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ISCPO Appoints Glenn Master as President/Chairman of the Board

The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) is happy to announce the appointment of Glenn Master to President. Glenn is currently the Director of Asset Protection & Enterprise Security for McLane, Inc. He is also the Co-Founder of the ISCPO and after spending six years as a board director and advisor has decided to step back in the role as President.

Glenn adds "I am extremely honored and humbled to be assuming this leadership role as the organization is approaching a decade of existence. The ISCPO was just an idea with fellow co-founders Rod Fullenwider and Byron Smith recognizing a need in the industry for a supply chain security networking platform. What we have been able to achieve, along with former and current board members over the last nine years has been extraordinary. I am looking forward to leading the ISCPO into a new chapter that includes the expansion of international markets, while continuing to grow our membership and premier vendor partner base.

The ISCPO would like to thank Rhett Asher for his strong leadership, his contributions, and his forward guiding direction during the last three years as the President and Chairman. Rhett will continue to stay involved assisting the ISCPO as a member of the Board of Directors.

For more information about the ISCPO and its Board: https://www.iscpo.org/site/leadership

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Axis exec discusses improving retail security with video analytics

By James Stark - Retail Segment Development Manager,
Axis Communications

Beyond the obvious improvements in image quality, the hardware itself is also more accessible and modern chipsets feature significantly improved processing power, enabling businesses to run advanced new analytics that offer operational efficiencies and clear ROI. These factors have combined to push video surveillance into a new era, and the potential benefit for retail businesses is immense.

Surveillance and beyond

Loss prevention alone represents a $100 billion problem in the retail industry, and analytics designed to identify suspicious and dangerous behaviors can put a serious dent in that number. However, video analytic solutions now have applications that go far beyond security. Yes, they help keep businesses safe, but they can also be used in other ways that propel businesses to greater commercial success. Consider everything cameras see beyond just thieves and vandals: customers shopping, employees going about their duties and shelves stocked with products. Applying analytics to observe, track and analyze those things can provide valuable insights for businesses.

Breaking new ground

Heat mapping is a great example to start with, as it detects when and where people are. Over time, and with enough data collected by the cameras in place, those analytics can reveal important facts about a store's customers. For example, heat mapping can identify where people are lingering and which products are drawing their attention. Other analytics like queue monitoring analytics extremely useful when it comes to identifying when lines are forming in real-time and then sending an alert to employees instructing them to open another register or send someone to provide additional assistance.

It's all about experiences

Video analytics offer retailers the chance to leverage customer insights in similar ways. If multiple customers are stopping at the same display but aren't purchasing the item, that display might be in the wrong place, or communicating the wrong message - or it might just contain the wrong item entirely. If something isn't selling, retailers can analyze where it is in the store and see how many eyes are actually seeing that product. In addition, video analysis of customer movement and flow can determine how well a store is laid out, and if customers are having difficulty navigating it.

Read the full article here

The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

NRF's New ORC Report Making Headlines

'Complex Criminal Networks' Fueling U.S. ORC
Retail Theft Often Preplanned By Complex Criminal Networks, New Report Asserts
Criminal operations which are expanding in complexity often enable retail theft in the United States, according to a report released on Thursday by the National Retail Federation.

Organized retail crime, defined by the trade association as theft which occurs through high-level coordination for the goal of reselling stolen items, has increasingly plagued retailers as crime rates increase across the nation. The report asserts that criminal networks are shifting from the resale of goods on third-party online sellers and leaning more upon peer-to-peer platforms.

Rather than seeking to acquire luxury goods, crime networks often coordinate their efforts to steal consumer goods which present ease of theft, monetary value, and ease of resale. An analysis of 116 organized retail crime entities from the National Retail Federation and risk advisory firm K2 Integrity showed that 81% of networks exclusively stole consumer goods such as cosmetics, personal care items, and over-the-counter medications.

The National Retail Federation and the United States Chamber of Commerce sought to rally industry leaders last year to back multiple laws that would increase federal resources devoted to combating organized retail crime. The typical fencing operation handles some $250,000 in stolen merchandise before law enforcement intervenes, according to the report, while the typical booster employed by a criminal network steals $5,000 before he is arrested.

The report said crime networks have become increasingly "violent" and "brazen" in their tactics over the past two years, using methods such as smash-and-grab, weapons, flash mob tactics, or threats of violence against store employees or customers. Viral videos featuring the tactics have circulated over the past few years as crime rates soar in many cities.

Demand for goods stolen via organized retail crime could be increasingly buoyed by a subculture of youth which maintain a "vague anti-capitalist ideology" and increasingly consider theft acceptable, according to the report. The criminal networks generally do not currently use the dark web to sell stolen products, but the platform could "present a viable venue" in the future should internet users increase their utilization of dark web technology. dailywire.com

ORC Gangs Target Cheap Items at Big Chains
Why retail crime rings target cheap goods at Walmart & CVS

Only 11% of organized retail crime groups target luxury goods, per a recent NRF report.

If you think organized retail crime is always a high-stakes jewelry heist, you're wrong, according to a new report from the National Retail Federation and global risk advisory firm K2 integrity. In fact, luxury goods like jewelry and watches are rarely targeted by criminals.

According to a database of 132 organized retail crime groups compiled by K2 - using public information contained in hundreds of court cases and media reports between 2014 and 2022 - luxury goods are only targeted 11% of the time. This is due to luxury items being sold in stores with enhanced security measures, the report said.

Organized retail crime instead often targets more of the everyday goods available at stores like Walmart, CVS, and Target with less security protecting it. Items most targeted for theft include apparel, health and beauty products, infant products, accessories, housewares, home improvement products, eyewear, and office supplies, according to the report.

The new NRF and K2 report comes after months of retailers sounding the alarm about above-average theft rates. Walmart President and CEO Doug McMillon said in December that stores would close and prices would rise if theft levels did not drop.

The issue has even caught the attention of politicians. Last month, New York City Mayor Eric Adams told retailers that to prevent theft, they must require shoppers to enter stores without face masks on, as he said the masks make it more difficult to identify shoplifters. businessinsider.com

Mall of America & Other Shopping Centers Bolster Security 
Mall of America is considering adding facial recognition software to its security arsenal

Malls Walk Tightrope Over Security & Shopper Comfort
Minnesota retailers balance security, customer comfort to curb crime

Stores including Target and Best Buy have strengthened safety measures but worry that might deter customers.

Retailers have long debated how to keep stores secure but still welcoming. That has become even more complicated for shopping centers such as the Mall of America as well as retailers such as Target, Best Buy and smaller Twin Cities area stores whose private safety protocols are now under greater public scrutiny.

Nationwide, retailers reported more than a 26% increase in organized retail crimes in 2021, according to a report the National Retail Federation (NRF) released this past fall. Eight in 10 said the violence and aggression associated with those incidents has increased.

"We're having this really tough debate," said Jason Matlock, co-founder of a Twin Cities consultancy helping organizations plan for critical incidents. "OK, we want safety, but how do we get there?"

Striking a balance

The Mall of America has several layers of security, most of which have existed for years: bike officers, license plate readers, an intelligence analyst, a Bloomington police satellite station with uniformed police officers, a camera system, an underground emergency operations center, teams of mall security with plain-clothes officers, even a team of six explosives-detecting dogs.

Despite its protocols, the mall has recently struggled with safety.

Last fall, the mall tried using artificial intelligence scanners to detect weapons. However, with around 30 entrances and thousands of visitors a day, it wasn't "a good fit," Bernhjelm said.

The mall still practices random, unannounced bag checks at its doors. Mall of America officials have also tested a shot-detection program - which detects the sound of gunshots and alerts security to the location - and are considering facial recognition software, used with the mall's cameras to help identify trespassing individuals.

The new measures, such as bag checks, help increase regular shoppers' comfort startribune.com

Just 327 People Make Up a Third of All Shoplifting Arrests in NYC
A Tiny Number of Shoplifters Commit Thousands of New York City Thefts

Nearly a third of all shoplifting arrests in the city last year involved just 327 people, the police said. Businesses say they have little defense.

New York City's storefront businesses, already weathering inflation and an uneven recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, are also contending with what the police say is a dramatic increase in shoplifting. But statistics also reveal a startling reality: A relative handful of shoplifters are responsible for an outsize percentage of retail crime.

Nearly a third of all shoplifting arrests in New York City last year involved just 327 people, the police said. Collectively, they were arrested and rearrested more than 6,000 times, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said. Some engage in shoplifting as a trade, while others are driven by addiction or mental illness; the police did not identify the 327 people in the analysis.

The victims are also concentrated: 18 department stores and seven chain pharmacy locations accounted for 20 percent of all complaints, the police said.

Petty thefts are one of the main drivers of the city's overall crime rate, even as murders, shootings and other violent crimes have continued to drop. At a recent news conference, Commissioner Sewell said the situation demanded a "perpetual carousel of police resources."

Criminal justice reform advocates have said that petty thefts are a crime of necessity, and that many down-on-their-luck New Yorkers are stealing what they need to survive in one of the world's most expensive cities. But law enforcement and trade groups have blamed a proliferation of organized shoplifting crews, repeat offenders and the new state bail law that they argue has enabled such offenders to avoid jail time. nytimes.com

'Collective Action to Protect Our Stores' Continues Push for Legislative Action
Small business coalition demands accountability amid shoplifting spike in NYC
The Collective Action to Protect Our Stores, a coalition that advocates for small businesses throughout New York City, is demanding accountability as shoplifting is on the rise. There were over 6,000 arrests for retail theft last year, according to the NYPD.

CAPS says supermarkets, bodegas and grocery stores are being hit hard by those crimes. It argues that those numbers might be higher.

"We're seeing a hike in shoplifting, but I also want to highlight that not all the data is there because a lot of these shoplifting scenarios go unreported because we don't want to call NYPD," said Nayelly De Jesus of CAPS. "We feel like when we hold the shoplifter at the store, that's when our employees get assaulted. So, the data is probably three times that."

De Jesus believes legislation protecting business owners and employees would help solve the issue. She says there are currently three new bills on the table that would increase the penalties for shoplifting.

"If we don't stop the shoplifters, then we become the target of the community, and then we have to close our doors," she said. brooklyn.news12.com

Blame Game Over San Francisco's Violent Crime Surge
San Francisco District Attorney Takes Aim at Elon Musk Over Murder Allegations
Cash App cofounder Bob Lee was found stabbed to death in a deserted part of downtown San Francisco in the early morning hours of April 4.

The incident, which received huge amounts of media attention, led Silicon Valley leaders to come out in force, decrying the state of violent crime in the city. Some tech execs started pointing fingers, arguing that homelessness had spiraled out of control and that the rich were being unfairly targeted.

"Many people I know have been severely assaulted," Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who has already made himself immensely unpopular in the city, chimed in. Musk went as far as to blame law enforcement for not doing enough.

"Violent crime in SF is horrific and even if attackers are caught, they are often released immediately," he added.

During the SFPD's announcement about their arrest on Thursday, District Attorney Brooke Jenkins didn't mince words.

Musk's "reckless and irresponsible statements," which "assumed incorrect circumstances about Mr. Lee's death," only "serve to mislead the world in their perceptions of San Francisco and also negatively impact the pursuit of justice for victims of crime as it spreads misinformation at a time when the police are trying to solve a very difficult case," she said. futurism.com

New York DA Throws the Book at Robbers & Burglars
Westchester DA Addresses Recent Rash Of Burglaries And Robberies

Rocah touted a proven record of bringing felony charges and sending a strong message to the perpetrators of these crimes.

When is comes to a recent plague of robberies, burglaries and brazen shoplifting incidents in Westchester County, District Attorney Miriam Rocah isn't playing around.

Rocah announced a crackdown on burglaries and robberies across the jurisdiction. Her office highlighted a laundry list of felony charges for defendants arrested in connection with recent break-ins and theft at homes and local businesses.

"Ensuring residents feel safe at home or when doing business in Westchester is an important priority for the DA's Office," Rocah said. "The latest indictments and charges for recent incidents across Westchester should send a strong message that my Office and the 42 police departments we work with on a daily basis across this county remain committed to protecting Westchester residents and businesses." patch.com

Kroger Mass Shooting Lawsuit
Kroger Worker Loses Suit Against Franchisor Over Mass Shooting
A Kroger Co. employee injured in a mass shooting at the store lost his liability lawsuit against the franchisor of the sushi bar where the gunman worked. Jonathan Fernald failed to allege that the shooting was foreseeable to JFE Franchising, Inc., doing business as Snowfox, or that JFE had a duty to him to take actions to prevent it, the US District Court for the Western District of Tennessee ruled Thursday. news.bloomberglaw.com

California business owner closes beauty stores due to retail crime

Op-Ed: When will we tire of gun culture, mass shootings and take action?


Louis Vuitton Sues Atlanta Flea Market for Selling Counterfeits
In New Lawsuit, Louis Vuitton Seeks Millions from Atlanta Flea Market for Allegedly Selling Counterfeit Goods
Louis Vuitton is suing a popular Atlanta-area indoor flea market for allowing its tenants to allegedly sell counterfeit goods.

In a new lawsuit filed on Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, Ga., the French luxury brand is suing Westgate Discount Mall, and its owners Basirou Kebbay and Aaron Kebe, for creating a "safe haven" for the sale of counterfeit Louis Vuitton merchandise, as well as a host of other well-known brands.

In the court filing, Louis Vuitton stated that the flea market operators "turned a blind-eye" to the activity despite being "repeatedly notified" of the action by the company and are "fully aware" that its tenants were engaged in the sale of counterfeit goods. "In so doing, defendants allowed the sale of such merchandise to flourish on a massive scale to the detriment of Louis Vuitton," the company alleged.

Specifically, Louis Vuitton stated that it sent Westgate Discount Mall "at least 31 notices" concerning tenants at the market that had attempted to import counterfeit products but had the products seized by US Customs and Border Protection.

What's more, the company said in court documents that investigators acting on behalf of Louis Vuitton have served "at least 20 cease and desist letters" to tenants of the market who were engaged in the sale of products bearing counterfeit Louis Vuitton trademarks.

Louis Vuitton also cited "numerous occasions" prior to this court filing where law enforcement agencies seized counterfeit items from tenants at the market, including goods bearing counterfeit Louis Vuitton trademarks. In fact, law enforcement has arrested several of the market's counterfeiting tenants, the company said.

With this claim, Louis Vuitton is seeking an amount of up to $2,000,000 per counterfeit mark per each type of good as well as profits resulting from the sale of the alleged fake merchandise. footwearnews.com

Feds Crack Down on Goods & Companies Tied to Forced Labor
Since June, Feds have seized nearly $1 billion in goods tied to forced labor

Companies are receiving detention notices and stand to lose millions of dollars while their goods remain in custody at ports.

Since late June, federal authorities have seized $961 million worth of goods over suspected ties to forced labor, officials told CNBC. In many instances, companies have no idea their supply chain is tainted, officials said.

CNBC received exclusive access in February to the Port of New York and New Jersey, the largest port on the East Coast, located a few miles southwest of Manhattan. There, millions of dollars' worth of cargo - from solar panels to bedding to floor tiles - was being held while major companies scrambled to prove their supply chains are clean.

"Our goal for the forced labor laws [is] to prevent merchandise from being made with forced labor in the first place, and we will not rest until we achieve that goal," said Customs and Border Protection Executive Assistant Commissioner AnnMarie Highsmith, who oversees the Office of Trade.

The enforcement falls under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, or UFLPA, signed into law by President Joe Biden in late 2021. The law prohibits imports of goods produced or sourced in the Xinjiang region of China from entering the U.S. economy.

Surprisingly, the most recent CBP data shows that in terms of value, the majority of shipments detained since last summer were not sent from China. Shipments coming directly from China represented about $80 million worth of goods, while Malaysia accounted for $461 million and Vietnam accounted for $370 million.

To date, only about a third of those detained shipments have been released. cnbc.com

The End of the Standard Barcode? - Another Tool for LP?
QR-style "2D barcodes" will revolutionize retail as we know it

The familiar Universal Product Code barcode, left, will be supplanted by 2027 with a more data-rich improvement

The humble and familiar barcode - a staple on consumer packaging for nearly 50 years - will soon be replaced with a more robust and muscular successor that offers far more information about the product inside.

The new "2D" barcodes will unlock reams of online extras (for consumers) and revolutionize inventory management (for retailers). Scanning them may tell us the field where something was grown, the factory where a garment was sewn, the sust

The technology promises to improve product safety, give us greater transparency into the origins of the items we buy, and enhance our lives with handy suggestions about how to use or prepare our purchases.

Stores will be able to respond immediately to product recalls, identifying faulty items and removing them from shelves. They'll be able to flag foods that are approaching their sell-by date - and offer discounts before they expire. axios.com

The Union Push Continues
Ben & Jerry's scoopers take key step to form company's first union

If workers unionize, they would be the first to do so at the company, which has long championed social justice causes

Ben & Jerry's workers at the company's flagship ice cream shop in Burlington, Vt., are filing for a union election on Monday, adding momentum to a string of service-industry campaigns at high-profile companies such as Starbucks, Trader Joe's and Apple.

If the workers vote to unionize, they will be the first among Ben & Jerry's U.S. locations to do so. The company, started by two former hippies, has built a reputation on serving up zany ice cream flavors like Half Baked and Cherry Garcia while unapologetically supporting social justice causes.

The union drive serves as a test of the company's values, workers said. Scoopers in Burlington said co-founder Jerry Greenfield showed up briefly at the store on Sunday - an unusual occurrence - but he skipped a meeting where workers announced to management their intent to unionize. washingtonpost.com

Retailers Still Struggling to Fill Positions
Survey: Staffing, wage concerns top priority for retailers heading into summer

Retailers are still having a hard time filling store-based positions.

More than half of retailers (52.80%) indicated that staffing and wage issues were their top concerns going into summer, according to a an annual survey by training and communications technology company Multimedia Plus.The study surveyed executives in the retail and hospitality industries.

In distant second and third place were global events (9.60%) and banking sector concerns (8.80%). Also coming in at less than 10% were loss prevention and supply chain concerns.

In terms of the current environment for hiring store-based roles, 30.63% of respondents said that positions are about the same to fill as compared to this time last year. But 24.32% of respondents reported that positions are harder to fill than last year, while 11.71% said that they are much harder to fill. chainstoreage.com

David's Bridal lays off over 9K as it pursues a sale
The layoffs in Pennsylvania will become effective in phases, starting April 14 and ending August 11.

Best Buy lays off hundreds of store employees as shopping trends shift

Walmart is selling Bonobos to Express, WHP Global for $75M

Last week's #1 article --

'Organized Retail Crime: An Assessment of a Persistent and Growing Threat'

New NRF Report Details ORC's 'Persistent & Growing Threat'
NRF Report Shows ORC a Growing Threat for U.S. Retailers

Key findings in the report include:

ORC groups largely target everyday consumer goods - which offer a favorable balance between ease of theft, monetary value and ease of resale. Only 11% of the ORC groups examined in the report targeted luxury goods.

The median ORC fencing operation handled about $250,000 in stolen merchandise prior to being apprehended by law enforcement.

ORC fencing operations rely on online marketplaces as one resale channel. About 45% of ORC groups for which fencing information was available used online marketplaces for resale operations.

ORC fences that conduct online resale operations appear to be shifting away from third-party online sellers and toward peer-to-peer websites that facilitate direct engagement among buyers and sellers.

ORC groups rely on advance planning to ensure the success of their theft operations.

There are significant deficiencies in the availability of consistent and consolidated data regarding ORC across national, state and local authorities, as well as the retail industry.

Click here to view the full report | View the full press release here

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CISA's Security Push Would Be a 'Game Changer' for the Software Industry
Software industry leaders debate real costs and benefits of CISA security push

The global effort to promote secure by design is seen as a potential game changer for software security, but may require substantial investments and cultural changes.

A robust debate is emerging about the lofty goals and potential costs of actually implementing the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's long-awaited guidelines for secure by design.

CISA, along with the FBI and National Security Agency, unveiled an extensive set of guidelines in concert with key international cyber authorities on Thursday.

Officials are urging the global software industry to make substantial changes in how it develops applications in order to minimize flaws in code, make multifactor authentication a standard security feature and take other steps to reduce the risk of malicious attacks.

Almost everyone involved says the software industry would like to build more trusted applications, but that requires a significant investment of time, money and expertise to make those necessary improvements. The fear is the loss of innovation, customer loyalty and ultimately profitability.

The Software Alliance, also known as BSA, praised CISA for putting together a global effort to implement secure-by-design practices.

Security, at what cost?

CISA's Lord acknowledges that companies have spent the last two decades making new investments in security technologies, including advances in sandboxing, automated security updates and other features designed to build resilience.

But some industry leaders fear the time and investment required to reach such a high standard will have real costs in terms of the investment and time required to develop new products.

"The amount of testing and quality assurance necessary to achieve the CISA standard for this would slow the introduction of technology products to market," McNamara said. "Time to market matters." cybersecuritydive.com

Hybrid Meetings Give Cybercriminals More Attack Surfaces
A Double Dose of Meeting Security

Whether meeting online, in person, or both, associations need to keep security concerns top of mind. Envisioning and preparing for worst-case scenarios in every venue and platform is now an essential part of meeting planning.

AdvertisementThe current hybrid meeting environment means that association leaders need to think about meeting security in two ways now. A wider variety of online meeting formats and tools introduces new opportunities for attendee data to be stolen and exploited. And a fresh round of prominent stories about mass shootings in recent months has attendees and meeting planners understandably concerned about how to keep their events safe.

Sensible Data Security

Whether a conference is happening virtually or onsite, there are tech security issues to consider as well. According to Jonathan Roy, director of security and compliance at the IT firm DesignDATA, the rush to move to virtual meetings at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic led some associations to hire platform providers or make integrations that often left data unprotected.

And even if the platform is reliable, third-party companies that offer specific integrations-like a chatroom or online retail function-can open the door to data breaches as well.

To get ahead of potential breaches, Roy says, associations should have their meetings and IT staffers work together to assess every conference's data-related touchpoints, from app logins to badge scanners, to ensure that systems to protect attendee data are in place. They should also be prepared to ask tough questions of their external IT partners and be allowed to review any plans that a vendor creates. associationsnow.com

$6 Million Business Email Compromise Scheme
Three Nigerian Nationals Facing Federal Charges Related to a Fraud Scheme With Losses of More Than $6 Million

First Defendant Extradited to the United States Arrived on April 12, 2023

According to the seven-count indictment, from February 2016 until at least July 2017, the defendants conspired with others to perpetrate a BEC scheme. Specifically, the indictment alleges that the defendants and their co-conspirators, including co-conspirators residing in Maryland, gained unauthorized access to email accounts associated with individuals and businesses targeted by the conspirators. The co-conspirators then allegedly sent false wiring instructions to the victims' email accounts from "spoofed" emails, which are emails with forged sender addresses, to deceive the victims into sending money to bank accounts controlled by perpetrators of the scheme, called "drop accounts."

The indictment also alleges that the defendants conspired to commit money laundering by disbursing the fraudulently obtained funds in the drop accounts to other accounts by initiating account transfers, withdrawing cash, obtaining cashier's checks and by writing checks to other individuals and entities, to hide the true ownership and the source of those assets. For example, defendant Aliyu is alleged to have made a $350,000 wire transfer from one of the drop accounts in Maryland to an account he controlled in South Africa, knowing that the funds were the proceeds of a crime and that the transaction was designed to conceal the nature, source and ownership of those funds. Finally, the defendants are charged with wire fraud, related to the BEC scheme. Specifically, Simon-Ebo is charged in three wire fraud counts involving $6,343,533.10 in victim funds being wired to accounts controlled by conspirators. justice.gov

Data Security is a Top Business Hurdle
Organizations face an uphill battle to keep their sensitive data secure

On average, organizations store 61% of their sensitive data in the cloud, and most have experienced at least one cybersecurity breach (90%), threat (89%) and/or theft of data (80%), with 75% experiencing all three, according to Skyhigh Security.

Overall, the report underscores the need to address data security gaps by investing in comprehensive data protection that provides remote workforces with a secure and productive user experience.

Today, data is everywhere, traversing devices, cloud applications, the web and infrastructure, so it comes as no surprise that one of the biggest challenges organizations face is securing their vital data," said Rodman Ramezanian, global cloud threat lead, Skyhigh Security.

"The problem is compounded by the increasing use of private and public cloud services, practices like shadow IT and even economic factors. With so many variables, it begs the question: Are organizations trying to solve new problems with old methods? Our report findings reinforce the importance of a converged platform across data, web and cloud protection capabilities to cater for the needs of security teams today," concluded Ramezanian. helpnetsecurity.com

New hacker advocacy group seeks to protect work of security researchers

Fraudsters Are Actively Trying To Grab The Pot Of Money That Exists In Crypto







In-Fighting Continues to Hamper Amazon Labor Union
A rift, a fistfight, a walkout: Chris Smalls and the bad blood within the Amazon Labor Union

As tensions within the union grew, Smalls was caught on camera fighting an Amazon worker outside a warehouse last year.

The fight was the culmination of months of tension between Smalls and Daley, 37, a former Amazon Labor Union organizer whom Smalls had lauded earlier last year for convincing coworkers to vote in favor of unionization.

The men had a fraught history, and Daley had been threatening Smalls for months, according to messages Daley shared with Insider and interviews with two other ALU organizers. On that December day, Daley initiated physical contact with Smalls, Daley said in an interview with Insider. The video shows Daley moving aggressively toward Smalls. Daley can also be seen taking swings, though it's not clear if he landed blows on Smalls.

The root of their disagreement, though, was related to Smalls' ascendant fame - which many Amazon Labor Union organizers feel has overshadowed his responsibilities to the union he helped found.

That sentiment has contributed to a rift within the union that goes beyond the dramatic confrontation with Daley, pitting Smalls loyalists against those who believe the union would be better served without him. The fracture deepened after a December 9 meeting, The New York Times reported, in which Smalls told people who did not support him to leave.

Since the union's victory last April in Staten Island, Smalls has risen to celebrity status as the face of a newly resurgent labor movement. With a shoestring budget and little formal labor-organizing experience, the Amazon Labor Union had scored a rare victory against a corporate behemoth that has spent millions in an attempt to sway union votes. businessinsider.com

Economic Headwinds Continue to Hit Amazon
Amazon CEO Andy Jassy warns about 'short-term headwinds' for AWS business
The Amazon Web Services (AWS) business that Amazon CEO Andy Jassy used to run is starting to suck wind as the economy downshifts and competition from Microsoft and others in the cloud intensifies.

"Despite growing 29% year-over-year ("YoY") in 2022 on a $62B [billion] revenue base, AWS faces short-term headwinds right now as companies are being more cautious in spending given the challenging, current macroeconomic conditions," Jassy acknowledged in his second annual shareholder letter on Thursday.

Jassy, who assumed the CEO mantle from billionaire founder Jeff Bezos in July 2021, is also dealing with layoffs and overall slowing growth elsewhere.

"While these short-term headwinds soften our growth rate, we like a lot of the fundamentals that we're seeing in AWS," Jassy added in the letter to shareholders. "Our new customer pipeline is robust, as are our active migrations." finance.yahoo.com

Why Is E-Commerce Search Still So Terrible?

This Online Store Sells Lost Airport Luggage at a Big Discount







SDORCA General Membership meeting coming tomorrow

Please join us for our next SDORCA Membership Meeting on Tuesday, April 18th. The meeting will take place from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. Please go to the website: SDORCA.ORG to register. This meeting will be in-person only, RSVP is required.

San Diego County-One Safe Place will be hosting this meeting and it will be held at their training room. Space is limited, registration and RSVP is required. Registration for the meeting will close at the end of April 17, 2023. This location has a very nice training room. Please be mindful there may be families and clients arriving to seek services at OneSafePlace prior to and after the SDORCA meeting.

As always, this will also be a great opportunity to network with Law Enforcement and Retail Investigators in the area.

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Westmorland, PA: Suspect in Ross Dress for Less store theft ring pleads guilty
A Florida man pleaded guilty this week to his role in a multi-state theft ring from a local clothing retailer. Yan Roynell Duquesne Martinez, 31, was charged in December with theft of clothing and other items from multiple Ross Dress for Less stores in Westmoreland, Allegheny, Blair and Cambria counties. Police said Ross' loss prevention staff had tracked the theft ring since July 2020 and believed Martinez and an unknown associate took merchandise from stores in Hempfield, Altoona, Johnstown, Homestead and Fox Chapel last August. About $11,500 of merchandise stolen from Ross stores in the region, including shoes, clothing, cologne and perfume, that were found at a local commercial shipping company marked with a mailing address for Martinez, police said.  triblive.com

Kearny, NJ: Shoplifting Duo stole $6,000 in products from Ulta
Det. Jordenson Jean and Officer Cort Montanino responded to Ulta Beauty on a manager's report of two suspected shoplifters in the store. On reaching the parking lot, the officers saw the two described suspects fleeing on foot with two shopping baskets brimming with stolen beauty products. The officers gave chase and caught both suspects with the help of Officer Lawrence Latka. All told, the suspects almost made out with $6,114 of stolen merchandise. Officers charged Jarae C. Roberts, 31, and Samaad Terrell, 29, both of Newark, with shoplifting, conspiracy, and obstructing the administration of law. Terrell was additionally charged with resisting arrest. Both were later released on summonses. theobserver.com

Visalia, CA: 4 arrested after Organized Retail Theft in Visalia Mall
Four people were arrested after being involved in an organized retail theft incident at the Visalia Mall Saturday afternoon, according to the Visalia Police Department. Police say mall security informed them of four people, three women and one man, who were caught on video going into multiple stores, hiding merchandise in bags, and leaving without paying. The four suspects were contacted by officers as they left the mall and eventually booked into the Tulare Pretrial Facility under suspicion of shoplifting, possession of stolen property, possession of burglary instruments, and conspiracy. Authorities say the bags the suspects were using had been modified to prevent the theft prevention alarms from activating. The stolen merchandise was returned to the stores.  yourcentralvalley.com

Portland, OR: Police recover $2000 of stolen merchandise in retail theft suppression mission Friday
Portland Police took five people into custody on Friday, April 14 during a retail theft suppression mission. Police say they focused the mission on the Jantzen Beach Shopping Center. Over the course of the mission, officers recovered a stolen vehicle filled with stolen retail items. Police say they recovered over $2000 worth of stolen property.  katu.com

Clifton Park, NY: Two arrested for stealing $3,000 of merchandise from Target

Coral Springs, FL: Target Thief Whips Up Trouble with KitchenAid Mixer Heist, Arrested for Grand Theft and False Identification

Murfreesboro, TN: Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Light Fixtures Stolen From Lowes

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Shootings & Deaths

Toledo, OH: Teen suspect in robbery of Dollar General shot and killed by Police
A teen male fleeing from police after he was involved in the robbery of a Dollar General store was shot and killed after he pointed a firearm at officers, police say. Police tell WTOL Channel 11 the 16-year-old suspect was being chased on foot by officers but refused to obey commands to drop a firearm. Police say the male then pointed the gun at his own head, but then pointed at the officers. Police then shot the teen multiple times, reports say. The suspect was pronounced dead at St. Vincent's Hospital. The Toledo Blade reports the Lucas County Coroner's Office says the teen was shot in the body, legs and arms. According to WTVG Channel 13, officers were called Friday morning to a Dollar General. Reports say two teen males robbed the store and also a customer. Officers arrived as the two teens ran from the store and began chasing the suspects, reports say. One of the suspects fired a shot at officers during the chase, police tell WTOL.
The other teen suspect was caught and taken into custody, according to reports. WTVG reports two guns were recovered. No other injuries were reported.  cleveland.com

Anaheim, CA: Man Killed in Shooting at Anaheim Fast Food Restaurant
A man was shot and killed Monday morning at a 24-hour Jack-in-the-Box restaurant in Anaheim. The shooting was reported about 2 a.m. at the intersection of Brookhurst Street and Ball Road, Anaheim police Sgt. Jonathan McClintock told City News Service. Arriving officers found the man in the parking lot with at least one gunshot wound, McClintock said. He was rushed by ambulance to a hospital where he died. Officers detained two people spotted leaving the area, the sergeant said. "Their involvement in the shooting is under investigation," McClintock said.  mynewsla.com

Detroit, MI: Employee shot, killed at Greektown store after customer dispute
A man is in custody after fatally shooting an employee at a Greektown store on Saturday night, Detroit police say. According to Detroit police Chief James White, there was a dispute that ended in gunfire inside a store near Monroe Street and St. Antoine on Saturday night. White told Local 4 there was some kind of argument about someone cutting in line when a man decided to settle things with gunfire. He shot an employee of the store who was transported to a local hospital where they later died. When the man left the store, officers who were on patrol were outside and made an arrest.  clickondetroit.com

Phoenix, AZ: 1 woman dead, 1 woman injured in shooting near restaurant
Jeanneatte Smith Leibby, 64, was shot dead near 43rd Avenue and Thomas Road in Phoenix on Sunday morning, while another woman was injured. The shooting occurred at about 1:30 a.m. near a restaurant. A vehicle drove by and fired at the restaurant, according to police. The vehicle left the area before the police arrived. "Officers found two women suffering gunshot wounds," said Sgt. Melissa Soliz, a spokesperson for Phoenix Police. "They were both transported to the hospital with serious injuries." Leibby died at the hospital, said Soliz. The suspect or suspects remain outstanding.  news.yahoo.com

San Antonio, TX: Cashier at Church's Chicken injured by flying shrapnel during robbery attempt
Police are investigating after a cashier at a restaurant was injured by flying shrapnel during an attempted robbery just northwest of downtown at a Church's Chicken. It happened around 3:15 p.m. Saturday, on the 1800 block of West Hildebrand Avenue. Police were told that three men went inside the restaurant, and started shooting at the employee who was standing by the cash register located in the front of the restaurant. The 22-year-old cashier was not shot, but instead was injured by flying shrapnel, say police. The victim was taken to a hospital to be treated for his injuries, and is said to be in fair condition.  kens5.com

Alexandria, VA: Clerk shot during 7-Eleven robbery; Police seeking suspect

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Store Taken Over By Looters
Compton, CA: Crowd takes over street, loots gas station in Compton
A street takeover in Compton early Sunday morning was followed by a large mob breaking down the door of a gas station and stealing thousands of dollars worth of products. Video of the street takeover shows a large group of people blocking the four-way intersection with cars drifting in circles with tires screeching loudly around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Another video shows several men kicking the door of the mini mart down followed by many more individuals ransacking the store of thousands of dollars of alcohol, snacks and condoms. The gas station and convenience store sustained severe damage as a result of the looting.  ktla.com

Auckland, New Zealand: Two Burger King staff stabbed in Auckland, man arrested
A 23-year-old man has been arrested after an incident at Burger King Takanini that left two staff seriously injured. Police were called just after 3pm today to the fast food restaurant on Great South Rd, the alleged offender being found at a nearby location shortly after. The two injured staff were transported to Middlemore Hospital, both in a serious condition.  1news.co.nz

Sacramento County, CA: Suspect accused of setting fire as distraction during theft at Target
A suspected shoplifter is accused of setting a fire inside a North Highlands Target on Saturday to create a distraction, according to Sacramento Metro Fire. "Crews arrived. They had a partially extinguished fire in the paper products aisle. They were able to completely extinguish that fire," said Capt. Parker Wilbourn. Sacramento County sheriff's deputies arrested two men suspected of working together in the plot to steal from the store on Madison Avenue near Auburn Boulevard. Kyree Morganstein, 31, was booked on four felony charges, including burglary, grand theft, arson and conspiracy. In addition, Joe Rogers, 51, is accused of conspiring with Morganstein in the retail theft. "These people know exactly what they're doing when they're going into these stores. They have a plan. They go and they start a fire that distracts the employees and they go and make off with whatever they want out of the store," Wilbourn said. He said it is something Metro Fire has seen at least four times in the last year. For instance, surveillance video from an incident at Target in Arden-Arcade last July shows a fire growing in the clothing department until someone discovers the blaze and puts it out with a fire extinguisher. Meanwhile, the suspects were seen leaving with shopping carts full of goods. kcra.com

Sharonville, OH: Employee assaulted with handgun in robbery attempt at McDonalds
A McDonald's employee was assaulted during an attempted robbery at gunpoint in Sharonville. It happened at the McDonald's location on the 1600 block of Kemper Road around 6:15 a.m. Sunday. A suspect forced the opening manager into the store, according to police. The suspect reportedly forced her into the office and demanded she opened the safe. When she was unable to do so, police said the suspect assaulted the woman "numerous times in her face and head with his handgun." Police said the suspect fled out the rear door of the store. An employee found the manager early Sunday and called 911.  wcpo.com

Chicago, IL: CPD warning businesses of smash-and-grab burglaries on South, Southwest sides

Suffolk County, NY: Mastic man sentenced to 10 years in prison for string of 2021 C-Store Armed Robberies



Auto - Attleboro, MA - Burglary
C-Store - Brownsville, TX - Burglary
C-Store- Spokane, WA - Robbery
C-Store - Lagrange, GA - Robbery
C-Store- St Louis, MO - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Rochester, NY - Burglary
CVS - Greenville County, SC - Armed Robbery
Clothing - Portland, OR - Robbery
Dollar - Toledo, OH - Armed Robbery / Susp killed
Dollar - Briggs Lake, MN - Burglary
Florist - Buffalo, NY - Burglary
Jewelry - Hoosick Falls, NY - Burglary
Jewelry - Rockville, MD - Burglary
Jewelry - Kaneohe, HI - Robbery
Jewelry - Lima, Ohio - Robbery
Jewelry - Fort Wayne, IN.- Robbery
Jewelry - Columbia, SC - Robbery
Jewelry - West Chester, OH - Robbery
Jewelry - Greenville, SC - Robbery
Restaurant - Anaheim, CA - Armed Robbery / Cust killed
Restaurant - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery / Emp wounded
Restaurant - Brownsville, TX - Burglary
Restaurant - Sharonville, OH - Armed Robbery / Emp injured
Walmart - Corbin, KY - Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 16 robberies
• 8 burglaries
• 3 shootings
• 2 killed

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Director of Retail Solutions - North America
Denver, CO - posted April 5
This role will be focused on selling our SaaS retail crime intelligence platform by developing new prospects, and progressing Enterprise level prospects through our sales process. You will report directly to the VP of Retail Solutions - North America, and work alongside our Marketing, Partnerships and Customer Success team to grow our customer base...

Manager, Regional Loss Prevention
Minneapolis, MN - posted April 4
This position is responsible for managing all aspects of loss prevention for a geographic area to reduce and control shortage and other financial losses in 124+ company stores. The coverage areas average $850+ million in sales revenue...

Field Loss Prevention Manager
Atlanta, GA - posted March 21
As a Field Loss Prevention Manager (FLPM) you will coordinate Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations. FLPM's are depended on to be an expert in auditing, investigating, and training...

Regional Distribution Asset Protection Specialist
Landover, MD - posted February 24
This role is responsible for leading asset protection initiatives and investigating matters pertaining to inventory shrink, policy violations, unauthorized access, fraud, and theft within assigned distribution center(s) - Landover MD, Severn MD, Bluefield VA, Norfolk VA, Lumberton NC...

Corporate Risk Manager
Charlotte or Raleigh, NC - posted February 14
Summary of Role and Responsibilities: Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries; Report all incidents, claims and losses which may expose the company to financial losses whether they are covered by insurance or not...

Director of Asset Protection & Safety
Mount Horeb, WI - posted January 27
The Director of Asset Protection and Safety is responsible for developing strategies, supporting initiatives, and creating a vibrant culture relating to all aspects of asset protection and safety throughout the organization. As the expert strategist and leader of asset protection and safety, this role applies broad knowledge and seasoned experience to address risks...

Loss Prevention Analyst
Ashburn, VA - posted February 21
This position pays $67,725 - $75,000 per year:
The LP Analyst protects the company's assets from internal theft by using investigative resources (i.e., exception-based reporting (EBR), micros reporting, inventory reporting, CCTV, etc.). The primary responsibility of the LP Analyst is to identify potential loss prevention issues such as employee theft in SSP America's operation across North America...

Manager of Asset Protection (Corporate and DC)
North Kingstown, RI - posted February 17
The Manager of Asset Protection - Corporate and Distribution Center ("DC") role at Ocean State Job Lot ("OSJL" and "Company") will have overall responsibility for the ongoing safety and security of all operations throughout the corporate office and supply chain...

Business Continuity Planning Manager
Jacksonville, FL - posted January 26
Responsible for developing, implementing and managing the company's Business Continuity (BCP) and Life Safety Programs to include but not limited to emergency response, disaster recovery and site preparedness plans for critical business functions across the organization. In addition, the position will develop and lead testing requirements to ensure these programs are effective and can be executed in the event of a disaster/crisis...

Region Asset Protection Manager-St Augustine and Daytona Beach Market
Jacksonville, FL - posted January 18
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...


Region Asset Protection Manager: Fresco y Mas Banner
Hialeah, FL - posted January 18
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

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