Surge Becomes Hot Button Political Issue
Democratic Senator at Risk of Losing Seat Targets Flash-Mob Crime
A Democratic senator at risk of losing her seat recently signed new legislation targeting flash-mob and other organized retail theft crimes.

Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada said in a press release over the weekend that she was working with Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, on legislation to target "the rise in flash mob robberies and intricate retail theft schemes sweeping the nation."

"The Combatting Organized Retail Crime Act establishes a coordinated multi-agency response and creates new tools to tackle evolving trends in organized retail theft," the two senators said in a joint release.

The announcement comes just a few weeks ahead of the midterm elections in which Cortez Masto will face Adam Laxalt, who previously served as the Nevada attorney general and was endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Over the past several months, organized retail theft and flash-mob looting have been on the rise, with elected officials in California and other states calling for more action to be taken. In New Jersey, state senators previously introduced legislation that would require flash-mob looters and retail thieves to face jail time. newsweek.com

Theft Surge Adding Fuel to the Inflation Fire
Another reason for rising costs? Retailers blame organized theft

Organized retail theft has grown to a nearly $100 billion problem in the U.S. - and retailers say consumers are paying the price.

Why organized retail crime has seen sharp national increases is unclear, but market watchers speculate the COVID-19 pandemic brought on changes that made stores easier targets and made identification more difficult with widespread mask use. While resales to pawn shops can be risky, the accelerated push to e-commerce has also made reselling goods directly to consumers easier.

What is certain, retailers report, is that the losses translate to higher prices for consumers in the long run. Increased security and digital technology measures aimed at theft prevention are on the rise, with more than half of retailers reporting redoubled investments in security and 60% increasing technology budgets in response to losses, according to the NRF survey.

Combined with revenue losses from organized theft, security costs are prompting retailers in a low-profit-margin industry to make tough choices during an inflationary period.

"We have been very good about not raising our prices as a result of our shrink equation but if it gets to a point where we cannot continue to do business this way, ultimately we will have to pass it along," Scott Glenn, vice president of Home Depot asset protection, told CNBC.  dentonrc.com

California's New Bill to Fight ORC Continues to Make Headlines
Prosecutors Alliance of California Measures Signed Into Law Target Organized Retail Crime, DNA Privacy, Transparency and Minor Traffic Offenses

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed into law four landmark criminal justice bills - sponsored by the Prosecutors Alliance of California.

Founder and Executive Director of the Prosecutors Alliance of California, Cristine Soto DeBerry, said, "These are important bills that will enhance safety, justice, victim privacy and prosecutorial transparency across California."

The governor also signed SB 301, which helps combat the sale of stolen goods on online marketplaces by establishing higher conditions of accountability and verification for third-party sellers on online platforms. Doing so ensures marketplaces to identify and take action against sellers of stolen goods, said sponsors.

"From smash and grabs to auto burglaries, package theft and more, a massive amount of property crime in California is driven by organized crime," commented DeBerry.

She added, "By going after the demand side of the major driver of property crime, SB 301 is a practical solution backed by facts and data. Requiring online retailers to collect and disclose information about high-volume third party sellers will undermine a major marketplace for stolen goods."  davisvanguard.org

Officials, neighbors slam New York crime policies following Marriott shooting
New York bail reform blasted after man killed at Marriott shooting near Marist College

Colorado Springs police warn shoppers and businesses not to engage with shoplifters

Majority of mass shootings connected to domestic violence, experts say


COVID Update

619.7M Vaccinations Given

US: 98.3M Cases - 1M Dead - 95.3M Recovered
Worldwide: 624.4M Cases - 6.5M Dead - 604.4M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 362   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 802

COVID Bonus Checks Going Out to Retail Workers
Minnesota Will Pay $487 Bonuses to 1M Frontline Workers
More than 1 million Minnesotans have qualified for bonus checks to frontline workers to recognize their work during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the payments will be for less than $500, the governor's office announced Monday.

The state will start sending out the payments on Wednesday. The Legislature approved a total of $500 million for eligible applicants, and Gov. Tim Walz signed it into law in April.

Many frontline workers faced long shifts, uncertain procedures and constant threats of infection that kept them worried throughout the day and sleepless at night during the first year of COVID-19, he added.

Eligible workers include those in the long-term care and home care industries, health care, the courts, child care, public schools, retail, food service, public transit and manufacturing. usnews.com

Will We Ever Revert Back to Pre-COVID Work Behavior?
Have Managers Underestimated the Need for Face-to-Face Contact?
Remote work, already common, was first required by the pandemic, then encouraged by the growing power of talent over organizations. That power was fueled by both a talent shortage and the ability of tech-aided talent to become more effective working remotely.

Technology will continue to enhance remote work. But will the talent shortage continue? Will inflation pull more people back into the workforce, changing the supply-demand ratio for talent? Will the need for recognition and advancement on the job lure people back to the office? Or have the attractions of working at home changed the job satisfaction equation permanently?

Just as important is how organizations will answer the question of whether great organizations can be built on remote work and remote workers, even those working in a hybrid manner with some time spent in the office. Greg Carmichael, CEO and chairman of Fifth Third Bancorp, quoted in a previous column, put it most succinctly when he said, "We can't be a great company working remotely... We can get the job done, but it's tough to flourish." hbswk.hbs.edu

Winter Wave Could be Coming
Will there be a COVID winter wave? What scientists say

Emerging variants and waning immunity are likely to push infections higher in the northern hemisphere as influenza also makes a comeback.

With surges caused by the BA.5 Omicron variant in the rear-view mirror - resulting in high population immunity - the United States could be in for a relatively quiet COVID-19 season, the models suggested, so long as vaccine booster campaigns began quickly and new variants didn't emerge. Even with a new variant, a big surge in cases wasn't certain.

More than a month on, hospitalizations are declining in line with projections. But other factors on the horizon could spell trouble. The rollout of new, 'bivalent' boosters "has been a little bit slow," says Lessler. And there are now subtle signs that Omicron is evolving and spawning a new cast of immunity-dodging variants. "It could lead to some upswings as we go into the fall and winter months," Lessler adds.

Some US states are already beginning to see an uptick in cases. The United Kingdom's weekly population survey of SARS-CoV-2 infections, a gold-standard in COVID data, has also documented an increase in COVID prevalence in its past two reports. In the backdrop, a slew of immunity-dodging variants are emerging globally, and researchers think these variants will fuel an autumn-winter wave. nature.com

Remote work wipes $453 billion off office real estate

L.A. to end COVID eviction protections by February



Business Continuity/Crisis Management
Proactive - Reactive

Hurricane Ian
Response & Recovery

(section sponsored by Genetec)

Knowing the Difference is Key
Business Continuity Vs Crisis Management

Business Continuity and Crisis Management are often confused as the same thing

One group sees crisis management as part of an emergency management structure. They believe that business continuity only focuses on helping business operations to recover from an outage. Others, like the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI), see crisis management as part of an overall business continuity management program. Both sides believe they are right.

Let's start with Crisis Management

Crisis management is the process of responding to, planning for, and mitigating emergency events. As a discipline, it has a planning process, distinct teams, and response structure. Depending on your exposure, you may be familiar with four or five aspects of disaster management. I prefer five stages, which addresses: prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

The Importance of Business Continuity

Business continuity, on the other hand, is the distinct practice of planning for and helping a company's essential functions recover from an interruption or outage. Continuity focuses on critical aspects of business operations. It lays out what business units need post-interruption. It focuses on strategies for resumption after impacts on the workplace, personnel, network, or loss of a critical third-party supplier.

The BC vs CM Balancing Act

If the differences are not made clear, there can be a lack of understanding about why these activities are separate. The strategy of mixing business continuity and crisis management can lead to challenges in the workplace. It can also lessen the effectiveness of your response and recovery activities. Misunderstanding often happens when people you are engaging do not understand what disaster work is in the first place. With the overuse of words like disaster, crisis, and emergencies, it is no wonder that people get lost in our jargon. So, there needs to be a real effort on our part to help others recognize the difference. disasterempire.com

Stealing from Disaster Relief Vehicles
Tampa man accused of stealing from disaster relief vehicles
A Tampa man faces burglary charges for stealing power tools being used for Hurricane Ian relief, police said.

Police say security personnel located and detailed Bryan Ortiz, 35, who was seen trying to get into some of the relief vehicles. At one point, Ortiz allegedly broke into a bucket truck and a Ford F-250 Super Duty Truck and swiped some power tools. The tools were eventually recovered. Oritz was arrested without incident and charged, police said. wtsp.com

   Hurricane Ian's death toll rises to 109 as crews in Florida go door to door

   4 Walmart & Sam's Club Stores Still Closed After Hurricane Ian

Retail & Government Operations Centers

National Business Emergency Operations Center
Florida State Emergency Operations Center
Lee County - SW Florida Operations Center
Walmart Emergency Operations Center
Amazon's Disaster Relief Hub
Target Emergency Operations Center
Home Depot's Natural Disaster Command Center
Lowe's Emergency Command Center
Microsoft Teams Emergency Operations Center

To Hard Tag or Not?
Video Recap: Hard Tag Vs RFID Working Group Meeting

Featuring Colin Peacock and Adrian Beck

Removing hard tags in retail stores, especially fashion retailers, would seem crazy based on the proven increase in losses when retailers have previously made the switch from hard tags to soft EAS tags.

Retailers such as River Island are exploring whether RFID can help reduces losses more productively and enable stores to move to self-checkout. Click here to learn more

The Retail Revival Is Underway
Retail Real Estate Is Enjoying Its Biggest Revival in Years

U.S. retail real-estate vacancies are down, rents are up and more stores are opening than closing

Bricks-and-mortar store owners are emerging from the pandemic with surprising strength, posting some of their best numbers in years and plotting expansions as more Americans venture out to buy things again.

U.S. retail vacancy fell to 6.1% in the second quarter, the lowest level in at least 15 years, while asking rents for U.S. shopping centers in the quarter were 16% higher than five years ago, according to real-estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield.

More stores opened than closed in the U.S. last year for the first time since 1995, according to an analysis by Morgan Stanley, and some analysts say they expect that trend to continue this year even with recession fears rising.

And after being forced to buy more things online at the start of the pandemic, many people have decided they like shopping in stores for items ranging from clothing to groceries, in a reassuring sign for the staying power of bricks-and-mortar retail. wsj.com

$1B McDonald's Racial Bias Lawsuit Dismissed
McDonald's defeats Black franchisees' $1 billion bias lawsuit, for now
McDonald's Corp has temporarily beaten back a lawsuit by 52 Black former franchise owners who claim the fast-food chain set them up for failure by steering them toward crime-ridden, low-income neighborhoods.

A federal judge in Chicago dismissed the 2020 lawsuit in a written order last week, but gave the plaintiffs until Oct. 21 to file an amended complaint. The judge did not explain why he dismissed the case.

The plaintiffs claim McDonald's has not offered profitable restaurant locations and growth opportunities to Black franchisees that were on the same terms as white franchisees, despite its public commitment to diversity and Black entrepreneurship. They are seeking up to $1 billion in damages.

McDonald's has denied wrongdoing and has said that while it may recommend store locations, franchisees make the final decisions. finance.yahoo.com

The Solution to the Supply Chain Crisis?
Apple Suppliers Add Manufacturing Sites in U.S., With Focus on California
Apple Inc. suppliers added manufacturing operations close to the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech company in fiscal 2021, a sign of how the pandemic and geopolitics are beginning to reshape supply chains.

Of Apple's more than 180 suppliers, 48 had manufacturing sites in the U.S. as of September 2021, up from 25 a year earlier, according to a supplier list released by Apple. More than 30 sites were in California, compared with fewer than 10 a year earlier. wsj.com

Workers won't be able to say "I quit" much longer as job openings fall

Chick-fil-A has the fastest and most accurate drive-thrus

In Case You Missed it

Returnless Refunds: 4 Risks & How to Mitigate Them

By: Michele Marvin, Vice President of Marketing, Appriss Retail

Download Order Claims: A Growing Source of Ecommerce Fraud.


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Axis Communications Signed Video Wins
New Product of the Year Award

Security Today Recognizes Axis Video Authentication as Top Video Surveillance-Advanced Imaging Technology for 2022

Axis Communications was recently awarded the Security Today 2022 New Product of the Year Award in the Video Surveillance Advanced Imaging Technology category for its Signed Video-an open-source video authentication and verification framework that ensures integrity of surveillance video from the point of capture. The 2022 New Product of the Year Award recognized Axis for its outstanding product development and dedication to improving security.

Axis understands that trust is an intrinsic part of security, and its new Signed Video provides peace of mind by ensuring that video footage has not been compromised. Axis' Signed Video started as an open-source project for video authentication and verification and evolved into Axis' new framework for verifying video streams. With Signed Video, a secure signature is inserted directly into a video stream at its origin, the camera. This signature confirms that the video you see has not been edited or tampered with since being captured by the camera-guaranteeing authenticity throughout its entire chain of custody. Given the critical importance of video integrity and the open-source nature of Axis's Signed Video, the company has shared the reference design for use by the whole industry.

Security Today's New Product of the Year Awards are an independently juried contest that recognizes excellence in product development within the security industry. This was the 14th year of the awards, which recognized manufacturers in 47 different product categories. The annual awards are sponsored by Security Today an industry-leading security products magazine, enewsletter and website serving security dealers, integrators, and end-users.

All of the 2022 New Product of the Year winners are highlighted on the Security Today website and will be published in the November/December 2022 issue of Security Today.






October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Weekly Topic: Third Party Risk

How Can I Minimize Third-Party Risks?

Vendor inventory: Who are your vendors? You firstly need to accurately identify who your vendors are. A third-party vendor is any person or organization who provides a product or service to your organization, who does not work at your organization, e.g. manufacturers and suppliers, service providers, short and long-term contractors, and external staff. The inventory should be kept up-to-date and extend to fourth parties (your third-party vendor's vendors).

Vendor assessment process: After creating a comprehensive inventory of vendors, you need to develop a vendor assessment process. Organizations use this process to assess and approve potential third-party vendors and suppliers to ensure they can meet all contracted stipulations and agreements. At this stage, you should include a vendor questionnaire template to streamline the onboarding of new vendors and the assessment of current vendors.

Learn more here about third party risk

In Case You Missed It: Retail Cybersecurity Strategies from Interface Systems
Interface Systems Shares Best Practices with Retailers for Cybersecurity Month

Company highlights prevention strategies for securing POS, cloud-based applications, and mitigating loyalty program fraud

St. Louis, MO (October 4, 2022) - As retailers integrate their digital and physical shopping experiences to future-proof their business models, it's never been more important to be aware of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities that can be created by digital transformation. As cybersecurity awareness month becomes a focus of discussion in October, Interface Systems, a leading managed service provider delivering business security, managed network, UCaaS, and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises, shares best practices on how to prevent retail cyber-attacks and mitigate fraud.

Retail chains face a variety of security challenges, from connected POS (Point of sale) systems and devices to online ordering and delivery applications. Retailers' data lakes, which combine their customers' data with credit card information, make them particularly attractive targets for cybercriminals. The consequences of security lapses go beyond legal issues and often result in significant financial loss as customers lose confidence in the brand.

Securing the Point of Sale

POS applications are directly connected to credit card data, loyalty management applications, and inventory management systems. They are easily accessible, and retailers often struggle to manage the sheer number of in-store terminals, self-service kiosks, and mobile payment devices. To secure their POS, retailers need to:

Encrypt all POS data end-to-end
Accept EMV chip cards and NFC (contactless payment) technologies
Whitelist applications to run on a POS system
Keep their POS software up to date
Address PCI-DSS compliance gaps proactively
Segment the POS network
Physically secure POS devices including mobile POS devices
Watch out for unusual transactions
Integrate security cameras with POS transactions

Read more strategies from Interface Systems here

Death Penalty for Selling U.S. Cyber Secrets?
Former NSA Employee Faces Death Penalty for Selling Secrets

Suspect allegedly thought he was swapping secrets with a foreign government for crypto - but the contact turned out to be an FBI agent.

When he left his job as an information systems security designer with the National Security Agency, Jareh Sebastian Dalke allegedly took a few classified documents with him. Stealing - and then attempting to sell - those secret government documents could land the Colorado Springs man on death row.
Dalke has been charged with trying to sell those government secrets to a foreign government. The sale went bust when it turned out the potential buyer Dalke believed was an emissary from a foreign nation was an undercover FBI agent instead, according to a Department of Justice affidavit.

The DOJ said Dalke approached the undercover agent in late July and that the information he had for sale was "highly sensitive information relating to foreign targeting of U.S. systems and information on U.S. cyber operations, among other topics."

Dalke then provided the perspective buyer with excerpts of the documents, which were sensitive and secret in nature.

"Dalke represented to the undercover FBI agent that he was still employed by the U.S. government but said he was on a temporary assignment at a field location," the DOJ added. "Dalke requested compensation via a specific type of cryptocurrency in exchange for the information he possessed and stated that he was in financial need." darkreading.com

Changing Your Password More Doesn't Make You More Secure
Is mandatory password expiration helping or hurting your password security?
For decades cybersecurity professionals held tight to the idea that passwords needed to be changed on a regular basis. In recent years, however, organizations such as NIST and Microsoft have abandoned this longstanding best practice and are now recommending against mandatory password expiration.

Fast-acting criminals won't be deterred by your 90-day change policy

First, the company argues that scheduled password changes do little to prevent an intruder from gaining access to a victim's network because threat actors almost always make immediate use of compromised passwords. In many ways, password theft is like credit card theft. When a criminal steals a credit card number, they know that they have a very limited amount of time before the card is reported to be stolen and is deactivated. As such, they will typically use a stolen card immediately. Password theft works the same way in that threat actors are anxious to exploit stolen credentials before compromised accounts are deactivated or passwords are changed.

End-users are tired of the needless change of a perfectly good password

The other reason that Microsoft cites in their recommendation against scheduled password expirations is that when users are forced to periodically change their passwords, they are much more inclined to use passwords that are both insecure and predictable.

From Microsoft's perspective it is far better for a user to create a strong but unchanging password than to simply create a password that barely adheres to the organization's minimal password requirements and then make small changes to that password each time that the organization requires the password to be changed. helpnetsecurity.com

VIDEO: What should investing in cybersecurity look like for a tech organization?
To withstand cyberattacks, businesses must continually update internal systems and avoid hasty tech upgrades that might open the door to attackers.

In this Help Net Security video, Phillip Verheyden, Security Engineer at Shipwell, discusses the challenges technology organizations face when investing in cybersecurity and offers tips for CISOs, from securing development to dealing with phishing attacks. helpnetsecurity.com

Hackers maintained deep access inside military organization's network

'Poisoned' Tor Browser tracks Chinese users' online history, location







Amazon Hiring Freeze
Amazon Freezes Corporate Hiring in Its Retail Business

It is the latest tech company to pump the brakes on hiring amid economic concerns.

Amazon is freezing corporate hiring in its retail business for the rest of the year, according to an internal announcement obtained by The New York Times, making it the latest company to pull back amid the economic uncertainty.

The announcement, in an email to recruiters, said the company was halting global hiring for all corporate roles, including technology positions, in its stores business, which covers Amazon's physical and online retail business and its logistics operations. More than 10,000 openings were posted in that division, which accounts for the bulk of Amazon's sales, as of Monday evening.

The broad freeze won't affect the company's more profitable cloud computing division. Some roles, such as student hiring and field positions, were exempt from the pause, the email said.

"Amazon continues to have a significant number of open roles available across the company," Brad Glasser, an Amazon spokesman, said in a statement. He said some parts of the business were more mature than others, "and we expect to keep adjusting our hiring strategies in each of these businesses at various junctures."

The freeze at the nation's second-largest private employer is part of a wider cooling in the job market, or at least another sign that it is no longer at a raging boil. nytimes.com

Amazon Employees Refuse to Work After Warehouse Fire
Staten Island Amazon workers stage work stoppage after fire at warehouse
At least 100 unionized employees at an Amazon fulfillment center on Staten Island refused to return to work for several hours on Monday evening after a fire broke out at the facility.

Chris Smalls, president of the Amazon Labor Union, said 500 workers refused to return to work, after a fire blazed on a shipping dock beside the warehouse.

Paul Flaningan, a spokesperson for Amazon, said the fire started in a cardboard compactor. He contested the number of employees who participated, saying it was closer to 100, and that 1,000 employees continued working uninterrupted. Flaningan said the stoppage lasted for around three hours. gothamist.com

Goodwill launches e-commerce platform







Windsor, Canada: 12 people arrested after $700,000 in retail thefts reported at Windsor Home Depot stores
The Windsor Police Service's Problem-Oriented Policing (POP) Unit arrested 12 people after over $700,000 in thefts were reported at Home Depot stores in the city. Officers from the POP Unit joined Home Depot loss-prevention teams at its two Windsor locations for a targeted operation aimed at thwarting retail theft on Sept. 28 and 29. Police say Home Depot's two local stores have reported $700,000 in thefts over the last six months alone. "People sometimes think of retail theft as a victimless crime, but the reality is that it can cost retailers millions, lead to higher prices for consumers and result in people losing their jobs," said Jason Crowley, Acting Deputy Chief of Operations. "Through operations like this, we'll continue to work with businesses to prevent and deter thefts and ensure shoplifters are held responsible." In total, the POP Unit arrested 12 people, recovered over $3,500 in stolen merchandise, and seized three stolen vehicles, including a Land Rover valued at $140,000. In addition to retail theft charges, three of the suspects also face outstanding arrest warrants. windsor.ctvnews.ca

Eastpointe, MI: FedEx worker to be charged with stealing $100K in goods from Eastpointe Foot Locker
A transport company worker is expected to be charged Wednesday in connection with about $100,000 worth of goods that were supposed to be delivered to the Foot Locker store in Eastpointe but instead were kept. The FedEx employee, whose name and hometown were not released, is scheduled to be arraigned on embezzlement charges in 38th District Court in Eastpointe, according to police. "We are still investigating this case and we are attempting to see if additional suspects will be added," said Detective Lt. Robert Koenigsmann He reported detectives received information on the embezzlement late Monday and by Tuesday afternoon had made an arrest. The employee is suspected of keeping retail goods and sports equipment on more than one delivery. "The allegations center on him keeping the goods that were supposed to be delivered to the store," he said. macombdaily.com

Tulsa, OK: Murder suspect among those arrested in Armed Robbery at Hibbets Sports
Tulsa Police say a robbery at a Promenade Mall store led to the arrest of a man who is also wanted for murder. Investigators say Dominique Jordan, Dorian Jordan, and Raven Moya walked into the Hibbets inside of Promenade Mall and stole thousands of dollars worth of clothes. A store employee was able to give officers a description of the trio's car. Police say they were able to find the suspects at a hotel near I-44 and Yale. All three were arrested. "One of the clerks tried to stop them," said Lt. Justin Ritter, Tulsa Police. "One of the females brandished a knife, and made a threatening comment, so at that point, it became a robbery." Investigators say the knife and $4,500 worth of clothing were found in the room. Police say Dominique Jordan had been charged with the murder of 17-year-old Corlin Jones and had a warrant for his arrest. Jones was shot outside of a hookah lounge near Admiral and Lewis in May. newson6.com

Memphis, TN: Suspects who stole 40 boxes of air compressors arrested by MPD
Memphis police department have arrested two men in connection to a boxcar robbery that happened Monday around 10pm. 18-yer-old Ronnino Nelson and 26-year-old Xavier Pendleton, were arrested for the burglary. The burglary happened near Beebee Avenue, where MPD says the two men were putting boxes into a tan truck. The boxes contained air compressors, according to MPD. They found about 40 boxes of compressors between the suspects car and the scene of the burglary. MPD also found a stolen gun in the suspects truck. Nelson has been charged with burglary and Pendleton has been charged with burglary and theft of property, according to MPD.  localmemphis.com

Nashville, TN: Two possible members of Felony Lane Gang wanted for stealing checks, cards, using victims' information
Murfreesboro Police are on the hunt for a couple of crooks who they say are part of the notorious "Felony Lane Gang." Both are women. Officers said one of them deposited a stolen check in July into an account at Redstone Financial Credit Union. The check was worth $4,600 and was taken in a car break-in in Lebanon in the same month. In another incident, they withdrew money from the account of a woman whose purse was stolen during a car break-in at a Greenway Trailhead in Nashville in June. Officers said the withdrawal totaled $2,300. The two women are believed to have committed similar fraudulent transactions in Huntsville, Alabama. The Felony Lane Gang is a group of people known for breaking into cars - often at parks, trailheads and gyms - and stealing credit cards and checks. They normally use the outside lanes at banks to make their transactions, typically draining the victims' bank accounts. newschannel5.com

Erie County, PA: Over $2K stolen from Erie Walmart in retail theft, Pennsylvania State Police investigating

Ocala, FL: Man with two prior theft convictions arrested after allegedly stealing from Walmart

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Shootings & Deaths

Charlotte, NC: 1 dead after fight leads to shooting at restaurant near Northlake Mall
One person is dead after a fight led to a shooting at a restaurant near the Northlake Mall Tuesday night, police confirmed to Channel 9. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Major Brad Koch said officers were called to the Fox & Hound restaurant on Center Lake Drive just after 11 p.m. Tuesday. The road branches off of Northlake Centre Parkway. When they arrived, Koch said investigators found someone outside who had been shot. He was taken to the hospital where he died a short time after, Major Koch confirmed. Detectives said the victim and the person who shot him had previously gotten into a fight inside the restaurant. That fight continued outside, where the shooting happened, Koch said. Koch said police do not have anyone in custody. He also added investigators don't believe the victim and suspect had any previous relationship. wsoctv.com

Charlotte, NC: Charlotte firefighter buying groceries renders aid to shooting victim at shopping center
A firefighter with the Charlotte Fire Department rushed to aid a shooting victim Tuesday morning at a southwest shopping center. Firefighter Michael Cunningham was at a grocery store to buy lunch for his crew when he saw someone get shot outside the store at Berewick Town Center Drive and Steele Creek Road. Cunningham rendered medical aid until Engine 38 arrived and took over. The firefighter also kept bystanders safe and out of harm's way, the fire department stated. wsoctv.com

Tulare County, CA: Man shot and killed in the parking lot of a liquor store

Dallas, TX: Thieves pull ATM out of Dallas 7-Eleven with truck, shoot at clerk


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Salinas, CA: Man threatens to kill security guard with knife in Salinas
A man was arrested after he allegedly tried to stab a security guard of a smoke shop on the 1900 block of North Main Street and threatened to kill him, said police. On Friday, at 7:19 p.m., officers arrived and found the suspect, Valentine Kofler, 46, across the street from where the incident began. Officers tried to detain him, he resisted, so he was tased, said police. He got up and tried running, but his efforts were futile, and he was arrested. Kofler was found with three knives, said police. He was taken to Monterey County Jail and charged with attempted homicide, resisting arrest and possessing a concealed weapon, said police. He was also found to be on probation. Police were told this all started when Kofler was told to leave the area by security for panhandling. He ignored security's request and entered the business anyways. He was asked to leave and became angry. Kofler then pulled out a knife and tried stabbing the guard. The security guard tried backing off but was chased by Kofler. Kofler threatened to kill the guard as he tried to stab him, said police. The guard was not injured. According to the Monterey County Jail, Kofler's bail is set at $1,007,500. kion546.com

Norristown, PA: Shoplifter at Neiman Marcus / King of Prussia Mall gets prison for felony gun charge
A man's theft of a belt from an upscale King of Prussia Mall store ended up costing him time behind bars when authorities discovered he also illegally possessed a firearm at the time of the shoplifting incident. Geraldo L. Banner, 31, of the 1300 block of Brown Street, Philadelphia, was sentenced in Montgomery County Court to one to three years in a state correctional facility after he pleaded guilty to a felony charge of firearms not to be carried without a license and a misdemeanor charge of retail theft in connection with a March 2022 incident at the Neiman Marcus store at the King of Prussia Mall on North Gulph Road in Upper Merion. Judge Thomas P. Rogers, who accepted a plea agreement in the case, ordered Banner to "stay away" from the Neiman Marcus store as a condition of the sentence. pottsmerc.com

Phoenix, AZ: Ex-employee robs Ace Hardware store after being fired
Investigators in Arizona say a former employee is accused of stealing from a hardware store weeks after he was fired. Arizona's Family reports 61-year-old Scott Joseph Pearson was arrested after stealing money from a Phoenix-area Ace Hardware store on Friday. Pearson reportedly walked into the manager's office, opened the safe with a code and stuffed $1,400 into a black bag before leaving. Authorities said surveillance video captured him taking the money out of the safe. According to court documents, the store manager noticed Pearson sleeping at a nearby park the next day and called police. kptv.com

Henrico County, VA: Group of Teens assaulted movie theater employee while stealing from concession counter
The Henrico County Police Department is investigating an incident from over the weekend in which a group of teens assaulted an employee at a movie theater while stealing items from the concession counter. According to police, officers responded to the Regal West Tower theater on the 8900 block of West Broad Street around 1 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 1 for a report of an assault. It was reported that a group of both male and female teens jumped behind the concession counter and began taking items. A movie theater employee confronted the teens and one of them began assaulting the employee, followed by other members of the group joining in. Henrico EMS responded to the scene but the employee did not need to be taken to a hospital, according to police. wric.com

Sam's Club Customer Says Employee Gave Her Car Away
A user on TikTok has gone viral after claiming her car was stolen while it was being serviced at a Sam's Club location. In a video with over 2.3 million views, Tulsa, Oklahoma-based TikTok user Heather says she dropped off her car at a Sam's Club location for service. When she went to pick it up, she says the employees suddenly couldn't find her car or her keys. "Nobody has answers," she says in the initial video. In a follow-up video, Heather offers further information about her version of events. According to Heather, a Sam's Club employee informed her that there was a man attempting to sell a speaker in another part of the store. He then allegedly caused a distraction by knocking some items off of shelves before making his way to the auto department. At the auto department, Heather says he simply asked the employee at the desk for her keys. Heather claims the employee did not ask for identification or membership card before handing the keys over to the man. She notes that the car was a Honda Civic with a full tank of gas. A spokesperson for Sam's Club confirmed with the Daily Dot it is "cooperating with local law enforcement as they continue their investigation."  dailydot.com

New York, NY: FBI, NYPD identify suspect who made off with $100K in Bronx post office armed robbery

Hot Springs, AR: Ex-Sam's Club employee charged with allegedly stealing $1900 of merchandise



C-Store - Dallas, TX - Armed Robbery
Hardware - Phoenix, AZ - Burglary
Hardware - Tigard, OR - Robbery
Jewelry - Selinsgrove, PA - Robbery
Jewelry - Honolulu, HI - Robbery
Jewelry - Fairfax County, VA - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Kansas City, KS - Robbery
Jewelry -Waterbury, CT - Robbery
Jewelry -Wauwatosa, WI - Robbery
Jewelry -Temple TX - Robbery
Jewelry -New Lenox, IL - Robbery
Jewelry -Montclair, CA - Robbery
Kohl's - Valencia, CA - Robbery
Liquor - Brookfield, IL - Burglary
Marijuana - Louisville, CO - Burglary
Pawn - Gwinnett County, GA - Armed Robbery
Post Office - Bronx, NY - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA - Burglary
Restaurant - New Orleans, LA - Burglary
Restaurant - New York, NY - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Bloomington, MN - Armed Robbery
Sam's - Utica, MI - Robbery
Sport - Forest Grove, OR - Armed Robbery
Sports - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
Theater - Henrico County, VA - Robbery
Thrift - Rockford, IL - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Stevenson Ranch, CA - Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 22 robberies
• 5 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Division Loss Prevention and Safety Manager
Orlando, FL / Tampa, FL / Atlanta, GA - posted September 28
We're currently seeking a Division Loss Prevention and Safety Manager to join our Headquarters team! In this role you will oversee and champion initiatives and company programs, processes and controls that build a culture around continuous improvement in loss prevention safety, and security...

Field Loss Prevention Manager
Seattle, WA - posted September 27
The Field Loss Prevention Manager (FLPM) coordinates Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations. FLPM's are depended on to be an expert in auditing, investigating, and training...

Fraud Analyst
Baltimore, MD - posted September 20
The Digital Fraud Analyst plays a critical role in identifying and deterring card not present fraud. This role is responsible for decisioning on online orders placed on Under Armour's Mexico E-Commerce platform (UA.mx), and to protect the business from fraud and unauthorized transactions...

Asset Protection Coordinator
Multiple locations - Central New Jersey - posted September 12
In this role, you will embody Do The Right Thing by protecting People, Assets, and Brands. You will work in an energized, fast paced environment focused on creating a safe environment for our employees, teams, and customers; this is critical to driving our Brand Power, Enduring Customer Relationships, and exuding our commitment to Team and Values...

Regional Asset Protection Director
Blue Bell, PA - posted August 31
The principle purpose of the Regional AP and Safety Director is to provide leadership and oversight of the development, administration and maintenance of Lowe's loss prevention, safety and operations programs. This includes directing the day-to-day functions of the District AP and Safety Manager and working closely with Regional, District and Store leaders to establish and achieve safety, shrink, training, and operational objectives...

Sr. Manager, Brand & Asset Protection - West
Pacific Northwest or California - posted August 29
As the Senior Manager of Brand and Asset Protection for North America, you will part of an innovative Asset Protection team, whose mission is to prevent, identify and mitigate risks to our business. You will support with the creation of foundational asset protection programming and will lead its delivery to our North American store base...

Region AP Manager (Florida - Treasure Coast Market)
Jacksonville, FL - posted June 17
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Regional Safety Manager - South Florida Region
Jacksonville, FL - posted June 17
This position will manage the safety program for an assigned group of stores that is designed to minimize associate and customer accidents. This includes reviewing and recommending loss control strategies, ensuring program conformance to applicable laws and regulations, preparing required reports, and monitoring and evaluating the program activities in stores...

Corporate Risk Manager
Seattle, WA / Tacoma, WA / Portland, OR - posted June 14
Summary of Role and Responsibilities: A proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries, whether to our employees, third parties, or customer's valuables. They include but are not limited to cash in transit, auto losses, or injuries....

Physical Security Operations Center Leader
Columbia, MD - posted June 8
The primary purpose of this role is to partner, lead and manage a Central Station/Physical Security Operations Center driving operational execution and enhancements to ensure effectiveness and a positive customer experience. This individual is also responsible for leading a team of operators providing professional and accurate responses...

Loss Prevention Specialists (Store Detective)
Albany, NY; Hyannis, MA; Burlington, VT; Hartford, CT
- posted May 6
Detect and respond to external theft and fraud by working undercover within the store(s) you are assigned to. Working as a team with store management and associates in combating loss in the store(s). Developing and analyzing external theft trends, utilizing information in company reports and information gathered from store management and associates...

Retail Asset Protection Associate
Medford, MA; Brockton, MA; East Springfield, MA - posted May 6
The Asset Protection Greeter role is responsible for greeting all customers as they enter the store, ensuring that customers see the Company's commitment to provide a safe and secure shopping environment, as well as deterring theft, shoplifting, or other dishonest activities...


Regional Loss Prevention Auditor
Multiple Locations - posted April 20
The Regional Loss Prevention Auditor (RLPA) is responsible for conducting operational audits and facilitating training meetings in our clients' locations. The audit examines operational controls, loss prevention best practices, and customer service-related opportunities.

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