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How Is Expansion Of Video Storage Capabilities Impacting Security?

Video storage has come a long way since rooms full of VCRs stored video from an entire system of cameras. Video storage equates to data storage, and there are multiple options ranging from hard disk storage to the cloud to storage on each individual camera using SD cards. Increasingly, cloud-based storage is an attractive option to store video footage conveniently and safely. We asked this week's Expert Panel Roundtable:
How is expansion of video storage capabilities impacting the security industry?

Rob Muehlbauer - Senior Manager, Business Development, Axis Communications

One word: analytics. As AI-enabled analytics become more accessible and increasingly more accurate than ever before, every piece of data has a potential use for either security purposes, business intelligence, or improving operational efficiency. Enterprises are overseeing massive amounts of data, as there is always new information to be gleaned once analysis has been performed. For instance, loss prevention retail analytics are becoming increasingly more common, making organisations more aware of their security gaps. AI analysis can also preempt security breaches by recognising patterns from previous data and being able to alert the right parties. Basically, enhanced storage capabilities mean enhanced analysis capabilities, resulting in the security industry being more valuable, prepared, and proactive than ever before.

Read more here

Axis Powered by Genetec

All-in-one access control hardware and software

Axis Powered by Genetec is the industry's first enterprise-grade solution that combines Genetec access control software with Axis network door controllers in an all-in-one offering. Now you can get easy-to-deploy hardware pre-loaded with the most innovative access control software, removing friction associated with traditional software/hardware integrations.

Click here to learn more


Retailers share how they use face matching AI for workplace violence prevention, store safety

FaceFirst helps you comply with new workplace violence laws and provide safer stores

California recently joined a growing number of states requiring employer workplace violence programs. At FaceFirst, that's our focus every day! Whether you're facing violent ex-employees, violent ex-spouses, or violent day-to-day thieves, our face matching software provides active threat management. We send immediate alerts when known threats enter. Our real-time notifications help you provide safer stores for your employees and customers.

Senior retail LP experts shared their real-world store safety experiences from the 2023 APEX stage in Nashville. Here are two examples from one session:

"We've partnered with FaceFirst for five years. They've really helped us enhance the efficiency of our store management and asset protection teams. With real-time alerting, we know who's walking into our stores within three to five seconds. It gives us situational awareness for threats of violence, for those individuals we don't want our people to approach. It helps reduce law enforcement's response time to our stores, too. It's been absolutely great for us."

"When we went to the organization about the need for this [face matching] technology, our first priority was life safety. The majority of C-suite discussions today are: How do we keep our stores, our customers, and our associates safe? I don't know of a better tool that helps us be more proactive and mitigate threats in our stores. This technology has advanced so much, and you're going to see it grow exponentially. If you're interested in this tool, I would tell your organization: You're going to be way behind the curve without it."

Another APEX session focused specifically on workplace violence. FaceFirst can help you comply with laws that require companies to implement workplace violence programs. California's new law takes effect July 1, 2024. At least nine states now require employers to provide workplace violence programs.

The human tragedies of workplace violence are incalculable, but there are other costs to consider. After a former employee killed seven people in January 2023, California fined the two employers involved for failing to have a workplace violence notification system in place. They also cited one of the two employers for failing to address previous workplace violence incidents.

FaceFirst has seen significant market adoption driven by in-store violence and theft. Our face matching technology delivers vital life safety, loss prevention, and investigative benefits.

Calculate the risks of being caught unaware when a known offender enters your store. If you knew there was a proven solution to keep your valued employees and customers safer from violent offenders, would you implement it? The real risk is answering no.

FaceFirst's solution is fast and accurate-take action today at facefirst.com.


The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Retailers & Lawmakers Unite Against ORC
NRF to Host 'Fight Retail Crime Day' Press Conference with Congressional Leaders

WHAT: The National Retail Federation is declaring Oct. 26 Fight Retail Crime Day and is convening retailers in Washington, D.C., to advocate for passage of the Combating Organized Retail Crime Act.

As alarming incidents of organized retail crime continue to occur across the country, congressional leaders and retailers are coming together to urge for passage of the Combating Organized Retail Crime Act. This bipartisan, federal solution would establish a national coordination center, combining expertise and resources from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and retail industry representatives to curb organized retail crime.

NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay
Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa
Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev.
Rep. David Joyce, R-Ohio
Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev.
Rep. Susie Lee, D-Nev.
Additional guests to be announced

WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 26, 2023, 9 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. ET

WHERE: Senate Swamp - U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. 20510

WHY: This day of action unites the retail community to advocate for solutions in combating organized retail crime. NRF's 2023 National Retail Security Survey found that retailers lost an estimated $112.1 billion to shrink in 2022, and more than two-thirds (67%) said they were seeing even more violence and aggression from ORC perpetrators compared with a year ago.

As the leading authority and voice for the retail industry, NRF has long advocated for policy solutions to stifle the threat of retail crime in stores large and small across the country.
Learn more about the "Reality of Retail Shrink."

ORC's Worldwide Impact
Rising Retail Theft Is a Global, Not American, Problem
Hundreds of retailers are shutting down across the country in what some experts are dubbing
the "retail apocalypse," and a large number of the closures are tied to an uptick in retail crime.

This month,
Target announced it would be closing nine stores due to skyrocketing shoplifting levels. Walmart has also dealt with similar concerns at its locations, shuttering four in Chicago and warning that price increases could be on the way as inventory disappears.

Across the sector, retail crime is having a significant impact on companies' bottom lines.
In 2022, inventory shrink contributed to $112.1 billion in losses, up from $93.9 billion in 2021, the latest National Retail Security Survey found.

The problem is not actually American in nature, however. In a letter penned by the British Retail Consortium, company leaders from some of the nation's top
88 stores called on U.K. Home Secretary Suella Braverman to take action on the rising retail theft taking place across their country.

The company leaders said store employees face "unacceptable levels of violence and abuse," as many store visitors participate in organized crime or even violence toward the workers themselves. As part of the letter,
leaders asked for a new statutory offense, making it a specific crime to assault, threaten or abuse a retail worker.

If enacted, company officials say it would send a "clear message" from Parliament that
retail crime is not tolerated while boosting safety for their workers.

Mirroring American levels of rising crime, rates of violence and abuse toward retail employees in the United Kingdom have nearly doubled pre-pandemic levels. In 2022, workers dealt with 867 incidents every day, according to the BRC 2023 Crime Survey.

In the United States,
many retailers have pushed for legislation like the Combating Organized Retail Crime Act. The bill works to create an Organized Retail Crime Coordination Center which would support sharing retail crime information across states and to the federal government. newsweek.com

Retailers Worldwide Adopt Facial Recognition as Theft Deterrent
NZ retailers turn to facial recognition to stem surge in crime
Retail crime has surged in New Zealand, with the latest Survey report published by industry group Retail NZ citing the annual cost of retail crime at a staggering NZ$2.6 billion (roughly US$1.5 billion). Retail crime is also on the rise in Australia, with the Japan Times reporting an estimated AU$10 billion loss ($6.4 billion) in the year for both Australia and New Zealand combined.

Just like in other places, notably including Britain, rising retail theft has motivated adoption of facial recognition.

Retail NZ's report reveals that
92 percent of retailers surveyed fell victim to crime in the past year, with an increase in violent and brazen attacks.

Experts attribute the surge in retail crime to a myriad of factors. While many associate increased thefts with the cost-of-living crisis, another significant factor is an increasing trend among young people to steal for social media notoriety, observers say. Organized crime, where items are stolen to order by career criminals, also plays a significant role. According to
Phil Thomson, the CEO and co-founder of Auror, a retail crime intelligence platform, 60 percent of thefts are committed by individuals who make a living out of it.

Another contributing factor cited by retailers in the survey is
the lack of adequate deterrents for thieves. According to one survey respondent, "Police are understaffed and do not prioritize retail crime. There is little in the way of deterrent as the crime is considered minor now."

In light of these escalating crime rates, businesses in
New Zealand and Australia are revamping their security measures. Many are turning to technology solutions like rooftop sensors, automatic gates at self-checkouts, and facial recognition software, Japan Times reports. Other preventive measures include the installation of bollards to deter ram raids.

In its survey report recommendations, Retail NZ urges the government to cooperate closely with retailers to address the issue.
They are advocating for the introduction of facial recognition and automated number plate recognition (ANPR) technology to counteract crime in the sector and for the imposition of stricter penalties for individuals who assault retail workers. biometricupdate.com

Canada Grappling with Same ORC Crisis
New Toronto Crime Stoppers campaign targets 'organized retail crime' that goes beyond shoplifting

Toronto police say they have seen a rise in crimes targeting retail spaces and some of it appears to be organized.

"Organized retail crime poses significant safety risks to both store employees and consumers and it leads to the sale of both stolen and counterfeit goods," TPS Board Chair Ann Morgan said at a news conference Tuesday to kick off a new Crime Stoppers awareness campaign.

Rui Rodrigues, executive advisor for the Retail Council of Canada, said that while traditional shoplifting is a problem, it typically involves individuals stealing single items for their own personal use. Increasingly, he said, stores are seeing individuals stealing large volumes of items for resale, sometimes at the behest of people operating illicit online storefronts where they can sell the stolen goods.

Rodrigues said, "There are professional groups that steal and it is an enterprise. There are groups that are preying upon marginalized individuals across Canada." He said storefront workers - not just at large retailers with many locations - are seeing an "unprecedented" amount of violence.

Toronto Crime Stoppers Chair Sean Sportun said proceeds from the thefts often go toward funding other types of criminal activity as well.

Rodrigues said his group would like to see amendments to the criminal code to differentiate between simple shoplifting and more organized and violent crimes targeting retail.

"It's not about shoplifting," he said. "It's putting an emphasis on the criminals and the criminal organizations that are proliferating those types of crimes in our communities." cp24.com

Has the 'Defund' Movement Fueled Retail Looting?
Alleged Philadelphia Looter's Lawyer Cries Racism
Dayjia Blackwell, also known as "Meatball" among her digital fans, is facing six felony charges for the incident that occurred on September 26. Blackwell's live stream follows her as she accompanies
mobs of looters who broke into several retail stores in Philadelphia. She is being held on a $25,000 bond.

Jessica Mann, the attorney representing Blackwell, said she was
"sickened" by the coverage of Blackwell's case. Mann accused the media of using the incident to attack minorities "mercilessly."

Mann also
claimed that the looters were justified in their actions after the recent shooting of Eddie Irizarry, whom Officer Mark Dial fatally shot on August 14. Mann and other activists accused Dial of murdering Irizarry, although Irizarry was seen brandishing a knife.

The increase in looting has put pressure on Democrat lawmakers in Philadelphia, who are accused of either remaining silent or implicitly supporting rioters. Senators John Fetterman and Bob Casey have notably avoided the issue. Their constituents are urging them to speak up and take action.

Retailers have seen an unprecedented rise in retail crime throughout the year in far-left cities. Many incidents include organized efforts by mobs of violent looters. The surge in violence and crime has prompted retail giant Target to close nine stores in five blue cities and partner with the Department of Homeland Security.

The rise in retail crime follows the decision of Democrat officials to embrace the "Defund the Police" movement.
Blue cities have slashed police funding in recent years, sometimes significantly. Hillary Ronen, the City Supervisor of San Francisco, notably supported the move, then reversed course after begging for more police officers earlier this year.

Her district has been hit especially hard by an increase in retail crime. She accused the officers and mayor of betraying her and her constituents.
They frequently respond by telling her that no officers are available to send. nationrise.com

Oakland's Crime Crisis Mapped
Actions Have Consequences: Crime Out of Control in US Cities

The crime map for Oakland, California, provides a telling glimpse into the reality that locals there live with on a daily basis.

The colored dots indicate incidents of
car thefts, assaults, drug-related crimes, robberies, and so on that have taken place in and around Oakland the previous week. The map is an indicator of what many have known for some time-namely, that failure to support law enforcement and prosecute criminals will result in more crime.

In 2020, far-left lawmakers and activists called for the defunding of America's police departments. Claims like "Defunding the Police Will Actually Make Us Safer" from the American Civil Liberties Union
discouraged policing and encouraged crime. Now, America is reaping the consequences.

in the nation's capital, violent crime has increased 39% so far in 2023, compared with the year before, according to Washington, D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department.

After nights of violence and looting at stores in Philadelphia in late September, the
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board announced plans to close all 48 of its Philadelphia locations. Most have since reopened, but some remained closed for repairs. dailysignal.com

ORC Slams Target's Bottom Line
Target stock wipes $30B in 6 months as 'violence and theft' soar
In recent months, Target Corporation has seen
a significant decline in its stock market performance, notably lagging behind the robust gains seen in the broader S&P 500 index throughout 2023.

This downward trend can largely be attributed to shifting consumer sentiment, sluggish company sales, and weakening demand for certain product categories. In addition, widespread boycotts against the company's controversial Pride-themed clothing line for children also played their part.

However, a less-discussed factor has also played a role in
Target's struggles - the substantial losses incurred from organized retail crime and in-store thefts, adding an additional layer of challenge to the company's 2023 performance.

Target closed multiple stores due to organized retail crime

In May 2023, Target said it expected to sustain
$1.3 billion in losses due to "theft and organized crime." At the time, the retail giant said its profit would lose $500 million more than what it did in 2022, when it took a $800 million hit because of an "inventory shrink."

Since this warning,
TGT shares have plummeted considerably. Notably, the company lost $30 billion in market value in 6 months since theft activity accelerated, dropping from nearly $170 apiece to the current $106.6, The Kobeissi Letter pointed out on October 4.  finbold.com

LP Programs Ramp Up Ahead of Expected Holiday Theft Surge
Gearing Up for a Great Holiday Season
Shrink is always of concern for retailers, but the holiday rush can drive up losses alongside sales. More people shopping
means more to keep track of, giving thieves ample opportunities to sneak merchandise out unnoticed.

Retailers would be wise to begin evaluating their loss prevention programs now to ensure that they can scale with holiday demands. Looking at data from previous years as well as other, more recent demand spikes can
highlight high-risk items and areas to help retailers harden the right targets.

Data from computer vision and other AI-enabled analytics solutions can also help in this regard, as cross-referencing the information from these datasets can give insights into thieves' tactics, which items are prone to bulk theft events, and more. Meanwhile,
RFID systems can help on the other side of the coin, acting as proof of a stolen item's origin and giving retailers the chance to recover stolen goods.

The holiday season's reputation as an unpredictable and overwhelming time of year is well-deserved, but it's not insurmountable. While it used to be a time marked by guesswork and gut feelings,
today's retailers have the tools to bring many aspects of their operations back into their control.

With the industry's recent investments in digitalization and customer experience improvements,
most retailers already have the data they need at their fingertips. They just need to find the right ways to use it. When they do, they'll be able to rest easier - during the holiday season and any other time of year. mytotalretail.com

Ex-Con Walks Free No-Bail After $70k High-End Boutique Robbery
Illinois SAFE-T Act Lets Parolee Walk Free

IL State's Attorneys Already Voicing Concerns About Suspects Avoiding Jail & Court
As Illinois prosecutors deal with provisions of the
SAFE-T Act, including cashless bail, the long-term repercussions remain to be seen.

Jeffrey Clayton, executive director of the American Bail Coalition, said there are several serious crimes that will allow a person to avoid jail time.

"The question now is what is the detention list and I have obtained a copy and I can tell you that there are going to be some really serious offenders who are not going to be going to jail," Clayton said.

One example is a case involved the
robbery of a high-end boutique in Hinsdale where a gang used a sledgehammer to shatter a window before making off with nearly $70,000 worth of merchandise. Blood was left at the scene, and DNA testing matched the DNA to an individual on parole who was convicted of armed robbery and aggravated battery. The man subsequently was able to walk free without posting bail.

Recently, McHenry County State's Attorney Patrick Kenneally
blasted the SAFE-T Act on social media, highlighting non-detainable offenses like aggravated battery and strangulation, and said the law is a "far cry from being safe." thecentersquare.com

Assaults against NYPD cops have skyrocketed by 25%+ since last year: data
Assaults against NYPD cops have skyrocketed by more than 25% this year, troubling new police data obtained by The Post shows.

So far in 2023, 1,731 assaults on cops have been reported, compared to 1,371 for the same period last year - a 26.25% increase, the NYPD statistics show.

The numbers include attacks on uniformed cops as well as those against off-duty officers who take "police action" - meaning identifying themselves as members of New York's Finest, the NYPD said.

Patrick Hendry, the president of the Police Benevolent Association union, blamed "anti-police activists" and
criminal cases being "thrown out" among the reasons for the dramatic spike. nypost.com

Alabama Lawmakers Put Forward a Bill Aimed at Retail Crime
Retailers in Alabama have expressed concerns that if state leaders don't crack down harder on this crime it will get much worse.

What's behind the reports of 'unprecedented' retail theft

The Growing Scourge of Organized Retail Theft: Seeking Justice, Not Vengeance



AI & Workplace Safety
Companies Turn to AI to Improve Workplace Safety
While the use of generative AI to save HR professionals time and boost their productivity has captured headlines, another use of artificial intelligence in the workplace is having a significant impact:
improving worker safety and reducing on-the-job injury and fatality rates.

Workplace fatality rates rose significantly in 2021, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), to the highest annual rate since 2016.

To help reverse the trend and enhance occupational safety, more companies are turning to AI, advanced data analytics tools and other safety-related technologies, according to a report from the National Safety Council (NSC), a nonprofit safety advocacy organization in Itasca, Ill.

Natural Language Processing

Commonly used in other areas of HR, such as for sentiment analysis of engagement surveys, natural language processing (NLP) technology is now being used to
reduce laborious manual processes and streamline safety reporting.

Computer Vision Technology

Computer vision technology monitors video footage and images in the workplace, detecting a wide variety of objects to identify risks. "It includes things like automated alerts for equipment malfunctions, understanding if someone is wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment [PPE] or even identifying actions that can lead to workplace violence," Ischer said.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Engines

Predictive and prescriptive analytics use AI to
help learn cause and effect from historical safety data, with the goal of helping organizations avoid safety incidents before they occur-or to mitigate the fallout once such events have happened.  shrm.org

Workers Demand '24/7 Store Security & Safety Plans'
Southeast Waffle House workers rallied in Downtown Atlanta

Workers are demanding a higher minimum wage and 24/7 security at Waffle House stores.

Waffle House workers from Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina rallied at the 100 Piedmont Avenue store in downtown Atlanta last month after delivering a petition to management demanding
better workplace safety, higher wages and an end to mandatory paycheck deductions for shift meals.

They've joined forces with the Union of Southern Service Workers to
push for 24/7 store security and safety plans, a guaranteed $25 per hour pay rate for all Waffle House employees and the option to buy discounted shift meals.

In addition to the risk of burns and other injuries, Green said, the customers can create an unsafe environment.

"My customers sometimes will show up trying to provoke me into a fight, because they think we're all MMA fighters or something," he said. "We're just people trying to do our job. That's why
we're demanding 24-hour security. atlantaciviccircle.org

Applying AI to Returns Management
Retailers Use AI to Master Holiday Returns
As rising costs squeeze margins, retailers have to find some way to tackle the long holiday returns season without losing their proverbial shirts.
AI can help retailers ensure that returns won't force them to start the post-peak season in a rut. By strategically applying AI to returns management, retailers can become more efficient and remain profitable during the holiday season and beyond.

However, retailers can go a step further by looking at returns as an integral part of returns management, rather than as a separate category. When retailers evaluate returns as part of a larger supply chain rather than evaluating each return separately, savings related to markdowns, logistics costs and employee time can be realized. mytotalretail.com

NRF Economist Says U.S. Economy Still Shows Resilience
U.S. economy is continuing to grow even as labor disputes across the country and uncertainty created by Congress add to the ongoing challenges of inflation and high interest rates, NRF Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz said today.

"New turbulence from the expanding autoworkers strike and the threat of a government shutdown - which could still happen after Congress' short-term funding measure expires - have added to the existing headwinds already facing the economy," Kleinhenz said. "Nonetheless,
the economy continues to chug along and defy recession predictions, proving it to be more resilient than anticipated. nrf.com

How to Successfully Get Started With RFID: Step-by-Step Guide for Apparel Retail

LA City Council moves closer to ban cashless retail businesses

Should Toys "R" Us Be Toying With Flagships Again?

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Retail & Hospitality ISAC Announces 2023 Award Winners

Skechers, Target, and Palo Alto Networks earn top honors in the Peer Choice awards category.

Vienna, VA (October 4, 2023) - The Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) announced its 2023 award winners during the annual membership meeting held on October 3 in Plano, Texas. The awards recognize outstanding companies and individuals who have displayed extraordinary dedication to RH-ISAC's mission to build a collaborative sharing community that enables consumer-facing organizations to defend against cyber threats.

CISO of the Year: Brett Cumming, Skechers

Brett Cumming, Sr. Director of Information Security at Skechers, won the 2023 Peer Choice Award for CISO of the Year. This award honors exceptional leadership and recognizes a recipient who is a thought leader whose experiences add strategic value and whose engagements are an asset to the larger community.

Brett is a highly engaged member of the RH-ISAC, where he serves as a member of the board of directors and is an active participant in the CISO community. In addition to being named as CISO of the Year, Brett was also honored as an inaugural recipient of the RH-ISAC Community Development award, which honors those who have helped grow RH-ISAC membership.

Cybersecurity Practitioner of the Year: Matt Brady, Target

Matt Brady, director of cyber threat intelligence at Target, earned the 2023 Peer Choice Award for Cybersecurity Practitioner of the Year, which honors a cyber intelligence practitioner who has demonstrated significant time, energy, and involvement to add value to the RH-ISAC by sharing threat intelligence and contributing content to events.

Matt is one of the most active RH-ISAC members, and he regularly contributes valuable intel and RFI responses on RH-ISAC's Member Exchange and Slack channels. He has also been a featured speaker at multiple RH-ISAC events, including participating in a breakout session panel at the 2023 Summit.

Team of the Year: Target

The Team of the Year award honors a cybersecurity team that has demonstrated significant time, energy, and involvement to add value to the RH-ISAC organization by sharing threat intelligence, and contributing content to webinars, events, and working groups. The 2023 recipient of this award is Target, one of RH-ISAC's most active Core Members. Over the past year, Target has been instrumental in establishing new RH-ISAC Working Groups and participating in events, including hosting a CISO event at their headquarters in Minneapolis.

Click here to read the full press release and see additional award winners

It Pays to Be Prepared!
Cybersecurity preparedness pays big dividends for businesses

Businesses are taking cybersecurity more seriously by boosting resources and preparedness, according to GetApp.

While there is still work to be done,
increased investments and training are likely behind these impressive gains: the study shows that, since last year, phishing links clicked by workers decreased 25% while ransomware attacks dropped 30%.

AdvertisementHowever, the report finds that only 34% of businesses are training staff on social engineering techniques.

Phishing is down, but the overall threat remains high

Phishing effectiveness has cooled from last year's critical high: 80% of businesses report receiving phishing emails this year (from 89% in 2022), and 61% say their employees clicked on a malicious link (from 81% in 2022). While this is promising news, IT security managers consider advanced phishing attacks as the top threat heading into 2024.

Ransomware attacks have dropped from 53% to 37% year over year, while the rate of victims paying the ransom has plummeted from 67% to 36%. This can be attributed to a sharp rise in businesses decrypting ransomware on their own, along with rising adoption of incident response plans.

IT security spending is up at US businesses

Seven in ten businesses have increased their IT security budget this year, compared to 63% in 2022. Another indicator that businesses are taking security more seriously is the steadily growing number that have formal protocols in place to report a suspected cyberattack, rising from 77% in 2021 to 83% in 2022, and now up to 94% in 2023.

The number of businesses that
provide security awareness training every six months has more than doubled over the last four years (42% in 2023 vs. 19% in 2019) and continues to increase at a steady pace.  helpnetsecurity.com

The Growing Complexity of the CISO Role
CISO's compass: Mastering tech, inspiring teams, and confronting risk
In this Help Net Security interview, Okey Obudulu, CISO at Skillsoft, talks about the
increasing complexity of the CISO role and challenges they face. He discusses the business environment, tech innovation, the evolving regulatory landscape, limited resources, and budgets.

Obudulu also provides recommendations for CISOs, emphasizing the
need to embrace continuous learning across multiple domains and build strong partnerships throughout the organization to instill a company-wide culture of security awareness.

With the increasing complexity of the CISO role, what are the top three challenges you believe they face, and how can they best address these?

The first major challenge faced by CISOs is
the increased complexity of today's business environment, which is heightened by the rapid pace of tech innovation and the evolving regulatory landscape. Organizations need to navigate this business environment to be successful, which often means adopting new technologies, developing new processes, or expanding to new markets to drive growth.

However, all this complexity leads to greater risk, which means that
CISOs are playing an increasingly vital - albeit more challenging - role in setting up the business for success.

Limited resources and budgets are another major challenge faced by CISOs. The threat environment is not static, and attackers will constantly look for new and innovative ways to achieve their goals. At the same time, technology itself continues to evolve, which means that a company's tech stack will also change over time. To keep pace with both the threat landscape and rate of tech innovation, organizations need to make ongoing investments in security, which becomes challenging from a resource and budget perspective.

Lastly, CISOs are challenged to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. Working in security means needing to build expertise that is both broad and deep, spanning multiple domains across technology and compliance. helpnetsecurity.com

NSA and CISA Release Advisory on Top Ten Cybersecurity Misconfigurations

Tackling cyber risks head-on using security questionnaires







FTC's Amazon Lawsuit Facing More Backlash
Why the FTC's Antitrust Case against Amazon Misses the Mark

The FTC is ignoring the realities of today's retail world in asserting that Amazon is a monopolist.

As is standard in antitrust cases, it's necessary for the FTC first to prove Amazon is, in fact, a monopoly in order to assert that it is abusing its monopoly position. (Otherwise, the business practices in question could simply be rejected by the other party and it could take its dealings elsewhere, with more agreeable terms.) Indeed, the complaint asserts, "Amazon is a monopolist," but it fails to convincingly support that claim.

While it may be true that, as the claim asserts, "Amazon's share of the overall value of goods sold by online superstores is well above 60%,"
it's hard to believe that consumers really only have, as the FTC claims, Walmart, Target, and eBay from which to choose to buy many of those products. Because of brick-and-mortar stores, product websites, sellers through social media, catalogue purchases, and others, Amazon makes up only 1 percent of total global retail and 10.4 percent of total U.S. retail sales.

The FTC attempts to justify its narrowly defined market, but those justifications are not persuasive. Excluding brick-and-mortar competitors because of the 24/7 nature of Amazon ignores 24-hour Walgreens, 7-Elevens, and others where retail sales take place. Walmart, included in the FTC's market definition of competitors to Amazon, previously offered 24-hour stores but, after the Covid-19 pandemic, changed that policy to allow for enhanced cleaning of their stores. That the retail behemoth has not gone back to being open around the clock but retains the capability to do so suggests that the overnight hours may not be a significant source of revenue and not a relevant distinguishing factor for the FTC to cite. (Plus, Walmart.com is still an option for consumers at 2 a.m.) At the very least,
the FTC would have to prove orders made on Amazon in the wee hours of the night are significant enough to raise antitrust concerns. nationalreview.com

China Expects All Expatriates to Report Information
EU: Alibaba investigated over 'possible espionage' at logistics hub

The Chinese tech and retail giant Alibaba is being investigated by the authorities in Belgium over possible charges of espionage.

Referring to the company's main European logistics centre at Liège airport, the Belgian security service said it was working to "detect and fight against possible spying and/or interference activities carried out by Chinese entities including Alibaba".

Professor Jonathan Holslag of Vrije Universiteit Brussel to the FT the main source of concern was that Alibaba "alongside a couple of other logistical platforms that the Chinese have been proposing to European countries, is
giving them a lot of insights into supply chains and into eventual vulnerabilities". retail-week.com

Amazon issues urgent warning about this new scam

Adobe: US Online Holiday Sales to Increase Nearly 5%

REVEALED: The 30 hottest innovations for reducing e-Commerce retail losses

Introducing the industry experts' choices in the 2023 e-Commerce Innovation Challenge








Phoenix Police Leads Multi-Agency Operation Against Retail Theft
The Phoenix Police Department recently conducted a successful multi-agency operation targeting Organized Retail Crime. The Phoenix Police Department Property Crimes Bureau created a comprehensive list of repeat offenders and high crime areas to police as part of this reduction operation. Reducing organized retail theft across our community directly addresses many concerns seen around the nation. "Retail theft affects everyone. It's why we see more and more items under lock and key when we shop and in consumers end up paying for it the long run in the form of higher prices," said Interim Phoenix Police Chief Michael Sullivan.
The operation took place September 12-15, 2023, and resulted in the clearance of 248 warrants, 64 arrests, and five guns seizures. One of the suspects arrested was linked to more than $37,000 worth of stolen jewelry. The investigation connected this suspect to six cases from different areas within the City of Phoenix. That suspect was arrested on felony shoplifting and theft charges. The Phoenix Police Department would like to extend thanks to those partnerships that made this Operation successful. Four other Valley agencies made the 64 arrests, Chandler Police, Gilbert Police, Scottsdale Police and Surprise Police phoenix.gov

Portland, OR: 100 key fobs found in Tigard; Gresham man faces 26 charges
A sleeping man found inside a stolen car is now facing dozens of felonies for his alleged connection to at least 10 different burglary and theft cases. Trey Huggett was arrested around 5 a.m. Sunday, Tigard police said in a release, after he was spotted sleeping in a stolen car on SW Maplewood Drive. The officers recognized him as the suspect in recent burglary cases. Once he was arrested, police said, they round a stolen handgun, burglary tools and about 100 car key fobs. It's believed the 30-year-old Gresham resident
targeted car dealerships and commercial properties koin.com

Nashville, TN: More than $50K in Gucci merch damaged, thieves steal thousands more from Green Hills Mall
More than $50,000 worth of Gucci merchandise was damaged and thousands more stolen by shoplifting suspects on Friday, Sept. 29 at the Gucci store at Green Hills Mall, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department. Police said three suspects, a woman and two men, entered the Gucci store and took thousands of dollars worth of merchandise before running out of the business. 

San Luis Obispo, CA: Two women steal $44k worth of designer glasses from Sunglass Hut
San Luis Obispo police responded to reports of a theft that happened at Sunglass Hut in San Luis Obispo Wednesday afternoon. It happened at 2:38 p.m. and when officers arrived they learned that two females entered the Sunglass Hut and started placing high-end sunglasses into bags, then quickly left the store. Police determined that more than $44,000 worth of merchandise was stolen. Approximately 30 minutes later, a California Highway Patrol officer spotted the suspect vehicle traveling northbound on Highway 101. San Luis Obispo Police detectives went to the traffic stop and were able to positively identify the suspects as 22-year-old Akaija Elder of Fairfield, and 19-year-old Maiya Green of Vallejo as the suspects in the theft. Police say the stolen property was found in the car and recovered. 

Colton, CA: Police Arrest Three Suspects in $12,000 Theft at Colton WSS Store
"On 09/24/2023 at approximately 8:23PM hours, Colton Police Officers were dispatched to the WSS located at 1125 N Mt Vernon Ave reference a theft. With the assistance of @sanbernardino_pd officers Colton Police Officers were able to locate and detain the three subjects. Subsequently all three subjects were placed under arrest for various charges. Merchandise worth over $12,000 was recovered." 

Americus, GA: Felon convicted of stealing 5 guns from Georgia Walmart
A Georgia man will serve more than seven years in prison after pleading guilty to stealing five guns from Walmart before attempting to sell them for cash and drugs. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Georgia, Brandon Michael Hatfield stole several guns from a Walmart in Americus, Georgia before he was caught. The U.S. Department of Justice said Hatfield was stopped by store employees in November 2022 before he was able to leave the store with a .22LR caliber rifle. As previously reported, Hatfield stole several guns over several weeks and then "quickly traded them for cash and drugs," according to U.S. Attorney Peter D. Leary. According to the USDOJ,
investigators determined that Hatfield stole five rifles on five separate occasions between November 1 and November 16, 2022 After he was caught, he admitted to officers that he had stolen the weapons to exchange them for money and drugs.  georgialawnews.com

San Francisco, CA: 10 Cellphones Stolen at Gunpoint From City Center Shopping Mall AT&T Store

Little Rock, AR: Man arrested for allegedly shoplifting $2,200 in merchandise; fire door exit


NRF has declared Oct. 26 as Fight Retail Crime Day

 A day of action to unite the retail community to advocate
for solutions in combating organized retail crime.


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Shootings & Deaths

Fort Pierce, FL: One wounded in shooting at Publix plaza in Fort Pierce; one in custody
One person is in custody following a Thursday morning non-fatal shooting in the area of the Taylor Creek Commons plaza, a Fort Pierce police spokesperson said. Police about 9:03 a.m. Thursday went to the plaza on the west side of U.S. 1 north of the downtown area regarding a possible gunshot wound, said Larry Croom, police spokesperson. Croom said investigators learned a car pulled in the parking lot with a woman and two men in it. The woman got out and went into a store. Croom said the two men in the car got out and got into an altercation near the car. "One shot the other," Croom said. "The victim got out and ran down the front of the plaza into Publix." The man who was shot was taken to HCA Florida Lawnwood Hospital in Fort Pierce with non-life threatening injuries, Croom said.  tcpalm.com

Fresno, CA: Police Officers shoot suspect after stabbing of gas station clerk
Fresno police are investigating after officers shot a stabbing suspect in Northwest Fresno early Thursday morning. Officers responded to a stabbing call at 12:30 am at the AM/PM Convenience store at the Arco gas station on the corner of Bullard Avenue and Figarden Drive. "Our original victim, who is a 40-year-old Indian male, was a store clerk. Now, new information that I can clarify this morning: he was actually attacked inside of the store. The attack was very, very aggressive," said Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama. "I don't know what led up, whether there were words exchanged or whatever else, but, you know, simply the victim was doing his job, trying to make a living, you know, trying to run the store."  abc30.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Orange, City, FL: Woman kidnapped, robbed at gunpoint at Ollies store
Two people were arrested for allegedly kidnapping a woman at gunpoint at an Orange City Ollies and taking her to a bank to rob her, deputies said. Gloria Lopez-Henao and Jorge Rueda were arrested for kidnapping during the commission of a felony and robbery with a firearm, arrest records show. On September 15, deputies said the woman was shopping inside Ollies when she was approached by Henao who asked the woman if she knew a notary. A few moments later, Henao brought Rueda over to the woman an arrest affidavit shows. Rueda retrieved a small black gun and pointed it at the woman and told her to leave with them, deputies said. They stopped at a PNC Bank first where Rueda reportedly went inside and came back outside with a dark blue deposit bag. The duo then took the woman to her bank - a Chase Bank where she withdrew $360. The couple then drove to a Target store with the woman in the car and told her to go inside to get medication. The woman told deputies once she got closer to Target and realized the car was no longer there, she called 911, deputies said. During the investigation, video footage showed the woman exiting Ollies with Henao and Rueda and getting into a tan-colored car. Rueda and Henao were identified following a review of surveillance video from Chase Bank, deputies said.  news.yahoo.com

Los Angles, CA: Burglars hit several San Fernando Valley pharmacies overnight
A crew of burglars targeted three pharmacies within the San Fernando Valley in the early morning hours Thursday, stealing merchandise, various drugs and at one location they stole an entire safe of Schedule II narcotics. The Los Angeles Police Department released surveillance footage from St. Mary Pharmacy in Northridge that shows a black Dodge Durango, which was reportedly stolen, pull up to the pharmacy just before 3 a.m. Four suspects wearing dark clothing and headlamps, get out of the vehicle, break down the shop's front door and raid the pharmacy -- grabbing pill bottles and whatever they can get their hands on. One hour later, police say the same group hit a Pacoima pharmacy at Van Nuys Boulevard and Norris Avenue, then went to a pharmacy in Valley Village on Riverside Drive. Police said at this location they stole an entire safe of Schedule II narcotics. Police say there was a fifth female suspect at one of the locations.  cbsnews.com

Chicago, IL: Update: FBI releases video of armored truck robbery outside suburban Walmart
The FBI has released video footage showing an armed robbery involving an armored truck that occurred earlier this week in Country Club Hills. According to the FBI, the incident unfolded when armored guards were conducting a money transfer operation at a Walmart store near 167th & Pulaski. Suspects in a sedan drove up and began shooting. In response, the guards, along with a Walmart security guard, returned fire. The armored truck driver also took action by trying to block the suspects' vehicle. Following the exchange of gunfire, two individuals, possibly accompanied by a woman, fled into the Walmart parking lot. They forcibly took a shopper's vehicle before leaving the area. Investigators believe that at least one of the suspects may have been injured during the incident. The incident occurred around 10:30 a.m. and resulted in the Walmart premises being cordoned off with police tape. Two vehicles, an armored Loomis truck and another car with front-end damage, were marked as evidence.  fox32chicago.com

San Ramon, CA: Man who defrauded victim out of $2K arrested on Golf Course by San Ramon Police
The San Ramon Police Department announced the arrest of Brent Palmer, 53 of Santa Cruz after a victim reported being defrauded out of nearly $2k. According to police, the victim was promised high end golf clubs. Police said in response, Officer Tyrovolas began an investigation and identified the suspect who had made a habit of playing local courses in order to victimize those he played with. Tyrovolas located the suspect at a local course. At that point, Officer Tyrovolas and his partners borrowed carts of their own from the pro shop and visited our suspect on the 8th hole where he was promptly taken into custody. Palmer was arrested for fraud related charges and outstanding related warrants for similar crimes in other counties. According to Lt. Tami Williams, at the time of his arrest, Mr. Palmer was in possession of another golfer's credit card. "Further investigation revealed the credit card's owner had golfed with him in Pleasanton recently. Mr. Palmer was never given permission to have the credit card and associated fraudulent charges were identified," said Williams. "The victim in our case played a round of golf with Mr. Palmer." Williams further explained that Palmer relayed to the victim he was a junior college golf coach and had a friend who worked for a high-end golf club manufacturer. Mr. Palmer offered to obtain a discounted set of golf clubs in exchange for money. The victim provided a payment to Mr. Palmer, in belief he would be receiving golf clubs, yet never did. Palmer was also found to have multiple active arrest warrants from various jurisdictions for theft related charges, as well as possession of narcotics. He was subsequently arrested and booked into the Martinez Detention Facility.  contracosta.news

Davenport, IA: Man scared Walmart employees with BB gun
A 33-year-old Rock Island man is in custody after police allege he scared Walmart employees with a BB gun early Wednesday, according to court records. Court records show Kevin Simmons faces a charge of first-degree robbery, and is being held on $25,000 bond in Scott County Jail. At 9 a.m. Wednesday, Simmons was accused of shoplifting from Walmart, 3101 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport, Davenport Police allege in arrest affidavits. "When confronted by employees, (Simmons) removed a firearm from his pants and placed it at his side as he turned to face the employees. This act placed the employees in immediate fear of injury or death," police allege in affidavits. Affidavits say Simmons then took off. The total value of the items stolen was $43.85. The firearm was later determined to be a BB gun, affidavits say.  ourquadcities.com

St Louis, MO: DOJ: : St. Louis Man Admits Six Cellphone and Dollar Store Armed Robberies

San Francisco, CA: Cash-Heavy Small Businesses in San Francisco Report Surge in Break-Ins, Claim Police Can Do Nothing

Gainesville, FL: Woman on pre-trial diversion arrested for C-Store Armed Robbery

Gwinnett County, GA: Gwinnett PD make arrest in 17 commercial burglaries throughout Gwinnett

Memphis, TN: Woman deposits phony check, steals $39K from bank

Cary, NC: Police arrest man suspected of armed robbery in parking lot outside Bass Pro Shop

Austintown, OH: Austintown Police say she stole cash from a Walmart register


Hernando, MS: Man allegedly starts fire inside a Walmart restroom
A man went into a Walmart restroom in Hernando, Mississippi, and set toilet paper on fire, according to the Hernando Police Department. Thursday morning, police said that the suspect caused a small fire but it did minor damage and no one was reported injured. It is also reported that the suspect got away.  wreg.com



AT&T - San Francisco, CA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Toledo, OH - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Beaufort County, SC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Gainesville, FL - Armed Robbery
Eyewear - San Luis Obispo, CA - Robbery
Gaming - Durham, NC - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
Gun - Phoenix, AZ - Burglary
Gun - Reidsville, NC - Burglary
Jewelry - Palm Desert, CA - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Las Cruces, NM - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy - Colerain Township, OH - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy - Memphis, TN - Burglary
Pharmacy - Los Angeles, CA - Burglary
Pharmacy - Los Angeles, CA - Burglary
Pharmacy - Los Angeles, CA - Burglary
Restaurant - Utica, NY - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Texas City, TX - Burglary
Restaurant - Texas City, TX - Burglary
Restaurant - Texas City, TX - Burglary
Shoe - Colton, CA - Robbery                        


Daily Totals:
• 14 robberies
• 9 burglaries
• 0 shooting
• 0 killed


Weekly Totals:
• 92 robberies
• 29 burglaries
• 6 shooting
• 2 killed

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The MidAtlantic Division has an opening for a District Asset Protection Manager in Northern Virginia. This person will support Fairfax, Arlington, and Loudoun counties. This is a salary role with up to 70% travel within the assigned district. District Asset Protection Manager will provide positive/proactive leadership, and instruction in the area of Security/Asset Protection...

Corporate & Supply Chain Asset Protection Leader
Quincy, MA - posted August 3
The primary purpose of this position is to manage the Corporate Asset Protection function for all US Support Offices and Supply Chain. Direct team in the design, implementation and management of physical security processes and equipment to ensure facilities are considered a safe and secure environment for all associates and external parties...

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Manager, Physical Security
Jacksonville, FL - posted July 7
Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's physical security strategy for retail stores, warehouses, and store support center and field offices. This includes responsibility for the capital expense and repair budgets, developing written specifications, layout and design for all systems and to ensure all installations and repairs are made to SEG standards...


Regional AP Mgr - South FL Market - Bilingual required
Miami, FL - posted August 8
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

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