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Chris Carmody, LPC named Director- Supply Chain Loss Prevention & Safety for Ross Stores

Before joining Ross Stores as Director- Supply Chain Loss Prevention & Safety, Chris spent more than two years as Director of Health, Safety, & Security- Distribution & Retail for Ashley Furniture Industries. Prior to that, he spent more than two decades with Office Depot as Director- Supply Chain LP & Safety (4 years), Senior Manager- Supply Chain LP & Safety (3 years) and Regional LP Manager (14 years). Earlier in his career, he held LP roles with Service Merchandise, The Home Depot, and Bealls. Congratulations, Chris!

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ISCPO Announces Protos Security as a Preferred Vendor Partner

Dallas, TX (June 29th, 2023) -Today, the International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) announced that Protos Security has joined as the organization's preferred vendor partner as ISCPO continues to support its members and the supply chain security community. The speed of business has exponentially accelerated the supply chain, and ISCPO members rely on a variety of vendors for innovative tools, technology, and services to help them make their departments and flow of goods run effectively. ISCPO remains dedicated to continuously enhancing its variety of vendor solutions, leveraging emerging technologies, and staying at the forefront of industry best practices. By adding Protos Security as a preferred vendor, our members will have access to an integrated suite of physical and innovative security services that utilize a technology-enabled managed services platform.

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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

UK Bio. & Surv. Commissioner:
"Facial Recognition is a Game Changer & Deployment is Inevitable"

NY Times: 'Barred From Grocery Stores by Facial Recognition'

British merchants are increasingly using the technology to combat shoplifting, raising questions about its spread as artificial intelligence rapidly improves it.

Use of facial recognition technology by the police has been heavily scrutinized in recent years, but its application by private businesses has received less attention. Now, as the technology improves and its cost falls, the systems are reaching further into people's lives. No longer just the purview of government agencies, facial recognition is increasingly being deployed to identify shoplifters, problematic customers and legal adversaries.

Facewatch, a British company, is used by retailers across the country frustrated by petty crime. The company offers access to a customized watchlist that stores near one another share. When Facewatch spots a flagged face, an alert is sent to a smartphone at the shop, where employees decide whether to keep a close eye on the person or ask the person to leave.

Mr. Mackenzie adds one or two new faces every week, he said, mainly people who steal diapers, groceries, pet supplies and other low-cost goods. He said their economic hardship made him sympathetic, but that the number of thefts had gotten so out of hand that facial recognition was needed. Usually at least once a day, Facewatch alerts him that somebody on the watchlist has entered the store.

Facial recognition technology is proliferating as Western countries grapple with advances brought on by artificial intelligence. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has encouraged retailers to try the technology to fight crime.

Fraser Sampson, Britain's biometrics and surveillance camera commissioner, who advises the government on policy, said, "I think in terms of speed, scale, accuracy and cost, facial recognition technology can in some areas, you know, literally be a game changer," he said. "That means its arrival and deployment is probably inevitable. It's just a case of when."

Facewatch is now inside nearly 400 stores across Britain.

Facewatch's watchlist is constantly growing as stores upload photos of shoplifters and problematic customers. Once added, a person remains there for a year before being deleted. Liam Ardern, the operations manager for Lawrence Hunt, which owns 23 Spar convenience stores that use Facewatch, estimates the technology has saved the company more than 50,000 pounds since 2020.

He called the privacy risks of facial recognition overblown.   nytimes.com

Police Video From Texas Mall Shooting Released

Allen, Texas Mall Shooting Bodycam Footage Released
Allen mall video shows officer breathless, alone as he tracks down, kills shooter

The footage released Wednesday is the first detailed look at police response to the mass shooting at Allen Premium Outlets.

In the first detailed look at police response to the mass shooting at Allen Premium Outlets, body-cam footage released Wednesday shows the moments a lone officer ran toward rapid gunfire and ended the deadly rampage.

"This video shows how quickly a routine interaction with the public turned into a life-and-death situation," Allen Police Chief Brian Harvey said in a news release. "The officer recognized the danger, ran toward the gunfire and neutralized the threat - and for his actions, the Allen community is forever grateful."

Gunfire erupted outside the mall May 6, killing eight people, wounding at least seven and traumatizing hundreds more. The officer whose body camera footage was released fatally shot the gunman. He was nearby on an unrelated call.

Officials have said that just before the gunfire began, the officer stopped to talk to a woman and children about seatbelt safety. Seconds into making small talk, more than a dozen shots ring out. A woman grabs the two children as the officer calls into his radio: "145, I think we've got shots fired at the outlet mall."

Once he reaches the Polo Ralph Lauren store, another round of shots rings out. Sirens begin to fill the air. The first time the officer classifies the gunfire as a mass shooting is when he walks by H&M, where multiple bodies were blurred on the ground outside the store.

The officer moves forward, panting, then runs as gunfire continues. He stops. The officer aims his gun and then fires more than 10 shots. "Shots fired by police, I got him down!" he yells. dallasnews.com

Texas Grand Jury Clears Police Officer who Killed Mall Mass Shooter
A Collin County grand jury declined to indict the Allen police officer who fatally shot the gunman responsible for opening fire at an outlet mall May 6, killing eight people and wounding at least seven others.

Officials have said the gunman was killed less than five minutes after he fired the first shots.

The shopping center reopened May 31 with increased security. A permanent memorial "to honor the victims and to commemorate the enduring strength of the Allen community" is in the works, mall officials said last month. officer.com

INFORM Act Reaction Continues

Will INFORM Act Help Stop San Francisco's Doom Loop?
New law targeting organized retail theft just kicked in
A federal law aimed at deterring organized retail theft went into effect Tuesday, but stakeholders and experts are skeptical the measure will make a substantial impact in San Francisco, where burglaries have plagued businesses and ignited national attention.

The law addresses the issue in a roundabout way; requiring online marketplaces to collect and disclose information about third-party sellers who make more than 200 sales amounting to $5,000 or more in a year. Goods stolen from retailers are often fenced online.

San Francisco's retail crime spree has stoked fear and anger over the last few years, with videos of egregious theft going viral and retailers attributing their closures to the problem. Local and state officials have tried numerous methods to crack down on the problem, and some hope the federal law will add to the existing arsenal.

"It's a step in the right direction," said Rachel Michelin, president and CEO of the California Retailers Association. "I just don't want to give this false sense that this is going to be the silver bullet. It's not."

"I'm not going to rule out that it's going to be effective, but I can see a lot of ways when looking at it - I don't know if it's going to deter the theft that's happened. That's the real question," said Kirthi Kalyanam, executive director of the Retail Management Institute at Santa Clara University. "I don't think in the short run that this is going to have any impact on what you see in a city like San Francisco."

Retailers and local politicians showed some optimism about the legislation's potential effectiveness, but most tempered their expectations. sfchronicle.com

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The Big Question the Retail Industry Is Asking:
Will The INFORM Consumers Act Take a Bite Out of Organized Retail Crime?
The Integrity, Notification, and Fairness in Online Retail Marketplaces for Consumers Act - AKA the INFORM Consumers Act - is now the law of the land.

Congress passed the bipartisan act in December to make it harder for criminals to sell stolen and counterfeit goods through online marketplaces on eBay, Amazon.com and others.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which will enforce the law with the attorneys general offices from all 50 states, sent a letter last week to 50 online marketplaces notifying them of their obligation to comply with the new law.

"The Commission will enforce the Act to the fullest extent possible and will collaborate with our state partners to hold online marketplaces accountable," said Samuel Levine, director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Amazon, eBay and Meta have all expressed support for the new law and plan to comply with the new rules, CNBC reports.

Lisa LaBruno, senior executive vice president, retail operations, at the Retail Industry Leaders Association, said retailers are hopeful that the new requirements will lead online marketplace platforms to "finally evict bad actors from their platforms."

"While this law is not a miracle cure for organized retail crime, it's a significant dose of help that finally holds marketplaces accountable when their platforms are used to sell stolen product," Ms. LaBruno said. "Coupled with the ORC task forces launched in multiple states and cities across the country, we're finally beginning to see the resources, collaboration and commitment needed to turn the tide in this fight."  retailwire.com

"Calif. Needs to do Better Job Enforcing Drug & THEFT LAWS"
Governor Includes 'Theft' in SF Crackdown - It's about time!

Exclusive: Ca. Gov. Gavin Newsom doubles state police in San Francisco fentanyl crackdown

More State Police - More National Guard - More Federal Authorities Coming to SF Crackdown

Gov. Gavin Newsom will double the number of state police officers helping crack down on fentanyl dealing in San Francisco, he told The Chronicle on Wednesday.

The move doubles down on an approach Newsom launched in May, when he deployed California Highway Patrol officers to assist local police in the Tenderloin and South of Market neighborhoods. He called the open-air drug dealing in the city "unacceptable" and said California needs to do a better job enforcing the drug and theft laws it already has by putting more police officers on the streets and enhancing collaboration between law enforcement agencies. He said the state-local effort in San Francisco is an example of that strategy in action.

"We have a lot of existing laws on the books. I'd like to see us start to enforce the damn existing laws," he said. "I'll be honest with you, my biggest gripe right now in San Francisco has been, frankly, we're not enforcing existing laws ... we're not prosecuting the law breakers. Judges, DAs, the whole panoply - I want to see people held accountable for breaking the law."

Since the CHP officers began working with local police in the Tenderloin and South of Market neighborhoods, they have seized 8.1 kilos of fentanyl and arrested 115 people on felony and misdemeanor charges, according to Newsom's office.

SFPD, meanwhile, cited or arrested people 340 times for drug-related offenses in May - the highest number of arrests the agency has made in the month of May since 2018.

About seven to 10 CHP officers have been working on the operation since it began. That number will grow from 14 to 20 per day under this escalation, said Izzy Gardon, a spokesperson for Newsom.

On top of the additional CHP officers, Newsom is also increasing the number of California National Guard members who will work with local officials on the issue. That includes some members who will be tasked with helping Breed's office develop a strategic plan for combating open-air drug markets. Others will provide analytical support to local law enforcement to target and shut down drug trafficking into the city.

Federal authorities are also increasing their drug enforcement work in San Francisco.

Efforts to address California's opioid overdose crisis by increasing enforcement have met resistance in the Democratically controlled Legislature and from criminal justice reform advocates. Along with complaints of the CHP's so-called pretextual stops. sfchronicle.com

France will deploy 40,000 officers to quell violence that erupted after police fatally shot a teen
France's government vowed to restore order after the deadly police shooting of a 17-year-old driver triggered two nights of urban violence.

Darmanin said 170 officers had been injured in the unrest but none of the injuries was life-threatening. At least 90 public buildings were vandalized. inquirer.com

A look at Glendale, Arizona's Police's real-time crime center

Hate crimes in California increased by 20% last year



Blending Security & Customer Experience
The future of retail security technology merges the physical and the digital

NRF PROTECT: Experts from American Eagle Outfitters, Target and Ulta Beauty on blending security and the customer experience

Whether it's custom-built or off-the-shelf, plenty of technology solutions can protect against fraud and product loss as well as enhance the customer experience, according to a panel of retail security experts sharing their thoughts on next-gen technology trends at NRF PROTECT.

"I can see a vision of technology advancing and enabling more freedom, reducing friction, increasing productivity in stores and getting to a place where the data is so robust and actionable in the moment that we are able to proactively protect the business while having the customer have a free and open experience," said Scott McBride, chief global asset protection officer and chief security officer at American Eagle Outfitters Inc.

Keeping the customer experience at the core of the security strategy has helped Target innovate and come up with new solutions, said Jodie Kautt, vice president, cybersecurity for Target. "We want to make sure we are putting our mitigation or prevention steps to disrupt this activity right in line with the guest experience flow that the fraudsters are taking advantage of," she said.

For Diane Brown, vice president of IT risk management at Ulta Beauty, it's about looking at existing technology and understanding the full scope of capabilities, not just the problem that technology is supposed to solve.

In the future, generative AI will help retailers "find new patterns in a high ROI manner," said panel moderator Deborah Weinswig, CEO of Coresight Research. "It's a new way of looking at the data we have and getting in front of, and predicting, behaviors, so we can make better decisions."

In any case, retailers need to start thinking today about where along the blockchain they feel comfortable sharing information and the goals of that intelligence sharing. nrf.com

What the CFOs Read

49% of business leaders said safety & security risks are top concern of implementing AI
72% of Business Leaders Believe AI Will Improve Employee Productivity

While leaders believe AI's impact on productivity may be substantial, implementation concerns remain prevalent.

Artificial Intelligence's scope of innovation, as tremendous as it has become in recent months, continues to raise questions around its impact on employee productivity. In conversations with finance leaders at recent events and discussions about where, when, and even how to approach the technology, it's clear that leaders' understanding of the basics falls within a wide range. This, combined with a lack of oversight from regulators, has made for a concoction of ideas around how this type of technology will impact business both now and later.

Recent data from Insight, which surveyed one thousand business leaders with a position of director or higher, found that nearly three-quarters (72%) of business leaders believe AI implementation will improve productivity amongst their teams.

According to surveyors, finance can use AI to combat fraud, an area CFOs have greatly expanded both interest and allocations towards. Outside of cybersecurity and plug-ins for things like creating financial statements and analyzing financial reports, AI can also have the potential to revolutionize risk analysis in strategic decision-making surveyors said, an area in which strong skills are demanded in order to succeed as a contemporary CFO.

Quality, Security Risks

CFOs must be skeptical of the potential consequences of premature advancement of these types of products. Despite a desired oversight by leaders of AI, there is none at the moment.

More than half (51%) of those surveyed said they were concerned about the quality and control of AI within their organization, worrying about undesired content and misinformation within these tools impacting the results they generate. A nearly identical amount (49%) also said they were concerned about safety and security risks, fearing these types of technologies could leave their data vulnerable and their organizations at risk to hackers.

"If you're using [generative AI], there is no confidentiality," said Sloane Kolt, head of Datarails Labs. "Do not put any sensitive information in there. ChatGPT will tell you that right from the beginning, and the reason for that is that everything you put into those prompts becomes a part of the AI's training," she said. "What you're putting in there could end up showing up in someone else's answer, and I am pretty sure we don't want any of that." cfo.com

Deep Fakes - Biggest AI-Related Concern
Synthetic Fraud Rises at 'Alarming' Rate as AI Evolves
"As AI advances, more tools become available to fraudsters ... the use of synthetic fraud is rising at an alarming rate," said Pavel Goldman-Kalaydin, at head of AI at identity verification company Sumsub.

The threat posed by deepfakes has led a number of states to pass laws regulating these audio/visual forgeries, with at least four others considering similar bills.

Last month, Microsoft President Brad Smith said deepfakes are his biggest AI-related concern, and called for measures to "protect against the alteration of legitimate content with an intent to deceive or defraud people through the use of AI" along with licensing of the most key forms of AI to safeguard physical, cyber and national security.

Meanwhile, AI also has the potential to help prevent and detect fraud in the financial services space, Jeremiah Lotz, managing vice president, digital and data at PSCU, told PYMNTS earlier this week.

And although using AI-powered tools to boost fraud defenses isn't necessarily a new approach, Lotz said that today's generative AI solutions can "take things to the next level by looking at deeper, more personalized experiences."

That means employing AI to support ID verification and transaction authorizations, as well as to better analyze behavioral patterns to spot suspicious behavior. pymnts.com

UPS Teamsters say nationwide strike is 'imminent' if Friday deadline not met
The Teamsters working for shipping giant UPS said a strike is "imminent" after walking away from the bargaining table.

The UPS Teamsters said in a statement late Wednesday it gave UPS a one-week notice Tuesday to "act responsibly and exchange a stronger economic proposal" to more than 340,000 employees of the shipping company.

The Teamsters demanded that UPS delivers its "last, best and final offer" to the union by Friday.

"The largest single-employer strike in American history now appears inevitable," Teamsters General President Sean O'Brien said in a statement. thehill.com

Canada's Indigo's Books & Music CEO Comments on FY23 Full-Year Results includes:
"The Company was challenged by higher shrink levels, which is consistent with industry trends."

Casey's wants 350 more stores by 2026

Costco cracks down on sharing membership cards

Americans are feeling far more confident about the economy

Quarterly Results

Indigo Books & Music FY merchandise sales up 0.5%, sales down 0.4%

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Senior Manager Security job posted for TaylorMade in Carlsbad, CA
The Security Leader will be responsible for implementation, development and oversight for an enterprise-wide corporate security program which incorporates personnel security, asset protection, intellectual property security, crisis management, investigations, and risk assessment within the TaylorMade business environment. Efforts will focus on creating efficient, cross-functional, value-added corporate service that promotes employee responsibility and action, improves security awareness, minimizes corporate risk, and protects the TaylorMade brand, assets, employees and information across the business. taylormadegolf.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com

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$5.2M Ransomware Attack Expense
Filed Cyber Insurance Claim? Good Luck with that!

Canada's Indigo Books & Music Ransomware Attack in Q4 Shut Down Ecommerce Four Weeks
On February 8, 2023, the Company was the victim of a ransomware attack, resulting in internal operational disruptions and service disruptions to both sales channels. This had a material impact on sales and profitability in the fourth quarter and fiscal year.

The Company's ecommerce platforms were temporarily shut down, with the full website being restored after four weeks. The retail network was unable to process electronic payments for approximately three days and experienced other operational limitations that impacted the Company's ability to fulfill demand.

Adjusted EBITDA for the year was a loss of $20.5 million, compared to earnings of $32.5 million in the prior year. The ransomware attack caused an interruption to the Company's sales operations, the ultimate financial impact of which cannot be reasonably estimated at this time, however, the impact was material to fiscal 2023 sales, Adjusted EBITDA and net loss position.

Indigo maintains cyber insurance coverage and is in the process of working with its insurer to make claims under the policy. While the business interruption losses cannot be reasonable estimated at this time, the Company incurred $5.2 million of expenses as of April 1, 2023 which impacted the net loss position. indigoimages.ca

External Attack Surfaces - Zero Trust - Cyber Insurance
Attack surface visibility a top CISO priority amid growing attacks: Report

Censys study finds 93% of CISOs experienced an attack in the last year, making attack surface management their top priority.

The study was designed to explore the state of security leadership in a shifting digital terrain and interviewed a total of 208 CISOs or CISO equivalents from US-based companies with more than 5,000 employees.
In the report, Censys explored the cybersecurity events and experiences that influence senior leadership decisions, said Dayna Rothman, chief marketing officer at Censys.

Incidents fuel the push for attack surface visibility

All participants in the study agreed that their view of the current risk environment is more negative than it was a year ago. This was mainly because a significant number (93%) of them experienced at least one cyberattack in the past year, according to the study.

While the latest tools and technologies help CISOs cope with daily cybersecurity vulnerabilities, these advances in technology are also benefiting cybercriminals, Steffen added.

More than half (53%) of the respondents identified the "need to secure their organization's entire attack surface" as their top priority, emphasizing external attack surface management solutions as critical elements to securing organizations and preventing attacks.

"A significant part of the lack of visibility is the capabilities of the tools that the organization is using, but another significant portion is either a lack of understanding or a misconfiguration of the organization's attack surface," Steffen added. "Constantly changing enterprise environments -- from new technologies to updates, new vendors, and third-party connections -- also sometimes contribute to the attack surface."

Preferred measures include zero trust, cyber insurance

Fifty-eight percent of respondents took defensive actions in the form of shifting to (or increasing) zero trust in the last year. According to the report, this was caused by a mix of factors, including increased global tensions and leading nation-state actors, globally distributed devices, and the White House's new cybersecurity strategy.

A significant number (91%) of the respondents said their organization has cyberinsurance in place, however, over a quarter (27%) do not understand the total obligations of their insurance policy.

This is because the insurance market itself is in flux, with changing standards, claim processes, and policy assessment types, according to Steffen. "According to a recent EMA survey, 75% of ransomware payees reported that paying the ransom resolved all the expected problems, while another 22% and 53% considered paying the ransom as cost and downtime saving respectively." csoonline.com

Companies that Rush to Embrace AI May Be Ignoring Cyber Risks
Generative AI Projects Pose Major Cybersecurity Risk to Enterprises

Developers' enthusiasm for ChatGPT and other LLM tools leaves most organizations largely unprepared to defend against the vulnerabilities that the nascent technology creates.

Organizations' rush to embrace generative AI may be ignoring the significant security threats that large language model (LLM)-based technologies like ChatGPT pose, particularly in the open source development space and across the software supply chain, new research has found.

A report by Rezilion released June 28 explored the current attitude of the open source landscape to LLMs, particularly in their popularity, maturity, and security posture. What researchers found is that despite the rapid adoption of this technology among the open source community (with a whopping 30,000 GPT-related projects on GitHub alone), the initial projects being developed are, overall, insecure - resulting in an increased threat with substantial security risk for organizations.

This risk only stands to increase in the short-term as generative AI continues its rapid adoption throughout the industry, demanding an immediate response to improve security standards and practices in the development and maintenance of the technology, says Yotam Perkal, director of vulnerability research at Rezilion.

"Without significant improvements in the security standards and practices surrounding LLMs, the likelihood of targeted attacks and the discovery of vulnerabilities in these systems will increase," he tells Dark Reading. darkreading.com

8Base ransomware group leaks data of 67 victim organizations

6 Ways Cybersecurity Is Gut-Checking the ChatGPT Frenzy







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Cannabis Business Alarm Systems
Alarm Systems for Cannabis Businesses

An alarm system is an integral part of every retail establishment, but it is especially important for cannabis businesses.

AdvertisementCannabis business alarm systems are made up of multiple components, including alarm control panels and keypads, glass break detectors, panic buttons and duress codes, and motion detectors. Cannabis business owners should ensure these components are always functioning and should test these devices regularly.

Cannabis business owners should ensure the alarm system covers the following areas of the facility:

• Entrances and exits
• Rooms with windows
• Rooms with exterior walls
• Rooms where cannabis or currency are stored or handled
• The exterior perimeter of the facility

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Alarm System

While price can be a reflection on quality and functionality, an alarm system should not be chosen simply because it is the most expensive. Hiring a security consultant to assist with security equipment purchasing can ensure the business is fully covered with a cost-efficient alarm solution. Additionally, hiring a consultant when building out a cannabis facility ensures that the alarm system components are installed correctly.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the alarm system. Choosing a lower-quality alarm system may save the business money up front, but faulty components could put the alarm system at risk and cost the business money in the future. Quality alarm system devices will be consistent, dependable, and will meet the needs of the business.


Alarm system compliance remains important from application to operation of the cannabis business, so it is important to work with a security consultant or expert throughout the entire process. Applicants must demonstrate that their proposed alarm system will meet or exceed all state/local guidelines. Additionally, security floor plans identifying the locations of alarm devices is often required during the licensing phase. sapphirerisk.com

In Case You Missed It

Hospitality & Retail Lead the Way in 'High' Workers
Bosses' New Task Is Figuring Out Who's High at Work

Companies change how they police use of the drug at work

More Americans are using marijuana. Their employers are trying to decide how much that matters.

One in six American adults now says they smoke marijuana, a share that has eclipsed the number of cigarette smokers, according to recent Gallup data, and expanding legalization of the drug has led more companies to scrap employee drug-testing. Instead, many are leaning on managers to spot signs that workers are impaired on the job and determine what to do when they are.

For one thing, some companies say being high at work isn't necessarily a fireable offense.

"It used to be, you test positive: 'See you later,'" says Eric Mack, a partner with employment-law firm Littler Mendelson, who says he has trained employees at more than a dozen companies to spot the signs of drug-related impairment in the past two years.

"Managers are really on the front lines of making these determinations, and it's very difficult to do," says Mack, who notes telltale signs include slurred speech, fumbling with equipment or otherwise acting erratically. He also advises companies to make sure more than one person observes that a co-worker isn't themselves.

Employees found to be high on the job might be warned, offered counseling or-depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of the performance issue-fired, she adds. The company recently ordered a drug test for an employee in Virginia, where marijuana possession is legal, after the worker drove a forklift into an overhead door. The worker was fired after testing positive, given the safety violation involved.

The mix of workplace safety and pot legalization is "one of the things that sometimes keeps me up at night," she says. wsj.com

Florida attorney general rejects recreational marijuana amendment
Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has filed a brief with the Florida Supreme Court detailing why she believes the proposed measure to legalize recreational marijuana should not be placed on the ballot for voters to decide. She may oppose the language, but there's little denying the economic impact of cannabis since it was approved in 2016 for medicinal purposes.

The nearly 30,000 statewide jobs are among the more than 300,000 in the industry across America. Last year, it generated more than $100 million in Florida taxes and licensing fees, and it's expected to add $2 billion to the state's economy this year.

There are now 828,560 patients, 2,527 physicians trained and licensed to prescribe it, and 578 medical marijuana treatment centers. The economy would surge even more if recreational marijuana is legalized under a proposed amendment next year-something cannabis patients support because they believe it would lower prices. cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

Recreational cannabis in Maryland becomes legal on Saturday

Minnesota employers sprint to rewrite marijuana policies amid new law

4 things you need to know about marijuana retail sales in Maryland




Amazon's Army of New Warehouse Robots
Amazon's New Robots Are Rolling Out an Automation Revolution

A wave of advanced machines is coming to the company's facilities thanks to better AI and robots smart enough to work with-and without-humans.

Proteus, as Amazon calls this machine, is not like other industrial robots, which are generally as expressive and aware of their surroundings as actual footstools. "Wait, why would a robot be happy?" I ask. Sophie Li, a software engineer at Amazon, explains that being able to express happiness can help Proteus work more effectively around people.

Proteus carries suitcase-sized plastic bins filled with packages over to trucks in a loading bay that is also staffed by humans. The robot is smart enough to distinguish people from inanimate objects and make its own decisions about how to navigate around a box or person in its path. But sometimes it needs to tell someone to move out of the way-or that it is stuck, which it does by showing different colors with its mouth. Li recently added the heart eyes to let Proteus also signal when it has completed a task as planned.

"Proteus will hopefully make people happy," Li says, referring to the workers who will toil alongside the robot, transferring packages from bins into trucks. "And if not, well, at least it should do what they expect it to."

Proteus is part of an army of smarter robots currently rolling into Amazon's already heavily automated fulfillment centers. Some of these machines, such as Proteus, will work among humans. And many of them take on tasks previously done by people. A robot called Sparrow, introduced in November 2022, can pick individual products from storage cubbies and place them into larger plastic bins-a step towards human-like dexterity, a holy grail of robotics and a bottleneck in the automation of a lot of manual work. Amazon also last year invested in a startup that makes humanoid robots capable of carrying boxes around.

Amazon's latest robots could bring about a company-wide-and industry-wide-shift in the balance between automation and people. When Amazon first rolled out large numbers of robots, after acquiring startup Kiva Systems and its shelf-carrying robots in 2012, the company redesigned its fulfillment centers and distribution network, speeding up deliveries and capturing even more business. The ecommerce firm may now be on the cusp of a similar shift, with the new robots already starting to reshape fulfillment centers and how its employees work. Certain jobs will be eliminated while new ones will emerge-just as long as its business continues growing. And competitors, as always, will be forced to adapt or perish. wired.com

Expanding Target's Last-Mile Reach - 1,500 Packages Daily
Target bolsters last-mile delivery reach with first extension facility
Target has expanded its last-mile reach in the Atlanta area with an "extension" facility that is helping deliver up to 1,500 packages daily, the retailer said on its website last week.

Packages are transferred to the Smyrna, Georgia, facility from Target's Atlanta sortation center if the destination falls outside the center's delivery area. Drivers with Target's Shipt subsidiary then provide delivery to customers.

Target said it plans to ramp up the facility's activity in the coming months and will review expansion plans for these types of facilities - which it calls Target Last Mile Delivery extensions - as it continues to expand its next-day delivery reach. retaildive.com

Amazon returns accepted soon at nearly 1,000 Staples locations

Ocado drops after media report of Amazon denying possible bid







Honolulu, HI: Woman found guilty of stealing over $20K from retail stores sentenced to prison
A 46-year-old woman known as a "serial thief" on Oahu has been sentenced to prison after being found guilty of multiple robberies. Yolanda Pusi has been sentenced to five years in prison. Pusi stole close to $20,000 in merchandise from retail stores on 11 different occasions, between December 2021 and May 2022. The 46-year-old pleaded no contest to nine counts of theft and two counts of habitual property crime.  hawaiinewsnow.com

Seneca, SC: Pictures released of 3 women after $12,000 worth of merchandise was stolen from Ulta store in SC
Authorities in Oconee County, South Carolina, released pictures of three people who they call persons of interest after nearly $12,000 worth of merchandise was stolen from Ulta Beauty. An employee told a deputy that three women came into the store during the evening hours on June 22 and shoplifted items from the store. Investigators say it appears that the women fill bags with items, left the store, and then returned back inside the store on multiple occasions. It also appears as if one of the females changed their appearance upon entering and reentering the store, investigators said. Investigators said that a white Toyota SUV, unknown year and model, was seen circling the parking lot of Hartwell Village while the crime was occurring. Based upon an inventory conducted by Ulta Beauty of the items that were taken, the approximate amount of cosmetics and fragrances stolen is $11,968.  wyff4.com

Charlotte County, FL: Trio arrested after trying to steal $6,000 worth of merchandise in Port Charlotte
Three women were arrested after attempting to steal thousands of dollars in merchandise from a Kohl's in Port Charlotte on Saturday. Charlotte County Sheriff's Office responded to a call from a Loss Prevention Associate at Kohl's department store on Cochran Blvd. During the call, the associate told deputies that three Black women were observed concealing merchandise in bags and a red suitcase. Employees also recognized the trio for a past theft. Deputies went to the location and positioned themselves in the parking lot. According to CCSO, the trio exited the store with the items, but when they noticed the deputies, they entered the store and dropped $5,766 worth of merchandise on the floor. When deputies approached the store, the trio tried to flee the scene. The women split up and ran in different directions to avoid a deputy. However, deputies detained Davaja Ford, 22, Dontavious Thomas, 27, and Temashe Davis, 31.  nbc-2.com

Keene, NH: 3 people arrested after armed robbery at Home Depot, leading police on chase through 3 states
Three suspects from New York City were arrested after police said they led officers on a chase through three states after allegedly robbing a store in New Hampshire. Keene police said around 8:40 a.m. Wednesday, they responded to a theft of merchandise from Home Depot. The suspects entered the store and began filling bags with items and were reported to be wearing face coverings had had guns, police said. Officers said they led Keene police on a chase through Chesterfield, at times going more than 100 mph before crossing into Brattleboro, Vermont. A Massachusetts State Police trooper then spotted the vehicle in Greenfield but said the driver kept speeding away even after driving over a spike strip. They were eventually spotted near Greenfield Community College, where K-9 Sig eventually helped track them down. The suspects were identified as three men, Jahnie Cox, 20, of Brooklyn, NY, Patrick Singleton, 20, of Queens, NY and a 17-year-old juvenile from Brooklyn, NY. Massachusetts State Police said the stolen items were transferred to Keene police.  wmur.com

Rocklin, CA: Police drone watches retail theft suspects outside Rocklin Target store; 2 arrests made
Authorities say two retail theft suspects with shopping carts full of merchandise were caught red-handed outside the Rocklin Target store. The Rocklin Police Department says, on Tuesday, they were alerted that some alleged shoplifters associated with other crimes in the region were inside the store. An aerial drone was deployed and monitored the suspects until they left the store with at least two shopping carts full of items they allegedly didn't pay for. That's when they were swarmed by law enforcement officers. Police say, along with the freshly stolen items, merchandise from other businesses around Placer County was found in the suspects' getaway car. In total, police say the stolen merchandise had a value of over several thousand dollars.  cbsnews.com

Ontario, Canada: Thieves with expensive taste steal cologne from stores in northern Ontario as they head west
Three people who appear to be headed for Thunder Bay are robbing retail stores as they travel, Ontario Provincial Police said Wednesday. Police said the same trio stole from retail stores in Sudbury on June 23, Elliot Lake June 24 and in Sault Ste. Marie on June 25. In the Elliot Lake theft, police said three people entered a store at 2:20 p.m. on Ontario Avenue and headed to the cosmetic section. "Two of the three distracted the employee while the third person stole over $1,000 in cologne and perfume," police said in a news release Wednesday. "Three persons of interest were caught on surveillance camera and police are looking for assistance in identifying them." Police said they took similar items in all the thefts. The three may be travelling towards Thunder Bay and are calling on retail stores to notify police should you recognize them.  northernontario.ctvnews.ca

Reading, PA: Retail theft ring steals more than $150K worth of diesel fuel in Berks, Lancaster counties

Gwinnett County, GA: Man wanted for spending thousands with fraudulent credit card

Centennial, CO: 2 grocery store shoplifters shown in viral video still unidentified

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Shootings & Deaths

Wrens, GA: C-Store clerk shot and killed in Armed Robbery, 2 suspects in custody
On Wednesday June 28, 2023 at approximately 8:37pm, 2 suspects entered Wrens Food Mart, also known as Jackie's on Waynesboro Hwy. in Wrens, GA. During what appeared to be an armed robbery, the store clerk was shot and killed. Both suspects are in custody at this time. The Wrens Police Department says due to the age of the offenders, their names and photos cannot be released at this time.  wjbf.com

Long Beach, CA: Police arrest one of 2 suspects connected to Fatal shooting outside C-Store
Police have arrested one of two alleged suspects connected to a fatal shooting that occurred outside of a Long Beach convenience store on Tuesday. According to Long Beach Police Department, the shooting happened at around 7:30 p.m. in the 1000 block of Long Beach Boulevard, where officers arrived to find Isaac Marshall IV, a 27-year-old man, dead at the scene. "The preliminary investigation indicates the victim was outside of a business when he was involved in a physical altercation with two male suspects," a statement from police said. "The victim left the scene. ... He later returned to the business in his vehicle and parked out front. While the victim was inside his vehicle, the same two male suspects approached him and assaulted him." At some point during the fight, one of the suspects shot Marshall, killing him.  cbsnews.com

Houston, TX: Man gets 60 years in prison for shooting and killing Gas Station store clerk in 2019

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Suffolk County, NY: 70-year-old man arrested in 7 commercial burglaries
A man has been arrested for seven commercial burglaries across Suffolk County, according to police. Police say Kenneth Eckoff, 70, was identified as the man who committed multiple burglaries within the confines of the 6th Precinct between May 22 and June 25. During each burglary, police say Eckoff removed front-door glass and stole money from registers. Eckoff was charged with seven counts of burglary in the third degree.
Police say Eckoff burglarized the following locations: Villa Grazie Pizza, Rainbow at Centereach Mall, Carpet Depot, Carpet Depot (2nd location) Jiffy Lube, Coachella Nail Spa, and Islander Laundromat.  longisland.news12.com

Cleveland, OH: Store clerk grabs sword, fights back against armed robber in Euclid
"People fed up, you know," Dejea Steiner said. "I come to work every day. The people that own the store, they are struggling too and then to see people go out here and just rob people and harm people. It is not OK." Steiner works at the Magic Wizard Smoke Shop, on E. 185th Street in Euclid. On Tuesday afternoon, a man wearing a mask walked into the store and then pointed a gun at her. The robbery was caught on security video. Steiner said the robber demanded money and then asked for THC vapes. She told him they don't have any. He then demanded other items. When Steiner went to grab some items, she also grabbed an entire display case, and threw it at the suspect. After throwing the case at the suspect, the two ended up on the ground fighting. Steiner then grabbed a sword that was near the cash register and started swinging. The suspect fired a gun shot and yelled for Steiner to "get back." "After the gun shot, I just ran out the door ," Steiner said. She also quickly called for help. The suspect can be seen on the video grabbing several items and cash before taking off.  fox8.com

Mobile, AL: MPD investigates armed robbery inside Winn-Dixie
Mobile police are investigating an armed robbery at a Winn-Dixie in west Mobile. Officers responded just after 5 p.m. Tuesday to the grocery store 740 Schillinger Rd. Police said a masked robber had entered the store, pulled out a gun and demanding money from a cashier. When the cashier gave up the money, the man ran from the scene, according to authorities. No one was injured in the incident. fox10tv.com

Reseda, CA: Armed men rob armored truck outside Taco Bell
Authorities are searching for two armed men who robbed an armored truck as it pulled into a Taco Bell in Reseda for a scheduled cash delivery. The brazen robbery happened around 11:40 a.m. at a Taco Bell on the 6700 block of Reseda Boulevard. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, two men, one armed with an assault rifle, attacked an armored truck courier as he exited the vehicle. One of the men gained entry into the armored truck and removed an undisclosed amount of cash. Both suspects then fled in a waiting vehicle, possibly a white Toyota. The robbery happened during a scheduled cash delivery for the fast food restaurant, indicating the robbers likely were monitoring the delivery route. ktla.com

Greenwood Village, CO: King Soopers fired 5 workers for stopping shoplifter
They thought they were doing the right thing. Instead, five employees at a King Soopers grocery store in Greenwood Village were terminated for holding a shoplifting suspect and calling the police. It's been more than six months since the employees were fired, and they still haven't received an arbitration date to hear their appeals. "I think it is a travesty of justice, quite frankly," said Greg McArthur, one of the five King Soopers employees. The other four employees let go for the Nov. 2 incident are Teresa Maldonado, Julie Olivett, Pressley Swenson and Naghi Salimi. All five sat down separately with the Problem Solvers to talk about what each felt was a wrongful termination. "Just trying to help," said Naghi Salimi, who moved to Colorado from Iran in 2017. He said King Soopers was the one and only place he had worked since emigrating to the United States. "I never thought I'd be fired for this," said Pressley Swenson, who had only been on the job three months. "It's hit my family hard financially, emotionally," said Julie Olivett, who at age 62 said she was blindsided by the termination. "I've lost my health insurance. I lost all my benefits for something that's just unfair because I did nothing wrong. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time."  kdvr.com

Small business owners in Chicago are using fog machines in hopes of stopping burglars
Business owners in Chicago are hoping to leave thieves in a fog. When someone breaks into stores after hours, an anti-theft fog machine goes to work. In just seconds, it can fill about 1,000-square-feet with a non-toxic, no-grime fog. "DensityUSA's instant fog technology is pretty unique," said President and COO Mike Egel. "When a criminal breaks in after hours, the alarm deploys, the fog deploys and in seconds, your business is going to be protected. They literally can't see it to steal it." A basic model goes for about $7,000. With retail thefts at the highest level in Chicago since 2019, local businesses are hoping this technology works. The owner of the first store in Chicago - and in the state of Illinois - to use the fog system said it gives her peace of mind. "I sleep better," she said.  abc7ny.com

Vidalia, LA: Man sentenced to 15 years in prison after robbing Grocery and Dollar stores at gunpoint

Topeka, KS: Walmart Armed Robbery suspect taken to hospital after leading Police pursuit; ending in a crash with Police cruiser

Memphis, TN: Sam's Club employee charged with pocketing thousands from false returns



Auto - Memphis, TN - Burglary
Beauty - Seneca, SC - Robbery
C-Store - Wrens, GA: - Armed Robbery / cashier killed
C-Store - Suffolk County, NY - Burglary
C-Store - Port Arthur, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Mesa, AZ - Robbery
Clothing - Port Charlotte, FL - Robbery
Dollar - Macon, GA - Armed Robbery
Dollar - Toledo, OH - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - South Burlington, VT - Robbery
Grocery - Tacoma, WA - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Mobile, AL - Armed Robbery
Guns - Oxford Township, MI - Burglary
Hardware - Keene, NH - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Tucson, AZ - Robbery
Jewelry - Reno, NV - Robbery
Jewelry - Trumbull, CT - Robbery
Restaurant - Hicksville, NY - Burglary
Restaurant - Toledo, OH - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Reseda, CA - Armed Robbery
Target - Rocklin, CA - Robbery
Tobacco - Cleveland, OH - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Topeka, KS - Robbery
Walmart - Forsyth County, GA - Robbery
Warehouse - Amarillo, TX - Robbery            


Daily Totals:
• 21 robberies
• 4 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 1 killed

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