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Pete Kepler MBA, CFI, PMP promoted to Director Security & Investigations for Advance Auto Parts

Pete has been with Advance Auto Parts for more than six years, starting with the company back in 2014. Before his promotion to Director Security & Investigations, he served as Corporate Asset Protection Manager Security Services/ORC & Corporate Investigations. Earlier in his career, he held positions with Allstate, Sears, and the United States Air Force. Congratulations, Pete!

Gerard Fredo promoted to Group Security Program Manager - North American Security Operations for Microsoft

Gerard has been with Microsoft for nearly eight years, starting with the company in 2012 as a Regional Asset Protection Manager. Before his promotion to Group Security Manager - North American Security Operations, he spent over a year as Senior Retail Security Manager and four combined years as Senior Regional LP Manager. Congratulations, Gerard!

Greg McGee named Sr. Asset Protection Operations Analyst
for Rent-A-Center

Before being named Sr. Asset Protection Operations Analyst for Rent-A-Center, Greg spent nearly 10 years as Director, Asset Protection for Centric Brands, Inc. Prior to that, he spent a year and a half with Academy Sports + Outdoors as Sr. Loss Prevention Coordinator. Earlier in his career, he held LP roles with Bed Bath & Beyond, Guitar Center, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sears. Congratulations, Greg!

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$19M to $32M Third Party Vendor Fraud

Four Brothers Charged With $19 Million Fraudulent Invoicing Scheme Targeting Amazon's Vendor System
NY: Indicted and arrested yesterday YOEL ABRAHAM, HESHL ABRAHAM, ZISHE ABRAHAM, and SHMUEL ABRAHAM, who are brothers, on charges of engaging in a scheme to
systematically defraud Amazon.com. Through the course of the scheme, the defendants manipulated Amazon's vendor system in attempts to fraudulently induce Amazon to pay for goods that Amazon had not ordered. In executing the scheme, the defendants fraudulently attempted to obtain at least approximately $32 million and successfully obtained at least approximately $19 million.

The defendants, who purportedly
operated wholesale businesses, opened vendor accounts with Amazon to sell the company small quantities of goods. By accepting a purchase order, the defendants agreed to supply specific goods, at specific prices, in specific quantities. Instead, they manipulated Amazon's vendor system, and then, in the most egregious iteration of the scheme, invoiced the company for substitute goods at grossly inflated prices and excessive quantities. The defendants frequently shipped and invoiced for more than 10,000 units of an item when Amazon had requested, and the defendants had agreed to ship, fewer than 100.

Once Amazon detected the pattern of fraudulent overshipping,
it suspended the vendor accounts engaged in the fraud; in response, the defendants tried to open other vendor accounts and disguise their identities by registering them in fake names, using different email addresses, and using virtual private servers ("VPSs") to obfuscate their connection to previously suspended accounts and frustrate Amazon's ability to detect and mitigate their fraudulent activity.

Wire fraud and wire fraud conspiracy carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, and money laundering carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. justice.gov

Amazon Supports Investigation & Prosecution of 4 New York Defendants Charged in Fraud Scheme

Looting & Protests

National Guard Deploying to Chicago?
4 Chicago Aldermen Call for Special Meeting to Ask Illinois Governor
to Declare State of Emergency Over Looting, Violence

Four Chicago aldermen on Wednesday called for a special meeting of the City Council on Friday to consider a resolution asking Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker to declare a state of emergency and deploy the Illinois National Guard to Chicago to assist the Chicago Police Department for no less than four months.

In the resolution, the group of aldermen say Chicago "has never seen more violence, unrest and organized looting," alleging residents and visitors are "afraid to travel" throughout the city.

"Businesses across our City have been subject to unyielding criminals, many on the brink of failure contemplating their future in Chicago," the resolution reads, going on to say, "The continued attacks against Chicago's collective safety will impact our residential real estate, current and future investments in our communities, and our City's future economic development." nbcchicago.com

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot defends response to recent looting
In an interview with ABC7, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended the city's response to looting and stood up for Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown.

Lightfoot admitted the police response to the first round of looting had some glitches, but expressed confidence in her plan. The mayor was asked how she responds to businesses and residents in the city who wondered where her looting prevention plan was after the first round, and if there had been one that would have prevented it a second time.

The mayor stood by the city's response, saying her five point plan announced last Friday is showing results. abc7chicago.com

Chicago protests, looting may be contributing to police retiring at rapid rate, officers say

Suspected Chicago looter busted trying to sell $2,700 sweater to undercover cops

Portland Protests: Night 84 - Another Riot Declared
Protesters broke ICE building windows. Police responded with tear gas.

Several hundred protesters rallied around a federal building that houses U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices in Portland on Wednesday night and were met by local and federal police. After some demonstrators broke windows at the facility, police eventually deployed tear gas to end the 84th consecutive night of protests in the city.

Wednesday's protest followed another tense night on Tuesday, when protesters set small fires inside the Multnomah Building and were dispersed by baton-wielding police. washingtonpost.com

Portland beatdown victim posted anti-George Floyd meme hours before assault

Minneapolis lawyer wants cop client cleared, claims George Floyd 'overdosed' on fentanyl

Police Defunding & Reform

Texas Governor Proposes Freezing Taxes in Cities That 'Defund' Police
Reacting to a vote in Austin to cut millions from its police budget, Gov. Greg Abbott is backing legislation to deprive cities of control over a major revenue source if they follow suit.

Slamming the Austin City Council for cutting millions of dollars from its police budget, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas proposed legislation on Tuesday that would punish any Texas city that does the same by denying it the power to increase property taxes.

"Any city that defunds police departments will have its property tax revenue frozen at the current level," Governor Abbott told reporters on Tuesday. "Cities that endanger residents by reducing law enforcement should not then be able to turn around and go back and get more property-tax dollars from those same residents whose lives the city just endangered."

The Austin City Council recently approved $21.5 million in immediate budget cuts to its police department, and a redistribution of current police functions that, if fully implemented, would shift away an additional $130 million. nytimes.com

Activists Call On Chicago Leaders To Defund Police In The City's Next Budget
Community and labor groups are taking aim at Chicago's municipal budget, demanding that the city defund the police by 75% and invest in neighborhoods instead. Activists rallied outside City Hall Tuesday demanding that Chicago shift more than $1 billion away from the Police Department and steer it towards education, health care and social services. wbez.org

NYC Lawmaker Would Consider Amending Chokehold Bill
If NYPD 'Would Get Back To Work'

Local lawmakers claim New York City cops are engaging in an "active slowdown" in response to NYPD budget cuts and the passage of controversial police-reform bills last month, and, as a result, the head of the City Council's public safety committee said he would be willing to amend the legislation if it meant the NYPD would "get back to work." forbes.com

California police reform push could shift the national conversation

COVID Update

US: Over 5.7M Cases - 176K Dead - 3M Recovered
Worldwide: Over 22.7M Cases - 794K Dead - 15.4M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 183   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 82
*Red indicates change in total deaths

COVID-19 - Risks & Internal Controls Audits

U.S. Audit Watchdog Overhauls Inspection Plan to Assess Virus Impact
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board is
extending its window for inspections to assess the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on audit quality.

2020's inspections will focus on
how auditors are planning for and responding to Covid-19-related risks, PCAOB Chairman William Duhnke said. Those risks could evolve around judgments that auditors have to make, a process that might be complicated by limited access to financial information.

The PCAOB's inspection report
could provide insight into how auditors are testing companies' internal controls for the office environment as well as for remote work, Ms. Munter said. They could also guide audit firms looking to improve their own processes in a remote work environment. wsj.com

PPE Helping Fight COVID-19
L.A. County finally seeing declines in Latino, Black coronavirus mortality rates
Los Angeles County health officials Wednesday reported some promising metrics in the fight against the novel coronavirus, including an overall decline in death rates across all demographics and a "narrowing of the gap" among victims of varying racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The expansion of countywide testing and protective equipment now being mandated in workplaces has helped remedy both problems, contributing to a drop in the number of overall deaths in the county, officials said. "Not only are we seeing decreases, but we're seeing a narrowing of the gap," Ferrer said of the number of deaths in the county.

Officials also reported that 1,378 people are hospitalized in the county, continuing a downward trend over the last 2 1/2 weeks.

California has recorded a 17% decrease in hospitalizations over a 14-day period, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday. But the decline has not been steep and recent numbers are somewhat troubling. latimes.com

COVID-19 deaths in Minnesota back in single digits; 7 new deaths, 698 new cases

Yes You Can Catch it Flying

Study reveals odds of catching coronavirus on an airplane
A new study says the odds of catching novel coronavirus on an airplane with infected passengers appear to be relatively small, though still possible.

In a report recently published in the journal JAMA Network Open, the German researchers reported on the health status of 102 passengers who boarded a Boeing 737 flight in Tel Aviv, Israel, on March 9, according to the study. With two passengers testing positive after sitting within two rows of an infected passenger and likely due to the transmission of COVID-19. Now this was , before strict COVID-19 protocols were in place.

"The risk of transmission of droplet mediated infections on an aircraft depends on proximity to an index case and on other factors, such as [the] movement of passengers and crew, fomites, and contact among passengers in the departure gate," the researchers explained.

The team of researchers also noted how the
plane's airflow system may have limited the number of potential COVID-19 cases. securitymagazine.com

Legal Team Advice
5 steps for dealing with anti-mask customers

Attorneys offers advice for businesses to keep the situation from escalating

But in the era of social media and political division, mask rules can quickly spiral into a federal case - literally.

Especially in the restaurant industry, so many of our employees are young," Ryan said in an interview. "We need to teach them this is not the time to argue with a customer over an issue. Treat this just like a customer who is complaining that their food didn't come out right."

To address the challenges and how to de-escalate a mask situation, Ryan recently co-authored with colleagues Myra Creighton, Aymara Ledezma, Todd Logsdon, Richard Meneghello and Catharine Morisset a five-step action plan on how a business can handle anti-mask guests.

Chief among those steps, Ryan (left) said, is to "figure out what you want your front-line people to say.
Literally, give them a script. And if they can't coax the customer into compliance, find a designated manager or two to handle the cases." supermarketnews.com

New FLIR Survey Finds a Majority of Americans Support Thermal Imaging Temperature Screening to Prevent Spread of COVID-19
Americans overwhelmingly support thermal imaging screening to enter semi-public and private venues, according to a new survey from FLIR released August 19. Commissioned by FLIR and completed July 28-30, of the more than 2,000 adults polled, the vast majority, 82% of respondents, say thermal temperature screening is "worth it for the sake of public health." flir.com

HireRight Launches COVID-19 Screening for Employers

Self-Checkout Global Installations to Triple by 2025 to Surpass 1.1M
A fresh wave of innovation in self-checkout - and payments in general - appears ready to hit the food retail world, where younger, tech-savvy consumers are making their desires known, and where new technology is becoming more affordable and convenient for smaller and midsize retailers.

Self-Checkout Pros and Cons

Customers aren't left on their own, however. Walmart's self-checkout comes with a certain level of built-in hand-holding: Employees greet shoppers at the entry to the new checkout area and offered help proactively.

Early results from a shopping survey gave reason for optimism. Users liked the number of associates ready to help, and the overall speed of the self-checkout process at Walmart.

As for faults with the system, some shoppers were turned off by such issues as "the crowd of shoppers [and] associates," self-checkout stations "situated too close to one another" and the "impersonal" feel of the process.

Self-Checkout Growth
According to RBR, global shipments of self-checkout terminals increased 52% year over year in 2019, with that growth driven by the U.S. market, including food retailers.

Wegmans, Costco and other large food retailers are helping to lead the charge, with convenience store chains also getting involved.

New Wave of Self-Checkout

In late July Chandler, Ariz.-based Bashas' went live with NCR Emerald, described as the next-generation, cloud-enabled point-of-sale (POS) platform offered on a subscription basis for grocers

Atlanta-based NCR experienced a doubling of shelf-checkout shipments in 2019 and ongoing acceleration in 2020. progressivegrocer.com

It's been an apocalyptic few days, even by California standards
Fueled by extraordinary weather conditions (officially 10,849 lightning strikes in a 72-hour period, record-breaking heat), fires have exploded across the state. Tens of thousands of Californians have had to evacuate, fleeing their homes while also navigating
the added complications wrought by the pandemic.

"We are experiencing fires, the likes of which we haven't seen in many, many years," Gov. Gavin Newsom told Californians during a press conference Wednesday. He said that - as of the noon briefing - there were
367 known fires across the state, at least 23 of which were considered major. The briefing came a day after Newsom had declared an official statewide emergency. latimes.com

Target forms REACH committee to steer racial justice efforts

Six-member executive body to offer diverse perspectives and expertise

Target Corp. has established the Racial Equity Action and Change (REACH) committee to help guide its efforts to fight racism and advance social justice.

Announced Monday, REACH is aimed at marshaling Target's size, scale, resources to promote change and foster racial equity in the communities it serves. The Minneapolis-based retailer said it has appointed six executives from across the company to the committee to provide diverse perspectives and expertise. supermarketnews.com

Wow, NY Times Agrees With Administration
A TikTok Ban Is Overdue
The threatened bans on TikTok and WeChat, whatever their motivations,
can also be seen as an overdue response, a tit for tat, in a long battle for the soul of the internet.

In China, the foreign equivalents of TikTok and WeChat - video and messaging apps such as YouTube and WhatsApp - have been banned for years. The country's extensive blocking, censorship and surveillance violate just about every principle of internet openness and decency.
China keeps a closed and censorial internet economy at home while its products enjoy full access to open markets abroad.

The asymmetry is unfair and ought no longer be tolerated. The privilege of full internet access - the open internet - should be extended only to companies from countries that respect that openness themselves.

There is also such a thing as being a sucker. If China refuses to follow the rules of the open internet, why continue to give it access to internet markets around the world? nytimes.com

Judge: "Postures & Egos Will Be Put Aside"
J.C. Penney Judge Orders Lawyers to Appear Wed @4 Due to
Lack of Progress of Sale
"Thousands of jobs and the very essence of the country's infrastructure are at risk. The parties have reached the end of the court's patience," he said.

"The parties should be prepared to have a frank discussion about the status of the case and whether relief should be granted from orders previously entered by the court," he said. dallasnews.com

Updated Retail Bankruptcies List
How many retail chains have filed in 2020?
No retail bankruptcy is the same these days. The complex cases are progressing with a variety of outcomes, and analysts say more retailers are preparing to file.

S&P Global Market Intelligence said Monday that with last week's bankruptcies,
the 2020 total so far is 44. That eclipses last year's 32 filings and is nearing the 48 in the record year of 2010 after the Great Recession. S&P counts among retail bankruptcies the industry's distributors, suppliers, smaller direct marketers and manufacturers, such as Fairn & Swanson, Donghia, Occasion Brands and Libbey Glass.

See the detailed list

The D&D Daily Exclusive Mid-Year & Q2 2020 Robbery Report

Click here to see our previous crime reports

Gap to close flagship store in San Francisco & a few others in area

Estee Lauder to cut 2,000 close 10-15% of stores

Quarterly Results
BJ's Wholesale Club Q2 comp's up 24.2% - excluding fuel, digital sales up 300%, net sales up 18.2%
L Brands Q2 sales down 20%
   Bath & Body Works comp's for open stores up 87%, digital up 191%, sales up 13%
   Victoria's Secret comp's for open stores down 10%, digital up 65%, sales down 39%

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Director, Global Security Technology job posted for Disney in Glendale, CA
Reporting directly to the Vice President of Global Security Operations, the Director, Enterprise Security Systems Strategy and Technology serves as the principle expert, advisor and strategist for the development, standardization, deployment, and management of Disney's enterprise wide physical security system infrastructure. This position will analyze current physical security system policies, strategy and services overlaying these with business and facility needs, and identify opportunities for efficiency and enhanced security. disneycareers.com

Director, Corporate Security job posted for Keurig Dr Pepper in Plano, TX
This position reports directly to the VP, Assistant General Counsel, and is accountable for the development and execution of the organization's security risk management strategy and related programs. Specifically, this position is responsible for all aspects of security risk management with respect to the viability and survivability of the enterprise: Operational, Financial and Strategic. uscareers-keurigdrpepper.icims.com



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Protecting Your Consumers from Fraud During the Ongoing COVID-19 Battle
August 27 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Emily Saitta, Senior Strategy Manager, Fraud & Identity Protection, TransUnion and Brooke Snelling, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Fraud & Identity Solutions, TransUnion

Optimizing Your Security Program and Adapting to Today's Challenges
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Shadow Code: The Hidden Risk to Your Website
August 27 | 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET

Ameet Naik, Cybersecurity Evangelist, PerimeterX

Alexa Gateway to Home Network
Newly Patched Alexa Flaws a Red Flag for Home Workers
A trio of vulnerabilities recently found in Alexa devices that could have led to broader attacks on home and corporate networks have been patched in a software update by Amazon.

The vulnerabilities, which were made public last week by researchers at Check Point, raised red flags given the many millions of people now working from home because of the pandemic.

More than 200 million Alexa smart-home devices have shipped to date, according to multiple sources. The vulnerabilities, which could be exploited by clicking on a bad link filled with malicious code, could have exposed personal user info, including banking data histories, usernames, phone numbers, and home addresses.

Device manufacturers have to recognize that the work-from-home shift
puts a greater focus on home equipment, and they have a responsibility to the consumer base to take proper measures in closing vulnerabilities and providing security guidance along with more robust security options for savvy users," Hoffman says.

Check Point presented the vulnerabilities to Amazon in June. The company was receptive to the research and
patched the vulnerabilities right away, Vanunu says. In recent months, Check Point has also conducted security research on TikTok, WhatsApp, and Fortnite. darkreading.com

The Need For Visibility & Safety
Blockchain Accelerates Amid Covid-19 Pandemic
The pandemic may have accelerated the industry's ability to better trace and manage supply chains. Some companies are even promoting their new tech savvy on their product packaging, revealing sources and the journey traveled from production to shelf. They're not keeping the supply chain to themselves; they want consumers to know it, too.
In a study titled "
Food for Thought: Mapping the Food and Beverage Supply Chain through Blockchain," Marsh calls blockchain a "digital recordkeeping technology, built for securely and seamlessly sharing data."

Consumers and companies are demanding transparency even more amid the coronavirus pandemic. "Know thy supply chain" is fast becoming an F&B mantra. And blockchain is inspiring interest as well as implementation. The idea is to provide data and prevent tampering, tracking foods from growers to processors, shippers, retailers, regulators and consumers.

The FDA's New
Era of Smarter Food Safety blueprint also calls for more to be done to trace food recalls, mentioning blockchain as a possible path to transparency. The FDA cites "tech-enabled traceability" as a priority that could "reduce the time it takes to identify the origin of a contaminated food" due to recalls or outbreaks.

"This will also create the transparency needed to
anticipate and help prevent supply chain disruptions in a public health emergency, such as a pandemic," the agency wrote about better tracing.

A better handle on supply chains, possibly with blockchain, could
help cut costs, provide more flexible sourcing, increase safety, and boost compliance. Consumers hungry for health information also may want to know more about sourcing. forbes.com

Working from home causes surge in security breaches,
staff 'oblivious' to best practices
The coronavirus pandemic is thought to be at the heart of a rise in security incidents this year.

According to Malwarebytes, the rushed response to COVID-19 in the business arena has created massive gaps in cybersecurity -- and security incidents have increased as a result.

On Thursday, the cybersecurity firm released a report (.PDF),
"Enduring from Home: COVID-19's Impact on Business Security," examining the impact of the novel coronavirus in the security world.

Since the start of the pandemic,
remote workers have caused a security breach in 20% of organizations.

As a result, 24% of survey respondents added that their organizations had to pay unexpected costs to address cybersecurity breaches or malware infections after shelter-in-place orders were imposed.

In total, 18% of those surveyed said cybersecurity was not a priority, and
5% went further -- admitting their staff were "oblivious" to best security practices.

According to the cybersecurity
firm, business email compromise, the quick shift to cloud services -- which may include improperly-configured buckets or access controls -- and improperly secured corporate Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are all contributing to the emerging issue. zdnet.com







One Break-In Every Other Night
A Weed Robbery Spree Strikes Portland Cannabis Shops,
Even as Police Are Stretched Thin
A string of burglaries and armed robberies has cannabis shops across Portland fearful-and angry. WW has
spoken with owners or employees of 22 Portland-area dispensaries, each of which confirmed break-ins since late May.

Many of the stores were hit multiple times. WW tallied 47 break-ins. That's a rate of one break-in every other night. Three stores, according to owners, fell prey to armed robberies, including one in which employees were zip-tied and held at gunpoint.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which oversees recreational cannabis, says the number is even higher: 60 weed stores have reported lost product over the past three months. The agency still hasn't tallied the full value of the purloined weed, but shops reported $135,000 in stolen product in June alone. The regularity of the crimes is extraordinary and is almost certainly the largest string of burglaries in decades targeting one type of business. wweek.com

The Importance of Cannabis Security Vaults
Why would you even want a vault in the first place? Sure, we can all agree it is prudent to protect hundreds of thousands of dollars in cannabis and cash in a vault, right? But why is this so critical?

Your worst nightmare
Imagine how busy your day is trying to run your business. Now imagine your day if a burglar entered your business, stole thousands of dollars in cash and pounds of your finest cannabis strains. Now what?

Some of your employees may quit because they may feel unsafe. Then there are the repairs and days your business is down to recover. Hopefully your cash flow will allow you to continue in your business - hopefully.

Cannabis is the latest crime target
So, back to protecting hundreds of thousands of dollars. Do you know any other industry that has that much cash and product on site? Think about it for a second. The answer is nobody.

Even pawn shops, jewelers and banks move cash out of their locations as quickly as possible. This makes cannabis shops the "It Girl" for thieves all over the country. So congratulations; you are now the hottest item for thieves nationwide. You are both overexposed and under protected. Thieves are now casing cannabis stores for these very reasons.

Security is worth the investment
Protect your business investment with a UL rated vault. Don't be severely under protected with a cinder block vault, cages, dry wall or regular concrete wall. Avoid the mess of a burglary and gain peace of mind with a UL vault investment. sapphirerisk.com

FDA Will Take Its Time on CBD - But Industry Does Not Have to Wait to Get Ready

Securing Your Hemp Field




Is Alibaba Next on Trump's List?
Trump signals he has more Chinese companies in his sights
US president says he is 'looking at' further punitive measures against other groups, including Alibaba.

Asked whether he was contemplating punitive action against more Chinese companies, such as the ecommerce giant Alibaba, Mr Trump replied: "We're looking at other things, yes we are." ft.com

"Online Has Become the Front Door"

Retailers See E-Commerce Investments Pay Off Big as
Coronavirus Keeps Shoppers Home

Online Sales Breaking Records - Fear Driving Customers - Shift Expected
to Outlast Pandemic

U.S. e-commerce sales are forecast to grow 18% to $709.8 billion this year, according to a June report from market research firm eMarketer. E-commerce is expected to represent 14.5% of total retail sales this year-a record, according to the firm. This week, retailers including Walmart Inc., Target Corp. and Lowes Cos. reported surging e-commerce sales for their most recent quarters.

Online has really become the front door to stores," said Fahim Siddiqui, senior vice president of information technology at Home Depot.

In mid-March, Home Depot's tech team quickly developed a feature on the company's mobile app and website to let customers
pick up items in front of the store if they didn't feel comfortable going inside. The rate at which customers were engaging with the mobile app and website has more than doubled in the year.

Brands direct-to-consumer business is seeing 50% increases in first half of the year.

Gartner Inc. has seen an
"incredible surge" in interest in digital commerce capabilities from IT executives at companies across many sectors, said Jason Daigler, vice president and digital commerce analyst at the tech research firm.

"We're in a new place" wsj.com

Solution Providers News:
No In-Person - No Shows - No Meetings - Driving Digital 22% Increase

US B2B Digital Advertising Thrives amid the Coronavirus as Traditional B2B Spend Plummets
We forecast that
US B2Bs will spend $8.14 billion on digital ads this year, up 22.6% from 2019 when spending was $6.64 billion. B2B digital ad spending growth in recent years has outstripped digital ad spending growth overall, with a CAGR from 2016 through 2019 of 24.7%, vs. 22.6% for all US digital advertising.

Many B2Bs have reduced their overall marketing spend,
but even with budget cuts, paid digital channel use has surged amid the pandemic:

Digital ads are a principal touchpoint to reach B2B buyers, who are spending more time at home in front of screens.

B2Bs are turning to
digital advertising to combat the loss of in-person events, meetings and traditional sales channels. This reallocation isn't dollar for dollar, but there has been enough budget shift to drive substantial growth on paid digital channels.

In March 2020, 43% of US B2B marketers surveyed by B2B Marketing Zone said they would
reallocate live event budgets to content creation. Digital ads have become a primary driver to this new content. emarketer.com

Walmart teases launch of Walmart+ membership program as e-commerce sales surge during pandemic







San Antonio, TX: $30,000 worth of merchandise stolen from True North
A thief tears their way through a wall and took several thousand dollars worth of one-of-a-kind merchandise from True North SA, an apparel and sneaker store near the Alamo Quarry. The pricey heist was caught on surveillance video. The San Antonio store sells exclusive apparel and sneakers, including merchandise from some San Antonio Spurs players. "Every shirt up there was probably like a $1,000," Eddie said. 'We are looking at just $20,000, $30,000 just right there." kens5.com

Rehoboth Beach, DE: Four suspects wanted for stealing $12,000 worth of merchandise from Victoria's Secret
Delaware State Police are asking for the public's help in identifying several suspects wanted for stealing merchandise from the Victoria's Secret outlet over the weekend. We're told the incident happened at around 5:45 p.m. Sunday, at the Rehoboth Beach outlet store. The employees were initially unaware that the shoplifting happened, but discovered the next morning that numerous items were missing. Further investigation revealed that approximately 600 to 700 pieces of undergarments were stolen, valued at approximately $12,000.

Rochester, MN: Prolific Minnesota Baby Formula Thief Caught Again
Police arrested 58-year-old Leslie Robinson Wednesday at the south Target store after he was caught wheeling out a cart full of baby formula containers worth $1500. A 16-year-old niece who was with him is also expected to be charged. He was charged with stealing more than 90 cans of baby formula from the north Walmart store in February. Surveillance video showed he was with three females at the time. Police say Leslie Robinson is "well known to Walmart loss prevention officers" at other stores in Minnesota. The criminal complaint in the February incident in Rochester lists 20 cases in numerous cities dating back to 2016. Among them is a theft in Owatonna last year that totaled nearly $10,000. krocnews.com

Oro Valley, AZ: Police seeking couple tied to $1,000 theft from Target

Laredo, TX: Man with 4 Prior Theft convictions arrested again for stealing Detergent and household cleaners

San Antonio, TX: Man walks behind counter, steals crates loaded with cartons of cigarettes

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Shootings & Deaths

Weslaco, TX Update: Motivation Of Weslaco Walmart Gunman Still A Mystery
Police are still working to learn what prompted a Valley man to carry a rifle into the Walmart Supercenter, and to take the actions that led to him being shot and killed by officers. 27-year-old Marco Antonio Sigala Junior, who police now say was wearing a dark security guard uniform, had walked into the Walmart with the rifle at around 3 p.m. Monday. He confronted someone near the entrance, then made his way to the back of the store. Police dispatchers were already fielding emergency
calls about the rifle-wielding man, and arriving officers confronted Sigala and ordered him to drop the rifle. He did but he refused their orders to raise his hands, instead pulling a pistol and shooting at the officers. They fired back and Sigala was killed. The officers have been placed on administrative duty while Texas Rangers investigate the incident. kurv.com

Lancaster, CA: Update: 80-year-old grandfather has died weeks after violent robbery in Lancaster grocery store
Roberto Flores Lopez's death was a "result of severe injuries" that he suffered in the violent attack, which took place in the restroom of a Superior market on the morning of July 8. Lopez had been beaten and repeatedly kicked, even after handing over his wallet to the assailant, family members said. He was alone, bleeding on the floor, when someone else entered the restroom and found him. The suspect, 22-year-old Damaris Wade, was charged with attempted murder, elder abuse and second-degree robbery, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office had announced on July 15. Roberto Flores Lopez is survived by his wife, three children, 16 grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Springfield, MA: Man arrested in connection with death of 19-year-old during gun battle in liquor store parking lot
A suspect accused of killing a man during a double shooting in the parking lot of a liquor store has turned himself in, police said. The crime began as a fight at about 9 p.m. Friday in the parking lot of One Stop Discount Liquors. Eberhart and Justin Blanton, 19, apparently began shooting at each other and Blanton suffered a fatal gunshot wound during the battle. After allegedly shooting Blanton, Eberhart started to drive away. While backing up, he ran over Blanton and dragged him for several feet, Walsh said.

Lake Park, FL Gas Station Clerk standing outside is shot twice during Armed Robbery; suspect arrested
A 25-year-old West Palm Beach man is facing an attempted second-degree murder charge following his arrest Tuesday in connection to the Aug. 12 shooting of a Lake Park gas station employee. Dwayne Simon Jr. also faces charges of armed robbery and being a felon in possession of a weapon. The clerk was standing outside the store when Simon approached and pointed a handgun at him. Simon pushed him inside, then demanded money. After being pistol-whipped, the clerk fought back, prompting Simon to shoot him.  palmbeachpost.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Manchester, MO: Black Family Accused of Shoplifting Says They Were Racially Profiled By Police Outside of Academy Sports
A Black family says they were racially profiled when a Missouri officer accused their 16-year-old son of shoplifting from a store in a St. Louis suburb on Monday. LaTiffiany Carter was leaving an Academy Sports store when she was approached by an officer who suspected her 16-year-old son of shoplifting. Carter filmed the encounter, during which the officer stated that he thought the teen was stealing because he noticed a bulge around his waist. The officer used his police cruiser to block the Carter's vehicle in the parking lot of the Manchester, Missouri, store. The bulge was really a fanny pack that contained no stolen items. The family told the officer they had a receipt that proved they had just spent almost $300 in the store, and say they were out celebrating their son's birthday. atlantablackstar.com

Mercer County, NJ: 58 Arrested In Countywide ATM Crime Spree In New Jersey
Police in Mercer County arrested 58 people from New York and New Jersey they said targeted Santander Banks. Investigators said the suspects used prepaid debit cards to steal more than $250,000 from ATMs. The arrests come after the NYPD took people accused in a similar scam on Staten Island into custody.

Stuart, FL: Two arrested following a Police chase n a $125,000 Jewelry theft
A jewelry store heist spun out of control when a wild chase ensued through Martin and St. Lucie counties on Wednesday finally ending with two people in custody. A pricey stolen necklace is still missing. According to the Martin County Sheriff's Office, the suspects stole an exclusive sapphire and diamond necklace worth $125,000 from Diamonds By Terry on Dixie Highway in Stuart.

Mequon, WI: Man charged with Armed Robbery of Mequon Walgreens

Colorado Springs, CO: Armed Robbery suspect tied to crime spree



Boost - Greensboro, NC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - San Antonio, TX - Robbery
C-Store - Brooklyn, OH - Robbery
Collectables - San Antonio, TX - Burglary
Dollar General - Charleston County, SC - Robbery
Dollar General - Siloam Springs, AR - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Brazos County, TX - Robbery
Jewelry - Stuart, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Lakeland, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Hanover, PA - Robbery
Jewelry - Renton, WA - Robbery
Jewelry - Overland Park, KS - Robbery
Jewelry - Myrtle Beach, SC - Robbery
Restaurant - Henderson, KY - Armed Robbery
Smoke Shop - Hoboken, NJ - Robbery
Walgreens - Mequon, WI - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 16 robberies
• 1 burglary
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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