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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

New Multi-State ORC Alliance
Homeland Security Investigations announces new 4-state ORC partnership

HSI Partners With LAMA-ORCA
HSI New Orleans launches multistate Organized Retail Crime Alliance
NEW ORLEANS - Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) New Orleans announced a new multistate collaboration July 19 to combat organized theft groups by targeting domestic and transnational criminal organizations that profit from organized retail crime. The new Organized Retail Crime Alliance connects federal, state and local law enforcement officials with prosecutors and financial and retail industry partners from Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama.

The alliance provides a multifaceted approach to disrupting and dismantling organized theft groups through partnerships, investigations and consumer awareness.

In fiscal year 2021, HSI initiated 59 organized retail crime investigations, representing a 211% increase from 19 investigations initiated in fiscal year 2020, and accounting for 61 criminal arrests, 55 indictments, 59 cases initiated, and $9,287,757 in assets seized. Organized retail theft results in $125.7 billion in lost economic activity each year as criminals use e-commerce platforms to resell stolen merchandise.

HSI's partnerships with private industry groups, such as the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail, the National Retail Federation, the Retail Industry Leaders Association, the Transported Asset Protection Association and others, remain an imperative component to the overarching success of efforts to counter organized theft groups systematically disrupting interstate and foreign commerce.

HSI is the principal investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security, responsible for investigating transnational crime and threats, specifically those criminal organizations that exploit the global infrastructure through which international trade, travel, and finance move. HSI's workforce of more than 8,700 employees consists of more than 6,000 special agents assigned to 237 cities throughout the United States, and 93 overseas locations in 56 countries. HSI's international presence represents DHS's largest investigative law enforcement presence abroad and one of the largest international footprints in U.S. law enforcement.

For more information on what HSI is doing in the region follow @HSINewOrleans.  ice.gov  wdsu.com

Tell Congress to Pass the Combating Organized Retail Crime Act of 2023
NRF Blog: Organized retail crime goes beyond store shoplifting

Cargo theft, ecommerce and digital fraud are growing contributors to ORC

By David Johnston - VP, AP and Retail Operations, NRF

Store-based stealing might be the most visible element of organized retail crime, but it's not the only form of ORC impacting the retail ecosystem.

Cargo theft increased 41% over last year in the first 20 weeks of 2023 according to CargoNet, a Verisk business. Organized retail crime groups involved in cargo and supply chain theft are often more structured, operating as a business capable of moving merchandise in larger quantities through illicit, as well as legitimate, business channels.

Ecommerce and online fraud are growing contributors to ORC, not only involving product or merchandise but also digital commerce and currency.

Theft methods also include triangulation fraud, which is the purchasing of merchandise with stolen credit cards or online account credentials for the purpose of reselling obtained merchandise to an unaware third-party consumer.

Retailers are also experiencing ORC-related crimes involving gift cards.

Protecting products against organized retail crime groups requires protecting the entire retail ecosystem, including digital assets. The passage of the INFORM Act is a first step in national legislation to help against organized crime. NRF was a leader in the efforts to enact the INFORM Act and continues our member advocacy efforts with the Combating Organized Retail Crime Act of 2023 (S. 140/H.R. 895).

With bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate, the CORCA bill will bring greater federal law enforcement support and resources to aid state and local law enforcement in these sophisticated investigations. Passage of the CORCA bill is another step in our nation's effort to reduce the impact of organized retail crime.

NRF has a grassroots campaign supporting the passing of the CORCA bill. As an NRF member, retailer, industry partner or public citizen, you can help by visiting our campaign and asking your senator or representative to support and vote for this bill. It will take a community effort to make this happen - visit the NRF Organized Retail Crime page to act! nrf.com

Washington Post Urges Congress to Pass 'Combating Organized Retail Crime Act'
Opinion: Organized thieves steal locally. Lawmakers should react nationally.
No community, it seems, is immune from the recent spike in organized retail crime (ORC), which is the term security specialists use to distinguish planned, large-scale stealing to supply the black market from individual cases of the "five-fingered discount."  Causes of the surge range from the opioid epidemic - ORC rings often recruit addicts to steal for them - to lax enforcement of shoplifting laws in some jurisdictions to the ease with which goods can be resold online.

ORC is not organized on a national scale. Yet that does not mean combating it can be left to local officials alone. Federal and state action will be needed, in part because some ORC - as in the D.C. area - does cross state lines and in part because its cumulative impact extends widely.

The most significant federal measure to date, the Inform Act, took effect on June 27. Under the law, online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon have to collect, verify and disclose certain identifying information about high-volume third-party sellers of consumer products, to help deter vendors of stolen and counterfeit goods. Also last month, California Attorney General Rob Bonta (D) announced a plan for voluntary information-sharing among brick-and-mortar stores, online marketplaces and law enforcement.

It's too early to judge these policies' impact. But at least they reflect the reality, articulated in the National Retail Federation's April report, that ORC's decentralized nature makes fighting it largely "an intelligence problem," which calls for "significant improvements in data collection." The next step should be for Congress to enact the bipartisan Combating Organized Retail Crime Act, which has been pending in both houses since early this year. The bill declares that ORC "threatens ... safety and liberty," and gives federal prosecutors the authority to go after money-laundering connected to ORC. Most important, it would establish a federal ORC coordination center, staffed by officials from federal law enforcement agencies and housed in the Department of Homeland Security, to facilitate information-sharing among investigators at all levels of government and the businesses affected.

Government and business have been slow to react to ORC, at times seeming almost bewildered by the sheer brazenness and undeniable smarts with which the thieves and associated fencing rings have operated. Meanwhile, damage has been done to the economy and to the public's basic feeling of safety in retail spaces. Law enforcement needs to be given the tools to respond - then use them with countervailing speed and sophistication. washingtonpost.com

Another State Wages War on ORC
Oregon to crack down on retail theft operations with new policies
Oregon lawmakers have passed multiple policies meant to crack down on the rise of large-scale retail theft operations, including funding for statewide and local police departments.

Jeremy Girard, President of the Organized Retail Crime Association of Oregon, says part of the problem is the opioid crisis.

"Similar to other parts of the country, Oregon is facing a fentanyl crisis and a lot of these individuals that engage in shoplifting are unfortunately addicted to fentanyl," he said. "One of the easiest ways for them to buy fentanyl is to steal merchandise that is easy to resell."

Girard is also a member of Oregon's Retail theft task force comprised of prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, retail associations, and loss prevention specialists. This year the task force's recommendations to lawmakers resulted in multiple policies such as SB-900 which will provide grants to local law enforcement agencies of about $5 million dollars.

The funds will be distributed by the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission in the form of competitive grants to both local and state law enforcement agencies. The so-called "Christmas Tree Bill" - or omnibus budget bill for this year - also contained just under $1 million in funding for a statewide investigator position housed within the Department of Justice. The investigator will look at potential connections between retail theft cases across the state.

Senate Bill 340 has already been signed by the governor, it increases penalties and facilitates the prosecution of organized retail theft crimes. The measure allows prosecutors in one Oregon county to charge the same criminal for organized retail theft crimes committed across county lines. It allows prison sentences of up to 3 years will for repeat offenders.

Under the measure prosecutors will also be given a six-month window to lump multiple retail theft crimes together, that's up from three months. SB 340 also increases the severity of the theft if the perpetrator puts people's physical safety at risk.  katu.com

Shoplifters Released at Stores?

The Criminal Justice System is Moving to Non-Violent No-Bail
Though other states have enacted cash bail changes, Illinois is the first state to eliminate it.

Los Angeles County Adopts Sweeping Policies to Reduce Cash Bail
Los Angeles County courts announced Tuesday, July 18, that sweeping new protocols will go into effect Oct. 1 to significantly reduce the use of cash bail for those arrested or cited for nonviolent, nonserious, low-level offenses.

Presiding Judge Samantha P. Jessner said during a video news conference that the shift moves the Superior Court system away from a wealth-based prearraignment detention system that "rises and falls on one's ability to pay money bail, regardless of risk to the community."

"Rather, for those arrested for nonviolent, nonserious felonies and misdemeanors, our new protocol will determine release status, based on risk and on an individual's circumstances," Jessner said.

The protocols, unanimously adopted by the court's executive committee, are based on research showing that a prearraignment monetary bail system is inequitable and ineffective in protecting the public and ensuring nonviolent offenders return to court, Jessner said.

A newly released Judicial Council of California study shows that risk-based release decisions that are not reliant on money bail result in increased public safety, with a 5.8% decrease in rearrest/rebooking for misdemeanors and a 2.4% decrease for felonies. according to the courts.

The majority of individuals arrested for low-level, nonviolent, nonserious offenses will be released at the location of arrest or booked and then released on their own recognizance with a promise to appear in court, according to the new protocols.

Individuals arrested for certain crimes that pose a greater risk to the public will be referred to a magistrate, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, who will determine the appropriate nonfinancial prearraignment release.

The schedules adopted by Los Angeles County courts are consistent with those in other jurisdictions throughout the nation, including Alaska, New Jersey, Kentucky and Washington, D.C. officer.com

Sheriffs Speak Out Against 'America's Most Dangerous Law'
Illinois sheriffs brace for fallout of 'America's most dangerous law' after state supreme court ends cash bail

'It's an experiment on the backs of victims of crime,' says Franklin County Sheriff Kevin Bacon

Sheriffs in southern Illinois say they are bracing for more crime and more victims that result from the end of cash bail across the state.

"Folks who live here are extremely concerned," Franklin County Sheriff Kevin Bacon told Fox News. "It's an experiment on the backs of victims of crime. I have serious concerns and so do the people that live here."

On Tuesday, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled in favor of eliminating the state's cash bail system. The ruling takes effect Sept. 18, making Illinois the first state to fully abolish cash bail.

Under the new law, judges across Illinois will not require those charged with a crime to post bail in order to be released from jail while they await trial, unless the judge determines them a threat to the public or a flight risk.

Sheriff Jeff Bullard of Jefferson County said law enforcement and attorneys will be the ones who bear the brunt of these changes.

"We did our job. We arrested them, incarcerated them," Bullard told Fox News, "and then the state's attorney makes the argument that they should be remanded for trial, and the judge, based on the SAFE-T Act guidelines, says, 'Now I'm forced to let them go.'"

"That's going to increase crime victim frustration ... and we share that frustration with them," he said. foxnews.com

San Francisco Retailers Grapple with Theft Surge
Some anti-theft measures are frustrating to paying customers

Retailers in San Francisco try variety of tactics to cut down on theft
For months now, retailers in San Francisco have been trying a variety of tactics to cut down on retail theft -- from locked plastic cases, to security gates.

At the CVS store by Fisherman's Wharf, one of the city's most popular tourist spots, the drinks are in a locked glass case so customers have to ask employees for help. Same goes for anything out of the food cases and of course, the liquor section. All of them are behind lock and key.

For some Bay Area residents, the extra step when shopping for cosmetics or other merchandise has become the norm. But it's new to see in the food sections.

Some retailers across San Francisco are trying to deal with thefts in several different ways. Some of them are shutting down secondary exits, like the Walgreens on Geary, so that customers can only go in and out through one door. The same store on Geary has also recently chained up its freezer section, to prevent theft.

For paying customers, the new security creates another challenge when shopping for even the most basic items.

And steel gates have been installed on some closed aisles and other entry points in an effort to funnel customers through one exit. In prepared statements, spokespeople for Safeway and Walgreens, each acknowledged the new security measures.

Both said retail theft is one of the industries' biggest problems. According to a report by the U.S. Customs Service and the Association of Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, retailers across the country lost about $35 billion from theft in 2021. nbcbayarea.com

   RELATED: SF Safeways add gates barring shoppers from leaving without receipt

Note On Doors: Closings Are the Result of "Ongoing Theft"
The Kansas City area is losing two grocery stores. The owners blame theft
The owners of 11 Kansas City area discount grocery stores have closed one and will close another at the end of this month.

Both are Save a Lot locations: Independence and Gladstone. Owned by Value Grocers LLC vice president of operations Syed Haider wrote in a note posted on both grocery stores' doors that the closings were the result of "ongoing theft" as well as "general business decline."

Reached by The Star, Haider said internal and external theft at the Independence location was the primary reason for its closure.

"Theft has gone way up the past couple of years at our stores," Haider said. "People steal meat, they steal canned goods. They take it, put it in their pocket, and walk out. And we've had trouble getting the police to respond." kansascity.com

Structural racism may contribute to mass shootings, study says

Jacksonville sheriff hosts town hall meeting to discuss violent crime solutions


Will Retail's Crackdown on Returns Backfire?
Retailers' Attempts To Dissuade Returns May Impact Brand Loyalty

The tension between retailers and shoppers is growing, and it's because of returns.

According to the Shippo/Harris Poll survey, "Nearly three in four Americans who have made online purchase returns in the past 12 months (72%) have noticed retailers making online purchase returns more difficult over that time span, and more than half (54%) have felt blindsided by a retailer changing their online purchase return policy."

Shoppers aren't just noticing these policy changes, either - they're speaking out and taking action. The survey states that "four out of five Americans (80%) say if an online retailer they regularly purchase from made their return policy more difficult, they would purchase from a different retailer with a more favorable return policy instead."

"One bad return experience can result in complete consumer abandonment," said Loop's president, Aaron Schwartz. "Today's economic and market uncertainty means consumers are paying close attention to retailers' return policies and if brands aren't considering the customer journey beyond the point of purchase, they're missing out on critical opportunities to build trust and boost customer retention."

It's about brand loyalty in the end. Companies may think that losing out on money because of returns is a huge problem, but they might end up doing more damage to their reputation by making hasty changes. retailwire.com

Growing interest in biometrics clear in SSN News Poll
For our first question we asked: Does your business or organization currently use biometric technology? An equal number of respondents, 42.86%, replied both "Yes, we're currently leveraging fingerprint/retina scans/facial/voice recognition software," and "No, currently we do not." 14.29% indicated that plans were in place to begin using biometrics in the workplace at some point in the future.

Next, we asked poll participants: What application of biometrics is or would be most valuable to your business or organization? An overwhelming 71.43% of responses favored using biometrics for security applications like access restriction and asset protection. 28.57% saw no useful application for biometrics in their workplace and none were interested in leveraging the technology for human resources and staffing purposes.

Finally, we asked respondents: Do you prefer the use of biometrics to more traditional access control methods like keycard readers? 28.57% had no preference at all and an overwhelming majority, 71.43% said they prefer the use of biometrics over more traditional access control. No responses protested its use.

While no readers offered specific comments this month the numbers have made it clear. Biometrics are here to stay, and they'll only continue to gain ground in the industry. securitysystemsnews.com

Industry Sounds Alarm Over Possible UPS Strike
Retailers Urge Quick Resolution to Avoid UPS Strike
"As leaders within the U.S. economy, we are growing increasingly concerned with the stalled contract negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters. Reliable and quick shipping-ensuring the timely delivery of essential goods such as groceries, medicine, and school supplies to customers' doorsteps-is the hallmark of our industry and the UPS fleet plays a critical role in that operation. Uncertainty is like kryptonite for supply chains.

"While retailers maintain flexible and resilient supply chains, adept at navigating challenges to deliver for consumers, the impact of a UPS worker strike would undoubtedly be felt throughout the economy, to the tune of billions of dollars. Retailers are preparing contingency plans, but even the most robust planning won't shield retailers or consumers from the impact of shutting down a key component in the supply chain as we head full-steam into back-to-school and then holiday shopping seasons.

"The impact of a supply chain disruption is no longer an academic exercise. We need only look in our rear-view mirror to see the economic and consumer harm that resulted from supply chain bottlenecks and delays that rippled throughout the economy post pandemic. Having worked through these challenges methodically over the past two years, retailers are loathe to stress-test contingency plans again." rila.org

Dollar General Sues Its Way Into Opening New Store
A Dollar General developer sued a Michigan town after it said 'no' to one of the chain's stores

But Dollar General is opening the store anyway after its developer sued the town.

A small Michigan town found itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit from a developer after it pushed back on a proposal to open a Dollar General store there, according to a new report.

Residents of Nottawa Township, located in Southern Michigan near the state line with Indiana, opposed a rezoning proposal last year that would've brought a Dollar General store to town, MLive reported Monday. In August, Nottawa's board of trustees voted against a zoning change request from a developer working on the project after residents voiced their objections at public meetings.

But the developer, Midwest V LLC, who was working on behalf of Dollar General, responded by suing the town. It worked: In January, the town signed off on the store as part of a settlement. The new store is slated to open this fall, MLive reported. businessinsider.com

Ross moves closer to 100 store openings goal this year

Walmart closing another store - Richmond, VA location

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Asset Protection Manager job posted for 99 Cent Only Stores in Sacramento, CA
Responsible for protecting the assets of the organization while achieving shortage and safety goals for assigned business units/departments. This is done by managing, promoting, and directing all Assets Protection initiatives and programs within the assigned group and by developing and maintaining strong partnerships at all levels. indeed.com

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Tally's 'ORC Early Warning System' Catches
Shrimp Theft in Action at FMI AP Conference

By Sean Ryan - President, Tally Retail Solutions LLC

Tally Retail Solutions recently attended the FMI Asset Protection & Grocery Resilience conference in Orlando. What a great conference, attendance was up and the agenda was awesome.

Tally had set up a display of our "ORC Early Warning System" in one of the ballrooms. The solution consists of a shelf pad, audio announcement and video camera. Once a predetermined amount of product is removed an announcement sounds, along with video recording and texting.

We had set up a 3-foot shelf, with sample products of liquid detergent pods, energy drinks, bottles of vodka and bags of fake shrimp. We were really excited to display the solution for shrimp, as we do not know of any viable solution for this product. I purchased bags of shrimp, emptied them out and filled the bags up with some fake plastic shrimp I found online.

On the second day, it was time for the evening reception a couple of floors up from the ballroom. About 10 minutes into the reception, I received a text from the shelf. I didn't think much of it, perhaps thinking a few straggler attendees were testing the shelf.

About 2 hours later, I went back to the ballroom, and much to my dismay, one of the bags of fake plastic shrimp was gone! I went to the video recording and found out that a lady with purple hair had made off with my fake plastic shrimp! (Click the screen grab to the right to download and view the theft)

She didn't take the detergent, energy drinks or vodka -- just the fake plastic shrimp! Perhaps she didn't wash clothes or drink alcohol and energy drinks. Perhaps she had a plastic cat at home that was hungry.

I contacted hotel security and gave them the video. They came back and said they had eyes on the offender but lost her in the elevator. Doug Baker from the FMI was kind enough to show the video to the attendees to see if anyone could find her.

I gave a couple of samples of the shrimp from the other bag to some attendees and starting getting pictures of possible locations of the missing shrimp! If anyone knows the whereabouts of the missing shrimp, please take a photo and send to shrimp@tally.solutions

We will show his potential whereabouts throughout the year at the next FMI conference in Dallas.

Hope to see you and the shrimp there!

For more info about next year's conference, contact APGRinfo@fmi.org


To learn more about Tally's 'ORC Early Warning System', click here







Compromises Are Surging Across Every Sector
Data compromises on track to set a new record
The number of data compromises reported in the U.S. in the H1 of 2023 is higher than the total compromises reported every year between 2005 and 2020, except for 2017, according to Identity Theft Resource Center.

For the H1 ending June 30, 2023, there were 1,393 data compromises reported, including 951 in the Q2. Since 2005, only the full years of 2017, 2021 and 2022 have exceeded the number of compromises recorded in the first six months of 2023.

Higher data compromises reported in H1 2023

Every sector reported a higher number of data compromises in H1 2023 compared to the previous H1. Healthcare leads the sectors with the most compromises. However, Financial Services firms reported nearly double the number of compromises versus H1 2022.

"Not Specified" continued to be the leading cause of data breaches in H1 2023, with 534 notices lacking actionable information about the root cause of a compromise, up from 319 in H1 2022. Phishing and ransomware were the primary attack vector for cyberattacks. However, the number of malware attacks jumped 89% over the same period last year.

While the number of compromises is on pace to set a new high-water mark, the number of victims disclosed in notices is well behind 2022's pace. Notices in H1 2023 estimated 156M individuals were impacted by a data compromise compared to the ~424M people affected by data events in full-year 2022. helpnetsecurity.com

Cyber-Espionage Campaigns Targeting Organizations Across Multiple Industries
Sogu, SnowyDrive Malware Spreads, USB-Based Cyberattacks Surge

Two separate threat actors are using poisoned USB drives to distribute malware in cyber-espionage campaigns targeting organizations across different sectors and geographies.

Two ongoing cyber-espionage campaigns targeting organizations across multiple industries and regions demonstrate the importance for security teams of restricting access to USB drives and other external devices on employee systems.
In one of the campaigns, a China-linked threat actor tracked as TEMP.Hex is using USB flash drives to load malware for stealing sensitive information from host systems. Once on a system, the malware, dubbed "Sogu," can copy itself to any removable drive that's plugged in to the infected host, thereby giving the attacker a way to spread the payload to other systems, including, potentially, air-gapped systems.

Researchers from Mandiant recently discovered the threat and believe that TEMP.Hex is using Sogu to collect information that has economic and national security interest to China. The security vendor has assessed the campaign as posing a threat to organizations across multiple sectors, particularly in engineering, construction, government, transportation, health, and business services.

Mandiant researchers said a threat actor that it's tracking as UNC4698 is responsible for another major ongoing cyber campaign, also using infected USB drives to drop malware on victim systems. The malware in this campaign, dubbed "SnowyDrive," creates a backdoor on the systems it infects, so the cyberattacker has a way to remotely interact with the device and issue commands. The organizations that are in UNC4698's crosshairs for this campaign are oil and gas organizations in Asia.

According to Mandiant, there's been a threefold increase in attacks involving USB drives in the first half of 2023, though the immediate impetus for the sudden surge remains unclear. Though incidents involving poisoned USB drives remain somewhat rare relative to other cyberattack vectors, there have been several instances where threat actors - including large professional groups - have employed the tactic. darkreading.com

AI Assistant for Security Operations Centers (SoCs)
Microsoft Takes Security Copilot AI Assistant to the Next Level

The company's AI for security operations centers continues to add integrations, as the industry looks to large language models for progress.

Microsoft has announced it will expand access to its Security Copilot service - an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant for security operations centers (SoCs) based on GPT-4 - to a larger number of customers as well as some technology partners. The chatbot will enter its official "early-access preview" window in the fall, supplanting Microsoft's current private preview and adding some new functionality.

The version available now has incorporated user feedback and adds "promptbooks" - sequences of commonly used AI prompts to give security professionals a starting point in their analyses - as well as integration with common cybersecurity tools to streamline operations.

The goal is to make security teams more efficient, ease pressure due to the shortage of workers with security skills, and simplify typically complex security activities, says Chang Kawaguchi, vice president and AI security architect at Microsoft.

"Automation is a key to every security operations organization, and you need the ability ... to be creative in interacting with it," he says. "Part of why we're moving to the next stage [is] opening up to partners, so that we can start to integrate [with] the tools that customers are using in their SOCs every day." darkreading.com

Company Size Does Not Matter to Cyber Attackers
Cybersecurity measures small & medium-sized businesses should implement
SMBs often underestimate their appeal as a potential target. They assume they are "little fish" not worth the attackers' effort and that their data holds little value. But that's not true: their systems store sensitive information, including employee and customer data and financial information.

What's more, they are often used to access systems at larger organizations (partners, customers or suppliers) - and as a recent Proofpoint study has shown, cybercriminals frequently target SMBs (especially through regional MSPs) as a means to breach larger agencies and organizations in the public and private sectors.

Unfortunately, SMBs typically allocate only a small fraction of their budget to strengthening their cybersecurity defenses, and are often ill-equipped to effectively combat cyber threats.

One critical factor exacerbating SMBs' vulnerability is the shortage of dedicated security personnel; bigger organizations can offer bigger salaries to cybersecurity professionals and smaller companies can't compete on that front.

With limited staff and expertise, SMBs face an uphill battle in defending themselves against sophisticated cyberattacks. helpnetsecurity.com

What to do (and what not to do) after a data breach

Trends in ransomware-as-a-service and cryptocurrency to monitor







In this FREE webinar, you'll learn how to empower your cannabis dispensary employees with essential knowledge on cash authentication, identification card verification, and combatting fraudulent payment methods.

By participating in this webinar, you will empower your team with the latest industry knowledge and practical skills to ensure the security and smooth operation of your dispensary.

Content includes:

How to handle, store, and manage cash
How to authenticate cash and card payments
How to verify an individual's age and identification
How to identify fraudulent identification cards


Safe & Secure Storage in the High-Risk Cannabis Industry
Secure Storage for Cannabis Businesses Big & Small
Although storage is important for any business, it is especially important for businesses in cannabis and other high-risk industries. Any business that handles high-value products can be susceptible to theft without adequate secure storage procedures, but cannabis is also prone to deterioration when stored improperly. When designing and building out a cannabis facility, cannabis security experts prioritize choosing the proper secure storage option. The main two choices for secure storage are vaults and safes, but these can vary drastically in quality, cost, and function.
Secure Storage for Smaller Cannabis Businesses
Smaller cannabis businesses with limited amounts of cannabis on-site, including retailers and craft grows, may choose to store product in safes rather than a vault. The benefit of safes is that they can be easily added to any business regardless of floor plan, unlike vaults which require substantial alterations to existing structures to install.

Secure Storage for Larger Cannabis Businesses
For cannabis businesses with significant amounts of cannabis on-site, including cultivators, manufacturers, large retailers, a secure storage room or vault would be the preferred storage option. Not all vaults are considered equal, and the security of vaults can vary based on the construction materials and equipped security devices. When vaults are built by inexperienced general contractor, they can cause structural damage to the existing building due to the heavy construction materials.

One of the most secure and cost-efficient options for cannabis secure storage room is lining the walls and ceiling with maximum-security mesh. This method is used to secure government, commercial, and retail buildings all over the world and is easier to implement in existing structures than a traditional vault constructed with concreate. Secure storage rooms lined with maximum-security mesh help create a protected and controlled environment for the storage of cannabis.

Choosing A Cannabis Secure Storage Option
Although there are many options for cannabis secure storage, there is no 'one solution' that is right for every cannabis business. That is why it is important to hire security experts with experience in secure cannabis storage for all license types. Choosing a cheap safe or hiring an inexperienced general contractor to install the vault could cost a business thousands of dollars, but the right cannabis secure storage solution could set the business up for success. sapphirerisk.com

NYC's Illegal Cannabis Crackdown Ramps Up
Owner of nearly a dozen illegal NYC pot shops will fork over $400K: prosecutors
The owner of nearly a dozen illegal pot shops has agreed to fork over more than $400,000 in a deal struck with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Rami Alzandani will pay $103,000 in restitution to the state Department of Tax and Finance and forfeit another $300,000 in ill-gotten gains as part of the non-prosecution agreement he signed with prosecutors over his 11 shops accused of illegally selling weed in Manhattan and Queens, the DA's Office said.

Four of his shops pleaded guilty to cannabis possession charges and paid $5,000 in fines. These stores include Jacks Convenience on Broadway on the Upper West Side; On the Rocks Convenience on West 48th Street in the Diamond District; West Coast Convenience on West 72nd Street on the Upper West Side; and Jeeters Convenience on Eight Avenue in Midtown West.

Alzandani's stores were busted when undercover investigators with the DA's Office made purchases there, prosecutors there.

The shops are allowed to remain in business but are banned from selling weed going forward and will be subject to random inspections for the next three years, under the terms of the agreement.

The stores must also attest to the fact they aren't dealing the drug in a written certification every three months. Alzandani also can't sell any of his stores without getting approval first, according to the agreement. nypost.com

Cost-cutting and Efficiency Strategies for Cannabis Operators
After a period of solid growth, cannabis markets in many regions, including Massachusetts, have begun to plateau due to heavy competition and market saturation. While more mature states have been hardest hit, others like Vermont or those still in their growth phase are learning from peers and planning for what comes next.

What we advise, and what the most profitable and prevailing operators have been doing all along, is to take an impartial look at business operations to determine cost-cutting and efficiency strategies that could boost your bottom line. cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

Opportunities in the Minnesota Cannabis Market

N.J.'s largest cannabis union offers summer program to enter legal weed market




DOJ: Four Men Charged with Targeting and Robbing Victims Selling Apple Products on Popular Online Marketplace
MIAMI - A South Florida federal grand jury has charged four men in their early 20s with targeting and robbing people who sold electronic items on a popular online marketplace and using guns during some of the robberies.

The indictment, unsealed today, charges Palm Beach residents Jordan Denzel Lewis, 23, Tyrell Brion Bouie, 21, Anthony Christopher Diggs Jr., 20, and Broward resident Johntaevious Henry Johnson, 23, with conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery, conspiracy to use and carry a firearm during a crime of violence, and brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence. It also charges Lewis, a prior convicted felon, with illegal possession of a firearm.

It is alleged that the defendants targeted victims on a national online marketplace that allows users to list items for sale on its website and mobile application. According to the charges, from about June to October 2022, Lewis, Bouie, Diggs, and Johnson conspired to rob, and robbed, people who posted Apple products for sale on the online marketplace. The indictment also alleges that they used firearms in some of the robberies. justice.gov

DOJ: Amazon Agrees to Injunctive Relief and $25 Million Civil Penalty for Alleged Violations of Children's Privacy Law Relating to Alexa
Alexa is a proprietary voice-activated service that Amazon provides through its Echo smart speakers, its "Alexa App" mobile application, and other devices and applications. Since May 2018, Amazon's Alexa-related offerings have included voice-activated products and services directed toward children under 13 years of age. When a user makes a verbal request of an Alexa-enabled device, Amazon saves the voice recording of the request and creates a written transcript of it.

In a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington, the government alleges that, since at least May 2018, Amazon violated the FTC Act, COPPA and the COPPA Rule with respect to Alexa and Alexa's child-directed offerings. justice.gov

Amazon's Environmental Impact
Amazon sees decline in carbon emissions for the first time
Amazon lowered its carbon emissions for the first time since it began disclosing the figure four years ago.

In its annual sustainability report issued Tuesday, the e-retailer said its activities emitted the equivalent of 71.27 million metric tons of carbon dioxide last year. That's down 0.4% from 2021, when it reported a carbon footprint of 71.54 million metric tons. Emissions are still up roughly 40% from 2019, the year Amazon first began disclosing its carbon footprint.

The company also reported its carbon intensity, which measures emissions per dollar of sales, fell 7% between 2021 and 2022, and has fallen 24% since 2019. cnbc.com

Amazon named 'Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion'

Florida family accused of selling fake COVID cure through online church goes on trial







4 youths arrested after theft of $7,000 worth of goods from THC store in central Minnesota
Four teens have been arrested in connection with a burglary at a THC and CBD store in central Minnesota. The Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office says it received a report of a burglary at the Hemponix dispensary at 42 Main St. S. on Tuesday, with $7,000-worth of products reportedly stolen. On Wednesday, a search warrant was executed at two New London properties, with "numerous items of evidence" recovered. "Four juveniles have charges pending from this investigation," the sheriff's office said. The sheriff's office was assisted in the investigation by the CEE-VI Drug and Gang Task Force and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).  bringmethenews.com

Viera, FL: Mother allegedly used her young, autistic daughter to aid in attempted retail theft
Singleton and her children were being watched via surveillance cameras by Loss Prevention loading two shopping carts full of various items. After filling the carts, the 10-year-old autistic child briskly left the store without stopping to pay, attempting to run, the records said. Further video surveillance from inside the store showed Singleton talking closely to her child just before she tried leaving with the shopping cart. The young child was quickly stopped by BCSO deputies, who later learned she is diagnosed with autism.  myfox28columbus.com

Coweta County, GA; Update: 2 arrested after high-speed chase, crash while running from warehouse store
Coweta County deputies say they have an arrested woman accused of ripping off electronics at Sam's Club and Costco warehouse stores in Georgia. The woman was a passenger in a car running from deputies when it overturned in a wreck. It was both Sam's Club and Costco who called 911 on July 1. A woman dressed all in black was accused of stealing electronics. Coweta County deputies responded to the Sam's Club after workers called 911 to report a woman allegedly stealing two computers and some fireworks. Deputies say they saw the woman jump into a black Cadillac as a passenger and the car sped away from them. During a high-speed chase away from the warehouse store, deputies say the driver was going well over 120 mph in a 45 mph zone. After the car overturned on a sharp turn, deputies say they took the driver of the Cadillac into custody. They've charged Jamarcus Printup. The passenger, the woman accused of theft, was injured and remains at Grady Memorial Hospital. They say she will face numerous charges and is wanted elsewhere in Georgia. fox5atlanta.com

DOJ: Lawrence Man Gets 30 Months For Conspiracy to Steal Firearms From Three New Hampshire Gun Stores
CONCORD - A Lawrence man was sentenced in federal court in Concord for conspiring to steal firearms from three different New Hampshire gun stores.

William Mejia, 20, was sentenced to 30 months in prison and 2 years of supervised release. Mejia was also ordered to pay $23,915.02 in restitution. Mejia and his two co-defendants, Johariel Quezada and Ethan Ayala, were indicted on June 13, 2022. On March 29, 2023, Mejia pleaded guilty to conspiring to steal firearms from a federal firearms licensee.

"The defendant and his confederates traveled to New Hampshire multiple times for one purpose - to steal 43 firearms.

Mejia's codefendant, Johariel Quezada, was sentenced to 24 months in prison and 3 years of supervised release on May 12, 2023. Ethan Ayala is scheduled to be sentenced on April 15, 2024. justice.gov

Newark, DE: Four Women Sought In Dollar General Burglary
The Delaware State Police have launched an investigation into a burglary that occurred on Monday night at the Dollar General store in Newark. According to the report, the incident took place at approximately 11:23 p.m. on July 17, 2023, at the Dollar General located at 20 Salem Village Square in Newark. n response to a report of a burglary, troopers arrived at the scene to assess the situation. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the burglary was carried out by four unidentified females who entered the store after business hours and made off with stolen merchandise. However, no further details have been provided regarding the nature of the merchandise or its estimated value.  firststateupdate.com

Houston, TX: Surveillance photos released of teen thieves nabbing $1,500 worth of speakers at retail store in NW Houston

Darien, CT: Duo Steals $750 Worth Of Allergy Medicine From Darien Stop & Shop

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Shootings & Deaths

Miami, FL: Florida City Walmart shooting: Man dies, 2 hurt after fight between 2 groups erupts in gunfire
A fight between two groups of people inside a Walmart in Florida City erupted in gunfire Wednesday afternoon, leaving one person dead and two others hurt in an incident that sent panicked shoppers and workers running for safety, Miami-Dade police said. One person has been arrested in connection with the shooting at the Walmart located at 33501 S Dixie Highway near the Florida Turnpike, according to police. Investigators said the man who died after being flown to Jackson South Trauma Center had been involved in the altercation before the shooting began. Police later identified him as Nathaniel Baez, 23. Another man who suffered a gunshot wound to his foot was an innocent bystander while a woman who suffered a head injury did so while trying to run from the scene, according to police. Officials said five other people were treated at the scene and released. Police did not immediately identify the man who was in custody. A police spokesperson said there was a fight between two groups of three people when someone pulled out a gun and opened fire shortly before 3 pm. Police did not say what the fight was about.  cbsnews.com

Albuquerque, NM: Update: APD releases video of deadly officer-involved shooting in grocery store
Albuquerque police released a video of a deadly shooting right in the middle of the El Mezquite Market on 98th Street. The shootout between the suspect and police happens just feet away from shoppers. Police were called to AutoZone on 98th on June 24. They claimed 41-year-old Mark Peter was passed out in his car and found by AutoZone employee. Police arrived around 3:30 p.m. and tried to get him out of the car. Police ran the plate of the vehicle and discovered Peter had several felony warrants out for his arrest. "In total, P.A.'s were given for over 14 minutes before the car drove away from officers," said Commander Kyle Hartsock in a press conference on Wednesday. Authorities stated, eventually, Peter woke up and took off, so police popped his tires. He ends up across the street near Churches Chicken. Peter is seen trying to take off again before heading right into El Mezquite Market. It created chaos at the checkout lines, where at least seven people are in danger of being hit by gunfire. Officers try to tase him, but Peter allegedly opens fire while shoppers and workers run for their lives and take cover. Officers returned fire, and Peter is killed with two store clerks just feet away. Peter reportedly fired 13 shots at officers, and they returned 45 shots. A miracle: No one else was injured in the shootout krqe.com

DeKalb County, GA: Man killed in armed robbery at gas station was owner, employee says
Police are investigating a deadly shooting during a reported armed robbery at a gas station in DeKalb County early Wednesday morning. Officers blocked off the entire parking lot of the BP on Flat Shoals Road near the Vineyard Walk intersection before 3 a.m. Wednesday. While details about the investigation remain scarce, DeKalb County police say they were called to the gas station at around 2 a.m. after reports of a shooting. At the scene, officers found the body of a man who had been shot at least once. They said the victim and another worker were inside the store at around 2 a.m. when four men entered the business and shot the owner multiple times, killing him. FOX 5 was told that one or two men waited outside in a getaway car.  fox5atlanta.com

Las Vegas, NV: Update: Mother of teen killed outside North Las Vegas grocery store speaks out
The mother of a North Las Vegas teenager spoke with 8 News Now a week after he was killed outside a grocery store in the northeast valley. "He just wanted to get his mom some water," Theajon Jordan Alexander's mom said. "And they did that to him." She told 8 News Now the 18-year-old had his entire life ahead of him when he was killed on July 14. "He wasn't out looking for trouble," Theajon's mother said of her son. "Or hurting anybody." She explained that he went to the Smith's Food and Drug on East Centennial Parkway near Losee Road around 1:00 p.m. to fill her water bottle when someone shot him multiple times in the parking lot.  8newsnow.com

Cobb County, GA: 18-year-old charged in deadly hit-and-run at Cumberland Mall
An 18-year-old is facing criminal charges after Cobb County police say she killed a woman in a crash at Cumberland Mall. Officials say the crash happened in the parking lot of the mall on the night of July 16. According to police, 25-year-old Paige Jenkins was severely injured when she was hit by a vehicle while walking in the parking lot. Medics rushed her to a local hospital, but she wasn't able to survive her injuries. Investigators say the driver, identified as Vanessa Robinson, didn't stop after hitting Jenkins. Cobb County officers arrested Robinson Monday with the help of the Fairburn Police Department.  fox5atlanta.com

Orange County, CA: Long Beach man convicted of killing ex with bomb at Orange County spa
A Long Beach man accused of building and planting a bomb at an Orange County spa, killing his ex-girlfriend and seriously injuring two people, has been found guilty in federal court. Stephen William Beal, 64, was convicted of four felony counts related to the explosion at the Aliso Viejo day spa in May 2018. Beal, an amateur rocketry and explosives hobbyist, built and planted the bomb inside Magyar Kozmetika spa, located inside a two-story commercial office building located at 11 Mareblu. The explosion caused major damage to the building and killed the spa's owner, 48-year-old Ildiko Krajnyak of Trabuco Canyon. Two of her clients, a mother and her daughter, were also seriously and "permanently" injured in the blast, according to the United States Department of Justice ktla.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Overland Park, KS: Suspect shoves employee, breaking their arm during Overland Park shoplifting attempt
Overland Park police are asking for help with identifying three alleged shoplifters - including one who was caught on camera pushing an employee down, causing her to break her arm - at a store near La Paloma Plaza last week. The theft and battery occurred at a retail store near the 12000 block of Metcalf Avenue on July 12, according to police. One shoplifter left through the store's entrance carrying a pink box and a duffle bag, according to video captured by the store's security cameras. While an employee was videotaping the shoplifter leaving on her phone, another shoplifter with a pink backpack knocked her over with a store item she was holding before also leaving the store, which was also caught on camera. The employee fractured her right arm in two locations, according to a news release from Overland Park police. The third alleged shoplifter is presumed to be in the white Dodge 4-door sedan or Avenger with unknown Missouri license plates. kansascity.com

Chicago, IL: Wanted crew on North and Northwest Sides responsible for 62 armed robberies in the last month
Chicago Police are alerting the public to a string of more than five dozen armed robberies in the past three-and-a-half weeks on the North and Northwest Sides. Open the email advisory from the Chicago Police Department about the armed robberies and the list goes on and on, as you scroll through 62 robberies. Police said the robberies started on June 23, and the most recent was Monday, three on Monday, actually.
Most of the armed robberies were late at night or early in the morning, sometimes just a couple of minutes apart on the North and Northwest Sides. In each case, police said the robbers would get out of a vehicle, show that they were armed and rob people, sometimes taking their cars and, in several of the cases, battering the victims.  audacy.com

San Francisco, CA: 'Prolific' thief charged in San Francisco burglary spree
Investigators said a "prolific" thief has been charged with 29 counts in connection to home, business, and car burglaries across San Francisco. Patrick Potter, 29, was arraigned in court Wednesday. He pleaded not guilty to charges including grand theft and residential burglary. Potter is accused of carrying out 18 burglaries across a large swath of neighborhoods, including Chinatown, North Beach, Telegraph Hill, Russian Hill, Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, and the Mission.  kron4.com

Albuquerque, NM: Woman pleads guilty to 34 counts of burglary; focused on spas and salons

New York, NY: NYPD cop indicted for allegedly punching unruly man in Apple store two years ago

Cargo Theft

Toronto: Police arrest 15 in GTA cargo crime bust, recover goods worth $9.24M
Police forces in the Greater Toronto Area arrested 15 members of an organized crime group and recovered stolen cargo, tractors and trailers worth $9.24 million. Peel Regional Police (PRP) led the investigation dubbed Project Big Rig. Investigators targeted six locations, recovering 28 containers of stolen cargo worth $6.99 million and 28 tractors and trailers worth $2.25 million. Detective Mark Haywood from PRP's commercial and auto crime unit said the suspects in some cases cut the fence to enter facilities, stole the truck and drove out. He added some thefts took place at truck stops and on the road after drivers left their loads unattended. Haywood said the 28 stolen loads varied in shape, size and value and included vehicles, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. An estimated $1.8 billion worth of goods travel through the Region of Peel every day, making it the largest cargo hub in Canada.  trucknews.com



Adult - Memphis, TN - Burglary
Auto - Manchester, CT - Burglary
Auto - Smithfield, NC - Burglary
Beauty - Albuquerque, NM - Burglary
C-Store - Volusia County, FL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Madera, CA - Robbery
C-Store - Bakersfield, CA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Panama City, FL - Robbery
C-Store - Mounds View, MN - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Charlotte, NC - Robbery
Cellphone - Miami, FL - Burglary
Dollar - Paulden, AZ - Burglary
Dollar - Newark, DE - Robbery
Electronics - Houston, TX - Robbery
Gas Station - Memphis, TN - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Odessa, TX - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Darien, CT - Robbery
Guns - Rome, GA - Burglary
Hardware - Paulden, AZ - Burglary
Jewelry - Cabazon, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Fairfield, CA - Robbery
Liquor - Memphis, TN - Burglary
Pharmacy - Bloomsburg, PA - Robbery
Restaurant - Lavallette, NJ - Burglary
Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA - Robbery
Vape - Lincoln, NE - Burglary
Walmart - Viera, FL - Robbery  


Daily Totals:
• 16 robberies
• 11 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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As a LP Auditor and Fraud Detection Analyst for Staples, you will conduct LP operational field audits remote, virtual and in person, within a base of 60 retail stores to ensure compliance to operational standards to drive operational excellence and preserve profitability. You will also train store managers on Key-Holder responsibilities, Inventory Control standards, Cash Office procedures, Protection Standards, Safety and Fraud trends...

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Region Asset Protection Manager
Montgomery & Birmingham, Alabama - posted July 5
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Regional Manager, Loss Prevention (Western Territory)
Remote - posted June 28
The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory. Investigate and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets. Has ownership for all company related shrinkage programs in their assigned stores.

Regional Manager, Loss Prevention (Central Territory)
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Regional Director, LP & Safety (Midwest)
MN, MO, IL, KS, WI, MI, IN, or WA - posted June 27
We are looking for a Regional Director of Loss Prevention to join us in MN, MO, IL, KS, WI, MI, IN, or WA. You will develop, execute, and maintain shrink and shrink compliance initiatives. You will also conduct internal and external field investigations, loss control auditing, store safety programs, and compliance programs and audits...

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