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Joe Tellone promoted to Director, Field Asset Protection & Safety for BJ's Wholesale Club
Joe has been with BJ's Wholesale Club for more than two years, starting with the company in 2021. Before his promotion to Director, Field Asset Protection & Safety, he served as Regional Asset Protection Manager. Prior to that, he spent a year with Target as Executive Team Leader - General Merchandise & Food. Earlier in his career, he held roles with C&S Wholesale Grocers and Target. Congratulations, Joe!

Jeff McAvoy promoted to Asset Protection Analytics Manager for BJ's Wholesale Club
Jeff has been with BJ's Wholesale Club for more than two years, starting with the company in 2021. Before his promotion to Asset Protection Analytics Manager, he served as Regional Asset Protection Manager. Prior to that, he spent over six years with Lowe's as Senior AP, Operations & Safety Manager and Loss Prevention & Safety Manager. Earlier in his career, he held LP roles with Macy's. Congratulations, Jeff!

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Sensormatic Solutions predicts the global top busiest shopping days of the 2023 holiday season

Black Friday is expected to be the busiest U.S. holiday shopping day in 2023, with Super Saturday reclaiming the second spot on the list

NEUHAUSEN, Switzerland-October 5, 2023- Sensormatic Solutions, the leading global retail solutions portfolio of Johnson Controls, today announced its predictions for the busiest shopping days of the 2023 holiday season. In the United States, Black Friday (Nov. 24), Super Saturday (Dec. 23), and the third Saturday in Dec. (Dec. 16) are expected to be the busiest shopping days of the season. The annual predictions for the global top busiest shopping days were compiled by Sensormatic Solutions retail traffic consulting and analytics group.

On average,
the top 10 busiest shopping days in the United States account for approximately 40% of all holiday retail traffic. Sensormatic Solutions predicts U.S. in-store traffic will likely moderate slightly compared to 2022, with forecasts indicating a year-over-year drop of no more than 3.5%-results that are in line with 2023's retail traffic performance to date. Overall, traffic this year has been down an average of 2% from last year.

The full list of predicted busiest shopping days in the United States is as follows:

1. Friday, Nov. 24 - Black Friday
2. Saturday, Dec. 23 - Super Saturday
3. Saturday, Dec. 16 - Third Saturday in December
4. Friday, Dec. 22 - Friday before Christmas
5. Saturday, Nov. 25 - Saturday after Black Friday
6. Tuesday, Dec. 26 - Boxing Day
7. Saturday, Dec. 9 - Second Saturday in December
8. Saturday, Dec. 2 - First Saturday in December
9. Saturday, Dec. 30 - Saturday after Christmas
10. Sunday, Dec. 17 - Sunday before Christmas Eve

Introducing CONTROLTEK's Exclusive High Security EAS Tag
and Detacher Solution

CONTROLTEK, a global leader in tamper-evident packaging, retail asset protection and RFID inventory and asset tracking solutions, is proud to introduce its new offering of High Security Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Tags and Detachers.

Traditional EAS tags, once an effective deterrent, have been rendered less effective due to the ease with which unauthorized individuals can access magnetic detachers. CONTROLTEK's High Security EAS tags offer a unique detaching method which can only be opened with the patented High Security Detacher, making them resistant to traditional magnetic detachers easily accessible by thieves.

Read more in CONTROLTEK's V-Newsletter here

Part 3 of Indyme's Q&A with the D&D Daily
Indyme: More than "that call button company!"

The D&D Daily's Gus Downing's Q&A with Hedgie Bartol, Vice President of Business Development for Indyme Solutions

Gus: Speaking of creative ways of resolving issues, the Freedom Case from Indyme seems to be getting a lot of attention. Tell me about that and what it does?

Hedgie: The Freedom Case is certainly game changing! Nowadays in our current retail environment, retailers are being forced to do something that I never thought I would see... Lock everything up. This is a tough spot for the retailers that they are being forced into due to the enormous amount of theft and ORC activity. However, this is a terrible experience for the consumer and a shame that 98% of the shoppers are being inconvenienced due to the 2% that are causing all the issues. Not to mention the impact on sales! The Freedom Case is the world's first self-service locked case. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but the reality is, we have created a way for retailers to lock up high theft items while giving the honest consumer the ability to self-serve and at the same time deterring and preventing the bad actor from doing the same. In essence, a consumer walks up to the locked case. They always have the option to call for assistance the old-fashioned way, or they are able to key in their phone number. They will then receive a four-digit PIN that will unlock the case. During the transaction, we monitor the behavior and the analytics can determine if they do something that is uncommon for that category or goods. If they are doing "naughty" behavior, they are not allowed to self-service the next time and an associate is automatically summoned. If they access another case anywhere in that retailer's enterprise, the same thing happens.

Lots of other nuances and benefits, but suffice to say, we have seen a decrease in shrink identical to a traditional locked case, with little to no decrease in sales. While at the same time, reducing labor associated with a locked case by well over 80%! That labor savings adds up!

Gus: Great stuff, Hedgie! Very cool to see a company like Indyme that has been serving retailers for over 35 years, coming into the spotlight with new and innovative solutions! Look forward to chatting again soon about the next big thing!

Hedgie: Thanks, Gus! Always a great time with you!

Read Parts 1 and 2 of the Q&A here and here

The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Theft Surge is Driving Some Consumers Away From Stores
How Retail Theft is Altering In-Store Shopping Habits

Consumers are expressing significant concerns about crime and violence in their community in general.

Ongoing CivicScience tracking shows that as of October 3, an overwhelming
76% of U.S. adults are either 'very' or 'somewhat' concerned about crime and violence in their area. The percentage of those 'somewhat concerned' has reached peak levels in the last 365 days (44%) and stands two percentage points higher than in October 2022. Those 'very concerned' about crime and violence in their area is down from this time last year, but still a significant number of respondents are expressing severe concerns (32%).

Concerns about crime and violence
likely influence whether consumers shop in-store or not, and increased safety measures could make shoppers feel more comfortable. Forty-eight percent of Americans notice stores taking retail theft precautions.

According to new CivicScience data, 48% of polled respondents say they've
noticed stores increasing security measures, reducing hours, or making other changes due to retail theft.

How is retail theft affecting shopping habits?

Among those who shop in-store and have noticed retail theft, 38% say they've either been shopping in-person less frequently (24%) or started shopping at a different store altogether (14%). Another 9% haven't recently changed their shopping habits but plan to. However, the majority of consumers say they won't adjust their shopping habits (53%) due to retail theft.

Forty-six percent of
those living in a city have changed how they shop, with a whopping 31% reporting they're shopping in-store less frequently.

Overall, retail theft could
cause significant changes in shopping habits among consumers. civicscience.com

The Debate Over Retail Crime Data Continues
Report downplays retail crime data: 'Glimpse into retail theft'
Theft, a major cause of retail shrink, is a big focus of complaint these days-but
research indicates that shrink has been more or less the same over the past seven years.

For some insights, we might look into the
2022 Retail Security Survey issued by the National Retail Federation. In fiscal 2021, the average inventory shrink percentage was 1.4 percent; the median, 1.2 percent. In fiscal 2016, the average was 1.4 percent; the median, 1.2 percent.

74.1 percent of stores surveyed reported "increase in risk and threat priorities" for external theft, excluding organized retail crime, and a 70.7 percent for ORC.

more alarming trend was increased concern about retail violence. The reported increase in risk of violence since the pandemic is a shocking (though not surprising) 89.7 percent. It's not just a matter of crazed customers: employee-on-employee violence is also a major concern.

In any event, the relative stability of shrink percentages over recent years may cast doubts on the motives of recent Target store closures.
Is theft an easy excuse for closing stores that are doing badly for other reasons?

Target says those
specific stores faced higher theft and danger to employees and customers. Target also says it's working with the federal government to reduce theft.

Earlier this year,
Walmart announced a number of closings in Chicago that some linked to retail theft, although Walmart simply claimed that the stores weren't profitable. producebluebook.com

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Shoplifting Surge Signals The Breakdown of Law & Order in America
Is retail theft a sign of social breakdown?

There are signs that both virtue and order are breaking down in the United States.

One sign of this breakdown comes to us through the financial media, of all places.
One of the earliest indicators was Walgreens' decision to close down several stores in San Francisco. Amid political criticism, the Walgreens CFO conceded perhaps they'd cried too much about theft. The numbers reveal, however, that the closures (and added security) did substantially reduce what the industry calls "shrinkage." Similarly, the CEO of Target declared that shrinkage cost the company half a billion dollars in profit this year. Other well-known retailers, such as Walmart and Home Depot, have shared similar problems.

To make matters worse, a new phenomenon has manifested.
Shoplifting has morphed into organized retail theft. Some of the immediate impacts are obvious. Retailers will close more stores in higher crime parts of town. Areas that already have distress over a lack of food markets will find that other kinds of goods and services will also become scarce. Prices will rise everywhere else. Merchants who sell online to suburban consumers will avoid the problem of theft, but brick-and-mortar locations will suffer a comparative disadvantage and will be still more pressured.

These immediate problems are far from the biggest ones.
The proliferation of shoplifting and its evolution into more organized forms signal a greater breakdown in the morals of the broader society. Rather than risk a confrontation, it seems that many retailers settled upon a no contest policy regarding theft. This approach appears to have fanned the flames of disrespect for the law. It may be that thieves have developed contempt for a system that lacks the will to oppose them.

We have
eroded the fundamental trust and honor that must exist in order for a free republic to endure. How do we recapture it? First, local governments must demonstrate that they have the will and the moral authority to resist crimes such as organized shoplifting. They must recognize that tolerance of crime leads to greater crimes and a higher frequency of their occurrence. But second, and more important in the long term, we must recover the virtue and the responsibility of citizens. wng.org

Retail Theft is Hammering Gas Station C-Stores
Struggling police departments can't respond to all calls, prioritize 'violent calls' only

Gas stations getting hit hard by retail theft: "It's money right out of your pocket"
A week after Target said they were closing nine stores due to repeated theft, we are learning more about how the places we go to gas up are also getting hit hard. It's a store known for its convenience, but the owner of the Stop and Shop on 1st Avenue in Minneapolis is dealing with some crippling inconveniences.

Joe Zerka says
shoplifting is rampant. "Oh, it's daily, dozens of times a day for sure, and that's what we're catching," Zerka said.

The MPD's 5th Precinct is directly across the street, but Zerka
doesn't call or make reports. "No, we can't call the police 50 times a day. You know, they won't show up. If we call for a petty little thing, the person's already left, the person who stole is gonna walk away," he said.

WCCO got some insight on the response from former St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell, who is now a security consultant.

The resources in police departments across the country continue to struggle. There are less officers on the streets we know today in Minneapolis and St. Paul than we've seen in decades," Axtell said. "We have to prioritize the most pressing, violent calls."

A spokesperson for the Minnesota Service Station & Convenience Store Association says owners in general are seeing a
spike in thefts, and particularly lottery ticket smash-and-grabs. cbsnews.com

Retail Theft, Gun Violence & Fentanyl Crisis Top Priorities in California
California AG Bonta continues DOJ's work with local, state, and federal partners

Attorney General Bonta continues DOJ's work with local, state, and federal partners to:

Combat retail theft by securing felony sentencing in one of the largest organized retail theft operations ever busted in California history, announcing felony charges against members of a statewide organized retail theft ring, filing charges in operations involving thefts of Home Depot, Apple stores, and Microsoft, by bringing law enforcement and retailers together to address this problem head-on, and creating better communication and information-sharing with retailers and online marketplaces.

Prevent gun violence through the Office of Gun Violence Prevention, operations to get guns out of the hands of prohibited persons; and legislation to strengthen California laws and the hold the firearm industry accountable.

End the fentanyl crisis through efforts with state and local law partners, securing ongoing funding for DOJ fentanyl enforcement, operations to remove fentanyl from California communities including in Placer, Merced, Fresno, and Orange Counties, and legal actions to hold manufacturers and distributors accountable. Since April 2022, DOJ fentanyl seizures totaled approximately 9,348,852 fentanyl pills seized, 1,213 pounds of powder seized, and over 200 arrests. oag.ca.gov

Crime Closures Continue to Plague California
Louis Vuitton store in Walnut Creek, Calif. closes due to theft after neighboring Nordstrom suffered same fate
A Louis Vuitton store at a popular shopping complex has closed
after over a dozen people targeted it for looting. The high-end designer outlet in Walnut Creek, California, outside Oakland, was targeted just years after more than $125,000 worth of goods was stolen from a nearby Nordstrom shop.

Cops said four cars were associated with the attempted theft at the city's Broadway Plaza mall on October 3. Police said the suspects fled the scene after officers rushed to the store. It's not known how much was stolen from the store, or how much damage the shop suffered. It's not known how much was stolen from the store, or how much damage the shop suffered.

The robbery at the Broadway Plaza Louis Vuitton comes
just years after the mall's Nordstrom outlet was looted in a similar manner. Cops said at the time that the looters were in and out of the store within a minute.

Huge retailers, including
Nordstrom and Whole Foods, have closed outlets in the city in recent months. Last week, Target announced that it would be closing a store in San Francisco. the-sun.com

Target's Store Closures Raise Eyebrows. What's Really Going on With Shoplifting?
Target garnered national attention last week when it said it would close stores in four major cities, citing rising problems with theft and violent crime. But while such moves make it clear that the retail industry is struggling with a theft problem, it's surprisingly hard to get concrete picture of just how big the problem is.

Op-Ed: Retail theft is robbing people of the American dream

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Private Officer International

Retail: The #2 Business Sector Where Security Uses Lethal Force
Top Seven Businesses Where Security Uses Lethal Force
Private Officer International recently used
twenty-four months of news reports and other statistical information from our in-house databases, national news reports, law enforcement data, and other sources to compile the seven types of businesses where private security officers use lethal force the most.

These six types of businesses were also the
sites where most security officer workplace injuries and deaths occurred during the same period.

We have ranked them from 1-6, with 1, being the business type that saw the most lethal use of force by security officers and against security officers.

1. Nightclubs, including local bars, hookah lounges, gentlemen's clubs, and restaurants.

2. Retail, including shopping centers and malls, big box, specialty, convenience stores, and gasoline stations with retail.

3. Residential, including apartments, condominiums, gated communities, long-term hotels, motels, and single-family homes located in a subdivision.

4. Armored Trucks including ATM repair technicians.

5. Casinos, electronic game rooms, poker, and other card rooms.

6. City, county, and state contracts patrolling public buildings, business/tourist areas, parking garages, parks, public lands, and assignments.

7. General patrols, foot, and mobile roving patrol services.

Of the use of force by security officers,
27% were deemed unjustified force, often leading to the arrest of the security officer. 183 security officers were murdered on duty privateofficerbreakingnews.blogspot.com

Cuomo Ask Judge For Mercy For Kenneth Cole's Brother - Neil Cole Founder of Iconix Brands
Powerful family in the retail world & This is only half the extent of the fraud

DOJ: Former CEO Of Iconix Brand Group Convicted At Trial Of Accounting Fraud
Southern District of New York, United States Attorney announced earlier today that a federal jury found
NEIL COLE the former Chief Executive Officer of Iconix Brand Group, Inc. ("Iconix"), guilty of participating in a scheme to fraudulently inflate Iconix's revenue and earnings per share, making false filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), and misleading the conduct of audits. The defendant was found guilty following a four-week retrial before U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos. Sentencing Oct. 10, 2023

U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said: "
As a unanimous jury has now found, Neil Cole deceived his company's investors and auditors in order to make his company appear to be performing better than it was. Cole tried to hide his conduct behind tricks and lies, but the truth is now clear: Cole cooked the books.

Iconix was in the business of acquiring various brands, including clothing and fashion brands, and then
licensing those brands to retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers who, in turn, produced and sold clothing and other products bearing the brand names.

COLE, 65, of New York, New York, was convicted of one count of securities fraud, six counts of making false filings with the SEC, and one count of improperly influencing the conduct of audits. Each count carries a maximum prison term of 20 years. justice.gov

About: Iconix owner of the some of the world's most recognizable brand IP and the premier provider of brand management solutions to brand owners globally.

With 28 brands in 100+ countries and over $5B in sales. "Partner to the world's leading retailers."

Cuomo asks judge to have mercy on his friend, convicted fashion CEO Neil Cole
Former Gov.
Andrew Cuomo hopes a federal judge will hear his plea to be merciful to a friend facing prison time for cooking the books at his fashion powerhouse.

Cuomo is appealing on behalf of Neil Cole, the former CEO of Iconix Brand Group, ahead of his
sentencing Oct. 10 in a Manhattan courtroom. Iconix was the largest brand licensor in the world after Walt Disney, according to court documents. Last year Cole, 66, was convicted at trial of securities fraud, improperly influencing audits, and issuing false filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Cole's brother, fashion designer Kenneth Cole, is married to Cuomo's sister Maria. Kenneth Cole expressed "unwavering support" for his younger brother in a letter to the judge. crainsnewyork.com

Bankruptcies Up 63%
Chapter 11 filings by businesses soar 61% so far this year, report finds

More small businesses and consumers also turned to bankruptcy in the first nine months of 2023, per Epiq and the American Bankruptcy Institute.

A wide array of U.S. businesses have struggled this year. In the first nine months of 2023, commercial
Chapter 11 bankruptcies have soared 61% year over year to 4,553, according to Epiq Bankruptcy, which provides U.S. bankruptcy filing data.

Small business filings in that time rose 41% to 1,419, according to the research, released by Epiq and the American Bankruptcy Institute. In all, considering every type of bankruptcy, filings in the commercial sector rose 17% to 18,680.

After recent declines thanks in part to pandemic-era financial support,
consumer filings also rose this year, up 17% to 313,458, per the report. retaildive.com

San Francisco's Doom Loop Woes Continue
Starbucks to shutter seven stores in San Francisco

Add Starbucks to the list of retailers closing some stores in San Francisco.

The coffee giant will close seven of its stores in downtown San Francisco during the next few weeks. (Locations listed at end of article.)
Starbucks currently operates 59 locations throughout the city. There will be 52 effective October 22. The company noted that all employees at the closing stores will be offered the opportunity to transfer - no one will lose their jobs.

In recent months,
several prominent retailers have shuttered locations in downtown San Francisco, including Nordstrom, which closed its store at Westfield San Francisco Centre in August. Last week, Target said it would shutter nine stores in key cities across the U.S., including one in San Francisco, amid theft and safety concerns. Starbucks, however, did not cite crime in explaining its decision to close the stores. chainstoreage.com

SIA Mid-Year Update
Federal & State Policy & the Security Industry: Update From SIA to Members
The Security Industry Association (SIA) government relations team works diligently on efforts that matter to our members and to the safety of our citizens, providing premier advocacy, member resources and events.

In this video, SIA's Jake Parker, Colby Williams and George Sewell provide an update on the latest federal and state policy developments impacting the security industry - on issues including artificial intelligence, school security funding, drone and counter-drone solutions, the responsible use of biometrics, right-to-repair legislation and data privacy - and how SIA is engaging on behalf of our members. securityindustry.org

68 Circle K stores are up for sale

Ross Dress for Less premieres 42 locations on October 7

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Cybercriminals Recruiting Insiders
Coming from inside the building: dark web recruitment of malicious insiders

Cybersixgill's report details how cybercriminals recruit insiders to perform scans that are harder to track across several industries including telecom, financial services and government.

AdvertisementThe road to a successful cyberattack often leads through an organization's employees, since they already have authenticated access (perhaps to highly sensitive data), and they have intimate knowledge of the organization, its people, processes, and technology.

attackers use employees unwittingly, deploying social engineering to trick them into providing access. Other times, insiders knowingly partner with external attackers, selling access or data for cash. Insider threats have impacted a number of worldwide brands-one of the most noteworthy being healthcare firm Bupa where an employee stole data belonging to over 500,000 customers from its CRM system and attempted to sell it on the dark web. Similarly, in 2021, authorities charged an employee at a large telecom company for providing SIM swaps to threat actors for $500 apiece.

Insiders can also
willingly share sensitive and proprietary data when motivated by ideological reasons. Recently, two Tesla employees leaked data about self-driving features to a German newspaper. The shared data also included personal information of over 75,000 Tesla customers.

Similar to traditional targeted attacks by external threat actors,
attacks harnessing insiders are often carried out over time, with the insider usually taking steps to hide their activity and remain undetected. They are attractive to threat actors because they have a high impact and are relatively low-cost to execute. They affect organizations of all sizes and industries because insiders are, by definition, those we normally trust. Contract staff, IT admins, individual contributors, lawyers, academics, and senior executives whether they be third-party contractors, current or past employees could all play the role of a malicious insider. csoonline.com

BEC Attackers Exploiting Passwords
Battling Phishing and Business Email Compromise Attacks

It's time to go beyond multifactor authentication (MFA). Here's how public key infrastructure (PKI) and other solutions can help.

One of the biggest vulnerabilities BEC attacks exploit is passwords, and one of the most effective defenses is to eliminate them. This also eliminates the unintended consequences of secure password policies that can be so stringent that users resort to writing hard-to-remember alphanumeric strings down on a sticky note. These notes are often displayed in plain sight, which is handy during login.

To eliminate this vulnerability,
organizations are replacing passwords with public key infrastructure (PKI) digital certificates that are issued to users. These secure personal certificates are trusted across operating systems, virtual private networks (VPN), business applications and browsers, and are employed as a factor in MFA or two-factor authentication (2FA).

Instances of BEC continue to proliferate as criminals target organizations of all sizes from all industry verticals, both public and private. Their scams are much tougher to execute where PKI digital certificates have been deployed. This is especially true when these certificates have encryption and digital signing capabilities and are contained in a token or smart card that is protected with a PIN.

Properly deployed,
PKI digital certificates make it very difficult to spoof someone's identity when sending a fraudulent email. They protect communication within an organization, provide assured identities for both senders and receivers and prevent impersonators from reading or - worse - tampering with or falsifying emails with malicious intent. spiceworks.com

DOJ: Nigerian Man Sentenced To 66 Months In Prison For Business Email Compromise Scams

The Scams Perpetrated by Chibundu Joseph Anuebunwa and His Co-Defendants Resulted in More Than $2.5 Million in Losses

Co-defendant DAVID CHUKWUNEKE ADINDU was previously sentenced to 41 months in prison, and co-defendant ONYEKACHI EMMANUEL OPARA was previously extradited from South Africa and sentenced to five years in prison.

ANUEBUNWA sent bogus emails to employees of various companies directing that funds be transferred to specified bank accounts. The emails purported to be from supervisors at those companies or third-party vendors that did business with those companies. justice.gov

Apple Warns of Newly Exploited iOS 17 Kernel Zero-Day

9 essential ransomware guides and checklists available for free








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Cannabis Video Surveillance
Camera Manufacturers for the Cannabis Industry
Video surveillance is a key part of the security strategy for any cannabis business, but with hundreds of surveillance camera manufacturers on the market, it can be hard for a cannabis business owner to know which to choose. Today, video surveillance is about more than just observation.

Modern cannabis camera manufacturers offer solutions that include enhanced video analytics, video storage options, and monitoring services. Each cannabis camera manufacturer features different types of cameras and overall system capabilities.

Choosing the right cannabis camera manufacturer for a cannabis business depends on many elements, including regulatory requirements, price, and capabilities.


The commercial video surveillance market is changing rapidly. Recently, the Secure Equipment Act of 2021 shook up the commercial video surveillance market, effectively banning some low-cost, Chinese camera manufacturers such as Huawei, Hikvision, and Dahua from use in the US. While the immediate implications of the Secure Equipment Act on cannabis businesses have yet to be seen, it is important for every cannabis business owner to be aware of current and future regulations of camera manufacturers. Similarly, cannabis business owners need to be aware of any state policies in place that may impact their choice in camera manufacturer.

Quality Camera Manufacturers

The good news for cannabis business owners is there are a variety of low cost, quality camera manufacturers to choose from. Hanwha, for example, is a great value-driven solution and update to many of the low-cost solutions banned under the Secure Equipment Act. Given their competitive price point, Hanwha's line of AI cameras are a great low-cost entry point for those looking to take advantage of video analytics.

Vivotek is another camera manufacturer known for their inexpensive, quality options, rising just slightly above Hanwha in terms of price. Like Hanwha, Vivotek has a history of working with cannabis companies to meet and exceed licensing requirements sapphirerisk.com

'One of the Largest Cannabis Enforcement Actions in the Bay Area'
Authorities bust $36.9 million illegal marijuana warehouse in Oakland
Law enforcement busted a massive illegal cannabis grow in Oakland last week, finding
an estimated $36.9 million worth of cannabis in an unlicensed facility.

AdvertisementIn total, an operation led by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife found 41,082 cannabis plants and 1,841 pounds of processed cannabis, according to Janice Mackey, a spokesperson for the agency.

This is one of the largest cannabis enforcement actions (in terms of retail value) in the Bay Area this year," Mackey wrote in an email to SFGATE.

The operation occurred on Sept. 28 at the 300 block of Adeline Street near Interstate 880. Officers also seized three firearms at the scene. No one was arrested, according to Mackey. She declined to provide a specific address where the operation took place.

Marijuana is legal in California, but
business owners must obtain licenses and permits to grow the plant commercially. The Oakland facility did not have proper cannabis licenses, Mackey said.

illicit cannabis market continues to thrive in California seven years after voters legalized marijuana. Illegal cannabis sales in California were estimated to be worth over $8 billion last year, far more than the $5.4 billion in legal sales, as David Hafner of the Department of Cannabis Control told the San Francisco Standard. cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

Diversity in the Cannabis Industry
The cannabis industry still lacks diversity. Improving access is a joint effort

Industry leaders say stigma around marijuana, and its classification as a Schedule I controlled substance, continues to impact funding and growth.

With large cannabis companies reporting $1 billion in annual revenue and the big dispensary chains operating in more than a dozen states, it's time to assess what the marijuana industry is doing to achieve social and economic equity, according to three insiders who spoke recently at the Fast Company Innovation Festival.

Today 23 states and the District of Columbia have enacted measures to regulate cannabis for adult recreational use; 38 states license it for medical use. Data collected by Reuters shows that legal marijuana sales nationwide are expected to hit $25 billion this year, while analysts say the market is on pace to exceed $100 billion per year by 2030.

But a lack of diversity within the industry is an ongoing problem, while the war on drugs has disproportionately impacted the same communities that lack access. One frequently cited survey, by Marijuana Business Daily, found that 81% of cannabis business owners are white, roughly 10% identify as Black or Hispanic/Latin American, and 25% are female. Cities and states have launched different equity programs to close that gap, but these programs struggle because participants still lack financial resources and know-how. fastcompany.com

CBD Supply Chain Company Job Posting
Director of Safety & Security job posted for Silver Lion Farms in Ely, NV
As the Director of Safety & Security, you will shape and drive our comprehensive safety and security initiatives. Your role is pivotal in safeguarding our employees, state-of-the-art facilities, assets, and day-to-day operations. With a balance of hands-on involvement and strategic vision, you'll be tasked with assessing risks, innovating solutions, and guaranteeing compliance with the most rigorous regulations and industry best practices.
Silver Lion Farms is a privately held organic CBD supply chain company established in 2018 and based in Ely, Nevada. indeed.com

Florida Supreme Court Schedules Hearing To Decide If Marijuana Legalization Initiative Will Make The 2024 Ballot

Why we know so little about cannabis - and why scientists are worried




False Declines, Cart Abandonment and Trust Issues Plaguing Online Retailers
Consumers Suffer False Declines and Poor Online Shopping Experiences at Alarming Rates, According to New Forter Study

Coined the "Trust Premium," the report shows consumers are willing to spend 46% more with retailers they trust

Forter, the Trust Platform for digital commerce, today published the 2023 Trust Premium Report which explores the relationship between consumer shopping habits and brand trust. The report found
alarming rates of false declines, cart abandonment and trust issues heading into the holiday shopping season, based on the feedback of 5,000 survey respondents across the U.S., U.K., Germany, Singapore and China.

When many consumers are cutting their spending, trust plays a critical role in retail performance. In fact, the report found survey respondents are willing to spend
46% more on average with retailers they trust - coined the "Trust Premium." Unfortunately, the vast majority of respondents (76%) reported having a negative online shopping experience in the past three months.

False Declines are Leading to Lost Revenue

Despite their growing buying power,
younger shoppers face the most friction with online shopping; as Millennials and Gen Z (49%) are up to four times more likely to be falsely declined at checkout compared to Gen X (27%) and Baby Boomers (8%). In the race to win the next generation of shoppers, ensuring the legitimate ones have a friction-free experience is critical.

While false declines impacted consumers across all five regions,
the U.S. had the highest percentage (56%) of false declines in the last 90 days, followed by Singapore at 48%.

Abandoned Carts at the First Sign of Friction

A seamless checkout experience is one of the most essential pieces of building trust and completing a transaction. However,
77% of survey respondents report that they would abandon a purchase if the checkout experience is too difficult or time-consuming. By creating unnecessary friction, retailers are turning away good customers - and their wallets.

Retailers Have a Trust Problem

Surprisingly, while retailers are in heated competition for every dollar, they are
unknowingly turning away good customers. That stems from a struggle to identify those customers. Because retailers aren't able to accurately assess the trustworthiness (and identity) of consumers visiting their sites, their fear of fraud leads to unnecessary friction, abandoned carts, false declines and lost revenue.

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The Feds Are Cracking Down on Fraud & Identity Theft
27 Defendants Charged With Federal Crimes Targeting The United States Postal Service

Multi-Agency Initiative Increased Federal Enforcement Against Perpetrators of Mail-Related Robberies, Frauds, and Thefts

United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Daniel B. Brubaker, the Inspector in Charge of the New York Office of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service ("USPIS"), announced today the unsealing of an Indictment
charging ROBERT DIAZ with robbing two United States Postal Service ("USPS") carriers of postal keys. Also announced that 26 additional defendants have been charged in the past six months with federal crimes targeting the USPS and involving property stolen from the USPS as part of a multi-agency initiative to increase federal enforcement against perpetrators of mail-related robberies, frauds, and thefts. justice.gov

Amazon reportedly used a secret algorithm to jack up prices

AI and Risk Scoring Help Stop Push Payment Fraud 'in Its Tracks'


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Washington, DC: CVS store shelves bare as thieves in DC plan robberies around delivery times, workers say
The shelves are mostly bare at a CVS store in D.C.'s Columbia Heights neighborhood and people who live in the area are concerned. "It makes me not want to shop there to be honest. I just go in there and get my prescription and then when I need other things, I go elsewhere because there's nothing there to get," said Ilana Miller, CVS Customer. According to staff who work there, 45 or more kids are regularly going in to steal chips and drinks before school, after school, and late at night. CVS employees have been alerted that thieves are aware of when new shipments come in and that's when they target the store. They also say that street venders are allegedly paying people to steal so they can re-sell it and make a profit. FOX 5 walked down 14th Street passing by street venders and noticed were selling items like toothbrushes, men and women body wash, car fresheners, and laundry and cleaning supplies - which are some of the same items no longer available inside the CVS. However, there is no direct evidence that those goods came from the store. The CVS in Columbia Heights does have one security guard during business hours. However, customers and employees do not think that is enough and want to see the shoplifters prosecuted.  fox5dc.com

$175,000 worth of cosmetics, clothes stolen north of Toronto. Here's what police say they took
Police say a trio of suspects made off with
$175,000 worth of high-end perfume, cologne and clothing in a string of retail thefts across Ontario, and investigators have released images of the alleged haul.

York Regional Police announced the arrests of three Markham, Ont. residents on Wednesday in connection with what investigators described as a "large-scale" theft in the city in August.

Thirty-year-old Ionut Bacan, 24-year-old Bianca Bascracea and 32-year-old Denis-Andreea Dumitrache were identified by police as suspects in the bust, and investigators believe their summer theft was not a one-off.

"Investigators believe these accused have been
active throughout Ontario and that there are unreported thefts," police said in a news release.

All three have been charged with theft under $5,000, possession of property obtained by crime over $5,000 and trafficking in property obtained by crime after search warrants were executed at "various locations" associated to them. cp24.com

Greenwich, CT: Update: Police charge NY man in theft of more than $84K in Chanel bags from Greenwich Ave. store
Police have arrested one suspect in connection with what they're calling a "grab-and-run" larceny on Greenwich Avenue in June, which led to the theft of more than $84,000 in high-end bags. The incident allegedly involved multiple suspects. According to a police document filed at Superior Court in Stamford, around 3:45 p.m. June 19, four men entered the rear of a Greenwich Avenue department store. 

San Jose, CA: Duo Arrested in $10,000 Organized Retail Theft Sting at Great Mall
Yesterday, authorities arrested two San Jose women for allegedly attempting to steal merchandise valued at $10,000 from two retail stores in the Great Mall. The Milpitas Police Department's Facebook details their ensuing charges-- felony theft-- and current detainment at the Santa Clara County Jail. As per the authorities, their apprehension was a joint operation involving mall security personnel, store employees, and police. 

Atlanta, GA: Video shows woman stealing high-end fragrances from Newnan store
Newnan Police are looking for a suspected thief who has targeted Ulta Beauty stores in metro Atlanta. The latest theft was $700 in high end-fragrances, police say. Surveillance video caught the woman in the act, taking what police say is hundreds of dollars' worth of perfume out of her basket and sticking it into her purse. When she went to pay, police say she acted like she was going to use her phone, but it wouldn't work. She ended up telling the cashier she had money in her car. That's when investigators say she walked out of the store with the merchandise. Investigators believe she never intended to the pay for the items she left at the register, and it was only a distraction for the workers. The different Ulta stores across metro Atlanta have compared notes and told investigators they believe she has hit other stores. Exactly how many were not immediately known. 


NRF has declared Oct. 26 as Fight Retail Crime Day

 A day of action to unite the retail community to advocate
for solutions in combating organized retail crime.


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Shootings & Deaths

Denver, CO: Reward in double homicide at Denver restaurant is the largest ever of its kind
A Metro Denver Crime Stoppers reward for information into an
April 24 double homicide at a Denver restaurant is up to $32,600, the largest community-led reward in Crime Stoppers history. Denver Police have still not identified any suspects in that shooting inside the American Elm restaurant, where employees Emerall Vaughn-Dahler and Ignacio "Nacho" Gutierrez Morales were found dead. This reward is the result of money from multiple restaurants in the area, including those that participated in a fundraiser over the summer kdvr.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Riverside County, CA: Man Admits Stabbing Security Guard During Shoe Theft in MoVal
A 32-year-old man who stabbed a store security guard trying to stop him from stealing shoes in Moreno Valley pleaded guilty Wednesday to robbery and assault with a deadly weapon resulting in great bodily injury. Davion Marquise Stewart of Moreno Valley admitted the charges during a status hearing before Riverside County Superior Court Judge Thomas E. Kelly at the Riverside Hall of Justice.
The plea was directly to the court, without input from prosecutors. The judge scheduled a sentencing hearing for Dec. 6 and ordered that the defendant remain held in lieu of $100,000 bail at the Byrd Detention Center in Murrieta. According to the sheriff's department, Stewart went into an outlet at the Moreno Valley Mall, near the intersection of Centerpoint Drive and Frederick Street, on the afternoon of April 25 and grabbed a pair of shoes, then headed for the exit without paying. Sgt. Robert Frieberg said a security guard confronted the defendant to prevent the theft, culminating in a struggle between the two men. "The victim was stabbed with a knife," Frieberg said. "He was able to pepper spray Stewart in the face before he left the location on his bicycle." The guard was taken to nearby Riverside University Medical Center for treatment of the wound, from which he has since recovered.  mynewsla.com

Miami, FL: Update: Mother and son accused of beating owner of Hialeah store, taking over $800K in jewelry
A woman who was allegedly beaten by a mother and son duo accused of stealing more than $800,000 worth of jewelry from the victim's Hialeah business said Wednesday that she is glad the pair is in custody. Eunice Sanchez told CBS News Miami's Peter D'Oench that she is still very upset about what happened to her on Sept. 16 during an attack that was caught on camera. "I am happy that they were arrested," she said. "Police did their job and I hope this does not happen to anyone else. The woman came here to the salon and planned with her son to rob me. Her son assaulted me with a firearm. I was going to my car and he came close to me with a firearm because I would not give him my bag I was holding on to and he assaulted me." Lourdes Diaz, 55, and her son, Julian Flores, 24, both of Naples, were arrested and are both facing a charge of armed robbery with a deadly weapon in connection with the incident at the business located at 7751 W. 28th Ave. According to investigators, 1,300 pieces of jewelry worth more than $800,000 were stolen from Sanchez's business. Police said the merchandise has been recovered. Hialeah police spokeswoman Scarlett Hernandez said the suspects had an organized plan. "This mother and son duo planned this crime months ahead of time and orchestrated it where the mother befriended the victim," Hernandez said. "In the video, you see the vehicle taking off with Julian Flores with a bag full of jewelry fleeing the scene.  cbsnews.com

Arlington, TX: Police arrest man and boy who allegedly pulled gun on Walmart Loss Prevention
Arlington police have arrested a man and a boy who allegedly pointed a gun at Walmart's loss prevention personnel on Wednesday. The two are accused of trying to shoplift before being confronted, according to officials. Once officers arrived, the suspects tried to escape but were arrested after a low-speed crash on 172 Street. The man was arrested and taken to the Snohomish County Jail. The boy was booked into the Everett Juvenile Justice Center. Both face robbery, assault, and eluding charges. No injuries were reported.  yahoo.com

Colorado Springs, CO: Police Officer injured during confrontation with shoplifting suspect
An officer suffered a minor injury while getting into a scuffle with an alleged shoplifter. Police say the officer was on assignment at a business on East Platte Avenue when he saw the suspect trying to leave without paying for merchandise. The officer started to approach the suspect. "When the suspect noticed the officer, the suspect attempted to run away. As a result, a physical altercation ensued," a CSPD lieutenant said. The officer injured one of his fingers while trying to detain the suspect but was ultimately able to get him into custody. Police have identified the suspect as Julius Patterson and say he's facing charges of obstruction and theft.  kktv.com

Los Angeles, CA: Fleeing Armed Robbery suspect causes violent crash; 3 in critical condition
An armed robbery suspect trying to escape arrest caused a collision that sent seven people, including three children, to the hospital Wednesday, authorities said. Three of the victims were in critical condition. The crash occurred just after 1 p.m. at Broadway and West 81st Street. According to Los Angeles Police, officers with LAPD's Community Safety Unit were trying to arrest a man on an armed robbery warrant when he sped away in a BMW. "The officers were in proximity but not behind him," Lt. Kenneth Busiere told KTLA. "Their lights and sirens were not activated ... The helicopter was overhead, and he may have been aware of the helicopter's presence."  ktla.com

DOJ: U.S. Attorney's Office Charges Two with Aarart, Va., 2022 Gun Store Burglary

Memphis, TN: Man sentenced to 16 years in prison for series of robberies

Charlotte, NC: Man robbed at gunpoint in SouthPark Mall parking deck

Gwinnett County, GA: Man charged with string of commercial burglaries



Auto - Kern County, CA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Tacoma, WA - Armed Robbery / Witness shot
C-Store - North Liberty, IA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Flagler County, FL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Queens, NY - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Crowley, LA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Rapides Parish, LA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Marionville, MO - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Rockville, MD - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Odessa, TX - Robbery
C-Store - Odessa, TX - Robbery
Game - Louisville, KY - Robbery
Gas Station - Hammond, LA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Poughkeepsie, NY - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - St John, IN - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Portland, OR - Armed Robbery / Owner beaten
Hardware - Selah, WA - Armed Robbery
Hardware - Las Vegas, NV - Robbery
Hardware - Paso Robles, CA - Burglary
Hotel - Houston, TX- Armed Robbery/ employee wounded
Jewelry - Elko, NV - Burglary
Jewelry - Tulsa, OK - Robbery
Jewelry - Elizabeth, NJ - Robbery
Jewelry - Jacksonville, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Glendale, AZ - Robbery
Restaurant - Brighton, CO - Robbery
Walmart - Arlington, TX - Armed Robbery                       


Daily Totals:
• 25 robberies
• 2 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 0 killed

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None to report.

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District Asset Protection Partner
Tucson and Chandler/Phoenix, AZ Area - posted September 27
The Asset Protection (AP) Partner is a strong communicator, advisor, investigator, and compliance partner. This role is responsible for asset protection program execution at all levels and implementing methods to prevent, and control losses, in support of protecting company assets. This role collaborates with store teams, Human Resources, Supply Chain, and District Management...

District Asset Protection Partner
West Sacramento, CA - posted September 26
The District Asset Protection (AP) Partner is a strong communicator, advisor, investigator, and compliance partner to our Stores. This role is responsible for driving shrink improvement and leadership of asset protection program execution at the District level. The District AP Partner is responsible for assessing store-based shrink initiatives, promoting shrink awareness, and implementing methods to prevent, and control losses...

Asset Protection Specialist
Newburgh, NY - posted September 25
The Asset Protection Specialist role at Ocean State Job Lot is responsible for protecting company assets and monitoring store activities to reduce property or financial losses. This role partners closely with store leadership and the Human Resources team, when applicable, to investigate known or suspected internal theft, external theft, and vendor fraud...

Security Director
Chicago, IL - posted September 7
Reporting to the VP of Corporate Security, the Director of Corporate Security is a professional security practitioner that acts as an advisor/consultant to the assigned Property Management Group. Responsibilities include monitoring security vendors' performance, evaluating for contract compliance, and serving as a program quality control manager...

District Asset Protection Manager
Washington, DC - posted August 31
The MidAtlantic Division has an opening for a District Asset Protection Manager in Northern Virginia. This person will support Fairfax, Arlington, and Loudoun counties. This is a salary role with up to 70% travel within the assigned district. District Asset Protection Manager will provide positive/proactive leadership, and instruction in the area of Security/Asset Protection...

Corporate & Supply Chain Asset Protection Leader
Quincy, MA - posted August 3
The primary purpose of this position is to manage the Corporate Asset Protection function for all US Support Offices and Supply Chain. Direct team in the design, implementation and management of physical security processes and equipment to ensure facilities are considered a safe and secure environment for all associates and external parties...

Occupational Health & Safety Manager
Mount Horeb, WI - posted July 27
This role is responsible for examining the workplace for environmental or physical factors that could affect employee or guest health, safety, comfort, and performance. This role is also responsible for reducing the frequency and severity of accidents. To be successful in the role, you will need to work closely with management, employees, and relevant regulatory bodies...

Manager, Physical Security
Jacksonville, FL - posted July 7
Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's physical security strategy for retail stores, warehouses, and store support center and field offices. This includes responsibility for the capital expense and repair budgets, developing written specifications, layout and design for all systems and to ensure all installations and repairs are made to SEG standards...


Regional AP Mgr - South FL Market - Bilingual required
Miami, FL - posted August 8
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

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Being engaged in the business of your retailer is a critical element for every Loss Prevention executive. For decades, our industry has often been accused of being silo'ed and separate from the operators and the merchants. This separateness in many cases ultimately leads to a disconnect, a sense that we aren't part of the team. Which in actuality, regardless of your performance, it can lead to your job being eliminated or just you being replaced with someone new. So the real question is: How do you become engaged in the business and truly add value to the company's success beyond reducing shrink? And then having the courage to go make it happen. We all tend to stay in our comfort zones and remain safe. At least that's what we think. But at the end of the day, it's that comfort zone that can actually increase your risk. So the next time you're in a corporate meeting or traveling stores with your operators or merchants, go beyond with your comments and opinions - take a risk - add some value - help them run the business - you might be surprised.

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