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Doreen Pavese MA, CFI promoted to Manager AP Fraud & Investigations for Follett

Doreen has been with Follett for three years, starting with the company in 2019. Before her promotion to Manager AP Fraud & Investigations, she served as Regional Asset Protection Manager for the company. Prior to joining Follett, she served as Regional AP Manager for over a year at Centric Brands. Earlier in her career, she held LP roles with Bebe Stores, Swatch Group, New York & Company, and Limited Brands. Congratulations, Doreen!

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CSR at Axis - Focusing on a Smarter, Safer & More Suitable World

Sustainability Spearheads Axis' Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts

Axis Communications is much more than just a manufacturer of network cameras for the physical security and video surveillance industries. Sustainability is a natural part of its operations, and it is this focus on developing products and solutions for a smarter, safer world that drives Axis' corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.

Fredrik Nilsson, Vice President of the Americas for Axis Communications, told Security Systems News that the company's CSR efforts, as outlined in the Axis 2021 Sustainability Report, is more than just volunteering.

"We emphasize being a sustainable company by choosing the right suppliers, reducing emissions, reducing plastics and implementing sustainable practices wherever possible," he explained. "Axis also prioritizes its employees by investing in trainings and internal events that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) and work to empower colleagues through mentorship programs."

Read more here

Johnson Controls and Accenture Join Forces on New AI-enabled OpenBlue Innovation Centers

NEW YORK and MILWAUKEE, June 23, 2022 -- Accenture and Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, are collaborating to deliver and operate two new OpenBlue Innovation Centers. The centers will drive Johnson Controls' rollout of building control system products and services using technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), digital twins, internet of things (IoT), 5G and the cloud. The goal is to accelerate advanced automation in building operations to achieve greater sustainability, safety, security and user experiences.

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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Drug Addiction Fueling the Shoplifting Crisis?
FDNY firefighter-turned-drug addict tragically reveals the crisis on our streets
David is here to steal items from a popular department store to support his 10-bag-a-day heroin habit he picked up nearly 20 years ago.

Outside Queens Place Mall, David is too high to do another shot of heroin and eventually gives up and decides to go in to start boosting. He walks quickly, his gait bouncy, in studded Doc Martin boots, tight black jeans and a sheepskin jacket over a black and white tie-dye T-shirt. Mall security sees him coming, mostly because of his pace and the way he's hunched over, but they don't engage.

A couple of levels up, outside Target, a uniformed NYPD officer is talking to a female employee and they pause when they see David get off the escalator. The officer's eyes follow him as he enters the store. Once inside, David walks around, perusing items and making his selections. He works slowly, looping around the aisles, acquiring a bag to put things in, then dropping items in as he makes his way around various departments.

Once he has enough items in his bag, he makes a beeline for the exit, purposefully finding one with no active checkout lines or security. He goes for the elevator, but it's slow to arrive, so he finds an exit door to an elevated outdoor parking lot, then to a stairwell that takes him to ground level and out onto the street. He walks with purpose, long strides, clutching his bag full of electronics.

This process is repeated over the course of the day. The goal is to get $1,500 to $2,000 worth of items, which can be fenced at a Midtown electronics store for a set amount of 25% of the sticker price.

David has gotten caught stealing in the past and threatened by store security. Sometimes they go as far as making him sign a document saying he'll be hit with stiffer charges if he returns.

"Usually when they do that, I'll stay away for a while," he says. "Like a good while, a good six, seven months I'll stay away. Because they mean that. Pretty sure they mean that. Macy's really means that. They got their own jail in there."

He says that most days he steals only from larger stores, and when we stop into a small mom-and-pop cosmetics store to buy blue hair dye, he's polite and kind to the woman at the register who's eyeing him warily. "You gotta pay for some things in life, you can't just steal it all," he says. nypost.com

Shooting Surge Scaring Away Shoppers
Fear over recent shootings has some avoiding crowds, businesses

Shootings at two D.C. area malls and an outdoor event, as well as mass shootings nationwide, have left people on edge

Reeling from high-profile mass shootings at a Buffalo supermarket and Uvalde, Tex., elementary school, some have expressed heightened concern that they could be the next victim of random gunfire. In the D.C. area in recent days, two instances of gunshots in crowded public spaces reinforced that no one is immune from violence.

As a result, some area residents have begun to pull back. People have started to think twice before going to concerts and the mall. A restaurant manager reports diners have been scared off by fears of gunfire. An activist canceled his anti-violence event over worries about violence.

And when a loud noise goes off, many often think the worst. The incidents on U Street and in the Virginia mall came on top of a rise in homicides and some violent crime that has attracted less attention, but nonetheless has made the streets feel less safe.

Danielle Kastner, 26, of Vienna, Va., had just popped into the Tysons Corner Center on Saturday, when she, like Forrest, saw a throng of people running toward her. Kastner did not know a shooting had just occurred, but she instinctively retreated into an H&M clothing store.

Kastner, who patronized the mall about every other weekend, said she won't be going back for the time being. She plans to shop at stand-alone stores, which she said feel safer than bigger gathering places like Tysons.

Ahmed Mohamed, 49, who is the director of operations for Lupo Verde and other restaurants near the scene of the U Street shooting, said a recent spate of violence has hurt his bottom line. Over the last few months, there have been at least three shooting incidents nearby, according to D.C. police.

Mohamed said the gunfire has scared people away from outdoor dining. Revenue at each of the three locations, he said, has fallen by at least 25 percent over the last few months. washingtonpost.com

Workplace Shootings: The Employee Impact
Why Many Employees Have Limited Legal Recourse After A Workplace Shooting
According to the FBI, there were 61 active shooter incidents in 2021. That's about one active shooter incident every six days. The FBI defines an active shooter incident as "one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area."

Many of these active and/or mass shooting events occur at a location where people are working, resulting in employees being injured or killed. When these tragedies occur, do the employees have any employment-related rights?

The answer to that question depends on many factors, such as the negligent conduct (if any) of the employer or third parties, injuries sustained, the motivation of the shooter and the type of relief sought by the worker.

When it comes to employment rights as they relate to workplace violence and shootings, there aren't many laws that are directly on point. And the ones that are will normally exist at the state level. Even when these laws apply, the employee will usually have to prove that the employer was negligent or violated a state mandate and that this negligence or state law violation led to the workplace shooting. In many cases, this is hard to do.

One thing to keep in mind is that generally speaking, whether an employer is a government entity or a private organization often makes little difference in the substantive legal relief options available to the employee. But it's possible some public employers in certain states may enjoy greater protection from liability due to government immunity laws. forbes.com

Chicago Crime Exodus Continues
Third Major Firm & Ill. Wealthiest Resident Leaving Chicago Because of Rising Violence
Billionaire Ken Griffin is relocating his big hedge-fund firm Citadel from Chicago to Miami, the third major employer to announce the move of a corporate headquarters from Illinois in the past two months.

Mr. Griffin is the wealthiest resident of Illinois, so his departure will hurt state tax collections on both the individual and corporate side. Citadel is one of the most successful hedge-fund firms, managing $51 billion in assets.

Mr. Griffin and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, have had a running feud in recent years, lately over rising violence in Chicago.

In an April interview with the Journal, Mr. Griffin suggested he might move his operations out of Illinois because of a rising crime rate and incidents involving employees in the state's largest city.

"If people aren't safe here, they're not going to live here," he said then. "I've had multiple colleagues mugged at gunpoint. I've had a colleague stabbed on the way to work. Countless issues of burglary. I mean, that's a really difficult backdrop with which to draw talent to your city from."

Caterpillar Inc. said earlier this month it was moving from its longtime Illinois base to Texas. wsj.com

Private Security Officers Enlisted Amid Crime Surge
More private security officers hit the streets of Chicago
Beginning this week, private security officers will patrol commercial strips throughout the 19th Ward in an attempt to aid the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and deter crime.

19th Ward Ald. Matt O'Shea announced the news in a mass email on June 16, saying the plan was developed in consultation with the CPD with a goal "to provide a visible security presence as well as additional eyes and ears in the community for the 22nd District."

Private security, O'Shea said, was the top choice of local business owners. "While I believe this program will make our neighborhoods safer, we must be clear that a private security guard is not a Chicago Police Officer," O'Shea said. "The duty of private security officers will be to observe and report. When a private security officer encounters suspicious activity, he or she will immediately contact the Chicago Police Department and remain on scene until CPD responds."

Connors said the program "is not intended to be a substitute" for the CPD. Instead, its intent is "to serve as extra eyes and ears and as a deterrent to stop crime before it happens." 'Shea noted that the program is part of the city's public-safety strategy that includes "a significant investment in our camera network."

Connors wants small-business owners to feel safe and be able to focus on their job. privateofficerbreakingnews.blogspot.com

Crime & Unrest Triggers Target Remodeling
Target remodels downtown Mpls. store entrance after period of 'disruptive activity'

The store has been boarded up several times in recent years amid civic unrest.

Target is remodeling the entrance to its downtown Minneapolis store and adding new security measures. "Along with other businesses, we've seen a rise in disruptive activity around our downtown Minneapolis store over the past few years," the company said in a statement.

Target and other downtown retailers experienced property damage in the riots after the police slaying of George Floyd in 2020. The company's store on Lake Street near Hiawatha Avenue was looted and burned at the time. Target rebuilt it later that year.

Its downtown store, which is connected in two directions to the skyway system, is getting a new atrium that the company said will be "aesthetically pleasing and more conducive to the flow of foot traffic than it has been in the past."

The store will remain open while construction proceeds over the next few weeks. startribune.com

Supreme Court Affirms Right to Carry Firearms in Public
U.S. Supreme Court expands gun rights, strikes down New York law
The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday declared for the first time that the U.S. Constitution protects an individual's right to carry a handgun in public for self-defense, handing a landmark victory to gun rights advocates in a nation deeply divided over how to address firearms violence.

The 6-3 ruling, with the court's conservative justices in the majority and liberal justices in dissent, struck down New York state's limits on carrying concealed handguns outside the home. The court found that the law, enacted in 1913, violated a person's right to "keep and bear arms" under the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment.

The ruling, authored by Justice Clarence Thomas, declared that the Constitution protects "an individual's right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home." The ruling could undermine similar restrictions in other states and imperil other types of state and local firearms restrictions nationwide.

Gun rights, held dear by many Americans and promised by the country's 18th century founders, are a contentious issue in a nation with high levels of firearms violence including numerous mass shootings. President Joe Biden, who has called gun violence a national embarrassment, condemned the decision. reuters.com  politico.com

New Gun Safety Measure Passes Senate
Senate Passes Bipartisan Gun Bill, Breaking a Decades-Long Impasse

The 65-33 vote late Thursday was aimed at keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous people.

The Senate approved bipartisan legislation on Thursday aimed at keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous people, after a small group of Republicans joined Democrats to break through their party's longstanding blockade of gun safety measures and shatter nearly three decades of congressional paralysis on toughening the nation's gun laws.

It would enhance background checks for prospective gun buyers ages 18 to 21, requiring for the first time that juvenile records, including mental health records beginning at age 16, be vetted for potentially disqualifying material. The bill would provide incentives for states to pass "red flag" laws that allow guns to be temporarily confiscated from people deemed by a judge to be too dangerous to possess them. And it would tighten a federal ban on domestic abusers buying firearms, and strengthen laws against straw purchasing and trafficking of guns.

It also includes hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for mental health programs and to beef up security in schools.

"This is not a cure-all for all the ways gun violence affects our nation, but it is a long overdue step in the right direction," Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the majority leader, said on the Senate floor. "It's significant - it's going to save lives." nytimes.com

House bill creating active shooter alert system doesn't pass
The bill would create a role in the DOJ to coordinate responses to active shooter situations

New Orleans, LA: Rash of burglaries costs business owners thousands
Tens of thousands of dollars are lost for local business owners as JPSO reports a rash of burglaries along the Veterans' Corridor in Metairie this month.

Rick Caruso says crime is up in LA, but incidents are down at his shopping complex

Lakeland Fla hires armed guard to patrol downtown & needs to hire additional officers

Minnesota Supreme Court rules Minneapolis mayor failed to hire more police



COVID Update

593.7M Vaccinations Given

US: 88.5M Cases - 1M Dead - 84.2M Recovered
Worldwide: 547.5M Cases - 6.3M Dead - 522.8M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 360   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 787
*Red indicates change in total deaths

COVID Cases Falling Again
Coronavirus tally: U.S. cases are down 13% from two weeks ago
U.S. cases are averaging 97,069 a day, down 13% from two weeks ago, according to a New York Times tracker. The country is averaging 30,216 hospitalizations a day, up 3% from two weeks ago. The daily death toll stands at 298 on average, down 13% from two weeks ago.

On a global basis, total cases are now above 541.1 million. Total deaths are above 6.32 million, according to data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University, with the U.S. still leading the way with 86.6 million cases and 1,014,835 deaths. marketwatch.com

Another Workplace Issue COVID Has Brought to Light
Helping Employees Cope with the Death of a Co-Worker
Helping employees cope with the death of a colleague or co-worker is not typically covered in leadership training or employee handbooks. However, the pandemic and other public health crises have prompted many organizations to create policies that address the needs of grieving employees while still achieving business outcomes.

A study conducted by the Grief Recovery Institute found that the annual loss in productivity due to grieving employees exceeds $75 billion. It also found that grief can impact workplace performance of grieving employees in several ways.

As the former president of the Crisis Care Network in Grandville, Mich., VandePol was instrumental in developing a crisis communication process that organizations can use to shape and guide their response to an employee's death. This approach is captured in the acronym ACT: Acknowledge, Communicate, Transition.

"Leadership matters more than policy. Employees will remember less about their employer's policies and more about how company leadership treated them," Casablanca said. "Caring can go a long way toward healing." shrm.org

Post-COVID Return to Work Continues to Fizzle Out
After an uptick observed this spring, office-space usage has mostly flattened

Publix supermarkets not offering COVID vaccine to young kids


Retail Body Cams for Store Safety
UK: Co-Op Rolls Out Bodycams to Ensure Colleague & Customer Safety

Co-op is rolling out colleague body cameras to a further 38 stores in the UK.

After an initial roll out proved successful, the retailer is trying to combat crime and keep colleagues and customers safe. The symbol group retailer, which has over 260 stores across 16 counties, launched the body cams in over 50 of its stores last year after an initial trial in two Birmingham stores.

This news comes after tougher penalties came into law for those who attack shop workers following a campaign by retailers, including Central England Co-op. Under the new legislation, abuse against individuals who serve the public has become an aggravated offence.

Loss prevention advisor Nicola Walton said: "Our body camera roll out last year to over 50 of our stores was a great success. It allowed our colleagues to feel safer while serving their communities and played its part as another deterrent to prevent crimes before they take place."

"Over the past few years, we have invested heavily in a range of measures to keep our colleagues and customers safe, ranging from centrally monitored CCTV systems that can be activated at the touch of a button, to increased numbers of security guards.

"Today's news is just another way we can continue to invest in keeping people safe at work and while they shop."

Store manager Nigel Smith, whose store was included in the initial roll out of the technology, added: "Having the body cams in our store has proved beneficial - they've given colleagues that extra reassurance and they have all taken to using them well.

"If people come into the store with intent to cause trouble, if they see that we have a camera on, it does make them think twice." grocerygazette.co.uk

Retailers: Prepare for More Unrest - When & Where Do Major Protests Begin?
Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, eliminating constitutional right to abortion
The Supreme Court ruled Friday that Americans no longer have a constitutional right to abortion, a watershed decision that overturned Roe v. Wade and erased reproductive rights in place for nearly five decades.

The decision instantly shifts the focus of one of the nation's most divisive issues to state capitals: Republican lawmakers are set to ban abortion in about half the states while Democratic-led states are likely to reinforce protections for the procedure. Access to abortion, in other words, will depend almost entirely on where a person lives.

Corporate leaders were warned they should brace for potential protests and disruptions if the US Supreme Court overturns or weakens abortion rights, according to law enforcement and workplace experts.

A memo from the Department of Homeland Security obtained by Axios said that extremists on both sides of the abortion issue might target protestors, government officials, companies that make or sell medication to end pregnancies, and "organizations that fund and facilitate travel for those seeking abortions."

Insider spoke with top CEO consultants to understand what steps business leaders should take to prepare for any potential fallout from a reversal or watering down of Roe. That readiness could be particularly important in the 26 "trigger ban" states that are poised to prohibit or limit access to abortions if the Supreme Court overturns Roe. usatoday.com businessinsider.com

The Importance of Branding in Retail
The World's 2022 Top 5 Most Valuable Retail Brands

With a Peek at the Top Global Technology Brands of 2022

By Tony D'Onofrio, Global Retail Influencer & Prosegur's CEO & Managing Director, Global Retail Business Unit

For quite some time, I have been predicting that the future of retail will be driven by stronger branding and increased digitally influenced immersive customer experiences. COVID-19 became a major accelerator of digital transformation trends with technology often becoming the differentiator to changes in consumer loyalty.

"The pandemic ushered in an unprecedented level of channel switching and brand loyalty disruption. A whopping 75 percent of consumers tried new shopping behaviors, with many of them citing convenience and value. Fully 39 percent of them, mainly Gen Z and millennials, deserted trusted brands for new ones. That restlessness is reflected in the fact that many younger consumers say that they are still searching for brands that reflect their values."

This article summarizes the continued importance of branding focusing on the 2022 leaders as researched in one of my favorite annual reports from Brand Directory / Brand Finance.

Strong Brands Consistently Outperform the Market

According to McKinsey, "the world's 40 strongest brands yielded almost twice the total return to shareholders (TRS) of an investment in a Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) World index certificate over the course of the 20-year period ending in 2019."

Read the full article here

C-Store Owner Punished in Court for Refusing to Operate 24/7
7-Eleven Franchisee Who Rebelled Against Company Loses in Court

Mitoshi Matsumoto, who closed for a few hours every night, was ordered by a judge to hand over his store and pay damages to the corporate giant.

Mitoshi Matsumoto, the man who has waged a David-and-Goliath campaign against the Japanese convenience store giant 7-Eleven, stood in front of a roomful of the company's franchisees on Thursday, bowed deeply and apologized.

Mr. Matsumoto has spent the last two and a half years fighting in court for control of a 7-Eleven store that the company forced out of business after he refused to operate it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. His struggle has become a rallying point for thousands of convenience store owners across the country who have bristled against the company's rigid control of their franchises, hoping that a victory would help them win a measure of independence.

But on Thursday afternoon, a judge ordered Mr. Matsumoto to immediately hand his store in the Osaka suburbs, which he opened in 2012, over to the company and pay around $845,000 in estimated damages for lost business.

After the ruling, Mr. Matsumoto said that he was sorry to have let his supporters down, but that he intended to fight on and appeal the ruling. "It would have been better if we'd gotten a good result, but the push to shorten hours is going to keep moving forward," he said.

The case's final outcome is likely to have profound implications for the relationships between Japan's convenience store companies and the more than 50,000 outlets they control. 7-Eleven's locations account for more than 40 percent of those stores, and for decades the company has been seen as the industry standard. nytimes.com

Sale of Juul E-Cigarettes Banned in the U.S.
FDA bans Juul e-cigarettes as U.S. pursues broader crackdown on nicotine products

The FDA rejected Juul's application to sell its e-cigarettes in the U.S.

The Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday that it is banning the sale of Juul e-cigarettes in the U.S. Juul intends to seek a stay on the decision and is exploring options, which include appealing the decision or engaging with the FDA, Chief Regulatory Officer Joe Murillo said in a statement.

The ban is part of the FDA's broader review of the vaping industry following years of pressure from politicians and public health groups to regulate the segment as strictly as other tobacco products after vaping became more common among high schoolers.

A ban on the sale of those remaining products by Juul would deal a hefty blow to the company. Juul's international expansion efforts have been hamstrung by regulations and a lack of consumer interest. The U.S. remains its largest market. cnbc.com

Illegal Union Busting?
Starbucks used "array of illegal tactics" against unionizing workers, regulators say
The National Labor Relations Board is asking a federal court to order Starbucks to stop using what the federal agency calls an "array of illegal tactics" aimed at workers involved in unionization efforts at the coffee chain's stores.

The NLRB's petition, filed Tuesday in a U.S. District Court in western New York, is the board's third against the company since workers at a Starbucks store in Buffalo in December voted to join a union - a first for the retailer's nearly 10,000 company-owned stores in the U.S. At least 151 stores have since voted to unionize, and more than 289 stores have filed with the NLRB to hold elections.

Starbucks opposes the unionization effort, arguing the company runs better when dealing directly with its employees. But it has consistently rejected claims it uses unlawful tactics aimed at discouraging workers from trying to organize. cbsnews.com

Gap Inc. unveils 4 lab stores at San Francisco headquarters

Target CEO said chain had to rip the inventory bandage off

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Director, AP & Corp Security job posted for Staples in Framingham, MA
Accountable for developing and executing all programs within the Supply Chain & Corporate locations relating to Physical Security and Asset Protection (AP). This role will include driving company programs designed to reduce Shrink, Cargo Loss, Workplace Violence (WPV), internal/external investigations, and injuries to associates. The Director will focus on maximizing the performance & productivity of the Staples Supply Chain & Corporate security teams to meet established business goals & roadmaps. careers.staples.com

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Your Info is For Sale on the Dark Web
The price of stolen info: Everything on sale on the dark web

What is the price for personal information, including credit cards and bank accounts, on the dark web?

Privacy Affairs researchers concluded criminals using the dark web need only spend $1,115 for a complete set of a person's account details, enabling them to create fake IDs and forge private documents, such as passports and driver's licenses.

Prices on the dark web

Access to other information is becoming even cheaper. The Dark Web Price Index 2022 - based on data scanning dark web marketplaces, forums, and websites, revealed:

Credit card details and associated information. Cost between $17-$120
Online banking login information costs $45
Hacked Facebook account: $45
Cloned VISA with PIN: $20
Stolen PayPal account details, minimum $1000 balances: $20.

In December 2021, about 4.5 million credit cards went up for sale on the dark web, the study found. The average price ranged from $1-$20.

Dark web market growth

In the past year, the dark web data market grew larger in total volume and product variety, so as supply grew, most prices plummeted, according to Zoltan. The review revealed sales volumes on the dark web data market in 2021 was way up. More than 9,000 active vendors selling fake IDs and credit cards reported sales in the several thousands.

Cryptocurrency and entertainment services

Renowned cryptocurrency trading platforms and wallets, such as LocalBitcoins, Kraken, and Coinbase, featured in dark web listings ranging from $90 to $250. Those with a taste for entertainment can buy access to paid online subscription services. A hacked Netflix 1-year subscription retails at $25; an HBO account is $4, a Bet365 account is $40, and a hacked Uber account will set a cybercriminal back $15. helpnetsecurity.com

Identity-Related Breaches Surge
80% of Firms Suffered Identity-Related Breaches in Last 12 Months

With almost every business experiencing growth in human and machine identities, firms have made securing those identities a priority.

AdvertisementRapidly growing employee identities, third-party partners, and machine nodes have companies scrambling to secure credential information, software secrets, and cloud identities, according to researchers.

In a survey of IT and identity professionals released Wednesday from Dimensional Research, almost every organization - 98% - experiences rapid growth in the number of identities that have to be managed, with that growth driven by expanding cloud usage, more third-party partners, and machine identities. Furthermore, businesses are also seeing an increase in breaches because of this, with 84% of firms suffering an identity-related breach in the past 12 months, compared with 79% in a previous study covering two years.

The rising incidence of breaches is unsurprising, says Julie Smith, executive director of the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), which sponsored the survey.

"The number and complexity of identities organizations are having to manage and secure is increasing," she says. "Whenever there is an increase in identities, there is a corresponding heightened risk of identity-related breaches due to them not being properly managed and secured, and with the attack surfaces also growing exponentially, these breaches can occur on multiple fronts."

For the most part, organizations focus on employee identities, which 70% consider to be the most likely to be breached and 58% believe to have the greatest impact, according to the 2022 "Trends in Securing Digital Identities" report based on the survey. Yet third-party partners and business customers are significant sources of risk as well, with 35% and 25% of respondents considering those to be a major source of breaches, respectively. darkreading.com

'Sheer Manpower is No Longer Enough'
The Importance of Automated Cyberthreat Response

Mike DeCesare, CEO of Exabeam, Discusses Evolving XDR Trends

It's critical to enable companies to not only see what is going on in their IT environments, but to also quickly react, and "sheer manpower" is no longer sufficient to respond to the surge of cyberthreats evolving today, says Mike DeCesare, CEO of Exabeam.

"Companies are going to have to allow their cybersecurity products - and especially the easier things to block - to just block those [threats] automatically," he says.

In a video interview with Information Security Media Group at RSA Conference 2022, DeCesare also discusses:

Taking an "open approach" to XDR;
The importance of automated response;
The biggest cybersecurity pain points for many organizations today.

Prior to Exabeam, DeCesare served as CEO and president of Forescout Technologies and continues to serve as a board member with this leader in enterprise of things security. Prior to Forescout, he spent eight years at McAfee, serving four years as president and four years as senior vice president of worldwide sales and operations. DeCesare has also served in leadership roles at Documentum, EMC, and Oracle over the course of his career in cybersecurity. govinfosecurity.com
Microsoft 365 Users in US Face Raging Spate of Attacks
A voicemail-themed phishing campaign is hitting specific industry verticals across the country, bent on scavenging credentials that can be used for a range of nefarious purposes.

Chinese APT Group Likely Using Ransomware Attacks as Cover for IP Theft






Amazon's 1st Fully Autonomous Warehouse
Amazon announces its first fully autonomous mobile warehouse robot

It can pick things up, put them down, and move them around

Amazon has announced its "first fully autonomous mobile robot," meant to move large carts throughout its warehouses. The robot is called Proteus, and Amazon says it can safely navigate around human employees, unlike some of its past robots that it kept separated in a caged area.

Amazon says Proteus robots have "advanced safety, perception, and navigation technology," and a (strangely silent) video shows the robots shining a green light in front of themselves as they move around. When a human steps into the beam, the robot stops moving, then resumes after the person moves away.

The company has also announced several other robotic systems. One, called Cardinal, is a robotic arm that can lift and move packages weighing up to 50 pounds, which Amazon hopes to deploy in warehouses next year. The company says that its computer vision systems let it pick out and lift individual packages, even if they're in a pile.

Amazon's post also shows off tech that could let employees ditch the hand scanners they use to log barcodes. Instead, workers stand in front of a camera system that recognizes the packages without pausing to scan the label.

There isn't a lot of detail on how it works other than some combination of machine learning and a 120 fps camera system, but the effect is similar to what we've seen from the company's Just Walk Out tech that lets it build cashierless stores.

As is often the case with new robot technology, there are potential labor concerns. Despite recent reports that Amazon could soon struggle to find workers, the company says it's not looking to build robots instead of hiring people. A lead at Amazon's robotics division explicitly told Forbes that "replacing people with machines is just a fallacy" that could lead to a company going out of business.

However, robots could play a role in setting a pace of work that humans struggle to safely keep up with, something we've already seen happen at the company with automated management systems. The new scanning system especially seems like it could create unrealistic expectations about how fast workers should be moving. theverge.com

3 in 4 online shoppers experience buyer's remorse, survey says

About a third of consumers said they regret overspending while shopping online

While online shopping is a convenient way to purchase the items you need and compare prices across retailers without leaving the comfort of your home, survey data said that it can also lead to poor spending habits.

Nearly three-quarters (74%) of online shoppers have experienced buyer's remorse, according to a recent survey from the coupon search website Slickdeals.

The most commonly held regret was that an item's value was less than expected for the price (39%), followed by not really using an item purchased online (34%). About a third (32%) of consumers said they regret spending too much money while shopping online. foxnews.com

Amazon flexes relationship with feds in recent counterfeit, fraud court cases
Amazon's work with law enforcement and the Department of Justice is leading to more civil suits and convictions for scams and counterfeit goods.







Seattle, WA: State AG announces new task force to focus on retail theft
With retail thefts on the rise, Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson said it is time to take a stronger approach. On Thursday, Ferguson unveiled a new task force to crack down on organized crime that is costing the state billions. While Seattle retailers have faced the brunt of the toxic trend, grocery stores in the state have been hit the hardest, and Ferguson acknowledged that stores and local law enforcement need help. kiro7.com

Miami, FL: Airport cargo workers in Miami face jail time over electronics theft
Miami authorities reviewed CCTV footage taken on May 1 due to a reported theft in LATAM Airlines. They found two workers putting cargo boxes into a rolling trash bin and concealing the goods with nets. The report stated that the two men, Gonzalez Torres and Duardo Vera put the trash bin along a wall and began taking out boxes that contained electronic products. A total of $21,728.35 were thought to have been stolen and consists of 20 iPhones, 30 AirPods Pro and AirPods, five MacBook Pros and a charging cable. The boxes contained around $15k worth of electronics but the recipient filed another $6k worth of Apple products stolen with varying dates. ilounge.com

Wilbraham, MA: Man charged with armed robbery, assault & battery on police officer at Home Depot
One person was arrested after officers were called to an armed robbery at Home Depot in Wilbraham Wednesday afternoon. According to the Wilbraham Police Department, at around 2:50 p.m. officers were called to Home Depot for a shoplifting incident. When police arrived, the suspects were already gone but are a known group targeting Home Depots across Massachusetts and Connecticut for copper wire.
Police were called again for another shoplifting incident at Home Depot around 3:34 p.m. When police arrived, two Hispanic men were seen exiting with a large amount of Romex wire valued at over $1,600. A foot pursuit began when they were ordered to stop.

A violent struggle began with one of the suspects with an officer on the ground. The suspect was ordered to stop resisting several times but refused. He yelled in Spanish to the second suspect, later identified as Jorge Luis Maldonado-Ramos, to assist by "grabbing it." The officer then drew his taser and ordered Maldonado-Ramos to back up.

While still struggling with the first suspect on the ground, the officer saw him staring at the taser, and Maldonado-Ramos staring at his firearm. The suspect on the ground ripped the taser and holster off the officer's chest and threw them to Maldonado-Ramos which he pointed at the officer. He dropped the taser and both suspects ran after the officer stepped back and drew his firearm. Jorge Luis Maldonado-Ramos was taken into custody by another Wilbraham officer with the assistance of an off-duty Hampden Sergeant. The other unknown suspect got away in a vehicle, and a police pursuit into Springfield was terminated due to safety issues. wwlp.com

Pittsburgh, PA: Woman accused of stealing U-Haul in Monroeville to drive while stealing from retail stores
A warrant is out for the arrest of Courtney Kish. She's accused of stealing a U-Haul from Monroeville and using it with her wife, Hayley Kish, to steal merchandise from retail stores. Channel 11 interviewed the duo last year, when they say their car was stolen while trying to help a man flagging down cars on the Parkway East. He was involved in a crime spree, and they were victims at the time. "We live in a crazy world, so I guess it doesn't surprise me that people are doing crazy stuff like that," Andrew Lewis tells Channel 11. Now the couple is accused In a crime spree, hitting nearly a dozen stores, including an Auto Zone along McKnight Road in Ross Township. Our sources tell us it's a bold move because it was all clearly caught on camera. wpxi.com

Frederick County, MD: Police investigating $3800 Vinyl Record from Barnes & Noble
Do vinyl records actually sound better than CDs, digital downloads or streaming services? One woman in Frederick County appears to think so, since she's wanted for swiping more than $3,000-worth of long players. The Frederick County Sheriff's Office shared photos of the suspected thief from surveillance video in a Barnes & Noble store. She's shown taking a record and placing it in her bag. The sheriff's office said the same unidentified woman is wanted in connection to numerous other record thefts, totaling more than $3,480 as of June 18. wusa9.com

Eustis, FL: $1,800 of gas for six bucks? Man charged with using pump manipulation device at gas station
Police have arrested an Orlando man and charged him with stealing more than $1,800 worth of diesel from a fuel pump at a gas station. According to the arrest affidavit, the man was using an electronic device that thieves are using across the nation - a pulsar manipulation device. They manipulate the counter in the pump, making it move very slowly while fuel is being pumped at a normal rate. dailycommercial.com

Bellingham, WA: Alleged Shoplifters caught on Camera at Target, Bellis Fair Mall

Lake Havasu, AZ: Havasu woman faces felony shoplifting charges

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Shootings & Deaths

Nashville, TN: 16-year-old girl arrested for stabbing death outside a Walmart
Metro Nashville Police have arrested a teenager accused of stabbing a 14-year-old girl to death earlier this week. Detectives have charged Isabelle Jocson, 16, with criminal homicide for the death of Malia Powell. Powell was killed on Dickerson Pike late Monday night when Jocson allegedly stabbed her with a pocketknife. According to police, the two didn't know each other, but "had words" inside a Walmart store. The confrontation continued into the parking lot and near a WeGo bus stop. That's when the suspect reportedly asked Powell if she wanted to fight and then "charged her while holding a pocketknife." newschannel9.com

Oak Park, IL: 18-Year-Old Killed During Robbery outside Gas Station
A chilling crime has stunned residents in suburban Oak Park, as two assailants shot and killed an 18-year-old woman in the parking lot of a gas station Wednesday morning. According to police, two men approached Jailyn Logan-Bledsoe in the parking lot of a BP station in the 100 block of Chicago Avenue at approximately 1:50 a.m. Wednesday. During the ensuing robbery, one of the men shot her in the head, and she was pronounced dead at an area hospital. The two suspects stole items from her and then fled the scene in her Chrysler, according to police. "I felt safe in the neighborhood, but I just don't feel safe anymore," neighbor Diana Alder said. Many residents in the community are concerned after the shooting, saying that they feel that 24-hour gas stations in the area have been targeted by robbers in recent months. "I am concerned about it being open 24 hours," Alder said. "It seems like every time there's a shooting or a robbery it's done in the evening or the early morning hours."  nbcchicago.com

Baton Rouge, LA: 19-year-old arrested, charged with first-degree murder for deadly shooting at Benny's
The Baton Rouge Police Department is investigating a deadly shooting at a popular gas station and car wash on Perkins Road. According to officials, Richard Eackels Sr., 27, has been identified as the victim who was killed near the free vacuum area of Benny's Car Wash, around 1:20 p.m. on Thursday, June 23. "It occurred while the individuals were cleaning their cars," said Sgt. L'Jean McKneely with the Baton Rouge Police Department. Kamayrion Glasper, 19, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and three counts of attempted first-degree murder. wafb.com

Murfreesboro, TN: Checkers manager fires shot at angry customer
A woman faces aggravated assault charges after she fired a gunshot at angry customers at a Murfreesboro Checkers restaurant Wednesday. Murfreesboro Police reported Sherrika Starnes, 36, got into a dispute with two customers who were reportedly angry their food was taking too long to arrive after they ordered at around 1 p.m. Wednesday. One of them began arguing with employees, demanding either his food or a refund. Another man reportedly began throwing rocks at the two.

Starnes reportedly yelled at all three customers, asking them to leave, before coming out of the restaurant with a handgun. One of the customers threw a drink at the manager, and she fired one round at him, according to Murfreesboro police. Two of the customers ran next door to the Jackson Motel and waited on officers to arrive. No one was injured. Starnes reportedly left the restaurant, located at 829 NW Broad Street, but later came to the Mufreesboro Police Department to speak with detectives. She was released from the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center on a $5,000 bond. She is set for an Aug. 22 hearing in Rutherford County General Sessions Court. wreg.com

Baltimore, MD: Drive-by shooting injures 3 at Parkside Shopping Center in northeast Baltimore
Police were called just before 10 a.m. to the Moravia Mart at the Parkside Shopping Center on Sinclair Lane. Police said officers found two 21-year-old men and a 36-year-old man shot. The victims were taken to hospitals. Police said a preliminary investigation indicates someone in a minivan drove past the victims and opened fire, hitting one of the men several times and hitting both of the other victims once. One of the victims was able to run to the nearby Giant Food store to ask for help. Police described to 11 News what they said was a very frightening scene, where more than 20 shell casings were left strewn on the ground. Evidence markers, bloody clothing and broken glass sat on the sidewalk. kyma.com

Oklahoma City, OK: Suspect fired round at Dispensary employee during robbery


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Chicago, IL: MMA Instructor Pins Down Shoplifter Accused of Assaulting a 19-Year-Old 7-Eleven Employee
A video has been going viral which features Idriz Redzovic sitting on top of Christopher Cruz. Cruz's arms were twisted around him. As reported by 'Patch', Redzovic, a jiu-jitsu instructor used his fighting skills to detain Cruz for around 13 minutes after Cruz swung at a 7-Eleven employee. As per reports, the police arrived after a few minutes. After pinning Cruz to the ground, Redzovic reportedly said, "You're going to stay here until the cops come." "You swung at the 7-Eleven employee." Redzovic is a jiu-jitsu instructor at Supreme Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Lincoln Park. He had stopped by the store in the 1500 block of West Lawrence Avenue to buy some Slurpees for his children at around 10 p.m. on June 16. That was when he saw Cruz swing at a 7-Eleven employee and hence, intervened. essentiallysports.com

Paris, France: Police catch up to Bulgari thieves almost a year after $10 million heist
Paris police have made arrests in connection with the burglary of a fine jewelry store in the French capital last year. The Bulgari store on Paris' Place Vendôme was broken into early last September, with a group of thieves leading police on a chase through the city and only two members of the gang being caught on the day. The escaping members of the group got away with loot worth €10 million (£8.6 million). professionaljeweller.com

Markham, Ontario, CN: Daylight jewelry robbery at Markham's Pacific Mall is under investigation
Manfook Jewellery, located at Markham's Pacific Mall, was robbed in the afternoon of June 22. Social media posts indicated the windows were smashed. York Regional Police confirmed the robbery but gave no further details. A witness who was nearby at the time of the attack said he heard a loud smashing of glass and saw people running out at around 12:30 p.m. Photos from the scene show the windows on the side of the shop were shattered. thestar.com

New York, NY: Shoplifter who even DA Alvin Bragg wanted locked up is let go after 122nd arrest - thanks to bail laws
Even lefty Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg wanted him behind bars. A shoplifter with 122 busts under his belt was released on his own recognizance Wednesday thanks to controversial bail reform laws Bragg typically defends - and the DA's office told The Post that even prosecutors would have asked for pre-trial detention if they could. In the latest reported case of lax city crime policies run amok, accused serial shoplifter Lorenzo McLucas, 34, was nabbed for stealing from the cosmetics counter at a Duane Reade on Lexington Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, according to cops and court documents.

Bragg's office told The Post that it would have requested McLucas be detained if it could, keeping in line with the DA's recent announcement that he wanted to clamp down on serial shoplifters. "We cannot accept a system where individuals who shoplift again and again cycle in and out of jail, just to shoplift again,'' Bragg had said in a June 17 statement - two days before city business owners revealed the alleged soft-on-crime DA assured them he would launch a crackdown on such thefts.  nypost.com

Mobile, AL: Man sentenced to almost 23 years for a string of pharmacy holdups and burglaries

Cleveland, OH: CLE woman shares rental car nightmare after returned car turns up missing; Rental car company issued her thousands in charges



C-Store- Sacramento County, CA - Armed Robbery
C-Store- Howell, VA - Armed Robbery
Dollar - Stillwater, OK - Burglary
Dollar - Tangipahoa Parish, LA - Burglary
Gas Station - Oak Park, IL - Armed Robbery / Customer killed
Gas Station - Manassas, VA - Robbery
Gun - Cleveland, GA - Burglary
Hardware - Wilbraham, MA - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Woodbridge, NJ - Burglary
Jewelry - Manchester, CT - Robbery
Jewelry - Hialeah, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Medford, OR - Robbery
Jewelry - Boca Raton, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Louisville, KY -Robbery
Jewelry - Pembroke Pines, FL - Robbery
Marijuana - Oklahoma City, OK - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Modesto, CA - Burglary (Arby's)
Restaurant - Modesto, CA - Burglary (Wienerschnitzel)
Thrift - North Charleston, SC - Burglary
Vape - North Charleston, SC - Burglary
Verizon - Peachtree City, GA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 13 robberies
• 8 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 1 killed


Weekly Totals:
• 69 robberies
• 31 burglaries
• 3 shootings
• 3 killed

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Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Regional Safety Manager - South Florida Region
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Corporate Risk Manager
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Corporate Risk Manager
Atlanta, GA / Birmingham, AL - posted June 10
Summary of Role and Responsibilities: A proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries, whether to our employees, third parties, or customer's valuables. They include but are not limited to cash in transit, auto losses, or injuries....

Physical Security Operations Center Leader
Columbia, MD - posted June 8
The primary purpose of this role is to partner, lead and manage a Central Station/Physical Security Operations Center driving operational execution and enhancements to ensure effectiveness and a positive customer experience. This individual is also responsible for leading a team of operators providing professional and accurate responses...

Senior Manager, Asset Protection
Orlando, FL - posted May 13
You will lead and manage NA processes and programs to protect company assets, people and brand. Our mission for this role is to provide an operational focus on workplace and physical security programs, profit protection and investigations. You will report to the Consumer Products, Games and Publishing Executive Director, Global AP and Safety...

Region Asset Protection Manager-Southwest Florida
Fort Myers, FL - posted May 12
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Loss Prevention Specialists (Store Detective)
Albany, NY; Hyannis, MA; Burlington, VT; Hartford, CT
- posted May 6
Detect and respond to external theft and fraud by working undercover within the store(s) you are assigned to. Working as a team with store management and associates in combating loss in the store(s). Developing and analyzing external theft trends, utilizing information in company reports and information gathered from store management and associates...

Retail Asset Protection Associate
Medford, MA; Brockton, MA; East Springfield, MA - posted May 6
The Asset Protection Greeter role is responsible for greeting all customers as they enter the store, ensuring that customers see the Company's commitment to provide a safe and secure shopping environment, as well as deterring theft, shoplifting, or other dishonest activities...

Loss Prevention Supply Chain Manager
Fresno, CA - posted April 25
The Loss Prevention Manager, Supply Chain (LPMSC) drives shrink improvement and profit protection activities for an assigned distribution center (DC), its in-bound and outbound shipping networks and its third party pooling centers...

Asset Protection Lead (Regional), Atlanta/Carolinas
Atlanta/Charlotte - posted April 22
Responsible for the protection of company assets and mitigation of risk. Effectively communicates, trains, implements, and monitors all aspects of Asset Protection programs in assigned markets. These programs include Tier Shrink Reduction Strategy, training and awareness, store audits, investigative initiatives, profit protection, health and safety and budgetary compliance...

Regional LP Manager
Pacific Northwest - posted April 22
Minimize losses to the business, improve profitability and provide dedicated support to the field and all field personnel, focusing on external theft, internal theft, systems and administrating training and P&P compliance, stocktaking processing and analysis...

Regional Loss Prevention Auditor
Multiple Locations - posted April 20
The Regional Loss Prevention Auditor (RLPA) is responsible for conducting operational audits and facilitating training meetings in our clients' locations. The audit examines operational controls, loss prevention best practices, and customer service-related opportunities.

Business Manager
Dallas/Fort Worth Area, TX - posted April 6
Sapphire Risk Advisory Group is seeking a Business Manager to work in the company's Dallas-area office in a W2 position and will closely partner with other members of the team to manage projects and communicate with contractors, vendors, and clients...

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