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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

California Highway Patrol ORC Task Force

CA's Massive Investment to Fight ORC Makes More News
California Governor Announces Largest-Ever Investment to Combat ORC
California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the state is poised to award the largest-ever single investment to combat organized retail crime in California history this week -
sending over $267 million to 55 cities and counties across the state to hire more police, make more arrests, and secure more felony charges against suspects.

The CRA team, in collaboration with the Governor's office, worked hard to make this possible by securing funding for the California Highway Patrol's ORC Taskforces, which were in jeopardy of being eliminated completely.
CRA secured $300 million to combat ORC including permanent funding for the ORC Taskforces, increased number of task forces from three to five, funding for dedicated ORC prosecutors for each task force and establishment of local law enforcement grants for retail theft.

This announcement pertains to the
local law enforcement grants piece that CalRetailers advocated for in the State Budget. We appreciate the Newsom Administration's collaboration and partnership to protect California's stores, customers and neighborhoods.

Read more of Gov. Newsom's announcement here.

The CRA team will be talking more about ORC and getting a status update on the Task Forces from California Highway Patrol Commissioner Sean Duryee at our Annual Meeting in October.

Join us on Tuesday, October 3 for
a special update on the ORC Task Forces with CHP Commissioner Sean Duryee who was appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to serve as the 17th Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Commissioner Duryee is a 25-year veteran of the CHP. While serving in this capacity, Commissioner Duryee is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of millions of residents and visitors across the Golden State. Read more.

CHP ORC Task Force In the News:

CHP commissioner talks about cracking down on large-scale theft

CHP collaborates with retail crime task force to recover $30.7 million in stolen goods

CHP task force arrests 51 in organized retail crime operation

Where's California's $267M in ORC-Fighting Money Going?
Northern California cities set to get millions to battle organized retail crime

Cities and counties across Northern California could get millions to help them with organized retail crime.

In an announcement from the governor's office, the
state is set to invest more than $267 million into 55 law enforcement agencies. If approved by the Board of State and Community Corrections, the funding could be dispersed on Oct. 1.

In the Sacramento region, recommended amounts include:

Sacramento County Sheriff's Office: $9,424,987
Modesto Police Department: $6,003,419
Roseville Police Department: $609,147
Citrus Heights Police Department: $2,752,138
Vacaville Police Department: $4,432,444

In addition,
13 district attorney's offices stand to get funding as well. The money would establish vertical prosecution units, or teams for prosecuting organized retail theft, and would fund prosecution hubs for related investigations in the county.

Recommended amounts include:

Stanislaus County District Attorney: $1,560,802
Placer County District Attorney's Office: $2,047,011
Yolo County District Attorney's Office: $2,012,849
Sacramento County District Attorney's Office: $ $2,050,000 abc10.com

Despite Crackdown, More Work Needs to be Done
Robberies persist across Los Angeles amid statewide crackdown

Officials forced to direct resources to combat uptick in retail robberies

Smash-and-grab robberies are still emerging across California, despite statewide efforts to crack down to protect retailers. Officials including California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass have been calling for an end to these organized retail crime rings.

enlisted the California Highway Patrol and its task force to address the growing issue.

"The state is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to crack down on organized crime and when our local partners need further assistance, we're ready with a helping hand," Newsom said in a statement.

LAPD announced its Organized Retail Crime Task Force has
made 20 arrests between August 21 through Sept. 10 in relation to flash mob-style robberies. newsnationnow.com

Workplace Violence Bill Heads to California Gov's Desk
Retailers were successful in removing their biggest objection in the bill before its passage

Calif. poised to require employers to create workplace violence response plans

The bill had met pushback from small-business advocates.

California appears poised to require employers to take measures meant to prevent and respond to workplace violence after
the state Legislature passed sweeping Senate Bill 553 on Tuesday.

The bill, which had met pushback from small business advocates, requires most employers to maintain a log of violent incidents and investigations, train employees on how to report incidents without fear of retaliation and allow any employee to petition for a restraining order, among other provisions.

What the bill does not include, however, is also noteworthy.

Gone from SB 553 is a requirement that employers implement active shooter training, as well as a
controversial provision that prohibited businesses "from maintaining policies that require employees who are not dedicated safety personnel to confront active shooters or suspected shoplifters," as was written in previous versions.

"I'm grateful to my colleagues in the Legislature for standing up for workers and businesses at this time of rising workplace violence," State Sen. Dave Cortese (D-San Jose), the bill's lead author, said in a statement Tuesday morning. "This groundbreaking bill represents a
lengthy negotiation and collaboration between business and labor organizations."

bill will now head to Gov. Gavin Newsom's desk. Newsom has not taken a public position on the bill. latimes.com

Shoplifting Lessons Flooding TikTok
TikTokers are teaching people how to steal amid shoplifting epidemic
nationwide shoplifting epidemic could soon get a whole lot worse: As if looters weren't acting brazen enough of late, self-proclaimed "borrowers" are now taking to the platform to teach aspiring criminals how follow suit, per the clips.

hashtag "borrow tip and tricks" has amassed 8.9 billion of views on TikTok amid the uptick in brazen theft, spawned by increasingly lax looting laws and "revolving door" bail reforms.

"Today I went to the mall so I'm going to show you what I borrowed," bragged user @borrowingqueen in one of the stealing tutorials. In another burglary tutorial, a poster who goes by @b0rrowing.t1ngz
ranks stores according to how easy they are to rip off.

According to the clip, the
most vulnerable retailers are Walgreens, Dollar Tree and Walmart, while Target, Sephora, Gucci and Louis Vuitton ranked among the hardest to pillage.

Like a bank guard who's in cahoots with the robbers,
some of the tips came from alleged current retail workers. In one of the more shocking clips with more than 7.1 million views, a Target employee who uploads under the handle warned shoplifters about the perils of knocking off the same store multiple times.

While it may seem like the serial shoplifters are getting off scot-free, she cautioned that the
retailer is likely tracking their illicit activities. They wait to bust them when the pilfered items' value totals $950 - the threshold for felony charges per the Prop 47 law passed in 2014.

US has seen a massive spike in shoplifting of late, with thefts costing retailers a whopping $100 billion in 2021 and causing many firms to shut their doors to staunch the financial hemorrhage.

Many experts have
blamed the scourge on lax policies, including the aforementioned passing of Prop 47, and calls to defund the police in 2020 following the murder of George Floyd, which resulted in a mass exodus of cops nationwide.

Particularly problematic, per experts, is the city's "catch and release" stance on crime - notably
eliminating bail for crimes including petit larceny.  nypost.com

Mitigating Theft With Artificial Intelligence
AI: Who are the leaders in in-store theft monitoring for the retail industry?
The retail industry continues to be a hotbed of patent innovation. Activity is driven by supply chain optimization and innovative marketing methods, and the growing importance of technologies such as radio-frequency identification (RFID), facial recognition, and autonomous security robots.

In the last three years alone, there have been over 156,000 patents filed and granted in the retail industry, according to GlobalData's report on
Artificial intelligence in retail: in-store theft monitoring.

In-store theft monitoring is a key innovation area in artificial intelligence

In-store theft monitoring refers to the
systematic observation and tracking of activities within a physical retail setting, aimed at the detection and prevention of theft or shoplifting incidents. It utilizes technologies including security cameras, sensors, and other technologies to surveil customer and employee behavior, identify any suspicious actions, and mitigate the risk of theft. The primary goal is to safeguard merchandise, curtail inventory shrinkage, and bolster the overall security and loss prevention measures within the retail establishment.

Key players in in-store theft monitoring - a disruptive innovation in the retail industry

Leading patent filers in the in-store theft monitoring space include
Toshiba, Angel Playing Cards (which focuses on gaming chip protection), Extreme Networks, and Walmart.

The American retail giant, Walmart collaborates with tech firms to
create and implement advanced surveillance systems harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, to enhance the monitoring of in-store theft prevention. The system uses advanced technologies, including facial recognition cameras, computer vision capabilities, autonomous security robots, and sensors to track and scrutinize activities at both self-checkout stations and those manned by Walmart's cashier staff.

In-store theft monitoring is a proactive strategy that not only
minimizes costs, but also preserves the integrity and financial well-being of retail operations. retail-insight-network.com

Crime Has Become The Latest Political Football
Americans are confused about big-city crime. Partisanship is partly to blame
Americans think New York is more dangerous than New Orleans, even though the Crescent City's homicide rate is 12 times higher this year. Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents rank Washington, D.C., as one of the country's safer big cities, above cities like Miami, where the homicide rate is much lower. Republicans and Republican-leaning independents see Seattle as ominously dangerous, even though Houston has twice the homicide rate so far this year.

Americans are worried about crime ahead of the 2024 elections, but
few have an accurate sense of the problem, according to a Times review of crime data and a recent Gallup poll that asked adults to judge whether 16 major cities are safe places to live or visit.

Los Angeles, which has the fifth lowest homicide rate so far this year among the 16 cities in the survey, was ranked as the third most dangerous. Forty-one percent of Americans described L.A. as a safe place to live or visit, the highest number Gallup has ever recorded for the city.

L.A.'s results showed that
partisanship now plays a huge role in Americans' perceptions of crime and safety. Sixty-four percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents ranked L.A. safe, while only 21% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents gave it the all-clear, the biggest gap in the poll. The gap between the two coalitions' assessments of cities in the survey was 29 points on average. That's new: Political affiliation barely affected the results in 2006, the last time Gallup asked Americans about big-city safety. latimes.com

Md. juvenile crime ticking up, but still below pre-pandemic levels, report shows

12 Commercial Crime Sites to Do Your Research


The Real Drag On Retail Profits This Year?
Main reasons retailers are posting weaker profits have nothing to do with theft

CNBC analysis found losses from retail crime "pale in comparison to other factors."

CNBC counted nearly two dozen retailers that said in recent weeks that shrink is weighing on this year's earnings. The outlet took a closer look at seven of them:
Lowe's, Target, Macy's, Dick's Sporting Goods, TJX, Ulta, and Dollar Tree.

The outlet examined financial statements and other public records to
estimate the level of shrink for each and compared it to other merchandising factors that also lead to slimmer profit margins, such as discounts and promotions, excess inventory liquidation, or weather-related damages.

Merchandising decisions can have a bigger impact on profit than retail theft

Lowe's has not been among those complaining, but CNBC estimated the company lost nearly $1 billion to inventory shrink last year, with
losses of "live goods damaged by unseasonable weather" representing about half of the increase from the year before.

Target made headlines when CEO Brian Cornell said his company would see over $1.2 billion in shrink this year, up from $753 million in 2022.
But even that increased figure is a third of the $3.66 billion in losses CNBC tallied for Target's merchandising moves in 2022 including promotions, markdowns, and clearances, as well as higher merchandise and freight costs.

Dick's Sporting Goods cited an "alarming" rise in retail crime as responsible for one-third of the decline in merchandise profits for the last quarter. But CNBC estimates second-quarter shrink of
$27.1 million was just half as large as the hit Dick's took from a $54.8 million inventory liquidation during that period.

The outlet goes into further detail with other retailers, but the story is largely similar:
inventory shrink in general - and retail crime in particular - received a disproportionate share of attention in earnings calls (and media coverage) relative to other managerial and operational factors that had a larger impact on profits. businessinsider.com

America's Malls Surging Back?
A Mall Owner's About-Face: Bet on America's High-End Malls

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield will hold some of its top-performing malls but still plans a 'radical reduction' of its U.S. exposure

The European owner of Westfield malls is pulling back from its aggressive plan to sell nearly all its properties and exit from the U.S. market this year, another
vote of confidence for the high-end mall business.

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield said last year that it planned to shed most of its American portfolio by the end of 2023. Now, the Paris-based
company intends to hold some of its top-performing malls beyond that self-imposed deadline.

Chief Executive Jean-Marie Tritant told investors this summer that "
our strong operational performance gives us flexibility on when we'll execute" future sales.

Europe's largest mall operator still plans a "radical reduction" of its American exposure, Tritant said. Though for now,
the company continues to own 16 American malls, including flagships such as Westfield Century City in Los Angeles and Westfield Garden State Plaza in northern New Jersey. It is even investing significant money into some of the malls that the firm was expected to have dumped by now.

Enclosed malls were hit hard by the pandemic and recovered slowly. Older, low-end malls have plummeted in value, but many of the country's well-located,
high-end centers are now doing well. Major mall operators, including Simon Property Group and Macerich, have reported strong tenant demand this year.

Some of the malls that Unibail has held on to are also doing well.
Occupancy at its flagship properties has reached 2019 levels, the company said, and customer foot traffic and tenant sales were both up in the first half of this year compared with the same period in 2022. wsj.com

Retail Stores Being Used to Launder Drug Money - Cartels?
DOJ: Five Men Charged with Using New York Diamond District Companies as Fronts to Illegally Move More Than $600 Million
NEWARK, NJ. - Five men who work in New York City's Diamond District were arrested today and charged with illegally processing more than $600 million through unlicensed money transmitting businesses, U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger announced.

Raj Vaidya, 26; Rakesh Vaidya, 51; Shrey Vaidya, 23; and Neel Patel, 26, all of Edison, New Jersey; and Youssef Janfar, aka "Joe Rodeo," 57, of Great Neck, New York, are each charged by complaint with one count of operating and aiding and abetting the operation of an unlicensed money transmitting business.

Since 2019, Raj Vaidya, Rakesh Vaidya, Shrey Vaidya, and Patel have
operated numerous purported diamond, gold, and jewelry companies in New York City's Diamond District, including Arya Diamond Jewellery USA Inc., d/b/a "Karats & Carats," Diamspark LGD LLC, Royal Diamonds LLC, Raj Gold and Diamond LLC, Royal Arya Jewellery Inc, and Raj Gold and Diamond Inc. Janfar also purportedly operated companies in the Diamond District, including Rodeo of NY, d/b/a "Sarah Jewels." The defendants used these and other entities as fronts to conduct hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal financial transactions for customers - including converting cash to checks or wire transfers - in exchange for substantial fees. At times, they moved millions of dollars in cash in a single day.

This effort is part of an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF) operation. justice.gov

Editor's Note: Over the years the DEA has busted multiple retail stores in the Los Angeles Fashion District on two separate occasions laundering millions for the drug Cartels.

Store Closures & Culture Wars Fueling Negative Retail Perception?
Retail, pharmaceutical industries take perception hit: Gallup poll
The retail and pharmaceutical industries
have taken a hit amid culture war battles over the past two years, according to new polling released Wednesday by Gallup.

36 percent of Americans hold a positive view of the retail industry, down from 47 percent in 2022, according to data from Gallup. The closings of stores in the wake of the pandemic have contributed to the slide, Gallup said.

"Over the past year, major
U.S. retailers took center stage in the culture wars, while also making news for closing big-city stores and putting more merchandise behind locked glass, in response to what retailers are describing as an increase in organized retail crime," Gallup analysis of the data read.

18 percent of Americans hold a positive view of the pharmaceutical industry, down from 25 percent in 2022. thehill.com

Retail Sales Grew Again in August Despite Slowing Economy
Retail sales rose in August as parents shopped for school supplies and other goods
even as inflation continued and interest rates remained high, the National Retail Federation said today.

"August retail sales show that consumers remain steadfast in the face of continued inflation and higher interest rates," NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. "Consumers are focused on household priorities, as evident by spending this back-to-school season. Entering the fall,
we expect moderate growth to continue despite uncertainties like the direction of inflation and interest rates as well as a potential government shutdown." nrf.com

US holiday sales set for slowest year since 2018 as consumers turn frugal, report says

Walmart adds nighttime hours, real-time texting to Express Delivery

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91% Surge in Ransomware Attacks
Visa Says Ransomware Attacks Reach Record-Breaking Numbers
Ransomware attacks reached record-breaking numbers in March 2023, with a
91% increase compared to the previous month, according to Visa. Compared to the same period in 2022, ransomware attacks increased by 62%, the digital payments firm said in a Thursday (Sept. 7) press release.

Exploited vulnerabilities and compromised credentials were identified as common causes of ransomware attacks, according to the release. These attacks target any accessible data, including payment information and personal identifiable information.

Another growing fraud scheme is enumeration attacks, the release said.
Enumeration attacks continue to impact merchants and consumers, with the number of attacks seeing a 40% increase over the previous six months.

Online merchants are becoming a bigger target, accounting for 58% of total fraud and breach investigations, per the release. Brick-and-mortar merchants made up 20% of investigations.

Retail-specific fraud schemes, such as false, spoofed or counterfeit merchants, have seen an uptick in the past six months, according to the press release. These fraudulent merchants steal customers' payment account information without fulfilling orders.

Visa has also observed a rise in "malvertising," where fraudulent merchants establish websites to take customer orders but fail to deliver the goods or services while stealing payment account information, the release said.

Another emerging scam in the retail space is the
"free gift" scam, which targets victims with a pop-up window offering a free gift, per the release. Clicking on the pop-up window executes a malicious payload, allowing fraudsters to authorize cryptocurrency transfers from victims' wallets.

proactively blocked $30 billion in fraudulent transactions from January to June, according to the press release. pymnts.com

Defend Your Enterprise Against Microsoft Teams Phishing
Microsoft Teams phishing: Enterprises targeted by ransomware access broker
"Because Storm-0324
hands off access to other threat actors, identifying and remediating Storm-0324 activity can prevent more dangerous follow-on attacks like ransomware," the researchers warned, and provided protection advice and hunting queries for enterprise defenders.

AdvertisementMicrosoft previously said that the Microsoft Teams vulnerability that allows these attacks "did not meet the bar for immediate servicing."

But enterprise admins can take steps to minimize this threat, such as
making it impossible for external tenants to contact their employees or change the security settings to only allow communication with certain allow-listed domains. (The latter won't help if an external tenant that's allowed to reach out has been compromised.)

Microsoft also notes that it has
rolled out several improvements to better defend against these threats.

Aside from suspending identified accounts and tenants associated with inauthentic or fraudulent behavior, they have also
enhanced the Accept/Block experience in one-on-one chats within Teams, "to emphasize the externality of a user and their email address so Teams users can better exercise caution by not interacting with unknown or malicious senders."

Also, there are "
new restrictions on the creation of domains within tenants and improved notifications to tenant admins when new domains are created within their tenant."  helpnetsecurity.com

'Double-Whammy' Ransomware Attack
When LockBit Ransomware Fails, Attackers Deploy Brand-New '3AM'

Nothing good happens after 2 a.m., they say, especially when hackers have two kinds of ransomware at their disposal.

In a recent attack against a construction company, hackers who failed to execute LockBit in a target network were observed deploying
a second, never-before-seen ransomware, which managed to break through.

The new tool is rather standard fare,
blocking various cybersecurity and backup-related software before locking up files on its host computer. But it distinguishes itself with an adorable little theme: 3 a.m., a time when perhaps only insomniacs, hardcore night owls, and black hat hackers are still up and working away.

In a report this week, researchers from Symantec described the first observed use of
3AM - a double-whammy attack in which the LockBit ransomware was blocked but then 3AM squeaked through in one compromised machine.

"This is not the first time we've seen
attackers use more than one ransomware family," warns Dick O'Brien, principal intelligence analyst for the Symantec threat hunter team. "Organizations should expect this to happen." darkreading.com

More Federal Cybersecurity Enforcement Coming?
White House mulls rating system to boost cybersecurity for critical infrastructure
The White House is looking to
add oversight capabilities to strengthen cybersecurity for critical infrastructure. The administration has been working with various cabinet agencies to bolster cybersecurity in water, rail, aviation, energy and other sectors.

However, Anne Neuberger, deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging technology, speaking during the Billington Cybersecurity Summit in Washington D.C., raised the possibility of a
letter grade rating that would hold key providers accountable for maintaining a certain level of cyber resilience.

As good as public-private partnerships are, the administration sees that
additional enforcement ability as a necessary step. A rating type system could hold a provider - such as rail, water or aviation - to a letter grade ranging from A through D, based on their level of cybersecurity fitness.

The administration is also
working with the private sector to ensure they have more secure technology products through the Cyber Trust Mark program originally unveiled in July. cybersecuritydive.com

The rise and evolution of supply chain attacks

Microsoft Patches a Pair of Actively Exploited Zero-Days








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Boosting Safety & Security for Outdoor Cannabis Grows
Security for Outdoor Cannabis Grows
Choosing the right
safety measures to protect an outdoor cannabis grow facility can often be more difficult than security for an indoor grow. Since not all security equipment is suitable for outdoor conditions, it's important to research what is appropriate for security for outdoor cannabis grows.


One of the most crucial security measures to implement with outdoor grows is
creating a physical and/or visual barrier between your crop and potential thieves. Along with fencing, implementing obscuring barriers, like tree lines, bushes, or buildings can prevent the public from viewing the cannabis crop. Proper lighting can also be beneficial in deterring unauthorized access by making it more difficult for potential criminals to discreetly enter the property or approach the facility.


Cameras should be installed onto fences or posts surrounding the perimeter of the property to identify individuals and vehicles. These cameras should be placed at all entry and exit points of the property to capture license plate numbers and the make and model of vehicles, as well as to identify the drivers. Camera placement is crucial in implementing a successful video surveillance system - but the more detail desired from the footage, the more expensive the equipment will be.


Not all security equipment is suitable for outdoors, however,
one device that is appropriate for outdoor conditions is photoelectric beams. A photoelectric sensor or beam is composed of two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter will transmit light and the receiver will detect the light being reflected from the transmitter. If the beam of light has been interrupted between the transmitter and the receiver, the alarm will trigger. These devices should be implemented at entry and exit points, and once triggered, sound the alarm and alert property management. Properly installed outdoor sirens will also create an audible alarm, effectively deterring potential intruders and alerting onsite guards and local law enforcement.

Guard services can provide continuous surveillance of a facility or property.
Guards can be utilized to monitor the perimeter of the facility and watch for suspicious activity. These employees should pass a long, extensive background check and should obtain certifications to ensure they are qualified to protect a business' property and assets. sapphirerisk.com

New York's Legal Pot Rollout Continues to Stall
Top NY cannabis official exits at pivotal moment for legal rollout
AdvertisementAxel Bernabe, a top official at the state Office of Cannabis Management, announced on Tuesday that he will exit his role as the agency's chief of staff and senior policy director. The move comes at a pivotal moment for the rollout of New York's recreational market.

Bernabe helped craft the social justice-oriented licenses, known as the Conditional Adult Use Retail Dispensary - or CAURD - program, that launched New York's adult-use marijuana industry. The program now faces legal challenges that have created financial uncertainty for participants. He also worked on a set of regulations for the general licensing of marijuana businesses that were approved at a meeting of the state's Cannabis Control Board Tuesday.

At that meeting, Chris Alexander, the executive director of the Office of Cannabis Management, praised Bernabe for his policy work and said that with the release of the general licensing regulations, it was a natural moment for Bernabe to step down - although regulators acknowledged at other points in the meeting that policy revisions will be ongoing.

"Now that we've put forward the regulations to go final, his work is done and
it's time to hand off the baton to somebody else to continue," Alexander said, adding that Bernabe had been his "brother throughout all of this." cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

What Ohioans need to know about November ballot issue to legalize marijuana

Bill to legalize 'cannabis cafés' heading to Newsom's desk




$440M Investment in Amazon Delivery Service
Amazon says it's boosting pay for contract delivery drivers

Amazon plans to boost pay for its legions of contracted last-mile delivery drivers.

Amazon said it plans to boost wages for contracted drivers as part of a
$440 million investment this year into its third-party delivery program but declined to say by how much.

The company announced the pay bump at an annual, closed-door conference called Ignite Live with the 3,500 small businesses that make up its delivery service partner program.
The DSP program, launched in 2018, comprises about 279,000 drivers, often distinguishable by blue Amazon-branded vans, who are responsible for delivering packages the last few miles to shoppers' doorsteps.

"This is going directly to DSPs, so that they can
offer competitive pay to their employees, and build and retain great teams," said Beryl Tomay, Amazon's vice president of last mile delivery and technology, in an interview.

DSPs are "free to set their own wages and incentives," though
Amazon sets a minimum pay standard through the contracts it signs with the companies, Tomay said.

Amazon did not say how much it was raising wages, but
the company now anticipates the average delivery associate will earn $20.50 per hour on average, or more, plus benefits. The DSPs regularly pay above the minimum set by Amazon, and it audits DSP wages "on a regular basis," Tomay said. The amount differs depending on where the contractors are based, among other factors, she said.

Pay increases
will begin rolling out to delivery companies in mid October. cnbc.com

eBay Embraces AI 'Magic Listing'
EBay's new AI tool generates product listings from photos

The 'magical listing' tool allows sellers to take or upload a photo in the eBay app and watch AI fill in product details.

Alongside other major retailers adding AI features,
eBay has introduced its "magical listing" tool, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze and summarize details about products from images, according to a Thursday blog post. The company also improved its image background removal tool, enabling sellers to share better product images.

Sellers can take or upload a photo in the eBay app and then use AI to generate titles, descriptions, release dates and other important information. The company has released the tool to employees in beta, but it plans to release it to the public in the coming months, per the press release.

The AI tool is
meant to streamline the process of writing detailed, accurate and in-depth product descriptions to attract more customers. EBay wants those same listings to be faster and easier for sellers to generate, in part to help with the "cold start" issue, wherein first-time sellers can feel overwhelmed with creating a competitive listing.

EBay said it
plans to integrate more artificial intelligence into its operations. retaildive.com

GoodwillFinds Online Platform Now Serving More Than 500 Goodwill Stores

Amazon launches generative AI to help sellers write product descriptions




Montgomery County, TX: Teen among suspects arrested for alleged theft of $18K worth of jewelry from Zales
A 15-year-old was among the suspects arrested for allegedly stealing $18,000 worth of jewelry from a Zales in Montgomery County. On Sept. 10, at about 2:25 a.m., officers with the Shenandoah Police Department were wrapping up a DWI investigation when a sergeant noticed a white Toyota SUV headed northbound on the North Freeway service road. Police said the passing vehicle was driving at a high speed and did not have its lights on. Officers said that it was around that time that they received a call of a burglary at the Zales in the Portofino Shopping Center, and several men were seen smashing glasses and taking jewelry items. Police followed the suspects in the white Toyota, who attempted to flee but were eventually stopped near the 400 block of Nursery Road when a Montgomery County Sheriff's Office deputy deployed spikes. The suspects inside the vehicle reportedly fled on foot. Authorities said jewelry and burglary tools were seen in the vehicle, confirming they were the suspects in the Zales incident. Two of the suspects were arrested, and a third suspect managed to escape but was later found by a deputy.  abc13.com

Thieves smash into Northern Tool, steal $3K in merchandise
Thieves smashed their way into a Memphis hardware store and made off with at least $3,000 in merchandise, including a pressure washer, a professional vacuum and batteries, according to the Memphis Police Department (MPD). MPD said the smash-and-grab happened around 5 a.m. on Wednesday, September 13. When FOX13 arrived at the scene, crews saw the front door of Northern Tool on Summer Avenue caved in with crime scene tape blocking the entrance. The owner told police that he heard a loud bang and then saw a Nissan Maxima and a white pickup truck. After the thieves broke into the store, police said the three people stole two pressure washers but abandoned one of them nearby. At least $3,000 worth of hardware tools were stolen, the owner told police.  fox13memphis.com

Oak Brook, IL: Woman, teens charged with stealing thousands in merchandise from Oakbrook Center Macy's
A woman and two teenage girls were charged with stealing thousands in merchandise from the Oakbrook Center Macy's store earlier this week, according to the DuPage County State's Attorney's Office. Florica Nicolae-Dirivan, 46, appeared in bond court on Tuesday where her bond was set at $10,000 with 10% to apply. She was charged with one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, one count of burglary, and one count of retail theft. The girls, 14 and 15, appeared at a detention hearing where they were released to the custody of their father. Both were charged with one count of burglary and one count of retail theft. The office said around 6:15 p.m. on Monday, officers with the Oak Brook Police Department responded to a call of a retail theft at the Macy's department store, located at 1 Oakbrook Center. Nicolae-Dirivan and the girls entered the store together and, while walking through the store. Nicolae-Dirivan would indicate to the girls which items she was interested in by either pointing or picking up an item and then putting it back down. The girls would then pick up the item, take it to another location in the store, and hide the item in a bag underneath one of the girl's dresses. The three then left the store without paying for the items, at which time they were arrested by officers who were already waiting for them outside the store. "The allegations that Ms. Nicolae-Dirivan enlisted two young girls to help her steal more than $3,000 worth of merchandise are extremely disturbing," said State's Attorney Robert Berlin said. 

Olympia, WA: Man is accused of stealing not one but hundreds of cigarette packs
A 40-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of two counts of second-degree burglary earlier this month after Olympia police say he stole 321 packs of cigarettes. The same store was burglarized twice to accumulate that total, according to police. About 3 a.m. Aug. 31, police were dispatched to a Walgreens at Cooper Point Road and Black Lake Boulevard after a burglary alarm was triggered. Police found a broken window and a trail of cigarette packs from the window to an interior part of the store, Lt. Paul Lower said. Surveillance video was reviewed and an image of the Olympia man was shared with patrol officers, Lower said. The next night police were again dispatched to the same store, but this time they spotted the suspect with two bags under his arms and a crowbar, he said. The total value of the two thefts was more than $3,300, which works out to about $10 per pack. 

Guelph, Ontario, CN: Multiple Suspects use hammer to smash through door of Guelph store, steal $10,000 in electronics

Bethany, OK: Store Owner warns of Refund Scammer targeting small businesses across Oklahoma

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Shootings & Deaths

Phoenix, AZ: Man seriously hurt in shooting at Phoenix's Desert Sky Mall
A man was shot and two people were detained in connection to an incident at Desert Sky Mall in Phoenix Tuesday night. Police responded to the shooting around 8:30 p.m. at the mall, located at 75th Avenue and Thomas Road. When officers got there, they found a man who had been shot several times. He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. "Two adults were detained during the officer's response. Officers are still determining the roles that the two detained individuals possibly had in the shooting. Detectives are responding to the scene to assume the investigation," Phoenix Police said. There's no word yet about what led up to the shooting.  fox10phoenix.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Amarillo, TX: Police arrest man charged with burglary of JC Penney
Amarillo police say they have arrested a man for the burglary of JC Penney. Around 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday, police responded to a call for a suspicious car parked in an alley near the mall, and the caller had seen some people looking in the windows of JC Penney. Officers then received a call from the alarm company that alarms were activated at the store in the mall. Officers then formed a perimeter around the area and say they saw a suspect inside breaking into the jewelry cases.  newschannel10.com

Fremont, OH: Kroger employee accused of smashing, throwing customer's groceries at checkout stand
A Kroger employee in Ohio is under investigation by police for allegedly smashing and throwing a customer's groceries in the store. WTVG reports that the Fremont Police Department was called to a Kroger location in the Fremont area on Monday for a report of an employee smashing and throwing groceries. Kroger customer Gail Johnson said she captured some of the incident from that day on cellphone video, showing her groceries scattered all over the store's floor. According to Johnson, she shops at the store every week with her coupons, but the cashier got upset while ringing her up on Monday. "It was a total of $44 and some change and said, 'No, that's not correct,'" she said. "I told him mine should be about $25 because I always total my order. But he said the coupons came off and I said, 'No, the coupons are not off.'" Johnson said the cashier grabbed his calculator. She said she also added up the groceries again. "He said, 'What the F do you want my job?' And I was in a state of shock," Johnson said. However, Johnson said the employee did not stop there. "The stuff was on the conveyor belt, and he got the chips, and he took both of his fists and slammed them so hard that the chips went everywhere," Johnson said. "He then grabbed the bag, and he was shaking the bag with chips going all over me. He then threw them from the register across the floor." Other employees ended up sweeping up the mess. But Johnson said she feared for her life during the incident.  live5news.com

Hong Kong: Boy, 10, arrested over HK$3.7 million smash-and-grab robbery at luxury watch store
Hong Kong police have arrested a 10-year-old boy on suspicion of taking part in a HK$3.7 million robbery (US$472,560) in which he allegedly used a sledgehammer to smash the display counters of a luxury watch store, the Post has learned. Officers also arrested a 14-year-old boy during a raid on a guest house in Yuen Long on Wednesday evening, bringing the number of suspects taken into custody over the crime to four. The 10-year-old Form One pupil was allegedly paid HK$5,000 to join the smash-and-grab gang that raided the shop in Tsim Sha Tsui and fled with 20 luxury watches on Monday, a source familiar with the case said.  scmp.com

Aurora, CO: Armed teenagers wanted in string of metro robberies

Baltimore, MD: Business owners feeling the pain as Smash and Grabs rise

Cleveland, OH: Man sentenced for smash-and-grab, theft of 30 guns, at Bath Township gun store

Ouachita Parish, LA: West Monroe O'Reilly Auto Parts employee accused of stealing over $4K from store; arrested

Bakersfield, CA: Police Chief speaks about retail theft: causes, arrests and recent BPD grant


Buena Park, IL: Update: Woman arrested for setting fire inside Target to steal baby formula
A woman has been arrested in connection to the large fire that broke out in the children's clothing section of a Target store in Buena Park last week. According to police, Orange County Fire Authority arson investigators were able to determine that the blaze was in fact
intentionally set during a woman's attempt to steal baby formula from the store. The fire was initially reported back on September 5, at around 7:15 p.m. at the Target located on 7530 Orangethorpe Avenue. The flames did not cause any injuries, but shoppers reported heavy smoke and haze throughout the building. The woman, 40-year-old Cynthia Lopez, was arrested on Tuesday. No further details on the arrest were provided by Buena Park Police Department. Investigators noted that the fire caused around $500,000 to the building and more than $1 million in lost retail merchandise. They say the damage was dealt by water and smoke damage.  nbcmiami.com

Pittsburgh, PA: Woman charged with arson for allegedly setting fire at East Liberty Whole Foods
A woman is facing multiple charges after she allegedly set fire to a box of disposable gloves inside a stairwell at the Whole Foods grocery store in East Liberty. According to a criminal complaint provided to KDKA, on Tuesday, an employee entered the parking garage just after 2 a.m. and saw smoke and flames coming from the stairwell. As he re-entered the parking garage, he saw a woman in a green jacket, sunglasses, hat, and dress with a backpack fleeing the stairwell after he called 911 and pulled the fire alarm. He then relayed the description to police who eventually identified and apprehended the woman. She was identified as Meredith Kelly and an investigation determined that she set fire to a box of disposable gloves inside the stairwell. Kelly is now facing charges of arson, trespassing, and criminal mischief.  cbsnews.com



Auto - Memphis, TN - Burglary
C-Store - Topeka, KS - Burglary
C-Store - Marion County, MS - Armed Robbery
Carpet - Cortlandville, NY - Armed Robbery
Dicks - Aurora, CO - Armed Robbery
Dollar - Candler County, GA - Armed Robbery
Dollar - Montgomery, AL - Robbery
Electronics - Little Rock, AR - Robbery
Gas Station - Gainesville, FL - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Federal Way, WA - Burglary
Hardware - Memphis, TN - Burglary
Hardware - Clarkston, WA - Burglary
JC Penney - Amarillo, TX - Burglary
Jewelry - Tulsa, OK - Robbery
Jewelry - Montgomery County, TX - Robbery
Music - Ogden, UT - Burglary
Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA - Burglary
Restaurant - Topeka, KS - Burglary
Restaurant - Dover, DE - Burglary
Restaurant - South Bend, IN - Armed Robbery
Shoe - Longmont, CO - Armed Robbery
Sports - Colorado Springs, CO - Burglary
Target - Houston, TX - Robbery
Tobacco - Chicago, IL - Burglary            


Daily Totals:
• 12 robberies
• 12 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Security Director
Chicago, IL - posted September 7
Reporting to the VP of Corporate Security, the Director of Corporate Security is a professional security practitioner that acts as an advisor/consultant to the assigned Property Management Group. Responsibilities include monitoring security vendors' performance, evaluating for contract compliance, and serving as a program quality control manager...

District Asset Protection Manager
Washington, DC - posted August 31
The MidAtlantic Division has an opening for a District Asset Protection Manager in Northern Virginia. This person will support Fairfax, Arlington, and Loudoun counties. This is a salary role with up to 70% travel within the assigned district. District Asset Protection Manager will provide positive/proactive leadership, and instruction in the area of Security/Asset Protection...

Regional Manager, Asset Protection - Southeast
Georgia or Louisiana - posted August 7
In this role, you will embody Do The Right Thing by protecting People, Assets, and Brands. You will work in an energized, fast paced environment focused on creating a safe environment for our employees, teams, and customers; this is critical to driving our Brand Power, Enduring Customer Relationships, and exuding our commitment to Team and Values...

Corporate & Supply Chain Asset Protection Leader
Quincy, MA - posted August 3
The primary purpose of this position is to manage the Corporate Asset Protection function for all US Support Offices and Supply Chain. Direct team in the design, implementation and management of physical security processes and equipment to ensure facilities are considered a safe and secure environment for all associates and external parties...

Occupational Health & Safety Manager
Mount Horeb, WI - posted July 27
This role is responsible for examining the workplace for environmental or physical factors that could affect employee or guest health, safety, comfort, and performance. This role is also responsible for reducing the frequency and severity of accidents. To be successful in the role, you will need to work closely with management, employees, and relevant regulatory bodies...

Loss Prevention Auditor and Fraud Detection Analyst
Boston, MA - posted July 7
As a LP Auditor and Fraud Detection Analyst for Staples, you will conduct LP operational field audits remote, virtual and in person, within a base of 60 retail stores to ensure compliance to operational standards to drive operational excellence and preserve profitability. You will also train store managers on Key-Holder responsibilities, Inventory Control standards, Cash Office procedures, Protection Standards, Safety and Fraud trends...

Manager, Physical Security
Jacksonville, FL - posted July 7
Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's physical security strategy for retail stores, warehouses, and store support center and field offices. This includes responsibility for the capital expense and repair budgets, developing written specifications, layout and design for all systems and to ensure all installations and repairs are made to SEG standards...

Regional AP Mgr - South FL Market - Bilingual required
Miami, FL - posted August 8
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...


Regional Director, LP & Safety (Midwest)
MN, MO, IL, KS, WI, MI, IN, or WA - posted June 27
We are looking for a Regional Director of Loss Prevention to join us in MN, MO, IL, KS, WI, MI, IN, or WA. You will develop, execute, and maintain shrink and shrink compliance initiatives. You will also conduct internal and external field investigations, loss control auditing, store safety programs, and compliance programs and audits...

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