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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

'Vicious Cycle': The Ripple Effect of Organized Retail Crime
Protect small businesses from crime if you want a thriving economy

Increase in retail theft has a cascading and negative economic impact on small businesses and communities

Surging retail theft is having disastrous effects on businesses both large and small across the country. A recent survey of retail and grocery workers found that half of them witnessed a theft or attempted theft between October 2022 and April 2023.

Earlier this year, 20 different Dollar stores in the Detroit area were robbed within 22 days. To make matters worse, organized retail crime, in which groups of people work together to steal from retail businesses, is now presenting a growing threat.

This type of retail theft increased by 26.5% in 2021, according to the National Retail Federation, and seems to show no signs of slowing down.

The Biden administration has done nothing to address this growing crisis. As a result, some retail employees have started taking matters into their own hands.

This increase in retail theft - and the way business owners and employees have been forced to respond - have a cascading and negative economic impact, especially on small businesses. They run their operations on very tight margins and are often dependent on selling their inventory on a week-to-week basis to pay rent and other expenses. Many small businesses could very easily go bankrupt from just a few robberies.

If the government refuses to tackle these problems, some small businesses feel forced to respond by locking up even inexpensive, basic household goods, or taking other steps to protect their livelihoods. Loyal customers then become frustrated, which hurts communities and creates a vicious cycle.

By the end of 2021, at least 13 left-wing-controlled cities had taken steps to defund their police departments, and all 13 experienced significant increases in violent crime. Nevertheless, cities such as New York and San Francisco have doubled down, making the punishment for many crimes a simple citation or misdemeanor with no bail.

This sends a chilling message to small businesses that they are not protected by local law enforcement and robberies will not be prosecuted. foxnews.com

Luxury Retailers Under Attack Nationwide by Smash-and-Grab Robbers
Luxury Retailers' Security Risk Rises Amid Surge in Brazen Smash-And-Grabs
While retailers calculate the direct losses in dollars and cents, it will have a long-lasting impact on luxury shoppers already on high alert from rising crime rates.

And it's not just happening in California, where shoplifting laws have been rolled back. Major cities nationwide are seeing a rise in organized retail crime with New York, Houston, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta and Dallas among the top ten cities most affected.

Once luxury shoppers lose confidence in their safety and security in the store, restoring it will take a long time, with retailers' losses mounting accordingly.

Luxury Retailers Aren't Ready

As shocking as these recent assaults on luxury retailers are, even more shocking is how ill-prepared luxury retailers seem to be dealing with it. A recent survey among 50 senior executives at major global luxury retailers found 88% were satisfied with their overall level of security. Some 24% rated it as excellent, and 64% said it was good. The highly-publicized thefts last week prove otherwise.

Clearly, the criminals are one step ahead of luxury retailers. They must do a better job protecting their goods, customers, and employees from retail theft.

Intractable Problem

Retailers are ill-prepared to tackle organized retail crime, like that recently perpetrated on luxury retailers. Only 32% of retailers reported having a ORC team in place. The NRF report warns, "If retailers do not have dedicated resources to investigate ORC, then they will be less likely to identify when ORC is occurring."

This is particularly problematic because 81% of retailers reported that ORC offenders are becoming more violent than last year.

Retailers see the criminal justice system as contributing to the problem. Over 70% reported an increase in ORC crime when felony thresholds are lifted, and 55% reported reduced or eliminated cash bail has been associated with a substantial increase in repeat offenders.

Everybody loses from retail theft, and luxury retailers have the most to lose since they have so much valuable, easily-lifted merchandise on hand. Criminals have figured out how to hit them, and retailers have been caught flat-footed forbes.com

Using AI-Driven Analytics to Fight Theft
Addressing retail theft with an intelligent loss prevention approach

By James Stark - Retail Segment Development Manager, Axis Communications

Today's solutions are more responsive, more intelligent and more effective when it comes to identifying suspicious behavior and alerting security teams in real time. Today's retailers have the ability to take an intelligence-led approach to security, leveraging modern devices and advanced, AI-driven analytics to turn loss prevention into a proactive operation rather than a reactive one.

An integrated solution is the answer

No single device or solution can solve the problem of retail crime. Loss prevention needs to be addressed in a more holistic way, which means retailers are best served by prioritizing open-platform technology capable of integrating with a wide range of devices and solutions. Open-platform technology makes it possible to integrate solutions from different providers on an as-needed basis, rather than being locked into a single product line. It also makes it easier for those solutions to talk to one another - something that is absolutely critical for an intelligence-led approach to loss prevention.

Putting modern analytics to use

These integrations can even impact loss prevention in ways that go beyond retail crime: certain analytics can detect things like precariously stacked objects, unaddressed spills or blocked emergency exits, aisles, electrical panels or fire extinguishers. Quickly and automatically issuing alerts to remediate those problems can save businesses from tens of thousands of dollars in potential OSHA fines - and while that might not fall under the typical definition of "loss prevention," it does have a significant impact on the business's bottom line. It's also worth noting that computer vision technology is improving with each passing year, and while it isn't widely available yet, its potential is impressive. Computer vision is excellent at detecting behavior outside the norm, such as a person grabbing an entire shelf of expensive items or failing to scan items at a self-checkout terminal. This emerging technology will soon provide significant benefits for loss prevention teams.

Don't be an easy target

Almost 75% of retailers say that external theft has increased over the past five years, while another 56.9% say internal theft has also increased over that same span. The problem of shrink is here to stay - which means it is up to retailers to decide what to do about it. Fortunately, modern security technology has put new tools in the hands of loss prevention teams, allowing them to detect potential security incidents more accurately and deal with them more quickly and effectively - and integrating those solutions creates a valuable force multiplier effect that can help retailers avoid becoming an easy target for criminals. securitymagazine.com

The Psychological Impact of Anti-Theft Measures
San Francisco professor complains about 'psychological cost' of stores locking items to prevent theft

A California academic argued that 'high-quality education, job training and a living wage' may be better ways of discouraging crime than security measures

A San Francisco professor lamented that items are being locked up in grocery stores, warning that it makes Americans feel like prisoners.

University of California, San Francisco sociology professor Stacy Torres, however, wrote an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times downplaying the phenomenon, headlined, "Grocery stores used to be my happy place. Then they started locking up the detergent."

"Locked glass cabinets safeguarding merchandise are now ubiquitous in chains like Target, Walmart and Walgreens," the academic wrote. "Asking clerks to retrieve detergent and baby formula is demoralizing enough, but businesses are implementing more severe security measures that erode customers' spirits and our social fabric, even though it's unclear whether shoplifting has become the national crisis that some retailers claim."

After arguing it is "unclear if beefed-up security measures are actually helping to solve these problems," the California academic offered some solutions for "organized retail theft and smaller-scale shoplifting," many of which appeared to be a checklist of left-wing initiatives. foxnews.com

Soaring crime rates test the limits of even the most progressive Oaklanders. But it won't break them

It's a trying time for level-headed Oaklanders who still believe in progressive public safety policies despite how easy it would be for them to throw their support behind tough-on-crime approaches of the past.

"What I've been telling everybody is that what's new now is how the crimes are happening in broad daylight," said Waheed Alsaidi, who runs the Montclair Auto Shop and has been a business owner in the Oakland area for two decades.

"We have to figure out why this violence, why these crimes are happening and address it. What's driving someone to commit a crime in the open, in such a bold way like we're seeing?" he said.

As the Chronicle recently reported, crime rates in the city are high, especially when compared to pre-pandemic 2019 numbers: As of July, the city's homicide count was up 80%, car break-ins were up almost 90%, vehicle thefts had doubled, reported assaults were up 40% and reported robberies were up 20%.

While crime has increased, the historically poor-performing Oakland Police Department - which even amid protests from anti-police-brutality groups has never been defunded and is seeing its funding grow in the city's latest two-year budget - solved a smaller percentage of homicides, robberies and aggravated assaults last year than it did in 2019, according to California Department of Justice data.

The city's crime issue has others looking for the worst in people. sfchronicle.com

Tennessee Gov. Lee says public safety is a 'matter of emergency'
Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee said the terms he set for the Aug. 21 special session of the state General Assembly are tied to "emergency" public safety challenges.

"Public safety is something that matters," Lee said on a Wednesday, Aug. 9, stop in Memphis. "It is a matter of emergency. That's why I believe that we should have a special session. That's why I called it. Because this is something that is urgent and we should not wait for others to solve the challenges that this nation is facing of trafficking, human trafficking, drug trafficking, violent crime."

The formal proclamation of the special session has 18 items, including temporary orders of protection initiated by law enforcement. dailymemphian.com

American law enforcement is facing a crisis
Illinois opens police recruitment to non-citizens

Illinois is not alone

While it is true that this bill could potentially allow non-citizens to arrest citizens, so what? Non-citizens can already serve in the military and be employed as firefighters, paramedics and other first responder positions. Why not law enforcement too?

Illinois is not alone in looking at this as one solution to the police recruitment crisis. Tennessee has allowed non-citizen military veterans to apply for law enforcement positions since 2015. California and Colorado passed bills very similar to Illinois's earlier this year. States including Maryland, New York and New Jersey are considering doing so in the future.

Critics have posed plenty of doom and gloom scenarios: Cartels shipping agents north to join local police departments, immigrants officers forming criminal gangs and outcry if a non-citizen officer shoots a citizen. Although these scenarios are possible, proper background investigations and vetting should cut off any attempts to take advantage of the new hiring parameters. Plus, we have unfortunately seen this and far worse with officers who were U.S. citizens.

In the end, American law enforcement is facing a crisis. Lowering the standards is not a long-term cure. Hiring qualified but less dedicated officers is not going to advance law enforcement as a profession. While allowing non-citizens is unlikely to completely fill the gap, it is a step in the right direction. It will not hurt that many of the applicants will be individuals who have long dreamed of a career in law enforcement, dedicated years to obtaining the necessary training and education, and are likely to be some of the most appreciative new hires your department hires.

Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), most recently issued publication is part of its Critical Issues In Policing Series and titled "Responding to the Staffing Crisis: Innovations in Recruitment and Retention."  police1.com

New Orleans Police Ranks Dip Below 900; Lowest since 1940s

LAPD Ranks at Their Lowest Level since 1990s



Three Internal Threat Cases

1. LinkedIn - Barry Khosropanah Senior VP Information Technology at GPM Investments, LLC - ARKO Corp.
GPM Investments, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ARKO Corp., a Family of Community Brands, is based in Richmond, Virginia and operates or supplies sites in 33[1] states and Washington D.C. As the 6th largest convenience store chain in the country, we have approximately 3,200 locations comprised of approximately 1,400 company-operated stores, approximately 121 proprietary cardlock locations, and approximately 1,660 dealer sites to which we supply fuel. gpminvestments.com

DOJ: Chester Man Pleads Guilty to $1.9 Million Embezzlement Scheme
RICHMOND, Va. - A Chester man pleaded guilty yesterday to mail fraud for embezzling over $1.9 million from his employer.

Between 2015 and 2023, Bahram Khosropanah, 65, devised and repeatedly executed a scheme to misappropriate technology assets from his employer for his own personal gain. Khosropanah held senior positions at a Richmond-based company that operates convenience stores across the country. His role focused on information technology, and he was responsible for purchasing computers and other electronics for the company. Upon receiving invoices for certain purchases, Khosropanah made unauthorized material modifications to the invoices before submitting them to his accounting department for approval.

Through these modifications, Khosropanah was able to misappropriate computers and electronics and conceal his misappropriations. He then sold the misappropriated assets on eBay and to a third-party wholesaler. The defendant sold approximately 850 laptops and other electronics, causing a loss of over $1.9 million to his employer. Khosropanah used the proceeds from the fraudulent sales to purchase luxury cars, including a Ferrari.

Khosropanah is scheduled to be sentenced on November 2. He faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. justice.gov

2. Internal Threat & #1 Authorized Reseller Orchestrates $88M IP Theft & "Cornered the Market"
DOJ: Business Owner Pleads Guilty in Massive International Scheme to Sell Pirated Business Telephone System Software Licenses
A New Jersey man pleaded guilty to participating in a massive international scheme to make millions of dollars by selling pirated business telephone system software licenses. The entire scheme allegedly resulted in the sale of software licenses with a retail value of over $88 million.

Jason M. Hines, of Caldwell, conspired with co-defendants Brad Pearce and Dusti Pearce to commit wire fraud. The scheme involved generating and then selling unauthorized Avaya Direct International (ADI) software licenses, which were used to unlock features of a popular telephone system used by thousands of companies around the globe.

Avaya Holdings Corporation, a multinational business communications company headquartered in California, sold a product called IP Office, a telephone system used by many midsize and small businesses in the United States and abroad. Avaya used software license keys to control access to Avaya's copyright-protected software and to ensure that only customers who paid for the software could use it.

Hines operated Direct Business Services International (DBSI), formerly known as Dedicated Business Systems International, a New Jersey-based business communications systems provider and a de-authorized Avaya reseller. He bought ADI software license keys from Brad and Dusti Pearce and then sold them to resellers and end users around the globe.

Brad Pearce, a long-time customer service employee at Avaya, allegedly used his system administrator privileges to generate those keys without authorization, creating tens of thousands of them that he sold to Hines and other customers. Brad Pearce's wife, Dusti Pearce, is alleged to have handled accounting for the illegal business. Hines was by far the Pearces' largest customer, buying over 55% of the stolen licenses, and significantly influenced how the scheme operated. In fact, Hines was one of the biggest users of the ADI license system in the world. As a result, Hines reaped millions of dollars from the fraud.

According to the indictment, the Pearces and Hines' operation not only prevented Avaya from making any money on its stolen intellectual property but also undercut the global market in Avaya ADI software licenses because the Pearces and Hines were selling licenses for significantly below the wholesale price. In fact, Brad Pearce allegedly told Hines that the Pearces' customers could not obtain same-day ADI software licenses from anyone else for anything even close to the Pearces' prices, and Hines suggested that he and Brad Pearce work together to "corner" the market in licenses.

Hines pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. As part of the plea agreement, the United States has agreed not to advocate for more than five years in prison. The court has not yet set a sentencing date. Pursuant to the plea agreement, Hines must forfeit a money judgment of at least $2 million as well as make full restitution to his victims. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after consideration of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors. justice.gov justice.gov

   Related: DOJ: Three Defendants Indicted in Massive Software Piracy Scheme

3. Former CFO of 2nd Largest U.S. Cannabis Retailer Misuses Co. CC's
Trulieve Former CFO Used Company Credit Cards for $350k to $400K for Personal Expenses & Purchases
2nd largest cannabis retailer Trulieve Cannabis is weighing next steps after an audit committee investigation into "irregularities" related to its former CFO Alex D'Amico's expenses and use of corporate credit cards uncovered conduct that was "inconsistent with the company's policies and procedures,"

D'Amico both sought to be reimbursed for personal expenses and made personal purchases with company credit cards during his tenure at the firm, the company and its audit committee concluded. The company estimates that D'Amico did not reimburse the company for such expenses, with the total amount "in question" between $350,000 and $400,000, the filing states.

In the filing Wednesday, the company stated that D'Amico's resignation on June 19 did not result from any disagreements regarding any matter related to the company's operations, policies or practice, something many companies state when an executive departs. Mr. D'Amico did not receive any severance in connection with his resignation, the company stated. cfodive.com

More Neiman Marcus Layoffs Targeting Corporate Staff
Neiman Marcus cuts corporate staff to boost cross-functional collaboration

The department store said less than 1% of its workforce is affected by the latest layoffs as it continues to implement a strategy unveiled in February.

Neiman Marcus Group has eliminated an unspecified number of corporate roles, which affects less than 1% of its workforce, the department store company said by email last week. A spokesperson declined to say how many people are affected.

The layoffs are part of a strategic realignment announced in February, the company also said. At that time about 500 people, or about 5% of its workforce, lost their jobs. The latest move boosts "cross functional collaboration," which created the redundancies, according to the company's statement last week. retaildive.com

COVID Is Surging Ahead of Fall and Winter
New Covid vaccines are on the way as 'Eris' variant rises
A new COVID vaccine is due out next month, but health experts and analysts say it is likely to be coolly received even as hospitalizations from "Eris", a variant of the Omicron form of the coronavirus, rise around the country.

Some public health experts hope that Americans will welcome the new shot as they would a flu jab. But demand for the vaccine has dropped sharply since 2021 when it first became available and more than 240 million people in the U.S., or 73% of the population, received at least one shot. finance.yahoo.com

CEOs plan to raise wages at least 3%: Conference Board

Dollar General set to build massive distribution center in Arkansas - 300 jobs

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Director, Asset Protection - Supply Chain AP Operations & Vertical Startups job posted for Walmart in Bentonville, AR
Leads asset protection strategies, processes, and best practices by conducting modeling and statistical analyses; partnering with cross-functional teams across the business; developing assessments of key opportunities; supporting the development of long-range plans and project timelines; communicating with and influencing decision-makers and executives within the organization; and providing specialized vision and leadership throughout the life cycle of change initiatives. walmart.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com

Director, Asset Protection - Supply Chain Integrity job posted for Walmart in Bentonville, AR
Leads asset protection strategies, processes, and best practices by conducting modeling and statistical analyses; partnering with cross-functional teams across the business; developing assessments of key opportunities; supporting the development of long-range plans and project timelines; communicating with and influencing decision-makers and executives within the organization; and providing specialized vision and leadership throughout the life cycle of change initiatives. walmart.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com

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Avoiding cost-prohibitive retrofits.
Monitoring employee and food safety.

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NY's First-Ever Comprehensive Cyber Strategy
The strategy takes a holistic approach across sectors

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Releases First Statewide Cyber Strategy

The state's plan addresses how current and anticipated initiatives support its larger goals of building resilience, preparedness and unification across cybersecurity efforts. The strategy takes a holistic approach across sectors.

New York released its first statewide cybersecurity strategy Wednesday, outlining current and planned efforts to respond to risks to both public- and private-sector entities.

In particular, the strategy aims to clarify the roles and responsibilities of different agencies and explain how various initiatives do or will fit into an overarching approach, the state said in its announcement. Measures include those intended to expand cybersecurity talent pipelines, provide cyber supports to local governments, enforce cyber regulations on critical infrastructure, and advise residents and businesses about best practices for reducing their risks. As New York considers both current and emerging threats, three key principles will guide its approach: unification, resilience and preparedness.

The state chief cyber officer will oversee putting the strategy into action.

The strategy will be fueled in part by targeted funding. That includes $500 million for improving health-care IT, including cybersecurity infrastructure, as well as $7.4 million to expand three state police units focused on cyber analysis, cyber crimes and Internet crimes against children. The governor had previously announced $90 million for cybersecurity, of which a third is aimed at supporting local government defenses via shared services.

The state itself is looking to expand the New York Security Operations Center, including with new facilities and staffing, per the strategy. It also will update its networks to allow for adopting more zero-trust practices and will prepare for encryption-cracking quantum computing. Various efforts aim to make it easier for IT talent to work for the state, including opening offices in more parts of the state and enabling agencies to conduct key parts of the recruitment on regular or ongoing bases.

To further bolster talent pipelines, the state intends to expand training programs like its Pathways in Technology offering for high school students and will partner on developing cybersecurity curriculum materials for higher ed and K-12. It also aims to see several State University of New York (SUNY) institutions become "hubs for high-technology research and centers for federal research funding." To achieve this, the state aims to grow partnerships and build labs. govtech.com

Security Practitioners Forced to Evolve Quickly Amid ChatGPT Rise
Security Pressures Mount Around AI's Promises & Peril

Both threats to enterprises and career opportunities are being created by the escalation of generative AI and ChatGPT, warns Maria 'Azeria' Markstedter.

AdvertisementArtificial intelligence (AI) is not a newcomer to the tech world, but as ChatGPT and similar offerings push it beyond lab environments and use cases like Siri, Maria 'Azeria' Markstedter, founder and CEO of Azeria Labs, said that security practioners need to be on alert for how its evolution will affect their daily realities.

Seeing Where the Money Is Going

Companies are investing millions of dollars of funding into AI, but whenever the world shifts towards a new type of technology, "corporate arms races are not driven by concern for safety or security, as security slows down progress."

She said the use cases to integrate AI are evolving, and it is starting to make a lot of money, especially those who dominate the market. However, there is a need for "creators to break it, and fix it, and ultimately prevent the technology in its upcoming use cases to blow up in our faces."

Rise of ChatGPT Threats

Acknowledging that ChatGPT was "pretty hard to escape over the last nine months," Markstedter said the skyrocketing increase in users led to some companies limiting access to it. Enterprises were skeptical, she said, as OpenAI is a black box, and anything you feed to ChatGPT will be part of the OpenAI data set.

She said: "Companies don't want to leak their sensitive data to an external provider, so they started banning employees from using ChatGPT for work, but every business still wants to, and is even pressured to, augment their workforce products and services with AI; they just don't trust sensitive data to ... external providers that can make part of the data set."

However, the intense focus and fast pace of development and integration of OpenAI will force security practitioners to evolve quickly.

The Opportunity for Industry: darkreading.com

Major International FBI Takedown With Polish Authorities
DOJ: Administrator of 'Bulletproof' Webhosting Domain Charged in Connection with Facilitation of NetWalker Ransomware

U.S. Authorities Announce Court-Authorized Seizure of LolekHosted.net

An indictment was unsealed yesterday in Tampa, Florida, charging a Polish national with computer fraud conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, and international money laundering in connection with the provision of "bulletproof" webhosting services that facilitated the operation of ransomware attacks and the subsequent laundering of the illicit proceeds.

According to court documents, Artur Karol Grabowski, 36, operated a webhosting company named LolekHosted. Through LolekHosted, Grabowski provided "bulletproof" webhosting services, which is secure webhosting designed to facilitate malicious and criminal activities, including ransomware, brute-force attacks, and phishing. Grabowski allegedly facilitated the criminal activities of LolekHosted clients by allowing clients to register accounts using false information, not maintaining Internet Protocol (IP) address logs of client servers, frequently changing the IP addresses of client servers, ignoring abuse complaints made by third parties against clients, and notifying clients of legal inquiries received from law enforcement. Grabowski registered the domain "LolekHosted.net" in 2014, and advertised that its services were "bulletproof," provided "100% privacy hosting," and allowed clients to host "everything except child porn." justice.gov

How to Prepare for ChatGPT's Risk Management Challenges

Almost all VPNs are vulnerable to traffic-leaking TunnelCrack attacks







Join Tom and Sam as they discuss crucial strategies for safeguarding children while using chat features in online games. Together they delve into the importance of safeguarding personal information, pictures, and passwords.

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Online Shopping Boom is Fueling the Counterfeit Market
Fake goods are everywhere online, experts say. Here's how to spot them.

New technology and the rise of online shopping has made it easier for scammers to sell fakes.

Fake goods are everywhere: on well-known e-commerce sites, social media platforms, and even on websites that have been set up to mimic real brands.
The rise of online shopping, particularly during the pandemic, fueled the market for counterfeit products.

It "really shook things up," DK Lee, founder and chief brand officer of AI-powered IP and brand protection platform MarqVision, told Insider. "Having everyone at home for those long lockdowns, especially in a time when the world's economy took such a hit, made an environment where counterfeiters could thrive," he added.

At the same time, some brands shifted their focus - and dollars - away from policing copycat products because they were squeezed by the economic impact of the pandemic.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, which is often cited by leading anti-counterfeiting organizations, has said fake goods make up for 3.3% of world trade or $509 billion. Other estimates say sales of these good total between $1.7 trillion and $4.5 trillion per year.

Counterfeit sellers are broadly targeting two types of shoppers: those who are knowingly buying a fake - a knockoff designer handbag, for example - and those who believe they are buying the real deal and being deceived.

Trade groups have fought for marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart to become more stringent on verifying sellers. There has been some progress here: a recently enacted bill, The Inform Consumers Act, requires online marketplaces to disclose and verify the identity of their sellers.

Still, experts say that the burden is largely falling on brands to police fakes. "One brand has to enforce on 250 global platforms ... people call it a game of whack-a-mole," Jen Hanks, director of sustainability at the American Apparel & Footwear Association, told Insider. businessinsider.com

Amazon's Anti-Counterfeiting Exchange Blocked 6 Million Items in 2022
The Trade-Off With That Free, Unexpected Package You Received - Your Identity
If you're getting things as if you bought them, it means someone has your personal info - name, address, and maybe even your phone number. Once it's online, it could be misused for various illegal activities.

These surprising parcels represent more than mere giveaways; they're components of a larger illicit scheme. It's a form of brushing scam - an unethical tactic that impacts not only individual buyers, but also retailers.

Brushing scams involve sending unsolicited products to unwitting recipients. The purpose is to generate fake positive reviews and inflate a seller's reputation on eCommerce platforms. Scammers create fake accounts, make fraudulent orders to become verified buyers, and then write glowing reviews for their own products, boosting their visibility and credibility.

Brands with a consistently positive review track record establish credibility and reliability, fostering loyalty and repeat business. Brushing can also elevate sales figures through fabricated purchases, enhancing the seller's standing and prompting a surge of genuine sales.

Another twist on this strategy entails the "porch pirate" method, where wrongdoers, armed with the address and probably the tracking number of the package, wait for delivery, and make off with the package before the intended recipient can lay hands on it.

Impact of Brushing - What's Being Done About It - How INFORM Can Address Brushing: pymnts.com

Using AI to Spot Damaged Goods Before Shipping
Amazon Debuts AI-Powered Review Highlights
Amazon says it wants to give customers the power to review its reviews.

To that end, the retail giant announced Monday (Aug. 14) the launch of an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered feature that highlights what other customers have already written about products.

Amazon has debuted a number of AI-powered solutions in recent months. For example, May brought news that the company was using the technology to spot damaged products before they ship.

The AI-powered tool is trained with pictures of undamaged items so that it can identify damaged ones. If the AI spots a broken item, that item is diverted to a worker who will double-check it. Locations without this technology use warehouse workers who check for damage as well as picking and packing orders. pymnts.com

Online grocery sales fall in July despite customer growth







Los Angeles, CA: Up to $100K stolen in "flash mob" robbery at Westfield Topanga Shopping Center in Canoga Park
Police are investigating a "flash mob" robbery that occurred at the Westfield Topanga Shopping Center in Canoga Park on Saturday. According to Los Angeles Police Department, anywhere between 20 and 30 suspects flooded the mall's Nordstrom store a little after 4 p.m., ransacking shelves and displays for anything they could grab before fleeing. LAPD says that between $60,000 and $100,000 in stolen items were taken by the group of suspects, who were both male and female and wore face coverings. Video from the scene shows suspects grabbing clothing, purses and even dragging displays with them as they wreaked havoc in just several short minutes. Some reports even indicate that a security guard at the store was sprayed with either mace or pepper spray as the brazen robbery occurred. A similar incident occurred back in Nov. of 2021, when a group of suspects targeted the same Nordstrom store, spraying one of the security guards with bear spray. No injuries have been reported.  cbsnews.com

Theft Crew Hit 20 Dealerships in 8 States Stealing RVs to Sell in Florida
DOJ: Third Florida Man Sentenced for String of Recreational Vehicle Thefts Spanning Multiple States
Montgomery, Alabama - Today, United States Attorney Sandra J. Stewart announced that a federal judge sentenced 34-year-old Yanquiel Lazaro Garcia-Carrera, from West Palm Beach, Florida, to 54 months in prison for his role in a string of recreational vehicle (RV) thefts. During his August 10, 2023, sentencing hearing, the judge also ordered that Garcia-Carrera serve three years of supervised release following his prison term and pay $70,036 in restitution.

According to his plea agreement and court records, Garcia-Carrera and others participated in a conspiracy to steal RVs from dealerships at night and transport them back to Florida. Records indicate that from February 2019 through July 2020, thefts occurred on at least 20 separate occasions in multiple states, including Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Houston County, Alabama.

Two others charged in the conspiracy were 46-year-old Yohannys Riquenes Diaz, also from West Palm Beach, and 37-year-old Taylon Batista-Garcia, from Margate, Florida. In May 2023, a judge sentenced Riquenes-Diaz to 37 months in prison and Batista-Garcia received a sentence of 26 months in prison. The judge also required that both men pay restitution. justice.gov

Eleven Member Robbery Crew Hits Mall Jewelry Store in Broad Daylight
DOJ: Armed Robbery Crew Charged With Perpetrating $1.1 Million Jewelry Heist
SAN FRANCISCO - The Office of the United States Attorney has charged five defendants-Sunia Mafileo Faavesi, Ryan Kentrell Montgomery, Paul Christopher Tonga, John Ioane Tupou, and Kyle Vehikite-with conspiracy to commit robbery affecting interstate commerce for their roles in the March 17, 2023, robbery of Heller Jewelers in San Ramon, Calif.

Faavesi, 30, Montgomery, 35, Tonga, 33, Tupou, 30, and Vehikite, 34, planned and executed the armed heist, which involved at least eleven individuals, some armed, taking approximately $1.1 million in stolen watches and jewelry from the family-owned San Ramon jewelry store. The complaint alleges that while some of the participants were inside the store or immediately outside it during the armed robbery, others acted as lookouts and get-away drivers of at least four waiting vehicles. The robbery took place at a bustling mall in San Ramon in the middle of the afternoon and resulted in multiple bystanders, including children, fleeing the masked and armed robbers. justice.gov

ORC Duo Hits Home Improvement Stores 34 Times in 6 States
DOJ: New York Man Pleads Guilty to String of Retail Thefts Hitting Lowe's & Home Depot for $195k
CONCORD - A New York man pleaded guilty today in federal court in Concord to transporting stolen goods across state lines, U.S. Attorney Jane E. Young announced.

Jalil McIntyre, 32, pleaded guilty to Transportation of Stolen Goods. U.S. District Court Judge Paul J. Barbadoro scheduled sentencing for November 6, 2023.

McIntyre and his co-defendant, Deshun Jackson, traveled to Lowe's and Home Depots across the northeastern United States, including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. They stole high-value commercial items, such as circuit breakers. They were seen on surveillance footage grabbing products off shelves, placing them into large plastic bags, and walking out of the stores. In total, they stole $195,604.76 worth of products across 23 separate thefts. They also attempted to steal another $46,619.07 worth of products during 11 additional unsuccessful thefts. The stolen products were brought back to New York, where both McIntyre and Jackson lived.

Jackson is currently in state custody in New York and will be transported by law enforcement to New Hampshire.

The charging statute provides a sentence of no greater than 10 years in prison, 3 years of supervised release, and a fine of $250,000. Sentences are imposed by a federal district court judge based upon the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and statutes which govern the determination of a sentence in a criminal case. justice.gov

Chicago, IL: Mac Cosmetics store burglarized, vandalized along the Mag Mile
A makeup store on the Mag Mile was burglarized and vandalized in the early-morning hours on Saturday, according to Chicago Police. Officers say a group of people smashed the glass window of the front door of MAC Cosmetics in the 500 block of Michigan Avenue in the early-morning hours on Saturday. According to police, the group entered the store, took products and fled the scene.  wgntv.com

Visalia, CA: Woman accused of $2000 shoplifting spree at JC Penney and Kohl's
Police arrested a woman accused of shoplifting from department stores Sunday in Visalia. The Visalia Police Department got a call from JC Penney around 3:20 p.m. for the report of a woman attempting to steal over $2,000 worth of merchandise. They say the woman filled a shopping cart and left without paying but was confronted outside the store by Loss Prevention. They say the woman ran away before officers arrived but they gave them her description. A short time later they got a call that a woman matching her description was in the progress of shoplifting at Kohl's across the street. Officers set up in the Kohl's parking lot and caught the woman as she was leaving the store with stolen merchandise. 41-year-old Saira Howell was arrested for Grand Theft and booked into the Tulare County Pre-Trial Facility.  kmph.com

Contra Costa County, CA: Police investigate $1500 theft at Ulta stores in San Ramon, Concord
Police reported several thefts this weekend at Ulta Beauty stores in Contra Costa County. One theft was reported in Concord on Saturday and in San Ramon, thefts were reported both on Saturday and Sunday. San Ramon police told NBC Bay Area on Saturday that the Ulta store at Crow Canyon Place, two unarmed suspects stole around $1,500 in merchandise -- mostly perfumes. The theft happened just before 2 p.m. Then on Sunday, San Ramon police say they believe a different group of thieves went to the Ulta store at Crow Canyon Place at around 1 or 2 p.m. Police say there were around four or five people in the group of thieves on Sunday and all of those suspects are believed to be unarmed. The store has not tallied up the total amount of merchandise lost to this second theft yet, police said. San Ramon police said no arrests have been made related to either of these two thefts.  nbcbayarea.com

Los Angeles, CA: Thieves caught on camera robbing Nike store
Video posted to the Citizen App on Sunday appears to show several people brazenly stealing merchandise from a crowded Nike store in East Los Angeles. Officials with the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that a call about the broad daylight theft at the Nike Community Store located 4585 Whittier Blvd. came in just after 5:30 p.m. At least one of the suspects is seen carrying a trash bag filled with boxes. At one point, he drops the bag and quickly puts the items that spilled out back into it before following two other suspects out of the store. Police said that three suspects, described as a Black male and two Black females, made off with about $1,000 in merchandise. So far, all three are still at-large.  ktla.com

Guam: Alleged Home Depot Armed Robber held on $50k cash bail
He allegedly told police he was allowed to leave the store with nearly five grand in stolen items. Forty-six-year-old edward joseph san agustin is being held on a $50,000 cash bail. Last Frida, local and federal authorities executed a warrant at a residence on East Nandez Street in Dededo. That's officers took San Agustin into custody in connection to last month's robbery at the Home Depot. San Agustin allegedly told investigators he was only stopped outside the store by employees before being told, "to go ahead and go." An employee told police san agustin was allegedly armed with a gun. He is charged with robbery and retail theft, both with a special allegation of possession of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony. Authorities have since captured Joshua Westfall for his part in the robbery. Westfall was the alleged getaway driver.  kuam.com

Lake County B.C., Canada: Lake County Burglars hit Vape World Canada shop, steal $25K in merchandise

Ontario, Canada: $1400 Baby formula theft reported at Shoppers Drug in St. Thomas

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Shootings & Deaths

Escambia County, FL: 18-year-old employee identified as victim in Home Depot murder
The employee shot and killed Friday inside an Escambia County Home Depot is identified as an 18-year-old woman. Friends are identifying her on Monday as 18-year-old Brooklyn Sims. She had been working as a contracted inventory employee inside the Home Depot on Davis Highway. Sims was the mother of a 2-year-old girl. Keith Agee, 20, was arrested for her murder following the shooting Friday afternoon. Deputies say Agee and Sims knew each other. According to the arrest report WEAR News obtained Monday, Agee entered the store, found Sims working in aisle 52 and opened fire on her.  weartv.com

San Bernardino, CA: Police fatally shoot man who robbed gas station at gunpoint
San Bernardino police fatally shot a man who allegedly robbed a gas station at gunpoint on Friday. Officers were dispatched to the Arco gas station, located at Base Line Street and H Street, just before 8:50 a.m. after receiving multiple calls of a man who was holding the cashier at gunpoint, according to San Bernardino Police Department. Witnesses described the suspect to dispatch as a man with shoulder-length hair wearing a white shirt and armed with a black handgun. "Within minutes, an officer arrived and observed a subject matching the description walking away from the entrance of the business, towards the fuel islands," the statement said. "The suspect began maneuvering between vehicles parked at the fuel islands." Despite the officer claiming to give the suspect multiple commands to drop the weapon, the suspect is aid to have instead "raised the handgun in the direction of the officer."  cbsnews.com

Memphis, TN: Update: Second of two brothers arrested in deadly Family Dollar shooting, MPD says
A man was arrested after he and his brother got into a fight that turned deadly when shots were fired inside a business, Memphis Police said. Jermaine Carlton, 28, was charged with second-degree murder. Two men were fighting inside the Family Dollar on Mendenhall Road about 6:30 p.m. on July 26, and a call to Memphis Police was upgraded from fighting to shots fired as officers arrived, according to a court document. A man, Jeremy Maddox, was treated by Memphis Fire officials with injuries, but died at that scene. Witnesses in the store told officers two men were arguing, and one of them was Carlton's brother, Jeremy. Their dispute turned physical. before Jermaine Carlton pulled a gun and shot the man, MPD said. Jeremy Carlton left his wallet at the scene, and MPD used information in it to identify him as a suspect.  fox13memphis.com

Santa Ana, CA: Man Shot To Death In Liquor Store Parking Lot
A man was found shot to death in a liquor store parking lot, early Sunday morning. The deadly shooting was reported outside Adolfo's Liquor Store, located in the 2700 block of North Bristol Street, around 1:53 AM when callers reported hearing about seven gunshots. Authorities rushed to the scene where they located an adult male down in the parking lot suffering from a gunshot wound.  countynews.tv

Mesquite, TX: Mall Shooting: 1 injured, suspect in custody after shooting at Town East Mall
One person is in custody and another is injured after a shooting at a Mesquite mall Saturday. Officers with the Mesquite Police Department were called to a shooting inside Town East Mall just before 7 p.m. According to the report, one victim was struck by gunfire and was taken to the hospital. They are currently in stable condition. MPD said within five minutes, officers found and took the suspect, 39-year-old Zettie Minter, of Dallas, into custody. "There is no indication that was an active shooter incident," a statement from MPD reads.   cbsnews.com

DOJ: Armed Career Criminal Who Shot Fayetteville Pawn Shop Owner Sentenced to 45 Years in Prison
RALEIGH, N.C. -Mario Whitted, 28, of Fayetteville was sentenced today to 540 months in prison for possessing ammunition as a convicted felon. He was convicted by a federal jury in April of this year and deemed an armed career criminal. Whitted has three prior state convictions for common law robbery.

Mario Whitted, 28, a felon and armed career criminal shot the owner of a Fayetteville pawn shop as he closed his shop on November 30, 2019. The owner, who survived the attack, was struck twice in the leg and returned fire with his own handgun. Whitted fled the scene and flagged down a Good Samaritan who offered to take him to a local emergency room. Whitted instead insisted that he be taken home. He was later apprehended in South Carolina after having a bullet extracted from his foot which ballistics examiners matched to the victim's gun. DNA evidence also linked Whitted to the scene after he bled in the Good Samaritan's car. justice.gov

DOJ: Pontiac Man Involved in Violent Robberies Appears in Federal Court
DETROIT - A Pontiac man was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of Interference with Commerce by Robbery, Use of a Firearm in Relation to a Crime of Violence and being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm relating to an armed robbery and attempted armed robbery which occurred in the city of Pontiac.

Christopher Bey, 48, robbed a Boost Mobile store in the city of Pontiac on February 4, 2023. After entering the store, Bey allegedly brandished a firearm and demanded money from the store employee. During the robbery, Bey fired the weapon twice.

The indictment also alleges that on March 24, 2023, Bey attempted to rob a Dollar General Store in the city of Pontiac. Bey handed a store employee a note while pointing a gun at him. Bey then ordered the employee to the back of the store and directed him to handcuff himself. justice.gov

New York, NY: Police identify man shot to death in front of Harlem liquor store as 28-year-old Jacob Franco

Chicago, IL: Uber Driver Shoots Two Armed Robbers, Returning Fire as They Fled the Scene

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Milwaukee, WI: 2 Police Officers injured during Gas Station Armed Robbery arrest
Two Milwaukee police officers were injured while arresting an armed robbery suspect on Saturday, August 12 around 4:51 p.m. Officers were responding to a call of an armed robbery near 45th and Custer when they saw the suspect near Villard and Hopkins a short time after the call. They tried to arrest the 20-year-old Milwaukee man, but he began to resist and tried to escape. Eventually, the man was taken into custody and a handgun was recovered. According to police, both officers were taken to local hospitals for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries and then released.   cbs58.com

Independence, MO: Teen attacks elderly employee outside of Walgreens
Police in Missouri are asking for the public's help in identifying two suspects after a video emerged purportedly showing one of them striking a Walgreens employee outside of a store. The Independence Police Department says the assault unfolded last Wednesday in the 3900 Block of South Noland Road. "An employee of the business was assaulted when they attempted to intervene in a shoplift," the department said in a statement. The dispute erupted after the worker told an adult who was with the teens to pay for a pair of sunglasses, but she had refused, Fox4 KC reports, citing a police document.   foxbusiness.com

Pensacola, FL: DOJ: Federal Jury Convicts Man Of Armed Robbery In Pensacola Shooting Case
After a three-day trial, a federal jury in Pensacola, found Quinton L. Pete, 34, of Ocala, Florida, guilty of Attempted Hobbs Act Robbery and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. The guilty verdict was announced by Jason R. Coody, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida. On March 9, 2022, a few minutes before 4:00 a.m., two employees at Coyote's Sports Bar, which is next to Cordova Mall in Pensacola, were shot at point blank range by Pete during an attempted robbery of the business. justice.gov

Houston, TX: DOJ: Man faces Life for pulling firearm during Family Dollar robbery
A 20-year-old Houston man has pleaded guilty to possessing a firearm during the robbery of a local discount store, announced U.S. Attorney Alamdar S. Hamdani. On Dec. 4, 2022, Marvieon Simien entered the Family Dollar on Hiram Clarke Road in Houston. He grabbed several items and approached the register but departed without them. He returned to his vehicle for several minutes before re-entering the store wearing a mask.
He selected another item from the shelf and walked to the register. He then pulled his mask down, spoke to the store clerk and retrieved the handgun from his waistband. She felt intimidated and was in fear for her life, so she backed away from him. At that time, Simien reached over the counter, removed a nominal amount of money from the register and fled the scene.  justice.gov

DOJ: D.C. Man Charged in a Six Count Federal Indictment for String of Armed Robberies
WASHINGTON - Mark Thomas Moore, 32, of the District of Columbia, is charged by indictment in a series of armed robberies he is alleged to have committed in the Fall of 2022.

Moore robbed three commercial establishments and a U.S. Post Office, all in Southeast Washington, D.C., at gunpoint, between October 21, 2022, and November 22, 2022. In addition, Moore held a store employee at gunpoint during one of the commercial robberies and robbed her of her cell phone. Moore was arrested on November 28, 2022, following the robbery of a commercial establishment in Arlington, Virginia, and has been in custody ever since. justice.gov

DOJ: Syracuse Man Sentenced to Nearly 21 Years for Armed Robberies of Corner Stores
SYRACUSE, NEW YORK - Akiem Howard, age 24, of Syracuse, was sentenced today to serve 250 months (20 years and 10 months) in federal prison for robbing two Syracuse corner stores, and for related firearms charges.

As part of his previous guilty plea to robberies of businesses engaged in interstate commerce (the Hobbs Act) and using firearms in furtherance of federal crimes of violence, Howard admitted robbing two Syracuse corner stores at gunpoint. The first robbery occurred on December 13, 2020, and the second was on December 21, 2020.

The December 13 robbery occurred at about 11:14 pm and Howard robbed it along with a second robber. Both Howard and the second robber pointed handguns at the store clerk. The December 21, 2020 robbery occurred at about 10:45 am approximately one-fifth of a mile from an elementary school. Howard robbed the store with a third robber, Chantal Jaquez. Howard used a revolver and Jaquez carried a rifle. While fleeing the store, Howard fired several rounds from his revolver at the store clerk. One of the bullets struck Jaquez in the leg. Jaquez previously pleaded guilty to participating in the December 21, 2020, robbery and, on August 18, 2022, was sentenced to serve 111 months in federal prison.

As part of his guilty plea, Howard also admitted committing three other armed robberies on December 19, 2020. justice.gov

DOJ: Memphis Man Sentenced to 31 Years in Federal Prison for Series of Armed Robberies of Mid-South Hotels
Memphis, TN - Today a federal judge sentenced the last of three men involved in a series of robberies of hotels in Memphis. Reginald Rose, 30, of Memphis was sentenced to 382 months in federal prison for his role in five hotel robberies in the Memphis area.

Memphis resident Gregory Moore, 24, was sentenced on May 18, 2023, and resident Randy Jack, 27, was sentenced on March 1, 2023. Judge Norris sentenced both Moore and Jack to 168 months and one day in prison after they pled guilty to four of the same robbery charges. justice.gov

DOJ: Columbus man sentenced to 10 years in prison for armed robbery
COLUMBUS, Ohio - A local man was sentenced in U.S. District Court here today to 120 months in prison for a January 2019 armed robbery.

Michael John Smith, 29, of Columbus, pointed a pistol at two store clerks at the Circle K on Hall Road in Columbus on Jan. 27, 2019. Smith demanded money from the register and threatened to kill both women if they moved. Smith fled the store on foot with $280 in cash.

According to court documents, Smith was also involved in another armed robbery in March 2019 at a Dollar General. The same gun used in both robberies was recovered in a car that was involved in a shooting on the highway near Circleville that same month. Smith and several individuals - including a 1-year-old child - had been in the vehicle on the highway. justice.gov

Chicago, IL: Group commits nearly 3 dozen business burglaries from June to August
The Chicago Police Department sent out a community alert Sunday evening letting South Side businesses know of a group who has committed 33 business burglaries from June to August. Police said in each incident, burglars gained entry into the business by throwing an object through a glass door before taking property from inside.  wgntv.com

Tinley Park, IL: Armed Robbery reported at Target Sunday night
A suburban Target store located at 7300 W 191st St, was the victim of a reported armed robbery Sunday night. According to scanner reports it happened around 10 p.m. just before the business closed for the night. Further details behind the incident have yet to be released.  countryherald.com

Orange County, CA: Five arrested in connection with several burglaries of UPS stores

Paducah, KY: DOJ: Texas Men Sentenced to Federal Prison for Paducah ATM Theft

New Haven, CT: DOJ: Man Charged with Robbery, Kidnapping, and Firearm Offenses; incident at local restaurant

Boardman, OH: Alleged Meijer shoplifting leads to robbery charge; carrying concealed weapon

Skimming & Counterfeit

Southern California Skimming Gang of 8 Gets Prison
DOJ: Gas Pump Skimmer Gets Prison for Million-Dollar Financial Identity Theft Scheme
SAN DIEGO - A Los Angeles metropolitan resident was sentenced today to 41 months in prison for repeatedly installing specialized devices to steal the financial information of unwitting victims at gas pumps throughout Southern California.

Haykaz Mansuryan, age 34, admitted in his plea agreement that he broke into dozens of gas pumps to install "skimmers"-customized electronic devices to steal credit and debit card information from unknowing patrons using the pumps. Mansuryan admitted that the conspiracy he participated in purloined over $1 million while he was involved.

According to court documents, law enforcement recovered 54 skimming devices from different Southern California gas stations visited by Mansuryan.

Mansuryan admitted in his plea agreement that he personally received $931,213.92 from the scheme over the course of his participation, which lasted from August 2018 to October 2021. He was ordered to forfeit that amount, and to participate in paying restitution of $923,374.14 to the victims of his crime together with his codefendants.

Other defendants in this and a related case previously received prison time for similar conduct. On January 6, 2023, Robert Fichidzhyan was sentenced to 41 months in custody for his role in building the skimmers used by Mansuryan and his associates. He was also ordered to pay $619,923.45 in restitution. On June 23, 2022, Margar Simonyan was sentenced to 12 months and 1 day in custody in related case number 21-cr-2659-BAS, together with $11,810 of forfeiture and restitution. One defendant remains a fugitive. Two defendants, Hayk Shakaryan and Vasiliy Polyak, are presently set for jury trial September 12, 2023. The remaining defendants are pending sentencing. justice.gov

DOJ: New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty To Passing Over $2,600 In Counterfeit Currency At Stores In Lackawanna, Lycoming And Columbia Counties
SCRANTON - The United States Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced today that Brandon Williams, age 35, of Mercer County, New Jersey, pleaded guilty on August 8, 2023.

Williams admitted to passing $1,400 in counterfeit bills at the Michaels store in Dickson City, on April 20, 2022, and to passing $750 in counterfeit bills later that same day at the CVS Pharmacy located on Green Ridge Street in Scranton. On April 23, 2022, Williams passed $280 in counterfeit bills at the Walmart in Montoursville, $160 in counterfeit bills at the Weis Market in Montoursville and attempted to pass additional counterfeit bills at the Dollar Tree in Bloomsburg but was unsuccessful.

The maximum penalty under federal law for each charge is 20 years of imprisonment, a term of supervised release following imprisonment, and a fine. justice.gov

DOJ: Gary Man Sentenced to 130 Months in Prison For Manufacturing More than $150,000 in Counterfeit Currency
Hammond - A search warrant at Myers' Gary, Indiana residence resulted in the recovery of counterfeiting equipment including, computers, printers, paper cutters, and ink cartridges, as well as a briefcase containing more than $138,000 in counterfeit bills. Various firearms and ammunition were also discovered. Myers has prior felony convictions and, as such, cannot possess the firearms and ammunition in this case. justice.gov

Santa Rosa, CA: Police discover credit card skimmer in 7-Eleven store



Bakery - San Diego, CA - Robbery
Beauty - San Ramon, CA - Robbery
Beauty - Concord, CA - Robbery
Beauty - Chicago, IL - Burglary
C-Store - Pickens County, SC - Burglary
C-Store - Denton, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Denton, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Temple Terrace, FL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - State College, PA - Burglary
C-Store - Brattleboro, VT - Armed Robbery
CVS - New York, NY - Armed Robbery
Collectables - Boulder, CO - Burglary
Dollar - North Point, FL - Armed Robbery
Dollar - Union County, SC - Burglary
Gas Station - Hammond, IN - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Greensboro, NC - Armed Robbery
• Jewelry - Florence, KY - Burglary
• Jewelry - Whitehall, PA - Burglary
• Jewelry - Phoenix, AZ - Robbery
• Jewelry - Columbia, SC - Robbery
• Jewelry - Tampa, FL - Robbery
• Jewelry - Cedar Hill, TX - Robbery
• Jewelry - Oklahoma City, OK - Robbery
• Jewelry - Lancaster, PA - Robbery
• Jewelry - Scottsdale, AZ - Robbery
• Jewelry - Mesquite, TX - Robbery
Liquor - Dover, DE - Burglary
Nike - Los Angeles, CA - Robbery
Nordstrom - Los Angeles, CA - Robbery
Pawn - Paragould, AR - Burglary
Restaurant - Oakland, CA - Burglary
Restaurant - Oakland, CA - Burglary
T-Mobile - Macon, GA - Armed Robbery
Target - Tinley Park, IL - Armed Robbery
Tattoo - Rochester, MN - Burglary
Tobacco - Oakland, CA - Burglary
UPS - Orange County, CA - Burglary
Walgreens - Omaha, NE - Robbery
Walgreens - Independence, MO - Robbery    


Daily Totals:
• 25 robberies
• 14 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


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Laura Theus named Asset Protection Manager for JCPenney

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Director of Retail Solutions - North America
Denver, CO - posted April 5
This role will be focused on selling our SaaS retail crime intelligence platform by developing new prospects, and progressing Enterprise level prospects through our sales process. You will report directly to the VP of Retail Solutions - North America, and work alongside our Marketing, Partnerships and Customer Success team to grow our customer base...

Regional Manager, Asset Protection - Southeast
Georgia or Louisiana - posted August 7
In this role, you will embody Do The Right Thing by protecting People, Assets, and Brands. You will work in an energized, fast paced environment focused on creating a safe environment for our employees, teams, and customers; this is critical to driving our Brand Power, Enduring Customer Relationships, and exuding our commitment to Team and Values...

Corporate & Supply Chain Asset Protection Leader
Quincy, MA - posted August 3
The primary purpose of this position is to manage the Corporate Asset Protection function for all US Support Offices and Supply Chain. Direct team in the design, implementation and management of physical security processes and equipment to ensure facilities are considered a safe and secure environment for all associates and external parties...

Occupational Health & Safety Manager
Mount Horeb, WI - posted July 27
This role is responsible for examining the workplace for environmental or physical factors that could affect employee or guest health, safety, comfort, and performance. This role is also responsible for reducing the frequency and severity of accidents. To be successful in the role, you will need to work closely with management, employees, and relevant regulatory bodies...

Field Loss Prevention Manager
Nashville, TN - posted July 26
As a Field Loss Prevention Manager (FLPM) you will coordinates Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations. FLPM's are depended on to be an expert in auditing, investigating, and training...

Loss Prevention Auditor and Fraud Detection Analyst
Boston, MA - posted July 7
As a LP Auditor and Fraud Detection Analyst for Staples, you will conduct LP operational field audits remote, virtual and in person, within a base of 60 retail stores to ensure compliance to operational standards to drive operational excellence and preserve profitability. You will also train store managers on Key-Holder responsibilities, Inventory Control standards, Cash Office procedures, Protection Standards, Safety and Fraud trends...

Manager, Physical Security
Jacksonville, FL - posted July 7
Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's physical security strategy for retail stores, warehouses, and store support center and field offices. This includes responsibility for the capital expense and repair budgets, developing written specifications, layout and design for all systems and to ensure all installations and repairs are made to SEG standards...

Regional AP Mgr - South FL Market - Bilingual required
Miami, FL - posted August 8
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Regional Manager, Loss Prevention (Western Territory)
Remote - posted June 28
The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory. Investigate and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets. Has ownership for all company related shrinkage programs in their assigned stores.

Regional Manager, Loss Prevention (Central Territory)
Remote - posted June 28
The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory. Investigate and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets. Has ownership for all company related shrinkage programs in their assigned stores...


Regional Director, LP & Safety (Midwest)
MN, MO, IL, KS, WI, MI, IN, or WA - posted June 27
We are looking for a Regional Director of Loss Prevention to join us in MN, MO, IL, KS, WI, MI, IN, or WA. You will develop, execute, and maintain shrink and shrink compliance initiatives. You will also conduct internal and external field investigations, loss control auditing, store safety programs, and compliance programs and audits...

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