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What Missing Skills Among Security Integrators Can Cause Problems?

As physical security technologies become more complex, it is incumbent on the dealer/integrator to have the skills and expertise needed to ensure that a system operates smoothly. The value of integrators increasingly rests on the skill sets they bring to bear when installing a system. If the skills are missing, there is a problem. We asked this week's Expert Panel Roundtable: What missing skills among security integrators can cause problems for customers?

Sean Foley - SVP, Customer Success, Interface Systems LLC

Lack of network expertise is by far the biggest missing skill for many security integrators. Every modern security solution, by and large, is composed of critical applications that run on a network. This is true of everything from alarm signals to streaming surveillance video. An integrator that doesn't understand networks will struggle terribly, especially when it comes to interaction with the customer's IT team (the nice folks who will determine whether and how the integrator's application gets on their network). The ability to navigate firewalls, routing schemes, network capacity, and even PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance rules is often the difference between a successful integration and an unhappy customer. When you add the cybersecurity component, this adds yet another skill set that is often in short supply.

Scott Dunn - National Manager, Strategic Channel Development, Axis Communications

Security integrators should strive to be very detail-oriented and equipped with as much knowledge regarding systems and solutions as possible. It is not the customer's job to understand the ins and outs of every device, and how it could impact existing infrastructure. Integrators should not only be prepared to educate customers upon request, but they should also raise potential issues before they become a reality. This includes every stage of the device's lifecycle, including decommissioning. A customer might not understand the importance of proper disposal, so an integrator needs to ensure that they are always protected. In essence, as an integrator, you're the expert on the subject matter and a comprehensive understanding of today's new and existing technologies is paramount to success.

Read more here

The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Save the Date
October 26 is Fight Retail Crime Day

Retail's day of action unites the industry in our fight against rising retail crime.

The surge in organized retail crime is significantly impacting consumers, retailers, workers and the communities they serve. In response to this crucial issue, NRF has designated October 26 as Fight Retail Crime Day - an annual event that mobilizes the entire retail business community to advocate for effective solutions in combating this problem.

Join us on Fight Retail Crime Day to:

Advocate for policies that promote community safety and address rising retail crime such as the Combating Organized Retail Crime Act.

Connect with leading policymakers to help drive change

Activate the retail community to spread awareness and recognize lawmakers who support retail as Retail Crime Fighters.

NRF will be sharing more details about Fight Retail Crime Day 2023 in the coming weeks. Please contact Meghan Cruz if you have any questions nrf.com

Auror Crime Data: 39% of Grocery Stores Thefts Occur at Self-Checkout
Average dollar amount attached to self-checkout theft incidents is $120

Grocers seek to deter theft at self-checkout terminals

How one supermarket chain aims to thwart consumer shoplifting at self-checkout kiosks, with help from smart cameras.

Strategically mounted just above the self-checkout stations in a Harris Teeter supermarket location in Gaithersburg, Maryland, a fleet of smart video cameras is bent on ensuring that shoppers don't leave the store without paying for every product they have in their cart.

The devices are programmed to alert customers if they neglect to scan an item, giving them the chance to correct the error and continue processing their order, according to green signs positioned alongside the terminals. Should the shopper miss a second item, the unit will halt the checkout process and summon an employee, the signs indicate.

How often does theft occur at self-checkout?

Retail crime intelligence and loss prevention platform Auror collected self-checkout theft data based on 2.5 million events across 10,000 grocery store locations, not including specialty, big box or department retailers, throughout North America last year. Bobby Haskins, the company's vice president of retail partnerships in North America, said the research found that 39% of all thefts within grocery stores occur at self-checkout.

The firm's research also found that, while the average dollar amount attached to self-checkout theft incidents ($120) is significant, it is less than half the amount of incidents not linked to self-checkout ($250).

Ten percent of individuals, who Haskins referred to as opportunists, make up well over half (62%) of self-checkout theft loss, indicating that organized retail crime boosters are not the leading culprits of self-checkout theft, Haskins said.

He added that, once these individuals know they can take advantage of self-checkout terminals, they will revisit the store dozens of times over, each time swiping items.

Self-checkout theft will likely continue to climb, and retailer's attempts to stymie those efforts will evolve, Haskins said. Not only do more advanced technology and security systems at self-checkout kiosks deter and detect theft, but they also allow grocery companies to collect data on repeat offenders and catch theft patterns, he said.  paymentsdive.com

Prop 47 to Blame for California's Theft Epidemic?
LA's smash-and-grab epidemic: Voters helped break California's justice system

Smash-and-grab robberies are happening in broad daylight at stores throughout California and no one seems to be doing anything to stop them.

Two weeks back, a Nordstrom store in the west San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles was attacked by a flash mob of 30 to 50 masked thieves.

They made off with armloads of designer merchandise valued at an estimated $60,000 to $100,000.

Online video of the robbery showed metal-and-glass display shelves sliding along the floor as the thieves dragged expensive handbags, still attached to anti-theft cables, toward the exits.

The previous week, a gang of thieves helped themselves to about $300,000 worth of goods from a Yves Saint Laurent store in a shopping mall owned by the recent candidate for LA Mayor, Rick Caruso.

And last Sunday, two robbers carrying trash bags ran into a Nike store in East LA and strolled out with shoes and other merchandise.

From store employees to police to prosecutors, the response to these smash-and-grabs seems to be, "Not much I can do about it."

California's criminal-justice system is broken and state voters helped to break it.

But voters had help from deceitful activists and politicians who tricked them into thinking they were voting for greater public safety.

One of those deceivers is George Gascón, now district attorney of Los Angeles County, where nearly 10 million residents in 88 cities are living with the full consequences of the 2014 initiative Gascón co-authored, Proposition 47.

The authors named the proposed law The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act.  nypost.com

The View from the Left: Is Prop 47 Really to Blame for CA's Theft Crisis?
Sunday Commentary: Blaming Prop 47 for Theft Doesn't Pass the Smell Test

Yolo DA Jeff Reisig has been quick to blame Prop. 47 for these smash and grabs.

As Robert Hansen noted for the Vanguard last week, "Reisig said the Nordstrom heist happened "because of broken state laws, these crimes are considered 'non-serious' and 'non-violent' and nobody will go to state prison, even if caught and convicted."

Reisig routinely blames Prop. 47 for crime rates.

Prop. 47 reclassified some offenses as misdemeanors and raised the level of felony threshold for property theft-but critics fail to note that California's threshold is still much lower than other states such as Texas and Florida.

The irony is that the Glendale case is going to be heavily charged-as it should be. On Friday, AG Bonta's office announced that they filed multiple felony charges, including grand theft and second-degree robbery, against the suspects.

Despite the claims by Reisig, the Glendale case was charged as a felony and the amount stolen renders Prop. 47 moot.

The idea that we have to alter Prop. 47 because of smash and grabs is ignoring several factors. First, retail theft is up across the country-it is not a California problem. Second, most of these cases, especially the larger cases, are easy felony cases. Third, California under Prop. 47 went from having one of the lowest thresholds for grand theft in the country to the middle of the pack, but still far lower than Texas and Florida and other large states. Fourth, in truly organized crimes you can charge people with felony conspiracy.

At the end of the day, while I tend to believe that retailers are using retail theft as an excuse for falling profits-to the extent that retail theft is increasing is probably due more to the ease of getting away with it and the social disruptions of the pandemic and its aftermath than changes in the state law. davisvanguard.org

The Push to Reform Prop 47 Continues
CA Ballot Proposal to Reform Proposition 47
In California, a proposal to amend Proposition 47 that deals with retail thefts, drug trafficking and homelessness was filed for review by the attorney general. This would be a ballot initiative that, if qualified, would go before California voters in 2024. NRF is advocating for reform of Proposition 47 as well as passage of the Combating Organized Retail Crime Act to ensure that federal authorities coordinate with local and state law enforcement, municipalities, cities and towns to combat ORC.  oag.ca.gov

Law Enforcement Blasts L.A. County's Zero-Bail Policy
L.A. organized thefts: Law enforcement leaders point to county's zero-bail policy
Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore and L.A. County Sheriff Robert Luna spoke out a public-safety summit Sunday, addressing topics including recent "flash mob" smash-and-grab thefts. The two men held a public safety summit in Ladera Heights on Sunday and agreed that part of the issue lies in Los Angeles County's zero-bail policy, which they say they're now working to change.

"The purpose of bail is a deterrent," said LAPD Chief Moore. "It's a deterrence to cause people to say 'I'm not going to go down this path, because if I go down this path and commit this crime, I'm going to lose my freedom.'"

"What we're saying is we need a moderate approach," said Sheriff Luna. A Southern California task force that includes local and federal personnel was formed to address organized retail-theft rings. Last week the task force announced 11 arrests related to local "flash mob" robberies.

Law enforcement officials held a public-safety summit titled "Building Bridges & Winning the Future" in Ladera Heights on Sunday. Topics discussed covered recent crime issues including smash-and-grab retail robberies, catalytic converter thefts and homicides. cbsnews.com

Dollar General Responds After Store Shooting Killed 3, Including Employee
(Update) Store employee among fatalities in racially motivated shooting at Dollar General store
Three Black people were killed when a gunman wearing a tactical vest and mask and armed with an AR-15-style rifle and a Glock handgun opened fire at the store. The victims included 19-year-old store employee Anolt Laguerre, Jr., along with Angela Carr, 52, and Jerrald De'Shaun Gallion, 29, reported CNN.

The gunman, identified as 21-year-old Ryan Palmeter, shot Carr as she sat in her car outside the Dollar General. He then entered the store, shooting and killing Laguerre. The gunman then exited, but returned and fatally shot Gallion. He also chased and shot Gallion's girlfriend, but missed.

Police officers entered the store 11 minutes from the start of the shooting and heard one gunshot, presumed to be when the gunman shot and killed himself.

"There is no place for hate at Dollar General or in the communities we serve," the company said in a statement. "Right now, we are focused on providing support, counseling and resources to our teams and their loved ones, and we are evaluating how we can best support and stand with the greater Jacksonville community during this sad and difficult time." chainstoreage.com

Cal-ORCA Virtual Summit
Gap Inc. Sponsoring Cal-ORCA Virtual Summit on Nov. 8

Program and registration coming soon!

Founded in 2012, The California Organized Retail Crimes Association (CAL-ORCA) is an organization dedicated to fostering partnerships between law enforcement and loss prevention professionals to provide training, combat Organized Retail Crime (ORC) and other crimes impacting the business community.

Cal-ORCA will be releasing it's exclusive 2023 Virtual Summit offering later this year, on Wednesday, November 8. Learn more here

NYC ex-con with over 200 arrests and open cases in 4 boroughs was free to lead cops on wild stolen-car chase: NYPD


Apple's Head of Global Security Faces Bribery Charges - Ipads for CCW Licenses
Appeals court revives bribery charge for Apple security exec in Santa Clara County concealed-gun permit scandal
Thomas Moyer convinced a judge two years ago that his offer of iPads to the sheriff's office was not a bribe to speed up getting the permits for his security agents; a ruling published Friday reversed that judge's decision.

SAN JOSE - A state appellate court on Friday reversed a Santa Clara County judge's 2021 decision to drop a bribery charge against an Apple security executive who was accused of offering a large iPad donation to the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office to get concealed-gun licenses for his security agents.

That means for the time being, Thomas Moyer - Head of Global Security for the tech titan - will head back toward trial in the South Bay. The charge he faces were part of a massive scandal involving former Sheriff Laurie Smith that saw her administration accused of leveraging the coveted weapons permits for political donations and other in-kind favors.

"Consistent with the Ninth Circuit's interpretation of California law, federal law and the law in many states, we conclude that such a promise may constitute a bribe," the ruling reads. "We also conclude that the evidence presented to the grand jury was sufficient to raise a reasonable suspicion of such bribery. Accordingly, we reverse the trial court's order dismissing the bribery count against Moyer, reinstate that count, and remand for further proceedings."

Later in the ruling, the appellate court added that "The evidence presented to the grand jury ... created a reasonable suspicion (and therefore permitted the grand jury to find) that Moyer proposed the iPad donation principally for another purpose: to secure release of Apple's CCW licenses." mercurynews.com

Emergency Preparedness & Response
Back to Basics: Hurricanes 101
You need to prepare now for peak hurricane season, as forecasters have upped the number of named storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes expected this year.

On August 10, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center raised its prediction for the ongoing 2023 Atlantic hurricane season from a near-normal level of activity to an above-normal level of activity. NOAA forecasters believe ocean and atmospheric conditions like record-warm sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic may counterbalance atmospheric conditions that usually limit storm activity, like the conditions associated with an El Niño event.

The agency's updated outlook, covering the entire 6-month hurricane season that ends on November 30, predicts there may be:

14 to 21 named storms with winds of 39 miles per hour (mph) or greater,
6 to 11 that could become hurricanes with winds of 74 mph or greater, and
2 to 5 that could become major hurricanes with winds of 111 mph or greater.

Will you be ready? ehsdailyadvisor.blr.com

Evacuations Begin - National Guard Activated - Emergency Declared
Idalia strengthens to hurricane as it advances toward Florida
Idalia strengthened to a Category 1 hurricane early this morning, with maximum sustained winds of 80 mph. The system is expected to "rapidly intensify" and could become a powerful Category 3 hurricane before it makes landfall tomorrow in Florida, the National Hurricane Center said.

Hurricane warnings and watches are in effect for parts of the Gulf Coast of Florida, with evacuation orders issued in some areas. Idalia threatens to bring "life-threatening storm surge inundation" along parts of Florida's Gulf Coast, with flash flooding and urban flooding also likely, the hurricane center said.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis activated the National Guard and President Joe Biden approved an emergency declaration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said. nbcnews.com

Retailers Can't Require Employee Attendance At Anti-Unionizing Meetings
New York, Maine and Minnesota Ban Captive Audience Meetings
Effective Aug. 1, Minnesota now prohibits employers from holding captive audience meetings-that is, requiring, under threat of discharge, discipline, or some other penalty, employee attendance or participation in employer-sponsored meetings or otherwise requiring them to listen or receive communications regarding employer opinions on religious or political matters.

These captive audience bans tilt the balance of power to labor unions, as they prevent employers from making the case as to why employees may not want to vote in favor of union organization. Minnesota now joins the ranks of Connecticut, Maine, and New York, which passed similar laws recently.

These states have largely justified such restrictions by asserting that captive audience meetings coercively interfere with employees' freedom of speech. Nonetheless, the states face a multitude of potential legal challenges, one of which has already succeeded. shrm.org

Faster Union Elections Coming?
NLRB Mandates Speedier Union Elections
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a final rule Aug. 24 requiring union elections to be held at "the earliest date practicable." The rule also provides that disputes concerning individuals' eligibility to vote in a union election do not need to be litigated or resolved prior to an election.

As a result, expect elections to happen sooner than they would have under a 2019 rule that set a mandatory delay of at least 20 business days between an NLRB regional director's issuance of a direction of election and the election. The final rule, which returns key election procedures to those put in place by a 2014 rule and revokes the 2019 rule, takes effect Dec. 26.

Quick and fair elections are a basic principle of the National Labor Relations Act, said NLRB Chairman Lauren McFerran. Elections will occur faster "by removing delays in the process," said Carrie Hoffman, an attorney with Foley & Lardner in Dallas. shrm.org

   RELATED: Unionization of restaurants could be faster under regulatory change

CFO recession fears ease: PwC

C-suite economic optimism is growing, but executives remain split on the possibility of a recession.

Optimism among C-suite leaders regarding the state of the economy is on the rise, according to a survey released Tuesday by Big Four accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

"As we look with economists, policymakers, business leaders, what they see is the possibility of a soft landing," Wes Bricker, PwC U.S. vice chair and trust co-leader, said during a media briefing Monday.

While recession fears are easing across the broader C-suite, however, sentiment about the possibility of a coming recession varies among members of the leadership team. Only 8% of CFOs anticipate a recession in the next six months, compared to 27% of chief operating officers, the survey of 607 US executives found. cfodive.com

Rite Aid reportedly preparing Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing

A filing could help the retailer restructure $3.3 billion in debt and address a slew of lawsuits alleging it unlawfully filled opioid prescriptions.

According to the WSJ, Rite Aid hasn't yet agreed on a settlement that it knowingly oversupplied prescription painkillers and the bankruptcy filing, should it move forward, would pause the federal, state and local claims against the retailer. The move would also likely consolidate the thousands of claims against the pharmacy retailer and allow it to resolve them in one place. retaildive.com

CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens to acquire prescription files from SEG's pharmacies

Luxury Retailers Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue Discuss Potential Merger

'The pandemic isn't over.' Coronavirus cases in L.A. County keep rising

Even as COVID hospitalizations jump in MD, doctors expect to avoid 'tripledemic'

Quarterly Results

Abercrombie & Fitch Q2 comp's up 13%, net sales up 16%

Ulta Beauty Q2 comp's up 8%, net sales up 10%

BJ's Wholesales Q2 comp's up 1.1%, digital up 15%, total sales excluding gasoline sales up 1.1%

Best Buy Q2 domestic comp's down 6.3%, online sales down 7.1%, Intern. comp's down 5.4%, Enterprise comp's down 6.2%

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Associate Director Policy, Governance, Audit and Compliance job posted for Verizon in Alpharetta, GA
GRC is looking for the Associate Director of Policy, Governance, Audit and Compliance who will be responsible for managing the programs, strategies, and day-to-day activities to support policy management, all compliance-related activities including PCI and Enterprise policy, as well as all audit and governance activities. The Associate Director will be tasked with designing, implementing, and enhancing a governance program to comply with privacy, confidentiality, and cybersecurity-related laws and regulations, and company policies and objectives. mycareer.verizon.com

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Summit Agenda Now Available

The RH-ISAC Cyber Intelligence Summit features three days of member-driven professional development, including:

Sessions delivered by prominent thought leaders
Collaborative workshops
Cybersecurity exercises
Exceptional networking opportunities

This is the "can't-miss" event for cybersecurity professionals from the retail and hospitality industries. Register now to join us October 2-4 in Dallas, Texas.


It can happen to anyone - Even at the Leading Corporate Investigative Firm

Kroll Executive Falls Victim to Cell Phone SIM Swap
3 Cryptocurrency Firms Suffer Data Breach After Kroll SIM Swapping Attack
Three bankrupt cryptocurrency companies - FTX, BlockFi and Genesis - have suffered data breaches following a SIM swapping attack that targeted risk and financial advisory firm Kroll.

In a statement issued last week, Kroll said it had learned on August 19 that a threat actor had used SIM swapping to transfer an employee's T-Mobile phone number to a SIM card controlled by the attacker.

As a result of the attack, which Kroll described as "highly sophisticated", the hacker was able to use the targeted employee's hijacked phone number to access systems storing files that contained personal information of bankruptcy claimants in the cases of FTX, BlockFi, and Genesis.

Kroll said it immediately took action to secure the three customers' accounts and notified impacted individuals via email. securityweek.com

More States Roll Out Privacy Laws
Seven States Have Upcoming Privacy Laws
State privacy laws are changing rapidly in the U.S. Here are summaries of seven new state laws that have been enacted and go into effect in the next few years. We anticipate that more state legislatures will continue to enact privacy laws to protect consumers due to the absence of a federal privacy law.

Under each of the acts summarized below, consumers will have the right to access their personal data, the right to correct inaccurate data, the right to data portability, the right to have their data deleted, and the right to opt out of targeted advertising of personal data. Businesses will be required to practice purpose limitation, maintain data security, get consumer consent for data processing, and complete regular data impact assessments. Businesses will be barred from discriminating against consumers who exercise their rights under the law and will be required to secure data processing agreements with service providers. Similarly, these laws each exclude financial institutions or their affiliates that are Advertisementgoverned by, or personal data that is collected, processed, sold, or disclosed in accordance with, Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act ; state bodies/agencies; nonprofit organizations; institutions of higher education; national securities associations registered with the SEC; and covered entities or business associates as defined in the privacy regulations of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Seven states with new privacy laws:

- Indiana
- Iowa
- Montana
- Oregon
- Tennessee
- Texas
- Utah

AI Fraud Attacks Surging
Companies Enlist AI in Battle Against AI Fraud

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making headlines recently as a means of automating jobs, bolstering revenue and eliminating busywork. Fraudsters, on the other hand, are leveraging AI to enhance the effectiveness of their deceitful strategies, thereby increasing AI's potential as a menacing threat.

Synthetic identity fraud presents a serious threat, as malicious actors use various methods to create new identities for the purpose of scamming companies. AI tools have augmented this technique, allowing fraudsters to create phony companies and clients and thwart fraud prevention strategies.

Fraudsters are engaged in an unending arms race with those pioneering technologies to stop them, as both sides continually strive to outmaneuver one another's techniques. Legacy accounts payable (AP) systems have proven ineffective at countering this latest AI threat, and companies will need to upgrade their systems to mitigate the associated risks.

Governments are working at a frustratingly slow pace to protect their economies from AI attacks, leaving organizations to fend for themselves against bad actors. More than 40% of businesses or their customers have already encountered AI fraud attacks, with deepfake software duping voice authentication systems 99% of the time. AP departments will need to deploy their own AI software to beat fraudsters at their own game. pymnts.com

EEOC Settles First-Ever AI Discrimination Lawsuit
We've reached another milestone in the artificial intelligence revolution: The federal agency charged with enforcing anti-bias laws just recorded its first-ever settlement in a case involving AI discrimination in the workplace.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) Aug. 9 legal filing in a New York federal court revealed that a tutoring company agreed to pay $365,000 to resolve charges that its AI-powered hiring selection tool automatically rejected women applicants over 55 and men over 60. shrm.org

What true diversity in the cybersecurity industry looks like

Motherboard Mishaps Undermine Trust, Security







Join Tom and Sam as they discuss the importance of safeguarding personal information and photos while engaging online and in game chats. In this tip, they shed light on how malicious individuals use personal information with manipulative tactics to gain trust when targeting unsuspecting children.

Click here to watch




E-Commerce Boom Fueling Buy Now Pay Later Risks
BNPL risks raise questions for Consumer Reports

BNPL's ubiquity and growing use for everyday purchases should grab regulators' attention, said Consumer Reports's senior policy counsel.

Chien's white paper, "Buy now, pay later: Policy measures to mitigate consumer risks from evolving business practices," was published last month by the nonprofit consumer advocacy organization. In it, she offers policy recommendations that seek to better protect BNPL users from becoming overextended by the loans or from having their data harvested.

Although the BNPL market's exponential growth appears to have slowed, Chien said she's also concerned about the product becoming more ubiquitous and used for everyday purchases. "That is one of the things that regulators should really look out for, as this market seems to be evolving rapidly and in a divergent manner," said Chien, who has a law degree from Harvard Law School, according to her Linkedin profile.

On which BNPL issues do you expect we might see action from regulators in the near term?
Credit reporting has been identified as being inconsistent among buy now, pay later companies. There is positive movement with respect to credit reporting practices in the market. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau did identify credit reporting as one of the areas that they would work on in buy now, pay later. There needs to be a consistent approach on how buy now, pay later loans are treated within credit reporting agencies. I'm not sure whether that requires a CFPB rule, as opposed to the CFPB working with the industry and the credit reporting agencies to help move that forward. I don't necessarily think the CFPB is in a position to dictate this, but it is in a position to try to really push for a consistent approach to be developed.

The paper mentions some BNPL providers beginning to implement more responsible practices. Can you provide examples of those you observed?

I don't think I can specify the names of the companies, but there are buy now, pay later companies that have specifically chosen not to charge any late fees. I was struck by the wide variance in late fee practices. Some companies don't charge a late fee, some do. Some charge from one day late, some charge from 10 days late. Some reserve the right to charge multiple late fees for a single missed payment. And this is all in addition to the size of the late fee. We had one example of a consumer charged a $40 late fee for a $70 purchase. It's well known that there is an issue with late fees, both the size and lack of transparency around the application of it. Because this issue is well known, we did see some buy now, pay later companies, including new entrants in the market, choosing specifically not to issue any late fees as part of their model. paymentsdive.com

E-Commerce Cyberattacks Becoming More Common
Cyberattacks Targeting E-commerce Applications
Cyber attacks on e-commerce applications are a common trend in 2023 as e-commerce businesses become more omnichannel, they build and deploy increasingly more API interfaces, with threat actors constantly exploring more ways to exploit vulnerabilities. This is why regular testing and ongoing monitoring are necessary to fully protect web applications, identifying weaknesses so they can be mitigated quickly.

In this article, we will discuss the recent Honda e-commerce platform attack, how it happened, and its impact on the business and its clients. In addition, to the importance of application security testing, we will also discuss the different areas of vulnerability testing and its various phases.

Finally, we will provide details on how a long-term preventative solution such as PTaaS can protect e-commerce businesses and the differences between continuous testing (PTaaS) and standard pen testing. thehackernews.com

TikTok Shop Isn't Profitable-Will Outside E-Commerce Links Be Banned?

Five ways tech is changing how you get your online shopping & takeout deliveries







"Violent criminal street gangs are a constant threat to our communities"
DOJ: Group Charged in Forty-Count Indictment with Fourteen Armed Carjackings, One Attempted Carjacking, and Five Armed Robberies of Businesses
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - On August 24, 2023, a federal grand jury returned a forty-count indictment charging Ángel Mercado-Aquino, Ferdinand Escobar-Castillo, Ismael Reyes-Rivas and Andro Bianchi-Montalvo with a series of armed carjackings and robberies of businesses,

Between January 31 and March 6, 2023, the four defendants (acting together or as part of a smaller group) committed a series of armed robberies in Río Piedras, Río Grande, Guaynabo, Caguas, Canóvanas, Puerto Nuevo, Toa Baja, and Bayamón, Puerto Rico. The businesses that were targeted included Burger King and Shell gas stations. Most of the carjackings occurred early in the morning at gas stations, including a Gulf Gas Station in Río Grande, a Mobil Gas Station in Guaynabo, the Any Time Gas Río Cañas in Caguas, the Total Energies Gas Station in Canóvanas, and a Gulf Gas Station located at La Virgencita, Toa Baja. justice.gov

Houston, TX: Video evidence shows what led to 35-year sentence for tire thief involved in statewide crime ring
A man was sentenced to 35 years in prison for his role in an organized crime ring that steals wheels off of cars statewide and resells them. Ansel Pennygraph, 42, was found guilty by a jury in Harris County after a two-week trial. The prosecutor on the case, William Cowardin, said they have linked about 30 people to the crew, but only four are charged. "You look at businesses, nonprofits, and by organizing, they can have a greater impact on their community," Cowardin said. "Crime is no different." The group had a system down, according to Cowardin, that was refined over the years. They would scout out parking lots with high concentrations of cars, like apartment complexes, and steal their wheels. Stolen wheels were taken to a warehouse in the 9000 block of Sweetwater Lane, near West Gulf Bank and the North Freeway. Surveillance video used as evidence in court shows Pennygraph back a white Dodge Caravan up to the rolling door and unloading several wheels. Hours later, a white truck with a buyer inside showed up and purchased some of the stolen goods, according to Cowardin. Cowardin said during a search of Pennygraph's phone, they identified at least seven regular buyers. One, he said, was a legitimate business.  abc13.com

Albuquerque, NM: Warrant filed for suspect in Albuquerque-metro shoplifting ring
Albuquerque police are searching for a woman they believe is involved in a large shoplifting ring. According to an arrest warrant, 53-year-old Christina Ephrim was one of four people, including a juvenile, behind nearly 70 shopliftings around the metro. Investigators alleged Ephrim got away with $17,000 worth of merchandise in 20 thefts at Lowes, Target, and Smith's between April and November of last year. At this point in time, she is the only one with an active warrant.  krqe.com

Louisville, KY: Ringleader of 6-person crime syndicate charged with 76 counts of theft in Kentucky
A Kentucky resident is facing 76 charges in connection with various theft cases, including the alleged stealing of Kentucky Lottery tickets and other items worth more than $123,000, Lottery Post reported. Telnesha Antnetta Brown, an 18-year-old from Louisville, has been charged by the Louisville Metro police with 76 counts of theft on Friday. Between April 19 and Aug. 24, 37 Louisville Metro businesses were burglarized, and some Kentucky Lottery tickets were taken, according to LMPD. After each burglary, the stolen tickets were immediately cashed. It was later discovered that Brown and others were using the Kentucky Lottery mobile app to check if the tickets were winners before cashing them. Through a collaboration between LMPD detectives and Kentucky Lottery security officials, it was confirmed that the same individuals responsible for the burglaries were responsible for the stolen tickets and redemptions. Surveillance footage was used to identify Brown and her accomplices.  usatoday.com

Miami, FL: Police arrest man accused of stealing watches from store in Miami
A man was arrested by police after being accused of stealing watches. According to police, the armed thief stole several watches from a store in Miami. He then took off and changed his clothes at least twice. After searching for a while, officers found him and took him into custody. They also found some of his clothing, a bag with the watches and a weapon.  wsvn.com

Smith County, TX: Man indicted in connection to East Texas diesel theft ring
A man has been indicted for his connection to a diesel theft ring which reportedly operated from June 16 to Sept. 13, 2022. On June 22, Ramon Perez-Torres, 29, was indicted for his part in an illegal diesel theft ring that reportedly stole approximately 9,312 gallons of diesel back in 2022. His pretrial/plea date has been set for Sept. 18 with Judicial Officer Taylor Heaton. Perez-Torres was first arrested back in April along with two others, Duniesky Ondarza Gonzalez and Camila Cruz Concepcion, who have also already been indicted for their connection to the diesel theft ring.  ketk.com

Ontario, Canada: Man fled Georgetown Walmart with $4,500 in Nintendo games
The Halton Regional Police Service have released a suspect photo and are seeking assistance from the public in identifying a suspect involved in a Georgetown robbery. On July 2, 2023, at approximately 7:15 am, a male suspect entered the Walmart located at 300 Guelph Street in Georgetown. The suspect was standing near a glass cabinet that had been unlocked by a staff member and contained Nintendo video games. A struggle ensued between the suspect and staff member as the suspect attempted to steal items from the case. The suspect fled the store with approximately $4500 worth of stolen Nintendo video games. The staff member sustained minor injuries. There were no weapons seen or indicated during the robbery. bayobserver.ca

Chattanooga, TN: Police investigating a $2,200 theft from Victoria's Secret in Hamilton Place Mall

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Shootings & Deaths

Blendon, OH: Police in Ohio fatally shot a pregnant shoplifting suspect
Police in a Columbus suburb fatally shot a pregnant woman in an Ohio supermarket parking lot after she accelerated her car toward an officer, police officials said. Ta'Kiya Young, 21, of Columbus, died Thursday evening in Blendon. A supermarket employee told officers who were at the store on an unrelated matter that multiple people were fleeing from the store with stolen items, Blendon Police Chief John Belford said. That included Young who had allegedly taken multiple bottles of alcohol. One officer went to the driver's side of Young's car and told her to stop, Belford said, while the other officer moved in front of the vehicle. Young then put the car in gear and accelerated forward, Belford said, and the officer directly in the vehicle's path fired one shot through the front windshield. Young's car then traveled about 50 feet before coming to a stop on the sidewalk outside the store. She was pronounced dead a short time later. Young was due to give birth in November, her family told The Columbus Dispatch. Her unborn daughter did not survive the shooting. Young was the mother of two sons, ages 6 and 3. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is leading the investigation into the fatal shooting, Belford said.  cleveland19.com

Houston, TX: Auto shop employee charged with murder, wanted for allegedly shooting coworker
Police are searching for a suspected gunman who is accused of killing his coworker at their job over the weekend. Authorities filed murder charges against 23-year-old Alexis Gonzalez for the deadly shooting on Saturday. On Monday, the Houston Police Department released a picture of Gonzalez as they continue to search for him. Investigators said paramedics found Gonzalez's coworker dead at his work, an auto repair shop at 110 West Little York Road. Detectives say the man was shot and killed, and the gunman, believed to be Gonzalez, fled the scene. The victim's identity is being verified by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences, but police confirmed he was 32 years old.  abc13.com

Cincinnati, OH: Update: Man pleads guilty to murder in Madeira c-store shooting
A Cincinnati man faces 45 years in prison after pleading guilty Monday to killing a Madeira convenience store owner in February 2021, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Kenneth Parker of the Southern District of Ohio. Willie Attaway, 32, admitted murdering Roop Gupta on Feb. 9, 2021. Gupta was the owner of Madeira Beverage, which Attaway was in the process of robbing when the shooting occurred. In addition to Madeira Beverage, Attaway robbed or attempted to rob four other rob convenience stores and gas stations across Greater Cincinnati that day and the previous day. Each time, he used a firearm to intimidate clerks and demanded they take money out of the register.  cincinnati.com

Westchester County, NY: Man sentenced to 21 years for killing local Store Owner
A Hudson Valley man is heading to prison for killing a local store owner. Westchester County District Attorney Miriam E. Rocah announced that a Yonkers man was sentenced to 21 years in state prison for a fatal stabbing. Tyrese Shubrick, 24, pleaded guilty on April 19 to manslaughter in the first degree, a felony. In addition to the 21-year prison sentence, he was sentenced to five years of post-release supervision. The 24-year-old was also sentenced to two years of state prison, which will run concurrently with his 21-year prison sentence, for a separate stabbing incident.  hudsonvalleypost.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

New York, NY: Man stabbed in stomach inside Target in Manhattan
A 33-year-old man was stabbed in his stomach inside a Target in Herald Square on Monday afternoon. The stabbing happened at the store near West 34th Street and Avenue of the Americas around 2 p.m. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital and was said to be serious but stable. The investigation into what led to the stabbing is ongoing. So far no arrests have been made. Police are looking a man in his 30s last seen wearing a grey T-shirt, black pants, black baseball cap and black backpack. A Target spokesperson released a statement following the stabbing. "The safety of our guests and team members is our top priority. This afternoon, there was a violent incident at our Manhattan Herald Square location involving two individuals who were in our store. We are coordinating with the NYPD on their investigation and will defer any additional questions to them at this time," the spokesperson said. Few other details were released.  abc7ny.com

Los Angeles, CA: Smash-and-grab robberies target San Fernando Valley jewelry store, LA Fitness and Health Nut
A series of smash and grab robberies targeted various businesses in the San Fernando Valley overnight. One of the incidents came in as a call of a burglary at around 2:41 a.m., according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Two men wearing hooded sweatshirts broke the glass at the entrance of Health Nut, a restaurant in Sherman Oaks. The restaurant is located at 4550 Van Nuys Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. The thieves took an item from the restaurant but police are not clear on what it was. They took off in a vehicle which police said was possibly a gray or silver Ford Fusion. Two other robberies happened at the NoHo West plaza in North Hollywood. According to LAPD, a call came in at around 4:27 a.m. of a burglary at the LA Fitness at NoHo West plaza. The LA Fitness is located at 6150 Laurel Canyon Blvd. in North Hollywood. Miscellaneous items were taken from the gym, but LAPD said they do not have information on the robbers or a vehicle. At 6:51 a.m., a call came in of a robbery at IceLink, a jewelry store also located in the NoHo West Plaza where the front window of the store was smashed. IceLink is located at 6140 Laurel Canyon Blvd. in North Hollywood. Health Nut and the NoHo West plaza are about five miles apart, but police have not confirmed if the robberies were connected.  nbclosangeles.com

Seneca Falls, NY: 'Cowboy' with fake gun leads to evacuation of Walmart
A "cowboy" with a fake gun on his leg led to an evacuation of a Walmart in Seneca Falls on Monday. According to the Seneca Falls Police Department, a person went to a local event dressed as a cowboy from the Old West. Part of their costume involved a fake gun being strapped to their leg The fake gun was seen inside the Walmart, which led to law enforcement being called and the customers evacuating from the building. After an investigation of the store and speaking with the cowboy, police confirmed that it was fake. Once the situation was resolved, the store's operations continued as normal, with management thanking customers for their understanding during the incident. Despite there being no threat, police are asking the public to be mindful that the sight of a gun, replica or not, can cause alarm - even if the gun is part of a costume.  localsyr.com

Chicago, IL: Univision news crew in Chicago robbed while covering robbery
A Univision news crew in Chicago was robbed while covering another armed robbery, police said. According to the Chicago Police Department, the crew was robbed just before 5 a.m. Monday on the city's Northwest Side. Univision confirmed one of the victims is a reporter and the other is a photographer. It's unclear if they were seriously injured. Police said three men wearing ski masks and armed with guns got out of a black SUV and a grey sedan and robbed the crew before fleeing the scene.  abc7.com

Orange County, CA: Identity Theft Scheme Results in 11-Year Prison Sentence for Convicted Robber
A 49-year-old convicted robber and burglar has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for his involvement in a sophisticated identity theft scheme. Jean Anthony Parret pleaded guilty to three counts of identity theft and one count of grand theft in Orange County Superior Court. The scheme involved stealing or attempting to steal 10 vehicles, resulting in losses of over $400,000. Prosecutors revealed that Parret utilized stolen identities to open lines of credit and purchase high-end vehicles from various dealerships. His crimes spanned multiple counties in Southern California, including Orange, Los Angeles, Kern, Ventura, and Riverside. Parret was charged with stealing vehicles such as a Ford Ranger, Chevy Silverado, Nissan Titan, and Audi S3. gameishard.gg

St Louis, MO: Man admits aiding in armed robbery at St. Louis County phone store
A man appeared in federal court Monday and admitted his involvement in the robbery of a St. Louis County Boost Mobile store in 2021. Prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Missouri said Damonta Bridges, 31, took a deal to plead guilty to a robbery charge and being a felon in possession of a firearm As part of the plea, federal prosecutors and Bridges' lawyer will request a sentence of 137 months in prison. Bridges will be sentenced on Nov. 28. Bridges told the court he was present at a Boost Mobile store on Bellefontaine Road on Aug. 9, 2021, when Kadijah McFadden held the place up at gunpoint. McFadden stole $630 from the business. Both McFadden and Bridges stole several phones.  fox2now.com

Chico, CA: MISINFORMED: Double-dip shoplifter busted at Chico Target, believed new laws shielded her theft spree
A woman was arrested for stealing carts full of merchandise from Target on Monday. According to police, the thief walked out of the store with a cart full of items, unloaded it into their vehicle, and then returned to the store to fill another cart with merchandise before being arrested. When asked, the thief reportedly told police she "believed there was nothing officers could do about the theft once she left the store with the $1200 of merchandise due to the change in shoplifting laws." Ultimately, Ponce-Romero was arrested for grand theft and burglary. Police said she was also found to be on felony probation out of Butte County and was also arrested for violating that probation.  krcrtv.com

San Francisco, CA: C-store clerk allegedly hit with bat during violent robbery

Washington, DC: DC Police arrest teen accused of committing 10 armed carjackings, robberies in overnight crime spree

Jefferson City, MO: Vape Store employee charged with $2400 theft



C-Store- San Francisco, CA - Armed Robbery / clerk hit w/ bat
C-Store - Bullock County, AL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Sheppton, PA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Hillsborough, NC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Fargo, ND - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Miami, FL - Burglary
C-Store - Hammond, LA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Topeka, KS - Robbery
Clothing - Chattanooga, TN - Robbery
Dollar - Toledo, OH - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Staten Island, NY - Robbery Clerk/ Vict injured
Gas Station - Atlanta, GA - Armed Robbery
Gym -Los Angeles, CA - Burglary
Jewelry - Los Angeles, CA - Burglary
Jewelry - Miami, Fl - Robbery
Jewelry - Jacksonville, FL - Robbery
Laundry - Miami, FL - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Houlton, ME - Armed Robbery (McDonalds)
Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA - Burglary
Restaurant - Joplin, MO - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - South Burlington, VT - Burglary
Target - Chico, CA - Robbery
Vape - Jefferson City, MO - Robbery             


Daily Totals:
• 18 robberies
• 5 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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As a LP Auditor and Fraud Detection Analyst for Staples, you will conduct LP operational field audits remote, virtual and in person, within a base of 60 retail stores to ensure compliance to operational standards to drive operational excellence and preserve profitability. You will also train store managers on Key-Holder responsibilities, Inventory Control standards, Cash Office procedures, Protection Standards, Safety and Fraud trends...

Manager, Physical Security
Jacksonville, FL - posted July 7
Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's physical security strategy for retail stores, warehouses, and store support center and field offices. This includes responsibility for the capital expense and repair budgets, developing written specifications, layout and design for all systems and to ensure all installations and repairs are made to SEG standards...

Regional AP Mgr - South FL Market - Bilingual required
Miami, FL - posted August 8
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...


Regional Director, LP & Safety (Midwest)
MN, MO, IL, KS, WI, MI, IN, or WA - posted June 27
We are looking for a Regional Director of Loss Prevention to join us in MN, MO, IL, KS, WI, MI, IN, or WA. You will develop, execute, and maintain shrink and shrink compliance initiatives. You will also conduct internal and external field investigations, loss control auditing, store safety programs, and compliance programs and audits...

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