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Johnson Controls releases mask detection, intelligent person search and more in victor/ VideoEdge 5.6 update
Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart and sustainable buildings, introduces the latest generation of the Tyco American Dynamics victor/ VideoEdge solution, which introduces powerful features such as Intelligent Person Search, Area Occupancy, new Event Management hub, 64-bit client, and NVR Network Interface Card bonding for increased bandwidth.

New victor/ VideoEdge AI features give security operations an advantage over potential threats with shortened response times and more accurate intelligent search capabilities. These AI capabilities equip customers with a comprehensive, intelligent solution for high accuracy, and far greater power, giving their business a superior advantage against potential threats. Read More

Johnson Controls introduces Tyco Software House iSTAR Edge G2 for powerful, cyber-hardened, standalone physical access control
iSTAR Edge G2 offers an optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) module that provides ample power for two doors, while also allowing the controller to leverage existing network infrastructure to reduce installation costs. Additionally, iSTAR Edge G2's firmware provides users an advanced access control feature set, including OSDP and peer-to-peer clustering and allowing a local database of up to one million cardholders. Read More

COVID Update

US: Over 6.5M Cases - 195K Dead - 3.8M Recovered
Worldwide: Over 28.2M Cases - 911K Dead - 20.2M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 186   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 101
*Red indicates change in total deaths

One Man's Opinion

What Does 2020 Mean for the Future of Security Trade Shows?
Trade shows have always been a basic element of how the security industry does business - until the year 2020, that is. This year has seen the total collapse of the trade show model as a means of bringing buyers and sellers face to face. The COVID-19 pandemic has effectively made the idea of a large trade show out of the question. Today, even air travel seems incredibly risky, or at minimum a huge hassle.

The good news is that the industry has adapted well without the shows. A series of "on-line shows" has emerged, driven by the business world's increasing dependence on Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. The fact is, 2020 has provided plenty of opportunities for sellers to connect with buyers. It's easy to dismiss these sessions as "Death by PowerPoint," but some of them are incredibly informative. And conveniently accessible from the comfort of a home office.

I have had many conversations with exhibitors at trade shows in the last several decades. I have heard probably thousands of complaints about the slowness of the foot traffic, the high costs of exhibiting, the price and hassles of travel. The question I have often wondered (and asked): Is it worth it?

But how much value versus the cost? A lesson of 2020 is the need to take a hard look at the economic model of trade shows - how much they cost versus the value they provide. securityinformed.com

Suggest Vs. Require
Can Employers Make Vaccines Mandatory in a Pandemic?
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has yet to issue guidance on a COVID-19 vaccine, so employers should look to the EEOC's guidance on the flu vaccine for now, said Arielle Eisenberg, an attorney with Cozen O'Connor in Miami.

The EEOC has advised that flu vaccinations may not be mandated for all employees. Exceptions must be made for disability or religious accommodation requests. Proper notice must be provided as well.

"Because the exceptions make this general rule look a bit like Swiss cheese, the EEOC has advised as a best practice that employers should consider encouraging, rather than requiring, employees to get the flu vaccine," shrm.org

Go Get Your Flu Shot Early
Should you prepare for flu season differently because of COVID-19?

Make Sure Your Team Doesn't Pass the Bug this Year

With flu season nearing as COVID-19 continues to spread in many communities,
health experts it's more important than ever to get a flu shot.

Despite declining case numbers and hospitalizations in North Texas, health experts still fear that this flu season - combined
with a possible second wave of COVID-19 cases - will overwhelm health care systems. Health experts say even a mild flu season could have devastating effects when combined with the coronavirus.

The CDC recommends vaccinations anyone older than 6 months. It's especially important for older adults and those who are at a high risk for flu complications. People at a high risk for flu complications include those age 65 and older, pregnant women, and those with underlying medical conditions, including asthma, heart disease and stroke, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and cancer.

My advice is go ahead and get it early," said Dr. Joseph Chang, chief medical officer of Parkland Health and Hospital System. He said this year's season is likely to start in the next two to three weeks, and take off in October. dallasnew.com

Texas COVID Trending Down Last 30 Days

Daily totals for new cases across Texas

Michigan Auditors Coming
Michigan Launches COVID-19 Ambassador Program
Helping businesses understand new workplace safety regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Michigan OSHA and the DOL & Economic Opportunity on Tuesday formally launched an ambassador program making officials available to visit businesses statewide to serve as a resource on workplace safety.

These ambassadors will focus on workplace environments that are associated with high virus transmission rates, such as bars, restaurants, gyms and convenience and retail stores.

Working directly with business owners to ensure they are staying in compliance with both state and federal regulations. mibiz.com

COVID Casualty - NYC's Bargain-Hunters Department Store

NYC's Century 21 Files for Bankruptcy
- Closing All 13 Stores
NYC Won't be the same without them! Blaming insurance companies that failed to pay up during the pandemic.

Great LP team in that retailer that is literally right across the street from the World Trade Center 9/11 attack. They experienced 9/11 like no other main retailer in the U.S. We'll miss them!

3 Retailers Cited by OSHA in northern Nevada

'Mission of the century': 8,000 cargo jets needed to transport Covid-19 vaccines around the world

Allied Universal Donates 310,000 Meals to Support Those in Need During COVID-19


Preventing Retail Shrink With Information-Based Loss Prevention Tech

By Brent Brown, General Manager of North America for Sensormatic Solutions

Evolving technology coupled with shifting consumer habits and the desire for a frictionless shopping experience has led to significant changes in nearly every industry - retail possibly more than others.

With the right LP solutions in place, retailers can make more timely, strategic and data-driven decisions to correct issues and reduce shrink. A variety of technologies are available to help (e.g., video surveillance, RFID-based inventory visibility, EAS and POS analytics). Each solution is valuable on its own, but when combined it can deliver a new level of data-driven business intelligence.

With information-based LP, which includes smart anti-theft exits with RFID-enabled sensor technology, retailers can gain better visibility into the stock that's been stolen. They can set off real-time alarms, replace merchandise faster to prevent out of stocks and better understand trends in merchandise loss. In addition, it can help retailers track specific patterns of criminal activity and enable a strategy and response at the store exit, in receiving and on the sales floor.

Considerations For Loss Prevention Technology - The Path To Unlocking Data-Driven Insights
Read the full article

Portland Passes Groundbreaking Ban on Facial Recognition in Stores, Banks, Restaurants and More
Amid sometimes violent protests and counter-protests around racial justice, today Portland, Oregon legislators unanimously passed groundbreaking new legislation to ban the use of facial recognition technology, which some see as a victory for civil rights and digital justice. The ban covers use of the technology in both privately owned places as well as by city agencies.

AdvertisementEstablished as two pieces of companion legislation, one ordinance makes Portland the first U.S. city to prohibit use of facial recognition technologies inside privately owned places accessible to the public, such as stores, banks, Airbnb rentals, restaurants, entertainment venues, public transit stations, homeless shelters, senior centers, law and doctors' offices, and a variety of other businesses.

The companion ordinance outlaws use of the technology by City of Portland government bureaus, including law enforcement. In banning facial recognition use by government agencies, Portland joins a growing list of U.S. cities, including San Francisco, Oakland, and Boston, that have prohibited government agencies and police forces from using the biometric surveillance technology.

It also
does not limit use inside private workplaces like factories or office buildings, although it does prohibit facial recognition in lobby areas of office buildings where the public is allowed. It does not prevent facial recognition use in private clubs, places of worship, private residences, or the Portland International Airport, where Delta Airlines reportedly uses the technology.

Any business currently using facial recognition in Portland - such as convenience store chain Jacksons Food Stores, which employs facial recognition in three Portland stores to block alleged thieves from entering - must stop doing so by January 1, 2021, the day the private-use law goes into effect. Portland's ban on the city agencies' use of facial recognition goes into effect immediately. medium.com

Editor's Note: It appears as this is grounded in perceptions of bias and the media coverage around the subject. Long term, hopefully it'll be changed and or legally challenged.

World Privacy Forum Doesn't Support Outright Bans
Vision for effective face biometrics regulation presented in World Privacy
Forum paper
The way to mitigate risks to privacy and other rights from biometric facial recognition systems is to enact regulator-approved codes of conduct and restricted use regulations for the technology, rather than relying on limited legislative controls and outright bans, according to a new discussion paper from the World Privacy Forum. Bans with regular reviews may also be part of a robust risk-mitigation strategy, according to the new 9-page paper on '
Face Recognition Systems: Expanding solutions by using time-tested safety models to address face recognition risks.'

The paper suggests that existing best practice guides, such as the Biometrics Institute's '
Ethical Principles for Biometrics', can be used to create practical codes of conduct for implementation and enforcement. Data Protection Authorities and other regulators may find work in this area fruitful, the paper advises. biometricupdate.com

'The New Rules of Consumer Privacy'
by FaceFirst CEO Peter Trepp

In The New Rules of Consumer Privacy: Building Loyalty with Connected Consumers in the Age of Face Recognition and AI, FaceFirst CEO and author Peter Trepp has devised a set of rules that will help companies uphold consumers' privacy without sacrificing their security and convenience. By following these rules, brands can create a win-win scenario that will maximize revenue, reduce crime, provide consumers with the best experience possible and ensure that consumers' privacy is reasonably protected. Learn more about the book in today's Vendor Spotlight below.

FBI iris biometrics capability about to reach operation
Now developing fingerprint alteration detection

Also collaborating on whole-hand biometric scanner and automated records requests

The FBI's long-piloted biometric iris recognition program is set to go into operation as soon as October 1, or possibly later in the fall, reports AFCEA's Signal Magazine. The agency is also working on a fingerprint alteration detection capability to catch suspects who deliberately damage their fingerprints, and a scanner for capturing full palm prints and all five fingers at once.

During the Federal Identity Virtual Collaboration event this week, FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division Biometrics Services Section Chief Scott Rago said the Next-Generation Iris Identification (NGI) service is fast, and 98.4 percent accurate matching a single iris. Matching both irises, identification accuracy rises to 98.6 percent, and the system has other benefits. Iris transactions have low storage requirements, and can be performed without physical contact. biometricupdate.com

Drugs Drive Crime - Which Drives ORC
Drug seizures at US-Mexico border have increased 56% since July
CBP: Cartels sending more drugs across border in trucks
"There has been a significant increase in all hard narcotics seized along the U.S.-Mexico border by agents - heroin, cocaine, fentanyl and methamphetamine," Morgan said during a Friday press conference in Laredo, Texas. "What's really noticeable is we've seen an
incredible increase in methamphetamine across the board."

"[Cartels], what they are doing is
they are going to commercial conveyances, the trucks, and they're using that more than they were before. freightwaves.com

What the CFO's Are Reading
U.S. Confidence Starts to Rebound
Finance executives are more optimistic about the domestic economy, but they expect a slow recovery.

In the second quarter of 2020, U.S. finance executives said they were more optimistic about the financial prospects of their companies and the direction of the U.S. economy compared with the first quarter, according to The CFO Survey.

The CFO Survey, a collaboration of Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and the Federal Reserve Banks of Richmond and Atlanta, asked respondents to rate their optimism for the financial prospects of their own firms on a scale of 0 to 100. The average optimism rating was 70, an improvement from the first quarter (60). The rating also came close to the average for the past several years.

Respondents said their most pressing concerns were
sales revenue and customers' demand for their products. Survey respondents said they expected their companies' revenues to decline 2% this year. But they predict 7% revenue growth in 2021. cfo.com

Walmart Accelerates Drone Deliveries
Walmart has launched a pilot in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to deliver select grocery and household essential items by drone. The pilot is in partnership with end-to-end drone delivery company Flytrex, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Its drones are controlled over the cloud using a smart and easy control dashboard. retailleader.com

Target to increase Black employees by 20% over next three years

LVMH Breaks Off Tiffany Merger After Q2 Net Sales Drop 29%

JCPenney Reaches Agreement with Brookfield Property Group & Simon Property Group for $1.75B

American Eagle to close 50 stores, eyes hundreds more

Game Stop to close 450 stores

Academy Sports and Outdoors planning an IPO


Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Director, Asset Protection & Safety job posted for CKE Restaurants in Franklin, TN
The Director, Asset Protection & Safety is responsible for managing the CKE Safety Department supporting Asset Protection programs at all Carl's Jr. and Hardees locations. This position will develop, author, communicate and enforce defined policies and procedures based on state and federal laws; OSHA compliance; regulations and company standards throughout the organization. ckr.referrals.selectminds.com 


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The New Rules of Consumer Privacy
by FaceFirst CEO Peter Trepp

What does it take for companies to survive in today's fast-changing landscape? The secret: balancing consumers' often competing desire for privacy, security and convenience.

That's no easy task. Technological innovations have now made it possible to keep consumers safer than ever before, while offering brands never-imagined insight into consumer behavior. And yet, data breaches and privacy scandals undermine consumer confidence on a daily basis.

It's time for a new model. In The New Rules of Consumer Privacy: Building Loyalty with Connected Consumers in the Age of Face Recognition and AI, FaceFirst CEO and author Peter Trepp has devised a set of rules that will help companies uphold consumers' privacy without sacrificing their security and convenience. By following these rules, brands can create a win-win scenario that will maximize revenue, reduce crime, provide consumers with the best experience possible and ensure that consumers' privacy is reasonably protected.

Included in The New Rules of Consumer Privacy:

● The Five Privacy Principles every company must follow
● The new rules of responsible data handling, according to leading academics and visionaries
● How technology adoption has forever changed our expectations of privacy
● How to deliver security, privacy and convenience at the same time
● Why transparency matters to brand loyalty
● The global legislative landscape
● The future of Artificial Intelligence

This book is a must-read for entrepreneurs, business leaders and anyone curious about face recognition, artificial intelligence or the future of privacy. Here's how to order your copy.

About Peter Trepp
Peter Trepp is CEO of FaceFirst, a global patented enterprise-grade facial recognition software platform designed to be scalable, fast and accurate while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy. As an executive leader, investor and entrepreneur, Peter has helped numerous technology companies achieve successful exits, including CSC's purchase of ServiceMesh, BlackLine's sale to Silver Lake Sumeru, and RedHat's acquisition of Inktank. He earned his MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and BS degree in Economics from UC Irvine. Peter is a widely quoted industry expert whose thought leadership has appeared in the Wall Street Journey, New York Times, Bloomberg, Digital Journal, Education Week, Business Insider and elsewhere.






Congress to Vote on two Key Bills
H.R. 8134, the "Consumer Product Safety Inspection Enhancement Act"
H.R. 8128, the "AI for Consumer Product Safety Act"

H.R. 8134: To enhance the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) ability to
identify unsafe consumer products entering the United States, especially e-commerce shipments entering under the de minimis value exemption. Specifically, the bill would require the CPSC to enhance the targeting, surveillance and screening of consumer products.

H.R. 8128, the "
AI for Consumer Product Safety Act," would direct the CPSC to establish a pilot program to explore the use of artificial intelligence for at least one of the following purposes: 1) tracking injury trends; 2) identifying consumer product hazards; 3) monitoring the retail marketplace for the sale of recalled consumer products; or 4) identifying unsafe imported consumer products. house.gov

NIST and PCI SSC Find Common Ground in Development of Software Frameworks
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) have recently announced complementary frameworks for secure software development. pcisecuritystandards.org

260% Increase in Attacks & 47% Increase is $$ Demand
Ransomware accounted for 41% of all cyber insurance claims in H1 2020

Claims ranged from $1,000 to well over $2,000,000 per security incident.

The high number of claims comes to confirm previous reports from multiple cyber-security firms that ransomware is one of today's most prevalent and destructive threats.

"Ransomware doesn't discriminate by industry. We've seen an
increase in ransom attacks across almost every industry we serve," Coalition said, one of the largest providers of cyber insurance services in North America.

"In the first half of 2020 alone, we observed a
260% increase in the frequency of ransomware attacks amongst our policyholders, with the average ransom demand increasing 47%," the company added.

Among the most aggressive gangs, the cyber insurer listed
Maze and DoppelPaymer, which have recently begun exfiltrating data from hacked networks, and threatening to release data on specialized leak sites, as part of double extortion schemes.

But besides ransomware incidents, Coalition said it also recorded a spike in funds transfer fraud attacks up 35% and business email compromise (BEC) events up 67%. zdnet.com

New Type of Ransom - Pay Up or Blow Up
Bomb-Threat Spammers: Give Us $20,000 Or We'll Blow Up Your Office
An insidious new type of spam email is threatening to blow up offices unless the attackers receive $20,000, according to security company Kaspersky.

The empty threats were picked up by the security company's junk mail traps in late August and signify a malevolent new twist in spam extortion.

"My recruited person hid a bomb (Tetryl) in the building where your business is conducted," reads the text of one such spam message. "It was assembled according to my instructions. It is small and covered up very well, it is impossible to damage the building structure by this explosive device, but there will be many wounded people is [sic] case of its explosion."

"My man is controlling the situation around the building. If he notices any suspicious activity or policeman [sic] the device will be blown up."

The message goes on to demand $20,000 in the cybercriminals' currency of choice, Bitcoin, to "call off my mercenary".

The threats are, of course, fake - and spectacularly badly timed given that many offices are now almost deserted because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. inhomelandsecurity.com

Ransomware-as-a-Service Business Booming
Meet the Middlemen Who Connect Cybercriminals With Ransomware Victims
Ransomware operators looking for victims can find them on the Dark Web, where initial access brokers publish listings containing vague descriptions of businesses they've managed to breach.
Initial access brokers, the "middlemen" of ransomware attacks, have noticed demand for their services surge as ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) gains popularity. Their listings have steadily increased over the past two years, with a significant spike in the past six months, according to Digital Shadows researchers who today published an analysis of these threat actors.

The job of an initial access broker is to handle the initial requirements of an attack and
streamline the process so RaaS operators can launch a successful infection. The growing reliance on RaaS has created a market for initial access brokers to flourish, explains threat intelligence team lead Alec Alvarado.

There is a lot of pressure placed on ransomware affiliates to feed ransomware developers with victims to generate cash flow," he says. "If an affiliate does not meet the developer's needs, they will be booted from the affiliate program, losing money." darkreading.com

More Ransomware News- Another Study Shows 7-Fold Increase
Ransomware: Huge rise in attacks this year as cyber criminals hunt bigger pay days
Researchers warn of a seven-fold rise in ransomware attacks compared with last year alone - and attackers are continually evolving their tactics.

Ransomware attacks have been on the rise and getting more dangerous in recent years, with cyber criminals aiming to encrypt as much of a corporate network as possible in order to extort a bitcoin ransom in return for restoring it. A single attack can result in cyber criminals making hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

It's something that cyber criminals have been capitalising on despite the changing working circumstances with more people working remotely during 2020, with Bitdefender's Mid-Year Threat Landscape Report 2020 claiming a 715% year-on-year increase in detected - and blocked - ransomware attacks. zdnet.com

State Data Breach Notification Laws - September 2020
While most state data breach notification statutes contain similar components, there are important differences, meaning a one-size-fits-all approach to notification will not suffice. What's more, as data breaches continue to rise, states are responding with increasingly frequent and divergent changes to their statutes, creating challenges for compliance. Organizations must make it a priority to monitor these changes to prepare for and respond to data breaches.

For a summary of basic state notification requirements that apply to entities who "own" data, download Foley's
State Data Breach Notification Laws Chart. This chart is current as of September 1, 2020, and should be used for informational purposes only because the recommended actions an entity should take if it experiences a security event, incident, or breach vary depending on the specific facts and circumstances. jdsupra.com




A First for a Supermarket Chain
Ball's Price Chopper in Kansas City opens CBD store-within-a-store
A Ball's Price Chopper supermarket in Kansas City, Mo., has partnered with CBD manufacturer and retailer American Shaman to create the first CBD store located within a multi-store grocery franchise in the country, according to the two companies. The 500-square-foot store-within-a-store opened in early August.

Ball's Food Stores operates 26 supermarkets under the Hen House Market, Price Chopper, Sun Fresh and Payless Discount Foods banners in Kansas City and surrounding markets. The Ball's Price Chopper location with the American Shaman store is at 500 NE Barry Road in Kansas City. supermarketnews.com

Hemp industry struggles with federal regulations
Hemp - and the CBD products that can be made from it - may have been legalized by the 2018 federal farm bill, but members of the nascent industry say
new federal rules make it almost impossible to make hemp products without breaking the law.

alphabet soup of federal and state agencies oversees the growth, processing and distribution of hemp and its byproducts. The US Drug Enforcement Agency now has released its interim rule for hemp products, joining the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which has had an interim rule in place for nearly a year. cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

Oregon's marijuana businesses face threat from devastating wildfires;
1 in 5 under some evacuation level statewide
Statewide, an estimated
20 percent of state-licensed marijuana businesses - roughly 408 - face some level of evacuation, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission said Wednesday. That includes stores, marijuana processors and producers.

Of those, the agency said 73 marijuana producers, most of them outdoor farms, have been ordered to evacuate. cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

(Meaningless?) Federal Vote on Marijuana Legalization is on the Horizon

Greenstop launches its cannabis vending machine in California dispensaries

The pandemic has Maine medical marijuana business owners rethinking recreational sales




Netflix's CEO Deems Remote Work 'a Pure Negative'

Discusses company's culture of candor & how working from home is harder

Launching Netflix in 1997 Reed Hastings, co-founder has built a distinctive-and, to some, cutthroat-corporate culture.

In his new book "No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention," Mr. Hastings likens being employed at the streaming giant to being part of a sports team: Getting cut is disappointing but carries no shame. "Unlike many companies, we practice: Adequate performance gets a generous severance package," reads one of Netflix's mottos.

WSJ: Have you seen benefits from people working at home?

Mr. Hastings: No. I don't see any positives. Not being able to get together in person, particularly internationally, is a pure negative. I've been super impressed at people's sacrifices.

Mr. Hastings: If I had to guess, the five-day workweek will become four days in the office while one day is virtual from home. I'd bet that's where a lot of companies end up. wsj.com

With New Whole Foods Facility, Amazon Commits To Dark Stores
Amazon.com could be entering a new phase of its e-grocery business as it recently opened its first permanent dark store dedicated to Whole Foods' online fulfillment.

facility in Brooklyn, New York, according to USA Today, with its long shelves of products and grocery coolers, will not be open to the public, nor will customers be able to pick up from the store directly. Product will be exclusively picked for delivery drivers and some bike delivery people. forbes.com

Senior Job: Director of Loss Prevention & Security for Fashion Nova in Santa Fe Springs, CA

Home Depot adapts holiday shopping season to pandemic era with 2 months of Black Friday deals




Member Exclusive Event
RH-ISAC Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Working Group Meeting
- Fri, September 11 at 1:00 PM EST
Please join the RH-ISAC Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Working Group for our monthly meeting to discuss best practices and mitigation methods for threats that fall under the umbrella of traditional ORC activity or fraud related activity that has both a physical and digital component.

The audience for this working group includes RH-ISAC core members who have a tactical or operational based activities associated with loss prevention or fraud. This could include analysts and fraud practitioners from either security, loss prevention, asset protection and/or other departments within the member organization.

Contact membership@rhisac.org if you'd like to join this meeting or have any questions.


Fairfield, CT: Two men stole $2,000 in Apple Watches from a T-Mobile store during business hours
The incident occurred just before 5 p.m. at the retailer in the 500 block of Tunxis Hill Road, police said. A man entered the store and asked an employee if T-Mobile carried a specific item, according to police. Then, while one worker was in the back room looking for the item and another employee was at the counter, the man ripped the security sensors off four Apple Watches and handed them to his accomplice as the pair left the store, police said. Later Tuesday, law enforcement reported two young men matching the description of the Fairfield thieves had tried to steal watches from a T-Mobile in Westport, according to police, who added T-Mobile stores in Hamden and Branford had similar thefts Tuesday. patch.com

Update: Lincoln, NE: Thousands in merchandise stolen from Gateway's Finish Line
Over 2,000 dollars worth of merchandise was stolen from the Finish Line in Gateway Mall, 6100 "O" St. The theft took place on Sunday, Aug. 2, around 2:10 p.m. Security cameras caught four women on camera stuffing bags with store products and merchandise, before exiting the area without paying. Finish Line provided Lincoln police with the security footage, which identified the four suspects. klkntv.com

Murfreesboro, TN: Assault and Shoplifting of over $1,600 in Perfume
from Ulta Beauty
It happened at the ULTA Beauty Store in The Avenue on Medical Center Parkway in Murfreesboro... Now, Murfreesboro Detectives need your help identifying the woman accused of assaulting the store manager and stealing more than $1600 in designer perfume and cologne from the store. The female (pictured) is accused of entering the store and filling a hand-basket with well over $1,000 in perfumes. When a store manager approached the female at the front doors of ULTA to confront her before leaving, the unknown female shoved the manager out of the way and ran out of the store with the merchandise in hand, according to MPD. Again, the unknown woman is accused of assaulting the manager of the ULTA store and then stealing over $1,600 in fragrances. The incident unfolded on September 2, 2020. wgnsradio.com

Fairlawn, OH: Man busted with $1300 of clothing in a Duffle Bag at Summit Mall
Employees of a mall store reported Sept. 2 a man took a duffle bag from a display, filled it with clothing items and attempted to leave the store without paying $1,338 for the merchandise. The Turner Street man was arrested for felony theft, banned from all stores in the chain and released with a court summons. akron.com

Montrose, OH: Man steals $500 Tv with an Empty Box, and Repeats across town
Employees of a store reported Aug. 29 a man entered the store carrying a box and stated he was returning a TV. A sticker was placed on the outside of the box, and he was admitted to the store, where he placed a $459 TV inside the box, which employees didn't realize had been empty, and left without paying for it. Employees stated he did the same thing at the business' Canton store. akron.com

Richfield, MN: Theft was reported on the 1000 block of 78th Street West (Best Buy/ Ulta Beauty Plaza)
Three suspects took $4,300 in merchandise over the course of eight days before fleeing in vehicles. hometownsource.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Columbus, OH: Police look for 2 men in connection with 101st homicide of 2020
Murder charges were filed Wednesday night against Adonis Walker (above left) and Tylan Sims (right), both 22, in the shooting death of Dezujwuan Pyfrom in the parking lot of a
Northeast Side store Monday afternoon, Sgt. James Marable of the Homicide Unit said. Pyfrom, 20, was gunned down just before 3:00 p.m. while parking his truck on the lot of the Sunbury Market, 1485 Sunbury Road. qfm96.com

Flint, MI: Police ID man shot and killed outside Flint Township PetSmart
Police have released the name of the man shot and killed over the weekend outside a Flint Township store. Officers with the Flint Township Police Department responded around 6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 6, to the 4000 block of Miller Road outside the PetSmart store for a report of a shooting. Police discovered a man who had been shot. He was pronounced deceased at the scene, police said. The victim has been identified as Lee Curlee, 43, of Flint. Witnesses told police Curlee was in the parking lot next to his vehicle. mlive.com

Charleston, WV: A clerk is Shot while detaining a shoplifter at local Hardware store
A clerk has been shot at Pile Hardware on Charleston's West Side, according to Metro 911 officials. Metro officials say the shooting happened after a shoplifting incident. They say Charleston police have detained one person and secured the scene. The clerk's condition is unknown at this time. wowktv.com

Big Bear, CA: 3 men sought after liquor store clerk shot during robbery captured on video
Three men brandishing a handgun showed up at the Alpine Liquor Store in the 41000 block of Big Bear Boulevard on Monday around 11 p.m. and demanded money from the cash register, according to the Big Bear Sheriff's Station. An argument ensued and a fight broke out. The altercation ended with the clerk getting shot in the leg. abc7.com

Toledo, OH: Mother gets 25 years in prison after two children found dead in abandoned vehicles outside Grocery store

Baldwin County, GA: GBI investigating Officer-involved shooting following C-Store Robberies in Milledgeville


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Victorville, CA: Security guard assaulted by homeless man shoplifting at Food 4 Less
A 27-year-old homeless man accused of shoplifting was arrested after assaulting a security guard working at Food 4 Less in Victorville. It happened at about 4:37 PM on September 7, 2020, on La Paz Drive. The suspect, Ryan Morgan, was seen by security guards shoplifting inside the grocery store. When the guards confronted Morgan, he used a metal threshold from a door to hit one of them in the face twice, officials said. vvng.com

Philadelphia, PA: Gas station employee thwarts attempted Armed Robbery after refusing to give suspect money
The incident reportedly happened last week at a Sunoco gas station on the 13000 block of Bustleton Avenue in Somerton. Police say the suspect threw a plastic bag at the cashier and demanded that he fill it with money from the register.
When the cashier refused, the suspect allegedly walked behind the counter, pointed a handgun at the victim, and struck him on the back of the head. Despite the threats, police say the cashier did not turn over the money and the suspect fled without taking anything. fox29.com

Columbus, OH: 2 suspected of robbing American Eagle store at Polaris mall
Police are investigating a robbery that happened Wednesday evening at a store at Polaris Fashion Place. The Columbus Division of Police says officers responded to report of a robbery at the American Eagle store at Polaris Mall at 6 p.m. on Wednesday. A store employee told police that two suspects were asked to leave by another employee who was in the front of the store. Police say the suspects were throwing clothes around the store. As the suspects left they took six pairs of pants from the front display, according to police. The store clerks followed the suspects out into the mall, requesting back the stolen merchandise.
Police say at this point, one suspect turned and pepper-sprayed the first store clerk. The second store clerk was filming the incident when the second suspect approached and threw a cup of ice on her. The suspect then lowered her mask to spit on the store clerk. Police say both suspects drove away in an unknown vehicle. nbc4i.com

Hobart, OK: Brawl breaks out in Dollar General;
2 women face charges
Sales racks flew and merchandise tumbled after a brawl between shoppers at Dollar General left the store with hundreds of dollars of damage. Two Hobart women face charges including battery and indecent criminal mischief, Hobart Capt. James Gonzalez said. The fight broke out Sunday afternoon in Dollar General at 760 N. Wisconsin St. in Hobart, according to Hobart City Court documents. A shopper took video and posted it on social media, showing the two exchanging blows and throwing sales racks, which was used in the police investigation. A store manager told police the battle caused $600 in damages, including a broken printer and $300 worth of destroyed merchandise, Hobart court records state. nwitimes.com

UK: Manchester, England: Watches and suspected stolen items worth $15,000 found by cops
Police found suspected stolen items worth £12,000 after searching homes in Salford. Two men have been arrested on suspicion of theft and handling of stolen goods by officers working in Trafford. Photographs shared by police show suitcases, luggage, shoe boxes, trainers and a display box of watches which were all seized. Greater Manchester Police said the items are thought to have come from a "Trafford Fashion Retail Outlet" manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Gainesville, FL: Shoplifters injure/threaten 3 Loss Prevention staffers in separate incidents at Walmart and Tom Thumb

Naugatuck, CT: Shoplifter Threatened To Injure Staff At Walmart

Penobscot County, ME: Deputies Investigating Burglary at Central Maine Harley-Davidson

Butler, PA: City Of Butler Police Car Crashes Into Storefront; Officer was not seriously injured

Florida Man Indicted in Skimming Scheme at New England Gas Stations




Daily Totals:
• 17 robberies
• 3 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


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Austin Langenfelder named Regional Investigation Manager
for Lowe's

Jason Drake promoted to Market Asset Protection Operations Lead for Walmart

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Area Loss Prevention Manager
Pittsburgh, PA - posted September 10
Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence...

Manager of District Loss Prevention
Seattle, WA - posted August 28
Will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results. District Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific operations district and for collaborating with Store Operations and Human Resources in an effort to prevent company loss...


District Loss Prevention Manager
Fort Wayne, IN - posted August 24
The District Loss Prevention Manager ensures shrinkage control and improves safety in the stores through proper investigation and training. This position is responsible to provide feedback, guidance and protection for our Team Leaders and Associates. This role has oversight and responsibility for approximately 16 to 20 store locations...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist
Santa Monica, CA - posted August 6
The Senior Asset Protections Specialist contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...


Asset Protection, Retail Safety and Security Specialist
Bellevue, WA - posted August 6
This job contributes to REI's success by ensuring the security and safety of your store team and members by providing a presence on REI property and at events. Activities include but are not limited to: fostering partnerships with staff and taking action to address shrink and security...

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