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Deana McLees-Bailey, CFI named Director, Retail Security Operations for Security Industry Specialists
Before being named Director, Retail Security Operations for Security Industry Specialists, Deana served as Director, Enterprise Risk Management at Aritzia for over a year. Prior to that, she served as Director of Loss Prevention at Nike for more than three years. Earlier in her career, she held asset protection/loss prevention roles at Ann Taylor for over two decades. Congratulations, Deana!

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Interface Unveils One View Edge, Enhanced Customer Portal

The enhanced portal offers customers seamless access to Interface's business security and network services across all customer locations.

St. Louis, MO (April 24, 2024) - Interface Systems, a leading managed service provider of business security, actionable insights, and purpose-built networks for multi-location businesses, today announced that it is releasing an enhanced customer portal, One View Edge, that will offer its customers greater visibility and easier access to critical information on all Interface services. The launch of One View Edge reflects Interface's commitment to delivering exceptional and relentless customer support.

Brian Garavuso, CTO at Interface said, "The new One View Edge portal will provide immediate benefits to our customers with its intuitive user interface, comprehensive network analytics, security management, and streamlined self-management features."

One View Edge is designed to eliminate information bottlenecks for customers by offering contextual data and insights needed for complex and large-scale managed services deployment.

Read full press release here

Sensormatic Solutions showcases new, sustainable SPX AM label designed to protect merchandise and the environment

The new eco-friendly label is over 90% plastic-free made from renewable materials, and delivers Sensormatic quality and performance in a robust sustainable design

This new label demonstrates Sensormatic Solutions continuous work to reduce single-use plastic in its product lines

NEUHAUSEN, Switzerland, April 23, 2024-Sensormatic Solutions, the leading global retail solutions portfolio of Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI), today showcases a new, sustainable Acousto-Magnetic (AM) label designed to protect merchandise and the planet: the Sustainable SPX AM Label. With the new patent-pending label, the organization replaced previous polystyrene with renewable, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™)-certified material, ultimately helping retailers with their sustainability objectives while safeguarding against shrink.

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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Rolling Back Prop 47 Won't Be a Silver Bullet to Solve Retail Crime
By primarily targeting petty crimes, they do not address robberies or other violent felonies

California officials debate Prop. 47 changes to curb crime. On the street, the answer isn't that simple.

How do you stop retail theft? For local and state elected officials, it's a question of changing Proposition 47. For business owners, the answer is much more nuanced.

Many retailers big and small are fueling a growing frustration about crime in California. While violent and property crime rates have increased statewide since 2020, they remain relatively low compared to the 1980s and 1990s, according to the Public Policy Institute of California.

Recent rising crime - highlighted by tales and videos of shoplifting, robberies and "smash-and-grabs" - has reignited a policy debate among local and state elected officials, who are vowing to curtail retail crime.

Much of their focus is on whether to overhaul Proposition 47 - a voter-approved law in 2014 that lowered penalties for petty thefts and minor drug offenses.

But the proposed changes would only address a sliver of the concerns among many Californians: By primarily targeting petty crimes, they do not address robberies or other violent felonies, which some residents and business owners now confront more frequently. Without a clear answer in sight, they are considering different solutions.

Critics of Prop. 47 have long blamed it for a rise in crime, even though data on its effectiveness is far from conclusive. Statewide associations representing district attorneys, police chiefs and sheriffs - as well as mayors in San Francisco and San Jose - are backing a proposed ballot measure to roll back Prop. 47. Last week, the anti-Prop 47 campaign turned in 900,000 signatures, making it likely the measure will qualify for the November ballot.

Meanwhile, California's top Democrats, reluctant to change Prop. 47, are instead pushing legislation that would create new crimes and toughen penalties for organized retail theft and repeat offenders. Attorney General Rob Bonta told reporters earlier this month the legislation is necessary even though data on retail theft is mixed. calmatters.org

Over 50% of Small Businesses Hit By Retail Crime Last Year
Protecting Small Businesses from the Impact of Retail Crime
U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Across the country, small businesses are feeling the effects of retail crime, with over 50% falling victim just last year. Statistics show small business owners believe the matter is only getting worse, making it more important than ever to find a solution to support entrepreneurs nationwide and promote a safe marketplace for all.

During the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Retail Crime event, John Flynn, District Attorney of Erie County, NY, and Chair of the Board at the National District Attorneys Association, discussed the impact of retail crime on small businesses and shared methods entrepreneurs can implement to protect themselves and their customers.

Who Is Involved in Retail Crime?

Retail crime has been on the rise in recent years, yet some believe district attorneys are unwilling to address the issue - whether due to political reasons or a lack of budget and resources. However, according to Flynn, these district attorneys are "few and far between."

To fight back against crime, Flynn believes it's important to identify the suspects and act accordingly, citing three types of individuals who are generally involved in retail crime: Multi-national criminal organizations, such as the Mafia, cartels, and crime families; Low-level organized crime, such as a group of acquaintances who plan a theft together, but on a smaller scale; and an individual with a mental health or drug problem who steals to support their vice or habit.

Despite Headlines, Violent Crime May Not Have Increased Proportionally

Nationwide, government agencies and local communities have been working together to create retail crime task forces. According to Flynn, his local force meets monthly to discuss cases from various stores county-wide.

Through these meetings, Flynn has learned of retail crime trends from second-hand accounts. With this insight - and despite common rhetoric - he believes there hasn't been an increase in violent retail crimes overall; rather, we are now more aware of these crimes and their ensuing violence.

Creating a Task Force in Your Neighborhood Can Keep the Community Safe: detroitchamber.com

Anti-ORC Plexiglass Stirs Up Debate
Atlantic Superstore defends use of plexiglass to prevent 'organized crime.' Shoppers unconvinced
New measures aimed at preventing shoplifting at Loblaws-owned Atlantic Superstore locations are stirring debate in the Halifax area.

The grocery chain has been rolling out plexiglass barriers in stores - around the perimeter and the self-checkout areas - to help cut down on what it calls "organized crime." However, the additional anti-theft measures have some left questioning the customer impact.

"All I see right now is an industry that's protecting itself without really trying to understand the client's experience," said Sylvain Charlebois, the director of Dalhousie University Agri-Food Analytics Lab. He argues grocers are compromising the shopping experience for the sake of theft prevention, but points out it's also difficult to quantify the shoplifting losses.

All this comes as consumers across the country speak out against high grocery prices and rising company profits.

Canada's grocers have been facing enhanced scrutiny as food inflation at many stores remains in the spotlight. Prices had risen by 4.7 per cent year over year in November 2023 before holding steady in December 2023.

There is even an online movement to boycott Loblaws stores in the month of May. Some customers have also been expressing safety concerns about the partitions, and whether it could pose a fire safety risk. That's something Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency is looking into.

'Industry-wide way to prevent theft'

Loblaw public relations declined to answer if theft was on the rise, or provide data on the issue. In a statement to Global News, it said "organized crime is a real problem" in the industry that affects "safety, security and wellbeing."

"Using plexiglass partitions is a proven, industry-wide way to prevent theft and keep a positive, open-concept-style customer experience," the statement continues. globalnews.ca

Banning Bags & Checking Receipts to Fight Theft
DC Harris Teeter bans certain bags, now checking receipts to fight theft
Harris Teeter is the latest big box company forced to change their polices, responding to rampant theft in the District. The changes begin Wednesday, April 24th. Reddish signs at the entrances of the stores are warning customers.

A spokesperson for Harris Teeter told FOX 5 in a statement:

"Effective April 24, we will implement improved safety measures at stores in District of Columbia, including the checking of receipts as customers exit the store and a new policy prohibiting suitcases, duffel bags, oversized backpacks and roller bags.

These measures will help us maintain a safe shopping experience and continue providing the best service and goods at competitive prices to our customers. We thank our valued associates and customers for their cooperation and patience."

The spokesperson tells FOX 5 's Stephanie Ramirez, Harris Teeter has experienced an increase in theft.

Last year, the president of Giant Foods raised possibly having to close a needed Southeast D.C. Giant supermarket in response to rampant theft. They ended up not closing the store. However, other measures like hiring more security and closing off multiple entrances and exits were implemented to address the issue.

A spokesperson for Harris Teeter says a third-party company will be doing the checks. That same spokesperson explained when theft happens, it forces the store to absorb the losses. That could mean increased prices for customers. fox5dc.com

'ORC Research Series'
The Boosters: Don't Get Used to the Boost
Criminal boosters-individuals who steal and transport merchandise in support of Organized Retail Crime (ORC) enterprises-serve as the enterprise's foundation, acquiring the goods it sells for profit.

Boosters regularly employ traditional methods of stealing; however, many also use unique or sophisticated methods to lift merchandise from retailers.

While boosters generally steal from and interact directly with retailers, many events have the potential to become confrontational or violent.

We provide the following recommendations to merchants who fall victim to ORC. These actions will allow retailers, law enforcement, and Managed Intelligence partners (Nisos) to use the intelligence gathered to identify, disrupt, and dismantle ORC enterprises. In addition, the intelligence can help retailers develop prevention measures to deter ORC.

Invest in store security measures that deter and stop booster activity
Document and monitor for stolen inventory, as boosters deliver products to fencers
Monitor local online marketplaces, particularly within the first 24-48 hours
Maintain lists or pictures of repeat shoplifting offenders, as boosters hit the same stores multiple times
Pay attention to previous arrest information to identify repeat offenders
Maintain documentation of IDs used in returns
Consider enforcing stronger return policies
Closer inspection of IDs used during returns or return limits could deter ORC enterprises

Most of Chicago's mass shootings involve young victims

Homeland Security Investigations Launches HSI.gov

ISC West Post-Show 2024 Report
Security market stays robust, as do industry's challenges
While a massive crowd perusing more than 700 booths at ISC West last week, executives at the Security Industry Association told industry media that market conditions remain strong in spite of economic and political uncertainty.

SIA's new Chairman, Scott Dunn, Senior Director of Business Development at Axis Communications, and SIA Executive Committee member Mike Mathes, President of Global Growth at Convergint, discussed the organization's most recent market index, the specter of artificial intelligence, recruitment efforts and more.

The March-April Security Market Index dipped three points from two months earlier to 54, just below the 12-month average of 55. A reading over 50 indicates growth in the security industry.

SIA's most recent barometer found 72% of respondents describe current business conditions in the security industry as "good" or "excellent" and 28% alone said "excellent." The results are below the numbers from January to February, when 84% of respondents reported positive conditions at their respective companies.

Roughly the same percentage were optimistic about their business outlook for the next few months and 18% predicted the outlook would get much better.

A joint report by SIA and ASIS evaluating the global security market valued the industry at $405 billion. North America accounts for 30% of the market, followed by Europe (22%), and China (20%) and other countries below that. securityinfowatch.com

Retailers Continue to Pull Back on Self-Checkout
Two Walmart stores remove self-checkout machines as retail giants re-think the self-service option

Retailers such as Target, Dollar General and Five Below have reduced their self-service check out machines

Walmart is scaling back on its self-checkout machines at two stores, as more retail giants are reducing the self-service option at their stores, citing an effort to combat theft. A Walmart in a suburb of St. Louis, Mo, recently began removing self-checkout machines, CBS News reported on Friday. Another location in Cleveland also did earlier this month.

The retail giant pointed Fox News Digital to a statement to the media: "As part of our announced plans for additional investments and improvements to facilities across the country, we've decided to remove self-checkout lanes and replace them with staffed lanes at select locations including at our Shrewsbury, Missouri, store."

Five Below announced in March that it would be cutting back on its self-check out machines in an effort to reduce theft. The company has "now evolved" to associate-assisted checkout across its over 1,500 locations, CEO Joel Anderson said during the company's fourth-quarter earnings call.

Target converted its self-checkout option to "express," which requires 10 items or fewer at all self-check-out registers. Dollar General is also pulling back on self-checkout machines, Fox News Digital previously reported. foxbusiness.com

AI CEOs Coming Soon?
Will Retail Be Full of AI CEOs and AI CEO Avatars?
The landscape of corporate leadership is undergoing a seismic shift with the integration of AI CEOs and their avatars. As technology advances, the question arises: Can AI take on the role of a CEO?

NetDragon Websoft, a China-based company, made headlines last year by appointing Tang Yu, an AI-powered virtual robot, as its CEO.

Despite these groundbreaking appointments, the success of AI CEOs remains to be seen. Are these instances outliers or indicative of a broader trend? A recent edX poll found that nearly half of the CEOs surveyed believe that AI could automate or replace most aspects of their role. While AI excels at data analysis and strategic decision-making, it falls short in replicating the "soft skills" crucial for effective leadership, such as critical thinking, creativity, and empathy.

According to McKinsey, AI can enhance key components of strategy formulation but cannot fully automate strategic development. Anant Agarwal, the founder of edX, emphasizes that AI's technical automation prowess doesn't extend to the essential human qualities that define successful CEOs.

Despite these limitations, the collaboration between AI and human leadership shows promise. retailwire.com

Express bankruptcy means 95 store closures in 30 states and DC
The retailer will stop operating its handful of UpWest store locations in addition to 95 Express stores

Foot Locker unveils new store concept in 'critical year'

Japan's 7-Eleven convenience chain targets aggressive global growth


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Interface iSOC Heroes - Angie Fernandez

Interface just published another installment in the Interface iSOC Heroes video series! This time, we feature Angie Fernandez, Senior Intervention Specialist at the Interface iSOC.

Angie's prompt action in response to a store disarming notification during business hours saved the life of an employee and facilitated the recovery of stolen cash by law enforcement.

Watch Angie describe the incident here. Let's applaud her quick thinking and dedication to ensuring the safety and security of our community.

Don't forget to share this video with your social network to showcase the exemplary work being done by the Interface iSOC team.

Interface invites you to join us on this journey as we celebrate our iSOC Heroes. Please follow along through our YouTube playlist and don't forget to like and comment on YouTube, and share these stories with your social network!






68 Cyberattacks Took Down 500+ Physical Operations in 2023
2023: A 'Good' Year for OT Cyberattacks

Attacks increased by "only" 19% last year. But that number is expected to grow significantly.

Waterfall Security Solutions, in collaboration with ICS Strive, recently released its "2024 Threat Report." The bad news is that, in 2023, there were 68 cyberattacks that took down more than 500 physical operations. The good news (sort of) is that this is only 19% more attacks than the previous year. What's going on? Ransomware attacks with physical consequences are down slightly, hacktivist attacks are constant, and everything else is increasing. The report's authors conclude that the 19% increase is most likely an aberration, and that we'll see an increase closer to 90% to 100% in 2024.

Waterfall's operational technology (OT) security threat report is the most cautious in the industry - it tracks only deliberate cyberattacks that caused physical consequences in building automation, heavy industry, manufacturing, and critical industrial infrastructures in the public record. That is, no private or confidential disclosures. The complete data set for the report is included in its appendix. This means the report is certain to be an underestimate of what's really happening in the world, because the authors report regular confidential disclosures that they cannot include in their counts.

In spite of this underestimate, cyberattacks that met the inclusion criteria continue to increase, nearly doubling annually since 2019. This is a big change from 2010-2019, when OT attacks with physical consequences were flat, bouncing around between zero and five attacks annually. darkreading.com

Growing Global Trend of Requiring Cybersecurity Licenses?
Licensed to Bill? Nations Mandate Certification & Licensure of Cybersecurity Pros

Malaysia, Singapore, and Ghana are among the first countries to pass laws that require cybersecurity firms - and in some cases, individual consultants - to obtain licenses to do business, but concerns remain.

Malaysia has joined at least two other nations - Singapore and Ghana - in passing laws that require cybersecurity professionals or their firms to be certified and licensed to provide some cybersecurity services in their country.

On April 3, the upper house of the Malaysian Parliament, known as the Dewan Negara, passed the Cyber Security Bill 2024, following its passage in the lower house the previous month. The bill, which will become law following its signing by the King and its publication in the Government Gazette, is structured as umbrella legislation and will act as a framework for future government activity securing critical infrastructure and improving the national state of cybersecurity.

While the legislation mandates licensing, the actual requirements for cybersecurity professionals and service providers will come later, Malaysia-based law firm Christopher & Lee Ong stated in an advisory.

Malaysia joins Asia-Pacific neighbor Singapore, which has required the licensing of cybersecurity service providers (CSPs) for the past two years, and the West African nation of Ghana, which requires the licensing of CSPs and the accreditation of cybersecurity professionals. More widely, governments such as the European Union have normalized cybersecurity certifications, while other agencies - such as the US state of New York - require certification and licenses for cybersecurity capabilities in specific industries. darkreading.com

Concealing Malware Behind Brand Names
Hackers Create Legit Phishing Links With Ghost GitHub, GitLab Comments

An utterly innocuous feature in popular Git CDNs allows anyone to conceal malware behind brand names, without those brands being any the wiser.

Hackers are using unpublished GitHub and GitLab comments to generate phishing links that appear to come from legitimate open source software (OSS) projects.

The clever trick, first described by Sergei Frankoff of Open Analysis last month, allows anyone to impersonate any repository they wish without the owners of that repository knowing about it. And even if the owners do know about it, they can't do anything to stop it.

According to Bleeping Computer, the issue affects both GitHub - a platform with more than 100 million registered users, and its closest competitor, GitLab, with more than 30 million users. darkreading.com

The relationship between cybersecurity and work tech innovation

GenAI can enhance security awareness training







How much do you know about
cannabis security?

Get your cannabis security education through My Sapphire Training or check out some of our FREE resources to learn more!

Crafted by our expert team, this FREE guide will introduce you to the three phases of opening a cannabis business - providing you with everything you need to know about cannabis security!

Starting with the application, through construction, and into operation, security remains a crucial component of a successful cannabis business.


In Case You Missed It
Top 5 Cannabis Security and Surveillance Violations
How do cannabis businesses fail with security and surveillance requirements? Learn from cannabis compliance inspections and inventory audits today. Use your own business data to make better decisions. Here's the Global Go Cloud Top 5 cannabis violation list for security and surveillance requirements:

1. All security cameras do not have a clear, unobstructed view of all licensed premise activity where cannabis is moved or stored.

2. The licensee is missing security records for facility access and maintenance of the DVR system.

3. The time and date stamp for the surveillance system is inaccurate.

4. One or more cameras are inoperable or do not record all activity as required.

5. The licensed operator does not meet the minimum requirements for video surveillance retention or the system is inoperable
. sapphirerisk.com

Top Issue Facing Cannabis Businesses: Violence & Crime
Armed Robberies Awareness and Prevention in the Cannabis Industry

How to Prevent Armed Robberies in Your Cannabis Business
Business owners need to identify the risk of armed robberies in their cannabis business. Owners must determine the estimated value of inventory products and the average amount of cash that will be on hand at any time to decide if the business is "high risk". The location of the store or facility is also a consideration. If the area is considered "high crime" or if neighboring businesses have experienced a history of robberies or thefts, this could increase the business' risk of incurring an incident.

AdvertisementTo accommodate this increased risk, business owners should increase security measures at their facility, such as installing more security equipment, contracting with a security guard company, or hiring a security expert to conduct a risk assessment to determine the specific risks for the business. Security risk assessments should be completed during the pre-inspection phase, after the build-out concludes, and annually after that. This can include analyzing 3-5 years of crime data for the property and surrounding area, noting robberies, burglaries, nearby instances of civil unrest, gang-related incidents, and other violent crimes.

How to Respond to an Armed Robbery

If an armed robbery occurs at the business, thoroughly vetted and trained employees will know that the business values its employees' safety over replaceable things like products, or cash. Employees should know not to panic, make sudden moves, or attempt to subdue the robber. In the interest of safety, employees should comply with the robber's demands. Employees should not offer any additional information, conversation, cash, or products. Playing the hero can quickly worsen the situation as a confrontation with the robber increases the chances of an adverse reaction. The goal of responding to an armed robbery should be to get the robber out of the premises as quickly as possible. 

The Importance of Preventing Armed Robberies

Cannabis businesses can be appealing targets for criminals since they operate mostly on cash. Business owners should evaluate the store's security plan and standard operating procedures to look for ways to improve the security at the facility and may seek out security consultation to reevaluate the store's security. Cannabis business owners should also meet with their employees to provide additional training and ask for employees' input on the store's security and safety measures. sapphirerisk.com

California's Top Weed City?
Sacramento is 'cannabis capital of CA,' study says. What makes it top weed city?
Sacramento is one of the best cities in the nation for cannabis fans, according to a new study. Real Estate Witch and Leafly, an online cannabis guide and marketplace, analyzed 50 of the largest metropolitan cities in the United States and ranked them as the best - and worst - cities for weed.

Denver topped the list of the Best 15 Weed Cities in first place, followed by Portland, Oregon, in second place. Sacramento was No. 8, while other California cities appeared lower on the list.

"Sacramento is the cannabis capital of California, ranking No. 1 in the Golden State for the third straight year," according to the study. The study found that cannabis prices in Sacramento are the most affordable. Individuals can find a "high-quality ounce" for $212, which is about $106 less than the average price of $318. Washington, D.C., has the highest price per ounce at $597, the survey said. The city has held that record for three years in a row. cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

Budget deal ends marijuana potency tax and targets illegal shops in New York

Tech glitch on 4/20 caused Missouri cannabis businesses to lose sales




Illegal Grow Site Discovered by Tracking Fake Amazon Van
Fake Amazon Van In Oklahoma Leads To Illegal Marijuana Grow Site

A fake Amazon delivery van led agents to an illegal marijuana operation in McClain County, according to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

A fake Amazon delivery van led agents to an illegal marijuana operation in McClain County, according to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

The bureau said the investigation got started in January when the Missouri State Highway Patrol stopped the delivery van as it entered Missouri from Oklahoma and troopers found marijuana inside.

"A search of the van uncovered 246 pounds of packaged marijuana which had recently been picked up at the location in Lindsay [Oklahoma]. OBN began an investigation into this black-market shipment and discovered Bright Stones LLC had obtained its license by fraud, using a 'straw ownership' scheme. The main target of this investigation has been linked to several other illegal marijuana operations in Oklahoma," said OBN Spokesman Mark Woodward.

OBN agents then searched the business outside of Lindsay where they seized 9,143 plants and more than 215 pounds of processed marijuana. Investigators have not announced any arrests at this time. news9.com

Amazon, Microsoft AI Flagged by Regulators
Microsoft, Amazon AI partnerships face scrutiny from British regulators

The U.K.'s Competition and Markets Authority is opening invitations to comment for interested third parties to give their views on major partnerships Microsoft and Amazon struck with smaller artificial intelligence firms.

British antitrust regulators are seeking views on partnerships between Microsoft and Amazon with smaller generative artificial intelligence model makers.

The U.K.'s Competition and Markets Authority on Wednesday said it was opening invitations to comment for interested third parties to give their views on major AI partnerships between Microsoft and French AI firm Mistral, and Amazon and U.S. startup Anthropic, as well as Microsoft's hiring of former employees from Inflection AI.

The CMA, which is seeking views from interested parties by May 9, is attempting to investigate whether the arrangements between these companies qualify as mergers.

The invitation to comment is the first part of an information gathering process that comes ahead of the launch of a formal Phase 1 review by British regulators. An invitation to comment does not start the formal Phase 1 review, the CMA noted. cnbc.com

58% of Gen Z Shoppers Prefer Debit Cards for Online Shopping

Amazon's new grocery delivery subscription offers savings to Prime members





Barrie, ON, Canada: Barrie Police foil a massive theft ring and seize $365,000 worth of stolen merchandise
Barrie Police released details of a "massive" investigation into stolen items from a "membership-based," big-box store. The investigation started on Feb. 6, after speakers, valued at $15,000, were stolen from a Barrie location. Detectives from the Barrie Police Street Crime Unit started digging into the case and reportedly identified an organized theft group from Mississauga as suspects. As the investigation proceeded, it was determined the same group were linked to similar investigations across Ontario and eastern Canada. On March 15, officers executed a search warrant and seized about $365,000 in stolen merchandise, including a vehicle valued at about $55,000, police said. Two suspects were arrested at the time the search warrants were executed, and arrest warrants have been issued for three other suspects. As a result, a total 65 criminal charges have been laid.  simcoe.com

St Louis, MO: Update: Man charged with stealing $11K worth of cigarettes, vapes
A St. Louis man has been charged with stealing more than $11,000 worth of cigarettes and vapes earlier this year. According to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department's probable cause statement, the thefts happened between January 20 and February 26 at a Circle K in the 3200 block of Jamieson Avenue and a Family Dollar in the first block of South Grand Boulevard. Police claim Eric D. Marion, 31, stole 100 vapes from Circle K on January 20; multiple cartons of cigarettes from Family Dollar on January 29; 60 cartons of cigarettes from Circle K on February 16; and eight more cartons of cigarettes from Circle K on February 26. The St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office charged Marion with stealing and three counts of stealing - $750. Prosecutors said Marion has three prior stealing convictions within the last 10 years.  fox2now.com

Rancho Cucamonga, CA: 13 arrested during retail theft bust at San Bernardino County mall
Thirteen people were arrested during a retail theft bust at a popular San Bernardino County shopping mall. The operation took place at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga on April 19, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. As deputies descended on the outdoor shopping center, 13 suspects were spotted and were arrested in connection to retail thefts. Authorities seized around $10,926 in stolen property during the massive bust. Photos of some of the stolen items include beauty products and accessories, backpacks, wallets, athletic clothing and more. SBSD's Operation SMASH & Grab cracks down on retail theft crimes in the Rancho Cucamonga, Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville, and Chino Hills shopping district areas. Authorities said the operation was a response to a troubling rise in violent and costly retail thefts involving organized crime groups.  ktla.com

Berkeley, CA: Woman stole thousands from REI in repeat visits
An undercover operation at the Berkeley REI last week led to the arrest of a woman who had taken more than $9,000 in clothing from the store since last year, according to court papers. Chrise McMahan told police she took "orders" for jackets and other clothing and would sell it at half-price at an outdoor market on International Boulevard in Oakland, police wrote. McMahan has now been charged with four separate commercial burglaries at the Berkeley REI dating back to August 2023, according to court papers. Judge Elena Condes released McMahan on her own recognizance after her arrest last week, ordering her to "not take any item that does not belong to you" and to stay away from all the REI stores in Alameda County, according to court records. Berkeley police who had set up an undercover operation to bust thieves at the Berkeley REI on April 16 said McMahan stole 26 articles of clothing that day valued at about $3,300. Store security alerted police when they saw McMahan cutting security tags off of jackets on display, BPD wrote. When she fled from the store, police were ready to catch her. After McMahan was arrested, Berkeley police realized she had been wanted in connection with three other major thefts at the store: on Aug. 23, 2023, when she and an accomplice reportedly took $2,000 in clothing; on Sept. 12, 2023, when she took an "armful of jackets" worth about $2,300; and on Dec. 7, 2023, when she took $1,800 in jackets, according to court papers. Police said McMahan identified herself in REI surveillance footage from the cases last year. She has now been charged with commercial burglary and grand theft in connection with all four REI incidents, according to court papers.  berkeleyscanner.com

Wilmington, DE: State Police Arrest Man for Series of Shopliftings from Wilmington Target
Delaware State Police arrested 40-year-old Bryan Gray of New Castle, Delaware, for a series of shopliftings from a Wilmington area Target that began last month. Between March 25, 2024, and April 19, 2024, troopers investigated several shopliftings of a similar nature from the Target located at 3240 Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington. In each shoplifting, an unknown white male suspect shoplifted skincare and cosmetic products from the business. On April 22, 2024, a trooper was at Target conducting an unrelated investigation when he was notified by a Target employee that the white male suspect from the previous shopliftings was in the store and concealing cosmetic products. The trooper made contact with the suspect, identified as Bryan Gray, as he was exiting the business and took him into custody without incident. A search of Gray's person led to the discovery of several unpaid cosmetic products that were concealed in his pants. Troopers identified Gray as the suspect responsible for 5 shopliftings that spanned a little under one month and totaled over $8,200 worth of stolen merchandise.  dsp.delaware.gov

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Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Los Angeles, CA: Security guard in Los Angeles critically injured after stabbing
A security guard was stabbed multiple times during an attack in Koreatown near Los Angeles Wednesday morning. The incident was reported at a shopping plaza in the Pico-Union neighborhood shortly before 3 a.m., according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Authorities said the injured security guard was able to call 9-1-1 after he was stabbed by at least two suspects. When crews arrived to the scene at West Olympic Boulevard near South New Hampshire Avenue they found the security guard, believed to be in his 60s, with multiple stab wounds. He was taken to the hospital and is listed in critical, but stable condition.  cbsnews.com

Philadelphia, PA: Driver accused of hitting 5 people with car outside Grocery store charged
Authorities have charged a woman who they say struck five people with her car in the parking lot of a Philadelphia grocery store Monday afternoon. Omobolanle Paige, 45, was charged with multiple crimes, including six counts each of attempt to commit criminal homicide and aggravated assault. Investigators allege Paige was driving a Nissan Sentra when she struck four women and a man outside a store on the 6300 block of Oxford Avenue. The victims ranged in age from 76 to 29, according to police, and three were taken to a local hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Paige was taken into custody at the scene.  fox29.com

St Louis, MO: Jewelry thief left ID behind at pawn shop
A man accused of stealing a gold necklace from a St. Louis pawn shop was apprehended after leaving behind his photo ID. According to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department's probable cause statement, the theft took place on April 11 in the 4100 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, located in The Ville neighborhood. Police claim Arnold L. Burton Jr., 49, entered the store and asked to try on a gold chain. After putting the chain around his neck, employees said Burton walked out of the store without paying for the $2,600 piece of jewelry. However, the pawn shop's policy requires customers to provide the store with identification before trying on jewelry. Police claim Burton turned over his ID and then left it behind when he walked out of the store. The theft was recorded on surveillance video. Police claim Burton admitted to stealing the chain and said he needed the money.  fox2now.com

San Bernardino County, CA: Heist crew arrested during train burglary in the Cajon Pass
San Bernardino County deputies arrested multiple people for trying to steal from a freight train at the Cajon Pass in what resembled a scene from an old western movie. Victorville commuter Elias Vasquez bumped into a swarm of law enforcement officers as he made the long drive home Tuesday night through the Cajon Pass. "Usually, you usee a few cops ever once in awhile, but when you count at least eight, you know something is going on," he said. Vasquez said he didn't know that officers had just busted an auto theft ring in the West Cajon Valley where looters used stolen cars to burglarize Burling Northern Santa Fe freight trains, according to authorities. A San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department spokesperson said the unnamed suspects forcibly stopped the trains just before 5 p.m. to steal merchandise. Authorities said the thieves boarded a BNSF train, immobilizing it. Then, they cut open locked shipping containers and tried to load cargo into the stolen vehicles.  cbsnews.com

Lincoln, NE: Accused burglar caught wearing Harley Davidson clothing inside Lincoln store
A man was arrested Wednesday morning after he was caught wearing $500 worth of Harley Davidson clothing inside of a west Lincoln store, police said. Lincoln Police officers arrived at the Frontier Harley Davidson near West O and Northwest 40th Streets around 6:25 a.m. on the report of a burglary. The business' security company called after seeing someone inside the store before hours. Arriving officers reportedly found 20-year-old Isaac Rodriguez inside the store wearing multiple Harley Davidson clothing items totaling $500. Police said Rodriguez got inside through an unlocked door. Rodriguez was arrested on suspicion of burglary.  1011now.com

Toronto, Canada: Shoplifting crackdown in Vaughan leads to 172 arrests, resulted in the recovery of more than $150,000 in stolen goods
A crackdown on retail theft in Vaughan - a growing concern for businesses throughout the GTA - has resulted in 358 charges against 172 people. York Regional Police say the Theft Project was launched on Dec. 6, 2023, in collaboration with Vaughan Mills, the Retail Council of Canada and retail loss prevention officers. More than $150,000 worth of stolen property has so far been recovered, and the effort has had a "significant impact on organized retail crime" in the area, police said in a statement released Wednesday. "The primary objective was to reduce financial losses for retailers within the community, while enhancing security and addressing retail crime," police said. Police said "high-risk retail locations" were identified based on historical data, intelligence provided by retailers, police data and current cases.  torontosun.com

Sparks, NV: Suspect Arrested After Stolen Construction Front Loader Crashes Into Sparks Pawn Shop
A man has been arrested after allegedly stealing a front loader from the Cares Campus in Reno and using it to break down the front wall and door of a pawn shop in Sparks. In a release, Sparks Police allege Paul Mock took the front loader, belonging to Clark and Sullivan Construction, tearing down a fence in the process. Police say he then drove to a Super Pawn in Sparks and used it to break down the front wall and door of the business to steal items. Detectives with the Repeat Offender Program took over the investigation and identified Mock as the suspect. They also discovered additional evidence.  2news.com

Indianapolis, IN: Woman allegedly assaults off-duty officer after stealing liquor from northwest side Kroger

Oklahoma City, OK: Man Accused of stealing, killing animals from OKC Pet store pleads guilty

Memphis, TN: Men wanted in string of business burglaries caught on camera

Prince George's County, MD: Man wanted for 7 convenience store robberies in Prince George's County in custody

Orange County, CA: Woman wanted for assault inside Southern California retail shop

Cabazon, CA: Employee pepper-sprayed during robbery at outlet mall in Cabazon

Fresno, CA: Walmart loss prevention officer pepper sprayed by shoplifter



C-Store - Bosque County, TX - Burglary
C-Store - Killeen, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Clinton, OK - Armed Robbery
Clothing - Arlington, VA - Robbery
Check Cashing - Chicago, IL - Robbery
Clothing - Lincoln, NE - Burglary
Clothing - Salem, NH - Robbery
Clothing - Oakland, CA - Robbery
Hardware - - Jacksonville, FL - Burglary
Jewelry - Maywood, NJ - Armed Robbery
Liquor - Chicago, IL - Burglary
Outlet - Cabazon, CA - Burglary
Outlet - Cabazon, CA - Robbery
Pawn - St Louis, MO - Robbery
Pawn - Sparks, NV - Burglary
Photo - Hollidaysburg, PA - Burglary
Restaurant - Memphis, TN - Robbery
Restaurant - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Jacksonville, FL - Burglary
Restaurant - Jacksonville, FL - Burglary
Restaurant - Jacksonville, FL - Burglary
Sports - Buckner, IL - Burglary
Walmart - Fresno, CA - Robbery                          


Daily Totals:
• 12 robberies
• 11 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Dir. Security & Interactive Video Support
Plano, TX - Posted April 18
The Director of Security and Interactive Video Support is responsible for leading a team of security support personnel that provide end/end support for managed Intrusion and Video services offerings.  This position is responsible for managing & leading a team that owns all aspects of the restoration and support processes required for the customers that Interface provides a broad set of asset protection services to...

Multi-Store Detective (Pittsburgh Operating Market)
Pittsburgh, PA - Posted April 9
Job Summary: Store Detectives are key players in serving their assigned locations in the detection and apprehension of shoplifters. Job Responsibilities: Detect and apprehend shoplifters with the use of standard visual practice and CCTV in multi-store environment; Utilize CCTV to create video records of incidents requested by law enforcement and internal departments...

Multi-Store Detective (Cleveland Operating Market)
Cleveland, OH - Posted April 9
Job Summary: Store Detectives are key players in serving their assigned locations in the detection and apprehension of shoplifters. Job Responsibilities: Detect and apprehend shoplifters with the use of standard visual practice and CCTV in multi-store environment; Utilize CCTV to create video records of incidents requested by law enforcement and internal departments...


Multi-Store Detective (Akron/Canton Operating Market)
Akron/Canton, OH - Posted April 9
Job Summary: Store Detectives are key players in serving their assigned locations in the detection and apprehension of shoplifters. Job Responsibilities: Detect and apprehend shoplifters with the use of standard visual practice and CCTV in multi-store environment; Utilize CCTV to create video records of incidents requested by law enforcement and internal departments...

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