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Champa Patra named Senior Manager for Securitas Group

Before joining Securitas Group as Senior Manager, Champa spent nearly two years with HiCare Services as Sales Manager. Prior to that, she served as Sales Manager for G4S for more than four years. Earlier in her career, she held roles with HP, Cushman & Wakefield, Liyans.com, ICODE Customer Management, and Tata AIG Life Insurance. Congratulations, Champa!

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How Interface Security Systems Maximizes ROI for Clients

Leadership for commercial monitored and managed service provider Interface
talk leveraging AI to deliver smarter security, network & operational solutions.

Founded more than a quarter-century ago and headquartered within the St. Louis metro area, Interface Security Systems is a leading, complete nationwide provider of recurring revenue-based managed security, network connectivity, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises.

SSI spoke with Senior Vice President of Marketing Sunita Mani, CEO Brent Duncan and Senior Vice President of Enterprise Security Sean Foley to find out how the company improves security, streamlines connectivity and optimizes operations to maximize ROI for the nation’s top brands. Also discussed are pandemic impacts and outcomes, in-demand technologies and services, and emerging market opportunities.

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Macy's VP of AP Will Talk RFID & ORC at RFID Journal LIVE!

Discover RFID and IoT Technology Solutions With The World's Largest Gathering of Qualified RFID Buyers and End Users May 17 - 19, 2022

RFID Journal LIVE! is the world's largest conference and exhibition focused on radio frequency identification and related technologies. Now in its 20th year, LIVE! typically features more than 150 exhibitors from 26 countries showcasing best-in-class RFID tags, readers, software and implementation services. Innovative new products are introduced at LIVE! each year, so you will be among the first to see the newest RFID products.

With attendees from all over the world, RFID Journal LIVE! unites the global RFID community with a unique educational conference. Our 2022 conference will include three days of industry-specific and how-to tracks, as well as general education for those new to the RFID market. Our educational sessions and conference offerings are specifically designed to help all attendees and exhibitors to plan strategies, network, buy and sell, and learn and share ideas.

Joe Coll, Macy's VP of asset protection, will sit down for an in-depth discussion of how RFID technology can be used to bring down organized retail crime (ORC). Macy's has long been employing radio frequency identification to improve inventory accuracy and enhance on-shelf availability, but RFID has provided new insights into what is stolen, as well as where and how this occurs. Coll will explain how RFID and video can be linked to combat ORC.

RFID Journal LIVE! 2022 will feature more than 90 educational sessions in eight industry-specific and nine technical and how-to conference tracks, plus RFID Professional Institute certification training, the co-located IEEE RFID 2022 event and the RFID Journal Awards. What's more, the conference will offer exhibits and demonstrations conducted by the industry's leading technology firms. For more information, visit rfidjournallive.com. rfidjournal.com


The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

New York's Hottest Topic: Cracking Down on Retail Fencing
City aims to hold Facebook, Amazon accountable for hawking stolen goods
Organized street gangs entering luxury Manhattan retailers, stealing thousands of dollars worth of goods and driving away have been finding profitable resale outlets through online marketplaces at Amazon, Facebook and Instagram.

With grand larceny soaring in Manhattan, state Sen. Brad Hoylman and borough District Attorney Alvin Bragg have crafted legislation to discourage the third-party sale of stolen goods. The bill, introduced last week in Albany, targets a sophisticated “fencing operation,” Bragg said, whereby an intermediary purchases stolen goods from thieves and resells them online.

“We need some upstream accountability,” Bragg told Crain’s. “We’ve got a real urgent matter facing our retailers. In particular, we’re seeing sophisticated groups victimizing people who are shoplifting or stealing out of poverty and being used by these fencing operations.”

Bragg described the masterminds as sophisticated criminals who use impoverished youths to do the actual stealing. He described it as “a classic scheme” that has been adopted by criminals in other arenas.

Hoylman said he hopes that by creating a new Class A misdemeanor offense, online marketplaces such as Amazon and Facebook will better safeguard themselves from being platforms for the advertisement and sale of stolen goods.

“Our legislation would impart greater responsibilities on the part of these third parties,” Hoylman said. “It’s time that these platforms take responsibility for who is selling what on their websites.”

There have been 1,143 incidents this year of grand larceny—stealing any property valued at more than $1,000—in Manhattan’s 18th and 19th precincts, which cover much of Midtown and the Upper East Side. Grand larceny is up 90% in the 18th Precinct and 50% in the 19th Precinct.

“Shoplifting has skyrocketed in parts of my district,” Hoylman said. “These are educated operations that are seeking a marketplace for stolen goods.

Bragg and Hoylman began crafting the legislation following three meetings Bragg’s office had with the Manhattan Small Business Alliance, a group of Business Improvement District leaders, small-business owners, law enforcement officials and social service providers. crainsnewyork.com

The Other Side of the San Francisco Crime Debate
San Francisco’s Economic Elite Is Gunning for Chesa Boudin

Wealthy San Francisco residents are pouring money into the recall campaign against progressive DA Chesa Boudin, who’s being blamed for out-of-control crime.

This perception of San Francisco as crime-ridden has fueled significant policy decisions in recent months. It is also one of the main reasons why San Francisco’s progressive district attorney Chesa Boudin is in danger of being recalled in June. The campaign to recall Boudin has alternatingly portrayed the district attorney as dismissive of crime victims and uninterested in the criminals responsible for wreaking havoc on the city’s streets.

Criminals know they will be let off the hook without consequences,” campaign literature from the pro-recall group Safer SF Without Boudin reads.

The panic over crime is remarkable for a simple reason: San Francisco is empirically one of the safest major cities in the country. According to FBI data, violent crime in San Francisco is at its lowest rate since 1985, the year the bureau started tracking violent crime numbers. The city’s murder rate is among the lowest in the country for major cities, even after rising during the pandemic as it did elsewhere. Motor vehicle thefts also rose during the pandemic, but then stabilized. Between 2019 to 2021, the rates of rape, robbery, assault, and crime overall in the city actually decreased.

There is similarly little data to support the notion that Boudin’s office systematically refuses to charge criminals. A recent review by Mission Local found that last year Boudin actually filed charges at a higher rate than any San Francisco district attorney since 2011.

To blame or credit Boudin personally for the crime rate in San Francisco is questionable to begin with. Just two months after Boudin was sworn in, the city was plunged into interlocking crises triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, which correlated with a spike in violent crime across the country. In Sacramento, where the district attorney’s office is led by tough-on-crime Republican-turned-Independent Anne Marie Schubert, the murder rate increased by more than it did in San Francisco.

“There’s no causal relationship between the crime rate and who the DA is,” Lara Bazelon, law professor at San Francisco University and chair of the district attorney office’s Innocence Commission, said.  jacobinmag.com

Violence Interruption Programs Spread Across the U.S.
Cities put hopes in violence interrupters, but few understand their challenges

“They need everything that a police department would need, because they’re also fighting crime," one expert said.

As calls for alternatives to policing intensify, several cities have set their sights on violence interruption to solve the problems of gun violence and over-policing in communities of color — but many say they need more social and professional support to succeed in the job long term.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed Tuesday that reports of firearm homicides surged to a historic high in 2020, at almost 20,000 deaths, and it pointed to violence interruption as a possible solution.

Over the last two years, lawmakers in Indianapolis; Savannah, Georgia; and Knoxville, Tennessee, have either started or expanded violence interruption programs — which aim to reduce gun violence through community-based mediation — and even the Justice Department said last year it would give $444 million in grants to support a wide variety of violence reduction efforts, including community-based violence intervention and prevention strategies.

But while hopes are high for the model as one avenue to help stem violence, those who work with such organizations say there is still a lack infrastructure for workers to succeed — including inconsistent or disparate funding and high rates of burnout — causing most to leave the profession after about five years. nbcnews.com

Demand for Mace Surges Amid New York's Crime Surge
Crime-plagued and fearful, New Yorkers need easy access to mace
A ludicrous law stands in the way of New Yorkers getting access to this most basic form of self-defense. While anyone can order mace online via Amazon, a state law prohibits the product from being shipped to New York addresses.

There are only a handful of in-person locations that sell pepper spray in the city, many of which have shuttered since the pandemic. Online message boards are flooded with desperate New Yorkers trading notes on where to find it (like this Reddit thread, which points out you can buy an ax at Target but not pepper spray).

And yet, despite a mounting need for self-defense, the law stands. Overall crime is up 60 percent since last year, and the city has been rocked by a slew of hate crimes, subway shovings, and heinous murders in recent months.

The bottom line: The ban on shipping pepper spray is ludicrous. Vulnerable New Yorkers shouldn’t be waiting on lines, contacting out-of-state friends, or scouring Reddit threads to find it. And, with more than 1.5 million single women and 1 million elderly residents in the city, there’s no place where easy access to basic, non-lethal self-defense is more necessary. nypost.com

Bipartisan Support for More Police Funding
Pascrell, Rutherford Lead 160 Members of Congress in Support of Police Funding

Law enforcement chairs seek bigger Byrne JAG, COPS grants in FY2023 appropriations

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Reps. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) and John Rutherford (R-FL-04), the co-chairmen of the House Law Enforcement Caucus, are leading a bipartisan group of 160 Democrats and Republicans requesting increased funding in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 appropriation bill for the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne JAG) and the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) programs. The diverse ideological cross-section of members demonstrates strong support for these grants across the spectrum in Congress.

“The Byrne JAG and COPS programs are the cornerstone of our federal justice assistance programs. Together, these grants are critical to ensuring state and local law enforcement have the training, tools, and personnel necessary to serve their communities. Since their inception, Byrne JAG and COPS grants have enabled law enforcement agencies to better protect their communities and promote community policing initiatives that form vital bonds between officers and those they serve,” the members write the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies House Appropriations Subcommittee. insidernj.com

Top cop addresses violence, shootings in Chicago



COVID Update

580M Vaccinations Given

US: 83.9M Cases - 1M Dead - 81.1M Recovered
Worldwide: 519.2M Cases - 6.2M Dead - 474M Recovered

Former Senior Loss Prevention Executive
Know of any fallen LP exec? Let's remember & recognize.

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 356   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 767
*Red indicates change in total deaths

COVID Cases Have Doubled in a Month - But Concern Is Low
Poll: Coronavirus Cases Increasing in U.S. While Concern Levels Drop

The survey also found that many Americans have dropped mitigation measures like social distancing and masking.

Concerns over catching COVID-19 are the lowest they’ve been since July 2020 despite increasing coronavirus infections, according to a new poll. Fewer than 1 in 3 Americans report being “somewhat” or “very” worried about contracting COVID-19, according to the survey from Gallup published Wednesday.

The survey also found that many Americans have dropped mitigation measures. Social distancing efforts have fallen to their lowest levels since the pandemic began, and about half of Americans report wearing masks when they leave their homes.

The U.S. is averaging nearly 75,000 new coronavirus cases each day, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Just a month ago, that number stood at 30,000. While infections are on the rise, it’s still just a fraction of what was reported during the peak of the omicron wave when average daily cases topped 800,000. usnews.com

Another Headache Coming for Pharmacy Chains
Biden is expanding Paxlovid availability. For independent pharmacies, stocking the COVID pill can be a hassle
The White House is ramping up a national expansion of Paxlovid — Pfizer’s life-saving COVID-19 pill — as omicron subvariants continue to spread. The Biden administration has touted the drug’s efficacy in helping to reduce hospitalizations for people with underlying health conditions.

But business owners at local independent pharmacies say that the federal government hasn’t necessarily taken steps to make the drug more accessible.

“This is not just a normal medication; this is a life-saving medication, and there’s extra work involved from our end and everything that goes with what we need to do in order to fill the script,” Ost said.

According to local pharmacists, many community pharmacies are deterred from filling Paxlovid prescriptions due to low reimbursements. Some cite that it hinders accessibility significantly, creating a limited supply for patients to get the medication. whyy.org

COVID Workplace Guidance
Regulatory Update: Cal/OSHA Issues Latest COVID-19 ETS
The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) recently announced extension of its COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) for workplaces and at the same time made several notable changes.

“It may feel as though the pandemic is behind us, but the Cal/OSHA Standards Board is not yet ready to lift all COVID-19-related safety measures for workplaces in California,” commented attorneys Ben Gipson and Samantha Saltzman of the DLA Piper law firm.

The standards have been revised to follow the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) update issued in April to its isolation and quarantine guidance. CDPH no longer requires close contacts to quarantine after exposure, though those not fully vaccinated or recently infected in the prior 90 days are advised to still be excluded from work for at least five days with testing. ehstoday.com

Are 100 million new COVID-19 cases coming?
The Biden administration issues dire COVID prediction for this fall
The Biden administration’s warning that the United States could be hit by 100 million COVID-19 infections this fall is getting some backing by the Utah Department of Health.

Keeping in mind that new variants of the virus are expected to emerge and the nation’s immunity is waning, Sam LeFevre, director of the state health department’s office of communicable diseases, told the Deseret News, “we think it is quite possible the nation could see up to 100 million cases in a fall surge.”

The surge predicted for the nation that The Washington Post said could also bring “a potentially significant wave of deaths” through the winter, is being blamed on the latest versions of the highly transmissible omicron variant that appear able to evade immunity from vaccinations and even previous omicron infections. deseret.com

Growing share of Covid-19 deaths are among vaccinated people, but booster shots substantially lower the risk


Ikea's LP Revolution
Embracing the LP revolution at Ikea
What can loss prevention professionals expect in the future? “Change, change and more change,” says Vic Jacinto, U.S. safety and security manager for Ikea. Jacinto, who has been with Ikea for 21 years and oversees all things safety- or security-related, is speaking at NRF’s premier retail security event, NRF PROTECT 2022 in Cleveland, taking place June 21-23. His session? “Change is here. Is your LP team ready?

Read on for more of Jacinto’s perspective on the adapting LP landscape and building teams that can thrive.

So much of the retail environment has changed over the last two years. What were some of your key loss prevention goals two years ago and what are the goals today?

Two years seems like a lifetime ago, but at that time we were very focused internally on streamlining how we support our units. That was completely upended and today we are focused on providing adequate training to get our loss prevention managers and teams the training they need. We have experienced quite a bit of internal movement and turnover in our teams and our training programs weren’t robust enough to handle such immense change at once.

What are some of the threats and challenges facing retail LP professionals today and what can companies do to adapt to the LP world of tomorrow?

Social and political changes and unrest that affect the retail business, including how loss prevention operates, are things that can’t be underestimated. Today’s retailers must focus on being adaptable and flexible, and emergency/crisis management teams must be ready to think and react on their feet for whatever crisis comes next.

What can executive leadership do to help improve their company’s safety culture or business continuity efforts?

As far as business continuity, make sure the plans are updated and tested periodically during tabletop exercises. Following an event, perform an after-action review and make necessary changes to all plans, including business continuity plans. When it comes to safety culture, it must be embedded within the culture — just as it is implied with the term “safety culture.” It sounds simple enough, but it’s not. It must start day one with a new employee, and it must repeat and continue throughout the organization — with every employee and at every level — every single day.

What are the three most important things when building an LP program? - What’s next for the loss prevention industry?  nrf.com

Supermarket Closure Wave
Is inflation the true cause of recent supermarket closures?

Some big name grocers have been closing store locations against the backdrop of record-breaking inflation.

Walmart closed three under-performing locations in April, in Louisville, Cincinnati and Bellevue, Washington, with plans to close two more soon, according to Eat This, Not That! Whole Foods announced the impending closure of six stores, including ones in Chicago, Alabama, California and Massachusetts.

Kroger has closed two underperforming store locations so far in 2022, in Kentucky and Mississippi, and is relocating a third. Piggly Wiggly has announced the closure of several stores in the 17 states in which it operates.

The inflationary economy may be forcing grocers to take a closer look at the profitability of individual locations. Inflation brings increased costs from suppliers, which makes it more difficult for retailers to protect margins, leading them to pursue their own cost-cutting measures.

The news of major enterprises closing stores comes a few months after reports that inflation was already putting small, local grocers out of business. retailwire.com

Retail's Latest Crisis
Baby formula maker: It will take more than a month to resupply infant formula
The owner of a key baby formula manufacturing plant said Wednesday it is looking to restart its plant in as little as two weeks — but said it would take between six to eight weeks to get formula products back on store shelves once production gets going again.

In a new statement Wednesday, Abbott said that, subject to Food and Drug Administration approval, it could restart the Sturgis site “within two weeks.” But from the time it brings the facility back online, it would take six to eight weeks before product makes it to store shelves, Abbott said.

As much as 43 percent of normal supplies of formula were out of stock in U.S. grocery stores in the first week of May, according to data from retail research group Datasembly. The shortage has led to calls for Washington to act. In a statement Tuesday, the FDA said it was expediting import documentation from product overseas to get formula in more swiftly, and was also granting case-by-case waivers to allow the sale of “life-sustaining supplies” of specialty and metabolic formulas. cnbc.com

Shell to sell its gas stations in Russia
Shell is looking for a local buyer to acquire its 411 gas stations operating in Russia.

Best Buy to open 4 new outlet stores, add new product categories

Meijer to open first St. Louis area store

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How Interface Security Systems Maximizes ROI for Clients

Leadership for commercial monitored and managed service provider Interface
talk leveraging AI to deliver smarter security, network & operational solutions.

Founded more than a quarter-century ago and headquartered within the St. Louis metro area, Interface Security Systems is a leading, complete nationwide provider of recurring revenue-based managed security, network connectivity, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises.

Best known for the robust interactive video monitoring capabilities gained from the 2012 acquisition of Westec, in 2021 the company reported 37% growth and landed $60 million in equity investing. Interface serves around 65,000 customer locations, with a strong foothold in the retail market that includes Michaels, Swatch, Kay Jewelers, Applebee’s and Panda Express.

SSI spoke with Senior Vice President of Marketing Sunita Mani, CEO Brent Duncan and Senior Vice President of Enterprise Security Sean Foley to find out how the company improves security, streamlines connectivity and optimizes operations to maximize ROI for the nation’s top brands. Also discussed are pandemic impacts and outcomes, in-demand technologies and services, and emerging market opportunities.

How has the pandemic impacted and affected your customer relationships?

Brent Duncan: We saw a disproportionately high impact on our customer base, given that we’re dealing so much with consumer-facing organizations. We have a large customer base within retail that was heavily affected by the pandemic. A good portion of that customer base is mall-based, even further impacted.

The pandemic, ultimately, drastically increased tech adoption. The focus turned to leveraging new technology, video, anything in-store to drive awareness on customer experience or to create convenience as a result of some of the issues from the pandemic. We were excited to partner with our customers to help navigate that and figure it out. We have a number of services that have emerged directly out of the COVID situation.

Sean Foley: Coming out of COVID, now more than ever, the days of a business checking the box with respect to CCTV and an intrusion alarm and just being done with it are very much over. Our clients — which tend to be larger-scale retailers, QSR organizations, relatively sophisticated asset protection, loss prevention departments — want a lot more out of their solutions.

Whether that is ensuring that they’re not getting false alarms and integrating the video solution with alarms, dealing more directly with the rise in ORC and organized retail crime, shoplifting, they’re demanding that. They’re wanting to get more out of their security investment, and that’s what we’re providing.

Sunita Mani: Yes, we are seeing increased demand in security services, video analytics and focusing on the underlying network that needs to support these applications. That’s where we come in as well.

Click here to read the full story from Security Sales & Integration






Hackers Breached Federal Law Enforcement Databases?
DEA Investigating Breach of Law Enforcement Data Portal
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) says it is investigating reports that hackers gained unauthorized access to an agency portal that taps into 16 different federal law enforcement databases. KrebsOnSecurity has learned the alleged compromise is tied to a cybercrime and online harassment community that routinely impersonates police and government officials to harvest personal information on their targets.

On May 8, KrebsOnSecurity received a tip that hackers obtained a username and password for an authorized user of esp.usdoj.gov, which is the Law Enforcement Inquiry and Alerts (LEIA) system managed by the DEA.

KrebsOnSecurity shared information about the allegedly hijacked account with the DEA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of Justice, which houses both agencies. The DEA declined to comment on the validity of the claims, issuing only a brief statement in response.

According to this page at the Justice Department website, LEIA “provides federated search capabilities for both EPIC and external database repositories,” including data classified as “law enforcement sensitive” and “mission sensitive” to the DEA.

A document published by the Obama administration in May 2016 (PDF) says the DEA’s El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) systems in Texas are available for use by federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement, as well as the Department of Defense and intelligence community.

EPIC and LEIA also have access to the DEA’s National Seizure System (NSS), which the DEA uses to identify property thought to have been purchased with the proceeds of criminal activity (think fancy cars, boats and homes seized from drug kingpins).

The screenshots shared with this author indicate the hackers could use EPIC to look up a variety of records, including those for motor vehicles, boats, firearms, aircraft, and even drones. krebsonsecurity.com

Global Cybersecurity Warning

U.S., allies warn of rising recent & future attacks on managed service providers
Cybersecurity authorities in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and New Zealand released a joint advisory Wednesday warning that they “expect malicious cyber actors — including state-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT) groups — to step up their targeting” of managed service providers, and urged a renewed focus on cyber hygiene.

Managed service providers, typically referred to as “MSPs,” manage and sometimes provide IT services for other entities, such as hosting or platform services, creating a situation where businesses and many governments have to trust that the MSP is secure.

"Whether the customer’s network environment is on premises or externally hosted, threat actors can use a vulnerable MSP as an initial access vector to multiple victim networks, with globally cascading effects,” the notice read. The nations said they “are aware of recent reports that observe an increase in malicious cyber activity targeting managed service providers (MSPs) and expect this trend to continue.”

An attacker gaining access to an MSP can provide a ready vector to target that MSP’s customers for “follow-on activity — such as ransomware and cyber espionage,” the authorities warned.

REvil, the Russia-based ransomware group, was able to compromise as many as 50 MSPs in its July 2021 attack on IT tech management firm Kaseya, which enabled attacks on as many as 1,500 MSP clients.

The authorities pointed out that they’ve offered guidance on security matters to MSPs and their customers multiple times in the past. But Wednesday’s notice, which included detailed guidance for best practices, was an effort to enable discussions between the MSPs and their customers.

The nations offered detailed recommendations as to how MSPs and their customers should work to deter attacks, including general cyber hygiene, enforcing multi-factor authentication and applying software updates to address known vulnerabilities. cyberscoop.com

Slowing Down U.S. Cyber Operations?
Legislator slams Biden admin for dialing back DOD cyber operation authorities
Cyberspace Solarium Commission Co-Chair Rep. Mike Gallagher lambasted the White House Wednesday, saying the decision to give the State Department more ability to weigh in on some cyber operations “risks undermining our national security.”

AdvertisementGallagher, a Wisconsin Republican, made his remarks in response to a CyberScoop report citing two sources familiar with the discussions between the White House and the State and Defense departments. The White House brokered a deal that would bring the State Department back into the decision-making process on cyber operations, paring back unprecedented authorities the Defense Department gained in the Trump administration under a policy known as National Security Presidential Memorandum-13 (NSPM-13).

As part of the compromise the State Department would have an enhanced ability to oversee cyber operations involving third-party countries. For example, if a Russian cyber operation relied on a server in France, the State Department would now have more of a window into the decision to conduct a cyber operation there and weigh in on whether and how to notify the French government.

Gallagher contended that anything that slows down U.S. Cyber Command is dangerous in a world where cyber operations are conducted with lightning speed.

Gallagher and his Cyberspace Solarium Commission Co-Chair Sen. Angus King, an Independent from Maine, previously cautioned against revising NSPM-13. Those comments came in response to CyberScoop reporting that the Biden administration was planning to pare back the authorities given to Defense under the policy, which was issued in 2018.

“Any effort to alter and possibly weaken NSPM-13 signals to our adversaries a lack of credible willingness to use offensive cyber capabilities which undermines the credibility of our deterrent,” King and Gallagher wrote in an April letter to President Biden.

State Department and Obama White House alumni assert that it was necessary to bring State back into the cyber operations decision-making process. They say that allies have been displeased by U.S. Cyber Command operations that fall within their borders, particularly when they are not notified in advance. cyberscoop.com

U.S. Cybersecurity Talent Shortage
Cybersecurity has a desperate skills crisis. Rural America could have the answer

A tiny town of 3,000 people has grown into a flourishing cybersecurity hotspot, and a case study on how the US could fix its growing tech skills shortage.

Employers face a severe shortage of qualified IT and tech staff as companies increase their investments in digital innovation and shift on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.

Yet organizations have traditionally focused their hiring efforts on the area in which their offices are located – typically major towns and cities – which limits their own recruitment efforts while also severely limiting employment opportunities for anyone who lives outside of metro areas. zdnet.com

What to Patch Now: Actively Exploited Windows Zero-Day Threatens Domain Controllers




All-Cash Pot Businesses Face Constant Risks
Better Cannabis Security Needed As Dispensary Robberies Rise

As all-cash businesses, dispensaries face constant risks.

Businesses in the cannabis industry face massive hurdles just to exist. Even in states where the recreational use of marijuana is legal, the federal prohibition of the product means cannabis retail businesses have to operate almost entirely with cash and have to meet tough standards and regulations that aren’t imposed on other businesses.

The difficulty of the business itself is one thing. It’s made significantly tougher by worsening crime targeting cannabis companies. There’s an emerging market of security companies specifically targeting the cannabis industry as an attempt to deal with that.

Dispensary Robberies Becoming More Frequent

Eggers says you can never stop crime altogether. Break-ins are a matter of if, not when. That’s especially true in the Bay Area, where CCSS is based. And it’s a fact for all retail businesses, not just those dealing with cannabis.

In the Bay, break-ins at dispensaries have gotten so bad that local officials have started speaking up, voicing their concerns that crime could drive out small business owners. The Chairman of Oakland’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission, Chaney Turner, has even said he fears the crime could affect People of Color more than any other group, driving out the very people many cannabis legalization laws hoped to help.

A Changing Market

Eggers says he has multiple clients who are thinking about leaving Oakland or San Francisco because of how bad crime has gotten there. He says he spent a lot of time talking with cannabis business owners about what their pain points are, so that he could then talk with them about solutions.

Eggers explains, CCSS gives companies “one throat to choke.” The guard company, camera company, video monitoring company, roaming patrols, and so on are all subcontractors under CCSS. That way, if something goes wrong, the business only has one place to call for help, rather than trying to deal with several different service providers and vendors. wikileaf.com

D.C. May Be Forced to Act on Cannabis Crime Wave
Cannabis crime wave boosts banking prospects on Capitol Hill

Weed businesses struggle to bank in the U.S., leaving cash on the premises.

Exact numbers are difficult to pin down, but in Washington state alone officials say there were more than 50 armed robberies of cannabis stores in the first two months of 2022 — a greater number than in all of 2020 or 2021.

Advertisement“The time for congressional dithering on this issue needs to end, because people are dying,” Washington State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti said in an interview. “Robbers go where the cash is.

Now, this wave of robberies and deaths may shift the outlook on Capitol Hill for legislation that would make it easier for cannabis companies to open bank accounts and apply for small business loans. Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) — the third-ranking Senate Democrat — recently stated that cannabis banking is a top priority for her in negotiations over a China competition bill. The American Bankers Association and all 50 state banking associations cited public safety concerns in a recent letter to Senate leaders urging its inclusion.

“There’s kind of growing momentum and interest,” said Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore), a lead sponsor of the bill.

The recent spate of headline-grabbing robberies and deaths have highlighted the negative impacts of federal inaction, and spurred involvement from powerful lawmakers. Meanwhile, the delayed introduction of a federal decriminalization bill in the Senate — which would also fix the problem — has reopened the door for weed and banking. But the bill still faces a potentially fatal obstacle: Democrats’ insistence that it include social equity or criminal justice reform provisions alongside the banking legislation. politico.com

Securing Your Cannabis Store
What are Smart Safes and How to Use Them at Cannabis Dispensaries
Having large sums of cash present at your business invites criminal activity from both outside and within. Beyond that, keeping track of cash on a daily basis is a laborious and time-consuming task. Smart safes are a practical way to eliminate much of the risk involved with cash at cannabis dispensaries. With this new technology, cannabis business owners can increase efficiency at their dispensaries, while also keeping better tabs on cash totals.

What are Smart Safes?

Smart safes can combine traditional locking safes and modern cash management software in a single unit. With smart safes, cannabis business owners can track cash flow at their dispensaries at all times, while also having better control over who has access to the cash. Cannabis business owners can also keep tabs on cash activity at their stores from afar simply by logging into their cash management account.

Smart safe technology keeps track of cash deposits directly at the point of sale (POS). As such, these safes can give a real-time update on exactly how much cash is on hand at the store at all times. When it comes time for employees to balance their registers at the end of a shift, much of the hard work is already complete.

What are the Main Features of Smart Safes?

Smart safes are designed specifically to streamline the daily cash flow activities at retail businesses like cannabis dispensaries and can help cannabis business owners and management count money, balance registers, secure cash, and get deposits to the bank.

How can Smart Safes Help Cannabis Dispensaries?

With cash management software, smart safes give cannabis businesses real-time access to cash totals in store. Using this technology, cannabis business owners can monitor activity from afar and make sure their team remains compliant. Even more, with increased access control measures, smart safes will greatly reduce the risks of internal theft at the dispensary. sapphirerisk.com

You can’t buy marijuana in New Jersey & bring it back to Pennsylvania. Here’s why.

They Have Sold Pot for Years. Now They Want to Go Legal. Can They?







Millions of Amazon Returns
What happens to your Amazon returns? Sometimes, they go to the highest bidder
Amazon makes it easy to return something you don’t want, so you probably don’t think about what happens to that box once it leaves your house. It turns out that ill-fitting dress or unwanted frying pan — or whatever it is you decide not to keep — goes on a fascinating journey.

What is the fate of millions of Amazon returns? “Every item returned to Amazon is carefully inspected through a rigorous process by our trained Associates,” a spokesperson told Nexstar via email. “If it meets our high standards to be resold as new, it’s re-listed for sale.”

That’s the first and most obvious answer: It gets sold again. It’s also the most boring answer — because loads of returned merchandise end up finding a second life on the liquidation market, where they’re sold by the pallet at a deep discount.

Anyone willing to bid on a pallet of mystery goods can end up with a load of returned items shipped to their house. Whether or not there’s anything valuable in that delivery can turn out to be a mixed bag. There’s a whole sub-genre of YouTube content dedicated to bidding thousands of dollars on a pallet of Amazon returns, then unboxing them to tabulate if it was worth it, to see if the YouTuber’s gamble paid off.

Here’s how the whole process works. Sellers who use Amazon’s platform can opt to have returned items sent back to them — so they can figure out what to do with them — or they can choose to route their returns straight to liquidation, according to Amazon.

From there, the items get repackaged into boxes — sometimes with similar things, sometimes with things nothing like them — and are up for sale again. But this time, they’re up for grabs to the highest bidder on places like Liquidation.com or bstock.com. valleycentral.com

The Digital Hiring Slowdown
Uber, Amazon, and Facebook Have Slowed Hiring. Why Others Could Follow.
Facebook parent Meta Platforms, ride-share service provider Uber Technologies and tech and online retail giant Amazon.com have announced hiring slowdowns in recent weeks. It’s all about keeping down costs, according to one economist.

Peter Boockvar, chief investment officer at Bleakley Advisory Group, said for industries such as restaurants and grocery stores, the demand for labor still exceeds supply. But for tech companies, the rising cost of doing business leaves them with few choices on how to improve their profit margins. barrons.com

FedEx has 'lucrative backdoor' to bigger role in e-commerce, says Citi







Pittsburg, CA: Man arrested, $700K worth of stolen items recovered
California Highway Patrol recovered stolen merchandise valued at $715,000, it announced Wednesday. Julio Cuellar, 45, was arrested and is believed to be part of an organized retail theft ring. Investigators with the Golden Gate Division’s Organized Retail Crime Task Force found the items at a residence and a storage facility in Pittsburg. The items were from CVS Health, Target, RiteAid, Safeway, Sunglasses Hut, Macy’s, Total Wine and More, and other stores. Officers found out that Cuellar leased several storage units after searching the home in Pittsburg, where he stashed additional stolen items. Police said the stolen goods have been linked to thefts across the state. “The task force, in collaboration with the retail industry and our allied agency partners, is identifying these organized rings and making our communities safer,” CHP Golden Gate Division Chief Chris Costigan said. kron4.com

Hollywood-style heist: crooks steal $200,000 in equipment from stores in Willoughby and Westlake
Police believe a pair of elaborate heists in Willoughby and Westlake are connected after a group of thieves managed to break into two separate businesses, stealing up to $200,000 worth of computer hardware. They used saws and grinders to cut holes in the roof, before dropping into the rooms where the expensive equipment was being stored. “One of the detectives on scene made the comment that it was like something out of a movie,” said Det. Lt. John Begovic with the Willoughby Police Department. The crooks managed to break into Mentor Electronics in Willoughby around 10:30 p.m. on April 16. They stole between $100,000 and $200,000 worth of materials there, Begovic told 19 News. On its website, the business refers to itself as a computer and computer component supplier. Two hours earlier, a similar business, Freedom Wireless, was hit in Westlake. cleveland19.com

Chicago, IL: Woman charged with stealing merchandise from retail store in 2020
A Chicago woman is accused of looting a store on Michigan Avenue in 2020. Savannah Scott, 23, faces two felony counts of looting and one felony count of burglary. Chicago police say on Aug. 10, 2020, Scott entered a retail store in the 400 block of North Michigan Avenue, which was closed, and took merchandise without paying. Scott was arrested on Tuesday and charged accordingly. No further information was provided by police. fox32chicago.com

Rochester, NY: Man detained after suspected burglary of Motorcycle Dealership
A man was detained after being suspected of stealing several dirt bikes from an area motorsports dealer in Spencerport Thursday overnight. According to police, officers with the Ogden Police Department were dispatched to Hollink Motor Sports for a burglary alarm. Once they arrived at the location, evidence that someone broke in was found. A Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted a suspicious vehicle in the Town of Gates shortly after. Authorities say the vehicle was towing a trailer with several dirt bikes and motorcycles. Officials attempted to stop the vehicle but the operator chose to flee, initiating a short pursuit. The driver of the vehicle lost control and hit an unoccupied car parking along Buffalo Road in Rochester. As a result, one male was detained and is currently being questioned by police officials. rochesterfirst.com

Update: Menominee Falls, WI: Surveillance video shows thief stuffing $11K worth of perfume in garbage bag

Palm Beach County, FL: Home Depot busts woman for half-dozen thefts at 4 store locations

Gonzales, LA: Police search for 3 individuals in $2,000 Walmart theft investigation

Ukiah, CA: Group of Thieves Steal Roughly One Dozen Pairs of Apple Airpods from Walmart

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Shootings & Deaths

Update: Charles County, MD: Waldorf Man Found Guilty by Jury of First Degree Murder After Shooting a 7-Eleven employee during Armed Robbery
Tony Covington, State’s Attorney for Charles County, announced that on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, a Charles County jury, after an 8-day trial, convicted Gregory Deshawn Collins, 23, of Waldorf, of the First-Degree Felony Murder of Lynn Maher, Armed Robbery, and related charges. On October 1, 2020, officers responded to the 7-11 convenience store located in the 3300 block of Middletown Road in Waldorf for the report of a shooting. Upon arrival, officers discovered victim Lynn Maher, an employee of 7-11, deceased at the scene. An investigation revealed that on the night of the incident, a male suspect entered the store and selected a 7-11 brand tea bottle. He then approached the sales counter, where Maher was working as a cashier. The suspect brandished a handgun and announced a robbery. Maher removed all the money from the register till and gave it to the suspect. She showed the empty register till to the suspect, who pointed a handgun at her and pulled the trigger. The bullet struck Maher in the head, killing her. After shooting Maher, the suspect put the money, a total of $249.69, in his pocket and fled the scene. smnewsnet.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Montgomery County, MD: McDonald's armed robbery suspect still at large; employees share details on terrifying encounter
Police are asking for the public's help identifying an armed robbery suspect seen in surveillance video threatening employees with a knife, going behind the counter of a McDonald's and ripping out a cashier drawer. The incident happened in the 8500 block of Colesville Road at McDonald's in Silver Spring around 12:15 p.m. on May 5. Employees say it happened in the middle of the day with plenty of customers inside, and some feel that they got a second chance at life. Montgomery County Police Detective Charles Horwitz says the cases they’re usually working on involve robbery suspects covering their faces to conceal their identity. However, in the McDonald's security footage, you can see the man appearing to lift his shirt, trying to grab or show a knife. He then hops over a small wall to get behind the store's registers and with a knife, pries open a register drawer. fox5dc.com

Murfreesboro, TN: Reward for Information Leading to the Capture of the 'Rock Burglar,' who may have broken into 36 local businesses
Rutherford County CrimeStoppers is offering up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of a serial ‘Rock Burglar.’ The so-called rock burglar broke into two more local businesses this week and police now suspect the same subject may be responsible for up to 36 burglaries in the Murfreesboro area. On Tuesday, May 10, an individual smashed the front glass door of the Subway, 2933 Medical Center Pkwy. The burglar jumped the counter and emptied the cash register. He was in and out within 20-seconds. About 18-minutes later, the front glass door of the Homegrown Marketplace & The Soda Bar is shattered. Surveillance video shows the same person entering the business, grabbing money from the cash register, and leaving within seconds. MPD Public Information Officer Larry Flowers told WGNS… In the two recent burglaries the alarm sounded in both cases, but by the time the alarm company alerted the police, the burglar was gone. The unidentified burglar may be responsible for at least 36 business burglaries in Murfreesboro since Nov. 2021. Police tell WGNS NEWS that the serial burglar may have committed similar burglaries in several Middle Tennessee cities, including Smyrna, Nashville, Mt. Juliet, and Shelbyville. wgnsradio.com

Update: Sunrise, FL: Surveillance images show thieves who robbed Sawgrass Mills jewelry store
Broward Crime Stoppers released surveillance images Thursday of the people who robbed a jewelry store last month at the Sawgrass Mills mall. The images show a woman in a face mask and all black clothing inside Pollack Jewelers, along with two others, wearing black hoodies, who ransacked the business. The robbery happened just before 9 p.m. April 27 near closing time. Police said the woman walked into the business and pepper sprayed two employees. Around the same time, two men stormed the counter, smashing the glass display cases and grabbing a number of high-end watches. While no one was seriously injured during the brazen crime, store workers were left rattled. Local 10 News spotted one man dousing himself with water and wiping his face. local10.com

Atlanta, GA: Ax-wielding suspect arrested with backpack of weapons at Atlanta shopping center
A man walking around an Atlanta shopping center with an ax in each hand is in custody, according to police. Police say 42-year-old Gregory Keith Johnson was arrested back in March after they were called to the area of Piedmont Ave. NE and Monroe Drive to reports of a man wielding axes. Officers say they found Johnson riding a bike in the area and he tried riding away before dropping the bike and running. Officers caught up with him and took him into custody. Body camera video released by Atlanta police shows an officer going through Johnson’s backpack and finding two axes, a replica handgun and a cleaver. Johnson also had active warrants for aggravated assault and attempted robbery. wsbtv.com

Atlanta, GA: Victim says she was stalked, roughed up and robbed outside busy Buckhead Publix
A victim who was stalked and robbed yesterday in a Buckhead shopping center says she is the latest victim of an “Atlanta” problem. “This is definitely an Atlanta problem and I should feel safe going to the grocery store,” the woman said. The victim said she was putting her groceries in her car and returned her cart Tuesday afternoon. One man followed her around inside of Publix on West Paces Ferry Rd. while a second man waited outside, crouched down between cars. wsbtv.com

Hinsdale, IL: USPS offering $25,000 reward after Armed Robbery of Letter Carrier

Eugene, OR: Portland man sentenced to 7 years for Armed Robbery of Marijuana Dispensary in Eugene

Volusia County, FL: Florida man accused of making false Armed Robbery report to get a ride home from Deputies



Miami, FL: Police investigate possible arson, burglary at Popeye’s restaurant
Police are investigating a possible arson attack after a restaurant caught fire in Miami. Rescue crews responded to a Popeye’s restaurant located in the 5800 block of Southwest Eighth Street, just after 5 a.m., Thursday. Police said it was after the fire was put out that they discovered it had also been burglarized. The front door of the restaurant could be seen with its glass smashed. It remains unclear if rescue crews or the crook broke the glass. Miami-Dade Police are now investigating the incident as an arson attack and burglary. wsvn.com

Fort Lauderdale, FL: Shoplifters start a fire inside Target to escape, police say
A group of shoplifters lit a fire inside a Target in Fort Lauderdale before making their getaway, police said. The drama happened shortly after 9 p.m. Wednesday at store in the Coral Ridge Mall at 3200 N. Federal Hwy. Police say the fire was started by people attempting to steal merchandise. Employees put out the fire and no one was injured. Police told WPLG-Local10 they believe the robbers set the fire to distract employees while they escaped. miamiherald.com



Beauty – Dallas, TX – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Staten Island, NY – Robbery
C-Store – Darien, GA – Burglary
C-Store – Billings, MT – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Murfreesboro, TN - Burglary
C-Store – New Castle, DE – Burglary
C-Store – Chaffee, MO – Armed Robbery
Dollar General – Lima, OH – Armed Robbery
Dollar General – Martin County, NC – Armed Robbery
Family Dollar – Portsmouth, VA – Armed Robbery
Grocery – Odessa, TX – Robbery
Hardware – Riverside, CA – Burglary
Jewelry – Camp Hill, PA- Armed Robbery
Jewelry – Martinez, CA – Burglary
Jewelry – Fort Worth, TX – Robbery
Jewelry – Chesapeake, VA – Robbery
Motorcycles – Rochester, NY – Burglary
Restaurant – Miami, FL – Burglary
Restaurant – Murfreesboro, TN – Burglary (Subway)
Restaurant – St George, UT – Robbery
Verizon – Chicago, IL – Armed Robbery
Walmart – Ukiah, CA – Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 14 robberies
• 8 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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None to report.

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VP, Asset Protection & Retail Operations
Washington, D.C. - posted April 29
The candidate will oversee the development of innovative strategies, programs and solution which help retailers mitigate loss and reduce total retail risk; Direct oversight of the NRF Loss Prevention Council and Retail Operations Council...

Region Asset Protection Manager–Southwest Florida
Fort Myers, FL - posted May 12
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups’ response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Loss Prevention Specialists (Store Detective)
Albany, NY; Hyannis, MA; Burlington, VT; Hartford, CT
- posted May 6
Detect and respond to external theft and fraud by working undercover within the store(s) you are assigned to. Working as a team with store management and associates in combating loss in the store(s). Developing and analyzing external theft trends, utilizing information in company reports and information gathered from store management and associates...

Retail Asset Protection Associate
Medford, MA; Brockton, MA; East Springfield, MA - posted May 6
The Asset Protection Greeter role is responsible for greeting all customers as they enter the store, ensuring that customers see the Company's commitment to provide a safe and secure shopping environment, as well as deterring theft, shoplifting, or other dishonest activities...


Director Loss Prevention
Multiple Locations - posted April 25
The Director, Loss Prevention - Store Operations is responsible for leading and inspiring a team of Regional Loss Prevention Managers and Area Loss Prevention Managers and coordinating Loss Prevention efforts for the largest beauty retailer in the United States...

Regional LP Manager
San Francisco Bay Area, CA - posted April 25
The Regional Loss Prevention Manager (RLPM) leads a team of 3-7 field based multi-unit Area Loss Prevention Managers (ALPMs); coordinates shrink improvement and asset protection programs for a Region of approximately 8- 16 Districts which includes approximately 100- 190 Ulta Beauty Stores...

Loss Prevention Supply Chain Manager
Fresno, CA - posted April 25
The Loss Prevention Manager, Supply Chain (LPMSC) drives shrink improvement and profit protection activities for an assigned distribution center (DC), its in-bound and outbound shipping networks and its third party pooling centers...

LP Manager Supply Chain FFC
Romeoville, IL - posted April 25
The LP Manager, Supply Chain - FFC (SCLPM) drives shrink improvement and profit protection activities for an assigned fast fulfillment center (FFC), and its in-bound and outbound shipping networks. The SCLPM is responsible for assessing the shrink and safety posture of the fast fulfillment center...

Asset Protection Lead (Regional), Atlanta/Carolinas
Atlanta/Charlotte - posted April 22
Responsible for the protection of company assets and mitigation of risk. Effectively communicates, trains, implements, and monitors all aspects of Asset Protection programs in assigned markets. These programs include Tier Shrink Reduction Strategy, training and awareness, store audits, investigative initiatives, profit protection, health and safety and budgetary compliance...

Regional LP Manager
Pacific Northwest - posted April 22
Minimize losses to the business, improve profitability and provide dedicated support to the field and all field personnel, focusing on external theft, internal theft, systems and administrating training and P&P compliance, stocktaking processing and analysis...

Regional Loss Prevention Auditor
Multiple Locations - posted April 20
The Regional Loss Prevention Auditor (RLPA) is responsible for conducting operational audits and facilitating training meetings in our clients' locations. The audit examines operational controls, loss prevention best practices, and customer service-related opportunities.

Business Manager
Dallas/Fort Worth Area, TX - posted April 6
Sapphire Risk Advisory Group is seeking a Business Manager to work in the company's Dallas-area office in a W2 position and will closely partner with other members of the team to manage projects and communicate with contractors, vendors, and clients...

Assoc. Manager. Asset Protection
Plano, TX - posted March 10
This role's primary focus will be to serve as the lead for Executive Protection, Major Events Security, and assist with Travel Security programs worldwide. In addition, this position will play a primary role in executing safety, security, and loss prevention programs and policies for all corporate-owned locations...

Loss Prevention Security Investigator
San Bernardino, CA - posted March 8
Protecting of Company property against theft. Detection, apprehension, detention and/or arrest of shoplifters. Internal investigations and investigations of crimes against the Company. Detect and apprehend shoplifters. Conduct internal theft, ORC and Corporate investigations. Prepare thorough and concise investigative reports...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Sugar Land, TX - posted March 7
The position will be responsible for: -Internal theft investigations -External theft investigations -Major cash shortage investigations -Fraudulent transaction investigations -Missing inventory investigations -Reviewing stores for physical security improvements -Liaison with local Police Depts. and make court appearances...


Loss Prevention Supervisor
West Jefferson, OH - posted March 7
Provides leadership to the LP staff which includes but not limited to performance development, direction on daily duties, and meeting department goals. Supervises Loss Prevention programs and process in the Distribution Center (DC) and partners with DC Management team to ensure physical security, product, equipment and employees meet LP requirements...

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