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Q&A with Dara Riordan, President of FaceFirst

Employers must comply with several new and existing workplace violence laws in 2024. How do you think facial recognition technology can help them protect employees?

Retailers need proactive tools that make stores safer for employees and customers. California's new law requires employers to have a workplace violence notification system. It also requires employers to investigate and track all threats of violence, including those made on social media.

A FaceFirst client recently received a social media threat of gun violence posted by an unknown individual. Using FaceFirst's investigation tools and a social media image, the retailer formed a threat profile for the man in less than two hours. He had a record of violent crimes against another retailer. FaceFirst match events provided investigators with the precise locations, dates, and times of the man's recent store visits. They reviewed his visits and confirmed he'd had a verbal altercation with an employee. They enrolled the man in their FaceFirst system. When he entered one of the retailer's stores eight days later, FaceFirst matched his face and sent an immediate notification: "Do not approach-call 9-1-1." The man was arrested without incident, though an illegal firearm was found in his car. Authorities issued a chainwide restraining order, and the man has not returned to any of the retailer's stores since.

What are retail executives who use facial recognition technology in their stores telling others about their experiences?

FaceFirst's rapid adoption has been driven by retailers making store safety their top priority. Here's a recent quote from a top 10 retailer: "Before FaceFirst, we had no way to take real-time action during life safety events. We had no true visibility about where, when, and how many times repeat offenders were in our stores. Now, FaceFirst is the cornerstone of our store safety and asset protection program. I don't know of a better tool that helps us be more proactive and mitigate threats in our stores. This technology has advanced so much, and you're going to be way behind the curve without it."

FaceFirst's face matching technology alerts instantly when known threats enter. Our real-time notifications help you keep your valued employees and customers safer. Face matching software lets our clients know who their biggest recidivists are. They can quickly identify ORC rings and build cases to shut them down. Our technology can do in minutes what would take humans days or weeks-if at all-using standard CCTV. FaceFirst lets retailers narrow their scope for efficient threat management.

Based in Austin, Texas, FaceFirst is a global leader in fast, accurate, and scalable face matching systems with high levels of security, privacy, and accountability. Learn more at facefirst.com.


The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Retailers Need to Use RFID as a Weapon Against Theft
Famous Criminologist Says Retailers Vastly Underuse RFID Technology
If fraud,
shoplifting and organized retail crime (ORC) were the only threats that retail executives needed to worry about, that would be hard enough. But theft by employees has risen too, plus cargo theft. Factor in distressing violence in shops - which makes it even harder to attract frontline employees - and the retail industry has itself a $100 billion+ issue.

It's easy to spot the challenges. Much harder to find a solution. This brings us to the topic of
RFID, short for radio frequency identification.

High Praise For RFID: "RFID is a vastly underused Loss Prevention solution", says Dr. Read Hayes, considered by many to be the world's leading expert on retail crime. Hayes, a University of Florida Criminologist also leads the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) - a research center he founded in 2000 with backing from Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Gap, CVS, and other retailers.

Hayes says "
RFID gives retailers capabilities they have wanted for decades". The technology makes it easier to identify: a) What has been stolen; b) Who stole the items; c) How they stole the items; d) When they stole the items; e) Who else might be helping them; f) What else they stole on past occasions

Equally important, if an item is no longer in the retailer's possession, the retailer
becomes aware of this critical fact much more quickly. If you think this is all just theoretical, think again.

The ability to connect seemingly unrelated theft incidents has
led to the demise of several ORC networks that in past years would have remained operational. And with regard to individual crooks, connecting the dots via RFID helps turn misdemeanor cases into felony prosecutions.

RFID Itself Is Already Common: When Hayes says RFID is underused, it is only in the context of Loss Prevention. For retailers who already use RFID in their stores and supply chain for inventory management, whether to also use it for Loss Prevention is a no-brainer. The merchandise is already tagged!

The Bottom Line: It's perfectly reasonable for a retail CEO to be asking his/her Loss Prevention team to present a plan for putting RFID to work - regardless of whether their company is already using RFID for inventory management. If the world's leading retail crime expert calls RFID a game changer, then clearly it's time for retailers to act. forbes.com

RILA, NDAA Store Walk Initiative Extended Through November
Retailers and Prosecutors are Walking Together to Fight Retail Crime

Through an initiative led by RILA and the NDAA, district attorneys are meeting with local retailers across the U.S. in an interesting way, with the goal of addressing retail crime.

National Store Walk Month, an initiative conceived by the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA), launched in September with the goal of forging an unprecedented partnership between local prosecutors and community retailers.

Throughout September,
District Attorneys across the country walked retail stores in tandem with management teams, to foster understanding, exchange insights, and build synergistic strategies to address retail crime and other unlawful activities occurring in and around stores.

"Since 2002 The Home Depot has welcomed elected officials and local law enforcement for store walks to showcase the work of our associates," said
Scott Glenn, vice president of asset protection, The Home Depot. "As issues like organized retail crime continue to grow, we are proud to partner with RILA and other retailers during National Store Walk Month to meet with prosecutors in our local communities and build relationships that will directly support our efforts to keep our stores, customers, associates, and communities safe."

Since its debut in September,
National Store Walk Month has paired RILA member retailers with district attorneys' offices for 80 store walks to discuss shared challenges and solutions to tackling retail crime and violence. Local prosecutors and retail management teams exchanged insights, shared best practices, and identified opportunities to work collaboratively to combat retail crime.

Demand to participate was so strong among DAs' offices and retailers that
the project has been extended through November. risnews.com

Click here to see National Store Walk Month in action

'The Retail Theft Surge That Isn't?'
The debate over what's driving shrink continues to rage

Report Says Crime Is Being Exaggerated To Cover Up Other Retail Issues
For months, it has seemed as though
retailers are under siege, raided on a daily basis by organized groups of thugs who walk off with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of merchandise. This has been amplified by all forms of media.

This has been
a boon for law enforcement. Officials have used these incidents to ask for bigger budgets, despite being unable to offer any solutions to the problem other than throwing more money at it. That they've failed to deter this supposed wave of retail crime fails to register with local politicians who are just as likely as everyone else to assume whatever's gone viral must be representative of the larger whole.

While it's true there have some particularly
daring robberies at retail outlets, those instances remain outliers. For the most part, the amount of retail theft hasn't changed much. Most increases in "shrink" can likely be chalked up to the off-loading of checkout duties to shoppers. Self-checkouts lend themselves to theft, something that is only now being addressed by retailers now that those losses have exceeded the labor savings that come from having customers ring up and bag their own purchases.

But the amount of shrink that can be attributed to self-checkout lanes (or, rather, the lack of best practices when deploying self-checkout options) isn't enough to explain larger retail losses. So,
the narrative has shifted to portraying the nation's retailers as being victimized on a regular basis by organized smash-and-grab operations where thousands of dollars of merchandise is stolen in a single incident.

A report [PDF] by retail analysts at William Blair says
a lot of what's presented as evidence of a crime epidemic is just retailers hoping their own failures will go ignored as long as everyone continues to focus on these high-profile robberies.

While the report does acknowledge
there are areas of the country where organized theft is causing serious retail problems, it does go on to note that retailers affected by other issues are using these instances to hide preexisting problems, as well as to lobby lawmakers for favorable legislation. techdirt.com

   RELATED: New Report Suggests the Retail Theft Narrative Is 'Overexaggerated'

Save the Date: Virtual ORC Summit Next Week
Cal-ORCA 2023 Virtual Summit Release Date Less Than One Week Out!
The California Organized Retail Crime Association (CAL-ORCA), in partnership with the California Retailers Association (CRA), is excited to release their 2023 Virtual Summit in just one week. Available next Wednesday, November 8, this year's Virtual Summit is a package of timely and fresh educational content and resources for law enforcement agencies, loss prevention, asset protection and other key stakeholders to reference in their continued and important work in combatting Organized Retail Crime and Retail Theft.

Included in this year's Summit package is a session that will provide recipients with a comprehensive overview of California's new Retail Theft Prevention Grant Program. Over 50 law enforcement agencies throughout the state were
recently awarded nearly $270 million to hire more police, make more arrests and secure more felony charges against Retail Theft suspects including the Cities of San Francisco and Citrus Heights Police Departments, which will be presenting on their grant awards and plans for the future.

The Retail Theft Prevention grants are part of an overall
$300 million state budget package to combat Retail Theft, which Cal Retailers secured, in collaboration with Governor Newsom's Administration in 2021. Cal-ORCA's 2023 virtual package also serves as a preview of next year's live in-person event, details of which will be announced soon.

The Virtual Summit will be distributed to 250+ law enforcement and retail/restaurant loss prevention representatives from
100+ California law enforcement agencies and 100+ retail companies. The package offers important and timely perspectives and training, as well as provides private sector solution providers an opportunity to join the discussion and promote products and services.

View the Cal-ORCA 2023 Virtual Summit agenda and learn more about the package here

Register for your copy here

New Legislation Requires Surveillance of Properties to Fight Crime Surge
Lawmakers set surveillance standard for private property, over opposition

Prince George's County Council requires owners of high-occupancy buildings or age-restricted senior residences to establish video surveillance of properties

Owners of high-occupancy buildings or age-restricted senior residences will be
required to establish video surveillance of properties under a bill the Prince George's County Council passed Tuesday, billed by proponents as an attempt to boost resident safety amid rising crime.

The council voted 9-2 to direct owners of qualifying properties to
deploy surveillance cameras in areas such as parking lots, sidewalks and trash enclosures, and to retain footage for no less than 30 days. Footage must be kept no less than 180 days from the request date of law enforcement or a tenant.

The effort, led by Council member Wala Blegay (D-District 6), builds on previous
legislation that required landlords to keep tenants reasonably safe, but did not detail how that should occur. Council members Mel Franklin (D-At Large) and Sydney J. Harrison (D-District 9) abstained on Tuesday, citing concerns over costs and efficacy.

Public safety has been top of mind for residents and lawmakers, with stolen
vehicle crimes up 173 percent compared to the same time last year and property crime up 50 percent, according to data from the Prince George's County Police Department. Violent crime is up by 8 percent, according to the data. washingtonpost.com

Court Ordered Crime Closures
Property closures aim to reduce crime and relieve neighbors
Nita McComb avoids shopping at the
EZ Express convenience store because of the crime that surrounds the business down the street from her Frayser home. Even after the store's owners fixed up the place, as recently required by an environmental court judge, she doesn't think its standing as a public nuisance has changed.

The Memphis Police Department announced Sept. 20 that the business, located at 2380 Frayser Blvd., had been
closed after a judge granted a temporary injunction and restraining order on the property. The convenience store was allowed to reopen on the condition that the building's owner, Ababil Group LLC, according to the Shelby County Assessor of Property, implement certain security measures.

Shelby County District Attorney General Steve Mulroy has taken
nuisance actions against four properties since he took office in September 2022: the EZ Express, another convenience store in the Bethel Grove neighborhood and two residential properties in Whitehaven.

According to Mulroy,
these properties breed criminal activity. Some people who talked to The Daily Memphian about the impact the establishments have on their neighborhoods are skeptical that the closures and security adjustments will have much of an impact. Others are more optimistic. dailymemphian.com

Cleaning Up The Tenderloin & Market Districts - UC's & Surveillance
SF crackdown on drug markets leads to 34% increase in arrests so far this year

Increased undercover and surveillance operations have increased arrests by San Francisco police and federal law enforcement

police crackdown on open-air drug deals in the Tenderloin and South of Market districts have led to record numbers of drug seizures and arrests, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Since May,
increased undercover operations and surveillance by both local and federal agencies have caused a spike in the number of people arrested. According to the report, U.S. prosecutors in San Francisco have charged at least 89 people with selling drugs this year, up from nearly 60 in each of the past two years, including 28 in October.

In the Chronicle's review of city data, it found that the
SFPD had presented 34% more drug arrests by Oct. 19 than it does on an average year.

"[In past efforts to crack down,] the sweeps before have lasted a couple of weeks, maybe a month," drug intelligence officer Marl Karandang said. "But
this has been going on for the last four months. And it doesn't look like it's going to abate anytime soon." police1.com

Stores Continue to Leave Seattle Amid Crime Troubles
PCC to close its downtown Seattle store due to poor sales
Less than two years after opening a flagship store in downtown Seattle, PCC Community Markets announced Wednesday it will close the financially struggling location Jan. 31.

Indeed, with PCC closing, downtown residents in search of a full-service grocery will need to go nearly a mile north, to the Whole Foods on Westlake. The only other full-service grocery, the Kress IGA at Third Avenue and Pike Street, closed in 2020, which its
owners blamed on crime in the area. Target and H Mart, both on Second Avenue, also offer groceries. seattletimes.com

Organized retail thefts on the rise across eastern Iowa

Thornton, Colo. leaders work to combat retail theft



Global Supply Chain Risk - Losing Containers At Sea
Target Corp. insurer sues global shipping giant for losing $5.8M of retail goods
A Target Corp. insurer sued a
global shipping company after a 2021 incident allegedly sent $5.8 million in consumer goods overboard, plunging into the North Pacific Ocean.

New York-based Starr Indemnity & Liability Co. sued Copenhagen-based Maersk in the Southern District of New York on Oct. 18. The lawsuit indicated that between Jan. 12, 2021, and Feb. 4, 2021, a ship picked up cargo at the ports of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Yantian District, China, for transport to California on the Maersk Eidenoven container ship.

The suit charged "
the entire cargo was lost overboard due to the negligence or breach of duty of defendants and/or their agents, servants, employees or representatives."

A few days after the cargo loss, the company said in a news release that the ship "experienced a loss of engine propulsion for three to four minutes while sailing 45 nautical miles off Northern Japan in
heavy seas on Feb. 17, 2021." It added that the "loss of maneuverability resulted in severe rolling, with 260 containers overboard and 65 containers damaged on deck." But not all of the cargo on board belonged to Target. Starr insured approximately 57 containers of packages.

The Maritime Executive, a trade publication,
reported 2020 and 2021 as especially challenging for the industry in terms of lost cargo. It reported nearly 4,000 boxes went overboard in 2020, plus another 2,000 in 2021. startribune.com

REI Store Layoffs Get Formal Union Pushback
Unions file labor complaint over REI store layoffs

Workers at two stores also staged walkouts, saying the retailer should have consulted them on recent operational changes and job cuts.

REI is facing formal pushback from unionized workers over its move in mid-October to
cut 275 jobs in store operations.

On Monday, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union and Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, two unions representing REI store employees,
filed an unfair labor practice complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, according to the unions' press release.

REI acknowledged
the action at the eight unionized stores over the weekend, but didn't address questions from Retail Dive about the unfair labor practices complaint. "We were told it was in response to some recently announced structural changes to roles and titles within our stores," REI Spokesperson Natalie Stotts said by email. "We are engaged in good faith bargaining with stores that have chosen union representation and will continue to participate fully in the negotiating process."

The retailer's Vice President of Stores, Mary-Farrell Tarbox, previously told employees in a memo that its store management and scheduling processes were outdated and needed overhauling. But
these were drastic changes and job losses that shouldn't have been undertaken without input from workers, the unions said. retaildive.com

LP Alert - Be Prepared:

Just What San Francisco Needs: More Unrest
Business owners furious as barricades and security zones take over city

Will mass protests at APEC disrupt S.F.'s largest international event since 1945?
San Francisco prepares to host thousands of foreign dignitaries and journalists for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference, dozens of activists are hoping to galvanize big groups to oppose the event.

A cornucopia of Bay Area community action organizations is coming together to oppose APEC's presence in San Francisco and that could pose problems for Mayor London Breed, city officials and organizers, who face mounting
pressure to put a good face on the city for the international community and bring more investment into the city's struggling downtown.

The U.S. Secret Service and state and local police told the Chronicle they have been
working to secure the area where some of the world's most powerful people are set to make economic deals behind closed doors. The police have set up a security exclusion zone around much of SoMa and the crest of Nob Hill, a move that has incensed local business owners and residents who will be forced to show ID to simply enter their homes or go to the grocery store. sfchronicle.com

Big City Return-to-Office Continues to Lag
New York's return-to-office rate trails Chicago's and Houston's, but outpaces Los Angeles'
The number of New Yorkers who commute to the office each week
has plateaued since a post-Labor Day spike. On average, New Yorkers are in the office nearly half as much as they were prepandemic.

The city clocked in at
49.7% for the seven-day period ending Oct. 25, marking just a .2% increase from the week prior. It's the fourth week in a row that the city has hovered within a single percent point of 50%.

New York' return to the office rate continues to trail other major U.S. regions. It's a far cry from Houston, the country's fourth largest city, where in-person activity is at 61.1% of prepandemic levels. The city also sits behind major metro areas like Austin (57.6%), Chicago (53.5%) and Dallas (53.6%).

On the other hand, New York's in-office recovery is slightly
higher than that of Los Angeles, the country's second largest city, which reported office occupancy of 48.4% last week. New York's rate also sits just above that of Philadelphia (42.1%) San Francisco (43.4%), San Jose (43.2%) and Washington D.C. (47.8%). crainsnewyork.com

Growing Disconnect Between Workers & Employers
Two Out of Three Workers Don't Feel Engaged

And three in five employees don't even understand what their employers are doing to enhance employee engagement.

Companies' efforts to improve employee engagement largely are failing, according to new research from Gartner. A survey of nearly 3,500 employees found that less than a third of them were "engaged, enthusiastic, and energized by their work."

"Despite organizations making investments in engaging their employees, our research shows that almost
70% ... aren't feeling a meaningful connection to their job," said Keyia Burton, senior principal, advisory in Gartner's HR practice. "Figuring out how to actually impact employee engagement is a huge priority because it has a significant impact on several key business outcomes."

The survey also found that workers who report being energized and excited about their work are about
a third more likely to stay at their organization and also to "go above and beyond" (i.e., exert discretionary effort), and that they contribute 15% more than non-engaged employees. cfo.com

The Bloomie's Experiment Continues With Seattle Opening

Empowering Female Executives Boosts Retail Profits

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Scale Production Module Datasheet

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Regulating AI in the Workplace
Exploring AI in the Workplace: Regulations, Lawsuits and Best Practices
President Joe Biden issued an executive order Oct. 30
requiring new safety assessments, equity and civil rights guidance, and research on AI's impact on the labor market. The following day, Kelly Dobbs Bunting, an attorney with Greenberg Traurig LLP in Philadelphia, outlined what the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has said about AI in the workplace and discussed how to leverage AI in a legal, effective manner at the SHRM INCLUSION 2023 conference in Savannah, Ga.

Through the initiative, the EEOC will:

Establish an internal working group to coordinate the agency's work on the initiative.

Launch a series of listening sessions with key stakeholders about algorithmic tools and their employment ramifications.

Issue technical assistance to provide guidance on algorithmic fairness and the use of AI in employment decisions.

"The purpose of this initiative was to
ensure AI in the workplace complies with federal discrimination laws," Bunting said. "It also talks about the impact AI has on hiring."

Bunting listed several EEOC documents that allude to AI use at work:

The new strategic enforcement plan for fiscal years 2024-2028. The document emphasizes the agency's efforts to protect workers from discrimination involving artificial intelligence, pregnancy, long COVID and other protected categories.

The guidance in 2022 that reinforced the illegality of intentionally or unintentionally "screening out" applicants with disabilities and prohibited disability-related inquiries and medical exams.

The guidance in 2023 that says employers may be responsible for any discriminatory bias in the AI software they use for HR functions and encourages audits to monitor AI use.

"Google was sued because the algorithm they were using [to sort job applicants] favored young men," Bunting said. "Many applicants [of other races and ages] didn't even get a chance to make their case.
You shouldn't automatically exclude anybody from a job-and the EEOC is paying close attention to this."

AI Discrimination Risks shrm.org

The Pressure is on CISOs
New York Adds Stiffer Requirements to Cybersecurity Rules

Financial companies must now report ransom payments and strengthen board oversight

New York's financial watchdog published
significant updates to its cybersecurity regulations Wednesday, adding strict provisions around board oversight and ransom payments that go further than recent federal rules.

AdvertisementThe New York State Department of Financial Services, which oversees banks, insurance firms, mortgage brokers and other financial institutions, expanded its initial cybersecurity rules, published in 2017, because rising cyberattacks require stronger protections, said Adrienne Harris, superintendent of financial services, in a statement.

Chief information security officers are placed front and center in the new regulations as having responsibility for ensuring that companies comply with the rules, and that internal policies are enforced.

In some areas,
the updated rules are similar to those recently approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, particularly around how cybersecurity programs are supervised. However, New York's rules go into greater detail than the SEC's in some areas.

Boards of directors, or other senior committees, are
charged with overseeing cybersecurity risk management, and must retain an appropriate level of expertise to understand cyber issues, the rules say. Directors must sign off on cybersecurity programs, and ensure that any security program has "sufficient resources" to function.

In a new addition, companies now face significant requirements related to ransom payments. Regulated firms
must now report any payment made to hackers within 24 hours of that payment. wsj.com

International Community Takes Stand Against Cybercriminals
Alliance of 40 countries to vow not to pay ransom to cybercriminals, US says
Forty countries in a
U.S.-led alliance plan to sign a pledge never to pay ransom to cybercriminals and to work toward eliminating the hackers' funding mechanism, a senior White House official said on Tuesday.

The International Counter Ransomware Initiative comes as the number of ransomware attacks grows worldwide.
The United States is by far the worst hit, with 46% of such attacks, Anne Neuberger, U.S. deputy national security adviser in the Biden administration for cyber and emerging technologies, told reporters on a virtual briefing.

As long as there is money flowing to ransomware criminals, this is a problem that will continue to grow," she said.

In ransomware attacks, hackers encrypt an organization's systems and demand ransom payments in exchange for unlocking them. Often they also
steal sensitive data and use it to extort victims and leak it online if the payments are not made.

While hundreds of companies fall victim every year, high-profile U.S. attacks occurred in the last two months at casino operator
MGM Resorts International and cleaning products maker Clorox. Both companies have not yet fully recovered from the disruptions.

The new initiatives by the alliance
aim to eliminate the criminals' funding through better information sharing about ransom payment accounts, Neuberger said. Two information-sharing platforms will be created, one by Lithuania and another jointly by Israel and the UAE. reuters.com

7 Pillars of Biden's New AI Executive Order
What the White House executive order on AI means for cybersecurity leaders

While global government initiatives on AI are pointed in the right direction, it's clear that CISOs will be on the front lines when it comes to facing its threats.

The US executive order builds on prior White House engagement on AI and
provides guidelines for industry and the government. Those entities that have a national security footprint should be especially attentive to the dual-use possibilities of AI technologies. The executive order points to seven important areas:

1. Ensure safety and security.
2. Protect the privacy of Americans.
3. Advance equity and civil rights.
4. Stand up for consumers and workers.
5. Promote innovation and competition.
6. Advance American leadership abroad.
7. Ensure responsible and effective government use of AI.

The US Department of Homeland Security put out its own fact sheet explaining the executive order and its responsibilities, highlighting key areas:

1. Formation of the AI Safety and Security Advisory Board (AISSB) to "support the responsible development of AI. This committee will bring together preeminent industry experts from AI hardware and software companies, leading research labs, critical infrastructure entities, and the U.S. government."

2. Work to develop AI safety and security guidance for use by critical infrastructure owners and operators.

3. Capitalize on AI's potential to improve U.S. cyber defense
, highlighting how CISA is actively "leveraging AI and machine learning (ML) tools for threat detection, prevention, vulnerability assessments." csoonline.com

Boeing Confirms Cyberattack, System Compromise

How security observability can help you fight cyber attacks







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Cannabis Businesses Move Away from Cash to Reduce Security Risks
Reducing Security Risks with Non-Cash Cannabis Transactions
Despite a predominately cashless society,
the cannabis industry still primarily operates using cash transactions. This is due to cannabis' status as a federally illegal narcotic and leads to banking challenges for cannabis businesses. Although most cannabis transactions are completed using cash, there are alternative methods for non-cash cannabis transactions that are increasing in availability and popularity.

Non-Cash Cannabis Transactions and Security
There are a number of reasons why cannabis businesses are beginning to prefer payment methods other than cash. Any business that frequently deals in cash must store this large amount of currency on-site before it can be deposited into a financial institution.
This can expose businesses to increased risk of robberies, burglaries, and internal theft. By accepting non-cash cannabis transactions, cannabis businesses can reduce the amount of cash on-site and decrease the associated risks. Additionally, accepting non-cash payments not only serves to reduce security risks, but can also increase efficiency.

Secure Methods of Non-Cash Cannabis Transactions
Although the most popular forms of payment, credit and debit cards, are not typically accepted by cannabis businesses, there are currently several ways that cannabis businesses handle non-cash transactions.
The most efficient and secure way in which companies can collect money from customers is by using a cashless ATM. A cashless ATM functions similarly to that of a normal ATM, but instead of dispensing cash, it transfers funds from the customer's account to the cannabis business' account electronically. In order to ensure that the cashless ATM is used as safely and securely as possible, the system should be integrated with the dispensary point-of-sale system and should be under video surveillance at all times.

The Future of Non-Cash Cannabis Transactions
Despite the limitations of current non-cash cannabis transactions, there are clear benefits to offering cashless payments and this method of transaction will likely continue to grow in popularity. The emergence of COVID 19 has also served as a catalyst for companies to move away from cash transactions.
Many cannabis businesses have recently begun to offer forms of non-cash cannabis transactions as a way to reduce contact between employees and customers. sapphirerisk.com

NY's Complicated & Delayed Cannabis Rollout
Lawmakers turn up heat on New York cannabis regulators at hearing
State lawmakers took Office of Cannabis Management officials and their counterparts from other departments to task at a state Senate hearing on Monday. On the back of a complicated and delayed rollout of New York's adult-use market and complaints from growers and dispensary license owners, senators wanted to know what solutions would look like - assuming there were any.

AdvertisementLegislators from both sides of the aisle called for the Office of Cannabis Management to take more aggressive action against illegal cannabis shops, which they said had negative effects on both fledgling legal cannabis businesses and public health. As unlicensed operations, the illegal shops don't test their products for safety or quality.

Why would anyone go to a legal weed store if it's more expensive than this store up the street that looks the same," asked state Sen. Sean Ryan, a Democrat from Buffalo. "How are we ever going to get rid of the black market if we're not bringing hundreds of enforcement actions per quarter?"

State Sen. Brad Hoylman-Sigal, a Democrat from Manhattan said that
minors in his district have been spotted entering the shops, some of which are near schools. He said the Office of Cannabis Management had closed a shop selling to kids, "but it's reopened." cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

Another State's Voters Will Decide on Cannabis Legalization
Issue 2: Ohio voters set to decide marijuana legalization
More than a decade after Washington and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, Ohio could soon join 23 states and Washington D.C., if voters approve Issue 2 on next week's statewide ballot. In the simplest terms a
'Yes' vote would legalize recreational marijuana for adults 21 years and older. That includes the cultivation, sale, possession and usage by adults in Ohio.

Using cannabis while driving and
driving under the influence of marijuana would be prohibited. Tom Haren represents the leading group supporting its passage, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. He argues Issue 2 is about justice economic development and easing access for those in need of medical marijuana.

"Prohibition has not worked," Haren said. "Issue 2 is not about whether people should or should not use marijuana. They're using it right now.
They're just either buying it from drug dealers or buying it from dispensaries up in Michigan. We want to make sure that tax revenue generated from these sales isn't going to that state up north." wsaz.com

How These States Are Poised To Boost The Cannabis Industry
Ohio, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, and Mississippi currently are poised to move the cannabis industry forward depending on the outcome of recent initiatives. As each state grapples with setting rules and regulations to successfully roll out its cannabis industry, the state-by-state patchwork of policy is laying the framework for nationwide legalization and business success. cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

Colorado Officials Propose Banning Marijuana Businesses From Unlicensed Events

Denver hit $500 million in marijuana tax revenue. So where does the money go?




E-Commerce Chargeback Fraud
Shining a Light on a Growing Ecommerce Threat: Chargeback Fraud
As online commerce continues to surge, chargeback fraud victimizes more and more retailers.
Experts report that chargebacks will cost merchants over $100 billion in 2023, and false claims and abuse of the chargeback process are a growing threat to merchants.

And yet
many retailers remain unaware of chargeback fraud and its harmful impacts on business revenues.

However, there is a good reason why:
fraud and first-party abuse is hard to identify. Customers dispute a valid transaction for many different reasons. That includes forgetfulness, impatience with failed deliveries or the simple inability to read a billing descriptor. With such a wide range of motivations, it is a challenge to distinguish honest disputes from fraudsters with false claims.

Still, the cost of chargeback fraud is simply too high to ignore.
For every $100 in chargebacks, your true chargeback cost is $240. The hidden expenses of wasted time, expensive fees, penalties or additional losses of goods and services add up.

Unfortunately for all of us in the industry, the problem of chargeback fraud continues to grow, and for several reasons:

The Growth of Ecommerce - More transactions mean more fraud. There are now far more opportunities for people to exploit vulnerabilities in our chargeback systems.

The Complexity of Ecommerce - Second, service changes in the payment landscape contribute to more chargeback fraud. For example, many online transactions are "card-not-present," which has less security than a physical card swipe. And many companies now offer risk-free return policies, which some people try to abuse. The same goes for online portals, loyalty programs and virtual gift cards.

Friendly Fraud and Consumer Awareness - Third, a lack of customer awareness will also contribute to chargeback fraud. While these actions are committed honestly, it still counts as chargeback fraud. Similar situations can occur because of buyer's remorse, forgetfulness, impatience or confusion.

Regulatory Changes - Lastly, the fluid nature of the chargeback industry also contributes to chargeback fraud. Ecommerce and the payments industry are still innovating at a breakneck pace. In turn, that makes merchants feel "behind the curve."  retailtouchpoints.com

Tracking Amazon Layoffs
Amazon layoffs: A timeline of the company's hiring freezes, restructuring efforts, and staff reductions

Amazon saw its largest job cuts in the company's history in early 2023.

Early this year,
Amazon saw the largest job cuts in its history when it laid off 18,000 workers in January.

Amazon was just one of many tech companies doing layoffs, resulting from shifts in economic conditions, organization restructuring, cost cutting, and broader strategic decisions.

Most of Amazon's 1.5 million employees work in warehouses, but some of the company's layoffs affected jobs in its corporate operations. The company has also implemented hiring freezes alongside some of the layoffs.

Here is a timeline of Amazon's layoffs and hiring freezes: businessinsider.com

Bezos Says Amazon Customers Are Always 'Dissatisfied' & Crave Something Better

Amazon Sues Scammers Targeting Authors








4 charged in connection with discovery of $1M in stolen merchandise at Stockton home
San Joaquin County prosecutors charged a Stockton group of four in connection with an alleged organized retail crime ring. Cesar Avalos Godinez, 52; Lucila Hernandez Gaytan, 46; Cesar Avalos Hernandez, 20; and Francisco Castro Hernandez, 24, are facing 18 charges in relation to the theft, receipt and possession of nearly $1 million in stolen retail products. Prosecutors added enhancements to the group's charges due to the value of the allegedly stolen goods, and for leading and planning the ring. Officers with Stockton's CHP office
recovered the merchandise, which included clothes, shoes, power tools and more, while serving a search warrant Thursday at a home in the 400 block of Berrendo Lane. "I hope last week's arrest, and the charges just levied against the four suspects, sends a message loud and clear, that organized retail theft will not be tolerated here in San Joaquin County," District Attorney Ron Freitas said in a statement. "If you want to engage in such behavior, do so at your own risk. You will be arrested, and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law." The four are expected to appear in court Nov. 9. At the time, officials said the retail theft bust was one of the largest in the county's history.  abc10.com

Lady Lakes, FL: Repeat offender stole backpack, filled it with other Walmart merchandise
A man who's no stranger to the law in Florida was arrested again after sheriff's deputies heard a man "loaded up a gray backpack and took off running behind the liquor store." It happened Monday afternoon at the Walmart in The Villages. According to the arrest report, a loss prevention officer showed surveillance video to a deputy with the Sumter County Sheriff's Office who wrote, The footage revealed the defendant entered the store, grabbed a gray backpack, and began to fill it with unpaid merchandise from different departments within the store." And then it said he walked out, but started running when he realized he was being followed. Soon after, another deputy and a store employee found Jonathan Kirkland near a retention pond in the area. The employee confirmed Kirkland was the person "who completed the theft and fled from him. The defendant was also in possession of the stolen items." The 10 stolen items were worth $169.19, and they were recovered from the backpack. He was charged with retail theft and resisting, and his bail was set at $3,000. Kirkland, 32, has heard the Miranda warning several times.
The arrest report listed convictions for grand theft on Jan. 10, 2010; and petit theft on Jan. 11, 2013, and Nov. 22, 2020. It did not say where those convictions occurred. Kirkland has had trouble in nearby Lake County in recent years. He was booked and eventually released five times since the Nov. 22, 2020, event fox17.com

Alpharetta, GA: Three suspects sought in $4700 theft at Avalon Nike
Alpharetta police are pursuing three suspects who allegedly stole $4,700 of merchandise from the Nike on Avalon Boulevard Oct. 20. The store manager reported one male and two female suspects entered the store around 5:15 p.m., grabbed 17 tech jackets and 19 tech pants and ran out of the store a minute later. 

Chicago, IL: Venezuelan migrants accused of stealing nearly $3K in merchandise from Oak Brook Macy's
Two Venezuelan migrants now residing in Chicago are charged with stealing more than $2,800 worth of merchandise from a Macy's store in Oak Brook, according to prosecutors. Luis Mendez-Gomez, 28 and Frank Montez-Davila, 23 face felony charges of burglary and retail theft. Mendez-Gomez was also cited for misdemeanor driving without a valid driver's license. Prosecutors allege that just after 1:40 p.m. Tuesday, patrolling Oak Brook officers observed Mendez-Gomez and Montez-Davila exiting Macy's with a "happy birthday" bag and a backpack containing merchandise. 

Sandy, UT: Sandy Police, Attorney General's retail theft blitz nabs three
Police say a retail theft "blitz" lead to three arrests and even more solved cases. "Officers from Sandy Police in conjunction with detectives from the Attorney General's Office recently conducted a retail theft blitz," Sandy PD said on social media Wednesday. "During the blitz, officers apprehended three retail theft suspects." Subsequent questioning apparently spilled the goods on other offenses. "Officers were also able to solve numerous other cases throughout the valley because of intel obtained during interviews," Sandy PD said. One suspect was booked into jail on felony warrants and charges are to be screened for retail theft, possession of a controlled substance, and paraphernalia. The second suspect will have charges screened for retail theft with prior convictions and the third suspect will have charges screened for retail theft, possession of another's identification documents, attempted fleeing, and handicap parking violations. 

Midland, TX: Police search for Academy Sports + Outdoors $1400 theft suspects

Kitsap County, WA: Man caught on video brazenly stealing designer purses from Silverdale Ross store

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Shootings & Deaths

North Charleston, SC: Update: Gunman sentenced to 40 years in Piggly Wiggly store shooting that killed young man
A man with mental illness who jolted a North Charleston grocery store into an active shooting scene in 2021, killing a young man and terrifying shoppers, was sentenced Nov. 1 to 40 years in state prison. The shooting on Oct. 29, 2021, at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store at 8780 Rivers Ave. took the life of 19-year-old Coleman "CJ" Brown. Brown, a newly hired bagger at the grocery store and recent Berkeley High School graduate, had plans to enlist in the military and earn a college degree. The gunman was 36-year-old Jerrold Jerome Cooper Jr., who appeared Nov. 1 in a Charleston County courtroom dressed in a jumpsuit and handcuffs.
He pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder in the slaying of Brown and attempted killing of his ex-girlfriend, Shoreka Henderson-Miles, who worked as a cashier at the store postandcourier.com

Memphis, TN: Update: BOLO issued for suspect in Northaven store shooting that left one dead
On Oct. 20., SCSO identified a suspect in a shooting at a Northaven store the night before that left one man dead. Rattler is wanted for first-degree murder after a man was shot and killed on Oct. 19., in the parking lot of Penny Pantry, SCSO said. He is also wanted for Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Possession of a Firearm During Commission of a Dangerous Felony, officials said. fox13memphis.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Gainesville, FL: Employees jump out of Zaxby's drive-thru window to escape Armed Robber
A newly obtained report details how
a Zaxby's employee robbed the restaurant in Gainesville at gunpoint causing workers to run for their lives. According to the Gainesville Police Department report obtained by TV20, two employees identified Juanquavious Jackson, 18, when he robbed the store on Northwest 10th Avenue on Oct. 21. The employees explained Jackson did not show up for work that day. When a gunman entered the store around 9 p.m. wearing a mask and all black, the witnesses could tell it was Jackson based on his voice and the part of his face not concealed. Jackson told them to give him money. They did not immediately comply and Jackson shot at them. Both employees then jumped out of the drive-thru window and ran to safety. The robber couldn't get money out of the cash registers and went to the backroom. He was able to take three cash drawers from the unlocked safe. Officers note, he appeared to have prior knowledge of the business. He was arrested less than a week after the robbery. Jackson was charged with two counts of attempted murder, armed robbery, and possession of a weapon by a felon.  wcjb.com

Chicago, IL: Update: Chicago store loses thousands in smash-and-grab: 'driving good business out of the community'
Tops & Bottoms is the go-to spot on Chicago's West Side for the latest Jordan Dunks, sportswear and designer coats. However, on Wednesday, a blue pickup truck was found inside the store when staff arrived. "When I first heard about it, I knew it wasn't someone from the community," said Tops & Bottoms Store Manager Ahmed Kassim. The thieves plowed through a metal security gate at a high rate of speed Tuesday night and once inside, the manager says surveillance video shows eight to 10 people running in and out of the business stealing gym shoes, jackets and clothes. "It's very shocking and unbelievable. We're really tight-knit with the community. We do food drives and clothes drives," said Kassim. Owners estimate tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise was stolen from the store located on Madison and Pulaski in West Garfield Park. The area is filled with several shops and clothing stores, but it's also no stranger to police and crime activity. "We're hopeful that folks are gonna stop doing this because they're only driving good business out of the community," said 28th Ward Alderman Jason Ervin. It's the eighth "smash and grab" this week in Chicago. Two of the incidents occurred in Ervin's ward.  fox32chicago.com

Harlem, NY: Suspect nabbed in stabbing of teen in East Harlem charged with four past robberies at CVS and 7-Eleven

Montgomery County, MD: Group Assaulted, Robbed Inside Dave & Buster's Bathroom In Silver Spring


Cincinnati, OH: Nearly 800 counterfeit jewelry worth over $3M seized in Cincinnati
Hundreds of pieces of counterfeit jewelry were recently taken by federal officers in Ohio. From Oct. 25 to Oct. 28, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in Cincinnati seized three shipments, all from Hong Kong, containing nearly 800 pieces of counterfeit designer watches and jewelry. If they had been real, officials said the pieces would've been worth around $3.16 million. The first shipment on Oct. 25 included 379 counterfeit pieces of jewelry with logos from brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Versace, and Hermes. The shipment was heading to a home in Kingsland, Texas. On Oct.26, a second shipment was seized. This one, which was also heading to the same home in Texas, had 206 counterfeit watches with the trademarks of Cartier, Rolex, Versace, Coach, and Tous. The last shipment, seized on Oct. 28, contained 210 pieces of counterfeit jewelry with the trademarks for Van Cleef and Cartier. This shipment was heading to a home in Doral, Florida.  whio.com



C-Store - Seattle, WA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Pierce County, WA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Grand Junction, CO - Robbery
Clothing - Bakersfield, CA - Robbery
Collectables - San Antonio, TX - Burglary
Dollar - Brighton, NY - Burglary
Dollar - Lufkin, TX - Armed Robbery
Dollar - Burke County, NC - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Grand Junction, CO - Robbery
Gas Station - Kennewick, WA - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Odessa, TX - Robbery
Guns - Newark, NJ - Burglary
Handbags - Kitsap County, WA - Robbery
Jewelry - Bakersfield, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Torrance, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - National City, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Richmond, VA - Robbery
Jewelry - Goshen, IN - Robbery
Liquor - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
Mall - Chicago, IL - Robbery
Mall - Boise, ID - Robbery
Mall - Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy - Greenwich, CT - Burglary
Restaurant - Pennington County, SD - Burglary
Restaurant - Jefferson County, IL - Burglary
Restaurant - Lumberton, NC - Robbery
Sport - Alpharetta, GA - Robbery
Sport - Midland, TX - Robbery
Walmart - Lady Lakes, FL - Robbery                                       


Daily Totals:
• 23 robberies
• 6 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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None to report.

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Loss Prevention Manager (House of Sport)
Boston, MA - posted October 10
As a Loss Prevention Manager, you will support the Store Leadership team in achieving company objectives by managing all Loss Prevention programs and policies within the store. This key role will have the tremendous responsibility of keeping our associates, customers and our store safe...

District Asset Protection Partner
Tucson and Chandler/Phoenix, AZ Area - posted September 27
The Asset Protection (AP) Partner is a strong communicator, advisor, investigator, and compliance partner. This role is responsible for asset protection program execution at all levels and implementing methods to prevent, and control losses, in support of protecting company assets. This role collaborates with store teams, Human Resources, Supply Chain, and District Management...

District Asset Protection Partner
West Sacramento, CA - posted September 26
The District Asset Protection (AP) Partner is a strong communicator, advisor, investigator, and compliance partner to our Stores. This role is responsible for driving shrink improvement and leadership of asset protection program execution at the District level. The District AP Partner is responsible for assessing store-based shrink initiatives, promoting shrink awareness, and implementing methods to prevent, and control losses...

Asset Protection Specialist
Newburgh, NY - posted September 25
The Asset Protection Specialist role at Ocean State Job Lot is responsible for protecting company assets and monitoring store activities to reduce property or financial losses. This role partners closely with store leadership and the Human Resources team, when applicable, to investigate known or suspected internal theft, external theft, and vendor fraud...

Security Director
Chicago, IL - posted September 7
Reporting to the VP of Corporate Security, the Director of Corporate Security is a professional security practitioner that acts as an advisor/consultant to the assigned Property Management Group. Responsibilities include monitoring security vendors' performance, evaluating for contract compliance, and serving as a program quality control manager...

District Asset Protection Manager
Washington, DC - posted August 31
The MidAtlantic Division has an opening for a District Asset Protection Manager in Northern Virginia. This person will support Fairfax, Arlington, and Loudoun counties. This is a salary role with up to 70% travel within the assigned district. District Asset Protection Manager will provide positive/proactive leadership, and instruction in the area of Security/Asset Protection...

Corporate & Supply Chain Asset Protection Leader
Quincy, MA - posted August 3
The primary purpose of this position is to manage the Corporate Asset Protection function for all US Support Offices and Supply Chain. Direct team in the design, implementation and management of physical security processes and equipment to ensure facilities are considered a safe and secure environment for all associates and external parties...

Occupational Health & Safety Manager
Mount Horeb, WI - posted July 27
This role is responsible for examining the workplace for environmental or physical factors that could affect employee or guest health, safety, comfort, and performance. This role is also responsible for reducing the frequency and severity of accidents. To be successful in the role, you will need to work closely with management, employees, and relevant regulatory bodies...

Region Asset Protection Manager
Jacksonville, FL - posted October 24
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...


Regional AP Mgr - South FL Market - Bilingual required
Miami, FL - posted August 8
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

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