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CLEAR Day 2 Recap

"We won’t get the Solution from DC; the solutions will come from this room."


Day two of the annual Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail conference opened strong with a session on the "New Fight Against Retail Crime" presented by Ben Dugan CVS, along with Lisa LaBruno and Jason Brewer from RILA. The session was moderated by Tony Gardner, National Director for Securitas Security and focused on tackling ORC and Violent Repeat Offenders from all directions. The multi-facetted approach aims to drive ongoing success thought the Vibrant Communities initiative, leveraging the Inform Consumers Act, state ORC task forces, on-going education through the RILA Asset Protection Conference, and strategic store walks with NDAA and RILA. Through this forward thinking, collaborative thinking will drive success in eradicating the ORC epidemic.

The conference which has been a dual-purpose conference for the last 4 years hosted over 500 law enforcement and retail professionals from all over the US. During the conference the two groups announced their next shows. FLEPRU will remain in Orlando for 2024 and CLEAR will partner with the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) in Dallas for 2024. Stay tuned for dates and registration information.

Case of the year went to Patrick Walsh with Kroger and Tim Lhotak with CVS, along with Chief Mike Robinson and Detective Claudia Olivo from the Wilmette Police department in Illinois. Day two featured some great presenters to include Sheriff Michael Chitwood Volusia County, Dr. Marshall Jones, Professor from the Florida Institute of Technology who presented on The Criticality of Leadership. In the afternoon Supervisor Jim Vane from Broward County and Detective Mike Lamia of the Boca Raton Police presented on “Unmasking the masked suspect”, Jason Davies, Rite Aid and Rory Stallard, Ulta conducted a session on “Steps to becoming an ORC Leader.”

Click here to read the CLEAR Day 1 Recap


When violent customers threaten retail executives

How a retailer's face matching led to CEO stalker ID, advance warning

Angry, violent customers abuse, curse, and threaten retail employees every day. Sometimes they follow through on those threats: Criminals killed 582 retail customers, employees, and security personnel last year, according to industry publication D&D Daily. Retail executives face different kinds of threats from angry, violent customers. Sometimes, trouble even follows the CEO all the way home.

In response to threats both in-store and out, retailers are quickly adopting technologies, including face matching, that offer advance warning when seconds count. Not all violence is preventable, but retailers can increase their chances of stopping attacks before they start. Here's how one retailer's fast, proactive reaction to a real-life threat led to vital evidence and enhanced situational awareness at work and at home.

Here's how it started: An angry man called the retailer's customer service hotline. The caller gave the rep his name and phone number, and he complained of in-store ADA violations. Just before ending the call, the man told the rep: "I am sitting in front of [CEO's] home, and I will take care of this myself." The caller had the CEO's correct home address. Click.

When police responded to the CEO's home, they found no one outside, but they and the retailer asset protection team treated the threat as credible. They worked together to learn more.

The client AP team provided the name given by the hotline caller. The police ran the name and found an old arrest photo. They confirmed the man pictured had a long history of violence and threats, plus open arrest warrants.

Next, the retailer's AP team put the arrest photo into their custom FaceFirst system, then ran a search. Although the arrest photo had been taken 15 years before, the system instantly matched the image with a man who had been in the retailer's stores within the prior 30 days. That search yielded a better, current photo of the man presumed to be the caller. Investigators developed more evidence that led to the retailer securing an order of protection for the man. So far, the man has not returned to the retailer's stores. If he does return, the retailer's FaceFirst system is set to provide real-time notification and enable a fast response by the retailer and local law enforcement.

Calculate the risks of being caught unaware when a known offender enters your store. Or the risks of not having the tools to investigate and validate direct threats against you. If you knew there was a proven solution to keep your valued customers, associates, and executive team safer from violent offenders, would you implement it? The real risk is answering no. FaceFirst's solution is fast, accurate, and scalable-take action today at facefirst.com.

The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Cities Across the Nation Prepare for Weekend Protests

D.C. region to boost security Friday after call for Hamas ‘day of rage’

From New York to Los Angeles, police said they plan to increase patrols Friday after Hamas’s call to action.  washingtonpost.com

US law enforcement steps up security ahead of expected Mideast protests

U.S. law enforcement agencies have escalated security measures to safeguard Jewish and Muslim communities ahead of global pro-Palestinian protests expected on Friday but urged members of the public to go about their daily routines.

Police in the two most populous U.S. cities - New York and Los Angeles - said they would step up patrols, especially around synagogues and Jewish community centers, though authorities insisted they were unaware of any specific, or credible threats.


"Every member of the New York Police Department will be ready and be in uniform tomorrow," NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell told reporters. "We will not tolerate any hate, any acts of disorder, it will be quelled quickly and we will be ready."

Hochul said the New York National Guard had already been ordered to patrol vital transportation hubs.

Across the country, the Los Angeles Police Department issued a statement saying its officers would assume a higher profile around Jewish and Muslim communities "during this unimaginable time."

Federal law enforcement agencies were also on alert.

"The FBI is aware of open-source reports about calls for global action on Friday, October 13th, that may lead to demonstrations in communities throughout the United States," the agency said in a statement. "The FBI encourages members of the public to remain vigilant." reuters.com


BSCC California: 31 City PD's & 7 Sheriff’s Offices Awarded $242,250,000 in ORT Prevention Grant Funding

Organized Retail Theft Prevention Grant Program

The Budget Act of 2022 (Senate Bill 154) established the Organized Retail Theft (ORT) Prevention Grant Program. Per the state Budget Act, funding for the Organized Retail Theft Grant Program shall be for competitive grants for city police departments, county sheriffs’ departments, and probation departments. Grant funds shall be used to support local law enforcement agencies in preventing and responding to organized retail theft, motor vehicle or motor vehicle accessory theft, or cargo theft.

See the list of ORT Prevention Grantees


Alameda DA Rolls Out ORT Prosecution Team

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price Introduces Organized Retail Theft Vertical Prosecution Team

Oakland CA, October 12, 2023 – Today, Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price will introduce her Organized Retail Theft Vertical Prosecution Team. In September, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office (ACDAO) was awarded a significant two million dollar grant to fund a new prosecution unit to address the growing issue of Organized Retail Theft (ORT) in the community.

Alameda County is one of 13 district attorneys’ offices across California that received funding to establish new vertical prosecution units. The proposal submitted by DA Price and her team on behalf of the ACDAO was ranked second in the entire state. Two of the 31 City Police Departments awarded ORT Prevention Grants are in Alameda County: Fremont Police Dept. and Newark Police Dept.

The grant is part of the state’s largest-ever investment to combat organized retail crime in California. The funds will be allocated in annual installments over the next three years.

The first-of-its-kind model will focus on the investigation and prosecution of organized retail theft crimes, using a vertical prosecution model. Under the grant program, DA Price has created the team which includes Deputy District Attorneys, Inspectors, and Senior Program Specialists, working together to investigate and prosecute ORT cases from start to finish.  alcoda.org

The project is funded by a $2 million from a state grant and a matching $2 million put up by the DA's office  abc7news.com



Sheriff Says New Mag Mile ORC Push Has Reduced Retail Crime 20%

Cook County Sheriff's Office aids Chicago police in combatting Mag Mile crime

A grant from the Illinois Attorney General's office has allowed Cook County Sheriff's deputies to patrol Chicago's Magnificent Mile, and the program is yielding results, according to officials. Retail crime overall is down, according to Chicago police data. The sheriff said the department is “thrilled” with the results, and praised Chicago police as critical partners in the endeavor. Chicago police cars have become more common in the Mag Mile area in recent months, with lights flashing and officers conducting patrols on foot to help deter organized retail thefts.

That grant of $276,000 was designated to help battle the growing issue of organized retail crime in the busy shopping corridor, according to Sheriff Tom Dart.

Dart says the program and extra patrols are working, with at least 100 arrests in recent months. Retail crime overall is down, according to Chicago police data.

“We have only been doing this for about six months, and we have seen a drop of about 20%, which is a lot,” Dart said.

Kimberly Bears, president of the Magnificent Mile Association, echoed those sentiments about the increased patrols.

“We have seen them out of the avenues, stopping in to talk to merchants and retailers, and bringing back an officer-friendly (approach),” Bears said.

Dart and other officials expressed hope that the program will continue into the future, but there’s no official word on whether it will continue.  nbcchicago.com


Memphis #1 Robbery & ORC City in U.S.

Memphis: New mayor wants pandemic-level response to crime

What do the first 100 days look like in terms of new initiatives and plans? 

I wouldn’t say new initiatives. I think the first thing I want to do is make sure that we’re elevating the urgency around the crisis that we have around crime and violence in our community.

I often point to the fact that during the pandemic, we had that conference call every week where you had all of the CEOs of the major hospitals, all of the mayors of Shelby County, all of the division directors in the city and county, all of us were on the same call every week talking about how do we reduce the level of the virus in our community.

I want that same level of urgency around how we reduce the level of crime that we’re seeing in our communities.

And certainly violent crime is top of the list, but I think we also have to focus on some of the crimes that give us indications of chaos.

And my goal in the first 100 days is to elevate that urgency and bring a unified front on how we’re going to resolve those issues. dailymemphian.com


Public Safety Poll: What Memphis and Shelby County residents think about local crime

  • Community thinks crime is ‘much higher’ than 5 years ago

  • Residents overwhelmingly want more police in Memphis

  • Crime taking its toll as residents consider relocation, poll shows

  • Barnes: Poll on crime shows residents want more from leaders 



DC's "Culture of Lawlessness"

At House subcommittee hearing, agreement that D.C.’s in a crime crisis

House Republicans probed the rise of violent crime in D.C. in a contentious hearing Thursday, describing the District as embroiled in a “culture of lawlessness” and pressing authorities to impose harsher punishments on those convicted of violent offenses.

There was, however, rare consensus among nearly all federal lawmakers and testifiers in the room: Crime in the nation’s capital has reached a point of crisis.

Homicides in the District are on pace to reach highs not seen since the late 1990s, and the latest police data shows overall violent crime up by 40 percent compared with the same time last year, largely driven by a spike in robberies.

“No section of this city can be considered safe anymore,”

Charles Stimson, a policy expert at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, in his testimony criticized Superior Court judges for “notoriously light sentences”  washingtonpost.com


Curfews With Teeth - Cracking Down on Social Media & Looting

PA House Republicans announce series of bills to tackle looting epidemic in major cities

12 October 2023- In the wake of recent rampant and violent looting in Philadelphia that caused significant property damage and loss, House Republicans today unveiled a package of anti-looting legislation that will increase penalties on looters, put additional teeth in juvenile curfews, crackdown on social media coordination of looting and enhance penalties for those looting state property, including liquor stores.

“The uncontrolled looting and violence we saw in Philadelphia recently was more than unacceptable: It was disastrous and disgusting,” said House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster).

With some of the looting and violence promoted and furthered by the Philadelphia social media influencer known as “Meatball,” Rep. K.C. Tomlinson (R-Bucks) will be introducing legislation to create a new criminal offense for those who utilize social media to incite rioting, burglaries, thefts or other dangerous criminal conduct that threatens others.

With an understanding that many recent looting incidents have involved juveniles, and youth curfews are a useful tool to prevent patterns of looting, Rep. Tomlinson will also introduce legislation to put teeth in youth curfews by providing a tool for police to arrest and charge juveniles that intentionally violate a lawful curfew with the intention to commit a crime. 

You can view the co-sponsorship memos for this package of bills here.  tristatealert.com


Charlotte retail malls grapple with frequent crime incidents, closed stores

Over recent months, shopping malls in the Charlotte area have seen several incidents of criminal activity, which is part of a larger wave of offenses committed at other malls in large urban areas throughout the U.S.

Crime is not a new phenomenon at Charlotte’s Northlake Mall, as the mall has been host to shootings and other incidents over the last several years.

Tenants at Northlake have expressed ongoing concerns over the safety of the premises and mall patrons.

One such retailer is American Eagle Outfitters, who after exiting the mall was sued by its parent company, The Spinoso Real Estate Group over allegedly violating its lease agreement due to the store not being in continual operation during the lease term.

American Eagle then filed a counterclaim against Spinoso, alleging that the mall is unsafe for operation due to “rampant violence.”

Other stores in Northlake have also left the mall over the last year, with retailers Chico’s, Michael Kors, Soma, and White House Black Market closing up shop. Apple, who also operated in Northlake, recently moved to a new location in the Huntersville area.

In an emailed statement to Carolina Journal, former Mecklenburg County Sheriff Irwin Carmichael said the mall incidents are part of a larger pattern of criminal behavior at retail stores in other parts of the country.

Northlake is not the only retail establishment facing issues with criminal incidents. SouthPark Mall has also seen its fair share of criminal activity in recent months. On August 7, SouthPark’s Belk store was robbed at gunpoint by two individuals.

Charlotte city councilman Tariq Bokhari recently called attention to an incident via a Facebook post where shop lifters allegedly stole merchandise from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

“This madness must stop,” he said in response. “It’s time for our leaders to get serious about taking the offensive.”

To combat the rising retail theft in the Charlotte area, lawmakers and retail stores have turned to retail theft laws and enhanced security measures to protect customers.

Despite these occurrences, a recent study conducted by personal finance company WalletHub indicated that Charlotte ranks 45th out of 182 U.S. cities in terms of overall safety.  carolinajournal.com



Timberland Corp. Contract Security Guard Murders Marketing Dir. in Corp. Storage Room

Securitas settles lawsuit over guard who killed Timberland Marketing Director Cassie Heppner

The security firm that hired a man who fatally stabbed a Timberland marketing director he was supposed to protect has settled a wrongful death lawsuit brought forward by the Exeter woman's estate.

Michael Cormier, husband of the late Catherine “Cassie” Heppner, filed the civil negligence suit in Rockingham Superior Court against the firm Securitas Security Services USA, which was contracted to provide security guards for Timberland’s headquarters in Stratham.

The 15-count lawsuit also named Cadient, the North Carolina firm that owns Securitas' online employee screening program used to weed out unfit security guard candidates, as a defendant. The suit alleged Securitas negligently hired Robert Pavao, then 20, of Berwick, Maine, with zero security guard experience and ignored “red flags” displayed on the job about his mental state.

According to the lawsuit, Securitas failed to properly screen and supervise Pavao as required in its contract with Timberland. Cadient's online psychological assessment tool picked up no red flags or concerning behavior, and Securitas did not contact any of the personal references for Pavao or have him take a drug test certified by a lab as required by its contract with Timberland.

When Securitas hired Pavao at $13 per hour on Sept. 17, 2019, the lawsuit claimed the only onsite training he received consisted of a few shifts "shadowing" another guard and that he worked 57 unsupervised shifts at Timberland from Oct. 5, 2019, through Feb. 8, 2020.

One of the guards he worked with, according to the suit, observed Pavao being "antisocial" and demonstrating "significant anxiety." He also believed Pavao smoked marijuana at work and that he “used other drugs like mushrooms and LSD" but never reported it as required by the Securitas’ security guard handbook.

Additionally, the lawsuit outlines dozens of instances where security guards that Securitas and Cadient "deemed trustworthy and sound" committed crimes dating back to 2001. The most notable ones included Securitas guard James Fields Jr., who drove a car into a crowd of anti-white supremacist protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one in 2017. In a 2019 case, a guard was charged with the assault of an 11-year-old girl he suspected of shoplifting in Boston, Massachusetts.

In its answer, Securitas denied it cut any corners in hiring, noting they contacted prior employers and conducted a background check of Pavao, "which included his absent criminal history."

Pavao was convicted of murdering Heppner, a 46-year-old mother of a young son, on Feb. 9, 2020, by stabbing her twice in the neck with scissors in a storage room he had unlocked for her. Police reported Heppner's hands showed defensive wounds and Pavao told a responding Stratham police officer, “he thought” he killed Heppner. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 55 years to life in prison on Nov. 3, 2021.

Cormier's attorneys from the law firm Abramson, Brown & Dugan, informed the court Sept. 26 that Cormier "reached a confidential agreement" to resolve his claims against Securitas and Cadient.  seacoastonline.com


Pleasant Hill Police and Retailers Crack Down on Organized Retail Crime, Arresting 11

San Francisco Dior store in Union Square robbed after car smashes facade


The Law-abiding & Lawbreaking Know - "Cops Aren’t Coming to the Rescue"

Not Your Father’s Shoplifters

Criminals get bolder as American cities abandon broken-windows policing.

In U.S. cities from Los Angeles to Chicago, shoplifting has become an epidemic. The question is what’s worse: the brazenness of theft today or how what was once unthinkable is now considered unstoppable.

Thieves no longer need to hide their behavior. Today the shops themselves forbid staff to try to stop shoplifters.

At the same time, shoplifting has grown sophisticated. Smash-and-grab mobs overwhelm store employees and leave with garbage bags full of merchandise. Organized criminal enterprises recruit drug addicts to do the actual stealing and then sell the stolen goods on platforms such as eBay.

It’s all a product of a growing social dysfunction born of the abandonment of broken-windows policing. Broken windows originated in a 1982 article for the Atlantic magazine by James Q. Wilson of Harvard and George L. Kelling of Rutgers. They argued that if you sweat the small stuff that really makes city residents feel unsafe (aggressive panhandling, public urination, petty crime), you’ll catch problems before they metastasize. Their metaphor was the broken window.    Continue Reading


Can Store Fulfillment Tech Help Solve The Retail Theft Crisis?

Retailers from Albertsons Companies (parent of Safeway) to Walmart are mentioning increased “shrink” in their quarterly earnings calls this year as retailers across the US face a massive increase in organized retail crime (ORC) in stores.

The best solution, however, may be the OMS tools that retailers already have in place.

Order management systems (OMS) enable retailers to fulfill from stores (e.g., click and collect; locker pickup; curbside pickup; or buy online, pick up in store). These tools could allow retailers to take orders — and receive payment — before opening locked-away goods. Customers can order online or in the app from anywhere — including in the store while shopping for other items — using QR codes or from an associate who can send the customer a link to pay.

OMS tools create a new “digital in-store” shopping experience. - The process flows: - What would it take to make this happen?  forrester.com


CFO Dive: A Legal Prospective On Private Messaging Data

Balancing privacy concerns with internal investigations

It’s natural for employees to balk at making private messages open to outside counsel or forensic specialists as part of an internal investigation, but there are ways to meet privacy concerns while enabling the company to get what it needs, investigation experts say. 

“Privacy concerns are real. They’re fair and legitimate,” said Steve Davis, vice president of Purpose Legal and a licensed private investigator, in a webcast hosted by Corporate Counsel Business Journal and eDiscovery software company Everlaw. “People have a right to privacy.”

Start by taking at face value what data sources the employee says are personal and, for that data, just do spot checks to validate that they don’t apply to the investigation. 

“To make this a defensible investigation, you must put some checks in place,” said Brock Bosson, a partner with Cahill Gordon & Reindel. “Identify all of the employee’s contacts who are work related, pull all of those, and then do spot checks of the remainder. In my experience, people are usually more comfortable with spot checks.”

If the spot checks appear to support the claim the data isn’t work related, you can note that and support your decision later should you be asked about that as part of a government investigation or other matter that requires a look-back. cfodive.com


Walgreens announces $1B cost-cutting program due to poor Q4

Walgreens blames the poor fourth quarter showing on the reduction on COVID-19 tests and vaccines, lawsuits and opioid settlements, inflation, and insurance disruptions caused by Medicaid.

Walgreens Boots Alliance says it is going to turn the tables behind a $1 billion cost-cutting effort that also includes lowering capital expenditures by around $600 million. The program, which will also see Walgreens cut non essential spending and contracted and project work while optimizing the company’s transportation network, should start producing results by the second quarter of fiscal year 2024.

“We must support our customer-facing activities, scrutinize every penny of spend that does not directly benefit the customer and improve cash management,” interim CEO Ginger Graham said on Thursday’s earnings call.  supermarketnews.com


US employees spend $51 daily when they work full-time in office, study says

The annual “State of Work” report, conducted by videoconferencing company Owl Labs, found that about 66% of employees nationwide have returned to the office five days a week, or full-time, but spend $51 per day when they work in person.

Employees who report to the office five days a week spend about $1,020 every month on average. In comparison, workers who have a hybrid schedule spend $408 a month on office attendance costs, the study found.  The complete report can be viewed here.  thehill.com


Cash use falls as instant payments gain ground: McKinsey

Circle K Owner Couche-Tard to build 500 new stores by 2028

Ross Stores opens 97 new locations this year

Walmart to close on Thanksgiving - 4th Yr.



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Axis Body Worn Camera Solutions

How body worn cameras will lead to smarter, safer cities

By Andreas Göransson, Manager, End Customer Marketing
 - Axis Communications

With our body worn camera solutions, we have an eye not only on the immediate benefits body worn cameras can bring to law enforcement and private security companies, but other areas of life where the presence of a body worn camera can have a positive impact.

The urban environment is an obvious place where body worn cameras will have a significant and increasing presence, and once which will help cities reach goals in security and safety. Indeed, as a greater proportion of the world’s population increasingly lives in cities, safety and security are high on the agenda of citizens in relation to the perception of a city’s livability and attractiveness.

Capturing evidence and affecting behavior

The presence of a body worn camera can improve behavior of both citizens and the wearer of the camera, which can not only reduce the number of incidents, but also the number of complaints against officers. Both are positive factors in the sense of city livability.

In addition, footage from body worn cameras can be extremely useful in situational training and evaluation. Using real-world footage of the management of incidents – including both seeing and hearing how law enforcement or security personnel managed a particular situation – greatly enhances the brings to life the theoretical taught in the classroom.

Body worn beyond law enforcement and security

Unfortunately, a fact of urban life can be verbal and physical abuse of workers perceived to be in positioning of authority, or a focal point of citizen frustration. Public transport operatives and ticket inspectors, emergency services personnel, healthcare professionals, teachers, utility workers and many others can become targets for aggression and abuse, and while it’s often borne out of citizen frustration and stress, it is clearly entirely inappropriate.

The mere presence of a body worn camera and the knowledge that a citizen is being filmed can have a calming effect, reducing the likelihood of an incident escalating to abuse and violence and overall levels of antisocial behavior. The increased feeling of safety and security for the wearer should also not be underestimated, and their increased confidence in doing their job can lead to more positive interactions with the public. And again, the footage from body worn cameras can be an invaluable enhancement to training courses for employees across multiple city functions and roles.

We’re early into our journey into the body worn camera segment, but the potential for improving the lives of citizens and workers in our urban environments is clear and exciting.

Read the full article here

Do you have a smart city agenda? Here is eight key reasons why Axis is the perfect solution provider to your smart city: Read the 2022/23 Axis Smart City Magazine







Uber's Ex-CISO Appeals Conviction Over 2016 Data Breach

Joe Sullivan's lawyers have claimed his conviction on two felony charges is based on tenuous theories and criminalizes the use of bug bounty programs.

Former Uber CISO Joseph Sullivan's conviction earlier this year on charges related to a 2016 data breach at the company should not be allowed to stand because it threatens the use of bug bounty programs among enterprise organizations, his lawyers argued in an appeal this week.

In a brief filed Tuesday with the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Sullivan's legal team described him as the victim of a "profoundly flawed" verdict that was based on tenuous theories about his responsibilities as the security chief at Uber.

A federal jury last October found Sullivan guilty of obstructing justice and misprision of a felony — or working to conceal it — in connection with a 2016 breach at Uber that exposed sensitive data of more than 50 million customers and 600,000 drivers.

The breach happened in the middle of an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of an earlier 2014 security incident at Uber involving the compromise of personal information belonging to some 50,000 individuals.

Prosecutors charged Sullivan, whom Uber hired as CISO after the 2014 breach, of withholding information about the 2016 incident from the FTC even as its investigators were scrutinizing the company's data security and privacy practices. The government argued that Sullivan should have informed the FTC of the 2016 incident, but instead went out of his way to conceal it from them.

Prosecutors also accused Sullivan of attempting to conceal the breach itself by paying $100,000 to buy the silence of the two hackers behind the compromise. Sullivan had characterized the payment as a bug bounty similar to ones that other companies routinely make to researchers who report vulnerabilities and other security issues to them. His lawyers pointed out that Sullivan had made the payment with the full knowledge and blessing of Travis Kalanick, Uber's CEO at the time, and other members of the ridesharing giant's legal team.

But prosecutors described the payment and an associated nondisclosure agreement that Sullivan's team wanted the hackers to sign as an attempt to cover up what was in effect a felony breach of Uber's network.

Following the jury verdict in May 2023, Judge William Orrick of the US District Court for the Northern District of California sentenced Sullivan to three years of probation and 200 hours of community service and ordered him to pay a $50,000 fine.

The government's response is due by Nov. 9, and Sullivan will have an opportunity to respond to that by Nov. 30. Oral arguments in the appeals case are projected to start in the spring of 2024, and a decision won't happen until mid- to late 2024, Chamberlin says.  darkreading.com


New Cyberattacks Coming - Faster - Precise - Larger Scale

Generative AI is scaring CISOs – but adoption isn’t slowing down

The march of generative AI isn't short on negative consequences, and CISOs are particularly concerned about the downfalls of an AI-powered world, according to a study released this week by IBM.

Generative AI is expected to create a wide range of new cyberattacks over the next six to 12 months, IBM said, with sophisticated bad actors using the technology to improve the speed, precision, and scale of their attempted intrusions. Experts believe that the biggest threat is from autonomously generated attacks launched on a large scale, followed closely by AI-powered impersonations of trusted users and automated malware creation.

The IBM report included data from four different surveys related to AI, with 200 US-based business executives polled specifically about cybersecurity. Nearly half of those executives -- 47% -- worry that their companies' own adoption of generative AI will lead to new security pitfalls while virtually all say that it makes a security breach more likely. This has, at least, caused cybersecurity budgets devoted to AI to rise by an average of 51% over the past two years, with further growth expected over the next two, according to the report.


Employees Will End Up Turning to Shadow AI

New front line of enterprise defences – AI apps


It is no surprise that the unparalleled rise of ChatGPT and other generative AI apps quickly drew the attention of malicious actors. The platform acquired a million users in five days and surpassed 100 million users in just two months, playing right into the hands of cyber attackers that take advantage of hype around new popular services for nefarious purposes, writes Ray Canzanese, Director of Threat Labs at the cloud security product company Netskope.

While ChatGPT is undoubtedly the most popular generative AI tool – with more than 8x as many daily active users than any other AI app – Google Bard is currently growing fastest, adding users at a rate of 7.1 per cent per week. On its current trajectory, Bard is on course to catch up with ChatGPT in just over a year.

As such, the true impact of AI use in businesses is still yet to be determined. Netskope’s recent Cloud and Threat Report, which analysed habits of millions of users across thousands of enterprises, found that the number of users accessing AI applications increased by 22.5 per cent from May to June this year – and at the current rate of growth, is set to double within the next seven months.

To block or not to block - Empowering the user - Protecting sensitive information - Riding the hype   professionalsecurity.co.uk


LinkedIn Smart Links Abused in Phishing Campaign Targeting Microsoft Accounts

A recently observed phishing campaign targeting Microsoft accounts is using LinkedIn smart links to bypass defenses.

A recently identified phishing campaign is relying on LinkedIn smart links to bypass email defenses and deliver malicious lures into Microsoft users’ inboxes, email security firm Cofense reports.

A legitimate feature connected to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator services, smart links allow businesses to promote websites and advertisements, redirecting users to specific domains.

Threat actors, however, are relying on the feature to redirect users to malicious websites that attempt to steal their credentials and personal information, abusing the inherent trust that email gateways have in LinkedIn.

While LinkedIn smart links have been abused in malicious attacks before, the recently observed phishing campaign stands out with more than 80 unique smart links embedded within over 800 phishing messages delivered to recipients from various industries, Cofense says. securityweek.com


CISO Pay Increases Are Slowing & So Are Budgets – a Look Behind the Figures

How much do CISOs make? Survey provides compensation trends for Chief Information Security Officers, but don’t take surveys at full face value.

The details are provided in a new survey provided by information security advisory specialist IANS Research and high-level recruitment firm Artico Search. In April 2023, more than 600 US and Canadian security executives were queried for the fourth annual CISO Compensation and Budget survey (PDF summary). The companies concerned varied in size, sector, and location.

The headline takeaways from this survey are: the average CISO total compensation increase was at 11% (down from 14% in the previous year); 20% of CISOs did not receive a raise (double that of the previous year); and retention and equity packages were received by only 12% (down from 21%) and 8% (down from 24%) of CISOs respectively.

It is further worth considering the 2023 Security Budget Benchmark Report that was produced by IANS/Artico partnership and compiled in September 2023. According to this report, security budgets have increased by 6% “following double-digit increases in 2020 and 2021”. In greater detail, more than one-third of CISOs (37%), “reported flat or declining security budgets, year-over-year.”

But the reality of the situation is that while CISO compensation is not increasing as fast as in previous years, it is still increasing at a faster rate than the overall security budget – and that same compensation package is taking even more out of the security budget.  securityweek.com


CISA Releases New Resources Identifying Known Exploited Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations Linked to Ransomware


9 essential ransomware guides and checklists available for free








Third Party Sellers at the Center of FTC's Amazon Lawsuit
Amazon sellers say they made a good living — until Amazon figured it out
Top Shelf Brands is bankrupt, its employees laid off and its warehouses shuttered. It's one of an
untold number of third-party Amazon merchants that cashed in and then lost it all. And it serves as an illustration of their precarious position on Amazon, where everything can change from one day to the next.

Mrdeza's story is at the heart of a lawsuit that the Federal Trade Commission brought against Amazon in September. The suit, which was joined by 17 state attorneys general, alleges the company illegally used its monopoly power to stamp out rivals, which ultimately hurts consumers. The FTC says
Amazon punishes third-party sellers that offer lower prices on other sites, strong-arms them into using its shipping service and hikes up fees indiscriminately.

William Kovacic, a law professor at George Washington University and a former chair of the FTC, says the commission's
case is similar to those brought against railroad monopolies a century ago.

"There were long-standing concerns about how
a company that owns a crucial asset can impose terms, conditions or restraints on third parties who also use that asset," Kovacic says. "So it's an older idea that's new again."

Amazon calls the FTC's lawsuit "wrong on the facts and the law." A company spokesman told NPR in an email that third-party sellers account for more than 60% of its U.S. sales and that "sellers are engaging with our store more than ever before." He added that those sellers that "purchase optional services from Amazon do so because they provide more value than they can get elsewhere."

While Amazon opens up its platform for anyone to sell for a small commission fee, it's also trying to hawk its own products. According to the FTC's lawsuit,
Amazon uses several tactics to make sure its goods stay front and center. And when a third-party seller's product skyrockets on the platform, Amazon will often swoop in and sell the same thing. npr.org

AI's Growing Impact on E-Commerce
Generative AI’s Impact on E-Commerce
Generative AI can be used to supplement or even supplant various components of a company’s e-commerce workflow. Across the e-commerce sector,
artificial intelligence benefits both the vendor and its employees as well as customers and prospective buyers.

Generative-AI-driven data analytics tools
give business leaders and data scientists more contextual customer data, updated in real time and across different shopping, channel, and demographic data points.

These generative AI tools can collect data in various unstructured formats, including
customer service queries, social media posts and comments, ad clicks and engagements, and other data that has historically been difficult to capture.

Additionally, these tools often go beyond predictive analytics,
offering insights into what’s happening now and making prescriptive recommendations for what vendors can do to achieve better results, products, and services in the future. eweek.com


Netflix Announces Plans to Open ‘Netflix House’ Retail Stores

Amazon says October Prime Day outpaced last year’s event

Arizona town claims Amazon stopped delivering packages to residents








Serial Thief to Get 1 Yr Mandatory Federal Prison

DOJ: District Man Indicted on Enhanced Second Degree Theft for October Theft from a CVS

 WASHINGTON – Kinshasa Reddock, 40, of Washington, D.C., was indicted by a grand jury this week in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia on one count of second-degree theft stemming from the Oct. 1, 2023, theft from a CVS store.   Reddock is to be arraigned on Friday, Oct.13, 2023, at a hearing before a Superior Court judge.

According to the indictment, at about 5:35 p.m. on Oct. 1, 2023, Reddock entered the CVS store, took various items from the shelves and placed them into a bag. Reddock then promptly left the store bypassing all points of sale without paying for any of the items. He was arrested minutes later, in possession of many of the items, by members of the MPD.

Reddock has more than two prior theft convictions, though not from the same occasion, and is therefore subject to enhanced penalties for his alleged theft, including a mandatory minimum sentence of one year in prison. 


(Video) Chicago, IL: Update: 2 charged in high-end theft ring worth millions, spanning across multiple states.

The police chief and the mayor in suburban Lyons have shared more information about a sophisticated, high-end theft ring that spanned multiple states and amounted to millions of dollars. The investigation is centered around a warehouse in the Austin neighborhood filled with stolen merchandise. As CBS 2's Marissa Perlman reported, millions of dollars in high-end items were found inside - including shoes like Nikes and Yeezys, toys, iPads, jewelry, and jeans with a price tag of $375.

"They are referring to this as the mother lode so I don't hear that term very often," said Chief Tom Herion. There are at least five suspects, two of whom have already been arrested and charged. Lyons detectives found surveillance video that shows Erick Lujano Bautista and his employee, Edwin Aguirre Ramirez, breaking into and then stealing a semi-trailer and taking it to that warehouse in Austin to resell to retailers. Both suspects are 24 years old and are charged with burglary. Lujano-Bautista is also charged with possession of stolen property. The warehouse was used as a home base to push stolen goods across the country.

The investigation was fired up after a semi-trailer parked in a lot in Lyons was broken into last month. Inside were thousands of dollars worth of collectable figurines that were swiped. Hours later that trailer was also stolen. The thieves took the trailer to a warehouse in Chicago, unloaded the cargo, and then abandoned it at a parking lot nearby. Officials say the interstate trafficking of merchandise was fueled by rail cargo thefts -- a trend that has become a national epidemic where the stolen goods are unpackaged, then re-packaged and resold to small retailers. Detectives say this was the biggest-ever recovery for this department. More charges could be coming, and they are looking for more suspects. (cbsnews.com)


San Francisco, CA: Update: Smash-and-grab thieves target San Francisco Dior boutique in Union Square; 2 suspects arrested.

Police in San Francisco are investigating an early morning smash-and-grab burglary at the Dior store in Union Square Thursday where suspects drove a vehicle through the front of the shop and took high-end merchandise. According to the SFPD, at around 6:49 a.m., officers were dispatched to the corner of Post Street and Grant Avenue regarding a burglary in progress. A witness told that three vehicles stopped in front of a retail store -- later revealed to be the Dior store at 185 Post -- with one of the vehicles crashed into the store.

Video and photos from the scene showed the impact had smashed the exterior windows and damaged the security gate at the front of the store. Police said the witness told them multiple suspects got out of all three vehicles, entered the store, and emerged from the store with merchandise, estimated at $275.000. All three vehicles fled the area and descriptions of the vehicles were transmitted to responding officers. One officer responding to the scene spotted one of the suspect vehicles entering a freeway on ramp. The vehicle crashed and all the occupants exited the vehicle and fled the area on foot. Officers were able to locate and arrest two of the fleeing suspects. (cbsnews.com)


Pittsburgh, PA: Man wanted for cross-country retail theft operation at Home Depots arrested in Pittsburgh area.

A man wanted for a cross-country retail theft operation was arrested in Ohio Township. The call went out, and the Ohio Township Police Department answered. "They shared images of the vehicle of the suspect who had yet to be formally identified and asked us to be on the lookout for him," said Ohio Township Detective D. Ryan Ging. "They thought he was moving this way based on his pattern and movement."

An Ohio Township officer cruised through The Home Depot in Ben Avon Heights, and as luck would have it, he spotted the suspect's vehicle. "He saw the defendant, Antonio Bryant, coming back to his vehicle. Ironically enough after committing another theft," Ging said. Bryant, who is from Georgia, is now accused of stealing thousands of dollars from countless Home Depots across the nation.

"A lot of times, he would go to self-checkout and he would take smoke detectors, CO detectors or GFCI outlets and he would just under-ring them," Ging said. "He would switch the SKU codes so it would ring up as something pennies on the dollar." Police believe Bryant would then drive to another Home Depot, return all of it and convert it to cash. "We didn't find any reason ... to logically explain why he was doing this," Ging said. "We almost suspect it could be just the thrill." Cranberry police and several other Pittsburgh-area police departments plan to also file charges against Bryant. Police said they believe he was involved in similar thefts in Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. He is in the Allegheny County Jail. (cbsnews.com)

Los Angeles, CA: Smash-and-Grab Suspects Steal $15K in Merch From Melrose Avenue Boutique.

A small boutique on trendy Melrose Avenue in the Fairfax District within Central Los Angeles was targeted by thieves. (roundtable.io)

Pleasant Hills, CA: 11 arrested for grand, petty theft at Pleasant Hill Shopping Center (contracostaherald.com)

Irvine, CA: The Irvine Police are searching for a man who keeps stealing from a Target store (newsantaana.com)


NRF has declared Oct. 26 as Fight Retail Crime Day

 A day of action to unite the retail community to advocate
for solutions in combating organized retail crime.


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Shootings & Deaths

West Covina, CA: Update: 17-year-old arrested in murder of West Covina store clerk.

A 17-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of a liquor store clerk in West Covina over the weekend. The incident was reported around 8:45 p.m. Sunday in the 1400 block of West Puente Avenue, officials said. The 34-year-old Karanvir Singh was shot while apparently confronting two people who entered the store and stole merchandise. The assailants were believed to have fled the scene in a white SUV. One of suspects seen on surveillance video previously released by police was arrested and eventually charged with first-degree murder in connection with Singh’s death, police said. He is not being identified because of his age, but was described as an East Los Angeles resident. He is being held at a juvenile detention center and is scheduled to appear in court Friday.


Weed, NM: Update: Suspect charged with murder of rural convenience store owner.

Authorities charged a suspect accused of shooting a rural convenience store owner Wednesday morning near Cloudcroft.

Around 8:34 a.m. Wednesday, Otero County deputies say they responded to reports of someone “jumping” the owner of the Weed Store. They arrived and found the owner inside her store with gunshot wounds. She later died at the scene.


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Rochester, NY: Stolen property conviction reversed due to illegal police stop; Court votes 3-2 to vacate plea.

In a split opinion, a state appeals court has reversed a stolen property conviction because of an illegal police stop.

Defendant Al Amin McMillon pleaded guilty before Ontario County Court Judge Brian D. Dennis, in March 2022, to fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property. In a 3-2 decision released Oct. 6, the Appellate Division of state Supreme Court, Fourth Department, reversed the conviction, vacated the plea, granted a defense motion to suppress physical evidence and statements made by McMillon, and dismissed the indictment.

McMillon was arrested by Ontario County Sheriff’s deputies who suspected that McMillon and other occupants of a vehicle had shoplifted at a mall. The deputies stopped the vehicle in the mall parking lot and found alleged evidence that McMillon and the others had stolen merchandise from several stores. McMillon’s appellate attorney, Bradley E. Keem, argued that the prosecution failed to meet its burden of showing the legality of the vehicle stop.

Keem argued that the evidence presented at the suppression hearing did not provide deputies with the required reasonable suspicion that the occupants of the vehicle had committed or were committing a crime.

“We agree with defendant,” the Fourth Department wrote. Mall security reported to deputies “two suspicious black males” exiting the mall “with H&M bags full of merchandise,” according to the decision. Individuals matching the description of the two males were seen on surveillance video in a vehicle in the parking lot outside. A deputy testified that live surveillance video showed two individuals matching the description, along with a third individual, reenter the mall with an empty H&M bag, proceed to a nearby store, leave the store, and walk out of the mall about five minutes later with a full H&M bag and return to the vehicle where they placed the bag in the trunk, according to the decision. Deputies then stopped the vehicle in the parking lot.


Phoenix, AZ: Over $1m worth of stolen cars and drugs recovered as part of months-long DPS investigation.

According to the DPS statement, the agency's Vehicle Theft Task Force (VTTF) led a five-month investigation that focused of a group of suspects who allegedly bought stolen vehicle with illegitimate VIN numbers and shipping them to Arizona for selling. "During the investigation, VTTF detectives learned the suspects were ordering stolen vehicles from a vehicle theft ring based on the East Coast and working together to coordinate shipment of the vehicles to Arizona. Using fraudulent out-of-state titles, the suspects then sold the vehicles at prices substantially below market value to victims in Arizona," read a portion of the statement. Some of the stolen vehicles, according to DPS officials, include a Ferrari California, a Mercedes AMG SUV, a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, numerous Dodge sports cars, and pickup trucks. In all, officials said 19 vehicles worth approximately $1.2 million were seized


Salt Lake County, UT: Arrest made in connection with month-long series of convenience store robberies.

A man wanted in connection with a series of 7-Eleven robberies throughout Salt Lake County over the past month has been arrested. Andrew Armani Deionte Rowe, 27, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail Wednesday night for investigation of six counts of aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated kidnapping. Police believe Rowe is responsible for robberies at 7-Elevens in Salt Lake City, Murray, Millcreek, Holladay and Cottonwood Heights. All of the robberies happened between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. On Wednesday, "based on cellular phone data and physical surveillance," detectives determined they had enough evidence to arrest Rowe. Police say although he was arrested for investigation of six robberies, he is believed to have robbed at least three more stores.


Manassa, VA: Armed Macy's Robber Nabbed In Manassas.

Valerie Rene Polovitch, of Manassas, was spotted taking items from shelves and placing them into a bag, then walking toward the exit on Aug. 25, at the Manassas Mall, county police said. Before she left the store, Polovitch pulled out a knife and cut the loss prevention officer who confronted her, police said. She fled in a waiting brown Chrysler Pacifica. Minor injuries were reported. On Sept. 6, officers obtained warrants for Polovitch's arrest and took her into custody on Oct. 8. At the time, she had drugs in her possession, police said.


Baytown, TX: Man tries to carjack 2 vehicles after allegedly stealing from Baytown-area Target.

A Pasadena man is behind bars following several attempted carjackings after allegedly shoplifting from a Baytown-area grocery store, according to police. On Monday, loss prevention officers at a Target approached 47-year-old David Hernandez. Shortly after, Hernandez fled the store and tried to escape in a truck, which failed to start, according to the Baytown Police Department. Police said Hernandez, allegedly armed with a handgun, tried to carjack another vehicle from a woman he reportedly threatened while her two kids were present, but he was unsuccessful. The suspect then ran to another vehicle in the grocery store parking lot, where he successfully stole a driver's 2020 black Ford Fusion and fled the area. Baytown's Special Investigation Division located Hernandez and the vehicle around 6:15 p.m.in Pasadena with the help of Flock Safety Technology. Investigators tried to stop Hernandez, but he refused, and a chase ensued. According to investigators, the chase was called off as a public safety precaution. Hernandez continued driving before losing control and crashing into concrete barriers on SH 225. He then left on foot but was apprehended by officers.


Huntersville, MC: Man with criminal history charged in Birkdale Village jewelry store robbery.

A Concord man has been arrested in connection to a burglary that happened at the Birkdale Village in Huntersville this summer, police said. Derrick Lamar Brooks, 33, has been charged with felony breaking and entering, felony larceny, possession of a stolen vehicle, and injury to personal property. The July 2023 overnight burglary, where multiple items were stolen, happened at Fink’s Jewelers located at 16745 Birkdale Commons Pkwy.


Westminster, CA: Three men stole clothing from the JCPenney in Westminster and assaulted an employee.


Three male suspects removed various clothing items from the JCPenney store in Westminster and fled. The suspects assaulted and pepper sprayed Loss Prevention when confronted and fled.

San Diego, CA: Woman Who Cased Spots for Burglary Crew That Took $1M in Property Gets 12-Year Prison Term

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: Carjacked Priest survives when bullet bounces off his crucifix during robbery in Brazil

Bristol, CT: Woman enters Bristol Police Department with gun, opening fire as officers respond





Daily Totals:
• 17 robberies
• 4 burglaries
• 0 shooting

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Reporting to the VP of Corporate Security, the Director of Corporate Security is a professional security practitioner that acts as an advisor/consultant to the assigned Property Management Group. Responsibilities include monitoring security vendors' performance, evaluating for contract compliance, and serving as a program quality control manager...

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Washington, DC - posted August 31
The MidAtlantic Division has an opening for a District Asset Protection Manager in Northern Virginia. This person will support Fairfax, Arlington, and Loudoun counties. This is a salary role with up to 70% travel within the assigned district. District Asset Protection Manager will provide positive/proactive leadership, and instruction in the area of Security/Asset Protection...

Corporate & Supply Chain Asset Protection Leader
Quincy, MA - posted August 3
The primary purpose of this position is to manage the Corporate Asset Protection function for all US Support Offices and Supply Chain. Direct team in the design, implementation and management of physical security processes and equipment to ensure facilities are considered a safe and secure environment for all associates and external parties...

Occupational Health & Safety Manager
Mount Horeb, WI - posted July 27
This role is responsible for examining the workplace for environmental or physical factors that could affect employee or guest health, safety, comfort, and performance. This role is also responsible for reducing the frequency and severity of accidents. To be successful in the role, you will need to work closely with management, employees, and relevant regulatory bodies...

Manager, Physical Security
Jacksonville, FL - posted July 7
Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's physical security strategy for retail stores, warehouses, and store support center and field offices. This includes responsibility for the capital expense and repair budgets, developing written specifications, layout and design for all systems and to ensure all installations and repairs are made to SEG standards...


Regional AP Mgr - South FL Market - Bilingual required
Miami, FL - posted August 8
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

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