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Mike Suppe promoted to Director - Field Asset Protection
for Casey's

In his new role at Casey's, Mike's responsibilities will include leading the field Asset Protection team for the company's 2,500+ locations. Earlier in his career, he served as Director of Loss Prevention for Burlington Stores for more than two years and SW Division Manager, Asset Protection for 7-Eleven for more than 11 years. Congratulations, Mike!

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National Retail Security Survey - Help Us Quiet the Naysayers!

The retail industry continues to face increasingly alarming levels of crime, violence and loss, yet there are those who think differently because our industry doesn't have the numbers to "back it up."

For more than 30 years, the National Retail Security Survey has been our industry benchmark report - and this year may be our most critical year!

This year's survey has been sent out to more than 350 retail brands across various segments, via emails sent to LP/AP pyramid heads. The National Retail Federation and Loss Prevention Research Council have a goal of receiving at least 100 retailer submissions to help us provide support to the entire industry with the results. Help us achieve that goal!

The deadline for completing the survey has been extended to
Friday, June 16, 2023.


Only through retailer participation can we provide the most representative results that show the true impact of theft, loss and concerns facing our industry. Now is the time for us to quiet the naysayers!

If for any reason your organization (check with your LP/AP leader) has not received a survey, or the link to the survey is not working, please contact David Johnston with the National Retail Federation or Cory Lowe with the Loss Prevention Research Council.

The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Industry Responds to Federal ORC Heading

ORC Hearing Underscores Importance of Enforcing INFORM Act
Washington urged to get tough on stolen and counterfeit goods sold online

Law enforcement, retailers and consumer groups urge lawmakers, regulators to protect consumers and communities

This week the U.S. House Judiciary Committee held a hearing, "The Rise in Organized Retail Crime and the Threat to Public Safety." During the hearing, Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach testified that "almost all of the stolen products moved by the fences are sold online." It's more validation from the law enforcement community of what retailers have been ringing the alarm about for years - the ability for bad actors to quickly and easily sell stolen goods via online marketplaces is a key spoke in the organized retail crime wheel.

With the INFORM Consumers Act set to take effect June 27, 2023, the industry is hopeful strong enforcement will serve as the appropriate deterrent to organized retail theft and help keep consumers and workers safe.

Enforcing the INFORM Consumers Act

The Buy Safe America Coalition (BSAC), which represents a diverse group of responsible retailers, consumer groups, manufacturers, intellectual property advocates and law enforcement officials, today sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) supporting the strong enforcement of the INFORM Consumers Act. The letter notes,

"Given the size of the problem, it should be no surprise that such a diverse group of industries and interests are singularly united in our belief that INFORM must be fully enforced by the FTC (and the state Attorneys General) to protect consumers and businesses from what has become a serious threat to consumers, honest businesses, and a fair and healthy marketplace."

Prosecutors and Industry Partner

Transparency only helps if law enforcement uses it to bring high-impact offenders to justice. Bringing together prosecutors and retailers is essential to combatting organized retail crime and keeping our communities safe. RILA and the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) announced a first-of-its-kind national partnership to facilitate information sharing and collaboration among the business community and law enforcement to identify criminal networks operating in communities.

Building on this partnership, RILA and NDAA recently announced a new pilot project to address the root drivers of habitual theft, violence, and other unlawful activity in and around retail establishments - mental health issues, substance use, homelessness, and other complex societal challenges. More on the Vibrant Communities Initiative here. rila.org

D.C. Retail Theft Hearing Continues to Make Headlines
Hill Hearing Spotlights Retail Theft's Wide-Ranging Impact on Merchants, Communities Across the U.S.
The rise of organized retail theft has spared increased scrutiny on Capitol Hill. And Tuesday (June 13), at a hearing titled "The Rise in Organized Retail Crime and the Threat to Public Safety," members of the House Subcommittee on Crime and Federal Government Surveillance heard details on just how pervasive the epidemic has become.

Billions of Dollars Lost Annually

In introducing the hearing, subcommittee chair Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., noted that "organized retail crime has become a growing problem over these past three years" and added that "it's open season on our stores."

During testimony before the subcommittee, Kris Kobach, attorney general for Kansas, said that his state has been among "the top 10 states hit" in terms of dollars stolen. He noted the "overlap" between the drug trade and organized retail theft. He recounted one case where a pawn shop operator employed four "boosters" who stole merchandise for him, and the stolen goods - $100,000 worth - were sold on eBay for millions of dollars.

"They stole from Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart and Target," among others, Kobach said.

In his own testimony, John Milhiser, former U.S. Attorney in Illinois, said that "organized retail crime has both national and international components ... [and] is distinguishable from ordinary retail theft given its large scale and focus on converting stolen goods to cash through resale or to gift cards through store returns."

Forced to Raise Prices

John Flynn, district attorney for Erie County, New York, and president of the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA), said that, per stats from business.org, the percentage of small-business owners reporting daily shoplifting increased from 14% to 23% from 2020 to 2021. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has estimated that 25% of firms have raised prices to offset the losses from these thefts. pymnts.com

ORC & Crime-Fighting Were Top Issues at NRF PROTECT 2023

Retail Leaders Talk Crime Prevention at NRF PROTECT 2023
In Case You Missed It: 3 lessons on collaboration from NRF PROTECT

NRF PROTECT: Retailers come together to share and develop innovative strategies to prevent crime and keep communities safe

A majority of sessions at NRF PROTECT focused on organized retail crime, a growing threat that endangers store employees and customers, disrupts store operations and inflicts financial loss for retailers and communities.

Combating ORC together

In a session on how retailers can work with policymakers to strengthen laws that prevent ORC, leaders from JCPenney discussed the importance of framing ORC to political leaders and why telling the story of its impact can raise awareness across local and state governments, leading to adoption of sufficient criminal penalties. Retailers can help raise awareness about the impact of ORC by sharing personal cases from a sales associate or store manager to show its tangible impacts.

ORC also has the potential to impact whether people want to work in the retail industry, said Walmart U.S. CEO John Furner, who supports retailers collaborating by sharing data on the impact of ORC in their stores.

Reshaping how we think and innovate around crime prevention

Emerging from COVID, leaders have the tools and flexibility to innovate new tech, replicate systems that work and create new practices. More importantly, they can focus on what their findings reveal rather than what they hope they're going to see, said Amy Herman, attorney, internationalist, crime fighter and art historian. The challenge to create high-impact, low-friction solutions remains a priority for retailers.

Crime prevention is a business problem

Mitigating fraud, theft and security are business problems. Through creative collaboration, retailers can create better omnichannel experiences that protect goods, allow for easy shopping experiences and prevent crime before it starts. nrf.com

Loss Prevention Becoming a 'Greater Need' Amid Retail Crime Epidemic
Retail leaders huddled at NRF PROTECT 2023 to discuss solutions to the growing threat

No One Can 'Solve' $95 Billion Retail Crime Epidemic on Their Own

Retail crime won't stop coming.

There is an unrelenting epidemic of crime plaguing retailers and making the topic top of mind with executives and Wall Street analysts alike.

Thirty-four miles from and thirty-one days since a gunman killed nine people at an Outlet Mall in Allen, Texas, NRF Protect last week drew its largest turnout since at least 2019, as retailers, vendors, loss prevention professionals and others gathered to strategize on anti-crime tips, tactics and technologies. The three-day event is the only retail conference that brings together experts in asset protection, store safety and cyber fraud, according to NRF vice president of asset protection and retail operations David Johnston.

"What we really saw this year was a lot of collaboration and convergence between those three areas," Johnston told Sourcing Journal. Discussions focused on how asset protection can work with cybersecurity and digital fraud, even touching on the organized retail crime elements of cybersecurity, he added.

Many retailers are taking a "hands-off policy," Johnston said. "Particularly if they're non-loss prevention or non-security related employees." With sales associates increasingly told to not obstruct thieves for the sake of safety, criminals are taking advantage, causing prices to rise and stores to close in some of the hardest-hit areas.

Technology is one way to curb the problem. NRF Protect 2023, which featured solutions from RFID tagging to AI devices tracking products and customers, illustrated how loss prevention is seeking high-tech solutions.

But Johnston doesn't believe loss prevention is "becoming a bigger business," rather it's becoming a "greater need."

But technology can't be the only solution, as Walmart U.S. CEO John Furner told NRF CEO Matthew Shay at the event.

"The solution is a combination of talent, tools technology, and coalitions of industry, society and government all working together to solve this issue. There isn't a single group, in my opinion, that can solve this on their own," said Furner, who is also the NRF board chairman. sourcingjournal.com

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Illinois Retail Crime Task Force Showing Positive Results
Task force & tech tackle rise in retail theft
In 2021, the Illinois Attorney General created a retail crime task force that would take a different approach. They would view the thefts not as one-off's done by individuals, but as part of a larger organized crime pattern.

Attorney General Kwame Raoul has distributed out almost $5 million to nearly two dozen communities, including Oak Brook, Gurnee, Naperville and Orland Park. "We've funded 25 police departments throughout the state, all the way down to Carbondale," Raoul said. It pays for everything from overtime to license plate readers and surveillance systems that allow police to see what's happening before they even arrive.

"That's the difference between now and years ago," Oak Brook Police Chief Brian Strockis said. "We're not reacting to these things, we're being proactive and using technology to get ahead of it and keep people like this safe."

Automated license plate readers now surround Oakbrook Center giving officers advance warning of potential criminal activity. "If somebody is coming here in a stolen vehicle, they're not coming to shop," Strockis said. Task force money has also been used to give police real-time access to store surveillance cameras.

In DuPage County, where Oakbrook Center is located, the state's attorney charged 462 felony retail theft cases last year. In Cook County, which has five times the population as DuPage County, prosecutors only brought 74 more felony retail theft cases.

"Absolutely it's sending a message to people," DuPage County State's Attorney Bob Berlin said. "'Don't come here and steal. Don't come here and commit crime. You're going to get caught and going to be prosecuted.'" Berlin said he also looks for opportunities to upgrade charges when appropriate.

That message stands in sharp contrast to Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, who only prosecutes retail theft as a felony if more than $1,000 worth of merchandise is stolen. wgntv.com

A Lot of Retail Theft Comes From Within
Retail Theft is a Big Problem. But Who's Stealing May Shock You

Retailers have been calling out ORC groups. But the problem also lies closer to home.

Retailers are under siege, at least that's the narrative the industry has been pushing in recent months. Violent crime in the cities, increasingly brazen organized groups running sophisticated smash and grab operations in stores, and unruly consumers making off with electronics and other high priced goodies.

But here's what retailers and the broader industry are not really talking about: a lot of the theft comes from within. While outside groups and individuals are certainly culprits, employee dishonesty and misconduct has also been a growing problem since the pandemic.

According to a survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF) last year, nearly 57% of retailers identified "internal theft" as a growing risk over the past five years, with 20.7% of that group saying that the threat has become "much more" of a problem.

Inventory shrinkage a complex issue

The industry's singular focus on outside factors masks the complexity - and vulnerability - of the supply chain that the public doesn't normally see. Thieves, both employees and outsiders, steal lots of goods from manufacturers to the distribution centers and from distribution centers to the store. Again, how much such cargo thefts contribute to the $94.5 billion losses the NRF cites versus ORC is not known.

Dealing with employee thefts

For retailers, employee thefts is understandably a sensitive topic that they are not eager to publicly discuss. Since retail work is hardly glamorous, retailers have consistently struggled to hire workers so they might not be particularly picky about who they hire.

Organized theft and general street crime no doubt hurt retailers. But perhaps retailers should also look inward and figure out what they can better control to stem the losses from inventory shrinkage. thestreet.com

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Update Oregon SB 900 - Establishing Organized Retail Theft Grant Program
Senate Bill 900 - Recommendation: Do pass the A-Eng. bill.

Summary of Public Safety Subcommittee Action

Establishes Task Force on Organized Retail Theft. Directs task force to review existing issues of organized retail theft to determine changes to laws or policies to address issues or reduce organized retail theft. Sunsets on December 31, 2024.] Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.] Establishes Organized Retail Theft Grant Program. Directs Oregon Criminal Justice Commission to administer program. Appropriates moneys to commission for purposes of program.

SB 900 establishes the Organized Retail Theft Grant Program for the 2023-35 biennium. This grant program is designed to assist cities, counties, the Oregon State Police, and community-based organizations with addressing and prosecuting organized retail theft.

Funding supports a limited duration Program Analyst 3 position (0.75 FTE) at an estimated cost of $186,598 to develop and implement the grant program at CJC. After this position is funded, CJC will have $4,813,402 remaining to provide as grants to eligible entities. oregonlegislature.gov

What's behind the rise in homicides, shootings in Milwaukee

Violent crime on the rise in Charlottesville, says new report



Facial Recognition Technology is a Win-Win for Retailers
How Facial Recognition is Revolutionizing Retail and Marketing

The Future of Personalized Shopping: How Facial Recognition is Revolutionizing Retail and Marketing

In today's fast-paced world, businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience and streamline their operations. One technology that has been making waves in the retail and marketing sectors is facial recognition. This cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers, offering a level of personalization and convenience that was once unimaginable. As facial recognition technology continues to advance, it is poised to become an integral part of the future of personalized shopping.

Facial recognition technology uses advanced algorithms to analyze and identify a person's facial features, allowing for the instant recognition of an individual. This technology has been around for several years, but recent advancements have made it more accurate and reliable than ever before. With the ability to recognize faces in real-time, facial recognition is now being used in a variety of applications, from security and surveillance to social media and advertising.

In the retail sector, facial recognition is being used to enhance the customer experience by offering personalized shopping experiences. By identifying a customer as they enter a store, retailers can tailor their offerings and promotions to that individual's preferences and shopping history. This level of personalization not only makes the shopping experience more enjoyable for the customer but also helps retailers increase sales and customer loyalty.

In addition to personalizing the shopping experience, facial recognition technology is also being used to streamline the checkout process. Some retailers are experimenting with cashier-less stores, where customers can simply walk in, pick up the items they want, and walk out without having to wait in line or interact with a cashier. Facial recognition technology is used to identify the customer and automatically charge their account for the items they have selected. This not only saves time for the customer but also reduces labor costs for the retailer. citylife.capetown

Will Facial Recognition Tech Fuel the Shift Toward Digital Driver's Licenses?
DMV testing facial recognition technology
There soon might be an app to help avoid those long lines at the DMV and it will move your driver's license to your phone. "When you download the app, it will give you the ability to change your physical driver's license to a digital driver's license," iProov's Ajay Amlani said.

iProov is one of several companies trying to make a digital driver's license a reality in California. Among other things, it could make those long trips to the DMV a thing of the past.

"You can apply for state benefits. You can register your vehicle, renew your car registration," Amlani said. "Other things that would typically force you to go inside of a government office, now you can do virtually."

And although the plan is to encrypt your digital identity so you can't be tracked, privacy experts said they are watching these developments closely and still have questions.

The DMV itself said it is putting the idea through a pilot program and are working with several companies. DMV officials said they are also working with the Department of Homeland Security to keep things safe. nbcbayarea.com

'Call to Action for Employers'
Is Work Stress Affecting Our Home Lives?

Over 1 in 3 of U.S. workers said they miss out on nonwork activities due to exhaustion from work.

Talking with over 1,000 workers between March 15 and March 28, many workers are "experiencing low energy and exhaustion at the end of the workday, affecting their capacity to participate in activities outside of work." Looking at the specific activities the survey found:

One-third of the workers sampled in this study said it was difficult for them to unwind after work.
2 in 5 U.S. workers in the study said they avoid tasks that require high focus or concentration after work.
Over 1 in 3 U.S. workers (38%) said they miss out on nonwork activities due to exhaustion from work.
And the numbers are somewhat surprising in that 47% say that they have little energy to participate in nonwork activities.

These findings are a call to action for employers according to Wendi Safstrom SHRM Foundation president. ehstoday.com

$25M Starbucks Discrimination Lawsuit
Starbucks ordered to pay $25 million to ex-manager who claimed she was fired because she was white

Shannon Phillips claimed she was fired from her role as a regional director because she was white.

Starbucks has been ordered to pay $25.6 million in damages to a former regional director who sued the company in the wake of a controversy that saw two Black men arrested while sitting at a coffee shop.

The director - who disagreed with Starbucks' handling of the issue that triggered a nationwide discussion on race - had claimed in a lawsuit that she was fired because she was white.

Shannon Phillips said in the lawsuit, filed in 2019, that her firing came in the wake of a 2018 viral video that sparked outrage and accusations of racism against Starbucks and against the employees of the Philadelphia store where the video took place. businessinsider.com

Sonos to lay off about 7% of its workforce, or around 130 people

Nearly all Americans cut back on spending due to inflation

Quarterly Results

Kroger Q1 Identical Sales without fuel up 3.5%, digital sales up 15%

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Convertible Alarming Padlock Tag: Loop It, Pin It, Tether It

The Convertible is the first alarming EAS tag that can change configurations to enable retailers to use the same tag instead of using different versions of alarming tags. The Convertible can be used as an alarming EAS pin tag OR as a lanyard tag, with customizable lanyard lengths. The length of the removable lanyard can be anywhere from 3.5 inches long, like the standard padlock style tag, to 72 inches long for multiple uses.

In 2018 the LPRC interviewed offenders, customers, and associates for a research report on the Convertible. Through the feedback we received, we have redesigned this mighty little tag to be user friendly, no false alarms, modified the battery compartment to keep the battery firmly in place even when impacted, and created the thicker and stiffer lanyards for better protection.

The Convertible has additional features, like the included pin head that completely fills the area where the pin goes in, so that tampering with it will cause the tag to alarm. You can use any type of pin, including ink pins.

If the lanyard is cut, it will alarm, and replacing the lanyard only takes a few seconds. The lanyard is available in our 7-strand flexible stainless steel, 49-strand flexible stainless steel, and with our 49-strand stiffer stainless steel cables. They all have a poly coating to protect the merchandise and make it harder to cut.

This tag has a replaceable 2032 coin battery for unlimited life span and uses the same all-in-one decoder as our other alarming tethers and tags so there is no need for additional detachers. The Convertible deters the use of unauthorized magnetic detachers, by alarming at 98 dBl when a detacher is used that does not have the exclusive IR signal to first deactivate the alarm.

We have to stay ahead of ORC, now more than ever. The Convertible will help us do that. The ability to purchase and store one type of tag for multiple styles of goods makes it easier for the associates to use and comprehend with very little training.

CIS Security Solutions strives to lower costs and continue to be Earth Friendly. We have developed all our alarming products with replaceable batteries and components, so they have unlimited life. This increases your ROI and creates less waste filling up our landfills.

For more information on the Convertible, visit our website at www.cisssinc.com or call 772-287-7999.







Retail Brands Impersonated as Part of Massive Phishing Scam
Popular Apparel, Clothing Brands Being Used in Massive Phishing Scam

Threat actors have created over 3,000 domains, some as old as two years, to lure in customers to false, name brand websites for personal financial gain.

Threat actors have been impersonating more than 100 apparel, clothing, and footwear brands such as Nike, New Balance, and Vans to lure customers as part of a malicious phishing scam since June 2022.

The threat research team from Bolster.ai identified more than 3,000 registered domains and around 6,000 sites carried out by threat actors with the intent to target the customers of these popular brands to steal account credentials and financial information. Other brands that have been affected include Doc Martens, Miu Miu, Converse, and Etsy, an American e-commerce company that hosts countless small businesses on its site.

As the height of its campaign activity between November 2022 and February 2023, the malicious actors were adding around 300 new fraudulent sites on a monthly basis, the researchers said. The attackers followed a simple naming convention for these domains: combining the brand name with a city or country, followed by a generic top-level domain such as .com.

Many of the domains were old, some even two years old, which helped boost the success of this scam. The older a domain name, the less likely they are to be flagged by security tools as being malicious. Old domains also help boost global malvertising campaigns because those sites have time to be indexed by Google, tend to rank higher in search terms, and can lure in users who assume that a page ranking high in search must be credible.

Notable for Fraud Risk

Companies can mitigate these risks by training employees to be aware and take note of the signs for impersonation attempts and phishing scams, using cybersecurity software to block attempts to begin with, and even using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate these processes. darkreading.com

Going Beyond Multi-Factor Authentication to Protect Customers
Beyond MFA: 3 steps to improve security & reduce customer friction
Apps and online accounts now store vast amounts of our personal and financial information, including records of private digital behaviors, identity data itself, and healthcare information that may have more value than the money in our bank. Naturally, these accounts have become prime targets for criminals seeking to compromise customer accounts and harvest data, opening the door for fraud and other cybercrimes.

AdvertisementMulti-factor authentication (MFA) was developed to provide protection for online accounts by requiring the user to present two or more verification factors to gain access to an application, online account, or other service.

But MFA controls also generate considerable friction, causing customer frustration and negatively impacting business revenue. In addition, MFA is no longer a silver bullet to stop fraud, because criminals now routinely bypass MFA defenses using an array of cyberattacks to gain access to data and accounts:

Organizations should take the following three steps to augment MFA and provide more comprehensive protections for apps and online accounts, without increasing user friction.

1. Remove bots from your networks. New bot defense technologies analyze device and behavioral signals to unmask automation and reduce fraud amplification in the most common bot attack vectors, including credential stuffing, fake account creation, and inventory hoarding.

2. Shift left in account protection and fraud detection. Monitor infrastructure, behaviors, and digital identities to help determine user intent and stop malicious activities before bad actors can attempt login. Account protection solutions now employ telemetry, signal collection, and AI and ML modeling to monitor user accounts end-to-end for anomalies and suspicious behavior, identifying fraud patterns and risky transactions before they take place.

3. Recognize known good users and accelerate them through the buyer's journey. Don't continuously punish valuable returning customers with annoying MFA requirements. Modern authentication platforms streamline identity verification behind the scenes using AI to recognize known trusted customers and eliminate login friction for them. helpnetsecurity.com

The Feds Put More Emphasis on Cybersecurity
But are organizations equipped for the added oversight?

Moving the Cyber Industry Forward Requires a Novel Approach

CISOs need to be better equipped with strategic metrics and proof points to better align their organization for defense against the ever-changing threat landscape.

As someone who has been in the cybersecurity industry for nearly two decades, I find it refreshing to see federal entities are putting more focus on the changes that need to happen to keep organizations secure. With the Department of Defense (DoD), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and White House all releasing updated cyber guidelines and policies, a newfound - and much-deserved - sense of urgency and importance has been placed around cyber defenses, preparedness, and skilled talent.

Similarly, the long-anticipated proposed new cybersecurity requirements from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allude to an impending incident disclosure rule and proof of cybersecurity expertise on company boards. While we await the final language, I believe these requirements are a step in the right direction for up-leveling transparency and communication, ultimately emphasizing how cybersecurity is a business imperative across all industries.

But with one important caveat.

As much as the added pressure from the SEC and other government agencies on timely reporting and disclosure is a needed force for change, many organizations aren't equipped to handle this level of oversight and reporting. Many security leaders currently lack the means to gather evidence to share with boards and executive leadership, resulting in fewer than 60% flagging breach readiness and incident response results. What's more, more than half of security leaders (55%) agree their cybersecurity team doesn't have the data needed to demonstrate readiness to properly respond to cyber threats. darkreading.com

First-Ever Privacy & Data Protection Task Force
New FCC privacy task force takes aim at data breaches, SIM-swaps

The Federal Communications Commission task force will also examine how carriers collect and share geolocation data.

The Federal Communications Commission will launch its first-ever privacy and data protection task force to crack down on SIM swapping and address broader data privacy concerns, Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced on Wednesday.

The creation of the task force comes as the agency confronts a number of data protection issues facing customers of U.S. telecoms, such as the sharing of sensitive consumer data, the collection of geolocation data and repeat data breaches at major carriers. Rosenworcel said that the new task force will lead the agency's recently proposed efforts to modernize its 15-year-old data breach rule.

The task force - which will be led by Loyaan Egal, the agency's enforcement chief - will also coordinate the FCC's rulemaking efforts aimed at preventing SIM swapping and creating standards for carriers to authenticate a customer before transferring a number to a new device or a new carrier. cyberscoop.com

Microsoft Fixes 69 Bugs, but None Are Zero-Days

Enhancing security team capabilities in tough economic times







We'd greatly appreciate if you would nominate Sapphire Risk Advisory Group in the categories of "Cannabis Consulting Firm of the Year" and "Cannabis Training & Education Services of the Year"

The top-5 nominees in each category will move on to the finals where the winners will be chosen based on a public voting round along with judging by industry-leaders

The winners will be announced on stage at The Pearl Theater at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas on November 30, 2023

Nominations close July 30, 2023


Pot Stores Battle Rising Crime & Looting
How to Prevent "Wildings" & Lootings at Your Cannabis Dispensary
In the past few years, retail stores across the United States have seen an influx in crime involving groups conducting smash and grab lootings, also known as "wildings." Cannabis dispensaries have not been immune to these crimes and many of these "wildings" occurred in California. In most cases, the incidents were over in a matter of minutes - with looters sometimes taking off with both cannabis and cash.

"Wildings" and Looting at Cannabis Dispensaries

AdvertisementSmash and grab looting is a particular type of crime that combines wilding with retail theft. The basic idea behind smash and grab looting is that criminals smash through some type of barrier and commence to pillage the store. More often than not, smash and grab looting occurs when people break a large window, then make their way into the building.

Cannabis dispensaries in both San Francisco and Oakland have experienced looting as recently as fall 2021. Some of the dispensaries in the San Francisco Bay area, were hit hardest by wildings and continue to struggle with these violent incidents. In fact, San Francisco saw over 15 dispensaries looted in November 2021 and lost an estimated $5 million worth of cannabis products. Oakland, California reported similar incidents of wildings and lootings and the police chief stated that "hundreds" of vehicles were involved in targeting cannabis businesses.

How Can I Prevent Wilding at My Dispensary?

While you can't prevent riots and looting, you can be proactive about minimizing the risk at your cannabis dispensary and prepare yourself with an emergency action plan.

The purpose of any emergency plan is to organize actions during a crisis. Your plan should be constructed with every employee and customer's safety in mind as your first objective, and how to reduce losses to your business as your secondary objective. It is the responsibility of the owner and the management team to evaluate an emergency situation, ensure that appropriate action is taken, determine whether outside support is needed, and summon that support, if necessary. Incidents of "wildings" and lootings are often unpredictable and can turn violent without warning.

You can also take preventative measures with physical security to keep looters from entering your building. Adding visible deterrents such as security guards to let prospective criminals know that the property is well-secured is an excellent way to prevent crime. Dispensary owners can also implement security glass in windows so they cannot be smashed and install bollards or similar in front of points of ingress/egress to prevent a car from driving through the storefront. sapphirerisk.com

Let the Pot Shop Raids Begin in NY
New York Regulators Begin Raids Of Unlicensed Marijuana Shops
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul last week announced new steps to confront the state's underground marijuana industry and reign in unlicensed cannabis sales. The new measures, which include raids on unlicensed pot shops and seizures of illicit cannabis products, mark the launch of an interagency initiative to address sales of untested marijuana products by unlicensed storefronts and vending trucks, according to a statement released by the governor's office last week.

"New York is proud to have undertaken the most equitable legal cannabis roll-out in the nation and the State will not stand idle as unlicensed operators break the law and sell untested products to underage New Yorkers," said Hochul. "These enforcement actions are critical steps to protect and help those individuals who were promised a shot to start a legal business and be successful."

Hochul said that enforcement officers from the New York State Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) and the Department of Taxation and Finance (DTF) have begun conducting inspections at storefront businesses not licensed to sell cannabis. Inspectors have reportedly issued Notices of Violation and Orders to Cease Unlicensed Activity, when appropriate, with the governor's office promising similar action at unlicensed marijuana retailers across the state.

Seven stores were issued violations for selling unlicensed marijuana products and ordered to cease operations, the New York Post reported. They also each face up to a $10,000 daily fine. cannabisbusinessexecutive.com  mjbizdaily.com

California 'Black Market' Mega-Grower
Lawsuit accuses California cannabis grower Glass House of illicit activity
More brash attention-seeking behavior? Or is Catalyst Cannabis Co.'s Elliot Lewis the first cannabis CEO willing to voice what's been said in private - and actually name names, in court?

The audacious lawsuit filed last week that accuses California cannabis mega-grower Glass House Brands of being "one of the largest, if not the largest, black marketers of cannabis in the State of California, if not the country" could be both.

In a complaint filed June 6 in Los Angeles County Superior Court, 562 Discount Med, which does business as Catalyst, alleged that Glass House "knowingly is entering into illicit sales - both inside and outside California."

Glass House does this, the suit alleges, by selling marijuana in the legal market as well as via a "network" of so-called "burner distros" - licensed distributors set up to be briefly used as conduits for legally grown cannabis to enter the illicit market.

Those distributors then send legally grown flower to illicit markets "as far away as New York and New Jersey," where illegal marijuana sales are rampant and where many illicit shops do sell cannabis in packaging featuring California branding, the suit alleges. mjbizdaily.com

Five Essential Tips to Help Cannabis Retailers Run Compliant Dispensaries

Canada's unsold cannabis inventory balloons to 1.5 billion grams




Amazon Union Effort Stumbles Across the Pond
At a British Amazon Warehouse, a Union Bid Surges, Then Stalls

Over 700 workers in Coventry joined a union and are seeking recognition for it to negotiate with the company, known for its resistance to organized labor.

Last summer, as Britain's inflation rate reached 10 percent, Amazon gave its workers there a pay raise. At a warehouse in Coventry, in the Midlands of England, the offer was for an extra 50 pence (about 63 cents) an hour, or about 5 percent.

If the increase was designed to relieve employees' concerns about surging prices and household bills, it backfired. Insulted by the size of the raise, Amazon workers at several fulfillment centers and warehouses stopped working in protest, sharing videos on TikTok of sit-ins in staff canteens.

In Coventry, workers have gone further: Hundreds of them have joined a nationwide union, held formal strikes and pushed to have Amazon recognize the union so they can take part in collective bargaining. If this effort succeeds, it will be the first recognized union at an Amazon facility in Britain.

But union organizing efforts can take years, and the campaign in Coventry suffered a major setback last week when the union withdrew its application for recognition just weeks after it was submitted. It accused Amazon of "dirty tricks" by hiring over 1,000 new employees, a move that significantly shrank the share of union members at that site to under 50 percent, a crucial threshold.

Amazon firmly rejected this claim, implying that the union misjudged how many people work at the warehouse. The union said it would continue adding workers to its rolls and resubmit the application as soon as it could. nytimes.com

   RELATED: Amazon workers at UK warehouse vote for six more months of strike

Amazon Facing Tougher Competition from Walmart
Walmart nears tipping point in e-commerce battle with Amazon

Walmart's on the cusp of weakening Amazon's edge in online shopping and shipping.

Amazon may lose its dominance in e-commerce, as Walmart transforms its stores into a powerful logistics network. Walmart showed off its first-ever "market fulfillment center" in Bentonville, Arkansas, to reporters, including Axios, at the end of May.

Similar in some ways to sorting systems that Axios observed at a key Amazon fulfillment center in New Jersey, Walmart's compact in-store warehousing platform involves an "Alphabot" that moves along stacked shelves of inventory to store or retrieve products.

From what Axios could observe, an Alphabot station requires one to two people to operate. More customers are choosing Walmart delivery and in-store pickup, and that demand fuels its e-commerce growth.

To keep scaling efficiently, Walmart wants to increase the number of online orders it can fill and the speed at which it can do it. axios.com

China e-commerce shipments would lose US tariff exemption under proposed law

The psychology behind online shopping and how it affects consumer behaviour







Columbus, OH: Ohio develops new task force to combat uptick in retail theft, crime impacting businesses
A new task force has been developed by the state to target an uptick in retail theft and violent crime impacting businesses. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce announced Wednesday they have developed a crime task force that includes representatives from the retail community as well as state and county law enforcement officials, according to a media release. The task force was formed after a study conducted in October 2022 by the Ohio Chamber showed that 62 percent of businesses said that rising crime is keeping them from expanding. In their first meeting, the committee discussed including cross-jurisdiction prosecution, aggregation of multiple thefts and organized crime laws. The committee said they will continue to meet over the coming months.  whio.com

Lake Worth, TX: . 6 arrested in North Texas Ulta thefts worth $10K in merchandise
Six people have been arrested by Lake Worth police and are accused of stealing upwards of $10,000 from Ulta stores in the area. Lake Worth police originally announced five arrests and tweeted out photos from the suspect vehicle, which showed numerous bags and beauty products stashed in the back seat. Then, later on Wednesday, Lake Worth tweeted officers had arrested a sixth person with the Grand Prairie Police Department. Lake Worth officers responded to a theft in progress call and found a vehicle leaving the scene. A pursuit ensued and ended after the vehicle struck a curb in Grand Prairie. Lake Worth police said all suspects were facing felony charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.  wfaa.com

Bowling Green, KY: Thieves steal $5,000 of merchandise from Victoria's Secret
Bowling Green Police say three suspects entered Victoria's Secret in Greenwood Mall on June 5. Two of the suspects filled a duffle bag with clothing, while the third kept watch. More than $5,000 worth of merchandise was stolen. If you have any information about this or any crime, please call South Central Kentucky Crime Stoppers at 781-CLUE, Click Here to go to their website, or download their P3 Tips app for your mobile device.  wbko.com

Michigan woman steals nearly 10K from Florida Walmart
A Michigan woman is facing theft charges after a loss-prevention officer noticed her failing to scan some of her items at a self-checkout. When confronted, the woman became agitated and left the store. Investigation revealed the woman had been under-ringing merchandise since last April. The woman has been arrested on 1st degree Retail fraud. michigan.newsnetmedia.com

Buford, GA: Gwinnett County Police looking to identify people of interest in shoplifting case
Gwinnett police are looking to identify two men accused of shoplifting from an REI in Buford. The men reportedly stole from the store May 31. One of the men allegedly entered the store, put a generator in a shopping cart and took the generator to a white vehicle. The other man stole a belt before helping load the generator into the vehicle.  atlantanewsfirst.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Baton Rouge, LA: Shooting outside local Grocery store leaves 1 dead
The Baton Rouge Police Department is investigating a shooting that left one person dead on Monday, June 12, officials said. Donte Tate, 29, was identified as the shooting victim. According to detectives, the shooting happened around 9:53 p.m. in front of the Cadillac Discount Grocery store on Cadillac Street. Detectives said they learned Tate and several others were standing in front of the store when shots were fired and hit the victim.  wafb.com

Biloxi, MS: Update: After shooting a waitress, Biloxi man asks Waffle House guests what they have to say, authorities say
Johnny Max Mount had been sitting at a counter at the Waffle House in Biloxi for about 10 minutes before a waitress told him he couldn't smoke his e-cigarette. Mount slid back in his chair, stood up, pulled a 9 mm handgun from a black holster around his shoulder, and leaned over the counter to shoot Julie Brightwell. Brightwell saw the former Biloxi firefighter pull out the gun. She tried to save herself by crouching behind the counter near the register, where Mount had been sitting. Waffle House did not permit smoking inside, and a division head, Floyd Virgil, said Brightwell did what she was supposed to do when she told Mount he couldn't smoke. Mount is on trial this week for first-degree murder in the Nov. 27, 2015, shooting death of the beloved 52-year-old Waffle House waitress. Assistant district attorneys Billy Stage and George Huffman are prosecuting the case and put on the surveillance video of the killing early on Tuesday. The trial is being held before Circuit Judge Lisa Dodson. Before the testimony began, Dodson said as part of the court record that Mount had written that he uses the surnames of "King" or "Lord" before his name to refer to himself.
Mount, the judge said, had described himself "as a prisoner of war in a civil society" in the notes and wrote that he had been in custody for too long.  news.yahoo.com

Saint Matthews, KY: Update: Judge increases bond for Mall St. Matthews shooting suspect
The man arrested for a shooting at Mall St. Matthews pleaded not guilty in court on Wednesday. Treshawn Fowler Milan is charged with assault and wanton endangerment after someone was shot May 31 inside Mall St. Matthews. Police say the 21-year-old admitted to opening fire inside a store after arguing with people inside the store. Fowler Milan fired three shots, one which hit a man he was arguing with in the arm, police said. They said the other two bullets hit the floor and a wall near two people sitting in the mall. The judge said Fowler Milan also violated a prior order not to own a firearm. On Wednesday, he was ordered not to contact the victim or go to Mall St. Matthews. His bond was increased from $10,000 to $250,000 full cash. If he posts bond, he has to be on home incarceration.  wlky.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Warren, MI: Moms report finding box cutters in McDonald's Happy Meals
Two mothers in the Detroit area are warning others after they say their children found box cutters in their McDonald's Happy Meals instead of the usual fun toy. Dawn Paret says her 7-year-old daughter found a bright yellow box cutter and a pen inside a Happy Meal box her husband and their girls picked up Sunday afternoon at a McDonald's location in Warren. "Anything could have happened, and that's what's scary," Paret said. "She opened up the box looking for the toy, and he was getting the 2-year-old set up. She turned around, looked at him, held it out and said, 'Dad, what is this?'" Paret contacted police, who are now investigating. She's thankful her children weren't injured.  wlox.com

Dekalb County, GA: DeKalb County gas station safety ordinance deadline looms
Another shooting at a DeKalb County gas station is being investigated as the county nears an important deadline. Gas stations in unincorporated DeKalb have until the end of this month to install an up-to-date video surveillance system. Police responded to the Citgo gas station just off Stone Mill Way in Stone Mountain overnight for a reported shooting. While we are working to learn more details about what happened, it's sparking conversations about the new ordinance county commissioners passed back in December. Convenience stores and high-risk businesses in unincorporated DeKalb have until June 30 to install a high-definition surveillance system to help deter crime.  atlantanewsfirst.com

Indianapolis, IN: Armed robbery at Speedway gas station, suspects still at large
An armed robbery took place at Speedway gas station early Saturday morning in Speedway and investigators are still searching for the suspects, according to police. Officers were dispatched to a Speedway Convenience Store at 5259 W. 10th St. around 3:37 a.m. June 10, on a report of an armed robbery. The two suspects were described as males with a long gun and are pictured below.  fox59.com

Riverhead, NY: Burglar who smashed his way into Lowe's Thanksgiving night is sentenced to prison term of 2 ½ to 5 years
Terry Smith, 60, pleaded guilty to Grand Larceny in the Third Degree, a Class D felony, and Burglary in the Third Degree, a Class D felony on May 16, Tierney said. Smith admitted to shoplifting numerous home improvement items worth more than $3,000 from the Lowe's store on Nov. 10, 2021, including hedge trimmers, spray gun kits, and a chainsaw, the district attorney's office said in a press release yesterday. Smith also admitted breaking into the same store at around 11:20 p.m. on Thanksgiving night, Nov. 25, 2021, by smashing through the sliding glass entry doors with a metal beam. He then entered the store and stole multiple power tools, according to his plea allocution in court.  riverheadlocal.com

Bigg County, GA: Teen sentenced to Life for Armed Robbery spree targeting Macon businesses
A teenager accused of robbing multiple Macon businesses has pleaded guilty to multiple accounts of armed robbery. In a media release, the Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney's Office say 17-year-old Shavawn Coleman was sentenced to life in prison for a five-month long armed-robbery spree that started in January 2022. Investigators say nine robberies took place at eateries and businesses on Gray Highway, in Macon. Targeted businesses included Captain D's, Wendy's, Krystal's, McDonald's, CVS, Family Dollar, Dairy Queen, Burger King, and the American Faves & More. Coleman's crime spree ended on May 30, 2022, when, while trying to rob another business, he was shot in the leg. He was 16 years old when he robbed the businesses.  wgxa.tv

Shelbyville, IN: Man sentenced to 8 years in 2022 string of business burglaries

Indianapolis Police seeking Sun Glass Hut Armed Robbery suspect; incident occurred in April at Keystone Crossing

San Francisco, CA: 240 stolen catalytic converters found in Bay Area theft ring bust

Harvard Medical School morgue manager, 4 others charged with selling human remains



Auto - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
Auto - Baton Rouge, LA - Burglary
Beauty - Des Moines, IA - Burglary
Beauty - Lake Worth, TX - Robbery
C-Store - Trempealeau County, WI - Burglary
C-Store - Nashville, TN - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Indianapolis, IN - Armed Robbery
C-Store - National City, CA - Robbery
Cellphone - Shreveport, LA - Robbery
Clothing - Bowling Green, KY - Robbery
Dollar - Beaver County, PA - Robbery
Dollar - Beaver County, PA - Robbery
Dollar - Cincinnati, OH - Armed Robbery
Dollar - Cleveland, OH - Armed Robbery
Dollar - Gary, IN - Armed Robbery
Dollar - Elkhart, IN - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - San Diego, CA - Robbery
Grocery - Levittown, PA - Robbery
Grocery - Las Vegas, NV - Burglary
Jewelry - Springfield, MO - Robbery
Restaurant - Des Moines, IA - Burglary
Restaurant - Nashville, TN - Burglary
Restaurant - Charleston County, SC - Burglary
Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA - Burglary
Sports - Buford, GA - Robbery
Walmart - Ashland, OH - Robbery / LP injured   


Daily Totals:
• 18 robberies
• 8 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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