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Todd Luginbill named Zone AP Director for Family Dollar

Before being named Zone AP Director for Family Dollar, Todd spent more than five years with Dollar Tree Stores - nearly four of them as Director, Asset Protection Supply Chain and more than a year as Regional Asset Protection Manager. Prior to that, he spent more than two years with Dollar General as Regional LP Manager and more than four years with Walmart as Market AP Manager. Earlier in his career, he held LP roles with GNC, Eckerd, Stein Mart, Target, and Kmart. Congratulations, Todd!

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Why empowering your frontline associates
is the key to impacting ORC

April 6 | 1:00 p.m. EST

Join industry leaders and innovators, Wade Schillo (Walmart) and Bobby Haskins (Auror), as they discuss why empowering your frontline associates is the key to impacting ORC.

From insights around ORC and retail safety to emerging solutions and real-world results, this conversation will be filled with personal experiences, case studies, and actionable tips.

Topics Wade and Bobby will talk through:

Requirements to get quality intelligence from frontline teams
Aggregation and investigation building
Real-world stories and results
Plus live Q&A throughout

At the end of the webinar, our sponsor, Auror, will award five LPF scholarships to attendees by random drawing.

This webinar is presented by the Loss Prevention Foundation in partnership with Auror and qualifies for 1 continuing education unit (CEU) towards your LPC recertification or CFI recertification.


The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Oregon Moves One Step Closer to Passing New ORC Bills
Oregon Senate unanimously passes bills aimed at organized retail crime
On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously passed a package of bills aimed at curtailing organized retail theft. The bills now head to the Senate floor.

"Oregon has become one of the most active states regarding organized retail crime and many retailers are reporting losing millions of dollars in loss per store location," said Senator Tim Knopp, the sponsor of SB 900. "What you tolerate, you will get more of and we can no longer tolerate this."

The amended SB 900 would establish a $5 million grant fund for law enforcement to support organized retail theft enforcement actions. More on Senate Bill 900 and the proposed amendment.

The amended Senate Bill 318 would allocate funding to the Department of Justice to fund positions tasked with investigating and prosecuting organized retail theft. The amount the bill would fund is yet to be determined. More on Senate Bill 318 and proposed amendments.

The amended Senate Bill 340 would make several policy changes to the Oregon criminal code to ensure retailers and law enforcement have the necessary tools to detect, deter, and hold those who commit organized retail theft accountable. It also addresses employee safety when concerning organized retail theft groups. More on Senate Bill 340 and the proposed amendment.

Members of the Oregon Organized Retail Crime Task Force released statements following the passage of the bills.

"Organized Retail Crime is one of the most pressing and fastest-growing issues for grocery stores in Oregon right now," said Amanda Dalton, the Northwest Grocery Association President. "In the past year our members have seen incidents double and ORC suspects have become brazen and dangerous, putting the safety of customers and employees at risk."

"This is not petty theft!" said Jeremy Girard, President of the Organized Retail Crime Association of Oregon. "Our loss prevention officers are dealing with dangerous organized crime rings. Our recommended legislative package provides critical tools to businesses, prosecutors, and law enforcement that will aid in addressing organized retail crime." kptv.com

NY Crime Data: Property Crime Up 24% in 2022
Overall crime index spiked 21%, while shootings & murders decreased

Governor Hochul Details Statewide Crime Data, Highlights Need for Public Safety Investments and Reforms in FY 2024 Budget

Common-Sense Bail Proposal to Eliminate Confusion in Conflicting Laws and Hold Repeat Offenders and Violent Criminals Accountable

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced new statewide crime data and highlighted the need for public safety investments and reforms included in her Fiscal Year 2024 budget.

During a speech at the Capitol, the Governor outlined her $491.9 million investment in proven strategies to address and prevent gun crime and violence, reduce recidivism, and help the criminal justice system continue to rebound from pandemic-era disruptions.

Overall index crime increased 21 percent: violent crime (murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault), 10 percent, and property crime (burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft), 24 percent, during the same timeframe.

Shooting incidents with injury declined 17 percent in New York City and 15 percent in the 20 communities that report gun violence data to the state when comparing last year to 2021, and those incidents continued to decline in early 2023.

The number of reported murders declined 11 percent statewide in last year, with 94 fewer individuals killed, and while overall index crime increased 21 percent, those numbers are nowhere near those seen in three decades ago. Governor Hochul also made the case for her common-sense proposal to remove the "least restrictive" standard the state's bail law, which is key to restoring judicial discretion and holding accountable those who continually reoffend and commit violent crimes.  governor.ny.gov

'Many of America's Downtowns' are Under Attack - It's Going to "Wash Over & Affect the Suburbs"

2,300 Businesses Have Left Downtown Seattle Since 2020
"Santa Monica Is NOT safe. Crime ... Depravity ... Outdoor mental asylum."

Homeless encampments overwhelm Phoenix businesses
Arizona is facing one of the worst homelessness crises, federal data shows. Madison Street has become the center of one of the largest homeless encampments in the country.

Rampant homelessness in Phoenix, Arizona, is impacting small businesses, who are struggling to stay afloat amid the homeless encampments.

"I think that you would find throughout the country an endemic if not an epidemic of of homelessness related to economic issues as they affect small businesses in downtown areas, the issues that are impacting and even influencing cities are going to wash over and affect suburbs," said historian Chet Orloff.

Arizona is facing one of the worst homelessness crises in the U.S., according to a report released by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The December 2022 report shows while national numbers for homelessness remained mostly stable since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Arizona saw a 23% jump in its homeless population.

For the last three years, as an epidemic of unsheltered homelessness began to overwhelm Phoenix and many other major American downtowns. Cities across the West had been transformed by a housing crisis, a mental health crisis and an opioid epidemic, all of which landed at the doorsteps of small businesses already reaching a breaking point because of the pandemic. In Seattle, more than 2,300 businesses had left downtown since the beginning of 2020. A group of fed up small-business owners in Santa Monica, Calif., had hung a banner on the city's promenade that read: "Santa Monica Is NOT safe. Crime ... Depravity ... Outdoor mental asylum." And in Phoenix, where the number of people living on the street had more than tripled since 2016, businesses had begun hiring private security firms to guard their property and lawyers to file a lawsuit against the city for failing to manage "a great humanitarian crisis."

In Phoenix police were called to an average of eight incidents a day in 2022. There were at least 1,097 calls for emergency medical help, 573 fights or assaults, 236 incidents of trespassing, 185 fires, 140 thefts, 125 armed robberies, 13 sexual assaults and four homicides. Fire Department and ambulance responders have been attacked and assaulted so many times they now require police escorts to respond to the encampment areas.

More than 1,250 homeless people had died in Maricopa County in the last two years, including hundreds from drug overdoses or heat exposure. Other nearby property owners had started calling the neighborhood Death Row. nytimes.com newsnationnow.com

Safeway Says; "Rampant shoplifting on the rise at alarming levels at retailers throughout California
FOX40 News Crew Attacked By Shoplifter While Investigating Thefts

CRA Responds: Employees at Fair Oaks Safeway say routine theft also causing them to feel unsafe
An employee from Safeway in Fair Oaks said the conditions at their store are similar to the Howe Avenue location that allegedly has routine theft.

The employee contacted FOX40 and said he is also concerned about the safety and security at their location on Madison Avenue and Dewey Drive.

"Every night we're stressed thinking about: 'OK, what's the issue going to be tonight?' You just know something's going to happen," the employee said, who asked to be referred to as Joey. "Almost every night, there's an incident where we have to contact the police or ask for security."

Employees from Madison Avenue said corporate isn't doing enough to keep them safe from suspected thieves, who they say, consistently steal in bulk from their business.

"There's violent behavior, where people are throwing things. Not just stealing but unstable people throwing things, like alcohol bottles, food and furniture, and just destroying the displays, things like that," Joey said.

And the violence grew last month.

Employees told FOX40 their coworkers were attacked by a couple of people attempting to steal after they asked them to leave.

"One of them proceeded to attack two workers, punching them, causing physical harm and injury. And the police were called. There was a police report filed," Joey said.

"Retailers are taking matters into their own hands and they're hiring more security and taking more proactive measures which we applaud, but we don't want that to happen at the risk of their safety as well," Sgt. Amar Gandhi, with Sacramento County Sheriff's Office, said.

FOX40 News Crew Confronted Twice & Rushed By Shoplifter Counterpart

FOX40 went to Safeway on Madison saw many people go into the store and then walk out including one man who left with what looked like a full backpack. His counterpart confronted our reporter and photographer. At one point, the man rushed the car with what appeared to be a weapon in hand.

Our team quickly drove out of the parking lot but was followed a few blocks away. The same man got out of his vehicle and confronted our photographer at his driver's window.

The FOX40 team quickly did a U-turn and dialed 911 for help. The man stayed behind at a red light. Deputies later searched for the driver but didn't find him.

A statement from Safeway reads in part, "Rampant shoplifting continues to be on the rise at alarming levels at retailers throughout California. We have increased our investments in security measures in stores throughout Northern California to help combat this ongoing issue."

"We are committed to working to identify effective solutions to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for our customers and associates," the statement continues.

CRA President and CEO Rachel Michelin:

Retail theft is not unique to Safeway or the area. The California Retailers Association said it's been an ongoing problem and the work to improve conditions is in progress.

"For over two year, California retailers, through the California Retailers Association, have pleaded to Sacramento policy makers to work with us to deter the rampant serial theft we see increasing due to changes under Proposition 47, which allows individuals to steal up to $950, multiple times, without any real consequence.

There is no one single fix to this growing problem - we all must work together on solutions that protect our hard working retail employees, provide safe shopping experiences for our customers and ensure our neighborhoods are safe and thriving."

Theft Hits Record Level Across the Pond
Local Shops report record levels of theft over last year

New figures from the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) have revealed record levels of shop theft being committed against convenience retailers over the last year.

ACS' Voice of Local Shops survey of over 1200 independent retailers has shown that the 'theft index' (the net percentage of retailers saying that theft has increased in their business) has reached a record level of +26, compared to a previous high of +25 in May 2012. 63% of independent retailers reported that theft in their businesses had either increased (35%) or stayed the same (28%) over the last year, with just 9% reporting a decrease in levels of shop theft.

The ACS Voice of Local Shops Survey has been tracking levels of shop theft since the start of 2012. The theft index had been reasonably steady from 2016 through to early 2021, but has since gradually risen to now record highs.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: "We are extremely concerned about the continued increase in theft levels in local shops. Retailers tell us that the vast majority of incidents are committed by repeat offenders, usually well known in the area, that are stealing high value items like meat, coffee, alcohol and household/beauty products to then sell on, either as part of an organised crime group or to fund a substance addiction.

Across the UK, London retailers are the worst affected, with 48% of retailers surveyed saying that theft has increased over the last year. This compares to 28% of retailers in the North East who reported an increase in theft, the lowest of any UK region.

Figures from the ACS 2022 Crime Report show that convenience stores spent over £246m in the previous year on crime prevention measures like CCTV, security staff and alarm systems.

Retail trade union Usdaw is deeply concerned by the new figures from ACS which, it said, add to evidence from police recorded crime statistics showing increases in shoplifting over the last year, ending a decade-long downward trend. talkingretail.com

Walmart Closes Another Store in a Crime 'Hotspot'
Walmart closing in Brooklyn Center, another retail departure in the north metro

Walmart's departure is the second major retailer to leave Brooklyn Center after the Target store a few blocks north closed in 2019.

The north metro is losing another major retailer. On Tuesday, Walmart announced it will close its superstore in the Shingle Creek Crossing shopping center in Brooklyn Center on April 21, a major blow to customers in need of cheap and convenient groceries and other household necessities.

The north Minneapolis Aldi grocery store that shuttered last month.

On Tuesday, signs posted on the sliding front doors of the store were the only warning to shoppers the neighborhood resource would soon close. Employees at the store said they heard earlier that day of the closing.

Walmart's departure is just the latest major retailer to leave Brooklyn Center. In 2019, Target closed its store a few blocks to the north across from the Brookdale Library. The nearby Sears store closed in 2018.

While Walmart representatives didn't mention public safety concerns as a reason for closing the Brooklyn Center store, the shopping area surrounding the Walmart has been called "a hotspot for crime," Brooklyn Center Police Chief Kellace McDaniel said last month. He made the comment as the city rolled out its first mobile camera trailer and planned to park it in the shopping center's parking lot.

Walmart owns the Brooklyn Center property and will evaluate it for a new use at a later date, the company said. In recent months, Walmart has announced closures in other states including a store in Milwaukee. startribune.com

Security Concerns Remain as NYC Awaits Trump Indictment
Trump's calls to "PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST' haven't materialized - yet

Trump Indictment Watch: NYC on Edge as Manhattan Grand Jury Reconvenes

Trump has urged his supporters to "PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST" in NYC days ago when he declared he expected to be arrested this week.

After an off day Tuesday, and all eyes are on Manhattan and its district attorney. It's not known when the grand jury hearing the evidence plans to meet again.

It's unclear if any potential organized actions could intensify if the grand jury does in fact opt to indict Trump, which would be the first indictment of a sitting or former U.S. president in history, but with the pall of the Jan. 6 insurrection still looming large, the NYPD, and its law enforcement partners at all levels of government, are preparing accordingly.

NYPD officers of every rank were ordered to wear their uniforms and prepare for deployment starting Tuesday, according to an internal memo obtained by News 4.

The memo, sent by the commanding officer of the NYPD's operations division, instructed all uniformed service members to be mindful of protocol around public disorder and be prepared for mobilization at any time while on duty.

Law enforcement sources said intel teams are closely monitoring social media for protests, including intentional acts to slow down traffic or disrupt daily life across the city. Thus far, nothing of the sort has taken place in the city.

The police department, Secret Service, court officers and FBI continue to meet to discuss security. Two senior officials said the Secret Service has yet to do a security review of the 100 Centre Street courthouse where Trump could face a judge if he is indicted. Entrances, booking areas, hallways, courtroom, surrounding streets and more would be included in that kind of advanced security review, which would only be done if and/or when a potential indictment comes down. nbcnewyork.com

Youths have become the faces of some of the violent crimes in Shreveport
Another city is seeing more violent crime driven by young people with access to guns

Rise in violent crime, overdose deaths pushes LAPD to re-think safety strategies

To reduce adult crime, invest more in early childhood education



FRT - The #1 Biometric Modality & Has the Strongest Momentum
Facing the Future With Biometrics

More businesses are becoming aware of biometrics for identification and access control - and security professionals who help educate them will reap the benefits.

Business adoption of biometrics in access control and identification is at a major turning point right now. Big-name companies, major airlines and retailers - not to mention government and law enforcement - are using some form of biometrics, which is raising awareness around how the technology can help end users streamline operations, increase security and ultimately save money.

The growing use of biometrics and biometrics as a service (BaaS) is expected to reach $51.6 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 12.4 percent during the forecast period of 2022 to 2029, according to analysts Meticulous Research.

A few recent high-profile examples include American Airlines using facial recognition biometrics; Disney theme parks implementing biometric fingerprint scanners; and Amazon incrementally rolling out its Amazon One palm scanning payment technology at Whole Foods retail locations across the country.

"Biometrics have been enthusiastically supported in many consumer applications in which the benefits for security and convenience are clear and adoption is generally increasing," says Jake Parker, senior director of government relations at the Security Industry Association (SIA), Silver Spring, Md. Recent public opinion research commissioned by SIA finds that more than 70 percent of American adults support the use of facial recognition by airlines, for airport security, banking and financial transactions, and to secure workplaces, he says.

The key to making biometrics go mainstream hinges on the security industry doing a better job of educating and promoting the technology to both corporate end users and the general public, Odess says. "I'd say that it is dystopia right now because there are no good stories in the mainstream media. ... You've got to have case studies and storytelling opportunities to tell your end user customer [about biometrics]."

Facial Recognition Still No. 1

According to the 19th Annual FindBiometrics Year in Review, face biometrics retained its dominant status in 2021 for most used biometric modality, with 36 percent of survey respondents saying it had the strongest momentum, compared with 38.5 percent in the previous year's results. Next in line in usage was fingerprint at 18 percent, multimodal at 15 percent, and iris recognition at 12 percent.

There's a reason why facial recognition still tops the list. The "touchless" aspect helped spur growth during COVID. Law enforcement and other security agencies continue to use face biometrics technology to identify individuals of interest, and border officials are increasing its use at airports and other checkpoints, the FindBiometrics report states. securitymagazine.com

Remote work is under attack. But here's why it's likely to stick around
Remote work appears to be leveling off, but that doesn't mean the battle is over - and many employees would sacrifice pay for flexibility.

Many employers are cutting back on hybrid arrangements and demanding more frequent returns to the office, but workers largely say they prefer having work-from-home options - and they'd still take pay cuts to have that flexibility.

Some former Silicon Valley Bank executives blamed its culture of remote work as a contributing factor in the bank's rapid collapse.

The president of the Downtown Seattle Association called remote work "an affliction" to the health of its downtown. Other politicians have also pressed for a return to the office in a bid to help their own urban cores and commercial real estate markets.

Despite those headwinds, numerous data points show hybrid work is largely sticking around and perhaps settling into a long-term level.

A March update from Work From Home Research found remote work as a percentage of paid full days worked was about 27% so far in 2023, down just slightly from recent months. About 28% of all job postings were advertised as remote, compared with 29% during the same time last year, according to a recent Robert Half study. bizjournals.com

US retail sector leads corporate defaults: S&P Global
The tally of corporate defaults this year through Feb. 28 was at its highest since 2009. Retail led the way, with seven out of 23 defaults, or 30% of the global tally, through the end of February, S&P Global Ratings said in a report this month.

Retail "continues to face challenges from logistics, labor, and supplier cost inflation, all squeezing margins for both retailers and their suppliers. Nearly half of retail issuers rated B- or lower have negative S&P outlooks or credit watch implications. As a result, "further downgrades as well as a potential increase in defaults" is possible, S&P said.

Bankrupt companies are increasingly seeking reorganization over liquidation. According to a separate S&P report, 78.4% of corporate entities that filed for bankruptcy through February sought reorganization, the highest in at least 14 years. retaildive.com

Freight Rebound Hopes Are Fading Under an Inventory Glut
Logistics companies are paring back their expectations for a demand surge as retailers keep new orders in check

Amazon Fresh stores in NJ, including Woodland Park, on pause

Gap Halts Its Ad Business to Focus on Supply Chain, Retail Programs

Giant Eagle CEO in abrupt exit

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Retailers across the country are facing significant increases in retail theft and organized retail crime (ORC) that require immediate action from loss prevention executives.

The industry is struggling under the weight of labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and higher cost of goods. These economic headwinds have been aggravated by the significant losses incurred by ORC.

In addition to the growing financial costs of these retail thefts, retailers and communities across the country are victimized by these hidden costs.


Read Gatekeeper's blog here







ChatGPT Can Save You Hours at Work. Why Are Some Companies Banning It?

As bosses fret over generative AI, many employees embrace it

Office drama is brewing around when employees-and their bosses-are allowed to use ChatGPT at work.

The generative artificial intelligence technology from OpenAI-a startup backed by billions of dollars from Microsoft Corp.-was released at the end of November and instantly embraced by many workers to create professional-sounding emails and PowerPoint presentations, as well as strings of code that automate tasks.

Just as quickly, their co-workers and managers began pushing back on bot-written work. When it is appropriate (and when it isn't) to use AI to communicate, evaluate human performance and create productivity hacks to get a job done faster is now debated inside organizations, big and small, across sectors. Surveys indicate that ChatGPT is already widely used among employees, with some highlighting that it makes them more productive. Many leaders are nervous about what corporate intelligence workers might be sharing.

Several big companies, including JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Verizon Communications Inc., have blocked access to ChatGPT. Others are encouraging alternatives. Amazon.com Inc., for instance, has urged some of its engineers who want coding advice or shortcuts to use its internal AI tool named CodeWhisperer, an Amazon spokeswoman said.

Concerns about privacy and trade secrets cut across industries, but some sectors have their own set of issues.

Many companies are still grappling with how to monitor and regulate generative AI in the workplace. More than 40% of nearly 12,000 workers said they use ChatGPT or other AI tools at work, according to a January survey by Fishbowl, the workplace chat application. Almost 70% said they do so without telling their boss.

Many employers are concerned that using AI generated text removes the human touch, especially at the moments when it is most needed.

"It's easy to see the benefits of using a technology like generative artificial intelligence when you are the person saving time by using it," he said. "It's also easier to ignore the potential risks." wsj.com

ChatGPT-Enabled Cyberattacks on the Rise
ChatGPT Gut Check: Cybersecurity Threats Overhyped or Not?

UK cybersecurity authorities and researchers tamp down fears that ChatGPT will overwhelm current defenses, while the CEO of OpenAI worries about its use in cyberattacks.

The dizzying capacity for OpenAI to vacuum up vast amounts of data and spit out custom-tailored content has ushered in all sorts of worrying predictions about the technology's ability to overwhelm everything - including cybersecurity defenses.

Indeed, ChatGPT's latest iteration, GPT-4, is smart enough to pass the bar exam, generate thousands of words of text, and write malicious code. And thanks to its stripped-down interface anyone can use, concerns that the OpenAI tools could turn any would-be petty thief into a technically savvy malicious coder in moments were, and still are, well-founded. ChatGPT-enabled cyberattacks started popping up just after its user-friendly interface premiered in November 2022.

OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman told a crowd gathered at SXSW this month that he is concerned about the technology's potential to do two specific things really well: spread disinformation and launch cyberattacks.

No word on what OpenAI intends to do to mitigate the chatbot's cybersecurity threat, however. For the time being, it appears to be up to the cybersecurity community to mount a defense.

There are current safeguards put in place to keep users for using ChatGPT for unintended purposes, or for content deemed too violent or illegal, but users are quickly finding jailbreak workarounds for those content limitations. darkreading.com

Malware Trends: What's Old Is Still New
Many of the most successful cybercriminals are shrewd; they want good ROI, but they don't want to have to reinvent the wheel to get it.

That's one reason they are leveraging existing infrastructure and older threats to maximize opportunity. As a security professional, you need to know what attackers are up to so you can focus your resources appropriately.

AdvertisementRemaking the classics

When the FortiGuard Labs research team looked at the second half of 2022, code reuse (old code being retrofitted into new versions) and the re-emergence of well-known names in the botnet, malware and wiper space - such as Emotet and GandCrab, among others - served as a reminder that threats and malware never truly go away. They merely retreat underground and wait for another opportunity. And they are available wholesale any time to anyone who wants to buy them

Emotet just won't quit

Emotet, first discovered as a banking trojan in 2014, continues to wreak havoc. The malware familied, which steals sensitive and private information from victims' computers, has infected more than a million devices and is considered one of the most dangerous threats of the decade. More recently, it's been spread through malicious Microsoft Office files, called maldocs, which are included in phishing emails. An Excel 4.0 Macro or a VBA Macro is used to run malicious code that downloads and starts the Emotet malware as soon as the victim opens the associated document.

Combatting the retro trend

Winning the war against code reuse and variant frequency is about response time. Your ability to defend against, identify, and neutralize such risks quickly determines the success of your security stance and your ability to keep your enemies out. Clouds, networks, endpoints and email must all have automated and centrally managed defenses. Using strategies like segmentation throughout the distributed network makes it simpler to detect and stop lateral movement across your infrastructure when architectural designs change. securityweek.com

Former CISO Pleads Guilty To $900,000 Insider Trading Profit
AMIT BHARDWAJ, 49, of San Ramon, California, and the former Chief Information Security Officer ("CISO") at Lumentum Holdings Inc. ("Lumentum"), pled guilty to 13 counts arising from his participation in a scheme to commit insider trading based on material, non-public information ("MNPI") that BHARDWAJ misappropriated from his employer, Lumentum. BHARDWAJ traded on the misappropriated MNPI himself and tipped his associates with this same information so that they could place profitable trades in Lumentum's acquisition targets. BHARDWAJ was arrested and charged in July 2022 and pled guilty earlier today before U.S. District Judge Gregory H. Woods.

He pled guilty to seven counts of securities fraud and two counts of wire fraud, each of which carries a maximum term of 20 years in prison, and four counts of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and wire fraud, each of which carries a maximum term of five years in prison. justice.gov

Why you should treat ChatGPT like any other vendor service

5 rules to make security user-friendly




Beefing Up Cannabis Store Security
Moving dispensary security from the ceiling to the back door

A locksmith discusses why transitioning to securing exit doors and inventory doors is a logical addition to any company providing security installations to a cannabis facility

Moving from installing intrusion systems, camera systems and access control into forced-entry protection is not a giant leap. If you are technically inclined, then those same hands and minds can be applied to protecting assets and facilities against burglars.

From the Floor to the Door

The top concern of all these facilities is protecting their valuable and easily sellable product from theft. While cameras and intrusion detection are good aids in identifying and restricting access, protecting the rear door, selling floor to back-of-house and interior storage area doors is critical.

Cannabis Clients Clamor for High-Security Locks

The key thing on installing on an existing door is to always take your time with the templates and if you think something might be off measure and check again. The last thing you want to do is drill a bunch of holes in the door and have the lock not line up properly or work properly and end up turning the door into Swiss cheese with multiple holes. Always use the correct installation hardware that comes with the locks. I have seen other so-called professional companies use the wrong hardware, and not use all the hardware when installing the locks which in turn causes the customer to deal with issues of their lock not working correctly.

Dispensary Lessons Learned

Transitioning to securing exit doors and inventory doors is a logical addition to any company providing security installations to a cannabis facility. Align yourself with an experienced lock or door installer and you'll be able to provide the multi-point locking products to complete the security package. securityinfowatch.com

Growing Security Challenges for Cannabis Industry
Why cannabis businesses need video analytics

As states continue to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana use, cannabis cultivators and retailers will need intelligent video solutions to meet their growing security challenges

For security technology companies, this makes cannabis the "next big thing" to try to sell their products into, which leads to a large amount of sometimes misleading marketing vying for the business of a new marketplace.

With increased cannabis production will also come the construction of more agricultural facilities for harvesting and packaging, as well as an ever-growing number of dispensaries opening their doors in cities nationwide. Of course, businesses across the industry's supply chain will also require a bevy of physical security solutions as specified by the states in which they operate to not only track the product from "seed to sale," but to also safeguard people and other assets.

As terms like "AI" and "algorithms" are popularized in the market, their meaning becomes more nebulous. From growers to retailers, understanding the role that physical security solutions realistically play and can deliver will be vital to ensuring that slippage does not become the challenge in cannabis that it is in traditional commercial markets.

Video Surveillance is a Requirement

Though specific regulations vary from state to state, each one in which cultivation and dispensary sites are allowed to operate mandates the implementation of video surveillance systems along with guidelines for minimum image resolution, retention policies, and other various requirements. However, as end users across other heavily regulated vertical markets are quick to point out, meeting compliance standards does not mean that your business is secure. Doing the bare minimum to get a checkmark on an inspection sheet does not mean that you are taking the necessary steps to mitigate risks to your business, nor will it protect you when facing an actual security incident. securityinfowatch.com

Man linked to Tucson pot dispensary robbery shot and killed by police officer
A man suspected in an armed robbery at a marijuana dispensary was shot and killed in a confrontation with an officer at a nearby restaurant, Tucson police said. The incident started about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday when police answered a call about an armed robbery at a dispensary in the 2700 block of East Grant Road, near North Tucson Boulevard.

Officers immediately started searching the area and a man suspected in the robbery was found inside a nearby restaurant, police said. The man ignored repeated commands from the officer who eventually fired a round from his department-issued rifle, and then sought cover, police said.

Other people inside the restaurant were able to escape the building. Police eventually went inside the restaurant and found the man's body. tucson.com

Santa Rosa Police Department and cannabis companies discuss security concerns
In the evolving world of legalized weed, local law enforcement is fully committed to protecting cannabis farms, distribution sites and retail dispensaries

Armed Robbery Attempt Fails at East Vancouver Weed Store
Kingsway Cannabis posted a video of a failed armed robbery and questioned Health Canada's window requirement.

Santa Cruz cannabis warehouse robbed of half a million dollars worth of marijuana

Bronx cannabis advocates, licensees concerned over wait for legal weed dispensaries






Amazon Labor Union Struggling a Year After Victory
Strains Emerge Inside the Union That Beat Amazon Last Year

Nearly a year after its victory on Staten Island, the Amazon Labor Union is grappling with election losses and internal conflict.

One year after its surprise victory at a Staten Island warehouse, the only union in the country representing Amazon workers has endured a series of setbacks and conflicts that have caused longtime supporters to question if it will survive.

In interviews, a dozen people who have been closely involved with the Amazon Labor Union said the union had made little progress bringing Amazon to the bargaining table, to say nothing of securing a contract. Many cited lopsided losses at two other warehouses, unstable funding and an internal feud that has made it difficult for the union to alter a strategy that they considered flawed.

At the heart of the feud is a dispute between the union's president, Christian Smalls, and several longtime organizers.

Mr. Smalls's former allies complain that he has pursued elections at other warehouses without strong support from workers or a plan to ensure victory. They say he has focused on travel and public appearances while neglecting the contract fight at the Staten Island warehouse, known as JFK8, where Amazon is still contesting the election result.

The critics, who include the union's former treasurer and its former organizing director, favor an alternative approach: amassing enough supporters to credibly threaten a strike and pressure Amazon to negotiate. The process could take months but could increase the chances of winning a contract and collecting dues, without which the union is dependent on donations from other unions and third parties. nytimes.com

Retailers Could Use the Rule to Report Impersonators
FTC Proposes New Rule to Combat Government and Business Impersonation Scams
The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a rule to fight government and business impersonation scams-a perennial scourge that has cost consumers hundreds of millions of dollars over the past five years. The proposed rule would codify the well-understood principle that impersonation scams violate the FTC Act, as do those who provide impersonators with the means to harm consumers. The proposed rule would allow the Commission to recover money from, or seek civil penalties against, scammers who harm consumers in violation of the rule.

Rising sharply at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The FTC received more than 2.5 million reports of these scams from consumers nationwide from the beginning of 2017 through the middle of 2022, and those consumers reported losing more than $2 billion to these scams. These scammers are fishing for information they can use to commit identity theft or seek monetary payment, often requesting funds via wire transfer, gift cards, or increasingly cryptocurrency.

The proposed rule would ban scammers from:

- Using government seals or business logos.

- Spoofing government and business emails and web addresses, including spoofing ".gov" email addresses or using lookalike email addresses or websites that rely on misspellings of a company's name.

- Falsely implying government or business affiliation by using terms that are known to be affiliated with a government agency or business.

Google flags apps made by popular Chinese e-commerce giant as malware

Aussies' Online Shopping Reaches Record High of $63.8B






Pawn Shop Scheme Generated up to $3.5M in Revenue
Employees purchased stolen retail goods from shoplifters and delivery drivers for online retailers, paying cash for the items.

Kent, WA: Police recover millions in stolen property after pawn shop scheme
Pictures and videos from inside the Safeway Distribution Center show boxes and boxes of stolen merchandise - a printer, a home theater audio system, tools, a handbag, cosmetics. After several years, the Auburn Police Department has closed a multi-jurisdictional investigation into a pawn shop scheme. The Auburn-led investigation resulted in the recovery and return of "millions of dollars worth of stolen property ... to their rightful owners," according to the department's social media post.

The U.S. District Court in Seattle sentenced Aleksandr Pavlovskiy to six years in prison and 15 years of supervised release for trafficking in stolen goods and possession of child pornography after Pavlovskiy pleaded guilty to charges in October 2021.

According to the release, Pavlovskiy ran two pawn shops - Thrift Electro in Renton and Innovation Best in Kent - between 2013 and 2016. Following Pavlovskiy's direction, employees purchased stolen retail goods from shoplifters and delivery drivers for online retailers, paying cash for the items.

After establishing a warehouse in Kent for the storage and repackaging of stolen products for sale on eBay and Amazon in 2016, Pavlovskiy and his employees shipped hundreds of thousands of stolen items nationwide, according to police. The business generated between $1.5 million and $3.5 million in revenue between January 2017 and July 2019.

Darren Jones, owner of the AgriShop Ace Hardware in Auburn, said he's worked with Auburn police in regards to pawn shops reselling stolen property for years. Jones said the AgriShop helped the Auburn Police Department run serial numbers on stolen steel that had been sold in pawn shops for several years in order to return the material back to the originating companies.

In addition, Auburn detectives have discovered steel power equipment sold in pawn shops that matched the AgriShop's serial numbers, Jones said. Jones managed to recover the stolen property as a result.

The Auburn Police Department thanked Fred Meyer Loss and Prevention, Home Depot, Lowe's and various businesses for playing an "instrumental [role] in the recovery of these stolen items."  kentreporter.com

Rochester, NY: Former Rochester Pawn shop owner sentenced for selling $3M of stolen goods
A man who once owned and operated Royal Crown Pawn & Jewelry on Dewey Ave. received his sentence for making millions of dollars from sales of stolen goods at his shop. The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Western District of New York sentenced Devin Tribunella, 39, to serve four years in prison. He was also ordered to forfeit four luxury cars, over $150,000 in funds from three bank accounts, and is required to pay a $1.6 million judgement. He previously admitted to using heroin addicts as shoplifters at numerous retail stores across the area, including Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart. Prosecutors say Tribunella then sold those stolen goods on eBay to buyers outside of the state, making over $3 million in the process. In a separate case, Tribunella is accused of refusing to return chips to a casino that overpayed him.  13wham.com

American Canyon, CA: $17K of sunglasses stolen in Napa; woman arrested
A woman was arrested on Tuesday after she allegedly stole 40 pairs of sunglasses, the American Canyon Police Department said on Facebook. The value of the sunglasses totaled more than $17,000. The sunglasses were taken from Sunglasses Hut at the Napa Outlets. The suspect left the store in a gray Infiniti and was later seen by ACPD driving southbound on Highway 29 near Green Island Road. The suspect was identified as Melia Hughes, 21, of Pittsburg. She was arrested for evading an officer, grand theft, assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.  kron4.com

Elkhart, IN: Those of dollars in Comic Collectables stolen from Hall of Heroes

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Shootings & Deaths

Everett, WA: 1 dead, police officer shot outside Everett grocery store
An Everett police officer on Wednesday shot and killed a person suspected of shooting another officer in the head while that officer was in his patrol car, according to authorities. The injured officer was driven to Providence Regional Medical Center by a fellow Everett officer in a police vehicle, according to the Everett Fire Department. He was in stable condition as of about 9:30 a.m., said Courtney O'Keefe, a spokesperson for the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team. No other injuries were reported. Everett police Chief Dan Templeman said the department is focused on supporting the injured officer and his family as he recovers. O'Keefe said SMART is investigating two scenes, one outside the Fred Meyer store in the 8600 block of Evergreen Way and another at a car dealership next door. Everett police responded to reports of a robbery in the area just after 3 a.m. and found probable cause to search for four suspects, according to O'Keefe. An officer found one person near the store, and as he approached in his patrol vehicle, that person fired shots. The officer was struck in the head while he was either in the car or attempting to exit, O'Keefe said. The shooter ran across the street to a nearby car dealership where, she said, a second Everett officer shot and killed the suspect seattletimes.com

Concord, CA: 21-year-old killed, stepfather wounded in shooting at strip mall
A 21-year-old man was killed and his stepfather was hurt in a shooting Tuesday at a Concord strip mall, police and relatives said. Family and friends identified the victim who died as Eric Cavazos. They said the wounded victim was Cavazos' stepfather. The suspects - a man and a woman - fled the shooting scene at Solano Way and Broadmoor Avenue, Concord police Lt. Mark Robison said. The 21-year-old was shot in the head and his body lay underneath a tarp at the mall. The second victim was taken to the hospital, police said. A law enforcement source said the victims had pulled up in their car and parked outside Payless Cigarettes and that Cavazos was confronted by a man with a rifle. The two men began struggling over the weapon, and the victim fell to the ground and was shot, the source said. ktvu.com

Lexington, Mall: Update: Woman pleads guilty in connection with deadly shooting near Fayette Mall
A Lexington woman is pleading guilty in connection with a deadly shooting. Police say Markeeta Campbell killed LaPorschia Stringer in 2019. The shooting happened near Fayette Mall, at the intersection of Nicholasville Road and Wilson Downing. Stringer was in her car when it happened. Campbell was originally charged with murder. That charge was amended to manslaughter as part of the plea deal. The recommended sentence is 13 years, and Campbell will be formally sentenced on May 26.  wkyt.com

Louisville, KY: LMPD investigating late night double shooting in downtown Louisville
Louisville Metro Police (LMPD) are investigating a double shooting inside a CVS Pharmacy that they say looks to be a result of domestic violence. LMPD confirmed the shooting happened in downtown Louisville in the 300 block of West Muhammad Ali shortly before 11 p.m. on Tuesday. Police said their initial investigation revealed a man and woman were inside CVS when they were shot by 25-year-old Anthony Howard. According to arrest documents, the woman was a former romantic partner of Howard. He is accused of shooting her multiple times and grazing the man with one bullet. Witnesses told police right before Howard shot the woman he said, "You broke my heart." He then fled on foot, according to LMPD, and was later taken into custody. Howard is charged with attempted murder, assault and wanton endangerment. Before this he didn't have a criminal history, just one traffic citation. Police said both victims were alert and are expected to survive their injuries, however, they were both taken to the hospital.  whas11.com

Phoenix, AZ: Video shows a man accused of shoplifting at Walmart pull out a gun in a shootout with Police
An officer involved shooting occurred at Walmart on March 4, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. This incident occurred just before 11:00 a.m. when an officer in full uniform was working in an off-duty capacity at the Walmart superstore. A loss prevention employee told cops that a man entered the store and began concealing items. The loss prevention employee stood near one of the exits to talk to the man before he allegedly walked out of the store without paying for the items. After the man walked pass all points of sale, he was stopped by the Walmart loss prevention employee. The suspect stepped backwards and pulled out a handgun. The man pointed the gun toward the loss prevention employee and the officer. That is when the officer fired his weapon. The suspect was not hit by the bullets. After the fired shots, the suspect moved toward the center of the Walmart as customers ran toward the exits. The suspect was able to leave the Walmart via a front exit and was seen running into a neighborhood by responding officers. A perimeter was made around the area where the man was last seen. He was located and arrested.  newsmaven.io

Vernon Parish, LA: 3 arrested, 2 wanted following New Llano shooting
Two adults and a juvenile have been arrested following a shooting that happened at a convenience store in New Llano earlier this month. Two other suspects are wanted in the investigation. On March 7, the New Llano Police Department, the Vernon Parish Sheriff's Office and Leesville Police Department responded to a report of gunfire at a store in New Llano around 9:49 p.m. Detectives were able to watch video surveillance of the incident and learned that about six people in two separate vehicles were involved in the shooting.  kalb.com

Cincinnati, OH: Surveillance video captures fight that led to shooting outside Kroger; employee was the shooter
Surveillance video shows what led to a 2022 shooting involving an employee outside a Kroger in Cincinnati's Hyde Park Plaza. It happened on March 25, 2022, when officers responded to the Kroger at around 4:40 p.m. after receiving a call from someone saying a man was shooting at another man in the parking lot. According to court documents, the shooter, identified as Kevion Howze, 24, of Evanston, was allegedly working as an employee of Kroger when he got into a fight with a person inside the store. On Monday, the Hamilton County Prosecutors' office released a video of the alteration that started in the produce section. In the video, Howze is seen working when a man sneaks up behind Howze and hits him in the head. Court documents describe it as "a sucker punch of epic proportions." WLWT confirmed that "...(the man) was apparently upset with Kevion because days earlier Kevion attempted to talk to (the man's) girlfriend." The store's security camera shows the men leaving simultaneously, but the violence continues outside in the parking lot. wlwt.com

Greenwood, IN: Armed civilian who stopped Greenwood Mall shooter named Citizen of the Year
The City of Greenwood took time this week to honor the man responsible for stopping the gunman inside the Greenwood Park Mall in July. Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers chose Elisjsha Dicken as the 2022 recipient of the Citizen of the Year Award for the city. In his nomination letter, Myers recounted what occurred on July 17 inside the mall and shared thanks for the fast action of Dicken. "July 17th started off to be another beautiful day in Greenwood. Unfortunately, it became one of the darkest days in our history. A lone gunman entered the Food Court in the Greenwood Park Mall. As he emerged from the restroom he began firing a rifle, killing 3 people. Hearing shots ring out, Elisjsha Dicken immediately identified the shooter, took cover behind a pillar, drew his weapon and fired at the shooter from 40 yards away. He was able to eliminate the threat. While doing this Elisjsha also was waving innocent civilians to safety. There were countless number of innocent lives saved that day due to his quick and selfless thinking. The City of Greenwood and the residents here owe a great debt of gratitude to Elisjsha. Because of his heroic actions the City of Greenwood proudly honors Elisjsha Dicken as the 2022 Citizen of the Year."  wrtv.com

Lake Worth, FL: Man shot, killed at liquor store near Greenacres

Minneapolis, MN: Man charged with firing at Speedway security guard, who shot back

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Seabrook, NH: Woman on speakerphone in Uber called in bomb threat to Walmart to prevent boyfriend's shoplifting arrest
Seabrook, New Hampshire police arrested Meghan Leavitt, 38, for calling in fake threats to a Walmart in the area. She started with a bomb threat and followed up with another call about an active shooter in the store. How'd police identify her as the suspect? Leavitt was apparently using her speakerphone to make the calls while riding in an Uber on the way to the Walmart, and the driver alerted the cops. Officers say she was coming to the complex because her boyfriend was about to be arrested at the Dick's Sporting Goods across from the Walmart for shop lifting. He was hiding in a changing room talking to her before she made the calls. Mone said that she made the calls in an effort to distract the police from arresting her significant other.  boingboing.net

Rochester, NY: Rochester business owners respond to string of smash-and-grab thefts
The rash of stolen cars and smash-and-grab burglaries is a trend that police say is not slowing down in the city of Rochester. The thefts have often involved stolen Hyundai and Kia vehicles, according to police, and some local and federal leaders are blaming the social media platform TikTok. They say the platform allegedly failed to moderate video content that encourages the vehicle thefts. Car theft sprees here and across the country peaked in Rochester last month when investigators say 80 vehicles a week were stolen. "Almost all the smash and grabs we've seen are individuals under the age of 18 and they've been in Hyundais and Kias," said mayor Malik Evans. "They were taught how to steal them ... they got the how-to kit out of TikTok." On Monday night into early Tuesday, Rochester police responded to five of these smash-and-grab incidents. According to investigators, stolen goods and shattered windows were left in their wake.  spectrumlocalnews.com

Anchorage, AK: Sunglass Hut Shoplifter pulls gun on Dimond Center Security Officer; suspect arrested

Coral Springs, FL: Walmart Employee Charged with nearly $4,000 Grand Theft

Newport News, VA: 2 escape jail and go to IHOP, where patrons report them



• Auto - Rochester, NY - Burglary
• C-Store - Staten Island, NY - Burglary
• C-Store - Olympia, WA - Robbery
• C-Store - Minneapolis, MN - Armed Robbery / Susp wounded
• C-Store - Oklahoma City, OK - Robbery
• C-Store - Springfield, OR - Armed Robbery
• Cellphone - Allentown, PA - Burglary
• Check Cashing - Murfreesboro, TN - Burglary
• Check Cashing - Moraine, OH - Armed Robbery
• Collectables - Elkhart, IN - Burglary
• Eyewear - Anchorage, AK - Armed Robbery
• Eyewear - American Canyon, CA - Robbery
• Guns - Newington, CT - Burglary
• Guns - Perry County, MS - Burglary
• Pawn - Elkhart, IN - Robbery
• Pharmacy - Augusta, GA - Armed Robbery
• Restaurant - Bossier City, LA - Burglary (Whataburger)
• Restaurant - Plainfield, CT - Burglary
• Restaurant - Plainfield, CT - Burglary
• Walmart - Douglas County, NV - Burglary


Daily Totals:
• 9 robberies
• 11 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 0 killed

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None to report.

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The LP Analyst protects the company's assets from internal theft by using investigative resources (i.e., exception-based reporting (EBR), micros reporting, inventory reporting, CCTV, etc.). The primary responsibility of the LP Analyst is to identify potential loss prevention issues such as employee theft in SSP America's operation across North America...

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Jacksonville, FL - posted January 26
Responsible for developing, implementing and managing the company's Business Continuity (BCP) and Life Safety Programs to include but not limited to emergency response, disaster recovery and site preparedness plans for critical business functions across the organization. In addition, the position will develop and lead testing requirements to ensure these programs are effective and can be executed in the event of a disaster/crisis...

Region Asset Protection Manager-St Augustine and Daytona Beach Market
Jacksonville, FL - posted January 18
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...


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Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

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