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3xLOGIC Announces VIGIL v11.5 Server Software Release

Impressive array of new features and functions plus integration with company's new line of VISIX Gen III cameras

3xLOGIC, Inc., a leading provider of integrated, intelligent security solutions today announced release of the latest iteration of its highly-popular VIGIL Server Software, version 11.5. See a VIGIL 11.5 video overview here.

VIGIL Server software, now 64-bit, is the core around which all other 3xLOGIC applications are built. The Easy Setup Wizard guides installation, so you're up and running in minutes. VIGIL Server utilizes proprietary 3xLOGIC RapidStream Technology and Substream Motion Detection capabilities to provide high resolution over low bandwidth networks. Also, the new 64-bit architecture means customers are no longer limited to 32 cameras per server. Read More Here

Peace Restored on 4th Night of Kenosha Protests

'Riot Police Nowhere to be Found'

Kenosha peaceful on fourth night of protests as riot police & armed militias stay away after deadly shooting
One day after police say a 17-year-old shot and killed two protesters and seriously wounded another in Kenosha, Wis., a fourth consecutive night of protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake was
smaller and mostly peaceful. Both police and the self-declared militia members who were ever-present on Tuesday mostly stayed away from protesters Wednesday night.

The night's demonstrations began hours after authorities named Rusten Sheskey as the officer who shot Blake, and announced an arrest and homicide charges for 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who attended the protest with a group of armed men who claimed to be protecting a gas station. Sheskey, who is on administrative leave, has not been charged.

On Wednesday night, a group of about 60 to 100 people gathered in a park that's surrounded by the courthouse and other government buildings. The group chanted, and some people spray-painted art promoting peace and healing on the sidewalk. Although an eight-foot-high fence guarded the courthouse,
the riot police who repeatedly fired tear gas at protesters Tuesday were nowhere to be found.

Tuesday's night's violence prompted the White House to authorize
sending 2,000 National Guard troops from other states to Wisconsin. President Donald Trump said Wednesday in a series of tweets that "federal law enforcement and the National Guard" will be sent to Kenosha to restore law and order.

Wisconsin National Guard already has 10,000 troops. Gov. Tony Evers on Tuesday ordered 250 to Kenosha. He doubled the number Wednesday. washingtonpost.com  usatoday.com

Facebook Ignores Kenosha Militia Group's 'Call to Arms'
Facebook initially failed to remove a Kenosha militia page despite complaints

Once again, the company is facing criticism for letting people incite violence on its platform.

Facebook didn't take heed when its users sounded the alarm about a militia group issuing a "call to arms" on its platform. That call to arms came before the violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday night, which left two people dead and one injured, according to a new report.

Before the shooting, at least two Facebook users flagged a page called "Kenosha Guard" for inciting violence, according to The Verge. But
the company told users that the page did not meet the company's criteria for removal. On Wednesday morning, after violence at the protests already broke out - and armed militia groups took to the streets - Facebook ended up taking down the page for violating its policies on dangerous groups. vox.com

17-year-old charged with homicide after shooting during Kenosha protests, authorities say
The shooting came as self-declared
militia members and armed counterprotesters have appeared in the city, which is reeling from days of unrest. Authorities have not said whether Rittenhouse is a member of any of the groups.

Armed civilians - many wielding AR-15-style rifles - took position near stores and businesses saying they intended to fill a vacuum left by a law enforcement. Some had stood near the gas station where Tuesday night's shooting began with a confrontation just before midnight. washingtonpost.com

Justice Dept. to Open Investigation Into Kenosha Shooting

NBA, WNBA, MLB and MLS games called off as players boycott in response to Kenosha
police shooting of Jacob Blake

Peaceful Marches and Armored Vehicles: Scenes From Kenosha Protests

Other Protest News Around the U.S.

Police Chief: "We Have to Restore Peace and Order"
Minneapolis sets citywide curfew for 8 p.m. Thursday night
Minneapolis officials on Thursday drew a distinction between the people who looted stores and burned businesses Wednesday night and those who protested peacefully after George Floyd's death.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said, "We will have a presence again around the entire city and continue to be in constant communication."

He said two officers were injured Wednesday night.

He added: "You will see a presence out there but we have to turn the tide here in our city and I'm determined that we do that. We have to restore peace and order." startribune.com

Task force announces several dozen arrests tied to recent massive protests in L.A. County
The SAFE LA task force includes the local police chiefs, FBI agents, L.A. County Sheriff's commanders and U.S. Department of Justice prosecutors. A tally of the arrest numbers the chiefs released Wednesday adds up to 56 so far: Los Angeles police have arrested 14, Long Beach arrested 23 and Santa Monica arrested 19. dailynews.com

Many California police reform efforts have stalled despite push from George Floyd protests

Demonstrations flare in Gresham, Portland Wednesday night; 11 arrests but no riot declared

FBI expands investigations into violence during Portland protests

Louisville community leaders criticize police response to Tuesday protest

Suspect arrested in connection with fire at Seattle's East Precinct taken into federal custody

Op-ed: Anti-cop rioting devastates the very communities it pretends to defend

COVID Update

US: Over 6M Cases - 183K Dead - 3.3M Recovered
Worldwide: Over 24.3M Cases - 830K Dead - 16.9M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 186   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 93
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Mitigation Measures Showing Effects
Here Comes Fall

US faces long road on COVID-19 amid signs of improvement
Coronavirus cases nationally are falling from their July peaks and some hard-hit states are showing signs of improvement, a hopeful sign even as the country deals with about 1,000 COVID-19 deaths every day. The positive news is still dwarfed by the negative reality of the pandemic's hold over the country.

Though the situation is not as bad as it was in July, when cases peaked around 70,000 per day, the virus is still circulating around United States at a very high level, with around 40,000 new cases per day.

Governors in many of the hardest-hit states, such as Arizona, Florida and Texas, after initially resisting action, put in place measures like closing bars and allowing local mask mandates, steps that experts say have helped those states improve.

Experts stressed that some of the improvement is from people starting to take the virus more seriously and more widespread mask wearing, after early mixed signals on that front, and that any complacency or letting up could cause another spike.

Another major question is how bad the fall will be. The coming flu season combining with the coronavirus, as students go back to school and colder weather forces more activity indoors into tighter spaces, has led to fears of another resurgence.

"Just because we're starting to see a decline doesn't mean that we've passed the point that we can start loosening those restrictions." thehill.com

COVID Safety Measures Work Against Flu Too!
Southern Hemisphere's Winter "Flu Season Knocked Down"

As flu season nears, some health experts brace for a 'twindemic'
This could be one of the worst seasons we've had from a public health perspective, with COVID and flu coming together. But it also could be one of the best flu seasons we've had," said Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

AdvertisementU.S. health officials are pushing Americans to get vaccinated against the flu in record numbers this fall, so hospitals aren't overwhelmed with a dueling "twindemic."

It's also becoming clear that wearing masks, avoiding crowds and keeping your distance are protections that are "not specific for COVID.
They're going to work for any respiratory virus," Redfield said.

The evidence: Ordinarily, South Africa sees widespread influenza during the Southern Hemisphere's winter months of May through August. This year, testing tracked by the country's
National Institute of Communicable Diseases is finding almost none. That's unprecedented. latimes.com

CDC director walks back change in coronavirus testing guidelines

Fauci Disagreed with Updated CDC Testing Guidelines

3 workplace COVID-19 trends that are likely here to stay

Increased attention to safety is here to stay

Employers also may see additional attention from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Labor Relations Board, Holstein and Robertson noted.

"OSHA is not all hard hats," said Holstein; "there's more to workplace safety." 
OSHA can and is regulating cleaning, social distancing and more to keep employees safe from COVID-19 exposure in the workplace, she said.

What's more, because the agency has been criticized for
declining to issue emergency standards and instead favoring recommendations, state and local governments have filled that void, Robertson said; "And you're ending up with this crazy patchwork. You're ending up with a huge amount of regulation at the state and local level."

Telework as an accommodation & Expanded paid leave access  hrdive.com

Lakeview, Ore., Only pharmacy in 90-mile radius fined $10K fine not requiring masks

Virginia Is First To Have Coronavirus Workplace Safety Standards

NY New Program: Awarding Businesses For Purchase of PPE - $500 Workers' Comp Credit

World Back to Work Offers Free Audits of Return-to-Work Strategy

OSHA Offers Free COVID-19 Posters & Print Resources

UK Government's Working Safely Retail Guidance During COVID-19

Hurricane Laura Hits Gulf Coast


Hurricane Laura strikes Louisiana as Category 4 storm, battering Lake Charles area and bringing flood threat

Hundreds of thousands without power after 150 mph winds slam the gulf coast

Hurricane Laura caused extensive damage in Lake Charles after making landfall early Thursday in southwest Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane. Windows were blown out, roofs were peeled off and a storm surge flooded many roads and homes. Brandon Clement, a storm chaser with Live Storms Media, used a drone to survey the damage in Lake Charles after Hurricane Laura roared through the city.

The storm made landfall early Thursday as a Category 4 hurricane, with sustained winds of 150 m.p.h., and weakened steadily as it swept inland. Hundreds of thousands of people were without power. nola.com

Storm surge may last for another day
The storm surge in southern Louisiana and the Lake Charles area may last for another day, while
hurricane-force winds reach north to the border of Louisiana and Arkansas, the director of the National Hurricane Center, Ken Graham, said early Thursday. nytimes.com

14-year-old first Louisiana Hurricane Laura death; images of damage surface

Texas officials say the state has suffered less destruction than they had dreaded

Cartel Used Dallas Retailer to Launder $10M in Drug Money
28 Charged in Cartel Money Laundering Scheme
A Mexican cartel boss and 27 coconspirators have been charged with laundering more than $10 million in drug proceeds through a local clothing retailer.

A federal grand jury charged 28 individuals connected to
Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion - one of Mexico's most violent and powerful drug cartels - with conspiracy to launder monetary instruments and other financial, drug, and gun crimes, including conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, conspiracy to distribute heroin, and possession of a firearm by an undocumented alien.

According to court documents, Jose Valdovinos Jimenez, a plaza boss who goes by "La Roca" or "The Rock," allegedly conspired with his codefendants to smuggle hundreds of kilograms of methamphetamine and heroin across the Mexican border, distribute the drugs within the United States, launder the proceeds, and then transfer the money back to CJNG leaders.

At Mr. Jimenez's direction, mid- and upper-level dealers
transported drug proceeds to Yoli's Western Wear, a clothing retailer located on Buckner Boulevard in Dallas. The 23-year-old manager of Yoli's, Ivan Noe Valerio, and his family members then counted the money and separated it into thousands of transactions, sending it through a money remitter back to CJNG in Mexico.

If convicted, Mr. Jimenez and Mr. Valero face life in federal prison.

During the course of this investigation, agents seized approximately 700 kilograms of methamphetamine, approximately 80 kilograms of heroin, and approximately $500,000 in drug proceeds.
Dozens of the charged defendants have already been arrested. justice.gov

Shopping Centers & Independent Stores?

California firestorm could claim more than 3,000 homes and structures
2,000 structures have been destroyed by the historic fires sweeping across Northern California, but officials say that number could almost double before the blazes are extinguished.

Victoria's Secret's 'Sex Trafficking Tags' Video's Go Viral - 3M Hearts on TikTok
Victoria's Secret responds to viral videos claiming its bras track customers
Victoria's Secret has responded to a wave of videos circulating on social media claiming that the company has implanted chips inside bras to track customers. One TikTok video in June generated nearly three million hearts, and there now more than a dozen YouTube videos making this claim. Some conspiracy theorists have even referred to these trackers as "sex trafficking tags."

According to Victoria's Secret,
these are simply RFID tags, which are commonly used in the fashion industry to track and manage inventory throughout the supply chain. In a statement provided to Fast Company, a spokeswoman for the company said: "Like many other retailers, this technology helps us deliver a great store experience by ensuring we have the right products available for our customers. We only use this technology in our back room and sales floors to help us manage inventory so that our associates can efficiently support our customers' needs."

The claim is not new, but it
seems to have found new life this week with recently posted videos, some of which have attracted thousands of views on YouTube.

This is just the latest scandal Victoria's Secret has found itself in over the past few months and years. In February, the New York Times published an exposé about the toxic workplace culture at the company. Last year, the
Times revealed how Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced financier who committed suicide in prison, used his relationship with Victoria's Secret's founder to lure women and abuse them. fastcompany.com

Introducing The Amazon Fresh Grocery Store
Amazon's New Grocery Format Unveiled Today in Woodland Hills

Upcoming locations include three more in California and three in Chicago area

Amazon Fresh The 35,000-square-foot store. supermarketnews.com

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

CVS Health Asset Protection Director - RI, MA, CT, NH, ME, NY Posted in Lincoln, RI
As the
Field Divisional Asset Protection Director you will be responsible for all aspects of Asset Protection for a specified retail division within CVS. cvshealth.com

Director Of Loss Prevention job posted for Surf Style Retail Management in Hollywood, FL
The primary purpose of this position is to direct all Loss Prevention activities for Surf Style Stores and Distribution Centers.  linkedin.com

Nike Shuts Down 9 Wholesale Accounts to Focus on DTC Themselves

Retail bankruptcies subside, but will return with a vengeance in Q1 2021

Dollar General to Open 1,000 New Stores in 2020

Fast-Food & Fast-Casual's 30% Nosedive & The Race for the Perfect Drive-Through

Judge Approves $47.7M in Retention Bonuses For 4,243 J.C. Penney Employees

Ruby Tuesday's Closing 150 Restaurants So Far Without Warning Staff

Lord & Taylor Liquidates All Stores

Quarterly Results
Dollar General Q2 comp's up 18.8%, total sales up 24.4%
Williams Sonoma Q2 comp's up 10.5%, e-commerce up 48%, net sales up 9%
Dollar Tree Q2 comp's up 7.2%, Family Dollar comp's up 11.6%, Dollar Tree comp's up 3.1%, net sales up 9.4%
Tiffany Q2 comp's down 24%, e-commerce up 123%, sales down 29%
Chico's Q2 net sales down 39.8%
Express Inc. Q2 comp's down 24%, net sales down 48%
Nordstrom Q2 net sales down 53%

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Vendor Risk & Your Supply Chain
6 Signs Your Supply Chain Risk Just Shot Up
Risk levels are not steady states. Here are six indications that the danger posed by your supply chain is headed in the wrong direction.

Supply chains, many stretching around the globe and some made up of tens of thousands of links, are critical to modern business. Strong supply chains allow for the economical development of products ranging from stuffed toys to enterprise applications. Unfortunately, the same supply chains that make business possible can also make it a far riskier proposition.
Ransomware Attack on a Vendor - When that attack is ransomware, the bad-sign quotient goes up dramatically because attackers are using the initial attacks to exfiltrate data and spread laterally -- and sometimes spread beyond the victim's walled garden.

Lack of Mobile Visibility at a Vendor - "Mobile devices are used across the entire supply chain, from research to delivery, to increase efficiency and convenience for employees," Schless says. "Every time an employee walks into your facility or logs into your network, their mobile device has just as much access as any other endpoint."

He points out that incorporating a device health-check into mobile-device management (MDM) implementations is an important step for supply chain vendors that might be coming into your network perimeter. And even vendors that don't have direct access to your network should be able to demonstrate that they understand the state of their mobile devices.

Lack of Transparency at a Supplier - If a supplier is unwilling or unable to provide transparency into their risks, it's a clear sign that your risk from that third party has risen by many degrees. The question for many in the supply chain is not only how transparent they're willing to be, but how transparent they're able to be. darkreading.com

4 Risk Mitigation Principles for the Remote Workforce

Jeff Schilling of Teleperformance on Risk Management During COVID-19 Pandemic

Jeff Schilling, global CISO at Teleperformance, a Paris-based company offering digitally integrated business services worldwide, describes four principles for mitigating security risks for the remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those principles, which he spells out in this video interview with Information Security Media Group, are:

 Maintain parity of technical security controls between bricks-and-mortar and work-from-home environments;

 Change your business processes to reduce the risks in the shift to a remote workforce;

 Keep in mind that "cyber threat actors will never let a good crisis go to waste";

 Update your information security certifications, especially your Payment Card Industry Report of Compliance.

He also discusses how he recalibrated his own business model to deploy a remote international workforce of over 180,000 and stresses the need to use caution when selecting security vendor partners. careersinfosecurity.com

It's Still Simple Stupid - Passwords

With More Use of Cloud, Passwords Become Even Weaker Link
Passwords continue to be the top weakness exploited in penetration-testing engagements, with the collection of credentials a major part of internal, red team, and social engineering engagements, security firm Rapid7 states in a report published on Aug. 26.

Too many companies continue to rely on users to pick good passwords and to not reuse them across services, and not enough companies have deployed multifactor authentication, says Tod Beardsley, director of research for Rapid7. darkreading.com

Senior Jobs Market


Cybersecurity Manager - Data Protection job posted for The Home Depot in Atlanta, GA


Data Protection- Program Manager job posted for CVS in Cumberland, RI




Pandemic Impacting the Cannabis Industry
New normal means new challenges for cannabis companies
For the cannabis industry specifically, our new norm means a business environment in which pandemic health concerns are here to stay, as are the effects on staffing and customer interactions. Cannabis sales may be
rising in general, and the industry has secured an "essential" business status to stay open as other businesses such as bars and casinos are forced to close.

But the overall global economy is probably going to be depressed far into 2021, if not longer. That means, that investment capital of all kinds will be more difficult to secure, even in a strong growth market like cannabis. And when capital is tight, there's an inclination for the big players to form partnerships and mergers that put even more competitive pressures on smaller operators.

The digital shift
As states and municipalities enacted stay-at-home orders in the spring, dispensaries realized the importance of optimizing digital ordering. As POS stations were cut by half to meet social distancing requirements, transaction times would need to be reduced to make up for that lost revenue. Utilizing online platforms such as I Heart Jane is one way to reduce transaction times by up to 50%.

Brick-and-mortar: Don't count it out
Even with digital sales increasing because of the pandemic, walk-up traffic at stores still drives the vast majority of sales, and the in-store experience cannot be left as an afterthought. cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

More than 1,000 pounds of marijuana seized at Michigan cargo facility
On Aug. 23, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations Officers at the Fort Street Cargo Facility encountered a commercial truck operated by a Canadian citizen.

Official say the driver presented a manifest for steel wire destined to a distribution center in Chicago. Upon examination of the truck, CBP officers discovered over
1,031 pounds of marijuana concealed in five wooden crates.wxyz.com

Marijuana grow and manufacturing facility proposed for Route 12 in Ashburnham

Cannabis processing business to focus on site buildout, hopes for early 2021 opening




"Abuse of Power Market Play"

Etsy CEO says Amazon is trying to 'wipe out its competitors' by backing California consumer protection bill
Etsy CEO Josh Silverman on Tuesday accused Amazon of "taking bold steps to wipe out its competitors" by backing a new California consumer protection bill.

Amazon on Friday broke away from its peers when it voiced conditional support for the bill, AB 3262, which seeks to hold "electronic retail marketplaces" to the same liability standards applied to brick-and-mortar retailers. The bill has garnered opposition from Etsy, EBay's public policy arm and a slew of industry groups who say existing law already protects consumers and that it will stifle small businesses that sell products online.

Silverman argues Amazon's support of the bill is in bad faith, calling it an "
abuse of power market play."  cnbc.com

Walmart Overtakes Amazon in Online Grocery Shopping
Walmart overtook Amazon as the most-shopped retailer: The firm said that some 56 percent have bought from Walmart, versus 52 percent in March, indicating that "Walmart's continued investment in online grocery is paying off in its battle with Amazon.
The proportion of online grocery shoppers buying from Amazon declined by nearly eight percentage points to 55 percent, from 63 percent in March." wwd.com

Facebook Expands E-commerce Features Across Platforms, Shops To Debut On Main App

Jeff Bezos is now worth more than $200 billion







Chicago, IL: 3 Charged With Selling Stolen Goods From Store 'Completely Looted' of $5 Million in Merchandise
Three people in court Wednesday were accused of selling merchandise stolen earlier in August from a Saint Laurent that had been "completely looted" of $5 million worth of items, prosecutors said. The merchandise - among 1,000 total items taken from the Gold Coast store - includes a $2,000 purse, an $800 pair of boots and sunglasses, Cook County prosecutors said.
Each was allegedly sold by the defendants on online marketplaces to undercover officers who arrested them during the in-person transaction. Rolond Alexander tried to sell a pair of boots he claimed he got from a "crackhead" after trading a bottled of liquor for them, Assistant State's Attorney Lorraine Scaduto said. The boots had allegedly been looted Aug. 10 from Saint Laurent at 11 E. Walton. nbcchicago.com

Florida Department of Law Enforcement donates confiscated stolen goods to Brevard County charities
A truckload of stolen goods has been rerouted to good causes Wednesday, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
An investigation into an organized retail crime group resulted in the seizure of nearly $500,000 worth of health and beauty products, said Agent Jason Kriegsman, resident agent in charge of the Brevard and Volusia field office. "This is from an investigation into a group of individuals that were going around Florida stealing all the various products," he said.  floridatoday.com

UK: Strike Force Bilkurra: seizes $50,000 in merchandise and 150 Cellphones
Inside lair of a 'credit card fraudster': Australians lose thousands in 'elaborate scam' as police seize $50k worth of handbags and 150 mobile phones. A woman, 42, and two men, 44 and 41, were arrested in Sydney's east Thursday. More than 70 charges have been laid over an alleged money laundering scheme. Police will allege stolen personal information was used to acquire credit cards. Cards were then used to obtain cash - police have seized over $50k in goods The arrests follow a six-month cyber-fraud investigation by Strike Force Bilkurra. The trio was refused bail to appear before Central Local Court on Thursday.

Wichita Falls, TX: Suspect in $4,000 High- End Merchandise theft arrested
The business owners reported an assortment of items were taken including Gucci brand clothes; MCM brand shoes and backpacks; Luis Vuitton purses, a Michael Kors watch; Burberry sunglasses, wallet and belt; Jordan and Nike brand shoes; and a Cobra DVR system. The total value of the missing items was estimated to be just under $4,000.  timesrecordnews.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Las Vegas, NV: Metro Police investigating deadly shooting involving Security Guard at 7-Eleven
The shooting occurred late Wednesday night at the 7-Eleven on Las Vegas Boulevard near Nellis Air Force Base. Metro Police say a security guard pulled the trigger after getting into a struggle with a man who was refused entry to the store. The security guard was at the store to limit the number of people in the store at the same time. Lt. Ray Spencer said it is unclear why the man in his 50s and his wife were not let in the store while other shoppers were. The man did enter the store and that's when the security guard and a store clerk struggled with the man. "In front of the store, there is additional pushing and shoving that takes place at which time the security officer fires one round, striking the victim, causing his death at the front of the store," Spencer said. Metro detectives are talking with witnesses and reviewing video. The security guard is at Metro headquarters being interviewed. 8newsnow.com

Guilderland, NY: Arrest made in July shooting at Crossgates Mall; 15-year-old charged
The boy is accused of firing a single shot in the July 22 incident. No one was injured. Police charged the boy Wednesday with first-degree reckless endangerment, a felony, and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a misdemeanor. His name was not released due to his age. He was arrested in Albany after a lengthy investigation. Albany Police assisted in the arrest, police said. Police called the shooting an isolated incident.

Tallahassee, FL: Northside and Southside gang 'feud' behind series of shootings and murders

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Gallatin, TN: Man wanted for shoplifting, injuring Lowe's Loss Prevention employee
The Gallatin Police Department is seeking assistance identifying a man accused at shoplifting and causing injury to a loss prevention employee at Lowe's. The incident took place on Aug. 20, according to Gallatin Police. The unidentified man entered Lowe's and shoplifted. He then caused an injury to a loss prevention employee after he attempted to stop the suspect. fox17.com

Cushing, OK: Authorities Searching For Woman Accused Of Attacking 2 Walmart Employees
Authorities are searching for a woman accused of shoplifting at the Cushing Walmart from which she had been forbidden and attacking two asset protection female employees. An arrest warrant was issued on July 29 for Jamie Lynn Segura. If apprehended and convicted, Segura could be given as much as 20 years in prison for two felony counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon plus 40 days in jail for misdemeanor counts of shoplifting and trespassing after being forbidden, court records show. After another Walmart employee tried recovering the merchandise, Segura began swinging at her and struck her in the face with the Ipad, the affidavit alleged.

Nashville, TN: FBI arrests Walgreens Pharmacy Armed Robbery suspect

Sheboygan, WI: WESCO Manager charged with theft of over $300,000, fake purchase orders and returns

DOJ: San Francisco, CA: Five Charged In Multi-Million Dollar International Customs Fraud Scheme; Defendants Accused of Dumping Used Tires In Asia In Scheme to Submit Fraudulent Tariff "Drawback" Claims


Cargo Theft

Fresno, CA: Arrest made in $300,000 pistachio heist spanning Madera, Fresno and Tulare counties
A Fresno man is in custody, accused of taking part in an elaborate scheme that involved the theft of $300,000 in pistachios from a Terra Bella farm and trying to sell them in Madera, the Tulare County Sheriff's Office reported Wednesday. Detectives say that Bhavna Singh Sekon, 23, was part of a scheme that involved stealing the identity of a legitimate trucking company and taking possession of two tractor-trailer loads of pistachios valued at nearly $300,000. Cargo thefts of the type that took place in Tulare County are a crime costing the trucking industry billions of dollars a year, according to CargoNet, which provides integrated databases to find stolen merchandise and trucks. fresnobee.com




Daily Totals:
• 10 robberies
• 6 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Jamel Washington promoted to Midwest South Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Penske Logistics

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Featured Job Spotlights


District Loss Prevention Manager
Fort Wayne, IN - posted August 24
The District Loss Prevention Manager ensures shrinkage control and improves safety in the stores through proper investigation and training. This position is responsible to provide feedback, guidance and protection for our Team Leaders and Associates. This role has oversight and responsibility for approximately 16 to 20 store locations...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist
Santa Monica, CA - posted August 6
The Senior Asset Protections Specialist contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...


Asset Protection, Retail Safety and Security Specialist
Bellevue, WA - posted August 6
This job contributes to REI's success by ensuring the security and safety of your store team and members by providing a presence on REI property and at events. Activities include but are not limited to: fostering partnerships with staff and taking action to address shrink and security...

Division Safety and Loss Prevention Manager
Houston, TX - posted July 28
Under the guidance of the Directors of Loss Prevention (LP) and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), the Loss Prevention & Safety Manager is responsible for overseeing and championing initiatives and company programs, processes and controls that builds a culture around continuous improvement in safety/environment incidents, loss prevention, and security outcomes...

VP - Loss Prevention
San Francisco, CA - posted August 24
The Vice President, Old Navy Loss Prevention will develop and lead the Loss Prevention and Safeness strategies and teams to protect the Old Navy organizations
1200+ stores, located in 3 countries, supported by 54,000+ employees who deliver approximately $8 billion USD in annual sales...

Senior Dir. of Safety & Loss Prevention
Atlanta, GA - posted August 25
This position is responsible for analyzing safety, shrink and total profit trends and exposures throughout the company. In addition, it is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to address them. The
Divisional Safety & Loss Prevention Directors will dotted line report into this position...

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