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Steven P. Palumbo CFI, CPP named Senior Director - Security Operations for Bed Bath & Beyond
Before joining Bed Bath & Beyond as Senior Director - Security Operations, Steven spent more than a year as Senior Manager - Security Risk Management for Kroll. Prior to that, he spent 13 years with Tiffany & Co. as Senior Director - Security Operations (8 years) and Director Security - New York City (5 years). Earlier in his career, he served as Director of Loss Prevention for Bloomingdale's. Congratulations, Steven!

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Macy's VP of AP Talks RFID & ORC
Using RFID to Bring Down Organized Retail Crime

The digitization of retail is well underway, and RFID has played a key role in optimizing inventory, enabling omnichannel processes and improving the customer experience. One lesser-known benefit is that the technology improves shrink visibility. This is critical at a time when retailers are confronting rising theft and brand insecurity.

In this session, Macy's VP of asset protection operations and strategy will explain how the retail giant uses RFID linked to video to combat organized retail crime and protect its personnel, customers, products, profits and brand.

Speakers: Joe Coll, VP of Asset Protection Operations & Strategy, Macy's
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

Click here to hear the full audio recording

The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Philly Becoming Hotspot of 'Very Dangerous' Shoplifting Surge
Philadelphia businesses 'closing left and right' over increase in shoplifting

Philadelphia business owners say it's 'very dangerous' to run a business in the city

Convenience stores in the Philadelphia area are "closing left and right" in response to an increase in brazen shoplifting incidents, merchants in the city say.

"Right now we have a lot of problems with the city of Philadelphia. We are closing left and right," Manzoor Chughtai, the president of the Franchise Owners Association, said, according to WPVI. "Robbers are coming in, they're just robbing the place left and right."

Chughtai said 15-20 stores in the city have closed in recent days, noting that people aren't stepping up to take over a store and run it.

"We have now lost about 15-20 stores in the city of Philadelphia. Nobody wants to take over the store. Nobody wants to run the business in the city of Philadelphia. Very dangerous," said Chughtai.

"It's a scary situation. Sooner or later somebody is gonna get really hurt out there," Emmanuel said.

Similar issues with rampant shoplifting have affected other cities in the country, most notably San Francisco. Walgreens shuttered more than a dozen locations in the Bay Area as of last year, citing "ongoing organized retail crime."

"Due to ongoing organized retail crime, we have made the difficult decision to close five stores across San Francisco," a Walgreens spokesperson told FOX Business in a statement in October. "Each store will transfer prescriptions to a nearby Walgreens location within a mile radius and we expect to place the stores' team members in other nearby locations."  foxbusiness.com

Illinois AG Applauds New Statewide ORC Legislation
Attorney General Raoul Applauds Signing of Legislation to Combat the Rise in Organized Retail Crime

"By advancing the Organized Retail Crime Act, Illinois is enacting one of the most comprehensive crime-curbing efforts in the nation."

Attorney General Kwame Raoul today applauded Gov. J.B. Pritzker for signing legislation Raoul initiated to combat the rise in organized retail crime and disrupt the criminal enterprises that engage in and profit from organized retail theft.

Raoul, in partnership with the Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA), initiated House Bill 1091 to address organized retail crime throughout the state of Illinois. The new law closes gaps in current Illinois law by defining the offense of organized retail crime, which will provide law enforcement with more tools to investigate and prosecute the actors who orchestrate these criminal activities.

"Serious criminal activities, including gunrunning and drug trafficking, have been funded using proceeds from the sales of merchandise stolen through organized retail crimes. This is not just a criminal problem - this hurts consumers as well. That is why we need online marketplaces to do their part. Online marketplaces must use their intellectual resources to make sure criminals are not selling stolen products on their sites, which will help us protect consumers," Raoul said.

He added, "This law strengthens the authority of my office and other law enforcement agencies to disrupt criminal enterprises that are directly responsible for the rise in organized retail crime."

"This new law represents another important step to fight crime and advance public safety in Illinois," Governor Pritzker said. "This is how we protect store workers and customers, prevent militarized storefronts and empty commercial corridors, and across the board, make communities safer for all who call them home. And I look forward to furthering our work to shape a public safety system that works for all of us, including ensuring the victim rights advanced today are carried throughout our justice system."

"Organized retail crimes across the state have disturbed residents, wreaked havoc on businesses and stunted growth within local economies," Glowiak Hilton said. "By advancing the Organized Retail Crime Act, Illinois is enacting one of the most comprehensive crime-curbing efforts in the nation." illinoisattorneygeneral.gov

North Carolina Lawmakers Propose Tough Retail Theft Penalties
House Bill 1005 would step up penalties for organized retail theft

House Bill 1005 would strengthen penalties associated with organized retail theft.

Organized retail theft could carry stiffer criminal penalties, under a bill filed this week at the N.C. General Assembly. Some offenses could lead to prison sentences of up to 15 years. North Carolina already criminalizes organized retail theft. H.B. 1005 expands on existing law.

It creates a new Class F felony for a person who conspires with someone else to steal $50,000 or more in property from one or more retail stores over a 90-day period, "with the intent to sell that retail property for monetary or other gain, and who takes or causes that retail property to be placed in the control of a retail property fence or other person in exchange for consideration."

Authorities could charge the same felony for someone who conspires with at least two other people "as an organizer, supervisor, financier, leader, or manager to engage for profit in a scheme or course of conduct to effectuate the transfer or sale of property stolen from a merchant."

If the amount stolen tops $100,000 over a 90-day period, the charge could jump to a Class C felony, which carries a sentence of 44 to 182 months in prison. Those sentenced at the upper end of the scale would spend more than 15 years behind bars.

H.B. 1005 also would create new felony crimes for organized retail theft that causes more than $1,000 in property damage or involves an assault on a store employee or law enforcement officer.

Carolina Journal reported last December on the negative impact of "smash-and-grab" crimes linked to organized retail theft. Thieves hit stores particularly hard during the last Christmas shopping season, even the small businesses barely recovering from the pandemic, labor shortages, and supply chain problems. carolinajournal.com

Justice Department's Post-Buffalo Hate Crime Crackdown
DOJ vows ramped up effort against hate crime after Buffalo shooting
The Department of Justice (DOJ) is vowing to ramp up efforts to confront hate crime, a pledge that comes amid growing concerns that the white nationalist ideology behind the deadly Buffalo shooting has increasingly moved from the political fringes into the mainstream.

Attorney General Merrick Garland on Friday addressed the racially motivated rampage, saying the department would use "every legal tool at our disposal" to investigate the attack and combat what he described as the "evolving" threat of hate crime.

"Unfortunately, we are gathered today in the shadow, in the wake of another horrific attack," Garland told an audience in Washington. "We commit to using every resource of the Department of Justice to prevent these kinds of acts of hate, to hold accountable those who commit them and to support the communities that are damaged and terrorized by them."

The shooting spree at a Buffalo supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood on May 14 killed 10 and injured three others; all but two of the victims were Black. The alleged assailant, 18-year-old Payton Gendron, has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of first-degree murder.

The DOJ said it was investigating the attack as a hate crime and an act of racially motivated violent extremism. The federal government last year reported 8,305 hate crimes in 2020, the highest recorded figure in roughly two decades.

The DOJ's determination to probe the Buffalo shooting as a hate crime was based in part on a 180-page manifesto the suspect allegedly posted on the internet two days before the attack in which he described being motivated by white nationalism. thehill.com

Cracking Down on Gun Violence Epidemic Following Buffalo Store Shooting
Senators demand gun shipment stats from trucking, rail companies following series of mass shootings

Carriers' lax security could be contributing to gun violence epidemic, Democratic lawmakers say

Five Democratic U.S. senators have asked 22 trucking and logistics companies and the country's six Class 1 railroads to divulge firearms shipment data out of concern that security loopholes are contributing to rising gun violence.

In a letter sent on Thursday to the freight and parcel carriers - including J.B. Hunt, U.S. Xpress, Landstar System and UPS - the lawmakers, led by Ed Markey, D-Mass., said that gun sales and shipments have skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic as a result of exemptions provided to firearm manufacturers and dealers, also known as Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs).

"This decision allowed dealers to sell more guns than ever before. To meet this demand, firearm manufacturers and dealers shipped guns across state lines in huge numbers, providing new opportunities for criminals to exploit the weak regulation and lax security measures in the shipment process.

"For these reasons, we are concerned that [carriers] are not taking the necessary steps to protect firearm shipments and do their part in addressing the gun violence crisis facing this country."

The senators point out that just days after two deadly mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Laguna Woods, California, new federal data released this week shows gun production tripled in the U.S. since 2000.. freightwaves.com

Gun violence leaves Deep Ellum wary
Police and business owners step up security as entertainment district faces the latest wave of fear about crime.

Gun-detecting dog now on patrol at Columbiana Centre Mall

Op-Ed: Hochul's racial huckstering after Buffalo ignores NY's violent-crime surge

Ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo 'sickened' by Buffalo mass shooting, pushes for gun laws



COVID Update

584.2M Vaccinations Given

US: 85M Cases - 1M Dead - 81.6M Recovered
Worldwide: 527.8M Cases - 6.3M Dead - 498M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 358   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 772
*Red indicates change in total deaths

New COVID Wave Picks Up Steam
COVID cases rise in almost every state

The COVID wave is accelerating across the U.S., with Maine being the only state to report a slight decline in the last two weeks.

Why it matters: A 53% jump in cases and a rise in hospitalizations reflects how case growth has moved beyond the Northeast, with metropolitan areas with high vaccination rates increasingly accounting for a higher share of disease spread.

That hasn't appreciably changed public behavior, with one in three Americans now saying the pandemic is over, according to the latest installment of the Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index.

Concern among Americans ticked up slightly, the poll showed. "But there's absolutely no behavior change. If anything, behaviors are moving in the other direction.".

By the numbers: There were roughly 96,000 new daily cases over the last week, up more than 50% from about 62,500 two weeks ago. States with some of the biggest recent case jumps include Hawaii, Michigan, New Jersey and Delaware. axios.com

Post-COVID Retail Comeback
Century 21 Store Returns to NYC After Pandemic Closure and Bankruptcy

A retailer that has come to represent the resilience of NYC is making a comeback.

Century 21 will be returning to its flagship location in downtown Manhattan in spring 2023 and is teaming up with retail operator Legends to again showcase a selection of off-price luxury goods. The store will occupy four floors of 22 Cortlandt St. and will offer men's, women's and children's designer apparel, footwear, outerwear, handbags, accessories and fragrances.

Legends, which operates retail and concessions for venues including Yankee Stadium, SoFi Stadium and the World Trade Center's One World Observatory, will also be creating an e-commerce experience for the company.

"Century 21 is, and always will be, a New York City brand," Raymond Gindi, Century 21's co-chief executive officer, said in a statement Tuesday. "In our 60-year history we have only closed our doors twice, once after the devastation of 9/11 and then again during the Covid-19 pandemic. But like the true New Yorkers we are, we have persevered. We could not be more excited to bring Century 21 back home." bloomberg.com

COVID Gave Workers More Leverage - A Recession Could Eliminate It
What a recession means for return-to-office battle between workers & companies
Amid various business challenges ranging from market volatility, rising inflation, lagging revenue and a high risk of recession, companies are slowing hiring and, in some cases, letting workers go.

A quickly shifting employer-employee dynamic could give companies the ammunition to take a harder line against the full-time work-at-home arrangements that many employees have pushed for, according to corporate policies experts. In fact, they say more companies are likely to start pressing staffers to come back to the office - at least a few days a week.

"The hybrid workforce is not going to go away, but the situation where employees refuse to come to the workplace at all is not likely to hold," said Johnny C. Taylor Jr., president and CEO of The Society for Human Resource Management.

Before the pandemic, about 10% of the U.S. workforce worked fully remotely, according to SHRM data. "By the end of 2024, we believe that the number of fully remote workers will go to about 20%. But that still means 80% will be working in the office in some way," Taylor said. cnbc.com

The Rules for Hybrid Work Were Always Made Up
As more and more workplaces pause or end the expectation of three days a week in the office, a large-scale return may never be on the horizon.

As cases rise, Americans are 'checked out' on COVID-19

California coronavirus spread significantly worsens; cases doubling in some areas

Pfizer says 3 COVID shots protect children under 5


Bloomingdale's Security Evolution
How Bloomingdale's pivoted its security strategy amid COVID & civil unrest
So much of the retail environment has changed over the last two years due to COVID-19, civil unrest and increasing cybersecurity threats. Loss prevention executives have had to adapt to all those changes.

Peter Chie, Bloomingdale's operating vice president of asset protection and risk management, spoke with NRF about how Bloomingdale's adjusted its security plans in the face of civil unrest and protests and what can be done to counteract the rise in organized retail crime.

What were some of your key loss prevention goals two years ago and what are the goals today?

With the onset of the pandemic, we had to pivot quickly in several different aspects of our strategy. First, we clearly placed much more emphasis on health and safety, rapidly becoming experts in pandemic response protocols. Second, when civil unrest issues cropped up throughout the country, we focused on keeping our colleagues and customers safe with additional physical security fortification measures and training.

Finally, with the shift to more omnichannel business opportunities including ecommerce and buy online, pick up in store, we took a closer look at the increased fraud and cybersecurity implications associated with these different channels of business.

Protests and demonstrations swept through the U.S. in the summer and fall of 2020, along with workplace violence in light of COVID-19 masking and social distancing requirements. How did Bloomingdale's adjust security plans to consider and plan for potentially volatile events both inside and outside stores?

When the first protests and civil unrest scenarios started to unfold, we executed a four-prong plan to address. First, we ensured that we had a robust communication/notification system in place to stay abreast and current on all potential events. Second, we engaged and enhanced our collaborative efforts with our mall REIT partners, other retailers and law enforcement to ensure we approached these issues holistically from all angles with the support required to address.

Third, we reinforced our current colleague training including personal safety, de-escalation, protest mitigation and incident response. Finally, we ramped up our physical security fortification efforts already in the works, moving up our timeline for completion. This included installation of security measures such as roll-down gates, window laminate and CCTV system enhancements/upgrades. nrf.com

Largest Counterfeiting Transceivers Operation Ever Seized in U.S.
Bergen County Man Charged for Participating in Multimillion-Dollar Counterfeit Trafficking Conspiracy
Musa Karaman, 35, of North Arlington, New Jersey, arrested Friday on charges of participating in a multimillion-dollar conspiracy to traffic counterfeit computer networking devices

From at least September 2017 through May 2021, Karaman, Israfil "David" Demir and another an uncharged conspirator, formed and operated numerous entities in the business of selling computer networking equipment, particularly, networking devices manufactured by Cisco Systems Inc., a major U.S. technology conglomerate that were in fact counterfeit Cisco devices that the conspirators procured from various illicit suppliers based in China.

In May 2021, federal agents executed a search warrant at a Woodland Park, New Jersey warehouse used by Karaman and his conspirators as their business headquarters and discovered thousands of counterfeit Cisco devices, including 7,260 counterfeit Cisco transceivers with a total manufacturer's suggested retail price of approximately $13.77 million. Cisco informed law enforcement officials that this is one of the largest volumes of counterfeit Cisco transceivers ever seized in the United States, and that the total value of the seized counterfeit Cisco transceivers was unprecedented.

Karaman faces 20 years. justice.gov

$100M Baby Formula Fraud Scheme
Fraud Scheme Involving Baby Formula Leads to 18-Year Federal Prison Sentences for Swindlers
A federal district judge in Miami has sentenced each of three South Florida residents to 220 months in prison after a jury found them guilty of orchestrating an elaborate fraud scheme that cheated U.S. manufacturers of infant formula, eye-care products, and other FDA-regulated items out of more than $100 million.

Between 2013 and 2018, Johnny Grobman, 48, Raoul Doekhie, 53, and Sherida Nabi, 57, secured deep price discounts for infant formula and other items by lying to the U.S. manufacturers of the products. Doekhie and Nabi (who are married) told the manufacturers that they were purchasing the products to ship overseas, to Suriname, often in connection with purported government procurement contracts they held in Suriname. In fact, the defendants did not have government procurement contracts and never intended to export the products to Suriname. Instead, Grobman and others sold the products in the United States for millions of dollars, which the three defendants later split among themselves.

The defendants hid their activity from the U.S. manufacturers of the FDA-regulated products in one of three ways. The first was to send "dummy" shipments abroad. The dummy shipments did not contain the products purchased from the manufacturers, but they did generate documentation to prove that an export occurred. The second method was to "U-turn" the products: The products were shipped abroad, generating export documentation. As soon as they arrived overseas, they were shipped back to the United States. The third method was to create fraudulent export shipping documentation showing that the products were exported when they actually never left the country. justice.gov

'Operation Fly Formula' Seeks to End Formula Shortage
A shipment of 78,000 pounds of infant formula arrives in U.S.

President Joe Biden allowed the use of Air Force planes for "Operation Fly Formula."

A military plane carrying enough specialty infant formula for more than half a million baby bottles arrived Sunday in Indianapolis, the first of several flights expected from Europe aimed at relieving a shortage that has sent parents scrambling to find enough to feed their children.

President Joe Biden authorized the use of Air Force planes for the effort, dubbed "Operation Fly Formula," because no commercial flights were available. The formula weighed 78,000 pounds, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters aboard Air Force One as Biden flew from South Korea to Japan.

The flights are intended to provide "some incremental relief in the coming days" as the government works on a more lasting response to the shortage, Brian Deese, director of the White House National Economic Council, said Sunday.

The Biden administration has struggled to address the nationwide shortage of formula, particularly hypoallergenic varieties. The crisis follows the closure of the nation's largest domestic manufacturing plant in Michigan in February due to safety issues. politico.com

Walmart Deploying Robots to All 42 Distribution Centers
Walmart and Symbotic Expand Partnership to Implement Industry-Leading Automation System

Walmart in installing robotics & automation tech in all 42 of its distribution centers.

Symbotic LLC, a revolutionary A.I.-powered supply chain technology company, and Walmart Inc. announced an expanded commercial agreement to implement Symbotic's robotics and software automation platform in all 42 of Walmart's regional distribution centers over the coming years. This is an expansion of Walmart's prior commitment to deploy Symbotic Systems in 25 regional distribution centers.

The end-to-end software-enabled high-density robotics platform plays a strategic role in supporting the retailer's goal of modernizing its vast supply chain network and allows Walmart to transform its regional distribution centers to provide faster responsiveness to store orders, increased inventory accuracy and higher capacity for receiving and shipping freight to stores. The technology's ability to build palletized loads of department-sorted inventory ultimately enables Walmart to get products onto shelves at its more than 4,700 stores more quickly, while also making one of the toughest aspects of supply chain work - material handling - safer and simpler. It also creates new, tech-enabled jobs, such as cell operator and maintenance technician, that offer widely applicable skills in robotics and technology.

Walmart has already begun embedding Symbotic's technology in select regional distribution centers throughout its network. The retrofitting process of all 42 regional distribution centers is expected to be completed over the next 8+ years. businesswire.com forbes.com

First Trader Joe's Store to Seek Union
Trader Joe's workers push to unionize amid wave of organizing efforts

Branch in Hadley, Massachusetts, would be the first unionized store out of more than 530 locations in the US

Organizers have begun a unionization campaign at the upscale supermarket chain Trader Joe's after workers at a branch in Hadley, Massachusetts, announced they were forming a union and intend to file a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to hold an election.

It would be the first unionized Trader Joe's store out of more than 530 locations in the US. Workers are organizing independently, citing the similar framework of the Amazon Labor Union, which is not affiliated with traditional, established labor unions.

"We organized ourselves. With the same instinctive teamwork we use every day to break pallets, work the load, bag groceries, and care for our customers, we joined together to look out for each other and improve our workplace together," workers wrote in an announcement letter to Trader Joe's CEO, Dan Bane. theguardian.com

Jif peanut butter recalled over suspected Salmonella outbreak
The outbreak at Jif's Kentucky factory has affected 12 states and hospitalized two people. The FDA and CDC said the peanut butter should be thrown away and surfaces sanitized.

Anti-money-laundering innovations & evolving financial crime risks

eBay opens a sneaker store in Los Angeles

Consumers Aren't OK. Why April Retail Sales Are Misleading.

Quarterly Results

Richemont FY 22 Jewellery Maisons up 49%, Specialist Watchmakers up 53%, Online up 27%, sales up 46%

Children's Place Q1 comp's down 16.9%, net sales down 16.8%

Last week's #1 article --

Suspect worked at hometown market in months before attack

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Multimillion-Dollar Business Email Compromise Scheme
Nigerian Man Extradited From United Kingdom For Participating In Business Email Compromise Scams

Chibundu Joseph Anuebunwa tried to steal money from of businesses around the world by impersonating executives & sending phony emails to company employees

CHIBUNDU JOSEPH ANUEBUNWA, a citizen of Nigeria, was extradited from the United Kingdom and arrived in the United States this afternoon. ANUEBUNWA was extradited on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud in connection with his alleged participation in a multimillion-dollar business email compromise campaign that targeted thousands of victims around the world, including in the United States.

U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said: "As alleged in the indictment, Chibundu Joseph Anuebunwa tried to steal money from thousands of businesses around the world by impersonating corporate executives and sending phony emails to company employees. Today's extradition should serve as a warning to those who think they can defraud victims in the United States from halfway around the world: the United States and its international partners will find you and hold you accountable no matter how long it takes."

Between 2014 and 2016, ANUEBUNWA, OPARA, and ADINDU participated in business email compromise scams ("BEC scams") targeting thousands of victims around the world, including in the United States. As part of the BEC scams, emails were sent to employees of various companies directing that funds be transferred to specified bank accounts. The emails purported to be from supervisors at those companies or third-party vendors that did business with those companies. The emails, however, were not legitimate. Rather, they were either from email accounts with a domain name that was very similar to a legitimate domain name, or the metadata in the emails had been modified so that the emails appeared as if they were from legitimate email addresses. After victims complied with the fraudulent wiring instructions, the transferred funds were quickly withdrawn or moved into different bank accounts. In total, the BEC scams attempted to defraud millions of dollars from victims. justice.gov

Federal Government Making Strides Against Ransomware
A year after report, task force urges U.S. to keep ransomware on front burner
The federal government has made strides in deterring ransomware over the past year, but still has a number of milestones to reach, according to a new paper from the Institute for Security and Technology's Ransomware Task Force.

AdvertisementThe evaluation comes a year after the group, a private-public partnership that brought together more than 60 companies and organizations across government, nonprofits and the private sector, released a sweeping report making 48 recommendations on how to combat ransomware.

Of the 48 specific recommendations the Ransomware Task Force made in its initial report, 12 have seen tangible progress in the year since. Some initial steps have been taken on 29 recommendations, while seven recommendations have seen no action.

The United States has made the most progress in addressing the RTF's recommendations for deterring ransomware, according to Friday's update. In addition to the Department of Homeland Security launching a hiring "sprint" to combat cyber crime, the Justice Department last year created its own ransomware task force. And at the event Friday, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Jen Easterly said the DHS unit is creating another task force to collaborate with the FBI and other agencies that fight cybercrime.

The U.S. has made progress on international collaboration, too, with the Justice Department announcing additional measures Friday. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said the department is launching a joint international operation following illicit cryptocurrency transactions, and is also creating a new cyber operations liaison to work with foreign governments.

The U.S. is also part of a global Counter Ransomware Initiative that launched last October with 30 other countries, and has also worked with the G7 to address the issue. Despite progress on the global front, RTF co-chair Megan Stifel said that the U.S. still has work to do. cyberscoop.com

The Rise of Bad Bots Targeting Businesses
Record level of bad bot traffic contributing to rise of online fraud
Bad bots, software applications that run automated tasks with malicious intent, accounted for a record-setting 27.7% of all global website traffic in 2021, up from 25.6% in 2020, an Imperva report reveals. The three most common bot attacks were account takeover (ATO), content or price scraping, and scalping to obtain limited-availability items.

Bad bots are often the first indicator of online fraud and represent a risk to digital businesses, as well as their customers. In 2021, evasive bad bots - a grouping of moderate and advanced bad bots that elude standard security defenses - made up 65.6% of all bad bot traffic. This breed of bot uses the latest evasion techniques, including cycling through random IPs, entering through anonymous proxies, changing identities, and mimicking human behavior to evade detection.

Bad bots enable high-speed abuse, misuse, and attacks on websites, mobile apps, and APIs. Successful attacks can lead to the theft of personal information, credit card data, and loyalty points. For organizations, automated abuse and online fraud contributes to non-compliance with data privacy and transaction regulations. Bad bot traffic is rising at a time when organizations are investing in improving customer experiences online. It's resulted in more digital services, new online functionality, and the development of expansive API ecosystems. Unfortunately, this array of new endpoints is a ripe target for automated attacks by bad bot operators. helpnetsecurity.com

Microsoft Rushes a Fix After May Patch Tuesday Breaks Authentication
Two of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday updates need a do-over after causing certificate-based authentication errors.

What's the Latest on Cyber Talent and Staffing Shortages?

Partial Patching Still Provides Strong Protection Against APTs




How'd I do?

In several of our past blogs we have discussed the importance of strategic preparation for an interview, including evaluating the case facts and the considerations of the interviewee's vulnerabilities. We also have focused on several parts of the investigative interview itself, including rapport-building, note-taking and question formulation. Truth be told, however, there is a general lack of attention paid to what happens after an interview. This phase in the PEACE interviewing framework is known as "Evaluate" - an important piece of the investigation and the interviewer's professional development. As we've discussed many times, an investigation should never conclude with "I did it", as the investigator should seek to substantiate any disclosures made by the subject to either corroborate their accuracy or disprove it...

Read more here






Cracking Down on Fake Online Reviews
FTC Proposes to Strengthen Guidelines Against Fake & Manipulated Reviews

Agency Warns Marketers on Child-Directed Stealth Advertising

The Federal Trade Commission is considering changes to tighten its guidelines for advertisers against posting fake positive reviews or manipulating reviews by suppressing bad ones-and warns social media platforms about inadequate disclosure tools. The FTC is seeking public comment on the proposed updates to its Endorsement Guides, which reflect the new ways that advertisers now reach consumers to promote products and services, including through social media.

"We're updating the guides to crack down on fake reviews and other forms of misleading marketing, and we're warning marketers on stealth advertising that targets kids." said Samuel Levine, Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection. "Whether it's fake reviews or influencers who hide that they were paid to post, this kind of deception results in people paying more money for bad products and services, and it hurts honest competitors."

The Endorsement Guides, first enacted in 1980 and amended in 2009, provide guidance to businesses and others to ensure that advertising using endorsements or testimonials is truthful. Advertisers who lie to consumers via endorsements or testimonials may violate the FTC Act. The guides, among other things, state that advertisers need to be upfront with consumers and clearly disclose unexpected material connections between endorsers and a seller of an advertised product. In February 2020, the FTC sought comment on whether changes should be made to the guides. The proposed changes reflect the extent to which advertisers have turned increasingly to the use of social media and product reviews to market their products.

In a notice, along with the proposed revisions to the guides, the FTC has:

Warned social media platforms that some of their tools for endorsers are inadequate and may open them up to liability;

Clarified that fake reviews are covered under the guides and added a new principle that in procuring, suppressing, boosting, organizing, or editing consumer reviews, advertisers should not distort or misrepresent what consumers think of their products. This would cover review suppression like in the FTC's recent Fashion Nova case;

Clarified that tags in social media posts are covered under the guides and modified the definition of "endorsers" to bring virtual influencers-that is, computer-generated fictional characters-under the guides; and

Added an example addressing the microtargeting of a discrete group of consumers. ftc.gov

Amazon Testing New Mall Delivery Program
Amazon tests using Flex drivers to make mall deliveries

Amazon is testing a service that lets contracted Flex drivers deliver orders placed at mall-based retailers.

Amazon is turning to its legions of contracted Flex drivers to deliver packages from mall-based retailers, allowing sellers to ship products from their own stores using the e-commerce giant's delivery service.

Amazon has been notifying some Flex drivers in recent months that it's testing a new program where workers fetch packages from retailers in their area and drop them off at customers' doorsteps, Amazon said in a notice to drivers that was viewed by CNBC.

"Amazon Flex is testing a new offer type near you," the notice says. "Retail delivery offers will allow you to pick up and deliver pre-packaged orders directly from non-Amazon retail stores in participating local shopping centers."

The notice was sent to drivers in Las Vegas and only includes orders placed at stores in Fashion Show Mall, a 2-million-square-foot shopping mall located on the Las Vegas Strip. It's unclear what stores are participating in the test. cnbc.com

Inside Amazon's struggles with rising inflation







Modesto, CA: Arrests Made In String Of Sunglass Hut Thefts totaling $2M
Three suspects were arrested in a string of Sunglass Hut thefts that occurred at the Vintage Faire Mall in Modesto, said the Modesto Police Department. This investigation has been ongoing for some time due to repeated grand thefts and robberies at this particular store, police say. On Thursday afternoon, detectives believed that they had found the main suspects and were surveilling them when they witnessed the three suspects exit a stolen Acura SUV at the Vintage Faire Mall.

The suspects entered the mall with hoods and masks and walked towards the Sunglass Hut. Employees met them and stood in front of the entrance, blocking the suspects from entering. Next, the suspects walked away from the store and entered a Macy's where they stole approximately $10,800 worth of cologne and other merchandise.

As the suspects left the store to return to their vehicle, detectives surrounded them. All three of the suspects attempted to flee, so detectives deployed a bean bag as well as a taser to stop them, successfully taking all three into custody. Corey Wyatt, 25, of Vallejo, has been named as the primary suspect in this case. Rayquan Murray, 22, of San Leandro, was identified as the SUV's driver, and Jada Aikens, 19, of San Francisco, was identified as the third suspect. During the search of their stolen vehicle, detectives also located a loaded firearm. Detectives were successful in getting Wyatt's bail increased to $500,000. According to Sunglass Hut's Loss Prevention, Wyatt is responsible for taking over $100,000 in merchandise and an estimated $2 million dollars in merchandise from Sunglass Hut locations around the state. sacramento.cbslocal.com

"Operation American Steal" Busts Theft Scheme
DOJ: Windsor Man Sentenced to 30 Months in Federal Prison for Role in Northeast "Grab and Go" Theft Scheme
Vanessa Roberts Avery, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, today announced that on May 20, 2022, JAHLIIL PARROTT, also known as "Stretch," 24, of Windsor, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Vanessa L. Bryant in Hartford to 30 months of imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release, for participating in an extensive commercial larceny spree.

This case stems from "Operation American Steal," a long-term multi-agency investigation into numerous "grab and go" thefts from various retail fashion stores in Connecticut and nearby states. A "grab-and-go" scheme is a type of theft where one or more perpetrators enter a retail store, grab as many items of clothing or other goods as they can carry, leave the store without paying for the merchandise, and depart in a waiting getaway vehicle.

Parrott was part of a network of individuals who in 2019 and 2020 committed more than 50 grab and go thefts from Polo Ralph Lauren, T.J. Maxx, Balenciaga, Burberry, Macy's, Marshalls, Dick's Sporting Goods, Tommy Hilfiger, Sephora and other stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. They then transported the stolen merchandise to Connecticut and sold the items on the internet or the street. Victim retailers suffered more than $100,000 in losses during the scheme.

Parrott participated in at least 34 thefts resulting in losses of more than $98,000. During one of the thefts, he bit a loss prevention officer who apprehended Parrott as he attempted to steal merchandise. justice.gov

Brandon, FL: Robber steals more than $30,000 worth of jewelry from Zales
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is working to identify a suspect who stole more than $30,000 worth of jewelry from a store inside the Brandon Town Center Mall. Deputies say the suspect entered the Zales Jewelry Store shortly after 1:30 p.m. on Saturday. According to HCSO, the man implied that he had a weapon and forcefully removed 10 gold necklaces and one gold ring from a display cabinet before fleeing the scene. fox13news.com

Santa Ana, CA: 3 of 4 alleged smash-and-grab robbers captured after striking Jewelry store
A Santa Ana jewelry store fell victim to smash-and-grab robbers on Sunday, police said, though three of the four suspects have been captured. Four men broke into Don Roberto's Jewelry Store in the 1600 block of West 17th Street at 1:09 p.m., and they made off with about $7,000 worth of jewelry, according to Cpl. Maria Lopez of the Santa Ana Police Department. ktla.com

Carson City, NV: Man admits stealing $2800 of tools from Home Depot

Brookfield, WI: LensCrafters theft, 6 pairs of glasses worth $1,805

Avon, OH: Three people arrested with more than $700 in stolen items

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Shootings & Deaths

Las Vegas, NV: Vigil held for Dotty's manager killed after robbery
Friends, family and coworkers gathered outside the Dotty's near Flamingo and Jones Sunday evening to remember Alicia Gibellina. Gibellina had been a manager for Dotty's for over 10 years. Her assistant manager, Nora Merlino, described her as a caring boss. On May 11th Gibellina was run over by a man who stole a woman's purse from inside Dotty's. Those that knew and loved Gibellina gathered on Sunday outside the Dotty's location with flowers, balloons and candles. "Because she deserved every bit of this, this was a senseless, senseless killing on her. She only tried to protect one of our customers and she paid the price for it," Merlino said. fox5vegas.com

Washington County, PA: Traffic stop for shoplifting report ends when police shoot and kill passenger
A report of shoplifting at a Washington County shopping mall led to police pursuit of a vehicle, a traffic stop and the fatal shooting of a passenger in the vehicle who police said had "brandished a firearm." The Pennsylvania State Police trooper involved in the incident at 6:18 p.m. Saturday was not injured and has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation continues, officials reported. The passenger was hit by a "department-issued firearm" and died at the scene in the Hickory section of Mount Pleasant Township, according to Washington County Coroner's Office.

Washington County Coroner S. Timothy Warco identified the man who was killed as as Dennis Fonoimoana, 26, of Burgettstown. He was a passenger in the vehicle that police stopped at the intersection of Westland Road and Main Street. The incident began when police got a report of retail theft at the Rural King store in Washington Crown Center in Washington. Police were given information about the suspect's vehicle, which had fled the scene; soon after, a trooper spotted the car in the area of Mount Pleasant and pulled it over, police said. "The driver was taken into custody, however, the passenger refused to exit the vehicle." The passenger "brandished a firearm" and failed to obey the trooper's order to drop the firearm, police said. The officer fired his gun, striking the passenger. post-gazette.com

Spartanburg, SC: Police investigating fatal shooting outside downtown bar and restaurant
Spartanburg Police are investigating a shooting that left one person dead outside a downtown bar and restaurant. Police responded to the Local F.I.G around 2:20 a.m. Saturday in reference to a disturbance with weapons, according to a statement from the Spartanburg Police Department. When officers arrived on the scene, they found a man lying on the sidewalk who had a gunshot wound to his upper torso. The Spartanburg County Coroner's Office identified the man as Dearrius Lynell Bobo, 31, of Wofford Street. He was pronounced dead at the scene at 2:20 a.m, Saturday, according to the Coroner's Office. news.yahoo.com

Olympia Fields, Chicago, IL: Loss Prevention Agent wounded; Suspect Fires Shot During Struggle With Security at Walmart
A female security guard was wounded inside the Walmart Supercenter in Olympia Fields Saturday morning. At about 9:42 a.m., police responded to a call of shots fired. Once on scene, they located a victim who was conscious, and alert. Medical personnel from the hospital later told police that the wound to the woman's head was not from a gunshot, Olympia Fields Police Chief Blasingame said in a news conference Saturday afternoon. Detectives determined that one gunshot was fired. Originally, police believed the woman was shot, however, after evaluation, it is believed the woman hurt her head during the incident. There was a struggle between the security guard and individuals, who police believe were committing a retail theft. Police believe this to be an isolated incident, and do not believe there is a threat to the community. No suspect is currently in custody. She was transferred to a local hospital in good condition nbcchicago.com

Clayton, NC: Customer charged with shooting clerk at Johnston County vape shop
A Clayton man has been arrested after police say he shot a clerk at a local vape store Sunday afternoon. Richard Ben Cappelletti, 46, faces charges of armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury for the shooting at Vape and Tobacco World in the Clayton Corners shopping center, according to a news release. He is being held at the Johnston County jail under $250,000 bail, the release stated. heraldsun.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Huntington Beach, CA: Jewelry Store Employees Fight Back During Smash-and-Grab Robbery
Employees of a jewelry store in Huntington Beach fought back when a group of thieves attempted a smash-and-grab heist on Sunday. The attempted robbery took place around noon at the Princess Bride Diamonds jewelry store in the Bella Terra shopping center, according to the Huntington Beach Police Department. Surveillance video shows four hooded suspects entering the store and then one of them pulls out a hammer and begins smashing a display case glass. The store's employees spring into action and confront the would-be robbers, footage shows, punching and kicking the suspects until they retreated out the door. Siblings Sarah and Dallas Baca, who work at the family-owned business, said they were in the back of the store when Dallas noticed the reflection of the group of people with hoods coming into the store. "I didn't think too much going into it, I just kind of reacted," Dallas said. "I feel like you never think it's gonna happen to you but you always know it's a possibility, in the back of your mind." Dallas can be seen in the surveillance video punching several suspects while Sarah, "looking for something big and heavy to hit them with," grabs a stool and strikes one of the would-be robbers. nbcmiami.com

Polk County, FL: Pregnant woman arrested after 'tantrum' in McDonald's
A pregnant woman from Florida is facing several charges after authorities say she threw a "violent tantrum" inside McDonald's over the amount of time her order was taking. Tianis Jones, 22, allegedly became enraged when her drive-thru order was taking too long Thursday at a McDonald's in Lakeland, Florida. Employees say Jones stormed into the restaurant, went behind the counter and started throwing bottles and cups. She caused about $100 in damages. wrdw.com

Fresno, CA: Update: Standoff Suspect Falls from Store Ceiling after Hiding from Police
Fresno Police officers on Saturday apprehended the man they believe barricaded himself in a north Fresno grocery store after fleeing gunfire from an off-duty Fresno County sheriff's deputy earlier in the week. The suspect, 28-year-old Pheng Vang, was wanted on suspicion of an unsolved burglary in which guns were stolen. Police surrounded the Save Mart on First Street and Nees Avenue for 20 hours overnight before calling off the search on Friday. On Saturday afternoon, Vang fell from the Save Mart ceiling after spending almost two days in hiding. He ran out an emergency exit, and police apprehended him at a nearby apartment complex.  officer.com

Woodmere Man Pleads Guilty to Obtaining Stolen Credit Card Information and Using it to Purchase Gasoline

Athens, GA: Savannah Man Pleads Guilty to Athens Dollar General Armed Robbery

Little Rock, AR: Police arrest two men in connection to a string of C-Store robberies

Conway, SC: Man sentenced to 15 years for Armed Robbery of a Gas Station with 'toy or non-functional' gun

Orlando, FL: Woman claims $40K credit card fraud after losing Apple Watch



C-Store - Madison, WI - Robbery
C-Store - Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Burlington, NC - Robbery
Gas Station - Evansville, In - Robbery
Jewelry - Brandon, FL - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Huntington Beach, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Santa Ana, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Brandon, FL - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - San Antonio, TX - Burglary
Jewelry - Fairfield, CA - Burglary
Jewelry - Pooler, GA - Robbery
Jewelry - Chesterfield, MO - Robbery
Jewelry - Augusta, GA - Robbery
Jewelry - Las Cruces, NM - Robbery
Jewelry - Aurora, OH - Robbery
LensCrafter - Brookfield, WI - Robbery
Restaurant - Pittsburgh, PA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Macon, GA - Armed Robbery (Burger King)
Target - Loveland, CO - Armed Robbery
Tobacco - New York, NY - Robbery
Vape - Clayton, NC - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 20 robberies
• 2 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Washington, D.C. - posted April 29
The candidate will oversee the development of innovative strategies, programs and solution which help retailers mitigate loss and reduce total retail risk; Direct oversight of the NRF Loss Prevention Council and Retail Operations Council...

Senior Manager, Asset Protection
Orlando, FL - posted May 13
You will lead and manage NA processes and programs to protect company assets, people and brand. Our mission for this role is to provide an operational focus on workplace and physical security programs, profit protection and investigations. You will report to the Consumer Products, Games and Publishing Executive Director, Global AP and Safety...

Region Asset Protection Manager-Southwest Florida
Fort Myers, FL - posted May 12
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Loss Prevention Specialists (Store Detective)
Albany, NY; Hyannis, MA; Burlington, VT; Hartford, CT
- posted May 6
Detect and respond to external theft and fraud by working undercover within the store(s) you are assigned to. Working as a team with store management and associates in combating loss in the store(s). Developing and analyzing external theft trends, utilizing information in company reports and information gathered from store management and associates...

Retail Asset Protection Associate
Medford, MA; Brockton, MA; East Springfield, MA - posted May 6
The Asset Protection Greeter role is responsible for greeting all customers as they enter the store, ensuring that customers see the Company's commitment to provide a safe and secure shopping environment, as well as deterring theft, shoplifting, or other dishonest activities...


Director Loss Prevention
Multiple Locations - posted April 25
The Director, Loss Prevention - Store Operations is responsible for leading and inspiring a team of Regional Loss Prevention Managers and Area Loss Prevention Managers and coordinating Loss Prevention efforts for the largest beauty retailer in the United States...

Regional LP Manager
San Francisco Bay Area, CA - posted April 25
The Regional Loss Prevention Manager (RLPM) leads a team of 3-7 field based multi-unit Area Loss Prevention Managers (ALPMs); coordinates shrink improvement and asset protection programs for a Region of approximately 8- 16 Districts which includes approximately 100- 190 Ulta Beauty Stores...

Loss Prevention Supply Chain Manager
Fresno, CA - posted April 25
The Loss Prevention Manager, Supply Chain (LPMSC) drives shrink improvement and profit protection activities for an assigned distribution center (DC), its in-bound and outbound shipping networks and its third party pooling centers...

LP Manager Supply Chain FFC
Romeoville, IL - posted April 25
The LP Manager, Supply Chain - FFC (SCLPM) drives shrink improvement and profit protection activities for an assigned fast fulfillment center (FFC), and its in-bound and outbound shipping networks. The SCLPM is responsible for assessing the shrink and safety posture of the fast fulfillment center...

Asset Protection Lead (Regional), Atlanta/Carolinas
Atlanta/Charlotte - posted April 22
Responsible for the protection of company assets and mitigation of risk. Effectively communicates, trains, implements, and monitors all aspects of Asset Protection programs in assigned markets. These programs include Tier Shrink Reduction Strategy, training and awareness, store audits, investigative initiatives, profit protection, health and safety and budgetary compliance...

Regional LP Manager
Pacific Northwest - posted April 22
Minimize losses to the business, improve profitability and provide dedicated support to the field and all field personnel, focusing on external theft, internal theft, systems and administrating training and P&P compliance, stocktaking processing and analysis...

Regional Loss Prevention Auditor
Multiple Locations - posted April 20
The Regional Loss Prevention Auditor (RLPA) is responsible for conducting operational audits and facilitating training meetings in our clients' locations. The audit examines operational controls, loss prevention best practices, and customer service-related opportunities.

Business Manager
Dallas/Fort Worth Area, TX - posted April 6
Sapphire Risk Advisory Group is seeking a Business Manager to work in the company's Dallas-area office in a W2 position and will closely partner with other members of the team to manage projects and communicate with contractors, vendors, and clients...

Loss Prevention Security Investigator
San Bernardino, CA - posted March 8
Protecting of Company property against theft. Detection, apprehension, detention and/or arrest of shoplifters. Internal investigations and investigations of crimes against the Company. Detect and apprehend shoplifters. Conduct internal theft, ORC and Corporate investigations. Prepare thorough and concise investigative reports...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Sugar Land, TX - posted March 7
The position will be responsible for: -Internal theft investigations -External theft investigations -Major cash shortage investigations -Fraudulent transaction investigations -Missing inventory investigations -Reviewing stores for physical security improvements -Liaison with local Police Depts. and make court appearances...


Loss Prevention Supervisor
West Jefferson, OH - posted March 7
Provides leadership to the LP staff which includes but not limited to performance development, direction on daily duties, and meeting department goals. Supervises Loss Prevention programs and process in the Distribution Center (DC) and partners with DC Management team to ensure physical security, product, equipment and employees meet LP requirements...

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