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August's Moving Ups

17 New Senior LP's - 4 Promotions - 13 Appointments

Amazon promoted Tim Juback MBA to Sr. Manager Risk
Aritzia named Deana McLees-Bailey, CFI Director of Retail Risk
Auror named Mark Gleeson Regional Director for the UK
Bed Bath & Beyond named Angie Cahill, CFI Loss Prevention Manager Ecom
Burlington Stores, Inc. named Yves Bellefleur Sr. Manager-Investigations (NYC/Northeast)
Channel Control Merchants, LLC named Steve Waligora VP of Asset Protection and Risk Management
Ensurity named Christopher J. McGourty Director of ORC & Law Enforcement Liaison
GameStop promoted Brandon Gentry to Vice President of Loss Prevention
Green Thumb Industries (GTI) named Chuck Lindow, LPC, CFI Manager of Asset Protection Solutions
Grid Squared Systems named Steven V. McCory Director of Operations and Project Management
GrowGeneration Corp promoted Michael Goldman to Senior VP of Store Operations & Loss Prevention
JetTrades named Jorge Batista Corporate Asset Protection & Employee Relations Director
PHENIX Investigations named Bric' Shires National Director of Client Development & Investigations
The Raley's Companies named Matt Hilbrink Vice President, Enterprise Risk & Asset Protection
Refuel Operating Company promoted Robert Leonard to Manager of Loss Prevention & Investigations
REI named Brian Friedman CFE, CFI Director, Asset Protection & Risk Management
Vector Security® Networks named Derek S. Foley Vice President of Sales

Tim Juback MBA promoted to Sr. Manager Risk for Amazon

Tim has been with Amazon for five years, starting with the company in 2017 as Loss Prevention & Security Management (TSSL LPM). Before his promotion to Sr. Manager Risk, he served as Sr. Regional Loss Prevention Manager and Regional Loss Prevention & Security Management. Earlier in his career, he held LP jobs with TJX Companies, JCPenney, Michaels Companies, RadioShack and Sears. Congratulations, Tim!

See All the Executives 'Moving Up' Here   |   Submit Your New Corporate Hires/Promotions or New Position





Advice from Loss Prevention Experts
- A Grocery Analytics Roundtable

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 - 1:00 p.m. EST

When it comes to improving loss prevention or asset protection strategies, there's no more valuable resource than an experienced peer. That's why we're bringing together some of the brightest minds in the Grocery industry to discuss their best practices and detection methods.

Loss Prevention Foundation's Mat Schriner will be joined by LP experts from Sprouts and Raley's to discuss:

The impact of a digitally driven world and the future of LP
The future of grocery as impacted by the labor market
Their most-impactful investigations and use cases

At the end of the session, Agilence will also give away 5 free LP Certification Course Scholarships to random webinar attendees! Winners will be notified the day following the Webinar via email.

This webinar is presented by the Loss Prevention Foundation in partnership with Agilence, Inc. and qualifies for 1 continuing education unit (CEU) towards your LPC recertification or CFI recertification.


The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

$37 Billion in Police & Crime Prevention Funding - Including ORC
Biden lays out $37B policing, crime prevention proposal Tuesday
President Joe Biden on Tuesday laid out a $37 billion budget proposal for Congress to fund policing and crime prevention efforts across the country, a plan that would focus on hiring and retaining officers, intervention strategies, improving the criminal justice system and a call for further efforts to keep guns out of dangerous hands.

The announcement comes as violent crime remains high above pre-pandemic levels, with homicide rates still up nearly 40% in major cities, according to the Council on Criminal Justice (CCJ). Robberies also increased by 19% in 2022 from the same period last year, and car theft is up 15 percent.

The policing part of Biden's "Safer America Plan" includes nearly $13 billion to hire 100,000 officers over the next five years through the federal COPS Hiring Program. The money would come in the form of grants "to recruit, train, support, and manage" the officers in "effective, accountable community policing," the proposal says.

Community policing has also long been a policy priority for Biden, which involves assigning police officers to particular areas so they become connected to the local population. Better relationships with officers can lead to greater cooperation with police in a community.

Biden's Safer America plan would also include $1.7 billion for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to enforce gun laws, including by hiring more agents and investigators. All of this comes as post-pandemic crime rates remain higher than in the years before COVID-19 largely shut down the country. Homicides are up 39% midyear compared to 2019, according to the CCJ.

Crack down on organized retail theft

The plan does include a single effort to crack down on organized retail theft and resale of stolen items online, Rosenfeld noted.

“To tackle organized retail theft, the plan calls on Congress to pass legislation to require online marketplaces, such as Amazon, to verify third-party sellers’ information, and to impose liability on online marketplaces for the sale of stolen goods on their platforms.” ny1.com

Highest Incidence of Workplace Homicides - Retail Sales, Protective Services (police, firefighters and security) & Convenience Stores
Retail Sales, Law Enforcement & Security, and C-Stores Targeted in Workplace Violence Incidents

Police Officers & Security Guards Account for 19% of Workplace Homicides

Workplace violence accounted for nearly 18,000 worker deaths and over 500,000 non-fatal incidents from 1992 to 2019, according to research from the DOJ's Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)

Workplace Violence & Homicides by Occupation

This number comes from a recent study conducted by NIOSH, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a broad view of workplace violence in the United States during the 27 years from 1992 to 2019. they define workplace homicide defines workplace homicide as fatal violence against persons at work or on duty or fatal violence that was work-related.

During 2015-2019, the occupations with the highest incidence of workplace homicides were retail sales, protective service (police and firefighters), and transportation

40% took place in public buildings - Convenience stores (ranks #1) and office buildings

Law enforcement and security professionals had the highest average annual victimization rate at 77.5 per 1,000 worker

2015-2019 police officers and security guards, accounted for 19% of workplace homicides.

Mental health professionals (45.2 per 1,000) and medical professionals (15.1 per 1,000) - Editor's Note: City reformers including mental health workers in field response operations.

Workers in corrections professions, a subcategory of law enforcement and security, the victimization rate was 149.1 per 1,000.

529,000 Non-fatal incidents of workplace violence, during 2015-2019 the average annual rate was 8 per 1,000 workers

2019 - 454 homicides - 58% decrease from 1080 in 1994 - Up 11% from 2014

Most other workplace homicides took place on streets, in private residences, and on industrial premises.

Rates of Nonfatal Workplace Violence among Government and Private-Sector Workers

Among private-sector workers, those in law enforcement and security occupations had the highest rate of nonfatal workplace violence (70.9 per 1,000) of all occupation groups measured, including mental health occupations (31.4 per 1,000). Editor's Note: This number may increase significantly over time if they're increasingly included in field response (911 calls) operations.

In the law enforcement and security, retail sales, and transportation occupations, there was no statistically significant difference in the rates of nonfatal workplace violence between government and private-sector workers.

The 9% of government workers in law enforcement and security occupations experienced 35% of the nonfatal workplace violence against all government workers.

Law enforcement and security workers made up 1% of all private-sector workers and experienced 7% of the nonfatal workplace violence against private-sector workers. Among government workers, retail sales comprised less than 1% of the workforce and experienced less than 1% of the nonfatal workplace violence.

Retail workers experienced 17% of the nonfatal workplace violence in the private sector, nearly double that of the private-sector workforce in that occupation group (9%).  

To help understand the issue the report provides data structured around 13 key "indicators" such as the characteristics of victims of workplace violence, characteristics of offenders, the use of weapons, the treatment of nonfatal injuries in emergency departments, and socio-economic problems that result from workplace violence.

Available on the website of the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the study "Indicators of Workplace Violence, 2019" draws on five nationally representative data sources, including the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, the Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, the National Crime Victimization Survey, the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, and the National Vital Statistics System.   ehstoday.com  ojp.gov  securitymagazine.com

   Click here to read the D&D Daily's initial reporting on the DOJ-BJS report

Retailers Boosting Security & Surveillance Budgets Amid Crime Surge
Illinois businesses battle retail theft with surveillance & security investments

Small businesses are on the front lines of combating retail theft in Illinois.

National Federation of Independent Business Illinois State Director Chris Davis said Illinois sees the threat of retail crime and is taking steps to battle the uptick.

"Thirty-six percent of small business owners are reporting spending on new technology and new equipment, and a significant portion of that including surveillance and security equipment," Davis told The Center Square.

Retail crime is a vital issue small businesses face and Davis said businesses are paying attention.

"I think small business owners in particular are just being more mindful and more watchful," Davis said. "They're finding themselves spending more time in their businesses and watching their storefront more closely. They're monitoring their stores. They're looking to invest in technology."

Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a new bill into law in May that creates harsher punishments for individuals participating in retail theft across the state. House Bill 1091, or The INFORM Act, provides enhanced penalties for people who engage in organized retail theft. The legislation goes into effect beginning Jan. 1, 2023.

The National Retail Federation conducted a 2020 survey of businesses, revealing that organized retail crime accounts for approximately $720,000 in losses for every $1 billion in sales. This amounts to a 0.071% loss rate which is an increase from a 0.045% increase in 2015.

According to the NRF Retail Security Survey from 2021, the total inventory shrinkage was approximately 1.6%. thecentersquare.com

Businesses Ditching Chicago Over Crime Surge
Crime has some women business owners rethinking their futures in Chicago
Crime, safety, and lack of police patrols have all been held up as reasons some small business owners in Chicago say they have had enough and are getting ready to move out.

As CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov reported, one of those owners has a long history downtown. She owns Sugar Bliss, at 122 S. Wabash Ave. in the Palmer House Hilton building, which has been in business for more than a decade.

But after someone vandalized her store and tried to steal a purse while she was in the shop, last week, she is rethinking her future in Chicago - and she is not alone.

"We're basically sitting ducks," said Sugar Bliss owner Teresa Ging.

"We can't live like this. The city has become - I won't even say, Gotham City is a little bit better, because you have Batman," Sharif said. "Here, you don't have Batman - you know what I mean?"

Both Ging and Sharif feel city leaders are not concerned enough about small business safety. Add a police shortage and a year-to-year rise in most crimes to that list, and they feel they have no other choice.

"Unless I hire a 24/7 security guard to stand in front of my door, that's my only option."

Kozlov looked at the stats - and while some crimes like murder are down citywide, robbery, burglary, thefts, and carjackings are up. Both Ging and Sharriff say those numbers are even more critical when you consider the majority of small business owners are women. cbsnews.com

Crime & Homelessness Plague SF
Fed-up San Francisco businesses vow to stop paying taxes over homeless problem
Businesses in one of the trendiest sections of San Francisco are threatening to withhold tax payments unless the city takes action in removing homeless people from the area, claiming that their presence has hurt their bottom line.

The Castro Merchants Association, an umbrella group representing some local 125 businesses in the Castro District, wrote a letter to city officials earlier this month outlining their demands, according to SFGATE.

The group wants the city to allocate 35 shelter beds for "mentally ill and substance-abusing individuals who have taken up residence in the Castro." The city is also being asked to provide monthly data on the services that are offered or provided to the homeless population that has set up shop in the area.

"We're just seeing constant vandalism, constant drug use in public, people passed out on the sidewalk, people having psychotic breakdowns, and it's just not something a small-business owner should have to deal with," Karraker said. nypost.com

Streamlines routine financial activities - Unique, user-specific PIN codes: atmmarketplace.com

New patrol blitz in St. Cloud targets violent crime
ST. CLOUD - A steep increase in shootings over the past two years is prompting St. Cloud police to implement a targeted campaign to crack down on violent crime.

In early August, the city launched a new program - dubbed the Safe Streets Initiative - that's increasing patrols in neighborhoods prone to gun violence and other crimes.

But it's not just an increase in St. Cloud squad cars people are seeing. It's an influx of officers from several partnering agencies, including area counties - Benton, Morrison, Sherburne and Stearns - the Central Minnesota Violent Offenders Task Force and Minnesota State Patrol, which provides additional police dogs and helicopter surveillance. startribune.com

NYC officials demand credit card giants start tracing gun purchases

Biden renews call for updated assault weapons ban: 'We have to act'


COVID Update

608.9M Vaccinations Given

US: 96.1M Cases - 1M Dead - 91.8M Recovered
Worldwide: 607.4M Cases - 6.4M Dead - 583.5M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 362   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 794
*Red indicates change in total deaths

COVID's Lasting Impact on Hiring & Retaining Workers
Remote Work, Quiet Quitting May Make Holiday Hiring Difficult For Retailers
Retailers are challenged with already higher employee turnover rates compared to many industries. Worker shortages and higher demands from existing workers will stress the retail industry as it braces for a challenging holiday hiring season. While job applications remain high, retail jobs in physical stores will be tough to fill since many job seekers are looking for remote work, higher salaries and more benefits. The rise of quiet quitting will impact the engagement levels of existing staff.

U.S. adults seeking new jobs

According to Career Builders' 2022 Survey data, seven in ten employed adults in the U.S. are currently engaged in a job search, with 62% expressing interest in moving to an entirely new industry/field. Many of these employed job seekers are passively conducting searches by casually looking for jobs or accepting invitations to speak to recruiters about open positions. Workers' attitudes about their jobs have changed; their commitment to their employers has waned since the pandemic, making it tough for retailers to hire and retain workers in store locations.

Remote work is not an option for retail workers in stores

Adding to the retail worker dilemma is the fact that, coming off the pandemic, many employees want to work remotely, which is not conducive to a retail environment for physical stores where 85% of retail sales are transacted. Employment in the retail trade increased by 22,000 in July and is expected to increase this year's fourth quarter (October through December) significantly. Most retailers put holiday hiring plans together and begin the process as early as September.

Quiet quitting gains momentum

The latest form of disengagement among workers is a phenomenon known as quiet quitting. While this has nothing to do with actually quitting, it can lead to employees actually quitting if gone unchecked by employers. Some describe quiet quitting as putting in the least amount of work to achieve work objectives without going above and beyond. For workers in retail stores, this may mean sticking to job specifications, including only working scheduled hours. forbes.com

The Beginning of the End of Workplace COVID Requirements?
Goldman Sachs to lift vaccination, Covid requirements in most offices next month

The bank will no longer require its workers to be vaccinated to enter its offices or to test and wear face coverings

Goldman Sachs said Tuesday it will lift all its Covid-19 requirements in most offices beginning Sept. 6, in response to new guidance from federal health officials.

According to a memo sent Tuesday and obtained by CNBC, the bank said will no longer require its workers to be vaccinated to enter its offices or to test and wear face coverings. The policy applies to most offices with the exception of those in Lima and New York City.

Unvaccinated employees in New York City will still need an approved religious or medical exemption to enter the bank's office spaces, according to the memo. cnbc.com

U.S. Sheds the Masks, But Risk Still Remains for Millions
As Americans ditch Covid measures, pandemic worsens for the vulnerable
While much of US society has breathed a collective sigh of relief at no longer having to wear a mask in public, that freedom has placed people who are immunocompromised at risk, such as Smith's patients. Nor are they the only ones. Older adults, the very young and those with long Covid are at greater risk too. So while for many Americans the pandemic increasingly feels over, for others - often the most vulnerable - it rages on.

About 7 million people in the United States are immunocompromised. While there are now vaccines and better treatments for Covid and variants that appear to cause less severe disease than earlier ones, people like Smith's patients still face a significant risk of becoming very sick or dying from Covid in part because they take medications that suppress their immune systems, she said. theguardian.com

F.D.A. Authorizes Updated Covid Booster Shots, Targeting Omicron Subvariants
The FDA cleared doses targeting Omicron subvariants, hoping to curtail a fall or winter surge.

How to Develop an Ergonomics Program for Remote Workers

Can You Trust That At-Home Covid Test Result?


Belgium's Organized Crime Hub
Europe's Industrialized Tobacco Black Market is HUGE for Organized Crime

Belgian authorities seized enormous amounts of tobacco products this year - 193 tons of product + 274M cigarettes - $139M in loss taxes

This weeks raids seized more than 57 million cigarettes and 48 tons of cut tobacco with a combined tax value of over U.S. 32.087M

This year alone, five illegal tobacco production sites and 15 storage warehouses. With more than 274M cigarettes, 88 tons of cut tobacco, 65 tons of water pipe tobacco and 40 tons of raw tobacco confiscated.

The total payables on these seized illicit tobacco products - consisting of the excise duty, special excise duty and value added tax - totals more than U.S. 139.334 million. Factors such as its proximity to the French and British borders, rising excise duty rates in neighbouring countries, and short distances to certain black markets, have together led to Belgium becoming a major hub for illegal tobacco production and trade. europa.eu

"Fight for $15" & The Union Efforts Get a Big Push in Calif's Fast Food Bill
"One of the most significant pieces of employment legislation passed in a generation"

California Approves Nation-Leading 'Fast Recovery Act' - Groundbreaking Legislation Giving Half-Million Fast Food Workers Increased Power & Protections.

AB Bill 257: The Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act or FAST Recovery
Covering fast food restaurants with at least 100 establishments nationally.

The bill will create a new 10-member Fast Food Council with equal numbers of workers' delegates and employers' representatives, along with two state officials, empowered to set minimum standards for wages, hours and working conditions related to the health, safety, and welfare of, and supplying the necessary cost of proper living to fast food restaurant workers.

The bill would also authorize a county, or a city with a population greater than 200,000, to establish a Local Fast Food Council, and would prescribe its powers and requirements for its composition. The bill would authorize a Local Fast Food Council to provide recommendations to the council.

Editor's Note: Does Gov Newsom sign or veto it? Read the national impact & hopes - and what they're saying - this could be their watershed moment. But does Gov Newsom sign or veto? Half a million votes on one side and his presidential campaign contributors on both sides.

Continue Reading

The Pressure's on CA Gov Newsom- Half a Million Workers/Voters VS. The Franchise Business Owners
"One of the most significant pieces of employment legislation passed in a generation"

Gov. Newsom Can Save CA Families & Small Businesses From 20% Food Tax With AB 257 Veto

CA Legislature Passes Reckless Bill that Will Increase Costs 20% For CA's Restaurant Goers to Pay for Unelected Union Bureaucracy on the Backs of Taxpayers

The campaign to Stop AB 257 issued the following statement today urging Governor Newsom to veto Assembly Bill 257, the so-called Fast Food Accountability Act, after the Senate's passage today.

This week, the International Franchise Association and the California Restaurant Association launched ads across California to highlight the negative economic impact of AB 257 on California families and restaurants, while encouraging Governor Newsom to veto AB 257.

"AB 257 is a discriminatory measure designed to target the franchise business model," said Matthew Haller, President and CEO of the International Franchise Association. "The bill creates an arbitrary standard for one sector of workers while punishing small business owners and their customers.

Just today, the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC), the National Asian/Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (National ACE), and the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), in partnership with the California Black Chamber of Commerce and the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce, sent a letter to members of the senate to express their concerns regarding the bill and to urge legislators to vote no on AB 257. businesswire.com

Retail Closures Low Across the Pond - Just Like the U.S.
UK: Store closures at lowest level for seven years

There has been a big fall in the number of chain stores shutting across Britain, new figures show.

Closures in the first six months of 2022 dropped by a third compared with the first half of last year, accountancy firm PwC said. Shop openings are still below pre-Covid levels, but closures are now at their lowest level for seven years.

PwC said the shock of the pandemic had "eased" but warned that high inflation will hit the retail sector. "The good news is that we're back on High Streets, there are more people out shopping and eating," said Kien Tan, director of retail strategy at PwC.

"But the bad news is inflation hangs over us. It will affect shoppers in their pocket. But it will also affect businesses in terms of higher bills to pay. So there could be more closures to come," said Mr Tan.

For now though, the figures are heading in the right direction. More than 6,000 stores closed in the first half of this year, but the numbers are sharply down on the previous 12 months.

Store openings are still lackluster and below pre-pandemic levels, resulting in an overall loss of more than 2,200 outlets. That is an average closure rate of 12 stores a day, although it is the smallest number of net closures in five years. bbc.com

Danielle is Headed Our Way? Before Labor Day?
Forecasters watch 4 areas for tropical development in Atlantic ahead of Labor Day
The National Hurricane Center is monitoring four disturbances in the Atlantic that can develop into tropical storms - and even hurricanes - ahead of Labor Day weekend.

The center is actively watching the formations that could impact the US following the least active start of the Atlantic hurricane season in 30 years.

One system has the greatest probability to become the next named storm --- Danielle.

"Although environmental conditions are only marginally conducive, some gradual development of this system is expected over the next several days and a tropical depression is likely to form later this week,"

The center gave the system a 50% chance of advancing into a tropical system within the next 48 hours and an 80% chance of formation within the next five days nypost.com

Five Day Graphical Tropical weather outlook

Bed Bath & Beyond to close stores, lay off staff as part of turnaround plan
Bed Bath & Beyond on Wednesday said it would lay off about 20% of its corporate and supply chain staff and close more than 150 stores.

Job vacancies rose in July - 11.2 million open positions

Nationwide SNAP, EBT outage left millions unable to make payments at stores

UPS disclosed peak-season (Oct 30-Jan 14) surcharge schedule for high-volume shippers

Quarterly Results

Best Buy Q2 comp's Domestic down 12.7%, online down 14.7%, Inter down 4.2%, Enterprise down 12.1%


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Cyber Insurance Industry Losses Drive Cost Up
Policies Tighter & With Broad Exclusions
Delaying Payouts & Increasing Lawsuits
Tied to Russia-Ukraine War

$10 Billion in Damages - Kremlin-Backed & It's Not Even Ransomware
NotPetya - The Most Destructive Malware Ever Deployed Sends Cyber Insurance Cost Skyrocketing

Cyber-Insurance Industry Losses Double in 5 Yrs - Now Losing 72% of Premium Revenue

The cyber-insurance industry has seen profits decline sharply in the past decade, as losses jumped from 35% of the revenue from premiums five years ago, to 72% in 2020. To adapt, insurance companies have dramatically raised the cost of policies - by 74% just in 2021, after rising 22% in 2020, according to FitchRatings.

The decisions come after pharmaceutical firm Merck won its lawsuit against its insurers after they refused to pay its $1.4 billion in business losses sustained in the NotPetya crypto-ransomware attack in 2017. The judge in the case ruled that the insurance policies' act-of-war exclusion did not apply, because the clause was meant to only exclude losses during armed conflicts.

Companies also should not expect insurance firms to reverse course. Their approach is just a continuation of the industry's reactive approach to cyber insurance, says Safe Security's Goyal. Insurance firms have increased premiums, put sub-limits on ransomware, and now, have adopted arguably broad exclusions, which may just result in delayed payouts and an increase in lawsuits when insurers refuse to pay out on a large policy.

And it all started with Russia attacking the Ukraine on June 27, 2017 when it first appeared. The scale, motive and precedent NotPetya set is cause for alarm: $10 billion in damage as well as the incalculable cost of damaged or lost goods, services, and opportunity. Yet, not a single death is attributed to it and oddly, it wasn't a ransomware attack after all.

NotPetya's messages seeking ransom were disingenuous, as there was no authentic decryption-for-payment opportunity. Following a sudden reboot of one's machine, NotPetya irreversibly encrypted master boot records even for those willing to pay, there was no decryption key. Weeks after the attack there continued to be misdirections from perhaps uninvolved hackers seeking bitcoin in exchange for decrypting files. Consider this: the identifier (a unique number presented on victims' screens) that victims were told to include in their bitcoin transaction, so perpetrators could remotely decrypt their machine, was found to be...randomly generated. NotPetya was not ransomware.

Damage assessments in dollars are enormous, breaking records. A former Homeland Security cybersecurity expert, Tom Bossert, stated the damage totaled $10 billion.

The Kremlin-linked elite hacking group Sandworm targeted a family-owned Ukrainian software business in Kiev (like "TurboTax") as part of an ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war. Sandworm is said to have installed a backdoor into the business's servers, from which they deployed MeDoc software containing NotPetya - everywhere and with no kill switch. Meaning that those responsible were content to destroy at will and burn the assets they were using. darkreading.com hypr.com

Insurers Removing Ransomware From Policies
Almost Every State is Abandoning Third-Party Insurance for Self Insurance
Colorado itself saw its insurance costs quadruple from $500,000 last year to $2 million this year and the pricier policy was also less valuable, coming with higher deductibles as well as reduced coverage and benefits.

States are confronting risks both that prices will continue mounting and cyber insurers will become scarcer. Colorado had to switch primary insurers this year to find a company willing to cover it, Colorado CISO Ray Yepes said, and he said other CISOs have run into issues of insurers removing ransomware from their cyber policies.

"To me, if you're going to get cyber insurance, that's the main reason you want to get it - is the ransomware," Yepes said. "Almost every state is self-insured, and if not, they're working to become self-insured," Yepes said. govtech.com

CISO Compensation Keeps Rising
US-based CISOs get nearly $1 million per year

The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a relatively new senior-level executive position within most organizations, and is still evolving.

CISO roles are often terminal

AdvertisementMost CISOs move laterally into their current role and the career path forward for CISOs is most often to another CISO role, the analysts found. If they were not CISOs before - and 53% of them were! - they were mostly a deputy CISO, a regional or business unit CISO, and the senior information security executive in their organization.

Threats CISOs are facing and personal risks they are worried about

CISOs say ransomware attacks are the most significant cyber risk to their organization (67%), followed by insider threats (32%) and nation/state attacks (31%). On a more personal note, CISOs are most worried about stress related to the role (59%) and burnout (48%), and much less about job loss as a result of a breach (25%) or being faced with personal financial accountability for a breach (11%).

CISO compensation keeps rising

"In the United States, reported median cash CISO compensation has risen to $584,000 this year, up from $509,000 last year and $473,000 in 2020. Median total compensation, including any annualized equity grants or long-term incentives, also increased, to $971,000 from $936,000," the company found.

New CISOs, in particular, saw the highest rises in overall compensation - probably because talent to fill out the role is hard to find and organizations are competing fiercely to take hold of it. helpnetsecurity.com

The Risk of Installing Browser Extensions
Malicious Chrome Extensions Plague 1.4M Users

Analysts find five cookie-stuffing extensions that track victim browsing and insert rogue IDs into e-commerce sites to rack up fake affiliate payments.

Researchers have flagged five separate malicious Chrome extensions masquerading as Netflix viewers and more. They track user activity and insert code into any e-commerce sites they visit, letting cyberattackers steal payments through the retailer affiliate programs.

McAfee Labs analysts found the Chrome extensions being marketed to let users watch Netflix in groups, automatically clip coupons, and take screenshots. All together, the apps have been downloaded 1.4 million times, they found.

The McAfee team has been working on tracking down malicious Chrome extensions, and its latest report is part of that project, researchers wrote in a recent blog about their findings. The researchers warn end users to take extra precautions to verify an extension's safety if it asks for additional permissions.

"This blog highlights the risk of installing extensions, even those that have a large install base as they can still contain malicious code," they said. darkreading.com

How to use confidential mode in Gmail to protect sensitive information

Google Expands Bug Bounties to Its Open Source Projects






Canada's Facial Recognition Technology Debate
Use of facial recognition as security tool on Parliament Hill would pose risks: study
The use of facial recognition technology as a security tool on Parliament Hill would pose substantial legal, privacy and human rights risks - and might even be unlawful, says a study prepared for the parliamentary security unit.

It warns the technology could be used to surveil, track, identify or misidentify a person, and might lead to decisions that result in them being stopped, questioned, detained or arbitrarily prevented from entering the parliamentary precinct.

In response to questions, the Parliamentary Protective Service said it does not use - nor does it intend to introduce - facial recognition technology, but added that it needs to learn more about "emerging and ever-evolving threats and technologies" to ensure physical security within the parliamentary precinct.

The technology allows an image of a person's face to be matched against a database of photos with the aim of identifying the individual.

The report says it could be used restrictively, for instance to compare a scan of an MP's face with a banked image of their likeness before allowing them onto Parliament Hill. At the other end of the spectrum, the technology could be used to compare an image of a member of the public strolling on the Hill grounds against a large database of photos to try to identify them.

Dozens of security cameras currently record activity on Parliament Hill, with policies governing how long the images are kept. Signs posted on the Hill advise visitors of the cameras.

The report says going further and using facial recognition tools in the parliamentary context "raises numerous risks" regarding free expression and freedom of assembly and association.

Use of the technology could "give rise to chilling effects" that are likely to dissuade many groups from organizing and visiting Parliament on critical issues - particularly for communities such as Black and Indigenous people who have been historically subject to increased state surveillance, the report adds. canadiansecuritymag.com

Canada's Pot Stores Targeted by Robberies
Cannabis store robberies on the rise in Calgary: police
A Calgary cannabis store owner watched his inventory go out his store's front door on Thursday, but not in the way he'd imagined. Security camera footage shows a trio entering Omkara by breaking into the storefront shutters, after not being able to get into the back door, early Thursday morning.

Once they got into the store, they entered the safe used to store cannabis. Safes are mandated by AGLC for secure cannabis storage.

According to the Calgary Police Service, cannabis store robberies have been trending up in the past year and a half. In 2021, a total of 29 cannabis store robberies were reported. To date in 2022, 21 store robberies have been reported to police.

Doug King, justice studies professor at Mount Royal University, said the ability of selling cannabis on the black market makes cannabis stores an enticing target.

King said the ability of cannabis stores to remove coverings from their windows will help staff "to look through the window and things like that will give at least the people who work in the stores a little bit more comfort, that they have more of an understanding of what's happening outside these stores."

But the justice studies professor said a better method of preventing robberies would be with active deterrents like hiring security officers. "The consequence of that is that it's going to cost more. And who has to bear that cost is the shop owner," King said.

Bali said he's upping his security measures now, including security bars on his front windows, removing decals on those front windows to improve visibility, and planting tracking devices in dummy packages in storage and on display. He hopes other cannabis stores also step up their prevention measures. globalnews.ca

Canada's Worker Shortage Isn't Going Anywhere
In a tight labour market, this is where Canadian workers are going
Statistics Canada data analyzed by CBC News bears this out, showing a migration among workers between sectors - from jobs in the service and food industries, to potentially more lucrative positions in fields such as tech, finance and real estate.

Such career changes have taken place in the midst of a tightening labour market, resulting in staff shortages in the sectors workers have left behind. Overall, Canada's jobless rate remains at 4.9 per cent - the lowest level since 1970.

An examination of the data also reveals a longer term shift in the country's labour market, spurred not just by the transformative past two years, but by demographic shifts that have been underway for decades.

"They will transition to jobs that are higher up the wage ladder, that are better quality jobs. And those in the higher quality jobs tend to transition themselves further up that so-called job ladder." cbc.ca

"Downtowns Across Canada Are Suffering Significantly"
Downtown Calgary Retail Struggles
Calgary's overall retail vacancy continues its downward trend.

"The downtown core is still suffering significantly," said John Moss, SVP Retail Leasing for CBRE. Like many downtowns across the country, the shift towards remote work, particularly in the past two years because of the pandemic, has hit retail in those areas very hard. retail-insider.com

Spending Up 15.4%
Canadian Consumer Spending at Retailers Remains Consistent for July
According to Mastercard SpendingPulseTM, which measures in-store and online retail sales across all forms of payment, Canadian spending excluding automotive increased 15.4 per cent since pre-pandemic in July, indicating consistent levels of spending despite current high levels of inflation. retail-insider.com

Statistics Canada says retail sales rose 1.1 per cent in June to $63.1 billion

Back-to-school shoppers return to stores, hunt for deals amid mounting prices

COVID Update

Canadian Retailers' Next COVID Hurdle
Retailers prep for fall COVID test kit pressure
Demand for free rapid COVID-19 tests at grocery stores and pharmacies is expected to ramp up as summer comes to an end, and retailers are preparing to hand out kits by the handful for the provincial government.

John Graham, director of government relations for the Retail Council of Canada's Prairies office, said most grocery stores in Manitoba currently have some stock available. However, a decline in demand over the summer could mean kits are few and far between.

In March, the Manitoba government partnered with grocery stores and pharmacies to distribute the free rapid test kits. Public libraries were later added to the distribution network.

Graham described the current system - which requires grocers to order COVID-19 tests from government if their stock runs low - as a "friction-less experience." However, if customers do not ask for the tests regularly, the need to replenish inventory is "out of sight out of mind, to a degree."

"It will, we anticipate or fear, increase in demand when you start to see back to school," he said. "Grocers want to satisfy customer demand. If customers are starting to ask they're going to reach out, get inventory a few days later." winnipegfreepress.com

Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic
How rates in Canada and the United States compare
In May 2020, the percentage of employees working from home was roughly similar in Canada and the United States. In Canada, about 37% of the workforce worked from home, compared with 35% in the United States.

Throughout the summer of 2020, as employees began to return to their workplaces, the work-from-home rates declined at about the same pace in both countries. Canada had a bigger decrease in June, but the rate of decline converged after that. However, when the second wave of COVID-19 began in the fall of 2020, these rates began to diverge. While more employees worked from home during this wave, the rise was much more pronounced in Canada.

During the third wave, in April and May 2021, only Canada experienced an increase in work-from-home rates relative to the summer of 2020. By December 2021, the percentage of employees working from home had fallen to about 22% in Canada and 11% in the United States. The greater variation in work-from-home rates in Canada during successive waves of the pandemic could be the result of differences in the intensity of COVID-19 restrictions between the two countries. statcan.gc.ca

Pandemic is Still Raging in Canada
COVID-19 pandemic is still 'raging,' experts say. How to stay safe heading into fall
The COVID-19 pandemic is not over, experts warn, and they say that Canadians should still take precautions heading into the fall months to protect themselves and the health-care system against the virus and other seasonal illnesses.

Raywat Deonandan, an epidemiologist and associate professor with the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa, warns that the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over. "(The pandemic) is raging around as wildly as it has ever been," Deonandan told Global News.

For the week of Aug. 7 to Aug. 13, Canada had 24,161 cases of COVID-19, with Ontario having the highest number of 10,655 cases, according to Health Canada. globalnews.ca

Random COVID testing at Canada's border forcing uninfected travellers to quarantine

Suspect Ransacks Store While Police Take 40 Minutes to Arrive
Winnipeg business waits 40 minutes for police after alarm triggered during robbery
A Winnipeg store owner is speaking out after a brazen daytime robbery. Despite being located on busy Portage Avenue, Red Bomb Fireworks fell victim to a robbery Friday around 4:00 in the afternoon. Store owner Matt Bialek said the suspect first triggered the store's alarm by trying to enter a locked door before coming through the front entrance.

"They entered the facility and started lunging towards our retail operator, and at that point in time, not only was the alarm dispatching the police, I physically was on the phone with 911," said Bialek.

"First off, the operator believed that I was not serious, that my call was not legitimate, so I actually had to prove while on the phone with 911 that we had a legitimate issue at our at our retail location." Bialek said the lone staff member working at the store, a woman in her twenties, was able to make it to a secure back room.

As Bialek waited for police to arrive, he watched the suspect make their way through the store for around 5 minutes. According to Bialek, police showed up 40 minutes after the first alarm was triggered. While damages and losses were minimal, Bialek said the emotional toll on his staff is far more important. winnipeg.ctvnews.ca

Three-Day Robbery Spree
Ottawa man arrested after 2 robberies in 3 days at Laurier c-store
A 25-year-old Ottawa man faces a number of charges after a suspect carrying a stick and a box cutter knife robbed a downtown convenience store. Police said the mask-wearing suspect entered the store in the 200 block of Laurier Avenue East at about 2:25 a.m. Wednesday. He intimidated the cashier with the weapons before making his way behind the counter, and stole lottery tickets and tobacco products, police said. The investigation revealed the store had been hit with a similar robbery Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ottawacitizen.com

Police investigate convenience store robbery

Thorsby RCMP arrest male for armed robbery of a Warburg liquor store

Hamilton man charged in two armed robberies

Police catch bike thief within 30 minutes of theft

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First Ever Government-Led Antitrust Case Against Amazon
DC attorney general pushes to revive antitrust lawsuit against Amazon
D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine (D) filed a notice of appeal Thursday to revive the antitrust case against Amazon that a judge dismissed earlier this year.

The lawsuit, first filed in 2021, alleges Amazon has used its position as a giant in the e-commerce field to maximize profits at the expense of consumers, third-party sellers and wholesalers. It accuses Amazon of using anticompetitive practices by keeping third-party sellers from offering lower-cost proxies for products elsewhere.

A judge dismissed the case in March in an oral ruling.

"We're appealing the lower court's decision because District consumers deserve a fair marketplace that promotes competition, innovation, and choice," Racine said in a statement. "And we're filing this appeal because the antitrust laws and the facts are on our side-and on the side of District residents. We look forward to making our case before the Court of Appeals."

The appeal is Racine's latest attempt to push the first government-led antitrust case against Amazon forward. In April his office filed a motion asking the court to reconsider the ruling.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) also urged the court to reconsider the decision to dismiss the case. DOJ attorneys wrote in an April filing that if "left uncorrected, the Court's ruling could jeopardize the enforcement of antitrust law by improperly raising the bar on plaintiffs challenging anticompetitive contractual restraints in the District of Columbia."

A spokesperson for Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The company has previously pushed back on the allegations in the lawsuit. thehill.com

How Return Policies Can Impact Retailers
New Consumer Report Reveals How Return Policies Impact Customer Retention

New data from Loop finds 96% of U.S. consumers believe retailer return policies directly reflect how much a brand cares about its shoppers

Loop, the leading returns platform that serves over 1,800 Shopify brands, released the findings of the "Consumer Report: How Returns Impact Customer Retention," outlining how brands can improve their customer retention through streamlined returns processes.

The report reveals customers pay close attention to a brand's return policies, and that customers feel generous and transparent policies indicate home much the brand cares - or doesn't care - about their customers. In fact, 57% of shoppers are willing to abandon a brand entirely when provided a poor post-purchase experience.

In July 2022, 80% of consumers said they have less confidence to spend and are cutting back on non-essential purchases. Many brands view customer returns merely as a cost-center and fail to extend customer journeys beyond the point of purchase, missing out on critical way to increase retention for their budget-conscious customer base. businesswire.com

The Rise of Online Shopping and Why It's Here to Stay




CC Fraud Ring Leader Kept Scheme Going After Being Caught Multiple Times
Springfield, Illinois, Man Gets 24 Months Fed Prison - 6 Counts Possession & Use of Counterfeit Credit Cards & Counterfeit Device Making Equip.
Calvin Christian, III, 31, n late 2014 Christian obtained card-encoding hardware that connected to his computer allowing him to re-code information from credit cards, gift cards, or other cards with magnetic stripes. He then used cryptocurrency to purchase stolen credit card information on the internet and used the information with the encoding hardware to make "new" credit cards that were linked credit card or bank accounts of other individuals. He and others then used the fraudulent cards to purchase goods or gift cards. Christian was held accountable for $44,634.34 in total loss, stemming from conduct which lasted from 2015 to 2017.

Also at the hearing, United States District Judge Sue E. Myerscough found Christian was an organizer or leader and that the offense involved at least six financial institutions and 14 individual victims. She also noted the length of his criminal actions and his persistence in continuing his enterprise, even after he had been caught multiple times. justice.gov

Inland Empire, CA: Masked Smash-and-Grab Robbers target Inland Empire Supermarket Chain
Masked men with hammers robbed at least four jewelry stores inside a popular supermarket chain in the Inland Empire, smashing counters at Cardenas Markets, authorities confirmed Monday. Investigators say the robbers are getting away with a lot of jewelry. During a recent robbery at a Fontana Cardenas Market, the robbers stole more than $100,000 worth of jewelry. Cellphone video of the smash-and-grab robbery was taken July 6. Within seconds, police say two men wearing hoodies masks and gloves shattered a display case before taking off in a gray Honda Civic with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Since then similar robberies have also happened at jewelry stores inside three other Cardenas Markets including in Lake Elsinore, Riverside and Murrieta. nbclosangeles.com

Port St. Lucie, FL: Police searching for $3,300 Sam's Club shoplifter
Port St. Lucie police are searching for a man that stole over $3,300 worth of electronics from Sam's Club. Investigators say the man shown in the photo walked into Sam's Club at US Highway 1 around 7:30 p.m. on August 23. Once inside, he entered the electronics section and stole two gaming desktops, two Net Gear routers, one JBL headset, two backpacks, and two charging cables. The total price of the gear is $3,336.56. cw34.com

Carson City, NV: Alleged organized jewelry theft from Carson City store lands one in jail, accomplice at large
A 49-year-old Romanian woman was arrested Monday for suspicion of felony commercial burglary, grand larceny, possession of stolen property and organized retail theft, according to a Carson City Sheriff's Office report. Saina Tifrac, who told authorities she's Romanian and was listed from New York, was arrested following an investigation in which high value jewelry was stolen from Northern Nevada Coin on North Carson Street. According to the booking report, deputies were dispatched to the location, and learned that a woman, Tifrac, had been caught by a store employee and was escorted back to the business. Deputies learned there was another woman who entered the store and stole merchandise.

A deputy met with Tifrac, the suspect who was stopped by a store employee. She was found to have two high valued bracelets in her possession. The suspect who remains at large, fled the scene in a possible Jeep SUV-style vehicle. She allegedly stole four bracelets valued at $4,000. The pair had allegedly attempted, earlier that day, to steal from the Gardnerville coin store. The store manager stated they don't believe the pair were successful in burglarizing the Douglas County store. Based on video surveillance collected from the Carson City store and claims made by employees, CCSO investigators said it became clear the theft was an organized pre-planned event. carsonnow.org

Evansville, IN: $10,000 of merchandise stolen from Beauty Supply store

St Lucie, FL: Man Steals over $1400 in Play Station 5 Controllers from Target

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Shootings & Deaths

Smyrna, TN: Gas station clerk dies after being shot during robbery
A Smyrna gas station store clerk is dead after he was shot during an early morning armed robbery on Tuesday. The clerk was identified as Nick Patterson, an employee with Twice Daily for Nine years, that's according to Tri Star Energy, the parent company of Twice Daily. "When I found out it was Nick, the ground just broke beneath me. Knowing it was someone that I knew and I liked and loved so much. It's devastating," said Isabella Oliver who said she was a frequent customer at the store. wsmv.com

Gary, IN: Tire shop owner shot and killed, 1 other wounded
Police in Indiana are searching for the gunman who left one dead and one wounded in a shooting at a Gary tire shop. Gary police said around 5 p.m. on Monday, they were flagged down by a person near Ridge Road and Georgia Street. The person told them there was someone shooting into a business nearby - at the Happy Way Tire Shop. Once police got there, they saw that the 47-year-old owner of the tire shop, identified by family as Saeed Saad, was killed. A 27-year-old man, identified as a store employee, had been shot in the leg and was taken to the hospital.  wgntv.com

Columbus, OH: Three injured in shootings at Kroger and McDonald's
Police released new information regarding an east Columbus shooting that happened Tuesday night. A 23-year-old woman was shot near a McDonald's on Alum Creek Drive, located near Livingston Avenue. The woman then drove to a Kroger on East Main Street for help, according to police. Officers located a second victim, who said she was hit in the same area as the first victim. Both victims were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover from their injuries. No arrests have been made in this case. nbc4i.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Brooklyn, NY: Dispute between co-workers at Brooklyn Wendy's leads to stabbing
An employee at a Brooklyn Wendy's was stabbed during a fight with his co-worker on Monday night, police said. The 44-year-old victim was knifed in the chest by his colleague during a feud at the fast food joint on Ditmas Avenue in Canarsie at about 7:30 p.m., according to the NYPD. The man was hospitalized in stable condition, cops said. Police said the suspect was arrested shortly after fleeing the scene. Charges against him were pending. Hours later, cops were seen investigating the scene. Photographs from inside the restaurant show a table smeared with what appears to be blood. nypost.com

Pittsburgh, PA: Woman accused of threatening to shoot Harmar gas station clerk over candy faces assault, robbery charges
A woman was arrested on her birthday after a clerk at the Marathon station in Harmar accused her of threatening to shoot him if he didn't pay for her candy and then fighting with him when he tried to stop her from walking out with a pack of cigarettes. Samantha Cassandra Davis, 27, was charged with felony counts of aggravated assault and robbery. She also is charged with making terroristic threats and retail theft. Davis was being detained in the Allegheny County Jail in Pittsburgh in lieu of a $25,000 cash bond, according to court records. triblive.com

Warren, OH: Jury frees Family Dollar employee in $3,600 Deposit Theft case
A Trumbull County jury on Monday acquitted a former manager at a Warren Family Dollar store of stealing a day's worth of deposits totaling about $3,600. Jurors took less than 45 minutes of deliberations before finding Melissa W. Nutter innocent of one count of fifth-degree felony theft. Nutter, 43, of West Dennick Avenue, Youngstown, had faced up to one year in prison, but she left the courtroom in tears, a free woman who had lost her job at Family Dollar where she had worked for nine years. The case centered around a missing deposit Aug. 22, 2021, from the Family Dollar store on West Market Street. Family Dollar district manager Frank Sturgis testified he was following up on an alert about missing money that came to the corporate loss prevention office in Buffalo. Sturgis told assistant Prosecutor Gina Thomas that surveillance video showed an employee, identified as Nutter, handling the deposit bag that contained more than $3,600. Nutter just had transferred to the West Market Street location from the Elm Road NE store where she worked as "an exemplary employee," Sturgis said. "The crew thought highly of her," Sturgis told jurors about Nutter's previous reputation. Sturgis said he didn't get to talk to Nutter about the incident because she had left for a leave of absence. During cross examination by public defender Carlo Ciccone, Sturgis admitted that another employee had been accused of theft from the West Market Street store on another occasion. Under questioning from her attorney, Nutter denied taking the money. tribtoday.com

Clearwater, FL: Assistant manager for Dollar Tree stages robbery with teen son, steals $5K
An assistant manager at a Clearwater Dollar Tree was arrested Monday after using her 15-year-old son to stage a robbery in a plot to steal from the store, according to police. The Clearwater Police Department said Melisha Ford, 37, was tasked to collect the cash revenue at the store on Highland Avenue after closing the store as part of her job. She was supposed to then put the cash in a money bag and drop the deposits into a lock box at a bank. However, from Aug. 13 to Aug. 15, the deposits never made it to the bank. According to police, the Dollar Tree district manager discovered this and arranged a meeting with Ford and loss prevention to discuss the situation. On Aug. 21, she staged a robbery by having her 15-year-old son rob her with a BB gun while she closed the store to pocket the day's earnings, according to police. She then made a false 911 call about the fake robbery. Clearwater police said Ford admitted to taking the money and staging the robbery. In total, she had stolen over $5,000 in her scheme, the affidavit said. wkrg.com

Lubbock, TX: Adult store 'Adam & Eve' in Lubbock shoplifted multiple times over several months
The Lubbock location of adult store "Adam & Eve" suffered multiple thefts in the last year. Store manager, D'Raye Rodriguez, told EverythingLubbock.com "Adam & Eve" has been shoplifted several times each month since 2021. In one particular month, the business had five thefts. everythinglubbock.com

Minneapolis, MN: Gunman robbed 2 MOA stores on same day after holding up pawnshop

Dayton, OH: Central Ohio man sentenced to more than 8 years in prison for 5 armed robberies at Dayton dollar store

Vancouver, WA: Woman reached for knuckle knife while being detained in Macy's shoplifting case



Orlando, FL: Man charged with arson in connection with blaze at iconic Ice cream shop



Auto - Gary, IN - Armed Robbery / Emp Killed
Beauty - Evansville, IN - Burglary
C-Store - Manchester, PA - Burglary
C-Store - Pittsburgh, PA - Robbery
Dollar - Clearwater, FL - Armed Robbery
Dollar - Baytown, TX - Robbery
Gas Station - Smyrna, TN - Armed Robbery / Emp Killed
Gas Station - Ottawa County, MI - Armed Robbery
Guns - Omaha, NE - Burglary
Hotel - Atlanta, GA - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Inland Empire, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Carson City, NV - Robbery
Jewelry - The Villages, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Willow Grove PA - Burglary
Jewelry - City of Industry, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Potomac Mills Mall, VA - Robbery
Jewelry - Glendale, AZ - Robbery
Jewelry - Birmingham, AL - Robbery
Jewelry - Orlando, FL - Robbery
Liquor - St Louis Park, MN - Burglary
Macy's - Vancouver, WA - Armed Robbery
Pawn - Minneapolis, MN - Armed Robbery
Pawn - Minneapolis, MN - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV - Burglary
Restaurant - Jacksonville, FL - Burglary
Restaurant - Vallejo, CA - Robbery
Shoes - Novato, CA - Robbery
Target - St Lucie, FL - Burglary
Verizon - Lincoln, NE - Burglary


Daily Totals:
• 20 robberies
• 9 burglaries
• 2 shootings
• 2 killed

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Director, Service Delivery Test and Turn-up
Remote Opportunity
The Director of Test and Turn-up (TTU) Operations is responsible for leading a team of security and network support personnel that provide end/end support for field engineers and contractors installing and servicing Interface Managed Systems. This position is responsible for managing & leading a team that owns all aspects of the installation service delivery processes required for the customers...

Regional Asset Protection Director
Blue Bell, PA - posted August 31
The principle purpose of the Regional AP and Safety Director is to provide leadership and oversight of the development, administration and maintenance of Lowe's loss prevention, safety and operations programs. This includes directing the day-to-day functions of the District AP and Safety Manager and working closely with Regional, District and Store leaders to establish and achieve safety, shrink, training, and operational objectives...

Sr. Manager, Brand & Asset Protection - West
Pacific Northwest or California - posted August 29
As the Senior Manager of Brand and Asset Protection for North America, you will part of an innovative Asset Protection team, whose mission is to prevent, identify and mitigate risks to our business. You will support with the creation of foundational asset protection programming and will lead its delivery to our North American store base...

Sr. Manager, Brand & Asset Protection - East
Toronto, ON Area or NYC Area - posted August 29
As the Senior Manager of Brand and Asset Protection for North America, you will part of an innovative Asset Protection team, whose mission is to prevent, identify and mitigate risks to our business. You will support with the creation of foundational asset protection programming and will lead its delivery to our North American store base...

Business Continuity Planning Manager
Jacksonville, FL - posted August 5
Responsible for developing, implementing and managing the company's Business Continuity (BCP) and Life Safety Programs to include but not limited to emergency response, disaster recovery and site preparedness plans for critical business functions across the organization. In addition, the position will develop and lead testing requirements to ensure these programs are effective and can be executed in the event of a disaster/crisis...

Region AP Manager (Florida - Treasure Coast Market)
Jacksonville, FL - posted June 17
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Regional Safety Manager - South Florida Region
Jacksonville, FL - posted June 17
This position will manage the safety program for an assigned group of stores that is designed to minimize associate and customer accidents. This includes reviewing and recommending loss control strategies, ensuring program conformance to applicable laws and regulations, preparing required reports, and monitoring and evaluating the program activities in stores...

Corporate Risk Manager
Seattle, WA / Tacoma, WA / Portland, OR - posted June 14
Summary of Role and Responsibilities: A proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries, whether to our employees, third parties, or customer's valuables. They include but are not limited to cash in transit, auto losses, or injuries....

Corporate Risk Manager
San Diego, CA / Los Angeles, CA / Ontario, CA - posted June 10
Summary of Role and Responsibilities: A proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries, whether to our employees, third parties, or customer's valuables. They include but are not limited to cash in transit, auto losses, or injuries....

Physical Security Operations Center Leader
Columbia, MD - posted June 8
The primary purpose of this role is to partner, lead and manage a Central Station/Physical Security Operations Center driving operational execution and enhancements to ensure effectiveness and a positive customer experience. This individual is also responsible for leading a team of operators providing professional and accurate responses...

Loss Prevention Specialists (Store Detective)
Albany, NY; Hyannis, MA; Burlington, VT; Hartford, CT
- posted May 6
Detect and respond to external theft and fraud by working undercover within the store(s) you are assigned to. Working as a team with store management and associates in combating loss in the store(s). Developing and analyzing external theft trends, utilizing information in company reports and information gathered from store management and associates...

Retail Asset Protection Associate
Medford, MA; Brockton, MA; East Springfield, MA - posted May 6
The Asset Protection Greeter role is responsible for greeting all customers as they enter the store, ensuring that customers see the Company's commitment to provide a safe and secure shopping environment, as well as deterring theft, shoplifting, or other dishonest activities...

Loss Prevention Supply Chain Manager
Fresno, CA - posted April 25
The Loss Prevention Manager, Supply Chain (LPMSC) drives shrink improvement and profit protection activities for an assigned distribution center (DC), its in-bound and outbound shipping networks and its third party pooling centers...

Asset Protection Lead (Regional), Atlanta/Carolinas
Atlanta/Charlotte - posted April 22
Responsible for the protection of company assets and mitigation of risk. Effectively communicates, trains, implements, and monitors all aspects of Asset Protection programs in assigned markets. These programs include Tier Shrink Reduction Strategy, training and awareness, store audits, investigative initiatives, profit protection, health and safety and budgetary compliance...

Regional Loss Prevention Auditor
Multiple Locations - posted April 20
The Regional Loss Prevention Auditor (RLPA) is responsible for conducting operational audits and facilitating training meetings in our clients' locations. The audit examines operational controls, loss prevention best practices, and customer service-related opportunities.

Business Manager
Dallas/Fort Worth Area, TX - posted April 6
Sapphire Risk Advisory Group is seeking a Business Manager to work in the company's Dallas-area office in a W2 position and will closely partner with other members of the team to manage projects and communicate with contractors, vendors, and clients...

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