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Jorge Batista named Corporate Asset Protection & Employee Relations Director for JetTrades

Jorge has a background working in the Department of Homeland Security and in Retail Loss Prevention. Before being named Corporate Asset Protection & Employee Relations Director for JetTrades, he spent four years working in the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA. Prior to that, he spent more than two years with JCPenney as District LP Manager. Earlier in his career, he held roles with Toys R Us, RadioShack, and Sears. Congratulations, Jorge!

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Protos Security Strengthens Service Offering; Announces the Acquisition of ControlByNet

August 30, 2022 -- NORWALK, CT - Security Services Holdings LLC (dba Protos Security), the leading tech-enabled managed services security guarding provider in North America, announces that it has acquired ControlByNet. Protos Security is a portfolio company of Southfield Capital and adding ControlByNet expands the service offering and value to its customer base. The transaction closed on August 15, 2022.

ControlByNet offers remote guarding and software solutions that work across all devices through the cloud or as an onsite managed service. Having ControlByNet under the Protos umbrella will provide clients with another technology solution agnostic across camera options.

Read more in today's Vendor Spotlight below

Genetec recognized as fastest growing access control software provider in the world according to new Omdia Report

Company credits growth to market demand for open and unified security solutions

MONTRÉAL, August 30, 2022- According to the latest report from research organization Omdia, Genetec Inc. ("Genetec"), a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, has been recognized as the fastest-growing access control software provider in the world for the second year in a row. The report shows Genetec taking market share from other access control vendors and strengthening its number two position globally (up from 4th in 2019). Regionally, Genetec experienced the most organic growth in the Americas and was the fastest-growing software provider in EMEA.

Traditionally dominated by proprietary solutions with slow innovation cycles, the access control industry provided few options for IT and cyber-security conscious customers. Modern enterprises of all sizes are now looking to migrate to unified, open-architecture, and secure access control solutions that allow them to choose hardware that best suits their needs. This has, in large part, fueled the rapid market share gains of Genetec.

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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Illinois' First-Ever Statewide Task Force to Tackle ORC
Attorney General Raoul Meets With Law Enforcement and Retailers to Discuss Organized Retail Crime

Raoul's Organized Retail Crime Task Force Works with Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement to Investigate Organized Retail Crimes Statewide

Attorney General Kwame Raoul convened a meeting with representatives of law enforcement agencies and the retail industry to discuss collaborations to strengthen investigations and prosecutions of individuals and enterprises involved in organized retail crime.

Attorney General Raoul visited Carbondale, Illinois to host the latest in a series of statewide meetings Raoul is convening as head of the Organized Retail Crime Task Force. Raoul established the task force to enhance cooperation among retailers, online marketplaces, law enforcement agencies and state's attorneys. Participants in the meeting included the Attorney General's chief of investigations and prosecutors from the office, Carbondale Police Chief Stan Reno, Marion Police Chief David Fitts, Metropolis Police Chief Harry Masse and representatives of the Illinois State Police, Jackson County State's Attorney's office, Williamson County State's Attorney's office and the retail industry. Raoul is also leading a national working group of attorneys general on the issue of organized retail crime.

The Attorney General's Organized Retail Crime Task Force is comprised of career investigators and prosecutors from the Attorney General's Criminal Enforcement Division working in concert with the U.S. Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security, the Illinois State Police, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, the Illinois Association of State's Attorneys, and local law enforcement agencies throughout Illinois.

Organized retail crime and retail fraud can be mistaken for isolated incidents committed by low-level offenders; however, organized crime rings are often behind these incidents. Crime rings connected to the drug trade, human trafficking and other forms of crime target big box stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, auto dealerships and other retailers to carry out sophisticated theft operations and operate across county and state borders. Rings coordinate the theft of large amounts of merchandise - using boosters and mules including people who are homeless, vulnerable or addicted to drugs - that are resold below market value using online marketplaces.

The Attorney General's Organized Retail Crime Task Force is the first statewide, public-private collaboration of its kind in Illinois. thesouthlandjournal.com

Another City Cracks Down on Shoplifting
Spokane Police Targeting Shoplifters Amid Washington State Shoplifting Surge

Last year, Washington state stores lost $2.7 billion in merchandise to shoplifting.

That's why several times a year, the Spokane Police Department's Stolen Property Enforcement and Recovery Unit runs special shoplifting sting operations.

"This is the kind of opportunity where we come out, in plain clothes, we work with the loss prevention employees at all these stores. So we have 14 stores that we're in communication with right now," Eckersley said as he sat inside his unmarked car at Walmart in north Spokane.

"So that we can kinda make a dent, and hopefully, change the attitude and behavior of those suspects who are coming out here. Because the ones we grab out here in the parking lot, who don't expect it, that word is going to spread," predicted Eckersley.

Detectives say it's open season for shoplifting in Spokane, and retailers statewide are working on solutions they can bring to the legislature to fix the growing problem.

Spokane police and members of the SPEAR unit are working with in-store loss prevention officers, who are limited in what they can do, to force shoplifters into thinking twice about their take.

Spokane police are also holding shoplifters more accountable by aggregating their series of related crimes. "Now that we've caught him doing something today, let's look back in what he was a suspect in yesterday. Or two weeks ago, or three months ago. We can add those charges up. We can add up each of those incidents and make it a felony which it, rightly so, is," emphasized Eckersley."  my.spokanecity.org

Safeway Shooter Was Former Employee
Oregon Safeway shooter wrote manifesto planning 'national tragedy'
The deranged mass shooter who killed two men in an Oregon supermarket appears to have written a disturbing online manifesto bragging about his plans to commit a "national tragedy" - initially planning a school slaughter "inspired" by Columbine.

Ethan Blair Miller, 20, was named by police Monday as the gunman who killed an 84-year-old customer as well as a heroic 66-year-old employee who tackled him as he sprayed shots through the Safeway in Bend late Sunday.

Miller - who was carrying an AR-15 and a shotgun and had weapons and bombs in his car - shot himself dead before he could be arrested, police said. He previously worked at the store, but had no known criminal record, and police said they had no evidence of prior contact with him.

However, officials confirmed they were examining disturbing information "posted on social media or other outlets" ahead of the shooting. It later emerged that the gunman had for two months written a since-deleted online manifesto called "The Downward Spiral Of 'Ethan Miller.'"

"If you're reading this then I'm definitely DEAD and have just committed a 'NATIONAL TRAGEDY,'" he opened the online rantings on June 29. In his rantings, he blamed the isolation of COVID-19 lockdowns as well as feuds with his family and frustrations at being unable to find a girlfriend.

He gunned down customer Glenn Edward Bennett, 84, at the store's entrance before moving through the aisles "spraying shots" from the assault rifle, police said. An employee, Army veteran Donald Ray Surrett Jr., 66, then "engaged with the shooter, attempted to disarm him and may very well have prevented further deaths," a police spokesperson said.

Police entered the supermarket from the front and rear as shots were still being fired. Miller was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot, four minutes after the initial 911 call, officials said. nypost.com

AI Predicts Future Crimes with 90% Accuracy
An algorithm can predict future crimes with 90% accuracy

The AI model was tested across eight cities in the US and predicts future crimes with 80 to 90 per cent accuracy, without falling foul of bias.

Prof Ishanu Chattopadhyay leads the ZeD Lab at the University of Chicago, where he studies algorithms and data. He tells us about the AI he has developed that can forecast crimes being committed days before they actually occur.

Your algorithm successfully predicted crime in US cities a week before they happened. How did you build the algorithm?

The city of Chicago and the seven other cities that we looked at have started putting out crime event logs in the public domain. In Chicago, these are actually updated daily with a week's delay. These event logs contain information about what happened, what type of crime it was, where it happened, the latitude, longitude, and a timestamp. In Chicago, we also have information about if there were any arrests made when there were interactions with the police officers.

What our algorithm does is look at these coevolving time series, then figures out how they are dependent on one another and how they're constraining one another - so how they're shaping one another. That brings up a really complex model. You can then make predictions on what's going to happen, say, a week in advance at a particular tile, plus or minus one day. In Chicago, for example, today is Wednesday. Using our algorithm, you can say that next Wednesday, on the intersection of 37th Street and Southwestern Avenue, there would be homicide.

How do you envisage the ways your algorithm could be used?

What we would like to do is enable a kind of policy optimisation. My cohorts and I have been very vocal that we don't want this to be used as a purely predictive policy tool. We want policy optimisation to be the main use of it. We have to enable that, as just putting out a paper and having the algorithm there isn't enough. We want the mayor or administrators to use the model generated to do simulations and inform policy.

Previous algorithms of this kind have been heavily criticised for producing bias, in terms of racial profiles, for example. How do you account for this?

We are trying to start only from the event logs. There are no humans sitting down figuring out what the features are, or what attributes are important. There's very little manual input going on, other than the event log that is coming in. We have tried to reduce bias as much as possible. That's how our model is different from other models that have come before sciencefocus.com

Police upping security in downtown Albuquerque amid theft surge
Albuquerque Police have arrested 16 alleged repeat offenders in the last three days, all for shoplifting. They also recovered $4,500 total in merchandise that was stolen from businesses.

Thrift store in NE Portland to close due to crime in neighborhood

Law enforcement warning of dangerous gun modification for mass shootings


COVID Update

608.9M Vaccinations Given

US: 96M Cases - 1M Dead - 91.7M Recovered
Worldwide: 606.7M Cases - 6.4M Dead - 582.6M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 362   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 794
*Red indicates change in total deaths

COVID Cases, Hospitalizations & Deaths

Post-Labor Day Return to Office?
Workers Face Pressure As Top Companies Push Post-Labor Day Return to Office
During the more than two years that the COVID-19 pandemic blanketed the U.S. economic landscape, millions of workers were able to work in remote or hybrid arrangements. But now, as the COVID pall has lifted, some Fortune 100 companies - including Disney, Apple, and Tesla - are expecting their employees to work more days in the office after the Labor Day holiday weekend concludes.

This move is creating controversy in corporate boardrooms, with company executives debating the actual value and effect of the remote and hybrid models that have become the norm.

In the coming weeks and months, employers and their employees will have to make decisions that will have significant implications on the future of work, said Roger Martin, business analyst and former dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

"You had this great, natural experiment, where everybody had to work from home," Martin told Newsweek. "Now a bunch of people who would have never chosen to work remotely not only got used to it, but even started to like it." He sees this as the greatest shift in the American workforce since the U.S. entered the Second World War. newsweek.com

Long-Term Violent Fallout of COVID Lockdowns
Will Mass Shootings Be Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic?

It's unclear what the effect of pandemic lockdowns and missed schooling will be on the incidence of mass shootings.

Will the coronavirus pandemic increase or decrease the likelihood of mass shootings? There is an array of background risk factors, life experiences, psychological traits, and behaviors that mass shooters have in common. What may happen to these as the coronavirus pandemic reveals its fallout on our youth?

The coronavirus pandemic may worsen the constellation of factors that lead to mass shootings. This might happen for several reasons. The pandemic has diminished social interaction, so crucial to adolescent development. Isolation has worsened due to school shutdowns and reliance on online instruction.

Classroom structure has disappeared as have student-teacher interactions in the flesh. There are more school dropouts. There is an increase in stress, depression, anxiety and family difficulties--job losses, death of family members from coronavirus infections, financial difficulties, substance abuse, lessened adult supervision of children and youth. Together these may create the perfect storm for more emotional suffering in youth that can lead to mass shootings. psychologytoday.com

The Debate Over COVID Lockdowns
How dare anyone demand an apology for Covid lockdowns - have they forgotten the terrors of early 2020?
The myth is being perpetuated that lockdowns actually caused more deaths than lives saved. It is a ridiculous suggestion, but a seductive one, and one that is gaining currency, on social media and among folk who should know better.

Have we forgotten the terrors of early 2020? A completely unfamiliar, poorly understood but highly infectious and potentially deadly coronavirus was ripping through populations in China and Europe, causing deaths and serious illness. Health services in Italy couldn't cope with the demand.

So the opposite was - and is - the truth. Without social distancing, restrictions on gatherings, mask wearing, hygiene regimes and self-isolation, even more cases would have overcrowded surgeries, ambulances and hospital wards, and left even fewer resources available to treat other urgent cases. independent.co.uk

Will pre-pandemic office life ever make a comeback?

Omicron-targeting COVID boosters expected this week


FTC Establishing New Surveillance Rules
FTC Releases Final Agenda for Public Forum on Commercial Surveillance and Lax Data Security Practices

September Forum Will Help Inform FTC Initiative Aimed at Determining Whether New Rules Are Needed to Protect Consumer Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission released the final agenda for its September 8, 2022 forum seeking public comment on the harms stemming from commercial surveillance and lax data security practices and whether new rules are needed to protect people's privacy and information. The FTC recently announced an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) seeking public comment as it explores possible new rules cracking down on lax data security and commercial surveillance, which is the business of collecting, analyzing, and profiting from information about people.

The Commercial Surveillance and Data Security Public Forum will explore a wide range of concerns that the FTC is seeking comment on through its ANPR. For example, some companies fail to adequately secure the vast troves of consumer data they collect, putting that information at risk to hackers and data thieves. Other concerns relate to the growing body of evidence that some commercial surveillance-based services may be addictive to children and lead to a wide variety of mental health and social harms, and the automated systems that analyze data companies collect, which are prone to errors, bias, and inaccuracy.

FTC Chair Lina M. Khan will provide opening remarks to kick off the forum. She will be followed by a staff presentation on how the ANPR process works and remarks by Commissioners Rebecca Kelly Slaughter and Alvaro Bedoya. The event will also feature two panel discussions where the FTC will hear from industry representatives and consumer advocates. The forum will end with a public comment session.

Information about the forum's participants can be found on the event page. The forum, which begins at 2 p.m. ET, will be held virtually and webcast on the FTC's website. Registration is not required to watch the webcast. ftv.gov

Using FRT & Other Tech to Collect In-Store Customer Data
Sephora Fine Reminds Retail that Data Collection Can Be Tricky

Given the data collection systems that are often used in physical retail settings, a little caution might be good for property owners.

California's Attorney General's office announced a settlement with makeup retailer Sephora over a consumer privacy issue.

"California Attorney General Rob Bonta today announced a settlement with Sephora, Inc. (Sephora), resolving allegations that the company violated the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), California's first-in-the-nation landmark privacy law," California Attorney General Rob Bonta's office noted. "After conducting an enforcement sweep of online retailers, the Attorney General alleged that Sephora failed to disclose to consumers that it was selling their personal information, that it failed to process user requests to opt out of sale via user-enabled global privacy controls in violation of the CCPA, and that it did not cure these violations within the 30-day period currently allowed by the CCPA."

Consumer privacy increasingly has become an issue in politics and the retail industry. With no strong national privacy laws, it is currently left to the states to adopt regulations and police companies. That leaves businesses with the difficulty of having to face developing regulation that don't necessarily work exactly the same way in all locations.

At first glance, the Sephora example has limited application beyond the company itself because the collection of data happened online, after which the company allegedly misused, under California law, what it had received.

But data collection takes place in many ways. In retail, one of the prime ones is location information collected through in-store technology. This can employ various combinations of facial recognition, phone tracking, computer vision, and more. The technology resides not on a company's website, but in physical locations. Sensors, cameras, computers, and other devices work together to collect data, often to then connect it with other data from third parties to build a more robust set of profiles. These could be combined for aggregate information that generally helps a retailer better understand the process of how customers shop. But it could also be used as personal data.

Owners of retail properties might think about what they've enabled, whether allowed a tenant to do or installed for tenants. And then consider exactly what data they collect and how someone ultimately uses it. globest.com

"Unions are cool again"
A new generation of workers advocates for unionization
The number of Americans who belong to labor unions had been dropping for decades. But suddenly, in the last year or so, the winds have changed. Unionization efforts are underway at tech companies like Apple and Google; media organizations like The New York Times and Condé Nast; and among grad students, delivery drivers and baristas.

Since December, when a Starbucks in Buffalo was the first to vote to unionize, workers at more than 200 Starbucks stores have followed suit. (Yes, they vote one store at a time.) One Starbucks picketer in Denver said, "We've had a lot of intimidation and a lot of efforts to stop us. But we're here!"

And then, last April, there was news that stunned the business world, about America's second-largest employer: JFK8, a massive Amazon warehouse on Staten Island that employs 8,300 people, voted to unionize.

"What's different, I think, is the zeitgeist, especially [among] young workers who've lived through a lot of turmoil," Milkman replied. "They have these high expectations for what their work life is supposed to be about. And then, they can't afford the rents. They might have a lot of student debt. They end up living with their parents. I mean, this is not what they were promised. cbsnews.com

Black Friday Shipping Crisis in the Making?
Major FedEx Ground contractor to stop delivering if agreement isn't reached by Black Friday
One of FedEx Ground's largest contractors is warning the company he may no longer make deliveries on his routes starting Black Friday as he pushes for improved compensation to account for inflation and other operational changes.

Spencer Patton, founder and president of Ground contractor Patton Logistics, said during a speech Saturday at a contractor event in Las Vegas that he will stop operating his delivery routes as of Nov. 25 unless FedEx adjusts the terms of his contract. Patton Logistics operates 225 Ground routes in 10 states, primarily in the Midwest.

"This business model is hurting to a degree where my company individually has to see change from FedEx Ground," Patton said at Route Consultant's 2022 Contractor Expo. He said while antitrust regulations prevent the organization of a group boycott, many contractors have encountered the same struggles with attempting to renegotiate their contracts. retaildive.com

The red-hot labor market has helped boost unions

Two federal reports could indicate which way employment trends are heading

A red-hot labor market that has afforded workers more bargaining power with employers is fueling a string of recent union victories at high-profile U.S. companies. Workers have voted to unionize for the first time in recent weeks at Trader Joe's and Chipotle. Unions have also made significant inroads at Amazon, Starbucks, Apple and REI, employers that have long resisted unionization.

Behind these small, but notable, victories is renewed popular support among Americans for the labor movement: Seventy-one percent of Americans approve of unions, matching a 53-year high, according to a Gallup poll released on Tuesday. washingtonpost.com

Ulta to introduce new layout in select stores this fall

NY stores begin enforcing ban on sale of whipped cream canisters to those under 21


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Protos Security Strengthens Service Offering;
Announces the Acquisition of ControlByNet

August 30, 2022 -- NORWALK, CT - Security Services Holdings LLC (dba Protos Security), the leading tech-enabled managed services security guarding provider in North America, announces that it has acquired ControlByNet. Protos Security is a portfolio company of Southfield Capital and adding ControlByNet expands the service offering and value to its customer base. The transaction closed on August 15, 2022.

ControlByNet offers remote guarding and software solutions that work across all devices through the cloud or as an onsite managed service. Having ControlByNet under the Protos umbrella will provide clients with another technology solution agnostic across camera options.

"This strategic acquisition further diversifies our service offering," said Peter Platten, Chief Revenue Officer at Protos. "Our ability to provide a suite of security solutions to meet all customer needs continues to grow and allows us to uniquely tailor services. It's important to us that we're able to satisfy safety requirements while offering cost benefits. This differentiation is how we delight customers with program flexibility and intelligence to support high-quality service."

Ryan Strange, Founder and President of ControlByNet added, "We are excited to strengthen and grow our service offerings under the Protos Security brand. This alignment will be impactful to the marketplace, and a big step forward for both brands. Protos' core values mirror those of ControlByNet, which was important to us. The combination of our solutions will yield many benefits for our customers, who can expect the high-touch customer service approach they've known for years."

By continuing to invest in its management team, software and technology, and overall service capabilities, Protos is more aggressively positioned within the security marketplace. Protos' mission is to provide differentiated, best total-value security solutions that deliver world-class service to our customers. Leadership team members from both Protos Security and ControlByNet will remain in place post-close.

"Over the last 20+ years, CBN has developed an impressive suite of technology offerings capable of servicing the remote guarding/security needs of clients across devices," said Andy Cook, Partner at Southfield Capital. "We believe that combining CBN with Protos' industry leading technology platform will enable us to deepen client relationships and provide a broader array of comprehensive security solutions."

Read full press release here






Is Cyber Insurance Even Worth It for Businesses?
Cyber-Insurance Firms Limit Payouts, Risk Obsolescence

Businesses need to re-evaluate their cyber-insurance policies as firms like Lloyd's of London continue to add restrictions

In the latest limits on cyber policies, insurance marketplace Lloyd's of London issued a notice on Aug. 16 to its member insurers, or syndicates, requiring that they exclude coverage for state-backed cyberattacks. The motive for the additional restrictions is to protect insurance companies and their underwriters from catastrophic loss, and help manage systemic risk that could overwhelm insurers, Lloyd's market bulletin stated.

Is Cyber Insurance Still Worth It?

While the insurers' position is understandable, businesses - which have already seen their premiums skyrocket over the past three years - should question whether insurance still mitigates risk effectively, says Pankaj Goyal, senior vice president of data science and cyber insurance at Safe Security, a cyber-risk analysis firm.

Insurance firms have also focused on limiting their liability. In 2021, global insurance firm AXA decided to stop paying ransoms to cybercriminals. And over the past two years, insurance companies have added act-of-war exclusions to their policies.

In its market bulletin (PDF), Lloyd's argued that the risk posed by cyberattacks continues to evolve and its members need to adapt to the threats posed by large or widely distributed attacks. While wartime risks are often excluded, Lloyd's requires that syndicates go further and ensure that certain policies have "a suitable clause excluding liability for losses arising from any state-backed cyberattack."

"Signs point to continued breaches and hacks, resulting in a longer claims process, and more litigations," says Goyal. "Unless the industry can collectively fix the way cyber insurance policies are understood, written and priced, ensuring that they are based on actual data and individual organizational risk - one size does not fit all - there is no end to the challenges and mistrust in cyber insurance."

Too Broad an Exclusion | Time to Beef Up Cyberdefenses: darkreading.com

Retail Ransomware Attacks on the Rise
Barracuda threat report reveals spike in ransomware to 1.2M+ per month

New fourth-annual research report analyzes ransomware attack patterns that occurred between August 2021 and July 2022

AdvertisementFor the 106 highly publicized attacks our researchers analyzed, the dominant targets are still five key industries: education (15%), municipalities (12%), healthcare (12%), infrastructure (8%), and financial (6%).

The number of ransomware attacks increased year-over-year across each of these five industry verticals, and attacks against other industries more than doubled compared to last year's report.

This year, Barracuda researchers dug in deeper on these highly publicized attacks to see which other industries are starting to be targeted. Service providers were hit the most, and ransomware attacks on automobile, hospitality, media, retail, software, and technology organizations all increased as well.

Most ransomware attacks don't make headlines, though. Many victims choose not to disclose when they get hit, and the attacks are often sophisticated and extremely hard to handle for small businesses. prnewswire.com

IT leaders struggling to address identity sprawl
Identity sprawl is the rapid growth of enterprise identity silos, and the explosion of user information, attributes, and credentials that accompanies it. This acceleration results in greater security and compliance risks, as identity information spreads across a complex web of legacy, hybrid, and multi-cloud systems.

The lack of visibility and control across all these systems creates the opportunity for identity-driven cyber-attacks-offering more opportunities for misuse or negligence by individuals (employees, former employees, contractors, partners) and opening the door for cybercriminals to take advantage and move laterally throughout an organization.

An alarming 67% of respondents know they have identity sprawl, but don't know how to fully address it. And although 58% rated identity management of vital importance, 61% stated that their business views identity management as too time-intensive and costly to manage effectively on an ongoing basis. Respondents reported the most common negative impacts as increased technical debt (66%) and negative productivity and morale (64%) among employees. helpnetsecurity.com

700K Open Cybersecurity Positions
Video: Creating cyber career opportunities during the talent shortage
With roughly 700,000 cybersecurity positions open, businesses across America are feeling the direct impact of the cyber talent shortage. As ransomware attacks and data breaches continue to make headlines, it's clear that threat actors aren't backing off, and employees are now holding down the line in the face of cyberattacks.

In this Help Net Security video, Mark Manglicmot, SVP of Security Services at Arctic Wolf, talks about creating cyber career opportunities during the talent shortage. helpnetsecurity.com

PCI DSS v4.0: Is the Customized Approach Right For Your Organization?
This blog is the second in a series of articles on the customized approach. The first article provided a high-level overview of the customized approach and explored the difference between compensating controls and the customized approach. This article focuses on considerations for entities thinking about implementing a customized approach, and includes the customized approach resources provided in PCI DSS for the assessed entity and in the PCI DSS Report on Compliance Template for the assessor. blog.pcisecuritystandards.org

FTC sues data broker over selling location data that can reveal abortion clinic visits

RH-ISAC Cyber Intelligence Summit Announces Splunk as Title Sponsor




Add reminder from email

Setting up reminders from emails is a great way to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. To do this on Outlook, right click an email you want to set a reminder for, select follow up, then select 'Add Reminder...'




Amazon Worker Clocks Out & Commits Suicide
Inside the Tragic Suicide at an Amazon Warehouse

An employee shot himself outside an Amazon warehouse in Massachusetts this month, leaving behind rattled co-workers-and few answers.

An Amazon employee walked out of his overnight shift at a Massachusetts warehouse this month and shot himself outside the building, authorities told The Daily Beast.

The heartbreaking incident occurred on Friday, Aug. 19, after the 23-year-old employee left work early at the e-commerce giant's Norwood delivery station. According to the Norfolk District Attorney's Office, the man drove away from the facility but a short time later returned to the parking lot, where he was found shot sometime before 8:15 a.m.

The employee passed away at a hospital the next morning, and the DA's Office said he appears to have died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound and that a Glock pistol was recovered at the scene.

David Traub, a spokesman for the DA's office, which routinely investigates unattended deaths in the small town, said that investigators don't suspect foul play in the man's death, but that the case won't be closed until an autopsy report is complete.

"There was video footage available for law enforcement to review," Traub told The Daily Beast. "There is no belief that anyone else was involved in this."

The worker, identified as Yvens Jean, had been with the Amazon facility known as DCB4 since July. After police were called to the warehouse, Jean was transported to a Brockton hospital, then medevacked to a medical center in Boston, where he died.

"We're truly saddened by this incident and our thoughts are with everyone impacted," Amazon spokesperson Steve Kelly told The Daily Beast. "We are cooperating with law enforcement as they investigate and will defer any relevant questions to them for now." thedailybeast.com

TikTok's War on Amazon Continues
Meet the Gen Z TikTokers challenging Amazon to meet the demands of its labor union
Elise Joshi is a 20-year-old college student and a TikTok content creator. She's also one of the main organizers behind the "People Over Prime" campaign, led by Gen-Z for Change, a nonprofit aimed at promoting discourse and action among the youth. The campaign, launched on Aug. 16, is asking social media creators to stop monetizing their platforms for Amazon until the company meets the demands of the Amazon Labor Union.

The "People Over Prime" campaign launched last week with 70 creators who have a combined total of 51 million followers-and Joshi says that number is growing.

In a statement, the coalition accuses Amazon of mistreating workers, and using union busting tactics. It also lists demands that the union is fighting for, including a $30 hourly wage, better medical leave, and eliminating narrowly-defined productivity rates.

"That's what it's all about," said Joshi. "It's solidarity with on-the-ground workers." fortune.com

Where Amazon is heading in health after the Amazon Care failure







Fraudster Forced Victims & Amazon to "Play Whac-A-Mole"
Amazon would shut one down & He'd began anew with another

Hacienda Heights Gets 18 Months Federal Prison for Stealing $1.3 Million from Amazon Through Refund Scam
LOS ANGELES - A third-party seller on Amazon.com was sentenced today to 18 months in federal prison for gaming the online retailer's payment system in a scheme that defrauded the company out of more than $1.3 million.

Ting Hong Yeung, 40, of Hacienda Heights, was sentenced by United States District Judge Stephen V. Wilson, who also ordered him to pay $1,302,954 in restitution.

Yeung operated as an Amazon third-party vendor using business names including "Speedy Checkout," "Special SaleS" and "California Red Trading Inc." After enough time passed to allow his businesses to appear to be reputable vendors, Yeung would list expensive merchandise, such as furniture and home décor, at cut-rate prices to drive a spike in sales.

However, instead of shipping purchased items to the customers, Yeung provided Amazon with bogus tracking numbers. When customers complained about not receiving their purchases, Yeung delayed customer refund requests long enough to ensure that Amazon would disburse funds into his businesses' bank accounts. As a result, Yeung collected payment for items that were never shipped and relied on Amazon to issue refunds to his disgruntled customers under its "A-to-z Guarantee."

On occasion, Yeung provided goods to his customers that he obtained through his own fraudulent purchases from Amazon, which he made using credit cards in the names of other people and fictitious identities. After the goods were delivered to his customers, Yeung requested refunds for the goods from Amazon. Yeung often falsely claimed that he was entitled to a refund because the product was "Different from what was ordered," and then returned lower-value items rather than the merchandise he had originally ordered. As a result, Yeung received both the refund and the proceeds of the original sale to his own customer.

"[Yeung] perpetrated his fraud over the course of roughly seven years, collecting more than $1.3 million." justice.gov

Montgomery County, TX: Nearly 500 items stolen in Apple store Burglary at The Woodlands Mall
Apple store Burglary. On August 29, 2022, at around 08:00 a.m., the Montgomery County Sheriff Office Deputies were dispatched to a burglary at the Apple Store in The Woodlands Mall. Through the course of the investigation, it was determined that four individuals wearing head and face coverings made forced entry into the Apple Store after hours. A large quantity of merchandise was stolen from the store including over 200 Apple watches, over 50 Airpods, and over 220 phones. hellowoodlands.com

Castle Rock police search for shoplifting suspects who took $90,000 worth of beauty products
Police in Castle Rock want to find some shoplifting suspects who are responsible for stealing $90,000 worth of beauty products. Police said the thieves usually wear masks but they do have distinct tattoos. The shoplifting suspects have targeted businesses along the Front Range and in Castle Rock. Anyone who recognizes the suspects is asked to call the Castle Rock Police Department (303) 663-6100.  cbsnews.com

Nashville, TN: Home Depot employee stole $21989.50 in just 42 days
18-year-old Monterious Gaines faces a Class C felony theft charge after Home Depot on Powell Ave. hired him as an associate, and in the span of 42 days, he stole $21,989.50 from the business. Officers responded to the business on August 17th after employee Brian Hellwig advised that a tip from another associate revealed that Monterious Gaines had stolen merchandise from the company on eleven known occasions. During each incident, store security video showed Gaines walking out of the store with merchandise and loading it into either a black truck or a light-colored sedan. Gains was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on August 26th, charged with felony theft of over $10,000. He is free on a $10,000 bond.  scoopnashville.com

Tulsa, OK: Police Search For 2 People Suspected Of Shoplifting From Stores in Tulsa, Catoosa and Glenpool
Tulsa police are looking for two people suspected of shoplifting from a store near 111th and Memorial. Tulsa police shared photos of the individuals in a Facebook post on Monday. Investigators believe the suspects took several items from the store without paying on August 15th. Authorities say the pair may have also stolen items from stores in Catoosa and Glenpool. news9.com

Update: DuPage County, IL: Twin brothers get 4 years in prison for thefts, ordered to repay $933,000 to Home Depot
Two brothers were sentenced Monday to four years in prison for stealing from Home Depot stores throughout the suburbs, in many cases by making fraudulent returns of items. Twins John Miotke and Michael Miotke, 45, both of Round Lake, pleaded guilty in June to the charge of a continuing financial crimes enterprise. Charges of theft, retail theft and burglary were dropped as part of the plea agreement.

The Miotkes also were ordered Monday to repay $933,666 to Home Depot. That's the amount Home Depot investigators believe the Miotkes may have taken from the company's stores in 24 states. The Miotkes were charged in October 2019 in DuPage County with stealing from a Home Depot in Downers Grove after Home Depot security workers, investigating thefts in multiple states, notified Downers Grove police. They were indicted a month later on that and more charges that they stole from Home Depot stores in Downers Grove, Carol Stream, Woodridge, Glendale Heights, Oak Lawn, Schaumburg, Bartlett, Mount Prospect, Naperville, Northlake, Niles, Mundelein, Oakbrook Terrace, Oswego, Ingleside, Lake Zurich, Gurnee, Alsip, Elgin, Calumet City, Countryside, Shorewood, Homer Glen and Elk Grove Village.

The continuing financial crimes enterprise indictment said the crimes happened from August through November 2018. The indictments alleged John Miotke stole a DeWalt pressure washer, LED lights, vinyl flooring and Honda lawn mowers. Michael Miotke was accused of taking DeWalt pressure washers, Toro snowblowers, Honda lawn mowers, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, lights, laser projectors and a Weber grill. The Miotkes had two ways of stealing. They would buy items, take them to their vehicle, go back into the store, select identical items and "return" them using the receipt from the purchase. They also would walk out with the second item and, if stopped by store workers, would show the purchase receipt, court documents show. dailyherald.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Kalamazoo, MI: Person shot in face and killed at Kalamazoo liquor store, no suspect in custody
Police swarmed the Mills Street Market at the corner of Mills Street and Lake Street Monday night to investigate a murder. One person was shot in the face and killed outside the liquor store around 10:30 p.m., according to the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety. There is no suspect in custody, police said. The Kalamazoo Forensics Crime Lab and several public safety officers are on scene to investigate. wwmt.com

Denver, CO: Suspect arrested after Nutrition store broken into, employee found dead in car
Police in Greeley arrested a 24-year-old man Friday after a missing store employee, a 22-year-old woman, was found dead in the back of a vehicle. Marcos Vallejos was taken into custody on charges of first-degree murder and sexual assault, according to the Greeley Police Department. Responding to a report of suspicious activity, police arrived at NOCO Nutrition, around 8 p.m. to find the 22-year-old closing store employee missing. Arriving officers also discovered the fitness and juice store had been broken into and found a large amount of blood. The employee's car was also missing, according to police. About two hours later, Greeley officers found the victim's vehicle parked at or near a Kum & Go convenience store at 71st Avenue and 20th Street, about one mile west of NOCO Nutrition. Police discovered the woman's body in the back of her parked vehicle. The victim's family identified her as 22-year-old Angie Vega. The 24-year-old suspect was booked into the Weld County Jail thedenverchannel.com

San Antonio, TX: Police searching for man accused of shooting out 7-Eleven windows to help robber escape
San Antonio police and Crime Stoppers are asking the public for assistance in identifying a man wanted for helping a friend escape from a robbery. On August 14, an unknown suspect came into the 7-Eleven located at 2607 Buena Vista, attempting to steal a beer. The victim confronted the suspect while another employee locked the door electronically. A friend came to the door with a gun and shot out the windows, allowing the suspect to escape from the store. The suspect's friend is wanted for assault and deadly conduct-firearm. Crime Stoppers is willing to pay up to $5,000 for information leading to an arrest. ksat.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Patchogue, NY: Man accused of attacking 3 with machete after trying to buy guns
New York man accused of attacking three people with a machete at Dick's Sporting Goods now faces attempted murder charges. The Suffolk County District Attorney's Office revealed surveillance video of people running out of the store Aug. 12 in Patchogue, New York, after hearing that a man inside was being attacked with a machete. The attack was also caught on camera, though partially blocked by store shelves. Prosecutors say 22-year-old Treyvius Tunstall can be seen beating the store manager on the head with a machete, fracturing the victim's skull and severing tendons in his arms and wrist. "The defendant then stopped ... walked away from the manager, then returned and resumed his attack while the victim was still on the floor," said District Attorney Ray Tierney.

The manager, who is still suffering from his injuries, had nothing to say in court Monday. Prosecutors say his injuries are so severe he may not be able to regain full use of his fingers. Prosecutors said after Tunstall attacked the manager, he swung the machete at a customer inside the store, then ran out of the store with the machete and attacked a third person in the parking lot. "Given the nature of this attack and their injuries, they're doing remarkably well. We hope that continues, and we will continue to support them," Tierney said. Detectives said the incident started when Tunstall walked into a Dick's location in Bay Shore earlier in the day and asked to buy a rifle. Employees told him that store doesn't carry guns, so instead, he purchased a machete, knife and backpack. Tunstall then went to the Dick's location in Patchogue, which does sell guns. The employee there asked for identification, but the suspect quickly took it back when he heard there would be a background check. He walked away from the counter, and that's when police say he started the attacks, which were random and unprovoked. kait8.com

New Mexico: Walmart policy changes spark fury from customers after they say that it feels like they've been accused
Customers were outraged by an incident at Walmart where a shopper was accused of stealing. Furious New Mexico resident Jonie Fischer said that a Walmart security guard denied her entry to a store because her purse was too big. Fischer claimed that she went shopping at Walmart for a sweater because it was raining hard. When she arrived, she stated that she was an "employee greeter" began measuring her purse with the ruler, when they denied her entry to the store. Fischer stated that she called Walmart to complain. They said that the incident was not in line with the company's policies. "any"You can find them in their stores. A spokesperson for Walmart told The U.S. Sun that the company had: "No retailer is immune to the challenge of crime." "We recognize the importance this issue and we are investing in people and programs to support our shops. "Shoplifting is a problem that can be tackled by market and store managers. They have the power to restrict bag sizes for their customers and associates. Bags, backpacks, suitcases, and containers larger than 12" x 12" x 8" are not allowed inside the store as of June 13. The notice was dated May 15th. centralrecorder.com

Marion County, FL: 'Arrest me because I hit her': Florida woman who punched manager who refused to sell her alcohol arrested
Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly hit a Circle K convenience store assistant manager for refusing to sell her alcohol, according to an arrest affidavit. On Aug, 23, the manager visited the Silver Springs store to get something, when she witnessed a woman in the store trying to buy alcohol without an ID card, according to the Marion County Sheriff's Office. The store clerk told her she could not sell the alcohol to her without an ID. Deputies said the woman then walked outside to a vehicle, and another woman - identified as Lisa Muncy, 43, got out of the vehicle and walked inside the store and attempted to buy the same alcohol. The manager denied the sale due to it being a third-party sale, saying the store clerk could potentially go to jail for it, the affidavit stated. When the manager went back to her vehicle and tried to leave, deputies said Muncy came out of the store and began calling her names. Muncy then reportedly opened the woman's passenger door and punched the manager, before leaving the area in a tan SUV. Authorities said the incident was caught on the store's security footage. Muncy was arrested on a felony charge of burglary with assault or battery and was taken to jail. She has since bonded out, jail records show. fox29.com

East Huntingdon, PA: Employee accused of $13,500 theft from Greensburg YWCA thrift shop



Apple - Montgomery County, TX - Burglary
C-Store - San Mateo, CA - Robbery
C-Store - Philadelphia, PA - Robbery
C-Store - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Merced, CA - Armed Robbery
Collectables - Lubbock, TX - Burglary
Guns - Omaha, NE - Burglary
Hardware - Escambia County, FL - Burglary
Health - Denver, CO - Armed Robbery / emp killed
Jewelry - Orlando, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Mebane, NC - Robbery
Jewelry - Gulfport, MS - Robbery
Jewelry - Nashville, TN - Robbery
Jewelry - Plantation, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Jacksonville, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Little Rock, AR - Robbery
Liquor - Kalamazoo, MI - Armed Robbery / 1 killed
Pharmacy - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy - Millville, NJ - Robbery
Restaurant - Pittsburgh, PA - Burglary (McDonald's)
Restaurant - Hanover, NH - Burglary
Restaurant - Cape Girardeau, MO - Burglary
Restaurant - Gilbert, AZ - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Concord, NH - Robbery
Thrift - San Antonio, TX - Burglary


Daily Totals:
• 17 robberies
• 8 burglaries
• 2 shootings
• 2 killed

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Michael Mulholland, CPCI promoted to District Loss Prevention Manager for TJX Companies

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The candidate will oversee the development of innovative strategies, programs and solution which help retailers mitigate loss and reduce total retail risk; Direct oversight of the NRF Loss Prevention Council and Retail Operations Council...

Director, Service Delivery Test and Turn-up
Remote Opportunity
The Director of Test and Turn-up (TTU) Operations is responsible for leading a team of security and network support personnel that provide end/end support for field engineers and contractors installing and servicing Interface Managed Systems. This position is responsible for managing & leading a team that owns all aspects of the installation service delivery processes required for the customers...

Sr. Manager, Brand & Asset Protection - West
Pacific Northwest or California - posted August 29
As the Senior Manager of Brand and Asset Protection for North America, you will part of an innovative Asset Protection team, whose mission is to prevent, identify and mitigate risks to our business. You will support with the creation of foundational asset protection programming and will lead its delivery to our North American store base...

Sr. Manager, Brand & Asset Protection - East
Toronto, ON Area or NYC Area - posted August 29
As the Senior Manager of Brand and Asset Protection for North America, you will part of an innovative Asset Protection team, whose mission is to prevent, identify and mitigate risks to our business. You will support with the creation of foundational asset protection programming and will lead its delivery to our North American store base...

Business Continuity Planning Manager
Jacksonville, FL - posted August 5
Responsible for developing, implementing and managing the company's Business Continuity (BCP) and Life Safety Programs to include but not limited to emergency response, disaster recovery and site preparedness plans for critical business functions across the organization. In addition, the position will develop and lead testing requirements to ensure these programs are effective and can be executed in the event of a disaster/crisis...

Region AP Manager (Florida - Treasure Coast Market)
Jacksonville, FL - posted June 17
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Regional Safety Manager - South Florida Region
Jacksonville, FL - posted June 17
This position will manage the safety program for an assigned group of stores that is designed to minimize associate and customer accidents. This includes reviewing and recommending loss control strategies, ensuring program conformance to applicable laws and regulations, preparing required reports, and monitoring and evaluating the program activities in stores...

Corporate Risk Manager
Seattle, WA / Tacoma, WA / Portland, OR - posted June 14
Summary of Role and Responsibilities: A proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries, whether to our employees, third parties, or customer's valuables. They include but are not limited to cash in transit, auto losses, or injuries....

Corporate Risk Manager
San Diego, CA / Los Angeles, CA / Ontario, CA - posted June 10
Summary of Role and Responsibilities: A proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries, whether to our employees, third parties, or customer's valuables. They include but are not limited to cash in transit, auto losses, or injuries....

Physical Security Operations Center Leader
Columbia, MD - posted June 8
The primary purpose of this role is to partner, lead and manage a Central Station/Physical Security Operations Center driving operational execution and enhancements to ensure effectiveness and a positive customer experience. This individual is also responsible for leading a team of operators providing professional and accurate responses...

Loss Prevention Specialists (Store Detective)
Albany, NY; Hyannis, MA; Burlington, VT; Hartford, CT
- posted May 6
Detect and respond to external theft and fraud by working undercover within the store(s) you are assigned to. Working as a team with store management and associates in combating loss in the store(s). Developing and analyzing external theft trends, utilizing information in company reports and information gathered from store management and associates...

Retail Asset Protection Associate
Medford, MA; Brockton, MA; East Springfield, MA - posted May 6
The Asset Protection Greeter role is responsible for greeting all customers as they enter the store, ensuring that customers see the Company's commitment to provide a safe and secure shopping environment, as well as deterring theft, shoplifting, or other dishonest activities...

Loss Prevention Supply Chain Manager
Fresno, CA - posted April 25
The Loss Prevention Manager, Supply Chain (LPMSC) drives shrink improvement and profit protection activities for an assigned distribution center (DC), its in-bound and outbound shipping networks and its third party pooling centers...

Asset Protection Lead (Regional), Atlanta/Carolinas
Atlanta/Charlotte - posted April 22
Responsible for the protection of company assets and mitigation of risk. Effectively communicates, trains, implements, and monitors all aspects of Asset Protection programs in assigned markets. These programs include Tier Shrink Reduction Strategy, training and awareness, store audits, investigative initiatives, profit protection, health and safety and budgetary compliance...

Regional Loss Prevention Auditor
Multiple Locations - posted April 20
The Regional Loss Prevention Auditor (RLPA) is responsible for conducting operational audits and facilitating training meetings in our clients' locations. The audit examines operational controls, loss prevention best practices, and customer service-related opportunities.

Business Manager
Dallas/Fort Worth Area, TX - posted April 6
Sapphire Risk Advisory Group is seeking a Business Manager to work in the company's Dallas-area office in a W2 position and will closely partner with other members of the team to manage projects and communicate with contractors, vendors, and clients...

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